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Optical track structure (e.g., phase or diffracting structure, etc.)

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369 - Dynamic information storage or retrieval


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369275300 Track data format/layout 117
369275400 Pit/bubble/groove structure specifies 103
369275500 Protection (e.g., preventing damage to medium, etc.) 4
20100074093Protection Cover of Pick-Up Head - The invention provides a protection cover of a pick-up head provided on a traverse of an optical drive. A plate flatly is positioned on an upper surface of the traverse, and the plate has a slot, with one end of the slot fastened to a spindle motor to clamp a disc and the other end of the slot forming a staying part for the pick-up head to stay in a stand-by mode. The pick-up head is disposed in the slot and has an objective lens. When the objective lens stays in the staying part out of a periphery of a 12-cm disc, the protection cover crosses over the staying part to protect the objective lens.03-25-2010
20130155830COPY-PROTECTED OPTICAL RECORDING MEDIUM, METHOD FOR DRIVING THEREOF AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THEREOF - A copy-protected optical recording medium, a method for driving thereof and a method for manufacturing thereof, wherein the optical recording medium includes at least one region whose address is designated to be said same with that of other region of the medium.06-20-2013
20120020199INFORMATION RECORDING MEDIUM AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING INFORMATION RECORDING MEDIUM - An information recording medium includes a substrate, and particle portions arranged in isolated relation on the substrate and each including an information recording material. A width of each of the particle portions in an information recording direction is not more than 30 nm. The information recording medium further includes pillars arranged in isolated relation on the substrate. Each of the particle portions is formed of the information recording material formed on each of the pillars. A width of each of the pillars in the information recording direction is not more than 30 nm, and a height of each of the pillars is larger than a thickness of the information recording material.01-26-2012
369275200 Erasable, reversible or re-recordable 3
20100309773INFORMATION RECORDING MEDIUM AND RECORDING/REPRODUCING DEVICE - An information recording medium according to the present invention includes a track on which a data sequence including a plurality of recording marks and a plurality of spaces provided between the plurality of recording marks is recordable; and a recording condition recording area in which a recording condition for recording the data sequence on the track is recordable. Where a recording mark which is included in the data sequence and is to be formed on the track based on the recording condition is a first recording mark, when a length of the first recording mark is longer than a prescribed length, the recording condition is classified using a combination of the length of the first recording mark and a length of a first space located adjacently previous or subsequent to the first recording mark, and when the length of the first recording mark is equal to or shorter than the prescribed length, the recording condition is classified using a combination of the length of the first recording mark, the length of the first space, and a length of a second space not located adjacent to the first space and located adjacent to the first recording mark.12-09-2010
20080219138Control Device, Control Method, Recording Device and Recording Method - The control device (09-11-2008
20080212458OPTICAL INFORMATION RECORDING MEDIUM, OPTICAL INFORMATION RECORDING METHOD, AND OPTICAL INFORMATION RECORDING APPARATUS - An information recording medium according to the present invention includes a plurality of recording layers, and a test area for determining a recording power of a laser light for each of the plurality of recording layers, in which a first test area of a first layer and a second test area of a second layer adjacent to the first layer are provided at different radial positions.09-04-2008
20130044578INFORMATION RECORDING MEDIUM, ADDRESS GENERATION AND DETECTION METHOD, AND REPRODUCING AND RECORDING APPARATUSES - In a recording medium, an extension address is obtained without changing the number of bits of the address embedded in the wobble. The wobble address is partially or wholly encoded to embed the address information. At the time of reproducing the address information, the original address information is obtained by restoring the embedded information by the decoding process.02-21-2013
20080298219INFORMATION STORAGE MEDIUM, INFORMATION REPRODUCING APPARATUS, INFORMATION REPRODUCING METHOD, AND NETWORK COMMUNICATION SYSTEM - An information storage medium according to one embodiment of the present invention comprises a management area in which management information to manage content is recorded and a content area in which content managed on the basis of the management information is recorded. The content area includes an object area in which a plurality of objects are recorded, and a time map area in which a time map for reproducing these objects in a specified period on a timeline is recorded. The management area includes a play list area in which a play list for controlling the reproduction of a menu and a title each composed of the objects on the basis of the time map is recorded.12-04-2008
20090196157INFORMATION RECORDING MEDIUM - According to one embodiment, an information recording medium includes a substrate, a phase-change recording layer formed on the substrate, and a reflecting layer formed on the phase-change recording layer. The phase-change recording layer contains tellurium and antimony or bismuth as main components, has a crystallization rate of 2 to 10 ns, and forms a recording mark by changing its crystal state when irradiated with a light pulse having a half-width of 200 ps to 1 ns.08-06-2009
20090147664OPTICAL DISK READ ONLY MEMORY - An optical disk read only memory having an information recording surface with a concave-convex pattern formed on the basis of a first signal and a reflective film covering the surface. The disc medium includes: an additional information recording section formed on a recording track of a first data string; and a second data string including a mark of removing or reducing the reflective film. The modulation methods of the first and the second data strings are identical, and Lh(n)>Lp06-11-2009
20090285084OPTICAL DISK WITH PLURAL SUBSTRATES - An optical disk of the present invention includes a first substrate having a signal area on a principal plane and a central hole, and a second substrate that is transparent and attached to the first substrate. The second substrate is thinner than the first substrate, and has a central hole whose diameter is larger than that of the first substrate. The first substrate and the second substrate are attached to each other with radiation curable resin (adhesive member) disposed therebetween so as to extend at least from an inner peripheral edge of the second substrate to an outer peripheral edge thereof.11-19-2009
20090122690OPTICAL DISC INCLUDING A LEARNING AREA HAVING FIRST AND SECOND REGIONS, AND METHODS FOR REPRODUCING AND RECORDING DATA ON THE OPTICAL DISC - When recording or reading an optical disc having plural data recording layers, which data recording layer the light spot is focused on is detected to improve playback signal quality and signals written to the layer on which the light spot is focused are read more reliably. A convergent lens converges the laser beam on the optical disc, and a focus controller controls the focal point of the laser beam on the data layer. A tracking controller positions and tracks the focal point of the laser beam converged by the convergent lens on a track of the optical disc. A photodetector detects the reflected laser beam from the disc. A convergence detector then detects the convergence state of the laser beam emitted to the plural data recording layers. Based on output from the convergence detector, the laser driver is controlled to separately set beam power appropriately for each of the plural data layers of the disc during playback.05-14-2009
20100118689Thin optical data storage media with hard coat - This disclosure describes thin optical media that may be compliant with conventional DVD drives. Unlike conventional DVDs, however, the described media does not include the non-information bearing “dummy” substrate. Instead, the described media may comprise a single substrate having a thickness of approximately 0.6 millimeters. Depending on the format, reflective layers, information layers, dyes, phase change materials, or other materials may be deposited over the replicated side of the substrates. Furthermore, in accordance with this disclosure, a hard coat layer is also formed over the replicated side of the media in order to provide mechanical integrity to the media. Printable layers, printed layers, lacquer, or other materials may also be added. The elimination of the non-information bearing “dummy” substrate can reduce raw materials, thereby reducing costs and providing a more environmentally friendly optical disk. The hard coat can provide the mechanical protection to the replicated side of the 0.6 millimeter substrate.05-13-2010
20090141616OPTICAL RECORDING MEDIUM AND RECORDING/READING METHOD THEREFOR - In a single-sided incident type optical recording medium having a plurality of dye containing recording layers, sufficient reflectance and excellent recording characteristics necessary to record or read information in or from a dye containing recording layer positioning farther from a side from which a light beam comes in can be obtained. The optical recording medium has a first substrate (06-04-2009
20080212457Scanning Of Multi-Layer Optical Record Carriers - An optical scanning device for scanning a first and a second information layer of an optical record carrier, a scanning method, and an optical record carrier. The device includes at least one radiation source for providing a first radiation beam for scanning the first information layer and a second radiation beam for scanning the second information layer. An objective lens system is arranged to converge the first and second radiation beams on the respective information layers. The device is configured to determine tracking information from only one of said radiation beams, for tracking error compensation.09-04-2008
20080239933WRITABLE OPTICAL INFORMATION RECORDING MEDIUM, APPARATUS FOR REPRODUCING THE SAME, AND METHOD OF DETERMINING THE SAME - A writable optical information recording medium, an apparatus for reproducing the same, and a method of determining the same are provided. The amplitude of a push-pull signal (PPS) of the writable optical information recording medium is determined to be within an amplitude range of a PPS of a reproduction-only optical information recording medium. Accordingly, it is possible to stably reproduce copy protected content by recognizing a loaded writable optical information recording medium as a medium of a reproduction-only type.10-02-2008
20080273447SUPER-RESOLUTION OPTICAL RECORDING MEDIUM - The invention relates to the field of optical information recording. According to the invention, an optical storage structure is proposed comprising a substrate equipped with physical marks whose geometrical configuration defines the recorded information, a superposition of three layers on top of the substrate marks, and a transparent protective layer on top of this superposition, the superposition comprising a layer of indium or gallium antimonide inserted between two ZnS/SiO11-06-2008
20090080324Information Recording Layer of Optical Disc, Optical Disc and Disc Device - An optical disk includes a substrate covered with an information recording layer. The information recording layer includes a recording material and an exothermic material dispersed in the recording material. The exothermic material absorbs recording light for recording information, and then generates heat. An external dimension of the exothermic material is smaller than the diffraction limit of reading light for reading information. The recording material has absorptance of a wavelength of the recording light lower than that of the exothermic material. Information is recorded on the recording material as the light refraction index of the recording material changes due to heating.03-26-2009
20100142360BLU-RAY DISC MADE FROM DISCARDED CD OR DVD DISCS - Briefly, in accordance with one embodiment of the present principles, a Blu-ray disc is described. The Blu-ray disc has a structure including a substrate having one of either a Compact Dics data layer and a DVD data layer along with a Blu-ray data layer. The Blu-ray discs of the present invention advantageously use Compact Discs (or DVDs) that are due to be scrapped or recycled as donor substrates for new Blu-ray discs, thereby saving polycarbonate material and eliminating the need to purchase injection molding equipment to manufacture Blu-ray discs.06-10-2010
20100046353OPTICAL RECORDING MEDIUM, OPTICAL HEAD DEVICE AND OPTICAL INFORMATION RECORDING/REPRODUCING DEVICE - Light output from a laser is split into a first beam which is reflected light and a second beam which is transmitted light, by a polarization beam splitter. The polarization directions of the first beam and the second beam are orthogonal to each other. A disk includes a recording layer, a quarter wavelength plate layer, and a reflective layer. When information is recorded on the disk, the first beam, which travels inside the recording layer to the side of the reflective layer, and the second beam, which passes through the recording layer and is reflected at the reflective layer and travels inside the recording layer to the side opposite to the reflective layer, are focused on the same position. When information is reproduced from the disk, the second beam is blocked by a shutter, and the first beam reflected at the recording layer is received by a photodetector.02-25-2010
20090040912OPTICAL DISC ASSEMBLIES FOR PERFORMING ASSAYS - This invention relates to an optical disc assembly capable of receiving an insert upon which an analyte of interest may be disposed. The optical disc assembly can be read by an optical disc reader, such as by a standard CD or DVD reader, and the analyte disposed on the insert can be detected by the optical disc reader. The optical disc assembly may have one or more data layer in which operational information or assay information is encoded. Hologram may be used to encode operational information or assay information. 02-12-2009
20090161525Optical Pickup and Optical Disk Driving Apparatus Using the Same - An operation mode is arranged to be switched between in recording/reproducing and in adjustment. A switching circuit with a hold circuit therefor is on a light receiving element including an optical pickup having a laser light source emitting a laser beam, an objective lens focusing the laser beam onto a recording layer of a disc, and a light receiving element receiving an optical signal modulated. The light receiving element is operable in an adjustment mode for selecting of the signal of an individual light-receiving surface and for outputting the same. The light receiving element is configured so that the address selection signal line in the adjustment mode may be used also as a sensitivity switching signal line. A compact and highly reliable optical pickup with less signal lines can be provided.06-25-2009
20100329105OPTICAL DISC, OPTICAL DISC DRIVE, OPTICAL DISC RECORDING/ REPRODUCING METHOD, AND INTEGRATED CIRCUIT - A big pattern for a run-in area which allows data reproduction to be performed stably even when the recording density of an optical disc is increased is provided. An optical disc according to the present invention includes tracks, each of which divided into a plurality of recording blocks. Each of the plurality of blocks includes a run-in area and a data area. In the run-in area, a prescribed run-in bit pattern is recordable; and in the data area, bit patterns having a plurality of bit lengths obtained by modulating data as a recording target in accordance with a prescribed modulation rule are recordable. In this optical disc, at least one of spatial frequencies corresponding to the bit patterns having the plurality of bit lengths is higher than a cutoff frequency. The run-in bit pattern recordable in the run-in area includes the bit patterns having the plurality of bit lengths, from which the bit pattern corresponding to the frequency higher than the OTF cutoff frequency has been excluded.12-30-2010
20100080110High Capacity Digital Data Storage By Transmission of Radiant Energy Through Arrays of Small Diameter Holes - A method and apparatus for reading a storage medium is provided. The apparatus includes a plurality of emitters configured to emit a radiant energy at a predetermined optical wavelength, a plurality of detectors configured to detect the radiant energy at the predetermined optical wavelength, and a storage medium holder configured to hold the storage medium between the plurality of emitters and the plurality of detectors. A first detector is configured to detect radiant energy which is emitted by a first emitter through data holes of a first track of the storage medium, and a second detector is configured to detect radiant energy which is emitted by a second emitter through data holes of a second track of the storage medium.04-01-2010
20090028040Optical Storage Medium and Apparatus for Reading of Respective Data - The optical storage medium comprises tracks with a mark/space data structure, wherein the tracks comprise alternately partitioned marks and not partitioned marks. The partitioned marks are partitioned in particular in tracking direction and are partitioned in two parts, advantageously in two equal parts. The partitions are arranged advantageously such that one track comprises not partitioned marks and a neighboring track comprises partitioned marks, for reducing the track pitch of the optical storage medium and for providing an increased data capacity. The optical storage medium is in a preferred embodiment an optical disc comprising a mask layer with a suitable material for providing a super resolution near field effect, and the data structure of the optical disc comprises two spirals which have either partitioned marks or not partitioned marks. An apparatus for reading the data of a respective optical storage medium comprises a pick-up unit with a laser and a first optical element for providing a TM polarized beam and a TE polarized beam, a second optical element for separating the reflected TM and TE polarized beams, and a first and a second detector.01-29-2009
20110080823DISC STRUCTURE FOR BIT-WISE HOLOGRAPHIC STORAGE - An optical article is provided. The optical article includes a first layer. The first layer includes an active holographic layer configured to store holographic data. The first layer has a first surface and a second surface. A second layer includes a low birefringence material. The second layer also has a first surface and a second surface. Guide grooves are present in any one of the first layer or the second layer. In certain embodiments, the article may further include a reflective layer, an anti-reflective layer, a barrier layer, and a combination thereof.04-07-2011
20080304399RECORDING MEDIUM, REPRODUCING APPARATUS, AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING RECORDING MEDIUM - A recording medium is disclosed. The recoding medium includes a recording layer on which binary data is recorded, and a reflecting layer. The recording layer includes a recording portion having a flat portion and a concave portion. The flat portion and the concave portion are formed on the surface of the recording portion. The flat portion is configured to represent first data of the binary data, and the concave portion is configured to represent second data of the binary data. The reflecting layer is formed on one side of the recording layer.12-11-2008
20080198731OPTICAL INFORMATION RECORDING MEDIUM - An optical information recording medium having a disk-shaped substrate formed with spiral grooves on one main surface, and having an optical reflection layer formed with grooves at the surface corresponding to the grooves of the substrate for reflecting a laser beam, an optical recording layer, a protective layer, and an optical transparency layer in this order on the main surface thereof. The optical information recording medium has a main information area and a sub-information area to the inner circumferential side thereof, in which the track pitch TrB of the grooves in the sub-information area is about 0.32 μm or less, and the depth D of the grooves and the half-band width W of the grooves satisfy a relation represented by: W≧2D+70, whereby the difference between the reflectivity at the land surface and the reflectivity at the groove surface in the sub-information area can be restricted to less than 30%, thereby preventing occurrence of mis-decipherment for BCA marks.08-21-2008
20100110868OPTICAL RECORDING MEDIUM, INFORMATION RECORDING METHOD, AND INFORMATION REPRODUCING METHOD - According to one embodiment, an optical recording medium is provided in which interlayer crosstalk is low and in which stable and high-quality recording characteristics can be obtained. To this end, an optical recording medium comprises a first recording part which includes a first recording layer and a first light reflecting layer and which is disposed on a side closer to a light receiving surface, and a second recording part which includes a second recording layer and a second light reflecting layer and which is disposed on a side farther from the light receiving surface, the first recording part and the second recording part being stacked, wherein the thickness of the first light reflecting layer is smaller than the thickness of the second light reflecting layer.05-06-2010
20080267047Secure optical data card system - A method of producing data storage card for storage of machine-readable information includes an optical memory area subjected to optical information recording and reproduction, comprising, a card-like card body, an optical recording portion provided on the card body. A method of combining a file access system with a write once optical data card produces a secure portable database system.10-30-2008
20100188964STAMPER AND STAMPER EVALUATION METHOD - According to one embodiment, letting Vf be a maximum voltage value level within the range of a frequency 60 to 170 times the rotational speed of a stamper and Vave be the average sum signal voltage value of a data recording portion in the sum signal of a voltage signal when the data recording portion is irradiated with a laser having a wavelength of 450 nm or less and an NA of 0.6 or more, whether Vf and Vave meet Vf/Vave<7.7×1007-29-2010
20090059776PORTABLE HYBRID STORAGE MEDIUM - The present invention relates to providing a portable storage medium (03-05-2009
20110188369INFORMATION RECORDING MEDIUM, INFORMATION RECORDING METHOD, INFORMATION RECORDING APPARATUS, INFORMATION REPRODUCING METHOD AND INFORMATION REPRODUCING APPARATUS - If a defective cluster in a spare area is managed with a defect entry, the size of a DFL will increase as the size of the spare area increases with an increase in the number of recording layers stacked in a disc. An information recording medium according to the present invention has pointer information indicating the location of the next available cluster in each spare area, and restricts the direction in which the spare area is used. Also, a defect entry indicating a defective cluster in the spare area is registered with the DFL. Thus, even if the size of the spare area 08-04-2011
20110122758OPTICAL INFORMATION RECORDING/REPRODUCING APPARATUS AND OBJECTIVE OPTICAL SYSTEM FOR THE SAME - An objective optical system for an optical information recording/reproducing apparatus for recording/reproducing for first, second and third optical discs by selectively using three types of substantially collimated light beams including first, second and third light beams respectively having first, second and third wavelengths, wherein at least one of optical surfaces of the objective optical system comprises a diffraction surface having a diffraction structure, the diffraction surface includes a first region defined by first and second optical path difference functions, a second region defined by at least one type of optical path difference function, and a third region defined by at least one type of optical path difference function, the first region satisfies a condition:05-26-2011
20120140611OPTICAL INFORMATION RECORDING MEDIUM, AND SUBSTRATE AND MANUFACTURING METHOD FOR THE OPTICAL INFORMATION RECORDING MEDIUM - In an optical disk including at least a rewritable phase change material and comprising a recording layer having a reflectivity of more than 15%, an address output value as an address pit signal component occupying in a reproduced signal in a non recording state is prescribed to be 0.18 though 0.27 or a numerical aperture of an address pit signal occupying in a reproduced signal in a non recording state is prescribed to be more than 0.3.06-07-2012
20120243398MULTI-LAYER OPTICAL DISC, INFORMATION RECORDING METHOD AND INFORMATION REPRODUCING METHOD - According to one embodiment, single-sided dual-layer recordable disc 09-27-2012
20080239934Optical recording medium and recording film material - An optical recording medium is provided which includes two or more information layers in which an Sb-based eutectic material is used as the material for a recording film of a translucent information layer. There is also provided a recording film material for the optical recording medium. The translucent information layer is configured to include a recording film formed of a phase change material Sb10-02-2008
20080225681OPTICAL RECORDING MEDIUM - According to an aspect of the present invention, there is provided an optical recording medium including a first substrate, a first adjusting layer, an organic recording layer, a second adjusting layer and a second substrate, sequentially stacked in the mentioned order. The first and second substrates have a refractive index of n09-18-2008
20080219137Copy-Protected Optical Information Carrier - Copy protection of an optical information carrier is provided by intentional physical modification of the information-carrying layer to affect the readability a software component stored in a specific location. By detection of the physical modification by the computer system, on which the information carrier is played back, the computer will attempt to read a specific part of a software component stored in the specific location, which is designated by a unique identification code entered into the computer either by retrieval from the information carrier itself or by user operation, e.g. via a keyboard.09-11-2008
20130128715OPTICAL INFORMATION RECORDING MEDIUM AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING SAME - Optical information recording medium 05-23-2013
20130121127OPTICAL INFORMATION RECORDING MEDIUM AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING SAME - An optical information recording medium 05-16-2013

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