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361 - Electricity: electrical systems and devices


361679000 - For electronic systems and devices

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361729000 Plural 125
361736000 With printed circuit boards 115
361747000 With locking means or device 70
361746000 With specific dielectric material or layer 18
20130044437SENSOR MODULE AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING A SENSOR MODULE - A method for producing a sensor module, in which a line part is provided in a first production step, which includes at least one receiving region for the force-fitting and/or form-fitting accommodation of a sensor element, and in a second production step for producing a housing, the line part is extrusion-coated with a plastic material in such a way that the at least one receiving region remains generally free of plastic material, and the sensor element is fixed in place in force-fitting and/or form-fitting manner in the at least one receiving region in a third production step.02-21-2013
20120162929POWER SUPPLY WITH SOLID INSULATING SUBSTANCE - A power supply includes a casing, an electronic module and a filler having a solid insulating substance, and the casing has a cavity for installing the electronic module, and a filling space reserved from an internal wall of the casing, and the filler having the solid insulating substance is filled into the filling space, such that the consumption of potting can be reduced to lower the cost of the potting and meet the application requirements of the power supply.06-28-2012
20100020507ELECTRONIC GAS IGNITER DEVICE AND INTEGRATED BOX-LIKE TERMINAL BOARD FEATURING A CABLE CLAMP, IN PARTICULAR FOR ELECTRIC HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES - A gas igniter device includes a first synthetic material casing containing igniter and an electronic control and a terminal board integrally coupled to the first casing and in turn including a cable clamp. The terminal board includes a second synthetic box-shaped material casing including: a cup-shaped body provided with a first and a second opposite side opening and an inlet oriented essentially perpendicular to the side openings; and a closing lid of the inlet hingedly restrained onto a first side of the cup-shaped body; a first end of the first casing is provided with a pair of electric power contacts for the igniter and is snappingly and removably coupled in use to the cup-shaped body within a first side opening with the contacts arranged inside the cup-shaped body in position facing the inlet. The lid is snappingly coupling to a second side of the cup-shaped body and provided with a first clamp for an electric power cable insertable in use through the second side opening; a second clamp joined to the first being integrally carried by a bottom wall of the cup-shaped body in addition to a third clamp adjacent to the second side opening.01-28-2010
20090195995COMMUNICATIONS DEVICE - A system includes a communications device and power supply units detachably installable thereon. On an outer surface of the communications device there is an aperture arranged to enable the insertion of different power supply units in different sections of the volume inside the communications device. The volume is continuous so that instead of separate power supply units it is possible to insert, through the aperture, in the volume a physically larger power supply unit which, when installed in the volume, extends into more than one section of the volume. The communications device can be flexibly equipped e.g. with power supply units functioning as back-ups for each other, each taking up part of the volume, or with a single power supply unit, larger than the above-mentioned, taking up the volume. Therefore the volume inside the communications device can be utilized in connection with power supply units of various types.08-06-2009
20090122496Electronic Module and Electronic Device - An electronic module includes a board unit having a handle and a module housing. The handle includes a grip portion and a pair of leg portions. The leg portions have engagement convex portions extending from portions serving as rotary pivots, of the leg portions. The module housing includes an engagement concave portion provided to correspond to the engagement convex portions. When the board unit is inserted into the module housing, by rotating the handle around the rotary pivots in a direction along which the grip portion approaches the panel portion, the engagement convex portions are brought into contact with a part of the engagement concave portion to produce a force in a direction, along which the board unit is pressed into the module housing.05-14-2009
20130083492POWER MODULE PACKAGE AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME - A power module package includes: a substrate having a stepped portion and a non-stepped portion; a power circuit unit electrically connected to a circuit wiring provided in the stepped portion; a control circuit unit electrically connected to a circuit wiring provided in the non-stepped portion; and a molding unit molded on the substrate to seal the power circuit unit while exposing the circuit wiring of the non-stepped portion. Therefore, it is possible to improve thermal characteristics of the power module package, implement high reliability between the power circuit unit and the control circuit unit, improve design freedom of the power module package, and implement miniaturization of products.04-04-2013
20130077260SMARTPAD - NOTIFICATIONS - A multi-display device is adapted to be dockable or otherwise associatable with an additional device. In accordance with one exemplary embodiment, the multi-display device is dockable with a smartpad. The exemplary smartpad can include a screen, a touch sensitive display, a configurable area, a gesture capture region(s) and a camera. The smartpad can also include a port adapted to receive the device. The exemplary smartpad is able to cooperate with the device such that information displayable on the device is also displayable on the smartpad. Furthermore, any one or more of the functions on the device are extendable to the smartpad, with the smartpad capable of acting as an input/output interface or extension of the smartpad. Therefore, for example, information from one or more of the displays on the multi-screen device is displayable on the smartpad.03-28-2013
20100157545INTERFERENCE SHIELDED ELECTRONICS MODULE AND METHOD FOR PROVIDING THE SAME - An interference shielded, for example a RFI and/or EMI shielded, for an electronics module which forms a contact with at least one edge zone of a circuit board, is provided. The contact functions in the electronics module as a ground. The circuit board includes an outermost electrically conductive layer providing the interference shield of the electronics module; at least one circuit card layer unit comprising electronics components and a wiring pattern embedded into a filling material of the circuit board layer; and encapsulating activation material layer. The activation material layer is advantageously a substrate layer or a resin layer, and which overlays above the topmost circuit board layer, and which is arranged into a space between the outermost layer and topmost circuit board layer to be therein conformingly against the inner surface of the outermost layer for isolating the electronic components and the wiring pattern from outermost layer.06-24-2010
20130039015ELECTRONIC MODULE AND HANGING MECHANISM THEREOF - A hanging mechanism is for hanging an electronic device on a support wall. The hanging mechanism includes a fixing pad, first and second linkage rods, first arm and second arm rods, and first and second hanging rods. The fixing pad is detachably fixed onto the electronic device. The first linkage rod is pivoted to a first side of the fixing pad and the first arm rod. The second linkage rod is pivoted to a second side of the fixing pad and the second arm rod. The first hanging rod is pivoted to the first arm rod. The second hanging rod is pivoted to the second arm rod and rotatably intersects with the first hanging rod. The second hanging rod is for hanging on the support wall with the first hanging rod. When the first and second linkage rods rotate relatively, the first and second hanging rods rotate relatively.02-14-2013
20130083493ELECTRONIC COMPONENT, ELECTRONIC MODULE, AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THE SAME - An electronic component includes a unit including an electronic device; and an opposite member opposing the electronic device, wherein the unit and the opposite member are bonded together with an adhering member disposed between the unit and the opposite member and having light-cured resin and inorganic particles dispersed in the light-cured resin; and wherein in a particle-diameter distribution of the inorganic particles by volume, a particle diameter having a cumulative value of distribution of 50% is 0.5 μm or more, and a particle diameter having a cumulative value of distribution of 90% is 5.0 μm or less.04-04-2013
20120182698ASSEMBLY FOR INSTALLING BUILDING SYSTEMS ENGINEERING UNITS - An assembly for installing building systems engineering units includes a housing, which comprises a control device for carrying out an electronic function, and a base module which is designed for fastening the housing for a pre-determined installation situation. The housing and the base module are designed for fixed but removable connection so that the housing can be connected to a base module adapted to the respective installation situation in dependence on the installation situation. The modular sub-division of an installation unit into a base module and a housing, which comprises the control device for carrying out a defined function, can significantly reduce the diversity of variants.07-19-2012
20120182697BOARD MODULE AND FABRICATION METHOD THEREOF - Affixed to a projection (07-19-2012
20120182696EXPANSION SYSTEM FOR PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICES - An expansion system for portable electronic devices is provided. A portable electronic device includes a main logic board and a battery component. The device includes a package for enclosing components of the device that is sealed to prevent ingress of foreign material from the surrounding environment. A mounting interface is provided that extends into the internal space of the package. The mounting interface mounts an expansion component that expands functionality of the device so that it is physically and mechanically spaced from the main logic board. The device may include an expansion interface mounted on the main logic board for logical communication between the main logic board and the expansion component.07-19-2012
20130070424Molded can package - A molded can package includes a circuit board, a MEMS die and a can. The MEMS die is connected to the circuit board by a conductive wire. The can is mounted to the circuit board so as to isolate the MEMS die to form a MEMS die unit. A compound mold packs the MEMS die unit to prevent the MEMS die from being interfered and physically damage by electro-magnetic radiation and light so as to simplify the manufacturing processes and increase the production and reduce the cost.03-21-2013
20130070423COMPACT CONNECTOR ASSEMBLY FOR IMPLANTABLE MEDICAL DEVICE - A connector assembly for an implantable medical device includes a plurality of feedthroughs mounted in a conductive array plate, each feedthrough in the plurality of feedthroughs including a feedthrough pin electrically isolated from the conductive array plate by an insulator and an electronic module assembly including a plurality of conductive strips set in a non-conductive block. The plurality of conductive strips is in physical and electrical contact with the feedthrough pins at an angle of less than 135 degrees. The connector assembly further includes at least one circuit, the circuit including a plurality of conductors corresponding to the plurality of feedthroughs. The plurality of conductors of the circuit is in physical and electrical contact with a corresponding one of the conductive strips of the plurality of conductive strips of the electronic module assembly at an angle of less than 135 degrees.03-21-2013
20130050957ELECTRONIC COMPONENT INCORPORATING BOARD AND COMPOSITE MODULE - An electronic component incorporating board that is less susceptible to a solder flash phenomenon therein even with application of heat, for example, when it is mounted to another substrate, includes a core substrate, electrodes located respectively on one principal surface and the other principal surface of the core substrate, an electronic component mounted to the electrodes that are located on the one principal surface of the core substrate, and a resin layer located on the one principal surface of the core substrate and covering the electronic component, wherein surfaces of the electrodes located on the one principal surface of the core substrate are not plated.02-28-2013
20130050956Photovoltaic Junction Module - A photovoltaic junction module is provided, which includes a housing, an overmolded assembly, and a cable. The overmolded assembly includes an electrical assembly and a plastic body for enclosing the electrical assembly therein. The overmolded assembly is detachably mounted to the housing. The cable extends into the housing and detachably and electrically connects to the electrical assembly.02-28-2013
20130088838DIE PACKAGE, METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME, AND SYSTEMS INCLUDING THE SAME - A die package includes a substrate, a die mounted on the substrate, and a ZQ resistor disposed in the die package and connected to the substrate and the die. The ZQ resistor may be used to calibrate impedance of the die.04-11-2013
20130088839BOARD MODULE MANUFACTURING METHOD, BOARD MODULE, AND BOARD MODULE ASSEMBLY - There is provided a method of manufacturing a board module which includes attaching a metal particle to a surface of a solder bump, which includes at least a tin component and is mounted on an electrode provided on a first surface of an electric part or a printed circuit board, the metal particle having a higher specific gravity and a higher melting point than the solder bump, making the first surface face up, heating the solder bump to a temperature equal to or higher than the melting point of the solder bump so that the metal particle precipitates in the solder bump, and forming an inter-metal compound layer, which has a higher melting point than a melting point of the solder bump, at an interface between the solder bump and the electrode by using the metal particle, which has precipitated, and the tin component of the solder bump.04-11-2013
20120307459MAINTAINING MEMBER, MODULE, AND ELECTRONIC APPARATUS - A maintaining member includes alignment portions that determine a maintaining position of a module, in which each of the alignment portions has a mounting face to fix the module. When the maintaining member is partitioned into a first region to a fourth region by a first axis and a second axis that are orthogonal to each other in plan view with respect to the center of the maintaining member, the alignment portions are provided at the regions one by one.12-06-2012
20130058050SLOT AND MEMORY MODULE FOR A SLOT STANDING INTERCONNECT - According to exemplary embodiments, a controlled-depth slot extending into a circuit board is provided. The controlled depth slot may be milled, and may comprise ½ radial plated through-holes to generate a solderable “D” interconnect feature. The slot may include interconnect features on one to five sides. According to another exemplary embodiment, a circuit board having a depth-controlled interconnect slot is provided in conjunction with one or more solderable technology modules. The one or more solderable technology modules may include memory devices, power devices such as Point of Load Supplies (POLS), security devices and anti-tamper devices, capacitance devices, and other types of chips such as Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs). The solderable technology modules may be soldered into the slot to secure the modules in the slot and connect the modules to interconnects on the circuit board.03-07-2013
20130058049PACKAGE SYSTEMS INCLUDING PASSIVE ELECTRICAL COMPONENTS - A package system includes at least one active circuitry disposed over a substrate. A passivation structure is disposed over the at least one active circuitry. The passivation structure has at least one opening that is configured to expose at least one first electrical pad. At least one passive electrical component is disposed over the passivation structure. The at least one passive electrical component is electrically coupled with the at least one first electrical pad.03-07-2013
20110063803Semiconductor Device - The problem of damage on an antenna or a circuit (electrostatic breakdown) due to discharge of electric charge accumulated in an insulator is solved; and the problem of NAKANUKE failure is solved. A pair of conductive layers, a pair of insulators provided between the pair of conductive layers, and a chip which is provided between the pair of insulators and includes an antenna, an analog circuit, and a digital circuit are provided, in which an opening is provided for at least one of the pair of conductive layers, and the opening is provided at a position which overlaps at least the analog circuit.03-17-2011
20120224331LOW PROFILE SOLDER GRID ARRAY TECHNOLOGY FOR PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD SURFACE MOUNT COMPONENTS - A standoff contact array is disposed between a mounting substrate of a flip-chip package and a board. The standoff contact array is formable by mating a low-profile solder bump on the mounting substrate with a low-profile solder paste on the board. Thereafter, the standoff contact array is formed by reflowing the low-profile solder paste on the board against the low-profile solder bump on the mounting substrate.09-06-2012
20130063903ARRANGEMENT COMPRISING AN ELECTRIC AND/OR ELECTRONIC MODULE AND A CIRCUIT CARRIER - The invention relates to an arrangement comprising an electric and/or electronic module (03-14-2013
20130063902POWER SUPPLY CONTROL CIRCUIT MODULE - A power supply control IC is mounted on a surface of a multilayer body that defines a power supply control circuit module. A first inner-layer electrode connecting an inductor element and a switching regulator element for the power supply control IC, another first inner-layer electrode connecting the inductor element and a capacitor element, and still another first inner-layer electrode connecting the switching regulator element and the capacitor element are located on upper layer regions of the multilayer body and are routed in between a mounting area of the power supply control IC and a peripheral wall of the multilayer body. The first inner-layer electrodes have widths that are wider than those of second inner-layer electrodes which are located near a center region of the multilayer body and transmit control signals.03-14-2013
20090237892HOUSING ASSEMBLY FOR ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A housing assembly (09-24-2009
20090009975Camera module package - There is provided a camera module package including: a housing having an optical system; a board bonded to a bottom end of the housing and mounting an image sensor on a top surface thereof; a contact part integrally formed in the housing to electrically connect a sensor bonding pad of the image sensor with a board bonding pad of the board each other when the housing is engaged with the board. In the camera module package, a process of bonding the housing and the board together is performed at the same time as a process of electrically connecting the image sensor and the board to each other. This simplifies an assembly process and enhances productivity. Also, the camera module package is fundamentally free from contamination of external contact terminals caused by an overflowing bonding material when the board and the housing are bonded together.01-08-2009
20120236508ELECTRONIC-COMPONENT EMBEDDED RESIN SUBSTRATE AND ELECTRONIC CIRCUIT MODULE - An electronic component includes hollow vias provided within a resin layer such that first ends thereof extend to solders which connect and secure an embedded electronic component, and second ends thereof are sealed by a sealing-member layer, in order to cause the solders that become molten again to flow into the hollow vias such that the solders that have become molten again are housed in the hollow vias, thereby suppressing and preventing the occurrence of solder splash phenomena.09-20-2012
20120236507SENSOR MODULE, SENSOR DEVICE, METHOD FOR PRODUCING SENSOR DEVICE, AND ELECTRONIC APPARATUS - A sensor module includes a supporting member having three support faces orthogonal to one another, three IC chips each having connection terminals and external connection terminals on the side thereof where an active face is located, the three IC chips attached to the support faces of the supporting member on the sides thereof where passive faces lying along the active faces are located, three vibrating gyro elements each having a base, vibrating arms extending from the base, and connection electrodes, and flexible wiring substrates connected to the external connection terminals of the IC chips, each vibrating gyro element is disposed on the side of the IC chip where the active face is located, the connection electrodes are attached to the connection terminals of each IC chip such that one principal surface lies along the support face, and the flexible wiring substrate has a reinforcing layer.09-20-2012
20100202114ELECTRIC MODULE - An electronic module, comprising: a conductive-pattern layer; an insulating-material layer supporting the conductive-pattern layer; at least one component inside the insulating-material layer, the at least one component comprising a first surface and contact zones on the first surface; a first hardened adhesive layer on the first surface of the at least one component; a second hardened adhesive layer in contact with the conductive-pattern layer and the first hardened adhesive layer; holes in the first and second hardened adhesive layer at the locations of the contact zones; and conductive material in the holes and in electrical connection with the contact zones of the component and the conductive-pattern layer.08-12-2010
20100014257MODULE MOUNTING SYSTEM - An apparatus (01-21-2010
20120106093Display Device and Electronic Device - According to one embodiment, a display device includes a base, a display module, and an connection portion. The display module includes a display screen that stands upright. The connection portion includes an extending portion that extends above the base. The connection portion is connected to the display module and is supported by the base to be rotatable about a rotation axis that extends vertically. The rotation axis is located on the display screen side with respect to the center axis of the extending portion extending along the vertical direction.05-03-2012
20110292617POWER MODULE WITH CURRENT SENSING - A power module operable to sense current, such as but not limited to a power module operable within a vehicle to sense current while rectifying an AC input to a DC output. The power module may include a shunt disposed relative an output of the power module to facilitate the current measurement.12-01-2011
20090141459METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR PROVIDING HOLES THROUGH PORTIONS OF A HOUSING OF AN ELECTRONIC DEVICE - Electronic devices are provided with housing components that have improved aesthetics. One or more holes may be formed through an extruded portion of the housing.06-04-2009
20110199737SEMICONDUCTOR PACKAGE - Embodiments of the present invention provide a semiconductor package which includes: a semiconductor chip to which one end of each of a plurality of wires is connected; and a board on which the semiconductor chip is fixed, and a plurality of board wires to which the plurality of corresponding wires are connected are disposed, wherein the board includes: a first wiring pair that includes a first pair of wires in parallel with each other and first two board wires connected to the corresponding wires, one of the wires connected to one of the board wires crossing the other board wire without contact with the other board wire, and a second wiring pair that is provided adjacent to the first wiring pair and includes a second pair of wires in parallel with each other and second two board wires connected to the corresponding wires without a crossing.08-18-2011
20090190315CONTROL UNIT FOR CONTROLLING AN ELECTROMOTIVE DRIVE UNIT - A control unit for controlling an electromotive drive unit has a housing (07-30-2009
20090046435FILTER APPARATUS AND FREQUENCY CONVERTER TO WHICH THE FILTER APPARATUS IS CONNECTED - A power converter in which a filter apparatus is connected to a wiring drawing portion, said filter apparatus including: a condenser element having an electronic part having an insulator as a dielectric material held between conductor plates; a sealing agent sealing said condenser element; a filter circuit comprising said condenser element; a connection conductor establishing wiring connections of said filter circuit; and a filter housing supporting said sealing agent.02-19-2009
20080316713Power supply and speakerphone for handheld devices - The invention claimed herein and depicted in FIGS. 12-25-2008
20120106094LOW-NOISE FLIP-CHIP PACKAGES AND FLIP CHIPS THEREOF - A low-noise flip-chip package, comprising: a carrier substrate having first and second opposing main faces; and a flip-chip substrate connected in a face-down manner onto the first main face of the carrier substrate via a connection array, wherein: the flip-chip substrate comprises at least first and second circuitry portions spaced apart from one another; the flip-chip substrate comprises a substrate-contact boundary located between the first and second circuitry portions; and each of the first circuitry portion, the second circuitry portion and the substrate-contact boundary has its own separate signal-reference connection extending via a respective connection of the connection array through the carrier substrate to a respective electrical contact at the second main face of the carrier substrate for connection to a common signal-reference element in an external circuit.05-03-2012
20120106092NAVIGATION TOOL HOLDER - A navigation tool holder for a mobile device can include a top holder, a bottom holder, and a cover layered on top of the top holder. The top holder defines an opening for receiving a navigation tool. The bottom holder is configured to matingly engage the top holder. A navigation tool housed between the top holder and the bottom holder. The navigation tool includes a top portion protruding through the opening of the top holder and a flexible circuit communicatively coupling the navigation tool to a circuit board of the mobile device. The cover layer on the top holder can surround the top portion of the navigation tool so that the cover maintains an alignment of the navigation tool with a housing of the mobile device.05-03-2012
20100277873METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING A RIGID POWER MODULE SUITED FOR HIGH-VOLTAGE APPLICATIONS - Method for manufacturing a rigid power module with a layer that is electrically insulating and conducts well thermally and has been deposited as a coating, the structure having sprayed-on particles that are fused to each other, of at least one material that is electrically insulating and conducts well thermally, having the following steps: 11-04-2010
20090296355ASSEMBLY COMPRISING ELECTRIC AND/OR ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS - A module of electric and/or electronic components, wherein the module is cast with a curable electrically insulating casting material in a housing, characterized in that at least one terminal extending at least slightly into the housing and remaining accessible from outside the housing is provided on the housing, is electrically connected to the module, and is cast together with the module from the inside.12-03-2009
20090190314MODULE BASE UNIT WITH STRAIN RELIEF MEANS - In a module base unit (07-30-2009
20100103626CIRCUIT BOARD MODULE AND CONNECTION PORT THEREOF - A connection port and a circuit board module employing such a connection port are provided. The circuit board module includes a circuit board, a plurality of electronic components, a switch, a control unit connected to the switch, and a connection port. The electronic components, the switch, the control unit and the connection port are disposed on the circuit board. The connection port is adapted for connecting with a connector. The connection port includes a body, a plurality of first connection terminals for connecting with the connector, and a detection terminal. Each of the first connection terminals has one end connected to the control unit via the switch. The detection terminal has one end connected with the switch of the circuit board module. When another end of the detection terminal gets in contact with the connector, the switch electrically conducts the first connection terminals with the control unit.04-29-2010
20100302743Power Bank with Replaceable Battery Core - A power bank with a replaceable battery core includes a box and an electric power unit. The electric power unit includes one or more battery core and a power management module. A circuit protection module is disposed on a side of the battery core, and a first connecting unit is disposed between the power management module and the circuit protection module. The connecting unit is provided for connecting the power management module to the circuit protection module separately, such that the battery core can be separated from the power management module for a replacement easily when the battery core is damaged or failed.12-02-2010
20090002956Power Converter - A power converter which can attain a reliable electric connection with electrodes of a power module by facilitating positioning of conductors connected to the electrodes of the power module. The power converter includes the power module having the plurality of electrodes in the form of plate-shaped conductors within a casing having a lid, and also includes a plurality of plate-shaped conductors connected to the electrodes of the power module. Male screws are embedded in ones of the electrodes of the power module provided at least on the side of the lid to be projected therefrom, the plate-shaped conductors connected to the electrodes having the male screws are formed therein with holes at locations corresponding to the male screws, the male screws being inserted in the corresponding holes, and electrically connected with the electrodes with nuts fastened to the male screws.01-01-2009
20090002955LATCHING MECHANISM FOR PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A latching mechanism (01-01-2009
20090002954Handicap accessible removable control panel - This invention involves a control panel that is removable from a marking machine housing. This removable control panel is used to lower or raise the entire marking machine or just a module or modules of the machine. Wheelchair users have difficult times using a conventional marking machine such as a copier or printer. The user with the removable control panel can lower the entire machine so that access to all components is possible. In addition, the wheelchair user can raise the paper trays to be side by side with the processor module. It is important that the copier raise-lower function be on the control panel in addition to a control for horizontal movement of the module(s). Any other function can be put on the control panel.01-01-2009
20080278919SOCKET FOR ELECTRIC COMPONENT - The present invention provides a socket for an electric component having: a socket main body; a plurality of contact pins disposed within the socket main body; a socket cover; a slide plate disposed inside the socket main body to be movable up and down; and drive levers which are provided between the socket main body and the bottom face of the socket cover and press both end portions of two opposing sides of the slide plate by a down-movement-operation of the socket cover to lower the slide plate, wherein sub-levers for pressing one or plural positions of other opposing two sides of the slide plate to lower the slide plate are provided between the socket main body and the bottom face of the socket cover.11-13-2008
20080291642ELECTRONIC CIRCUIT MODULE INCLUDING CHIP MOUNTED TO MULTI-LAYER WIRING PLATE IN FLIP CHIP MANNER - The invention provides an electronic circuit module capable of reliably mounting a chip to a multi-layer wiring plate in a flip chip manner.11-27-2008
20080304240Received Information Transferring Apparatus, Receiving Apparatus and Received Information Transferring System - In order to maintain stability when connected, a cradle 12-11-2008
20080310125METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR ALIGNING AND INSTALLING FLEXIBLE CIRCUIT INTERCONNECTS - A method and apparatus for aligning components on a module. A flexible circuit may be attached to a module in which a tooling apparatus is attached to the module. A plurality of circuit pads on a functional section of the flexible circuit is aligned by a first alignment structure located on a sacrificial portion of the flexible circuit to a second alignment structure on the tooling apparatus. The flexible circuit is attached to the module while the flexible circuit is in an aligned position.12-18-2008
20080310124COUPLING ARRANGEMENT FOR ELECTRONIC DEVICE TO A VEHICLE BODY - An electronic control module mounted to an adaptive vehicle mount or directly onto a car body. The control module includes a casing which may have at least one leverage tab integral with the casing. The casing also includes an integral fastening tab, and may act as a lever such that the leverage tab and fastener tab withstand forces which counterbalances the force exerted on the casing when the casing is mounted to an adaptive vehicle mount or directly onto the car body.12-18-2008
20110007480CAPACITOR MODULE - A capacitor module is provided with a plurality of capacitor cells each having a capacitor and a capacitor case provided with a first closed-bottomed screw hole with an opening on a bottom surface for housing the capacitor, a metallic cell-fixing body having a through-hole in communication with the first screw hole to which the capacitor cells are fixed by inserting a cell screw in the through-hole and the first screw hole, an insulator made of a thermally conductive insulating material and provided between the capacitor cells and the cell-fixing body for insulating the capacitor cells from the cell fixing body, and a metallic heat-dissipating body having a second closed-bottomed screw hole in which a cell-fixing body screw is inserted and having a flow passage for causing a cooling medium to flow on a rear surface side of a surface on which the second screw hole is provided.01-13-2011
20080218982Surge Protector with a Mounting Base - A surge protector includes a housing with connectors for passing through an electrical lead that is to be protected, whereby a surge voltage discharge device is located inside the housing and a mounting base for placement on a mounting rail is located on the outside of the housing. The mounting base on the housing exhibits a power surge proof discharge contact for contacting the mounting rail with the discharge contact being connected to the discharge connector of the surge protector. An attachment is connected in a removeable fashion to the mounting base which includes a contact component which contacts the discharge contact of the mounting base and is connected in an electrically conducting manner with a lead that exits the attachment.09-11-2008
20100142157BOX FOR AN ELECTRONICS MODULE FOR CONTROLLING A MACHINE - A box for an electronics module for controlling a machine, in particular an engine, wherein the box comprises:06-10-2010
20090129030Arrester block module assembly and method - An electrical surge arrester includes an arrester block stack with a plurality of cylindrical surge arrester components arranged substantially coaxially to form a cylindrical stack of components having a longitudinal axis. First and second electrical conductive terminals are disposed at each end of the block stack and electrically coupled to the components. A spacer is disposed between each of the terminals and the plurality of cylindrical surge arrester components. A crimp pin is disposed in each of the metal terminals to plastically deform the terminals to compress the block stack. Rubber sheds can be directly molded around the device.05-21-2009
20110205712ELECTRONIC MODULE AND ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY COMPRISING SUCH A MODULE - The invention relates to an electronic module (08-25-2011
20090161324SHIELDING CASE, WIRING BOARD AND ELECTRONIC MODULE - A shielding case for accommodating a wiring board includes a board mounting member with a fitting member formed at an outer frame thereof so that the wiring board is fixed and held to the board mounting member through fitting of the fitting member into a through hole formed at the wiring board.06-25-2009
20120069528Method for Control of Solder Collapse in Stacked Microelectronic Structure - A process and product made from the process is disclosed to minimize solder collapse during solder reflow.03-22-2012
20090141458Expansion module and system thereof - An expansion module includes a housing, at least one first wedging device, a connecting device, and a module socket. At one side of the housing, there is at least one plugging pin. The first wedging device is located in the housing. The first wedging device corresponds to the plugging pin. The connecting device has a first connecting portion and a second connecting portion. The first connecting portion is electrically connected with the second connecting portion, and the first connecting portion and the second connecting portion are located at the two opposite sides of the housing. The module socket is located in the housing. The module socket is electrically connected with the connecting device. The user can easily uninstalled or installed the expansion module, the time is reduced, and it prevents the plugging pins of the module card from being damaged due to external force.06-04-2009
20090052145SLIDING TYPE PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A portable electronic device includes a first housing: a second housing coupled with the first housing such that the second housing can slide while facing the first housing, guide ribs arranged on the first housing, guide slits arranged on the second housing, and at least one protuberance arranged on either an outer surface of each guide rib and an inner wall of each guide slit. The guide slits extend along a direction in which the second housing slides and each guide rib is restricted in each guide slit so as to guide a sliding movement of the second housing. The at least one protuberance contacts either an inner wall of each guide slit or an outer surface of each guide rib.02-26-2009
20090052144Mounting Assembly With Video Distribution Functionality - A mounting assembly device, system and method support multimedia/video distribution functionalities. The mounting assembly includes a front face and a rear housing sized to fit within a conventional wall box, e.g., a single gang box. The mounting assembly includes a balun that is adapted to receive and convert signals, such that signals received by the balun may be transmitted from a coaxial cable to twisted pair cable, and vice versa. Additional communication modalities may be supported by the mounting assembly device/system, e.g., conventional jack/plug based communications and/or wireless communications.02-26-2009
20090103271WALL PLATE ASSEMBLY - A wall plate assembly includes a wall plate with an insertion slot for the installation of a HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) connector of a HDMI cable and a power plug hole for the insertion of a power plug, a signal amplifier connected to the back side of the wall plate for receiving the installed HDMI connector and amplifying the signal, a support device, which comprises a first support frame vertically adjustably fastened to the wall plate below the insertion slot and a second support frame horizontally adjustably fastened to the first support frame for holding down the installed HDMI connector on the first support frame, and a power connector aimed at the power plug hole for receiving a power plug to provide the signal amplifier with the necessary working voltage.04-23-2009
20090225520COVER MECHANISM AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE USING SAME - A portable electronic (09-10-2009
20090257199Connector Module for Ruggedized Applications - A connector module can be configured to provide a connection between a component such as an electrolytic capacitor and a circuit board while supporting the component in a spaced apart manner from the board Due to the connector module, secondary soldering operations can be avoided. For example, the module may comprise a body with fingers and support members that engage and support the capacitor. The body may feature a plurality of legs, each leg including spaced-apart members which fit into respective holes in the board. Each leg can include a retention and clip feature which cooperate to hold the module securely to the board. The body can include pins that engage electrodes of the capacitor and provide a connection to the board. In some embodiments, a locking cover can include a ring that engages the capacitor body while also ensuring a secure connection between the electrodes of the capacitor and pins of the module.10-15-2009
20100149757Energy storage device - With the objective of improving an energy storage device comprising a transducer unit and a capacitor module which interacts with the transducer unit so it can be inserted as a physical device into a motor vehicle in particular, it is proposed to provide a housing to accommodate the capacitor cells of the capacitor module, for the housing to comprise a capacitor chamber accommodating the capacitor cells, and for the capacitor chamber to have a gas-tight seal.06-17-2010
20100246140Circuit Board and Method for Manufacturing Semiconductor Modules and Circuit Boards - The deterioration of dielectric breakdown strength arising from an opening of a metal plate is prevented and the reliability as a circuit board is enhanced. A circuit board is provided with a metal plate, having openings, as core material. The opening is provided in a manner that the size of the opening gradually increases from a lower surface side toward an upper surface side of the metal plate. On both surface sides of the metal plate there are provided wiring patterns, respectively, via insulating layers. The insulating layer provided on an upper region of the opening and the corresponding wiring pattern are provided such that they have a recess on the upper surface of them. To electrically connect each wiring pattern, the circuit board further includes a conductor which penetrates the metal plate via the opening and which connects the wiring patterns with each other. An LSI chip is directly coupled to the upper surface side of the metal plate via a solder ball.09-30-2010
20110058340METHOD OF FORMING A MULTILAYER SUBSTRATE CORE STRUCTURE USING SEQUENTIAL MICROVIA LASER DRILLING AND SUBSTRATE CORE STRUCTURE FORMED ACCORDING TO THE METHOD - A method of fabricating a substrate core structure, and a substrate core structure formed according to the method. The method includes: laser drilling a first set of via openings through a starting insulating layer; filling the first set of via openings with a conductive material to provide a first set of conductive vias; providing first and second patterned conductive layers on opposite sides of the starting insulating layer; providing a supplemental insulating layer onto the first patterned conductive layer; laser drilling a second set of via openings through the supplemental insulating layer; filling the second set of via openings with a conductive material to provide a second set of conductive vias; and providing a supplemental patterned conductive layer onto an exposed side of the supplemental insulating layer, the second set of conductive vias contacting the first patterned conductive layer and the supplemental patterned conductive layer at opposite sides thereof.03-10-2011
20090027861Enclosure including an electrical module - A module includes an electrical component having an inner enclosure which surrounds the electrical component and which has first electrical contact means at least on one outer side; having an outer enclosure in the interior of which the inner enclosure is situated, the outer enclosure having second electrical contact means, the second electrical contact means extending from the interior to at least one outer side of the outer enclosure. The first and second contact means are interconnected.01-29-2009
20090040733FILTER APPARATUS AND FREQUENCY CONVERTER TO WHICH THE FILTER APPARATUS IS CONNECTED - A filter apparatus connected to a wiring drawing portion of a frequency converter, said filter apparatus including: a condenser element having an electronic part having an insulator as a dielectric material held between conductor plates; a sealing agent sealing said condenser element; a filter circuit comprising said condenser element; a connection conductor establishing wiring connections of said filter circuit; and a filter housing supporting said sealing agent wherein said filter apparatus is fixed to said frequency converter based on a positioning portion provided in part of the housing of said frequency converter.02-12-2009
20080316714INTEGRATED STRUCTURES AND FABRICATION METHODS THEREOF IMPLEMENTING A CELL PHONE OR OTHER ELECTRONIC SYSTEM - Circuit structures and methods of fabrication are provided for facilitating implementing a complete electronic system in a compact package. The circuit structure includes, in one embodiment, a chips-first multichip base layer with conductive structures extending therethrough. An interconnect layer is disposed over the front surface of the multichip layer and includes interconnect metallization electrically connected to contact pads of the chips and to conductive structures extending through the structural material. A redistribution layer, disposed over the back surface of the multichip layer, includes a redistribution metallization also electrically connected to conductive structures extending through the structural material. Input/output contacts are arrayed over the redistribution layer, including over the lower surfaces of at least some integrated circuit chips within the multichip layer, and are electrically connected through the redistribution metallization, conductive structures, and interconnect metallization to contact pads of the integrated circuit chips of the multichip layer.12-25-2008
20080266814Module Rear Wall for a Switchgear Assembly Module, Switchgear Assembly Module and Electrical Switchgear Assembly - The invention relates to a modular rear wall for a switching system module, in particular an insertion module. Said modular rear wall comprises a measuring device which is integrated therein and which forms an integral component of the switching system module. The invention also relates to a switching circuit module which comprises said type of modular rear wall, in addition to a switching system comprising at least one switching system module having a modular rear wall.10-30-2008
20090021920Module and method for producing a module - A module, in particular a sensor module, has a module housing, a carrier element, a connection element, and at least one component, the module housing completely enclosing the at least one component and being situated on the carrier element, and the at least one component also being mounted on the connection element and being situated between the connection element and the carrier element.01-22-2009
20090109636Multiple package module using a rigid flex printed circuit board - A multiple package module and a method of fabricating a multiple package module. The module comprises a central region of a rigid flex circuit board for mounting circuitry, and at least one wing connected by a flexible portion to at least one edge of the central region of the rigid flex circuit board.04-30-2009
20090109637ELECTRONIC COMPONENT MODULE - An electronic component module includes a module body including a substrate having components mounted thereon. A metal case is attached to the substrate to cover the components of the module body. The metal case includes a top-plate portion arranged substantially parallel to the main surface of the substrate and claw portions arranged at both edges thereof. The claw portions each include a claw body defined by a rectangular portion that is bent at an edge of the top-plate portion and extends in the direction of the substrate and a holding claw. In addition, contacting portions are bent at both ends of the rectangular portion to extend towards the inner portion of the main surface of the substrate. The contacting portions come into contact with the main surface of the substrate, and the holding claws are soldered to the side surfaces of the substrate. Accordingly, it is possible to provide an electronic component module in which the proportion of a mounting area, in which components can be mounted, to a main surface of a substrate is increased, and in which positioning of a metal case can be easily performed.04-30-2009
20090109635Waterproof structure and portable electrical apparatus using the same - A waterproof structure for a housing of a portable electronic apparatus comprises a cover and an elastic pad. The cover comprises a pivot portion, and the cover is connected to the housing via the pivot portion such that the cover is capable of rotating in relation to the housing. The elastic pad comprises at least one protrusion structure, and the at least one protrusion structure is capable of inserting into a waterproof groove on the housing corresponding to the protrusion structure. When the cover is rotated to close the housing, the cover is capable of compressing the elastic pad to form a seal between the at least one protrusion structure and the waterproof groove.04-30-2009
20090067137High Density In-Package Microelectronic Amplifier - A sensor module having a package substrate, a sensor disposed within and electrically connected to the package substrate, an amplifier disposed within and electrically connected to the package substrate, and electrical traces within the package substrate for routing sensor signals from the sensor to the amplifier, and then from the amplifier to external electrical connectors on the package substrate.03-12-2009
20110249408PLUGGABLE ELECTRONIC UNIT WITH TRANSMISSION POWER ADJUSTMENT CAPABILITY - The present relates to pluggable electronic unit with transmission power adjustment capability such as for example small form-factor pluggable transceivers. The pluggable electronic unit with transmission power adjustment capability may comprise a power adjustment unit. By verifying the transmitted power is sufficient or could be reduced, it is possible to regulate transmission power of a transceiver autonomously within the pluggable electronic unit itself.10-13-2011
20110044012SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICE - On a case member of a semiconductor device, a screw block terminal or the like for connection to external equipment is attached. The screw block terminal or the like arranged on a region inside a base plate is attached to a terminal attachment member. Terminal attachment member has wall-like bodies, similar to wall-like bodies formed on a sidewall portion, formed along the direction of extension of terminal attachment member. On one end of terminal attachment member in the direction of extension, a side fitting portion is formed that corresponds to the wall-like body, and by fitting the side fitting portion to a space between sidewall portion and the wall-like body, terminal attachment member is fixed on case member. Thus, a semiconductor device is provided that allows high degree of freedom with simpler structure, as to the position of attaching a screw block terminal or a pin terminal to the case member.02-24-2011
20110044011ELECTRONIC COMPONENT AND MANUFACTURING METHOD THEREOF - The invention provides an electronic component and a manufacturing method thereof that can achieve an improved adhesion strength when the electronic component is solder-mounted onto an external substrate and can thereby obtain considerably improved electric properties and reliabilities, etc. An electronic component, which is a capacitor 02-24-2011
20110242770POWER MODULE - A power module includes a semiconductor device having a first and second arms, and gate driving circuit board. The first arm includes a first extending electrode, a first gate electrode of a first power device extending in a direction different from the first extending electrode, and a first output electrode extending in the different direction from the first gate electrode. The second arm stacked on the first arm includes a second extending electrode extending in the first extending electrode extending direction in an insulating state, a second gate electrode of a second power device, extending in the first gate electrode extending direction, and a second output electrode extending in the first output electrode extending direction with electrical connection thereto. The gate driving circuit board is disposed at the first and second gate electrodes extending side so as to face the semiconductor device.10-06-2011
20110116240ROTATABLE POSITIONING PIVOT STRUCTURE AND DRIVER HAVING THE SAME - In a rotatable positioning pivot structure and a driver having the pivot structure, the pivot structure includes a casing and a cover movably assembled with the casing. The casing is provided with an opening. One side of the opening is provided with a positioning shaft. The positioning shaft is provided with a positioning portion. One side of the cover is provided with an elastic piece. The elastic piece is provided with a through trough, and an elastic arm is formed in the through trough. The positioning shaft of the casing penetrates the through trough of the cover and is located inside the elastic arm. The inside of the elastic arm is provided with at least one positioning slot to be engaged with the positioning portion of the positioning shaft. With the above arrangement, the rotation of the cover can be positioned. Further, the pivot structure is arranged in the driver.05-19-2011
20110242769Integrated Handle and Stacking System - An integrated handle and stacking system for an inverter generator is provided. Each of a plurality of inverter generators may have a handle disposed at a top side of the inverter generator. Additionally, a mount may be disposed at a bottom side of the inverter generator. The handles may have recesses sized and configured to receive the mounts of an upper inverter generator so that the plurality of inverter generators may be stacked upon each other. Accordingly, the handles provide a convenient means for carrying or transporting the inverter generator from point A to point B and the recesses/mounts provide a convenient means of stacking the plurality of inverter generators. The handles and/or mounts may have dampening material to isolate vibration between stacked inverter generators.10-06-2011
20110075379ELECTRONIC DEVICE WITH A COVERED EXPANSION CARD BAY - An electronic device includes a main body, an expansion card holder, and a protective cover assembly. The main body defines an opening. The expansion card holder is located in the main body adjacent to the opening. The expansion card holder defines a bay facing the opening to receive an expansion card. The protective cover assembly includes a rotary shaft unit, and a metallic cover rotatably connected to the main body via the rotary shaft unit. The metallic cover includes a cover portion covering the opening, and a resisting portion extending from the cover portion and resisting the main body. The resisting portion provides resilient force impelling the cover portion to cover the opening automatically.03-31-2011
20100177486Electronic device comprising a visible electronic element connected to an internal module and manufacturing process of such a device - A method for manufacturing an electronic device and a device manufactured according to this method including an assembly of at least two insulating sheets, at least one electronic element, a first insulating sheet including at least one window in which the electronic element is at least partially lodged. One face of the electronic element flushes with the external surface of said first insulating sheet. The device may further include an internal module located between the two insulating sheets, a layer of filling material, an adhesive protection film extending over a region covering at least the outline of the window, said protection film being situated between the first insulating sheet and the layer of filling material covering the protection film and the internal module, conductive connection areas electrically linked to the internal module through an opening of the protection film and positioned on an internal face opposite to the external face of the electronic element. The adhesive protection film prevents the appearance of undesirable residues of filling material on the external face of the device in the vicinity of the electronic element.07-15-2010
20100039778CFP MECHANICAL PLATFORM - In one example embodiment, a host device includes a host bezel, first and second guides, and a host connector. The host bezel defines an opening configured to receive a pluggable module. A first cutout on one side of the opening and a second cutout on the opposite side of the opening are adapted to receive corresponding guiderails on the module. The first and second guides are coupled to the host bezel and to a host printed circuit board. Each of the first and second guides defines a channel configured to receive the first and second guiderails of the module. The host connector is coupled to the host printed circuit board and is disposed at the back end of the first and second guides. The host connector includes a recessed slot configured to receive a module connector to electrically couple the module to the host printed circuit board.02-18-2010
20100053907SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR SIMPLE EFFICIENT ASSEMBLY AND PACKAGING OF ELECTRONIC DEVICES - Systems and methods for simple, efficient and/or cost effective manufacturing and assembly of electronic devices are provided. The various systems and methods of the invention may include various ways of coupling, attaching, and/or connecting the various components of the system to one another, for improved cost and ease of assembly. A number of clips may be used to attach together various parts of an electronic system and housing including circuit devices, enclosure lid and housing, and/or cabling. These clips may be screw-less, may be made of a resilient or spring material, designed so that they quickly snap into place so as to provide good mechanical strength and electrical connection. Various circuit elements may include planar circuits, and may include filters made of a high temperature superconductor material. A planar cable may be used for electrical connecting of components. These systems and devices may be used in, for example, wireless communication systems.03-04-2010
20100321899CUSTOMIZABLE MODULAR MULTI-FUNCTION COMMUNICATION DEVICE - A configurable modular communication device is composed of an information delivery module and an information input module that are matable to each other. The information delivery module is a single base unit that can work with a touchscreen keypad or a number of modular keypad or other information input attachments. The information input module enables a user to change the look of the modular communication device according to personal taste and enhances its functionality to fit the exact occasion and mode of use. The information delivery module acts on its own as the navigation key and provides on its display screen menu (including an on-screen touch sensing keypad) user access to all functionality including telephone, PDA (personal digital assistant), camera, clock, GPS, and MP3 music player. User-controlled navigation takes place on or in the vicinity of the display screen, whether by hard or soft key actuation.12-23-2010
20110069458POWER MODULE - According to one embodiment, a power module includes a metal base, a ceramic substrate, a semiconductor chip, a nut holder housing a nut, an electrode terminal and a casing. The ceramic substrate is connected to an upper surface of the metal base via a lower electrode. The semiconductor chip is located on a first major surface of the ceramic substrate. The electrode terminal includes a bent portion surrounding a nut holder. The electrode terminal includes a first connecting portion extending perpendicularly to the bent portion from one end of the bent portion, and being located on the first major surface via an upper electrode, and electrically connected to the semiconductor chip. A casing is bonded to the metal base to enclose the semiconductor chip and the electrode terminal. An upper end portion of the bent portion of the electrode terminal is exposed to outside of the casing through the opening.03-24-2011
20100110643FLASH DRIVE AND HOUSING ASSEMBLY THEREOF - A flash drive and a housing assembly thereof is provided. The housing assembly comprises a housing, a base and a rotating mechanism. The housing has a first opening, a second opening, and a space, the first opening is situated at a side surface of the housing, and the second opening is situated on a top surface of the housing. The base is used for accommodating a storage device which has a connecting member, the base is movably disposed in the space and has a slot facing the second opening. The rotating mechanism is disposed at the second opening and mounted to the housing, the rotating mechanism has a protrusion portion movably engaged in the slot. When the rotating mechanism rotates relative to the housing, the protrusion portion moves along the slot and drives the base to reciprocate between a first position and a second position.05-06-2010
20100254095MICROELECTRONIC SECURITY COATINGS - A security coating on an electronic circuit assembly comprises a mesh coating that may have a unique signature pattern and comprise materials that easily produce an image of the signature so that it is possible to determine if reverse engineering has been attempted. Spaces in the mesh may include electrical components to erase circuit codes to destroy the functionality and value of the protected die if the mesh coated is disturbed. The voids may include compositions to enhance the mesh signature and abrade the circuit if tampering takes place.10-07-2010
20130170147RDL SYSTEM IN PACKAGE - In one embodiment, a shielded electronic module is formed on a substrate. The substrate has a component area and one or more electronic components attached to the component area. One set of conductive pads may be attached to the component area and another set of conductive pads may be provided on the electronic component. The conductive pads on the component area are electrically coupled to the conductive pads of the electronic component by a conductive layer. A first insulating layer is provided over the component area and underneath the conductive layer that may insulate the electronic component and the substrate from the conductive layer. A second insulating layer is provided over the first insulating layer that covers at least the conductive layer. In this manner, the conductive layer is isolated from an electromagnetic shield formed over the component area.07-04-2013
20090021919PLUGGABLE SYSTEM FOR READING INPUTS, CONTROLLING OUTPUTS AND COMMUNICATING WITH ANOTHER MODULE FOR POWER DISTRIBUTION UNIT - An electronics module for automotive vehicles includes a housing; an electrical connector having a commercial standard electrical connector footprint mounted on the housing; and an electronics assembly including commercial standard communication bus electronics contained in the housing, the electronics assembly being electrically connected to the electrical connector. The electronics module is adapted to be plugged into a power distribution unit of an automotive vehicle in order to control power distribution components of the unit.01-22-2009
20100277874Communication protocol interface module - A communication protocol interface module conceived to be applied to an electromechanical equipment (11-04-2010
20090154114AIR FLAP MECHANISM FOR SERVER CHASSIS - An air flap mechanism is installed in a server chassis with an opening. A functional module is capable of being inserted into the server chassis from the opening. The air flap mechanism includes an air flap pivotably installed in the server chassis for shielding the opening of the server chassis and a pair of first torsion springs attached to the air flap. A connecting bar connects between the first torsion springs for being driven by an end of the functional module to pivot the air flap inside the server chassis when the functional module is pushed into the server chassis.06-18-2009
20100284155Power Semiconductor Module Including Substrates Spaced from Each Other - The invention relates to a power semiconductor module including a module underside, a module housing, and at least two substrates spaced from each other. Each substrate has a topside facing an interior of the module housing and an underside facing away from the interior of the module housing. The underside of each substrate includes at least one portion simultaneously forming a portion of the module underside. At least one mounting means disposed between two adjacent substrates enables the power semiconductor module to be secured to a heatsink.11-11-2010
20100284154MODULAR SENSOR MOTE - A modular sensor mote, comprising an electronic board having two connector portions with associated connectors, a wireless communication management portion, a power management portion and a sensor receiving portion adapted for receiving a sensor element.11-11-2010
20100328900Apparatus - An apparatus including: an intermediate chassis configured to move in at least a first direction and configured to define a reaction surface; a movable chassis configured to move in at least a second direction orthogonal to the first direction and configured to define a follower wherein the reaction surface and follower interact to convert movement of the intermediate chassis and reaction surface in the first direction to movement of the follower and movable chassis in the second direction. Also, an apparatus including a first movable housing portion having side faces including one or more interface components; and a second housing portion; wherein the first movable housing portion is movable relative to the second housing portion between a compact configuration in which the one or more interface components are obscured by the second housing portion and an expanded configuration in which the one or more interface components are exposed.12-30-2010
20110134612REBUILT WAFER ASSEMBLY - An electronic component package including an electronic component having a circuit surface, a block of resin partially surrounding the electronic component, and a multi-layer interconnection in contact with said circuit surface, wherein the multi-layer interconnection is connected to bond-pads having a pitch lower than 50 μm, and the block of resin is made of injection-molding resin.06-09-2011
20100254094High-Frequency Wiring Board and High-Frequency Module That Uses the High-Frequency Wiring Board - The high-frequency wiring board of the present invention is a wiring board that includes first coplanar lines and second coplanar lines formed on a different layer than the first coplanar lines; the first coplanar lines and second coplanar lines being connected at the line ends of each. The first coplanar lines are provided with a first signal line (10-07-2010
20110096511Ultra-low profile multi-chip module - The disclosed invention comprises a substrate having one or more conductive metal traces comprising one or more electrical access leads terminating on a lateral surface of the substrate.04-28-2011
20110096510Ovenized Crystal Oscillator Assembly - An oscillator assembly which, in one embodiment, is an ovenized crystal oscillator assembly including an enclosure defined by a base and a lid which is seated on the base. The components of the oscillator assembly are supported by the base and located under the lid. The base and the lid together define an interior oven and are both preferably made of an insulative thermoplastic material to maximize the heat retention and oven performance of the oscillator assembly. In one embodiment, the lid and the base incorporate a clip for securing the lid to the base.04-28-2011
20110096508LIGHT-BASED SEALING AND DEVICE PACKAGING - Systems and methods for manufacturing and packaging electronic devices with light absorptive thin film stacks are provided. In one embodiment, a light is applied to a light absorptive thin film stack disposed between a substrate and a backplate to seal the substrate to the backplate. In another embodiment, the light absorptive thin film stack includes a plurality of thin film layers. In yet another embodiment, the light absorptive thin film stack includes a spacer layer over a reflective layer and an absorber layer over the spacer layer. In still another embodiment, the light absorptive thin film stack is less than 200 nanometers thick. In yet a further embodiment, a light absorptive thin film stack is used to seal a substrate having glass, plastic, metal, or silicon to a backplate having glass, plastic, metal, or silicon. Thus, the light absorptive thin film stack is used to seal similar or dissimilar materials through a bonding process.04-28-2011
20100067197PORTABLE MULTI-DEVICE POWER SUPPLY, BATTERY CHARGER, AND DOCKING SYSTEM - A multiple electronic device power supply, battery charger, and USB docking system has a plurality of power ports for charging/powering electronic devices and a plurality of USB ports for coupling peripheral devices to a computer or large electronic device. Electronic devices which may be charged using the present invention can require current from less than 500 mA to approximately 6 A. Voltage setting resistors in specialized adapters serve to set the voltage needed for individual devices in order to manage current and voltage distribution throughout the present invention, particularly when large and mid-sized electronic devices are connected to the present multiple device charger and docking system. Default settings set the voltage output at 24 volts if not otherwise directed.03-18-2010
20100027224ELECTRONIC DEVICE - An electronic device including a first body, a second body, a connecting mechanism, and an input unit is provided. The second body is movably disposed on the first body. The connecting mechanism is disposed in the first body. The input unit is movably disposed on the first body, wherein the connecting mechanism connects the input unit and the second body. When the second body moves from a first position to a second position relative to the first body, the second body drives the input unit to move from a third position to a fourth position relative to the first body through the connecting mechanism.02-04-2010
20110051376SOLDER JOINT RELIABILITY IN MICROELECTRONIC PACKAGING - A microelectronic assembly and method for fabricating the same are described. In an example, a microelectronic assembly includes a microelectronic device having a surface with one or more areas to receive one or more solder balls, the one or more areas having a surface finish comprising Ni. A solder material comprising Cu, such as flux or paste, is applied to the Ni surface finish and one or more solder balls are coupled to the microelectronic device by a reflow process that forms a solder joint between the one or more solder balls, the solder material comprising Cu, and the one or more areas having a surface finish comprising Ni.03-03-2011
20110051375Highly Integrated Miniature Radio Frequency Module - A highly integrated miniature RF module includes a dielectric base board with opposing top and bottom metal layers and having interconnects traces, radio frequency (RF) circuits and semiconductor chips at the top metal layer and ground and signal pads at the bottom metal layer. Metalized vias extending through the dielectric material connect the top and bottom layers. A top cover made out of laminate material, such as FR-4, with opposing top and bottom metal layers and having machined compartments and channels, surrounded with arrays of metal plated vias extending through the laminate material, protects the RF circuits and chips and provide the required isolation and wave propagation.03-03-2011
20120147566MODULE RECEPTACLE - A module receptacle having a main frame arranged to hold a mountable functioning module in a specified position with respect to a covering frame. The covering frame can be attached by means of at least one fastening element to the main frame. The covering frame is at least large enough to cover the main frame.06-14-2012
20120307458MEMORY DEVICE AND RECEPTACLE FOR ELECTRONIC DEVICES - A random access memory (RAM) memory module has a compact form factor and is removable from a corresponding socket assembly to allow easy replacement of the memory module or reconfiguration of the memory module during development of an electronic device that includes the memory module.12-06-2012
20110013368CIRCUIT BOARD MODULE AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE - There are provided a circuit board module that can ease adverse effect due to radiation developing between a fragile circuit vulnerable to unwanted radiation and other circuits and that can diminish overall radiation to the outside of the module and an electronic device having the circuit board module.01-20-2011
20110317370 ELECTRONIC COMPONENT MOUNTED ON A CAPACITOR ELECTRODE - One example includes a capacitor case sealed to retain electrolyte, electrolyte disposed in the capacitor case, a capacitor electrode disposed in the capacitor case, an electronic component mounted to the capacitor electrode and disposed in the capacitor case, the electronic component including two contacts, with a first contact mounted onto the capacitor electrode and with a second contact mounted onto a terminal disposed on an exterior of the capacitor case and sealingly extending through the capacitor case, the first and second contacts electrically isolated from one another, a additional capacitor electrode disposed in the capacitor case, a separator disposed between the capacitor electrode and the additional capacitor electrode and a additional terminal disposed on the exterior of the capacitor case and in electrical communication with the additional capacitor electrode, with the terminal and the additional terminal electrically isolated from one another.12-29-2011
20120044653COMPARTMENTALIZED SHIELDING OF SELECTED COMPONENTS - Embodiments include devices and methods for manufacturing a module having a first shielded compartment and a second shielded compartment, wherein the first shielded compartment is electrically isolated from the second shielded compartment. Electrical conductivity is controlled in a manner in which current flow between shielded circuits is directed to reduce or eliminate energy from being coupled between one or more shielded compartments on the same module. Each module may have a plurality of individual shielded compartments, where each compartment has a dedicated ground plane. The shields for each compartment may be tied to the dedicated ground plane of the compartment. Because the dedicated ground planes are not tied together, each of the shielded compartments on the modules remains isolated from all the other shielded compartments on the modules. In some embodiments having a plurality of shielded compartments, there is at least one isolated shielded compartment depending upon the design needs of the module.02-23-2012
20120044651TERMINAL STRUCTURE, PRINTED WIRING BOARD, MODULE SUBSTRATE, AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE - The present invention relates to a terminal structure and an electronic device having the terminal structure. The terminal structure includes: a terminal having: a conductor layer containing at least one metal selected from gold, silver, and copper; a first layer containing nickel and phosphorus, laid on the conductor layer; a second layer having a smaller atomic ratio of nickel to phosphorus than the first layer and containing Ni02-23-2012
20110096509HIGH EFFICIENCY MODULE04-28-2011
20120057307INTEGRAL CABLE GUIDE FOR ELECTRONIC MODULE - An integral cable guide for an electronic module is provided. The electronic module includes a top housing with a ridge formed on one side. The top housing is configured to removably couple with a bottom housing to enclose electronic components. The electronic module further includes a receptacle within the top housing configured to receive a removable terminal block (RTB), such that a channel is formed between the ridge and the RTB when the RTB is placed within the receptacle. The channel guides cables coupled to the RTB to an outside edge of the module. The electronic module further includes at least one anchor that provides support for the cables.03-08-2012
20120206884ELECTRONIC APPARATUS - According to one embodiment, an electronic apparatus includes a hinge, a member attached to the hinge, and a housing. The housing accommodates the member and includes a wall configured to support the member and a portion configured to support the member from a side opposite to the wall.08-16-2012
20120206883Electronic Device - According to one embodiment, an electronic device includes a display module, a first component, a second component, a reinforcing member, a wiring, and a supporting member. The display module includes a display screen. The first component includes a first wall and a first engagement portion. The second component includes a second wall located opposite the first wall with respect to the display module and a second engagement portion that engages with the first engagement portion. The reinforcing member is located between the display module and the first and second engagement portions and extends along at least part of the periphery of the display module. The wiring is located between the reinforcing member and the display module. The supporting member is provided to at least one of the first component and the second component and is located between the display module and the wiring to support the display module.08-16-2012
20120155035DISPLAY DEVICE - A display device includes a display module, an outer housing, a glass cover and a strength-enhanced member. The display module is installed within the outer housing, and the outer housing has a support portion. The glass cover is attached to the support portion. The strength-enhanced member is located within the outer housing, and the strength-enhanced member is disposed closer to a corresponding corner of the outer housing than a corresponding corner of the glass cover is.06-21-2012
20120300412Memory Device and Fabricating Method Thereof - The present disclosure provides a memory device and a fabricating method thereof. The memory device includes a substrate including a first metal layer formed therein, the first metal layer having at least a first surface with at least a first exposed portion of the first surface exposed at a lateral surface of the substrate, at least a first semiconductor chip formed on a top surface of the substrate, and a second metal layer surrounding the first semiconductor chip and extending to lateral surfaces of the substrate, at least a first portion of the second metal layer contacting the exposed surface of the first metal layer.11-29-2012
20120300411DISPLAY MODULE HAVING ADJUSTABLE VIEW ANGLE FUNCTION - A display module includes a bottom cover, a locking part, a pressing part, and a display panel. The bottom cover includes a bottom wall and two sidewalls, defines a first groove on the bottom wall and a second groove on one sidewall. The locking part is rotatably mounted on the bottom wall, and includes a first hook. The pressing part is slidably received in the first groove, and rotatably connected with the locking part. The display panel includes a sliding part and a display part rotatably connected with each other. The sliding part includes one peg slidably received in the second groove and a second hook engaging with the first hook. When the pressing part is slid in the first groove to rotate the locking part, the first hook disengages from the second hook, the display part is pulled out from the bottom cover and rotated to adjust viewing angle.11-29-2012
20110103025MODULAR ELECTRONIC SYSTEM - Off-the-shelf electronic packages eliminate the much of the need for hardware redesign for each product. The base unit has a base plastic housing and a power/communication board. The component module is comprised of a mid-section plastic housing, a common board, a component board, panels with connectors and a housing cover. The component board is unique board to each platform and could be, for example, a fluid control module, a low power temperature control module, a gateway module, a USB module, etc.05-05-2011
20110103024Power Semiconductor Module - A power semiconductor module in which a substrate is provided with at least one power semiconductor and has first and second contact areas, wherein a first load connection element with first contact elements provided thereon is supported on the first contact areas and a second load connection element with second contact elements provided thereon is supported on the second contact areas. Wherein at least one spring element is provided for producing a pressure contact between the contact elements and the contact areas. To reduce the structural size of the module, the pressure contact between the contact elements and the contact areas is exerted by at least one electrical component arranged between the spring element and one of the load connection elements.05-05-2011
20100172108LOCKING MECHANISM AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE HAVING THE SAME - An electronic device includes a main body, a cover rotatably connected to the main body, at least one locking mechanism for fastening the cover to the main body, and a switch. The locking mechanism defines a locking hole in the main body and includes a locking member fixed to the cover. The locking member includes a magnetic member, an electromagnet, a compressed spring, and a locking pin. The electromagnet is electrically connected to the switch, and is operable to be powered off via switching the switch. The spring is disposed between the magnetic member and the electromagnet, and moves one of the magnetic member and the electromagnet when the electromagnet is powered off. The locking pin is inserted into the locking hole when the cover covers the main body and the electromagnet is powered off.07-08-2010
20100091465APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR IMPROVING CUSTOMER RETENTION - The disclosed embodiments provide an apparatus and method for improving customer retention. In accordance with one embodiment, a telecommunication device comprising a chassis that includes features for operating the telecommunication device and a display module removably coupled to the chassis is presented. The chassis is compatible with different display modules. Thus, the disclosed embodiments enable a telecom customer to upgrade a telecommunication device at minimal cost, thereby, improving customer retention.04-15-2010
20120250264MEMORY MODULE HAVING MEMORY CHIP AND REGISTER BUFFER - Disclosed herein is a memory module that includes a register buffer and a memory chip each mounted on a module substrate. Each of the command address output terminals belonging to the first group provided on the register buffer is connected to an associated one of the command address input terminals belonging to the first group provided on the memory chip through associated ones of the plurality of contact plugs and the first wiring layer. Each of the command address output terminals belonging to the second group provided on the register buffer is connected to an associated one of the command address input terminals belonging to the second group provided on the memory chip through associated ones of the plurality of contact plugs and the second wiring layer.10-04-2012
20120127672INTERFACE BETWEEN A SECURITY MODULE AND A HOST DEVICE - The present invention may be deployed in a system comprising a security module housed on a chip card and a host device comprising a chip card reader. The host device is comprised in a housing with a slot for the chip card. The housing is shielded to reduce the amount of electromagnetic radiation generated by the security module and/or the host device from penetrating to the exterior of the housing. Similarly, the shielding is adapted to reduce the effects of electromagnetic radiation generated outside of the host device on the components within the housing. The slot is also shielded by a flap made of an electrically conductive epoxy material or an electrically conductive resin.05-24-2012
20120127671MULTI-CHIP MODULE - A multi-chip module is disclosed to include a pin frame, an electric power switch chip, and a battery protection chip. The pin frame has a chip placement region and six pins. The second pin and the fifth pin are electrically connected at the chip placement region, and the other pins are set electrically isolated from each other. A bottom surface of the electric power switch chip is electrically connected at the chip placement region, and a top surface thereof is electrically connected to the first pin and the third pin. A bottom surface of the battery protection chip is disposed at the top surface of the electric power switch chip in an electrically isolated fashion. A top surface of the battery protection chip is electrically connected to the top surface of the electric power switch chip, the first pin, the fourth pin, and the sixth pin.05-24-2012
20120162930MODULE IC PACKAGE STRUCTURE WITH ELECTRICAL SHIELD FUNCTION AND METHOD FOR MAKING THE SAME - A module IC package structure with electrical shield function includes a substrate unit, an electronic unit, a conductive unit, a package unit and a shielding unit. The substrate unit includes a circuit substrate having at least one grounding pad. The electronic unit includes a plurality of electronic elements electrically connected to the circuit substrate. The conductive unit includes at least one conductive element disposed on the circuit substrate, and the conductive element has a first end portion electrically connected to the grounding pad. The package unit includes a package resin body disposed on the circuit substrate to cover the electronic elements and one part of the conductive element, and the conductive element has a second end portion is exposed from the package resin body. The shielding unit includes a metal shielding layer formed on the outer surface of the package resin body to electrically contact the second end portion.06-28-2012
20110182038Connecting module and electronic device coupling system - A connecting module includes: a main section in which an electronic circuit is housed; a plate section that is rotatably supported by the main section, and that is adapted to lie in front of the main section, and that is rotatable between a flat position in which an electronic device is laid on a first face representing a top face and a standing position in which the electronic device is leaned against a second face representing a back face opposite to the first face; and a first connector that couples with the electronic device laid on the plate section when the plate section is in the flat position so as to connect the electronic device to the electronic circuit in the main section.07-28-2011
20110182037CARD DEVICE - A card device capable of improving mechanical strength of a mounting substrate with a simple structure is provided. A memory card includes the mounting substrate and a semiconductor package in a package. An electronic component such as a communication component on the mounting substrate is covered with a protective member having an electromagnetic shield function. The protective member is formed by drawing process of a sheet metal, has a containable space by a ceiling section and a side wall, and has a curve section at a joint section between an all rim of the ceiling section and the side wall. A flange is provided on the bottom end of the side wall, and the flange is solder-jointed with a ground region of the mounting substrate. In the protective member having the foregoing structure, stress hardly concentrates locally. Thus, its mechanical strength is large, and rigidity of the mounting substrate is increased.07-28-2011
20120162928ELECTRONIC PACKAGE AND METHOD OF MAKING SAME - An electronic package with two circuitized substrates which sandwich an interposer therebetween, the interposer electrically interconnecting the substrates and also including an opening therein in which is positioned at least one electrical component, such as a semiconductor chip, coupled to the lower or base substrate. A second component may also be mounted on and electrically coupled to the upper surface of the top or cover circuitized substrate. A method of making such a package is also provided.06-28-2012
20100259903Memory Stick - A memory stick for a USB connection to a computer may include a USB connection portion for the connection to the computer and a cap portion to cover the USB connection portion. The cap portion and the USB connection portion may form a logo, and the USB connection portion may include a electronic circuit. The electronic circuit may be enclosed by a metal casing, and the USB connection portion may include a front section. A memory stick for a USB connection to a computer may include A USB connection portion for the connection to the computer and a cap portion to cover the USB connection portion. The USB connection portion may form a mascot.10-14-2010
20100309638ELECTRONIC ELEMENT PACKAGING MODULE - An electronic element packaging module including a lead frame, an insulating layer and at least one electronic element is provided. The lead frame is a patterned metal sheet and has a first surface, a second surface opposite thereto and a through trench passing from the first surface to the second surface. A substrate portion and a plurality of lead portions around the substrate portion of the lead frame are defined by the through trench. The second surface of the lead frame is exposed outside the electronic element packaging module. The insulating layer disposed in the through trench has a third surface and a forth surface substantially coplanar with the first and the second surfaces, respectively. The electronic element disposed on the first surface is coupled to the lead frame.12-09-2010
20100309637SUPPORT ELEMENT ARRANGEMENT AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING A SUPPORT ELEMENT ARRANGEMENT - A support element arrangement for an electronic component includes a first support element and a second support element, the first support element being configured perpendicularly to the second support element and having a first main extension plane, and, in addition, the first support element having a first recess, the first recess at least partially surrounding the second support element in the first main extension plane.12-09-2010
20120075810METHOD OF PRODUCING ELECTRONIC MODULE, AND ELECTRONIC MODULE - A method of producing an electronic module having an electronic part and a mounting part for mounting the electric module to an external apparatus, includes a step of disposing the electronic part in a cavity of a die, a step of disposing the mounting part in the die with a first portion of the mounting part being positioned in the cavity and a second portion of the mounting part being outside of the cavity, a step of supplying a resin into the cavity of the die, a step of curing the resin while the electronic part and the first portion of the mounting part are immersed in the resin in the cavity of the die, and a step of extracting the resin from the cavity after the resin is cured in the step of curing.03-29-2012
20120176749POWER CONVERTER AND FUEL CELL VEHICLE WITH POWER CONVERTER - A soft-switching converter includes three main reactors, three main reactor terminal blocks, three auxiliary reactors, and three auxiliary reactor terminal blocks. The main reactors and the main reactor terminal blocks are each arranged on a first line. Also, the auxiliary reactors are each arranged on a second line that is parallel to the first line. Each of the auxiliary reactor terminal blocks is arranged stacked on a corresponding one of the auxiliary reactors.07-12-2012
20120257357ELECTROCHEMICAL CAPACITOR - Disclosed is an electrochemical capacitor that can be reflow soldered, and wherein film package is used on the capacitor body. The container (10-11-2012
20120188727EMI Shielding in a Package Module - The present invention discloses a package module with EMI shielding and the method thereof. The package module has a substrate or a PCB with at least one ground pad. A variety of electronic components are mounted on the substrate. The dielectric layer overlays a selected area which covers some electronic components and ground pads. Openings are formed within the dielectric layer and above ground pads. The shielding layer with at least two metal layers covers the dielectric layer and is electrically coupled, via the openings, to the ground pad. In general, there is a protection layer to encapsulate the entire substrate. The package module of the present invention not only achieves the requirement of miniature packaging but also reduces EMI caused by high speed electronic devices.07-26-2012
20080298027Dial module and process for manufacturing the same, LED display element, display module, movement module, connector module and meter employing the same - The dial module includes: a sheet-shaped dial having a design part on a surface of the dial; a sheet-shaped light source fixed to a back surface of the dial for illuminating the design part; and a flexible printed circuit fixed to a back surface of the light source. The dial module thus constructed enables to reduce the number of components, to facilitate assembly of a meter which employs the dial module therein, to improve the productivity, and to reduce the cost.12-04-2008
20080298026HOLDER FOR ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A holder for a portable electronic device is provided. The holder includes a anchoring portion and two latches to define a clamping area. The anchoring portion and the two latches are respectively disposed at each end of the holder. Each latch has a bent elastic arm and a hook extending from the elastic arm. The two latches are engaged into a fixing hole of the portable electronic device through the hooks, and the two latches provide elastic force in vertical and horizontal directions by the elastic arms. Therefore, the latches may be firmly engaged with the portable electronic device, for preventing latches from being disengaged from the portable electronic device when the holder bears an unexpected external force.12-04-2008
20120320536MODULE SUBSTRATE, MODULE-SUBSTRATE MANUFACTURING METHOD, AND TERMINAL CONNECTION SUBSTRATE - In a module substrate, a plurality of terminal connection substrates each including an insulator and a plurality of columnar terminal electrodes arranged on a single lateral surface or both lateral surfaces of the insulator is mounted on a single side of a composite substrate such that at least one of the terminal connection substrates extends over a border between a plurality of neighboring module substrates. The composite substrate, in which the plurality of terminal connection substrates is mounted on the single side and a plurality of electronic components is mounted on at least the single side, is divided at a location where the module substrates are to be cut from the composite substrate.12-20-2012
20120320535Closure and Interconnect Systems and Methods of Using Dry Silicone Gels in Closure and Interconnect Systems - Methods and systems are provided for a dry silicone gel in a closure or interconnect system. The dry silicone gel may be made by reacting a crosslinker, a chain extender, and a vinyl-terminated polydimethylsiloxane. The reaction may be conducted in the presence of a catalyst. In certain embodiments, the dry silicone gel may comprise: (1) a hardness between 100 g and 300 g, (2) a stress relaxation between 30% and 60% when subjected to a deformation of 50% of the original size of the gel, (3) a compression set between 4% and 20% after 50% strain has been applied to the gel for 1000 hours at 70° C., and/or (4) less than 10% oil bleed out under compression of 1.2 atm after 60 days at 60° C.12-20-2012
20120268899REINFORCED FAN-OUT WAFER-LEVEL PACKAGE - A microelectronic package includes a microelectronic element including a first surface having contacts thereon, a second surface remote therefrom, and edge surfaces extending between the first and second surfaces. A reinforcing layer adheres to the at least one edge surface and extends in a direction away therefrom, the reinforcing layer not extending along the first surface of the microelectronic element. A conductive redistribution layer including a plurality of conductive elements extends from the contacts along the first surface and along a surface of the reinforcing layer beyond the at least one edge surface. An encapsulant overlies at least the reinforcing layer. The microelectronic element has a first coefficient of thermal expansion, the encapsulant has a second coefficient of thermal expansion, and the reinforcing layer has a third coefficient of thermal expansion that is between the first and second coefficients of thermal expansion.10-25-2012
20120268898Thin carrier device - The present invention is to provide a thin carrier device with a support pad's length positioned at a USB port's height for a supporting segment securely supported and a USB metal contact electrically connected to a female connector of the USB port effectively without problems such as invalid electrical connection or poor contact between a USB metal contact and a female connector of a computer's USB port affected by the integrated circuit module's thinned thickness. Relying on the lowered thickness of the integrated circuit module, the present invention is able to integrate other thin products with their shapes including, without limitation, card, paper card or business card for the purpose of a thinning tendency.10-25-2012
20120127670MODULE HOUSING AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING A MODULE HOUSING - A module housing having an inner housing, an outer housing and a connection element is provided, the inner housing having at least one component and being completely enclosed by the outer housing in a form-locking manner, and the connection element being enclosed in a first subsection by the inner housing in a form-locking manner, wherein the connection element has electrical plug contacts in a third subsection.05-24-2012
20110235281HANDHELD ELECTRONIC DEVICE WITH INTEGRATED TRANSMITTERS - An electronic device may include wireless circuitry such as infrared sources that control external equipment such as televisions and set-top boxes. An infrared source may be mounted within an electronic device housing in a visually inconspicuous location such as in a connector port. A button may be provided with transparent structures that allow infrared light to pass through the button. A removable accessory port may be provided with an infrared transmitter accessory that allows an electronic device to serve as a remote control device. Portions of an electronic device housing may be provided with thin housing walls or holes that are too small to be noticeable to the naked eye to serve as windows for infrared light. An audio port may serve as an infrared light window. Gasket structures, bezel structures, and the edges of displays and other planar glass members may be used in transmitting infrared light.09-29-2011
20120275119Method and products related to deposited particles - The invention concerns a method of removing encapsulating material from encapsulated particles deposited onto a substrate. According to the method, a substrate is used which is capable of facilitating said removal of encapsulating material. The particles may be nanoparticles. In particular, the substrate-facilitated removal may result in sintering of the particles. The invention provides a novel way of functionalizing electronic structures using particulate matter and for conveniently producing e.g. printed electronics devices.11-01-2012
20120275118PORTABLE ADJUNCT DEVICE FOR PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICES - Disclosed is a portable adjunct device that includes a case having a first recess and a second recess. Mounted in the first recess is a docking connector movable between closed and open positions. Detachably mounted in the second recess is a universal serial bus connector operably connected to the docking connector. The case defines a chamber and a battery operably connected to the docking connector is disposed in the chamber.11-01-2012
20120327609SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICE - A semiconductor device includes at least one arm series circuit. The at least one arm series circuit includes an upper arm, a lower arm, an insulating substrate, a positive terminal, a negative terminal, an upper arm control terminal, a lower arm control terminal, and an insulating member. The lower arm is connected to the upper arm in series. Each of the upper arm and the lower arm includes a switching element and a diode connected in anti-parallel to the switching element. The insulating substrate is disposed on ground. The positive terminal is provided on the insulating substrate. The negative terminal is provided on the insulating substrate. The upper arm control terminal is provided on the insulating substrate. The lower arm control terminal is provided adjacent to the negative terminal on the insulating substrate.12-27-2012
20120327607PACKAGE STRUCTURE OF TRANSIENT VOLTAGE SUPPRESSOR - A package structure of transient voltage suppressor is disclosed. The package structure comprises a package housing with a bottom thereof having a first contact pin, a second contact pin, and a third contact pin, wherein the third contact pin is positioned between the first contact pin and the second contact pin. A first diode is positioned in the package housing, and an anode and a cathode of the first diode are respectively connected with the third contact pin and the first contact pin. A second diode is installed in the package housing, and an anode and a cathode of the second diode are respectively connected with the third contact pin and the second contact pin.12-27-2012
20120327608Controlled Buckling Structures in Semiconductor Interconnects and Nanomembranes for Stretchable Electronics - In an aspect, the present invention provides stretchable, and optionally printable, components such as semiconductors and electronic circuits capable of providing good performance when stretched, compressed, flexed or otherwise deformed, and related methods of making or tuning such stretchable components. Stretchable semiconductors and electronic circuits preferred for some applications are flexible, in addition to being stretchable, and thus are capable of significant elongation, flexing, bending or other deformation along one or more axes. Further, stretchable semiconductors and electronic circuits of the present invention are adapted to a wide range of device configurations to provide fully flexible electronic and optoelectronic devices.12-27-2012
20120287583EMBEDDED CHIP PACKAGE - An electronic assembly is disclosed. One embodiment includes at least one semiconductor chip and a package structure embedding the semiconductor chip. The package structure includes at least one conducting line extending into an area of the package structure outside of the outline of the chip.11-15-2012
20120287582Panel-Molded Electronic Assemblies - A method of encapsulating a panel of electronic components such as power converters reduces wasted printed circuit board area. The panel, which may include a plurality of components, may be cut into one or more individual pieces after encapsulation with the mold forming part of the finished product, e.g. providing heat sink fins or a surface mount solderable surface. Interconnection features provided along boundaries of individual circuits are exposed during the singulation process providing electrical connections to the components without wasting valuable PCB surface area. The molds may include various internal features such as registration features accurately locating the circuit board within the mold cavity, interlocking contours for structural integrity of the singulated module, contours to match component shapes and sizes enhancing heat removal from internal components and reducing the required volume of encapsulant, clearance channels providing safety agency spacing and setbacks for the interconnects. Wide cuts may be made in the molds after encapsulation reducing thermal stresses and reducing the thickness of material to be cut during subsequent singulation. External mold features can include various fin configurations for heat sinks, flat surfaces for surface mounting or soldering, etc. Blank mold panels may be machined to provide some or all of the above features in an on-demand manufacturing system. Connection adapters may be provided to use the modules in vertical or horizontal mounting positions in connector, through-hole, surface-mount solder variations. The interconnects may be plated to provide a connectorized module that may be inserted into a mating connector.11-15-2012
20120287584WIRELESS SENSOR DEVICE - A wireless sensor device capable of constant operation without replacement of batteries. The wireless sensor device is equipped with a rechargeable battery and the battery is recharged wirelessly. Radio waves received at an antenna circuit are converted into electrical energy and stored in the battery. A sensor circuit operates with the electrical energy stored in the battery, and acquires information. Then, a signal containing the information acquired is converted into radio waves at the antenna circuit, whereby the information can be read out wirelessly.11-15-2012
20100214746Module Having a Stacked Magnetic Device and Semiconductor Device and Method of Forming the Same - A module having a stacked magnetic device and semiconductor device, and method of forming the same. In one embodiment, the module includes a printed wiring board including a patterned conductor formed on an upper surface thereof. The module also includes a magnetic core mounted on the upper surface of the printed wiring board proximate the patterned conductor and a semiconductor device mounted on an upper surface of the magnetic core.08-26-2010
20130016483ADAPTER MODULE FOR PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE - An adapter module for a portable electronic device is disclosed. The adapter module is applied with a tablet electronic device. The adapter module includes an antenna unit, a first connection interface and a second connection interface. The first connection interface is configured for electrically connecting to the portable electronic device. The second connection interface is configured for electrically connecting to the tablet electronic device. When the first connection interface is electrically connected to the portable electronic device and the second connection interface is electrically connected to the tablet electronic device, the portable electronic device transmits a signal through the antenna unit of the adapter module, and the tablet electronic device displays an output information of the portable electronic device.01-17-2013
20110157837Flexible Intelligent Electronic Device - An intelligent electronic device for a Substation Automation or Distribution Automation system as well as to a method and computer program product for providing it. The device has a structuring of its own functionality according to a communication standard and includes mechanically separable, replaceable hardware modules interconnected via an inter-module bus). The modules implement functionality related to function related elements of the standard and include a communication module and I/O modules. The device includes elements of the communication standard comprising one device related element and replaceable function related elements of all the functions provided by the modules. The communication module includes the device related element and function elements associated with the function of the communication module as well as functions provided by all the I/O modules.06-30-2011
20110157836ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND COMPONENT - According to one embodiment, an electronic device includes: a device main body, a first engage portion; an operation element; and a disengage mechanism. The device main body includes component container detachably housing a component. The first engage portion is provided to the device main body and facing inside the component container, and when the component is housed in the component container, engaged with a second engage portion provided to the component. The operation element is provided on a rear wall of the device main body, the rear wall being a side wall of the device main body provided at a further side of the device main body and extended in a width direction of the device main body. The disengage mechanism moves the first engage portion in accordance with an operation of the operation element to disengage the first engage portion and the second engage portion from each other.06-30-2011
20130021758Interconnect Schemes, and Materials and Methods for Producing the Same - An interconnect scheme includes a conductive ink forming a plurality of conductive regions, and a dielectric ink occupying spaces between the conductive regions. The conductive ink and the dielectric ink have substantially identical optical, acoustic, and x-ray absorption properties, thereby making the interconnect scheme tamper-resistant and/or difficult to identify and reverse-engineer using conventional detection methods.01-24-2013
20130021759Power Semiconductor Module with Asymmetrical Lead Spacing - A power semiconductor has power terminals arranged in a row at one side of the housing, with control terminals arranged in a row at the other side of the housing. The spacing between adjacent power terminals is greater than the spacing between adjacent control terminals.01-24-2013
20130170148PACKAGE CARRIER AND MANUFACTURING METHOD THEREOF - A manufacturing method of a package carrier is provided. A supporting board having an upper surface which a patterned circuit layer formed thereon is provided. A portion of the upper surface is exposed by the patterned circuit layer. An insulating layer and a conducting layer located at a first surface of the insulating layer are laminated onto the patterned circuit layer. The patterned circuit layer and the exposed portion of the upper surface are covered by the insulating layer. Plural conductive connection structures are formed on the patterned circuit layer. Plural of pads respectively connecting the conductive connection structures and exposing a portion of the first surface of the insulating layer is defined by patterning the conductive layer. The supporting board is removed so as to expose a second surface of the insulating layer. The second surface and a bonding surface of the patterned circuit layer are coplanar.07-04-2013
20130176686MODULE AND PRODUCTION METHOD - The invention specifies a module comprising a carrier substrate (07-11-2013
20130170149CONNECTOR AND ELECTRONIC CIRCUIT ASSEMBLY FOR IMPROVED WET INSULATION RESISTANCE - The present invention is premised upon a connector and electronic circuit assembly (07-04-2013
20080218981PACKAGE STRUCTURE FOR CONNECTION WITH OUTPUT/INPUT MODULE - A package structure for connection with an output/input module is disclosed. The package structure can be applied to conventional multi-chip packages and system in packages. The package structure defines at least one insertion cavity that is vertically or horizontally disposed. By simply inserting an output/input module into the insertion cavity, an electrical connection can be established between the output/input module and the package structure. Accordingly, the package structure thus constructed can address the repairing, replacement and upgrading problems of electronic components encountered by a package structure that adopts the conventional soldering connection method.09-11-2008
20120250263CONTROL PANEL HAVING A PIVOTABLE CONNECTOR - A control panel having a pivotable connector has a body, a rear cover and a connector. The connector is pivotally mounted inside the body and the rear cover, and has a plug being pivotable and freely aligned with an intended direction. Accordingly, users can adjust the orientation of the connector based on a position on which the control panel is to be mounted, placed or hung, so that the connector of the control panel can be smoothly connected with a connection port of the machine directly or through a connection cable.10-04-2012
20130114215LASER APPARATUS - A laser apparatus may include: a first module including an oscillator configured to output a laser beam and an oscillator support portion for supporting the oscillator; a second module including a beam delivery unit for delivering the laser beam and a beam delivery unit support portion for supporting the beam delivery unit; a third module including an amplifier for amplifying the laser beam and an amplifier support portion for supporting the amplifier; and a frame on which the modules are placed, the frame including mounts on which the oscillator support portion, the beam delivery support portion and the amplifier support portion are placed.05-09-2013
20130114214Television Receiver and Electronic Apparatus - According to one embodiment, a television receiver includes: a housing; a circuit board arranged in the housing; an electronic component mounted on the circuit board; a reinforcing member comprising a first surface in contact with the circuit board, and a second surface located on an opposite side of the first surface and exposed to an inside of the housing; a component contained in the housing, the component comprising a first supported area located at a distance from a surface of the circuit board; and a support member configured to support the component, the support member comprising a first end portion fixed to the first supported area of the component, and a second end portion fixed to the second surface of the reinforcing member.05-09-2013
20130128467ELECTRONIC COMPONENT HOUSING UNIT, ELECTRONIC MODULE, AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE - An electronic component housing unit includes: a substrate including a mounting region on which an electronic component is mounted; a connection conductor extending from a top face to a bottom face of the substrate, the connection conductor being electrically connected to the electronic component; a wiring conductor disposed on the bottom face of the substrate, one end of the wiring conductor being electrically connected to the connection conductor, another end of the wiring conductor being drawn out from a side face of the substrate; and a ground conductor disposed on the bottom face of the substrate, the ground conductor forming a coplanar line along with the wiring conductor. A bottom face of the wiring conductor is located above a bottom face of the ground conductor.05-23-2013
20130128466Backlight Module, Backplane, and LCD Device - The present invention discloses a backlight module, a backplane and an LCD device. The backlight module comprises a backplane, a PCB and locking piece(s) for fixing the PCB on the backplane; the backplane comprises a frame formed by multiple brackets, and bridges arranged on the brackets; each bracket or bridge is provided with a chute, and the locking piece is arranged in the chute by a fixed structure at the bottom of the locking piece. Because the backplane comprises a frame formed by multiple brackets, the frame is provided with bridges for arranging PCB and the like, and both the brackets and bridges are formed by combining universal shaped parts, the present invention has the advantages of low manufacturing cost, and material saving; meanwhile, because each bridge is provided with a chute for arranging the hillock, the hillock is fixed in the random position of the chute. Thus, the hillock is arranged in the corresponding position of the chute in accordance with the PCB size, so that the backplane can be adapted for PCBs of different size, or backlight modules or LCD devices with components of different number.05-23-2013
20080198560THIN-FILM MAGNETIC DEVICE, AND ELECTRONIC COMPONENT MODULE HAVING SAME - It is an object of the present invention to provide an electronic component module with which circuit malfunction can be adequately prevented. There are provided a base having wiring, and a thin-film magnetic device provided on one side of the base. The thin-film magnetic device comprises a first magnetic film disposed facing the base, a second magnetic film disposed on the opposite side of the first magnetic film with respect to the base, and a thin-film coil wound so as to encircle the second magnetic film a plurality of times. The thin-film coil has a plurality of first conductor pattern components provided between the first and second magnetic films, a plurality of second conductor pattern components provided on the opposite side of the second magnetic film with respect to the first magnetic film, and a plurality of connecting conductors that connect the first conductor pattern components and the second conductor pattern components in series. The relative magnetic permeability of the second magnetic film is greater than the relative magnetic permeability of the first magnetic film.08-21-2008
20080198559Base Module For a Motion Sensor - Disclosed is a base module for a motion sensor, particularly a tacho generator, phase transducer, or transmission sensor for a motor vehicle. Said base module (08-21-2008
20130148310PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD HAVING WIRE PATTERN - A printed circuit board (PCB) includes a wire pattern having first and second surfaces facing in opposite directions from each other, the wire pattern including a first region having a first thickness and a second region having a second thickness greater than the first thickness; a core insulation layer on the second surface in the first region, the core insulation layer having a third surface adjacent to the second surface in the first region and a fourth surface facing in an opposite direction from the third surface, the fourth surface being connected to the second surface; and a first protection layer covering a portion of the fourth surface of the core insulation layer and a portion of the second surface in the second region.06-13-2013
20130148309METHOD FOR CREATING A MULTIFUNCTIONAL MODULE AND DEVICE INCLUDING SAME - The invention relates to a method for creating a multi-component device, including the following steps, creating a module having a multilayer structure comprising electrical/electronic components arranged on at least one substrate in stacked layers, the components each having a main surface exposed to the outside, wherein the components are arranged such that the respective main surfaces thereof are oriented in mutually opposite directions. The invention also relates to the corresponding device.06-13-2013
20130176685MULTI-LAYER CERAMIC CIRCUIT BOARD, METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME, AND ELECTRIC DEVICE MODULE USING THE SAME - There is provided a multi-layer ceramic circuit board. The multi-layer ceramic circuit board according to an aspect of the invention may include: a ceramic body having a plurality of ceramic green sheets stacked upon one another and an interlayer circuit having conductive vias and conductive patterns separately provided in the plurality of ceramic green sheets; a bump receiving portion provided in at least one surface ceramic green sheet adjacent to a surface of the plurality of ceramic green sheets, and having side walls inclined upward; and a bonding pad provided on the inclined side walls and a bottom surface of the bump receiving portion, and connected to the interlayer circuit.07-11-2013
20120281367Non-Flat Panel Display Module and Back Frame Support Structure Thereof - Disclosed are a non-flat panel display module and the back frame support structure thereof. The non-flat panel display module comprises a non-flat display panel and an outer frame. The outer frame comprises a back frame. The back frame has a non-flat shape in accordance with a back surface of the non-flat display panel and is fixed to the back surface of the non-flat display panel. At least one support structure is fixed to the outer surface of the back frame. The support structure is fixed to an outer surface of the back frame. Therefore, the support structure can strengthen the outer frame intensity and to ensure the intensity and the curved feature of the non-flat panel display module.11-08-2012
20130155627ELECTRONIC DEVICESWITH SUPPORT FRAMES AND MECHANICALLY-BONDED PLASTIC AND METHODS FOR FORMING SUCH ELECTRONIC DEVICES - Electronic devices with support frames and mechanically-bonded plastic and methods for forming such electronic devices are provided. A representative electronic device includes: a housing that incorporates: a metal chassis having a base and a sidewall extending outwardly therefrom to define an interior, the chassis having an opening extending there through; a plastic part mechanically bonded to the metal of the chassis, the plastic part spanning the opening; and a support frame mounted at least partially within the housing such that the support frame increases rigidity of the housing.06-20-2013
20130182394ELECTRONIC MODULE PACKAGES AND ASSEMBLIES FOR ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS - An electronic module package that includes an electronic module configured to receive input signals and process the input signals to provide output signals. The module package also includes an interposer having a board substrate with opposite mounting and substrate surfaces. The mounting surface has a mounting array of electrical contacts. The substrate surface has a module array of electrical contacts and a component array of electrical contacts. The electronic module is attached to the substrate surface and electrically coupled to the module array. The interposer includes first conductive pathways that electrically couple the module array and the mounting array and also includes second conductive pathways that electrically couple the module array and the component array.07-18-2013
20130182395INTEGRATED MODULE, INTEGRATED SYSTEM BOARD, AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE - Embodiments of the present invention provide an integrated module. The integrated module includes a printed circuit board PCB and a modular device, where the modular device is mounted on the PCB; a group of front pin pads is disposed at four edges of a front surface of the PCB and the front pin pads are located around a mounted position of the modular device; and a group of bottom pin pads is disposed at four edges of a bottom surface of the PCB. Positions where the front pin pads are disposed are symmetric to positions where the bottom pin pads are disposed; and network properties of the front pin pads and those of the bottom pin pads are the same.07-18-2013
20110279983Automated mechanical disconection of an electrical converter module in a frequency converter arrangement - An arrangement is described for receiving an electrical converter module for converting a first frequency of an electrical input signal into a second frequency of an electrical output signal. A rack includes input terminals for receiving the electrical input signal and output terminals for providing the electrical output signal. A slot receives the converter module in a first and second positions where in first position the converter module is electrically connected both to the input and output terminals and in the second position the converter module is electrically disconnected both from the input and output terminals. An actuator, which is mounted to the rack and which, in response to a disconnect trigger signal, is adapted to move the electrical converter module from the first position to the second position. A frequency converter system equipped with such an arrangement and a method for disconnecting a converter module are provided11-17-2011
20130188321EXTERNAL ACCESSORY TO BE ATTACHED TO ELECTRONIC APPARATUS AND SYSTEM - An external accessory that can be attached to and detached from an electronic apparatus equipped with a power source unit includes: a first power receiving unit that receives power from the power source unit of the electronic apparatus; a second power receiving unit that receives power from the power source unit of the electronic apparatus; a decision-making unit that makes a decision as to whether or not the first power receiving unit is receiving power; a function execution unit that executes a predetermined function by using power received at one of the first power receiving unit and the second power receiving unit; and a control unit that engages the function execution unit in operation continuously when an affirmative decision is made by the decision-making unit, and engages the function execution unit in operation intermittently when a negative decision is made by the decision-making unit.07-25-2013
20090046434FILTER APPARATUS AND FREQUENCY CONVERTER TO WHICH THE FILTER APPARATUS IS CONNECTED - A power converter in which a filter apparatus reducing noises is connected to a wiring drawing portion, wherein a conductor plate is arranged along an inner wall of a filter housing of said filter apparatus, and part of a housing of said frequency converter and part of a filter housing of said filter apparatus are fitted to each other to fix said filter housing to the housing of said frequency converter.02-19-2009
20130194757SENSORS AND SENSOR INTERFACE SYSTEMS - An apparatus, comprising a housing; a first connector coupled to the housing and having a first plurality of contacts; a second connector coupled to the housing and having a second plurality of contacts; and a circuit electrically connected to at least one of the first contacts and at least one of the second contacts. The circuit is encapsulated within the housing. The circuit is configured to generate an output signal in response to a resistance sensed at the at least one of the first contacts.08-01-2013
20130194756ELECTRONIC MODULE AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING ELECTRONIC MODULE - An electronic module includes a mold body in which an electronic component mounted on a circuit substrate is sealed by a mold resin; and a shield film formed to cover upper and side surfaces of the mold body, the shield film being a metal evaporated film formed by physical vapor deposition.08-01-2013
20120293964POWER ELECTRONIC MODULE WITH NON-LINEAR RESISTIVE FIELD GRADING AND METHOD FOR ITS MANUFACTURING - Exemplary embodiments are directed to a power electronic device with an electronic device including a substrate, a metal layer formed on the substrate and a field grading means located along an edge of the metal layer. The field grading means has a non-linear electrical resistivity.11-22-2012
20120044652TERMINAL STRUCTURE, PRINTED WIRING BOARD, MODULE SUBSTRATE, AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE - The present invention relates to a terminal structure. The terminal structure includes: a terminal having: a conductor layer containing at least one metal selected from gold, silver, and copper; a first layer containing nickel and phosphorus, laid on the conductor layer; a second layer having a smaller atomic ratio of nickel to phosphorus than the first layer and containing Ni02-23-2012
20130201631MULTILAYER ELECTRONICS ASSEMBLY AND METHOD FOR EMBEDDING ELECTRICAL CIRCUIT COMPONENTS WITHIN A THREE DIMENSIONAL MODULE - A multilayer electronics assembly and associated method of manufacture are provided. The multilayer electronics assembly includes a plurality of stacked substrate layers. Each of the substrate layers is fusion bonded to at least an adjacent one of the plurality of substrate layers. A first discrete electrical circuit component is bonded to a first layer of the plurality of layers. A bonding material is interposed between the discrete electrical circuit component and the first layer. The bonding material has a reflow temperature at which the bonding material becomes flowable that is higher than a fusion bonding temperature of the substrate layers.08-08-2013
20120300413POWER FEEDING DEVICE FOR ELECTRONIC CASSETTE - An imaging support has a power feeding device that carries out a noncontact power feeding operation in an electromagnetic induction method. When a cassette is loaded in a cassette chamber of the imaging support, a power feeding controller of the power feeding device issues a query signal. In a case where the cassette loaded in the cassette chamber is an electronic cassette having a noncontact power receiving function, this electronic cassette issues a response signal answering the query signal. Upon receiving the response signal, the power feeding controller judges that the cassette is the electronic cassette, and starts the noncontact power feeding operation. On the other hand, in a case where the cassette loaded in the cassette chamber does not have the noncontact power receiving function, no response signal is issued. The power feeding controller stops issuing the query signal after a lapse of predetermined time.11-29-2012

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