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362 - Illumination

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362418000 Adjustable light support 91
362396000 Clamp or hook 48
362398000 Magnetic 20
362433000 Modifier support 17
362431000 Pole or post type support 15
362404000 Ceiling-suspended support 14
362432000 Wall type arm or bracket support 13
362392000 Imitation candle support 11
362410000 Standard-type support (e.g., table or floor lamp) 11
362386000 Electromagnetic operator controls movable light support 8
362394000 Special switch operator 3
20110013407READING LIGHT - A reading light includes a light emitting diode (LED) capable of emitting light, a transparent pressable member, and a flexible printed circuit board capable of connecting a power supply to the LED. When the pressable member is at a normal state, the flexible printed circuit is disconnects the LED from the power supply to power off the LED. When the pressable member is at a depressed state, the flexible printed circuit electrically connects the LED to the power supply to powered on the LED.01-20-2011
20120268955LAMP HOLDER STRUCTURE WITH UNIVERSAL ACCOMMODATING SLOT - The present invention relates to a lamp holder structure comprising a main body having a universal accommodating slot and an accommodating space concavely formed at the top and the bottom of the main body respectively, and a first electrically conductive plate and a second electrically conductive plate both installed at the top of the main body proximate to the universal accommodating slot, wherein the second electrically conductive plate is electrically coupled with a lamp holder base contained in the accommodating space, a metal spring plate is embedded into the main body, and a pressing element is contained in the universal accommodating slot and can be rotated or moved back and forth in the universal accommodating slot for pressing against a flange of the metal spring plate, such that the metal spring plate can be electrically coupled to or detached from the first electrically conductive plate.10-25-2012
20090059606Removable LED light device - The removable LED track light device has plurality of LED light-units fit within track means. At least one of LED element(s) are fit within the LED light-unit geometric construction and element(s) electric poles are connected with conductive mean, resilient conductive means, contact means, bus means to build the electric signal(s) deliver from the preferred AC or DC power source, circuit means, switch means, sensor means, timer means, control means to element(s) to make desired light function for illumination. The said LED-units have geometric construction and space to allow element(s) fix on position or incorporated with reflector means to make the said reflector means can be rotating, swivel, tilt by rotating means. LED light-unit incorporate with bracket means to arrange LED element assembly away from the LED light-unit base which has variety different construction and polarization consideration to make the contact means to fit within track means. Hanging means or other electric device also can add on the said LED light-unit or LED light device or increase more practical extra functions.03-05-2009
362390000 Shock absorbing 3
20130077325DAMPENER - A dampener configured to augment the mounting of a lamp in a socket by resisting displacement of the lamp relative to the socket. The dampener is made from a material able to absorb vibrations and to reduce or prevent vibrations in the lamp. The dampener is made in one piece or more pieces, wherein each piece is interposable in whole or in part between the socket and the lamp base to insulate the lamp in whole or part against the vibration translated through the socket or surrounding air.03-28-2013
20120182747Lighting System for an Architectural Surface Structure - Lighting fixtures for attachment to architectural surface structures are adapted to hold light sources. The lighting fixtures may include a base plate and mounting brackets. Clamps are provided that may bias the light source in either the forward or rearward direction. The clamps may include spring arms that center the light source within the fixture in addition to retaining the light source in place. The fixtures may further accommodate overlying structures, such as lenses. The lighting fixtures facilitate use with a variety of different architectural structures and formation in various shapes.07-19-2012
20100124066COLD CATHODE FLUORESCENT LAMP LIGHTING DEVICE - A cold cathode fluorescent lamp lighting device includes a light guiding cover having a recess, a cold cathode fluorescent lamp disposed in the recess, and a covering member fitted on the recess of the light guiding cover. The cold cathode fluorescent lamp is provided with at least a cushion. The surface of the covering member is coated with viscose to secure the covering member to the light guiding cover. The cushion and viscose provide dual shock absorption, preventing the cold cathode fluorescent lamp from cracking because of collision.05-20-2010
362397000 Suction cup 3
20090103317Portable service light - A portable lamp including at least one light source and a body having a generally symmetrical bowl-like inner surface and a rim on said inner surface, said rim extending about a central axis that is perpendicular to a plane intersecting said rim, said light source being supported in said body to project a beam away from said inner surface such that the light beam is directed at an angle to the central axis and through said rim of the body, whereby the direction of the beam beyond said rim may be controlled by rotating said body about the central axis and effectively scanning the beam in a cone-like pattern extending outward of said rim. The body is constructed as a suction holding device by having at least the immediate edge of the body surrounding the rim made of a flexible material so the rim can then be pressed against a substantially rigid window pane or the like supported in a window of a structure, to create a negative pressure sufficient to hold the lamp on the pane. The interior surface of the dome-like part of the body may be light reflective to function as a reflector and assisting in directing emitted light.04-23-2009
20100290239ILLUMINATING DEVICE WITH ADHESIVE SHROUD - An illuminating device for attachment to a translucent/transparent surface is disclosed. The device comprises a suction cup comprising an inner adhering surface; and a light source positioned towards a centre of the suction cup such that when the inner adhering surface is pressed against the translucent surface, light emitted by the light source propagates through the translucent/transparent surface. There is also disclosed a method for attaching a light-emitting device to a translucent/transparent non-porous surface by developing a suction force.11-18-2010
362417000 Harp type support 2
20100110704Extensible harps - An adjustable harp for use in supporting a shade on a lamp, wherein a sleeve is provided on said harp in a generally vertical attitude. A slot is formed in the sleeve with indentations in said slot and a lower leg is slidable in the sleeve to position a tang on the lower leg in a selected indentation to thereby determine the length of the harp.05-06-2010
20100014300Lamps and harp adaptor apparatuses for use with loop light shades - An adaptor or an original lamp. The adaptor is used with a lamp having a light bulb to better mount a loop-type lamp shade thereon. The adaptor has a harp assembly with harp sections that extend from a mounting ring or collar that fits about the head of the lamp. The collar can be eliminated when the apparatus is built in to the lamp head during manufacture. The adapter allows support of the lamp shade by both the loops and using a harp to thus reduce tilting or other disorientation of the lamp shade.01-21-2010
362388000 Convertible support 2
20090251903Lighting Fixture Iris Positioning Apparatus - A positioning apparatus for theatrical lighting equipment. In particular, an apparatus that allows an operator to control the direction of the light beam from a lighting fixture and simultaneously control an iris attached to the lighting fixture.10-08-2009
20090135614Fluorescent Stick Holding Seat - A fluorescent stick holding seat includes a sphere having three recesses in the same shape. The recesses are adapted to hold fluorescent sticks securely. The axes of the fluorescent sticks are crisscrossed with each other so that the fluorescent sticks are able to stand at a desired position. This enhances the fun of the fluorescent stick decoration and is not subject to the environment, standing steadily and providing a warning sign outdoors.05-28-2009
362399000 Handle or bail 2
20090310375HANDLE FOR LIGHT FIXTURE - A light fixture having a head, a yoke and a base, the yoke having handles for carrying the light fixture. Placing the handle at the upper part of the yoke is very efficient if the light fixture is to be carried. Access to these handles is possible directly in a flight case because there is sufficient space for getting access to the handles above the yoke. In terms of small light fixtures, an individual can easily carry the light fixture by these handles and safely lift the light fixture from a flight case. In the case of very large light fixtures, two individuals can lift the fixture from both sides of a flight case and can carry the light fixture by the handles. By placing the handles as high as possible in relation to the light fixture, the light fixture can be carried in a very stable manner.12-17-2009
20130021807Lamp Unit - A lamp unit 01-24-2013
362391000 Line-wire or cable-attaching support 2
20100182796CABLES FIXING APPARATUS FOR BACKLIGHT MODULE - A cables fixing apparatus for a backlight module includes a rear frame having a leading-out area in a side edge provided with a plurality of protrusions thereof; a lamp cable led out from said leading-out area; and a mold frame provided with a plurality of crooks, wherein each of said crooks faces one of said protrusions on said side edge of said rear frame so as to define a cable groove, and said lamp cable is accommodated and fixed in said cable groove along an edge of said rear frame. These protrusions of the rear frame and these crooks of the mold frame are utilized to arrange and fix the lamp cable in the cable groove to avoid the fracturing problem of solder joint of lamp and prevent the interference as assembling because of the displacement issue of the lamp cable.07-22-2010
20130155702LIGHTING APPARATUS - A lighting apparatus is disclosed. The lighting apparatus includes an emitter having a plasma bulb and a driver which provides an RF signal to the emitter to drive the plasma bulb. The lighting apparatus may be used for various applications including illuminating plants and organisms in an aquatic environment, growing plants, facility lighting, and other applications.06-20-2013
362401000 Counterbalanced support 1
20120195055LIGHTING FIXTURE WITH ADJUSTING WEIGHT STRUCTURE - A lighting fixture includes a main arm and a cantilever that is attached to main arm. The cantilever has mounted at one end a lamp and at the other end a weight. The cantilever is mounted to the main arm. The weight is attached to the cantilever in such a way as to allow the cantilever to rotate so at to cause to the lamp to move from one position to another position.08-02-2012
362389000 Antislipping 1
20120057360Integrated Illumination Device Mount - Embodiments include a method and apparatus for an integrated illumination device mount and for mounting the integrated illumination device and mount to a firearm or helmet. In some embodiments, the integrated illumination device mount is a low profile mount. In some embodiments, the integrated illumination device mount allows rigid mounting of an illumination device to a rail of a firearm. In other embodiments, the integrated illumination device allows pivotal mounting of the illumination device to a rail of a firearm. In yet other embodiments, the integrated illumination device mount allows pivotal mounting of the illumination device to a rail of a helmet.03-08-2012
362387000 With flexible power-cord storage member 1
20120236580LUMINAIRE - A luminaire includes a first body module, a light module, a second body module, a wire-receiving unit, and a wire. The light module is disposed on said first body module. The second body module is movable telescopically relative to the first body module. The wire has two ends respectively and electrically connected to the first and second body modules, and a portion that is received within the wire-receiving unit and that is movable at least partially into or out of the wire-receiving unit as a result of adjusting the length of the luminaire, thereby preventing entanglement of the wire.09-20-2012
362384000 Moving mass control movable light support 1
20100328962Movable multi-directional light stand - A movable multi-directional light stand is revealed. The movable multi-directional light stand includes a retractable top support rod that can be received into and connected with a hollow middle support rod. The top support rod is disposed with a mounting slot on a wall, along an axial direction thereof. A sleeve with external threads is disposed around the top of the top support rod and is arranged with a guiding slot corresponding to the mounting slot of the top support rod. A retractable light rod is pivoted to the wall of the top support rod that is disposed with the mounting slot. The retractable light rod is formed by a hollow outer tube and an inner tube that slides in the outer tube and having a hook. The light stand further includes an adjustment nut with threads engaging corresponding external threads of the sleeve so that the adjustment nut can support the outer tube, locate the retractable light rod in the mounting slot and adjust the height of the light. Thereby the light stand is retractable and rotatable in a horizontal plane so as to illuminate in different directions.12-30-2010
20130044500ELECTRONICS HOUSING FOR A LAMP, SEMICONDUCTOR LAMP AND METHOD FOR CASTING AN ELECTRONICS HOUSING FOR A LAMP - In various embodiments, an electronics housing for a lamp is provided, wherein an electronics printed circuit board is accommodated in an accommodating area surrounded by the electronics housing, and the electronics housing has an elongate channel, the channel connecting an outer side of the electronics housing to the accommodating area and extending substantially parallel to and offset with respect to the electronics printed circuit board.02-21-2013
20080259615Surface mounted device with LED light - The surface mounted device has LED light has build-in or added-on LED light fit within device with its preferred parts and accessories may selected from group combination from power source, circuit means, conductive means, switch means, sensor means, Integrated Circuit(IC), LED elements in variety specification, timer means, solar power, AC power and parts, DC power and parts to get the desired light effects, function, performance under pre-determined color, brightness, duration, function, light show to make desire area illumination by power saving LED light.10-23-2008
20130083547LIGHT EMITTING DIODE BULB - A light emitting diode (LED) bulb includes a lamp seat for connecting the LED bulb to an external power source, a rotatable member rotatably connected to the lamp seat, two holders fixed to the rotatable member and a lamp head pivotally connecting with the holders. The rotatable member is rotatable around a first axis. The lamp head is rotatable around a second axis. The second axis is unparallel to the first axis. Thus, an illumination angle of the lamp head can be adjusted with respect to the lamp seat along two planes. An LED module is attached to the lamp head.04-04-2013
20100073945Supporting stand with illuminating capability - A supporting stand with an illuminating capability includes: a base and a light-emitting device. The base has a first plate and a second plate extending from the first plate. An accommodating space is formed between the first plate and the second plate. The light-emitting device is provided at the front end of the second plate and separated from the first plate so as to generate a certain height. Via the above arrangement, a user puts a portable computer on the second plate of the base. The light-emitting device illuminates an external peripheral device connected to the portable computer. When the external peripheral device is not in use, it can be accommodated in the accommodating space without occupying space on a desk.03-25-2010
20130077324DEVICE FOR SECURING A SOURCE OF LED LIGHT TO A HEAT SINK SURFACE - A device for securing a source of LED light to a heat sink includes a LED light source engaging surface that is arranged and configured to engage a least a portion of a the source of LED light and which is provided with an integrated force applying spring.03-28-2013
20130039078LIGHT EMITTING DEVICE ARRAY AND LIGHT SYSTEM - Embodiments are about light emitting devices array. The light emitting device array according to embodiments may include a printed circuit board including a base layer, a first protection layer which is in contact with at least one surface of the base layer, an insulating layer disposed on the base layer, and a conduction layer disposed on the insulating layer and a light emitting device package mounted on the conduction layer, wherein the base layer includes iron (Fe).02-14-2013
20130033880LAMP TUBE SOCKET STRUCTURE - A lamp tube socket structure includes a base, an elastic element, an abutting element, a cover and a metal clip, and the base has an actuating portion, a support pillar extended transversally from the actuating portion and comprised of two wings, and an elastic element is contained in the support pillar, and the abutting element is passed and installed to the two wings of the support pillar and pushed by the elastic element, and the cover has a covering portion, an embedding hole formed on the covering portion, and the cover is combined with the base, and a metal clip containing portion is formed between the covering portion and the actuating portion.02-07-2013
20130033881LIGHTING DEVICE - A lighting device includes: a light source module; a heat dissipation section accommodating a power-source circuit section for driving the light source module; and a base provided on a part of the heat dissipation section, wherein a cavity is formed in each of the heat dissipation section and the base, and a gas layer exists around circuit components such as a power-source circuit component and a heat generation component of the power-source circuit section, and at least the cavity of the base is filled with a thermosetting resin.02-07-2013
20130033879METHOD FOR ASSEMBLING AT LEAST ONE CHIP USING A FABRIC, AND FABRIC INCLUDING A CHIP DEVICE - A method for assembling a device on two substantially parallel taut threads. The device includes an electronic chip and two substantially parallel grooves open on opposite sides of the device. The distance separating the grooves corresponds to the distance separating the threads. The device presents a penetrating shape along an axis perpendicular to the plane of the grooves, having a base at the level of the grooves and an apex of smaller size than the distance separating the threads. The method includes the steps consisting in placing the apex of the device between the two threads; in moving the device between the two threads resulting in the threads being separated from one another by the penetrating shape of the device; and in continuing movement of the device until the threads penetrate into the grooves reverting to their initial separation distance.02-07-2013
20130077323LAMP HOLDER OF LED PROJECTION LAMP - A lamp holder of an LED projection lamp includes a heat dissipation pipe, a heat dissipation fin unit, a heat dissipation tray, and a lampshade. The heat dissipation fin unit includes a plurality of heat dissipation fins surrounding and coupled to the heat dissipation pipe. One end of the heat dissipation pipe is tightly connected to the heat dissipation tray to form a specious accommodation surface to accommodate a plurality of LED illumination units therein. The heat dissipation tray is further connected with the lampshade to constitute the lamp holder of the LED projection lamp which can be coupled with more LED illumination units.03-28-2013
20130083549LED LIGHTING DEVICE AND LED LUMINAIRE - According to one embodiment, the device main body includes a main body portion, a protruding portion, and a heat conducting portion. The main body portion has an opening on one end side and has a wall portion on the other end side that is opposite to the opening side. The protruding portion protrudes from the wall portion and an inside thereof continues into the main body portion. The heat conducting portion has one end side thereof protruding from the wall portion toward the opening and has the other end side thereof connected to the protruding portion in a way that enables heat conduction. The light emitting unit is connected to the one end side of the heat conducting portion in a way that enables heat conduction. The lighting unit is housed inside the device main body and a portion of the lighting circuit component is arranged inside the protruding portion.04-04-2013
20130083548LIGHT HEAD AND LAMP USING THE SAME AND ASSEMBLING METHOD OF LIGHT HEAD - A light head, a lamp using the light head, and an assembling method of the light head are provided. The lamp includes the light head, a circuit board, a light source, and a light cover. The circuit board is disposed on the light head and electrically connected to the light source. The light cover is assembled to the light head. The circuit board and the light source are located in the light cover. The light head includes a first assembling element, a second assembling element, first pins, and a second pin. The first assembling element has an axial direction and a radial direction. The second and first assembling elements are telescoped and are coaxial. The first pins pass through the first assembling element along the axial direction, and the second pin passes through the first and second assembling elements along the radial direction.04-04-2013
20090154176ELECTRONIC COMPONENT AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING SAME - In an electronic component (06-18-2009
20100110703LIGHTING APPARATUS - A lighting apparatus including a base, a light emitting unit, and a conducting wire is provided. The base includes a bottom board and a side frame. The bottom board has a first surface, a second surface, a recess, a first through hole, and a second through hole. The recess is located at the second surface. The first through hole and the second through hole are located at the recess and pass through the bottom board. The side frame is disposed on the first surface. The light emitting unit is disposed on the first surface. An end of the conducting wire is electrically connected to the light emitting unit. The conducting wire extends from the first surface to the recess through the first through hole, and extends from the recess to an outer side of the first surface through the second through hole.05-06-2010
20120182746LED LIGHT BAR AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THE SAME - An LED light bar includes a plurality of LEDs and a circuit board supporting the LEDs. Solder points are formed on a bottom surface of the LEDs. An anti-solder layer is coated on the circuit board so as to create a plurality of discrete anti-solder pads. A first tenon which is formed on each of the LEDs locates in a void in a corresponding one of the anti-solder pads so as to position the LEDs precisely on the circuit board and maintain their positions.07-19-2012
20120182745Electroluminescent Panels Adaptable For Electronic Devices - An electroluminescent (EL) display kit is designed to removably attach to a host device, such as the outside top cover of a conventional laptop computer or the back of a cell phone, texting device, or handheld electronic pad. The EL display draws its electrical power from the host device through an adapter cable. In the laptop kit, the EL display is powered and controlled by a USB cable which secretes into one of the USB ports of the laptop computer. The EL display conveys a variety of both static and dynamic visual information to a viewer. In a second embodiment the EL display is integrated into the laptop computer during the OEM manufacturing process. In a third embodiment a consumer may design, manufacture, and assemble his own artwork in the EL display which is then attached to a laptop computer or another host electronic device.07-19-2012
20130070466METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR MANUFACTURING AND DEPLOYING HIGHLY EFFICIENT LIGHT EMITTING DIODE AND COMMUNICATIONS TECHNOLOGIES - The present invention relates to the development of a method and system for manufacturing and deploying light emitting diode (“LED”) technology in a highly efficient manner. Devices of the invention include a printed circuit board with a heat sink and at least one LED insertion site and optionally a wireless communication device to control operation of the LED.03-21-2013
20130070465HEAT CONDUCTIVE DEVICE FOR A LIGHT-EMITTING DIODE - A heat conductive device for an LED has a heat sink and an LED carrier tightly fitted in the heat sink. The LED carrier has a mounting portion formed on one end thereof and having a first heat-conducting surface formed on a top of the mounting portion, and a heat-conducting portion formed along a perimeter of the mounting portion and having a second heat-conducting surface formed on the periphery of the heat-conducting portion. The first and second heat-conducting surfaces contact the engagement portion of the heat sink so that heat generated by LED operation is conducted to the heat sink through the heat-conducting portion, the first heat-conducting surface and the second heat-conducting surface. With the second heat-conducting surface of the LED carrier, heat can be more efficiently conducted to the heat sink and LEDs can be operated at an adequate operating temperature to prolong their life duration.03-21-2013
20130070467ILLUMINATION DEVICE - An illumination device includes a light emitting panel and a device body to which the light emitting panel is detachably attached. The light emitting panel has a rear surface serving as a first curved surface. The device body has a surface serving as a second curved surface conforming to the first curved surface. An attachment portion for attaching/detaching the light emitting panel to/from the device body to slide along the first curved surface or the second curved surface is provided on one of the rear surface of the light emitting panel facing the device body and surface of the device body facing the light emitting panel. A groove portion for enabling the attachment portion to slide is provided on the other of the rear surface of the light emitting panel facing the device body and the surface of the device body facing the light emitting panel.03-21-2013
20130051038LED LIGHTING DEVICE AND STREETLIGHT DEVICE HAVING SAME - An LED lighting device includes: an LED module; a thermal base coupled with the LED module and configured to absorb heat; and a heat-pipe loop formed in a tubule shape and having working fluid injected thereinto and comprising a heat-absorption portion coupled with the thermal base and configured to absorb heat and a heat-dissipating portion configured to dissipate the heat absorbed by the heat-absorption portion, wherein each coil of the heat-pipe loop is formed in a thin and long shape, and one side of the thin-and-long coil is coupled to the thermal base, and the other side of the thin-and-long coil is protruded to an outside from an edge of the thermal base.02-28-2013
20100097812Structure of the decoration lamp string - A new structure of decoration lamp string includes a changeable frame having the elements of an upper support, a lower support and several frame rods. The upper and lower supports are all set with jointing rods and jointing seat, and are sleeve-connected to from a stretchable shape in relative direction. The jointing seat is used to separately connect-set the pivoting parts in both ends of each frame rods on the pivoting grooves of the jointing seat to form a rotatable status. By utilizing the relative expansion and contraction between the upper and lower supports, each frame rod is braced to form the three-dimensional circular frames with each kind of varied shapes. And, it can further link and set the lamp strings on each frame rods to form the decoration lamp strings with three-dimensional frame modeling.04-22-2010
20130058109Lighting Apparatus and Light-Emitting Element Substrate Having Stress Absorbing Means - A substrate having a plurality of light-emitting elements mounted thereon is described. The substrate may be mounted in a lighting apparatus. In some examples, the substrate may include a surface on which a plurality of light-emitting elements are mounted and stress absorbing elements arranged on imaginary straight lines connecting portions for mounting the substrate with each other.03-07-2013
20110038167Optics Support Structures with Tapered Walls - A display module having one or more outer walls configured to house an array of optical component stacks, where the one or more outer walls are configured to support a transparent support structure spanning the array of optical component stacks, and where an upper portion of the one or more outer walls in contact with the transparent support structure is tapered.02-17-2011
20110013406LIGHT EMITTING DIODE (LED) CIRCUIT BOARD WITH MULTI-DIRECTIONAL ELECTRICAL CONNECTION - The present invention provides a light emitting diode (LED) circuit board with a multi-directional electrical connection. The board includes a board body with a surface and an assembly plane as well as four sides and corresponding corners, and a plurality of positive and negative electric contacts, separately arranged onto the surface of the board body nearby four sides, and also arranged at intervals. The circuit of the LED circuit board is simplified, helping to facilitate multi-directional electrical connection and expansion, and to improve significantly the paving efficiency of the LED circuit board with better practicability and industrial benefits.01-20-2011
20130094229Mounting device for lighting sources - A device for mounting lighting sources on a substrate includes a mounting frame provided with fixing formations for fixing on the substrate, the mounting frame defining a cavity for receiving the lighting source which rests on the substrate. A locking member may be provided which can be positioned in the cavity of the mounting frame to urge said lighting source toward the substrate. At least one of the mounting frame and the locking member may include at least one retaining formation for the lighting source, including one or more pins extending into corresponding openings in the lighting source, and/or one or more elastic fins extending from the mounting frame to elastically contact the lighting source.04-18-2013
20120224381LIGHT SOURCE DEVICE - An LED lamp 09-06-2012
20130063959LIGHT BAR FIXING DEVICE AND HELICAL SPRING - A light bar fixing device comprises a light bar defining a through-hole and a heat dissipation mechanism defining a threaded hole corresponding to the through-hole. The light bar fixing device further comprises a helical spring having a pitch identical to that of the threaded hole. A columnar body of the helical spring is adapted to be threaded into the threaded hole, and an outer diameter of a stop end of the helical spring is greater than that of the columnar body. By threading the helical spring into the threaded hole, the light bar can be securely connected to the heat dissipation mechanism with a clearance therebetween being reduced. Also, the light bar can dissipate heat evenly via the heat dissipation mechanism to allow a uniform temperature distribution in the light bar, thus resulting in a desirable light emitting effect and a prolonged service life of the light bar.03-14-2013
20130063958LAMP HEAT DISSIPATING DEVICE, AND HEAT DISSIPATING ASSEMBLY THEREOF - In a lamp heat dissipating device and a heat dissipating assembly mounted onto a lamp base, the heat dissipating device includes a heat conducting base, a U-shaped heat pipe, and a heat dissipating body. The heat conducting base includes a groove formed on a surface of the heat conducting base. The U-shaped heat pipe includes an evaporation section and two condensation sections, and the evaporation section is combined into a groove. The heat dissipating body includes a circular cylinder and a plurality of hollow heat dissipating cylinders. The circular cylinder includes two containing grooves provided for inserting two condensation sections respectively, and the heat dissipating cylinders are arranged into a circular shape with a gap from one another and installed on an external side of the circular cylinder to increase the heat conducting area and heat dissipating area so as to improve the heat dissipating efficiency.03-14-2013
20130163261ILLUMINATION DEVICE AND CONNECTOR - An illumination device comprises a support plate 06-27-2013
20090237946LIGHT FIXTURE COUPLING SYSTEM - A light fixture coupling system includes a plurality of lamp housings, a plurality of elongated wireways, and a mounting plate. The plurality of elongated wireways each includes a proximal end and a distal end, each of the distal ends coupled with a corresponding lamp housing. The mounting plate is positioned within each of the proximal ends, is used to couple each of the proximal ends together relative to one another, and is configured for being used to selectively move the proximal ends away from the mounting plate to align the proximal ends relative to one another.09-24-2009
20120113656LIGHT-EMITTING DIODE - A light-emitting diode element includes: an n-type conductive layer 05-10-2012
20120236579FLEXIBLE WIRING MODULE AND FLEXIBLE WIRING DEVICE - According to one embodiment, a flexible wiring module includes a flexible wiring board including a plurality of electrical wirings, a through slit configured to divide the wiring board into a plurality of fins, and a bundling region configured to bundle the plurality of wiring fins. The through slit divides a wiring region of the wiring board into a plurality of wiring fins including a first wiring fin and a second wiring fin having electrical wiring width larger than that of the first wiring fin. The bundling region bundles a laminated portion having at least a portion of the wiring fins laminated in a thickness direction and bundles the fins to cause the second wiring fin to be arranged on at least one of the upper and lower layers of the first wiring fin.09-20-2012
20100008095LIGHT SOURCE MODULE - A light source module is provided. The light source module includes a light emitting element; a module substrate on which the light emitting element is mounted; a support member comprising a position reference section; and a fixing member which fixes the module substrate to the support member. The module substrate includes a positioning section which determines a position of the module substrate; and a displacement force generation section which imparts a displacement force onto the module substrate so as to bring the positioning section into contact with the position reference section of the support member when the fixing member is fastened to the support member.01-14-2010
20120294015Powered Base for a Lamp - Embodiments of a base for a lamp are shown and described, said base including a base member, having an attachment member adapted to attach a combined adjustable arm and lamp to the base member, wherein said base member has a mass sufficient to support the combined adjustable arm and lamp in all possible orientations; at least one outlet module housed in the base member; and a printed circuit board disposed within the base member, said printed circuit electrically connected to a household power outlet, said printed circuit board adapted to electrically connect the at least one outlet module to the household power supply, and wherein said printed circuit board includes a transformer adapted to transform the household power supply into an output power suitable for powering the lamp, and wherein the transformer is electrically connected to the lamp.11-22-2012
20120087140Light Module - A light module is disclosed. The light module includes a first printed circuit board, a second printed circuit board, a light source, and a fixing casing, wherein the first printed circuit board and the second printed circuit board each has a fixing part, and the fixing part of the second printed board is attached to the fixing part of the first printed board. The light source is disposed on the first printed circuit board to couple to the first printed board and the second printed board. The fixing casing has a contact surface. When the fixing casing is fixed onto the fixing parts of the second printed circuit board and the first printed circuit board, the contact surface contacts the fixing part so that the second printed circuit board is clamped between the contact surface and the first printed circuit board.04-12-2012
20110299292Flexirigid support plate - In various embodiments, a rigid-flex mounting board for at least one semiconductor light source is provided. The mounting board may include at least one rigid support region configured to mount the at least one semiconductor light source; and a flexible support region, wherein the flexible support region has been produced by thinning of a rigid support region.12-08-2011
20110299291MULTI-LAMP FLUORESCENT LIGHTING FIXTURE APPARATUS AND WIRING METHOD - A fluorescent lamp fixture apparatus (12-08-2011
20100033977Spotlight for illumination in film, studio, event or theatre environments - A spotlight for illumination in film, studio, event or theatre environments, with an electrical terminal for connecting the spotlight to a supply line for supplying electricity to the spotlight, is provided. The electrical terminal is rotatably mounted on the spotlight and can be matched in terms of its alignment, so as to connect the spotlight to the supply line. The position of the electrical terminal can be matched in dependence on the arrangement of the spotlight, in order to supply the electric supply line to the spotlight from different directions.02-11-2010
20100033976HEAT DISSIPATION MODULE FOR LIGHT EMITTING DIODE - A dissipation module for a light emitting diode includes a substrate, a printed circuit board, and a heat sink. The substrate has electrode sheets on which the light emitting diode is electrically mounted. The printed circuit board includes an upper surface and a bottom surface. The printed circuit board defines plated through holes passing from the upper surface to the bottom surface, and mounts on the substrate with the bottom surface in contact with the upper surface. The heat sink connects to the bottom surface of the printed circuit board through a conductive layer.02-11-2010
20090109691BENT FIXING STRUCTURE FOR LIGHT EMITTING COMPONENT - A bent fixing structure for fixing at least one pin of a light emitting component, such as a light emitting diode (LED). The bent fixing structure has a fixing part and a bent installation part. The fixing part is connected to the pin, and is used for fixing the light emitting component on the bent fixing structure. The bent installation part is connected to the fixing part, and an included angle between the fixing part and the bent installation part is unequal to 180 degrees.04-30-2009
20120268954LIGHTING DEVICE - The lighting device includes: a heat radiating part provided with a cavity that accommodates a part of a plurality of drive circuit components driving a light source module; and a base part provided with a cavity that accommodates another part (e.g., a transistor) of the drive circuit components. Then, the drive circuit components are accommodated in the cavity of the heat radiating part and the cavity of the base part.10-25-2012
20130215627ELECTRONIC UNIT BASE AND ELECTRONIC MODULE AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE USING THE SAME - The electronic unit base includes a body and a first conducting layer. The body includes a supporting face, a bottom face, and a first incline. The supporting face and the bottom face are disposed on the opposite sides of the body. The first incline is disposed on one side of the body between the supporting face and the bottom face, wherein the first incline and the bottom face substantially have a first angle. The first conducting layer is disposed on the supporting face and extends toward the first incline, wherein the first conducting layer covers a portion of the supporting face and a portion of the first incline.08-22-2013
20130215628PREPREG, LAMINATE, METAL FOIL-CLAD LAMINATE, CIRCUIT BOARD AND LED MODULE - A laminate with superior thermal conductivity, heat resistance, drill workability, and fire retardancy is provided. In a prepreg obtained by impregnating a woven or nonwoven fabric base with a thermosetting resin composition, the thermosetting resin composition contains 80 to 200 parts by volume of an inorganic filler per 100 parts by volume of a thermosetting resin, the inorganic filler contains (A) gibbsite type aluminum hydroxide particles having an average particle diameter (D08-22-2013
20110170303CHIP PACKAGE AND FABRICATION METHOD THEREOF - A chip package includes a substrate having an upper, a lower, a first side, and a second side surfaces, a chip having a first and a second electrodes, a first trench extending from the upper surface toward the lower surface and from the first side surface toward an inner portion of the substrate, a first conducting layer overlying a sidewall of the first trench and electrically connecting the first electrode, which is not coplanar with the first side surface and separated from the first side surface by a first distance, a second trench extending from the upper surface toward the lower surface and from the second side surface toward the inner portion, and a second conducting layer overlying a sidewall of the second trench and electrically connecting the second electrode, which is not coplanar with the second side surface and separated from the second side surface by a second distance.07-14-2011
20120106177CONNECTOR FOR CONNECTING A COMPONENT TO A HEAT SINK - A connector (05-03-2012
20120106176LIGHTING APPARATUS - The present disclosure relates to a lighting apparatus that includes a light engine that is coupled to a heat sink. The light engine provides a light source that generates light, and heat that is generated by the light source is dissipated, at least in part, via the heat sink.05-03-2012
20090284978SUPPORT STRUCTURE FOR AN LED DISPLAY SYSTEM - A display system, a light emitting tile, and a method of constructing a display system are provided. In one embodiment, a display system comprises a support structure having a plurality of attachment members, and a plurality of tiles. Each of the plurality of tiles has an attachment point configured to couple to one of the plurality of attachment members. Furthermore, at least one of the plurality of tiles includes at least one connection configured to couple and align the at least one of the plurality of tiles to another one of the plurality of tiles.11-19-2009
20120294017LED Connector and Lighting Device - A light emitting diode (LED) connector for connecting to a LED module has a connector board, a module contact and an electrical wire connection section. The connector board has an opening exposing a light emitting section of the LED module, and a trace formed on a contact surface thereof facing the LED module. The connector board covers a portion of the LED module. The module contact on the contact surface is electrically connected to the trace and electrically connectable with a contact pad of the LED module. The electrical wire connection section on the contact surface, is electrically connected to the trace and electrically connectable with an electrical wire.11-22-2012
20120294019SUPPORT FOR MOUNTING LIGHT-EMITTING ELEMENT, AND LIGHT-EMITTING DEVICE - To provide a support for mounting a light-emitting element, which has excellent heat dissipation properties, and of which damage of the base plate or the decrease in hermetic by heat are suppressed even when a high power light-emitting element is mounted.11-22-2012
20120294018LED ILLUMINATION APPARATUS AND MANUFACTURING METHOD THEREOF - The present invention relates to an LED illumination apparatus and a manufacturing method thereof. The LED illumination apparatus according to one embodiment of the present invention comprises: a body in which a heat sink including a plurality of heat radiation fins is formed in a first area of a bottom surface portion thereof and in which a light source loading area is formed in a second area different from the first area in the bottom surface portion; a substrate loaded on the light source loading area of the body; and an LED light source module provided on the substrate. According to the present invention, since the heat sink is formed in the bottom surface portion of the body, the reduction of heat radiation efficiency in the LED illumination apparatus due to dust or excrement of birds and the like can be minimized. In addition, since the body is manufactured by extrusion molding, the manufacturing cost of the LED illumination apparatus can be remarkably reduced in comparison with prior die casting. In addition, since the length of the body can be adjusted arbitrarily, the present invention can be designed in various shapes according to a desired heat radiation area.11-22-2012
20100277931VEHICLE LAMP WITH POLYMER CONDUCTORS AND MOUNTING STRUCTURES - A lamp unit is provided having polymer electrical conductors adhered to a non-conductive substrate in which adjacent conductors present a gap therebetween for securing a light radiating device within the gap the conductors of one embodiment having raised abutments formed in the conductors at the gap for capture of a light radiating device therebetween, such as an LED in said gap to hold the light device between the abutments to secure the light device in the lamp and power the light device.11-04-2010
20100061110LIGHTING SYSTEM WITH A FLAT LAMP AND A FRAME - A lighting system has a flat lamp, which has a front side intended for light emission and a rear side opposite thereto, a frame, which encloses at least the edge of the flat lamp, wherein the frame includes a top part and a bottom part, the frame top part and the frame bottom part being connected to one another using a releasable connector, and the flat lamp being situated between the frame top part and the frame bottom part, oriented such that the front side of the flat lamp faces toward the frame top part.03-11-2010
20120170290LIGHT EMITTING DIODE PACKAGE MODULE AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME - A light emitting diode package module includes a printed circuit board, a wiring film and light emitting diode packages. The printed circuit board includes first regions and second regions, which are alternately disposed. The wiring film is disposed over the printed circuit board and includes first sections and second sections, which are alternately disposed. Each diode package is disposed between one of the first regions and one of the first sections. The light emitting diode package is electrically connected to the wiring film. The second sections and the second regions are adhered to each other so that the wiring film and the printed circuit board are electrically connected.07-05-2012
20100128492LIGHTING ASSEMBLY AND RELATED METHODS - A lighting assembly and associated methods are provided. An example of an embodiment of a lighting assembly includes a lighting fixture base and a plurality of elongate decorative elements each having a male fitting connected to the proximal end portion of the decorative elements. The attached male fittings, formed of a ferromagnetic material, are each configured to be inserted into a female fitting. The lighting assembly also includes a corresponding plurality of female fittings each connected to separate portions of the lighting fixture base. Each female fitting can include a magnet positioned within a portion of a male fitting-receiving recess, adjacent the proximal end portion of the female fitting. The combination of male and female fittings is such that when inserted into a female fitting, each male fitting is magnetically coupled to one of the female fittings to releasably connect its associated decorative element to the lighting fixture base.05-27-2010
20080304271Positioning structure for luminous device - This invention is a positining structure for luminous devices, comprising mainly of IC board, lamp and fabric. The lamp is fitted to the IC board and connected to a power supply wire, with the soft fabric either sewn or pasted on to the back of the IC board. When joining to plush toys or fabric, all that is needed is to sew the fabric on the luminous device to the surface of the fabric of the plush toy and the lamp will not move position.12-11-2008
20100277932Halation-Free Light-Emitting Diode Holder - A halation-free light-emitting diode holder includes a body and a retaining portion. The body has a die holder, which includes a first surface, a second surface, and an opened end. The retaining portion is provided on the second surface. By using the retaining portion, the optical gel in the die holder is blocked from capillary movement up along the second surface. Furthermore, having nano-material layers further formed on the second surface or having the area of the first surface made greater than the area of the opened-end also prevents the optical gel from climbing along the second surface. Thereby, a light halation circling a light pattern of the resultant light-emitting diode is avoided and the light-emitting diode is improved in luminance uniformity.11-04-2010
20120033436SUPPORTER OF DIFFUSER PLATE FOR BACKLIGHT UNIT - Disclosed is a supporter of a diffuser plate for a backlight unit. The supporter functions to support a diffuser plate and includes: a frame located in a lower portion thereof; a supporting member of which a portion penetrates the frame; and a cap damper of which a portion penetrates the inside of the supporting member.02-09-2012
20110007515LIGHT-EMITTING DEVICE MOUNTING FIXTURE - A light-emitting device mounting fixture comprising a first means for attaching a light-emitting device to the mounting fixture in a defied position, and a second means for attaching the mounting fixture to a heat sink, wherein a distance between the light-emitting device and the location of the second means is determined in accordance with a testing voltage is disclosed. Additionally the disclosed light-emitting device mounting fixture may comprise means for attaching lead wires to electrically conducting contacts, the electrically conducting contacts providing power to the light emitting device to be inserted into the mounting fixture. Furthermore the disclosed light-emitting device mounting fixture may comprise means for disassemble able attachment of a reflector.01-13-2011
20110267830LIGHT ENERGY DELIVERY HEAD - A light energy delivery head is provided which, in one aspect, mounts laser diode bars or other light energy emitters in a heat sink block which is adapted to cool both the emitters and a surface of a medium with which the head is in contact and to which it is applying light energy. In another aspect, various retroreflection configurations are provided which optimize retroreflection of back-scattered light energy from the medium. The size of the aperture through which light energy is applied to the medium is also controlled so as to provide a desired amplification coefficient as a result of retroreflection.11-03-2011
20090161373Board structure with an illumination light source - A board structure with an illumination light source comprises a board and a light source module, wherein the board has a first surface and an accommodating space, and the light source module is disposed in the accommodating space. By installing the light source module in the accommodating space and having light rays emitted from the light source module project upwards, an object placed on the board and adjacent to the accommodating space can be illuminated with the light rays focused and projected thereon.06-25-2009
20080316756LAMP - The present invention provides a lamp structure that overcomes the shortcomings of a typical lamp with a fixed radiation angle and single support or main pedestal. The lamp includes a main pedestal and a support. The main pedestal has an assembly portion. A positioning member is used to control the positioning or released state of the assembly portion, so that the support could be adjusted to allow for flexible rotation of the radiation angle of the light-emitting body if the flexible locking bead and locating hole are positioned securely. The support could be removed from or assembled into different types of main pedestals through the recessed pattern of holes set on the main pedestal. Thus, a single support could be applied to a variety of main pedestals for improved application of lamps.12-25-2008
20120069586LIGHT SOURCE DEVICE AND PROJECTION TYPE DISPLAY DEVICE INCLUDING THE SAME - Provided are a light source device that can effectively cool a surface side of a light-emitting element substrate, and a projection type display device that includes the same. The light source device includes substrate (03-22-2012
20120069584FLEXIBLE SUBSTRATE, MOUNTING METHOD OF FLEXIBLE SUBSTRATE, AND LIGHTING SYSTEM - A flexible substrate includes a stripe-shaped substrate main body portion; a comb-like portion composed of a plurality of protrusions that extends from one end in the direction perpendicular to the longitudinal direction of the substrate main body portion, in the direction perpendicular to the longitudinal direction; and electronic devices that are arranged on the plurality of protrusions, respectively, in which the substrate main body portion and the comb-like portion are bendable.03-22-2012
20110222300ILLUMINATION DEVICE, ELECTRONIC APPARATUS INCLUDING THE SAME, AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING ILLUMINATION DEVICE - An illumination device is provided including a light emitter; and a panel. The panel includes a recess configured to accept an optically transparent sealant that is illuminated by light from the light emitter. Moreover, the panel includes a hole in the recess that is sealed by the optically transparent sealant.09-15-2011
20130121007Manufacture Method for a Surface Mounted Power LED Support and its Product - A manufacture method for a surface mounted power LED support comprises providing a wiring board having both sided metal layers. In addition, the method comprises forming a hole. Further, the method comprises setting a metal layer in the surface of the hole. Still further, the method comprises thickening the metal layer of the wiring board. The method also comprises etching the metal layer of the wiring board. Moreover, the method comprises cutting the wiring board to form single support unit. A surface mounted power LED support comprises a both sided wiring board, a hole formed in the wiring board and wiring layers set on the surface of the wiring board.05-16-2013
20090219729Fixing structure of light emitting diode and electronic apparatus - A fixing structure of a light emitting diode includes an opening part formed in the fixing plate, the opening part being where the light emitting diode is inserted and extending in a fixing direction perpendicular to an inserting direction; a first engaging part configured to engage one of a surface and a rear surface of the brim part in a state where the light emitting diode is fixed; a second engaging part configured to engage another one of the surface and the rear surface of the brim part in the state where the light emitting diode is fixed; and a third engaging part configured to engage the light emitting part of the light emitting diode in the state where the light emitting diode is fixed so that detachment of the light emitting diode in a direction opposite to the fixing direction is prevented.09-03-2009
20090219728SUBMOUNT AND ITS MANUFACTURING METHOD - Submounts for mounting optical devices which have an excellent heat radiating property and can be formed in a wafer state in batch are provided.09-03-2009
20090244912Mounting System - A mounting system for a member to a support structure. The member includes ends and sides. A hinge may be attached to one of the ends of the member. Hinges may be attached to both ends along the same side of the member. The hinge may include an arm from which a tab extends. The ends may include securing means. The support structure includes a mounting aperture that is configured to interact with the hinge of the member. In some embodiments, the support structure may have multiple mounting apertures. The mounting aperture is configured to prevent the hinge of the member from disengaging from the support structure. In some embodiments, the mounting aperture is configured to pivotally retain the hinge of the member.10-01-2009
20090244911 ROTATABLE LAMPHOLDER WITH SECURING ELEMENTS - A lamp holder device for holding a light, the device comprising a body and a plurality of contacts disposed in the body. There is at least one rotatable top rotatably coupled to the body. In addition, there is at least one spring clip disposed in and secured to the body. The spring clip is for selectively securing a light to the spring clip when the light is inserted into the body and further secures the light to the body when the at least one rotatable top is rotated.10-01-2009
20100002455Electronic Component Mounting Board and Method for Manufacturing Such Board - In conventional electronic component mounting boards, a leg section of a metal frame manufactured of a metal block attached to a circuit board is firmly adhered to a board with a solder and the like, and heat due to light emission of a LED element is dissipated through the leg section of the metal frame, and heat dissipation performance is improved. In the conventional electronic component mounting boards, however, high heat conductance of the metal frame is not efficiently exhibited due to existence of an adhesive layer and the like having a lower heat conductance. In order to improve a certain limit existed in luminance and lifetime due to temperature increase of the LED element, a frame having heat conductance is attached on an upper plane of a circuit board whereupon a plurality of conductors are formed, and the frame and one of the conductors of the circuit board are heat-conductively connected. Thus, heat from the semiconductor element (LED element) is efficiently dissipated directly or indirectly to the external air, through the conductor heat-conductively connected with the frame.01-07-2010
20100259943MODULAR LIGHT SOURCE - A light source including a plate and an emitter array mounted on the plate extending from a first edge to a second edge. The plate can include a first edge; a second edge, the first edge being opposite the second edge; a first mount on the first edge; and a second mount on the second edge. Such light sources can be combined together.10-14-2010
20100188861Light-Emitting Member and its Forming Mold - A forming mold of a light-emitting member according to the present invention at least comprises: a frame, an upper mold and a lower mold, and the frame is provided with carriers, pins and supporting portions. The upper and lower molds match with each other to provide a forming space for the base of the light-emitting member. The forming space contains the carriers and a part of the supporting portions. One or more projections are disposed at the position where the brinks of the upper and lower molds contact the supporting portions. After injection molding, the burrs formed by a plastic material along the supporting portions can be concealed in the recesses that are formed corresponding to each of the projections, thereby reducing the influence of the burrs on the external size of the base.07-29-2010
20120195054Heat sink for an illumination device - A heat sink (08-02-2012
20100226141Pliable Combined Supports for Decorative Lighting - A pliable combined support for decorative lighting comprises a receiver light mount having a light retaining notch and an insert light mount having a light retaining notch. The receiver light mounting bracket assembly is provided with an elongated channel with a tangential extrusion with holes for mounting to a surface or structure and gripping points for receiving lights. The insert light mounting bracket has an elongated insert with a tangential extrusion with holes for mounting to a surface or structure and gripping points for receiving lights. The receiver and insert mounting brackets may be coupled for a rotational frictional attachment whereby the lighting may be displayed in a fixed position along a building, structure, or surface. The receiver and insert mounting brackets can also provide a storage method that will allow lights to be stacked or boxed without tangling. The receiver and insert brackets are interchangeable so that either can be attached to a building or used for decorative light support and storage.09-09-2010
20090116253Lamp Ring, Lamp and Base Mounting Machine - The invention relates to a lamp ring for a lamp, in particular an indicator lamp, which comprises a recess for coding and an additional recess for positioning the lamp ring in a base mounting machine. According to the invention, the second recess has an inner wall with a projection. The invention also relates to a lamp comprising a lamp ring of this type and to a base mounting machine for assembling a lamp of this type05-07-2009
20090161372LED SOCKET STRING - An LED socket string with multiple LED sockets and corresponding LED lamps that are spaced on the string unevenly or according to a user specification. Each of the LED sockets includes a socket base with grooves for coupling wires, and a socket cover for mating with the socket base. A lamp holder is integrally mounted onto the socket base for detachably retaining the LED lamp. A lamp spacer can be added to the lamp holder to accommodate the LED lamp.06-25-2009
20080310172Laser diode attachment holder - A step portion is disposed at the periphery of a position where the adhesive is applied so that a front end of a needle for ejecting the adhesive comes in contact with the step portion. A passage is formed in the step portion so as to introduce the adhesive ejected from the front end of the needle to the position.12-18-2008
20090109692Light Fixture with Removable Lamp Housing - A lighting fixture having a socket housing and a removable lamp housing. The socket housing includes a socket for receiving a lamp and for connecting the lamp to a power supply. The lamp housing has a first end for emitting light from the lamp and a second end that is removably coupled to the socket housing. The lamp housing least partially encloses the lamp when connected to the socket housing. The second end of the lamp housing is wider than the lamp, so as to allow the lamp housing to be removed from the socket housing without first removing the lamp from the socket. Removing the lamp housing from said socket housing substantially exposes the socket to view and allows for installation of a lamp into the socket without having to re-position or re-aim the track light fixture.04-30-2009
20110122633ORGANIC LIGHT EMITTING DIODE DISPLAY AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME - An organic light emitting diode (OLED) display includes: a first substrate including an OLED; a second substrate that is opposite to the first substrate; a sealant that is positioned between the first substrate and the second substrate and that couples the first substrate and the second substrate; and a sealant contraction reinforcement auxiliary structure that is positioned in at least one of a position between the first substrate and the sealant and a position between the second substrate and the sealant.05-26-2011
20110002130FIXED BASE AND LIGHTING DEVICE UTILIZING THE SAME - A fixed base comprises an upper cover comprising an outer canister a top plate and a sidewall. The sidewall encircles the top plate to form a receiving room. An inner canister penetrates the receiving room and is attached to the top plate, which comprises a wall. At least one hatch is defined in the wall, and is connected to the receiving room. A positioning component is set inside the surface of the top plate. A limitation frame comprises a frame body, a connecting block, and a positioning block. The positioning block is slidably connected to the positioning component. At least one groove opposite the hatch is defined in the wall of the frame body, and comprises a sliding groove and a fixing groove connecting with the sliding groove. The fixed base further comprises a driver and a trigger switch.01-06-2011
20110019428ILLUMINATION DEVICE - An illumination device includes a light source and a heat dissipation device. The light source includes a base and at least a light emitting diode on the base. The heat dissipation device is located on the base opposite to the light emitting diode, and includes an air pump and a hollow shell. The hollow shell is detachably fixed on the base, and has a first opening and a second opening. The air pump is detachably fixed in the hollow shell. In operation, motion of the air pump generates airflow from the first opening toward the second opening to evacuate heat from the light source.01-27-2011
20110044062LIGHT SOURCE - An embodiment of a light source comprises a first lead and a second lead. The first lead comprises a first mounting surface wherein a first light emitter is connectable to the first mounting surface, a support member attached to the first mounting surface, a conductor portion attached to the support member, and at least one tab extending from the first mounting surface, the at least one tab being used to hold the first lead during fabrication. The second lead is second lead located adjacent the first lead and comprises a second mounting surface wherein a second light emitter is connectable to the second mounting surface, at least two support members attached to the second mounting surface, and a conductor portion attached to each of the support members.02-24-2011
20110116275ELECTRICAL CONNECTORS AND LIGHT EMITTING DEVICE PACKAGE AND METHODS OF ASSEMBLING THE SAME - Electrical connectors for attachment to electrical contacts of light emitting devices as well as light emitting device packages and lamp assemblies that use such connectors are provided. Further, methods for assembling light emitting device packages that use such connectors are provided. The electrical connector, for example, can have a plug housing with an electrically conductive socket engaging connection for engaging a socket. The electrical connector can also have an electrically conductive member extending from the plug housing and connected to the socket engaging connection. The electrically conductive member can have an end distal from the plug housing that forms a contact base configured to attach to an electrical contact on a light emitting device.05-19-2011
20110085342HEAT DISSIPATING DEVICE FOR LIGHTING MODULE - A heat dissipating device for a lighting module includes a frame having connecting portions and assembling portions each interconnected between two adjacent connecting portions. Each end of each connecting portion is connected to an adjacent assembling portion. A plurality of air-guiding members is located on the same side of the frame and each mounted on one of the connecting portions. Each air-guiding member includes an air guiding channel having an opening in each end thereof. Each of several heat dissipating fans is mounted to one of the assembling portions and located between two adjacent openings respectively of two adjacent air-guiding members. Each heat dissipating fan includes a first air guiding hole in communication with an environment and at least one second air guiding hole in communication with the two adjacent openings. The air guiding channels and the heat dissipating fans together form a cycling air channel.04-14-2011
20110249455LIGHT EMITTING DEVICE MODULE - A light emitting device module is provided comprising a light emitting device package and a board including first and second dummy pads and an electrode pad arranged between the first and second dummy pads, on which the light emitting device package is disposed, wherein at least one of the first and second dummy pads has a dummy hole, and wherein the electrode pad adjacent to at least one of the first and second dummy pads has an electrode hole.10-13-2011
20100135034ELECTRONIC COMPONENT MOUNTING MODULE AND ELECTRICAL APPARATUS - The invention provides an electronic component mounting module capable of increasing the adhesion between the board and the heat radiating member, improving the thermal conductivity, and effectively radiating heat generated from the LEDs being an electronic component. The LEDs are mounted on the surface of the ceramics board, and the rear surface 06-03-2010
20100135033SEARCHLIGHT HAVING PULL-IN BEZEL RETENTION FOR MARINE APPLICATIONS - A searchlight is provided featuring a bezel pull-in retention assembly having a frame and a housing. The frame has a back plate configured with at least one opening to receive a fastening device. The housing is configured with a front end opening for receiving the frame, configured with a back end opening having an outer rim for receiving a seal plate, the seal plate configured to be adapted in the rim of the back end opening, to receive the fastening device and to fixedly couple the frame to the housing.06-03-2010
20100135032Rod Assembly Connector for Mounting Light Emitting Display Apparatuses - A method and system for connecting a light emitting apparatus is disclosed herein. The system includes at least two rod assembly connectors, in which each rod assembly connector includes a rod assembly body having a first end and a second end. The first end of one of the rod assembly connectors is configured to connect with the second end of the second rod assembly connector. Further, at least one of the rod assembly connectors includes an attachment mechanism, in which the attachment mechanism is configured to attach to a light emitting apparatus.06-03-2010
20110249454RESETTABLE BREAK-AWAY JOINT FOR A POLE ASSEMBLY - A resettable break-away joint for a pole assembly includes a lower end of an upper pole member and an upper end of a lower pole member. A biasing mechanism urges the lower end of the upper pole member toward engagement with the upper end of the lower pole member to urge the upper pole member toward an upright position until the upper pole member is moved to a collapsed position.10-13-2011
20090027904BACKLIGHT ASSEMBLY, ASSEMBLING METHOD THEREOF AND LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY DEVICE INCLUDING THE SAME - A lamp socket includes a body receiving a lamp, and a power supplying member disposed inside the body, the power supplying member comprising an electrical conductive material having elasticity, wherein the power supplying member electrically interconnects the lamp and an inverter substrate on which an inverter is mounted, wherein the power supplying member includes a lamp connector receiving a lead wire of the lamp, and an inverter connector formed integrally with the lamp connector, wherein the inverter connector receives a protrusion of the inverter substrate to encircle the protrusion.01-29-2009
20090213596SUSPENSION - A suspension has a holding element to which an arm is rotatably fastened, wherein a coupling element is provided which is rotatable around the holding element independently of the arm and which forms a security against rotation.08-27-2009
20120201037SUBSTRATE FOR LIGHT-EMITTING ELEMENT AND LIGHT-EMITTING DEVICE - To provide a substrate for light-emitting element, which is excellent in the planarity of the mounting surface to be provided with a light-emitting element, has a low heat resistance and can suppress the tilt of the light-emitting element. A substrate for light-emitting element, which comprises a substrate main body 08-09-2012
20110069504ADJUSTABLE DESK LAMP - An adjustable desk lamp includes at least two buttons, a lamp panel, a stand, and a support arm assembly. The stand includes at least two button housings. Each of the button housings is filled with liquid and receives one of the buttons. The arm assembly is attached to the stand. The arm assembly includes at least two channels and at least two support posts. Each of the channels communicates with one of the button housings and is filled with liquid. One end of each of the posts is received in one of the channels, and another end support the lamp pane. When one of the buttons is operated, the liquid in the button hole receiving the operated button and the channel communicating with the button hole is displaced, and the post received in the channel moves downwardly or upwardly, thus the lamp panel can cast light at a different angle.03-24-2011
20120268953Lighting Device and Method for Assembling a Lighting Device - A lighting device, comprising a cooling body with at least one receiving area for a printed circuit board in each case, and at least one printed circuit board inserted into the at least one receiving area, with the at least one printed circuit board having a light source on its front face and with at least one part of a rear face making at least thermal contact with the cooling body. The at least one printed circuit board has a rotational locking means in each case which engages with at least one rotational locking mating means of its receiving area.10-25-2012
20090109693Lamp holder with improved structure - A lamp holder with improved structure includes an upper plate and a lower plate mounted to a ceiling; the upper plate has a top and a bottom with each disposed with multiple reinforcement ribs; a circular wall is disposed to the bottom; two accommodation spaces are defined by the circular wall and those reinforcement ribs on the bottom with each accommodation space disposed with a conduction reed secured in place by an elastic member; two sockets are provided to the lower plate for insertion by pins from an energy saving lamp and to constitute a conducted circuit with the conduction reed.04-30-2009
20080232120BACKLIGHT ASSEMBLY, DISPLAY MODULE HAVING THE BACKLIGHT ASSEMBLY AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE BACKLIGHT ASSEMBLY - A backlight assembly includes a light source providing light, a mold frame receiving the light source unit and a bottom chassis. The bottom chassis includes a bottom plate, sidewalls extending from the bottom plate and an extension part bent from at least one of the sidewalls and overlapping an adjacent sidewall. The mold frame and the bottom chassis are integrally formed. The extension part overlaps the adjacent sidewall at a corner of the bottom chassis. Thus, the torsional strength of the bottom chassis and a backlight assembly having the bottom chassis is improved. The torsional strength is maintained when a backlight assembly is manufactured.09-25-2008
20110096557LIGHT SOURCE MODULE - A light source module is adapted for a projection apparatus. The projection apparatus has a main board. The light source module includes a base, a lighting element, a flexible printed circuit, and a plurality of metal elastic elements. The base has a circuit layer. The lighting element is disposed on the base and electrically connected to the circuit layer. The flexible printed circuit is assembled on the base and electrically connected to the circuit layer. The metal elastic elements are adapted for being fixed to the main board to be contacted with the flexible printed circuit, such that the flexible printed circuit is electrically connected to the main board. The lighting element of the light source module is electrically connected to the main board via the flexible printed circuit and the metal elastic elements, such that a wiring space between the light source module and the main board is reduced.04-28-2011
20110134652BRACKET FOR SUPPORTING LEDS - A bracket for supporting an LED includes a top surface, a bottom surface opposite to the top surface, a front surface, a rear surface opposite to the front surface, a left side, and a right side opposite to the left side. The front and rear surfaces are a parallelogram in shape, and vertical to the bottom surface, an electrode and a dissipating heat fin are attached to the left and right sides of the bracket, and an included angle between the left side or right side and the bottom surface is in a range from 30 degrees to 60 degrees. The electrode and dissipating heat fin are attached to the bottom surface.06-09-2011
20100067243OPTICAL PACKAGE ELEMENT, DISPLAY DEVICE, AND ELECTRONIC APPARATUS - An optical package element includes: an optical functional element having an optical functional surface; a packaging resin having light transmitting properties in which the optical functional element is embedded and whose surface facing toward the optical functional surface of the optical functional element is a light transmitting surface; conductive members connected to the optical functional element embedded in the packaging resin; and a light blocking layer provided on a surface of the conductive members facing toward the light transmitting surface.03-18-2010
20110149582APPARATUS, METHOD, AND SYSTEM FOR ADJUSTABLY AFFIXING LIGHTING FIXTURES TO STRUCTURES - Disclosed herein are apparatus, methods, and systems for adjustably affixing an object to a structure via an armature which includes a pivotable knuckle. The armature comprises two assembly components with a set of friction plates compressed therebetween. Said armature is designed to be lightweight (compared to the object), low cost (compared to state of the art adjustable armatures), suitable for outdoor use, and adaptable so to accommodate objects of varying weights, sizes, and form factors without adding significant weight or cost to the overall system.06-23-2011
20100027277LIGHT EMITTING DIODE PACKAGE - A substrate structure for light emitting diodes (LED) chips operation includes a heat spreader, chip holders arranged in the center of the heat spreader, transfer pads located near the chip holders for wire bonding interconnection between the LED chips, and a circuit layer having a gap dividing the circuit layer diagonally. The circuit layer includes a first insulation layer on top of the heat spreader, a metal trace layer on top of the first insulation layer, and a second insulation layer on top of the metal trace layer, wherein portions of the second insulation layer are removed at the opposite corners along the gap, and around the opening, and a conductive plating is plated on the second insulation layer around the opening. Furthermore, a spotlight cap is provided to focus the light emitted from the LED. A LED package includes the substrate structure and the spotlight cap is also provided.02-04-2010
20100020554Greenhouse Lighting System - A greenhouse lighting system comprising a greenhouse lighting fitting having a lamp holder (01-28-2010
20120307506FLASHLIGHT HOLDER FOR SCUBA DIVING - A flashlight holder may comprise an arm cuff adapted to attach an arm of a user. The arm cuff may have an opening throughout its longitudinal axis. The arm cuff may comprise a flexible material and have affixed thereto means for engaging a flashlight and retaining the flashlight which may be substantially parallel to the arm of the user.12-06-2012
20120307505Light Emitting Device - A light emitting device includes: a heat dissipating plate having first and second regions, the first region having a mesa with a first top surface, the second region having a second top surface, the first top surface being higher than the second top surface; a circuit board disposed above the heat dissipating plate, and including a first area that has a through hole to permit the mesa to extend therethrough and that directly contacts the second top surface of the second region of the heat dissipating plate, and a second area that does not contact the heat dissipating plate; and a light emitting element disposed on the mesa of the heat dissipating plate and electrically connected to the conductive layer.12-06-2012
20120307507PLANAR LIGHT SOURCE APPARATUS AND DISPLAY APPARATUS USING THE SAME - A planar light source apparatus includes a light source; a flexible printed circuit (FPC) having a wiring part that extends from a light source mounting part having the light source; a rear frame that accommodates the light source and the FPC; and a driver substrate, which is arranged on a backside that is an opposite side of an inner surface of the rear frame, and which has a connector configured to connect the FPC, wherein an end portion of the wiring part is extracted to the backside through an opening hole formed in the rear frame and is connected to the connector, and wherein the backside of the rear frame has a protrusion portion, which is arranged in the vicinity of an insertion slot of the connector, and is which formed to be substantially level with an arrangement position of the insertion slot.12-06-2012
20120039080ILLUMINATION DEVICE AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE USING THE SAME - An illumination device includes a shell, a hub, a conductive cable, a partition plate, a resilient member, a cover, and a lamp. The hub is rotatably secured within the shell. The conductive cable is wound around the hub. The partition plate is fastened to and rotatable together with the hub. The cover covers the shell. The resilient member is latched between the partition plate and the cover. The lamp connects with the conductive cable.02-16-2012
20130010481LED Lampwick, LED Chip, and Method for Manufacturing LED Chip - An LED lamp core, an LED chip, and a method for manufacturing the LED chip are provided. A heat conductive core (01-10-2013
20120206927LARGE LED LIGHTING APPARATUS - An LED lighting apparatus includes an LED-mounting base having LED elements mounted on its surface and a heat-dissipating section fixed on the back side of the LED-mounting base. The heat dissipating section is provided with: a core having a sealed space and heat-dissipating fins provided around the core. Thus, an LED lighting apparatus which has a shape substantially the same as that of a large mercury lighting apparatus, and which can efficiently dissipate heat generated from the LED elements, with only the smallest increase in the weight of the apparatus, can be provided. The electronic-circuit housing section may contain an electric circuit for generating power to be supplied to the LED elements. Furthermore, it is desirable to leave a small space in the electronic-circuit housing section so as to absorb the expansion of the cooling liquid, rather than completely fill the electronic-circuit housing section with the cooling liquid.08-16-2012
20110317438Lighting Device Having a Socket and Bulb Fitting - A lighting device (12-29-2011
20120044707LIGHTING DEVICE HAVING AT LEAST ONE HEAT SINK - In various embodiments, a lighting device may include at least one heat sink and a base configured to accommodate at least one light source and at least one device connected to the lighting device configured to generate a cooling media flow, wherein the cooling media flow runs predominantly parallel to the plane of the base of the heat sink.02-23-2012
20120044706LAMP HOLDER - A lamp holder includes a holder body. The holder body includes a first surface, a second surface opposite to the first surface, and a first side surface and a second side surface arranged between the first surface and the second surface. The holder body defines a first groove and a second groove at the first side surface of the holder body. The first groove and the second groove communicate with the first and second surfaces of the holder body. The first groove and the second groove are configured for receiving connectors of a lamp. A fool-proofing member is arranged at a first bottom surface of the first groove.02-23-2012
20120002429SOCKET DEVICE, LAMP DEVICE AND LIGHTING DEVICE - There is provided a lighting fixture capable of efficiently radiating heat of a lamp device attached to a socket device.01-05-2012
20120002428LIGHT FIXTURE - The invention relates to a lamp, essentially containing a lamp head, an upright tube, and a stand. These three elements can be connected to each other in a releasable and latchable manner based upon an operable construction. In the assembled state, the three elements form a table lamp or a floor lamp based on dimensions. The lamp head can be removed and thus can be used as a mobile hand lamp. After disassembly, all parts can be accommodated in the stand, which forms a transport case.01-05-2012
20120002427LIGHT EMITTING DEVICE MODULE - A light emitting device module is provided comprising a light emitting device package and a printed circuit board to which the light emitting device package is coupled, wherein the light emitting device package includes a sliding groove and a fixing groove, and wherein the printed circuit board includes a sliding protrusion coupled to the sliding groove to guide the light emitting device package to a predetermined position and a fixing protrusion coupled to the fixing groove at the predetermined position.01-05-2012
20120014118Method and System for Replacing a Plasma Lamp Using a Removable Base Member from a Resonator Assembly - A method and system for replacing an electrodeless plasma lamp from a resonator assembly. The system includes a base support and a post member. The base support is coupled to the resonator assembly. The post member supports the bulb and is coupled to the base support through a mating region.01-19-2012
20120155095ROLL-FORMED HEAT SINK FOR A LIGHTING FIXTURE - A heat sink and a method of manufacturing a heat sink for an LED light fixture. The heat sink is fabricated by roll forming a thin sheet of aluminum into a heat dissipating structure that has at least one surface that reflects light generated by the LEDs.06-21-2012
20110080747LED LIGHT STRUCTURE - A LED light structure is designed to replace a LED unit easily by user as the LED unit is broken, and a plate member disposed in the LED light structure is removed quickly as replacement. In addition, a heat generating from the LED light structure is eliminated effectively so as to prolong service life of the LED light structure.04-07-2011
20110103080ILLUMINATION ELEMENT HAVING A PLASTIC SUPPORT - A lighting element including at least one light source, at least two connections, to supply electric current to the light source and a fixture to receive the light source. The light source includes a heat-generating section and the fixture contacts this heat-generating section, wherein the fixture consists of a thermally conductive plastic and is configured such that it dissipates the heat generated by the light source at least in part.05-05-2011
20110103079ILLUMINATION DEVICE WITH HEAT DISSIPATION STRUCTURE - A solid state lighting source illumination device comprising a bracket and at least one solid state lighting source module. The solid state lighting source module comprises a substrate and at least one solid state lighting source. The substrate is set up with circuit and the solid state lighting source is set up on the substrate, and the electrode of the solid state lighting source is electrically connecting with the circuit on the substrate. The substrate and the bracket further comprise a heat dissipation structure which is a space between the substrate and a base of the bracket and through holes in the substrate near the solid state lighting source.05-05-2011
20120120671LIGHT EMITTING DEVICE, AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING CIRCUIT BOARD - A light emitting device comprises a light emitting element and a package constituted by a molded article and a first lead and a second lead embedded in the molded article, and having a bottom face, a top face disposed opposite to the bottom face, and a light emission face connected to the bottom face and the top face. The first lead has a first terminal part exposed at the bottom face exposed at the top face. The exposed part is provided more toward the center of the package than the first terminal part.05-17-2012
20120250335ILLUMINATION APPARATUS AND FAN UNIT FOR ILLUMINATION APPARATUS - An illumination apparatus including an LED, a heat sink that dissipates heat of the LED, a fan apparatus provided with a blade and a motor, and a case provided with an opening on the heat sink side, wherein the fan apparatus is provided between the case and the heat sink so that the blade is arranged closer to the heat sink side than the motor. The above configuration allows the fan to be arranged in a large diameter portion of a sphere, and therefore when the illumination apparatus is applied to a bulb type LED lamp whose illumination side on which the LED is arranged is thick and whose socket side is thin, the cooling fan need not be reduced in size. Therefore, it is possible to realize an illumination apparatus having high cooling efficiency and a long useful life.10-04-2012
20120314432Lighting Apparatus and Light-Emitting Element Substrate Having Stress Absorbing Means - A substrate for a lighting apparatus may include a plurality of light-emitting elements mounted thereon. The substrate may include a surface on which the plurality of light-emitting elements are mounted. Additionally or alternatively, the substrate may include stress absorbing element arranged on, in some examples, imaginary straight lines connecting portion for mounting the substrate with each other.12-13-2012
20120127742LED MODULE - An LED module includes a substrate comprising a base plate and an elastic arm extending from a periphery side of the base plate. The elastic arm includes a horizontal portion parallel to and spaced from the base plate. A receiving space is defined between the horizontal portion of the elastic arm and the base plate. A circuit layer is formed on the base plate. An LED is mounted on the base plate and electrically connects with the circuit layer. The LED comprises a base and at least one electrode extending outwardly from the base. The LED is fixed on the substrate via the at least one electrode slideably received in the receiving space with a downward force applied on the electrode by the horizontal portion of the elastic arm.05-24-2012
20120163002DISCHARGE LAMP LIGHTING DEVICE - A discharge lamp lighting device includes a discharge lamp, a circuit module configured to supply a voltage to the discharge lamp so as to turn on the discharge lamp, a case member configured to accommodate the circuit module, and a connecting member, in which the discharge lamp is mounted, configured to connect the discharge lamp to the circuit module. The circuit module includes a substrate. The connecting member is integrated with the substrate of the circuit module.06-28-2012
20120163003LIGHT EMITTING APPARATUS - A light emitting apparatus is provided. The light emitting apparatus includes a support unit configured to protrude to a front side to which light is emitted, and a heat emitting unit configured to emit heat generated by the light emission in multiple directions. According to the structure, the heat may be emitted quickly. Therefore, quality of the light emitting apparatus may be increased.06-28-2012
20110182078LED cradle - An LED cradle for an LED module, said module comprising an LED board, heat sink and a driver.07-28-2011
20120314430MODULAR HEAT SINK - Modular heat sinks formed by a plurality of interlocked modules. The modules include fins that define channels. In some embodiments, the fins and channels extend along an axis that is not parallel to an axis in which the heat sink extends and/or to a plane in which one of the top or bottom walls of at least one module of the heat sink extends. In some embodiments of the heat sink, the channels extend through the thickness of the heat sink to allow air easily to enter the channels from below and pass through and exit the channels from above to facilitate heat dissipation.12-13-2012
20120170291FRAGRANCE LAMP STRUCTURE - A fragrance lamp structure including a carrying element, a lighting element and a driving element is provided. The carrying element has a carrying surface, a first contact surface and a second contact surface. The carrying surface and the first contact surface are opposite to each other, and so are the carrying surface and the second contact surface opposite to each other. The lighting element has a first heat output surface facing the first contact surface of the carrying element. The lighting element generates a first heat going through the first heat output surface and the first contact surface to heat up the carrying element. The driving element has a second heat output surface facing the second contact surface of the carrying element. The driving element generates a second heat going through the second heat output surface and the second contact surface to heat up the carrying element.07-05-2012
20080259614Lighting Fixture Mounting Platform - A mounting platform for a lighting fixture comprising a substantially flat plate and an integral cutting guide. The integral cutting guide includes an aperture formed through the substantially flat plate and a flange formed around a perimeter of the aperture. The flange and the substantially flat plate preferably intersect in a curve and the flange forms an angle of less than (90) degrees with respect to the bottom surface. The mounting platform also includes elongated slots for securing the mounting platform to a ceiling support member. The elongated slots are preferably of a sufficient length to allow the mounting platform to be secured to the ceiling support member to allow placement of the integral cutting guide between the ceiling support member and a second ceiling support member wherein the span between the ceiling support member and the second ceiling support member is in the range of (16 to 24) inches.10-23-2008
20120176807 CONNECTING COMPONENT FOR LIGHTING DEVICES - In various embodiments, a coupling component is configured to hold a lighting body inserted in a protection bulb via a mouth portion of the bulb, the coupling component having a groove for receiving the rim of the mouth portion of the bulb, the groove including sculptured formations to keep the mouth rim received in the groove spaced from the bottom of the groove to produce a discontinuous contact between the mouth rim and the groove.07-12-2012
20120176806CHAIN BAR APPARATUS AND METHODS - Chain bar apparatus and methods are disclosed that may be formed from plastic, metal or other materials. Laser cutting of a chain bar core can provide improved structural characteristics, for example when adhesive is used to assemble the chain bar. Flow diversion elements can be used to optimize flow throughout the chain bar.07-12-2012
20120176805GLASS BLOCK WITH LOW-E CENTER LITE - A glass block assembly (07-12-2012
20100271831LIGHT-EMITTING DIODE DEVICE FOR VOLTAGE SWITCHABLE DIELECTRIC MATERIAL HAVING HIGH ASPECT RATIO PARTICLES - One or more embodiments provide for a light emitting diode device that utilizes voltage switchable dielectric material having semi-conductive or conductive materials that have a relatively high aspect ratio.10-28-2010
20120314431Light Source Fixing Device, Light Source Assembly and Assembling Method Thereof - The present invention provides a light source fixing device for fixing a light emitting element. The light emitting element comprises a light source and a supporting plate for supporting the light source. The light source fixing device comprises a heat dissipating support which comprises a receiving recess. The receiving recess is adapted to receive the supporting plate. The light source fixing device further comprises an elastic element disposed in the receiving recess, and the elastic element is adapted to apply an elastic force on the supporting plate so that the supporting plate is fixed in the receiving recess. The present invention further provides a light source assembly and an assembling method thereof. The light source assembly features a simple assembling process, high reliability and a low cost.12-13-2012
20120257398OPTICAL MODULE - An object is to suppress precipitation and adhesion of an organotin compound in an optical module which is incorporated into an optical pickup device and so on. The optical pickup 10-11-2012
20120257399LIGHTING DEVICE - A lighting device that comprises a light source unit, with light sources positioned upon a circuit substrate; an LCD panel illuminated by the light emitted from the light sources; a casing, and a diffusion member installed upon the casing. The circuit substrate is mounted so as to block the lower end aperture of the hollow portion. The diffusion member is mounted so as to block an upper end aperture of the hollow portion, which constitutes the opposite end of the hollow portion from the lower end aperture thereof. Radiation units are formed upon the casing to radiate heat caused by the light sources outside the casing.10-11-2012
20100157612HEAT RADIATING MEMBER, CIRCUIT BOARD USING THE HEAT RADIATING MEMBER, ELECTRONIC COMPONENT MODULE, AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE ELECTRONIC COMPONENT MODULE - A circuit board using a heat radiating member that can cool an electronic component sufficiently without causing a substrate to break, increasing the total weight of the substrate, lowering the productivity, or increasing cost and device size. A circuit board has a substrate main body (06-24-2010
20120262931ANISOTROPIC CONDUCTIVE ADHESIVE - An anisotropic conductive adhesive including conductive particles dispersed in an epoxy-based adhesive containing an epoxy compound and a curing agent gives a cured product having the elastic modulus satisfying the expressions (1) to (5), in which EM10-18-2012
20120262930APPARATUS FOR ENHANCING LIGHT SOURCE INTENSITY - Provided is an apparatus for enhancing light source intensity. The apparatus for enhancing light source intensity includes a light source outputting light having an ultrashort pulse width, a dielectric substrate, and metal nanostructures disposed on the dielectric substrate, wherein the metal nanostructures are combined with the light having an ultrashort pulse width on the dielectric substrate to generate a surface plasmon polariton resonance.10-18-2012
20120262929FIXTURE AND SOCKET ASSEMBLY FOR REPLACEABLE AND FLEXIBLE PANEL LIGHTING DEVICE - A fixture and socket assembly is provided for replaceable and flexible panel lighting device. Preferably, perimeter edges of the flexible light source devices which may be arranged into a matrix or panel are mechanically and electrically connected to socket contacts provided at desired locations on the first surface of the fixture, which makes mechanical and electrical engagement with associated conductive portions or surface contacts on rear surfaces of the flexible light source devices.10-18-2012
20120230043LED MOUNTING SUBSTRATE - The LED mounting substrate of the present invention includes a thermally conductive layer (thermally conductive sheet (09-13-2012
20120230042LANTERN - A collapsible candle lantern having a spare candle storage compartment. The candle storage compartment can be defined by a base and a cap. A candle bracket can be attached to the cap. The base can have partial annular walls and an interior annular wall.09-13-2012
20100238674LIGHTING DEVICE - A lighting device comprises: a first substrate comprising a first connector and a first connection terminal, the first connector being connected to an external power supply or driving device, the first connection terminal being electrically connected to the first connector; and a second substrate connected electrically to the first connection terminal and comprising a light emitting device.09-23-2010
20100238673Modular light fixtures - A modular light fixture having a construction that enables the same fixture to be used for standard on/off operation under control of a wall-mounted switch in a circuit by itself and/or with other fixtures and to be upgraded in “plug and play” fashion to operate independently of other fixtures in the same circuit and/or for stepped dimming. The modular construction of the fixture also allows for safety and ease of maintenance in that ballasts can be replaced without quickly and conveniently without exposing an electrician or maintenance worker to the internal wires of the fixture. The construction of the fixture also provides temperature management by isolating the temperature-sensitive components of the fixture from high temperatures while placing the lamps of the fixture in an enclosure, or shroud, in which temperature is contained so that the lamps operate efficiently. In the event the passive thermal management provided by the construction of the fixture is not enough to maximize the operating efficiency of the fixture and/or the service life of its components, the fixture is upgradeable, again in plug and play fashion, to provide active thermal management.09-23-2010
20120320610Socket Device - A lighting fixture capable of efficiently radiating heat of a lamp device may be configured to be attached to a socket device. In some examples, by attaching the lamp device to the socket device, a cap portion of the lamp device is brought into contact with a fixture body, and pressed against and brought into close contact with the fixture body by an elastic body. Heat generated by lighting of LEDs of the lamp device is conducted from the cap portion to the fixture body and efficiently radiated.12-20-2012
20120320611Socket Device - A lighting fixture capable of efficiently radiating heat of a lamp device may be configured to be attached to a socket device. In some examples, by attaching the lamp device to the socket device, a cap portion of the lamp device is brought into contact with a fixture body, and pressed against and brought into close contact with the fixture body by an elastic body. Heat generated by lighting of LEDs of the lamp device is conducted from the cap portion to the fixture body and efficiently radiated.12-20-2012
20120320609Socket Device - A lighting fixture capable of efficiently radiating heat of a lamp device may be configured to be attached to a socket device. In some examples, by attaching the lamp device to the socket device, a cap portion of the lamp device is brought into contact with a fixture body, and pressed against and brought into close contact with the fixture body by an elastic body. Heat generated by lighting of LEDs of the lamp device is conducted from the cap portion to the fixture body and efficiently radiated.12-20-2012
20110211355ELECTRICAL TERMINAL MODULE - An electric terminal module includes a plurality of electric contact elements configured to connect to electric conductors and a housing including an opening in at least one side wall thereof. A printed circuit board is disposed in the housing. The printed circuit board includes a circuit arrangement having a plurality of electric components configured to perform a specific function and a mount. An adjusting device is operable to change at least one electric characteristic quantity of the circuit arrangement. The adjusting device is mounted directly onto the printed circuit board on the mount and is operable from outside the housing through the opening so as to swivel or turn.09-01-2011
20120327671LIGHTING APPARATUS - A lighting apparatus includes an apparatus body for supporting an LED lamp having an earth cap, an earth socket to which the earth cap of the LED lamp is mounted, and an attachment base provided in the apparatus body, the earth socket being attached to the attachment base. The earth socket includes a conductor plate for mechanically holding a lamp pin of the earth cap, the conductor plate being electrically connected to the lamp pin. The attachment base and the earth socket include a connecting unit for earth-connecting the conductor plate of the earth socket and the apparatus body.12-27-2012
20100232169Light source device - A light source device includes a light source, a holder, and a lead board. The holder has a first face to hold the light source. The lead board has a first electrode connected to the light source through a solder, a second electrode to be connected to a circuit board, a first connector connected to the second electrode, and a second connector to connect the first electrode and the first connector. The first electrode and the first connector are exposed from the first face of the holder. The second connector is unable to be exposed from the first face of the holder.09-16-2010
20120087139LED ROAD LIGHT - An LED road light has a heat sink embedded with an LED module, a base and a light pole holder assembly. The base, the heat sink and the light pole holder assembly are assembled by slidably and respectively mounting ribs into slots. Accordingly, the contact area of such engagement is relatively larger than that using screws, thereby enhancing combined strength and extending the life duration of the LED road light. Besides, the engagement mechanism using ribs and slots also provide workers a convenient and time-saving assembling process.04-12-2012
20120140492Insulated glass units incorporating emitters, and/or methods of making the same - Certain example embodiments relate to an improved IGU with first and second glass substrates, spaced apart and defining a gap therebetween. An edge seal is provided around a periphery of the first and second substrates, the edge seal forming an hermetic seal in certain example instances. An emitter is disposed in the gap defined by the first and second glass substrates. A conductive interface is provided through the edge seal, and is arranged to interface with the emitter and to provide electrical current to the emitter. The conductive interface in certain example embodiments may include one or more bus bars, one or more pattered thin film lines, etc.06-07-2012
20120243243LUMINAIRE - According to an embodiment, a luminaire includes a thermal radiation member, and a light source unit provided on a front side of the thermal radiation member. The thermal radiation member has plural support poles provided on a rear surface radially about a substantially central portion of the rear surface toward an outer periphery, and plural thermal radiation fins provided on the rear surface, being away from each other and substantially parallel to each other toward the outer periphery from neighboring wall surface sides of the plural support poles. The light source unit includes a light-emitting element.09-27-2012
20120243242LIGHTING MODULE AND POWER CONNECTING SET - A lighting module and a power connecting set are provided. The lighting module includes two circuit boards, two light emitting elements and a power connecting set. The light emitting elements are disposed on the circuit boards respectively. The power connecting set includes two connecting bases and a flexible circuit board. The connecting bases are disposed on the circuit boards and electronically connected to the circuit boards respectively. Two ends of the flexible circuit board are connected to the connecting bases for electrically connecting a power path of the circuit boards.09-27-2012
20080253137Skid Device for Spotlights - The invention relates to a skid device (10-16-2008
20130170238Light Source Device on a Printed Circuit Board and Light Source Arrangement Comprising a Plurality of Light Source Devices - A light source device (07-04-2013
20130176745ELECTRICAL CONNECTOR APPARATUS, LIGHTING DEVICE POSITIONING APPARATUS AND METHOD OF ELECTRICALLY CONNECTING APPARATUS - A lighting device, comprising a power input assembly engagement structure that comprises a keying region, an electrical connector region and a power input assembly engagement region. A power input assembly, comprising a second electrical connector region held by, a positioning element and a holding structure, the positioning element releasably engaged with the holding structure. A lamp comprising a power input assembly and a lighting device comprising an engagement structure. A method comprising engaging a second electrical connector region of a power input assembly with a first electrical connector region of a lighting device. A lighting device positioning apparatus, comprising a lighting device mounting region, a first slide member comprising a retaining structure-receiving feature and a first slot, a second slide member comprising a second slot extending in a direction differing 20 degrees from the first slot, and a connector extending through the first and second slots.07-11-2013
20130176746COMPONENT BUILT-IN MODULE, ELECTRONIC DEVICE INCLUDING SAME, AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING COMPONENT BUILT-IN MODULE - A component built-in module of the present invention includes: a flexible substrate that includes a first surface and a second surface on an opposite side of the first surface, the first surface including a concave part recessed in a direction from the first surface toward the second surface; a plurality of electronic components that are mounted on the first surface, mounting heights of the electronic components from the first surface to respective upper surfaces of the electronic components differing from each other; and a resin that seals the first surface. Among the plurality of electronic components, at least an electronic component having a highest mounting height is mounted in the concave part.07-11-2013
20130135879THERMALLY ISOLATED HEAT SINK FOR LED LIGHTING - A system for protecting a heat-sensitive component in an LED lamp from overheating. The system including: a heat-generating component, a heat-dissipating component thermally coupled to the heat-generating component, a heat-sensitive component electrically connected to the heat-generating component, and a heat-isolating element for thermally isolating the heat-generating component and the heat-sensitive component.05-30-2013
20130094228Electronic assembly and a LED retrofit lamp having the Electronic assembly - The present invention relates to an electronic assembly which includes a printed circuit board and at least two I-type inductors arranged on the printed circuit board, the I-type inductor include an I-type magnetic pillar, respectively, wherein the magnetic pillars of the at least two I-type inductors are arranged in such a manner that a first end surfaces of the magnetic pillars are non-coplanar with each other and/or the second end surfaces of the magnetic pillars are non-coplanar with each other. In addition, the present invention further relates to an LED retrofit lamp having such electronic assembly.04-18-2013
20130094227Mounting device for lighting sources - A device for mounting planar lighting sources having a light emitting surface on a substrate includes a frame provided with fixing formations for fixing the frame on the substrate with the planar lighting source sandwiched between the frame and the substrate. The frame has an opening to surround the light emitting surface of said lighting source and is provided with elastic formations to elastically urge the lighting source toward the substrate. The fixing formations include at least one resilient formation to resiliently urge the frame toward the substrate.04-18-2013
20130114274IMAGE PROJECTION APPARATUS - An image projection apparatus includes a light source, light from which is used to project an image, and a holding member configured to hold the light source. The holding member includes a handle portion, and the handle portion includes a first flow path for flowing air.05-09-2013
20130100684ROTATABLE ILLUMINATION DEVICE - A rotatable illumination device includes a first casing, a light emitting module, a first fixing member and a second fixing member. The first casing has a first rotating portion and a first protruding portion is formed on the first rotating portion. The light emitting module is disposed in the first casing. A first indentation is formed on the first fixing member and the first protruding portion can pass through the first indentation. A second indentation and a second protruding portion are formed on the second fixing member and the first protruding portion can pass through the second indentation. The first and second fixing members are fixed together, and the first and second protruding portions are coplanar. The first protruding portion cooperates with the second protruding portion to limit rotating angle of the first casing.04-25-2013
20130100683Bulb and Luminaire - In a bulb and a luminaire according to one embodiment, plural fins for thermal radiation are provided on the outer circumferential surface of a main body in which a lighting circuit is attached, a light-emitting module is attached to a module attaching section integrated with the front of the main body, and a cylindrical section that surrounds the light-emitting module is protrudingly provided on a light extracting side.04-25-2013
20130100685LED LIGHTING ASSEMBLY WITH MOUNTING ELEMENT FOR OPTICS - A lighting assembly, a mounting element and a manufacturing method are described. The lighting assembly includes an LED assembly 04-25-2013
20130128596LED BULB - An LED bulb includes a connector for electrically connecting with a power supply, a heat sink disposed on the connector, and an LED mounted the heat sink. The heat sink has a first face and a second face opposite to the first face. The LED is attached on a first face of the base. The heat sink defines a plurality of through tunnels extending through the heat sink from the first face to the second face thereof.05-23-2013
20130148365FLASHLIGHT HOLDER - The invention comprises a flashlight holder affixed to the top of a bottle or bottle cap and that allows the flashlight to pivot about various directions and angles, all without the use of hands, thereby creating a fixed light source for use in camping or doing work in a garage or dark area where no fixed light source may be available. The invention comprises a cylinder base that fits on top of a bottle top or bottle cap, and that is fastened to a ball plate with a ball affixed to the ball plate. Two half cylinder bodies, each comprising a half ball enclosure on one end and a half opening on another end, are clamped together using clamping means. When clamped together the half ball enclosures create one ball enclosure into which the ball is inserted, and the half openings create one opening into which a flashlight is inserted.06-13-2013
20120275171Interchangeable decoration system - A decoration system having a base object, receiving rings, decorative objects, and means for releasably coupling the decorative objects to the receiving rings. One or more of the receiving rings may rotate relative to the base object for a specified duration of time.11-01-2012
20130155700Flashlight Switching Structure - A flashlight switching structure is provided. To turn on or off a flashlight, an annular element mounted around a neck of the flashlight is manually rotated, thereby driving a magnet connected to the annular element to a position where a reed switch connected to a positioning element in the flashlight is subjected to magnetic attraction of the magnet. Once the annular element is released, the restoring force of a resilient element pushes the magnet back in place. Hence, by rotating and releasing the annular element, the flashlight can be switched between predetermined lighting modes, such as a strong light, weak light, flashing, and turned off mode. When a protruding block connected to the outer periphery of the annular element is pushed downward and partially into a corresponding recess on the flashlight, the annular element is prevented from rotation, and the flashlight from being inadvertently triggered.06-20-2013
20130155701LUMINAIRE - A luminaire 06-20-2013
20130182447LED MOUNTING SEAT - An LED mounting seat includes a main body having a supporting surface that abuts against a light emitting portion of an LED, a connecting end that is connected to a circuit board, and a side surface that interconnects the supporting surface and the connecting end. The side surface is formed with a pair of lateral grooves. Each of the lateral grooves is defined by a groove-defining surface that has an abutting surface portion facing an opening of the corresponding one of the lateral grooves. The LED has two leads extending respectively through the lateral grooves and abutting respectively against the abutting surface portions of the groove-defining surfaces.07-18-2013
20110310626LIGHTING DEVICE - Two partition plates are opposite to each other on a rectangular body frame along the longitudinal direction of the body frame. A power-supply unit, a connection terminal, grips, etc., are juxtaposed with LED modules in a compartment defined between the partition plates. Further, the LED modules are mounted in the compartments defined between each of the partition plates and each of the longitudinal edges of the body frame. Namely, two groups of the LED modules are juxtaposed on the body frame so that the power-supply unit, the connection terminal, and the like are provided between the two groups of the LED modules.12-22-2011
20130188372LIGHT EMITTING DIODE LAMP - The light-emitting diode lamp comprises a heat sink with a hollow central part, radial-longitudinal fins forming an outer circuit of the lamp, the LEDs placed so as to ensure the possibility of direct contact heat transfer to the heat sink at an annular pad, ends of the radial-longitudinal fins being connected to the annular pad.07-25-2013
20120020096Light Module, Composite Circuit Board Device Used Therein, and Assembling Method Thereof - A light module and an assembling method thereof are disclosed. The light module includes a first circuit board, a second circuit board, and a light source, wherein the first circuit board has a first opening and a second opening, and the second circuit board has a first bending portion. The light source is disposed on the first circuit board. The second circuit board passes through the first opening and the second opening of the first circuit board to form the first bending portion and the first circuit board and the second circuit board are fixed together to complete the light module assembling.01-26-2012
20120020095ELECTRONIC DEVICE - In an electronic device including a temperature sensor and an electronic component which is a heat generation source, the temperature is measured while the influence of heat from the electronic component is reduced. The electronic device includes: a base formed of a resin material; a board which is disposed at one side of the base, and includes an electronic component and a temperature sensor; and a heat sink which is disposed at the other side of the base for dissipating heat generated by the electronic component. The heat sink includes an extension part extending from the other side of the base toward a position of the board at which the electronic component is provided.01-26-2012
20120020094CEILING LAMP - A ceiling lamp includes a housing, a light source received in the housing, a transparent/translucent cover fixed to a bottom of the housing and a frame connected to the housing and located over the housing. The housing includes a top plate, a pair of wings extending downwardly from the top plate and two lids fixed to the top plate and the wings. The frame includes a top wall and two side walls and two arms extending downwardly from the top wall. Each lid forms a slot therein, and each arm forms a protrusion to engage in the slot to thereby secure the housing to the frame.01-26-2012
20120020093LIGHT UNIT FOR LED LAMP AND METHOD FOR THE SAME - A method for manufacturing a light unit for LED lamp first provides an aluminum substrate, which is surface-treated to form a thin aluminum oxide insulating layer thereon. A circuit board is attached to the insulating layer and includes a through hole to expose part of the insulating layer. An LED die is mounted to the exposed part of the insulating layer, and two bonding wires electrically connect the LED die and the circuit board. A wall is formed on the circuit board to enclose the LED die and the bonding wires. Finally, plastic material is dispensed into the wall to form a lens.01-26-2012
20130194815Circuit Board for LED Applications - Circuit boards are designed and configured for mounting light emitting devices (LEDs), such as for LED light bulb and LED light tube applications, and are capable of passing a non-isolated, mains powered, electrical strength test.08-01-2013
20130194814BENT LAYERED STRUCTURE AND METHODS RELATING THERETO - A bent layered structure is disclosed having a top conductive layer and a dielectric layer. The dielectric layer is a polyimide derived from at least 70 mole percent aromatic dianhydride based upon total dianhydride content of the polyimide and at least 70 mole percent aromatic diamine based upon total diamine content of the polyimide. The bent layered structure has a radius of at least 2 mm and a bend angle of at least 45 degrees at least once along a longitudinal or at least once parallel to the longitudinal axis or both and maintains a 150 to 350 V/micron breakdown voltage.08-01-2013
20120057359LIGHT EMITTING APPARATUS AND LIGHT UNIT - A light emitting device according to an embodiment includes: a body including a cavity formed with a stepped section; an electrode of which one end is disposed on the stepped section and the other end is disposed outside of the body; a heat sink including a main frame and a sub frame, wherein the sub frame includes a slope and a portion of the heat sink is disposed outside of the body; and a light emitting diode disposed on the heat sink.03-08-2012
20120057358LIGHT EMITTING DIODE MODULE - A light emitting diode (LED) module including a circuit board and at least one LED package is provided. The circuit board has a plurality of driving signal wirings and at least one ground wiring. The LED package is disposed on the circuit board and is electrically connected to the driving signal wirings. The LED package includes at least one LED chip, a plurality of signal leads, and at least one ground lead. The signal leads are electrically connected to the LED chip. The ground lead is electrically insulated from the signal lead and is electrically connected to the ground wiring. The ground lead is electrically insulated from the LED chip and has favorable electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection performance.03-08-2012
20130201699Lamp Unit and Luminaire - A lighting circuit substrate is arranged in a cap so that one surface of a lighting circuit substrate and a flat portion of a cap projection are arranged so as to face each other. Also, lighting circuit components are mounted on the one surface of the lighting circuit substrate, and the lighting circuit components are arranged within the cap projection. Arrangement is such that a clearance between the lighting circuit substrate and the flat portion of the cap projection becomes larger than the height of a component whose projecting dimension from the lighting circuit substrate is the largest from among the lighting circuit components.08-08-2013
20130201700LAMP - A lamp comprises a light emitting module including a substrate and LEDs mounted on the substrate, a heat sink that is cylindrical and that discharges heat produced during light emission by the LEDs, a base provided at one end of the heat sink, a mounting member having a front surface whereon the light emitting module is mounted, and a circuit unit positioned partially in the heat sink, receiving power through the base and causing the light emitting element to emit light. The mounting member is in contact with the heat sink so that the heat produced during light emission is transmitted to the heat sink. The circuit unit includes a circuit board and a plurality of electronic components mounted on the circuit board. The circuit board or at least one of the electronic components is thermally connected to the mounting member through a thermally conductive member.08-08-2013
20120069585DISPLAY DEVICE - A display device includes, within a panel formed of a front panel 03-22-2012
20120300479SUBSTRATE FOR MOUNTING LIGHT-EMITTING ELEMENT, AND LIGHT-EMITTING DEVICE - To provide a substrate for mounting a light-emitting element having a reflectance increased since light which is transmitted through the substrate and leaks out in directions other than the direction from which the light enters is reduced, and having a reduced firing shrinkage in the plane direction.11-29-2012
2012030047810 foot multi directon splitter light - On one end is a 120 volt male cord end, on either side of the male cord end is a rubber loop. The middle is made up of 10 foot rubber coated 12 gage wires like an extension cord type. In the center of the 10 foot section is a plastic molded medium base light bulb socket. Over the part of the socket that holds the light bulb, there is a plastic protective cage for the light bulb. On the final end of the product there is a 3 way 3 directional female splitter, there is reversed hooks on either side of each female socket to except the rubber loops that are on the male end of the next like product to extend the entire product.11-29-2012
20120081912LIGHTING APPARATUS - It is expected to provide a lighting apparatus that can improve the radiation performance. In a lighting apparatus that includes a light source unit and a heat sink radiating the heat generated by the light source unit and is recessed and installed to an attaching hole opened on a mounted portion, the heat sink is exposed at least partially to a side where the light from the light source unit is emitted from the attaching hole. For example, when installed to a ceiling having a heat insulated structure, the heat generated by the light source unit and transferred to the heat sink is transferred inside the heat sink and radiated from one part to the air at the side where the light from the light source unit is emitted from the attaching hole. Therefore, the radiation performance can be improved.04-05-2012

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