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362 - Illumination

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362105000 Head covering or clamp 88
362108000 Shoulder suspension or torso encircling (e.g., vest, neck-sling) 17
362104000 Jewelry 3
20110194276LED flashing annular ornament - An LED flashing annular ornament includes a band for putting around a user's wrist or finger; an ornamental cover connected to two facing ends of the band and having a control circuit board and batteries received therein, the control circuit board having a control IC chip and at least one LED provided thereon, and a bottom cap being connected to the ornamental cover to hold the band in place; a power switch arranged on the control circuit board and having an external button; and a vibration switch arranged on the control circuit board. When the external button is pushed to turn on the power switch, power is supplied from the batteries to the control IC chip; and when the user shakes the hand to vibrate the annular ornament while the power switch is on, the vibration switch is turned on and the control IC chip drives the LED to flash.08-11-2011
20120212938User Wearable Illumination Ring - A wearable light ring used to illuminate a working area while allowing the user to hold a tool with the same hand. The battery powered ring including an LED and control mechanism. The LED positioned on the light ring as to direct most of the light towards the fingertip allowing the user to simultaneously work with a tool and illuminate the working area with one hand. The light ring also having a mode of operation that filters UV light to prevent curing of composite materials.08-23-2012
20120075841LED EARRING STRUCTURE FOR BODY PIERCING JEWELRY - An LED earring structure for body piercing jewelry includes a lens unit which is installed in the front and projects emitting light outside; a light-emitting unit which flashes on and off depending on switching the power supply on and off; a power supply unit which supplies the electrical power to said light-emitting unit; an inner filler unit which wraps said light-emitting unit and said power supply unit and absorbs the impact due to the turbulence of them; a main body unit which fix said lens unit and contains and protects the emitting light unit, the power supply unit and the inner filler; and a rear assembly unit which supply the electrical power to said emitting light unit by mating with said main body unit through the pierced opening in the human body.03-29-2012
20130044465METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PROVIDING USER INPUT - According to an embodiment of the present invention, an apparatus comprises an elongated body portion having an interior chamber and a tapered end; a transparent dome housing accommodated by the tapered end; a light source housed within the transparent dome housing and capable of emitting light through the transparent dome housing to an external receiver; a battery housed within the interior chamber and electrically coupled with the light source; and a surface detection mechanism coupled with the transparent dome housing and electrically coupled with the light source and the battery, the surface detection mechanism capable of at least one of activating the light source when the apparatus contacts a surface and deactivating the light source when the apparatus does not contact the surface.02-21-2013
20090122525Illuminating Device - Disclosed is an illuminating device that includes a light source and a mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is configured to adapt the light source thereon and is capable of being accommodated within a user's mouth. The mouthpiece includes a switch and a power source. The switch is electrically connected to the light source. The power source is electrically connected to the switch and the light source and is capable of providing electrical power to the light source for illumination. Upon receipt of the mouthpiece within the user's mouth and application of pressure on the switch by the user's teeth, the light source is illuminated.05-14-2009
20130077289Clothing Lighting System - A lighting system for an article of clothing The lighting system includes illuminable piping disposed on the article of clothing, a light emitter arranged to shine light through the illuminable piping, a power source electrically connected to the light emitter, and a universal serial bus connector electrically connected to the power source for charging the power source.03-28-2013
20120206906Portable Lighting Apparatuses and Methods - The present invention is related to the field of portable lighting apparatuses and methods, in particular, apparatuses that are useful for illuminating in the dark, such as at night or in dark spaces; as well as for athletic and physical activities for which illumination is useful. In certain embodiments, the present invention is directed to an illuminating device that is portable and motion activated. Such a device may be useful for pet applications such as collars and leashes, or for human applications such as charms for illuminating in low visibility conditions including sports and law enforcement situations.08-16-2012
20120182720ILLUMINATING SAFETY GLOVE - The present invention is a PVC or rubber illuminating safety glove utilized without a power source that includes a plurality of finger and thumb sections that accommodate a user's fingers and thumb and include a plurality of distal ends and a plurality of fingertips that are located on the distal ends of the finger and thumb sections and include a chemical compound that is safely embedded into the distal ends that become illuminated when exposed to an electromagnetic field. The embedded chemical compound is a plurality of microscopic polymer beads or a plurality of supermagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles that illuminate color instantly and reversibly when exposed to the electromagnetic field.07-19-2012
20100097788MOTION-RESPONSIVE ILLUMINATED STOCKING - A stocking is illuminated with flashing lights in response to movement by a wearer and is protected against water damage.04-22-2010
20090091922Decorative object connectable to a connected object - In a decorative object connectable to a connected object, the decorative object includes a connecting member having a fixing portion at an end of the connecting member, and the fixing portion is connected and fixed to a stylish decorative object with a specific shape, and another end of the connecting member is a positioning portion, and a passage is penetrated through the positioning portion and provided for passing and fixing the connected object, and the stylish decorative object includes a light emitting element.04-09-2009
20090091921Decorative object connectable to a connected object - In a decorative object connectable to a connected object, a connecting member includes a fixing portion at an end of the connecting member, and the fixing portion is connected and fixed to a stylish decorative object with a specific shape, and another end of the connecting member is a stop portion, and a connecting portion is disposed between both ends, and a stop portion of the connecting member is passed through a connecting hole of the connected object, and stopped by both ends and positioned onto the connected object, and the stylish decorative object includes a light emitting element.04-09-2009
20130063929HANDS-FREE VISION AID - Described herein are hands-free vision aids that may be used for low-vision reading. These vision aids may be beneficial for individuals with low-vision disorders such as age-related macular degeneration, retinitis pigmentosa, and other visual disorders. The vision aids described here comprise an optical system with one or more light sources configured to provide a rectangular field of illumination with high illuminance levels bounded by high contrast perimeter. Such an illumination field greatly illuminates a targeted viewing region while reducing glare that arises from illuminating peripheral regions. Some vision aids use green light with high illuminance values for improving visual acuity and comfort for long-duration reading. The optical system of a vision aid may be configured to fit onto and/or integrate with eyeglass frames.03-14-2013
20090097234Illumination Device, Luminaire and Display Device - An illumination device (04-16-2009
20120236542FLEXIBLE LINE ASSEMBLY - A flexible line assembly is formed, in particular, as a strap or a leash of an animal guide device, a strap of a purse or a strap of an item of clothing. The line carries an electric consumer that is connectible to a voltage source which, in turn, is fastenable to the line. The line further carries a flashlight holder for releasably holding a flashlight with an integrated voltage source. The flashlight holder has electric contacts which are couplable to the voltage source of the flashlight, and the contacts are connected to the electric consumer.09-20-2012
20120099298LIGHT-EMITTING CLOTHING STRUCTURE - A light-emitting clothing structure includes a clothing body, a light emitting unit movably coupled to the clothing body, and a connecting unit disposed between the clothing body and the light emitting unit. The connecting unit is configured to mount the light emitting unit on the clothing body. The light emitting unit emits light to achieve an anticipated aesthetic appearance and alert effect, when the light-emitting clothing structure is worn by a user.04-26-2012
20110299271Compact flashlight - A compact flashlight that allows a user to view documents in a dark situation without having to hold a flashlight. The pocket light fits easily over the top of the pocket and can be covered by a conventional pocket flap. The light is an LED display device that produces a significant amount of light so a user can check identification or documentation, as in a license check, or registration verification for police. The pocket light has a push button power switch that can be activated by the user through the fabric of their shirt.12-08-2011
20120099299APPAREL WITH LIGHT-VIEWING PORTION - Embodiments of apparatus, methods and systems are described herein for providing apparel with a light-viewing portion. In various embodiments, apparel, including outerwear such as a jacket, may include a power supply; a light source coupled to the power supply; and an external textile layer with a light-viewing portion adjacent the light source, the light-viewing portion including one or more apertures through which light from the light source passes. In various embodiments, a heat source and controls for causing the heat source to provide various temperatures may also be provided. Other embodiments may be described and/or claimed.04-26-2012
20080205035Light-Source with Fabric Diffusing Layer - A light-source comprising at least one lighting unit (08-28-2008
20120140451WEARABLE LIGHTING DEVICE - A user wearable device may be implemented with a light source to provide illumination to an area of interest. In one example, the light source may be selectively operated by switches, physical displacement (e.g., movement) of the device, or other approaches. In another example, the device may be implemented as a wristwatch to display time, date, or related information to a user. In another example, the device may be implemented with appropriate processing or communication components to perform other tasks. In other embodiments, various methods of using, operating, or manufacturing such devices are provided.06-07-2012
20090052167LUMINOUS CLOTHING ACCESSORY AND LUMINOUS CLOTHING FIBER AND LUMINOUS ACCESSORIZED CLOTHES USING THEM - To provide luminescent accessories, a luminescent clothing fiber and luminescent clothing using those, which exhibit originality to freely demonstrate individual characteristics by each wearer without sticking to a design of clothing itself, and which enable the differentiation from other clothing.02-26-2009
20110170279ADJUSTABLE FASTENER FOR FOOT APPAREL - A latching mechanism for securing foot apparel to a user's foot. The latching mechanism comprises a first connecting member, a second connecting member, wherein the first connecting member is capable of mating, or interlocking, with the second connecting member. The first connecting member includes a receiving head having an aperture, and an arm, wherein the arm is adjacent the receiving head and the second connecting member includes a locking tongue and an arm, wherein the arm is adjacent the locking tongue. In some embodiments, the first connecting member and second connecting member include a fastener element. The arm of the first connecting member and the arm of the second connecting member further include an aperture that is capable of receiving a securing mechanism. Additional embodiments of the latching mechanism also include a buckle system including a base having complementary sections capable of mating and being laterally adjustable, a button which actuates a floating locking mechanism, and a dome.07-14-2011
20090201670AUTOMATED LIGHT-EMITTING APPARATUS AND WEARABLE OBJECT INCLUDING THE SAME - The invention provides an automated light-emitting apparatus, which can be disposed in an object, includes a light-emitting unit, a force-sensing module, and a power-generating module. The force-sensing module includes a first component and a second component engaged to the first component. When the object receives an external force, the force-sensing module changes the distance between a first portion of the first component and a second portion of the second component. Moreover, the power-generating module includes a coil coupled to a magnetic member, the magnetic member engaged to the first component, and a magnetic conductor engaged to the second component. Particularly, when the distance between the first portion and the second portion is changed, the coil generates an induced electromotive force for supporting the light-emitting unit with needed power.08-13-2009
20120195025EYEGLASS LIGHT - An eyeglass light assembly is disclosed. The eyeglass light assembly includes an ultra lightweight and configurable eyeglass light adapted to removably and interchangeably attach to an eyeglass frame or to be integrally formed with the eyeglass frame. The eyeglass light is adapted to provide a multiplicity of angle, pivot, and rotation configurations for varied use and adaptation at directing emitted light from an eyeglass frame. The eyeglass light is adapted to pivot and bend in various locations. The eyeglass light provides for hands-free use when mounted. In one embodiment, the eyeglass light includes and a flexible stem upon which the light is coupled. The stem is further coupled to clip members adapted to couple to one another to secure the assembly to eyeglass frames.08-02-2012
20080266837Flashlight - The present invention is an improved flashlight. In particular, the present invention is directed to an LED flashlight tag inserted into a perimeter buffer that can also hold an identification tag. The flashlight has a two-sided flashlight tag that contains a power supply, two light sources and a power switch. The flashlight tag is inserted into a perimeter buffer that exposes an exterior side of the flashlight tag and has sufficient space to contain an identification tag adjacent to an interior side of the flashlight tag.10-30-2008
20080285259HEADLIGHTS HAVING ADJUSTABLE INTENSITY - Headlights wherein one or more parameters associated with the illumination provided by the associated light source are described. Parameters that can be adjusted, for example, include the intensity of light exiting the headlight assembly, the dispersion of light emitted from the headlight, the direction of illumination, and the like.11-20-2008
20080253108Illuminating Footwear Accessory - A customized light module comprising is provided according to one embodiment of this disclosure. The customized light module, according to this embodiment, includes a housing, a light source, a removable decorative cap and a battery. The housing includes a stem configured to secure the customized light module within an aperture of an article of footwear. The light source is coupled with the housing. The decorative cap may be removably coupled with the housing and may be configured to illuminate when the light source is illuminates. The battery may be accessibly secured within the housing with a two-stage mechanism. The two-stage mechanism, for example, may include a child lock. In some embodiments, the housing has at least two configurations: a first configuration and a second configuration. A circuit is created between the battery and the light source in the first configuration and closed in the second configuration.10-16-2008
20110007495Ear Hook Device with Illumination Function - An ear hook device with illumination function is worn on a user's ear to provide illumination, so that the user can have their hands free to do more works. Furthermore, the ear hook device is further provided with a holding assembly which can hold the ear hook device and is then clipped to the user's pocket when the ear hook device is not in use, making it easier for the user to use and carry the ear hook device.01-13-2011
20100142190PRESSURE-ACTUATED LIGHT DEVICE WITH HOLDING PORTION - A pressure-actuated light device (06-10-2010
20120069552SMART SAFETY GLOVE, WRISTBAND AND METHOD - A smart safety glove, wristband, method and kit is shown and described. In one embodiment, the glove or wristband includes an enclosing shell, a printed circuit board and a light configured to indicate intentions to traffic. In particular embodiments, the glove is in a sleep mode in a substantially horizontal position and the light is illuminated in a substantially vertical position. A method of hand signaling using a smart safety glove includes positioning the smart glove from the substantially horizontal sleep position to a predefined substantially vertical signaling position.03-22-2012
20120033410FLOATATION DEVICE FOR GLASSES - A floatation device is provided which is adapted for placement on a portion of a pair of spectacles, sunglasses, reading or prescription glasses to prevent the loss of the glasses in a body of water. A passage in the body of the device secures it on to the glasses by being slipped over the frames. The floatation further comprises the ability to display information, such as advertising information.02-09-2012
20090219710Wearable colored light signaling apparatus - The invention is a wearable array of colored lights that can be remotely controlled from a hand held user friendly interface. The user interface is made with interactive buttons for easy functional use. This allows manual control of each light independently. The embodiment can be adapted for use with other devices that are also worn or have user interfaces. The device of the present invention is operated by pressing the remote controller's interactive buttons to activate the remote colored light array. The remote colored light array is a small lightweight set of L.E.D. colored lights in an array that is worn around the ear.09-03-2009
20090052166Motion-responsive illuminated stocking - A stocking is illuminated with flashing lights in response to movement by a wearer and is protected against water damage.02-26-2009
20090109660Lighted Hair Accessory - A lighted hair accessory includes a power source; one or more light emitting devices in electrical connection with the power source; and a switch interposed between the power source and the light emitting devices. A hair accessory configured to secure a bunch of hair is fitted with the power source, light emitting devices, and switch for the hair accessory to selectively display light by activating the switch.04-30-2009
20090109659Footwear with integrated power system - Techniques for footwear with integrated power systems are described, including a port configured to receive an electrical current, a power cell configured to store the electrical current from the port, a light source coupled to the power cell, a switch configured to control activation of the light source, the switch being coupled to the light source and the power cell, and a distribution system configured to provide a path to enable the electrical current to flow within the system.04-30-2009
20110110074GLOVELIGHT, AKA SUPERLIGHT - SUPERSPOT - The Glovelight, aka Superlight-Superspot is a portable hands-free, multi-directional flashlight affixed to a spandex, Lycra, fingerless glove/stretchable band utilizing LED technology to produce a bright, efficient light source that renders both hands empty for performing any task.05-12-2011
20090034237Skate Covering With Integral, Downwardly Projecting LED Illumination System - A covering for a skate incorporates a downwardly-directed LED illumination system. The covering is configured to wrap around and/or cover at least the lower portion of the shoe of the skate and may be formed of a flexible material such as cloth, or may be formed of a rigid or semi-rigid material such as a plastic or the like. The LED illumination system includes a first mount situated on a bottom side of the covering so as to be essentially parallel with a skating surface when the covering is situated on the skate and a second mount situated on another bottom side of the covering so as to be essentially parallel with the skating surface when the covering is situated on the skate. Each mount carries a plurality of LEDs so that the LEDs direct emanating light downward onto the skating surface. Circuitry, including a battery, switch and operating components/circuitry/logic, are carried on the inside of the covering and controls the lighting and/or lighting effects of the LEDs. The LEDs may be white, a single color, multiple colors, or any combination thereof.02-05-2009
20110075399Foldable Water-Proof Light Emitting Clothing - A piece of foldable water-proof light emitting clothing includes a light emitting assembly connected with said light emitting, including a foldable wire cable of a plurality of LED's, a cable base of either colored or transparent plastic, and a transparent device mounted over the LED wire cable. A colored or light-reflective cable of a plurality of holes either is mounted over the LED wire cable. A battery pack receiver houses the battery pack.03-31-2011
20120201013Safety Goggles With Self-Enclosed Illumination Tracks - A safety goggle for use in a dimly lit or dark environment comprising: a protective lens; a lens holder, where the lens holder provides a means to contain and support the protective lens; a first series of LED track lighting on one side of the lens holder outside of the protective lens; a second series of LED track lighting on an opposite side of the lens holder outside of the protective lens; a third series of LED track lighting on a top side of the lens holder outside of the protective lens; and a means to power the LED tracking surrounding the protective lens. The means to power the LED tracking may include batteries within the lens holder and a power button may be provided to turn the LED track lighting on.08-09-2012
20100321928LED EMITTING APPARATUS FOR SHOE - A LED emitting apparatus for shoe includes a shoe body having an upper shoe surface, a power supply, and a switch connected to the power supply. The power supply is electrically connected to at least one light source mounted to the shoe body. The emitting apparatus further includes an emitting assembly disposed on the upper shoe surface. The emitting assembly includes a light guide layer and a thin film. The light guide layer and the thin film are pervious to light. A plurality of optical fibres densely and uniformly dispose in the light guide layer. The optical fibres carry the emitted light therealong. Therefore, the emitting assembly is uniformly illuminated for decorating the shoe and being a hazard light.12-23-2010
20090323316PRESSURE ACTIVATED LIGHTED GLOVE - A lighted glove including a light source, a means for attaching the light source to the glove, a power source in electrical communication with the light source, a pressure sensor attached to the glove, and a pressure sensor bypass means.12-31-2009
20090251888DISPLAY APPARATUS - A display apparatus (10-08-2009
20110255269PET SHOE - A pet shoe features for a warning device on a shoe body thereof. When a pet wearing the pet shoe is moving, a vibration switch in the warning device senses movements and accordingly drives a light-emitting element to blink so as to provide warning.10-20-2011
20090168407LIGHTING MECHANISM - A lighting mechanism includes a housing having a horizontal array of lights, the horizontal array of lights being mounted to pivot vertically. The housing contains a power source for the horizontal array of lights. The housing is connected to a base to allow the housing and the horizontal array of lights to pivot horizontally.07-02-2009
20110164406WEARABLE ARTICLE CAPABLE OF ILLUMINATION - A bag includes a lamp device that includes a plurality of LED chips disposed spacedly in a tube body of a transparent tube and coupled in parallel between first and second conducting wires of a wire unit, and a power source for supplying electric power to the LED chips through the wire unit. The transparent tube has a connecting flange extending outwardly and radially from an outer surface of the tube body, and clamped and fixed between ends of flexible first and second outer sheets of a bag body such that the tube body is disposed at a junction of the first and second outer sheets.07-07-2011
20090154142Glove supporting a pom pom at a finger tip - A glove having a pom pom freely attached to a tip of one or more of the glove fingers. The glove may bear indicia, for example, a team logo. The pom poms are typically multicolored, consisting of strands of the team, school, or organization colors. The gloves provide warmth to the wearer's hands. In addition, the wearer's hands are free to hold other items, for example, beverage containers, cameras, programs, etc. Selective movement of a wearer's fingers and/or thumb causes a respective pom pom to move in response thereto. Patterns of successive finger/thumb movements may be executed to cause a variety of visual effects from the pom pom-bearing glove. Bells and/or light sources may also be attached to the gloves instead of or in addition to the pom poms. A motion sensitive switch and/or a simple sequencer may be used to create predetermined or random light patterns.06-18-2009
20090080181Anti-picture device - The Anti-Picture with a circuit board for detecting camera's radio frequency, a way of decoding said detected radio frequency, a switch/driver to trigger device, a way of producing light with one or more lighting elements, means of allowing said lighting element to reflect off of a one or more reflective surface to allow light to be directed and a means for all of said above to be encased a body wherein the said circuit board is able to communicate with a light element allowing the light to reflect off of the said reflective surfaces to over expose and or interrupt a photograph.03-26-2009
20120039070LINEAR LIGHT-EMITTING MODULE AND TEXTILE PRODUCT HAVING THE SAME - A linear light-emitting module including a conducting line, a plurality of LED packages, and a plurality of package colloid is provided. The conducting line includes a pair of conducting wires which are isolated from each other and a light-guiding insulating material. The light-guiding insulating material partially covers the conducting wires so as to expose a plurality of local portions. The LED packages are disposed between the conducting wires, and each of the LED packages is electrically connected to one of the local portions, wherein each LED package has a light-emergence surface, and the light-emergence surface is substantially perpendicular to an extension direction of the corresponding local portion. The package colloid cover the LED packages and the local portions. A textile product having the foregoing linear light-emitting module is also provided.02-16-2012
20120039069DEVICE AND SYSTEM FOR ILLUMINATED APPAREL - A system for creating a lighted apparel design includes a light element and a securing member. The securing member has a base and a capture portion. The capture portion is located, at least in part, attached to the base and defines a capture region configured to releasably secure the light element therein. The securing member is secured to an associated apparel item and the light element secured in the capture region to create a lighted design on the apparel item. A lighted apparel item is also disclosed.02-16-2012
20110157873Safety signalling device - A safety signalling device is conveniently and clearly positionable upon a person or upon a vehicle upon which a person is riding in order to assure said person of a most highest quality of safety warning in relation to effects of traffic conditions. For example, whether he is walking along a street, or jogging, or riding a bicycle or motorcycle, he may always place the safety device at a position which he considers to be the most clearly visible for any motorized traffic. The multiplicity of light-emitting diodes are extremely visible to said traffic. The choice of colored diodes, such as amber or red, may be made to conform to a particular signal.06-30-2011
20120063124DEVICE AND SYSTEM FOR ILLUMINATED APPAREL - A system for creating a lighted apparel design includes a light element and a securing member for securing the light element to the apparel item. The securing member is an adhesive. The securing member secures the light element to an associated apparel item at a desired location on the apparel item to create a lighted design on the apparel item.03-15-2012
20090034236Shoe With Ultraviolet LED Irradiated Photocatalyst Coated Surfaces. - A shoe with ultraviolet LEDs embedded in a UV transmissive photocatalyst coated sole or positioned inside the upper to irradiate photocatalyst coated surfaces. Whereby the electrons released by the photocatalyst or the surface recombination effects present have efficacy in surface sanitization or in odor control.02-05-2009
20120063123LASER PROJECTION BRA SYSTEM - This invention relates to a woman's wardrobe for use in entertainment, and, in particular, on stage concerts for projection of laser light from a woman's body. The above system provides a unique small visual entertainment system that operates on batteries to enable the individual to walk about the stage.03-15-2012
20120155064RECHARGEABLE LIGHTED GLASSES - Rechargeable lighted glasses are provided having one or more light sources mounted thereto and powered by a rechargeable power source. The rechargeable power source can be recharged through a recharging interface mounted to at least one of the temple arm portions of the rechargeable lighted glasses.06-21-2012
20120300435LIGHT FOR A LIFE VEST - A light for a life vest comprises a resilient pole, a light source disposed at a first end of the resilient pole and a mount supporting a second end of the resilient pole, the mount configured for securing the light to an inflatable bladder of a life vest such that inflation of the bladder causes the pole to extends outwardly with respect to the surface of the bladder. A test circuit for testing the power level of a battery that powers the light source may also be included.11-29-2012
20120155065Light-emitting electronic textile with improved light diffusion - A light-emitting electronic textile (06-21-2012
20120134141ILLUMINATED EYEGLASSES - An eyewear lighting mechanism includes a housing having a horizontal array of lights, the horizontal array of lights being mounted to pivot vertically. The housing contains a power source for the horizontal array of lights. The housing is connected to a base to allow the housing and the horizontal array of lights to pivot horizontally.05-31-2012
20120212937Reflector with fastening device for animal collars - The invention comprises a reflector with a fastening device for an animal collar. The reflector includes a base plate with an inner surface and an outer surface. A clip, which is substantially U-shaped, runs over the inner surface, the end of the first leg of the clip being fastened by means of a movable connection to a first side of the base plate, and the end of the second leg being suitable for being irreversibly fastened to a side of the base plate opposite from the first side. On the outer surface of the base plate there are triple prisms. On the inner surface of the base plate there is/are one or more spacers. The invention also comprises a collar containing an active substance which can leave the collar over the entire length. At least one of the reflectors according to the invention is fastened to the collar. The invention also comprises a system comprising a collar containing an active substance which can leave the collar over the entire length and at least one of the reflectors according to the invention.08-23-2012
20110182057Wrist flashlight - A means to provide illumination in tight confined spaces and to allow this device to be attached to multiple devices with a extended length of the strap07-28-2011
20090059568Light Emitting Device for Divers - A light emitting device (03-05-2009
20120176774SPORTS RING RECEIVER AND TRANSMITTING UNIT - A ring has a sphere on a band and is worn on the finger of a sports fan. An electrical circuit includes a power source and two LEDs. An antenna allows the ring circuit to receive signals sent wirelessly. A three position switch changes the settings of the circuit. When the switch is in a middle position, the ring is disconnected from its power source. When the switch is in one or the other of the other two positions, the wireless receiver components can receive signals from a transmitting unit. The ring is preferably worn by a sports fan at a sporting event, and upon switching the switch to the position associated with the team the fan supports, the ring can receive signals. Signals will be transmitted from the transmitting unit, and will cause the ring to flash the LED. Rings worn by fans flash in support of the fans' team.07-12-2012
20120188750Illuminated Shoe - An illuminated shoe is provided wherein the entire upper surface of the upper portion of the shoe above the mid sole is illuminated in one continuous uniform glow at the push or switch of an on/off button. Light emitting means of LED bulbs or light strips are placed underneath a frosted or slightly transparent material which is a portion of the surface of the upper. The light emitting means are powered by a built-in and replaceable battery and controlled by a switch or an on/off button.07-26-2012
20120081884ILLUMINATION SYSTEM FOR HAND WEAR - An illumination system is described for a hand wear item, such as for example a glove, fingerless glove, mitten, or sleeve. The hand wear item may have a palm surface and a back surface. An illumination assembly disposed on the back surface may have an electrical power source, a switch, and a plurality of lighting elements. The lighting elements may be arranged in a linear array, generating light beams in a powered state. The switch may have an off state, and one or more active states providing electrical power to a selected number of the lighting elements.04-05-2012
20100238650GLO-BLADES SKATES - An illumination device for illuminating a surface being traversed by a skate. The skate is characterized as having a boot, a blade or inline wheels and multiple ribs attaching the boot to the blade or wheels. The device includes a light tube in the form of a plurality of lamps each in electrical contact with a power source. A switch is provided for selectively activating the lamps noting that the light tube is releaseably appended to the boot proximate the ribs whereby the plurality of lamps extend on at least one side of the multiple ribs positioned to illuminate the surface beneath the skate.09-23-2010
20120327634Light source patterns that illuminate from custom made blankets unto the bedroom ceilings for infants and children's bedrooms and bedroom ceilings - The Invention provides a blanket/bed spread/baby blanket/infant cover/and or any type Of (blanket like cover) bed spread with a sense of stability & comfort having light illuminations reflect from them to the ceiling(s). I/WE believe that children/infants and young adults having a blanket with light/illumination/and or light source pattern(s) displaying on them and on the ceiling(s) will not only help the parents get their children to bed, but will also make the user, (the children) feel safe and secure at (bed time) night time. This idea/invention/utility license is safe, comforting and will give a sense of security and will meet all (UL) listed & (UL) listings as well as all state and government codes and regulations for safety and for the end user.12-27-2012
20110235310Hand-Wearing Assembly - A hand-wearing assembly has a main body and a side mirror mount. The main body is a loop and has a connecting top. The side mirror mount is connected with and stands on the connecting top and has a mirror face facing a rear end of the connecting top and is capable of being connected with a side mirror. The side mirror mount allows the side mirror to stand above a wrist or a back of a hand. Accordingly, a rider can see a rear sight at ease via the standing mirror. With a slight movement of the hand, the position of the side mirror is easily adjusted to enable the rider to see all the rear area from all directions, or to check the positions of the following cyclists.09-29-2011
20100232143HYBRID ELECTROLUMINESCENT ASSEMBLY - A hybrid electroluminescent assembly is described wherein the assembly includes one or more electroluminescent structures and a plurality of discontinuous retroreflective segments. Discontinuous retroreflective segments are disposed at least partially in the light path of the one or more electroluminescent structures.09-16-2010
20120140452Lighted Glove - A lighted glove includes a glove member configured to substantially cover a wearer's hand and having finger and thumb sections. A plurality of light modules is positioned in a spaced apart arrangement on a palm section and on interior surface of the finger and thumb sections. Each light module includes multiple LED's having different colors. The light modules are electrically connected to a battery. Different color LED's may be selected using a toggle switch.06-07-2012
20080225514ILLUMINATED TRAFFIC DIRECTING METHODS AND APPARTUS - A hand-held apparatus for directing the flow of traffic is disclosed. The palm side of a glove includes multiple high intensity red light emitting diodes (LEDs), and the back side of the glove includes multiple high intensity green LEDs. A control circuit coupled to the red and green high intensity LEDs periodically monitors the state of a motion and position sensor. When the state of the motion and position sensor corresponds to the palm side of the glove being in a vertical position with multiple fingers of the glove pointing skyward to within an acceptance angle of vertical relative to the ground, the control circuit illuminates the high intensity red LEDs. When the state of the motion and position sensor corresponds to the palm side of the glove not being in a vertical position relative to the ground, the control circuit illuminates the high intensity green LEDs.09-18-2008
20080218996Hand-Worn Signaling Device - An improved hand-worn signaling device is disclosed that comprises at least one light-emitting assembly on the palmar side of the hand and at least one light-emitting assembly on the dorsal side of the hand; in one embodiment of the invention, the palmar light-emitting assembly is red and the dorsal light-emitting assembly is green. One embodiment of the device also comprises a controller that detects hand motions by the user and activates the appropriate light-emitting assembly in response. In another embodiment, the controller detects the angle of the user's wrist or knuckles, and activates the appropriate light-emitting assembly depending on the angle of the user's joints. In another embodiment, the controller detects the spatial orientation of the user's hand, and activates the appropriate light-emitting assembly depending on whether the user's hand is positioned vertically with the fingers pointing straight up (the “stop” position) or in any other orientation. An interlock switch that prevents inadvertent activation, and a feedback device that enables the user to tell which light-emitting assembly is on, are also disclosed.09-11-2008
20080198578FASHION ILLUMINATION SYSTEM - A fashion apparel accessory, such as a garment, having one or more concealed light sources positioned so as to illuminate the skin of the wearer, as opposed to focusing attention on the light sources themselves. A particular embodiment includes concealed light sources proximate to a low-cut neckline of a female's garment, such as brassiere, shirt, or item of lingerie, with the light sources being oriented so as direct illumination across the wearer's chest area in an alluring way, potentially offering multiple color, intensity, direction/control options as well as multiple deployment techniques/devices. A portable power supply is integrated with the garment or accessory and electrically connected to the light sources.08-21-2008
20120281390MEDICAL LIGHT-SOURCE DEVICE - It is an object to provide a medical light-source device capable of securing a long illumination time required for being used in operations in the medical field, a medical light-source device is worn on the body of the operator to apply light to a target portion of the medical treatment, and has a battery power supply section 11-08-2012
20110310593LIGHT EMITTING GLOVE - A light emitting glove is provided. The light emitting glove has a textile body and a light source device. The textile body has a first conductive portion and at least one second conductive portion, formed with a first conductive wire and at least one second conductive wire respectively. The light source device is disposed on a surface of the textile body. The light source device has a first end and a second end, electrically connected to the first conductive wire and the at least one second conductive wire respectively. When the first conductive wire of the first conductive portion contacts with the at least one second conductive wire of the at least one second conductive portion, the first end and the second end are conducted to enable the light source device to emit light.12-22-2011
20110310592Directional Hands-Free Wrist Illumination Device - A lighting device designed to for attachment around the wrists of a user. The device is a material band equipped with a plurality of forward facing lights to illuminate an area in front of the user's hands. Further, the device is equipped with a clasp to allow securing to the wrist. An on off switch is used to control an illumination, while an internal battery powers the lights. The lighting device provides adequate lighting for manual work such as car repairs as well as for vision during nighttime excursions.12-22-2011
20110310591TIED SHOE LACE LIGHTS - A shoe lace-shaped light may be attached to a user's shoes, bedroom slippers, shoelaces, or similar footwear, for example. The shoe lace-shaped light may be pre-folded and pre-tied and may not become unfolded or untied. The shoe lace-shaped light may be powered by, for example, one or more batteries and/or solar power. The lights may be LED lights and may be made as part of the pre-folded, pre-tied shoe laces.12-22-2011
20130188335ARM WEARABLE ILLUMINATING DEVICE - A arm wearable illuminating device comprises a bendable carrier, which is a bendable long-sheet-shape body; a plurality of illuminating element, which are evenly installed along long-axis direction of one side of the bendable carrier, and illuminate outwardly from the mounted surface; a transparent protective unit, which wraps the said bendable carrier and the said illuminating elements, and allows the emitting light from the illuminating elements transmitting through the transparent protective unit and displaying luminance; and a power supply device, which provides the electric power to the illuminating element for emitting light and controls the on-off status; thereby, the invention of the arm wearable illuminating device is operatively bendable for mounting on the arm, and is operatively stretchable for dismounting off the arm.07-25-2013
20130188336STYLUS AND TOUCH INPUT SYSTEM - A touch input system including a stylus and a display device is provided. The stylus includes a battery module, a touch portion, a transducer module and a RF transmitting module. When a contact pressure is acted on the touch portion, the touch portion is electrically connected to the battery module by the contact pressure and emits a light signal. The display region receives and reacts to the light signal, and the contact pressure is transformed into an electrical signal by the transducer module. The RF transmitting module is electrically connected to the transducer module and transmitting the electrical signal. The display device includes a display region and a RF receiving module.07-25-2013
20090219709Self-Illumination glove - A self-illumination glove for use in poor visibility or dim conditions, the orientation of the light head is adjustable to prevent the light being blocked by the hand movement. The glove body is adapted for load and unloads an illumination unit. The illumination unit includes at least one flexible arm which is extended along and above the dorsum side of the glove body from the power source to the light head and out of the outer glove layer through the through slot, such that the light head is selectively adjusted the orientation when the bendable portion of the flexible arm is adjustably bent.09-03-2009

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