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361 - Electricity: electrical systems and devices


361679000 - For electronic systems and devices

361688000 - With cooling means

361704000 - Thermal conduction

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361709000 Heat sink 258
361708000 Specific chemical compound or element 22
361713000 Electrically insulating thermally conductive 12
361712000 Thermally and electrically conductive 10
20120162920Rotatable Latch For Compressing Thermal Interface Material Between A Heat Generating Electrical Component And A Cooling Electrical Component - Apparatuses are provided for compressing a thermal interface material between a heat generating electrical component and a cooling electrical component. Embodiments include a draw rod coupled at one end to the cooling electrical component, the draw rod passing through the heat generating electrical component; wherein the draw rod includes a pin on the end opposite the end coupled to the cooling electrical component; and a rotatable latch coupled to the heat generating electrical component, the rotatable latch including a hook at one end; wherein when the rotatable latch is in an engaged position, the hook of the rotatable latch engages the pin of the draw rod such that the thermal interface material adhered to the heat generating component is coupled to the cooling electrical component; wherein when the rotatable latch is in an unengaged position, the hook of the rotatable latch is not engaged with the pin of the draw rod.06-28-2012
20090195987Positioning Device For Heatsink - A positioning device for connecting a heatsink to a chip set includes a rectangular frame having a through hole in a center thereof, two side plates extending from two opposite sides thereof and each side plate has one hook extending from an inside thereof. Two positioning rods extend from the other two opposite sides of the rectangular frame, and a plurality of flexible rods extend from insides of the rectangular frame. The heatsink extends through the through hole of the rectangular frame and the positioning rods insert through apertures in the heatsink. The hooks are hooked to two sides of the chip set and the flexible rods press on the heatsink.08-06-2009
20100073882THERMALLY CONDUCTIVE SHEET, PROCESS FOR PRODUCING THE SAME, AND RADIATOR UTILIZING THERMALLY CONDUCTIVE SHEET - A thermally conductive sheet having both of a high thermal conductivity and a high flexibility is obtained by providing a thermally conductive sheet including a composition containing: 03-25-2010
20100321892Avionics Chassis - An avionics chassis comprises a housing having a substantially thermally non-conductive frame comprising a composite of carbon fibers laid up in an epoxy matrix. The housing also includes at least two walls, at least one of which is a thermally conductive wall comprising a composite of carbon fibers in a carbonized matrix, and a plurality of spaced, thermally-conductive, card rails provided on the at least two walls. The at least two walls are mounted to the frame in opposing relationship such that corresponding card rails on the walls define an effective slot therebetween in which a printed circuit board may be received and the card rails and the at least one thermally conductive wall form a thermally conductive path from the interior to the exterior.12-23-2010
20090154106DOUBLE BONDED HEAT DISSIPATION - Embodiments described herein may include example embodiments of methods, apparatuses, devices, and/or systems for heat dissipation.06-18-2009
20110013365ELECTRONIC CONTROL UNIT - An electronic control unit includes a circuit board, multiple circuit patterns, multiple semiconductor devices, multiple leads, and at least one thermal-conduction limiting portion. Each of the semiconductor devices is installed to the corresponding circuit pattern formed on the circuit board. Each of the leads electrically and mechanically connects each of the semiconductor devices to the corresponding circuit pattern. The thermal-conduction limiting portion, which can limit conduction of heat generated from the semiconductor devices, is placed between corresponding two of the circuit patterns.01-20-2011
20120113596ELECTRONIC APPARATUS, METHOD FOR MOUNTING A DEVICE, AND OPTICAL COMMUNICATION APPARATUS - An electronic apparatus includes a substrate, a device including a flange, the device being mounted at a first side of the substrate, a plate arranged at a position corresponding to the device at a second side of the substrate, the second side being opposite to the first side, and a securing member that secures the device to the substrate.05-10-2012
20120236504ELECTRONIC DEVICE FOR SWITCHING CURRENTS AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING THE SAME - The present invention relates to an electronic device for switching currents and a method for producing such a device that is reliable and durable. Such an electronic device comprises a power semiconductor that can be actuated for switching between at least two states; a substrate having thermomechanical properties compatible with the power semiconductor on which the power semiconductor is disposed on one side; a bus bar disposed on the other side of the substrate for conducting the current, wherein the substrate and the bus bar are coupled to each other such that a heat-conductive connection is provided so that heat can be dissipated from the power semiconductor to the bus bar.09-20-2012
20120236503POWER SEMICONDUCTOR MODULE AND ITS ATTACHMENT STRUCTURE - A power semiconductor module includes: a first metal substrate on which a power semiconductor device is mounted; a second metal substrate on which a power semiconductor device is not mounted; and an electrically insulating resin package which seals the first metal substrate and the second metal substrate. The back surface of the first metal substrate on the side opposite to the mounting surface of the power semiconductor device is made to expose outside the resin package to form a heat dissipation surface.09-20-2012
20100271782ELECTRO-OPTIC DEVICE AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE - An electro-optic device includes an electro-optic panel, a first holding member that holds the electro-optic panel, and a second holding member provided with a heat emitting portion on the side opposite to a surface to which the electro-optic panel is adhered. In the electro-optic device, a predetermined gap is provided between the first holding member and the second holding member.10-28-2010
20100033934FIXING HEAT DISSIPATING UNIT AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE HAVING FIXING HEAT DISSIPATING UNIT - A fixing heat dissipating unit that is disposed in an electronic device is connected to a substrate and a heat source. The fixing heat dissipating unit includes a fixing element and a heat conducting element. The fixing element is connected to the substrate to hold the substrate in the electronic device. The heat conducting element is respectively connected to the heat source and the fixing element. The heat source is a part of the electronic device and the fixing element is integrated with the heat conducting element as a single component. An electronic device having the fixing heat dissipating unit is also disclosed.02-11-2010
20110075376Module substrate radiating heat from electronic component by intermediate heat transfer film and a method for manufacturing the same - A module substrate having a heat-generative electronic component mounted thereon includes first and second dielectric substrates and an intermediate heat transfer film. The heat-generative electronic component is flip-chip bonded on a wiring layer formed on the main surface of the first dielectric substrate through a solder bump. The second dielectric substrate is attached to the upper surface of the electronic component through an insulating layer. The intermediate heat transfer film for transferring heat generated by the electronic component to the second dielectric substrate is attached between the insulating layer and the second dielectric substrate so as to make the intermediate heat transfer film in close contact with the lower surface of the second dielectric substrate, thereby suppressing the temperature of the heat-generative electronic component in operation from increasing.03-31-2011
20110261534FIXING MECHANISM AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE UTILIZING THE SAME - A fixing mechanism for fixing an object to a base plate is provided. The object defines a hole and includes a ring extending from an edge of the hole. The ring includes a threaded hole. The base plate includes a post on its top surface and respectively opposing to the hole. The fixing mechanism includes an elastic element, a first hollow bolt and a second bolt. The first hollow bolt passes through the hole and the elastic element, and includes an externally threaded portion engaging with the threaded hole of the ring. The second bolt is inserted into the first hollow bolt, and engages with the post of the base plate.10-27-2011
20090310311Electronic Device - An electronic device able to stably disperse heat generated by an electronic component is provided. By providing a heat dissipating metal plate 12-17-2009
20090201648CONTOUR SURFACE COOLING OF ELECTRONICS DEVICES - The present invention provides a cooling device including a heat generating device having a device surface with a device surface contour on at least a portion of the device surface and a base having a base surface with a base surface contour on at least a portion of the base surface. The device surface contour and the base surface contour are substantially similar such that at least a portion of the device surface and the base surface fit in close proximity to each other.08-13-2009
20090201649Electrical Device, Particularyl for Driving a Motively and/or Rgeneratively Operable Electric Machine - An electrical device, particularly for driving a motively and/or regeneratively operable electric machine, having at least one switching-element module, which may be for inverting and/or rectifying electric currents, the switching-element module being able to be cooled by a cooling device and resting at least indirectly thereon, a fixation element, at least one conductor, as well as the switching-element module and cooling device being disposed one above the other.08-13-2009
20090284928Enhancing the Cooling of Dual In-Line Memory Modules - An apparatus for enhancing the cooling of a dual in-line memory module (DIMM) includes a planar body having opposing surfaces, a top edge, a bottom edge, and opposing ends. An engagement flange is connected to the bottom edge of the body. A first clip leg is connected to the engagement flange. The first clip leg includes a tab arranged to engage one mounting latch recess of the DIMM. A second clip leg connected to the engagement flange. The second clip leg includes a tab arranged to engage the other mounting latch recess of the DIMM.11-19-2009
20090103267ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY AND METHOD FOR MAKING THE ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY - An electronic assembly comprises a generally planar substrate. An electronic component is mounted to the substrate and has a projecting portion projecting above a surface of the substrate. An enclosure has at least one side with indentations. One of the indentations is positioned to receive the projecting portion of the electronic component with a clearance gap. A thermally-conductive material is inserted between the projecting portion and the enclosure within the clearance gap.04-23-2009
20120293960DISPLAY DEVICE - A display device includes: a base plate being provided on a first side of a display panel; a front-face supporting member facing the base plate with the display panel therebetween, having a periphery on an external side with respect to the display panel, and being joined to the base plate at part or all of a peripheral portion of the front-face supporting member; and a back-face supporting member facing the front-face supporting member with the base plate therebetween, and being joined to both of the front-face supporting member and the base plate at a peripheral portion of the back-face supporting member.11-22-2012
20110199733ELECTRO-OPTICAL DEVICE AND ELECTRONIC APPARATUS - An electro-optical device may include: an electro-optical panel, a holding member that includes a main body part arranged to surround the periphery of the electro-optical panel, and a holding part protruded from the main body part and holding the electro-optical panel, and a heat radiating member that is disposed opposing the electro-optical panel through an opening of the holding member from the opposite side of the light incident plane of the electro-optical panel.08-18-2011
20100103622ELECTRONIC CONTROL DEVICE - The electronic control device includes: a printed circuit board; a heat-generating member having a plurality of legs which are mounted on the printed circuit board by connections between the legs and the printed circuit board; and a casing which radiates heat that is transferred from the heat-generating member, wherein: the legs are connected via press-fit connections with the printed circuit board.04-29-2010
20080291632Inverter casing - The invention relates to an inverter casing, said inverter casing (11-27-2008
20100142151DISPLAY DEVICE - A display device is disclosed. In one embodiment, the display device includes i) a display panel configured to display an image, ii) a chassis base configured to support the display panel, iii) an auxiliary chassis disposed between the display panel and the chassis base, wherein one end of the auxiliary chassis covers and contacts an edge of the chassis base. The display device further includes i) a driving board disposed at the back of the chassis base and configured to drive the display panel and ii) at least one signal transmission member comprising at least one circuit device and configured to electrically connect the display panel and the driving board, wherein one side of the at least one signal transmission member is supported by the auxiliary chassis, and wherein the one side faces the edge of the chassis base.06-10-2010
20080266805Carrier For Electrical Components With Soldered-On Cooling Body - The invention relates to an assembly of a carrier for electrical components that are arranged for producing more heat than can be dissipated via natural cooling at least under certain operating conditions and a cooling body mechanically and thermally connected thereto, whereby the carrier is provided with a metal part that is connected to the cooling body by means of a metallic connection. Mounting a metal part on the carrier makes it possible to form a metallic connection between the metal part and the metal cooling body. The invention also relates to a method for assembling an assembly of a carrier for heat-producing electrical components and a cooling body mechanically and thermally connected thereto, whereby the components are initially mounted on the carrier and a metal part of the carrier is then connected to the cooling body by means of a metallic connection.10-30-2008
20090251866ELECTRICAL CONFIGURATION AS HEAT DISSIPATION DESIGN - An electrical configuration having at least one component which has at least one current bar, particularly a lead frame, and having an electronic circuit which has at least one heat dissipation surface and at least one electric terminal that is connected mechanically and electrically to the current bar. It is provided that the unit made up of the component and the electronic circuit is mounted on a support layer that effects the heat dissipation in such a way that, because of the fastening of the component onto the support layer, the heat dissipation surface is pushed against the support layer, based on the spring property of the current bar.10-08-2009
20090251865Heatsink of heat-producing device - There is provided a heatsink for radiating heat from a heat-producing device. The heatsink includes a heatsink body; a clip that has a pair of arms and is fitted to the heatsink body along a heat radiation surface of the heat-producing device such that the heat-radiation surface of the heat-producing device and the heatsink body closely contact with each other while being sandwiched between the pair of arms; and a guide plate integrally formed with the heatsink body. The guide plate is configured such that an interval between the guide plate and the heatsink body is smaller than an arm interval between the pair of arms of the clip on a front side in a fitting direction of the clip and is larger than the arm interval on a deep side in the fitting direction of the clip.10-08-2009
20130120938Modular Monitor Enclosed In A Housing With A Novel Rear Panel - A monitor has a rear panel formed by injection molding plastic around a metal cooling element. The monitor includes a display panel, control electronics, a module support, and a monitor housing. The housing includes a front frame, the cooling element and a rear panel frame. The cooling element has cooling ducts formed between cooling fins. The rear housing panel frame has fin extensions that extend the fins of the cooling element into the rear housing panel frame. The display panel attaches to one side of the module support, while the control electronics attach to the other side. The front frame and the rear panel frame screw together, and the display panel and control electronics are clamped between the front frame and the rear panel frame. The monitor can be attached to a vehicle by slipping a retaining member into a T-shaped duct formed between two fins on the cooling element.05-16-2013
20110141695ELECTRONIC DEVICE - According to one embodiment, an electronic device includes a circuit board, a heat generating element, a heat dissipater, and a pushing member. The circuit board is housed in a housing. The heat generating element is mounted on the circuit board. The heat dissipator is configured to dissipate heat generated by the heat generating element. The pushing member is configured to push part of the heat dissipator against the heat generating element. At least part of the pushing member is attached to a structure other than the circuit board.06-16-2011
20090052139Heat-Dissipation Apparatus For Communication Device With Card Slot - A heat dissipation apparatus for communication device with card slot is provided. The heat dissipation apparatus is applicable to a communication platform to dissipate the heat generated by the card communication module to the housing case. The heat dissipation apparatus includes a heat-conductive bridge, and at least a soft heat-conductive plate. The soft heat-conductive plate covers the surface of the card communication module to conduct the heat generated by the chips of the card communication module to the heat-conductive bridge, and then to the metal housing case for dissipation.02-26-2009
20110141696THERMAL MATCHING IN SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICES USING HEAT DISTRIBUTION STRUCTURES - Embodiments described herein provide a chip, comprising a first device on a substrate and a second device on the substrate. The chip further comprises a heat distribution structure in thermal proximity to the first device and the second device, wherein the heat distribution structure is thermally isolated and reduces a thermal gradient between the first device and the second device.06-16-2011
20090086436CARRIER BODY FOR COMPONENTS OR CIRCUITS - A carrier body for electrical or electronic component elements or circuits, the carrier body being electrically nonconductive or virtually nonconductive. In order to simplify the carrier body while at the same time providing extremely improved heat dissipation, the invention process that the carrier body is provided integrally with heat-dissipating or heat-supplying cooling elements.04-02-2009
20110141697DISPLAY APPARATUS (amended - Provided is a display apparatus including a display panel for displaying an image, a heat source arranged at a side surface of at least one side of the display panel, a heat absorbing section for absorbing heat generated by the heat source, a back surface plate arranged at a back surface side of the display panel and made of a metal, a portion of the back surface plate being in close contact with the heat absorbing section, a front surface plate arranged at a front surface side of the display panel and made of a metal, and a middle chassis arranged between the front surface plate and the heat absorbing section.06-16-2011
20080259570TRANSMITTING DEVICE AND ELECTRONIC APPARATUS USING THE SAME - A transmitting device includes (a) an amplifier mounted on the top face or the internal layer of a substrate, (b) a semiconductor integrated circuit mounted on the bottom face of the substrate and connected to the amplifier, and (c) a spacer substrate disposed on the bottom face of the substrate. The spacer substrate is disposed at least under the amplifier. This structure allows the heat generated from the amplifier to be efficiently dissipated through the spacer substrate, thus inhibiting deterioration of the characteristics of the amplifier caused by the heat.10-23-2008
20100226095HEAT CONDUCTIVE SHEET AND POWER MODULE - Provided is a heat conductive sheet obtained by dispersing an inorganic filler in a thermosetting resin, in which the inorganic filler contains secondary aggregation particles formed by isotropically aggregating scaly boron nitride primary particles having an average length of 15 μm or less, and the inorganic filler contains more than 20 vol % of the secondary aggregation particles each having a particle diameter of 50 μm or more. The heat conductive sheet is advantageous in terms of productivity and cost and excellent in heat conductivity and electrical insulating properties.09-09-2010
20090109628Chip Cooling System with Convex Portion - Integrated circuit chip cooling methods and systems are disclosed. A method for cooling an integrated circuit chip may comprise: providing a cooling mechanism; positioning an interface medium between the cooling mechanism and the integrated circuit chip; and interfacing the cooling mechanism and the integrated circuit chip through the interface medium; wherein at least one of the cooling mechanism, the integrated circuit chip, or the interface medium includes a convex portion on an interface surface thereof.04-30-2009
20100226096Clamping Part for Pressing Power Components Against a Cooling Surface - The present invention relates to a clamping member for pressing power components (09-09-2010
20100220446HEAT DISSIPATING MATERIAL AND SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICE USING SAME - Disclosed is a heat dissipating material which is interposed between a heat-generating electronic component and a heat dissipating body. This heat dissipating material contains (A) 100 parts by weight of a silicone gel cured by an addition reaction having a penetration of not less than 100 (according to ASTM D 1403), and (B) 500-2000 parts by weight of a heat conductive filler. Also disclosed is a semiconductor device comprising a heat-generating electronic component and a heat dissipating body, wherein the heat dissipating material is interposed between the heat-generating electronic component and the heat dissipating body.09-02-2010
20110032677DISTRIBUTED COMPUTING - On a typical motherboard the processor and memory are separated by a printed circuit data bus that traverses the motherboard. Throughput, or data transfer rate, on the data bus is much lower than the rate at which a modern processor can operate. The difference between the data bus throughput and the processor speed significantly limits the effective processing speed of the computer when the processor is required to process large amounts of data stored in the memory. The processor is forced to wait for data to be transferred to or from the memory, leaving the processor under-utilized. The delays are compounded in a distributed computing system including a number of computers operating in parallel. The present disclosure describes systems, method and apparatus that tend to alleviate delays so that memory access bottlenecks are not compounded within distributed computing systems.02-10-2011
20100321893Heat Dissipation Packaging for Electrical Components - The emphasis for transporting heat energy to ambient in an efficient manner is critical for many semiconductor components to maintain highest performance. A heat dissipation system with low thermal resistance for the packaging of high power electrical components, and the methods for assembling a low thermal resistance system, is proposed. Unique in this method is the emphasis on moving heat with a primary thermal conductor away from the source and creating large area interface zones to improve heat transfer.12-23-2010
20090067131ELECTRONIC DEVICE MOUNTING STRUCTURE - An electronic device mounting structure includes a thermally conductive base, a busbar located on the base, an electronic device mounted on the busbar, a thermally conductive wall standing on the base and having first and second portions located opposite each other across the electronic device, and a plate spring supported by the first and second portions of the wall. The plate spring presses the electronic device against the base so that thermal resistance between the electronic device and the base is reduced. The plate spring has a thermal conductivity so that heat in the electronic device is transferred to the wall through the plate spring.03-12-2009
20090067130Arrangement for heat dissipation - The invention relates to an arrangement for heat dissipation. The arrangement comprises a printed circuit board and at least one electrical and/or electronic component, with a power supply unit supplying electrical power to the electrical and/or electronic component (03-12-2009
20110110045LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY DEVICE - A liquid crystal display device includes a liquid crystal display panel and a backlight disposed at the back of the liquid crystal display panel. The backlight includes a frame, a light source, a reflective sheet, and a heat dissipating plate formed in a rectangular shape and housing the light source, the reflective sheet, and the heat dissipating plate. The heat dissipating plate is disposed between the reflective sheet and a bottom surface of the frame and includes a first portion and a second portion facing the first portion, and has a plurality of first openings at the first portion and at least one second opening at the second portion. The plurality of first openings are formed along the first portion, and each of the first openings has a first edge and a first fin formed at a part of the first edge.05-12-2011
20130155619ELECTRONIC CONTROL UNIT FOR THE MOTOR OF AN ELECTRIC FAN - An electronic control unit for a motor of an electric fan, has a support casing including a metal body adapted to act as a heat dissipator, a shell of an electrically insulating material coupled with the metal body, and a circuit board, mounted in contact with the dissipator body. The circuit board has a conductive connection member in the form of a flexible metal blade, electrically connected to the dissipator body, to provide an earth connection for the circuit board. The blade has a portion that projects beyond the edge of the board. The insulating shell has an internal formation which, upon coupling the shell with the dissipator body, interacts with the projecting portion of the blade, deforming it so as to bring it and thereafter maintain it in contact with the dissipator body in a resiliently loaded manner.06-20-2013
20100014252ELECTRIC UNIT HAVING CAPACITOR - A PCU has an inside sealed by a case made of aluminum and a bottom plate. Interior space of the PCU accommodates an IPM, a control substrate, and a capacitor. The IPM is provided to abut an upper surface of the bottom plate. The control substrate is a rectangular plate having mounted thereon a control circuit including electronic components such as a gate driver, a transformer and the like, and is provided above the IPM. The capacitor is accommodated in a housing in a substantially parallelepiped form. A reflector made of aluminum of high thermal reflectivity and high thermal conductivity is provided on the entire lower surface of the capacitor.01-21-2010
20100046169Heat Dissipation Device Having Sound Output Function - A heat dissipation device having sound output function includes a base body for placing an audio/video player thereon. The base body has an inclined surface under which a fan is disposed to dissipate out the heat generated from the audio/video player. The base body incorporates with a sound output assembly including a left channel, a right channel, a center channel, and a subwoofer channel. The base body has an audio input jack disposed at a rear side thereof for connection with an audio cable. When the audio cable is connected between the audio/video player and the audio input jack, the sound of the audio/video player can be played back through the sound output assembly to form a surround sound effect.02-25-2010
20120243181ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY - An electronic assembly has a plurality of functional units each including a board element populated with electronic modules, which board element has in each case a number of contact locations arranged in at least one row, and a contact board, which has for each board element at least one row of contact receptacles that are directly electrically connected to the contact locations of the associated board element. These rows point toward a side of the contact board in their longitudinal direction. A plurality of similar assemblies are produced compactly and cost-effectively by providing a communication unit separate from the contact board and serving for communication with modules of the board elements. The communication unit is connected to the contact board via a plurality of data lines which are contact-connected to the contact board on the side to which the rows point.09-27-2012
20100053901Hybrid Chassis Cooling System - In a system for housing electronics cards, methods and systems for cooling the electronics cards are presented. Each electronics card preferably contains heat-producing electronics and a heat sink, and is preferably placed within a card guide of the chassis and secured into position with a clamping device. At least one of the heat sink, the card guide, the clamping device, and a cold wall of the chassis are used to facilitate the conduction cooling of the heat-producing electronics. Furthermore, a clamping device may rigidly secure a card into position, thus reducing the impact of vibrations (including shock) on the card. Additionally, an air flow further cools the electronics cards, the card guides, and/or the cold wall.03-04-2010
20110176277SILICON NITRIDE SINTERED BODY, METHOD OF PRODUCING THE SAME, AND SILICON NITRIDE CIRCUIT SUBSTRATE AND SEMICONDUCTOR MODULE USING THE SAME - Provided are a silicon nitride substrate made of a silicon nitride sintered body that is high in strength and thermal conductivity, a method of producing the silicon nitride substrate, and a silicon nitride circuit substrate and a semiconductor module that use the silicon nitride substrate.07-21-2011
20110096506MULTI-LAYER SOC MODULE STRUCTURE - A multi-layer system-on-chip (SoC) module structure is provided. The multi-layer SoC module structure includes at least two circuit board module layers and at least one connector module layer. Each connector module layer is sandwiched between and thus electrically connects two circuit board module layers such that the SoC module structure is formed by stacking. Each circuit board module layer is composed of at least one circuit board module while each connector module layer is composed of at least one connector module. Hence, the SoC module structure can be manufactured as a three-dimensional structure, thus allowing highly flexible connections within the SoC module structure.04-28-2011
20110075375TUNER MODULE CAPABLE OF PREVENTING A HEAT CONDUCTIVE SHEET FROM ARISING - A tuner module includes a circuit board, an electronic component, mounted on the circuit board, for demodulating a high frequency reception signal received from an antenna unit to produce a speech signal, a metal case accommodating the circuit board and the electronic component therein, and a heat conductive sheet, disposed between the electronic component and the metal case, made of an elastic body. The heat conductive sheet has dimensions which are substantially equal to or slightly lower than outer dimensions of the electronic component. The metal case has at least one slit-shaped hole which is formed along an outer shape of the electronic component.03-31-2011
20110149519APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR EMBEDDING COMPONENTS IN SMALL-FORM-FACTOR, SYSTEM-ON-PACKAGES - According to various aspects of the present disclosure, an apparatus is disclosed that includes a small form factor mobile platform including a system-on-package architecture, the system-on-package architecture arranged as a stack of layers including a first layer having a first conformable material; a second layer having a second conformable material; one or more electronic components embedded within the stack of layers; and a vertical filtering structure arranged periodically between the one or more electronic components, wherein the first conformable material, the second conformable material, or both are configured to allow high frequency signal routing.06-23-2011
20100165575Electronics component packaging for power converter - Assembling a power converter for a multiple phase electric drive propulsion system in a machine includes arranging a plurality of rectangular capacitor units of a capacitor subassembly for conditioning electrical power in the power converter in a first packaging arrangement. In the first packaging arrangement, major capacitor axes of each one of the capacitor units are co-linear with one another and minor capacitor axes of each one of the capacitor units are oriented parallel but not co-linear with one another. Assembling the power converter further includes arranging a plurality of IGBT modules of a transistor subassembly for power switching in the power converter in a second packaging arrangement. In the second packaging arrangement major module axes of each one of the IGBT modules are oriented parallel but not co-linear with one another and minor module axes of each one of the IGBT modules are co-linear with one another. The capacitor subassembly and the transistor subassembly are supported in the first packaging arrangement and in the second packaging arrangement for service in a power converter housing.07-01-2010
20100020498ELECTRONIC COMPONENT UNIT AND COUPLING MECHANISM - An electronic component unit includes: a substrate; an electronic component mounted on the surface of the substrate; a heat dissipating member received on the electronic component; a cylinder member having one end coupled to the substrate, the cylinder member having the other end defining an opening opposed to the heat dissipating member; and a piston member having one end coupled to the heat dissipating member, the piston member having the other end inserted in the cylinder member through the opening to establish a closed decompressed space inside the cylinder member.01-28-2010
20080310116Heatsink having an internal plenum - A heatsink for conducting heat away from an electric module in thermal contact with the heatsink includes at least a first heatsink member joined to at least a second heatsink member by a weld joint to define a heatsink having an internal plenum. By replacing conventional adhesive and fastening means used for sealing heatsink members together with a welded joint, a more durable and reliable sealed plenum is obtained. In a preferred aspect, the weld joint is created using a friction stir welding technique.12-18-2008
20120039043IMAGE PICKUP APPARATUS CAPABLE OF EFFICIENTLY DISSIPATING HEAT - An image pickup apparatus which is capable of suppressing by efficiently dissipating heat generated by an electronic device through transmission of the heat to a heat dissipating member without adding a new member to the image pickup apparatus. A CPU 02-16-2012
20120044648FIXING MECHANISM FOR FIXING A THERMAL MODULE ON A BASE AND RELATED ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A fixing mechanism for fixing a thermal module on a base includes a U-shaped buckling component disposed on a side of the base for buckling a thermal fin and a heat conducting block of the thermal module, and a fixing component disposed on the other side of the base and connected to the U-shaped buckling component for clipping the base with the U-shaped buckling component.02-23-2012
20100321891Avionics Chassis - An avionics chassis comprises a carbon fiber reinforced housing, a card rail for holding an electronic circuit board mounted to an interior surface of the housing, at least one heat-dissipating fin composed of carbon fiber and extending from the outer surface of the housing, a plurality of isotropic carbon fibers extending from an interior of the fin through the housing and in abutting contact with the card rail. The plurality of isotropic fibers form a direct conductive path from the card rail to the heat-dissipating fin.12-23-2010
20120014066HEAT EXCHANGER, SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICE, METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THE HEAT EXCHANGER, AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THE SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICE - Disclosed is a heat exchanger wherein warping (bending) of an intervening member and a frame is suppressed when the intervening member and a wall portion of the frame member having different linear expansion coefficients are welded with each other. A method for manufacturing the heat exchanger, a semiconductor device wherein warping (bending) of an intervening member and a frame is suppressed, and a method for manufacturing the semiconductor device are also disclosed. Specifically disclosed is a heat exchanger wherein a fin member provided with a plurality of fins forming flow channels for a refrigerant is arranged within a frame which forms the outer casing. The frame has a first frame member (a first wall portion) to which insulating plates (intervening members) interposed between the frame and heat-generating bodies (semiconductor elements) are welded. The insulating plates (intervening members) have a linear expansion coefficient different from that of the frame. The first frame member is provided with elastically deformable projections (elastically deformable portions) along an arrangement surface of the outer surface on which the insulating plates (intervening members) are arranged.01-19-2012
20090002949HEAT TRANSFER FOR ELECTRONIC COMPONENT VIA AN ELECTROMAGNETIC INTERFERENCE (EMI) SHIELD HAVING SHIELD DEFORMATION - In one embodiment, an apparatus having an electromagnetic interference (EMI) shield for an electronic component. The EMI shield and the electronic component are adapted to be assembled onto a circuit board. The EMI shield provides EMI shielding for the electronic component. The EMI shield includes a thermally conductive material, such as a metal. The EMI shield is deformed, e.g., with a dimple or a tab, to form a contacting portion to contact the electronic component. After the assembly of the EMI shield and the electronic component onto the circuit board, the contacting portion of the EMI shield contacts the electronic component, thereby allowing conductive transfer of thermal energy between the electronic component and the EMI shield and enhanced heat dissipation for the electronic component.01-01-2009
20120063093REDUCING THERMAL GRADIENTS TO IMPROVE THERMOPILE PERFORMANCE - With infrared (IR) sensors, repeatability and accuracy can become an issue when there are thermal gradients between the sensor and an underlying printed circuit board (PCB). Conventionally, a large thermal mass is included in the sensor packaging to reduce the effect from such thermal gradients, but this increase costs and size of the sensor. Here, however, a PCB is provided that includes an isothermal cage included therein that generally ensures that the temperature of the underlying PCB and sensor are about the same by including structural features (namely, the isothermal cage) that generally ensure that the thermal time constant for a path from a heat source to the thermopile (which is within the sensor) is approximately the same as thermal time constants for paths through the PCB.03-15-2012
20120155031ELECTRONIC DEVICE - An exemplary electronic device includes a shell, a mother board and a metal sheet disposed at an inner side of the shell, an electronic apparatus fixed on the mother board, and a heat conducting plate thermally connecting the electronic apparatus with the metal sheet. The metal sheet is located between the shell and the mother board to shield electro magnetic interference from the electronic apparatus. The electronic apparatus generates heat when working. The electronic apparatus is located between the mother board and the metal sheet, and is spaced from the metal sheet.06-21-2012
20120300404RESIN-SEALED ELECTRONIC CONTROLLER AND METHOD OF FABRICATING THE SAME - A resin-sealed electronic controller obtained by bonding and fixing a circuit board to a thermally-conductive base plate, and integrating circuit components with a molding resin so as to reduce the size. A base plate includes a first exposed portion, a second exposed portion, and an adjacent flat portion adjacent to a central window hole. First circuit components which are low-heat-generating components with large height are located in the central window hole. Second circuit components which are high-heat-generating components with small height are provided on an area corresponding to the adjacent flat portion. A height dimension of the first circuit components at least partially overlaps a thickness dimension of the base plate, to reduce a total thickness dimension. The high-heat-generating components and the low-heat-generating components being provided separately from each other permits increased mounting density of low-heat-generating components, reducing an area of the circuit board.11-29-2012
20100202110ELECTRIC CONTROL UNIT - Electric control units are known having a printed circuit board substrate 08-12-2010
20110090648ELECTRONIC PACKAGE STRUCTURE - An electronic package structure including at least one first electronic element, a second electronic element and a lead frame is provided. The second electronic element includes a body having a cavity. The first electronic element is disposed in the cavity. The lead frame has a plurality of leads. Each of the leads has a first end and a second end. The first end of at least one of the leads extends to the cavity to electrically connect the first electronic element.04-21-2011
20100290192SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICE AND DISPLAY APPARATUS - A COF includes, in at least one embodiment, a heat dissipating material on a back surface of an insulating film. The heat dissipating material has a slit for reducing a degree of thermal expansion. Thus, at least one embodiment of the invention provides the COF in which deformation and disconnection of wiring are prevented.11-18-2010
20100246134THERMAL INSULATION STRUCTURE - A thermal insulation structure is disposed on an outer surface of a housing of an electronic device. The thermal insulation structure includes a plurality of tubular structures arranged in parallel, and each of the tubular structures extends along an extension direction. Each tubular structure has at least one tube wall enclosing to form a hollow space. Due to the tubular structures, the thermal isolation structure has anisotropic thermal conductivity. In the thermal isolation structure, heat transfer in every direction is different, and the hot spot area is relative enlarged to reduce the highest temperature on the surface of the thermal isolation structure. Thus, high temperature hot spot area caused by the heat generating element is prevented to be formed on the surface of the electronic device.09-30-2010
20100246135ELECTRONIC DEVICE - An electronic device of the present invention includes: a base made of a ceramic material; an electronic device element arranged in a central area of the upper surface of the base, in a way that the electronic device element is placed on a first heat transfer layer; a first heat dissipation layer formed in a central area of the lower surface of the base; a plurality of thermal vias arranged in the base, and which connects the first heat transfer layer and the first heat dissipation layer; and a second heat transfer layer buried in the base, the second heat transfer layer crossing the plurality of thermal vias, while extending from a position above a central area of the lower surface of the base to a position above a peripheral area of the lower surface of the base.09-30-2010
20100271783ELECTRO-OPTIC DEVICE AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE - An electro-optic device includes an electro-optic panel and a holding member provided with a heat emitting portion on the side opposite to a surface to which the electro-optic panel is adhered by an adhesive. In the electro-optic device, a groove portion to be filled up with the adhesive is provided in a portion of the holding member to which the electro-optic panel is adhered.10-28-2010
20130016476APPARATUS FOR AND METHOD OF COOLING MOLDED ELECTRONIC CIRCUITS - An electronic device such as an AC/DC power adapter includes a conductive heat dissipation system. The device contains heat generating components and is powered via power supply leads by an external power supply circuit. The device further contains a thermally conductive mass that is thermally coupled to both the heat generating components and to the power supply leads. When the power supply leads are coupled to receive electricity from the external power supply circuit, heat generated by the device is thermally conducted into the external power supply circuit via the power supply leads.01-17-2013
20130016475MODULAR FREQUENCY BASED FIBER TRANSPORT AND RADIO TRANSPORT REPEATER PLATFORM FOR DIVERSE RADIO FREQUENCY CONFIGURABLE DEPLOYMENTS - A modular design repeater platform that allows unique deployment configurations and rapid upgrading, and modifications to a deployed system in a wireless or fiber optic network system is disclosed. The platforms include fiber transport and radio transport systems. The system includes a base unit coupled to one or more RF modules. The components employ a flange—recess design and pedestal mounts to securely couple the components together.01-17-2013
20130016474HEAT DISSIPATING ASSEMBLY OF PHOTOVOLTAIC JUNCTION BOXAANM GER; CHIH-CHANAACI Jhongli CityAACO TWAAGP GER; CHIH-CHAN Jhongli City TWAANM LIAO; YU-HSIANGAACI Jhongli CityAACO TWAAGP LIAO; YU-HSIANG Jhongli City TWAANM CHEN; SHANG-TINGAACI Jhongli CityAACO TWAAGP CHEN; SHANG-TING Jhongli City TWAANM HUNG; TSUNG-LIANGAACI Jhongli CityAACO TWAAGP HUNG; TSUNG-LIANG Jhongli City TW - A photovoltaic junction box includes a housing, a circuit board received in the housing, a plurality of metal brackets, and a plurality of bypass diodes. The plurality of metal brackets are secured to the circuit board. The plurality of bypass diodes are respectively secured to the plurality of metal brackets and electrically connected to the circuit board.01-17-2013
20110157832ELECTRONIC DEVICE - According to one embodiment, the electronic device includes: a heating element that has: a first electronic part; and a plurality of connection terminals provided around the first electronic part; a first circuit board that has: a first surface; a second surface opposite to the first surface; an opening; and a plurality of pads provided around the opening at the first surface to be electrically connected with the connection terminals, respectively; a heat receiving member that has a heat receiving portion faced to the heating element and that is thermally connected to the heating element; a pressing member that presses the heat receiving member toward the first circuit board; and a support member that supports the first circuit board at a periphery of the opening from the second surface.06-30-2011
20080232067MECHANISMS FOR HEAT TRANSFER IN AN OPTICAL TRANSCEIVER MODULE AND CARD CAGE SYSTEM - Mechanisms and systems for dissipating heat from an optical transceiver module to a module card cage system. In one embodiment, a thermal conductive label having at least one raised portion is attached to a surface of the module. The raised portion is configured to contact at least a portion of the card cage to dissipate heat from the module to the card cage. In another embodiment, the card cage has a protruding depression formed on a part of its surface that is above a slot configured to receive an optical transceiver module. The protruding depression is configured to contact at least a portion of the module to dissipate heat from the module to the card cage.09-25-2008
20130141870INTERNAL FRAME OPTIMIZED FOR STIFFNESS AND HEAT TRANSFER - A thin portable electronic device with a display is described. The components of the electronic device can be arranged in stacked layers within an external housing where each of the stacked layers is located at a different height relative to the thickness of the device. One of the stacked layers can be internal metal frame. The internal metal frame can be configured to act as a heat spreader for heat generating components located in layers adjacent to the internal frame. Further, the internal metal frame can be configured to add to the overall structural stiffness of the device. In addition, the internal metal frame can be configured to provide attachment points for device components, such as the display, so that the device components can be coupled to the external housing via the internal metal frame.06-06-2013
20130094147STAND FOR DISPLAY DEVICE AND DISPLAY DEVICE INCLUDING THE SAME - A display device is disclosed. The disclosed display device has an excellent appearance through prevention of outward exposure of wirings. The display device is also configured to easily outwardly dissipate heat generated from various electronic elements included in the display device.04-18-2013
20110273846Substrate For Mounting Device and Package for Housing Device Employing the Same - There are provided a substrate for mounting a device and a package for housing the device employing the same in which a power semiconductor device can be readily set for a temperature suitable for operation and can thus function in a proper fashion.11-10-2011
20130176682POWER ELECTRONIC SYSTEM WITH A COOLING DEVICE - A power electronic system with a cooling device, and a method for producing the system, comprising a plurality of submodules, each submodule having a first planar insulating material body, one first conductor track cohesively connected thereto, one power switch arranged on the conductor track, at least one internal connecting device composed of an alternate layer sequence of at least one electrically conductive film and at least one electrically insulating film, wherein at least one electrically conductive layer forms at least one second conductor track, and comprising external connection elements. In this case, the submodules are arranged cohesively or in a force-locking manner and in a manner spaced apart from one another with their first main surface on the cooling device. At least one second conductor track at least partially covers first conductor tracks of two submodules, electrically connects them to one another and covers an interspace between the submodules.07-11-2013
20120281362SILICON NITRIDE SUBSTRATE, CIRCUIT SUBSTRATE AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE USING THE SAME - A silicon nitride substrate comprises a substrate comprising a silicon nitride sintered body, and a plurality of granular bodies containing silicon and integrated to a principal surface of the substrate, wherein a plurality of needle crystals or column crystals comprising mainly silicon nitride are extended from a portion of the granular bodies. A brazing material is applied to a principal surface of the substrate, and a circuit member and a heat radiation member are arranged on the applied brazing material, and bonded by heating. Because of a plurality of granular bodies integrated to the principal surface of the substrate, and a plurality of the needle crystals or the column crystals extended from a portion of the granular bodies, a high anchor effect is produced so that the circuit member and the heat radiation member are firmly bonded to the silicon nitride substrate.11-08-2012
20120281361INTERNAL COVER THERMAL CONDUCTION - An apparatus and associated methodology associated with a thermally conductive frame having a perimeter surface defining a passage. A printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) is operably disposed within the passage and connected to the frame. The PCBA includes a solid state memory component. An internal cover is disposed in the passage on one side of the PCBA. The internal cover conducts heat to the frame that is operably generated by the solid state memory component. An external cover is attachable to the frame on an opposing side of the PCBA. The external cover cooperates with the frame and the internal cover to enclose the PCBA.11-08-2012
20130182391Rotatable Latch For Compressing Thermal Interface Material Between A Heat Generating Electrical Component And A Cooling Electrical Component - Apparatuses for compressing a thermal interface material between a heat generating electrical component and a cooling electrical component are provided. Embodiments include a draw rod coupled at one end to the cooling electrical component, the draw rod passing through the heat generating electrical component; wherein the draw rod includes a pin on the end opposite the end coupled to the cooling electrical component; and a rotatable latch coupled to the heat generating electrical component, the rotatable latch including a hook at one end; wherein when the rotatable latch is in an engaged position, the hook of the rotatable latch engages the pin of the draw rod such that the thermal interface material adhered to the heat generating component is coupled to the cooling electrical component.07-18-2013
20130182390THERMALLY CONDUCTIVE FLEXIBLE MEMBER FOR HEAT TRANSFER - An example embodiment includes a thermal conduction system for dissipating thermal energy generated by operation of an optical subassembly that disposed within a shell of a communication module. The thermal conduction system can include a thermally conductive flexible member that contacts the optical subassembly and to contact the shell of the communication module. By contacting the optical subassembly and the shell, the thermal energy generated by operation of the optical subassembly can transfer from the optical subassembly to the shell. The thermally conductive flexible member defines thermally conductive flexible member holes that correspond to pins extending from the optical subassembly. The pins pass through the thermally conductive flexible member holes enabling the thermally conductive flexible member to contact the optical subassembly.07-18-2013
20110310564IMAGE PICKUP APPARATUS AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE - An image pickup apparatus that does not give a user, who grips an apparatus body with his/her hand when he/she uses the imaging apparatus or the electronic device, a sense of discomfort due to a heat, and that can efficiently diffuse heat generated from a heat source inside the apparatus body to suppress a local temperature rise inside the apparatus body. An image pickup apparatus comprises an outer cover that forms an exterior of a device body, the device body having a grip at one end thereof and having a heat source therein. A first thermal conductive path from a first circuit unit to a first heat storage member via a first heat conductive member and a second thermal conductive path from a second circuit unit to a second heat storage member via the second heat conductive member are separated from each other.12-22-2011
20120020026MICROELECTRONIC ELEMENTS WITH POST-ASSEMBLY PLANARIZATION - A microelectronic unit includes a carrier structure having a front surface, a rear surface remote from the front surface, and a recess having an opening at the front surface and an inner surface located below the front surface of the carrier structure. The microelectronic unit can include a microelectronic element having a bottom surface adjacent the inner surface, a top surface remote from the bottom surface, and a plurality of contacts at the top surface. The microelectronic element can include terminals electrically connected with the contacts of the microelectronic element. The microelectronic unit can include a dielectric region contacting at least the top surface of the microelectronic element. The dielectric region can have a planar surface located coplanar with or above the front surface of the carrier structure. The terminals can be exposed at the surface of the dielectric region for interconnection with an external element.01-26-2012
20130194751CONTROLLING HEAT TRANSFER USING AIRFLOW-INDUCED FLUTTER OF CANTILEVERED ELASTIC PLATES - A capability for controlling heat transfer using airflow-induced fluttering of a cantilevered elastic plate is presented. A mounting structure is configured to be coupled to a surface of an element having a heat generating component coupled thereto. An elastic place is coupled to the mounting structure so as to arrange the elastic plate in a cantilevered position with respect to the surface of the element and at a position above the surface of the element when the mounting structure is coupled to the surface of the element. The elastic plate is configured to flutter, in response to air flow incident on the elastic plate, in a manner tending to disrupt the boundary layer region. The elastic plate may be arranged at a position that is selected based on a determined location of the boundary layer region.08-01-2013
20120057304TERMINAL BOX FOR SOLAR CELL MODULE - A terminal box is provided with a plurality of terminal plates (03-08-2012
20120063094THERMAL INTERFACE MATERIAL APPLICATION FOR INTEGRATED CIRCUIT COOLING - Techniques provide improved thermal interface material application in an assembly associated with an integrated circuit package. For example, an apparatus comprises an integrated circuit module, a printed circuit board, and a heat transfer device. The integrated circuit module is mounted on a first surface of the printed circuit board. The printed circuit board has at least one thermal interface material application via formed therein in alignment with the integrated circuit module. The heat transfer device is mounted on a second surface of the printed circuit board and is thermally coupled to the integrated circuit module. The second surface of the printed circuit board is opposite to the first surface of the printed circuit board.03-15-2012

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