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High voltage dissipation (e.g., lightning arrester)

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361 - Electricity: electrical systems and devices


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361118000 Surge prevention (e.g., choke coil) 92
361126000 Current limiting material in discharge path 14
361120000 Vacuum or gas filled space discharge 7
361131000 Combined (e.g., with disconnect switch) 6
361124000 Thermal (e.g., fusible, bimetallic) 4
20110299211Surge Arrester Having a Short-Circuit Device - A surge arrester includes a short-circuit device. The short-circuit device includes at least one first base element. The first base element is rigidly connected in an electrically conducting and mechanical manner to a first electrode of the surge arrester. The short-circuit device also includes at least one spring arm arranged on the base element. The free end of the spring arm has a distance to the base element, and the spring arm extends over at least two adjoining electrodes of the surge arrester.12-08-2011
20100265627Surge Arrester with Thermal Overload Protection - A surge arrester is described which includes at least two electrodes. At least one of the electrodes includes a ventilation channel. The internal area of the surge arrester is connected to an external area of the surge arrester via the ventilation channel, wherein the ventilation channel is closed by means of a fusible element. The fusible element is preferably arranged at that end of the ventilation channel which faces the external area of the surge element.10-21-2010
20120063051PROTECTION CIRCUIT - A protection circuit includes a surge absorber, a switch device electrically connected to the surge absorber and having a first conductor and a second conductor, and a heat-shrinkable device disposed on an outer periphery of the surge absorber and shrinking in accordance with temperature of the surge absorber. The first conductor has a first connecting portion and a second connecting portion. The surge absorber is connected to the first connecting portion. When the switch device is in an initial state, the second connecting portion electrically contacts the second conductor, and when the heat-shrinkable device shrinks to separate the second connecting portion from the second conductor, the switch device is switched off.03-15-2012
20120057265ZINC-OXIDE SURGE ARRESTER FOR HIGH-TEMPERATURE OPERATION - A ZnO surge arrester for high-temperature operation is characterized in that a grain boundary layer between ZnO grains thereof contains a BaTiO03-08-2012
361121000 Fluid (e.g., mercury, quenching) 2
20110286139NON-SOLID CONDUCTIVE SURGE ABSORBER - The present invention is to provide a non-solid conductive surge absorber, which comprises a non-solid conductor formed by evenly mixing a non-solid solvent and a conductive medium and filled in a shielding case thereof in a watertight manner, and a plurality of metal plates each mounted on the shielding case in a watertight manner with a first end inside the shielding case and a second end extended out of the shielding case. Therefore, when a surge is generated, the number of electric charges accumulated on the metal plate connected to a circuit due to the surge will cause the conductive medium evenly dispersed in the non-solid solvent to rapidly and electrically connect with each other, so that the electric charges can be discharged to a ground terminal through the non-solid conductor for efficiently preventing electronic components on the circuit from being damaged by the surge.11-24-2011
20110075313PLASMA ARRESTOR INSERT - A dielectric arrestor insert for use in a chamber wafer processing system having a gas input line, an arrestor housing and a wafer processing space. The input line is able to provide gas to the arrestor housing. The arrestor housing is able to house the dielectric arrestor insert. The dielectric arrestor insert comprises a gas entry portion, a non-linear channel and a gas exit portion. The gas entry portion is arranged to receive the gas from the input line. The non-linear channel is arranged to deliver the gas from the gas entry portion to the gas exit portion. The gas exit portion is arranged to deliver the gas from the non-linear channel to the wafer processing space.03-31-2011
361137000 Horn gap 2
20110102960HIGH-VOLTAGE INSULATOR AND A HIGH-VOLTAGE ELECTRIC POWER LINE USING SAID INSULATOR - The high-voltage insulator for securing a high-voltage conductor in an electrical plant or in an electric power line comprises an insulating core, the first end of which is used for mechanically connecting to a high voltage conductor and/or to its coupling means, the second end being provided with a metal fastening element for fixing the insulator to a support, such as a tower. In order to impart lightning protection properties to the insulator, it is additionally provided with a multi-electrode system consisting of m electrodes which are mechanically attached to the insulating core and are arranged between the ends thereof. The electrodes are disposed in such a way as to support a formation of an electric discharge between the adjacent electrodes, between the electrode adjacent to the first end of the insulating core and to the high voltage conductor or to said coupling means, and between the electrode adjacent to the second end of the insulating core and the metal fastening element attached to the tower. The insulator is provided with means for compensating the reduction of the insulator creepage distance caused by the multi-electrode system. The electric power line using the insulator of this type does not require any lightning arresters.05-05-2011
20130208388HORN SPARK GAP LIGHTNING ARRESTOR WITH A DEION CHAMBER - The invention relates to a horn spark gap lightning arrester with a deion chamber (08-15-2013
20090040678ELECTROSTATIC DISCHARGE TRIGGER CIRCUITS FOR SELF-PROTECTING CASCODE STAGES - Electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection circuits for self-protecting cascode stages are disclosed. In one example, an ESD protection circuit is described. A cascode stage is configured to selectively couple an output pad to a reference terminal. An ESD sensor may detect a change in voltage indicative of an ESD event occurring at the output pad, causing a gate drive to turn on the cascode stage to conduct ESD current in response to detection of the ESD event at the output pad. A leakage blocker is also included to prevent leakage current from the cascode stage to the gate drive while there is not an ESD event.02-12-2009
20090195955Buoyant grounding terminal electrode apparatus for lightning protection - The subject invention pertains to a method and apparatus for lightning protection for a vessel or structure operated on a fluid such as water. In a specific embodiment of the subject invention, a sailboat mast or lightning rod serves to collect the lightning charge and a flexible conductive wire is attached to the mast or lightning rod which goes down over the side of the vessel and to the water level. A grounding electrode is at the end of the wire and has a buoyant material on or near the grounding electrode such that the grounding electrode is substantially kept at the surface of the water. The grounding electrode and buoyancy may also serve to allow the grounding electrode to hydrodynamic plane at the water surface if the vessel or structure is moving through the water. The buoyancy may place portions of the grounding electrode both above or below the water line and the buoyancy keeps the electrode substantially positioned with respect to the water surface even if the vessel or structure is heeled over such as can be the case of a sailboat which is sailing or if there is wave action.08-06-2009
20100118463SURGE ARRESTER WITH MOUNTING BRACKET - An arrester assembly is disclosed. The assembly includes a surge arrester, a disconnector attached to the surge arrester, and a mounting bracket disposed intermediate the surge arrester and the disconnector. The mounting bracket has a first end and a second end, the first end arranged and disposed for attaching the mounting bracket to a support. The mounting bracket further includes a collar extending away from the second end of the surge arrester to surround the disconnector and to provide a mechanical interface to resist rotational movement of the disconnector with respect to the mounting bracket.05-13-2010
20110013333Polarized lightning arrestors - Systems and methods for dynamically defending a site from lightning strikes are provided. The systems and methods involve dynamically altering electrostatic fields above the site and/or dynamically intervening in lightning discharges processes in the vicinity of the site.01-20-2011
20110013332Polarized lightning arrestors - Systems and methods for dynamically defending a site from lightning strikes are provided. The systems and methods involve dynamically altering electrostatic fields above the site and/or dynamically intervening in lightning discharges processes in the vicinity of the site.01-20-2011
20110013331Polarized lightning arrestors - Systems and methods for dynamically defending a site from lightning strikes are provided. The systems and methods involve dynamically altering electrostatic fields above the site and/or dynamically intervening in lightning discharges processes in the vicinity of the site.01-20-2011
20120113558ACTUATION AND PROTECTION UTILIZING ACTIVE MATERIAL ACTIVATION DURING LIGHTNING STRIKES AND SIMILAR EVENTS - A method of and actuator/device for passively actuating or protecting a system, body or circuit during a lightning strike or other high voltage/current generation event, utilizing an active material element activated by the spike in current or voltage potential, and preferably a barrier connected in series to the element and configured to be overcome by the voltage/current event, so that the element is activated only during the event.05-10-2012
20080310071STRUCTURE FOR INSTALLING LIGHTNING ARRESTER FOR ELECTRIC POLE - A structure for installing a lightning arrester between the cross arm mounted to the upper end of an electric pole and a power line is disclosed. A dead end clamp, the lightning arrester and an insulation reinforcing insulator are connected in series, an end of the insulation reinforcing insulator is connected to the cross arm by a shackle, a disconnector is connected to the voltage outlet portion of the lightning arrester, a grounding wire for diverting abnormal voltage to the ground is connected to the disconnector, and an insulation cover surrounds the dead end clamp and the voltage inlet portion of the lightning arrester.12-18-2008
20100220423LIGHTNING ARRESTOR - A plurality of insulation supports are provided around a zinc oxide component, and the zinc oxide component and a plurality of insulation supports are integrally molded into an insulation casing. The insulation casing has corrugations on its outer surface. A thin-thickness portion is provided between the corrugations. The thin-thickness portion is provided between the insulation supports.09-02-2010
20080247112Protective Plug for a Connection Module - The invention relates to a protective plug (10-09-2008
20110205681GAS INSULATED SWITCHGEAR - Bus container 08-25-2011
20090154050SPARK GAP APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR ELECTROSTATIC DISCHARGE PROTECTION - An apparatus for providing electrostatic discharge protection includes a plurality of conductive circumferential extensions defined by overlapping circular voids between a first conductor surface and a second conductor surface.06-18-2009
20110141645SYSTEM FOR DISSIPATING A LIGHTNING CURRENT GENERATED BY A THUNDERSTORM DISCHARGE ON AN AIRCRAFT - A system for dissipating a lightning current produced by a thunderstorm discharge on an avionic equipment installed on the external skin of an aircraft, the external skin being made of a composite material covered with a layer of expanded metal and including an orifice in which there is positioned an aerodynamic plate covering the avionic equipment. The aerodynamic plate is attached to the external skin by a doubler. The system includes at least one metal plate at least partially surrounding the aerodynamic plate and mounted so as to ensure electrical continuity between the doubler and the layer of expanded metal so as to dissipate the lightning current into the layer of expanded metal.06-16-2011
20100188790Lighting Protection System for Wind Generators - The invention relates to a lightning transmission element (07-29-2010
20080310072Spark Gap Protection Device - A spark gap protection device is provided. The device comprises a plurality of spark gaps and a plurality of windings. Each spark gap is connected to at least one winding which is inductively coupled to an associated winding connected to another spark gap so that, in use, a surge current flowing across a spark gap and through a winding connected to the spark gap induces a voltage in the associated inductively coupled winding connected to another spark gap. This forces the other spark gap to trigger, thereby distributing the surge current between the spark gaps.12-18-2008
20100220424METHOD OF ATMOSPHERIC DISCHARGE ENERGY CONVERSION, STORAGE AND DISTRIBUTION - A method of converting atmospheric electrical discharge to a useable form of energy by arresting, storage and retransmission of lightning induced electrical discharge is disclosed. The invention discloses methods of deploying this technology even in isolated locations where no electricity infrastructure exists. Additionally, the potential for achieving in excess of 1 GWe of electrical power supply at costs orders of magnitude lower than fossil fuel or solar is also disclosed. Isolated collection units are disclosed. A method of deployment of these devices on individual cars and recharge stations is disclosed which in effect unplugs these automotive and recharge stations from the grid. This capability significantly decreases their dependence on the electricity grid infrastructure, enabling a much more enhanced rollout capability for the industry. The concept of Energy Dams is disclosed. These are facilities with substantial electrical energy storage capacities with the capability of receiving energy feeds from various generation sources.09-02-2010
20120063050METHODS FOR FORMING A STRUCTURE HAVING A LIGHTNING STRIKE PROTECTION - A method for forming a structure having lightning strike protection includes receiving at least one structural layer, receiving at least one lightning strike protection strip disposed on at least one reinforcement layer, automatically applying the at least one lightning strike protection strip disposed on the at least one reinforcement layer onto the at least one structural layer, and forming the at least one structural layer, the at least one lightning strike protection strip, and the at least one reinforcement layer, into the structure. The at least one lightning strike protection strip comprises a first material, and the at least one reinforcement layer comprises a second material different from the first material. The automatically applying may include using at least one of fiber placement equipment, tape laying equipment, and similar automated equipment.03-15-2012
20100284118Lightning Arrester - Provided is a lightning arrester capable of previously discharging charges charged depending on an approach of lightning before the lightning occurs, thereby preventing the lightning. The lightning arrester includes: a conductive rod installed at an upper part of an object to be protected from lightning and connected to a ground part; an insulator coupled with one end of the rod; a charge pipe having a cylindrical shape with pin-shaped projections extending inward therefrom and in which space charges are charged; and a charge rod inserted into the charge pipe and connected in the middle of the rod.11-11-2010
20100020459SURGE ARRESTER - A surge arrester includes a device base, secured to a mounting rail and having a U-shaped receptacle, and at least one insert part having at least one surge voltage protection element and arranged in the receptacle of the device base. To provide a secure connection between the insert part and the device base, the insert part is locked in the receptacle by an arresting cap which is a component separate from the insert part and/or from the device base.01-28-2010
20090310273ELECTROMAGNETIC PULSE PROTECTION CIRCUIT HAVING WAVE FILTERING CAPABILITY - An electromagnetic pulse protection circuit having wave filtering functions, composed of an LEMP protection circuit and a fast response protection circuit, and a filter is series-connected on a signal transmission route, and is utilized to provide impedance in effectively preventing electromagnetic pulses caused by lightning (LEMP) or other electronic weapon (NEMP, HEMP, PEMP) interferences. In addition, it is capable of suppressing electromagnetic pulses at specific frequencies, thus, raising the capability of electronic elements in resisting against electromagnetic pulses. Furthermore, said filter is made of high-temperature-super-conduction (HTSC) material, so that when said HTSC material of said filter is subject to a sudden infusion or invasion of said electromagnetic pulses, it is switched to a high impedance state in a very short period of time in effectively restricting currents passing through said filter, hereby avoiding the damages of a communication system.12-17-2009
20080232020Lightning Diverter for Conducting a Lightning-Induced Electrical Current and a Method of Producing the Same - The present invention concerns a method of producing a lightning diverter for conducting a lightning-induced electrical current, which is to be placed on structures such as wings on wind turbines, aircraft components, radomes and the like with the purpose of lightning protection. The method comprises the steps of making a plurality of holes in a plate of an electrically conductive material, filling said holes at least partly with one or more electrically non-conductive materials, and then finally dividing the plate—preferably into strips. The lightning diverter obtained hereby consists of a layer of electrically non-conductive material with a plurality of isolated segments of electrically conductive material.09-25-2008
20100091422LIGHTNING STRIKE MIGITATION FOR AIRCRAFT - A lightning mitigation system for use on an aircraft employs parasitic capacitance associated with a motor/generator to dissipate voltage provided as a result of a lightning strike. The motor/generator includes a set of windings defined by an outer periphery and a case that surrounds the set of windings. A parasitic capacitance is defined by the airgap separating the windings of the motor/generator from the case. A motor controller is electrically connected to the set of windings and includes a filter circuit. The filter circuit includes an equivalent capacitance that is selected based on the parasitic capacitance associated with the motor/generator such that a lightning strike results in a large portion of the voltage being dissipated by the parasitic capacitance of the motor/generator.04-15-2010
20100008008DISCHARGE GAP DEVICE AND POWER SUPPLY DEVICE - A discharge gap device includes a first discharge pattern connected to a first wiring pattern and a second discharge pattern connected to a second wiring pattern which is electrically insulated from the first wiring pattern and the first discharge pattern, the second discharge pattern projecting from the second wiring pattern. The first and second discharge patterns are opposed to each other, and a gap between the first discharge pattern and the second discharge pattern is set to a predetermined interval, so that the discharge gap device discharges a lightning surge or static electricity from the gap. The first discharge pattern includes a first side face which confronts the second discharge pattern, the second discharge pattern includes a second side face which confronts the first side face, and the first side face and the second side face are arranged in parallel.01-14-2010
20080297967LIGHTNING PROTECTION SYSTEM FOR AN AIRCRAFT COMPOSITE STRUCTURE - An apparatus comprises a wall, an internal structure, and a fastener. The wall has a conductive surface and a countersunk hole. The countersunk hole passes through the internal structure. The fastener has an interference fit within the countersunk hole.12-04-2008
20120127622TANK-TYPE LIGHTNING ARRESTER - For a tank-type lighting arrester having varistors in a layered manner, it is an object to provide a lightning arrester having a shield in a simple shape, and in such a shape that achieves more uniform voltage distribution among the varistors than that in conventional techniques. In a lightning arrester according to the present invention, layered varistors are provided in a tank in which an insulating medium is filled, and a cylindrical shield is arranged therearound. To solve at least part of the above problems, in the lightning arrester according to the present invention, a plurality of holes are arranged on a side surface of the shield.05-24-2012
20130100570LIGHTNING CURRENT TRANSFER ASSEMBLY FOR A WIND TURBINE - A lightning current transfer assembly (04-25-2013
20100309598Surge Arrester with Low Response Surge Voltage - A surge arrester includes two side electrodes extending into an interior space formed by means of at least one insulating body and a central electrode. The end-side distance between the side electrodes is greater than the distances between a respective side electrode and the central electrode. The distance between the side electrodes is less than the distance between the end regions of the central electrode and a base of the side electrodes.12-09-2010
20110304945LIGHTNING ARRESTER AND A POWER TRANSMISSION LINE PROVIDED WITH SUCH AN ARRESTER - A lightning arrester for protecting elements of electrical facilities or a power transmission line comprises an insulating body which is made of a solid dielectric, preferably in the form of a bar, a strip or a cylinder, two main electrodes that are mechanically coupled to the insulating body and two or more intermediate electrodes. The intermediate electrodes, preferably made in the form of bars or cylinders, are arranged between the main electrodes so that said intermediate electrodes are mutually shifted along the longitudinal axis of the insulating body or along a spiral line. Such design makes it possible to form a discharge channel between the adjacent electrodes. Furthermore, said electrodes are located inside the insulating body and are separated from the surface of the body by an insulation layer. Discharge chambers formed as cavities or through bores opened to the surface of the insulating body are arranged between the pairs of the adjacent electrodes. Dimensions of the chambers are selected such that a discharge is easily blown out from the chambers to the surface of the insulating body, thereby increasing the efficiency of the discharge current quenching. In the preferred embodiments, the arrester is provided with an additional electrode for reducing a flashover voltage. Various embodiments of a power transmission line using the arrester of the invention are also disclosed.12-15-2011
20130188291Electrical Stimulator Line Protector - An electrical stimulator line protector, comprising a case having an upper surface and a lower surface, the case configured for implantation in the scalp or other subcutaneous areas of a patient; a storage slot disposed between the upper surface and the lower surface of the case, the slot configured to allow at least one electrical line to coil therearound, the upper surface, the lower surface and the slot to thereby shield the line.07-25-2013

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