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Cabinet-type housing

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361 - Electricity: electrical systems and devices


361679000 - For electronic systems and devices

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361725000 With retractable or readily detachable chassis 85
20090195992Self-service terminal - A self-service terminal comprises a fascia defining an aperture through which a receipt or other type of media items is dispensible to a customer. The fascia comprises a protrusion located immediately beneath the aperture in a generally central location. The protrusion comprises a lower surface against which a customer's finger may rest and an upper surface for guiding an exiting receipt or other type of media item. The protrusion extends outwardly from the fascia to ensure that even if the customer places a finger on the protrusion, opposing edges of the receipt or other media item exit a sufficient distance from the aperture to allow the receipt or other media item to be visible to and removed by the customer.08-06-2009
20130033824DISPLAY DEVICE CABINET - In a display device cabinet, a fixing assembly to join a front panel and a rear panel include a first fixing mechanism that uses attachment screws and a second fixing mechanism that uses no attachment screws, which have a structure that prevents the application of excessive force to engaging openings and protrusions during the assembly process and disassembly process. The second fixing mechanism includes protrusions on an edge frame of the front panel, a mating piece provided on the rear panel, engaging openings provided in the mating piece, and rib-shaped plates defining stopper elements between the edge frame and the outer frame of the display module. The stopper elements prevent the protrusions from slipping out of the engaging openings by contacting the outer frame. The stopper elements are shaped to prevent interference between the stopper elements and the outer frame during cabinet assembly.02-07-2013
20130077258Power Safety Assembly - The present invention is directed to an enclosure for electrical equipment. The enclosure includes a power plate assembly and a vented cover installed over the power plate assembly. Electrical components operating at 50 volts or more are mounted to a rail in the power plate assembly. The vented cover separates the electrical components mounted to the rail from the electrical components mounted in the enclosure.03-28-2013
20130070421ANTI-SAG APPARATUS FOR EXPANSION CARDS - An anti-sag apparatus is mounted in a chassis for supporting an expansion card. The anti-sag apparatus includes a fixing bracket, a mounting member, and a supporting module. The mounting member defines a slide slot and a positioning hole communicating with the slide slot. The supporting module includes a supporting member, a manipulation member, and a resilient element arranged between the supporting member and the manipulation member. The manipulation member includes a pole forming a neck able to slide through the slide slot, and a locking portion sized to be stopped from entering the slide slot. When the pole is placed in the positioning hole, the supporting member supports the expansion card. When the pole is driven to slide along the slide slot, the supporting member disengages from the expansion card.03-21-2013
20130058047BEZEL ASSEMBLY FOR ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A bezel assembly includes a panel, a shielding member, and a securing member. The panel includes a main body. The main body includes a receiving portion and defines a through hole. The shielding member includes a mounting portion. The securing member includes a resilient arm abutting the receiving portion. The mounting portion extends through the through hole and is engaged with the securing member, to secure the shielding member to the panel; when the shielding member is disengaged from the panel, the securing member is moved in a first direction substantially parallel to the main body, the resilient arm is deformed by the receiving portion, the mounting portion is moved in a second direction substantially perpendicular to the first direction so as to be disengaged from the securing member.03-07-2013
20110013367ELECTRONIC DISPLAY WITH MOUNT-ACCESSIBLE COMPONENTS - An electronic display assembly where the components can be removed and serviced or replaced without having to remove the display from its position. A backplane may be in electrical communication with the image producing assembly and may contain a plurality of blind mate connectors. Various electronic assemblies may be connected to the blind mate connectors. An access panel may provide access to the electronic assemblies so that they can be removed from the housing. N+1 power supplies may be used so that if one fails the unit would continue to operate until the failed power supply could be replaced. The electronic assemblies may be removed from the left side, right side, top, or bottom surfaces of the display housing. Any flat panel electronic display may be used.01-20-2011
20090268411Chassis for an Electrical Component - A chassis configured to receive an electrical component for a motor vehicle is disclosed. The chassis includes an upper portion and a lower portion that releasably attach to a central portion using tabs. The chassis is constructed of a conductive plastic that facilitates RF shielding and sufficiently reduces the weight of the chassis.10-29-2009
20130163208ELECTRONIC DEVICE WITH LOCK MECHANISM - An electronic device includes an enclosure, a cover plate, a battery module, a latching member, a locking member, and a sliding knob connecting the latching member to the locking member. When the sliding knob is located in an original position, the latching member is engaged with the cover plate for securing the cover plate to the enclosure, and the locking member is engaged with the battery module for fixing the battery module to the enclosure. When the sliding knob is slid from the original position to a first unlocked position, the latching member is disengaged from the cover plate for releasing the cover plate from the enclosure. When the sliding knob is slid from the original position to a second locked position, and the locking member is disengaged from the battery module for releasing the battery module from the enclosure.06-27-2013
20100302742LATCHING MECHANISM AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE USING THE SAME - A latching mechanism for a portable electronic device includes a frame, at least one elastic member, a latching member and a button. The frame defines a chamber. The latching member includes a protruding block and a matching body having a slanted plane. The button includes a resisting portion. The elastic member, the latching member and the button are received in the chamber, the elastic member resists against the latching member, the protruding block extends out from the chamber, the resisting portion of the button engages with the slanted plane, the latching member slides when pressing the button and the protruding block can withdraw into the chamber.12-02-2010
20100195288EXPANDABLE POWER AND DATA CENTER WITH LATCHING MECHANISM - An expandable power and data center (08-05-2010
20110292616LIGHTWEIGHT AUDIO SYSTEM FOR AUTOMOTIVE APPLICATIONS AND METHOD - A lightweight radio/CD player for vehicular application is virtually “fastenerless” and includes a case and frontal interface formed of polymer based material that is molded to provide details to accept audio devices such as playback mechanisms (if desired) and radio receivers, as well as the circuit boards required for electrical control and display. The case and frontal interface are of composite structure, including an insert molded electrically conductive wire mesh screen that has been pre-formed to contour with the molding operation. The wire mesh provides EMC, RFI, BCI and ESD shielding and grounding of the circuit boards via exposed wire mesh pads and adjacent ground clips. The PCB architecture is bifurcated into a first board carrying common circuit components in a surface mount configuration suitable for high volume production, and a second board carrying application specific circuit components in a wave soldered stick mount configuration. The major components and subassemblies are self-fixturing during the final assembly process, eliminating the need for dedicated tools, fixtures and assembly equipment. The major components and subassemblies self-interconnect by integral guide and connection features effecting “slide lock” and “snap lock” self-interconnection. The radio architecture includes improved push buttons employing 4-bar living hinge linkage and front loaded decorative trim buttons.12-01-2011
20100046174PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD FIXING STRUCTURE AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE WITH SAME - An electronic device includes chassis, a first printed circuit board, a second printed circuit board and a shell. The chassis includes a locating surface on which the first printed circuit board is mounted. The second printed circuit board is substantially perpendicularly mounted on the first circuit board and electrically coupled it. The shell is positioned on the locating surface to cover and receive the first and second printed circuit boards.02-25-2010
20090195993Self-service terminal - A fascia for a self-service terminal. The fascia comprises a first component located in fixed spatial relation to a plurality of devices mounted within the self-service terminal, and a second component mounted in movable spatial relation to at least one other device mounted within the self-service terminal. The second component is movable relative to the first component to provide access to the devices mounted within the self-service terminal when the second component is opened. The first and second components provide a unitary sealed fascia when the first and second components are in the closed position.08-06-2009
20110149523ELECTRONIC DEVICE - According to one embodiment, an electronic device includes a housing in which an opening is made, a button fit inside the opening such as to be movable forward and backward, a printed wiring board housed inside the housing and provided with a switch which detects pushing operation of the button and a pair of supports. Each of the supports projects inside the housing such as to support both end portions of the printed wiring board and also serve as a stopper for the button.06-23-2011
20120106090ELECTRONIC DEVICE ACCESS DOOR - An electronic device includes a chassis, a rotatable door, and a latch member. An opening is defined in the chassis. A first flange extends from an edge of the opening. A first mounting slot is defined in the first flange. The rotatable door is rotatable between a closed position and an open position. The rotatable door includes a second flange with a second mounting slot defined therein. The latch module includes a latch piece with a mounting hole defined therein and a slidable pin securely engaged in the mounting hole. The latch piece is movable between a locked position where the latch piece is engaged into the first mounting slot and the second mounting slot, and an unlocked position where the latch piece is disengaged from the first mounting slot and the second mounting slot.05-03-2012
20110267782Electrical System for a Computer Cart - An electrical system for a computer cart enables power to be diverted between electrical channels within the cart using an intelligent round robin charging scheme. All power may be diverted to individual channels one at a time for short charging intervals. When a selected primary channel does not require all available power within the cart, excess power is provided to a secondary channel. All three channels may likewise share power if excess is available. Relays are used to allow power to be controlled to the individual channels. Current sensors on each channel sense an amount of current used by the channel. The output of the current sensor is digitized and integrated to determine how much current is being used by the channel. The current is used by the control to detect uncharged laptops and to selectively divert power between channels to optimize use of power within the computer cart.11-03-2011
20100142156ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND A CASING USED THEREFOR - In an electronic device in which a component connecting portion is mounted inside a case (06-10-2010
20090161322Front access enclosure - An enclosure and method of construction for use with electronic devices such as computers, amplifiers, switching systems, receivers, video monitors, and televisions, allows a user to access virtually all connector ports on a given piece of equipment from the front of the equipment by displacing a moveable front accessible control panel which supports control mechanisms by which to regulate the equipment. The ideal enclosure may be elevated on adjustable feet such that connector cables from connected peripheral devices may be routed beneath the enclosure to corresponding connector ports at the front of the enclosure. Alternatively, the enclosure may include one or more channels through which connector cables may be passed for greater concealment. Channels may be fixed, may include moveable panels for greater access, or may be completely removable for more easily accessing internal components of the enclosure.06-25-2009
20130120941MODULAR EQUIPMENT RACK SYSTEM FOR DATA CENTER - Various technologies described herein pertain to racking equipment in a data center. A modular equipment rack system can include an upper track, a lower track, a vertical support, a power and network distribution unit, and a tray. The upper track and the lower track can respectively include incrementally spaced mounting locations at which the vertical support and the power and network distribution unit can be attachable. The tray can be attachable to the vertical support and the power and network distribution unit when the vertical support is attached to the upper track at a first upper mounting location and attached to the lower track at a corresponding first lower mounting location, and the power and network distribution unit is attached to the upper track at a second upper mounting location and attached to the lower track at a corresponding second lower mounting location.05-16-2013
20090052143WATERPROOF PANEL - A waterproof panel comprises a front wall, a back wall, a front baffle assembly and a back baffle. A cavity is defined between the front wall and the back wall, the front baffle assembly and the back baffle are received in the cavity. The front wall defines a first hole array and a second hole array, the back wall defines a third hole array in same height with the second hole array. The front baffle assembly fixed on one side of the second hole array near the third hole array comprises a main baffle. The back baffle fixed on one side of the third hole array near the second hole array is on one side of the main baffle near the second hole array. The back wall comprises a plurality of protruding strips, which can rebound water entering through the third hole array back.02-26-2009
20090086440STRAP ATTACHABLE MOBILE DEVICE - A mobile device includes a pair of cabinet half-bodies 04-02-2009
20090225519MEDICINE CABINET ASSEMBLY - An apparatus includes a first mirror platform; the first mirror platform has a first portion and a second portion. A media display device is disposed behind the first mirror platform, such that within the second portion information displayed on the media display device is visible when the media display device is on and is viewed from in front of the first mirror platform. A mounting platform is coupled to a back of the first mirror platform to form a door assembly and the mounting platform can also be a mirror platform.09-10-2009
20090244853Mobile Terminal Device Equipped With Display - An organic EL display formed by welding a lid body and a substrate is arranged in a recessed surface of a cabinet; and at least two cushions are arranged between a bottom surface of the recessed surface and the substrate, the cushions being spaced apart from each other along a longitudinal direction of the cabinet. A friction reducing layer, which friction with the substrate of the organic EL display is small, is formed on the cushion, and the substrate is slidable on the cushion.10-01-2009
20080259573Housing or Frame-Like Holding Element with an Inscribed Strip - A housing or a frame-like holding element for, in particular, electronic or electrical components, including a frame that surrounds an opening, a holding fixture that, while extending in a longitudinal direction, is formed in the front side of at least one profile. An inscribed strip is placed inside the holding fixture and supports a holding strip that forms a viewing surface on the front side. This invention provides a holding element that can be easily assembled while having a visually appealing layout of the inscribed strip. This invention provides frame limbs forming the frame in the form of frame profiles, of which the holding fixture for the inscribed strip is formed on at least one, and the holding strip, on a rear side facing away from the viewing side, has two longitudinally extending resilient detent webs which are parallel to one another and which have detent elements that engage in a locking manner within detent mating elements formed on the holding fixture.10-23-2008
20100182752STRUCTURAL UNIT HAVING A CONTROL UNIT HOUSING AND A HYDRAULIC ASSEMBLY HOUSING - A structural unit having a control unit housing and a hydraulic assembly housing is proposed. The control unit housing and the hydraulic assembly housing form a receiving chamber with a covering for at least one electrical component. The at least one electrical component is arranged in the receiving chamber in a sealed manner at least in the region of contact faces between the component and the chamber. For each component, one seal is applied in a fluid process and is assigned individually to the relevant electrical component to be arranged. The seal is applied in the region of the contact faces between the component and the covering of the electrical component, the control unit housing, and the hydraulic assembly housing.07-22-2010
20100188822CASING STRUCTURE FOR SOUND ADJUSTING APPARATUS - Casing structure for a mixer apparatus includes a box-shaped casing that comprises an upper surface section, a bottom surface section and a side surface section. The upper surface section, having a generally obtuse-angled “V” shape, includes: a flat operation panel having operating members; a boundary section located adjacent to the rear end edge of the operation panel; and a flat, inclined display panel extending rearwardly and upwardly from the boundary section at a greater inclination angle than the operation panel. Within the casing, a partition member is provided on the bottom surface section to extend vertically upward to the boundary section, and it has openings to permit communication between front and rear accommodating sections. The partition member supports the boundary section from below to reinforce the upper surface section.07-29-2010
20100226099ELECTRONIC APPARATUS - An electronic apparatus includes a cabinet which includes a first face capable of being opened, a second face vertical relative to the first face, and a third face facing the second face, a first connector which is disposed over the second face inside the cabinet and a fitting face of which faces the third face, and a substrate unit which includes a second connector fitted with the first connector, a first edge included in the second connector, a second edge on an opposite side of the first edge, and an engaging part disposed on the second edge.09-09-2010
20110058339EQUIPMENT RACKS UTILIZING RAIL ENGAGING RETAINING BRACKETS THAT LIMIT CHASSIS MOVEMENT - An apparatus includes an equipment chassis configured to house electronic circuitry and to be inserted in an equipment rack between an opposed pair of rails. The equipment chassis includes a bottom face configured to rest on shelf members of the rails. The apparatus further includes a retaining bracket disposed at a side face of the equipment chassis facing one of the rails and oriented substantially perpendicular to the bottom face of the equipment chassis. The retaining bracket is configured to engage a horizontal groove in the one of the rails when the equipment chassis is inserted horizontally into the equipment rack between the rails. The retaining bracket may be configured to engage the one of the rails to limit vertical movement of the equipment chassis.03-10-2011
20100208433PROTECTIVE TELECOMMUNICATIONS ENCLOSURE SYSTEMS AND METHODS - Protective containers for electronic equipment, and methods of testing and manufacture thereof, are provided. The cabinets provide a HEMP protection level to electronic equipment housed therein that meets a HEMP protection level according to MIL-STD-188-125-1.08-19-2010
20110110049MOTOR CONTROL CENTER UNIT WITHDRAW WITH DOOR CLOSED - An electrical enclosure wherein an electrical component can be moved between various positions (e.g., connected, disconnected, test, etc.) without opening an enclosure door. The electrical enclosure supports a component for movement between a withdrawn position, a test position, and an inserted position. A handle is accessible by an operator from an exterior of the enclosure and is configured to move the component between the respective positions without having to open the enclosure. The handle is integral with the enclosure and thus an operator needs no special tool or other device to effect movement of the electrical component between its respective positions.05-12-2011
20110019366EMBEDDED COMMUNICATION ENCLOSURE - Disclosed is an embedded communication enclosure for housing and supporting communication devices and communication cables, comprising: an enclosure body; a cable connecting member, provided within said enclosure body to connect communication cables, where an input cable from the exterior of the enclosure body is connected to a plurality of distribution cables to be brought out of the enclosure body; and a first door connected with the enclosure body, for opening and closing the front of the enclosure body, said first door comprising a second door embedded therein to provide access to the cable connecting member; wherein said cable connecting member is arranged to correspond to said second door in such a manner that said cable connecting member is exposed to outside when said second door is opened. With the embedded communication enclosure, a two-stage stage operating interface is achieved, so that communication devices and cables housed in the embedded communication enclosure will not be undesirably influenced or accessed during frequently changing and maintaining terminal jumpers.01-27-2011
20090086441INTERFACE ASSEMBLY - A computer system comprising an interface assembly configured to support one or more I/O connections. In one variations the computer system comprises a main board housed within a chassis, a chassis connector coupled to the chassis, and one or more I/O cables coupled to the chassis connector. In another variation, the computer assembly comprises a computer rack with a plurality of connector interfaces, each of which is adapted for engaging a computer through a chassis connector with a plurality of I/O ports.04-02-2009
20100202113COMMODITY SALE DATA PROCESSING APPARATUS - A commodity sale data processing apparatus includes: a casing; a power switch provided on a predetermined panel surface of the casing and adapted for starting up a power source; a cover which can freely open and close by turning between an open position and a closed position with respect to the predetermined panel surface where the power switch is provided; a switch hole which is provided as a part of the cover at a position facing the power switch cut out in a state where the cover is situated at the closed position, and through which the power switch is exposed outside; and a switch hole cover which covers the exposure of the power switch in a state of being attached to the switch hole.08-12-2010
20090323290SLIDING DOOR ASSEMBLY FOR ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A sliding door assembly for an electronic device includes a carrier having a zone holding computerized connectors, a panel mounted to the bezel, a door slidably mounted between the bezel and the panel for selectively covering the zone, and two gears. One of the carrier and the panel comprises two racks. The gears are rotatably mounted to the door respectively and engage with the racks respectively.12-31-2009
20090034207CASING - A casing including a carrying frame and at least one detachable carrying component is provided. The carrying frame includes two sidewalls and a base. The sidewalls face each other, and each sidewall has a first sliding connection portion. The sidewalls are respectively connected to the base, and the sidewalls and the base form an accommodating space. The detachable carrying component has two second sliding connection portions, and the second sliding connection portions are suitable for being slidingly connected to the first sliding connection portions respectively. The detachable carrying component is suitable for being slidingly disposed in the accommodating space along a gravitational direction. The method of assembling the casing is simpler.02-05-2009
20110075378FOLDING ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT - There is provided a laptop personal computer comprising: a first chassis 03-31-2011
20110164387SWITCH CABINET CONNECTION AND COMBINATION APPARATUS AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME - The present invention discloses a switch cabinet connection and combination apparatus, wherein upper line-in/line-out terminals of a medium-voltage switch cabinet are connected to upper contact boxes via a conductor, and lower line-in/line-out terminals thereof are connected to lower contact boxes via the conductor, and remaining gaps to be insulated are filled with a solid insulating material. The present invention further discloses a method of manufacturing a switch cabinet connection and combination apparatus including the steps of: connecting upper line-in/line-out terminals of a medium-voltage switch cabinet via a conductor to upper contact boxes; connecting lower line-in/line-out terminals thereof via the conductor to lower contact boxes; and pouring a solid insulating material for molding. The present invention realizes high reliability, small volume, and no pollution of the medium-voltage switch cabinet.07-07-2011
20120063099RAIL SEAL FOR ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT ENCLOSURE - An electronic equipment enclosure includes a frame structure, one or more panels attached to the frame structure, at least one vertical mounting rail fastened to the frame structure, and a rail seal attached to the at least one vertical mounting rail. The rail seal includes a generally flat panel portion and a seal along an edge thereof. The seal is adapted to engage at least one of the one or more panels to provide an air dam between the one or more panels and the at least one vertical mounting rail.03-15-2012
20110019365Transfer Switch With Easily Removable Weatherproof Door and Hood - Disclosed herein is a transfer switch having an easily removable weatherproof door and hood, allowing a user to optionally mount the switch on the interior or exterior of a structure. The weatherproof door and hood work together to protect the transfer switch from exposure to rain and other unwanted substances that would otherwise harm the components within the switch if mounted on the exterior of a structure. Removable fasteners corresponding to pre-drilled holes in the main compartment of the switch are used to secure the door and hood to the main compartment of the switch, permitting a user to easily remove them if the switch is to be mounted on the interior of a structure.01-27-2011
20110261538DISPLAY DEVICE - A display device includes a cabinet and a display device main body. The cabinet has a front cabinet and a rear cabinet. The front cabinet has a rear face and a plurality of bosses. The display device main body has a rear frame with a front opening, a cell guide, a display panel, a bezel and a plurality of fixing components. The rear frame has a plurality of recess portions that is provided at a specific spacing along an outer peripheral part of the rear frame. The display panel is disposed via the cell guide in the front opening of the rear frame. The bezel is fastened to the outer peripheral part of the rear frame. The fixing components are provided at a specific spacing along the outer peripheral part of the rear frame. The fixing components are disposed in the recess portions and fastened to the bosses, respectively.10-27-2011
20110134611ELECTRONIC DEVICE WITH COVER-LOCKING MECHANISM - An electronic device is provided. The electronic device includes a main body, a first cover, a second cover, a rotating member, a sliding member, and a pushing member. The main body includes a first guiding member. The second cover includes a first connecting member. The rotating member includes a driving member. The sliding member includes a slot and a first converting member. The slot cooperates with the driving member. The pushing member includes a second guiding member, a second converting member and a locking post. The second guiding member cooperates with the first guiding member, and the locking post cooperates with the first connecting member. When the second guiding member is pushed to the second position, the locking post disengages from the first connecting member. When the second guiding member is pushed from the second position to the third position, the second cover moves to an open position.06-09-2011
20100020506PORTABLE DEVICE FOR GENERATING TWO PHASES FROM A SINGLE ELECTRICAL PHASE - A portable device for generating two electrical phases from a single electrical phase. The portable device includes a watertight housing having a toroidal transformer therein. A terminal block is mounted within the housing and is electrically connected to the toroidal transformer. The portable device is sized to fit on the rear floor of a vehicle and an appropriate weight to be carried by a single person.01-28-2010
20090073663Wrap-around overmold for electronic assembly - An improved overmolded electronic assembly includes a backplate provided with a recessed edge, a circuit substrate on the backplate, at least one electronic component mounted on the circuit substrate, conductive traces on the circuit substrate which together with the electronic component(s) defines a circuit device, an electrical connector, and an overmold body that has peripheral edges that wrap around sides of the backplate and onto the edge recesses. The resulting over wrap feature eliminates delamination problems that would otherwise occur during thermal cycling of the electronic assembly, improves corrosion resistance at connector-to-backplate interfaces, and enhances securement of the printed circuit board assembly and electrical connector to the assembly.03-19-2009
20120307457REDUCING POSSIBILITY OF SHORT-CIRCUIT IN A DISPLAY DEVICE - An image display device which is provided with an image display panel, and a housing which houses the image display panel. In the front wall of the housing, an image display window makes the screen of the image display panel viewable from the outside. In the rear wall of the housing are two housing sections, each being configured by connecting together a recessed section provided in the rear wall, and a cover which covers the opening of the recessed section. On the recessed section-side connecting surface from the surfaces on which the recessed section and the cover of each housing section are connected, screw members are screwed at a plurality of areas along the inner circumference of the connecting surface by penetrating the cover. The distances between the adjacent screw members in the two housing sections are different from each other.12-06-2012
20120307456NETWORK CABINET - A network cabinet includes a door, a sensor, a multifunctional button, and a rotating display device; the door is installed in the network cabinet, the rotating display device is installed in the door, and 360 degree rotation is possible. The user may control an angle of rotation as required, either by selecting on each occasion, or automatically, to facilitate an exchange of data with the equipment in the network cabinet, by means of a touch screen oriented to suit the user.12-06-2012
20090109632CURRENT TRANSFORMER DISCONNECT SWITCH - A current transformer cabinet is disclosed having an electrical meter coupled to current transformers. One or more disconnect switches arranged between the source conductors and the load conductors. The disconnect switches include a link member that allows the disconnecting of electrical service from the load conductors by rotation of the link from a first position to a second position.04-30-2009
20120008285Rear Cover and Input/Output Panels - An input/output panel for use with a server chassis may comprise a cover, an input/output interface circuit board, a plurality of interfaces, and a ground clip. The cover of non-conductive plastic may be configured to mount to a rear cover of the server chassis. The input/output interface circuit board may be disposed on a first side of the cover. The plurality of interfaces may be disposed on the input/output interface circuit board and extend at least partially through the cover to the second side of the cover. The ground clip may include a conductive component partially disposed within the plastic cover. A first end of the ground clip may extend from the first side of the cover and be configured to mate with the input/output interface circuit board. A second end of the ground clip may extend from the first side of cover and be configured to mate with a ground circuit associated with the rear cover of the server chassis.01-12-2012
20120026695Compartmentalized Pump Termination Enclosure for Multiple Pumps with Integral Load Disconnects - A Compartmentalized Pump Termination Enclosure for Multiple Pumps with Integral Load Disconnects assembly consisting of multiple compartments arranged so as to allow service of each individual load side compartment without exposure to line voltages while still maintaining operation of the other pumps within the pumping system. The assembly includes a plurality of load side disconnect compartments each including a lockable handle operator that that is interlocked with its corresponding load side compartment door. The handle operators are mechanically connected to the disconnecting devices via flexible cables or mechanical linkage. A key feature/distinction of this invention is that the disconnecting devices have their line and load side compartments segregated, so that when the handle operator is switched to the OFF position there are no components (e.g. disconnecting device and/or its conductors) within the load side compartment that remain energized by line voltage. The handle operator, when OFF, grants access to the load side compartment only.02-02-2012
20100172107Device for Determining and/or Monitoring a Process Variable - An apparatus for determining and/or monitoring at least one process variable. The apparatus comprises at least one housing, which has at least a housing lower part and a housing lid. The housing lower part and the housing lid are connected together by at least one connecting element.07-08-2010
20120250261CABINET FOR ELECTRONIC DEVICES AND ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY USING THE SAME - A cabinet for electronic devices includes a rack and engaging units. The rack includes a first supporting post, a second supporting post, a third supporting post and a fourth supporting post located at four corners of an imaginary rectangular parallelepiped. An opening is defined between the first supporting post and the second supporting post for the electronic devices inserted therein. Each of the third and fourth supporting posts defines a plurality of pairs of slots therein. The engaging units are mounted on the third and the fourth supporting posts, respectively. Each of the engaging units includes a pair of pins received in a corresponding pair of slots and a pressing element connected with the pins. The pressing element is horizontally moveable by the pins sliding along the corresponding pair of slots to thereby adjust an abutting force between the pressing element and a corresponding electronic device.10-04-2012
20100290196 ELECTRICAL CABINET - The disclosure relates to an electrical cabinet for receiving and enclosing an electrical apparatus such that the electrical apparatus can be isolated from surroundings by the electrical cabinet. To address water condensing inside the electrical cabinet, a roof construction of the electrical cabinet includes at least a first capillary part located above the electrical apparatus, and the first capillary part includes capillary grooves for recovering liquid condensing on the first capillary part.11-18-2010
20120212909Data Storage Apparatus - Data storage apparatus comprising a main housing containing an electric power supply, a panel supporting a plurality of electric connectors for connecting the power supply to other component parts of the apparatus and a plurality of units. Each of the units comprises a plurality of data storage elements and is mounted to slide from within the main housing to provide access to its data storage elements.08-23-2012
20120212908FLAT DISPLAY DEVICE - Provided is a flat display device comprising an outer cabinet in a frame shape, wherein at least one side of a frame section of the outer cabinet includes a decorative bar, which is formed by sequentially laminating a second member transmitting light and a third member having a smaller refractive index than that of the second member on a first member having a reflecting surface to reflect light, and is provided with a light-emitting unit, which emits light, in a portion opposed to an end surface of the second member of the decorative bar.08-23-2012
20110182036CASING FOR SHELTERING ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS AND NETWORK ELEMENT AND AIR PASSAGE - A casing for sheltering electronic components (07-28-2011
20120134116IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS - The image forming apparatus includes: a cabinet main body including one or more of main body side walls formed to continue to the outer edges of the side face portion, and to extend toward the outer lateral face; a circuit board being attached to the outer lateral face in the side face portion, and being electrically connected to the side face portion; and an electrically conductive shielding case that is disposed to cover the circuit board, the shielding case including a top plate that having a first side on an outer edge and/or a second side continuing to the first side are connected to the main body side walls, and shielding case side walls, being connected to the side face portion, and being disposed to surround the circuit board in collaboration with the main body side walls.05-31-2012
20120229987ELECTRONIC APPARATUS WITH ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION SHIELDING - An electronic apparatus includes a cabinet and a number of electronic devices mounted in the cabinet. The cabinet includes a bottom plate and a top plate. A top of each electronic device forms two flanges, and a bottom of each electronic device forms a number of first electromagnetic radiation shielding units. The top and bottom plates includes a number of second electromagnetic radiation shielding units for respectively resisting against the first shielding units and the flanges of the electronic elements adjacent to the top plate and bottom plate of the cabinet. The first electromagnetic radiation shielding units and the flanges of two neighboring electronic devices resist against each other.09-13-2012
20120075809GASKET AND DISPLAY ASSEMBLY FOR AN ELECTRONIC MOBILE DEVICE - An electronic mobile device includes a device housing and a spacer supported within the device housing. An outer panel is supported by the spacer, and the outer panel and the spacer together define an internal recess. A display configured to display information is supported by the device housing within the internal recess. A gasket is compressed between the device housing, the spacer, and the outer panel to inhibit debris ingress to the device housing. The gasket has a first side that engages the device housing and a second side that engages the spacer and the outer panel.03-29-2012
20100008051ELECTRONIC DEVICE - An electronic device includes a chassis, a tray, and a securing member. The chassis is configured to hold electronic elements having cables, and includes a rear plate having an outer surface. The tray is attachable to the outer surface of the rear plate, and includes a bottom wall substantially perpendicular to the rear plate of the chassis. The securing member secured on the bottom wall of the tray and includes a latch portion resiliently deformable for maintaining the cables between the latch portion and the bottom wall.01-14-2010
20120314376DISPLAY DEVICE - The instant application describes a display device including a display panel; a first component forming the front portion of the cabinet; a second component forming the rear portion of the cabinet; a metal plate comprising a first flat portion parallel to the display surface of the display panel and a second flat portion perpendicular to the first flat portion; an engaging portion provided on the first flat portion, the engaging portion being engaged with the first component; a female screw portion to which a screw penetrating the second component is inserted, and a receiving portion provided on the first component to which the engaging portion is engaged.12-13-2012
20120188725ELECTRICAL INSTRUMENT - An electrical instrument includes a casing; a drawer portion in which a connection target to which at least one cable is connected is accommodated and which is configured to be drawable outside the casing; and a cable holding portion configured to hold the cable.07-26-2012
20120229988DISPLAY PANEL - Disclosed is an image display device which is provided with an image display panel (09-13-2012
20110122585ELECTRONIC DEVICE WITH COVERED EXPANSION CARD BAY - An electronic device includes a housing, an expansion card holder, and a protective cover assembly. The housing defines an opening. The expansion card holder is located inside the housing. The protective cover assembly includes a rotary shaft unit, and a cover rotatably connected to the main body via the rotary shaft unit. The cover includes a main body made of soft material, and an elastic member embedded in the main body. The main body includes a cover portion covering the opening, a resisting portion resisting against the housing, and a connecting portion interconnecting the cover portion and the resisting portion. The elastic member includes a first elastic arm and a second elastic arm. The first and the second elastic arms are embedded in the cover portion and the resisting portion, respectively. The elastic member provides a resilient force to the cover portion to open or seal the opening automatically.05-26-2011
20100232116CARRIER FOR A DIGITAL PEN - A carrier for a digital pen includes a main case with an internal channel to closely receive and align the digital pen with an electronic package contained within the main case. In addition, the carrier includes an upper lid rotationally coupled to the main case. In one embodiment, the upper lid may be both partially and fully opened with a dual-action latch mechanism. In addition, the carrier may include a lower lid that may be opened to provide access to an electronic package. In one embodiment, an extendable serial communication device may be extended from the electronic package when the lower lid is open. Further, the carrier is configured to sufficiently protect the digital pen from harsh environmental conditions and even from harsh user-induced conditions, such as drops onto a hard surface, exposure of the carrier to rain, dust, and sand particulate, brief water submersion, and even temperature extremes.09-16-2010
20090073662Weather cover for electronic equipment, use thereof for hanging on a mast tower, or mono-pole, and antenna carrier for weather cover - Weather cover for electronic equipment designed to be mounted on towers, hanged on masts, towers or mono-poles, which weather cover (03-19-2009
20120140422Interface device for electronic equipment and electronic equipment including the same - An interface device for electronic equipment including at least one port electronically connected to an external device; a housing disposed in the electronic equipment and includes an opening through which the port is drawn in and out; a door which accommodates the port and performs a first motion and a second motion, the first motion being rotation between an open position, in which the opening of the housing is open, and a close position, in which the opening is closed, the second motion being sliding between the open position and a projecting position, in which the door projects from the open position in a transverse direction to a rotation axis of the first motion parallel with an installation surface of the electronic equipment; and a driving unit which provides driving force to the door in the close position of the first motion of the door and in the second motion.06-07-2012
20130016481ELECTRIC POWER CONVERTER FOR ROLLING STOCKAANM TAKAHASHI; KiyoshiAACI Sagamihara-cityAACO JPAAGP TAKAHASHI; Kiyoshi Sagamihara-city JP - An electric power converter can include an electric power converter case mounted on rolling stock, a unit mounting section formed in the electric power converter case and having a cooler insertion opening, and an internal unit mounted on the unit mounting section. The internal unit can include a cooler projecting from the unit mounting section through the cooler insertion opening into an outside air introduction section into which the outside air is introduced and a plurality of securing holders made to butt against the unit mounting section for securing the internal unit. Each of the securing holders can have a butting surface for butting against the unit mounting section to form a step by making the butting surface protrude from the opposed surface of the internal unit facing the unit mounting section.01-17-2013
20130021756DATA CENTER WITH CABLE MANAGEMENT STRUCTURE - A data center includes a housing and a number of server units arranged in the housing. Each server unit includes a server module and a cable management member. The first ends of a number of cables are connected to the back panel of the server module. The cable management member includes a bottom plate, a front plate, and two side plates. A number of connectors are set on the front plate. The second ends of the cables are connected to the connectors. The cable management member is fixed to one side of the server module. The cables are received in a space formed between the bottom plate of the cable management member and the server module.01-24-2013
20120243183Wall mounted diagnostic cabinet assembly - A cabinet assembly for holding electronic instruments comprising a mounting rail defining a channel therein, the mounting rail defining a plurality of spaced apertures and center cutouts and a chassis coupler mounted to mounting rail. A housing is mounted to the chassis coupler and an exterior housing cover is mounted to the housing. The mounting rail is covered by a rail cover panel having wiring raceways and an access cover panel is mounted at the base of the rail cover panel.09-27-2012
20120243182SENSORS FOR HIGH-TEMPERATURE ENVIRONMENTS AND METHOD FOR ASSEMBLING SAME - A sensor assembly includes an outer housing and at least one high-impedance sensing device positioned within the outer housing. The sensor assembly also includes a buffering circuit comprising at least one wide bandgap semiconductor device positioned within the outer housing. The buffering circuit is operatively coupled to the at least one high-impedance sensing device.09-27-2012
20080232069APPARATUS FOR FACILITATING COOLING OF AN ELECTRONICS RACK EMPLOYING A HEAT EXCHANGE ASSEMBLY MOUNTED TO AN OUTLET DOOR COVER OF THE ELECTRONICS RACK - An apparatus is provided for facilitating cooling of an electronics rack. The apparatus includes a heat exchange assembly mounted to an outlet door cover hingedly affixed to an air outlet side of the rack. The heat exchange assembly includes a support frame, an air-to-liquid heat exchanger, and first and second perforated planar surfaces covering first and second main sides, respectively, of the air-to-liquid heat exchanger. The heat exchanger is supported by the support frame and includes inlet and outlet plenums disposed adjacent to the edge of the outlet door cover hingedly mounted to the rack. Each plenum is in fluid communication with a respective connect coupling, and the heat exchanger further includes multiple horizontally-oriented heat exchange tube sections each having serpentine cooling channel with an inlet and an outlet coupled to the inlet plenum and outlet plenum, respectively. Fins extend from the heat exchange tube sections.09-25-2008
20130155626BOX-SHAPED ELECTRICAL SWITCHGEAR CABINET SEALED WITH A COVER FOR A WIND TURBINE - A box-shaped electric control cabinet is provided which can be closed by a cover and which is used to receive electric components and devices for a blade angle adjustment drive (pitch drive) of a wind energy power plant, by means of which one or more rotor blades of the plant can be rotated about the blade axis. The control cabinet includes at least two cabinet segments, and specific electric components and devices are associated with respectively each module according to its function. The cabinet segments can be associated with and/or assigned to respectively different electric components and devices, with which, combined as a part function, different total functions and/or embodiment forms of the control cabinet can be produced or are producible.06-20-2013
20110216508SYSTEM, NETWORK PROTECTOR ENCLOSURE, AND AUTOMATIC RACKING SYSTEM - A system includes an electrical enclosure having an inner volume and a door structured to open to expose the inner volume and structured to close to enclose the inner volume. A racking mechanism is disposed in the inner volume and includes a member movable in a first direction to a first position and an opposite second direction to a different second position. A network protector is carried by the racking mechanism and is movable thereby between a connect position in the inner volume corresponding to the first position of the member of the racking mechanism, and a test position in the inner volume corresponding to the different second position of the member of the racking mechanism. A control mechanism is structured to move the member of the racking mechanism between the first position and the different second position of the member responsive to a number of remote commands.09-08-2011
20110211315PROJECTOR AND UNIT FOR PROJECTOR - A projector includes: a mounting unit for mounting optional unit (09-01-2011
20100315788SIDE-EXHAUST COOLING SYSTEM FOR RACK MOUNTED EQUIPMENT - A cooling system for rack mount electrical or electronic equipment comprises a hollow, box-shaped exhaust shelf having a vent on at least one end face thereof. The exhaust shelf may be configured for rack mounting. A side duct, open on its inner side, is mounted between the exhaust shelf and a top rail adapted to be mounted between a front post and an opposing rear post in a four-post rack mount enclosure. A plenum in the side duct is in fluid communication with the interior chamber of the exhaust shelf. A chassis having a side-facing exhaust for cooling air may be mounted on or over the exhaust shelf such that warm air exiting the chassis is collected in the plenum of the side duct and channeled into the exhaust shelf and out through the vent. In this way, the desired front-to-back cooling air flow within a rack mount enclosure may be maintained even if one or more individual chassis mounted in the enclosure have side cooling air exhausts. In other embodiments of the invention, the airflow may be in the reverse direction—i.e., cooling air may be drawn into the shelf, pass through the side duct and enter the chassis.12-16-2010
20120281366Battery Retention System - A battery protection mechanism is provided within an electronic device. A door has a latch which fits into a latch retention-release mechanism in the base of the device. A spring under tension within a retention-release mechanism presses against the latch when the device is in a closed configuration. A foot attached to a button in the base of the device urges the door out of position upon depression or activation of the button.11-08-2012
20120014071AMPLIFIER WITH SEALED ENTRY POINTS - An ingress protection rated waterproof amplifier comprises an outer casing for covering a body of the amplifier. The outer casing comprises a top, a bottom, a left side, and a right side, wherein the left side and the right side comprise a sealing apparatus and a separatable endcap. The sealing apparatus and the end cap of the left side and the sealing apparatus and the end cap of the right side are separately removable from the top of the casing and the bottom of the casing. In some embodiments, the left side and the right side further comprise one or more additional sealing apparatus. In further embodiments, the amplifier comprises a series of controls for controlling the amplifier, which is sealed by a cover plate and a gasket. In some embodiments, the amplifier is a 12V DC amplifier.01-19-2012
20120026694Compartmentalized Pump Termination Enclosure for Multiple Pumps with Integral Load Disconnects - A Compartmentalized Pump Termination Enclosure for Multiple Pumps with Integral Load Disconnects assembly consisting of multiple compartments arranged so as to allow service of each individual load side compartment without exposure to line voltages while still maintaining operation of the other pumps within the pumping system. The assembly includes a plurality of load side disconnect compartments each including a lockable handle operator that that is interlocked with its corresponding load side compartment door. The handle operators are mechanically connected to the disconnecting devices via flexible cables or mechanical linkage. A key feature/distinction of this invention is that the disconnecting devices have their line and load side compartments segregated, so that when the handle operator is switched to the OFF position there are no components (e.g. disconnecting device and/or its conductors) within the load side compartment that remain energized by line voltage. The handle operator, when OFF, grants access to the load side compartment only.02-02-2012
20120092835CONNECTION LUG - A connection lug comprises an electrically conductive body, an electrically conductive blade connector extending from a first end of the body, and a cable hole located in a second end of the body configured to receive a cable. A clamping cam in the connection lug may rotate inside of the body and clamp against the cable. A screw hole may be configured to receive a clamping screw. A portion of the clamping cam may extend into the screw hole and insertion of the clamping screw into the screw hole may push against the portion of the clamping cam and rotate the clamping cam into the cable hole.04-19-2012

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