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With discrete structure or support

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361 - Electricity: electrical systems and devices


361679000 - For electronic systems and devices

361807000 - Component mounting or support means

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361809000 With discrete structure or support 89
20100142172FLAT PANEL DISPLAY DEVICE - A flat panel display device having improved drop characteristics, that minimize a drop shock of the flat panel display device by controlling the size of a shock-absorbing tape, the flat panel display device including: a display panel having a display part to display an image and a pad part; a supporting member configured to support the display panel; and the shock-absorbing tape disposed between the display panel and the supporting member. The shock-absorbing tape is in contact with the display part of the display panel and ⅓ to ⅚ of the pad part of the display panel.06-10-2010
20090122505PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD ASSEMBLY WITH SHOCK ABSORBING STRUCTURE - An exemplary printed circuit board assembly includes a printed circuit board, four supporting members, four shock-absorption members, and four fixing members. The printed circuit board defines a plurality of cutouts therein. Each supporting member defines a positioning hole therein. The shock-absorption members are snapped in the cutouts, and each has a first surface contacting the corresponding supporting member, a second surface parallel to the first surface, and a through hole extending through the first and second surfaces. The first and second surfaces are disposed at opposite sides of the printed circuit board. Each fixing member comprises a first portion pressed on the second surface of the corresponding shock-absorption member, and a second portion extending through the through hole and engaging in the positioning hole.05-14-2009
20090122504ELECTRONIC DEVICE CAPABLE OF DISPLAYING DIGITAL IMAGE INFORMATION ON A REMOVABLE SHEET OF ELECTRONIC PAPER - An electronic device includes a housing having a side surface formed with a receiving groove, a driving electrode layer mounted fixedly in the receiving groove and including a plurality of electrodes, a control module disposed in the housing, connected electrically to the driving electrode layer, and operable so as to apply respectively a plurality of driving voltages corresponding to digital image information to the electrodes of the driving electrode layer, and a sheet of electronic paper disposed removably in the receiving groove in the housing and over the driving electrode layer for displaying the digital image information thereon in response to application of the driving voltages by the control module.05-14-2009
20130083507Display Holder Assembly - A device holder assembly is disclosed for securing an electronic device to a stable surface. In one embodiment, the device holder assembly comprises a base component and a device component. The device component is movable between a disengaged position in which the base component and the device component are not in contact with one another, and an engaged position in which a mating protuberance of the base component cooperates with an axial aperture formed by the device component.04-04-2013
20130208438ELECTRONIC DEVICE, METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THEREOF, AND ELECTRONIC APPARATUS - An electronic device includes: a first member having a first surface; a second member placed on the side of the first surface; a functional element accommodated in a cavity formed by the first member and the second member; an external connection terminal disposed outside of the cavity on the side of the first surface of the first member; a groove portion disposed on the side of the first surface of the first member and extending from the inside to the outside of the cavity; a wiring disposed within the groove portion and electrically connecting the functional element with the external connection terminal; a first through-hole disposed at a position of the second member, the position overlapping the groove portion in plan view; and a filling member disposed within the first through-hole and filling the groove portion.08-15-2013
20110002109MICRO FIXTURE - A fixture and a device for use in micro systems, such as the self-aligning mounting and fixture of micro channel plates, including a micro channel plate. The fixture includes structures composed of a conductive material for accommodating a component of the micro system, which are applied on a non-conductive carrier, resilient structures that position the component in a self-aligning manner and simultaneously perform electrical contact-connection and at least one stop for positioning the component.01-06-2011
20130114233KEYPAD COUPLING DEVICE FOR PORTABLE TERMINAL - A keypad coupling device for a portable terminal which includes a housing and a display unit bracket coupled to the housing. The keypad is coupled and fixed to the display unit bracket. The keypad coupling device minimizes a thickness of a space of a portable terminal in which a keypad is coupled and allows a size of the keypad mounted in the portable terminal to be widened.05-09-2013
20120113612HOLDING APPARATUS FOR UPRIGHT PLUG-IN ELEMENT - A holding apparatus includes a receiving element and an elastic element. The receiving element is fixed on a circuit board and receives an upright plug-in element. The receiving element defines two through holes in two sides of the receiving element. The through holes have different axial lines. The elastic element includes a main pole and two branch poles respectively perpendicularly extending down from two ends of the main pole. Two opposite pins respectively extend from distal ends of the branch poles. The pins of the elastic element are respectively inserted in the through holes of the receiving element, to locate the upright plug-in element between the elastic element and the receiving element.05-10-2012
20090002966SUBSTRATE HOUSING CONTAINER - The present invention includes a ceiling portion 01-01-2009
20100265688Mobile terminal device - A mobile terminal device includes a first case including a display section, a second case including a keyboard, and a slide holding mechanism which, when the first case slides with respect to the second case in the opening direction from a closed state wherein the first case is substantially fully superimposed on the second case, partially exposes the keyboard and brings the cases into an open state wherein the first case inclines with respect to the second case. The mechanism includes a slide pin including guide shaft insertion holes, a guide shaft inserted in the holes, a biasing member having one end connected to the slide pin and the other end connected to the second case, an arm member having one end connected to the slide pin and the other end connected to the first case, and a guide plate provided to the second case and including a guide hole.10-21-2010
20100033941EXPOSED INTERCONNECT FOR A PACKAGE ON PACKAGE SYSTEM - An integrated circuit package system includes: providing a substrate; mounting an integrated circuit above the substrate; connecting an interposer to the integrated circuit with a wire-in-film adhesive; connecting an exposed interconnect having an upper surface to the substrate; and encapsulating the integrated circuit with an encapsulation.02-11-2010
20100033942SUPPORTING STRUCTURE AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE USING THE SAME - A supporting structure for a circuit board includes a main body, a first post, and a second post. One end of the first post is connected to the main body, and the cross-sectional diameter of the first post is less than that of the main body. The second post is connected to the other end of the first post, and the cross-sectional diameter of the second post is less than that of the first post. The supporting structure is correspondingly inserted into a corresponding hole on the circuit board.02-11-2010
20130286625PORTABLE APPARATUS - A portable apparatus includes a casing, a plastic holder and a touch pad. The casing has a fixing area, and a plurality of first through holes and at least a second through hole are formed around the fixing area. The plastic holder is disposed at the fixing area and has a plurality of first pillars and at least a second pillar. The first pillars are correspondingly disposed through the first through holes, respectively, and the second pillar is correspondingly disposed through the second through hole. The touch pad is connected with the plastic holder.10-31-2013
20090310328FOLDING ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND DEVICE FOR REDUCING UNDESIRED PLAY IN HINGE DEVICE - A folding electronic device includes a fixed casing, a movable casing, and a hinge device connecting the fixed casing and the movable casing to allow rotational movement of the movable casing. The movable casing is openable with respect to the fixed casing. The hinge device has an axis extending over a land portion of the fixed casing and a land portion of the movable casing. A projection is provided in any of the following: at least one of end faces of the land portion of the fixed casing and an end face, opposed to one of the end faces, of the land portion of the movable casing. As the movable casing changes from a closed state to an open state, a gap between the projection and an end face opposed to the projection is increased.12-17-2009
20080239691THERMALLY CONDUCTIVE SHEET AND SUBSTRATE MOUNTING DEVICE INCLUDING SAME - A thermally conductive sheet is used between a mounting table for mounting thereon a target substrate and an annular focus ring mounted on the mounting table to surround a circumferential peripheral portion of the target substrate. Further, the mounting table includes therein a cooling unit and is disposed in a depressurized accommodating chamber for accommodating therein the target substrate. The thermally conductive sheet has a non-adhesive layer on each of one or more surfaces thereof.10-02-2008
20130286626CABLE MANAGEMENT DEVICE - A cable management device includes a device body, a connecting member, and an extension body. The device body includes a first cable management arm and a second cable management arm. The connecting member pivotally connects a first end of the first cable management arm and a first end of the second cable management arm to attain a first cable management configuration. The connecting member is removable from the first cable management arm and the second cable management arm. In response to removal of the connecting member, two opposing ends of the extension body are respectively connected to the first end of the first cable management arm and the first end of the second cable management arm to attain a second cable management configuration. The cable management device may be included in a rack assembly.10-31-2013
20090190320SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICE - Coupling reliability of a passive component is improved to increase the reliability of a semiconductor device. A first through hole is formed in a first electrode part of a first plate-like lead, and a second through hole is formed in a second electrode part of a second plate-like lead. As a result, at the first electrode part of the first plate-like lead, one external terminal of the passive component can be coupled to the first electrode parts on both sides of the first through hole while being laid across the first through hole. Also, at the second electrode part of the second plate-like lead, the other external terminal of the passive component can be coupled to the second electrode parts on both sides of the second through hole while being laid across the second through hole. Accordingly, at central portions both in the longitudinal and width directions of the passive component, the passive component is surrounded by sealing members. As a result, thermal stress applied to jointing materials such as solder can be reduced, improving the reliability of the semiconductor device (semiconductor package).07-30-2009
20110205724Power Inverter - A power inverter comprises at least a box-shaped housing; and a power module, a smoothing capacitor, a base plate made of a flat plate, and a rotating electric machine control circuit board arranged in order in the housing. The base plate is arranged with the fringes fixed to the inner wall surfaces of the housing, and the smoothing capacitor and rotating electric machine control circuit board are fixed.08-25-2011
20120140430Method and Apparatus for an Electrical Interface - In accordance with an example embodiment of the present invention, an apparatus, comprises an energy storage device having an interface and at least one terminal, the interface having first and second surfaces, the first surface having at least one first surface opening and the second surface having at least one second surface opening, wherein the at least one first surface opening allows access to the at least one terminal, wherein the at least one second surface opening allows access to the at least one terminal, and wherein the at least one first surface opening is distinct from the at least one second surface opening.06-07-2012
20090052151STANDING APPARATUS FOR ELECTRICAL COMPONENTS - A standing apparatus for mounting electrical components to a base plate (02-26-2009
20090086459Electronic device with weather-tight housing - An electronic device includes a housing with electrical circuitry that is sealed against penetration by dust, moisture, water, and the like, and permits convenient mounting and reconfiguration during operation. The electronic device can be reconfigured to add or delete a connecting plug and cable without compromising the seal. Mounting brackets are provided for mounting to both horizontal and vertical support structures, depending on orientation of the brackets.04-02-2009
20100002407SYSTEM-IN-PACKAGE MODULE AND MOBILE TERMINAL HAVING THE SAME - Provided is a system-in-package module including a system circuit board; a first element that is disposed on the system circuit board; a second element that is disposed on the first element so as to be shifted to one side from the center of the first element, while partially exposing the first element; a third element that is electrically connected to the system circuit board and is disposed on the second element; and a plurality of bump pads that are disposed on the bottom surface of the system circuit board.01-07-2010
20100259913LOW TEMPERATURE CO-FIRED CERAMIC (LTCC) TRANSMIT/RECEIVE (T/R) ASSEMBLY UTILIZING BALL GRID ARRAY (BGA) TECHNOLOGY - A system is provided for the integration of microwave components in a low temperature co-fired ceramic, the system includes a low temperature co-fired ceramic body having a top surface, into which is disposed a plurality of cavities; a plurality of microwave devices, each device being disposed within a cavity such that the cavities provide radio isolation to the devices; and a coaxial connection disposed within the body configured to connect the devices to external components the coaxial components comprising vias disposed within the co-fired ceramic body.10-14-2010
20090262509Welding Part Structure Of A Stem And A Component To Be Welded, A Semiconductor Device Which Has The Welding Part Structure, An Optical Module Which Has The Semiconductor, And The Production Method Thereof - A high projection is provided outside the bottom surface of a cap and a low and small protrusion is provided inside the projection. The projection is resistance-welded to a stem by allowing the projection to abut the stem so as to supply an electric current thereto. Even if melt particles flow inwardly, they are blocked by the small protrusion arranged inside so as not to enter the internal space, thereby eliminating a tapping test of an optical device and an optical module.10-22-2009
20090040742Electronic device - An electronic device is formed by a cabinet having a bottom surface and is equipped with a tabular electronic part. The electronic device has an undersurface guiding rib. The top surface of the undersurface guiding rib is formed by an inclined surface and a supporting surface. The inclined surface guides a front end of an undersurface of the electronic part when inserted. The supporting surface is formed beside the inclined surface and supports the front end of the undersurface of the electronic part that is guided by the inclined surface and made horizontal with a rear end of the electronic part made lowered. An overhanging piece is disposed at a position above the undersurface guiding rib and supports a top surface on the front end of the electronic part that is made horizontal with the undersurface of the electronic part supported by the supporting surface of the undersurface guiding rib.02-12-2009
20090251877ELECTRONIC PART-CONNECTING STRUCTURE - An electronic part-connecting structure is used in an electrical equipment including a housing, and bus bars which are mounted on the housing and have a plurality of pairs of opposed press-contacting blades to which electronic parts for circuit-protecting purposes are electrically connected by pressing. Positioning ribs are formed in proximity respectively to the press-contacting blades so as to position lead portions of the electronic parts at the respective press-contacting blades.10-08-2009
20090109644MOUNTING MECHANISM FOR ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A mounting mechanism for mounting an electronic device to a chassis, the electronic device defining a first securing hole, and the chassis defining a second securing hole, includes a securing member having a base. A plurality of elastic hooks extends from a bottom of the base. At least one blocking portion protrudes laterally from the base. The elastic hooks extend through the first securing hole and the second securing hole and are engaged with a bottom side of one of the chassis and the electronic device. The at least one blocking portion abuts on the other one of the chassis and the electronic device, for sandwiching the electronic device and the chassis between the hooks and the at least one blocking portion.04-30-2009
20090034225SUBSTRATE AND MANUFACTURING METHOD OF THE SAME, AND SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICE AND MANUFACTURING METHOD OF THE SAME - A substrate for fixing an integrated circuit element includes: a plurality of metal columns that are aligned in a longitudinal direction and a lateral direction in a planar view, each of the plurality of metal columns having a first face and a second face facing opposite direction to the first face; and a connecting part that connects the plurality of metal columns one another at a part of each of the plurality of metal columns between the first face and the second face. In the substrate, a recognition mark is formed on the first face of one of the plurality of metal columns.02-05-2009
20110242786COMPONENT CARRIER FOR SUBSTANTIALLY ELECTRICAL COMPONENTS - A component carrier for substantially electrical components (10-06-2011
20110090663SUPPORT FOR ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT - A mobile support such as a rack or a platform for a rack housing a server or other electronic equipment is capable of independent movement and automatic connection and disconnection from resources such as network connection, coolant supply and power supply. The coordination of a plurality of such mobile supports is envisaged so as to automatically distribute equipment in a data centre in such a way as to optimally use space and resources.04-21-2011
20120188741ELECTRONIC APPARATUS, POSITIONING ELEMENT AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE FIXING MODULE - An electronic apparatus includes a housing, an electronic device and an electronic device fixing module. The electronic device includes at least one protrusion. The electronic device fixing module includes at least one fixing structure and at least one positioning element. The fixing structure is integrally connected with the housing. The positioning element is fixed to the fixing structure and contacts the electronic device to prevent movement of the electronic device relative to the housing along a first axis. The positioning element includes a concave portion in which the protrusion is positioned to prevent movements of the electronic device relative to the housing along a second axis and a third axis. The second axis is perpendicular to the first axis. The third axis is perpendicular to the first axis and the second axis. The material of the positioning element is a resilient material. The positioning element is an integrally formed structure.07-26-2012
20100046188THIN FOIL SEMICONDUCTOR PACKAGE - The present invention relates to methods and arrangements for using a thin foil to form electrical interconnects in an integrated circuit package. One such arrangement involves a foil carrier structure, which includes a foil adhered to a carrier having cavities. Some methods of the present invention involve attaching dice to the foil and encapsulating the foil carrier structure in a molding material. In one embodiment, the molding material presses against the foil, which causes portions of the foil to distend into the cavities of the carrier. As a result, recessed and raised areas are formed in the foil. Afterwards, the carrier is removed and portions of the raised areas in the foil are removed through one of a variety of techniques, such as grinding. This process helps define and electrical isolate contact pads in the foil. The resulting molded foil structure may then be singulated into multiple semiconductor packages.02-25-2010
20100073898Current Transformer Support Bracket And Circuit Interrupter Including The Same - A bracket is provided for supporting a current transformer on a printed circuit board including a first aperture and a second aperture. The bracket includes a base portion including first and second ends, the base portion extending therebetween; a first mounting portion extending laterally from the first end of the base portion to an end of the first mounting portion, the first mounting portion being structured to be coupled with the first aperture in the printed circuit board; and a second mounting portion extending laterally from the second end of the base portion to an end of the second mounting portion, the second mounting portion being structured to be coupled with the second aperture in the printed circuit board. The end of the first mounting portion forms a first tab and the end of the second mounting portion forms a second tab, which are structured to extend through and be coupled with the first and second apertures, respectively.03-25-2010
20090009982Electrical component mounting assembly - An electrical component mounting assembly includes a pair of mounting brackets each of a generally T-shaped configuration defined by a leg and a pair of oppositely directed arms bent to define an angle therebetween of substantially 90 degrees. A pair of holes are provided in each leg for permanently securing each leg to a flange of a conventional ballast and each arm includes a hole in an end portion thereof for securing the bracket to a wall adjacent a ballast access opening. First and second planes through the respective leg openings and arms openings are normal to each other and relative distances and geometries therebetween are such as to effect universal mounting of the ballast mounting brackets to any one of four corners of the ballast and in any one of two positions relative to the ballast access opening.01-08-2009
20090021924GUIDE MEMBER, CONNECTION BOARD HAVING GUIDE MEMBER, AND MANUFACTURING METHOD OF GUIDE MEMBER - Object A connection board is provided in which multiple external contacts of an electronic component and multiple spiral contacts on a board are arranged to highly accurately face each other, and the external contacts are actively guided to the spiral contacts, so as to reliably provide individual connections therebetween.01-22-2009
20080205022Toolless alignment, retention, connection, termination and testing on printed circuit boards - Embodiments of the present invention provide a system for testing and mounting a PCB in a device. A PCB may be placed on one or more standoffs so that a head portion of the standoff protrudes from one or more apertures of the PCB. A push-pin type standoff cap may then be placed on the protruding heads to mechanically restrain the PCB to the standoffs. Furthermore, one or more cables may be coupled with the standoff caps to provide power or test signals to one or more connector pads on the PCB. Therefore, the standoff caps provide a system for aligning, retaining, connecting, terminating, and testing printed circuit boards.08-28-2008
20110164393MOUNTING AND FIXING APPARATUS FOR ANALOG-TO-DIGITAL ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT - A mounting and fixing apparatus for analog-to-digital electrical equipment according to an embodiment of the present invention comprises: a mounting rail (07-07-2011
20100328921IMAGE DISPLAY ELEMENT AND MANUFACTURING METHOD THEREOF - An image display element includes: a front panel; a back panel opposite thereto; plural pixels arranged in a matrix between the panels; and plural electrodes for controlling the pixels. The panels are bonded with the pixels and the electrodes interposed therebetween. The electrodes are connected to a driving circuit via metal film wires. The back panel is divided so as to expose electrode terminals, and a groove part V-shaped in cross section is formed at the divided portion. The metal film wires are formed on the top surface of the back panel, and the electrode terminals and the metal film wires are connected by a conductive paste coated along the tilt surfaces forming the groove part. A contact resistance reducing means is disposed at the connection part interface between the electrode terminal and the conductive paste.12-30-2010
20110080720Methods and Apparatus for Mounting and Electrical Connection - A connector for connecting surface mount devices, such as light emitting diodes (LEDs), to printed circuit boards (PCBs). The connector may be prepackage with an LED assembly or on a PCB to which the LED assembly will be mounted. Connection complexity can be moved from the PCB to the connector, and LED assemblies may be customized differently for different customers. One to many and many to one connections are readily supported with variations on the connector.04-07-2011
20100165595Semiconductor package and plasma display device including the same - Provided are a semiconductor package and a plasma display device including the same. The semiconductor package includes a film substrate that relays a signal between a circuit board and a display panel; a semiconductor chip that is electrically connected to the film substrate; a reinforcement plate to which the film substrate and the semiconductor chip are connected to via adhesive layers, and that provides a floating ground; and a connecting member that electrically connects the reinforcement plate and a ground of the semiconductor chip, and the electrically connects the reinforcement plate and a ground of the film substrate. Accordingly, the semiconductor package has excellent heat dissipation performance and ground stability.07-01-2010
20100165594Mounting structure of semiconductor package and plasma display device having the same - A mounting structure of a semiconductor package includes a semiconductor package, a chassis having a coupling boss protruding at a position corresponding to the coupling hole, a coupling member penetrating the coupling hole and coupled to the coupling boss, and an insulation member covering around the coupling hole of the reinforcing plate and making insulation contact with the coupling member and the coupling boss. The semiconductor package includes a film substrate for interfacing transmission of signals between a circuit board and a display panel, a semiconductor chip forming an electrical contact point with the film substrate, and a reinforcing plate to which the film substrate and the semiconductor chip are directly attached. The reinforcing plate has a coupling hole.07-01-2010
20090284945APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR AN ELECTRICAL SYSTEM ENCLOSURE - The present disclosure describes an apparatus for enclosing electrical equipment. A shutter panel with at least one shutter aperture, at least one guide piece configured to align the shutter panel with a stab-on bore of a unit area, an operator member and a mounting member interconnected with a bus bar assembly is presented. A method for accessing electrical equipment in a motor control unit is also presented.11-19-2009
20120039059SUPPORT STRUCTURE FOR DISPLAY DEVICE AND DISPLAY DEVICE USING SAME - A support structure for supporting a display panel includes a support and a clamp. The support is rotatably coupled to the display panel. The clamp includes two clamping arms rotatably coupled to the support, a bolt and an adjusting nut. A slot is defined in each clamping arm. The bolt is extended through each slot and engaged with the adjusting nut. Therefore a distance between two distal ends of two clamping arms can be adjusted by screwing and unscrewing the adjusting nut along the bolt. A display device using the support structure is also provided.02-16-2012
20100067209SOLDER-BEARING ARTICLES AND METHOD OF RETAINING A SOLDER MASS ALONG A SIDE EDGE THEREOF - A method and device for depositing a solder mass within a plated opening that is formed in a side edge of an electronic device includes the steps of carrying the solder mass in a carrier device and orienting the carrier device with respect to the side edge such that the solder mass is aligned with the plated opening. The method further includes reflowing the solder mass to cause the solder mass to be deposited and securely held within the plated opening and then removing the carrier device leaving the solder mass behind within the plated opening and along the side edge of the electronic device.03-18-2010
20110317391BUILDING BLOCK - A building block includes a body. The external surfaces of the body are respectively formed with at least one active side and at least one passive side. The active side is formed with an active positive and an active negative that are magnetic. The passive side is formed with a passive positive and a passive negative. The passive positive is magnetically absorbed and fixed by the active positive; the passive negative is magnetically absorbed and fixed by the active negative. A positive lead wire is between the active positive and the passive positive. A negative lead wire is between the active negative and the passive negative. A load is connected between the positive lead wire and the negative lead wire. When the building blocks are assembled, the passive side is absorbed by the active side. The loads in the blocks are driven and thus the blocks become more diverse.12-29-2011
20120063114CONTROL DEVICE - A control device includes a housing, a control module having a movable member mounted in the housing and movable by the user and having a magnet located on each of the two distal ends thereof, and a circuit module that includes a microprocessor, a rotation sensor module electrically connected to the microprocessor and adapted for sensing rotation of the movable member or a sleeve on the movable member and producing a respective control signal, and a magnetic sensor module electrically connected to the microprocessor and adapted for sensing the strength of the magnetic field emitted by each magnet indicative of the direction and amount of a linear displacement of the movable member and producing a respective control signal. Subject to non-contact sensing design, the control device avoids any mechanical fatigue or contact failure.03-15-2012
20120026714Electrical assembly and adapter for wiring device - A recessed box is adapted for mounting one or more electrical devices having an adapter. To accommodate electrical devices of different sizes, the adapter is provided that is coupled to the opening in the recessed box. The adapter has a frame with a central opening to receive the selected electrical device. The frame has one or more removable tabs to enlarge the dimension of the central opening to accommodate larger electrical devices. An electrical device, such as a low voltage wiring device, is coupled to the removable tabs. The tabs are removed to receive a larger electrical device, such as an electrical junction box, that is coupled to the frame.02-02-2012
20110103033Structure and Method for Mounting Protection Panel with Touch Input Function - A mounting structure includes a protection panel (05-05-2011
20110103032ELECTRONIC DEVICE WITH SUPPORTING STANDS - An electronic device with supporting stands includes an input/output module, two stands and a limiter. The two stands are obliquely disposed on the back side of the input/output module. The stands are limited by the limiter to move synchronously. At the same time, the limiter has two slots penetrated by the stands to limit moving range for the stands. Then the stands are controlled to swing with an angle and finally the visual angle of the input/output module is varied in suitable range.05-05-2011
20120314393METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING AN ARRANGEMENT WITH A COMPONENT ON A CARRIER SUBSTRATE, AN ARRANGEMENT AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING A SEMI-FINISHED PRODUCT, AND A SEMI-FINISHED PRODUCT - The invention relates to a method for manufacturing an arrangement with a component on a carrier substrate, wherein the method encompasses the following steps: Manufacturing spacer elements on the rear side of a cover substrate, arranging a component on a cover surface of a carrier substrate, and arranging the spacer elements formed on the carrier substrate so as to situate the component in the at least one hollow space and close the latter. In addition, the invention relates to an arrangement, a method for manufacturing a semi-finished product for a component arrangement, as well as a semi-finished product for a component arrangement.12-13-2012
20100091474BATTERY COVER AND PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE HAVING SAME - A battery cover includes an outer panel, an inner panel, a resilient member and a chassis. The inner panel is disposed on the outer panel. The resilient member is located on the inner panel and includes two elongated arms. Each elongated arm includes a contact at the distal end thereof. The chassis is disposed on the resilient member and the inner panel, and is fastened to the outer panel. The chassis defines two openings configured for the two contacts to extend out correspondingly.04-15-2010
20120162954FIXING COMPONENT AND ELECTRONIC APPARATUS - A fixing component fixes a detachable component to a housing of an electronic apparatus. The fixing component includes a first operating portion, a first engaging portion and a second operating portion. The first operating portion is configured to receive a movement operation in a first direction and to permit movement in a second direction intersecting the first direction. The first engaging portion is connected to the first operating portion and is configured to release engagement with the detachable component when the first operating portion is moved in the second direction. The second operating portion is connected to the first engaging portion and is configured to receive a movement operation in the second direction.06-28-2012
20120162955SUPPORTING MECHANISM FOR ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A supporting mechanism for adjusting an angle of an electronic device, includes a retaining member and a supporting member slidably attached to the retaining member. The supporting member includes a first supporting end and a second supporting end opposite to the first supporting end. The first supporting end is located on a first side of the retaining member, and the second supporting end is located on a second side of the retaining member. The supporting member is slidable relative to the retaining member between a first position and a second position, the first supporting end supports the electronic device in a first position, the second supporting end supports the electronic device in a second position, and both the first and second supporting ends cooperatively support the electronic device in a third position.06-28-2012
20100208445MULTI-LAYER WOVEN FABRIC DISPLAY - The present invention relates to textiles for photonic and electronic applications, particularly to multilayer textiles made of electrically conductive yarns for driving electrical components such as light emitting diodes connected to the textile. The light emitting diodes may be arranged in the form of an array in order to realize a flexible and foldable display. In the textile according to the present invention, insulating weft yarns are interwoven in a multilayer wrap (08-19-2010
20120162953REWORKABLE MOBILE ELECTRONIC DEVICE - An improved a mobile electronic device (06-28-2012
20090059548ELECTRONIC DEVICE MOUNTING STRUCTURE FOR BUSBAR - An electronic device mounting structure includes an electronic device, a busbar, and a solder. The electronic device has a body and a lead protruding from the body. The busbar has a flat portion and a wall portion rising from a periphery of the flat portion. The flat portion of the busbar extends parallel to a tip portion of the lead and is in contact with a back surface of the tip portion. The wall portion of the busbar faces a side surface of the tip portion with a predetermined space. The solder is located in the space and joins the side surface of the tip portion and the wall portion of the busbar03-05-2009
20090059547CONTROL APPARATUS - There is provided a control apparatus capable of simply supporting/fixing a board by a board support, reducing a number of integrating steps, reducing cost and downsizing a board size.03-05-2009
20120075826 PRESSURE SUPPORT FOR AN ELECTRONIC CIRCUIT - A circuit design includes an electrical circuit, which has at least one electronic component attached to a substrate and a flat conductor track electrically contacting the component. An elastic element is provided on the electrical circuit and a device applies a force to the elastic element so that the elastic element is pressed onto the electrical circuit. Thus, crack formation in a solder under the component is prevented.03-29-2012
20120075825Terminal Box, Output Cable Connection Arrangement for Solar Cell Module Terminal Box and Fixation Arrangement for the Output Cable - A terminal box is provided having a terminal plate body and a fixed attachment portion to which at least one lead terminal portion of the diode is fixed, and the fixed attachment portion is connected to the terminal plate body via a displacement-allowing connecting portion. An output cable connection arrangement for a solar cell module terminal box is further provided in which an output cable is inserted to a cable insertion portion such that an inner coating portion coating a core wire of the output cable and an outer coating portion coating the inner coating portion are engaged within the cable insertion portion. An output cable fixation arrangement for a solar cell module terminal box is further provided in which an output cable is fixed to the terminal box by means of a cable fastener having a first fixing portion to be fixed to a barrel portion of the output cable.03-29-2012
20120075824WIRELESS COMMUNICATION DEVICE FOR ELECTRONIC APPARATUS - An exemplary electronic apparatus includes a housing, a wireless communication device disposed on the housing, and a motherboard received in the housing. The wireless communication device includes a circuit board and a wireless communication module disposed on the circuit board. The circuit board is connected the motherboard by electrical wires. The wireless communication module is located at an outside of the housing.03-29-2012
20120257368EXTENDABLE CONNECTING LINK - In embodiments of an extendable connecting link, a first link section attaches in a first housing part of a device and a second link section attaches in a second housing part of the device. The first and second link sections interlock and slide-engage relative to each other. An interconnection channel routes an electrical interconnection between the first housing part and the second housing part of the device, where the interconnection channel is formed when the first and second link sections are slide-engaged. The first and second link sections also slide relative to each other to increase or decrease a length of the extendable connecting link.10-11-2012
20120230002DISPLAY UNIT HAVING ANTI-EMI CAPABILITY - A display unit includes a lower cover, a display disposed on the lower cover, a metal bracket securing the display on the lower cover and an upper cover fixed to the lower cover to sandwich the display and the bracket between the lower cover and the upper cover. The bracket includes a plate pressing a back side of the display towards the lower cover and a tab contacting a lateral face of the display. The bracket is grounded.09-13-2012
20080298040LATCH FOR INTERFACE CARD - A structure of a latch for an interface card is disclosed. The latch includes a positioning set and a board. The positioning set has a pillar formed at a bottom portion thereof, a protruded frontage with a protruded jointing portion and a connecting portion connected to a limiter, wherein the pillar has a pin positioned at a bottom portion thereof. A first interface card is adapted into the first connector by pressing down the first interface card to be secured by the positioning structure; and a second interface card is adapted into the second connector by pressing down the second interface card to fit the two holes with the jointing portion, and the limiter is covered onto the jointing portion to let the buckling portion of the hole of the limiter support in the hole of the jointing portion to prevent the limiter from coming loose.12-04-2008
20080298039ELECTRON DEVICE HAVING METALLIC CONNECTING STRUCTURE AND METHOD FOR MAKING THE SAME - An exemplary electronic device having a metallic connecting structure includes a metallic housing, at least one bonding film and at least one metallic clip. The at least one metallic clip includes a base and a U-shaped elastic portion, the U-shaped elastic portion having a pair of feet portions extending from the base and bending up and outwards. The metallic clip is fixed to an inner surface of the metallic housing via the bonding film.12-04-2008
20120320555SENSOR HAVING A SENSOR HOUSING - A sensor has a sensor housing, an electronic component, and a sensor element. The electronic component and the sensor element are connected to one another in a media-tight manner. An adhesive which provides a seal is placed between bonding sites of a bonding wire of the at least one electrical connection.12-20-2012
20090086458PLASMA DISPLAY APPARATUS - In plasma displays in different inch sizes, there is a disadvantage in that because each of the plasma displays in different inch sizes has an output semiconductor device with a different outer shape, a pitch of the external lead and the number of the output semiconductor devices vary, so that printed circuit boards need be designed differently for the different inch sizes. A hybrid integrated circuit includes mounting portions which are composed of a conductive path on an insulated metal substrate, and into which at least an output semiconductor device of a discharge maintaining circuit is incorporated, and includes external terminals arranged at a constant pitch. When the inch size of the plasma display is changed, the mounting portions are designed to have a size enough to accommodate the output semiconductor device for the greatest inch size. Thus, the same hybrid integrated circuit is commonly used.04-02-2009
20110235301HEAT DISSIPATION APPARATUS AND ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY WITH SAME - A heat dissipation apparatus includes a base plate and a plurality of fasteners. A plurality of mounting arms extends outwardly from the base plate. Each mounting arm defines a through hole therein. An inner thread is formed on an inner surface of each through hole. Each fastener includes a main post, a cap formed at a top of the main post, and an engaging portion formed at a bottom of the main post. A retaining thread is formed on an outer surface of the main post adjacent the engaging portion. The retaining thread matches the inner thread of the through hole of the corresponding mounting arm. The retaining thread is passable through the through hole of the mounting arm by threadingly passing the retaining thread through the inner thread of the through hole of the mounting arm whereupon the fastener remains preassembled in the through hole.09-29-2011
20120087101Device with optimized placement of connectors - The present invention relates to a device including a hollow frame forming an enclosure, at least two electronic circuits placed inside the enclosure, at least first and second connectors to connect each an external cable to each of the electronic circuits, each of the first and second connectors comprising a base intended to be mounted on the frame and a plug capable of being inserted into the base, the plug being connected to the cable and the base being connected to the electronic circuit, the base of the first connector being placed in a first aperture made in an end wall of the frame. The second connector is placed behind the base of the first connector inside the enclosure, the cable connected to the plug of the second connector penetrating inside the enclosure through a second aperture made in the end wall of the frame.04-12-2012
20130279142HOUSING AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE USING SAME - A housing includes a bottom shell and a plurality of protection blocks. The bottom shell includes a bottom wall, a peripheral wall extending from a periphery of the bottom wall, and a support wall extending from a side surface of the peripheral wall toward the interior of the housing. The support wall includes a plurality of corners. Each of the plurality of corners encloses a protection groove holding a protection block, thus building protection against impacts within the existing profile of the housing, instead of the protection being attached to the exterior of the housing.10-24-2013
20130170171EXTRUSION-BASED ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING SYSTEM FOR 3D STRUCTURAL ELECTRONIC, ELECTROMAGNETIC AND ELECTROMECHANICAL COMPONENTS/DEVICES - The present invention provides a system and method for making a three-dimensional electronic, electromagnetic or electromechanical component/device by: (1) creating one or more layers of a three-dimensional substrate by depositing a substrate material in a layer-by-layer fashion, wherein the substrate includes a plurality of interconnection cavities and component cavities; (2) filling the interconnection cavities with a conductive material; and (3) placing one or more components in the component cavities.07-04-2013
20080232078Electrical component and method for making the same - An electrical component (09-25-2008
20130235546APPENDAGE-MOUNTED DISPLAY APPARATUS - An appendage-mounted display apparatus comprising a device mount for attaching electronic devices and a cuff assembly that provides a uniform tension fit around a user's appendage. The cuff assembly comprises a multi-layer blend of soft and rigid components and a ratcheting lacing or strap system to achieve a customizable, non-slip fit that may be quickly and easily adjusted with one hand. The device mount may be adapted to accommodate a variety of electronic devices including mobile phones, smartphones, and other communication devices, portable computers, maps, audio and music devices, global positioning system devices, and other interactive electronic devices and displays, as well as paper maps, checklists, and other static forms of guidance and instruction. In addition, the device mount may include a rail system for attaching a flashlight and/or other tools.09-12-2013
20130235547FLANGE AND SLEEVE ASSEMBLY - An assembly includes a flange that can be fixed to an interior wall structure, such as an electrical box. A planar surface of the flange abuts the outer surface of the wall substrate thus providing tight contact between the wall substrate and the interior structure. Mating elements of the flange engage an electrical device to maintain the device in flush and parallel alignment with the substrate.09-12-2013
20130100633CONNECTOR MOUNTING DEVICE AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE WITH CONNECTOR MOUNTING DEVICE - A connector mounting device includes a bracket for receiving an electronic module. The bracket includes a front plate; a limiting portion, a positioning piece and a blocking piece extend from the front plate. A sliding channel is defined between the limiting portion and the positioning piece and adapted for slidably receiving a connector. A resilient piece extends from the limiting portion. The resilient piece is located in a first end of the sliding channel. The blocking piece is located in a second end of the sliding channel. The first end is opposite to the second end. The blocking piece and the resilient piece are adapted to block the connector therebetween, to prevent the connector from sliding along the sliding channel.04-25-2013
20130120954Stand for a Plurality of Electronic Devices - A multi-display stand is described having a base structure for supporting N displays. The base structure includes a base, a support column connected to the base, and an extensions receptor connected to the support column. The multi-display stand further includes a first extension removably connected to one end of the extensions receptor, and a second extension removably connected to another end of the extensions receptor. The first extension, the extensions receptor and the second extension together can support N displays, where a) the first extension supports at least one display from among the N displays and the second extension supports at least one other display from among the N displays, and b) the first extension and the second extension can be removed to allow the extensions receptor to support M displays where 005-16-2013
20130148324TOUCH-ENABLED VIDEO WALL SUPPORT SYSTEM, APPARATUS, AND METHOD - Systems, apparatuses, and methods for supporting a touch-enabled video wall are provided. In one embodiment, a video wall support system may include a first frame of support members (06-13-2013
20130148325BRACKET FOR DISPLAY DEVICES FOR AN AIRCRAFT COCKPIT - The support such as an instrument panel or a glare shield, for supporting display devices in an aircraft cockpit, comprises a glare shield comprising a core of cellular structure and two skins covering opposite faces of the core.06-13-2013
20130182403HINGE ASSEMBLY - A hinge assembly is provided for a signal cable to pass through. The hinge assembly includes a first bearing block, a second bearing block, and a spindle. The first bearing block includes a first fixing plate and a first sleeve, the first sleeve is connected to a side edge of the first fixing plate, and the first sleeve has a first sectioned groove linked to its two ends. One end of the spindle is inserted in the first sleeve, and the other end is fixed on the second bearing block. The spindle has a second sectioned groove, and the second sectioned groove has at least one end linked to the first sectioned groove of the first sleeve, so that one end of the first sleeve, the first sectioned groove, and the second sectioned groove are linked to form an accommodating space for signal cables to pass through.07-18-2013
20110310584MOUNTING APPARATUS FOR EXPANSION CARD - A mounting apparatus includes a chassis, an expansion piece secured to a first end of an expansion card, a carrier and a supporting device configured to support a second end of the expansion card. The chassis includes a bottom plate, and the carrier is mounted on the bottom plate. The supporting device includes a first supporting member secured to the carrier, and a second supporting member secured to the first supporting member. The first supporting member and the second supporting member sandwich the expansion card when the second supporting member is attached on the first supporting member.12-22-2011
20110310583MOUNTING APPARATUS FOR EXPANSION CARD - A mounting apparatus includes a chassis, a mounting tray configured for being secured an expansion card, and an expansion piece configured for securing the expansion card. The chassis includes a front plate. The mounting tray includes a front panel secured to the front plate, and a side panel connected to the front panel. A stopper piece is located on the front plate, and a clipping hole is defined on an end near to the front plate of the side plate. A flange and an inserting portion are positioned on opposite ends of the expansion piece, wherein the flange is secured to the stopper piece, and the inserting portion is inserted into the clipping hole.12-22-2011
20120287594BASE FOR A POINT OF SALE SYSTEM - A base for a point of sale system includes a baseboard and a first connection base. The point of sale system further comprises a mainframe, which includes one or more connection sockets, a case with a mainframe tenon and a touch panel. The baseboard has a baseboard tenon separably connected to the mainframe tenon. In addition, the first connection base has a first extending position and a first connection position, and the first connection base has a first connection base sliding unit and one or more than one connection plugs. The connection plugs are at the same side of the first connection sliding unit which is opposite to the connection sockets, and the amount of the connection plugs and the connection sockets are the same, and, on the other hand, the relative disposition of the connection plugs and the connection sockets are corresponsive. Further, the first baseboard sliding unit slidably connects to the first connection base sliding unit. As users slide the first connection base from the first extending position to the first connection position, the connection plugs and the connection sockets are electrically connected.11-15-2012
20110317392CERAMIC BOARD, METHOD MANUFACTURING THEREOF, IMAGE SENSOR PACKAGE AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME - Disclosed herein is a ceramic board and the manufacturing method and an image sensor package and a manufacturing method thereof, the ceramic board including a ceramic body in which an upper surface is formed with a first groove, a second groove is formed in the first groove, and the second groove is formed with a through hole; a first electrode pad formed in the first groove; and a second electrode pad formed at any one of the upper surface, a lower surface and the both surfaces of the ceramic body, electrically connected to the first electrode pad.12-29-2011
20130201649ELECTRONIC DEVICE - An electronic device includes a base, a rotating element and a sliding element. The rotating element is pivoted to the base. The sliding element is slidably disposed on the base. When the rotating element is rotated relative to the base and an included angle between the two is greater than a specific angle, the sliding element slides from a first position to a second position relative to the base.08-08-2013
20100149778ENCLOSURE FOR ELECTRONIC DEVICE - An enclosure for electronic device includes a chassis, a power supply, and a cover. The chassis includes a bottom wall. A ring and a plurality of elastic pieces protrude from the bottom wall. The power supply includes a top side and bottom side. The bottom side defines a sliding groove. The top side defines a receiving groove. The power supply is located on the plurality of elastic pieces of the chassis with the ring positioned in the sliding groove. The cover includes a protrusion. The cover is mounted on the chassis. The protrusion is positioned in the receiving groove, and biases the power supply toward the plurality of elastic pieces.06-17-2010
20130265738APPARATUS AND METHODS FOR RESIZING ELECTRONIC DISPLAYS - Apparatus and methods are provided for resizing an electronic display that includes front and back plates, a perimeter seal spacing apart the plates and defining an enclosed cell area between the plates that includes an original display image area, image-generating medium sealed in the enclosed cell area, and electrical circuits on inner surfaces of the plates extending throughout the original display image area. For example, a cut line may be identified that intersects across the original display image area of the display. A laser may be directed adjacent the cut line to heat and/or separate leads of the electrical circuits adjacent the cut line. The display may be cut adjacent the cut line, e.g., before or after separating leads along the cut line, resulting in a target display portion with an exposed edge, and an excess display portion, and then the exposed edge may be sealed.10-10-2013
20130271939Multifunction Monitor Support - A monitor support for use in multiple configurations including a base portion; a monitor; and a multilink arm coupling the monitor to the base portion is provided. The multilink arm includes a first beam coupled to the base portion by a first pivot; a second beam coupled to the base portion by a second pivot; the first and second beams move in parallel as they rotate about the first and second pivots. The multilink arm may include a connector coupling the monitor to the arm, having a connector axis for rotating the monitor by approximately 180° about the connector axis. Also provided is a cart for carrying instrumentation including a monitor support as above, and a method for using it. The cart includes a bottom portion for holding a desktop instrument, the bottom portion including wheels for rolling the cart; and a top portion for holding the monitor support.10-17-2013
20130271940RETRACTABLE DISPLAY SYSTEM AND METHOD OF USE - A retractable display configured as a plurality of interlinked display subassemblies or panels, a transport box having a lid configured to enclose the display system, the box or subassemblies having a rack system configured to support the plurality of linked display subassemblies in the transport box, a lift mechanism configured to assemble and disassemble the plurality of releasably interlinked display subassemblies into a seamless display, and an alignment system configured to align one display subassembly with a neighboring display subassembly and thus, functions as a rugged self-contained transport box of a plurality of interlinked display subassemblies capable of automated assembly into a seamless display larger than its transport box.10-17-2013
20130279141KEYBOARD DEVICE WITH A SUPPORT FOR SUPPORTING A KEYBOARD - The invention discloses a keyboard device including a keyboard and a support for protecting the keyboard or accommodating a portable information processing device. The support of the invention is capable of rotate in a direction away from the keyboard to be at a supporting state. The support of the invention is also capable of rotate in a direction toward the keyboard to cover whole of the top of the keyboard.10-24-2013

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