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With printed circuit boards

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361 - Electricity: electrical systems and devices


361679000 - For electronic systems and devices

361728000 - Module

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361737000 IC card or card member 43
361740000 With locking means or device 18
361739000 With particular material 6
361741000 Guiding means 4
20100118497MODULE STRUCTURE - An apparatus includes a case including a surface, a bottom face and a first hole arranged on the bottom face; a first connector on the bottom face of the case; and a guide pin arranged in the first hole and being capable of moving in the first hole.05-13-2010
20080212291Removable electronic module - An electronic module adapted to be removably, operably connected to an electronic device. The electronic module includes a housing; at least one electronic component in the housing; and a plurality of electrical contact areas. The housing has a general electronic card shape with relatively large top and bottom sides and relatively thin side edges between the top and bottom sides. The plurality of electrical contact areas are located on a first one of the side edges. The electrical contact areas are connected to the at least one electronic component such that, when the electronic module is operably connected to the electronic device, the electrical contact areas on the first side edge are adapted to electrically couple the at least one electronic component to the electronic device along the first side edge.09-04-2008
20100053908Electric device module - There is provided an electric device module including: a housing; a board member fixed to one inner side of the housing and including a plurality of connecting terminals; at least one board adhered to another inner side of the housing by a predetermined adhesive and including a plurality of terminals electrically connected to the plurality of connecting terminals; and a guider guiding a mounting position of the board. In the electric device module, a circuit board is prevented from changing in adhering position due to fluidity of an adhesive but can be adhered at a precise position. Also, an extra amount of the adhesive is prevented from flowing outside the circuit board to thereby enhance accuracy and reliability in terms of terminal connection.03-04-2010
20100124030FLOATING FRONT ENCLOSURE FOR PLUGGABLE MODULE - In one example embodiment, a host device includes a front panel, a bezel assembly, a floating PCB, and two host guides. The front panel defines an opening configured to receive a pluggable module in a plugging direction. The bezel assembly defines an opening configured to align with the front panel opening and to receive the pluggable module, the bezel assembly rigidly secured to the front panel. The host guides are rigidly secured to the floating PCB and are configured to guide the pluggable module when it is plugged into the host device. The host guides and bezel assembly operate together to allow the floating PCB to float with respect to the front panel in the plugging direction while remaining substantially aligned with the front panel in directions normal to the plugging direction.05-20-2010
361743000 Solder connection 3
20090091895ELECTRONIC CIRCUIT MODULE - An electronic circuit module includes a circuit substrate whose two opposite side surfaces are provided with cutout portions; and a box-shaped cover body made of a metallic plate and having two claw segments individually disposed within the cutout portions, the cover body being attached to the circuit substrate so as to cover the top surface thereof. The circuit substrate has notches extending linearly inward beyond the opposite ends of each cutout portion from the corresponding side surface of the circuit substrate. The opposite ends of each claw segment in the width direction thereof are disposed facing linear sections of the corresponding notches within the corresponding cutout portion.04-09-2009
20110063805STACK-TYPE SEMICONDUCTOR PACKAGE, METHOD OF FORMING THE SAME AND ELECTRONIC SYSTEM INCLUDING THE SAME - A method of forming a stack-type semiconductor package includes preparing a lower printed circuit board including a plurality of interconnections and a plurality of ball lands for connection on an upper surface thereof. One or more first chips, which are electrically connected to the plurality of interconnections and sequentially stacked, are mounted on the lower printed circuit board. A lower molded resin compound is formed on the lower printed circuit board to cover the first chips, and is formed to have via holes exposing the ball lands for connection. An upper chip package, under which solder balls are formed, is aligned so that the solder balls correspond to the via holes of the lower molded resin compound, respectively. The solder balls are reflown to form connection conductors filling the via holes. A stack-type semiconductor package structure and an electronic system including the same are also provided.03-17-2011
20100085715PRINTED ELECTRONIC COMPONENT ASSEMBLY ENABLED BY LOW TEMPERATURE PROCESSING - A manufacturing method and manufacturing system for creating a modular electronic assembly are disclosed. The manufacturing system 04-08-2010
361742000 With spacer 1
20120182699MODULAR SURFACE MOUNT PACKAGE FOR A SYSTEM ON A CHIP - A modular package may be utilized to mount an RF system-on-chip in one of plural configurations, such that the same modular package may be utilized to enable plural device formats, while reducing the amount of RF testing needed to change device formats. In one configuration, a surface mount device is mounted onto a first surface of a board, and the board is directly surface mounted onto a base board. Here, the base board includes a hole for accommodating the surface mount device, providing a thin device format. In a second configuration, a spacer is mounted onto the first surface of the board, such that a gap is provided between the board and the base board for accommodating the surface mount device, providing a relatively thicker device, but providing additional surface area where the hole otherwise would be, reducing the device size.07-19-2012
20130083495TUNER MODULE - There is provided a tuner module used for a television (TV) or a set top box, and more particularly, to a tuner module having a significantly reduce size. The tuner module includes: a tuner including a circuit board having at least one electronic component mounted thereon, and a cover coupled to the circuit board and having an opened bottom portion so as to allow the circuit board to be received therein; and a main board having the tuner mounted on one surface thereof, wherein the main board includes a ground pad formed thereon to correspond to a position in which the tuner is mounted.04-04-2013
20130039019POWER SUPPLY MODULE - A power supply module adapted to supply power to a peripheral device includes a power supply and an output-structure detachably assembled to the power supply and electrically connected between the power supply and the peripheral device. The height of the output-structure relatively to the bottom portion of the power supply is adjustable and the power supply, output-structure and the peripheral device together form a concave combination-structure. As a result, by using a separated output-structure in the invention, the power supply is able to maneuverably adjust the interconnection position of the peripheral device and the power supply through the second circuit board. Meanwhile, the power supply has a larger usable space therein.02-14-2013
20130039018Three-Dimensionally Molded Electronic Substrate - A device, system and process for fabricating a three-dimensional electronic substrate are disclosed. A substrate may be molded in three-dimensions to fit the form factor of an exterior device frame. Electronics and conductors may be placed onto the three-dimensional surface of the molded substrate, thereby creating a three-dimensional electronic substrate. The three dimensional substrate may then be connected to an exterior frame to allow for electronic functionalities across frame form factors.02-14-2013
20130070427Pre molded can package - A pre molded can package includes a circuit board, a MEMS die, a pre mold cavity and a can. The MEMS dies are connected to the circuit board by conductive wires and the MEMS dies are separated by the pre mold cavities. A cap is connected to the top of each pre mold cavity to form MEMS die units. The MEMS die units are packed to as to reduce their volume. The manufacturing cost is reduced and the processes are simplified. The MEMS die units are able to be applied to the smaller and fine electronic devices.03-21-2013
20130050959WIRELESS MODULE WITH EXTERNAL ANTENNA AND CONNECTOR HAVING THE SAME - A wireless module with an external antenna and a connector with the wireless module are disclosed. The wireless module includes a printed circuit board, a plurality of conductive terminals, a wireless transmission chip, an antenna connector and an external antenna. The plurality of conductive terminals, the wireless transmission chip, and the antenna connector are electrically coupled to a printed circuit board, and the external antenna is coupled to the antenna connector through a connected circuit. The wireless module further includes a casing for covering the printed circuit board, the conductive terminals, the wireless transmission chip, and the antenna connector. A pivot hinge is installed at an end of the casing, and the external antenna is pivotally coupled to the pivot hinge of the casing, so that users can change the angle of the external antenna to adjust the intensity and range of receiving/transmitting signals of the wireless module freely.02-28-2013
20100002400DAUGHTER BOARD WITH SOLID-STATE STORAGE DEVICE FOR USE IN COMPUTER SYSTEM - A daughter board of a computer system is connected to a front panel of a computer housing. The daughter board includes a main body mounted thereon a solid-state storage device for storing data and a control circuit for control data access to the solid state storage device, for example, by surface mount technology.01-07-2010
20090268414Over-molded electronic module - An over-molded electronic module (10-29-2009
20130163209ELECTRONICS ASSEMBLY DIVIDER PLATE - Small form-factor pluggable (SFP) ports are often employed in telecommunications hardware to take advantage of their lower profile and to provide connections to other network elements. The use of SFP ports has increased the density of ports possible for a given circuit board size, but this increase has previously meant that individual ports are difficult to access. Also, identification of those ports is frustrated by a lack of free space to place labeling. Example embodiments of the present invention address these issues by placing a divider plate between columns of SFP ports that provides surface area adjacent to the SFP ports for affixing labeling. The divider plate is offset from the SFP ports to allow access when the plate is installed. As a result, hardware employing embodiments of the present invention can achieve a higher density of SFP ports with ease of access by personnel assembling or servicing the hardware.06-27-2013
20120113601CIRCUIT MODULE AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE INCLUDING THE SAME - A circuit module is provided that is configured to allow a shield member to be securely mounted to a board. The circuit module includes a board with a mounting surface on which an electronic component is mounted and a shield member that is mounted to the board. The shield member includes a shield frame having a frame portion that is solder-joined to the mounting surface and a shield cover having a top surface portion and a side portion that is attached to the frame portion of the shield frame. Furthermore, an L-shaped slit is formed at a predetermined corner among four corners of the top surface portion of the shield cover so as to extend along two sides forming the predetermined corner.05-10-2012
20110279984ELECTRONIC MODULE WITH SEAMLESS ANTI-EMI DEVICE - An electronic module (11-17-2011
20120008288Module and portable terminal - Disclosed herein is a module, including: a circuit board; electronic components mounted on the circuit board; a mold resin that insulates and seals the electronic components; a shield conducting film that covers the outside of the mold resin; and shield conducting walls which are so formed in the mold resin as to divide the mold resin into a plurality of regions.01-12-2012
20120008287Electronic component module and method of manufacturing the same - Disclosed are an electronic component module and a method of manufacturing the same. The electronic component module includes a first insulating layer having a first surface in which first circuit patterns are embedded, electronic components of different kinds, the electronic components being mounted on the first circuit patterns and having electrode parts placed in different locations, and a molding layer encompassing the electronic components. Accordingly, a thin-film type electronic component module having a thin insulating layer with a circuit pattern can be provided.01-12-2012
20110141703MOUNT AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE - According to one embodiment, an electronic device includes a device housing, a circuit board, a module, and a projection. The electronic device includes a base in which a containing portion is provided. The circuit board is housed in the device housing. The module is housed in the containing portion of the device housing and electrically connected to the circuit board. The projection is provided with a supporting part and an opening portion. The supporting part projects from the module and is supported by the base. The opening is positioned between the supporting part and the module.06-16-2011
20090201650Controller Assemblies For Electric Drive Utility Vehicles - Controller assemblies and packaging for electronic control systems of electric motors utilized in utility vehicles or other power equipment. Features of the controller assemblies and packaging described herein allow for, among other things, modularity, scalability, and improved heat transfer.08-13-2009
20100265668FLEXIBLE DISPLAY SCREEN - A flexible display screen includes a plurality of flexible display modules joined side by side, each flexible display module having a flexible circuit board, which is fixedly arranged with a plurality of display chips on its front face, and a plurality of magnets on its back face, so that the flexible display screen can be attracted on a metal medium by the magnets, wherein the magnets are distributed at least on the perimeter of the back face of the flexible circuit board so that the joining sides of two adjoining flexible circuit boards are arranged respectively and symmetrically with a same number of magnets, and each pair of magnets disposed on the respective joining sides having opposite polarity orientations.10-21-2010
20090244854Integrated-inverter electric compressor and inverter device - The invention provides an integrated-inverter electric compressor and an inverter device thereof which allow handling of the inverter device by neither touching nor holding a CPU substrate. An integrated-inverter electric compressor includes an inverter module integrating a power-related metal substrate on which a power semiconductor switching device is mounted and a resin case integrally insert-molded with a plurality of terminals, and is provided with a CPU substrate on which a control and communication circuit having a device that operates at low-voltage is mounted on the upper surface of the inverter module, wherein the resin case is integrated with a grip which extends in a horizontal direction at an upper edge of a circumference thereof.10-01-2009
20100014259MODULAR CIRCUIT BOARD STRUCTURE FOR LARGE CURRENT AREA - A modular circuit board structure for a large current area includes a circuit board having an electric conducting circuit and at least one large current area, and a conducting plate device having conducting plates installed onto the circuit board according to the shape of the large current area. When electronic components are inserted onto the circuit board by a surface mount technology, the conducting plates are attached onto the large current area to form a solder area portion on the conducting plates for allowing a large current to pass through, so as to provide a flexible combination function for the large current area of the circuit board and simplify the stamping molds of different shapes. The invention can avoid a waste of copper plates, assure the reliability, quality and safety of the circuit board, and enhance the cost effectiveness of the manufacture and the competitiveness of the product.01-21-2010
20100188823Method for Manufacturing an Electronic Module - This publication discloses a method for manufacturing an electronic module, in which manufacture commences from an insulating-material sheet (07-29-2010
20110058343MODULE CONNECTION STRUCTURE - According to one embodiment, a module connection structure designed to connect a module to other modules. The module includes a dielectric layer, a micro-strip path, a projection, and a plurality of gain adjusting lands. The dielectric layer is formed on a substrate. The micro-strip path is provided on the dielectric layer and configured to transmit a transmission signal input to one end portion, to the other end portion. The projection is formed at edges of the substrate, which are adjacent to the other modules, and protruding from the micro-strip path and the dielectric layer toward the other modules. The plurality of gain adjusting lands is formed adjacent to the micro-strip path, for use in adjusting an input/output gain of the module. The gain adjusting lands uncouple from the micro-strip path or other gain adjusting lands couple to the micro-strip path, thereby to adjust the input/output gain of the module.03-10-2011
20090116201CIRCUIT BOARD MODULE AND METHOD FOR REINFORCING STRUCTURE THEREOF - A circuit board module includes a circuit board and a reinforcing substrate. At least one electronic element is disposed on one surface of the circuit board. The reinforcing substrate is connected to a portion of the surface and disposed around the electronic element. A method for reinforcing the structure of the circuit board module is also disclosed.05-07-2009
20090244855Data Processing Modules And Systems - Data processing modules including a housing and connectors carried by the housing, and systems including the same.10-01-2009
20130155628MOTOR STARTER MODULE - A motor starter module is provided, the module according to the present disclosure including a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) substrate configured to communicate with and control the magnetic contactor, a mechanism part operating in association with an operation of the magnetic contactor, and an upper case covering the PCB substrate and an outer case of the mechanism part, whereby the magnetic contactor can be locally and directly driven, and controlled via communication to reduce a line cost, to shorten an operation time and to promote maximization of spatial utilization.06-20-2013
20110128708COAX-BALUN MODULE - A coax-balun module for converting from a balanced signal to an unbalanced signal includes a housing having a balun well adapted to receive a balun transformer. The module includes a printed circuit board electrically connected to a balun transformer and a threaded connector. The printed circuit board is further electrically connected to electrical conductors adapted to carry input signals. The housing is adapted to receive a potting material to seal the other components therein.06-02-2011
20090086443Interface module - An interface module has an integrated component for replacing a component on a circuit board, the terminal contacts on the bottom side of the interface module being designed as provided for the contacts of the component on the circuit board, the interface module being divided into an adaptor part as a base module and a protocol converter part as a tool access module.04-02-2009
20100134985Image-sensing module for reducing overall thickness thereof and preventing EMI - An image-sensing module for reducing its overall thickness and preventing electromagnetic interference (EMI) includes a flexible substrate, an image sensor, and a plurality of electronic elements. The flexible substrate has a first PCB (Printed Circuit Board), a flexible bending board bent upwards from one side of the first PCB, and a second PCB extending forwards from the flexible bending board and disposed above the first PCB. The second PCB has at least one first opening. The image sensor is electrically disposed on the first PCB, and the image sensor is exposed by the first opening of the second PCB. The electronic elements are selectively electrically disposed on the first PCB and/or on the second PCB so that the electronic elements are disposed between the first PCB and the second PCB.06-03-2010
20100124029INPUT/OUTPUT MODULE FOR AN AUTOMATION DEVICE - An input/output module for an automation device includes a housing having a lower part separable from an upper part; a first printed circuit board disposed in the housing; and an electronic subassembly for an input/output function of the input/output module. The electronic subassembly includes a plurality of connection elements disposed on the first printed circuit board and configured to connect signal lines and process voltage lines, the plurality of connecting elements being accessible from a front side of the upper part; and a plurality of optical waveguides disposed on the front side, wherein each one of the plurality of optical waveguides is assigned to a respective one of the plurality of connection elements and each configured to signal a state of at least one input/output channel of the input/output module.05-20-2010
20090323293Battery Cell Interconnect and Voltage Sensing Assembly and Method for Coupling Battery Cell Assemblies Thereto - A battery cell interconnect and voltage sensing assembly and a method for coupling a battery cell assembly thereto are provided. The battery cell interconnect and voltage sensing assembly includes a circuit board, electrical interconnect members, and an electrical connector. The circuit board further has slots therethrough for receiving the electrical interconnect members thereon. Electrical terminals from battery cell assemblies are coupled to the electrical interconnect members. The circuit board also has electrical traces for routing voltages at the electrical interconnect members to the electrical connector for sensing voltages of the battery cell assemblies.12-31-2009
20110255248ELECTRICAL FIELD DEVICE AND EXPANSION MODULE FOR INSERTION INTO AN ELECTRICAL FIELD DEVICE - An electronic expansion module which has at least one circuit board, that has a contact region with contacts for mechanical and electrical contact-making with mating contacts connected to the circuit board of the expansion module and a circuit board recess formed such that, with the expansion module inserted into an opening formed on a side of the housing of an electrical field device for use in industrial control, the circuit board of the expansion module does not have any conductive connection to the electrical field device except in the contact region so that reliable electrical isolation between the interior of the device and the user is ensured.10-20-2011
20100027225COMPONENT-EMBEDDED MODULE AND MANUFACTURING METHOD THEREOF - A component-embedded module includes a module substrate having wiring electrodes on the upper surface thereof, first circuit components mounted on the wiring electrodes, a sub-module disposed on an area on which no wiring electrodes are provided, and an insulating resin layer provided on substantially the entire upper surface of the module substrate such that the insulating resin layer covers at least a portion of the first circuit components and sub-module. The second circuit components including an integrated circuit element are mounted on the sub-module or embedded therein. Via conductors are provided through the module substrate from the lower surface thereof and are directly coupled to terminal electrodes on the lower surface of the sub-module. By using a substrate having a wiring greater accuracy than that of the module substrate, a reliable component-embedded module is obtained.02-04-2010
20110304993CIRCUIT MODULE - In a circuit module, a conductive partition is defined by a plurality of conductive chips provided on a component mounting surface. The component mounting surface is divided into a first block and a second block by the conductive partition. The shape of the conductive partition can be freely changed in accordance with the size of a circuit board and the arrangement of electronic components in the first block and the second block by changing the positions of the conductive chips and the number of conductive chips. Electromagnetic interference between the first block and the second block is prevented by the conductive partition.12-15-2011
20080205008Low Profile Flip Chip Power Module and Method of Making - A power module is proposed to package an electronic system having flip chip power MOSFET devices. The power module includes a front surface cover board and a multi-layer printed circuit laminate bonded thereto. Notably, the front surface of the printed circuit laminate includes recessed pockets each having printed circuit traces atop its floor. Inside the recessed pockets are power MOSFET and other circuit components bonded to the printed circuit traces. As the circuit components are encased inside the power module, it features a low profile, an increased mechanical robustness and EMI/RFI immunity. Additionally, some circuit components can be provided with a front-side bonding layer that is also bonded to the front surface cover board to realize a double-side bonding to the interior of the power module. Methods for making the low profile power module are also described.08-28-2008
20100290198Sliding Module With Electrical Connection Paths - A sliding module for an electronic device, the module comprising first and second parts slideably connected together, the first and second parts comprising respective circuit connectors for connection with corresponding respective circuit boards, and wherein the module comprises one or more conductors arranged to provide electrical connection between the respective circuit connectors to thereby provide electrical connection paths between respective circuit boards connected at the circuit connectors.11-18-2010
20110182039COMPOSITE MODULE - A composite module is obtained which enables high-density mounting of components without increasing its size. A composite module includes a main substrate which is a multilayer circuit board, a sub-substrate mounted on a lower surface of the main substrate, a sealing layer arranged on the lower surface of the main substrate to cover the sub-substrate, the sealing layer defining a mount surface arranged to be mounted on a mount board, and terminal electrodes disposed on the mount surface. The terminal electrodes include at least one first terminal electrode drawn directly from the main substrate and at least one second terminal electrode drawn directly from the sub-substrate.07-28-2011
20090059539RADIO FREQUENCY MODULE ASSEMBLY - A radio frequency (RF) module assembly includes a substrate on which a predetermined component is mounted, the substrate comprising a connection terminal, and an RF module mounted on the substrate and processing a predetermined RF signal. The RF module includes a housing forming a body, a jack receiving and transmitting a predetermined RF signal, a jack receiving part provided at the housing to allow the jack to be inserted inside the housing and received, and a terminal connected to a connection terminal of the substrate.03-05-2009
20120081859ELECTRONIC MODULE POWER SUPPLY - Power may be supplied to an electronic module according to various techniques. In one general implementation, for example, a system for supping power to an electronic module may include a printed circuit board, the electronic module, and a conductive foil. The board may include a number of contact locations on a first side, with at least one of the contact locations electrically coupled to a via to a second side of the board. The electronic module may be electrically coupled to the contact locations on the first side of the board and receive electrical power through the at least one contact location electrically coupled to a via. The foil may be adapted to convey electrical power for the electronic module and electrically coupled on the second side of circuit board to at least the via electrically coupled to a contact location that receives electrical power for the electronic module.04-05-2012
20120287585MODULAR CORE ENGINE (CE) RADIO ARCHITECTURE - A compact communications radio core engine (CE) module includes a modem circuit board having a first connector, and a radio frequency (RF) circuit board having a second connector configured to mate with the first connector of the modem circuit card. A module shell is constructed and arranged to contain the modem and the RF circuit boards in such an orientation so that the second connector of the RF circuit board can operatively engage the first connector of the modem circuit card.11-15-2012
20130148312TAPE WIRING SUBSTRATE AND CHIP-ON-FILM PACKAGE INCLUDING THE SAME - A tape wiring substrate includes a base film having at least one recess in a first surface of the base film and a chip-mounting region on which a semiconductor chip is included on a second surface of the base film. A wiring pattern is formed on the second surface of the base film and is extended to an edge of the chip-mounting region. A protection film covers the wiring pattern.06-13-2013
20130176688PORTABLE EXTERNAL POWER-SUPPLYING DEVICE - A portable external power-supplying device is disclosed. The portable external power-supplying device implements a unique mechanism to detachably assemble battery units whose number can be adjusted according to user needs, which means the overall aggregate capacity of the portable external power-supplying device is adjustable. The portable external power-supplying device is adaptive to connect and charge a portable electronic device07-11-2013
20120281368MODULAR SHIELDED ELECTRONICS ENCLOSURE - A modular electronics enclosure for reducing electromagnetic interference (EMI) is disclosed. The electronics assembly includes a first electronic component having an output, a second electronic component having an input with an input impedance, and a circuit matching element having an input coupled to the output of the first electronic component and an output coupled to the input of the second electronic component. The output of the circuit matching element is configured to provide an output impedance that matches the input impedance of the second electronic component. The electronics assembly also includes a conductive surface that forms a volume that encloses the first electronic component and the circuit matching element. All non-conductive passages from the volume to the external environment have at least one cross-sectional opening having a continuous conductive perimeter with a maximum linear length within the opening of less than one quarter wavelength of a maximum shielding frequency.11-08-2012
20130208431DEVICE MODULE - The invention provides a device module including a device, a connecting part, and a plastic part. The device is a sensor, an electronic component, or a circuit board. The connecting part is connected to the device and includes an external connecting portion. The device and the connecting part are embedded in the plastic part. The plastic part is provided with a first opening that exposes at least the external connecting portion of the connecting part to the outside.08-15-2013

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