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Control of transducer assembly mechanism

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369 - Dynamic information storage or retrieval


369470360 - Mechanism control by the control signal

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369470500 Power control for energy producing device 241
20110188360RECORDING METHOD FOR OPTICAL DISK AND OPTICAL DISK RECORDING REPRODUCTION DEVICE - There is proposed an optical disk recording method that can prevent degradation of recording quality due to occurrence of thermal interference, and an optical disk recording reproduction device used in this recording method. The recording method has a step of executing a test record on an output proofing area of the optical disk 08-04-2011
20080259755Information Recording Device and Method, and Computer Program - An information recording device (10-23-2008
20130058200METHOD FOR CALIBRATING TILT OF ACTUATOR BY OFFSETTING CONTROL VOLTAGE - A method for calibrating a tilt of an actuator includes the following steps: focusing a light beam projected from an objective lens onto a data layer of an optical disc; utilizing a digital signal processor to output control voltages through an analog driving circuit for driving the actuator to tilt the objective lens, and accordingly recording corresponding displacement signals of the objective lens; fitting a tilt curve through the recorded control voltages and the displacement signals; utilizing the digital signal processor to output a zero control voltage, not through the analog driving circuit, for tilting the objective lens, and accordingly measuring a standard displacement signal; acquiring a bias voltage from the tilt curve according to the standard displacement signal; and calibrating the tilt of the actuator by offsetting a control voltage outputted from the digital signal processor according to the bias voltage for controlling the analog driving circuit.03-07-2013
20110280112OPTICAL INFORMATION REPRODUCTION APPARATUS AND OPTICAL INFORMATION REPRODUCTION METHOD - In an optical information reproduction method for reproducing information using holography from a medium which records an interference pattern generated when overlapping a signal beam and a reference beam, the reference beam is radiated to the medium at a reference beam angle with a predetermined range for reproducing the information, a reproduction beam is generated by diffracting the reference beam with the interference pattern, the reproduction beam is detected by a photodetector; and the information is reproduced by processing a signal detected by the photodetector.11-17-2011
20080239897Optical Reader/Writer With Dedicated Focus Tracking Beam - The present invention relates to an optical reader/writer for a two dimensional storage disc, comprising means (10-02-2008
20100278024OPTICAL DISC DRIVE AND HIBERNATION RECOVERY METHOD FOR AN OPTICAL DISC DRIVE - Provided is a technology in which a controller for controlling read/write performed to/from an optical disc includes a processor for controlling an interface, a temporary memory unit, a rotation control unit, and an optical control unit. The controller causes the processor to shift to a hibernate state when a predetermined condition is satisfied, and causes the processor to recover from the hibernate state into an active state when the interface receives a first command. The processor receives the first command from the interface, instructs the rotation control unit to drive the optical disc at a predetermined target rotational speed, instructs the optical control unit to perform a processing specified by the first command, transmits a completion notification of the first command to the interface with a delay, receives a second command after transmitting the completion notification of the first command, and executes the processing of the second command.11-04-2010
20110228659COLLISION PREVENTION METHOD AND APPARATUS BETWEEN RECORDING MEDIUM AND LENS - A method and apparatus for preventing a collision between a recording medium and a lens are disclosed. The method for preventing the collision between the recording medium and the lens includes controlling a gap error signal (GES) between the recording medium and the lens to be maintained at a near field level, detecting a collision between the recording medium and the lens, pulling out the lens from the recording medium during a predetermined time so as to prevent a re-collision between the recording medium and the lens, and re-controlling the gap error signal (GES) between the recording medium and the lens to be re-maintained at the near field level.09-22-2011
20100265805INFORMATION STORAGE MEDIUM AND METHOD OF RECORDING/REPRODUCING THE SAME - An information storage medium has user data areas and additional data areas, and sync patterns to distinguish the additional data areas from the user data areas. The information storage medium includes a user data area in which user data is recorded and an additional data area located in at least one of areas before and after the user data area. Second sync patterns used in the additional data area are different from first sync patterns used in the user data area.10-21-2010
20100254237SHORT-PULSE LIGHT SOURCE, LASER LIGHT EMITTING METHOD, OPTICAL DEVICE, OPTICAL DISK DEVICE, AND LIGHT PICKUP - The present invention can control output of pulses from a semiconductor laser.10-07-2010
20100254236OPTICAL HEAD DEVICE, AND RECORDING AND/OR REPRODUCING DEVICE - An object of the invention is to suppress an influence of a wavefront aberration which is generated at the time of correcting a third-order spherical aberration, and realize satisfactory information recording and/or reproducing. A collimator lens 10-07-2010
20110128835DRIVING DEVICE AND METHOD, PROGRAM, AND RECORDING MEDIUM - A driving device includes: n pickups; n first control means for respectively controlling the pickups; and a second control means for controlling the n first control means so as to divide data into n pieces of data and to write divided data on a predetermined disc through the n pickups, wherein, when a notification that defect is detected is received from at least one first control means from among the n first control means while data is being written on the disc, the second control means determines a replacement destination, notifies information regarding the replacement destination to the n first control means, and determines the replacement destination in a region where data is continuously read at the time of reproducing of the disc.06-02-2011
20100302922INFORMATION RECORDING DEVICE, METHOD, AND COMPUTER PROGRAM - An information recording device (12-02-2010
20110002207Method and system for fluid mediated disk activation and deactivation - Embodiments of methods and systems for controlling access to information stored on memory or data storage devices are disclosed. In various embodiments, fluid-mediated modification of information or access to information is utilized. According to various embodiments, data storage devices designed for rotating access are described which include rotation-activated fluid control mechanisms.01-06-2011
20110026386OPTICAL DISC RECORDING APPARATUS, COMPUTER-READABLE RECORDING MEDIUM RECORDING A FILE MANAGEMENT PROGRAM, AND OPTICAL DISC - An optical disc recording apparatus for recording a video object onto an optical disc. A recording area of the optical disc is divided into a plurality of zones which each include a plurality of adjacent tracks. The optical disc recording apparatus includes: a reading unit for reading from the optical disc the sector information showing data assignment for sectors on the optical disc; a recording unit for recording the video object onto the optical disc; and a control unit for controlling the reading unit and the recording unit. The control unit detects at least one series of consecutive unassigned sectors on the optical disc by referring to the read sector information. Each series has a total size greater than a minimum size and is located within a single zone. The minimum size corresponds to a data amount that ensures uninterrupted reproduction of the video object. The control unit also controls the recording unit to record the video object into the detected series.02-03-2011
20110044144OPTICAL DISC APPARATUS SWITCHING FOCUS POINT BETWEEN LAYERS - A focus jump technique enables focus control on recording layers of a disc in such a manner that its effect is not absorbed by disturbance or a variation in the movement speed of an objective lens. The technique involves monitoring level of a focus error signal and rejecting noise from the error signal. A speed sensor detects movement speed of an objective lens; and a speed control circuit generates a voltage for controlling the objective lens, based on the detected movement speed. Movement speed of the objective lens is detected during focus jump, a corresponding lens drive signal is generated, and an end position is determined from behavior of the error signal immediately before the end of the jump. A focus control is pulled, from a focus point corresponding to one recording layer, into a focus point corresponding to another recording layer forcibly in a stable manner.02-24-2011
20110116350RECORDING AND REPRODUCING UNIT AND RECORDING AND REPRODUCING METHOD - A recording and reproducing unit includes: a first optical head having at least one route of laser beam irradiation system that irradiates an optical disc recording medium with a laser beam; a second optical head having plural routes of laser beam irradiation systems that irradiate the optical disc recording medium with laser beams; and a control part that performs control of, while allowing the laser beam irradiation system that the first optical head has to execute recording of information in the optical disc recording medium, allowing the plural laser beam irradiation systems that the second optical head has to execute simultaneous reproducing of the information recorded in the optical disc recording medium.05-19-2011
20110075535METHOD OF ACCESSING OPTICAL RECORDING MEDIA, OPTICAL PICKUP DEVICE, AND OPTICAL DRIVE USING THE DEVICE - An optical pickup device corresponding to an optical recording medium having a plurality of recording layers, and an optical drive using the device are provided. The optical pickup device includes a collimator lens disposed between an object lens and a light source. The collimator lens adjusts a focal length with respect to the optical recording medium, and the object lens focuses light passing through the collimator lens, on the optical recording medium. The object lens is optically optimized for an upper or second-upper recording layer of the optical recording medium.03-31-2011
20110080816OPTICAL DISK APPARATUS AND METHOD OF PERFORMING LEAD-IN PROCESS THEREOF - An optical disk apparatus and a method of performing a lead-in process with respect to an optical disk thereof includes a feature where an optical pickup unit reads out information recorded on a file system area of the storage area of the optical disk, and performs a lead-in process using the read-out file system if information recorded on a lead-in area of a storage area of the optical disk cannot be read out. Further, the optical disk apparatus may perform the lead-in process with respect to the optical disk even if there is a defect in the lead-in area.04-07-2011
20110134737COMPLEX OBJECTIVE LENS, OPTICAL HEAD, OPTICAL INFORMATION APPARATUS, COMPUTER, OPTICAL DISK PLAYER, CAR NAVIGATION SYSTEM, OPTICAL DISK RECORDER, AND OPTICAL DISK SERVER - A complex objective lens composed of a hologram and an objective lens, capable of realizing stable and high-precision compatible reproducing/recording of a BD with a base thickness of about 0.1 mm for a blue light beam (wavelength λ1) and a DVD with a base thickness of about 0.6 mm for a red light beam (wavelength λ2). In an inner circumferential portion of the hologram, a grating is formed, which has a cross-sectional shape including as one period a step of heights in the order of 0 time, twice, once, and three times a unit level difference that gives a difference in optical path of about one wavelength with respect to a blue light beam, from an outer peripheral side to an optical axis side. The hologram transmits a blue light beam as 0th-order diffracted light without diffracting it, and disperses a red light beam passing through an inner circumferential portion as +1st-order diffracted light and allows it to be condensed by an objective lens. Because of this, the focal length of the red light beam becomes longer than that of the blue light beam, whereby a working distance is enlarged.06-09-2011
20110080818DISC DEVICE - A disc device includes a first cam gear 04-07-2011
20110080817COMPATIBLE OPTICAL PICKUP AND OPTICAL INFORMATION STORAGE MEDIUM SYSTEM EMPLOYING THE SAME - An optical pickup compatible with different types of optically recorded media and an optical recording and/or reproducing system employing the compatible optical pickup, the compatible optical pickup including: a short wavelength light source emitting a short wavelength light; a low-density optical system emitting a long wavelength light; an objective lens focusing lights incident from the long wavelength light source and the low-density optical system onto an information storage medium; a single photodetector (PD) receiving the short and long wavelength lights reflected from the information storage medium; a detection lens focusing the short and long wavelength lights reflected from the information storage medium as a light spot onto the single PD; a first collimating lens positioned on an optical path of a light reflected, wherein the optical path is positioned between the objective lens and the single PD; and a driving unit adjusting a position of the first collimating lens.04-07-2011
20100110849INFORMATION RECORDING/REPRODUCING DEVICE AND METHOD - An information recording/reproducing device includes with a recording medium having a recording surface and a probe array in which a plurality of probes are disposed in a direction intersecting at least a track direction for carrying out either the record processing or the reproduction processing of information by scanning a plurality of information tracks in parallel with the track direction along the rack direction on the recording surface. One of the recording medium and the probe array is divided into a plurality of divided portions in the intersecting direction, so that each of them is configured to include at least one information track or probe. The information recording/reproducing device also includes a first driving element for driving each of the plural portions divided in the intersecting direction and a second driving element for driving each of the probe arrays in the track direction with respect to the recording surface.05-06-2010
20110096649Optical Disk Apparatus with an Improved Track Jump Performance - An optical disk device for recording or reproducing an optical disk has: an objective lens for irradiating a laser beam to the optical disk; an actuator for moving the objective lens in the radial direction of the optical disk; and a spindle motor for rotating the optical disk. After the laser beam irradiated to the optical disk passed through a PID portion of the optical disk, the actuator moves the objective lens in the radial direction of the optical disk at a timing corresponding to a rotational speed. Between signals to drive the actuator, an output time of a deceleration signal is set to a predetermined ratio of a time during which an acceleration signal is outputted. While the deceleration signal is outputted, a light spot passes through the PID portion.04-28-2011
20110096648OPTICAL DRIVE DEVICE AND TILT DETECTION METHOD - An optical drive device for performing information recording or reproduction of recorded information by formation of a mark by focusing a first light at a necessary position in a recording layer of an optical recording medium by an objective lens includes a position control unit configured to focus a second light on a reflection film, in which a position guide element of the optical recording medium is formed, through the objective lens and to enable the spot position of the second light to follow the position guide element based on the reflected light of the second light focused on the reflection film so as to control the position of the objective lens. The optical drive device further includes a first focusing unit, a first light-sensing portion, and a surface reflection light deviation amount detection unit.04-28-2011
20120099411OPTICAL INFORMATION RECORDING MEDIUM, OPTICAL INFORMATION RECORDING APPARATUS, AND OPTICAL INFORMATION RECORDING METHOD - An optical information recording medium includes a recording layer in which a track is formed, the track having recording marks linearly arranged thereon. Each recording mark has a dimension corresponding to a reference mark length, which serves as a reference, in a track direction along which the track extends, the dimension being smaller than dimensions of the recording mark in two directions perpendicular to the track direction.04-26-2012
20120002522CONTROL DEVICE, CONTROL METHOD, AND CONTROL PROGRAM - There is provided a control device including a recording portion that records data on a disk by shining a laser beam onto a recording surface of the disk, a reading portion that reads the data on the disk, a control parameter computation portion that computes a control parameter, a differential computation portion that computes a differential between the control parameter and a value that is set in advance for the disk, a determination portion that determines whether the differential that the differential computation portion has computed is within a range of a dead band, an output value computation portion that computes an output value for the laser beam, an output control portion that controls the laser beam, a storage portion that stores a plurality of combinations of the dead band and the gain, and a selecting portion that selects one of the combinations of the dead band and the gain.01-05-2012
20120008476INFORMATION REPRODUCTION APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING SAME - According to one embodiment, an information reproduction apparatus includes an information acquisition unit, an error detection unit, and a control unit. The information acquisition unit is configured to irradiate a reference beam, convert the reference beam into a luminance signal, and output the luminance signal when reproducing an information recording Medium. The error detection unit is configured to detect at least one selected from a first error and a second error by extracting a feature extraction quantity from the luminance signal. The first error is of an irradiation angle of the reference beam. The second error is of at least one selected from a temperature and a wavelength of the reference beam. The control unit is configured to control at least one selected from the irradiation angle and the at least one selected from the reproduction temperature and the wavelength of the reference beam using the second error.01-12-2012
20120008475METHOD OF CONTROLLING LIGHT, AND OPTICAL PICKUP DEVICE AND OPTICAL DISK DRIVE ADOPTING THE METHOD - An optical pickup device, an optical disk drive and method of controlling light performed by the optical pickup device are provided. The optical pickup device includes: a light transmitting system including an object lens for facing a medium having a multi recording layer for storing information, a light source system for providing a plurality of beams used to record information on or reproduce information from the multi recording layer via the light transmitting system, a light-receiving system disposed on a path of a beam reflected from the medium, and a light controller including a light control device for controlling stray light generated in the medium such that the stray light does not reach the light-receiving device.01-12-2012
20110103209DRIVE DEVICE AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING THE SAME - An optical drive includes: an optical pickup; a preprocessing circuit which processes an optical signal detected by the optical pickup; nonvolatile memory having stored therein relation information which represents the relation of a signal balance with respect to a signal difference between a TE signal and an FE signal at the time of a predetermined operation of the optical pickup; and a central processing circuit which performs focus control of the optical pickup. The preprocessing circuit generates the signal balance of the optical pickup. The preprocessing circuit also obtains the FE signal and the TE signal with respect to the optical disc. The central processing circuit derives a phase difference and an amplitude difference from the signal balance and the relation information, and calculates, based on the differences and the TE signal, a FE signal suitable for the predetermined operation.05-05-2011
20120213047METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR MOUNTING A DISC - Aspects of the disclosure provide a method for mounting a storage disc. The method includes receiving data stored at a location on the storage disc. The location on the storage disc used for providing a structure of the storage disc as a result of a previous recording on the storage disc. Then, the method includes determining a medium type based on a parameter in the structure that is indicative of the medium type.08-23-2012
20120075973OPTICAL DISC APPARATUS, FOCUS CONTROL METHOD AND CONTROL PROGRAM - Focus control is performed for an optical disc having at least two data layers. One data layer is located closer than the other to a beam-incident surface of the disc. Maximum levels in positive and negative sides on a characteristic curve of a focus error signal obtained from the disc are obtained for both data layers. First and second focus balance values are obtained based on the maximum levels for the data layers, respectively. It is determined whether a difference between the first and second focus balance values satisfies at least either a first requirement or a second requirement. The first requirement requires that the difference exceed a predetermined threshold value. The second requirement requires that the second focus balance value be smaller than a predetermined threshold value. A focus balance value is selected depending on a result of the determination, for focus control.03-29-2012
20100020658CONTROL DEVICE, CONTROL METHOD, PROGRAM, AND RECORDING MEDIUM - A control device includes n optical pickups, n being an integer greater than one; a dividing unit configured to divide one block into n pieces of data, the one block being a predetermined amount of data; and a control unit configured to control the n optical pickups to record the n pieces of data obtained by the dividing unit on a predetermined recording medium.01-28-2010
20100008199METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR CONTROLLING OPTICAL PICK-UP HEAD LOCKED TO TRACK CENTER OF OPTICAL STORAGE MEDIUM - A method for controlling a position of a laser spot of a laser beam on an optical storage medium of a land and groove recording/reproduction type is provided. The method includes: detecting a pulse occurring in a reference signal while the laser spot is passing through a boundary between a groove track and a land track, wherein the reference signal is generated according to a reflected laser beam from the optical storage medium; determining a compensation value of the reference signal according to the pulse; utilizing the compensation value to adjust the reference signal for generating an adjusted reference signal; and utilizing the adjusted reference signal to control the position of the laser spot.01-14-2010
20110122751OPTICAL DISC DRIVE APPARATUS, CONTROL METHOD THEREOF AND OPTICAL DISC DRIVE SYSTEM - An optical disc drive apparatus includes: a plurality of optical heads reading out data recorded on an optical disc; and a control section respectively controlling a readout operation and a seek operation for the data of the optical heads. The control section includes a first mode in which when reading out a data group for reproduction of images or audio which are recorded on the optical disc, a readout amount of the data group is allocated to each optical heads and the readout operations of the optical heads are respectively controlled, and a second mode in which when reading out the data group for reproduction of the images or audio which are recorded on the optical disc, the readout operations of the optical heads are respectively controlled so that each optical head reads out the data group. The control section can dynamically switch the first and second modes.05-26-2011
20110299374MULTILAYER OPTICAL DISC - A multilayer optical disc which has three or more recording layers and enables easy positioning of a focused beam spot onto a particular recording layer in which a BCA is disposed. An inter-layer distance between a particular recording layer and a recording layer adjacent to the particular recording layer is larger than the other inter-layer distances in which, at the focused beam spot positioning, the focused beam spot traverses the said adjacent recording layer earlier than the other recording layer adjacent to the particular recording layer.12-08-2011
20120020196NETWORK-BASED REAL-TIME OPTIC DISC WRITER DEVICE - A network-based real-time optic disc writer device has at least two disc writer assemblies and a monitoring unit. Each of the disc writer assemblies has a disc writer unit and host controller with a detection unit. The disc writer unit is electrically connected to the host controller and has a robotic arm, at least two disc writers, and an optic disc deposition zone. The at least two disc writers and the optic disc deposition zone are arranged at one side of the robotic arm to allow the robotic arm to selectively pick up and deposit optic discs and also to allow the at least two disc writers to perform continuous writing to optic discs. The monitoring unit communicates with the host controller of each of the disc writer assemblies, so as to enable ready communication through networks, real-time notification and monitoring and continuous, un-interrupted writing operation of optic discs.01-26-2012
20130201808OPTICAL INFORMATION RECORDING/REPRODUCING APPARATUS, OPTICAL INFORMATION REPRODUCING APPARATUS, OPTICAL INFORMATION RECORDING/REPRODUCING METHOD AND OPTICAL INFORMATION REPRODUCING METHOD - An optical-information reproducing apparatus for reproducing information from an optical-information storage medium where an interference pattern between a signal beam and a reference beam is recorded as page data by being angle-multiplexed, the optical-information reproducing apparatus, including a light-source for emitting a light beam, an optical element for splitting the light beam into the reference beam and the signal beam, an angle-controlling element for controlling the reference beam into a direction which is perpendicular to the angle-multiplexed direction, the reference beam being guided to enter the optical-information storage medium, an optical detector for detecting a reproduced image which is reproduced by the reference beam, and a position-controlling circuit for controlling position relationship between the reference beam and the optical-information storage medium.08-08-2013

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