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362246000 Diffusing type 20
20130077306LED LIGHTING LAMP - An LED lighting lamp contains a cover, having a port for power leads, ports for cover fixing, an external collar, catches, feeding socket and feeders' connecting cube, fixed inside the cover to its bottom; a housing, having an external collar with rectangular recess, protrusions arranged on the vertical walls inside the housing, bars, catches, a seat in which the PIN ends are fastened to be connected with feeding socket, wherein the catches are connected with cover catches; an electronic board of the feeder, with ports for housing bars, electronic elements and electrical connectors placed on the upper surface as well as connector support placed on the lower surface; insulation molder, fastened in the housing collar's recess and having a central rectangular cavity with rectangular and round ports in its bottom; a radiator in the form of a rectangular molder, fastened in the cavity of insulation molder and having on its upper surface a central rectangular seat, inside which, at least two bars and one port are placed on its lower surface.03-28-2013
20130077307ILLUMINATION DEVICE - A lighting device (03-28-2013
20100097803 Multiple Light Source Surface Packaging Structure - The preferred embodiment the invention proposes pertains to a light source system structure, claimticularly referring to a multiple light-source source packaging structure, which is comprised of a surface wrapped with a multiple number of packagers, and inside the packagers is a placement space, and the surface of the packager is of a smooth surface; a micro-Fresnel lens unit, which is mounted in the placement space, and the micro-Fresnel lens unit is comprised of a multiple number of encircling micro-Fresnel lenses, with a concave slot located at the center of the encircling micro-Fresnel lens unit and a light source mounted beneath the concave slot, where the light created from the light source can be deflected and projected through the micro-Fresnel lens unit, through which to further control the angle of each light beam, together with a circuit control switch linked to the light source to further control the distance of light projection from the multiple number of packagers, enabling the distance of projection to be controlled by the varied micro-Fresnel lens unit within the packager.04-22-2010
20120218758ILLUMINATION DEVICE - An illumination device includes a base, a plurality of light source modules and a power module. The base includes a first connection portion and a second connection portion. The first connection portion is configured for mounting a supporting structure. Each of the light source modules includes a main plate and a lamp. The lamp is mounted on a mounting plate of the main plate. The lamp includes a plurality of light emitting diodes. A connection block is defined on an opposite surface of the mounting plate. The power module is electrically coupled to the light emitting diodes of the lamp. The connection block of each of the light source modules is fixed to the second connection portion of the base after the connection block is slid on the second connection portion to reach a predetermined position.08-30-2012
20090009997MODULAR LIGHTING ARRAYS - Apparatus, systems, architectures, and methods provide interlocked modular lighting array units to operate as a single large light source. The modular lighting array units may be connected by a network, and the modular lighting array units may communicate and send and receive control or status signals. In some embodiments, the signals may correspond to status of light sources or LEDs, lighting functions, effects routines, and various other signals of communication.01-08-2009
20100079995LUMINAIRES AND OPTICS FOR CONTROL AND DISTRIBUTION OF MULTIPLE QUASI POINT SOURCE LIGHT SOURCES SUCH AS LEDS - A light projection device of a stack of at least 2 LED light projection modules. Each module shares a common optical axis and each includes an LED at least partially surrounded by an off-axis collimating optic and each projects a radially collimated canted beam towards and onto. There is a refracting plate for redirecting and changing the angle in respect to the optical axis of at least one of the radially collimated canted beams.04-01-2010
20120140469OPTICAL PROJECTION SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR A COOLED LIGHT SOURCE - A light projection optical system is presented. The system comprises a cooling chamber containing: a light source operative at a cool temperature being lower than 240K; a cooler unit capable of cooling said light source to said cool temperature during the light source operation, an optical window permitting light emergence outside from the cooling chamber; and an optical unit accommodated in the optical path of light emitted by said light source and enabling emergence of this light through said optical window outside from the cooling chamber.06-07-2012
20090147514DISPLAY METHOD AND ILLUMINATION SYSTEM THEREOF - An illumination system is provided, which provides a plurality of light beams to a light valve. The illumination system includes a plurality of light sources, a polynomial lens and an optical scanning element. The light sources are capable of emitting the light beams. The polynomial lens is disposed on light paths of the light beams and located between the light sources and the light valve. The polynomial lens shapes the light beams into a plurality of rectangular light beams. The optical scanning element is disposed on light paths of the rectangular light beams and located between the polynomial lens and the light valve. The optical scanning element is capable of moving for scanning the rectangular light beams on the light valve unidircetionally or back and forth along a direction, and the rectangular light beams partially overlap with each other on the light valve.06-11-2009
20110170292LIGHTING SYSTEM AND ASSEMBLING METHOD OF THE SAME - Optic group for a lighting system including a plurality of solid state light sources, includes a plurality of optics each positionable in proximity of at least a correspondent solid state light source, a planar housing matrix of the plurality of optics for facilitating assembly of the lighting system. The assembling method includes sequentially: a) rotating at least a first asymmetric optic with respect to a third axis, parallel to a longitudinal axis of at least a correspondent solid state light source, at a first predetermined angle measured with respect to an axis orthogonal to the third axis, so as to lead the first asymmetric optic in a first configuration which is rotated with respect to the third axis and centered over the correspondent housing; b) coupling the first asymmetric optic to a correspondent housing of the planar housing matrix, and maintaining the same in the first rotated configuration.07-14-2011
20120106151MULTI-BEAM ILLUMINATION SYSTEM AND METHOD OF ILLUMINATION - The invention provides a multi-beam illumination system (05-03-2012
20080304265LIGHT EMITTING DEVICE, SURFACE LIGHT SOURCE DEVICE, AND IMAGE DISPLAY DEVICE - A light emitting device includes a plurality of light emitting diodes, a plurality of sealing resins, and a lens body formed in substantially a shape of a flat plate for guiding the light. The lens body is also disposed in a state of extending over the disposition surface of each sealing resin. The lens body includes a plurality of lens parts and a plurality of light guiding parts for reflecting the light by inside surfaces of the light guiding parts. The plurality of lens parts and the plurality of light guiding parts of the lens body are formed integrally with each other. The lens parts are disposed on the respective disposition surfaces of the sealing resins, and a plurality of light emitting function parts for sending out the light reflected by the inside surfaces of the light guiding parts are formed in the light guiding parts.12-11-2008
20080310159NEAR FIELD LENS - A lens has a main body for use with at least one light source. The main body has a light-emitting face, a light-collecting face disposed opposite the light-emitting face, and a plurality of focal points, the latter of which form a focal ring. A central axis extends through the light-collecting face and the light-emitting face. The main body is substantially radially symmetrical about the central axis and the focal ring extends around the central axis of the main body of the lens.12-18-2008
20090129084Optical device for altering light shape and light source module comprising same - An optical device and a light source module comprising the same are disclosed. The optical device comprises a lens unit having a first area for adjusting a light shape in a first direction and a second area for adjusting a light shape in a second direction. The lens unit and a light-emitting element of the optical device can be arranged into an array to form a light source module. The combined light shape and light shape area of light emitted from the light source module is the sum of light shapes of light emitted from individual lens units.05-21-2009
20110205737LAMP DEVICE - Disclosed is a lamp device. The lamp device includes: 08-25-2011
20130120989Atmosphere Light with Interacting Functions - An atmosphere light with interacting functions includes a body formed with a plurality of polygon-shaped blocks which are connected to each other, a plurality of lenses respectively covering the blocks, a receiving space defined between the lens and the block, a light source located in the receiving space and mounted at the center on the bottom of the block, a cover assembled in the receiving space and covering the light source, a controller assembled in the body and electrically connected to the light source so that the light source is varied by the controller. Under this arrangement, when the light beams from the light source are transmitted to the lenses, the light beams are refracted by the lenses and passes through the lenses; consequently, the light beam is formed as a virtual image at the center of the body via the refraction.05-16-2013
20130128578LAMP INCORPORATING SUPPORTING BODY FOR EASILY MOUNTING TO A SUPPORT - A lamp includes a supporting body and a lamp body. The supporting body is fixed to a support such as a ceiling. The supporting body defines a plurality of apertures each including a hole and a slot. The slot has a width less than a diameter of the hole. The lamp body includes a housing, a heat sink, a light source and a cover. The housing forms a plurality of protrusions each including a pole and a head. The head has a diameter larger than a width of the slot. The protrusions extend through the holes of the apertures and then are rotated into the slots, whereby the heads are located above the slots and engage with the supporting body. Thus, the lamp is suspended from the support. A resilient member is provided between the housing and the supporting body.05-23-2013
20130135861LED ILLUMINATING DEVICE - An LED illuminating device for projecting light to a predetermined illuminating plane, includes a supporting pole extending from the illuminating plane, a first LED module arranged on the supporting pole and a second LED module arranged on the supporting pole. The first LED module is for projecting light to a first part of the illuminating plane. The second LED module is for projecting light to a second part of the illuminating plane. The first part of the illuminating plane is adjacent to the supporting pole. The second part of the illuminating plane is adjacent to the first part of the illuminating plane and away from the supporting pole.05-30-2013
20110085333VEHICLE LIGHT - A vehicle light can include an optical system for controlling a light distribution pattern, and the optical system is a light guide (being a lens body having an inner reflecting surface). The vehicle light can project illumination light with a low bean light distribution pattern. The vehicle light can include an LED light source and a lens body serving as a light guide. The lens body can include a light incident surface, a reflecting surface, and a light exiting surface. The LED light source can have a rearmost end light emitting point from which light beams are emitted to form a bright-dark boundary line. Among the light beams, perpendicularly incident light beams not subjected to refraction can be projected toward the bright-dark boundary line while obliquely incident light beams being subjected to refraction can be corrected to be directed in a lower angular direction than the bright-dark boundary line to be mixed with the other light beams emitted from other light emitting points of the LED light source, thereby preventing the color shading of illumination light.04-14-2011
20100014290LIGHT-DIRECTING APPARATUS WITH PROTECTED REFLECTOR-SHIELD AND LIGHTING FIXTURE UTILIZING SAME - A light-directing apparatus for off-axial preferential-side distribution of light from a light emitter having an emitter axis, including a lensing member positioned over the light emitter a shield member embedded within the lensing member in a position in the path of light emitted toward a non-preferential side. The lensing member having a proximal end substantially transverse the emitter axis and an outer surface configured for refracting light from the emitter. The shield member may be snugly received in a shield-receiving void of an inner surface of the lensing member. Alternatively, the shield member is embedded by the lensing member having been molded thereabout. Another aspect of this invention is a lighting fixture utilizing such light-directing apparatus.01-21-2010
20120243225LIGHT COMBINED WITH A CABLE - A light combined with a cable illuminates a cable-stayed bridge in which a deck slab is fixed by a cable, or a structure in which wires or cables are combined, so as to achieve improved visual landscaping effects. The light of the present invention comprises a frame (09-27-2012
20100135018Semiconductor radiation source - The invention relates to a semiconductor radiation source comprising a base body which is connected to at least one LED chip thermally connected to an end side of the base body and a pliable flexible printed circuit board fitted on the same end side of the base body. The flexible printed circuit board at least partly surrounds the LED chip, has at least one printed-on conductor track (06-03-2010
20080278944OPTICAL LENS, OPTICAL MODULE HAVING THE SAME, AND BACKLIGHT ASSEMBLY HAVING THE SAME - An optical module includes a point light source device and an optical lens. The point light source device generates light. The optical lens includes an inner curved surface and an outer curved surface. The inner curved surface has a first roughly ellipsoidal shape having a first major axis and a first minor axis that is substantially perpendicular to the first major axis. The outer curved surface has a second roughly ellipsoidal shape having a second major axis that is substantially perpendicular to the first axis and the second minor axis that is substantially perpendicular to the second major axis. The light generated by the point light source device enters the optical lens through the inner curved surface and exits from the optical lens through the outer curved surface. Therefore, the number of optical modules used in a display device may be reduced to lower manufacturing cost thereof.11-13-2008
20110032701LED ASSEMBLY - An LED assembly includes a plurality of LED modules, a plurality of individual lenses and a pressing plate. Each LED module has a printed circuit board and a plurality of LEDs attached to the printed circuit board. Each lens covers a corresponding LED. Each lens includes a supporting base and a light adjusting portion disposed on the supporting portion. The pressing plate defines a plurality of through holes corresponding to the light adjusting portions of the lenses. The lenses cooperates with the LEDs. The light adjusting portions of the lenses extend through the through holes of the pressing plate. The pressing plate presses peripheral portions of the supporting bases towards the printed circuit boards of the LED modules.02-10-2011
20110216538LED-BASED LIGHTING FIXTURES FOR SURFACE ILLUMINATION WITH IMPROVED HEAT DISSIPATION AND MANUFACTURABILITY - LED-based lighting apparatus and assembly methods in which mechanical and/or thermal coupling between respective components is accomplished via a transfer of force from one component to another. In one example, a multiple-LED assembly is disposed in thermal communication with a heat sink that forms part of a housing. A primary optical element situated within a pressure-transfer member is disposed above and optically aligned with each LED. A shared secondary optical facility forming another part of the housing is disposed above and compressively coupled to the pressure-transfer members. A force exerted by the second optical facility is transferred via the pressure-transfer members so as to press the LED assembly toward the heat sink, thereby facilitating heat transfer. In one aspect, the LED assembly is secured in the housing without the need for adhesives. In another aspect, the secondary optical facility does not directly exert pressure onto any primary optical element, thereby reducing optical misalignment.09-08-2011
20090027885OPTICAL FILM, LIGHTING DEVICE AND DISPLAY UNIT - A display unit capable of reducing luminance irregularity when using a point light source is provided. The display unit includes: a panel driven based on an image signal; a plurality of point light sources arranged in a region facing the panel; and an optical sheet arranged between the panel and the plurality of point light sources. The plurality of point light sources are arranged in a first direction and also in a second direction intersecting with the first direction, and the optical sheet has a tridimensional configuration that includes a first ridgeline extending in a third direction intersecting with the first and second directions, and a second ridgeline extending in a direction intersecting with the first, second and third directions.01-29-2009
20110013397LED LUMINAIRE - A luminaire having a plurality of LED boards mounted within a housing is provided. Each LED board has at least one light emitting diode mounted thereon and an axis extending from a first end of the board to a second end of the board. Each LED board is adjusted about its respective axis to an orientation that is unique from at least two other LED boards.01-20-2011
20120063134LAMP - A lamp includes a frame; a light emitting mechanism coupled to the frame, the light emitting mechanism comprising a carrier, a plurality of dents disposed on the carrier, light-emitting diodes disposed in the dents, respectively, and series-connected to each other, and a power supply unit connecting with the light-emitting diodes; a lampshade coupled to the frame and configured to hermetically seal the light emitting mechanism; and a plurality of lenses coupled to the lampshade, or coupled to the dents and configured to hermetically seal the light-emitting diodes, respectively. The light-emitting diodes generate light directed to a required position by the lenses due to the directivity of the light-emitting diodes and focused by the lenses, such that the lamp is advantageously characterized by a large illumination angle and capable of saving power.03-15-2012
20100091493HIGH IRRADIANCE THROUGH OFF-CENTER OPTICS - A light fixture has an array of light emitting diodes arranged on a substrate, an array of lenses arranged adjacent the diodes, each lens corresponding to a diode, and having a center, the array of lenses arranged such that the each lens center is offset from a location of the diode. A light fixture has an array of light emitting diodes arranged in a x-y grid on a substrate, and an array of lenses arranged adjacent the array of light emitting diodes, each lens corresponding to a diode and having a center, the array of lenses arranged such that each lens center is offset a distance along a location axis of the diode. A method includes providing a substrate, forming an array of light emitting diodes on the substrate, and arranging an array of lenses adjacent the diodes, such that each lens corresponds to one diode, the lenses arranged such that a center of each lens is offset from a location of each diode.04-15-2010
20120250319Solid State Bidirectional Light Sheet Having Vertical Orientation - A solid state, bidirectional light sheet and method of fabricating the sheet are disclosed. In one embodiment, bare LED chips have top and bottom electrodes, where the bottom electrode is a large reflective electrode. An array of LEDs (e.g., 500 LEDs) is sandwiched between at least two transparent substrates having conductors bonded to the electrodes without wires. Various ways to connect the LEDs in series are described along with various embodiments. The light sheets are formed to emit light from opposite surfaces of the light sheet to create a bidirectional light sheet. The light sheet may be suspended from a ceiling to be perpendicular to the ceiling, or the angles of the light sheet may be adjusted. The suspended light sheet may form a cylinder for uniform illumination of the floor and ceiling. Lenses may be formed in the light sheet to emit light at any peak intensity angle to achieve any light emission pattern.10-04-2012
20120127717LED FLOODLIGHT - A LED floodlight (05-24-2012
20120162985SOLID STATE LIGHTING UNIT INCORPORATING OPTICAL SPREADING ELEMENTS - A desired output from a solid state lighting assembly is generated using a combination of a light assembly and an external protective lens. Provided are aspects in which the spreading and/or steering of aimed beams from individual light elements is achieved by through sections formed into an external protective lens. This may be embodied either in a luminaire originally designed to utilize solid state lighting elements, such as LEDs, or in a retrofit device or mechanism designed to convert an existing luminaire that uses a traditional light source into a luminaire that uses solid state lighting elements.06-28-2012
20120287635Light Emitting Diode Light Bar Module with Electrical Connectors Formed by Injection Molding - The present disclosure relates to methods for fabricating electrical connectors of a waterproof connector-heat sink assembly of a LED light bar module using injection molding. The methods include matching the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) of injection molding materials for the connectors and heat sinks. A heat sink and conductor pins are inserted into an injection mold and the injection molding materials are injected into the injection mold. An integrated connector-heat sink assembly is formed when the injection molding materials of the connectors form a waterproof seal with the heat sink when the injection molding materials solidify. Placement of the heat sink and conductor pins inside the injection mold is controlled to ensure that adhesive bonding between the injection molding materials and the heat sink is stronger than a maximum shear force.11-15-2012
20120287634WEATHER PROOF HIGH EFFICIENT LED LIGHT ENGINE - A printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) having a printed circuit board (PCB) with an array of light emitting diodes, multiple optic devices, and an overmold covering parts of the optic devices and the PCB. The optic devices have a stepped flange such that the lowermost step is covered completely by the overmold, thereby mechanically anchoring the optic device to the PCB. The overmold edges include wire covers with corresponding wire channels to retain wires within the channels. When multiple PCBAs are arranged together to form a light fixture, wires can be tucked under the wire covers so that they are protected and concealed. The overmold completely covers the PCB and includes a sealing edge that compresses or deforms when the back of the PCB is secured to a heat sink, creating a watertight and weatherproof seal around the PCB, preventing debris and water ingress into the PCB and optic devices.11-15-2012
20130016511COOLING FOR LED ILLUMINATION DEVICEAANM Mansfield; Matthew ArthurAACI New South WalesAACO AUAAGP Mansfield; Matthew Arthur New South Wales AUAANM Mansfield; James RichardAACI New South WalesAACO AUAAGP Mansfield; James Richard New South Wales AU - An LED illumination device comprising a lens assembly, a circuit board having at least one LED and a housing to retain said circuit board and said lens assembly, and wherein said circuit board comprises a plurality of pores adjacent said at least one LED to facilitate airflow over a large surface area of said circuit board in the vicinity of said at least one LED.01-17-2013
20110157891Systems, Methods, and Devices for Sealing LED Light Sources in a Light Module - A light module includes one or more LEDs coupled to a circuit board, a lens disposed over at least one LED, and an adhesive layer disposed between each LED and the lens. A flange extends from at least one side of the lens. The adhesive layer fixes the lens in an optical alignment over the corresponding LED. The adhesive layer includes at least one of a non-permeable layer with an adhesive material on the top and bottom surfaces, a gas-permeable layer with an adhesive material on the top and bottom surfaces, a deposited material, and an over mold material. An alignment tool including one or more optical recesses and one or more alignment features is used in the assembly of at least one of an optical assembly and a light module that includes the optical assembly. The alignment tool facilitates precise alignment of the lenses over the LEDs.06-30-2011
20130021798LIGHT SHIELDING PLATE OF OUTDOOR LED LIGHTING DEVICE - A light shielding plate of an outdoor LED lighting device, comprising a main body disposed on a light exit plane of said outdoor LED lighting device. On a bottom surface of said main body is provided with at least a protrusion block, to reflect lights coming from LEDs or said LEDs plus a secondary lens set of said outdoor LED lighting device, in achieving light shielding effect. Moreover, on a reflection plane of said protrusion block is further provided with curved planes of various designs, to fully utilize the shielded light, so that lights are redistributed in areas of effective illumination, in further realizing power saving requirements.01-24-2013
20090268460LIGHT COLLIMATION AND MIXING OF REMOTE LIGHT SOURCES - A light-emitting device, comprising at least a first light source (10-29-2009
20130176728Lighting Module - A lighting module (07-11-2013
20130114256LIGHT-EMITTING DIODE LIGHT SOURCE - An LED light source includes a carrier, a plurality of LED chips and at least one set of lenses. The carrier has a mounting surface and the LED chips are mounted on the mounting surface. The set of lenses disposed on the carrier includes a first lens and a second lens, and the first lens encapsulates one of the LED chips and a lighting pattern provided from the LED chip encapsulated by the first lens is converted into a first lighting pattern. The second lens encapsulates one of the LED chips and a lighting pattern provided from the LED chip encapsulated by the second lens is converted into a second lighting pattern. The second lighting pattern is different from or compensates the first lighting pattern.05-09-2013
20130135862Tubular Light Source with Light Emitting Diodes on End Portions and Light Reflecting Sheet - A light source includes a tube fixed to a first and a second end part. The tube has a lateral area. A part of the lateral area includes a light-outcoupling surface of the light source. At least one first light-emitting diode is mounted to the first end part and at least one second light-emitting diode is mounted to the second end part. Each of the first and the second light-emitting diode emitting light along a main direction of extent of the tube. A light reflecting sheet covers all interior surfaces of the tube except the light-outcoupling surface.05-30-2013
20110211350LED Lamps And LED Driver Circuits For The Same - LED lamp has LEDs aimed rearwards with either a concave mirror to the rear of each LED, or one concave mirror to the rear of two or more LEDs, collecting the light from the LEDs to form a forward projecting beam. LEDs may be high power types that require heatsinking. LED lamp may have a lens forward of each LED to collimate the radiation produced by the LEDs into a beam, where at least one lens has at least one aspheric curved surface. LED lamp may have a transparent reflective optic to collimate the radiation produced by each LED into a beam. For an inspection lamp, the LEDs typically have a peak wavelength of 395 to 415 nanometers for seeing the area being irradiated but not so visible as to overwhelm fluorescence of fluorescent materials to be detected. Other wavelengths may be used. LED inspection lamp has a combination of LEDs of different wavelengths or a combination of at least one LED and at least one other light source such that the lamp produces radiation suitable for detection of materials to be detected and adequately illuminates the area being irradiated. LED lamp has LEDs that produce a beam of suitable radiation with a width of 10 degrees or less without additional optics. LED inspection lamp has head attached to a flexible member, with head serving as heatsink for one or more high power LEDs. Current regulator circuits are also disclosed.09-01-2011
20120281405LOW-GLARE LED-BASED LIGHTING UNIT - The present disclosure is directed to inventive methods and apparatus for a low-glare LED-based lighting unit (11-08-2012
20120281404LED Light Fixture with Facilitated Lensing Alignment and Method of Manufacture - LED lighting apparatus including (1) a plurality of primary lenses each over a corresponding one of LED arrays spaced on a circuit board, and (2) a one-piece lensing member over the circuit board and having a plurality of secondary lenses each spaced over one of the primary lenses on the circuit board, the circuit board and lensing member having first and second mating features positioned and configured for inter-engagement for high-precision lens alignment. The circuit board and one-piece lensing member are each joined to a mounting surface of a heat-conductive member, and such assembly, while facilitating high-efficiency assembly, does not interfere with high-precision lens alignment.11-08-2012
20130120990LED LIGHT BULB STRUCTURE - An LED light bulb structure includes a lamp cover and a lamp holder engaged with one another to form a light source accommodating space, and the lamp holder has a circuit board, and at least three first LEDs installed in the light source accommodating space and electrically coupled to the circuit board. Each first LED has a light source portion and a plurality of pins, and an end of the pins is coupled to the light source portion, and the other end of the pins is electrically coupled to the circuit board, and each light source portion has a lens and a chip, and the lens covers the chip, and the chip irradiates a light beam in a horizontal direction, and the first LEDs are installed sequentially next to one another, such that the light source portions are arranged into a circle to form an installation space.05-16-2013
20130208472ILLUMINATION APPARATUS AND ILLUMINATION SYSTEM INCLUDING A PLURALITY OF ILLUMINATION APPARATUSES - An illumination apparatus includes an elongate chassis, a plurality of light emitting devices, a plurality of lenses, an elongate populated board, an elongate holding member, and a heat radiation member. The chassis includes a supporting portion supporting the opposite, longer-side ends of the populated board and a first engagement portion fitting and securing the holding member to the chassis. The holding member includes a plurality of second engagement portions fitting and securing each lens to the holding member and a resilient biasing portion resiliently biasing the longer-side ends of the populated board toward the supporting portion. The populated board is pinched and secured by the resilient biasing portion and the supporting portion and the heat radiation member is sandwiched and thus secured by the populated board and a bottom wall in contact with the populated board and the bottom wall.08-15-2013

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