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361730000 With housing 57
361735000 Stacked 14
361734000 With coupling or decoupling capacitor 2
20090073664DECOUPLING CAPACITOR ASSEMBLY, INTEGRATED CIRCUIT/DECOUPLING CAPACITOR ASSEMBLY AND METHOD FOR FABRICATING SAME - A decoupling capacitor/integrated circuit assembly including: an integrated circuit assembly comprising a carrier containing an integrated circuit, the carrier comprising connectors on a base thereof defining a space on the base having no connectors, the connectors providing an electrical connection to the integrated circuit, one of the connectors designated as a power connector and another of the connectors designated as a ground connector; and a decoupling capacitor provided in the space on the base of the carrier and electrically connected to the power and ground connectors, wherein the decoupling capacitor is sized to fit between the integrated circuit assembly and a structure to which the integrated circuit assembly is to be connected.03-19-2009
20120176750WIRELESS TERMINAL DEVICE - A wireless terminal device includes: a conduction and connection module, and a first Printed Circuit Board, PCB, connected to the conduction and connection module, and the wireless terminal device further includes a first conductor, where one of the conduction and connection module and the first PCB is connected to one end of the first conductor through a first capacitance coupling module, and the other one of the conduction and connection module and the first PCB is connected to the other end of the first conductor. Through the foregoing processing, capacitance coupling and grounding between the conduction and connection module and the PCB can be implemented through the first capacitance coupling module.07-12-2012
20130039016MOTHERBOARD ASSEMBLY HAVING SERIAL ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY ATTACHMENT DUAL IN-LINE MEMORY MODULE - A motherboard assembly includes a motherboard with a memory slot, an adapter board, and a serial advanced technology attachment dual-in-line memory module (SATA DIMM) with a circuit board and a connector. An edge connector is set on a bottom edge of the circuit board. The adapter board includes a SATA interface, a hard disk drive (HDD) signal multiplier, a power interface, and an expansion SATA interface. The edge connector is connected to the memory slot and the connector is connected to the expansion SATA interface, to enable the motherboard communication with SATA DIMM modules, which are connected to the memory slots.02-14-2013
20090129031Planar Element Module, Manufacturing Method of Planar Element Module, and Planar Element Device - A flat pressure sensor of the invention is prepared by processing a thin film of a polymer material to have plurality of substantially square openings 05-21-2009
20130070425Combinative Power Device - The present invention provides a combinative power device. In one aspect, the combinative power device of the present invention includes an AC-to-DC module including a first joint portion; and a DC-to-DC module having a second joint portion and coupled to the AC-to-DC module by the second joint portion with the first joint portion electrically, wherein the DC-to-DC module acts as a removable module which can be removable from the AC-to-DC module to enable the AC-to-DC module to cooperate with different types of the DC-to-DC module.03-21-2013
20120224332INTEGRATED CIRCUIT PACKAGING SYSTEM WITH BUMP BONDED DIES AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURE THEREOF - An integrated circuit packaging system and method of manufacture thereof includes: a substrate; a first module attached to the substrate; a conductive connection built on the first module and conductively connected thereto; an adhesive spacer on the first module with the conductive connection exposed; and a second module on the adhesive spacer in conductive contact with the conductive connection and partially supported thereby.09-06-2012
20110286186Monitoring Systems and Backplane For A Monitoring System - A first backplane for being electrically coupled to a second backplane, a system monitoring module, and at least one transducer monitoring module includes a system interface bus configured to be coupled to the system monitoring module and the second backplane. The intermediate backplane also includes at least one monitor interface bus configured to be coupled to the at least one transducer monitoring module and the second backplane and an intermediate backplane bus configured to be coupled to the at least one transducer monitoring module and the system monitoring module.11-24-2011
20100208434MOBILE TERMINAL HAVING DETACHABLE SUB-MODULE - A mobile terminal having a detachable sub-module is disclosed. The mobile terminal includes a sub-module having a sub-function configuration unit formed with parts for performing a function and a main terminal having a display unit at a front surface and a connection unit at a rear surface for coupling the sub-module to the main terminal. A magnet is installed at a side surface of the connection unit or the sub-module, and the sub-module is coupled to the main terminal or is detached from the main terminal through the magnet. Enhancement of the portability and function quality of mobile terminals that support various functions is achieved by coupling a sub-module for performing a function to the main terminal having a display unit that allows user interactivity with the mobile terminal.08-19-2010
20100033936Method and apparatus for rapid and dynamic RF and microwave circuit prototyping and integration - A method and apparatus for rapid and dynamic RF and Microwave circuit prototyping and integration provides a standard test fixture for testing any single device from any device vendors, provides a rapid dynamic tool for sub-system and system integration and prototyping, provides a flexibility to make any single function or multi-function assembled module quickly and economically. This prototyping approach can help RF/microwave companies share development times and costs. The combination of standard PCB function cells and dynamic standard mechanical cells helps build a prototype design quickly and reduce R&D costs.02-11-2010
20090290312MODULAR RACKS AND METHODS OF USE - A structural configuration and methods. A structural configuration includes a support structure having at least one module supporting a computer server disposed therein. Each module includes at least one support member separating the module from each adjacent module. The support member is configured to transmit simultaneously both power and data. A method for connecting servers includes placing a first server inside a first module which includes a first structural member configured to conduct both electrical power and data to the first server. A second server is placed inside a second module which includes a second structural member. The second module is placed on top of the first module. The first member supports the second module and separates the second module from the first module, resulting in the first member connecting to the second member. A method for using a computer support structure is also included.11-26-2009
20090168370INTEGRATED POWER SUPPLY AND PLATFORM FOR MILITARY RADIO - An improved power supply and platform for a military radio has been developed. The apparatus includes a base that is adapted and arranged for supporting a HARRIS 117 radio and a power amplifier adapted to amplify radio frequency output of the radio. The connectors include an electrical connector for the radio and a connector for the amplifier. A power supply is housed within the assembly. A power supply for the connector to the amplifier is also housed within the assembly, Also included is a wiring harness for a SINCGARS LS/671 device and a LED indicator to identify which radio is in operation for multiple radio configurations.07-02-2009
20120069529POWER CONVERSION MODULE - A power conversion module includes a circuit carrier board, a semiconductor module and an inductor module. The circuit carrier board has plural bonding pads. The semiconductor module is disposed on a first surface of the circuit carrier board. The inductor module has plural pins. The pins are extended from the inductor module along a first direction and connected with corresponding bonding pads on the circuit carrier board, so that a receptacle is defined between the inductor module and the circuit carrier board for accommodating the semiconductor module.03-22-2012
20090002957MEMORY INTERFACE CARD WITH SIM FUNCTIONS - A plug-in adapter includes a first contact for connection to a host device, at least two second contacts for connection to a memory card, and a third contact for connection to a subscriber identity module (SIM) component. Circuitry in the adapter connects at least one of the second contacts to the third contact and connects at least another of the second contacts to the first contact so as to create a communication path between the host device and the SIM component via the memory card.01-01-2009
20090086442CIRCUIT MODULE - To improve reliability of a circuit module by improving heat release performance and minimizing thermal influence on a device to be mounted, a base substrate having a first substrate mounted thereon is fitted into a lower portion of casing member, and a second substrate is installed in the upper portion of the casing member so that a spaced area can be provided. In addition, a drive device to be installed on the second substrate is positioned off the center of the second substrate.04-02-2009
20090257203MOBILE COMMUNICATION DEVICE WITH REPLACEABLE FUNCTIONAL MODULES - A mobile communication device with replaceable function modules includes a main body and an externally connected device. The main body serves as a central member, and has a main hybrid joint including an electrical contact and a magnetic joint. The main hybrid joint of the main body is joined to a device hybrid joint of the externally connected device, so as to realize the function thereof. When joined together, the main body activates a functional module of the externally connected device functional module. In addition, the main body and the externally connected device are further joined through the magnetic joints. Therefore, when separated by accidentally falling onto the ground, the mobile communication device can be rejoined through the magnetic joints, and thus it is unnecessary to worry about the unavailability due to the break-down of the joint portion.10-15-2009
20090257201Device Bracket with Integrated Device Hub - An device bracket for mounting devices to a flat panel display incorporates a device hub able to form a network with devices coupled to it where the device hub associates one or more physical characteristics to devices coupled to it, including locality, orientation and position relative to the device hub. The device hub is conveys data indicating these physical characteristics associated with these devices to one or more of the devices coupled to it, thereby either enabling the devices with those physical characteristics to modify the manner in which they perform their own functions in response to those physical characteristics, or enabling other devices to modify data that they exchange with the devices having those physical characteristics in response to those physical characteristics.10-15-2009
20090257200Device - A device, a module being insertible into a housing-forming recess of the device, energy and/or data being transmittable in a contactless manner.10-15-2009
20090257202EXPENDABLE ELECTRICAL CONNECTOR - An expendable electrical connector uses a plurality of modular housings sequentially assembled for receiving receptacle assemblies. The expendable electrical connector does not use dedicated moulds for different numbers of the receptacle assemblies and cost is decreased. Two neighboring modular housings share a side plate so that total length of the expendable electrical connector will be shortened and cost will also be decreased. Each of the modular housings may be made from a metallic sheet by punching process, and used to cover each of the receptacle assemblies and the modular housings can be connected with each other. The modular housings provide a good performance of grounding and shielding electromagnetic interference without dedicated grounding steps for individual receptacle assemblies.10-15-2009
20090279268Module - A module is provided. The module includes a first module unit provided at a top surface with a cavity and a second module unit on which one or more electronic devices are mounted. The second module unit is at least partly received in the cavity of the first module unit.11-12-2009
20100157546Connecting a Plurality of Chassis Using a Rigid Connection - Connecting a plurality of chassis using a rigid connection. A first coupling element of a first chassis may be mated with a first rigid connection. The first coupling element may be positioned on an exterior housing of the first chassis. A second coupling element of a second chassis may be mated with the first rigid connection. The second coupling element may be positioned on an exterior housing of the second chassis. Connecting the first chassis and the second chassis may allow the first and second chassis to communicate.06-24-2010
20100182753SYSTEM FOR MOUNTING A DEVICE TO A HOST - A system for mounting a device to a host, such as an appliance, includes elongated, substantially parallel device interfaces for removably mounting the device to the host. The device interfaces can include rails, slots and/or electrical conductors.07-22-2010
20100296256CONFIGURABLE MODULE AND MEMORY SUBSYSTEM - A configurable memory subsystem includes a memory module with a circuit board having a first and a second memory-containing device (MCD) pair mounted thereto. Each MCD pair has a first MCD in communication with a second MCD. Each MCD has an input port, an output port, and a memory each communicating with a bridge. In response to a command, the bridge transfers at least one of a portion of a data packet from the input port to the output port or to the memory, or transfers a portion of a memory packet from the memory to the output port. A loop-back device receives the command and the data packet form the first MCD pair and transmits the command and data packet to the second MCD pair.11-25-2010
20090034209MULTI-MODULE COMBINATION TYPE PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A multi-module combination type portable electronic device includes a display module having a display unit to display an image, a control module having a plurality of buttons, and a connection unit to connect the display module and the control module, thereby transmitting a data signal and power from the control module to the display module, and thus, enabling use in a plurality of modes according to a combination position of the display module and the control module.02-05-2009
20100321900CIRCUIT BOARD HAVING CONDUCTIVE SHIELD MEMBER AND SEMICONDUCTOR PACKAGE USING THE SAME - A circuit board having a board body includes a via structure. The via structure includes a conductive connector passing through the board body and a conductive shield member surrounding at least a portion of the conductive connector. The shield member prevents distortion of a data signal applied to the conductive connector, and also intercepts electromagnetic waves generated by the conductive connector.12-23-2010
20100128446SECURITY SYSTEM INCLUDING MODULAR RING HOUSING - A modular building system arrangement includes a plurality of electrical building systems. Each electrical building system has a housing with a mechanical connector that is connectable with a like connector of each other building system housing. Members of any subset of the building system housings are connectable with each other to form a building system assembly. The building systems of the building system assembly conjointly define an electrically conductive pathway interconnecting each of the building systems of the building system assembly. The pathway carries power and/or data.05-27-2010
20110176281VEHICLE CONTROL DEVICE - A vehicle control device includes plural functional modules each of which is a minimum part unit that contributes to change in input/output potentials, and has an input and an output of one power line or one set of power lines, except for power lines having a same potential as that on an overhead wire side or that on a ground side. The functional module has an interface surface on one side surface, to which both of a signal line and the power line are connected. Each interface surface is divided into a first interface area in which a signal line terminal connected to the signal line is placed, and a second interface area in which a power line terminal connected to the power line is placed. The plural functional modules are adjacently arranged such that the interface surfaces face in a same direction, the first interface areas are located on one end side in common, and the second interface areas are located on the other end side in common.07-21-2011
20080247141System for slidably coupling consumer electronic devices to an appliance - A system of an appliance host with at least a pair of generally parallel elongated interface structures cooperatively defining alternative pairs of locations for removably coupling a portable device to the outer wall and a potable device for use with the appliance. The interface structures may be rails, slots or elongated electrical connectors.10-09-2008
20080285240Terminal Module with Integrated Functions - The invention relates to a terminal module (11-20-2008
20120147567Networking Packages Based on Interposers - A package structure includes a networking unit including a plurality of switches/routers and a plurality of network interface units coupled to the plurality of switches/routers, and an interposer including a plurality of metal connections. The interposer is substantially free from functional elements built therein. A functional element is outside of, and bonded onto, the interposer, wherein the functional element is electrically coupled to the networking unit through the plurality of metal connections.06-14-2012
20100214747MODULAR ELECTRIC SYSTEM - The present invention relates to a modular electric system with a base module (08-26-2010
20110188209Processes for Enhanced 3D Integration and Structures Generated Using the Same - An enhanced 3D integration structure comprises a logic microprocessor chip bonded to a collection of vertically stacked memory slices and an optional set of outer vertical slices comprising optoelectronic devices. Such a device enables both high memory content in close proximity to the logic circuits and a high bandwidth for logic to memory communication. Additionally, the provision of optoelectronic devices in the outer slices of the vertical slice stack enables high bandwidth direct communication between logic processor chips on adjacent enhanced 3D modules mounted next to each other or on adjacent packaging substrates. A method to fabricate such structures comprises using a template assembly which enables wafer format processing of vertical slice stacks.08-04-2011
20130194758APPARATUS FOR PERFORMING COMMUNICATION CONTROL - An apparatus for performing communication control includes a control module implemented with at least one integrated circuit (IC) whose package includes a plurality of sets of terminals, each set of the plurality of sets of terminals corresponding to one of a plurality of sub-modules of the control module, and within the sets of terminals, a set of terminals corresponding to a specific sub-module of the sub-modules include a power-input terminal arranged to input power from outside the control module. For example, on a printed circuit board (PCB) of the apparatus, arrangement of some modules is similar to that of some contact pads associated to the sets of terminals. In another example, the control module includes a power distribution system including at least one power distribution wire. In another example, a PCB within the apparatus includes at least one signal transmission wire and at least one set of co-plane ground wires.08-01-2013
20110063804Portable Electronic Device - A portable electronic device includes a main body and a power converter. The main body includes a first housing and a main circuit disposed within the first housing. The main circuit includes a power input end located on a side surface of the first housing. The power converter includes a second housing and a power modulating circuit. A side surface of the second housing is detachably assembled to the side surface of the first housing. The modulating circuit is disposed in the second housing, and includes a power output end and a utility power input end. The power output end is located on the side surface of the second housing, and the utility power input end is located on another side surface of the second housing. The power modulating circuit is capable of modulating utility power from the utility power input end to modulated power suitable for the main circuit, and the modulated power s outputted from the power output end. When the side surface of the second housing is assembled to the side surface of the first housing, the power output end on the second housing is electrically connected to the power input end on the first housing thereby transmitting the modulated power to the main circuit.03-17-2011
20110317372SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICE - A device includes: a wiring board having first and second surfaces opposing each other; and a plurality of memory packages on the first surface. The wiring board includes: a first set of terminals on the first surface; a plurality of second sets of terminals on the first surface; and a plurality of first signal lines. The terminals of the first set receive respective ones of a plurality of first signals supplied from a control device. Each of the second sets is provided for a corresponding one of the memory packages. The terminals of each of the second sets contact the corresponding one of the memory packages. The first signal lines extend from respective ones of the terminals of the first set while coupling respective ones of the terminals of each of the second sets. The first signal lines extend on the first surface without extending in the wiring board.12-29-2011
20110317371ELECTRONIC COMPONENT PACKAGE AND FABRICATION METHOD THEREOF - An electronic component package is described. The electronic component package includes a first electronic component package module mounted on a surface of a packaging layer. A second electronic component package module laminated on a bottom of the first electronic component package module is mounted on a surface of a packaging layer. The first and second electronic component package modules respectively include at least two semiconductor chips laminated. A first redistribution layer is between the first and the second electronic component package modules, electrically connected to the first and the second electronic component package modules. A conductive bump is mounted on a bottom of the second electronic component package module, electrically connected to the second electronic component package module.12-29-2011
20100290197Modular Data Center and Associated Methods - A number of structural modules are configured to be secured together and to be secured to a foundation. Each of the structural modules is without one or more sidewalls, such that when the structural modules are secured together they form a building structure that encloses an open region which continuously extends through interiors of the structural modules. Each of the number of structural modules is structurally formed to be independently transported. A power module is configured to be secured to one of the structural modules and to the foundation. The power module is defined as an enclosed structure and is structurally formed to be independently transported. The power module is equipped with electrical components for supplying and distributing electrical power to a pre-defined layout of data equipment to be deployed within the open region of the building structure formed by the number of structural modules.11-18-2010
20120314377PACKAGING STRUCTURE EMBEDDED WITH ELECTRONIC ELEMENTS AND METHOD OF FABRICATING THE SAME - A packaging structure is provided which includes: a substrate, at least an electronic module, and an adhesive material. The substrate has two opposing surfaces, at least an opening penetrating the two surfaces, and two metallic frames formed on two opening ends of the at least an opening. The electronic module is disposed in the opening and has electronic elements and an encapsulant encapsulating the electronic elements. Each of the electronic elements has two opposing active surfaces exposed from the encapsulant and electrode pads formed on the two opposing active surfaces. The electrode pads are exposed from the opening. The adhesive material is filled into the opening and a gap between the electronic module and the opening, so as to secure in position the electronic modules in the opening. Compared with the prior art, the embedded electronic elements of the packaging structure according to the present invention is prevented from short circuit, and thus has increased yield rate.12-13-2012
201201629313D POWER MODULE PACKAGE - Disclosed herein is a 3D power module package, including: a power converting unit packaged to include a heat radiating substrate, a power device connected to the heat radiating substrate, and a lead frame; a controlling unit packaged to include a controlling unit substrate and IC and controlling devices mounted on an upper portion of the controlling unit substrate; and an electrical connecting unit electrically connecting the packaged power converting unit and the packaged controlling unit.06-28-2012
20100271787Sensor module - A sensor module includes a housing and a chip system disposed therein, the chip system being disposed on a substrate and being embedded in a sealing layer deposited on the substrate. The chip system is disposed in a window region of a frame structure disposed on the substrate, the frame structure featuring substantially the same thermal expansion properties as the substrate.10-28-2010
20120257358Microelectronic Assemblies - Embodiments enable for the creation of microelectronic modules that may be configured in any order within a microelectronic assembly. The microelectronic modules provide for point-to-point interconnects between the modules using a standardized connector that is the same for each module. This, thereby, eliminates the need for a backplane. The modules may be configured in any order within a microelectronic assembly. No prior knowledge regarding the functions of an individual microelectronic module is required if the microelectronic modules conform to the standardized I/O of the standardized connector.10-11-2012
20120081858FLEX CABLE AND METHOD FOR MAKING THE SAME - An assembly of substrate packages interconnected with flex cables. The assembly allows input/output (I/O) signals to be speedily transmitted between substrate packages via flex cable and without being routed through the motherboard. Embodiments relate to a substrate package providing detachable inter-package flex cable connection. The flex cable comprises a transmission region that includes a plurality of signal traces and a ground plane. A plurality of solder mask strips are disposed on the plurality of signals traces to provide anchoring for the signal traces. The solder mask strips intersect the signals traces. The exposed signal traces and the ground plane are coated with organic solderability preservative material. Hermetically-sealed guiding through holes are provided on the substrate package as a mechanical alignment feature to guide connection between flex cables and high speed I/O contact pads on the substrate package. Embodiments of the method of fabrication relate to simultaneously forming hermetically-sealed guiding through holes and I/O contact pads.04-05-2012
20120320537ELECTROSTATIC DISCHARGE PROTECTION FOR MODULAR EQUIPMENT - What is disclosed is a modular visualization display panel. The modular visualization display panel includes a first module having at least one surface and a connection to electrical ground. The modular visualization display panel also includes a second module having at least one surface with a plurality of raised contact nodes arranged on the one surface of the second module such that when in contact with the one surface of the first module electrostatic discharge energy is directed over at least one of the raised contact nodes to the one surface of the first module.12-20-2012
20110038126Multifunctional/Modular Smoke Alarm Device - An improved smoke detector device comprising a base for mounting to a place on a ceiling or a wall via a mounting means; and a ring for removably attaching to the base, the ring comprising at least two modules that removably connect together via a connecting means to form the ring, wherein each module comprises an inner chamber and a door, the inner chamber of each module can hold an item, the door of each module can move between an open position and a closed position for respectively allowing and preventing access to the inner chamber of the module.02-17-2011
20110235282CONFORMAL SHIELDING PROCESS USING PROCESS GASES - In one embodiment, a meta-module having circuitry for two or more modules is formed on a substrate, which is preferably a laminated substrate. The circuitry for the different modules is initially formed on the single meta-module. Each module will have one or more component areas in which the circuitry is formed. A metallic structure is formed on or in the substrate for each component area to be shielded. A single body, such as an overmold body, is then formed over all of the modules on the meta-module. At least a portion of the metallic structure for each component area to be shielded is then exposed through the body by a cutting, drilling, or like operation. Next, an electromagnetic shield material is applied to the exterior surface of the body of each of the component areas to be shielded and in contact with the exposed portion of the metallic structures.09-29-2011
20130021760MULTI-CHANNEL PACKAGE AND ELECTRONIC SYSTEM INCLUDING THE SAME - A multi-channel package has at least four channels and includes a package substrate having a first surface and a second surface, semiconductor chips mounted on the first surface of the package substrate, and external connection terminals disposed on the second surface of the package substrate and electrically connected to the semiconductor chips by the at least four channels. Each channel is dedicated to one or a group of the chips. An electronic system includes a main board, at least one such multi-channel package mounted on the main board, and a controller package that is mounted on the main board, has 4n channels (wherein n≧2) and controls the at least one multi-channel package.01-24-2013
20120250265CIRCUIT MODULE MANUFACTURING METHOD, CIRCUIT MODULE, AND ELECTRONIC APPARATUS INCLUDING CIRCUIT MODULE - A method of manufacturing a plurality of circuit modules includes cutting a mother board including a plurality of electronic components mounted on at least a single surface thereof, and cutting out a plurality of circuit boards from the mother board. A plurality of terminal electrode boards, each of which is arranged so as to straddle at least the circuit boards that are adjacent to each other, are mounted onto one surface of the mother board. The mother board including the terminal electrode boards mounted on the one surface, and the electronic components, mounted on the at least single surface, is diced at positions where the circuit boards are to be cut out.10-04-2012
20130100615TAPE SUBSTRATE WITH CHIP ON FILM STRUCTURE FOR LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY PANEL - The present invention provides a tape substrate with COF structures for a liquid crystal display panel. A plurality of package units with the COF structures are arranged along a longitudinal direction of the tape substrate. Each of the package units includes input leads and output leads. In each of the package units, along the longitudinal direction of the tape substrate, the input leads and the output leads are disposed at both sides of the tape substrate, respectively. The present invention further provides the liquid crystal display panel using the tape substrate.04-25-2013
20130141874SLIDING MECHANISM FOR SLIDING A DISPLAY MODULE RELATIVE TO A HOST MODULE AND PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE THEREWITH - The present invention discloses a sliding mechanism for sliding a display module relative to a host module. The sliding mechanism includes a host module fixing component installed inside the host module, a display module fixing component connected to the host module fixing component, a sliding component disposed on a lateral side of the display module and installed on the display module fixing component in a slidable manner, and a roller set installed on the display module fixing component for guiding the sliding component to slide in a first direction relative to the display module fixing component, such that the display module can slide relative to the host module in the first direction.06-06-2013
20130148311DOUBLE-LAYER PCB OF LOW POWER WIRELESS SENSING SYSTEM AND MANUFACTURING METHOD - The invention discloses a double-layer PCB of a low power wireless sensing system and a manufacturing method thereof. The low power wireless sensing system includes a first layer and a second layer. The first layer comprises a wireless communication module, a power amplifying module, a USB module, a balun module, an antenna module, a low-frequency oscillator and a high-frequency oscillator. According to the double-layer PCB of the low power wireless sensing system and the manufacturing method thereof, a circuit layout can be performed on the double-layer PCB to reduce volume of the PCB.06-13-2013
20100315789CIRCUIT BOARD DEVICE AND CIRCUIT BOARD MODULE DEVICE - Provided is a circuit board device in which printed wiring boards 12-16-2010
20130182396CONNECTING MECHANISM AND RELATED ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A connecting mechanism of adjusting an angle of a first module relative to a second module of an electronic device is disclosed in the present invention. The connecting mechanism includes a hinge assembly disposed on the second module, a rod disposed on the hinge assembly and pivoting to the first module, a torsional spring disposed between the rod and the hinge assembly, and a damper assembly disposed on the rod and sheathed by the torsional spring. The hinge assembly includes a first hinge installed inside the second module, and a second hinge slidably disposed on the first hinge. The torsional spring drives the rod to rotate relative to the second hinge from a first position to a second position, so that the first module can stand on the second module. The damper assembly can be for absorbing a vibration generated from the rod.07-18-2013
20130208429POSITIVE POLE MATERIAL OF LITHIUM ION BATTERY, METHOD FOR PREPARING THE SAME, POSITIVE POLE, AND LITHIUM ION BATTERY - The present invention, relating to the battery field, discloses a positive pole material of a lithium ion battery and method for preparing the same, a positive pole of a lithium ion battery, and a lithium ion battery, which are capable of effectively preventing precipitation of metal impurity ions on a negative pole, and improving the cycle performance and high-temperature storage performance of the lithium ion battery. The positive pole material of the lithium ion battery includes: a conductive additive; nano phosphate, where the formula of the nano phosphate is LiMPO08-15-2013
20130208430Mount Platform for Multiple Military Radios - A platform for a military radio with a vehicle adapter amplifier has been developed. The apparatus includes a base for supporting dual AN/VRC-110 radio systems. The platform has a first power supply that includes a DC power converter for converting 110/220 alternating current into +28 Volt direct current and a second power supply that converts +28 Volt direct current into +6.75 Volts direct current, +13 Volts direct current and +200 Volt direct current. The platform includes a vehicle adapter power amplifier that provides range extension to said dual AN/VRC-110 radio systems.08-15-2013

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