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368 - Horology: time measuring systems or devices

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368014000 Navigational instrument 27
368011000 Ambient condition detector 17
368013000 Telephone 5
20100195447Alarm clock and a system and a method to wake a user - An alarm clock, a system and a method wake a user. The alarm clock may have a transmitter which sends a signal to an ear piece which may be worn in and/or on an ear of a user. The earpiece may emit an alert in response to the wireless signal to alert the user to a specified time without disturbing other individuals. The earpiece may have a vibrating module which may emit vibrations into the ear after receiving the signal. The earpiece may have a speaker which may emit an audible alert.08-05-2010
20100302911PORTABLE TELEPHONE PROVIDED WITH A MECHANICAL WATCH - Portable device, of all types, including a watch (12-02-2010
20110044136ALARM SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR ELECTRONIC DEVICE - An alarm system and method for an electronic device that includes an alarm unit and a setting unit. The alarm system provides alarm management for the electronic device to prevent users from oversleeping. The setting unit is operable to set an alarm mode and an alarm time of the electronic device. The alarm mode includes a normal mode and a non-normal mode. If the electronic device is in the non-normal mode, the alarm unit is activated to ring for a default period at the alarm time and a stop option is disabled, where the stop option is operable to stop the alarm unit from ringing.02-24-2011
20110164472SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DETERMINING LOCAL TIME AT AN ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A system and method for determining local time at an electronic device is disclosed. The system may include an input configured to receive home information for an electronic device. The system may also include a calibration module configured to calibrate the electronic device to a home time zone corresponding to the home information. Calibrating the electronic device may include determining a threshold time value for messages to be transmitted to and received from a home location associated with the home information and generating a time zone database based on the home time zone, and labeling each time zone in the time zone database with a label based on an offset in time from the home time zone. A time value corresponding to time of message transmission to and from the home location may also be determined. The system may also include a processor module configured to determine that the electronic device is within the home time zone in the event the time value is equal to or lesser than the threshold time value, determine that the electronic device is in a new time zone in the event the time value is greater than the threshold value. The new time zone may be calculated based on the time value and the time zone database.07-07-2011
20090219788Combination watch and cell phone foldable onto each other for use around a wrist of a user - A combination watch and cell phone foldable onto each other for use around a wrist of a user. The combination includes a watch, a cell phone, a band, and apparatus selectively maintaining the watch and the cell phone folded against each other and the band. The band is engages around the wrist of the user. The watch is operatively connected to the band so as to form a wristwatch. The cell phone is operatively connected to the band.09-03-2009
368012000 External alarm 3
20090180355TIMEPIECE WITH MONITORING, MESSAGING, TRACKING, AND EMERGENCY SERVICES - A timepiece incorporating monitoring, messaging, tracking, and/or emergency services into a watch. Specifically, (1) a biometric module can be installed into the watch for communicating any detected removal of the watch from a person wearing the watch to one or more remote terminals (e.g., a landline telephone, a cellular phone, a personal computer, a laptop and/or a personal data assistant), (2) a telecommunication module can be installed into the watch for communicating a telecommunication message (e.g., a voice message or a text message) between the watch and the remote terminal(s), (3) a global positioning system module can be installed into the watch for communicating information indicative of a location of the watch to the remote terminal(s), and/or (4) an emergency module can be installed into the watch for communicating an emergency alert signal from the watch to the remote terminal(s).07-16-2009
20110235469PORTABLE AND PERSONAL ALARM CLOCK SYSTEM - A portable and personal alarm clock system which incorporates the use of wireless technology to wake a person up through a personal earpiece alarm. This device comprises two main components including an earpiece alarm and a receiving base. The earpiece alarm is integrated with a small rechargeable battery and charging portal and is designed to automatically turn on after removing from receiving base. The receiving base resembles an electric alarm clock having an LED face, two speakers, a snooze button, buttons for setting the clock and alarm, and an alarm sound selector function. There is a charging means for the earpiece(s) and a volume control for the ear piece and base speakers. The base could also include a backup power source.09-29-2011
20110242945Device for Combining an Alarm Clock with a Light Source - A device for integrating an alarm clock with an independent light source is provided, including a light fixture for giving off light and alarm for emitting sound. The light fixture and alarm are in communication with an alarm clock having programmable light and alarm controls. The alarm clock is either hard-wired into existing room circuitry, thereby combining and replacing conventional alarm clocks and light switches, or in other embodiments, the alarm clock is installed on a mobile device and is in wireless communication with the light fixture. Several example embodiments are provided, including a specialized light bulb that is in wireless communication with an alarm clock application on a cellular telephone and a coupling device designed to open and close the electrical circuit providing power to a conventional light bulb when activated by a cell phone alarm clock.10-06-2011
20130044571ELECTRONIC INSTRUMENT, STOPWATCH - An acceleration sensor detects acceleration in a first direction and outputs a first signal. An acceleration sensor detects the acceleration in a second direction orthogonal to the first direction and outputs a second signal. An acceleration sensor detects acceleration in a third direction orthogonal to a plane uniquely specified by the first direction and the second direction, and outputs a third signal. A CPU performs time counting. The CPU acquires the first signal, the second signal, and the third signal, and determines the posture of the instrument on the basis of the average acceleration of movement of the first signal, the average acceleration of movement of the second signal, and the average acceleration of movement of the third signal. The CPU acquires a lap time or/and a split time when the posture of the instrument is determined to be a predetermined posture.02-21-2013
20090116342Movable clock - A movable clock includes a control system (05-07-2009
20080259734Systems and Methods for Creating Personalized Calendars - In one embodiment, a system or system for creating a personalized calendar includes prompting a user to select a date cell of a representation of a calendar to indicate a desire to add user content to that date cell, receiving the date cell selection, prompting the user to select user content for addition to the date cell, receiving the user content selection, and generating a personalized calendar that includes user content in at least one date cell of the calendar.10-23-2008
20090122652Apparatus and Method for Handling Calendar Dates in a Non-Calendar System Specific Manner - A method for displaying events in a plurality of calendar systems. The Custom Calendar System Program (CCSP) herein allows a user to create a custom calendar system by changing the length and names of the year, month, week, or day of any calendar system. The Event Conversion Program (ECP) herein translates the date for an event into a generic date and stores the event with the generic date. When the user changes the displayed time period or calendar system, the Display Program (DP) herein displays the new calendar system and/or time period and determines which events occur on the displayed time period. The DP translates only the events which occur in the displayed time period into the displayed calendar system dates and displays those events on the displayed calendar. A date caching file allows the invention to minimize the number of translation calculations.05-14-2009
20100074058DEVICE INCORPORATING BOTH TIME KEEPING AND STATIC ADJUSTMENT DIALS FOR DETERMINING FEEDING TIMES AND POSITION - A breastfeeding assist timepiece includes a housing containing a first live time display and a second resettable static time display. A left/right side indicator is defined at a further location of said housing. In use, the static time display is continuously reset to a time of a most recently completed feeding, with the left/right side indicator further designating a left or right breast employed first in the most recent feeding and in order to more accurately predict the timing of a present or future feeding, as well as which breast to be initially employed in that feeding.03-25-2010
20100103779EVENT-BASED REMINDER SYSTEM - An Event-Based Reminder System that can be used for setting prompts to become active at instances specific to the device into which it is installed. More particularly, it pertains to handheld and communication devices for example contemporary mobile phones, wherein there is a need for a reminder system that goes beyond the calendar based ones and removes the rigidity of associating a time and date for each required event04-29-2010
20130083632DEVICE FOR ANNOUNCING PRAYER TIMES - The device for announcing prayer times provides for announcement of Muslim prayer times by recitation of athan throughout a large but localized area, e.g., a large office building or structure, a school or hospital, or a public transportation terminal, stadium, mall, etc. The device includes a single geographically fixed central unit initially programmed according to local geographical area and calendar to provide accurate output of the specific times for Muslim prayer, which are based upon the angle of the sun. While the sun angles for prayer remain constant, prayer times vary according to calendar. The central unit transmits cable or wireless audio signals to a geographically fixed auxiliary unit that transmits signals to one or more remote speakers. The central unit includes a clock display, and may include a radio and/or television receiver and/or DVD player providing output to a video screen to display various programs and messages.04-04-2013
20090154296WATCH WITH A MULTIFUNCTIONAL DISPLAY - Watch provided with a multifunctional aperture display capable of displaying symbols corresponding to one or several special functions and to the date. The movement of the display discs is ensure by bidirectional motors and the display discs or mobiles have several series of digits of different colour for differentiating the display of the different functions.06-18-2009
20090109798Events recordation device, system and method for caregivers - In accordance with at least one exemplary embodiment, an events recordation device, system and method is disclosed. The events recordation device can include an electronic module having a microprocessor, memory, and a display operatively connected. More than one data entry mechanism can be connected to and can form part of the electronic module for entering data. A first mode of operation can be configured to record and display feeding events data. A second mode of operation can be configured to record and display medication events data. A third mode of operation can be configured to record and display sleep events data.04-30-2009
20090040874Medication Reminder System and Method - A medication reminder system has a carrier device which is carried or worn by a user and a medication alert assembly or module associated with the carrier device. The medication alert assembly has at least one alarm device which produces a first alarm signal to remind the user to take a medication, a controller which controls actuation of the first alarm device, a timer associated with the controller having a pre-set time interval corresponding to a standard dosage time in hours between doses of the medication, the controller activating the first alarm device to emit an alarm signal on expiry of the pre-set time interval, and a reset switch operable by the user which deactivates the first alarm device and restarts the timer after each alarm activation.02-12-2009
20090092008APPARATUS FOR DIARIZING JANITORIAL SERVICE - The invention provides an apparatus for diarizing the performance of janitorial services that includes an electronic display unit for indicating when a service was last completed and an input device for signalling when the display is to be updated. The apparatus can include a chassis mountable on a wall of a facility being maintained by a janitorial service, and at least one electronic display framed by a window on said chassis, said chassis for displaying a time when said facility was last maintained. The apparatus can also include a central processing unit connected to said display and for updating the display based on a user-input received from an input device that is mounted to said chassis and connected to the central processing unit. The input device is actuated at a time that is substantially coterminous when said facility was last maintained.04-09-2009
20130058197ELECTRONIC TIMEPIECE - An electronic timepiece includes a display unit, a communication unit, a tilt detector, an acceleration detector, and a power-off unit. The display unit displays information including information of time. The communication unit performs near field communication with an external device via an antenna. The tilt detector detects a tilting movement of a main body of the electronic timepiece. The acceleration detector detects an accelerated movement of the main body. The power-off unit turns off a power of the communication unit when the tilt detector does not detect the tilting movement and when the acceleration detector does not detect the accelerated movement.03-07-2013
20110013491Timepiece With Wireless Communication Function - A timepiece with a wireless function, including a movement for displaying time; a conductive case that holds the movement; a crystal that is disposed on the face side of the case and covers the face side of the movement; a conductive plate that is electrically conductive, disposed between the movement and the crystal, and reflects radio waves; and an antenna that has a substantially annular, conductive antenna electrode, and is disposed along the outside edge of the conductive plate between the conductive plate and the crystal.01-20-2011
20110013490SMART CARD WATCH - A smart card watch comprises a watch head (01-20-2011
20110013489SYNCHRONIZATION OF SYSTEM TIME IN ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A method and apparatus for synchronizing a system time in an electronic device are provided. The method may include: when the electronic device is executing a boot process, disabling an external time obtaining function of the electronic device for obtaining an external reference time, obtaining an internal clock time from an internal clock unit of the electronic device and synchronizing a system time of the electronic device with the internal clock time; and when the electronic device has completed the boot process, enabling the external time obtaining function to obtain the external reference time.01-20-2011
20100128570WRISTWATCH INTERFACE SYSTEM - The present invention is a more user-friendly wristwatch remote that is programmable to different security systems. The present invention has a wristwatch remote that incorporates a user-friendly means for operating a vehicle security system, manipulating the wristwatch functions, checking the status of the vehicle and/or the security system and lastly, syncing and communicating with other corresponding devices.05-27-2010
20090268564Calendar Apparatus - A calendar apparatus includes a housing having opposed side rails for holding a calendar therebetween. The calendar apparatus includes a processor and a memory device in data communication with the processor. The apparatus includes a user input device, a microphone, and an audio output positioned in the housing and in data communication with the processor. The processor includes programming for inputting event data using the input device, inputting message data using the microphone, actuating the audio output device to provide alarm or to display message data after occurrence of an event. The calendar apparatus may include a picture holder, a clock, and a calculator.10-29-2009
20120224458Container Cap with a Timer - The invention is a container cap with a timer. The timer has a centralized activation pin or mechanism that activates the timer when the cap is secured to a container. The timer is used to determine how much time has passed since the cap was secured to the container. The timer cap of the present invention is streamlined, easier to use, more reliable, and has a lower manufacturing cost than currently available timer caps.09-06-2012
20090231960GSM mobile watch phone - The present invention relates generally to a wrist watch phone adapted to be worn by a person. The watch (09-17-2009
20090010106Caregiver personal alert device - The present invention relates to a portable caregiver personal alert device to facilitate the improvement in the delivery of bedside patient care. The device assists caregivers in ensuring time-sensitive tasks are performed within a specific time frame and in a specific sequence to ensure efficiency, compliance with standard of care or regulation and patient comfort. The device of the present invention comprises a display, a microprocessor that monitors various tasks for multiple patients, and at least one user input feature and at least one alarm, capable of alerting a caregiver when it is time to perform the task. The device preferably includes various functions such as a bed assignment mode, a task mode for choosing applicable tasks associated with the needs of one or more bed numbers, and at least one clock for coordinating a plurality of alarms to one or more corresponding bed number and associated task.01-08-2009
20120113762ELECTRONIC TIMEPIECE APPARATUS WITH RANDOM NUMBER AND PHRASE GENERATING FUNCTIONALITY - The disclosed timepiece provides random numbers for use in selecting the numbers for a lottery type game wherein the lottery type game requires a player to select numbers prior to a drawing of numbers. The disclosed timepiece also displays a new fortune each day to the user of the watch, with the new fortune being displayed either visually or audibly to the user.05-10-2012
20120113761MEDICINE REMINDER DEVICE - A medicine reminder device includes a housing, a processing unit, a schedule-setting input unit, a timing unit, light emitting units and medicine containing units. The schedule-setting input unit, the timing unit and the light emitting units are coupled to the processing unit. Each of the medicine containing units corresponds to at least one of the light emitting units, such that at least a part of light, emitted from the light emitting unit, enters the medicine containing unit and then transmits to the outside. The processing unit receives a schedule-setting event through the schedule-setting input unit to obtain timing information. The timing unit receives the timing information and executes a timing event. The processing unit outputs a control signal according to a result resulting from execution of the timing unit, and enables at least one of the light emitting units according to the control signal.05-10-2012
20120113760Time Indicating Device With Wearable Toys - A time indicating device with wearable toys is provided. The device includes a watch having a time indicating face and an opposing back, first and second straps, each having a proximal end for attachment with the watch and a distal end. The device also includes a first Velcro strip attached to a front side of the first strap, proximate the distal end and a complimentary Velcro strip attached to a back side of the second strap, proximate the distal end. The device further includes a first toy attached at a back side to a front side of the first strap, with a top of the first toy proximate the proximal end and a second toy attached at a back side to a front side of the second strap, with a top of the second toy proximate the proximal end. Each toy has a length less than a length of the respective strap.05-10-2012
20120236690Animal Medicine Reminder Tag - The present invention provides for an animal medicine reminder tag that is non-toxic, water resistant, and shock resistant. The tags described herein are excellent medicine compliance tools as they 1) are automatically activated when attached to the companion animal; 2) produce a persistent reminder after a manufacturer-programmed set period of time; 3) cannot be reset or turned off by the companion animal's caregiver; 4) emit the alarm/signal from both sides; 5) are sealed and non-toxic; and 6) are designed to be minimally harmful if accidentally swallowed, and may even pass safely through the gastro-intestinal tract for sufficiently large animals.09-20-2012
20110026368GRAPHIC DISPLAY PROGRAMMABLE WRISTWATCH - The present application relates to the preferred and alternate embodiment of the graphic display programmable wristwatch and that will display an array of downloadable static and animated Images on an LCD or LED screen to be used to tell time More particularly, the present application relates to a programmable wristwatch that will serve as a platform for downloadable computer generated graphic images by the means of being placed on a docking station cradle at night to charge the battery along with being able to be connected to a computer The preferred and alternate embodiments of the graphic display programmable wristwatch and would have several distinct and innovative elements an LCD or LED screen, a USB port and a wireless sensor port, a time-keeping unit and a central processing unit.02-03-2011
20110267926DIGITAL ALARM CLOCK WITH USER-SELECTABLE ALARM SOUND SOURCE INCLUDING FROM INTERNET - A user can select an alarm sound source from a list including, e.g., radio and Internet, and at the user-defined alarm time, audio received from the source is automatically displayed on a speaker to awaken the user.11-03-2011
20090245029ACTIVITY REMINDER SMART CARD - A method and apparatus for reminding a user when an activity is to be performed is disclosed. The apparatus includes a smartcard (10-01-2009
20110280107SUBMERSIBLE CHRONOGRAPH AND COUNTER - The present invention is a submersible device for keeping track of a swimmer's session transpired times. It includes a case which is pivotally adjustable in relation to a base, and which contains both a watertight and a ballast compartment to decrease the buoyancy of the device when in use in water. The device may include a lap counter and a proximity sensor activated by the proximity of a swimmer wearing a proximity transmitter. A high contrast liquid crystal display is used to improve visibility.11-17-2011
20090028005WRISTWATCH-TYPE MOBILE DEVICE - Provided is a wristwatch-type mobile device. The wristwatch-type mobile device includes a wristwatch device, a mobile device, and an I/O device. The I/O device is selectively used as one of an output device of the wristwatch device and an I/O device of the mobile device.01-29-2009
20130021878Container for Pills or Vitamins and Methods of Use - Containers for pills and/or vitamins, and methods of use. According to some embodiments, an exemplary container may include a body having a cavity for receiving a pill, the body having an opening for dispensing the pill, a timer, and a lid operatively connected to the body, the lid being selectively movable between a closed position to retain the pill within the body and an open position for dispensing the pill from the body, wherein selectively moving the lid from the closed position to the open position activates a timer.01-24-2013
20120099405SPORTS TIMEKEEPING SYSTEM - A system configured for facilitating timekeeping during the sports game is provided, comprising one or more sensors, a clock configured to display time during the game, and a controller. The sensors are each configured to sense a predefined signal associated with one or more game events during the sports game. The controller is configured to receive information from the sensors regarding a sensed signal, to determine, at least based on the information, that a game event has occurred, and to interface with the clock and control the running thereof, at least in response to the determination of a game event.04-26-2012
20090213698WALL MOUNTED PROGRAMMABLE TIMER SYSTEM - A timing device is disclosed which is for controlling electronic devices and which is mounted in a wall switch box. This timing device comprises at least one controller, at least one transceiver in communication with the controller, at least one interface; and at least one cover plate. This device can also include at least one key coupled to the cover plate for interacting with the interface when said cover plate is inserted onto said at least one interface.08-27-2009
20110044135TIMEPIECE WITH MULTIPLICATION TABLE DISPLAY AND METHOD OF TEACHING MULTIPLICATION TABLES - A timepiece with a multiplication table display is provided. Preferably, the timepiece has a programmable display, such as a liquid crystal display or the like, allowing the display to display the present time to the user, as is conventionally known, as well as providing methods of performing and teaching multiplication. A first multiplier is selected by the user, and the first multiplier is displayed in a central region of the display. A second multiplier is then selected by the user, and the user may use the display of the timepiece to calculate a particular product, or may be graphically shown how the product is calculated.02-24-2011
20090168607SYSTEMS, METHODS AND COMPUTER PRODUCTS FOR MULTIPLE REMINDER AND SUB-EVENTS FOR CALENDAR ITEMS - Systems, methods and computer program products for multiple reminder and sub-events for calendar items. Exemplary embodiments include a method including creating an event having an event time in the electronic calendar, creating a first reminder associated with the event and configured to activate at a first time prior to the event and creating another reminder associated with the event and configured to activate at a second time prior to the event and after the first time. Additional exemplary embodiments include a method including identifying deadlines associated with the sub-events, setting a reminder for each of the deadlines associated with the sub-events, setting a sound attribute for each of the reminders, and activating the reminder for each of the deadlines associated with the sub-events. An activation two reminders having a common deadline can have a unique sound attribute.07-02-2009
20090086580HAND POSITION DETECTING DEVICE AND APPARATUS INCLUDING THE DEVICE - It is determined whether light has passed through apertures in a seconds, a center and an intermediate wheels and a relevant one of apertures in an hour wheel, thereby determining their respective rotational positions. When the center wheel rotates one step at a time in a predetermined direction to such a position that the apertures in the center and intermediate wheels align and a detection unit detects light which has passed thorough the apertures, the center wheel is returned twelve steps or more in the reverse direction. The center wheel is again rotated one step at a time in the predetermined direction to the position where the detection unit detected light first. When the detection unit again detects light at that position, this position is determined as the reference position in the center wheel.04-02-2009
20090168608ELECTRONIC DEVICE WITH WORKING MODE SWITCHING FUNCTION AND METHOD OF SWITCHING WORKING MODE - A method of switching working modes, the method includes: supplying a storage unit, therein the storage unit stores at least two working modes, alarm information, and alarm time, the alarm information includes indicating information and determining information; detecting whether a system time matches the alarm time; outputting the indicating information when the system time matches the alarm time; receiving input; determining whether the input matches the determining information; controlling the electronic device to switch from one working mode to another working mode when the input matches the determining information. An electronic device with working modes switching function is also provided.07-02-2009
20090022013REAL TIME CLOCK AND METHOD FOR RECORDING DATA IN REAL TIME CLOCK - A real time clock for outputting data indicating a time of day includes: an event detection circuit for detecting that an event detection signal has been inputted from outside; a timing circuit for generating the time-of-day data according to a signal outputted from an oscillator circuit; a memory; and a control circuit for, if the event detection circuit detects input of the event detection signal, recording event data in the memory, the event data including additional data indicating an operating state of the real time clock and the time-of-day data generated by the timing circuit.01-22-2009
20100278016WAKE UP STIMULUS CONTROL SYSTEM - The invention relates to a wake up stimulus control system, comprising a control unit (11-04-2010
20100085840ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND METHOD PROVIDING IMPROVED BEDTIME MODE OF OPERATION - An improved electronic device and method provide an improved clock feature that includes a BEDTIME mode that is initiated by execution of a BEDTIME mode routine. The BEDTIME mode comprises a number of features that are conducive to sleep by performing operations that minimize distractions to a user, and all such operations are initiated by execution of the BEDTIME mode routine.04-08-2010
20090201769Electronic Timepiece With Internal Antenna - An electronic timepiece with an internal antenna has an antenna that has an elongated magnetic core formed from a magnetic body and a coil wound around the magnetic core, and can receive external wireless information, the magnetic core having a coil winding part to which the coil is wound in the lengthwise center part of the magnetic core, and a pair of lead parts extending from both ends of the coil winding part; a module that houses the antenna and processes the external wireless information; and a magnetic member that is positioned with a predetermined gap between the magnetic member and the lead part at a position that is not superposed on a coil-overlapping area that overlaps the coil winding part of the antenna and is superposed on at least a part of a lead-overlapping area that overlaps the pair of lead parts when the electronic timepiece with internal antenna is viewed in plan view from the timepiece thickness direction of the electronic timepiece with internal antenna.08-13-2009
20090201768ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND METHOD OF CONTROLLING REMINDER NOTIFICATIONS - A method of controlling reminders for an electronic calendar event record includes: generating a reminder notification at a first electronic device, the reminder notification associated with the calendar event record, providing an option at the first electronic device for taking a first action at the first electronic device and taking a second action at a second electronic device, the first action differing from the second action, generating an update command at the first electronic device for taking the second action at the second electronic device in response to receipt of selection of the option at the first electronic device, and sending the update command from the first electronic device for the second electronic device.08-13-2009
20110170378METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR MONITORING MEDICATION INTAKE BY PATIENTS - A system and method are described that include a microprocessor based entity receiving prescriptions from many different patients. A schedule is generated for each prescription and at an appropriate time a reminder is sent to each patient to take his drug. Optionally, each patient can acknowledge receiving the reminder, and/or the drug. If no acknowledgement is received, a third party, such as a care provider or a relative is automatically informed.07-14-2011
20090262606Toothbrush Holder - A toothbrush holder for holding toothbrush is provided that comprises a body having concaved depression for receiving the toothbrush, a sensor provided in the concaved depression, a display activated by the sensor for a predetermined time and a counter capable of receiving signal from the sensor and communicating with the display. When the toothbrush is removed from the depression, the sensor is operated to transmit a signal to the counter that in turn activates the display for a predetermined time. Further provided is a method of doing business that comprises exposing a user to a message of an entity each time the user brushes his teeth and charging the entity for exposing their message.10-22-2009
20090185450BOTTLE FOR DENTAL HYGIENE PRODUCT WITH TIMING MECHANISM - A packaging system includes a bottle that holds a dental hygiene product. A closure is configured to be removably coupled to the bottle. The bottle defines an opening when the closure is removed from the bottle. The timing mechanism is coupled to at least one of the bottle and closure. The timing mechanism includes a sensory device and a timer. The timing mechanism measures a time period and provides an output after a preset period of time has elapsed.07-23-2009
20100220553Method and Apparatus for Alerting a Person at Medicine Dosing Times - Disclosed are apparatus for assisting a person in the correct administration of medicine and methods for beneficially using such a device. The apparatus comprises an electronic timing mechanism which executes a dosing schedule, the dosing schedule being comprised of at least one dosing time interval. One or more annunciators are activated at the end of at least one dosing interval thereby alerting a person that it is time to take a dose of medicine. Included are attachment means, such as a pressure sensitive adhesive, for attachment to a medicine container. Construction is with materials and structures that confer to the device the flexibility required to physically conform to curved objects such as typically encountered in prescribed medications. Alerts from the device may be visible, audible, vibratory, or any combination thereof. No human readable time is displayed. At least one switch is provided for human interaction with the device. Human readable information may be visible on the device for quick dosing schedule identification. The dosing schedule may be preprogrammed and unalterable. In other embodiments the dosing schedule may be reprogrammable.09-02-2010
20100214875Electronic Device and Method of Controlling Same for Integrating Calendaring and Clock Functionality - A method of controlling an electronic device includes retrieving, from a memory at the electronic device, calendar-event records containing data for corresponding calendar events that satisfy a set of time constraints, the data for each calendar-event record including a start time and an end time for the corresponding calendar event, and for each of the retrieved calendar-event records, rendering on a display a corresponding calendar-event indicia positioned, based on the start time and the end time for that calendar event, within a predetermined rotary-clock region of the display.08-26-2010
20100061190Vehicle log calculator - A calculator is provided to assist a vehicle operator with the task of filling out and maintaining their log books. The calculator includes an input device that may receive a signal in accordance with the setting and release of the parking brake. The input device may also be a physical button pressed by the vehicle operator. A clock may be built into the device to provide current time and date. The input device provides a time stamp that may be altered or varied as directed by the user. A filter may be used to select and remove specific display data, such as an activity with a duration of less than a predetermined time which may be 7.5 minutes. A rounding algorithm may be used to generate rounded times in which the time stamp data may be rounded to the closest fifteen minute increment. These rounded times may be stored in a register to be recalled and arithmetically analyzed to assist the user in filling out and keeping the log books up to date.03-11-2010
20110267927DIGITAL ALARM CLOCK WITH USER-SELECTABLE ALARM SOUND SOURCE INCLUDING FROM INTERNET - A user can select an alarm sound source from a list including, e.g., radio and Internet, and at the user-defined alarm time, audio received from the source is automatically displayed on a speaker to awaken the user.11-03-2011
20080304364Memory device with circuitry for improving accuracy of a time estimate - A memory device with circuitry for improving accuracy of a time estimate is disclosed. In one embodiment, a memory device receives a time stamp and measures active time with respect to the received time stamp. The memory device determines accuracy of previously-measured active time and generates a time estimate using the measured active time, the accuracy of previously-measured active time, and the received time stamp. In another embodiment, measured active time is adjusted, with or without generating a time estimate. Other embodiments are disclosed, and each of the embodiments can be used alone or together in combination.12-11-2008
20080267015ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND AUTOMATIC TURNOFF METHOD FOR THE SAME - An electronic device includes an input unit for generating control signals according to operations of a user, a power supply unit for supplying power to the electronic device, a first timer for measuring and signaling the end of a first time interval by outputting a first end signal, a second timer for measuring and signaling the end of a second time interval by outputting a second end signal, a notifier for generating a notice signal based on a notice file, and a controller. The controller is for restarting the first timer and disabling the second timer whenever receiving one of the control signals, restarting the second timer and enabling the notifier when receiving the first end signal, and disabling the power supply unit when receiving the second end signal. A related automatic turnoff method for automatically turning off an electronic device is also disclosed.10-30-2008
20090109797METHOD, A DEVICE AND A SYSTEM FOR EXECUTING AN ACTION AT A PREDETERMINED TIME - A method of executing an action at a predetermined time by a device is disclosed. The device has a latency time between initiation of the execution of the action and the actual execution of the action. The method includes advancing the initiation of the execution of the action by the latency time. A device in which the method is implemented and a system including the device are also disclosed.04-30-2009
20120140600TABLE LAMP WITH ALARM CLOCK - A table lamp includes a lamp base, a clock, and a controlling module. The lamp base receives an LED module therein. The controlling module includes a timer electrically connected to the clock and a controller electrically connected to the LED module and a speaker. The timer is configured for setting an alarm time for the clock. When the clock goes to the alarm time set by the timer, the controller turns on LEDs of the LED module one by one within a desired time and turns on the speaker to generate arousal sound.06-07-2012
20080285389Electronic Message Calendar - An electronic calendar provides a large area switch array with multiple dedicated date entry buttons and multiple date entry modes to substantially reduce operator access time. Lightweight low profile circuitry allows the calendar to be easily attached by a consumer to the front of a refrigerator or the like and audio messaging eliminates time-consuming handwritten entries.11-20-2008
20080279048Sample analyzing apparatus - A sample analyzing apparatus is provided with a memory for storing a schedule of maintenance, a display, and a controller for displaying on the display a screen of calendar format, wherein the screen includes a date display area for displaying a date and a maintenance item display area for displaying a maintenance item scheduled on the date.11-13-2008
20080267014Tracking and monitoring system - A tracking device is incorporated into a watch. The tracking device appears as an ordinary watch, but cannot be removed by the individual wearing it. If necessary, the location of the tracking device can be determined by a central server and reported to the authorities or to the individual's family.10-30-2008
20090109799SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DISPLAYING A CALENDAR FOR BROWSING DIGITAL IMAGES - A method for displaying a calendar for browsing digital images is disclosed. The method includes generating data for each of a plurality of digital image files captured by the camera module, wherein the data are stored in an image file list. A selected calendar month of the calendar is read and a date of a day in the calendar month is read. The read date listed in the image file list in the calendar is highlighted. The highlighted calendar of the calendar month is displayed. A related system is also provided.04-30-2009
20110205849DIGITAL CALENDAR DEVICE AND METHODS - A digital calendar device involving an electronic device having a graphic user interface. The electronic device is capable of receiving at least one note from a user, and retrieving and displaying the at least one note, as well as running on at least one operating system. The digital calendar device further includes features, such retrieval and displaying features, a touch screen interface, handwriting support feature, a speech recognition feature, a reminder feature, a frame feature, a mechanical support feature, and a fortune-teller software program.08-25-2011
20090141593METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR ENHANCED DISPLAY OF TEMPORAL DATA ON PORTABLE DEVICES - A method for displaying temporal data on a portable device is presented. The method includes converting the temporal data to clock coordinates to generate a clock data set. In addition, the method includes presenting a clock plot representative of the clock data set on a dial of a clock. Systems and computer-readable medium that afford functionality of the type defined by this method are also contemplated in conjunction with the present technique.06-04-2009
20120069716WEARABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE WITH WIRELESS COMMUNICATION FUNCTION - A wearable electronic device includes a processing unit, a housing, and display. The processing unit is inside the housing. The display connected to the processing unit is mounted in the housing. The housing includes a main body and an antenna. The antenna, connected to the processing unit and inlaid in the main body, provides wireless signals to the processing unit.03-22-2012
20090201767Battery Assembly Module for the ShotWatch.TM. - The power source for the Shotwatch™, a wrist worn, microprocessor based swing monitor, is a three volt, coin sized battery such as the Duracell DL 2032. Given the voltage requirements of the swing monitor, as well as the size and space constraints imposed by the wrist watch embodiment, a newly designed battery assembly was required. The assembly was patterned after a common Compact Disc/DVD carriage which would allow easy replacement by the user. Additionally, the carriage needed to be designed with fail-safes such as making it difficult or impossible to insert the battery or the carriage itself incorrectly, resulting in serious damage or destruction of the Shotwatch™. Contact points, springs and release mechanisms were deployed in an optimal manner to accomplish the dual objectives of a reliable power source and an assembly that would prove viable in possible hostile environments.08-13-2009
20090316533Electronic timer with graphic time scale display panel - An electronic timer graphically displaying programmed ON/OFF settings includes a microprocessor; a time setting unit electrically connected to the microprocessor for a user to set at least one programmed ON/OFF setting for at least one selected day; a memory unit electrically connected to the microprocessor for storing the programmed ON/OFF setting; a clock signal generating unit electrically connected to the microprocessor for generating a clock signal to the microprocessor; and a graphic time scale display unit electrically connected to the microprocessor and including a plurality of time scale segments, each of which represents a predetermined time period. The microprocessor calculates based on the programmed ON/OFF settings to derive all the time scale segments that are corresponding to the programmed ON/OFF settings, and drives the graphic time scale display unit to show the time scale segments corresponding to the programmed ON/OFF settings.12-24-2009
20100188936STORAGE MEDIUM FOR STORING PROGRAM INVOLVED WITH CONTENT DISTRIBUTION AND INFORMATION PROCESSING DEVICE - A CPU of a game device has a weekly calendar screen displayed. In this calendar screen, dates in one week are displayed separately. In the calendar screen, a content display field is provided, in which a thumbnail image or the like of a content brought in correspondence with each day is displayed. A time and day of start of availability and a time and day of end of availability are determined for each content such as a motion picture, and downloading of the content by a user is permitted during a period from the time and day of start of availability to the time and day of end of availability.07-29-2010
20100214877Event Reminding System - In a method for reminding a patient to take a medication, the medication is labeled with a predefined symbol. A device displays the predefined symbol each time the medication is to be taken by the patient.08-26-2010
20100220554Apparatus for relating time to activity - An apparatus for relating time to activity is disclosed. The apparatus discloses an analog clock and a display board having one or more activities where a chosen activity begins at a time indicated by an hour indicator and a minute indicator.09-02-2010
20120140601ELECTRONIC DEVICE PROVIDED WITH WIRELESS COMMUNICATION FUNCTION - An electronic device includes: a communication section to wirelessly communicate with an external device; a first section to make the communication section establish a wireless connection with the external device; a detective section to detect whether the electronic device is in a used condition or an unused condition; a second section to shift to a power-saving mode when the unused condition is detected for a while; and a third section to cancel the power-saving mode when the used condition is detected during the power-saving mode, wherein the second section cuts off the connection if the connection is still alive when shifting to the power-saving mode; and the third section changes a connection processing for making the first section establish the connection after the power-saving mode was canceled, based on a connecting condition from a time of detecting the last used condition to a time of shifting to the power-saving mode.06-07-2012
20100142329Medicine timer - A medicine holder encloses one or more medicines which are in their original labeled containers, and emits an alarm signal when each dose is due. The alarm is automatically silenced when the holder is opened to retrieve the medicine. The timer is then automatically restarted when the holder is closed. The dose regimen is determined by an easily-operated selector switch, and is visibly displayed.06-10-2010
20100118659Interval timer - The present invention is directed towards a device and method of use for ensuring that persons who need to stay on a schedule can do so without constantly looking at a clock. The device is a programmable electronic device wherein the user can set a schedule time, an interval time and a sub-interval time and wherein the device alerts the user when one or more of these times are reached.05-13-2010
20110128823SECURE ELECTRONICS TIMER - A lockable timing apparatus for multiple electronic devices includes an enclosure having a bottom, two side walls, an end wall, and a lid, with a door member opposing the end wall and hingedly attached to a side wall, the bottom, or the lid. At least one notch is in an exposed edge of at least one of the door member and the lid. Inside the enclosure are at least one electrical timer with a power supply cord, and at least two electrical outlets electrically connected to the at least one electrical timer. A locking means is disposed at least in part on the door member for denying unauthorized persons access to the electrical timer and the at least two electrical outlets.06-02-2011
20090073812AUDIO/VIDEO ALARM CLOCK AND PRE-SET TIME REMINDING METHOD THEREOF - An audio/video alarm clock and a pre-set time reminding method thereof. The audio/video alarm clock includes a time function unit, an audio play unit and a video play unit, which includes a touch screen. The time function unit provides a current time. The video play unit displays the current time when the current time is not a pre-set time. The audio play unit and the video play unit respectively play prerecorded audio data and prerecorded video data when the current time is the pre-set time. At this time, the audio play unit stops playing the prerecorded audio data if the touch screen is touched.03-19-2009
20090109800MOBILE MEDICATION - A mobile medication device including a timekeeping unit, which may be a wrist watch and may include a microprocessor, to track a plurality of time events associated with a plurality of medications to given to a user, wherein the time events may be specific times at which a particular medication is to be taken by the user, and may also include additional events such as a predetermined time prior to when the user is supposed to take a medication.04-30-2009
20100302910TIMING TAG - A disposable timing tag is provided, including a thin, flexible planar sheet member having first and second end sections, and a middle section. A printed radio frequency identification (RFID) circuit is disposed on the middle section thereof and includes an integrated circuit chip, and a dipole antenna electrically coupled thereto. The dipoles of antenna extend generally along the longitudinal axis of the sheet member toward the first and second respective end sections thereof. The first and second end sections of the flexible planar member are separated from the middle section by fold lines formed in the surface of the planar member extending across the horizontal axis thereof, and the planar sheet member is folded such that the first and second ends thereof are connected to one another and the planar member forms a substantially D-shaped closed loop. The joined first and second ends of the flexible planar member are positioned between said laces and tongue of said athletic shoe and said RFID circuit on said middle section of the flexible planar member is spaced away from the surface of the athletic shoe.12-02-2010
20110019503Apparatus For Providing A Digital Wall Calendar - An apparatus for providing a digital wall calendar. The apparatus comprises an upper display module, a lower display module; and a logic and communication module. The upper display module displays an image. The lower display module displays a series of dates. The logic and communication module provides the image and the series of dates to the upper display module and the lower display module.01-27-2011
20110044134Clock for Motorcycle02-24-2011
20090219787TIMER FOR BRUSHING TEETH - A timer for brushing teeth, comprising a timer having a knob, said timer capable of alerting a user after the elapse of a user-determined time period, and a toy body covering said timer having a mouth portion, said mouth portion coupled to said knob, wherein said user-determined time period is determined by the user by turning said mouth portion by a user-determined number of degrees.09-03-2009
20100226212Video clock radio which plays themed audio and video - Alarm clocks, such as alarm clock radios, comprising a video screen wherein at a preset time, the display screen displays a video and broadcasts audio. If a user does not input a required input within a certain time after the alarm mode has started, the video and audio change to a video and audio which are less tranquil. One alarm mode is initiated with waves lapping on a tranquil seashore during a sunny morning. After a while, the video and audio transition to a violent storm with dark clouds, rain, lightening, thunder and large waves crashing onto the shore. Other themes include a couple walking in a park, a couple dancing, and a busy city scene. A “silence alarm” feature requires a user to input correct information based on the display in response to a visual query, in order to stop or change the alarm mode.09-09-2010
20110211425ELECTRONIC TIMER WITH GRAPHIC TIME SCALE DISPLAY PANEL - An electronic timer graphically displaying programmed ON/OFF settings includes a microprocessor; a time setting unit electrically connected to the microprocessor for a user to set at least one programmed ON/OFF setting for at least one selected day; a memory unit electrically connected to the microprocessor for storing the programmed ON/OFF setting; a clock signal generating unit electrically connected to the microprocessor for generating a clock signal to the microprocessor; and a graphic time scale display unit electrically connected to the microprocessor and including a plurality of time scale segments, each of which represents a predetermined time period. The microprocessor calculates based on the programmed ON/OFF settings to derive all the time scale segments that are corresponding to the programmed ON/OFF settings, and drives the graphic time scale display unit to show the time scale segments corresponding to the programmed ON/OFF settings.09-01-2011
20080316868MULTIPLE-COOKING TIMING SYSTEM - The invention comprises a timing system for use in kitchen applications. The timing system includes a potholder or oven mitt with a timing device integrally attached thereto. The timing device contains an audible or visual alarm that alerts the user to the passage of the desired time. The timing device may be removably attached to the potholder or oven mitt.12-25-2008
20120243379WATCH WITH AN INTEGRATED CHROMATIC TUNER - A portable timepiece includes at least one hand for displaying the minutes and hours and an electronic unit for the chromatic tuning of an instrument. The electronic unit includes an acoustic signal sensor and a means of processing the received electro-acoustic signal. At least one of the hands of the timepiece displays data relative to the received electro-acoustic signal.09-27-2012
20100054086OUTING RECORD DEVICE - Provided, among other things, is an outing record device comprising, in a compact, wall-mountable device: controller with associated memory; display(s) for displaying a outing time and an outing duration time; a receiver suitable for hanging an Object; and a trigger responsive to the removal from and placement on the receiver of an object, wherein the controller records the times of removal and placement, calculates a last outing time and duration, and makes available for display on the display(s) the outing time and duration. Methods of use, for example, are also provided.03-04-2010
20110069588BIOLOGICAL INFORMATION MONITOR HAVING FUNCTION OF DISPLAYING TEMPORARY ROOM LEAVING TIMER - A biological information monitor which receives, directly or via an network, biological information of a patient which is measured by a unit attached to the patient, includes: a display portion on which the biological information is displayed; and a controlling portion which displays, on the display portion, at least one of a reason of temporary room leaving accompanied by stoppage of measurement of the biological information of the patient, a period for leaving a room, a scheduled time for restarting the measurement, and present progress information.03-24-2011
20110149694Swim timer, lap cunter and swim analyzer - The swim device includes a wrist unit system wearable on a wrist and a hand, at least one hand sensor unit that is wearable on a hand, and at least one foot sensor unit wearable on a foot. The wrist unit system includes a wrist unit and at least one pressure sensor. The wrist unit includes an integrated circuit chip (ICC) computer; a battery; an alarm, a display and housing with input buttons, and a wrist band with an embedded antenna. The hand/foot sensor unit includes an integrated circuit chip (ICC) computer with a battery. The pressure sensor is attached to a cap that is worn on the first segment of a finger or big toe in such a manner that the pressure sensor faces the water-bound side of the finger or big toe.06-23-2011
20080247276DEVICE AND METHOD FOR MANAGING TIME INFORMATION - Disclosed is a device and method for managing time information in a mobile communication terminal. To this end, the present invention provides a plan in which time information of a terminal can be automatically set with the local time of a corresponding time zone as a reference in accordance with a user's selection in a communication network, and a schedule can be exchanged with the universal time as a reference when it is necessary to share the schedule containing time information between terminals in different time zones.10-09-2008
20110164471INTEGRATED WIRELESS POWER SYSTEM - The present configuration provides an integrated wireless power system for powering or charging a portable device. The integrated wireless power system includes 1) an integrated wireless power appliance that both provides power as well as additional functionality, such as timekeeping, radio, and alarm functionality and 2) a portable device capable of receiving wireless power from the integrated wireless power appliance.07-07-2011
20100246334Device for displaying real time and advertising media - The present invention is a device for displaying real time and advertising media to a person. In one embodiment, the device comprises a front cover, a clock engaged with said front cover for displaying real time, and a first sheet having an advertising portion. The first sheet is moveably engaged with the front cover to an open position where the real time and advertising portion are visible to the person. The clock comprises a clock movement mechanism engaged with the front cover, a clock face imprinted on the front cover, and an hour and minute hand engaged with the clock movement mechanism. The device further comprises a mounting fastener engaged with front cover and clock movement mechanism. The mounting fastener is adapted to allow the device to be hung on a wall.09-30-2010
20110141855SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR UPDATING INFORMATION IN ELECTRONIC CALENDARS - Systems and methods for updating information in an electronic calendar are disclosed. One example of the method includes recording a voice-tag memo via an in-vehicle telematics unit, the voice-tag memo containing information related to a calendar appointment, a calendar contact, or combinations thereof. The voice-tag memo is then converted into text via a speech-to-text unit in operative communication with the in-vehicle telematics unit. The method further includes determining, via a calendar comparator of an Internet-enabled program hosting the electronic calendar and in operative communication with the speech-to-text unit, which calendar appointment, calendar contact, or combinations thereof the voice-tag memo is associated with; and uploading the text to an appropriate cell of the calendar. The appropriate calendar cell is selected based upon which calendar appointment and/or calendar contact has the voice-tag memo associated therewith.06-16-2011
20110080809Personalized Children's Multimedia Picture Alarm - A new child-friendly multimedia clock design consists in a preferred embodiment of child-friendly, durable material with no hard corners, sized to comfortably sit on a child's nightstand but large enough for the clock and photo to be easily seen. The frame includes a photo space to provide an easily decodable electronic photo image that instructs the child to get up or to stay in bed. The photos used are changed digitally without the use of a mechanical rotating faceplate or cylinder, and may be user-provided images such as family photographs etc. In an embodiment of the invention, the lighting of the image occurs gradually so that no light appears suddenly to wake the child unnecessarily. In one embodiment, music is also provided via an internal memory, external card slot, or a docked audio device such as an MP3 player.04-07-2011
20100214876Map Association With Calendar Entry - A map is associated with a calendar entry. An electronic calendar includes at least one calendar entry. The calendar entry includes at least one calendar entry location for indicating a geographic location of where the calendar entry is scheduled to occur. At least one option associated with the calendar entry is provided. In response to receiving a user selection of the option, a map associated with the calendar entry location is provided.08-26-2010
20100165795Medical device with automatic time and date correction - Various exemplary embodiments of methods and apparatuses are described and illustrated in which time and date of are provided to a medical device via wireless signals to ensure accurate time keeping by the medical device.07-01-2010
20110188351METHODS, SYSTEMS, AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCTS FOR SCHEDULE MANAGEMENT BASED ON LOCATIONS OF WIRELESS DEVICES - A method for managing appointments using a wireless device includes receiving scheduling data for a future appointment including a time associated with the future appointment. A current location of the wireless device is determined, and a reminder for the future appointment is provided at a time prior to the future appointment based on the current location of the wireless device. For example, the reminder may be provided at a time that varies based on the current location of the wireless device, a location associated with the future appointment, and an estimated travel time between the current location of the device and the location associated with the future appointment. Related methods, devices, and computer program products are also discussed.08-04-2011
20110149693METHOD OF ACTIVE REMIDING WATER DRINKING - A method of active reminding water drinking to help people nowadays who often forget to drink water because of busyness or assist caregivers of senior and aged people and patients to record regular water drinking conditions. The method calculates total water drinking amount within a preset time period and a staged water drinking amount within a staged time period, and issues a reminding alert signal in the event of insufficient or excessive water drinking condition. Thus it helps users to develop a regular water drinking habit to maintain a healthy physical condition.06-23-2011
20090175132INITIATING PLAYING OF DATA USING AN ALARM CLOCK - An alarm clock device includes a monitor for monitoring a transmission of a selected station, a detector for detecting, in the transmission of the selected station, at least one milestone. A controller operating in response to detection of the milestone is provided to store, in a memory, data of the transmission after the milestone was detected, and to initiate playing of the data at a selected wakeup time. According to the present invention, the data is recorded in response to detecting a transmission of a selected station selected from a plurality of stations.07-09-2009
20090175131Alarm Clock Having Audio File Playback Capabilities - Described is an alarm clock for playing selected audio files according to a time-based schedule. More specifically, the alarm clock is adapted to maintain a calendar and a clock and to store a plurality of audio files. The alarm clock assigns each audio file a corresponding date and time, and when an assigned date and time occurs, the alarm clock plays the corresponding audio file such that file is perceivable by a user.07-09-2009
20090175130Device for operating an electronic multifunctional device - An operating mechanism of a multifunctional device which can be worn on the wrist and has a housing with integrated electronics. The operating mechanism is integrated into the housing and has an operating element which is a one-piece or multi-piece setting stem. The setting stem partly crosses the housing, and the setting stem is arranged parallel to a planar enlargement of the housing and is rotatably and linearly moveably mounted. The setting stem can be moved linearly parallel to the longitudinal axis and rotatively about the rotational axis/longitudinal axis by a first operating watch button and optionally with a second operating watch button. The movement of the setting stem triggers various contacts on a contact plate, from which contacts electronic signals are sent to the electronics, as a result of which the electronic control of the multifunctional device is effected.07-09-2009
20110051559Before/After Specific Weekday Determination Device, Program Media, Method, Daylight Saving Time Determination Device, And Timepiece - A before/after specific weekday determination device that determines if an evaluation date is before or after a specific date that is identified as an n-th (where n is an integer of 1 or more) specific weekday from the beginning or the end of a specific month. The before/after specific weekday determination device is utilized in a daylight saving time determination device, and in a timepiece.03-03-2011
20110216627SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR TIMING DOSAGE PERIODS - Systems and methods for tracking dosage periods are disclosed. The systems and methods may include setting a timer (09-08-2011
20120147710CIPHER WATCH - A watch able to be used as a cryptographic system to encrypt plaintext to ciphertext or decrypt ciphertext to plaintext includes a watch face and a plurality of concentric rings. Each of the plurality of concentric rings is rotatable with respect to the watch face and includes a number of symbols, the number of symbols corresponding to the number of hours represented on the watch face, at least some of the symbols corresponding to letters of an alphabet, characters in a writing system and/or numbers. At least one of the plurality of concentric rings is rotatable in a direction opposite to a direction of at least one other of the plurality of concentric rings.06-14-2012
20080205197Device and Methods Directed to Providing Reminders to Contact Lens Wearers - Devices and methods for providing reminders to a contact lens wearer comprise a timing circuit, manually actuatable controls for setting and controlling the timing circuit, and an electronic visual display responsive to the timing circuit. The electronic visual display comprises a clock display, a calendar display, and a message display configured to illuminate a reminder message instructing the contact lens wearer to replace the contact lenses and/or catalyzing platinum disks in the contact lens case. The manually actuatable controls comprise a plurality of use period actuation mechanisms, wherein each actuation mechanism corresponds to an intended period of use, and at least one reset actuation mechanism for updating the device upon replacement of the contact lenses and catalyzing platinum disk.08-28-2008
20100142330ATTACHABLE DEVICE FOR PILL CONTAINER - The present invention is related to a device attachable to a pill container to alert a person when a pill or a medication has to be taken, the device comprising a case having a top case (06-10-2010
20120002511Electronic Timepiece - An electronic timepiece that receives RF signals and displays information suppresses loss of antenna sensitivity to a sufficiently low level while using a metal case without sacrificing display functions. An electronic timepiece 01-05-2012
20120002510SYSTEM AND APPARATUS FOR AUTOMATICALLY ENSURING THE APPROPRIATE DURATION FOR HANDWASHING - A method for automatically measuring elapsed time sufficient for complete hand washing, including actuating flowing of water, actuating a timer device, initiating washing hands, measuring a predetermined length of time, sounding an alarm when the predetermined length of time has elapsed, and ceasing washing hands after the alarm has sounded. The timer device further includes a housing portion, a timer portion positioned in the housing portion, a display portion positioned in the housing portion and operationally connected to the timer portion, and an alarm portion positioned in the housing portion and operationally connected to the timer portion. The timer portion is programmed to measure a predetermined length of time recommended for complete hand washing and actuates the alarm portion once the predetermined amount of time has elapsed.01-05-2012
20120014223DEVICE INCORPORATING BOTH LIVE AND STATIC ADJUSTMENT FEATURES FOR DETERMINING FEEDING TIMES AND POSITION - A breastfeeding assist timepiece which includes a live time display combined with an iteratively resettable display, such further including a rotatable bezel feature which is repositionable between right and left sides of an associated crystal display and which, in combination with optional hour markings placed along the crystal display sides or upon the rotatable bezel, assists in establishing a dual-breast feeding cadence.01-19-2012
20120057433Display for Use in Managing Movement of a Patient in a Bed - A system is provided for communicating to health care workers the turning, positioning and schedule requirements of dependent patients with pressure ulcers, or at risk for the development of pressure ulcers. The system includes a display indicating a next required position of the patient and a display indicating a time for next movement of the patient to the next position. The time of next movement is calculated by entering an indication of a maximum allowable time for the patient to remain in each position and adding this to the current time.03-08-2012
20110069587MEDICINE CAP TIMING APPARATUS - A medicine cap with a timing mechanism that automatically resets upon the removal of the cap from a medicine bottle. A timing device is housed within a medicine camp, with a diaphragm housed below the timing device. The diaphragm has a rod extending upward from a central location, and fastening the cap onto a bottle or container causes the rod to be pushed up into contact with, and activate, the timing device. Upon removal of the cap from the bottle or container, the rod loses contact with the timing device, and the timer is reset. The cap may comprise multiple pieces, so the cap may be used in child-proof mode by the engagement and disengagement of splines on the cap housing and a cap insert. Means are supplied for enabling the constant engaging of the splines.03-24-2011
20090086579WEARABLE MEDICATION APPARATUS - A wearable medication container includes a time piece incorporated into a first portion of the wearable apparatus; a second portion of the wearable apparatus, the second portion connected to the first portion via a hinge, the first portion and the second portion configured to include at least one insulating membrane; and a medication container incorporated into at least the second portion, the medication container configured to provide waterproof containment for medication.04-02-2009
20090022012Low Current Microcontroller Circuit - A method and system for accurate timing in a low current system useful in fuzing applications generates a first count of oscillations of an oscillator of unknown frequency during a first period of unknown duration. A second count of oscillations of the oscillator is generated during a second period of a known duration. The duration of the first period is calculated based on the first count and the second count. A solid-state, thin-film battery is able to be used by virtue of low-current characteristics of the system, enabling extended shelf life for fuzing systems.01-22-2009
20090190443Sunset Timer with Random Automatic Mode - The present invention generally relates to an electrical timer which automatically controls the activation and deactivation of electrical devices, such as light fixtures, appliances and the like based on the time of sunrise and/or sunset for a particular geographic location. In this regard, the sunrise and/or sunset times for a multitude of different geographic locations is collected and stored in the timer's memory in association with the relevant geographic location. Each geographic location is specified in memory by geographic indicia, such as postal zip code or telephone area code, of its location (e.g., latitude and longitude). The timer of the present invention is programmed to automatically activate and/or deactivate the device to which it is coupled (e.g., lights, appliances, etc.) at the sunset and/or sunrise times stored in memory for each date that is specified in memory.07-30-2009
20110090765Disposable Elapsed Time Tracking Device, Having LCD Display - A new disposable, elapsed time tracking device, having led display which generally comprises a main container cap or cover, an electronic elapsed time counter with memory and user interface functions, a LCD display, a battery, and any associated electronic wiring, which when combined will provide the user with a new & novel way for a user to know when a prescription, vitamin, or other article was last removed from the container, which will assist users in timely self medication.04-21-2011
20100172218Smart shower, a motion activated shower timer and alarm with diversion related soundbytes for entertaining or informing used to conserve energy and water. - A sound device with a motion detector. The device is used to provide a diversion while user occupies the shower, at the same time keeping track of time and alarming the occupant when time has elapsed. For example: A minute after entering the shower, the timer automatically starts and a trivia question is posed to the occupant. The occupant then has a predefined amount of time to come up with the answer. Upon time lapse, the answer is provided with a gentle reminder that your time is over. Any other variations on this principle are possible.07-08-2010
20120120771ATHLETIC EVENT TIMING AND DISPLAY SYSTEMS - Presenting comparative timing data to the audience of a sports or other competition multiple within an event, where timing or scoring data is stored during each heat, compared between heats, and displayed. Timing data includes lap times, split times, or other timing information. Timing data from each heat can also be compared with historical timing records such as Olympic, NCAA, or other records. A computing device coupled to timing equipment, storage, and a display operate to gather and store timing data from each heat, compare the timing data to generate comparative timing data, and present the comparative timing data to attendees. A software application running on the computing device allows a user to select particular timing data to compare with the current event timing data. Video and biographical information about a given competitor in the event can also be presented to the user.05-17-2012
20120120770ALARM CLOCK AND ALARM SHUTDOWN METHOD THEREOF - In a face recognition-based method for an alarm clock, an alarm time of an alarm clock and a predetermined time period are received from a user and saved in the alarm clock. Upon detecting that a current time matches the alarm time, the alarm clock executes an alarm and directs a capture unit to capture at least one image of the user. If the least one image captured from the capture unit includes an open-eye image and the open-eye image exists after the predetermined time period, the alarm clock turns off the alarm automatically.05-17-2012
20120163133Timepiece and Urn Combination Device - An architecture is presented that provides an hourglass device that can be used as a decorative urn to allow users to display the remains of their loved one in a respectful manner, while also accommodating the storage of valuables in a surreptitious manner. The hourglass and urn combination device is preferably comprised of a base with a hidden compartment contained therein, a top, more than one pillar, a hourglass, and an hourglass support structure that permits the hourglass to rotate with respect thereto. The hourglass may be filled with sand, soil and/or the cremated remains of a loved one such as a family member, friend or pet, or the cremated remains may be stored in the secret compartment in the base with other valuables such as money, jewelry and the like.06-28-2012
20120163132Systems and Methods for Wirelessly Programming a Prescription Bottle Cap - Embodiments of the present invention provide systems and methods for wirelessly programming a prescription bottle cap. In an embodiment, the system includes a base station comprising an inductor and processor configured to receive prescription dosage instructions and instruct the inductor to alter a magnetic field in a manner representative of the prescription dosage instructions. In an embodiment, the system further includes a wirelessly programmable cap comprising a sensor configured to detect the magnetic field and to generate the prescription dosage information based on the magnetic field. A control unit is configured to instruct the wirelessly programmable cap to send an alert at a time designated by the prescription dosage information.06-28-2012
20090052283BOTTLE CAP MEDICATION TIMER - A disposable electronic timer in the form of a disk having a liquid crystal or similar display, adapted to be glued to a medication bottle cap. A lower major surface of the timer has an adhesive layer with a cover that can be peeled off to expose the adhesive so that the timer can be secured to the bottle cap. The upper major surface of the timer contains the timer display and a control button that in one mode starts the timer so that an alarm within the timer sounds after a preset time interval, and in another mode sets or resets the timer to a different preset time interval. Operating power is supplied by a battery within the timer.02-26-2009
20090059728EXPANDABLE USB DATA TERMINAL FOR TIME & ATTENDANCE AND DATA COLLECTION APPLICATIONS - A time and attendance device having an integrated USB hub and microcontroller is provided. An automated voice feature is provided that is controlled in response to user parameters. Also provided are a single target area having attention-getting illumination, proximity reader positioning, and transaction status indicators.03-05-2009
20120170423Timepiece With A Wireless Function - A timepiece with a radio function assures both a good appearance and antenna performance. The GPS wristwatch 07-05-2012
20120170424CLOCK SHOWER HEAD (AMENDED) - The present invention is provided with a clock shower head, which includes a hollow body, a hydroelectric generator, a storage battery, a clock processor, a clock displayer and a main control circuit; the hydroelectric generator, the storage battery, the clock processor and the main control circuit are disposed inside the sealing zone of the hollow body. The clock shower head have both the illuminating and time display function. People can watch the time when enjoying the shower, solving the problem of the clock dead zone when showering and enhancing the enjoyment of showering.07-05-2012
20120257478MEDICAL TRACKING CAP - The invention provides a container having a cap or lid including a tracking device for recording date, time, and elapsed time information, the container having opposite closed and open ends, and a cap able to be fixedly engaged with the open end of the container, the cap including a sensor for sensing closure of the container with the cap, and which initiates a digital display showing the time and day or opening and closing the container, and which tracks and displays the elapsed time since the container was last opened.10-11-2012
20120188851Electronic apparatus, timepiece device, pedometer, and program - Provided is a timepiece device that includes a time measurement portion which measures a time, wherein, when a measured time passes a predetermined target time, and when information indicating that there is an input from a user is input, the time measurement portion sets the time to zero and restarts the measurement of the time.07-26-2012
20120082007LASER DETECTION AND TIMING METHOD AND APPARATUS - Timing apparatus which may be in the form of a stop watch and which includes a laser beam transmitter for transmitting a laser beam and a detector for detecting a reflected laser beam reflected from objects for example runners intercepting the transmitted beam. The apparatus includes a processor for calculating elapsed time of movement of the runners and their finishing order from the reflected signals received by the detector.04-05-2012
20090016168Timepiece Device - A timepiece apparatus is described that includes a display area that is able to present different colors, a timing mechanism that is able to track the passage of time, a display mechanism that is able to change the color of the display area, wherein the color corresponds to a time period, and an interface for associating the color displayed with the time period, wherein the association is customizable by a user.01-15-2009
20090016167Time Adjustment Device, Timekeeping Device with a Time Adjustment Device, and a Time Adjustment Method - A time adjustment device has a reception unit that receives satellite signals transmitted from a positioning information satellite; a satellite signal processing unit that processes the satellite signal received by the reception unit and acquires at least satellite time information; a timekeeping unit that keeps time internally; and a time information adjustment unit that adjusts the internal time based on the satellite time information; wherein the reception unit and the satellite signal processing unit operate alternatively.01-15-2009
20120230154Shot Clock Device - A shot clock system wherein an indication of the shot clock signal is provided wirelessly to a basketball player to a personally mounted device. the personally mounted device is mechanically connected to the player and is located in her body, on her body and/or near her body. The sensory indication of the shot clock signal may be through any of the senses, such as sense of touch, sense of sight and/or sense of hearing.09-13-2012
20110122732USER INTERFACE FEATURES FOR A WATCH - A watch provides a chronographic function while the watch is in a “sport” mode. If a user activates a button relating to the chronographic function, such as a “start/lap” button, then the light for the watch will automatically activate. The light may remain active for a significantly long time, such as a period of six seconds or more. Alternately or additionally, if a user activates a button while the watch is in a “performance” or “sport” mode, then the light will automatically activate regardless of the button being activated. Still further, the chronographic function of the watch may be configured to not measure a lap time that is lower than a preset threshold value, such as, for example, three seconds.05-26-2011
20100254223ANNIVERSARY COUNTDOWN TIMEPIECE - Embodiments of the present invention relate to an electronic or mechanical timepiece, such as a clock or calendar, comprising: a user interface for allowing a user to enter a date; a timekeeping module unit connected to the user interface, wherein the timekeeping module calculates the time remaining to an anniversary of the date, a memory connected to the timekeeping module comprising a look-up table of gift information; and a display for displaying the calculated time remaining until the anniversary of the date together with gift information from the look-up table associated with the anniversary. By providing a countdown to an anniversary date together with associated gift information, for example, from a particular wedding anniversary gift list, a timepiece in accordance with the present invention provides additional, useful information over and above known countdown clocks.10-07-2010
20120320715SENSITIVITY ADJUSTMENT DEVICE, RADIO WAVE COMMUNICATION DEVICE AND WATCH - A sensitivity adjustment device adjusts radio wave sensitivity of an antenna which wirelessly transmits/receives a signal to/from an external device. The sensitivity adjustment device includes a case and a ring-shaped rotating member. The case houses the antenna. The rotating member is disposed on the outside of the case in such a way as to be rotatable. The rotating member includes (a) a shielding part which shields a radio wave and (b) a penetration part which allows penetration of a radio wave. A positional relationship between (a) the antenna and (b) the shielding part and the penetration part is changed by rotation of the rotating member so that the radio wave sensitivity of the antenna is adjusted.12-20-2012
20120269041LED LIGHT MEANS WITH TIME PIECE - An LED light with a time piece uses a simple light-medium body with a very rough finish to allow light from LED(s) to pass though input-end(s) of the light-medium body and travel within the body and obtain a very even brightness on all surfaces of the light medium that are seen by a viewer. The movement for the time display can include analog indicators with a built-in light-medium on the top cover to achieve a super slim LED illumination for the time piece. For night light application, the sealed-unit may consist of prong-means and an LED related circuit sealed within a safety standard plastic material and assembled with the night light body to save a lot of cost enable use of all kinds of materials. The invention may also be adapted to an LCD display timepiece.10-25-2012
20110235468Electronic Perpetual Calendar With Erasable And Tackable Surfaces - An electronic perpetual calendar erasable board with a tackable surface, such as a bulletin bar. In one embodiment, the calendar may include a front panel having a graphic that includes cells each representing a calendar day, e.g., a month grid of cells arranged in rows and columns or a weekly planner table with cells arranged in a row. The front panel may include a plurality of electronic displays so that the calendar is capable of displaying an accurate number and configuration of days for any month or week. Other embodiments may include a markable and erasable write-on/wipe-off surface and a frame that has a tackable surface integrated therein. The tackable surface may be cork, foam, fiber, or a composite.09-29-2011
20100177598Methods and Apparatuses for a Network Enabled Alarm Clock - An electronic alarm clock connected to one or more networks comprises: a network communications device, wherein the network device receives content from the networks; a touch screen; one or more speakers; and a local storage device, wherein a clock function is provided, wherein an alarm function is provided that plays user specified content at a user specified time on said screen and the speakers, and wherein a physical button is disposed on the clock to manage the alarm function during an alarm.07-15-2010
20100177597AROMA ALARM CLOCK - An aroma alarm clock includes an outer case in which are mounted a time setting module, an aroma module, and a power supply module. The outer case has a plurality of air inlets and a plurality of air outlets. The time setting module includes a plurality of button switches and a microcontroller chip. The aroma module has a fan and a fan cover. The fan is mounted to a first side of the fan cover and a container compartment is defined between the fan cover and the outer case for storing an aroma substance. The microcontroller chip is operated to control time display, alarm setting, aroma diffusion, time setting for releasing an aroma, and illumination. The air is drawn in the outer case, through the aroma substance in the container compartment and released out of the outer case at a preset time to wake up the user.07-15-2010
20080304365Method For Time Based Event Structure and Compliance - Processes to create events and record the time and date of events, records, schedules, and medication and lifestyle regimens, statically and dynamically, are provided.12-11-2008
20130010575SYSTEMS AND METHODS OF MANAGING ELECTRONIC CALENDAR APPLICATIONS - Described are systems and methods for reminding a user of a scheduled repeating event. A repeating event schedule record is generated in a calendar application corresponding to a repeating event. A reminder record is generated to inform a user of an approaching end of the repeating event. The repeating event schedule record is configured to include a link to the reminder record. The reminder record is accessed in response to the link being selected.01-10-2013
20110158051PRESENTATION APPARATUS AND CONTROL METHOD THEREOF - A presentation apparatus has an operating main body. The operating main body further includes a LED module and a control unit. The LED module is disposed on a surface of the operating main body. The control unit is electrically connected to the LED module, and controls the LED module to display a timing message in response to a timing signal, and then controls the LED module to display a warning message in response to a triggering signal when the timing signal exists, thereby achieving the objective that the presentation apparatus have multiple functions with low manufacturing cost.06-30-2011
20080225645User Interface Features For A Watch - A watch provides a chronographic function while the watch is in a “sport” mode. If a user activates a button relating to the chronographic function, such as a “start/lap” button, then the light for the watch will automatically activate. The light may remain active for a significantly long time, such as a period of six seconds or more. Alternately or additionally, if a user activates a button while the watch is in a “performance” or “sport” mode, then the light will automatically activate regardless of the button being activated. Still further, the chronographic function of the watch may be configured to not measure a lap time that is lower than a preset threshold value, such as, for example, three seconds.09-18-2008
20130128704CHILD BATHROOM REMINDER WITH PROGRAMMABLE VOICE MEMO - A child bathroom reminder device that includes a programmable voice memo function to encourage the child is disclosed. The bathroom reminder device generally includes a speaker, a display, and a memory configured and arranged to store a voice recording therein. A timing circuit is further provided to count to a settable time parameter. A function button to allow setting the time parameter, an increment button to increment the time parameter and a decrement button to decrease the time parameter are provided. A display circuit is further provided to display the time parameter on the display. An audio circuit is provided to play the voice recording stored in the memory through the speaker when the time parameter is reached. The timing circuit is reset and begins counting to the time parameter again once the time parameter is reached.05-23-2013
20100284251INFANT FEEDING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - An infant feeding management system automatically advances a next feeding alert time to a time that is equal to a feeding time interval plus a time elapsed between the previous feeding alert time and the time at which feeding actually begun. In this way, the interval between successive feeding alert times is varied to reflect actual feeding of the infant and thereby maintain a constant interval between actual infant feeding start times and feeding alert times.11-11-2010
20090086581HAND POSITION DETECTING DEVICE AND APPARATUS INCLUDING THE DEVICE - A detection unit detects light passing through apertures provided in a seconds wheel, a center wheel and an hour wheel, respectively, which rotate on the same axis. The apertures in the seconds wheel include a circular aperture provided at a reference position therein, and two apertures provided separated by corresponding arcuate apertures of different lengths from the aperture on its opposite sides, respectively. By counting the number of light non-detection events the detection unit encounters due to the light blocking area covering the detection unit, the rotational position of the seconds wheel is detected accurately and securely.04-02-2009
20110310706ALARM CLOCK SYSTEM - An alarm clock having a body alarm system and a satellite device is provided. The body alarm system includes a main control unit, a satellite connector, and a power supply, and the satellite device includes a satellite device satellite control unit, a body connector, an alarm signal unit, and a battery.12-22-2011
20110310705DIGITAL CLOCK WITH INTERNET CONNECTIVITY AND MULTIPLE RESTING ORIENTATIONS - A wedge-shaped digital clock wirelessly receives weather, traffic, and other information over the Internet for display along with the time of day. The clock is wedge-shaped so that it can rest in two orientations, one with the display tilted back slightly from vertical and one with the display substantially horizontal. An accelerometer can signal the orientation to an internal processor, which can flip the text on the display as appropriate for the user flipping or turning the housing upside down, for example.12-22-2011
20110317523MERGING CALENDAR ENTRIES - A method, operable on a processing device, for merging calendar entries may include receiving a plurality of calendar entries each associated with entry identification data. The method may also include comparing by the processing device at least a portion of the entry identification data associated with each of the calendar entries. The method may additionally include merging, by the processing device, the calendar entries based at least in part on comparing of at least the portion of the entry identification data associated with each of the at least two calendar entries. The method may further include comparing at least one time attribute associated with each of the calendar entries and comparing at least one textual attribute associated with each of the calendar entries and basing merging the calendar entries additionally on comparing the time attributes and the textual attributes.12-29-2011
20120020190Information processing apparatus, information to be browsed registration method, and recording medium - An information processing apparatus includes: a snooze button; an alarm stop button; an alarm processing unit that outputs the alarm at alarm time to be scheduled get-up time, resumes the alarm when manipulating the snooze button during the alarm after suspending the alarm for a predetermined period, stops the alarm when manipulating the alarm stop button during the alarm, and stops, when manipulating the alarm stop button during the suspension of the alarm, resuming the alarm after suspending the alarm; a computing unit that calculates, when stopping the alarm or stopping resumption of the alarm at the alarm processing unit, a get-up index based on the number of times to manipulate the snooze button from the start of the alarm to the manipulation of the alarm stop button; and a registration unit that registers the get-up index as the information to be browsed in the server.01-26-2012
20120092966CLOCK DEVICE AND METHOD FOR PROCESSING A CLOCK DEVICE - The present invention relates to a clock device and a method for processing a clock device, wherein the clock device comprises a control unit which operates a display unit in a first operating mode or in a second operating mode, wherein the display unit displays the exact current time in the second operating mode and fades out the exact current time in the first operating mode.04-19-2012

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