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Fixed capacitor

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361 - Electricity: electrical systems and devices


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361311000 Solid dielectric 353
361301400 Stack 190
361303000 Significant electrode feature 167
361306100 Details of electrical connection means (e.g., terminal or lead) 109
361302000 Feed through 35
361328000 Multiple capacitors 22
361301500 Wound 18
361301300 Encapsulated 13
361301200 Special type (e.g., "bypass" type) 5
20110002081SHAPEABLE SHORT-RESISTANT CAPACITOR - A method that employs a novel combination of conventional fabrication techniques provides a ceramic short-resistant capacitor that is bendable and/or shapeable to provide a multiple layer capacitor that is extremely compact and amenable to desirable geometries. The method allows thinner and more flexible ceramic capacitors to be made. The method includes forming a first thin metal layer on a substrate; depositing a thin, ceramic dielectric layer over the metal layer; depositing a second thin metal layer over the dielectric layer to form a capacitor exhibiting a benign failure mode; and separating the capacitor from the substrate.01-06-2011
20120224295SWITCHGEAR CABINET FOR A WIND TURBINE - The invention relates to a control cabinet for a wind turbine including a cabinet body (09-06-2012
20090213524Capacitor assembly and communication device including the capacitor assembly - A communications device (08-27-2009
20100134949DEVICE FOR SAVING ELECTRICAL POWER - A device for saving electric power of the present invention comprises a case body; a tourmaline intermediate layer accommodated in the case body, which is a mixture layer of tourmaline powder, permanent magnet powder and moisture (H O); ionization plates respectively positioned on upper and lower surfaces of the tourmaline intermediate layer interposed therebetween in the case body; and a conductive plate embedded in the tourmaline intermediate layer.06-03-2010
20130194714DIELECTRIC THIN FILM ELEMENT, ANTIFUSE ELEMENT, AND METHOD OF PRODUCING DIELECTRIC THIN FILM ELEMENT - A dielectric thin film element having a high humidity resistance is provided. A dielectric thin film element includes a capacitance section having a dielectric layer and a pair of electrode layers formed on the respective upper and lower surfaces of the dielectric layer 08-01-2013
361327000 Liquid dielectric 2
20090103239Dielectric Fluid for Improved Capacitor Performance - A dielectric fluid that provides improved resistance to device failure in capacitors comprising combinations of certain anthraquinone compounds and scavengers. Capacitors including the dielectric fluid can have a higher discharge inception voltage and can have increased failure threshold voltages in comparison to capacitors made without the combination. Therefore, these capacitors are more resistant to failures.04-23-2009
20100315761SEALED AND IMPREGNATED WOUND CAPACITOR ASSEMBLIES - At least one wound film/foil or metalized film capacitor is sealed between its electrodes to form a sealed enclosed annular region between the interior of the enclosure, the electrodes and the exterior of the wound capacitor to form a sealed capacitor assembly. A fluid dielectric can be introduced into the sealed enclosed annular region under a vacuum to form a sealed and impregnated wound capacitor assembly.12-16-2010
361326000 Vacuum or gas dielectric 1
20120182665VACUUM CAPACITOR - The invention relates to the field of electrical engineering, in particular to electrotechnical components, and in this specific case to polar capacitors with a fixed capacitance. The technical result of the use of the invention consists in the possibility of producing electrical energy stores with small dimensions and high capacitance and voltages. The vacuum capacitor comprises an anode arranged outside a vacuum chamber, in which a cathode is arranged as well as a dielectric, between said cathode and anode. Said cathode can be designed in such a way that it can be heated by means of an electrically insulated filament disposed in the vacuum chamber, said vacuum chamber being in the form of a dielectric hermetically sealed cylinder, and said anode is arranged on the outer surface of the dielectric hermetically sealed cylinder. The cathode can be a “cold” cathode with a micropeak-type surface, which enables the loss of free electrons from the surface thereof without any heating, and the anode is located on the outer surface of the dielectric cylinder with a high vacuum and a cathode arranged therein.07-19-2012
20100118466CERAMIC LAMELLAR COMPOSITES - Disclosed herein is a method of: placing between a cooling element and an opposing surface a slurry of: a dielectric powder containing barium titanate, a dispersant, a binder, and water; maintaining the cooling element at a temperature below the opposing surface to cause the formation of ice platelets perpendicular to the surface of the cooling element and having the powder between the platelets; subliming the ice platelets to create voids; sintering the powder to form the dielectric material; and filling the voids with the polymeric material. The process can produce a composite having: a sintered dielectric material of barium titanate and platelets of a polymeric material embedded in the dielectric material. Each of the platelets is perpendicular to a surface of the composite.05-13-2010
20130215551GRAPHENE MOUNTED ON AEROGEL - An apparatus having reduced phononic coupling between a graphene monolayer and a substrate is provided. The apparatus includes an aerogel substrate and a monolayer of graphene coupled to the aerogel substrate.08-22-2013
20110267736ELECTRONIC COMPONENT - A laminate includes insulating layers laminated to each other. Capacitor conductors are embedded in the laminate and have exposed portions exposed between the insulating layers at respective surfaces of the laminate. The capacitor conductors define a capacitor. External electrodes are provided by plating on the respective surfaces of the laminate so as to directly cover the respective exposed portions. When the laminate is viewed in plan in a y axis direction, the length of each of the exposed portions is approximately 35% to approximately 45% of the length of an outer periphery of the insulating layer.11-03-2011
20090251845HIGH ASPECT RATIO OPENINGS - A capacitor forming method includes forming an electrically conductive support material over a substrate, with the support material containing at least 25 at % carbon. The method includes forming an opening through at least the support material where the opening has an aspect ratio of at least 20:1 within a thickness of the support material. After forming the opening, the method includes processing the support material to effect a reduction in conductivity, and forming a capacitor structure in the opening.10-08-2009
20090273881Metal-Insulator-Metal Capacitor - The present invention provides a metal-insulator-metal capacitor, which comprises a semiconductor substrate; an interlayer dielectric layer disposed on the semiconductor substrate; and an insulation trench and two metal trenches all running through the interlayer dielectric layer and allowing the semiconductor substrate to be exposed; wherein the metal trenches being located on each side of the insulation trench and sharing a trench wall with the insulation trench respectively, the insulation trench being filled with insulation material as an insulation structure, the metal trenches being filled with metal material as electrodes of the capacitor.11-05-2009
20110170227Anchor group for monolayers of organic compounds on metal and component produced therewith by means of organic electronics - An anchor group anchors organic dielectric compounds used in the production of organically based capacitors. The capacitors referred to are those that can be produced in a parallel process on a prepeg or other common printed circuit board substrate without additional metallisation on copper. The pre-fabricated capacitor layer can then be built into the printed circuit board, thereby gaining on space and cost for the surface of the printed circuit board.07-14-2011
20090086402FILM CAPACITOR - A first electrode pattern comprises a first lead-out electrode portion extending continuously along the longitudinal direction of a first dielectric film, a plurality of first capacitor electrode portions each extending from the first lead-out electrode portion almost perpendicularly to the first lead-out electrode portion, and second capacitor electrode portions which are disposed between the first capacitor electrode portions and connected thereto. The second capacitor electrode portions each has have a plurality of first sections. Each first section is connected to one end surface and the other end surface extending along the width direction of the first dielectric film of the first capacitor electrode portions through a narrow first fuse portion.04-02-2009
20080278885Placement configuration of MIM type capacitance element - A placement configuration of MIM type capacitance elements comprises a group of first capacitance elements in which the first capacitance elements as the MIM type capacitance elements are placed in tandem and a group of second capacitance elements in which the second capacitance elements as the MIM type capacitance elements are placed in tandem, wherein the group of first capacitance elements and the group of second capacitance elements are alternately placed in parallel with each other with an equal interval therebetween.11-13-2008
20110267737RAW COKE FOR ELECTRICITY STORAGE CARBON MATERIAL AND NEEDLE COKE - The present invention provides a raw coke having such a structure that the graphitized product resulting from graphitization of the raw coke at a temperature of 2800° C. under an inactive gas atmosphere will have ratios of the crystallite size to the lattice constant of 360 or less in the (11-03-2011
20120069486FABRIC CONNECTOR FOR SENSING OBJECT PROXIMITY - A fabric connector for sensing object proximity is provided. The fabric connector comprises a sensing layer (03-22-2012
20100165540CAPACITOR AND METHOD FOR FABRICATING THE SAME - A capacitor and method of fabricating a capacitor. A method of fabricating a capacitor may include forming a device isolation film on and/or over a semiconductor substrate, forming a polysilicon pattern on and/or over a device isolation film, forming a silicide on and/or over an upper portion of a polysilicon pattern, forming a capacitor insulating film covering a silicide, forming a pre-metal-dielectric (PMD) on and/or over a semiconductor substrate having a capacitor insulating film, and/or forming an upper metal electrode on and/or over a hole on and/or over a PMD, which may expose an insulating film opposite a region of a silicide.07-01-2010
20090073633SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICE WITH CAPACITOR - One or more embodiments are related to a semiconductor structure, comprising: a semiconductor chip having a final metal layer; a dielectric layer disposed over the final metal layer; and a conductive layer deposed over the dielectric layer, the dielectric layer being between the final metal layer and the conductive layer.03-19-2009
20110116208Ground Shield Capacitor - In one embodiment, an apparatus includes a first reference voltage coupled to a first metal layer and a second reference voltage coupled to a second metal layer. A first finger type in the plurality of fingers is coupled to the first metal layer at a first area and coupled to the first metal layer and the second metal layer at a second area. A second finger type in the plurality of fingers is coupled to the second metal layer at the first area and coupled to the first metal layer and the second metal layer at the second area. Also, the first finger type and the second finger type alternately positioned next to each other.05-19-2011
20120243143ELECTRONIC COMPONENT - An electronic component that is prevented from being inclined with respect to a circuit board during and after mounting includes a laminated body that is preferably configured by stacking a plurality of insulator layers, and includes a lower surface with depressions provided thereon. The lower surface includes a series of outer edges of the insulator layers. Capacitor electrodes are defined by internal conductors incorporated in the laminated body, which respectively have exposed sections that are exposed from between the insulator layers in the depressions on the lower surface. External electrodes, which are preferably formed directly by plating, are provided in the depressions to cover the exposed sections.09-27-2012
20100254069PROVIDING CAPACITORS TO IMPROVE RADIATION HARDENING IN MEMORY ELEMENTS - Some embodiments are related to a mesh capacitor, which improves the SER FIT rate. In an embodiment, the capacitor is connected between an input and an output of a latch in a flip-flop, making the flip-flop harder to flip due to radiation (e.g., from neutrons and/or alpha particles). In some embodiments, the capacitor is built directly vertically on top of the flip-flop, saving chip layout areas.10-07-2010
20090316329CHIP COMPONENT AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING THE SAME AND COMPONENT BUILT-IN MODULE AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING THE SAME - A chip component having external electrodes that allow both connection by an interlayer connection conductor and connection by soldering and a component built-in module containing the chip component therein are produced and provided. A metal of electrode parts on at least one principal surface of the external electrodes at the ends of the chip component is different from a metal of electrode parts at the remaining portion of the external electrodes. With such a structure, both a metal suitable for connection to an interlayer connection conductor, such as a via hole conductor or a through hole conductor of the component built-in module and, a metal suitable for soldering can be used for the external electrodes. Thus, the component built-in module can be reduced in the height and size.12-24-2009
20090257168Apparatus for Storing Electrical Energy - An apparatus for storing electrical energy includes a first magnetic layer, a second magnetic layer, and a dielectric layer. The first magnetic layer includes a first magnetic section and a second magnetic section. The first magnetic section has magnetic dipoles with horizontal directions. The second magnetic section has magnetic dipoles with vertical directions. The second magnetic layer includes a third magnetic section and a fourth magnetic section. The third magnetic section has magnetic dipoles with horizontal directions. The fourth magnetic section has magnetic dipoles with vertical directions. The dielectric layer is configured between the first magnetic layer and the second magnetic layer. The dielectric layer is arranged to store electrical energy. The first magnetic layer and the second magnetic layer are arranged to prevent electrical energy leakage. The vertical magnetic dipoles in the second magnetic section and the fourth magnetic section are designed to increase the capacitance of the apparatus.10-15-2009
20110304948CAPACITOR FOR INVERTER OF VEHICLE - The present invention provides a capacitor for an inverter of a vehicle comprising a case; a plurality of capacitor unit modules; positive and negative bus plates that are disposed in the case to be connected to the capacitor unit modules; and a power module corresponding to the unit modules, wherein that the unit modules are insulated from each other through an insulating material, and wherein the bus plates each comprise a bus bar that overlaps with the other bus bar and is electrically connected to the power module.12-15-2011
20120099240HIGH ENERGY DENSITY AND LOW LEAKAGE ELECTRONIC DEVICES - A magnetic capacitor includes two electrode layers, an insulator layer, and one or more magnetized layers. The insulator layer is located between the first electrode layer and the second electrode layer. The one or more magnetized layers include one or more ferro-magnetic elements that are magnetized. The one or more magnetized layers are located so that the one or more ferro-magnetic elements apply a magnetic field to the insulator layer to improve an electrical property of the insulator layer. Magnetic fields applied perpendicular to the electrode layers increase the capacitance and electrical energy storage of the insulator layer. Magnetic fields applied parallel to the electrode layers decrease the leakage current and increase the breakdown voltage of the insulator layer. The one or more ferro-magnetic elements used can include ferro-magnetic plates or magnetic nanodots. The one or more magnetized layers can be located between or outside of the electrode layers.04-26-2012
20120127625TRENCH CAPACITOR STRUCTURES AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME - A trench capacitor structure is provided. The trench capacitor structure includes a substrate, a trench formed in the substrate, a plurality of scallops formed in the sidewalls of the trench, and at least one capacitor formed within at least one of the scallops. The disclosure also provides a method of manufacturing the trench capacitor structure.05-24-2012
20120250215Method and apparatus of converting the impact of hydrometeors into practical energy with a mechanical capacitor, and to electricity via electromagnetic induction - The aim of the present invention is to harvest the improvised impact of the hydrometeors into a practical mechanical energy with the use of mechanical capacitor. Consequently, the mechanical energy is converted into electricity via the principal of electromagnetic induction.10-04-2012
20120229948Capacitor Used as Insulating Spacer for a High Current Bus Structure - Parallel plate bus structures are commonly used for high-current applications where low inductance is a requirement. Such bus structures are very well suited for inverter topologies used to convert from DC to AC power and a capacitor is needed to minimize ripple on the DC bus. The present invention provides a method of integrating an annular form factor wound film capacitor into a parallel bus structure to provide a compact geometry with minimal inductance. Furthermore, the capacitor acts as the dielectric spacer between the bus plates, which eliminates the need for separate capacitor terminals and provides the lowest possible profile.09-13-2012
20110261500BACK END OF LINE METAL-TO-METAL CAPACITOR STRUCTURES AND RELATED FABRICATION METHODS - Apparatus and related fabrication methods are provided for capacitor structures. One embodiment of a capacitor structure comprises a plurality of consecutive metal layers and another metal layer. Each via layer of a plurality of via layers is interposed between metal layers of the plurality of metal layers. The plurality of metal layers and the plurality of via layers are cooperatively configured to provide a first plurality of vertical conductive structures corresponding to a first electrode and a second plurality of vertical conductive structures corresponding to a second electrode. The plurality of consecutive metal layers form a plurality of vertically-aligned regions and provide intralayer electrical interconnections among the first plurality of vertical conductive structures. The first metal layer provides an intralayer electrical interconnection among the second plurality of vertical conductive structures, wherein each vertically-aligned region has a vertical conductive structure of the second plurality of vertical conductive structures disposed therein.10-27-2011
20130141834CAPACITANCE TRIMMING WITH AN INTEGRATED HEATER - The present disclosure is directed to a device and a method for achieving a precise capacitance of a capacitor. The method includes trimming a first capacitance of the capacitor to a second capacitance, the capacitor having a first conductive layer separated from a second conductive layer by a dielectric layer. Changing a first dielectric constant of the dielectric layer to a second dielectric constant, where the first dielectric constant corresponding to the first capacitance and the second dielectric constant corresponding to the second dielectric constant includes heating the dielectric layer above a threshold temperature for a time period. The heat is provided by either one of the plates of the capacitor or from a separate heater.06-06-2013
20110235232ELECTRONIC COMPONENT - An electronic component includes a laminate including a plurality of insulating layers that are laminated on each other. A capacitor conductor is embedded in the laminate and includes an exposed portion exposed between the insulating layers at a predetermined surface of the laminate. An external electrode is provided on the predetermined surface by direct plating so as to cover the exposed portion. An outer edge of the external electrode is spaced away from the exposed portion by about 0.8 μm or more.09-29-2011
20100315758INTEGRATED CAPACITOR - According to the preferred embodiment, an integrated capacitor having a fence-shaped structure is provided. The integrated capacitor comprises a fence-shaped, outer metal pattern and a dielectric layer. The fence-shaped, outer metal pattern encompasses an inner metal pattern, and the dielectric layer is situated between the outer metal pattern and the inner metal pattern.12-16-2010
20130155571DIELECTRIC THIN FILM-FORMING COMPOSITION, METHOD OF FORMING DIELECTRIC THIN FILM AND DIELECTRIC THIN FILM FORMED BY THE METHOD - A liquid composition is provided for forming a thin film in the form of a mixed composite metal oxide in which a composite oxide B containing copper (Cu) and a composite oxide C containing manganese (Mn) are mixed into a composite metal oxide A represented with the general formula: Ba06-20-2013

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