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362191000 With or comprising mounting means 55
20120176783LIGHTING DEVICE - A lighting device 07-12-2012
20130083516HIGH-POWER OPTICAL ELEMENT STREET LAMP USING THERMOCOUPLE - A high power optical element streetlamp using a thermocouple includes a body unit, a lamp head unit, and a power supply unit fixed to the body unit. The lamp head unit includes a circuit board connected to the power supply unit, at least one optical element installed on the lower surface of the circuit board, a molding, and a heat dissipation plate installed on the upper end of the circuit board and including a plurality of heat dissipation fins to dissipate heat generated and transmitted from the at least one optical element and the circuit board. The thermocouple is arranged in the shape of a checkerboard on the surfaces of the heat dissipation fins and converts dissipated heat into thermoelectromotive force, and forming junctions where two kinds of metals having different thermal conductivities intersect to generate thermoelectric current is formed on the heat dissipation plate.04-04-2013
20100321931Color changing lighting device - A color changing lighting device incorporating a plurality of led emitters having a plurality of colors each emitting a distinct color of light upon being energized by a power supply. A color changer having an indexing position for each led emitter for activating a related switch and connecting a power supply to the led emitter while concurrently positioning a light concentrating lens about the led emitter to concentrate the light emitted from that led emitter. The color changing lighting device therefore permitting the user to easily select light of a distinct color from a plurality of colors and have that light efficiently concentrated about the axis of the light concentrating lens.12-23-2010
20120182727PORTABLE LIGHT WITH HANGER, CLIP AND LED MODULE - A portable light may comprise: a light body having a light source near one end for emitting light in a substantially transverse direction; a switch actuator near the end of the light body for controlling the light source; and a stowable hanger affixed to the light body near the end thereof. The light body may have an external opening and a given cross-sectional shape and size for receiving a light source module having an exterior of the given cross-sectional shape and size. The light source module may comprise: a light source, a reflector, a heat sink thermally coupled to the light source, a lens, reflector, and a lens ring holding the lens. The portable light may also comprise: a clip extending adjacent the light body in a longitudinal direction, wherein the clip is rotatably mounted so as to be movable about the light body.07-19-2012
20100097791LIGHT EMITTING DIODE (LED) STRIP LIGHT - The present invention provides an LED strip light, including a flexible strip body, which contains a flexible FPC, a plurality of LEDs arranged at interval on one side of flexible FPC, and a flexible light-transmitting layer adapted on one side of the flexible FPC. The flexible light-transmitting layer is used for covering and sealing the LEDs. An optical diffuse surface is formed on the flexible light-transmitting layer. An electrical connector is electrically connected to at least one end of the flexible FPC of the flexible strip body. With the present invention, a thin-profile LED strip light is realized, improving operational flexibility and integration effect and contributing to the electrical connection's expansion of the LED strip light with improved applicability.04-22-2010
20130058077Lighting Device - A portable, battery-operated flashlight having improved pivoting, switching and focusing features is disclosed. In one aspect of the invention, the flashlight takes the form of an attachment to a head gear for hands free use. In another aspect of the invention, the flashlight takes the form of a head lamp held in place on a user's head by an elastic band. The pivot connection between the body and the base, as well as the serrations on an exterior surface of the body, allows a user to adjust any angular direction of the light as desired. In another aspect of the invention, the flashlight takes the form of a long-handled flashlight having improved switching and focusing capabilities, such that axial movement of the switching assembly turns the flashlight “on” or “off,” as well as causing a position of the lamp to vary in order to focus or defocus the light.03-07-2013
20120113629Outdoor solar Tiki floor lamp - The claim for this invention is: 1) a solar powered outdoor garden floor lamp comprising: a) a weather resistant, rigid outdoor floor lamp base associated with b) an operable weather resistant, rigid outdoor solar garden lamp and lamp pole, such that the outdoor solar floor lamp in its entirety may be functional and rest firmly and safely on flat hard or soft surfaces because of the addition of the floor lamp base. This invention increases the usefulness for outdoor solar garden lamps. The additional uses for this solar lamp would include but not be limited to patios, underneath gazebos, decks, balconies, poolside, porches, docks and piers, or any hard surface, and also still includes traditional garden edges, lawns and other flat but soft surfaces. In addition, this outdoor solar floor lamp may be used indoors, after being charged using sunlight, in areas that lack electricity or where electricity is unaffordable.05-10-2012
20130163234BLOCK LED LIGHT - A block LED light comprises one first block case; one LED light module which is contained in the first block case; one first connecting portion which is designed at the surface of the first block case; one second connecting portion which is designed at another surface of the fist block case; in which the first connecting portion is corresponding to the second connecting portion, to make a second block LED light with the same architecture be able to assemble with the second connecting portion of the first block LED light by its first connecting portion.06-27-2013
20130163236OUTDOOR SOLAR FLOOR LAMP - A solar powered weather resistant outdoor floor lamp is provided having a weighted base, an upstanding pole, and a decorative lamp housing. The weighted base includes a plurality of removable, folding, and adjustable leveling elements that attach along the base underside surface to form a tripod support therefor. The leveling elements include interchangeable folding feet and pointed ridge members each having threaded connections to the base, whereby the leveling elements maintain the gravitationally centered orientation of the base and the upstanding pole over hard, soft, even, uneven, uniform, and non-uniform surfaces. A plurality of storage clips retain and stow un-deployed leveling elements within the gap provided between the base and the ground surface. The upstanding pole attaches to the base and supports a decorative lamp housing and solar lamp assembly.06-27-2013
20130163235LED LAMP CAPABLE OF MULTILATERAL CONNECTION - A light-emitting diode (LED) lamp capable of multilateral connection includes a cuboidal housing having a plurality of light-permeable sides and a plurality of connecting sides adjacent to the light-permeable sides. The light-permeable sides are arranged in a C shape on the housing. The connecting sides are arranged in a C shape on the housing and are located where the light-permeable sides are absent. An LED module is provided in the housing, and the light emitted by the LED module can pass through the light-permeable sides. Each connecting side is provided with at least one fastening portion so that the housing and external similar housings can be assembled into a single unit of an arbitrary and changeable configuration through connection between the corresponding fastening portions of the housings, thus providing both convenience of use and fun.06-27-2013
20110134632FLASHLIGHT WITH A HEAT SINK - A flashlight has a handle assembly and a lens cover. The handle assembly has a housing, a heat sink and en electrical unit. The housing has a front end. The heat sink is mounted in the housing and has a front end and a rear end. The electrical unit is mounted in the housing and detachably mounted on the rear end of the heat sink. The lens cover is securely mounted on the front end of the housing and has an LED element mounted securely on the heat sink. The lens cover has an LED electrically connected with the electrical unit with wires. Because the LED element and the electrical unit are separated by the heat sink, heat generated from the LED can be dissipated though the heat sink, instead of being directly conducted to the electrical unit and damaging the electrical unit.06-09-2011
20090109663Fragrance Releasing Electronic Candle - A fragrance releasing electronic candle comprises a housing constructed in the form of a cylinder and including a circuit board and a battery case, both of which are assembled therein, the battery case including a power switch arranged thereon and a bottom lid covered to the opening thereof, characterized in that the housing includes a receiving compartment formed on the top end thereof for receiving a fragrance piece, and includes a fan secured in the lower side thereof for the connection with the circuit board, the housing also includes an upper cover covered thereon and having a plurality of bores arranged thereon and having a central hole formed at the center thereof for inserting at least one LED lamp therein, such that the at least one LED may be electrically conducted with the circuit board, and a lamp shield in the shape of a flame may be adhesively affixed in the central hole of the upper cover.04-30-2009
20110299275Handheld Lighting Device - A handheld lighting device includes a basic body and a light-emitting apparatus which is mounted such that it can pivot relative to the basic body. The handheld lighting device has a resting element which is mounted such that it can pivot relative to the basic body.12-08-2011
20130215606MODULAR ILLUSTRATION LAMP - A modular illumination lamp comprises a base, wherein the lamp further comprises: a first frame integrally formed with the base; a second frame connected to the first frame or the base; at least one illumination module mounted on the first and second frames. By the specific design of the modular illumination lamp, the amount of the illumination modules can be increased or decreased as desired.08-22-2013
20100118522LIGHT EMITTING DEVICE USING OLED PANELS IN FOLDED OR DEPLOYED CONFIGURATION - The invention relates to a light emitting device (05-13-2010
20090310341PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND BATTERY WITH LIGHTING FUNCTIONALITY - A portable electronic device includes a housing and battery. The housing is formed with a battery-receiving compartment that has positive and negative electrodes. The battery is mounted in the battery-receiving compartment, and includes: a casing having positive and negative electrodes that are electrically and respectively connected to the positive and negative electrodes of the housing; a power storage unit having positive and negative electrodes that are electrically and respectively connected to the positive and negative electrodes of the casing; a switch having one end electrically coupled to one of the electrodes of the power storage unit; and a light-emitting element having two ends coupled respectively with another end of the switch and the other electrode of the power storage unit. The power storage unit is controllable through the switch for supplying power to the light-emitting element.12-17-2009
20120106142LIGHT ASSEMBLY - A lighting assembly is provided including a support member configured to engage an object that is to be illuminated. A solar cell is rotatably joined to the support member. A lighting member is powered by the solar cell. The lighting member is rotatably joined to the support member to position a light provided in the lighting member.05-03-2012
20090097237Electrically illuminated flame simulator - An electrically powered flame simulator comprises at least two light sources, an integrated circuit electrically connected to the light sources for intermittently illuminating at least one of the light sources independently of other light sources such that the light sources together provide the effect of a flickering movement, and a power source for providing power to the integrated circuit. The flame simulator may be mounted in a decorative or ornamental device such as a candle or fire log, or used on decorative clothing, or may be part of a hazzard or warning system. One or more solid state light sources may also be used.04-16-2009
20110205731Identification Device - The invention relates generally to an electro-optic identification device, particularly to a helmet-mounted identification device. An identification device suitable for mounting on an object comprises a support structure having a plurality of electro-optic emitters positioned thereon, wherein the support structure conforms, in use, to the shape of said object. Preferably, the support structure takes the form of a plurality of emitter arms radiating from a hub, each arm comprising one or more electro-optic emitters. The electro-optic emitters may include visible emitters and/or infrared emitters, and are more preferably selected from the group consisting of near infrared emitters, medium wave thermal infrared emitters and long wave thermal infrared emitters, or any combination thereof. The invention has particular utility in military applications.08-25-2011
20130120977mSolder-Less Electrical Assembly and Process for its Manufacture - An electrical assembly, and a process for manufacturing it, in which the electrical assembly has a battery held within a battery block, a switch assembly attached to the battery block, a ribbon wire assembly held within a ribbon block and a PCB held within the battery and ribbon blocks. Two conductors in the battery block create electrical connections between the battery and the PCB after the battery is inserted into and held within the battery block. The ribbon wire assembly has one or more wires, preferably two or more, each of which has a protective covering with a gap that allows the wire to form an electrical connection with the PCB. All of the electrical connections between the PCB and the battery, the switch assembly and the ribbon wire assembly are made without the use of any solder.05-16-2013
20110228524FLASHLIGHT WITH PIVOTABLE LEGS - A flashlight is provided which includes an elongate and generally cylindrical body having a first end and a second end, a lamp assembly attached to the first end, and a removable end cap attached to the second end. The end cap is removable for inserting a power source for powering a light source of the lamp assembly. A sleeve is attached on a lower part of the body at the second end. A slidable leg stand is removably attached to the body and limited in travel along a longitudinal axis of the body between a bottom of the lamp assembly and a top of the sleeve.09-22-2011
20100149796BOOKLIGHT FOR A PROTECTIVE COVER OF AN eREADER - A booklight for a protective cover for an eReader, wherein the protective cover includes a pocket for supporting the booklight, the booklight including a base, a light housing assembly having a light source, a manipulatable neck coupled between the base and the light housing assembly, and a base tab rotatably coupled to the base, wherein the base tab includes a first end rotatably coupled to the base tab, and a second end extending from the first end, wherein the second end is a free end, and wherein at least a portion of the free end is configured to engage the pocket of the protective cover.06-17-2010
20120195035AMBULITE SYSTEMS - An emergency alerting system comprising: a lighting assembly; at least one attacher; and a portable frame with legs, the legs able to be telescoped in relation to the portable frame. The lighting assembly including: a housing; a base plate; a lamp; a powerer with a wiring assembly; and an on/off switch. The housing is coupled to the base plate to enclose the lamp therewithin to protect the lamp from impact and environmental damage. The emergency alerting system is useful in visually directing emergency responders to the scene of an accident. The powerer powers the lamp of the lighting assembly via the wiring assembly, the powerer activating/de-activating the lighting assembly via the on/off switch; the lamp in electrical communication with the powerer via the wiring assembly. The lighting assembly is portable and the lamp comprises a stroboscopic lamp to produce colored regular flashes of light.08-02-2012
20110058364Reflective surface road flare - A reflective surface electric road flare designed to be positioned on a roadway and to emit light to alert oncoming drivers to a hazard on the roadway. The flare comprises a housing supporting a circuit. The circuit comprises an led light source, a power controller and a power supply. The power controller energizes the led light source with the power supply such that the led light source emits light according to its design specification. The emitted light is concentrated about the horizontal by a lens into a horizontal light beam visible throughout the azimuth. Concentrating the emitted light into a horizontal light beam increases its intensity as perceived by oncoming drivers located within the projected horizontal light beam. A portion of the horizontal light beam intersects a top surface of the road flare where it is reflected towards oncoming vehicles. The light reflected from the top surface enhances the visibility of the road flare by increasing the intensity of the light perceived by oncoming drivers and by increasing the perceived size of the illuminating surface of the road flare. The road flare is configured to withstand being run over by vehicles and to resist being moved or shifted to an undesirable location during vehicle run over.03-10-2011
20110058363Candle or Lighter with LED Simulated Flame and Wireless System For Same - An illumination device includes a housing and a lamp supported by the housing. The lamp includes one or more LEDs. The candle further includes a battery disposed within the interior of the housing and electrically connected to the lamp for providing power to the lamp. A first cover covers the lamp and is removably supported by the housing. The first cover has the shape of a flame so as to allow the electronic candle to simulate a live flame when the lamp is activated. A second cover is removably supported by the housing and is disposed above the first cover in spaced relation, wherein a weather-proof seal is formed between the second cover and the housing. The candle also includes a manual switch connected to complete a circuit with the battery and thereby energize the lamp and permit a plurality of operating modes of the lamp to be selected.03-10-2011
20090284963COLLAPSIBLE PORTABLE STAND WITH TELESCOPING SUPPORT AND INTEGRAL STORAGE CASE - A collapsible portable stand comprises support legs and a mast that collapse into a small equipment enclosure or case, forming one single, integral unit that provides for storage, stable support for a device that is mounted onto the mast, and portability. The legs and mast are operatively connected to the case and preferably have extendable length. In an embodiment, the legs and mast are connected to the case via hinges that provide for the legs and mast to rotate with respect to the case. The case preferably has wheels and an extendable handle for ease of transport when the legs and mast are collapsed into the case. An embodiment includes an internal storage case that has a moveable cover that can include controls for and/or connections to a device stored in the internal storage case. An alternative embodiment includes a larger portable stand that has components that are external of the case and/or are independent of a case.11-19-2009
20090147506POCKET FLASHLIGHT - Flashlights are provided herein that can be removable attached to a magnetic surface. A flashlight can include a body having a bulb end and a clip end, a light source connected to the bulb end, and one or more magnets attached to the body flashlight. In one example, a flashlight includes a pocket clip attached to the clip end, and the one or more magnets can be attached to the pocket clip.06-11-2009
20090109664Lighting device - A portable, battery-operated flashlight having improved pivoting, switching and focusing features is disclosed. In one aspect of the invention, the flashlight takes the form of an attachment to a head gear for hands free use. In another aspect of the invention, the flashlight takes the form of a head lamp held in place on an user's head by an elastic band. The pivot connection between the body and the base, as well as the serrations on an exterior surface of the body, allows a user to adjust any angular direction of the light as desired. In another aspect of the invention, the flashlight takes the form of a long-handled flashlight having improved switching and focusing capabilities, such that axial movement of the switching assembly turns the flashlight “on” or “off,” as well as causing a position of the lamp to vary in order to focus or defocus the light.04-30-2009
20110032697LED lighting device module and LED lighting device - An LED light device module includes a housing, a light source structure and a power supply. The housing has a cover body and a base body. The cover body is located on the base body. The light source structure is located in the housing. The light source structure includes a cooling device, an LED light source device and a secondary optical device. The LED light source device and the secondary optical device are located on the cooling device. The LED light source device is located between the cooling device and the secondary optical device. The power supply is located in the housing and electrically connected with the light source structure. Thereby, the system cost is reduced, the total weight is low, it is easy to manufacture and maintain. The LED light device module can be expanded and the outline of the LED light device module can be designed flexibly.02-10-2011
20110019394FLOATING LAMP SYSTEM - A floating lamp system is provided. The system includes an object having a first inner wall and a second inner wall. A first conductive element is mounted on the first sidewall and electrically connected to the anode of a power source. A second conductive element is mounted on the second wall and electrically connected to the cathode of the power source. The system further includes a floating lamp having a balloon and a lighting element mounted in the balloon. An anode contact point is mounted on the top of the balloon and a cathode contact point is mounted on the bottom of the balloon. The lighting element is electrically connected to the anode contact point and the cathode contact point. When the floating lamp floats, causing the anode contact point to contact with the first conductive element, the lighting element is lit up.01-27-2011
20090237921LAMP - A lamp including a base, a bendable neck and a lamp head, an outer surface of the lamp covered by a pliable sheath. The lamp further including a plurality of switches and a plurality of light sources, such as light-emitting diodes (LEDs). The plurality of switches are visually concealed by the pliable sheath. A first actuation of at least one switch of the plurality of switches activates a white light mode of operation and a second actuation of at least one switch of the plurality of switches activates a color-phasing mode of operation.09-24-2009
20110085324Flashlight - This invention provides a flashlight in which locating slots for constraining and fixing conductive strips are provided in a plastic housing. The conductive strips are connected with a conductive heat dissipation element of a light source body and a conductive seat at the tail portion of the plastic housing, and are turned on by the conductive seat and a smart controller such that variation of the light emitted from the light source body is controlled by the smart controller. In addition, the conductive heat dissipation element of the light source body is assembled with the front cover having heat dissipation effect so that the heat dissipation of the light source body is facilitated and hence the lifetime of the light source body is extended.04-14-2011
20100309654PARTY BALLOON WITH ILLUMINATION DEVICE - A party balloon (12-09-2010
20100182779DISPLAY PANEL WITH USERS' OWN DESIGN PATTERN - A display panel that users can design patterns as they need is revealed. The display panel includes a circuit substrate and a plurality of light emitting members. The circuit substrate is disposed with a plurality of fixing holes for being inserted by the light emitting members corresponding to a pattern. The light emitting members are fixed on the fixing holes corresponding to the pattern. Thus there is no unnecessary light emitting members and the cost is reduced. Moreover, the pattern on the display can be changed whenever as user's wish. Thus the display panel is more usable and flexible.07-22-2010
20100165612Flashlight - A flashlight has a barrel formed with retaining elements located at a front end and a rear end of the barrel, respectively, and spaced from an outer periphery of the barrel. The retaining elements have oppositely facing ends each formed with a lead-in section narrower than the corresponding retaining element. A clipping device having a recessed end is matable with the retaining element at either the front or rear end of the barrel under guidance of the corresponding lead-in section while a projection formed at an opposite end of the clipping device is engageable with a corresponding one of grooves on the barrel. The barrel is concavely formed with a coupling section adjacent to the front end for coupling with resilient claws of an installation seat. Thus, the flashlight can be clipped on a user's clothes or installed on an object so as to provide illumination in a desired direction.07-01-2010
20100027253LIGHTING DEVICE FOR ROASTING ZONE OF OUTDOOR BARBEQUE TABLE - A lighting device is provided for a roasting zone of an outdoor barbeque table, wherein a flap-up cover is provided for a roasting tray and has a flapping edge from which a handle projects outwards. The handle receives an electrically-powered lighting assembly therein at a suitable location for illuminating inside of the cover. With the handle is located further from the roasting zone than a wall of the roasting tray, and further with the roasting tray cover featuring heat isolation and dissipation, heat generated by the roasting zone does not directly impinge and thus damage the electrically-powered lighting assembly. Light is projected into the cover, rather than toward a user's eyes to dazzle the user. In this way, the lighting of the outdoor barbeque table can be improved and is more reliable and durable. Assembling and replacement/maintenance can be made simple and the structure simplified and costs reduced.02-04-2010
20100027252Decorative Object Connectable to a Connected Object - A decorative object connectable to a connected object includes a connecting member, a stylish decorative member fixed to an end of the connecting member, and a light emitting device installed in the stylish decorative member. The stylish decorative member has a closed space inside, a top surface and a bottom surface, and the bottom surface is connected to the connecting member. The stylish decorative member further has a contact portion at an inner side of the top of the decorative object. The power of the light emitting device is supplied by at least one battery. The light emitting device includes a light emitting element and an ON/OFF switch installed at a position corresponding to the contact portion. If an external force is exerted onto the decorative object, the contact portion will be in contact with the ON/OFF switch to turn on or off the power of the light emitting device.02-04-2010
20100020535MOUNTABLE LIGHT CIRCUIT STRUCTURE - An electrical circuit structure for a light may comprise: at least first and second circuit portions disposed in different planes; the first circuit portion having a shape corresponding to the shape of a mounting surface adjacent to which it is adapted to be mounted, the first circuit portion having an opening therein for receiving a light source; a light source mounted in the opening of the first circuit portion for receiving electrical energy; and a switch mounted to the second circuit portion for selectively applying electrical energy for selectively energizing the light source.01-28-2010
20110063826Clip light - A clip light includes a light head including a light housing having a light window, and a LED light source supported in the light housing to align with the light window; a power source supported in the light housing; and a mounting arrangement which includes a clipping unit pivotally coupling with the light housing, wherein the light housing is selectively moved to adjust a light projecting orientation of the light source via the clipping unit when the clipping unit is coupled at the desired object.03-17-2011
20110063825CUPULATE LIGHT - A cupulate light essentially contains a light assembly and a suction assembly spirally installed on the light assembly. A casing disposed on the soft suction member compresses the periphery of the suction member to prevent an air leak out of the periphery thereof, which enhances the suction capability of the product. Such parts reasonably designed as the transparent lampshade, positioning lampshade, and battery container are sequentially installed into the housing. Therefore, the positioning lampshade and the transparent lampshade limited in the housing through the battery case would conduce to a great assembling efficiency. The light and suction assemblies in detachment enhance an efficient replacement by merely changing broken parts thereof, which prevents the waste of entire product and the unnecessary wastefulness to achieve an efficiency of energy saving and environment protecting.03-17-2011
20100246167FLASHLIGHT HOLDER AND ASSEMBLY - A flashlight assembly provides a convenient ability to turn the flashlight on and off, particularly for flashlights with a pressure activated power switch disposed on a rear portion of the flashlight. In one version, the flashlight assembly includes a flashlight holder that has a housing for receiving the flashlight's rear portion therein. The flashlight holder also has a handle connected to the housing that includes a support arm and an actuator arm. The support arm extends outwardly from the housing, while the actuator arm extends from the support arm back toward the housing, so as to overlie the power switch in spaced relation thereto. Disposed in this manner, the actuator arm is movable between depressed and released configurations. This movement allows the power switch to be selectively depressed and released, so as to turn the flashlight on and off. Other versions and methods are also disclosed.09-30-2010
20120250300TEST DEVICE USING LIGHT PROJECTION TO TEST ADHERENCE OF ELECTRICAL DEVICE - A test device is used for projecting light into a to-be-tested product. The product includes a sidewall, the sidewall defines an opening, and the opening communicates with an internal space of the product. The test device includes a collimated light source and a support element. The collimated light source is used for emitting collimated light into the internal space through the opening. The support element supports the collimated light source. An included angle between the collimated light and the sidewall is about 5 degrees.10-04-2012
20120250299PARTIALLY RECESSED LUMINAIRE - A rectangular luminaire includes a rectangular fixture defining at least one cavity having a plurality of light engines. A heat flange is disposed about a distal end region of the rectangular fixture and includes a hollow, generally pyramidal frustum shape with a generally rectangular cross-section. A distal-most end of the heat flange is configured to be disposed a distance D from a support surface when the rectangular fixture is received in a recess of the support surface, the distance D being greater than or equal to 0.4 times the fixture half-width W. Thermal energy is conductively transferred from the light engine, through the rectangular fixture, to the heat flange where the thermal energy is convectively transferred from the heat flange to surrounding air to create air currents flowing along the support surface thereby reducing the junction temperature.10-04-2012
20100008080POWER MODULE DRAWER - The present invention relates to a light fixture comprising a head, which head comprises at least one light source, which head is carried rotatably in a yoke, which yoke rotates in relation to a base, which bases comprises bearings for the yoke, which base comprises at least a power module, which power module comprises at least one ballast circuit, which base comprises at least one controller. It is the object of the invention to achieve a fast exchange of a power module in a light source in situations of changing technical specifications of the power module. Hereby it can be achieved that the module can be exchanged very easily. This can be important in a light fixture placed high above the ground if it needs to have an electronic module exchanged. That can be important if specifications are changed after the light fixture has been placed in a thuss for operation.01-14-2010
20120327643HANDS-FREE LIGHTING SYSTEM - A hands-free lighting system is described. The hands-free lighting system comprises a light and a battery housing coupled to the light. The battery housing is configured to be worn by a user. The hands-free lighting system also comprises a power switch coupled to the battery housing. The power switch is configured to be operated by a part of the arm of the user other than the hands.12-27-2012
20120092857ILLUMINATING APPARATUS - The illuminating apparatus includes a light-transmissive surface-emitting module, and a switching board disposed on a back surface of the surface-emitting module. The switching board is configured such that a state of the switching board can be switched between a light blocking state and a light transmitting state.04-19-2012
20110261560Curcubit Lantern Device - The present invention is a light apparatus comprised of a housing, which forms a contoured surface plate having a lower surface and an upper surface adapted to receive a carved cucurbit; at least one socket adapted to receive a light bulb so that the light bulb is positioned perpendicular to said upper surface of said contoured face plate; at least one power source component operatively coupled to the socket, and at least one spiked member adapted to pierce and secure the carved cucurbit.10-27-2011
20130094195Led taper candle, vase and stake - An LED taper candle, a battery(ies) and a control switch which are electrically connected. A stake is rigidly connected with the vase, which allows easy installation by grasping the stake and pushing the pointed end of the stake into non-compacted earth, gravel, small stone or bored hole of a diameter slightly larger than that of the stake.04-18-2013
20080198589Telecommunication device and illumination structure thereof - An illumination structure of a telecommunication device with a housing. The illumination structure comprises a printed circuit board, a supporting member, and an illuminating apparatus. The printed circuit board is disposed in the housing. The supporting member is disposed on the printed board. The illuminating apparatus is disposed on the supporting member and electrically coupled to the printed circuit board.08-21-2008
20110235315Ladder mountable portable work light - A ladder mountable work light for illuminating a work area above a ladder, the ladder having a top plate with a top plate opening of predetermined size and shape, and having a base body having a cross section adapted to fit into said top plate opening, spring arms adapted to fit within said top plate opening and hold said base body therein, a socket mounted in said base body for an electric lamp, a power connection mounted in said base body for connecting said socket to a source of electrical power, at least one power outlet mounted in said base body for connection of a power cord, and, a pivot mounting connecting said lamp socket to said base body.09-29-2011
20120281396ILLUMINATING COSMETIC APPLICATOR - An illuminating cosmetic applicator is revealed. The illuminating cosmetic applicator includes a cosmetic applicator part, a connector, and a lighting unit. The cosmetic applicator part is made from a transparent material. One end of the connector is connected to the cosmetic applicator part while the other end thereof is mounted with the lighting unit. The lighting unit consists of a light gathering cover mounted in a housing, and a light emitting element in the light gathering cover. Batteries are received in the housing. Moreover, a groove mounted with a switch is arranged at the housing. A block is connected to the inner side of the switch. Thereby light is emitted through the cosmetic applicator part while applying cosmetics in a dark place. Furthermore, the lighting unit can be separated with the cosmetic applicator part and used for illumination independently. The illuminating cosmetic applicator has more practical value.11-08-2012
20120281395MULTIFUNCTIONAL PAINTBALL GUN BARREL PLUG STRUCTURE - This invention relates to a multifunctional paintball gun barrel plug structure, comprising: a barrel plug, wherein the body of the barrel plug is equipped with bores at its axial and radial sides, with a plug included at the body end and having at least an O-ring slot at the upper ring of the plug, and also a nozzle is included next to the plug, in which a connecting channel exists between the nozzle and the bore on the radial side of the body; an optional tobacco pipe which is installable to the body and equipped with a chamber, wherein a stud beneath the tobacco pipe and within the radial side bore connects the chamber and bore; an optional tobacco can at the axial side of the body comprising a lower base, a cover, and an O-ring, which the O-ring is between the lower base and cover above, and the cover end equipped with a stud corresponding to the bore at the axial side of the barrel plug; an optional flashlight at the axial or radial side of the body, which includes a lamp holder and base, wherein the flashlight includes a lamp holder and base. The lamp holder is installed on the base, in which the base end is equipped with a stud corresponding to the barrel plug bore on the axial or radial side. With this design, the invention not only functions as a safety plug for the paintball gun barrel, but also capable to function as a tobacco can, tobacco pipe and flashlight. The present invention effectively enhances the scope of application and convenience.11-08-2012
20130201672Compact Lighting System - A layered lighting assembly includes a circuit board having a battery, a light, a switching circuit and a push button switch selectively powering the light with the battery via the switching circuit. The circuit board is protected from vibration and impact with a relatively soft compressible foam layer provided adjacent the circuit board. A semi-rigid protective sheet of flexible plastic is layered over or layered adjacent to the circuit board to resist bending and flexing of the circuit board and thereby further protect the circuitry.08-08-2013

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