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Load shunting by fault responsive means (e.g., crowbar circuit)

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361 - Electricity: electrical systems and devices


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361056000 Voltage responsive 699
361057000 Current responsive 28
361055000 Disconnect after shunting 3
20100134935LINE SIDE CROWBAR FOR ENERGY CONVERTER - A line side crowbar circuit for an energy converter is disclosed. In one aspect there is a power unit that includes an energy converter; a transformer configured to transfer electrical energy generated from the energy converter to an electrical grid; and a crowbar coupled to the energy converter and the transformer that is configured to prevent an overvoltage event from damaging electrical components associated with the energy converter and the transformer.06-03-2010
20110211284PROTECTIVE ELEMENT AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING THE SAME - A protective element is provided that is applicable to reflow soldering and ensuring good responsiveness of electric current interruption operation even in a case where a solder to be used has a liquid-phase point or a solid-phase point higher than a mounting temperature. The protective element includes an elastic member firmly adhered through a solder to second conductor layers and current-carrying electrode terminals formed on a prescribed substrate in such a manner to divide a current-carrying path in plural to form an electric current interruption portion. The solder has a liquid-phase point higher than a mounting temperature at which the protective element is mounted to a protection target device. The elastic member is soldered onto the second conductor layers and the current-carrying electrode terminals in a state that the elastic member maintains a level of stress allowing at least one of the current-carrying electrode terminals among the second conductor layers and the current-carrying electrode terminals to be separated from the elastic member by deformation of the solder even in a case where the solder is not completely melted.09-01-2011
20120229939METHODS, SYSTEMS, AND APPARATUS AND FOR DETECTING PARALLEL ELECTRICAL ARC FAULTS - In one aspect, a method for detecting arc faults with a dynamically-changeable slope threshold is disclosed. The method may include monitoring a current waveform to determine a peak amplitude of a half cycle and a slope at a zero crossing of a half cycle. An arc fault counter may be incremented if the maximum amplitude of the half cycle and the slope at a zero crossing are greater than a preset magnitude threshold level and the dynamically-changeable slope threshold, respectively. In another aspect, a decay of the amplitude of a predetermined number of half cycles of the current waveform is measured and an arc counter is not incremented, even if the conditions would otherwise indicate an arc counter increment, when the decay is above a decay threshold for greater than a predetermined number of half cycles. An arc fault detection apparatus adapted to carry out the methods, and systems including the arc fault detection apparatus are disclosed, as are various other aspects.09-13-2012
20120182650Enhanced ESD Protection of Integrated Circuit in 3DIC package - Enhanced electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection schemes of an integrated circuit in three-dimensional (3D) integrated circuit (ICs) packages, and methods of forming the same are presented in the disclosure. An array of ESD protection devices can be formed in an interposer and placed under one or a plurality of ICs so that a hard block inside an IC on top of the interposer can be connected to an ESD protection device of the array and is protected from ESD. The ESD protection device cell of the array is connected to a Voltage Regulator Module (VRM) which can be placed inside the interposer, on the surface of the interposer, or on the surface of a printed circuit board (PCB). The ESD protection array is of generic nature and can be used with many kinds of ICs to form a three-dimensional IC package. Further embodiments of ESD protection for 3D IC package is disclosed where an ESD protection device inside a first IC 2 can be shared with another IC 1 to protect a hard block within IC 1.07-19-2012
20130070375ELECTRICAL COMPONENT AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING AN ELECTRICAL COMPONENT - An electrical component having a core and a first and second coil positioned around the core is controlled in such a manner, that in response to the second coil being switched off, the first coil is short-circuited via a quenching circuit to quench the inductive load of the second coil.03-21-2013
20130050883INTEGRATED ADVANCE COPPER FUSE COMBINED WITH ESD/OVER-VOLTAGE/REVERSE POLARITY PROTECTION - In one embodiment, an integrated circuit, and method of manufacturing thereof, is provided. The integrated circuit contains an over-voltage protection element and an over-current protection element. The integrated circuit operates to provide enhanced and efficient ESD functionality. The over-current element of the instant disclosure includes a diffusion protection layer to enhance the lifetime of the over-current element and improve functionality.02-28-2013
20090303643SURGE PROTECT CIRCUIT - The present invention relates to a solution to the unpredictable, inrush voltage or current surge such as static electricity and eddy current phenomenon. The solution provides a circuit which can guide an unpredictable voltage or current surge into the circuit and let them dissipate in the circuit. The present invention also relates to a solution to a DC power source surge. The solution provides a protection circuit to divide an input power surge into DC and AC in which AC will be dissipated in the protection circuit and the safe DC is sent to the output. The present invention further relates to an energy discharge capacitor which can quickly dissipate the charge and the capacitor can be applied to our inventive circuits.12-10-2009
20110013324Systems and methods for grounding power line sections to clear faults - Systems and methods for dynamically clearing faults in a power transmission line involve automatically terminating ends of a section of the power line while preserving electrical and/or physical continuity of the power line. The terminating of the ends is reversed at about voltage zero-crossings in the power line to clear a fault.01-20-2011
20110013323Systems and methods for grounding power line sections to clear faults - Systems and methods for dynamically clearing faults in a power transmission line involve automatically terminating ends of a section of the power line while preserving electrical and/or physical continuity of the power line. The terminating of the ends is reversed at about voltage zero-crossings in the power line to clear a fault.01-20-2011
20100202090PROTECTION CIRCUIT, SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICE, PHOTOELECTRIC CONVERSION DEVICE, AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE - It is an object to provide a protection circuit and a semiconductor device to which a countermeasure against ESD is applied. The protection circuit includes a signal line electrically connected to an integrated circuit; a first diode provided between the signal line and a first power supply line; a second diode provided in parallel to the first diode; and a third diode provided between the first power supply line and a second power supply line. The first diode is a diode formed by diode-connecting a transistor, and the second diode is a diode having a PIN junction or a PN junction. The protection circuit is particularly effective when applied to a semiconductor device manufactured using a thin film transistor.08-12-2010
20090310265SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICE - The resistance of an integrated circuit against ESD (electrostatic discharge) is improved without disturbing improvement of the performance and reduction of size of the integrated circuit. A protection circuit is interposed between an input and output terminals. When ESD is generated, the input and output terminals are short-circuited by the protection circuit, so that overvoltage application to the circuit is prevented. The circuit is electrically connected to the input and output terminals by a connection wiring. The circuit has a plurality of electrical connection portions between the circuit and the connection wiring, and the connection wiring is formed such that the wiring resistance between the input or output terminal and each of the connection portions is the same. Accordingly, if ESD is generated, voltage application on only one of the connection portions is prevented, whereby the possibility that the circuit will be broken by ESD is decreased.12-17-2009
20100118453Apparatus for Protection of Converter Modules05-13-2010
20120069477ADJUSTABLE ARC ELECTRODE ASSEMBLY AND METHOD OF ASSEMBLING - A circuit protection device for use with a circuit that includes at least one conductor includes at least one phase electrode assembly that is electrically coupled to the at least one conductor, wherein the at least one phase electrode assembly comprising an adjustable electrode assembly. The circuit protection device also includes a conductor base comprising at least one isolation area sized to secure the adjustable electrode assembly therein, and a conductor cover coupled to the conductor base and including at least one isolation channel, wherein the adjustable electrode assembly extends at least partially through the at least one isolation channel.03-22-2012
20090141412ELECTRICAL INTERFACE SYSTEM - An interface system may be used to connect an electrical device to an electrical bus. The interface system may include a first end and a second end in electrical communication with the first end. Where the interface system is used to connect an electrical device to an electrical bus, the first end may be connected to the electrical bus and the second end may be connected to the electrical device. The interface system may also include a reverse current blocking circuit configured to block current from flowing from the second end to the first end. Additionally, the interface system may include a discharge circuit electrically connected between the first end and the second end for discharging the blocked current.06-04-2009
20090296290LENZ ROUTE - The present invention relates to Lenz effect in a circuit. When a close loop is suddenly opened or closed, the Lenz voltage will be generated at inductor in the loop. The Lenz current generated by the Lenz voltage flows oppositely to the normal current and it usually comes with very high and broadband frequency. The design of a Lenz route parallel to an inductor in a circuit can dissipate the Lenz power to stabilize the circuit. The design of a Lenz route can also be applied to a switch to protect the switch against the Lenz effect.12-03-2009
20100208397SWITCHED SAFETY PROTECTION CIRCUIT FOR AN AIMD SYSTEM DURING EXPOSURE TO HIGH POWER ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELDS - An energy management system that facilitates the transfer of high frequency energy induced on an implanted lead or a leadwire includes an energy dissipating surface associated with the implanted lead or the leadwire, a diversion or diverter circuit associated with the energy dissipating surface, and at least one switch disposed between the diversion circuit and the AIMD electronics for diverting energy in the implanted lead or the leadwire through the diversion circuit to the energy dissipating surface. The switch may comprise a single or multi-pole double or single throw switch. The diversion circuit may be either a high pass filter or a low pass filter.08-19-2010
20090067103SIGNAL CIRCUIT AND INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS HAVING THE SAME - A high-frequency appliance, which is allowed to have an ESD tolerance by using a small-sized and low-cost ESD protection circuit, and in particular, an antenna duplexer having a multi-band high-frequency switch function. There are provided a signal separation unit for separating a first frequency band signal from a second frequency band signal, the second frequency band being lower than the first frequency band, a first SAW filter for inputting the first frequency band signal outputted from the signal separation unit, a second SAW filter for inputting the second frequency band signal outputted from the signal separation unit, and a high-pass filter for permitting passing of the second frequency band signal, and limiting passing of a signal whose frequency band is lower than the second frequency band, the high-pass filter being located on a signal line connecting the signal separation unit and the second SAW filter to each other.03-12-2009
20100277839OVERPOWER PROTECTION CIRCUIT - A power protection apparatus includes a PIN diode circuit and a solid state limiter. The PIN diode circuit is connected to a signal path for transporting RF signals between a first RF device and a second RF device, the PIN diode circuit including first and second PIN diodes having opposite polarities. The solid state limiter is configured to detect an overpower condition of an RF signal input from the second RF device on the signal path, and to trigger the PIN diode circuit in response to the detected overpower condition, limiting the overpower condition.11-04-2010
20100097734Method and Apparatus for Protecting Power Systems from Extraordinary Electromagnetic Pulses - One form of the invention provides a method and apparatus for preventing an extraordinary electromagnetic pulse from reaching and rendering inoperative an electrical component of an electrical power system, wherein the component is located in a conductive path of the system that receives the pulse. The method and apparatus comprises the steps or means for detecting the presence of the pulse in the conductive path prior to the pulse reaching and rendering inoperative the electrical component. The pulse is diverted around the electrical component with a low inductance, high current capacity circuit relative to the electrical component before the pulse can reach and render the electrical component inoperative. The foregoing invention may beneficially utilize a high-speed current shunt comprising a flat conductive metal strap having a defined current-measuring region, a tapered parallel-plate transmission-line matching transformer attached to the current-measuring region and an output via a coaxial cable.04-22-2010
20100039739VOLTAGE FAULT DETECTION AND PROTECTION - A fault detection and protection circuit can include a comparing circuit (e.g., a comparator or a detector) that can be connected to a power line supplying power to an electronic device being tested. The comparing circuit can be configured to detect a fault in which the power line is shorted to ground. For example, the electronic device being tested may have a fault in which its power terminals are shorted to ground. Upon detection of such a fault, the comparing circuit activates one or more switches that shunt capacitors or other energy storage devices on the power line to ground. The comparing circuit may alternatively or in addition activate one or more switches that disconnect the power supply supplying power to the electronic device under test from probes contacting the electronic device.02-18-2010
20120008240High efficiency amplifier with reduced electromagnetic interference - Disclosed is a high efficiency amplifier operable to substantially reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI). The high efficiency amplifier comprises an output stage to provide a high powered signal to a load. The high efficiency amplifier further comprises an overlap protection circuit to produce a timing non-overlap in a control signal for the output stage, and an edge control circuit to reduce a transient portion of the high powered signal to substantially reduce the EMI. The overlap protection circuit and the edge control circuit may be implemented with resistive source degeneration. Also disclosed is a related method. In one embodiment, the high efficiency amplifier and the related method may be incorporated into a cellular telephone or a mobile audio device.01-12-2012
20100271737Protection Circuit for MOSFET - The present invention relates to a protection circuit for MOS-technology field-effect transistors. The circuit comprises at least one MOSFET protected by a module for blocking said MOSFET, the module being placed between the gate of the MOSFET and an electrical conductor, the module comprising switched connection means having at least two states: a first state which connects the gate of the MOSFET to the conductor, which is maintained at an electrical potential suitable for blocking the MOSFET, this first state being activated in the presence of an alarm signal; and a second state which disconnects the gate of the MOSFET, this second state being activated in the absence of the alarm signal. The invention applies notably to the protection of the power MOSFETs included in the amplification stages of electronic systems.10-28-2010
20110038083GUARDED ELECTRICAL OVERSTRESS PROTECTION CIRCUIT - Disclosed embodiments are directed to an electrical overstress protection circuit. The electrical overstress protection circuit may include an intermediate node receiving a reference voltage, a first pair of clamp devices, having opposite polarity, clamping an input signal line to the intermediate node, and a second pair of clamp devices, each clamping the intermediate node to one of two reference potentials. The electrical overstress protection circuit may also include a filter connected to the intermediate node to reduce noise at the intermediate node.02-17-2011
20120327540BASE STATION RADIO FREQUENCY SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PROTECTING RADIO FREQUENCY POWER AMPLIFIER - A method is disclosed for protecting a radio frequency power amplifier applied in a base station radio frequency system. The method comprises: a protection detection circuit detecting a signal output by a transceiver and sending a turn-on control signal to a protection switch circuit when the signal is greater than a preset threshold; and the protection switch circuit receiving the turn-on control signal sent by the protection detection circuit and controlling its grounded connection based on the turn-on control signal. A base station radio frequency system is also disclosed comprising a transceiver and a radio frequency power amplifier connected to each other, a protection detection circuit and a protection switch circuit. Using the method and system, abnormal big signals with wide spectrum cannot enter the power amplifier, thereby achieving the object of protecting the power amplifier from being damaged.12-27-2012
20130128397BYPASS CAPACITORS FOR HIGH VOLTAGE BIAS POWER IN THE MID FREQUENCY RF RANGE - A system for decoupling arcing RF signals in a plasma chamber including a top electrode, an electrostatic chuck for supporting a semiconductor wafer, and a capacitor coupled between the at least one of a plurality of clamping electrodes in the surface of the electrostatic chuck and a baseplate of the electrostatic chuck, the capacitor having a capacitance of greater than about 19 nanofarads, the capacitor disposed within an interior volume of the electrostatic chuck. A method of decoupling arcing RF signals in a plasma chamber is also disclosed.05-23-2013
20110228430POWER DISTRIBUTION UNIT - A power distribution unit includes a communication unit. The communication unit includes a communication port and a protection circuit. The communication unit includes a ground pin and a plurality of signal pins. The ground pin is connected to a digital ground of the power distribution unit. The signal pins are connected together to receive a voltage signal outputted by a hi-pot tester. The protection circuit includes a plurality of resistors connected between the signal pins and an analog ground of the power distribution unit.09-22-2011

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