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361 - Electricity: electrical systems and devices

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361233000 Use of forces of electric charge or field 170
361232000 For application to living beings 56
361231000 Modification of environmental electric charge 40
361235000 With specific power supply 1
20110085276ION GENERATION APPARATUS AND ELECTRIC EQUIPMENT USING THE SAME - In an ion generation apparatus, an induction electrode for generating positive ions and an induction electrode for generating negative ions are each formed as an independent part and separately mounted on a substrate. Therefore, even if the substrate is warped with changes in temperature, tip end portions of needle electrodes can be positioned at the centers of through holes in the induction electrodes, respectively, and positive ions and negative ions can be stably generated.04-14-2011
20090021883VERSATILE STUN GLOVE - A versatile stun glove having at least two electrodes placed in the palm region, and/or on the back of the hand and/or on the fingers of the glove. A rechargeable power supply that uses simple thin diameter and thickness replaceable batteries for powering the electrodes. Batteries can include 9-volt battery, a double A, and triple A batteries. A thin watch battery can also be used so that no protrusions extend outward from the glove body. The power supply can be located in the palm region and/or on the back of the hand of the glove. The power supply can be accessed by a foldable panel cover that can be removed by hook and loop fasteners (Velcro®), snaps, a zipper and the like. The power can be activated by a simple switch located adjacent to the finger tip of the index finger of the user so that touching the tip of the thumb against the index finger tip activates the power. An alternative activation source can be a pressure sensor that is underneath one of the electrodes so that pressing the at least one electrode into an assailant activates the power. A novel stand and power supply recharge allows for the glove to be mounted to a vehicle cigarette lighter. The location of the stand allows for the glove to be easily accessible and reachable when needed by the user. A stun stick accessory can allow for the glove discharge to have greater reach to attackers and assailants.01-22-2009
20130083445ION GENERATOR - An ion generator 04-04-2013
20120224293MULTI PULSE LINEAR IONIZER - An embodiment of the invention provides a method for generating ions within a space separating an emitter and a reference electrode, the method comprising: generating a variable number of small sharp pulses and rate of the pulses depending on the distance of the target from the emitter.09-06-2012
20110116204METHOD OF BIPOLAR ION GENERATION AND AERODYNAMIC ION GENERATOR - An aerodynamic ion generator is disclosed. The generator includes an electric motor coupled to a propeller for placing in an airflow to generate electrical energy, with ionizing electrodes coupled to the propeller; a generator powered by the electric motor for generating AC high-voltage; an electrical transmission arrangement for transmitting the AC high voltage to the ionizing electrodes of different polarities; and a cleaning device that includes arms, each of the arms for cleaning a corresponding ionizing electrode of the ionizing electrodes and pivotally attached to a shaft located on the propeller wherein most of the mass of the arm is closer to a cleaning end of the arm than to the shaft that arm is attached to.05-19-2011
20110199714ION GENERATOR - A maintenance operation of an ion generator can be easily performed. A device main body has an inner case and an outer case, and the inner case having a support block and an air supply pipe is inserted into the outer case. An opposite electrode is detachably mounted in the support block from a front side of the device main body, and a discharge needle unit is detachably mounted from a reversed direction thereto. The discharge needle unit has a holder, in which the discharge electrode is provided, and a sleeve, which forms an ion generating space between the opposite electrode and the sleeve, is detachably mounted in the holder. Air supplied from an outside is supplied to the ion generating space via a flow path in the air supply pipe.08-18-2011
20130215550ION GENERATION SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING ION BALANCE - The invention provides an ion generation system, including a high voltage pulse generator, an ion balance detector and a controller. The controller is configured to receive a signal from the ion balance detector and send a regulation signal to the high voltage pulse generator to regulate the balance of positive/negative ions of the ion generation system. The invention also provides a method for controlling the ion balance where the ion generation system is utilized. By controlling the width difference between the positive peak pulse and the negative peak pulse of a high voltage pulse or regulating the peak difference between the positive peak and the negative peak of an output pulse high voltage, the yield of positive and negative is controlled, thus balanced ions output-is achieved.08-22-2013
20090262482IONIZER - An ionizer is formed by coupling a fan unit provided with a discharge electrode and a fan and a control unit provided with an indicator and an adjuster to each other, and both units are changeable between a normal coupling condition, where both are directed in the same direction, and an opposite coupling condition, where they are directed in opposite directions to each other, and in addition, a power/signal arrangement of the connection terminals of the separate connector is bilaterally symmetrical such that same power and signals ale transmitted and received between the separate connectors of both units connected to each other in either coupling condition of aforementioned both units.10-22-2009
20080285200System and method for forming and controlling electric arcs - A system and method for growing and controlling an electric arc from an electro-magnetic field generator is described. The arc may be formed substantially straight by growing from successively generated electric fields from electro-magnetic generator, such as a waveform-controlled solid state Tesla coil. The growth and direction of the arc may be controlled by forming a low impedance channel created by an area of focused laser light in the path of the growing arc.11-20-2008
20120069485METHOD AND DEVICE FOR AUTOMATIC POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE ION BALANCE CONTROL IN A BIPOLAR ION GENERATOR - A method and a device for automatic positive and negative ion balance control in a bipolar ion generator. The method may include applying bias voltage from a bias voltage source to a bias electrode from a power supply that includes an AC voltage generator and a voltage multiplying circuit of at least one cascade. The method may also include controlling a bias current flowing through the bias electrode for the purpose of stabilization of that current, wherein the step of controlling of the bias current is performed during charging of a capacitor in the voltage multiplying circuit.03-22-2012
20090116166APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR GENERATING ATMOSPHERIC-PRESSURE PLASMA - An apparatus for generating atmospheric-pressure plasma includes: a substrate; an antenna arranged on the substrate; a discharge tube arranged in the vicinity of the antenna; a high-frequency power supply for supplying VHF band high-frequency power to the antenna; and a matching circuit for receiving a high frequency from the high-frequency power supply and adjusting a reflection wave. In this apparatus for generating atmospheric-pressure plasma, a phase circuit is connected between the matching circuit and the antenna, and the phase circuit has a circuit constant setting such that a position of a maximum value of a current amplitude of a standing wave or a position of a minimum value of a voltage amplitude of the standing wave is in the vicinity of the antenna. This configuration can efficiently generate plasma and reduce the size of the apparatus.05-07-2009
20110058301COMPRESSION SPRING-TENSIONED EMITTER ELECTRODES FOR ION WIND FAN - One or more emitter electrodes of an ion wind fan can be held in tension by using a slider mechanism in contact with a compression spring. In one embodiment, an ion wind fan has an isolator with a cavity, and the slider movably located in the cavity. The fan further includes a spring located in the cavity, so that the slider compresses the spring when the slider moves in the cavity. An emitter wire is then attached to the isolator and to the slider so that the emitter is in tension.03-10-2011
20110019332Methods And Apparatus For Generating Strongly-Ionized Plasmas With Ionizational Instabilities - Methods and apparatus for generating strongly-ionized plasmas are disclosed. A strongly-ionized plasma generator according to one embodiment includes a chamber for confining a feed gas. An anode and a cathode assembly are positioned inside the chamber. A pulsed power supply is electrically connected between the anode and the cathode assembly. The pulsed power supply generates a multi-stage voltage pulse that includes a low-power stage with a first peak voltage having a magnitude and a rise time that is sufficient to generate a weakly-ionized plasma from the feed gas. The multi-stage voltage pulse also includes a transient stage with a second peak voltage having a magnitude and a rise time that is sufficient to shift an electron energy distribution in the weakly-ionized plasma to higher energies that increase an ionization rate which results in a rapid increase in electron density and a formation of a strongly-ionized plasma.01-27-2011
20110116205Collector electrodes for an ion wind fan - In one embodiment, an ion wind fan includes a wire emitter electrode held in tension and a collector electrode having a row of openings oriented along the direction of the row of openings, the openings having an elongated oval shape having a straight portion and a rounded portion. In one embodiment, the wire emitter electrode and the collector electrode are attached to an isolator so that the row of openings is substantially centered above the wire emitter electrode.05-19-2011
20110255206METHOD OF IONS GENERATION AND AERODYNAMIC ION GENERATOR - A method for generating ions is disclosed. The method includes generating AC high voltage using a stationary AC generator, applying the AC high voltage to one or more AC/DC voltage converters via capacitive air coupling between a high voltage terminal of the AC generator and one or more high voltage terminals of the AC/DC voltage converters. The method also includes rotating the AC/DC voltage converters, each AC/DC voltage converter connected to an air ionizing electrode that rotates with the AC/DC voltage converter it is connected to when that AC/DC voltage converter is rotated, relative to the AC generator, in an air flow. The method further includes providing additional capacitive air coupling between a low voltage terminal of the AC generator and one or more low voltage terminals of the AC/DC voltage converters, and multiplying the voltage output of the AC/DC converters. An ion generator is also disclosed.10-20-2011
20110096457Self-balancing ionized gas streams - Self-balancing, corona discharge for the stable production of electrically balanced and ultra-clean ionized gas streams is disclosed. This result is achieved by promoting the electronic conversion of free electrons into negative ions without adding oxygen or another electronegative gas to the gas stream. The invention may be used with electronegative and/or electropositive or noble gas streams and may include the use of a closed loop corona discharge control system.04-28-2011
20100110602ELECTRIC FIELD CONTROL METHODS AND APPARATUSES FOR CORONA WIND FANS - The present invention is a method of controlling the electric field in a corona wind fan to eliminate sparks and thereby increase the operating window and mechanical output of the device. A corona wind device moves a gas using ions that are generated by two electrodes. The electric field in a corona wind system is highly non-uniform. An intense field, of limited size, is needed to generate ions. It is desirable for the remainder of the system to be at as low a field as possible so as to prevent sparks from forming between electrodes. A contoured collector electrode creates this desirable electric field over most of a corona wind device. However, the electric field at the edges and ends of a contoured collector remain as weak points in the device. If not addressed, sparks will form prematurely at these points limiting the overall performance. Several methods to control the field at these points were developed.05-06-2010
20090185324ION CHIP OPERATING MODULE - The ion chip operating module allows for the inevitable ionising electrode erosion by high voltage ionisation of the prior art ion chip, by extending its life, improving its performance and maintenance. A ionising module is provided which lengthens the life of its ionising structure by providing more ionising electrodes, which usually operate sequentially, and also allows replacement of an exhausted module by a fresh one. The ionising electrodes are provided by ionising needles, conductive carbon coated fibres and mixtures thereof. The carbon coated fibres when in brush form present a very large number of potential ionising electrodes. The module is a metal plate with the ionising structure on one side and a pin adapted to engage a socket on the other. The advantage of injecting negative ions into air conditioning systems to enhance air quality by increasing negative ions and by precipitating particulate contaminants is known.07-23-2009
20100027186Negative ion generating device for water - A negative ion generating device includes a housing having a number of water flowing passages, a number of electrically conductive boards engaged with sockets of the housing and electrically coupled to negative and conductive electricity respectively and disposed alternatively with each other for generating an electromagnetic field in the water, a copper plate is disposed in the housing and disposed above the electrically conductive boards for attracting and removing positive ions and for generating negative ions, and a processor device coupled to the conductive boards for receiving signals and for controlling the conductive boards.02-04-2010
20120008248ISOLATOR HAVING TAPERED SIDEWALLS - An ion wind fan can be made more resistant to electrical arcing by designing a supporting dielectric further from an emitter electrode. In one embodiment, such an ion wind fan according to one embodiment of the present invention has an emitter electrode and a collector electrode, and an isolator comprising a dielectric to provide electrical isolation for one or both of the emitter electrode and the collector electrode. In one embodiment, the isolator has a tapered sidewall so that the sidewall becomes thinner in the upstream direction over at least a portion of the sidewall. In one embodiment, the taper is a linear taper.01-12-2012
20120008249INSERT-MOLDED ION WIND FAN - An ion wind fan can be manufactured efficiently using insert molding. In one embodiment, the present invention includes an ion wind fan having an isolator with an emitter bus plate and an emitter attachment plate insert molded into isolator. A collector electrode is further insert molded into the isolator. The collector electrode is supported in part by two collector supports. One or more wire emitter electrodes are welded to the emitter bus plate at a first end of the emitter wires and to the emitter attachment plate at a second end of the emitter wires.01-12-2012
20110102963ION-GENERATING DEVICE AND ELECTRICAL APPARATUS - An ion-generating device has a positive electrode pair and a negative electrode pair. The positive electrode pair and the negative electrode pair are disposed in a casing with a space interposed therebetween, such that an induction electrode in the positive electrode pair and an induction electrode in the negative electrode pair are separated from each other. It is thereby possible to obtain an ion-generating device and an electrical apparatus, capable of efficiently emitting both of positive ions and negative ions to an outside of the device, and easily achieving reduction in size and thickness.05-05-2011
20120120542ELECTRONIC SYSTEM CHANGEABLE TO ACCOMMODATE AN EHD AIR MOVER OR MECHANICAL AIR MOVER - An electronic system is configurable to accommodate either of a mechanical air mover and an EHD air mover within an enclosure. At least one of a plurality of electronic components is selectively configurable to alternately accommodate the mechanical air mover or the EHD air mover within the enclosure. The mechanical fan or EHD is positioned to motivate air flow along a air flow path between inlet and outlet ventilation boundaries of the enclosure. A connector for a respective one of the electronic components allows for selective configuration in an alternate orientation of the respective one of the electronic components to accommodate a difference in geometry between the EHD air mover and the mechanical air mover.05-17-2012
20120287551BIPOLAR IONIZATION DEVICE - The present invention provides methods and systems for a bipolar ionization device that includes an electrically insulated base, a power input terminal, an anode engaged to the base and the power input terminal, a cathode that partially circumscribes the anode, and plurality of tines extending perpendicularly from the anode having a lower portion and a top portion, wherein the lower portion is engaged to the anode and is wider than the top portion.11-15-2012
20120140373APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR GENERATING ELECTRIC DISCHARGE IN LIQUID USING GAS JET - The present invention provides an apparatus and method for generating an electric discharge in a liquid using a gas jet, in which a gas channel is formed between conductive members in a liquid using high pressure gas jet injection to reduce a discharge voltage in the liquid to a level similar to that in air, thus facilitating the electric discharge in the liquid.06-07-2012
20130120894PLANAR ION FUNNEL - A planar ion funnel is disclosed that can be used for ion control. In one application, the planar ion funnel can be used for ion control in a mass spectrometer. The planar ion funnel can be formed on a surface of a substantially planar substrate including an orifice. An electrically conductive structure can be formed on a top surface of the substrate that surrounds the orifice. In operation, a power can be applied to the conductive structure that causes an electric field to be generated that draws ions into and through the orifice. In one embodiment, the orifice can be circular and the conductive structure can be a series of nested rings of increasing diameter surrounding the orifice.05-16-2013
20130208391Spiral Pulse Transducer - The spiral pulse transducer generates or transduces pulses by directing an electrical pulse around an electrically conducting ring. An effective way to do this is to direct it inwardly along a spiral, which can generally intensify the pulse and make it more unidirectional. While a principal embodiment is intended to help reduce blood pressure, this transducer might be used for medical, commercial, agricultural, or industrial processes.08-15-2013