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362 - Illumination


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362282000 Angularly adjustable or respositionable 46
362280000 In plane, or extension of modifying surface 12
362278000 Flexible modifier 11
362279000 Louvered or grid type modifier movable as a unit 4
20090073696Dimming Device for a Searchlight - A dimming device for a searchlight for adjusting the brightness of a light field generated by a searchlight is provided. The dimming device comprising a plurality of different screening elements, which are formed and provided to partly or completely screen the light emitted by the searchlight. The screening elements are formed by different structured masks at least partly screening the light emitted by the searchlight, which include regularly arranged opaque or partly transparent regions and transparent regions. Means each are provided for incremental adjustment of the brightness of the generated light field of the searchlight either to bring the screening elements into the region of the light emitted by the searchlight, in order to reduce the brightness of the light field generated by one brightness level, or to remove the same from the region of the light emitted by the searchlight, in order to increase the brightness of the light field generated by one brightness level.03-19-2009
20090207615UNI-PLANAR FOCAL ADJUSTMENT SYSTEM - A uni-planar focal adjustment system involving no reflector housing rotation for use in high-intensity discharge (HID) lighting systems. A simple mechanical drive system allows a user to manually adjust the focal point by turning a focal adjustment ring, which in turn moves a HID lamp assembly back and forth along an optical axis relative to a stationary reflector. The system utilizes only linear motion along the optical axis and does not involve rotational reflector movement. The system allows for a significantly smaller reflector through-hole, which increases the percentage of HID generated light capable of being reflectively used in the focused light beam. A smaller through-hole also improves heat management, as less HID generated light passes through the through-hole into ballast portions of the lighting system. Furthermore, user safety is improved because focal adjustment does not involve a user physically handling and/or rotating a hot reflector housing. Finally, the focal adjustment system allows for separation of the HID lamp assembly inductor/igniter coil from the remaining ballast circuit board components, thereby further improving heat management of the lighting system, while maintaining the optimum alignment of the lamp in regards to the parabolic optic (even after rapid “in-field replacement”) and increasing light production efficiency. 08-20-2009
20120057350SWITCHABLE LIGHT-DUCT EXTRACTION - The disclosure generally relates to switchable light extractors and in particular to switchable light extractors useful for extracting light from light ducts used for interior lighting of a building. The disclosure also relates to lighting systems that include the light extractors, and methods of extracting light from a lighting system. The switchable light extractors generally include a first and a second reflective film, each having a plurality of voids that can aligned to extract light from a light duct.03-08-2012
20120087131LIGHTING DEVICE - Movable lighting device for lighting interiors, characterized in that it consists of a three-dimensional geometric body that has translucent or transparent faces, inside which is a light source, and in that the lateral faces thereof have horizontal-slat Venetian-type blinds.04-12-2012
20090185378IN-GRADE LIGHTING FIXTURE - An in-grade light fixture has a lamp compartment having an open upper end with a lens cover covering the open upper end. The lens cover may have a joint connection to permit travel from an open configuration to a closed configuration. A junction box is adjacent to the lens cover along an upper portion of the compartment. If a ballast is utilized for proper supply of power to the lamp, a ballast compartment is adjacent an open lower end of the lamp compartment. A hydraulic isolation chamber extends vertically downward from the junction box to the sealed ballast compartment. The hydraulic isolation chamber is filled with a potting material and prevents wicking of moisture into the ballast compartment.07-23-2009
20110194287AUXILIARY LIGHTING SYSTEMS - Vehicle-mounted auxiliary lighting systems adapted to provide primary or auxiliary vehicle lighting using light emitting diodes (LEDS) are disclosed.08-11-2011
20100157602Lighting - The invention relates to a lighting apparatus 06-24-2010
20130208480ILLUMINATION DEVICE, LUMINAIRE AND LIGHTING SYSTEM - An illumination device comprises a housing (08-15-2013
20130083538LED LAMP - An LED lamp includes a housing having a front end side formed into a cup shape and a rear end to which a cap is fixed, the cup-shaped portion having an inner peripheral surface formed with a reflection layer and an open end, a cap fixed to the rear end of the housing, an LED chip fixed to a bottom of the cup-shaped portion, a lighting circuit incorporated in the housing to supply electric power to the LED chip, the lighting circuit and the cap being electrically connected to each other, and a hood which is mounted to the open end of the cup-shaped portion so as to be movable forward and rearward in a direction of an imaginary center line of the cup-shaped portion.04-04-2013
20110002123LIGHT SOURCE UNIT - A light source unit relating to the present invention includes a light source element; an optical-waveguide-formed element in which an optical waveguide is formed; a prism for turning back a light flux emitted from the light source and guiding the light flux toward an incident end of the optical waveguide; and a coupling optical system formed on the prism or provided as a separated body from the prism, for coupling the light flux emitted from the light source onto the optical waveguide.01-06-2011
20110002122DUAL-PURPOSE SPOT LAMP - The invention relates to a dual-purpose spot lamp with a photoelectric switch, which can be used outdoor, including a burner component and back plane component, wherein, the photoelectric switch is fixed on the burner component, the burner component and back plane component are joined with a screw joint structure, the back plane component is fixed on a fixture at the using place, and the sensor window of the photoelectric switch faces obliquely upward. When the lamp is used as a wall lamp, the back plane component is a wall-hanging fixation plate and used as a floor lamp. The back plane component mainly includes a pointed plug and swath board. The lamp provided by the invention has a simple and reasonable structure and is easy to install and especially suitable for outdoor use.01-06-2011
20100097807DISPLAY AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE WITH DISPLAY - A display. A casing includes an opening. A light guide plate is disposed in the casing. A display panel is disposed in the casing and is adjacent to the light guide plate. A light-guiding member is movably disposed in the opening and includes a first light-permeable portion, a second light-permeable portion, and at least one non-light-permeable portion. The first light-permeable portion is opposite the second light-permeable portion. The non-light-permeable portion is disposed between the first and second light-permeable portions. When the light-guiding member is moved to a first position, the second light-permeable portion connects to the light guide plate and light in the exterior of the casing enters the light guide plate via the first and second light-permeable portions. When the light-guiding member is moved to a second position, the non-light-permeable portion connects to the light guide plate and the light does not enter the light guide plate.04-22-2010
20100002441Aspherical lens for LED - An illuminate device with an optical lens includes an aspherical lens and a LED. The aspherical lens, which has a flat end and an aspheric convex end, is held at the distance between 13.5 to 16.3 mm from the light center of the LED to the vertex of the aspheric surface of the lens. Light emitted from the LED enters the flat end of the lens and is refracted by the aspheric end of the lens to create a zoomable spot. An axial cross-section curve of the aspherical lens contents with a set of rectangular coordinates, which are (12,8.00), (11,8.05), (10,8.20), (9,8.44), (8,8.79), (7,9.25), (6,9.82), (5,10.51), (4,11.33), (3,12.29), (2,13.42), (1,14.75), (0,16.30), (−1,14.75), (−2,13.42), (−3,12.29), (−4,11.33), (−5,10.51), (−6,9.82), (−7,9.25), (−8,8.79), (−9,8.44), (−10,8.20), (−11,8.05), (−12,8.00).01-07-2010
20130058094VERSATILE BEAM AND WASH OPTICAL SYSTEM FOR AN AUTOMATED LUMINAIRE - Described are an improved automated luminaire 03-07-2013
20090268467LAMP ADJUSTMENT IN A LIGHT FIXTURE - A lamp adjustment arrangement in a light fixture, whereby a lamp socket is adjustable from the backside of a reflector by screwing in one or more directions. To perform effective independent adjustment of a light source in relation to a reflector, the lamp socket is adjustable in three directions by independent adjusting mechanisms, where a first adjustment in a first X direction is performed by first tilting an inner ring by a first screwing mechanism, where a second adjustment in a second Y direction is performed by tilting a second middle ring by a second screwing mechanism, and where a third adjustment is performed by a linear translation of a third outer ring in relation to a surrounding frame by a third screwing mechanism.10-29-2009
20130063947PROJECTION STREET LAMP - A street lamp having a tubular pole element has a projection device (03-14-2013
20120113649Recessed Luminaire - In an embodiment, a luminaire may include a housing that includes a support panel, a rotation ring supported by the support panel where the rotation ring is infinitely adjustable with a range of adjustments with respect to the support panel, a rotation drive unit configured to rotate the rotation ring with respect to the support panel, an aiming frame supported by the rotation ring, a tray system pivotally mounted to the aiming frame and configured to receive the bulb, and a tray drive configured to rotate the tray system about the pivotal mounting, whereby, in operation the rotational and angular orientation of the bulb may be adjusted while the bulb is on.05-10-2012
20120113648OPTICAL FRAMING PROJECTOR FORWARD ACCESS ADJUSTMENT AND LOCKING SYSTEMS - The invention relates to a forward access optical framing projector assembly either forward of, or housed behind, a finished surface in which adjustments to the assembly can be made from the front end making it safer and easier to manage. The forward access design requires only a small opening behind a finished surface and can be adjusted by tool instead of hand. The invention has a light mask gate attached to a gate rotation sleeve, and a locking fastener parallel to the optical axis of the light source that pushes the light mask gate forward, making it possible to lock the light mask gate. A tool can be inserted into an opening in light masking shutters. Radial slots in a front cone flange combined with either a shutter gate with radial grooves or a nut retainer tab makes it possible to variably adjust and lock the light masking shutters.05-10-2012
20110032707LENS BODY, LIGHT SOURCE UNIT AND LIGHTING SYSTEM - Substantially cylindrical supporting units are formed at both sides of a lens. The supporting units are to adjust the separation distance between the lens and the surface of a substrate depending on the height dimension of a light emitting diode mounted on the substrate from the substrate face when the lens body is fixed to the substrate. A cylindrical convex part is formed at a part of the tip face of the supporting unit in a concentric fashion relative to the supporting unit, and a cylindrical positioning unit is formed at a part of the tip face of the convex part in a concentric fashion. The positioning unit functions as a member for positioning when the substrate and the lens body are fixed to each other.02-10-2011
20090122546Movable Lighting System Providing Adjustable Illumination Zone - A movable lighting system includes at least one lighting unit. The lighting unit includes a light source and a reflector. The reflector encloses the light source and includes a main body and an exit facet. The exit facet of the reflector is beveled with respect to the horizon and adjustable to provide a desired illumination zone and a desired illumination-covering area.05-14-2009
20090225548LIGHT SOURCE DEVICE FOR ENDOSCOPE - A light source device includes a xenon lamp, a rotary shutter, a main CPU for controlling drive of these components, and a sub CPU. The main CPU operates when receiving a reset cancel signal from a reset circuit. Between the sub CPU and the reset circuit, an AND circuit is provided. When the reset cancel signal from the reset circuit and a lighting completion signal indicating completion of lighting the xenon lamp are both input, the AND circuit outputs the reset cancel signal to the sub CPU. After the output of the lighting completion signal, the sub CPU operates to drive the rotary shutter. When high-frequency noise which occurs at the time of discharging the xenon lamp stops, the rotary shutter is activated and thereby generating pulses of illumination light.09-10-2009
20100103677TWIN BEAM THEATRICAL LIGHT WITH RADIAL LENTICULAR HOMOGENIZING LENS - A theatre lighting apparatus comprising a base, a communications port, a processor, a memory, and a lamp housing is disclosed. The lamp housing may include a lamp, a reflector, an output lens, a motor, and a homogenizing lens. The homogenizing lens may be comprised of a plurality of radially arranged lenticular lenses. The processor may be programmed to enable a motor to vary a position of the homogenizing lens in relation to a position of the output lens. The homogenizing lens may be comprised of a first half and a second half, each of which may have a plurality of radially arranged lenticular lenses.04-29-2010
20090168424LIGHT SOURCE DEVICE AND PROJECTOR - A light source device adapted to generate an illumination light beam for illuminating an illuminated surface includes a light source adapted to emit a light beam, a light path conversion member adapted to rotate around an axis perpendicular to a center axis of the light beam emitted from the light source to convert a light path of the light beam emitted from the light source, an overlapping illumination element adapted to overlap a light beam emitted from the light path conversion member on the illuminated surface, the overlapping illumination element having an entrance position of the light bream input to the overlapping illumination element varies with time, and a rotating section adapted to rotate the light path conversion member.07-02-2009
20080232107Multifunction Lamp - A multifunction lamp comprises: a light source; a first reflector receiving and reflecting the projected light from the light source; a second reflector receiving and reflecting the reflected light from the first reflector; a first light-guide member which is provided between the light source and the first reflector or and the end of the first reflector away form the light source; and a second light-guide member guiding the light reflected by the second reflector out of the lamp.09-25-2008
20110267823LIGHTING DEVICE WITH ADJUSTABLE LIGHT BEAM, PARTICULARLY FOR A FLASHLIGHT - An adjustable light beam lighting device, particularly for a flashlight, has in succession along an axis a light source, a collimator collimating the light into a collimated beam, and a first optical element and a second optical element provided with respective arrays of side-by-side lenses arranged according to a network pattern. The lenses of the first element face respective lenses of the second element and are shaped to, respectively, converge and diverge the light from the collimated beam. A mask between the elements is shaped to laterally screen the light exiting from each lens of the first element and to convey the light exiting from each lens of the first element only on the facing lens of the second element, thus screening the adjacent lenses. A movement mechanism translates the elements with along the axis to vary the width of the beam emitted by the device.11-03-2011
20110222290SHAPING ASSEMBLY FOR SHAPING A LIGHT BEAM AND STAGE LIGHT FIXTURE COMPRISING SAID SHAPING ASSEMBLY - A shaping assembly for shaping a light beam extending along an optical axis is equipped with: 09-15-2011
20090080196Lighting apparatus, lighting method, lighting system and surface information acquisition apparatus - A lighting apparatus includes a light source and a light beam separating member to separate light emitted from the light source into at least two different directions. The light beam separating member has a light incident plane on which light emitted from the light source is incident and a light output plane from which the light is output after being transmitted through the light beam separating member. In this structure, output light from the light beam separating member is clearly separated. Further, output light from the light beam separating member has characteristics that an angular width of each separated light beam is narrow.03-26-2009
20120127724OPTICAL PROBE AND OPTICAL SYSTEM THEREFOR - An optical probe and an optical system therefor are provided. The optical probe is includes a housing configured to house the optical system and the housing has a transparent window therein. the optical system includes a light emitting unit, a collimation lens, and a focusing lens. A numerical aperture of the optical system is adjustable by adjusting a pupil diameter of the collimation lens and a focal length of the focusing lens. The pupil diameter of the collimation lens is adjustable based on a variable focal lens or by adjusting a distance between the collimation lens and the light emitting unit.05-24-2012
20090122547 Lighting System with an Adjustable Illuminated Area - The present invention discloses a lighting system with an adjustable illuminated area. The lighting system comprises a light source for outputting a light, a first refractive optical element and a second refractive optical element. The first and second refractive optical elements have continuous curvature. The first refractive optical element is movable along a first direction, while the second refractive optical element is movable along a second direction. The light passes through the first refractive optical element and the second refractive optical element to form an illuminated area. The shape and the size of the illuminated area are adjusted when the relative position of the first refractive optical element and the second refractive optical element is adjusted.05-14-2009
20100232160ILLUMINATION DEVICE HAVING ADJUSTABLE DISTRIBUTION CURVE OF LUMINOUS INTENSITY - An illumination device includes a light source, an optical film, and a drive module. The optical film has a plurality of optical regions, each having a light incident surface opposite to the light source and a light emitting surface opposite to the light incident surface, and at least one of each of the light incident and emitting surfaces has a micro-structure. The drive module moves the optical film in the space, and light emitted by the light source passes through the different optical regions of the optical film, changing the distribution curve of luminous intensity of the light source.09-16-2010
20100254143LIGHT INTENSITY AND FIELD-ADJUSTABLE ILLUMINATING APPARATUS - An illuminating apparatus includes a lamp shade, a light source and a plurality of light shelters. The lamp shade includes a tubular sidewall, a receiving space and an opening. The light source is received in the receiving space. The plurality of light shelters is mechanically pivoted on the tubular sidewall. The plurality of light shelters is capable of being respectively and selectively rotated to cover the opening, thereby sheltering light passing through the opening.10-07-2010
20090290351ADJUSTABLE LIGHTING DEVICE - An adjustable lighting device includes a light source, a reflector for reflecting light from the light source, a coil of nonlinear thread coiling around the reflector, and a driving member engaging with the coil of nonlinear thread. The driving member is adapted to drive the coil of nonlinear thread to rotate thereby adjusting the position of the reflector.11-26-2009
20100014291LIGHTING DEVICE - A lighting device comprising a plurality of overlapping leaves hingedly attached to a base that can be manipulated to control the size of an opening through which light from a light source passes, and thereby the size and intensity of the light. In some embodiments the device includes an off-center lighting source whereby a light beam is emitted at an angle to an axis passing through the center of the opening formed by the leaves.01-21-2010
20090109680Selectable Gobo Animation for a Multiparameter Light - A multiparameter lighting apparatus is disclosed that allows an operator of a central controller to remotely choose a first rotation of a selected gobo of the multiparameter lighting apparatus. The first rotation is typically a substantially smooth rotation. A second rotation can also be chosen, wherein the second rotation causes an animation of the selected gobo.04-30-2009
20110019422KINETIC FLAME DEVICE - An apparatus creating a flickering flame effect. The apparatus includes a housing with an interior space with first and second stages. A drive mechanism generates a time varying electromagnetic field extending into the first stage. A first pendulum member is pivotally mounted in the interior space of the first stage and includes first and second magnets on first and second ends, with the first end proximate to the drive mechanism such that the first magnet interacts with the varying electromagnetic field to cause movement of the pendulum member. The apparatus includes a second pendulum member pivotally mounted in the second stage with a magnet on a first end proximate to the second end of the first pendulum member. A flame silhouette element extends from the second pendulum member, and a light source transmits light onto the flame silhouette, which is moving due to the magnetic coupling of the pendulum members.01-27-2011
20100053971Asymmetric Lighting Systems and Applications Thereof - The present invention provides luminaires operable to produce asymmetric light distributions. In one embodiment, a luminaire comprises a light source, an outer optic, and at least one inner optic at least partially positioned within the outer optic.03-04-2010
20110026258MEDICAL/DENTAL HEADLIGHT SYSTEM WITH INTERCHANGEABLE BEAM-FORMING OPTICS - A head-mounted light source particularly suited to medical and dental applications includes a base unit with a source of illumination directed through a distal opening in the base unit, and a plurality of interchangeable beam-forming units, each separately attachable to the distal opening of the base unit to produce a different light spot size at a given distance. The preferred embodiment includes a wide-field beam-forming unit, an intermediate beam-forming unit and a high-intensity beam-forming unit, such that the diameter of the spot size progressively decreases from the wide-field to the intermediate to the high-intensity unit. The interchangeable beam-forming units are attached to the base unit through a threaded connection. Each interchangeable beam-forming unit may itself include a distal threaded connection for attachment of a UV or other filter. In the preferred embodiment, the base unit includes a clip adapted for attachment to an ocular mounting assembly.02-03-2011
20100265715Adjustable, Outdoor Light Unit, and Method for Making and Using the Same - In one embodiment, a light comprises: a body portion, a base, and an electrical power cord connected to the body and capable of establishing electrical communication between the light source and an electricity source. The body portion can comprise a lens, a light source, a reflector, a body connection, and a focusing element. The focusing element can be configured to create relative movement between the light source and the reflector, such that, when in use, a spread of a light beam from the light source can be adjusted. The base comprise can comprise a mounting element and a base connector capable of connecting to the body connection.10-21-2010
20080247167DIFFRACTION OPTICAL ELEMENT, LIGHTING DEVICE, AND PROJECTOR - A diffraction optical element includes: a first diffraction pattern which diffracts entering light to produce illumination light for illuminating a first area; and a second diffraction pattern which is disposed adjacent to the first diffraction pattern and diffracts entering light to produce illumination light for illuminating a second area other than the first area by using at least a part of the diffracted light.10-09-2008
20100309667ACTUATING ASSEMBLY FOR STAGE LIGHT FITTING BEAM PROCESSING MEMBERS, AND STAGE LIGHT FITTING COMPRISING SUCH AN ASSEMBLY - An actuating assembly for beam processing members of a stage light fitting for generating a light beam has a frame; at least a first and second beam processing member; a motor with a shaft; and transmission means for transmitting motion to the first and second beam processing member, and which connect the shaft of the motor to the first and second beam processing member to selectively move the first and second beam processing member successively between a first position of non-interference with the beam, and a second position of interference with the beam.12-09-2010
20100328954Limited F-Cone Light Source - A shutter includes micro-optics having first and second concentrator arrays. A transducer laterally displaces one of the first and second concentrator arrays between transmissive and shuttered modes. In the transmissive mode, the arrays of concentrators are optically aligned to permit electromagnetic energy passing through the first array of concentrators to pass through the second array of concentrators. In the shuttered mode, the electromagnetic radiation is blocked from passing through the second array of concentrators. The concentrators may be compound parabolic concentrators, or lenslets positioned on opposing plates with pinholes printed therethrough. The shutter may increase f-number of radiation passing therethrough, and may be used in a limited f-cone radiation source with shuttering abilities, for example reducing f-cone of radiation output from the radiation source.12-30-2010
20110096547TWIN BEAM THEATRICAL LIGHT WITH RADIAL LENTICULAR HOMOGENIZING LENS - A theatre lighting apparatus comprising a base, a communications port, a processor, a memory, and a lamp housing is disclosed. The lamp housing may include a lamp, a reflector, an output lens, a motor, and a homogenizing lens. The homogenizing lens may be comprised of a plurality of radially arranged lenticular lenses. The processor may be programmed to enable a motor to vary a position of the homogenizing lens in relation to a position of the output lens. The homogenizing lens may be comprised of a first half and a second half, each of which may have a plurality of radially arranged lenticular lenses.04-28-2011
20110080736FOCUSING LENS SYSTEM - A lens for a flashlight or other lighting unit provides for focusing light from a source, such as an LED, to provide a light beam adjustable between a spot beam and a wide beam. The lens includes a lens body with a front face, a rear LED-receiving well, and a side surface extending between the front face and the rear well. The front face includes a central surface surrounded by an annular concave surface. The rear well includes a space for the LED to be adjusted in position. The rear well space is defined by a concavely-curved sidewall and a concavely-curved base. The concave curvature of the sidewall and base may be Bezier curves.04-07-2011
20110080735STAGE LIGHTING FIXTURE - A stage lighting fixture having a casing extending along a longitudinal axis; a light source housed in a closed end of the casing to emit a light beam substantially along an optical axis; an objective lens located at an open end of the casing; and beam size adjusting means located between the light source and the objective lens to intercept the beam. The beam size adjusting means have an optical element, in turn having a first region with a first concave beam incidence surface of first beam diffusion properties, and a second region with a second concave beam incidence surface of second beam diffusion properties.04-07-2011
20120147606 LED LAMP CAPABLE OF ADJUSTING A BEAM SPREAD THEREOF - An LED lamp capable of adjusting a beam spread thereof mainly comprises an adjusting module disposed between a seated body and a cover unit. The adjusting module includes a holder connecting to the seated body, a motivating member traveling within an aperture of the cover unit, an engaging member propping the motivating member against the holder, and a lens disposed on the engaging member. Thereby, rotating the motivating member triggers the engaging member to either move protrudently outward or draw back inward with respect to the cover unit. Accordingly, a beam angle of LED members disposed on a circuit unit of the lamp holder is able to be increasingly condensed or spread, thence promoting the luminaire efficiency of the present invention.06-14-2012
20110110093LED Lamp Having A Larger Lighting Angle - An LED lamp includes a lamp shade, an optical lens mounted in the lamp shade, and an LED module mounted in the lamp shade. Thus, the optical lens has a curved surface with different curvatures to reflect and refract the light beams of the LED module in different angles and directions so that after the light beams of the LED module pass through and emerge from the optical lens, the light beams of the LED module are scattered and diverged in different angles and directions from the optical lens and are distributed on the optical lens evenly and smoothly such that the LED module has a larger lighting angle so as to enhance the lighting effect and the aesthetic quality of the LED lamp.05-12-2011
20120063142Illuminating and Targeting Systems and Methods Having Variable Liquid Lens - Systems and methods that incorporate a variable liquid lens are disclosed. In at least some embodiments, a light projecting system includes a light source, and a light processing assembly configured to receive a light beam from the light source and to project an output field. The light processing assembly includes at least one liquid lens configured to controllably process the light beam such that the output field is variable between a relatively-broader illuminating field and a relatively-narrower targeting field. In some embodiments, a controller may controllably adjust the at least one liquid lens to alternately provide the illuminating field and the targeting field, and may controllably adjust at least one dwell time to adjust a brightness of at least one of the illuminating and targeting fields, respectively.03-15-2012
20120063143LIGHTING DEVICE - A lighting device is provided. The lighting device includes: a light source module mounted on a substrate; a lens unit provided on the light source module and including an accommodating groove accommodating the light source module; a housing unit accommodating the lens unit therein to protect the lens unit from an outside; a supporting unit fixed to the substrate and including a coupling hole having the housing unit coupled thereto to thereby support the housing unit; and a height adjustment unit allowing the housing unit to be vertically-movably coupled to the supporting unit and adjusting a height of the lens unit such that the height of the lens unit is varied.03-15-2012
20110090695ILLUMINATION APPARATUS - An illumination apparatus including a light source that emits illumination light, an optical member that transmits the illumination light to externally project the illumination light, and a reflector that reflects illumination light from the light source towards the optical member, the device comprising: a drive device to drive the reflector and the light source to advance and retract in a substantially perpendicular direction relative to a light projection surface of the optical member; and a relative movement device to cause the light source to relatively move relative to the reflector in a process of driving to advance and retract by way of the drive device, wherein the relative movement device includes a straight guide member that causes the light source to move straight ahead in the substantially perpendicular direction relative to the reflector.04-21-2011
20100172138Tir switched flat panel display - A flat panel display uses pixels that are turned on or off by the enabling or disabling total internal reflection TIR, of a light guide. A reflective surface directs the switched light towards the viewer. An optional mask can be employed to provide extremely high contrast ratios in low and in high ambient lighting conditions. The elements that enable TIR can be enabled quickly because of their small size and weight, resulting in a very fast switching speed. The fast switching speed allows colors to be generated and displayed in a sequential manner.07-08-2010
20100246182SPRING SLOT&LOCK QUICK-CHANGE GOBO CHANGER SYSTEM - For lighting equipment for illumination of theatre and show stages and platforms there is designed equipment for quick change of rotary gobos comprising a carrier disc supporting interchangeable segments with the gobos. The individual segments are attached at the carrier disc by springs which register the position of the segment on the gobo carrier while at the same time holding the segment in place.09-30-2010
20120134157ELECTRONIC LIGHTING DEVICE AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING SAME - An electronic lighting device may comprise an enclosure, a light-emitting element, a flame sheet and a swing mechanism. The flame sheet is movably supported or suspended on the enclosure, and may comprise an upper sheet which is of a flame-like shape. The upper sheet is configured to be exposed above the top of the enclosure. Light from the light-emitting element intersects with the surface of the upper sheet so that the light projects onto the surface of the upper sheet. The swing mechanism is disposed beneath the flame sheet and can apply a force on the flame sheet to actuate the flame sheet to sway or swing. By the present application, a visual experience of true fire can be achieved and an interestedness and appreciation can be improved. A method for manufacturing the same is disclosed.05-31-2012
20120081901ILLUMINATION DEVICE WITH LIGHT EMITTING DIODE - An illumination device includes an LED light source, a fluorescent board, and an intensity controller. The LED light source emits first wavelength light. The fluorescent board is located on the light path of the first wavelength light emitted from the LED light source. The fluorescent board absorbs a portion of the first wavelength light emitted from the LED light source and emits second wavelength light. The intensity controller is located on the light path of the light exiting from the fluorescent board, and decreases the intensity of the first wavelength light.04-05-2012
20110122629File System for a Stage Lighting Array System - A file system for a stage lighting system that maintains the different files associated with the stage lighting system. Each of the files that can represent an effect are maintained within the system within a configuration file. The configuration file can be updated on each start of the system so that the system can maintain information indicative of current configuration files. A test mode can also be entered in which a pre-formed show can be tested against the current state of the configuration files.05-26-2011
20110235333LIGHTING DEVICE - A lighting fixture can have a reduced depth size. The lighting device can include an LED light source, and a lens body disposed in front of the LED light source to be opposed to the LED light source. The lens body can includes a front light exiting surface and a rear surface that includes a light incident surface on which light emitted from the LED light source can be incident. The light incident surface can be a cylindrically recessed light incident surface that is formed by moving a concave semicircle section with respect to the LED light source in one direction to define a recessed space, and the LED light source is disposed within the recessed space defined by the light incident surface so that the light emitted from the LED light source is incident on the light incident surface.09-29-2011
20100232159ILLUMINATION DEVICE WITH SELECTABLE LIGHT DISTRIBUTION CURVES - An illumination device includes a light source and a light transmissive element having a plurality of transmissive units. The light transmissive element is movable such that any of the plurality of transmissive units can be selectively positioned below the light source, and said any of plurality of transmissive units can thereby receive light emitted from the light source and convert the light distribution curve of the light into a different light distribution curve.09-16-2010
20110249442ANIMATION WHEEL FOR AN AUTOMATED LUMINAIRE - Described is an animation wheel for an automated luminaire for quick and direct movement between different individual gobos or for positioning anywhere through a plate which substantially exceed the size of the light beam cross-section.10-13-2011
20110280018BEAM DIRECTION CONTROLLING DEVICE AND LIGHT-OUTPUT DEVICE - A beam direction controlling device (11-17-2011
20120287639Universal mounting bracket with optical functions for use with auxiliary optical devices - The invention provides a mounting bracket for attachment of various auxiliary optical devices such as daylight-vision optical scopes, night-vision monoculars, etc., to a weapon. A distinctive feature of the mounting bracket is that the bracket, itself, incorporates an optical system for projection of an image of the reticle (or other patterns) without use of additional mounts or external reticle or red-dot devices. Most importantly, the bracket allows use of inexpensive optical devices, e.g., a standard monocular, which can be used as a universal optical device, such as an optical sight, a spotting scope, a goggle, a part of a red-dot aiming system, or the like.11-15-2012
20130021801HELMET LIGHT DEVICE - A helmet light device includes a body, a driver, an adjustable shot device and a sensor device. An illuminant is set up in the body. The adjustable shot device is moved back and forth by the driver and the adjustable shot device is moving back and forth simultaneously relative to the illuminant for adjusting the emission characteristics. The sensor device includes an electrical sensor and a battery, wherein the electrical sensor is set up on the body for receiving a command from a user to the driver and the battery provides electricity for the electrical sensor and the driver to electrically adjust the emission characteristics of the helmet light device.01-24-2013
20120243234LIGHT FIXTURES, LIGHTING DEVICES, AND COMPONENTS FOR THE SAME - A diffuser for a lighting device comprises a diffuser region, a hook element and a nose element. A light fixture comprises a housing with an opening and a diffuser as described above, in which the nose element extends through the opening, optionally further comprising an accessory including at least one spring element engaging the hook element. A light fixture structure comprises a housing defining an opening and an first attachment element comprising a nose element, a hook element and a connection region, and optionally further comprising a diffuser engaging a first portion of the hook element, and/or an accessory which engages a second portion of the hook element. An eyeball accessory comprises first and second housing elements pivotably attached to each other. An accessory for a light fixture comprises a housing member and a spring element engageable with a fixture.09-27-2012
20130170216ADJUSTABLE LED LENS AND LAMP WITH THE SAME - The adjustable LED lens has a body having a light incident surface and a light-emitting surface respectively mounted on two opposite sides of the body. The light-emitting surface has a concave tapered surface. The adjustable LED lens is mounted on a holder. A distance between the adjustable LED lens and the holder is changeable. An LED is mounted on the holder, wherein a light generated by the LED passes through the light incident surface and the light-emitting surface of the body. The concave tapered surface of the light-emitting surface increases a light distribution angle to increase an illumination range and decrease a glare. The distance between the adjustable LED lens and the LED is changeable to adjust a light shape as desired.07-04-2013
20080219004Illumination Device for Illuminating an Object - An illumination device (09-11-2008
20110273887LIGHT FOR OUTDOOR GRILL - A lighting assembly for an outdoor grill or similar type of cooking assembly includes a base having a first end mountable within a receptacle located along a surface of the grill. An illumination source is located at a second end of the base. A directional cap is applied over the illumination source and redirects the light provided by the illumination source toward a desired area or areas of a cooking surface or preparation area of the grill.11-10-2011
20100277921Electronic Apparatus - In an electronic apparatus comprising a circuit board supporting semiconductor components and traces or conductors for supplying electrical energy to the semiconductor components, and a connection arrangement by which the conductors are connected to a power supply cable, the circuit board being covered by an electrically insulating encapsulating layer, a molded frame part is mounted on the circuit board so as to cover the connection arrangement, the molded frame part having a circumferential edge structure which extends on one end into the encapsulating layer and at the other end projects above the encapsulating layer so as to create an interior space which, when the encapsulating layer is at least partially cured, is filled with additional encapsulating compound to form, after curing, a relatively thick protective layer over the wire or cable and conductor connecting area.11-04-2010
20120275161LIGHT MODULE HAVING AN APERTURE WITH A RESILIENT STOP ELEMENT - A projection light module having a light source, primary optics, secondary optics and a movable aperture, which is arranged in such a way that the primary optics transfer lighting current emanating from the light source in a first light distribution which is situated in a focal plane of the secondary optics so that the secondary optics transfer the first light distribution in a second light distribution situated in the front end of the light module, which is equipped to displace an optically effective edge of the aperture by actuating the aperture between a first control position and a second control position, wherein at least the second control position is defined by a mechanical limit stop. The aperture includes at least a resilient stop element.11-01-2012
20130182441ADJUSTABLE BEAM ILLUMINATOR - An adjustable beam illuminator may provide a beam of light with an output cone angle that is adjustable (e.g., continuously adjustable) from small output angles (substantially collimated beam, “spot” mode) to larger output angles providing “flood” illumination. The illuminator may emit infrared light, for example.07-18-2013

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