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362148000 Subceiling 3
20090196024Ceiling-Mounted Troffer-Type Light Fixture - A ceiling-mounted troffer-type light fixture for illumination. The fixture comprises a body with a first flange having at least one hook-receiving opening and a second flange with a suspension-member-receiving opening. A cover includes a rectangular frame, at least one catch-arm and at least one suspension member. Frame fasteners along the frame engage the perimeter in a closed position. One-person attaching/closing and removal of the cover for maintenance is facilitated by the cover being supported in an open position, suspended position and fully engaged with the body in a closed position.08-06-2009
20110122603INTEGRATED LABORATORY LIGHT FIXTURE - The integrated laboratory light (lablight) fixture is a sealed ceiling mounted fixture that combines air outlets, lighting and other devices for use in laboratory, clean room, healthcare, educational, and other facilities requiring critical airflow control. The integrated lablight is made for a central location in the lab to eliminate room scale eddies and cross drafts along with the hood challenges they present. The combining of most ceiling devices in one fixture results in a safer environment with greater access for above ceiling maintenance, as well as less expensive facility capital costs. The fixture design also minimizes shadows at the work surface, and promotes temperature stability for temperature sensitive equipment.05-26-2011
20120044670METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR PROVIDING LIGHTING VIA A GRID SYSTEM OF A SUSPENDED CEILING - Methods and apparatus for providing sources of light, or mechanical and/or electrical connections for light sources, via a grid system of a suspended ceiling. All or a portion of a grid system for a suspended ceiling may be configured to support the generation of light. Lighting units may be coupled to various portions of the grid system in a removable and modular fashion, so as to be completely or substantially recessed above the ceiling surface, or as pendant components hanging below the ceiling surface. Lighting interface components of the grid system also may be configured to facilitate significant thermal dissipation from lighting units. In one exemplary implementation, one or more LED-based lighting units may be coupled to one or more lighting interface components of the grid system so as to provide controllable multi-color and/or essentially white light.02-23-2012
20120170255Multi-Level Thermal Air Cooled LED Light Fixture - There is provided a lighting fixture adapted to be installed on a ceiling having a predetermined plane. A light emitting diode light source is supported by the lighting fixture. At least a portion of the lighting fixture protrudes below the plane of the ceiling supported by the lighting fixture. A heat sink is attached to the back side of the LED light source. The heat sink includes a thermal chimney directing heat away from the LED light source.07-05-2012
20090122528LED lighting device inlaid on a ceiling - The present invention provides an LED lighting device inlaid on a ceiling. The ceiling is divided into a plurality of lattice by a matrix of metal strip, plastic strip or wood strip, a matrix of LED are installed on the lattice; an AC power is inputted through a power line to an AC/DC converter for being converted into a DC power, and then the DC power passes through a current stabilizer, a resistor, a connector for being inputted to two ends of each row of the LEDs; LEDs of each row are serially connected.05-14-2009
20100157580SUSPENSION BRACKET FOR LIGHTING FIXTURES - A suspension bracket for a lighting fixture of the type used in residential or commercial buildings. The bracket provides a center mounting point for a shade while allowing a lighting element to be positioned in the center of the fixture, rather than to the side of the shade mounting point.06-24-2010
20100118521ILLUMINATED WINDOW - The invention relates to an illuminated window (05-13-2010
20130039041LIGHTING DEVICE FOR DIRECT AND INDIRECT LIGHTING - A lighting device includes at least one heat sink. At least two light emitting diode (LED) modules are mounted on the at least one heat sink. The at least two LED modules are mounted at different directions on the at least one heat sink so that a first LED module of the at least two LED modules generally radiates lights in a first direction for a direct lighting and a second LED module of the at least two LED modules generally radiates light in a second direction for an indirect lighting by reflecting on a surface.02-14-2013
20130083514LIGHTING ASSEMBLY FOR CEILING BOARD - The present invention discloses a ceiling, in particular to a ceiling board with modularized composite LED lamps. The ceiling comprises a light bar (04-04-2013
20130039042Method and Apparatus for Lighting Involving Reflectors - A variety of lighting apparatuses are described that utilize reflection as a basis for lighting a desired area.02-14-2013
20130033853Fire Alarm Enhancement System - A fire alarm enhancement system for a residential building comprising: a plurality fans; a plurality of vents; a plurality of LED lighting surrounding the interior perimeter of each means of egress from the residential building; and a power source, where the power source supplies power to the fans and LED lighting. The power source may include a plurality of batteries, where a plurality of solar panels supplies power and charges the plurality of batteries. In most instances, the means of egress includes doors and windows within the structure of the residential building.02-07-2013
20130027915Universal Light-Emitting Diode For Light Fixtures - A light-emitting diode (LED) system to retrofit a light fixture has a frame configured to be installed under an existing light fixture and a LED lighting assembly couplable to the frame. In one example, the frame is formed as a plurality of rails having a flange to be installed between the light fixture and a grid member of a ceiling suspension system. The frame may be installed without removal of the existing light fixture. The LED lighting assembly includes an LED array and an optical waveguide for dispersing light from the LED array. The LED system maintains a thin profile, enabling it to retrofit existing light fixtures. Installation time is reduced, thereby reducing labor costs, while the LED lighting provides more light with less energy.01-31-2013
20130027916Universal Light-Emitting Diode Heat Systems and Lighting Features - A light-emitting diode (LED) system to retrofit a light fixture has a frame configured to be installed under an existing light fixture and a LED lighting assembly couplable to the frame. In one example, the frame is formed as a plurality of rails having a flange to be installed between the light fixture and a grid member of a ceiling suspension system. The frame may be installed without removal of the existing light fixture. The LED lighting assembly includes an LED array and an optical waveguide for dispersing light from the LED array. The LED system maintains a thin profile, enabling it to retrofit existing light fixtures. Installation time is reduced, thereby reducing labor costs, while the LED lighting provides more light with less energy.01-31-2013
20090219712CONDUCTING WALLPAPER - A wallpaper (09-03-2009
20120182721Touch-Sensitive Lighted Hand Rail - A wall mounted hand rail system for assisting a user includes a support beam. A plurality of lighting elements is disposed adjacent a bottom portion of the support beam and is configured selectively to direct light in a downward direction. An electronic system is configured to sense when the support beam has been touched by the user and is configured to cause the lighting elements to illuminate an area below the support beam when the support beam has been touched by the user.07-19-2012
20130050994FRAMELESS DOWNLIGHT - A downlight comprises a light source for generating a light to be emitted downwards by the downlight, a mounting ring for retaining the downlight on a ceiling element, and a reflector for reflecting the light generated by the light source. A holding device which retains the reflector on the mounting ring is designed in such a way that the reflector is retained on the mounting ring merely by lying thereon.02-28-2013
20110058358LIGHTING DEVICE - A lighting device includes a first lighting module, a second lighting module, a case coupled to the first and second lighting modules, and a power circuit between the first and second lighting modules. Each of the first and second lighting modules includes a plurality of light emitting diodes (LEDs), and bottom surfaces of the first and second lighting modules and the power circuit are aligned on substantially a same plane.03-10-2011
20130058075TWO-SIDED LAMP - A two-sided lamp includes a lamp seat, a first light source and a second light source. The lamp seat is disposed under a ceiling and keeps a distance with respect to the ceiling. The lamp seat has a top side and a bottom side. The top side faces the ceiling. The first light source is coupled to the bottom side of the lamp seat. The second light source is coupled to the top side of the lamp seat. The light of the first light source illuminates downward to provide direct illumination and the light of the second light source shines on the ceiling and then be reflected downward from the ceiling to provide indirect illumination. The user can turn on the first light source for high illumination or the second light source for soft illumination.03-07-2013
20090268435Downward Illumination Assembly - A downward illumination assembly for directing light downward from the ceiling area of a room. A lamp housing has an open lower end positionable adjacent an opening in a ceiling panel. A power supply module is removably supported in an installed position on the housing. The power supply module carries a lamp socket such that, when the power supply module is in the installed position, a lamp plugged into the lamp socket is disposed in a position to radiate light out the lower end of the lamp housing and through an opening in a ceiling panel that the housing is mounted on. The power supply module is removable interiorly of the lamp housing through the open lower end of the lamp housing.10-29-2009
20090196023Medical-Patient-Room Ceiling Light Fixture - A ceiling light fixture for medical patient rooms and a method for the same. The fixture comprises a body which defines a middle region and two side regions along opposite sides of the middle region. A cover is movably attached to the body and includes a lens over at least the middle region. A graphics image is associated with the middle region and is substantially parallel to the lens. At least one graphics-light source is within the middle region and configured for illuminated display of the graphics image. At least one exam-light source is located within each of the two side regions.08-06-2009
20090034243LINEAR FIXTURE ASSEMBLY - A linear fixture for suspension from an overhead structure has a light weight and has electrical connectors capable of making easy plug electrical connections for power and network connection communications. The linear fixture is an elongated housing having a bottom wall, an elongated housing top wall and an elongated slot extending longitudinally along the elongated housing top wall. The housing is manufactured from an extrusion of aluminum thereby reducing the weight of the housing. The housing includes two or more housing supports having bottom and top surface portions respectively, conforming in shape to the housing bottom top walls. The bottom of top portions of the supports are adapted to engage or slide fit into the bottom and top walls so as to mate with the walls and provide support to the elongated housing bottom and top walls. The housing supports act to provide additional structural support for the top and bottom walls of the linear housing. The housing supports maintain the housing bottom and top walls in fixed relationship from each other. The housing supports are further adapted to be suspended from the overhead structure so as to support through the housing supports the elongated linear housing from the overhead structure. Preferably, the housing support comprises a one-piece plastic material, which reduces the weight of the fixture. The housing supports are adapted to receiving in mating relation an electrical plug whose terminals face outwardly for quick electrical connection with adjoining fixtures or a power source.02-05-2009
20100284174ILLUMINATION DEVICE WITH ANTI-GLARE PLATE - An exemplary illumination device includes a solid-state light source and an anti-glare plate. The solid-state light source is configured for generating light, and the solid-state light source defines a central axis. The anti-glare plate is arranged correspondingly generally adjacent to the solid-state light source. The plate includes an incident surface and an output surface at opposite sides thereof. The output surface has parallel micro-structures each have a length parallel to a first reference axis, and the micro-structures is arranged in two groups at opposite sides of the central axis. The micro-structures are configured for contracting a radiating range of the light entering the plate. Such contraction is along respective opposite directions of a second reference axis, and the second reference axis is substantially perpendicular to the first reference axis.11-11-2010
20110280007ATTACHMENT APPARATUS FOR STUDIO EQUIPMENT AND THE LIKE - Mounting brackets for mounting microphones, lights, video, audio and photographic tools and accessories utilized in the audio/video industry to a variety of support structures or fixtures. This invention provides quick and effective attachment of numerous audio/video devices and other paraphernalia onto a wide variety of fixtures. Convenient clamping and mounting mechanisms are disclosed, as well as a kit of such mechanisms.11-17-2011
20110286204Universal Ceiling Fan Uplight Kit - A ceiling fan lighting device that incorporates upstanding lighting fixtures that spread illumination along a ceiling surface, improving ambiance within a room. The lighting device is a kit that affixes to and operates in coordination with a ceiling fan or an existing ceiling fan light fixture. The device may be used in conjunction with or independently from existing ceiling fan lights, depending upon user preference. When utilized independently, the upstanding lights eliminate the harsh lighting environment and spotlight effect of downward facing fixtures. The kit comprises a retaining ring mounted along the top surface of a fan motor housing that provides a base for a plurality of upstanding lights to project lighting onto a ceiling surface. The kit further comprises several installation embodiments, which offer alternate wiring architectures and configurations for the upstanding lights. The kit may be spliced into the ceiling fan wiring by itself, or alternatively wired in series or parallel with existing ceiling fan light fixture wiring.11-24-2011
20120099300PERIMETER LIGHTING FIXTURE WITH WALL TRIM PIECE - A perimeter lighting fixture has housing and a separate trim piece. The trim piece is attached to a wall. A wall compound, such as plaster, is smoothed over a blend area or band on the wall just below the trim piece, and also onto a transition section of the trim piece. The housing and/or a reflector of the perimeter lighting fixture is positioned in contact with the trim piece. The trim piece compensates for waviness or uneven wall surfaces. As the trim piece is straight, the variances in wall straightness are corrected. This allows the lighting fixture to be placed against or closely adjacent to the wall, without creating unsightly dark gaps between them, and without highlighting the imperfections in the wall.04-26-2012
20100039799COMBINED DAYLIGHT ELECTRIC LIGHT FIXTURE FOR BUILDINGS USING ELECTROCHROMIC AND MECHANICAL METHODS - A daylight fixture for replacing a 2′×2′ or 2′×4′ electric lighting fixture in a suspended ceiling grid that incorporates a lighting source. The fixture utilizes a diffuser that distributes sunlight emerging from the exit aperture of a skylit lightwell. The diffuser has multiple parts, including an element mounted above a light source for use in concomitant non-simultaneous distribution of daylighting and electric lighting into an interior space, and a diffusion element mounted below the electric lamp for lighting distribution thereby using diffusion and reflectance elements within the fixture to create desired illuminance distribution within an interior space. In one embodiment a light source and reflector may be positioned below the ceiling for directing illumination onto the ceiling plane for reducing the surface luminance of fixture components to within acceptable standards for interior illumination. Daylight is directed into a building interior from a horizontal roof plane instead of vertical wall planes.02-18-2010
20100128469CORNER MOUNTED LIGHT FIXTURE - A corner mounted lighting fixture having alignment features on its fixture base and on its diffuser for maintaining alignment with the corner during assembly and installation. The diffuser is positioned at an incline within the corner for improved light distribution. Attachment is along the axis of the corner for ease of installation.05-27-2010
20100014282FIRE-RESISTANT AND NOISE ATTENUATING RECESSED LIGHTING ASSEMBLY - A fire resistant and sound-attenuating lighting assembly adapted to be recessed or mounted behind a ceiling or other surface comprising a light fixture mounted on a plaster frame and adapted to emit light through an opening in the plaster frame and an insulating blanket deployed around the light fixture except for an opening in the light fixture through which light is emitted. In one embodiment, a shell attached to the plaster frame substantially surrounds the insulating blanket. Among other things, the fire-resistant lighting assembly is capable of sustaining fire barrier standards for a ceiling or other surface and maintains the acoustic insulation of the ceiling or other surface thereby reducing noise transmission.01-21-2010
20100079983LIGHTING DEVICE - Included are a rectangular frame body 04-01-2010
20120106138Illumination Assembly - An interior illumination assembly comprising a lamp housing mountable on an interior panel and a lamp removably supportable within the lamp housing. The lamp includes an LED module carrying an LED and removably receivable by the lamp housing into an installed position in the lamp housing. A lens is disposed across the module opening and a reflector carried by the LED module reflects light from the LED through the lens into the compartment.05-03-2012
20120106136THERMAL HEAT TRANSFER WIRE - A light fixture includes a body, a hollow arm extending out from the body, a pipe cap at a distal end of the arm, and one or more solid state light emitting devices supported by the pipe cap. The pipe cap thermally couples the one or more solid state light emitting devices to the arm.05-03-2012
20120106135CEILING MOUNT LAMP HAVING A FIXING STRUCTURE CAPABLE OF ASSISTING HEAT DISSIPATION - A ceiling mount lamp having a fixing structure capable of assisting heat dissipation is disclosed. The ceiling mount lamp includes a fixing unit including a frame body and a back plate, and a lighting unit installed between the frame body and the back plate. At least one side of the light guide plate is provided with a circuit board on which an LED unit is disposed, and at least one side between the frame body and the back plate of the fixing unit is mounted with a U-shaped fixing member. One outer surface of the U-shaped fixing member is fastened with the circuit board, and another outer surface of the U-shaped fixing member is provided with at least a hook part, which provides an elastic force to push against the circuit board and the LED unit, such that the LED unit is pressed close to the light guide plate.05-03-2012
20090284958CONVERSION KIT FOR LIGHTING ASSEMBLIES - Apparatuses and methods for adapting unfinished lighting fixture rough-ins to receive a lighting module, such as an incandescent light bulb or a light-emitting diode (LED) lighting device, are disclosed. According to one aspect, a universal adapter is provided that can be inserted into an existing lighting fixture rough-in, secured in place, and electrically connected to the lighting fixture rough-in. In this way, the adapter stands in place of the finishing section typically used in current lighting fixture designs. As a result, the adapter can modify an unfinished lighting fixture so that it can be used with a variety of lighting elements beyond those designed to be used with the specific configuration of the lighting fixture rough-in.11-19-2009
20080239709Concealed Emergency Lighting Fixture with Full Rotation of Door - An emergency lighting fixture includes a door and light source disposed on the door. The door rotates 360 degrees in one direction. A slip clutch assembly permits manual rotation of the door when obstructed by a motor or to remain in the same position when obstructed during rotation by the motor. A capacitor stores energy to close the door. A pressure locking assembly includes a bearing ball biased into engagement with an alignment hole by a spring in response to the door being rotated near a predetermined position. A conductive clip maintains electrical contact with a conductive portion of a hinge as the door rotates. The conductive clip is connected to a power source, and the light source is connected to the conductive portion of the hinge, thereby providing power to the light source after the door has stopped in a pre-determined position or during rotation of the door. The fixture may be used in non-emergency lighting applications.10-02-2008
20080278933LAMP WITH SAIL-LIKE OVERHEAD ELEMENT, PREFERABLY FOR IMPROVING ACOUSTICS, ROOM FORMATION, AND INDIRECT LIGHTING OF WORKPLACES - A light fixture shining light upward has a mast with a base or is attached to room or furniture systems. In order to improve the acoustics or a room, structure of a room, and/or for the indirect lighting of workplaces, a canopy element including a textile canopy and a frame stretching the textile canopy has at least one shaft-like element of the frame located eccentrically relative to the canopy, and is attached to the light-fixture mast or another part of the light fixture shining light upward.11-13-2008
20080310146LIGHT FIXTURE HAVING MULTIPLE LIGHT SOURCES - A light fixture having a general area lighting source surrounded by a shade. A plurality of task lights are supported below the general area lighting source. A divider or diffuser is disposed between the general area and task lights and serves to direct light from the general area lighting source upwardly. The fixture may be supported on a stem to function as a floor lamp; on a base to function as a table or desk lamp; on an articulated arm to function as a wall mounted lamp; or may be suspended from a ceiling to function as a ceiling mounted lamp.12-18-2008
20080310147Hybrid Lighting System - The invention provides a lighting apparatus comprising: a) a frame spanning the roof and interior of a building, the frame having a first opening at the building roof and a second opening opposed to the first opening at the building ceiling; b) a skylight at the first opening; c) a reflective lining between the first and second openings; d) a light diffuser at the second opening; and e) at least one artificial light source located between the skylight and the diffuser; where the artificial light source is positioned at the frame periphery.12-18-2008
20080291663LIGHT EMITTING DIODE LAMP - An example light emitting diode bulb assembly includes a base having a first end portion and a second end portion defining an axis, a plurality of first light emitting diodes secured adjacent a plurality of first base surfaces about the axis, and at least one second light emitting diode secured adjacent a second base surface of the first end portion, wherein the second base surface is transverse to the plurality of first base surfaces.11-27-2008
20080266844Toilet paper holder task light device - A toilet paper holder task light device that emanates a gentle, soft glow and task lighting to assist a user with the use of the toilet paper holder and toilet paper in the absence of sufficient natural lighting creating a soothing atmosphere conducive to bodily functions and without re-dilating one's eyes during nighttime use. The device is a removable wall attachment above the toilet paper holder that, when activated, illuminates the semi-translucent case of the device by means of a high-intensity, blue LED creating a glow and surrounding luminosity. The light is directed downward and outward at a pre-engineered angle to illuminate the toilet paper holder and toilet paper for the user's task management and reloading, as needed, accommodating both male and female users of all ages. A timer circuit which, when energized, activates the LED and switching device (manual or automated), i.e., darkness sensor and proximity switch activated by the user's hand in the general vicinity of the existing toilet paper holder. At the end of a fixed or adjusted time interval, the device shuts off and remains in a default mode until reactivated by the user.10-30-2008
20130120972Pendent lamp having an air conditioning function - A pendent lamp includes a support member mounted on a ceiling, an air conditioning unit mounted on the support member, an outer hood connected with the air conditioning unit, a decorative member connected with the outer hood, at least one air outlet port formed between the outer hood and the decorative member, and a lighting unit mounted on the support member. Thus, the air conditioning unit supplies cold air or hot air to the house to decrease or increase the temperature in the house to provide a cooling or warming effect to the house so as to regulate the temperature of the house at the optimum value.05-16-2013
20130120974Wall Wash Lighting Fixture - A light fixture has a body and a plurality of light emitting diodes. A carrier supports the light emitting diodes and is pivotally mounted to the body. An asymmetric lens is mounted to the carrier.05-16-2013
20130120975STACK ARRANGEMENT COMPRISING A LIGHTING UNIT IN BETWEEN A SUPPORT AND A SUPPORT COVER - The invention provides a stack arrangement (05-16-2013
20090257219Lighting Fixture for an Architectural Surface Structure - Lighting fixtures (10-15-2009
20100296272Recessed LED Downlight - A unitary die-cast cap for a downlight can includes a base section and a plurality of heat-sink fins. The base section is a plate that includes an interior base-surface, an exterior base-surface, and an exterior wall-surface. The exterior base-surface, which is an opposite surface of the interior base-surface, forms an exterior top-surface of a downlight tubular can. The exterior wall-surface is configured to be positioned in direct attachment to an interior wall-surface of the downlight can. The plurality of heat-sink fins extend from the interior base-surface and form a substantially cylindrical exterior heat-sink wall touching or in close proximity to the interior wall-surface of the downlight can.11-25-2010
20090231837Self leveling bracket/stabilizer for flourescent lighting fixtures with controlled uplight capability - A fluorescent light fixture is suspended by a longitudinally extending trapezoidal pendant bracket/stabilizer. The trapezoidal pendant bracket/stabilizer includes a horizontally extending top brace and a pair of obliquely extending arms extending downward in opposite directions from the top brace in a trapezoidal crossection. Each obliquely extending arm has a flat, horizontally and outwardly extending attachment foot extending longitudinally along a flat top surface of the fluorescent lamp fixture, wherein each attachment foot is attached to the flat top surface of the fluorescent lamp fixture. The horizontally extending top brace is attachable to a ceiling mounted fastener, such as a toggle hanger or other downwardly extending fastener.09-17-2009
20090073678Battery operated sconces and chandeliers - Battery operated sconces, battery operated chandeliers, battery operated candles and candles with unique shapes are disclosed.03-19-2009
20090213580LAMP AND ILLUMINATED HARDSCAPE - A lamp and a hardscape structure illuminated by the lamp are disclosed. The lamp is formed from a plate to which a light fixture is attached. The plate may have a flange, a decorative face plate and side panels attached to direct light from the fixture along the hardscape on which the lamp is mounted. Mounting is effected by positioning the plate between discrete hardscape elements that are stacked one atop another. A portion of the plate projects out from the structure allowing the fixture to cast light on the structure surface. A light transmitting cover is also provided.08-27-2009
20080266842Visual Shields With Technology Including Led Ladder, Network Connections and Concertina Effects - A LED ladder system (10-30-2008
20110002115FITTING MEMBER, LEAF SPRING AND LIGHTING APPARATUS - A V-shaped leaf spring is provided, at one side of the leaf spring, with a plurality of pressing parts curved convexly toward the other side thereof and arc-shaped in cross section along a longitudinal direction of the leaf spring. The leaf spring is appropriately attached to a lighting apparatus main body so that a region of the leaf spring at a bent part thereof is located downward. Thus, upon installation of the lighting apparatus main body into an attachment hole provided in a ceiling, either one of the plurality of pressing parts abuts against the ceiling having different thicknesses from above, and a sufficient downward pressing force can be exerted on the ceiling having different thicknesses, thereby allowing the component to be fixed to the ceiling with a sufficient holding force.01-06-2011
20100165607Lighting assembly with aperture alignment assembly - A lighting assembly includes a lamp alignment assembly for positioning the lamps after the lighting assembly is installed. The lighting assembly includes a ceiling pan for mounting to the ceiling support and a lamp assembly attached to the ceiling pan. The lamp assembly is adjustable in a transverse and rotational direction with respect to the ceiling pan. The lamp assembly is provided with alignment springs to align the lamp assembly at predetermined settings. A sight window is formed in the ceiling to visually set the lamp assembly in a selected position. A locking member on the lamp assembly locks the lamp assembly in a fixed position on the ceiling pan.07-01-2010
20110026245RETRO-FIT SYSTEM FOR NON-INSULATED CEILING CAN LIGHT FIXTURE - An improved ceiling light fixture reflector is presented where the reflector is completely sealed to prevent any heated air from escaping through the fixture or its surrounds. The reflector also prevents cooled air from air conditioning from escaping through the fixture apertures. This improved insulation of ceiling lighting fixtures helps to eliminate the conversion of snow into ice on the surface of roofs due to the escape of moist, heated air through the ceiling and then to the roof, where it freezes into ice and expands thereby cracking the roof02-03-2011
20100149791SURFACE MOUNTED LIGHTING FIXTURE - Surface mounted lighting fixtures having a troffer channel and a frame that extends around the troffer channel. The troffer channel includes a top wall and side walls. To impart a “back” to the fixture, the troffer channel is positioned in the frame so that the upper surface of the lighting fixture is defined by the top wall of the troffer channel and so that the fixture is mounted to a ceiling via the top wall of the troffer channel. The side walls of the troffer channel are preferably angled relative to the top wall to reflect light out of the fixture as desired. Tie brackets, lamp holder brackets, electrical components, and traditional louvers and lensed door components may be supported by the lighting fixture. An installation bracket may be provided to facilitate installation of the lighting fixture. Such brackets may be mounted to the ceiling and used to suspend the fixture to allow the installer to perform the necessary wiring and other preparation work prior to securing the fixture directly to the ceiling via the troffer channel.06-17-2010
20110085321DEVICE FOR DISPLAYING A VIDEO IMAGE ON A BUILDING - The element, in particular for a building, comprises 04-14-2011
20110085320RECESSED LIGHT HOUSING WITH ROTATABLE APERTURE - A recessed light assembly having an illumination element and having an enclosure attachable to a support structure of a dwelling has a rotating aperture plate rotatably mounted to a wall of the enclosure. The rotating aperture plate has an illumination aperture disposed over an opening in the wall of the enclosure and the recessed light assembly has adjustable fasteners, accessible from an exterior of the recessed light assembly, which adjustable fasteners selectively permit and prevent rotation of the rotating aperture plate relative to the enclosure allowing a user to adjust the rotational alignment of the illumination aperture relative to the enclosure of an installed light assembly without disengaging an attached assembly from the support structure. The illumination element may be fixed relative to the rotating aperture plate or may be fixed relative to the enclosure. The rotating aperture plate and the enclosure may have rotational alignment reference marks and a rotational alignment indicator which serve to indicate a present rotational alignment of the aperture plate relative to the enclosure.04-14-2011
20120230020DIRECT AND INDIRECT LIGHT DIFFUSING DEVICES AND METHODS - Some embodiments provide a daylighting apparatus comprising an internally reflective tube configured to direct daylight from a first end of the tube to a second end of the tube opposite the first end. A diffuser can be positioned at the second end of the tube. The diffuser can comprise a first optical structure configured such that, when the daylighting apparatus is installed with the first end positioned outside a room and the second end positioned to provide light to the room, a reflected portion of the daylight is directed towards at least one upper region (e.g., a ceiling or upper wall surface) of the room and a transmitted portion of the daylight is directed towards at least one lower region (e.g., a floor surface) of the room.09-13-2012
20120230019REMOVABLE OPTICAL COMPONENT FOR LUMINAIRE - This is directed to a luminaire having a removable inner accessory and optical component. A luminaire can include a base and an outer accessory through which light generated by a light source placed in the base is transmitted. To customize the light emitted by the luminaire, an inner accessory having an optical component can be placed within the outer accessory. The optical component can be tuned to provide a light pattern corresponding to an environment in which the luminaire is placed. Because all of the components used to create the luminaire, other than the optical component, are standard, the luminaire can be easily constructed with a default optical component, but also easily customized at a minimal cost. In addition, the optical component can be recessed relative to the outer accessory to improve optical performance of the luminaire.09-13-2012
20110242800Modular furnishing elements - Modular furnishing elements constituted by a single piece or by a plurality of pieces, provided with a plurality of internal intrusions of air and, in a lower region, with an opaque region.10-06-2011
20110176295LAMP - A lamp suitable for being mounted to a ceiling having an opening is provided. The lamp includes a plane light source and a mounting module including a plurality of bases, a plurality of clipping elements and a plurality of first elastic elements. Each of the bases is slidably disposed on the plane light source, wherein the bases slide to a plurality of specific positions on the plane light source respectively and pass through the opening when the plane light source is leaned against the ceiling. The clipping elements are movably connected to the bases respectively. Each of the first elastic elements is connected with the corresponding base and the corresponding clipping element, wherein the ceiling is suitable for being clipped between the clipping elements and the plane light source by elastic force of the first elastic elements.07-21-2011
20090034242Wall Luminaire - A wall luminaire is described having a housing intended for the reception of the electrical components and having at least one light permeable element mounted to the housing whose special feature consists of the fact that light generated by a plurality of LEDs with an associated optical system or by a fluorescent lamp arrangement is guided in bundled form between two surfaces which are disposed in the sidelight region of the light beam.02-05-2009
20100046210ORGANIC LIGHT EMITTING DIODE PRODUCTS - A plurality of organic light emitting diode (OLED) devices can be spatially distributed to form various lighting systems and luminaires. The lighting systems can be configured to readily replace conventional light bulbs or tubular fluorescent lamps. A networked lighting system including a plurality of OLED devices can have a variable light field based on a feedback.02-25-2010
20110249427Lighting Apparatus with a Boost - Lighting apparatus and structures are described to space electrical drivers from a light panel. In this way, a driver box housing the driver can be spaced from the light panel to communicate with pre-existing facilities (e.g. electrical wiring) and can serve the additional advantage of keeping the driver box out of standing water that may accumulate on the structure.10-13-2011
20080198583Multi-purpose lamp housing and network - A multipurpose ceiling fixture selectively receives and powers multiple components. A mounting strap supports a lamp socket, a battery socket, and plural power outlets for selected components. A cylindrical lamp housing within the fixture is attached to the mounting strap and a lamp is engaged with the lamp socket. An annular mounting chassis is adapted for receiving a plurality of the components which may include a loudspeaker; detectors of particles, heat, motion, sound and noxious gas; an audible alarm; a video cam; and an intercom. One may select only those components that are of interest to a particular installation and then can install such components into power sockets and on one or another of the several mounting surfaces. Of particular advantage is a mounting chassis that allows components a line of sight lateral to the fixture.08-21-2008
20080198584Building Structures Having Electrically Functional Architectural Surfaces - A building structure (08-21-2008
20100321929Power Delivery System For HID, LED, Or Fluorescent Track Lighting - A system according to an embodiment of the invention may include a track and a power supply substantially contained within the track. One or more lamps may be electrically connected to the power supply. The lamp may be an HID lamp, an LED lamp, or a fluorescent lamp. The power supply may be a ballast or a transformer, and may comprise a printed circuit board with electrical power handling components on one side. The system may also include a housing which may surround the power supply.12-23-2010
20080253111Illumination System For a Wall, a Ceiling, or a Floor - The invention relates to an illumination system for a wall, a ceiling or a floor (10-16-2008
20100214771Lighting lamp - A lighting lamp includes a light guide board, which is directly mounted in the cavity of a lamp holder, furniture, utensil, or the construction of a building, having a clear transmissive layer at the front side and a continuous piece of reflective layer a clear transmission layer at the front side and a reflective layer at the back side that has the shape of an umbrella surface and sloping from the periphery toward its center, and a plurality of LEDs mounted within the cavity outside the light guide board and controlled to emit light laterally into the inside of the light guide boards to provide a uniform lighting effect having an enhanced brightness without multi-image and to simulate the lighting effect of a ball lamp.08-26-2010
20100165606IMPROVEMENTS IN OR RELATING TO WALLS - A glass or plastic wall structure with nested channel members is provided with electroluminescent strips running along the channel flanges to provide an internal illumination. In particular, it relates to illuminated transparent walls or internal partitions of a building or similar fixed construction.07-01-2010
20100103654LIGHTING FIXTURE AND CEILING SYSTEM USING THE SAME - A lighting fixture which comprises a ceiling frame equipped with an attachment portion, a hollow portion, and a storage recess, wherein the attachment portion is located at an upper end portion of the frame to be suspended from a ceiling of a building, the hollow portion is located below the attachment portion, and the storage recess is located below the hollow portion; the storage recess has an opening which faces downward, a lighting module is set in the storage recess; and the lighting module includes plural light emitting diodes, a reflector which reflects light emitted from the diodes, and a lighting housing to which the light emitting diodes and the reflector are installed.04-29-2010
20110051402Luminaire Having Separate Lamps for Direct Lighting and Indirect Lighting - The present invention relates to a luminaire, which comprises a plate-shaped light guide, and first lamps disposed on one or more narrow sides of the light guide and configured to couple light into the plate-shaped light guide, wherein the light coupled into the light guide is emitted via a flat side of the light guide in a first irradiating direction of the luminaire. Said luminaire is characterized in that the first lamps are formed by a plurality of light-emitting diodes and that the luminaire furthermore comprises second lamps and a reflector arrangement associated therewith, by way of which the light of the second lamps is emitted in a second irradiating direction opposite the first irradiation direction.03-03-2011
20120106137THERMAL PIPE CAP - A light fixture includes a body, a hollow arm extending out from the body, a pipe cap at a distal end of the arm, and one or more solid state light emitting devices supported by the pipe cap. The pipe cap thermally couples the one or more solid state light emitting devices to the arm.05-03-2012
20120106134LED CEILING LAMP - An LED ceiling lamp includes a primary illumination unit and at least one subsidiary illumination unit. The primary illumination includes a base and a connecting member to fix the base to a ceiling. Each of the at least one subsidiary illumination unit is fixed to the base and faces the ceiling. Each of the at least one subsidiary illumination unit comprises a circuit board with an LED unit, a lens and a reflector. The lens covers the circuit board. The circuit board and the lens are received in the reflector. The lens is configured for dividing the light beams from the LED units into several light groups. An aphotic area is formed between each two adjacent light groups. The reflector is configured for reflecting the several light groups on the ceiling.05-03-2012
20100172127Indirect lighting fixture with reflectors - A method and system for adjusting a light source that is capable of displaying light of different colors receives inputs from various sources and provides an output color selection signal. The output color selection signal is applied to the light source to adjust the intensity and color thereof.07-08-2010
20110103043Device for Supporting Light Emitting Module - Provided is a supporting device that enables light emitting modules to be easily installed on a ceiling for lighting and is easy to modify the light emitting modules with a simple configuration. For that purpose, a supporting device of the present invention has a large recess groove portion having a width dimension smaller than a dimension of a short side of the light emitting modules and having a length dimension larger than a dimension of a long side of the light emitting modules and a screw fixation portion provided with a threaded hole for fastening on the ceiling. On left and right interior walls of the large recess groove portion, small recess groove portions, parallel to the large recess groove portion, having a cross sectional shape approximately equal to a cross sectional shape of a peripheral end portion of the long side of the light emitting modules are formed in an arrangement facing on the left and right respectively. An interval dimension between facing groove back side portions of the respective small recess groove portion is approximately identical to a dimension of the short side of the light emitting modules.05-05-2011
20110103042PIVOTABLE RAIL ASSEMBLY FOR INSTALLING RECESSED LIGHTING FIXTURES - A lighting fixture for installation in a ceiling grid includes a lighting assembly and at least one pivotable rail assembly attached to the lighting assembly. The rail assembly includes at least one mounting bracket, a rail and a spring. The rail is pivotable relative to the at least one mounting bracket. To insert the lighting fixture into the ceiling grid, the rail is rotated relative to the mounting bracket such that the rail will clear the ceiling grid, thereby compressing the spring. The lighting fixture is inserted into the ceiling grid and the rail is released. The compression of the spring is relaxed, and the rail rotates back into its original position. The rail, now extending beyond the boundary of the ceiling grid, rests on the ceiling grid is thereby secured within the ceiling grid.05-05-2011
20130170190OPTICAL SEMICONDUCTOR BASED ILLUMINATING APPARATUS - An optical semiconductor illuminating apparatus capable of being simply installed and built, easily detecting a fault generation point, being simply repaired and replaced, and being compactly implemented. A bracket assembly having a power supply embedded therein is mounted at an upper side of a heat sink including a fixed unit, the power supply is seated on the heat sink including the fixed unit, a plurality of heat radiation fins protrude from an inner surface of the heat sink, and an upper surface of the power supply is disposed at a position higher than or equal to that of an edge of an upper end portion of the heat sink.07-04-2013
20100214772Can cover - A can cover for a recessed can light which extends over the entire mouth of the can and which has a friction fit within the can and which is provided with an internally threaded stud may be provided on the interior of the can cover to allow installers to engage the stud with a pole like apparatus to facilitate removal of the can cover.08-26-2010
20120176776WALL OR CEILING COVERING MATERIAL - The invention provides a wall or ceiling covering arrangement (07-12-2012
20130182416MODULAR ELECTRICAL DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM FOR A BUILDING - An adapter structure which cooperates between a modular electrical distribution unit and a light fixture to facilitate electrical connection therebetween. The adapter structure includes an adapter module having an insulative housing containing electrical conductors extending therethrough and defining connectors at input and output ends thereof. The housing mounts directly to the light fixture, preferably within and extending through a knock-out port in a wall of the light fixture, and a plug-type connector at the output end of the adapter structure can be plug engaged with a compatible connector associated with a electrical power distribution unit. The output end of the adapter has a gripping conductive socket structure which enables pigtail conductors associated with the light fixture to be directly plugged therein.07-18-2013
20120320571OPTICAL SEMICONDUCTOR-BASED TUBE TYPE LIGHTING APPARATUS - An optical semiconductor-based tube type lighting apparatus capable of enlarging light distribution to have improved assembly characteristics. The lighting apparatus includes an elongated light-transmitting tube, and a plurality of optical semiconductor modules arranged along a circumference of the light-transmitting tube and separated from each other in a cross-sectional view of the light-transmitting tube. Each of the optical semiconductor modules is placed on a point, which is not on a central axis line of light emitted from other optical semiconductor modules, so as not to face another optical semiconductor module at an opposite side thereof.12-20-2012
20100254121REFRACTION-TYPE LED CEILING LAMP - A refraction-type LED ceiling lamp, especially a plate-type ceiling lamp which is used on an indoor ceiling, includes primarily a fiber light guide plate, a reflection surface of which is provided with multiple chip-shape reflection elements, distributed in arrays. A chip size of the reflection elements decreases gradually toward an entrance surface by a geometric series; whereas, a gap between the reflection elements increases gradually. A reflection curve of the reflection element allows light to be projected out uniformly and a required illumination angle to be achieved.10-07-2010
20080266843LED CEILING TILE COMBINATION, LED FIXTURE AND CEILING TILE - An LED ceiling tile combination is described which includes a ceiling having at least one LED fixture integrated therewith. The LED fixture can include least one LED, and a support structure for the at least one LED strip.10-30-2008
20120087113HYBRID LIGHTING SYSTEM WITH LED ILLUMINATION SOURCES - A lighting system which includes an enclosure extending from the roof of a building to within the interior of a building. The enclosure has a top opening covered by a skylight, and a bottom opening covered by a panel within the building interior, and there is at least one LED heat-sink assembly positioned within the enclosure.04-12-2012
20120327638ILLUMINATION APPLIANCE - An Illumination appliance includes: an appliance body which houses a light source; a frame which is attached to the appliance body; and a power supply unit. The power supply unit is attached to a portion of a top surface of the appliance body and which is configured to feed power to the light source.12-27-2012
20120092856EXTRUDED WIDE ANGLE LENS FOR USE WITH A LED LIGHT SOURCE - This is directed to a lens for use with a LED light source. The lens can be placed on a top surface of a light fixture to direct light emitted by a LED module at a wide angle relative to the top surface of the fixture. The lens can include an elongated trench in which several LED light sources can be placed in a line such that light emitted within the trench is re-directed by the lens. The lens can include one or more knobs extending over the trench to facilitate diverting emitted light in a more lateral direction, as opposed to vertical direction. In some cases, the lens can be constructed using an extrusion process by which a lens having a constant cross-section allowing for a wide angle radiation pattern is provided.04-19-2012
20130010458Luminaire Having a Pivotable LED - In a luminaire, comprising a light source (01-10-2013
20130021784CEILING-MOUNTED LIGHT FIXTURE - The present invention relates to a ceiling-mounted light fixture configured to be embedded in the ceiling. The ceiling-mounted light fixture comprises: a cylindrical light fixture body having a screw thread formed on the lower end of the outer surface thereof; a light source unit which is accommodated inside the light fixture body and which has a light-emitting element; and a ring-shaped cap which has a screw thread formed on the inner surface thereof to be coupled to the screw thread of the light fixture body. According to the present invention, a ceiling-mounted light fixture is provided, wherein the diameter of the cylinder of the light fixture is increased to achieve improved light distribution efficiency and enable easy assembly.01-24-2013
20080253112HAND RAIL SYSTEM RAILING CONNECTOR - A rail system includes a cap rail defining a slot. Within the slot may be positioned expansion brackets that permit the cap rail to be mounted to a wall or a post. The expansion bracket is configured to engage an end of a fixture to position and secure the fixture within the slot. The expansion bracket defines a cable way for wires extending to or from the fixture. Other expansion brackets may be mounted within the slot to position and secure ends of fixtures when the mounting expansion brackets are not correctly positioned with respect to the end of the fixture. A rail system including a pair of rails extending between a pair of posts. An in-fill panel is positioned within slots of each rail and extends between the rails. Expansion brackets within the slots engage the panel.10-16-2008
20090244888TRANSFORMER ASSEMBLY AND LIGHT FIXTURE ASSEMBLY USING SAME - A potted transformer assembly comprises a housing portion to form an exterior transformer housing, a transformer unit dimensioned to fit within the housing portion, the housing portion including a first passage to receive the transformer unit in an operative position therein, the housing portion having an inner surface which is oriented to provide an interior cavity between the transformer unit and the inner surface, the interior cavity being dimensioned to receive a predetermined quantity of a potting compound, the housing portion further including a second passage in fluid communication with the interior cavity, the second passage being dimensioned to receive a portion of the potting compound therein, the second passage being located on the housing portion in such a manner that, following a transformer encapsulation step, the presence of potting compound in the second passage is indicative of the transformer being substantially encapsulated by the potting compound.10-01-2009
20130170191SLAT PROFILE FOR HOLDING AN LED STRIP AND SLAT WALL COMPRISING SUCH A SLAT PROFILE - The present invention relates to a slat profile (07-04-2013
20080232093Seamless lighting assembly - A light-emitting diode lighting assembly, including a plurality of light-emitting diode lighting panels with light-emitting diodes positioned on at least one edge of the light-emitting diode lighting panels, a plurality of prism plates for refracting light emitted by the light-emitting diodes, wherein each of the plurality of prism plates is respectively positioned above one of the light-emitting diode panels, and a top plate covering the plurality of prism plates such that the light emitting diode lighting assembly appears seamless.09-25-2008
20120250296SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR ILLUMINATING A SPACE WITH INCREASED APPLICATION EFFICIENCY - A system and method for illuminating a space includes sectioning the space to be illuminated into lighting requirement areas having different illumination requirements. The area of each lighting requirement area is determined and then the minimum number of lumens required to illuminate each lighting requirement area is determined. A plurality of planar, low lumen, small footprint lighting modules are configured overhead the space in different placement densities including high placement densities, wherein a different amount of lumens are delivered into the space from different overhead placement positions depending on the placement densities of the lighting modules at their placement positions. The number and placement density of the lighting modules needed over each lighting requirement area is determined so as to produce a desired number of lumens for such lighting requirement area.10-04-2012
20130128559Sanitary Installation - The present invention relates to a sanitary installation (05-23-2013
20130128558SURFACE MOUNT LUMINAIRE - A lighting fixture includes a housing formed from walls that are connected by corner posts that are inserted into the ends of the walls eliminate light leaks and external fasteners. The corner posts include barbs or screw holes for receiving screws from the inside of the walls. The housing can be used as a retrofit for a recessed lighting fixture where the housing can surround the lighting fixture and attach thereto. The assembly can then be mounted by a suitable support.05-23-2013
20110273868LIGHTING SYSTEM FOR INSTALLATION IN CEILING PORTION OF PASSENGER COMPARTMENT - A lighting system for installation in a ceiling portion of a passenger compartment which can realize a lighting system made to a specification including a glasses holder or a sensor by employing one type of common case.11-10-2011
20110211338Combination Ceiling Fan and Track Light - A combination ceiling fan and track light where a support mechanism couples to the ceiling and supports the ceiling fan and the ceiling fan supplies power to the track light.09-01-2011
20110222270T-bar for suspended ceiling with heat dissipation system for LED lighting - The T-bar includes an elongate rigid spine extending between terminal ends including either a fixed anchor or adjustable anchor for attachment to adjacent T-bars or other supports. An upper heat sink is provided on an upper portion of the spine to enhance heat transfer from the T-bar to air surrounding upper portions of the T-bar. A light housing is provided on a lower portion of the T-bar which is configured to support a lighting module therein, such as a light emitting diode (LED) light. A lower heat sink is provided above this light housing and integrated into a rest shelf which supports ceiling tiles adjacent the T-bar. A power supply is provided which can be removably attached to the T-bar and provide appropriately conditioned power for the lighting module.09-15-2011
20100302762ANTI-GLARE LED LAMP AND TUNNEL ILLUMINATION SYSTEM HAVING THE SAME - An LED lamp comprises a heat sink and a plurality of lighting units. The heat sink comprises a base plate, a plurality of fins extending upwardly from a top surface of the base plate, and a plurality of supporters extending downwardly from a bottom surface of the base plate. The supporters are inclined to a same direction. The lighting units are mounted on the supporters, respectively, to illuminate a same direction, which is toward a vehicle moving in a tunnel and toward the LED lamp.12-02-2010
20130182417LAMP - A lamp having a first module for being attached to a ceiling or wall element, a second module connected to the first module and being rotatable with respect to the first module along a first axis, a third module having one or more light-emitting elements, the third module being connected to the second module and rotatable with respect to the second module along a second axis, the second axis being substantially perpendicular to the first axis.07-18-2013
20130120973LIGHT EMITTING DIODE BULB - An LED bulb comprises a lamp cup, a substrate, a power connecting part, and a cover plate. The lamp cup is a two-piece structure; a power driver is further disposed in the power connecting part. The substrate is disposed in the lamp cup, while the power connecting part connects with the lamp cup. When the light sources and the power structure generate heat, the generated heat can be transferred outwards and dissipated through the lamp cup or the power connecting part. Because the heat generated by both of the heat sources in the lamp cup, respectively, the co-heating effect induced by the light sources and the power driver can be avoided. The overall structure is manufactured by materials having superior thermal conductivity. Thereby, with the structure, heat dissipating process can be accelerated. The lifetime of the light sources can be improved substantially.05-16-2013
20120020057ILLUMINATING AND AIR-CONDITIONING ASSEMBLY - An illuminating and air-conditioning assembly composed of a lampshade, an illuminating unit, and a ventilating unit. The lampshade is provided with a receiving space. The illuminating unit is mounted to the receiving space. The ventilating unit is also mounted to the receiving space. Therefore, illuminating and air-conditioning assembly includes the double features of illumination and auxiliary air-conditioning, takes less internal space, and enhances the comfort of the people located below the lampshade.01-26-2012
20120300437CONFIGURABLE CEILING LIGHTING SYSTEM - A configurable ceiling lighting system for a grid ceiling comprising at least one and preferably a plurality of driver panels having a bottom and a defined perimeter sized to allow the driver panel to be set into and retained within the grid openings of a ceiling grid. The driver panel has at least one and preferably a plurality of electrical connectors accessible from the bottom of the driver panel. At least one and preferably a plurality of light modules are provided having a light source and an electrical connector complimentary to the electrical connectors of the panel drivers. The light modules can be operatively connected to the bottom of the ceiling panel drivers at selected connection points to produced desired arrays of ceiling lighting fixtures to meet particular lighting needs.11-29-2012

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