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361 - Electricity: electrical systems and devices


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361086000 Voltage 78
361087000 Current 70
361079000 Voltage and current 35
361084000 Reverse energy responsive (e.g., directional) 19
361085000 Phase 3
20130027826CIRCUIT PROTECTION DEVICE AND PROTECTION METHOD THEREOF - A circuit protection device and a protection method thereof are provided. The circuit protection device includes a pulse width modulation unit which detects in order for a plurality of current phase of a plurality of transistors. The pulse width modulation unit decides the current phase of the transistors override a first threshold value whether. Then, the pulse width modulation unit sends a control signal to close the transistor that the current phase exceeds the first threshold value, so as to avoid the transistor burn down.01-31-2013
20130141827FAULT PARAMETER INDICATOR DEVICE AND RELATED METHODS - A method of determining a fault parameter of a fault on an AC transmission line 06-06-2013
20130208382Dimmer Circuit with Improved Inductive Load Imbalance Protection - A protection circuit for protecting a dimmer circuit controlling an inductive load including an imbalance detector for detecting an asymmetrical operation in the load and circuit control means for causing the dimmer circuit to reduce a DC component in the load upon detection of the asymmetrical operation. A load imbalance detector is also disclosed having a load DC component detector, a comparator and a signal generating means for generating a circuit shut down signal if the DC component exceeds a pre-set DC threshold.08-15-2013
20130044399PROTECTION SYSTEM FOR SERVER - A protection system includes a baseboard management controller (BMC), N fans, a power on unit, a power supply, and a switching unit. The switching unit includes an AND gate, a transistor, and a first resistor. During operation the fans each output an operating signal to the BMC. The BMC counts the operating signals received. When the count is less than N, the power-off pin outputs a low level signal, so that the output pin of the AND gate outputs a low level signal, and the transistor turns off. The power supply then receives a high level signal and stops supplying power.02-21-2013
20120113555FAULT INTERRUPTING DEVICES AND CONTROL METHODS THEREFOR - Fault interrupting devices and methods for controlling the same are disclosed. The fault interrupting devices may include a switch on an electrical power line and a controller configured to operate the switch. The methods for controlling fault interrupting devices may include gathering data, determining from the data that a fault has occurred, opening the fault interrupting device to interrupt the fault, analyzing the data, and determining whether the fault interrupting device can be reclosed based at least partially on the analysis of the data.05-10-2012
20120236452PROTECTION RELAY - A protection relay for protecting an electric system, includes means a manner of a time multiplier value, a manner of calculating, with the received time multiplier value, and an inverse definite time dependency having an exponentiation function. The dependency defines a relationship between an excitation level of an input signal to the relay and an operating time of the relay. The relay further a manner of shifting the dependency to a predefined calculation space, and includes a manner of applying, during execution, the dependency shifted to the predefined calculation space when determining an operating condition of the relay.09-20-2012
20110286137TRACTION BATTERY HAVING INCREASED RELIABILITY - The invention relates to a traction battery having a first battery cell group and a second battery cell group. A first connection of the first battery cell group is connected to a first battery pole by a charging and disconnecting device, a second connection of the first battery cell group is connected to a first service plug connection, a first connection of the second battery cell group is connected to a second service plug connection, and a second connection of the second battery cell group is connected to a second battery pole by a disconnecting device. The first service plug connection and the second service plug connection can be short-circuited by an external service plug. According to the invention, such a traction battery comprises a first jumper connected between the first battery pole and the first service plug connection, by means of which the first battery pole and the first service plug connection can be short-circuited, and/or a second jumper device connected between the second battery pole and the second service plug connection, by means of which the second battery pole and the second service plug connection can be short-circuited.11-24-2011
20100123987Apparatus for Fault Tolerant Digital Outputs - An output termination board for a safety system is disclosed herein. The termination board provides simplified wiring between the output modules and the remote devices operated by the controller in the system. Redundant output signals are generated within each pair of output modules and combined such that one control signal is sent to each remote device. In addition, a program executing on the controller of the safety system performs a test to determine if each output module is operating normally. If the program detects a fault in either output module, the safety system may alternately shut down according to a fail-safe procedure or continue operating under a fault-tolerant mode of operation.05-20-2010
20090141416Device for Short-Circuiting Power Semiconductor Modules - An apparatus has power semiconductor modules, which are connected to one another via connection devices so as to form a series circuit. A short-circuiting device for short-circuiting the respective power semiconductor module is assigned to each power semiconductor module. The apparatus has a reliable and at the same time cost-effective short-circuiting device. It is proposed that the short-circuiting device is a pyrotechnical/mechanical element, which has a detonation charge and a tripping device, which can be displaced by the detonation charge.06-04-2009
20110199709SENSOR CONTROL APPARATUS AND SENSOR CONTROL METHOD - A sensor control apparatus (08-18-2011
20120293898Thermal Cutoff Circuit - A thermal cutoff circuit for an electronic device including a power unit, a thermal sensor, a logic unit, and a power switch unit is provided. The power unit includes a power switch for powering up the thermal cutoff circuit with a supply voltage in response to a user event. The thermal sensor provides an active thermal sense signal and an inactive thermal sense signal when a temperature of the electronic device exceeds a threshold and does not exceed the threshold, respectively. The logic unit provides an inactive cutoff signal and provides an active cutoff signal respectively according to the inactive thermal sense signal and the active thermal sense signal. The power switch unit powers the electronic device up according to the inactive cutoff signal and stops powering up the electronic device according to the active thermal sense signal.11-22-2012
20100277844Electronic Device with Ion Cooling System - An electronic device includes an ion cooling system for cooling system components of the device. Through an arrangement, ionization of an air flow caused by the ion cooling can be determined and the electrostatic charge on the components that are located within the air flow can be measured.11-04-2010
20100277843HIGH-FREQUENCY POWER SUPPLY SYSTEM - A high-frequency power supply system includes an anomaly detector 11-04-2010
20080291593Device protection using temperature compensation - Device protection using temperature compensation. A logic module associated with groups of capacitors adjusts complex impedance planes associated with the capacitor groups to account for ambient temperature variations. In particular, the logic module is configured to adjust a center of a circle of each complex impedance plane based on an average impedance. The average impedance for a selected capacitor group includes impedance measurements for groups other than the selected group, to prevent capacitor failures in that group from skewing the average. The logic module can adjust the circle center in response to changes in average impedance over periods of time. For example, the logic module can filter measured differences in average impedance using a low pass filter, to distinguish slow impedance changes caused by temperature variations and rapid impedance changes caused by capacitor failures. The logic module can adjust the circle center in accordance with the filtered difference value.11-27-2008
20090185320DETECTION OF CURRENT LEAKAGE THROUGH OPTO-SWITCHES - Apparatus for testing an opto-switch includes a first sense resistor coupled between a power source and an input of the opto-switch, and a second sense resistor coupled to an output of the opto-switch. A test circuit is coupled to sense a first current flowing through the first sense resistor and a second current flowing through the second sense resistor and to generate a test signal responsively to a relation between the first and second currents. A controller is coupled to receive the test signal and to perform a protective action when the test signal exceeds a predetermined limit.07-23-2009
20090080131DEVICE FOR PROTECTING ELECTRONIC CIRCUITS AGAINST FAULTS - A protection device for protecting an electronic circuit against a fault is described. The electronic circuit includes an output stage for driving a load and a driving circuit for driving the output stage. The driving circuit is configured to produce a drive signal in response to at least one input signal. The protection device includes a gating circuit and control means. The gating circuit has a first input configured to receive the drive signal, a second input configured to receive a control signal, and an output configured to activate and deactivate the output stage based on the drive signal and control signal. The control means produce the control signal in response to a detection signal representative of detection of the fault either of the load or of the output stage.03-26-2009
20090040674SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR PROTECTING DISPLAY COMPONENTS FROM ADVERSE OPERATING CONDITIONS - Provided are systems and methods for protecting display components from adverse operating conditions. A lighting panel system according to some embodiments includes a lighting panel including a plurality of strings of solid state lighting devices arranged across the panel and a protection system configured to determine an adverse operating condition and adjust a lighting panel luminance setting responsive to the adverse operating condition.02-12-2009
20080266734RADIATION-TRIGGERED SEMICONDUCTOR SHUTDOWN DEVICE - An integrated circuit includes a radiation-triggered shutdown circuit that disables a critical aspect of the integrated circuit rendering the integrated circuit non-functional when the integrated circuit receives a predetermined radiation dose. That ensures integrated circuits including the radiation-triggered shutdown circuit are ITAR compliant.10-30-2008
20100302695METHOD FOR SETTING FREE DETECTION OF OUT OF STEP CONDITION IN ELECTRICAL POWER SYSTEM - A method of determining out of step condition and an instance of separation within electrical power system. The method does not require user settings and ensures reliable discrimination between recoverable power swing and pole slips that indicates non-recoverable power swing and the need for system separation. The method also allows tripping at a user selected system angle if desired. A calculated angle is used to determine the magnitude of the swing current to control the tripping at the desired angle θ when the system could be safely split after detection of out of step condition based on the criteria of this invention.12-02-2010
20090034138Inverter driver and lamp driver thereof - An inverter driver controls an inverter that supplies driving voltages to a plurality of discharge lamps. The inverter driver senses the abnormal operation of the plurality of discharge lamps based on a plurality of first feedback voltages corresponding to the plurality of driving voltages supplied to the discharge lamps and a plurality of second feedback voltages corresponding to the current flowing through the plurality of discharge lamps. The inverter driver is formed in a single integrated circuit.02-05-2009
20090021877Method and apparatus for anti-islanding of distributed power generation systems - A method and apparatus for anti-islanding of distributed power generation systems having an inverter comprising a phase locked loop (PLL), a phase shift generator for injecting a phase shift into the PLL during at least one sample period, and a phase error signature monitor for monitoring at least one phase error response of the PLL during the at least one sample period.01-22-2009
20090021876Circuit Arrangement and Method for Detecting the State of a Circuit Protection Element - There is described circuit arrangement which comprises a protection element. A state of the protection element is determined in a simple and safe manner by means of a detection unit and a specification unit, in addition to an evaluation unit.01-22-2009
20120063046DEVICE FOR PROTECTING AN ELECTRONIC PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD - A device is provided for protecting an electronic printed circuit board, which includes at least two layers. The device includes on a layer, at least one conductive part uniformly spread on an insulator layer, the entirety comprising the conductive part and the insulator layer forming a capacitive support presenting a uniform electrical field. The capacitive support is placed roughly on the whole surface of one of the layers of the multi-layered electronic printed circuit board. The capacitive support is configured to deliver a reference capacitance. A capacitive measurement microprocessor detects a variation in capacitance. A transmitter is configured for transmitting a piece of information representing the variation in capacitance when an absolute value of a difference between the measured capacitance and the reference capacitance exceeds a predetermined threshold.03-15-2012
20110261491MONITOR CIRCUIT FOR DETERMINING THE LIFETIME OF A SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICE - A circuit comprises a first conductor, a second conductor, and a first detect and disconnect circuit. The first conductor is coupled to a first power supply voltage terminal. The second conductor is positioned a first predetermined distance from the first conductor. The first detect and disconnect circuit has a first terminal coupled to the second conductor and a second terminal coupled to a second power supply voltage terminal. The first detect and disconnect circuit detects a first electrical property change between the second conductor and the first conductor. In response to detecting the change in the first electrical property, the second conductor is disconnected from the second power supply voltage terminal. A method for manufacturing a semiconductor device comprising the circuit is also provided.10-27-2011
20120099233Method And Device For Supervising The Sensitivity Of A Protection Function - A method and a device for supervising the sensitivity of a protection function in an electrical power system including a metering device for measuring values of a feature, said protection function being configured to initialize an action based on a test value and a threshold value for the feature, wherein said test value is either a measured value or derived from the said measured values, the device includes a computing unit configured to receive the test values and, repeatedly during the operation of the protection function, to calculate a mean value and a deviation of the test values, to determine the probability of a false action based on the calculated mean value, the threshold value and the calculated deviation, and to indicate that the sensitivity is too high when the probability of a false action exceeds a first limit value for the probability of a false action.04-26-2012
20120057264CURRENT SENSING LOAD DEMAND APPARATUS AND METHODS - An apparatus supplies AC power to a load. The apparatus includes a set output terminals, a primary circuit, and a load sensing circuit. The primary circuit is electrically coupled to a source of AC power and to the output terminals for selectively providing power at a low voltage at the output terminals or electronically coupling the source of AC power directly to the output terminals. The load sensing circuit coupled to the primary circuit and the source of AC power for determining a resistance associated with the load at initial application of the load and controlling the primary circuit to electronically couple the source of AC power directly to the output terminals if a proper load is detected.03-08-2012
20120162840APPARATUS FOR ELECTRIC POWER TOOL AND RECORDING MEDIUM - An apparatus for an electric power tool includes a detection unit, a determination unit, a protection unit, a calculation unit, and a notification unit. The calculation unit calculates a time-equivalent value representing a remaining time until a load condition of a battery reaches an overload state, in which the protection unit interrupts a discharge path, based on the result of the detection by the detection unit. The notification unit notifies a user of the electric power tool of a remaining time until the protection unit interrupts the discharge path based on the time-equivalent value calculated by the calculation unit.06-28-2012
20120320477DEVICE FOR DETECTING AN ATTACK IN AN INTEGRATED CIRCUIT CHIP - An integrated circuit chip including a plurality of parallel wells of alternated conductivity types formed in the upper portion of a semiconductor substrate of a first conductivity type, and a device of protection against attacks including: between the wells, trenches with insulated walls filled with a conductive material, said trenches extending from the upper surface of the wells to the substrate; and a circuit capable of detecting a modification of the stray capacitance formed between said conductive material and a region of the chip.12-20-2012
20100039742Electrical Fault Restricting System - Electrical fault restricting system for an electrical equipment and/or electrical system has a monitoring unit placed at location of interest to sense or measure electrical fault occurred with the help of sensing or measuring device which is further connected to signal processing and controlling unit which receives data collected by the monitoring unit that provides output for fault identification, alarming and controlling actions to alarming. An indication unit and command for trip signal to circuit breaking device where processed data of data collecting and processing unit are stored at data history storage. A display unit for back reference monitoring unit provides images to image receiver. A processor and controlling unit further provides processed images to an additional data history storage and display unit for future analysis of conditions where plurality of signal processing and controlling unit is inter connected with additional remote central controlling and data handling unit.02-18-2010
20120140369PROTECTIVE DEVICE - The present invention is directed to an electrical wiring device that includes at least one user accessible input mechanism and a test assembly configured to initiate a self-test in response to stimulus signal. The self test determines whether a sensor, a fault detection circuit or a circuit interrupter assembly are in an operational mode or are in a failure mode, the reset stimulus being provided in the operational mode and a reset lockout stimulus being provided in the failure mode. The device also including a reset lockout mechanism coupled to the circuit interrupter assembly and the test assembly. The reset lockout mechanism is configured to disable the reset stimulus in response to the reset lockout stimulus if any one of the at least one sensor, at least one fault detection circuit, or circuit interrupter assembly is determined to be in the failure mode after a predetermined time elapses.06-07-2012
20130100564INTER-AREA OSCILLATION DETECTION - A device includes interface circuitry. The interface circuitry receives first input signals related to measurements of characteristics of electricity passing through a first power line. The device includes filtering circuitry that filters the first input signals to generate filtered data. The device also includes a processor that estimates an oscillation frequency of the filtered data via a time-domain frequency estimation method.04-25-2013
20100309596CONTROL OF OPERATION OF PROTECTION RELAY - A method of controlling a protection relay, includes inputting an input characteristic quantity and determining a triggering condition for the protection relay using a calculation equation, the value of which increases when the input characteristic quantity exceeds a first threshold value, and decreases when the input characteristic quantity undershoots a second threshold value for an over-function measure, and the value of the calculation equation increases when the input characteristic quantity undershoots a first threshold value, and decreases when the input characteristic quantity exceeds a second threshold value for an under function measure, wherein the calculation equation includes a first measure and a second measure, and the triggering occurs when the first measure is greater than the second measure.12-09-2010

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