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370251000 Having dedicated test line or channel 11
20110194422COMMUNICATION INFORMATION ACQUISITION CREATION SYSTEM, NETWORK SWITCH, AND NETWORKS SWITCH EVALUATION METHOD - The present invention provides a communication information acquisition creation system 08-11-2011
20090122710EVENT CORRELATION USING NETWORK DATA FLOW SIMULATION OVER UNMANAGED NETWORK SEGMENTS - A network simulator comprises a virtual network and event correlation logic. The virtual model models a network that comprises a managed portion and an unmanaged portion. The event correlation logic, when executed, is operable to perform receiving first data indicating that an event occurred in the network. A network flow is initiated at a source virtual network element (VNE) corresponding to the source network device toward a destination VNE corresponding to the destination network device. A first VNE is communicatively coupled to a particular VNE corresponding to an unmanaged portion of the network. A logical topological link to a second VNE is identified and traversed. Second data that is associated with the unmanaged portion of the network is identified. As a result, the first data is stored in association with the second data.05-14-2009
20090190482Relative One-Way Delay Measurements Over Multiple Paths Between Devices - Disclosed are, inter alia, methods, apparatus, computer-readable storage media, mechanisms, and means for measuring relative one-way delay measurements over multiple paths between devices. The relative one-way delays from a networked device to a remote device can be determined based on the round-trip delay of pairs of probe/probe-return packets as each pair takes a different path to the remote device and takes the same path from the remote device to the networked device. The relative one-way delays from a remote device to a networked device can be determined based on the round-trip delay of pairs of probe/probe-return packets as each pair takes a same path to the remote device and takes a different path from the remote device to the networked device.07-30-2009
20100097944Layer 2 network rule-based non-intrusive testing verification methodology - Systems and methods are described that that analyze Layer 2 network performance and identify problems without having to disrupt customer service. Embodiments employ a two-phase approach to identify network problems. For an ingress switch, embodiments monitor frame relay Management Information Base (MIB) port and channel objects. A trouble ticket with various test results may be issued and a network work center notified with recommendations that include switch checking, network checking, Layer 1 access testing and network connectivity testing.04-22-2010
20120182884Fast SSL Testing Using Precalculated Cryptographyc Data - Methods and computer readable storage media to test secure network connections. One or more pre-calculated encryption data (PCCD) sets may be defined in accordance with a secure communications protocol. The one or more PCCD sets may be stored in a first PCCD memory and a second PCCD memory located respectively within a first port unit and a second port unit of a plurality of port units. Each PCCD set may include at least a first parameter and a second parameter generated by encrypting the first parameter. A simulated secure connection between the first port unit and the second port unit via a network under test may be opened using a selected PCCD set from the one or more PCCD sets without performing decryption processing.07-19-2012
20120182883METHOD, APPARATUS AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCT FOR RESOURCE ALLOCATION OF COEXISTENT SECONDARY NETWORKS - Method, apparatus, and computer program product embodiments are disclosed to provide for wireless resource sharing between heterogeneous wireless networks to enable coexistence of secondary networks in a TV band white space by grouping two or more of the neighboring networks into subsets based on predefined rules. An example embodiment of the invention includes a method, comprising the steps of: maintaining, at an apparatus, information regarding at least one of used communication protocols, operator identifiers, and bandwidths associated with one or more wireless networks served by the apparatus and wireless networks neighboring the one or more wireless networks served by the apparatus; forming, from the one or more wireless networks served by the apparatus and the wireless networks neighboring the one or more wireless networks served by the apparatus, a number of subsets, based on at least one of the used communication protocols, the operator identifiers, and the bandwidths associated with the one or more wireless networks served by the apparatus and the wireless networks neighboring the one or more served wireless networks; and comparing the number of formed subsets with a number of available channels.07-19-2012
20130070616DATA TRANSCEIVER AND DATA-TRANSCEIVING METHOD FOR BIO-IMPLANTABLE MEDICAL DEVICES - The invention relates a transmitter for transmitting data in bio-implantable medical devices, comprising: an activation unit which transmits; to a receiver, a predetermined number of frame bits which indicate the start of data transmission so as to activate the receiver; a preamble state notification unit which transmits, at the state where the receiver is activated or during data transmission to the receiver, a preamble data signal for turning the receiver into a preamble state; and a synchronization unit which transmits synchronization data for synchronization between the transmitter and the receiver in the preamble state.03-21-2013
20090303887METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR TIMESTEP STOCHASTIC SIMULATION FOR NETWORKS - A method and system for analytically simulating the state of a 802.11 WLAN network having a plurality of stations at discreet timesteps, including analytically generating a plurality of sample paths of a network state, including obtaining probability distribution values for aspects of the network. The probability distributions may be precomputed and stored in a cache to be accessed during a simulation of a network.12-10-2009
20130058226NETWORK VIRTUALIZATION APPARATUS - Some embodiments provide a network virtualization apparatus for managing a plurality of managed switching elements that forward data in a network. The network virtualization apparatus comprises a controller for converting logical control plane data to logical forwarding plane data. It also includes a virtualizer for converting the logical forwarding plane data to physical control plane data. In some embodiments, the physical control plane data is subsequently translated into physical forwarding plane data that direct the forwarding of data by the managed switching elements.03-07-2013
20130058225DISTRIBUTED NETWORK CONTROL APPARATUS AND METHOD - Some embodiments provide a distributed control system for controlling managed switching elements of a network. The distributed control system comprises a first controller for converting a first set of input logical control plane data to a first set of output logical forwarding plane data. It also includes a second controller for converting a second set of input logical control plane data to a second set of output logical forwarding plane data. The logical forwarding plane data is translated into physical forwarding behaviors that direct the forwarding of data by the managed switching elements.03-07-2013
20130188498Equipment in a Data Network and Methods for Monitoring, Configuring and/or Managing the Equipment - There is provided a multicast router comprising a Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) agent and an SNMP database and a method of monitoring the router. In some embodiments the method comprises the multicast router receiving, via a downstream network interface, multicast data requests made by one or more hosts; the multicast router reading data contained in the multicast data request; the multicast router storing first data in the SNMP database for a downstream network interface, a multicast group address and a first host that requests multicast data, wherein the first data comprises information of the multicast groups and multicast channels requested by the first host; and the SNMP agent of the multicast router transmitting to an SNMP control station, using a version of the SNMP protocol, at least a part of the first data stored in the SNMP database.07-25-2013
20090046590Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) Testing - A method and apparatus for testing a VoIP telephone line are provided, the method including determining which of a plurality of VoIP call control protocols and/or CODECs is compatible with the telephone line, and conducting a series of tests on the telephone line in accordance therewith. The method and apparatus also includes steps and the means to connect to a network and capturing a stream of data therefrom to determine configuration settings of a VoIP telephone connected thereto to facilitate the previous testing.02-19-2009
20100014436METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR PROVIDING UPDATES ON ACCESS NETWORK CAPABILITY IN AN IP MULTIMEDIA SYSTEM NETWORK - Updates on access network capability are provided to an IP Multimedia System (IMS) network. A User Equipment (UE) that is connected to the access network initiates a communication session with the IMS network by sending a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) registration request to the IMS network. The SIP registration request from the UE includes a P-Access-Network-Info (PANI) header or an Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) header, having a tag that includes current information regarding one or more capabilities of the access network to which the UE is currently connected. A triggering event, e.g., a change in Quality of Service, signals the IMS network to modulate service provisions in the IMS network according to the information concerning the access network capabilities that were provided in the PANI header.01-21-2010
20090010174METHOD AND DEVICE FOR EXCHANGING DIAGNOSTIC DATA FOR THE SIMULATION OF AIRCRAFT COMPUTER NETWORKS - The object of the invention is a method and a device for exchanging diagnostic data for simulation of computer networks of aircraft. Diagnostic data exchange is achieved in a network between a network node and a diagnostic terminal connected to the network. The network node is capable of receiving simulation commands in real time and diagnostic commands. According to the invention, the network node is capable of receiving simulation commands according to at least one predetermined time period, time-based segregation being achieved for emission of diagnostic data relative to processing of simulation commands.01-08-2009
20090010173APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR DISCONTINUOUS RECEPTION IN MOBILE TELECOMMUNICATION SYSTEM - A communication apparatus and method for performing discontinuous reception in a mobile communication system is provided. The communication apparatus continues to turn on a receiver during a reception-on (Rx-on) period associated with persistent resource allocation to receives a packet, and receives a retransmission packet transmitted through the persistent resources at the Rx-on period spaced from the Rx-on period by a processing time of the retransmission packet given taking into account feedback information determined according to a reception error of the packet.01-08-2009
20130215766SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR IDENTIFYING MULTIPLE PATHS BETWEEN NETWORK NODES - Aspects of the invention pertain to transmitting packet data across a computer network. The packets may be sent via one or more distinct routes from a source to a destination. Each route may employ multiple routers disposed along the network. Non-colliding routes are determined by transmitting pairs of probe packets along the routes. A first probe packet has a maximal length, and a second probe packet has a minimal length. Depending on the order of arrival of the probe packets, the system determines whether two transport layer ports at the destination device collide. If there is a collision, then the system searches for a set of non-colliding ports. Once the non-colliding ports are determined, application data may be sent as packets along the different routes to those ports.08-22-2013
20120113822SWITCHING MODULE - A fiber channel switching module can include an integrated trace buffer memory, a crossbar switch and a control processor disposed on a single line replaceable module (LRM). The trace buffer memory may be adapted to capture selected data traffic transiting the switch fabric based on pre-selected triggers. The selected data can be read out of the trace buffer memory and used for selected diagnostics.05-10-2012
20120113821MODELLING APPARATUS AND METHOD - A method determined a routing of data between two network elements of a telecommunications network, which are interconnected via a transmission path. The method includes identifying plurality of layers of a telecommunications model from which the transmission path is comprised, and developing a reachability table by identifying a connection between each transmission element in each layer to other transmission elements in the same or a different layer of the transmission path. For each connection defining a set of communications parameters which define a cost of communicating data via the connection and allocating a weighting value for communicating data via the connection, for all possible routes between the two network elements along the transmission path via each of the layers modelling the effect of the connection for routing the data in accordance with the set of communications parameters for the connection and determining a weighted result along each path, and combining the weighted results to determine a metric of performance for each of the possible routes. An optimum route can then be determined for routing data in accordance with for example a minimum cost metric.05-10-2012
20100128612DIAGNOSING NETWORK PROBLEMS IN AN IPV6 DUAL STACK NETWORK - Embodiments of the present invention are directed to diagnosing problems in a dual stack network supporting Internet Protocol Version Six (IPV6). Inventoried information can be retrieved from an inventory system in response to a problem associated the dual stack network. It can be determined whether a mismatch exists between live customer address information associated with a customer edge router and the inventoried information. A notification can be generated in response to determining whether a mismatch exists. The notification includes information representing a cause of the problem and resolution of the problem.05-27-2010
20090080338SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR FLOW MIRRORING WITH NETWORK-SCOPED CONNECTION-ORIENTED SINK - Systems and methods for sinking port mirrored from one or more identified flows of data to any node in a network are provided. Moreover, the network is configured to convey the mirrored data to the sink, without the need for any facilities expressly dedicated for this purpose. The present invention removes the requirement to co-locate the sink port within the same logical node. The present invention uses a mirrored flow configured as a provisioned layer two point-to-point connection, such as a Switched Permanent Virtual Circuit (SPVC), Pseudo-Wire (PWE3), a Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) cross-connect, Provider Backbone Bridging—Traffic Engineering (PBB-TE), and the like. The node with the mirrored port is configured to create copies of the appropriate set of packets (i.e., ingress, egress packets, or both based on provisioning and based on the identified flow), and to forward the packets to the sink port through the provisioned point-to-point connection.03-26-2009
20110141917PROTOCOL FREE TESTING OF A FABRIC SWITCH - A switch fabric for a modular router may be tested without connecting the switch fabric portion of the router to the other modular portions of the router. The switch fabric may generate test data units and insert the test data units into one or more elements of the switch fabric. The switch fabric may operate with the inserted test data units. A control component may receive data units from the switch fabric after operation of the switch fabric and analyze the received data units to determine whether the received data units correspond to the inserted test data units.06-16-2011
20100265832METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR MANAGING A SLOW RESPONSE ON A NETWORK - A method and an apparatus for detection and prevention of a slow response on a network are disclosed. For example, the method selects a router automatically for testing in response to a ticket indicating a slow response, and performs a diagnostic test on the router, wherein the diagnostic test comprises at least one of: a protocol diagnostic test, a circuit diagnostic test or, a congestion diagnostic test. The method then performs at least one remedial step to address a root cause that is identified by the diagnostic test, wherein the root cause is associated with the slow response.10-21-2010
20090028059Method and System for Simulating a Communication Network, Related Network and Computer Program Product Therefor - A simulator system for simulating a wireless local area network in a combination of a wireless local area network and one or more 2G or 3G mobile communication networks includes a first set and a second set of access protocol simulation devices representative of wireless local area network apparatus implementing access protocols. The first set of access protocol simulation devices is representative of radio technology independent apparatus providing integration of the wireless local area network with the mobile communication network(s). The second set of access protocol simulation devices is representative of radio technology dependent apparatus present in the wireless local area network. The simulator is thus configured for simulating different types of wireless local area network technology in the wireless local area network by varying the access protocol simulation devices in the second set while maintaining the access protocol simulating devices in the first set.01-29-2009
20100034100NETWORK LOAD TESTER WITH REAL-TIME DETECTION AND RECORDING - A load tester is configured to generate traffic streams for testing a network. The traffic streams can include one or more stream objects. Each stream object can be characterized by a unique identifier and can include a fixed number of frames. The frames can share the same S_ID and D_ID while being characterized by a unique sequence count. The load tester can receive a plurality of frames, all or some of which belong to a stream object, and analyze the received frames in real-time to identify the occurrence of one or more errors such as out-of-order frame errors, dropped frame errors, and misdirected frame errors. The different types of errors can be individually recorded.02-11-2010
20100124175Apparatus and method for adaptively calculating symbolic start position - An apparatus and a method for adaptively calculating a start position of a series of symbols are provided. The method is applied to a frame synchronization circuit that implements the apparatus for calculating the symbolic start position of a packet-switching communication system. Even under the situations such as higher frequency offset, the frequency offset value approaching zero or unstable frequency offset, the frame synchronization circuit using the claimed method still can estimate the symbolic start position. The preferred method includes a first step of retrieving the signals in a unit of packets, and calculating their delay correlation value. Next, a control circuit is incorporated to retrieve multiple groups of symbols, and to set the parameters of the systems as a basis for identifying the system's property. After that, it's to estimate the symbolic start position.05-20-2010
20090207743FACILITATING TRANSFER OF PUSH AND PULL MESSAGES FOR REMOTELY TESTING MOBILE DEVICES - Providing for remote field testing of mobile communication devices is described herein. By way of example, network initiated data received at a mobile device or like device activated on a mobile network can be monitored. Further, an over the air (OTA) message sent by the mobile network to the monitored device can be identified and forwarded to a test device. Additionally, an IP gateway of the mobile network can be monitored for mobile originated pull messages or network originated push messages associated with or identifying the test device. A data translator can reconfigure or reroute data to and from the mobile device and mobile network utilizing information associated with the activated device. Accordingly, remote data exchange can be implemented even if the mobile device is not pre-activated on the mobile network.08-20-2009
20090201822SWITCH MATRIX - A switch matrix for selectively connecting at least one of N signal inputs to at least one of M signal outputs, N and M being integers greater than two, includes a cluster of N input switches arranged about each of the M signal outputs resulting in at least M clusters of N input switches, each input switch having a switch input and a switch output, the switch outputs being connected to respective signal outputs, the clusters and the input switches in the clusters being arranged to permit adjacent switch inputs of adjacent clusters to be connected to form input switch nodes; and a steering switch for each of the signal inputs. The steering switch selectably connects a signal input to an input switch node, wherein the combination of the steering switches and the input switches are operable to connect a desired signal input to a desired signal output.08-13-2009
20100142385Communication system, delay insertion server, backup server and communication control apparatus - A communication system includes a probe transmission server 06-10-2010
20100142384System reliability evaluation method for transmission by a single minimal path in time restriction - A system reliability evaluation method for transmission by a single minimal path in time restriction is disclosed. The single minimal path includes plural arcs between a start node and a terminal node in a flow network. The method includes the steps of providing a virtual network in a computer for simulating the flow network; inputting a transmission requirement, a budget restriction and a time restriction; distributing the transmission requirement in a minimal path of the virtual network for getting a capacity vector to represent the flow distribution of the flow network; under the capacity vector, checking if the transmission cost satisfy the budget restriction for sending the transmission requirement in the minimal path; thereby, defining a lower boundary vector; and computing a system reliability that is a probability of any one capacity vector being lager than or equal to the lower boundary vector.06-10-2010
20080239972SYSTEM AND METHOD OF PERFORMANCE MONITORING OF MULTICAST SERVICES WITH MOBILITY SUPPORT - An approach is disclosed for monitoring performance of a network providing multicast and mobility services. A test profile is generated for determining performance of the multicast network. The test profile is uploaded on a mobile host that is configured to communicate over the multicast network, wherein the mobile host is further configured to participate in a test session according to the test profile. Test session information tracked by the mobile host is collected for evaluation of metrics for the performance of the multicast network.10-02-2008
20080239973METHOD OF DATA INTEGRITY CONTROL IN AN AFDX NETWORK - The invention relates to a data integrity checking system in a frame-switched on-board network, comprising at least first and second asynchronous transmitter terminals, with the second (10-02-2008
20080285471Call Release in Communication Networks - A controller requests a gateway to release a call. The gateway then disconnects and communicates the disconnect to at least one additional network node along the end-to-end connection on the resource control level. In the case of a high level recovery of a controller a temporally close stop of charging of disconnected connections is effected without the controller signaling it.11-20-2008
20120294156Modular Switching Network Node for a Communications Network - A modular switching network node for a communications network, i.e., an industrial communications network, where the modular switching network node comprises a switching network node base unit and at least one port module, the at least one port module comprises at least one connection interface for coupling to the communications network, and where the modular switching network node is configured to forward communication data over one of the connection interfaces of the modular switching network node to at least one additional connection interface of the modular switching network node. The switching network node base unit is configured such that at least one of the port modules is swappable for a functional module to expand the functionality of the switching network node.11-22-2012
20100142386NETWORK AND METHOD PROVIDING AN INDICATION OF NETWORK CAPABILITIES TO A USER FOR SPECIAL NUMBER CALLS - Networks and methods are disclosed for providing an indication of the capability of a communication network for serving special number calls. Before a user places a special number call, the communication network determines the capability of the communication network for serving a special number call, and provides the indication of the network capability to the user. The user is thus kept aware of the quality of the special number service available to them through the communication network.06-10-2010
20100142383TEST APPARATUS AND TEST METHOD - Provided is a test apparatus that tests a device under test, comprising an upper sequencer that sequentially designates packets transmitted to and from the device under test, by executing a test program for testing the device under test; a packet data sequence storing section that stores a data sequence included in each of a plurality of types of packets; and a lower sequencer that reads, from the packet data sequence storing section, a data sequence of a packet designated by the upper sequencer and generates a test data sequence used for testing the device under test.06-10-2010
20090175177METHOD FOR TESTING A WIRELESS NETWORK DEVICE - The invention relates to a method and a system for testing a wireless network device (07-09-2009
20090052338HOME NETWORK OPTIMIZING SYSTEM - A system for optimizing a network having a plurality of network devices. The system includes a network monitoring tool simultaneously executable on at least one of the network devices and configured to diagnose a condition of the network. The network monitoring tool includes an information collection module configured to collect an information set relating to performance of each of the network devices, an action module configured to execute an action in response to the information set, the action relating to a diagnosed condition of the network, and an information transmission module configured to transmit the information set to an electronic device remote from the network. The system further includes a configuring tool executable on a server computing device. The configuring tool includes an information receiving module configured to receive the information set, and a programming module configured to configure the network monitoring tool based on the received collected information.02-26-2009
20090086645APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR PASSIVELY ANALYZING A DATA PACKET DELIVERY PATH - A packet transmission diagnostic system transmits diagnostic packets during a communications session in which data packets are transmitted between a source and destination. The diagnostic packets elicit responses from routers along a path between the source and destination. The elicited responses, in the form of packets, are used by the diagnostic system to produce one or more packet-delivery metrics for one or more of the routers along a packet transmission path between the source and destination.04-02-2009
20090185499Network performance and reliability evaluation taking into account abstract components - Network performability characteristics with improved accuracy are derived by taking into account, in the various analyzed network failure states, attributes of elements at the logical level other than just the capacities of edges, as well as by taking into account one or more “abstract components,” such as scheduled maintenance, and by using multiple traffic matrices.07-23-2009
20090219824SYSTEMS, METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR TESTING A DATA CONNECTION PROVIDED OVER A POWER SUPPLY LINE - Systems, methods and apparatus are described for testing a data connection provided over a power supply line. A testing apparatus is coupled to a socket of the power supply line. The AC power supply line communicatively couples the testing apparatus to a communication device or another testing apparatus. The testing apparatus identifies the signal strengths of signals received by the testing apparatus and identifies the signal strengths of signals received by the communication device. The testing apparatus outputs an indicator of the first signal strength and the second signal strength to a user and this information may be utilized to detect noise or other problems in the data connection provided over the AC power supply line.09-03-2009
20090219823METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR AUTOMATING HUB AND SPOKE INTERNET PROTOCOL VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORK TROUBLE DIAGNOSTICS - A method and apparatus for automating hub and spoke network trouble diagnostics in a communication network are disclosed. For example, the method retrieves provisioning and configuration data, access interface alarm information, and network facility status data related to the communication network by a diagnostic system, and identifies at least one of: a network configuration error, an access interface error, or a configuration error associated with at least one hub router or at least one spoke router, as the root cause of the problem of the communication network.09-03-2009
20090252046ARRANGEMENTS FOR NETWORKS - A system for analyzing a network including a plurality of nodes associated and/or connected together by links. The system includes a processor coupled to a data memory. The processor is configured to access a first representation of the network and associated link weight measures w in the memory. Moreover, the system is configured to provide node values for the nodes and determine from the node values corresponding slope measures for links existing between the nodes, the slope measures being computed from a function of differences in node values and from the weight measures w for the links, the weight measures w being used for scaling the function of differences in nodes values; to select for at least some of the nodes one or more steepest ascent links having one or more greatest positive slope measures; and to generate a second representation corresponding to a steepest ascent graph of the network derived from information included in the steepest ascent links.10-08-2009
20100157816Method and System for Evaluating Network Connectivity In Rule-Based Applications - A computer readable storage medium includes a set of instructions executable by a processor. The instructions are operable to assign a unique identifier to each of a plurality of node subsets of a network, the node subsets being created by damage to the network; assign one or more of the identifiers to each of a plurality of components of the damaged network based on a connectivity to the one or more of the node subsets and corresponding identifiers of the node subsets; assign one or more of the identifiers to each of one or more node types of the plurality of components by assigning each of the node types all of the identifiers of any of the components of the node type; and evaluate a first connectivity between a first one of the components and a second one of the components by determining whether they share at least one of the identifiers.06-24-2010
20100177644Intelligent fast switch-over network tap system and methods - An intelligent fast switch-over network active tap system enables active monitoring of a network segment connected between network devices. A fail-safe relay subsystem is coupled between a pair of network ports, enabling transmission of network communications signals through a passive cross-connect between the network ports or through an active bridge subsystem. The active bridge subsystem is capable of independently establishing network links with the network devices, and a separate network link with a monitoring device. A controller manages operation of the relay and active bridge subsystems, including switches between passive and active network transmission through the tap system and to determine and establish the active network links subject to symmetric network link parameters and state. Thereby, the network link status of the connected network devices is preserved on switch between active and passive transmission and correctly reflected in the presence of link and power failures.07-15-2010
20100254270SIGNAL TRANSMITTING APPARATUS AND SIGNAL TRANSMITTING METHOD - A signal transmitting apparatus includes: a plurality of data transmission lines that transmit output data to a memory; a plurality of delay units that are correspondingly connected to the plurality of data transmission lines, that delay test data according to a delay signal for a predetermined time, and that output the delayed test data to each of the data transmission lines; and a transmitting/receiving controller that compares the stored data in the memory with the test data to adjust the delay signal, and that outputs the adjusted delay signal to each of the plurality of delay units. With this configuration, when data is transmitted to a memory through a data bus, a delay value can be adjusted among a plurality of signal lines constituting a data bus, and thus signal transmission can be performed uniformly.10-07-2010
20100195509SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR TESTING NETWORK ELEMENTS USING A TRAFFIC GENERATOR WITH INTEGRATED SIMPLE NETWORK MANAGEMENT PROTOCOL (SNMP) CAPABILITIES - A system and method in accordance with exemplary embodiments may receive, from a management system, configuration data associated with a management protocol. In addition, the system and method may generate test data traffic at least based on the configuration data. Further, the system and method may transmit, to one or more network elements, the test data traffic. Even further, the system and method may receive, from the management system, a query associated with the management protocol that requests data traffic information associated with at least one of the generated test data traffic, transmitted test data traffic, and received test data traffic. The system and method may transmit, to the management system, the requested data traffic information in response to the query.08-05-2010
20100278052INTELLEGENT COMMUNICATIONS NETWORK TAP PORT AGGREGATOR AND METHODS THEREOF - A network tap port aggregator for use in monitoring a network is provided. The network tap port aggregator includes a first device interface terminal for receiving a first network feed. The network tap port aggregator also includes a second device interface terminal for receiving a second network feed. The network tap port aggregator further includes a circuitry coupled with the first device interface terminal and with the second device interface terminal, the circuitry configured to monitor the first network feed and the second network feed and to aggregate the first network feed and the second network feed into an aggregated network feed. The network tap port aggregator yet also includes a first monitor interface terminal coupled to the circuitry for providing the aggregated network feed to a first network monitor that is external to the network tap port aggregator.11-04-2010
20090003225METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PROBING OF A COMMUNICATION NETWORK - The test packet sequencer according to the present invention, is configured to generate one or more sequences of packets and subsequently place these one or more sequences of packets onto a communication network. The test packet sequencer is further configured to measure timings associated with the one or more sequences of packets. For example, the test packet sequencer can be configured to measure the departure and/or receipt times of one or more sequences of packets. In order to overcome inherent delays or inaccuracies relating to the functionality of one or more components along the network path, the test packet sequencer is configured to pre-activate at least a portion of the network path prior to placement of the one or more sequences of packets on the communication network.01-01-2009
20110002228Scheduler Using a Plurality of Slow Timers - There is disclosed a scheduler for a traffic generator and a method of scheduling traffic. A working memory may stores N respective timer values for N count-down timers, where N is an integer greater than one. An arithmetic and logic unit (ALU) may update each timer value in rotation every N cycles of a clock. A temporal interpolator may delay output data from the ALU by a selectable delay period of 1 to N cycles of the clock.01-06-2011
20110242993TEST METHOD FOR NETWORK SYSTEM - A load test method for a network system in which a plurality of node devices exchange packets via a first switch device by way of a second switch device, includes transmitting a plurality of first packets to the first switch device by a first node device, the plurality of first packets being addressed to the first node device via the second switch device, transmitting a plurality of second packets to the first switch device by a second node device, the plurality of second packets being addressed to the first node device via the first switch device, storing the first packets and the second packets in a queue buffer and thereafter transferring the first packets and the second packets to the first node device by the first switch device, and monitoring state information based on the number of packets waiting to be exchanged in the second switch device.10-06-2011
20120243423Adjustments of IUB Load Measurements - A method may include determining whether a discrepancy exists between scheduling headroom computable by a first device and scheduling headroom computable by a second device, determining one or more load measurements that the second device bases its computation of the scheduling headroom if it is determined that the discrepancy exists, modifying the one or more load measurements, and calculating the scheduling headroom based on the modified one or more load measurements.09-27-2012
20100246416SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR REMOTE TESTING OF WIRELESS LAN ACCESS POINTS - The present disclosure describes systems and methods for remote testing and troubleshooting of a Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) using one or more distributed WLAN sensors and one or more servers. Specifically, the invention describes a method to test WLAN access points (APs) for connectivity and performance in the field. In an exemplary embodiment, the one or more distributed WLAN sensors and one or more servers can include a wireless monitoring system, such as a wireless intrusion prevention or detection system. The present invention utilizes a distributed network of WLAN sensors that typically operate to monitor the WLAN, and as needed, the present invention converts the monitoring sensors to WLAN clients capable to connecting and remotely testing one or more WLAN APs.09-30-2010
20090213739Methods for optimizing and evaluating network access techniques - Methods of evaluating access to Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) from alternate access connections and for improving access to VPNs from alternate access connections such as ISPs. The methods include downloading a set of tests through a network backbone to simulate access to the VPN from the alternate access connection and comparing the results of the test to benchmarks for the test of access to the VPN from leased lines and modems. By obtaining comparisons of the tests and the benchmarks, it is possible to determine the throughput of data through the VPN and tell the customer how its access connections are affecting, among other things, the raw data throughput. This allows the customer and/or the network service provider to adjust the access connections to improve communications with the VPN.08-27-2009
20100124176AUTOMATIC NETWORK TOPOLOGY IDENTIFICATION BY NODES IN THE NETWORK - An automatic network topology identification technique is described herein. Each node in the network periodically or constantly transmits its unique address to its neighboring node. Once a node receives a different message from its neighbor, the node identifies a topology change in the network. In one embodiment, a current topology is associated with a session number. When a change in the topology is detected, the detecting node increments the session number and broadcasts the change in topology. The other nodes, detecting the changed session number, now know that there has been a change in the network. In response, the nodes in the network modify routing tables and other information stored at the node related to the topology. In one embodiment, the technique is used to reassign shortened addresses to each device on the network to support a dual-addressing mode of the network. The dual addressing mode substitutes reduced-length addresses (referred to as short addresses) for standard addresses (referred to as long addresses) for traffic whose source or destination is internal to a given virtual network topology. The required length of short addresses used for a given virtual topology is dependent on the number of devices reachable within the topology.05-20-2010
20110069620Misdirected Packet Detection Apparatus and Method - There are disclosed methods and a packet receiver for testing a network. A packet may be received from the network at a port unit. The port unit may ignore the received packet if the received packet does not contain a valid test signature. When the received packet contains a valid test signature, the port unit may determine if the port unit is an expected destination for the received packet. When the port unit is not an expected destination for the received packet, a misdirected packet counter may be incremented. When the port unit is an expected destination for the received packet, test data may be extracted from the received packet.03-24-2011
20080198756METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR ENABLING THE DETECTION OF TRANSPARENT DEFECTS - The present invention enables the network to determine the true state of events that appear normal but produce service disruptions by periodically probing the status of all network elements and endpoints and comparing this status to historical graphs of the network. Events that deviate from a historical view will be alarmed to determine their true status.08-21-2008
20080219175Connectionless configurations for stress testing timing and synchronization in data packet networks - A method and system for providing connectionless configurations for stress testing timing and synchronization in data packet networks. Packet traffic of interest is transmitted through multiple interconnected switching nodes such that different packets can be transmitted over different paths through the switching nodes. The nodes can support background traffic in order to generate delays for the packets at each of the switching nodes. By allowing packets to use multiple paths in a single testing configuration, a connectionless packet flow can be utilized for adaptive packet timing recovery stress testing.09-11-2008
20100027429Packet Switch Modeling and Using a Packet Switch Model to Test a Packet Switch - Packet switch test methods include receiving a first packet from a packet switch, receiving a second packet from processing circuitry configured to model expected behavior of the packet switch, comparing the first packet to the second packet, and, based on the comparing, determining whether the packet switch is operating according to the expected behavior. Packet switch modeling methods include identifying functionality of a packet switch to be modeled, creating, in a packet switch model, a plurality of nodes representing physical and/or logical elements of the packet switch, the nodes being configured to process packet data structures and to respectively model different portions of the functionality of the packet switch relative to one another, and, in the packet switch model, connecting the nodes with pathways by which the packet data structures may be forwarded between the nodes.02-04-2010
20110069621Network Testing Using Control Plane and Data Plane Convergence - There is disclosed a system and method for implementing a control plane/data plane test to evaluate the performance of a device under test upon the occurrence of a critical event. The method may be performed by a network testing system.03-24-2011
20120176917INTEGRATED SWITCH TAP ARRANGEMENT AND METHODS THEREOF - An integrated switch tap device for managing and monitoring network traffic is provided. The device includes a set of network ports for receiving and outputting the network traffic. The device also includes a first logic arrangement for performing routing functionalities and a first CPU for processing the routing functionalities. The device further includes a set of monitoring ports that is coupled to one or more monitoring devices. The device yet also includes a first tap module, which is configured at least for intercepting at least part of the network traffic flowing through the network device, creating a copy of at least part of the network traffic, and forwarding the copy to at least one of the set of monitoring ports. The device moreover includes a second CPU configured at least for processing tap functionalities associated with the first tap module.07-12-2012
20110158108ETHERENT PHYSICAL LAYER TEST SYSTEM AND METHOD - An Ethernet physical layer test system and method, wherein a signal pattern generator is utilized to generate repeatedly a signal pattern frame required by the test items of the Ethernet physical layer according to a transmission procedure of a medium access controller; meanwhile, the signal pattern generator generates a control signal for switching a multiplexer, so as to control the transmission of a signal pattern frame. The Ethernet physical layer receives the signal pattern frame and outputs a test packet to a measurement instrument via a twisted-pair, for testing and analyzing quality of signals output by the Ethernet physical layer. Through the application of this Ethernet physical layer test system and method, the time required for testing the Ethernet physical layer can be effectively reduced, thus simplifying the complexity of an algorithm in testing the Ethernet physical layer.06-30-2011
20120207031HYPERVISOR ROUTING BETWEEN NETWORKS IN A VIRTUAL NETWORKING ENVIRONMENT - A physical host executes a virtual machine monitor (VMM) that instantiates a source virtual machine (VM). In response to the VMM receiving from the source VM a packet specifying a first destination address of a destination VM and a second destination address of a default gateway, the VMM determines whether the packet can be communicated to the destination VM without the packet being routed by the default gateway. In response to the VMM determining that the packet can be communicated to the destination VM without the packet being routed by the default gateway, the VMM forwards the packet to the destination VM such that the packet bypasses routing by the default gateway.08-16-2012
20090296590Method and Apparatus for Emulating Network Devices - Methods, apparatuses, data structures, and computer readable media are disclosed that represent network devices with encapsulated protocol stacks communicating via a common physical port. The encapsulated protocol stacks include variable combinations of a multiple encapsulation protocols.12-03-2009
20090135728USER DATAGRAM PROTOCOL TRACEROUTE PROBE EXTENSION - The embodiments described herein provide methods and apparatuses for implementing a User Datagram Protocol traceroute probe extension. In an example embodiment, a request to transmit a User Datagram Protocol (UDP) packet to a remote destination is received. A probe header and a probe data element is then stored in a data field of the UDP packet. The UDP packet is then transmitted toward the remote destination. In an example embodiment, a User Datagram Protocol (UDP) packet is received and it is determined whether the UDP packet includes a probe data structure. When the determination is affirmative, the probe data structure is processed.05-28-2009
20090097408VOICE OVER INTERNET PROTOCOL NETWORK TEST DEVICE AND METHOD - The invention includes a device and a method for testing a communication network that includes an Internet Protocol (VoIP) network. The inventive device includes a user interface for communicating results of a test, a transceiver for allowing the test device to communicate with a telecommunications network, and a digital signal processor for reformatting a communication signal to be tested by the device. The digital signal processor may include at least one coder/decoder that uses various compression protocols including wherein the digital signal processor uses at least one of the following data compression techniques: G.711a-law, G711μ-law, G.720, G.723.1, G.726, G.728, G.729, G.729A, and G.729AB2. The transceiver also may be a power line modem. The inventive device may include a processor, random access memory, read only memory, a user interface, and a network interface. The inventive method for testing the VoIP network includes accessing a telecommunications network that includes the VoIP network, conducting tests on the VoIP network using a butt set device, and displaying results of the test on the user interface located on the test device. The present invention may also comprise a power line communication VoIP network telephone.04-16-2009
20120155290CARRYING OUT PREDICTIVE ANALYSIS RELATING TO NODES OF A COMMUNICATION NETWORK - The invention relates to a method for carrying out predictive analysis relating to nodes of a communication network. The method comprises the steps of providing communication event information for a first set of nodes and a second set of nodes of the communication network, providing a set of attributes for the nodes of the first set, using said attributes and said communication event information for determining a set of groups among the first set of nodes, assigning each node of the second set to at least one group of the set of groups based at least on the communication event information available for the second group, the assigning resulting in membership information of the nodes of the second set as well as deriving or applying a prediction model for the second set of nodes based on the communication event information for the second set and the membership information.06-21-2012
20130010613NETWORK SWITCH WITH TRAFFIC GENERATION CAPABILITY - A packet switch system includes a packet switch appliance having a first network port configured to receive packets, and a first instrument port configured to communicate with a network monitoring tool, a storage system for storing the packets, and an integrated circuit configured to retrieve the packets from the storage system, and retroactively transmit the packets to the first instrument port in a play-back configuration in response to a user's command.01-10-2013
20100290351MAINTENANCE OF WIRELESS FIELD DEVICES - A method of commissioning a wireless field device is provided. The method includes communicatively coupling a handheld field maintenance tool to the wireless field device to obtain a wireless field device identifier. A wireless network is selected. Wireless communication is generated between the handheld field maintenance tool and a wireless gateway to automatically obtain a join key for the wireless field device identifier. The join key is written to the wireless field device with the handheld field maintenance tool.11-18-2010
20100290350Capacity Planning Using User-Level Data and Upward Projections - A telecommunications network capacity planning system. The telecommunications network capacity planning system includes a telecommunications network including a telecommunications services provider, subscribers and a network coupling the telecommunications services provider and the subscribers for provisioning of the telecommunications services. A database system is used for collecting and storing data at the user-level associated with provisioning of telecommunication services over the telecommunications network. A processor is coupled to the database system. The processor models the telecommunications network by generating upward projections from the stored user-level data and transforms the modeling of the network to a visual display of capacity information and network parameters for manipulation to evaluate capacity planning scenarios.11-18-2010
20120163197ROUTING VALIDATION - A simulator simulates routing system protocols to build routing tables corresponding to a modeled network, and a comparator compares the routing tables in the actual network to these simulator-created routing tables. Because the modeled system represents a fault-free version of the actual system, and assuming that the modeled routing system protocols are representative of the algorithms used in the actual routers, these simulator-produced routing tables can represent steady-state routing tables that should be present in the routers of the actual network at steady state. By querying each router in the actual network for its routing table and comparing each routing table to the corresponding simulator-produced routing table, any differences from the steady state can be identified.06-28-2012
20110182191Testing Network Equipment - There are disclosed a system, a test module and a method for testing a network device. One or more test modules may be plugged into respective ports of the network device in replacement of respective pluggable transceiver modules. Each test module may include at least one of a traffic generator and a traffic receiver to transmit and receive, respectively, test traffic via the network device.07-28-2011
20090059804Methods and apparatus for generating simulated network traffic - Embodiments of the invention relate to generating simulated network traffic. In some embodiments, simulated network traffic may be generated using a specification of a sequence of frames to be transmitted from the network testing device. The specification may specify at least two frames including a first frame and a second frame. The specification may further specify a first interframe gap associated with the first frame and a second interframe gap, having a different length from the first interframe gap, associated with the second frame.03-05-2009
20120250528Network System - In a network system in which a large number of terminals that transmit information exist and data extraction is performed via a wide area network, when data filtering is performed by using terminals called entrance nodes, existing in front of the wide area network, efficient operation of the entrance nodes is a goal to achieve. In one implementation, when an entrance node has detected an alteration to a configuration of diverse resources attached to it, it updates management information by communicating with other entrance nodes existing in the neighborhood. In a further implementation, through a query and reply exchange about allocations of filtering and quick response processes to be executed by entrance nodes, reallocating process items, pre-filtering of necessary data, and relaying data between entrance nodes are performed.10-04-2012
20120076006VIRTUAL SWITCH INTERCONNECT FOR HYBRID ENTERPRISE SERVERS - Virtual switch interconnect for hybrid enterprise servers including a method for network configuration that includes receiving network configuration data and switch state information for a network. The network includes a plurality of switches and links between the switches. The receiving is at a first computer that is coupled to a second computer via the network to offload processing from the first computer to the second computer. The switches include at least one virtual switch. It is detected that a first link and a second link provide two different paths between two of the switches. The first link is selected, at the computer, as a primary link based on contents of the network configuration data. The second link is deactivated in response to the selecting.03-29-2012
20100302952NETWORK SWITCH, PATH SETTING METHOD, AND PROGRAM - A transfer path of a multicast packet is set to an output port, from among a plurality of outputs each associated with a plurality of input ports, which is specified to output the multicast packet. The number of completed path setting processes which is the number of processes for which path setting has been completed, is counted. It is determined whether or not the number of completed processes counted is identical with the number of processes for executing the multicast communication. When it is determined that the numbers are identical with each other, it is recognized that the transfer path setting of the multicast communication has been completed.12-02-2010
20120257514Failure Notification in a Network Having Serially Connected Nodes - Multicast capabilities of a link state protocol controlled network are used to accelerate the flooding advertisement of topology change notifications within portions of the network. This flooding mechanism may be particularly efficient in a network with a large number of two-connected nodes such as a ring network architecture. A control plane specific multicast group address is used when flooding topology change notifications, and a process such as reverse path forwarding check is used as an additional control on forwarding of the notification to prevent looping of control plane packets. Two-connected nodes insert a forwarding entry into their FIB to enable frames containing the control message to be forwarded via the data plane on to the downstream node so that propagation of the control message along a chain of two-connected nodes may occur at data plane speeds.10-11-2012
20120230208Metadata Capture for Testing TCP Connections - Methods, port units, and computer readable storage media for testing network connections are disclosed. A plurality of Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) connections with one or remote devices may be established via a network. Metadata may be extracted from TCP packets transmitted via the plurality of TCP connections and TCP packets received via the plurality of TCP connections. The extracted metadata may be stored in a memory.09-13-2012
20110122776Method, Apparatus, and Computer Program Product for Traffic Simulation Tool for Networks - Method, apparatus, and computer products are provided for creating a network design and simulating communication traffic over the network design on a computer. Input of network elements is received, and the network elements are operatively connected by links to form a network design. Each network element and each link include parameters representative of software and hardware. Input is received of a test condition for a simulation of communication traffic over the network design. The test includes the type of communication traffic, the amount of communication traffic, and the times at which the communication traffic occurs. The computer executes the simulation of the test condition for the network design to determine a survivability for the network elements and the links connecting the network elements. The computer executes an impact analysis on the output of the simulation to determine if there are excessive loads on the network elements and links.05-26-2011
20080298261Reconfigurable Test System - There is disclosed a reconfigurable network test system. The reconfigurable test system may include a plurality of test modules, a plurality of network interface units, a plurality of bypass units, and a multi-port switch. Each of the network interface units may have a first end and a second end adapted to be connected to a network. Each bypass unit may be in communication with an associated test module, the first end of an associated network interface unit, a first associated switch port, and a second associated switch port. Each bypass unit may have a first mode wherein the associated test module is placed in communication with the first end of the associated network interface unit, and a second mode wherein the associated test module is placed in communication with the first associated switch port and the associated network interface unit is placed in communication with the second associated switch.12-04-2008
20130010614METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PROCESSING PACKETS IN IPv6 NETWORK - Disclosed is a method and apparatus for processing packets in an IPv6 network. A CPE (Customer-Premises Equipment) replaces source address information in an IP packet with external address information after receiving the IP packet from a user terminal, stores a mapping relation between the source address information and the external address information; converts the IP packet into an IPv6 packet, and transmits the IPv6 packet to an NPE (Network-Premises Equipment) via an IPv6 tunnel between the CPE and the NPE; receives a second IP packet from the NPE via the IPv6 tunnel, converts the second IP packet according to destination address information in the second IP packet, replaces the destination address information in the converted second IP packet with the source address information corresponding to the destination address information in the mapping relation, and transmits the second IP packet to the user terminal.01-10-2013
20080232261TRANSMISSION APPARATUS, TEST METHOD, AND TRANSMISSION APPARATUS CONTROL PROGRAM - A transmission apparatus transmits/receives test frames to test connectivity between the transmission apparatus and another transmission apparatus to/from the other transmission apparatus at regular intervals. The transmission apparatus includes a frame length changing unit that changes a frame length, which is capacity of each of the test frames, at every transmission when the test frames are transmitted to the other transmission apparatus at the regular intervals; a reception determining unit that determines whether the test frames having changed frame lengths transmitted from the other transmission apparatus at the regular intervals have been received at the regular intervals; and a frame length calculating unit that calculates the frame length of the test frame that has not been received if the reception determining unit determines that the test frame has not been received.09-25-2008
20090290501CAPTURE AND REGENERATION OF A NETWORK DATA USING A VIRTUAL SOFTWARE SWITCH - Methods and a system of capture and regeneration of a network data using a virtual software switch are disclosed. In an embodiment, a method includes capturing a network data using a virtual software switch, a processor, and a memory. The network data is captured to perform a network visibility analysis and the network data is communicated to at least one port of the virtual software switch. The method includes forming a stored network data in a memory. The method also includes regenerating the stored network data to form a reconstructed data.11-26-2009
20090185500VIRTUALIZATION OF NETWORKING SERVICES - A method of configuring a virtual network comprises: running a user-interactive business requirements wizard from a server, the wizard collecting business requirements from a user; translating the business requirements into technical requirements for a network configuration using the server; selecting a network configuration from a network configuration database using the server, the selecting utilizing the technical requirements; testing the network configuration using a processor; monitoring the testing and generating new facts regarding performance of the network configuration, using the processor; feeding back the new facts to the server for use by the server in the selecting; and repeating the selecting, testing, monitoring and generating, and feeding back, until the server determines a criterion for network stability has been reached. The method may include automatically discovering local network characteristics using a networking device, prior to the selecting, sending the characteristics to the server for use by the server in the selecting.07-23-2009
20130148511AMPP ACTIVE PROFILE PRESENTATION - One embodiment of the present invention provides a port profile management mechanism. The port profile management mechanism detects an active profile associated with a physical port on a switch and displays configuration of the port based on the identified port profile using the display mechanism. In addition, a port group management mechanism obtains information of a port group associated with a virtual machine, wherein the port group defines network configurations for the virtual machine. The port profile management mechanism detects a port profile associated with the virtual machine coupled to a physical port on a switch and displays an alert using the display mechanism in response to the port group and the port profile being out of synchronization.06-13-2013
20120275317TIMING OVER PACKET DEMARCATION ENTITY - Apparatus for monitoring a packet switched network, the apparatus comprising: at least one port for receiving and transmitting packets; a local clock; and a packet inspector that uses time from the local clock to timestamp packets received at a port of the at least one port, and additionally copies timing information from received timing distribution packets, which are transmitted from a master clock to a slave clock in order to discipline the slave clock, and forwards the received packets for transmission from a port of the at least one port; wherein the apparatus uses the timestamp of a received timing distribution packet and the copied timing information to monitor timing distribution performance of the network .11-01-2012
20100315959System reliability evaluation method for routing policy - A system reliability evaluation method for routing policy is disclosed. The single minimal path of the routing policy includes plural arcs between a start node and a terminal node in a flow network. The method includes the steps of providing a virtual network in a computer for simulating the flow network; inputting a transmission requirement, a budget restriction and a time restriction; distributing the transmission requirement in a first minimal path of the virtual network for getting a first feasible probability; if the first minimal path is inactive, distributing the transmission requirement in a second minimal path of the virtual network and getting a first inactive probability of the first minimal path; getting a second feasible probability of the second minimal path; and computing a system feasible probability of the virtual network by the first feasible probability, the first inactive probability and the second feasible probability, defining the system reliability.12-16-2010
20130121170COMMUNICATION SYSTEM, NODE, STATISTICAL INFORMATION COLLECTION DEVICE, STATISTICAL INFORMATION COLLECTION METHOD AND PROGRAM - For use in a communication system where communication is carried out by setting a packet handling operation (flow entry) in the nodes by a control device, the present invention provides a configuration in which statistical information may be collected at a desired information granularity level without increasing the control load of the control device. A node of the communication system includes a packet processing unit that processes a received packet according to a packet handling operation defining a matching rule and processing of a packet that matches the matching rule; and a statistical information recording unit that records statistical information on a packet according to a division different from the matching rule, and a statistical information collection device is provided that issues an instruction on a division, according to which the statistical information is to be recorded, to the node and collects the statistical information.05-16-2013
20080285472INTELLIGENT FAILOVER IN A LOAD-BALANCED NETWORK ENVIRONMENT - A hash table in the network device driver maintains data on the traffic characteristics for each network interface (“NIC”) within a computing device. If one of the NICs in the computing device becomes unreliable, the cost function in the hash engine allows the software driver to initiate network traffic redistribution among the remaining reliable NICs in the computing device. Using this hash engine, the software driver is able to intelligently redirect each of the network connections on an unreliable NIC to a reliable NIC within the computing device, in a way that optimizes the distribution of network traffic across the remaining reliable NICs. Alternatively, if a connection is moved from an old NIC to a new NIC, the software driver can detect the moved connection and offload the moved connection to a hardware offload engine on the new NIC. With this approach, issues such as network interface overloading and computing device performance degradation may be more easily avoided when failing over network connections, thereby improving overall system performance relative to prior art techniques.11-20-2008

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