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374 - Thermal measuring and testing


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374152000 With electrical component (e.g., transformer) 36
374142000 With other measuring device 31
374144000 With combustion engine 18
374147000 With fluid carrying conduit (e.g., shower pipe) 16
374155000 With percing element 4
20100002746THERMOMETER - The present invention relates to a thermometer for measuring the temperature in foods, preferably meat dishes which thermometer (01-07-2010
20110044370Barbecue Tongs With Temperature Sensor - A pair of cooking tongs is provided for use in manipulating and handling food items and displaying the temperature and degree of “doneness” of a meat during cooking. The invention comprises a pair of arms, one of which includes a fork at its end in which there is a temperature sensor. The other arm features a display which is in electronic communication with the temperature sensor. Some embodiments include a speaker which provides an audio signal indicating that the temperature of the meat has reached or passed a selected threshold. The invention allows a user to manipulate food using one hand while conveniently reading the temperature of any of a variety of meats to ensure they are cooked to a desired “doneness,” such as rare, medium rare, medium, and well done.02-24-2011
20120039356MULTI-PROBE MEAT THERMOMETER - A temperature sensing and display system is provided for simultaneously monitoring the doneness of different pieces of meat or different portions of a piece of meat being cooked or grilled. The temperature sensing and display system includes a base unit having a temperature display and a plurality of temperature monitoring inputs. A plurality of temperature probes are provided that connect to the different temperature inputs of the base unit.02-16-2012
20120039355Shielded Meat Temperature Sensing Device - A temperature sensing device includes a casing having top and bottom walls with at least one wall connecting the top and bottom walls so that the casing is sealed, the top, bottom, and side walls being constructed of a heat resistant material. The sensing device includes a probe having a first portion attached to the casing bottom wall and extending downwardly and a second portion situated inside the interior space, the first and second portions being operatively connected to one another to transfer thermal energy therebetween. The probe second portion is coated with a thermochromic material that is color responsive to temperature. At least one wall of the casing defines an aperture that is covered by a material that is heat resistant, the probe second portion being viewable through the aperture for determining a temperature of an article of meat.02-16-2012
374150000 With bottle (e.g., nursing) 2
20080285621Insulated retainer with thermometer for beverage container - A retainer for a beverage container formed of a flexible, stretchable material and having a temperature sensing means attached to a wall thereof. The retainer is capable of being turned inside out without damage thereto.11-20-2008
20090175315Wireless temperature sensing system for lyophilization processes - A wireless parameter sensing system for a flask for use in lyophilization as well as a method of controlling a lyophilization process based on the sensed readings is disclosed. The wireless parameter sensing system may include a stopper adapted to be removably secured to an open end of the flask. A control unit may be positioned within an inner portion of the stopper. A parameter sensor may be connected with the control unit. A radio frequency transmitter may be connected with the control unit, wherein the control unit is operable to periodically transmit a parameter reading from the parameter sensor with the radio frequency transmitter.07-09-2009
374149000 With cooking compartment or door thereof (e.g., oven) 2
20080279251DEVICE FOR REGISTERING THE TEMPERATURE INSIDE A FOODSTUFF PLACED IN AN OVEN - An electronic device, suitable for registering the temperature of a foodstuff in a oven provided with a door with a handle is disclosed. The device includes a casing with a user interface and a temperature probe suitable for being inserted into the food. The casing includes hook for connecting the device to the oven door, preferably to its handle.11-13-2008
20110317738TEMPERATURE CABINET SUPPORT STRUCTURE - A framework is provided for positioning a testing cabinet for testing an appliance. The framework includes a base for supporting the appliance; a first side frame attached to the base; a rear frame attached to the base; a second side frame attached to the base and located opposite to the first side frame; and a top frame attached to the first side frame. The first side frame, the rear frame, the second side frame, and the top frame are adapted to hold panels of the testing cabinet in a predetermined position relative to the appliance, and the framework is adapted to hold a side panel of the panels of the testing cabinet in a plurality of different positions.12-29-2011
374151000 With confection or infant pacifier 1
20090147823DETACHABLE ELECTRONIC PACIFIER THERMOMETER - An electronic pacifier thermometer is provided. The electronic pacifier thermometer is composed of a pacifier device and a measurement device. The pacifier device has a built-in temperature sensing element (e.g., a temperature sensor) and a connector element. The measurement device contains a display, a circuit board mainly which is controlled by an integrated circuit, and a cable element. The circuit board contains an incomplete temperature measurement circuit that would be made complete through connection to the temperature sensing element. The temperature measurement circuit has a reference resistor (could also be installed inside the pacifier device) whose resistance difference is relative to the temperature sensing element in the pacifier device which is linearly corresponds to the temperature difference between the measured temperature and a predetermined temperature value. When the pacifier device and the measurement device are attached together by joining the connector and the cable elements, a complete and functional pacifier thermometer is formed to take body temperatures.06-11-2009
374157000 With sampling cup 1
20120069867SENSOR FOR THERMAL ANALYSIS AND SYSTEMS INCLUDING SAME - Certain embodiments disclosed herein are directed to a sensor comprising a support member, a sample sensor coupled to the support member and comprising a sample support electrically coupled to a first set of interconnects, and a reference sensor coupled to the support member and comprising a ring coupled to a second set of interconnects, in which the ring is positioned adjacent to and surrounding at least a portion of the sample support of the sample sensor.03-22-2012
374153000 With roll or rotary specimen or support 1
20120002698Temperature Sensing Glove For Automotive Applications - A temperature sensing glove (01-05-2012
20090213899Aircraft brake assembly having a temperature probe and method of mounting a temperature probe in a brake assembly - An aircraft brake assembly (08-27-2009
20120183014CONTROL OF A SYSTEM WITH A LARGE THERMAL CAPACITY - The invention provides a method and a system for controlling floor heating or climate regulating systems with long time constants. According to the invention, a flow of a fluid is provided through the floor or through a similar medium with large thermal inertia. An induced heat is determined by adding up a plurality of differences between an inlet temperature of the fluid when it enters the medium and an outlet temperature of the fluid when it leaves the medium. The temperatures are sampled with a fixed sampling time and within a fixed period of time, and a corresponding change in temperature of the medium over the fixed period of time is determined. In the future, the temperature of that medium is controlled by use of a ratio between the induced heat and the change in temperature.07-19-2012
20090116536Quality Control Material Monitor - An apparatus is disclosed designed to monitor the thermal status of a quality control material. The apparatus has the ability, with visual and/or audible means, to alert the user when the quality control material has become thermally equal to the local, ambient environment by way of natural thermal entropy. The apparatus alerts the user by visual and/or audible indicators when the quality control material, after removal from the monitor, should be returned to cool storage after a pre-determined period to maintain its designed criteria, integrity and/or purpose.05-07-2009
20090041080TEMPERATURE-MEASURING DEVICE FOR A RESPIRATION HUMIDIFIER - A contactless temperature-measuring device especially for a respiration humidifier with a flow channel for breathing gas, which is improved in respect to handling and reliability of measurement. The device includes: a hollow body (02-12-2009
20110013667Storage Device Temperature Sensing - A test slot assembly is provided for testing a storage device. The test slot assembly is configured to receive and support a storage device, or a storage device supported by a storage device transporter. The test slot assembly also includes a temperature sensing assembly. The temperature sensing assembly is arranged to measure a temperature of a storage device by way of physical contact. The test slot assembly also includes a clamping mechanism operatively associated with the housing. The clamping mechanism is operable to move the temperature sensing assembly into contact with a storage device.01-20-2011
20090046760Thermochromic Temperature-Monitoring Clothing - Thermochromic Temperature-Monitoring Clothing, is the first apparel invention to provide early detection and prevention of cold exposure to skin surface via thermochromism. The invention is comprised of various outerwear for adults, children, babies and/or infants which visibly displays dermal temperature by employing thermochromic color changing characteristics via thermochromic dye incorporated into the fabric of the apparel, and/or fabric affixed to the apparel at the extremities, and/or thermochromic device affixed to the apparel. Prior art related to thermochromic color change in apparel has been exclusively related to aesthetic considerations, and not for any perceived health benefits or for monitoring and communicating skin temperatures. Therefore, Thermochromic Temperature-Monitoring Clothing serves a useful purpose and satisfies a long neglected need in the area of apparel and health maintenance.02-19-2009
20080267255Temperature Sensor Arrangement in an Automatic Gearbox - A temperature sensor arrangement in an automatic transmission in which the temperature sensor (10-30-2008
20090207880AUTOMATED CONTROL OF ROTATIONAL VELOCITY OF AN AIR-MOVING DEVICE OF AN ELECTRONICS RACK RESPONSIVE TO AN EVENT - Automated control is provided of rotational velocity of an air-moving device cooling an electronics subsystem of an electronics rack. The automated control includes: automatically responding to a failure event associated with the electronics subsystem of the rack by setting rotational velocity of the air-moving device to a first upper limit (RPM08-20-2009
20090201972Sensor System for Determining a Physical Measured Variable - A sensor system for determining a physical, measured variable, and includes a sensor and a control/evaluation unit, which are spatially separated from one another and electrically conductively connected via a cable having at least two conductors, wherein provided in the sensor are a temperature measuring element for determining temperature and a sensor identifier for sensor identification. The control/evaluation unit drives the temperature measuring element and the sensor identifier via a shared conductor with a positive voltage or a negative voltage, and, depending on the applied voltage, reads a temperature measured value of the temperature element or an identifying value of the sensor identifier.08-13-2009
20090262781Multipoint digital temperature acquisition system - A digitally based system is designed to sense temperatures at a plurality of places and transmit temperature data along a hard-wire cable or distributed (wireless) network to an integrated data collection and control appliance. The system can perform single “spot” measurements or arrange multiple readings in a database for later use. Semiconductor-based sensors with digital output and data transmission capabilities allow large numbers of sensors to be placed along extended lengths of signal cable consisting of only three or four wires. The device incorporates electrical insulating materials, encapsulants, and mechanical strain relief designed to protect the sensors and transmission lines from failures related to exposure to extreme cold. Though described here for cold region applications, the embodiment of this invention encompasses moderate and tropical environments as well, or temperatures ranging from −40 C to +85 C.10-22-2009
20090103588Microscope apparatus - A microscope apparatus includes: a microscope unit; a chamber, arranged next to the microscope unit, that houses a specimen to be observed by the microscope unit; a humidifier, connected to the chamber, that humidifies the interior of the chamber; a chamber temperature sensor that measures a temperature within the chamber; a microscope temperature sensor that measures a temperature of the microscope unit; and a determination device that determines whether or not observation by microscope is possible based on outputs of the chamber temperature sensor and the microscope temperature sensor.04-23-2009
20080267256INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS AND CONTROL METHOD OF PROCESSOR CIRCUIT - According to one embodiment, an information processing apparatus comprises a plurality of temperature transmission sections provided in each of first and second semiconductor circuits, and configure to transmit first measured temperature of one of the first and second semiconductor circuits to the other of first and second semiconductor circuits when the first measured temperature is higher than a threshold temperature, and a plurality of operation speed varying sections provided in each of the first and second semiconductor circuits configure to reduce operation speed of the processor circuit possessed by the other of first and second semiconductor circuits, when the received first measured temperature is higher than the second measured temperature of the other of the first and second semiconductor circuits.10-30-2008
20100272148Multiple Use Temperature Monitor Adapter, System and Method of Using Same - Device for adapting a temperature probe for a use in a port in a heart-lung machine. An adaptor slip is tapered at an adaptor taper angle less than a port taper angle. The adaptor slip is sized such that the exterior wall of the adaptor slip provides an interference fit with at least a portion of the fluid port. The adaptor slip has an external shoulder abutting the end of the fluid port. The adaptor slip additionally has a sleeve having a closed end having a position with respect to the end of the adapter slip. A probe is configured to be seated in a lumen of the adaptor slip with a proximate end of the probe being proximate to the closed end of said sleeve.10-28-2010
20090052497SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MEASURING EFFECTIVE TEMPERATURE INSIDE A SEALED CONTAINER - A system and method of measuring the effective temperature inside a sealed container having a headspace is provided. A liquid solvent is added to the container, and a solid compound is added to the liquid solvent to create a saturated solution. Vapor of the saturated solution is allowed to equilibrate in the headspace of the sealed container, and a volume thereof is transferred to a chromatographic column, where chromatographic readings of the equilibrated vapor are taken. A temperature within the sealed container is then calculated based upon the chromatographic readings of the equilibrated vapor, wherein the temperature calculation is based upon the concentrations of the liquid solvent and the solid compound in the equilibrated vapor.02-26-2009
20090052496Temperature testing apparatus and temperature testing method - A temperature testing apparatus includes a housing, a first fan, a second fan, a heat source device, a module, and a test unit. The housing has an inlet and an outlet. The first fan is placed near the inlet and sucks air into the housing through the inlet. The second fan is placed near the outlet and exhausting the air out of the housing through the outlet. The heat source device provides hot air to the first fan. The module is installed into the housing and the module is placed at a position near the first fan. The module is placed on hot air path formed between the inlet and the outlet. And the test unit performs an evaluation test on the module.02-26-2009
20100290502METHOD OF MEASURING THE INTERNAL SURFACE TEMPERATURE OF A PIPE AND ASSOCIATED DEVICE - A method of and associated device for measuring temperature of an internal surface of a pipe, including: a) at least one temperature-sensitive element that is moved away from a probe, radially with respect to the fore-and-aft axis of the pipe, so as to bring the temperature-sensitive element(s) into contact against the internal surface of the pipe, b) wherein the contact force applied between the sensitive element(s) of the probe and the internal surface is increased until the contact force reaches a defined value at any point on the surface.11-18-2010
20110013666STORAGE DEVICE TEMPERATURE SENSING - A storage device transporter is provided for transporting a storage device and for mounting a storage device within a test slot. The storage device transporter includes a frame that is configured to receive and support a storage device, and a clamping mechanism associated with the frame. The clamping mechanism is operable to apply a clamping force to a storage device supported by the frame The storage device transporter also includes a temperature sensor (e.g., a thermocouple). The clamping mechanism is operable to move the temperature sensor into contact with a storage device supported by the frame for measuring a temperature of the storage device.01-20-2011
20110013665Storage Device Temperature Sensing - A storage device transporter is provided for transporting a storage device and for mounting a storage device within a test slot. The storage device transporter includes a frame that is configured to receive and support a storage device, and a clamping mechanism associated with the frame. The clamping mechanism is operable to apply a clamping force to a storage device supported by the frame The storage device transporter also includes a temperature sensor (e.g., a thermocouple). The clamping mechanism is operable to move the temperature sensor into contact with a storage device supported by the frame for measuring a temperature of the storage device.01-20-2011
20090067473Device for measuring the termperature in a solid phase polycondensation - The invention relates to a measuring device for measuring the temperature in a reactor container which can be crossflown by bulk material, in particular in a solid phase polycondensation, which takes place in an SSP-reactor. The aim of the invention is to protect the measuring device against mechanical stresses. Said aim is achieved by virtue of the fact that the measuring device, which is used to measure temperature, comprises at least one metal profile, at least one measuring tube and at least one sensor which is arranged therein. The metal profile can be connected to the walls of the reactor container and the measuring tube is connected to the metal profile such that it is partially reinforced on the external wall thereof by means of the metal profile. As a result, the measuring tube is soldered, screwed, riveted or rigidly connected in another manner to the metal profile. The metal profile is then secured to the inner wall of the reactor container. Another advantage thereof is that the weight, which is exerted on the column of the bulk material, is partially applied to the SSP reactors which are equipped with the measuring devices.03-12-2009
20110002357SCREENING INSTALLATION - A screening installation is provided that detects a fire in a greenhouse. The screening installation has at least one screening fabric with an upper side and a rear side, and a first set of polymeric or metallic wires arranged proximate to the upper side of the at least one screening fabric so that a displacement of the fabric is restricted by the first set of polymeric or metallic wires. In addition, at least on of the polymeric or metallic wires in the first set of polymeric or metallic wires is replaced by a linear heat detection wire and/or the first set of polymeric or metallic wires is supplemented with at least one linear heat detection wire.01-06-2011
20110026560FILTER WITH MEMORY, COMMUNICATION AND TEMPERATURE SENSOR - The present invention describes a system and method for accurately measuring the temperature of a filter element. A temperature transducer, and a communications device are coupled so as to be able to measure and transmit the temperature of a filter element while in use. This system can comprise a single component, integrating both the communication device and the temperature transducer. Alternatively, the system can comprise separate temperature transducer and transmitter components, in communication with one another. In yet another embodiment, a storage element can be added to the system, thereby allowing the device to store a set of temperature values. The use of this device is beneficial to many applications. For example, the ability to read filter temperatures in situ allows improved Sterilization-In-Place (SIP) protocol compliance, since the temperatures of actual filter elements can be directly measured, rather than interpolated as is done currently.02-03-2011
20090034582APPARATUS FOR HOT PLATE SUBSTRATE MONITORING AND CONTROL - Embodiments of an apparatus for improving hot plate substrate monitoring and control in a lithography system are generally described herein. Other embodiments may be described and claimed.02-05-2009
20100008396Method For Determining Internal Temperature of Meat Products - Aspects of the present invention are directed to means and methods of the determination of the internal temperature of a meat product. Methods may comprise: a) providing the meat product on a conveying belt; b) compressing the meat product to induce liquid flow from the interior of the meat product toward a surface of the meat product; c) sensing an indication temperature of at least a portion of the surface of the meat product after compressing the meat product; and d) evaluating the indication temperature to determine whether the meat product is acceptable according to predetermined standards. Benefits of the present invention over the current art include the ability to determine the internal temperature of more than a sampling of meat products in a preparation process, a reduced risk of contamination, and a more accurate temperature reading.01-14-2010
20100054300Temperature-sensing undergarment - A temperature-sensing undergarment is provided. The temperature-sensing undergarment primarily includes a garment body, at least one temperature-sensing device and a processing device. The garment body is provided with a receiving pocket, from which at least one conductor is extended to two armpit portions of the garment body. When the garment body is worn on a human body, the temperature-sensing devices disposed at the two armpit portions of the garment body will sense the body temperature and transmit a temperature-sensing signal to the processing device via the conductor. Thus, variation of the body temperature can be detected continuously.03-04-2010
20120120982Resistive Temperature Sensors for Improved Asperity, Head-Media Spacing, and/or Head-Media Contact Detection - A sensor supported by a head transducer has a temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR) and a sensor resistance. The sensor operates at a temperature above ambient and is responsive to changes in sensor-medium spacing. Conductive contacts connected to the sensor have a contact resistance and a cross-sectional area adjacent to the sensor larger than that of the sensor, such that the contact resistance is small relative to the sensor resistance and negligibly contributes to a signal generated by the sensor. A multiplicity of head transducers each support a TCR sensor and a power source can supply bias power to each sensor of each head to maintain each sensor at a fixed temperature above an ambient temperature in the presence of heat transfer changes impacting the sensors. A TCR sensor of a head transducer can include a track-oriented TCR sensor wire for sensing one or both of asperities of the medium.05-17-2012
20120201269THERMALLY ISOLATED TEMPERATURE SENSOR - A temperature sensor includes a polymer body for mounting the sensor to a mounting surface and positioning a temperature sensing element within a target fluid. The temperature sensing element may be positioned at the distal end of the polymer body and may be sealed from the fluid by a metal cap filled with a thermally conductive material. In this manner, the polymer body may thermally insulate the temperature sensing element and lead conductors within the polymer body from the mounting surface. The polymer body may also include a connector on the proximal end to facilitate an electrical connection with the temperature sensing element, a flange to install the sensor against the mounting surface, and a fixation surface configured to mate with the mounting surface. In some examples, the polymer body may be constructed in two stages to facilitate different configurations of the connector, flange, and/or fixation surface.08-09-2012
20110150033Fatigue Resistant Thermowell and Methods - Methods and thermowell systems that can be uses in high dynamic pressure environments. A thermocouple system includes a thermowell configured to enter a structure through which a medium flows; an elongated probe provided partially inside the thermowell and configured to measure a temperature; at least one o-ring disposed around the elongated probe at a first end, the o-ring being configured to dampen a vibration for the elongated probe by contacting the thermowell; and an elastomer disposed around the elongated probe section at a second end, the elastomer being configured to dampen the vibration for the elongated probe by contacting the thermowell.06-23-2011
20110096808Temperature detecting device for motion guide apparatus - A motion guide device includes a ball nut attached onto a shaft and having helical grooves for receiving a number of ball bearing elements, and having a compartment form receiving a temperature detecting device which detects a temperature of the ball nut for preventing the ball nut from overheating, an indicating device is coupled to the temperature detecting device for generating an indicating signal when the temperature detecting device has sensed or detected that the temperature of the ball nut or the screw shaft is higher than the predetermined temperature or value, and the user may then stop working to find out what problems have been happened and thus to prevent the motion guide device from overheating.04-28-2011
20100254426HEAT SINK FOR MEASURING TEMPERATURE OF ELECTRONIC COMPONENT - There is provided a heat sink for measuring temperature of electronic component. The heat sink includes a heat radiating plate, a fin, a heat receiving plate, and a temperature detector. The heat radiating plate has a first surface that receives heat from the electronic component. The fin is for radiating heat energy conducting through the heat radiating plate and is connected to the heat radiating plate. The heat receiving plate arranged apart from the heat radiating plate has a second surface movable to be parallel to the first surface. The temperature detector that detects a temperature is disposed on the heat receiving plate.10-07-2010
20120039354THERMAL VALIDATION APPARATUS, ASSEMBLY INCLUDING A DEVICE FOR THE THERMAL PROCESSING OF BIOLOGICAL SAMPLES AND SUCH AN APPARATUS, AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING SUCH AN APPARATUS - The invention relates to a thermal validation apparatus including at least one lining, each lining defining a sink and intended to be inserted into a respective recess of the thermal processing device for heating or cooling biological samples, as well as a respective temperature probe arranged in each sink. Each sleeve is made of a plastic material.02-16-2012
20090232182Air conditioner and temperature sensor - Disclosed is an air conditioner, in which, when a temperature sensor is rotated, the rotating speed of the temperature sensor is increased or the temperature sensing cycle is elongated in a rotating section where an object does not exist rather than in a rotating section where the object exists. Further, the rotating speed of the temperature sensor is increased or the temperature sensing cycle is elongated if the object is located at a short distance from the air conditioner rather than if the object is located at a normal distance from the air conditioner, and the rotating speed of the temperature sensor is decreased or the temperature sensing cycle is shortened if the object is located at a long distance from the air conditioner rather than if the object is located at a normal distance from the air conditioner.09-17-2009
20090154523BODY-TEMPERATURE MEASURING DEVICE AND BODY-TEMPERATURE MEASURING SYSTEM HAVING THE DEVICE - A body-temperature measuring device is provided. The device includes: a pad which is attachable to and detachable from a human body; a battery which is provided to the pad and includes a pair of battery terminals for supplying power; and a temperature sensing block which is attached to and detached from the pad and comprises units for contacting the human body to sense temperature and wirelessly transmitting a temperature sensing signal corresponding to the sensed temperature and a pair of connecting terminals which are electrically connected to the battery terminals only when attached to the pad, and a body-temperature measuring system including one or more of the body-temperature measuring devices and a receiver which receives the wirelessly transmitted temperature sensing signal, measures the temperature by using the received signal, and informs of a result of measuring the temperature.06-18-2009
20130170518FAN TESTING APPARATUS AND TESTING METHOD - A fan testing apparatus includes an air duct defining opposite air inlet and air outlet, a heating member received in the air duct, a first thermometer attached to the heating member, and a second thermometer positioned at the inlet of the air duct. The fan generates airflow in the air duct through the inlet and out of the air duct through the outlet to cooling the heating member. A surface temperature of the heating member is measured by the first thermometer. An environmental temperature at the air inlet is measured by the second thermometer.07-04-2013
20120128027APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR MEASURING THE TEMPERATURE OF A MATERIAL - An apparatus for measuring a temperature of a material includes a body unit disposed on an exit side of a heating furnace; a temperature measuring unit installed on the body unit and constructed to measure a temperature of a material which is extracted from the heating furnace; a foreign substance removing unit installed on the body unit and constructed to inject a fluid toward the material so as to remove foreign substances adhered to the material; and a moving unit installed on the body unit and constructed to move the temperature measuring unit.05-24-2012
20100189158WIRELESS DIAGNOSTIC SYSTEM AND METHOD - A diagnostic system for an oven chamber, an oven system, and a method of wirelessly monitoring item temperature in an oven chamber are disclosed. In some embodiments, a temperature sensor used for sensing the temperature of an item is moved or transported with the item by a conveyor system. Also, in some embodiments, a wireless transmitter coupled to the temperature sensor can transmit a temperature signal to a receiver located outside of the oven chamber, and can also be moved or transported with the item. Data representative of item temperature can be stored, displayed, and/or used to modulate operation of the oven in some embodiments.07-29-2010
20100040110Clinical Thermometer - The disclosed subject matter relates to a clinical thermometer that facilitates easy measurement operation while suitably illuminating a location where a probe is to be inserted. Measurement can be performed even while subjects wear a garment. The clinical thermometer can include the following: a main body having on the outer face thereof a display for temperature display and a housing that includes a measuring device configured for temperature measurement; and an elongated probe part extending from the main body in a first direction and including a temperature sensing device located at the tip of the probe part that abuts against a user's armpit. The clinical thermometer can include, in the region where the main body is joined to the base of the probe part, a shoulder part curved or bent in a direction that intersects the first direction. The main body can also include an illumination device configured to emit light in the direction along which the probe extends. The illumination device can be configured for specific use at a particular body part, e.g, armpit, and such that it does not protrude beyond the main body.02-18-2010
20100020846Irreversible Coolness Indicator - The invention provides a temperature-threshold indicator device 01-28-2010
20090016404INTELLIGENT THERMOMETER - A device for measuring the body temperature of a user is provided. The device comprises a casing having an opening; a sensing device extending from the opening of the casing, the sensing device configured for measuring the body temperature of the user and generating an output signal when the sensing device is received by the user, the output signal indicative of the body temperature of the user; and a controller in electrical communication with the sensing device, the controller configured to receive the output signal and to calculate a temperature reading representative of the body temperature of the user, the controller further configured to determine whether the temperature reading is within one of a plurality of temperature ranges based on the age of the user, and the controller further configured to generate a dosage amount of a plurality of medicines based on the age of the user and weight of the user.01-15-2009
20110268151ARRAY ELEMENT FOR TEMPERATURE SENSOR ARRAY CIRCUIT, TEMPERATURE SENSOR ARRAY CIRCUIT UTILIZING SUCH ARRAY ELEMENT, AND AM-EWOD DEVICE INCLUDING SUCH A TEMPERATURE SENSOR ARRAY CIRCUIT - An array element for a temperature sensor array circuit. The array element includes a switch transistor; and a temperature sensor element having an impedance which varies as a function of temperature, the temperature sensor element being connected in parallel with a source and drain of the switch transistor11-03-2011
20080198896AIRFLOW SENSOR FOR FILTER BLOCKAGE DETECTION - A thermal management system includes an airflow sensor that measures airflow in an air path inside an enclosure to be cooled, wherein the air path includes a filter and a fan. A controller is responsive to the airflow sensor for monitoring the rate of airflow inside the enclosure and determining the condition of the filter. In one embodiment, the airflow sensor is an active type sensor, such as a thermistor, disposed on circuit boards. In further embodiments, the airflow sensor is disposed proximate a tube through the filter.08-21-2008
20130195139SAMPLE CONTAINER WITH SENSOR RECEPTACLE AND METHODS OF USE - Devices and methods are described herein that are configured for use in laboratory testing, such as, for example, during a procedure including the monitoring and detection of chemical reactions. For example, the systems and devices described herein can be used during a procedure to monitor and detect polymerase chain reactions (PCR). In some embodiments, a sample container includes a container body that defines an interior volume and has an open end in fluid communication with the interior volume. A cap is sealingly engageable with the open end of the container body. The cap defines a receptacle that is configured to extend within a portion of the interior volume of the container body when the cap is sealingly engaged thereto. The receptacle can receive therein a sensor, such as, a temperature sensor that can monitor the temperature of a sample material disposed within the container body.08-01-2013
20130202010TARGET APPARATUS AND METHOD - A target is provided having a retroreflector. A body is provided having a spherical exterior portion, the body containing a cavity. The cavity is sized to hold the retroreflector, the cavity open to the exterior of the body and having at least one surface opposite the opening, the retroreflector at least partially disposed in the cavity, wherein the retroreflector and at least one surface define a space therebetween. A transmitter is configured to emit an electromagnetic signal. A first actuator is configured to initiate emission of the electromagnetic signal, wherein the transmitter and the first actuator are affixed to the body.08-08-2013

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