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376 - Induced nuclear reactions: processes, systems, and elements

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376282000 Emergency core coolant systems (e.g., injecting coolant into reactor or pipe systems) 32
376305000 Corrosion or damage prevention 30
376298000 Auxiliary heat removal structure 27
376287000 Shield or barrier between radiation or heat source and object to be protected (e.g., insulation, thermal shield) 24
376283000 Pressure suppression and relief 14
376280000 Core catchers 10
376302000 Core restraint means 2
20100150298CORE SHROUD CORNER JOINTS - A core shroud is provided, which includes a number of planar members, a number of unitary corners, and a number of subassemblies each comprising a combination of the planar members and the unitary corners. Each unitary corner comprises a unitary extrusion including a first planar portion and a second planar portion disposed perpendicularly with respect to the first planar portion. At least one of the subassemblies comprises a plurality of the unitary corners disposed side-by-side in an alternating opposing relationship. A plurality of the subassemblies can be combined to form a quarter perimeter segment of the core shroud. Four quarter perimeter segments join together to form the core shroud.06-17-2010
20100246744APPARATUS AND SYSTEM FOR DAMPENING THE VIBRATION EXPERIENCED BY AN OBJECT - An embodiment of the present invention may reduce the level of vibration experienced by a line, such as, but not limiting of, a pipe, a cable, tubing, or the like, that is connected to at least one separate structure. For example, but not limiting of, the structure includes: a reactor pressure vessel, a feedwater sparger pipe, steam generator, a pipe, a pressure vessel, a heat exchanger, a pump, a condenser, a tank, or the like. An embodiment of the present invention may provide support and a preload to the line at a new location or may replace an existing support, such as, but not limiting of, a weld; which may alter the natural frequencies to avoid resonance from occurring when the structure(s) is excited.09-30-2010
376300000 Recombiners 2
20100296619Safety System for a Nuclear Plant and Nuclear Plant with a Safety System - A safety system for a nuclear plant includes a plurality of catalytic recombiner elements each triggering a recombination reaction with oxygen when hydrogen is entrained in an onflowing gas flow, so that reliable elimination of the hydrogen from the gas mixture is ensured with an especially high degree of operational safety even based on comparatively extreme conditions or scenarios of the aforementioned type. The recombiner elements and/or the flow paths each connecting two recombiner elements on the gas side are configured in such a way that a pressure pulse triggered in the gas medium by an ignition during the recombination reaction in a first recombiner element triggers a gas displacement process having a flow rate of at least 5 m/s in the onflow region of a second, adjacent recombiner element. A nuclear plant with a safety system is also provided.11-25-2010
20120063560DEVICES AND METHODS FOR MANAGING NONCOMBUSTIBLE GASSES IN NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS - Systems passively eliminate noncondensable gasses from facilities susceptible to damage from combustion of built-up noncondensable gasses, such as H2 and O2 in nuclear power plants, without the need for external power and/or moving parts. Systems include catalyst plates installed in a lower header of the Passive Containment Cooling System (PCCS) condenser, a catalyst packing member, and/or a catalyst coating on an interior surface of a condensation tube of the PCCS condenser or an annular outlet of the PCCS condenser. Structures may have surfaces or hydrophobic elements that inhibit water formation and promote contact with the noncondensable gas. Noncondensable gasses in a nuclear power plant are eliminated by installing and using the systems individually or in combination. An operating pressure of the PCCS condenser may be increased to facilitate recombination of noncondensable gasses therein.03-15-2012
376285000 Expansion means (e.g., shock absorbers, roller bearings) 1
376307000 With pressurizer means 1
20090141850PRESSURIZED WATER REACTOR PRESSURIZER HEATER SHEATH - A pressurizer whose heater sheaths are conditioned to reduce the residual stresses resulting from cold working during manufacture. After material conditioning, the heater sheath undergoes a surface conditioning treatment to add outer surface compressive stresses.06-04-2009
20090161812EVACUATED CONTAINMENT VESSEL FOR A NUCLEAR REACTOR - A system includes a containment vessel configured to prohibit a release of a coolant, and a reactor vessel mounted inside the containment vessel. An outer surface of the reactor vessel is exposed to below atmospheric pressure, wherein substantially all gases are evacuated from within the containment vessel.06-25-2009
20090245452Method and apparatus for mitigating vibration in a nuclear reactor component - A device is provided for mitigating vibration in a component of a nuclear reactor by removing vibration energy. To reduce vibration in the component, a device operatively connected to the component and including a magnet may be actuated within a conductive cylinder. This actuation may generate one or more eddy currents providing a damping function for removing vibration energy from the component, so as to alter vibration characteristics of the component.10-01-2009
20100329409DRAIN SUMP OF NUCLEAR REACTOR CONTAINMENT VESSEL - A drain sump of a reactor containment vessel having a containment vessel floor down below a reactor pressure vessel, and includes a heat-proof sump cover and two or more drain flow paths. The drain sump is arranged inside the containment vessel floor. The heat-proof sump cover has a thickness, and covers an upper part of the drain sump. The thickness allows a top surface of the sump cover to lie in the same surface as a top surface of the containment vessel floor. The drain flow paths pass through the sump cover in a thickness direction to flow water therethrough and solidify a molten corium therein. The molten corium is produced in the unlikely event of a severe accident.12-30-2010
20120207261Nuclear Power Facility - A nuclear island includes at least one nuclear reactor. A turbine island includes at least a turbine building housing at least one turbine driven by steam generated by the nuclear reactor. A protected area has a perimeter protected by at least one fence. An isolation zone surrounds the protected area and includes intrusion detection devices configured to detect unauthorized approach toward the protected area. The nuclear island is disposed inside the protected area, and the turbine island is disposed outside of and spaced apart from the protected area.08-16-2012
20100246743STEAM FLOW VORTEX STRAIGHTENER - An embodiment of the present invention provides an apparatus for reducing the magnitude or frequency of flow-induced vibrations. An embodiment of the present invention may be integrated with at least one structure of a reactor pressure vessel of a nuclear reactor. Other embodiments of the present invention may be integrated with other systems that require a dampening of and/or frequency change in the flow-induced vibrations. For example, but not limiting of, the other pressure vessels including: a steam generator, a heat exchanger, a condenser, a boiler, or the like.09-30-2010
20130208845METHOD FOR FILLING WATER INTO A MAIN CIRCUIT OF A NUCLEAR REACTOR, AND CONNECTION DEVICE FOR IMPLEMENTING SAID METHOD - The method for filling water into and changing the air of a main circuit of a water-cooled nuclear reactor includes a step of placing a connection and fluid isolation device which is connected to a hot leg of each cooling loop of the main circuit so as to substantially insulate, from inside the vessel, the assembly of hot legs. The method also includes a step of injecting water through an injection circuit on at least one hot leg until each cooling loop is filled with water having changed the air from a steam generator and until the water level in the vessel reaches above the side openings of the vessel that correspond to the loops, after which the connecting device is taken out of the vessel. The connecting device is capable of using telescopic connection elements.08-15-2013


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