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361 - Electricity: electrical systems and devices

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361054000 Load shunting by fault responsive means (e.g., crowbar circuit) 753
361930100 With specific current responsive fault sensor 303
361042000 Ground fault protection 239
361078000 With specific quantity comparison means 234
361088000 With specific voltage responsive fault sensor 225
361018000 Voltage regulator protective circuits 164
361117000 High voltage dissipation (e.g., lightning arrester) 156
361103000 Circuit interruption by thermal sensing 88
361111000 Transient responsive 83
361023000 Motor protective condition responsive circuits 79
361062000 Feeder protection in distribution networks 76
361035000 Transformer protection 39
361115000 With specific circuit breaker or control structure 31
361002000 Arc suppression at switching point (i.e., includes solid-state switch) 31
361019000 Superconductor protective circuits 29
361020000 Generator protective circuits 27
361058000 Impedance insertion 25
361015000 Capacitor protection 21
361059000 Circuit automatically reconnected only after the fault is cleared 18
361071000 Automatic reclosing 13
361052000 By regulating source or load (e.g., generator field killed) 10
361112000 With space discharge means 9
361114000 With manual or automatic opening of breaker and manual reclose 6
361077000 Reverse phase responsive 5
20100208401INDUCTIVE LOAD DRIVING CIRCUIT - An inductive load driving circuit includes a control circuit and a protection circuit. The control circuit controls switching operation of a switching circuit. In normal connection of a battery, the switching circuit switches current-carrying to an inductive load between on and off. In reverse connection of the battery, the switching circuit can carry current in a direction reverse to a direction in the normal battery connection. The protection circuit has a current breaker that conducts at least at switching of the current-carrying from on to off by the switching circuit in normal battery connection and, in the reverse battery connection, does not conduct according to the reverse battery connection.08-19-2010
20080198522Device and Method for Supplying Direct Voltage - The invention relates to a device and method for supplying direct voltage, wherein said device comprises a first connection arrangement (08-21-2008
20110134576Power delivery circuit having protection switch for reverse battery condition - According to one disclosed embodiment, a power delivery circuit includes a switch for protection of a load in a reverse battery condition. The load is coupled in cascade with the protection switch, where the protection switch disconnects the load from the battery in the reverse battery condition. The protection switch does not include p-n junction diodes present in conventional protection switches using FETs. The protection switch utilizes, for example, a GaN HEMT, that does not include a p-n junction diode. Thus, the threat of internal conduction in the protection switch during a reverse battery condition is eliminated. The power delivery circuit also protects the load in a load dump condition.06-09-2011
20090128972THREE-PHASE DETECTION MODULE - An apparatus includes a first optocoupler and a control module. The first optocoupler selectively allows a first current to flow from a first one of a first pair of N power supply lines to a second one of the first pair. N is an integer greater than two. The N power supply lines each provide a phase signal. The control module controls the first optocoupler and determines an occurrence of a phase failure of the phase signals based on a first signal, which is based on the first current.05-21-2009
20120120534Three-Phase Detection Module - A method includes receiving N power signals, each having a different one of N phases, over N power supply lines, where N is an integer greater than two. The method further includes selectively activating a first switch to allow a first current to flow from a first one of the N power supply lines to a second one of the N power supply lines. The method includes generating a signal based on the first current, and selectively generating a phase failure signal when the signal is less than a predetermined threshold.05-17-2012
361067000 Series connected sections with faulty section disconnect 4
20090073622METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR BYPASSING A POWER CELL OF A POWER SUPPLY - A system for bypassing a power cell of a power supply, the system including a multi-winding device having a primary winding and a plurality of three-phase secondary windings, a plurality of power cells, wherein each power cell is connected to a different three-phase secondary winding of the multi-winding device, and a bypass device connected to first and second input terminals of at least one of the power cells and to first and second output terminals of the at least one of the power cells.03-19-2009
20090002904Peripheral module and peripheral system for an automation system - There is described a peripheral module which in addition to the connection terminals for the process data supply has connection terminals for the supply of voltage. Furthermore, the peripheral module has a changeover switching device to disconnect the peripheral module from an upstream load group. The peripheral module can assume the function of a supply group or a power module when a supply voltage is applied to the terminals. In a peripheral system made of several peripheral modules the voltage within a load group is supplied via an internal self-constructing voltage bus.01-01-2009
20090273871Virtual Closed Loop Power Distribution System and Method - A virtual closed loop power distribution system couples a parallel source to a feeder upon an initial indication of a fault existing on a distribution feeder If the fault is persistent, a fault protection system including fault protection devices segmenting the distribution feeder operates to isolate the fault segment of the distribution feeder from each of the coupled sources. The coupled sources provide substantially uninterrupted service to the non-faulted segments of the distribution feeder until a circuit reconfiguration and return-to-normal function operates to restore the system upon repair of the fault.11-05-2009
20110110006METHOD FOR SELECTIVELY TRIGGERING CIRCUIT BREAKERS IN THE EVENT OF A SHORT CIRCUIT - A method is disclosed for selectively triggering circuit breakers in the event of a short circuit, wherein an upstream circuit breaker and at least one downstream circuit breaker on the output side are provided. In at least one embodiment, the upstream circuit breaker monitors as to whether the or one of the downstream circuit breakers is already in the process of opening the switch contacts thereof to interrupt the circuit on the output side, while forming a switch arc. In order to reliably determine whether a downstream circuit breaker is already in the process of opening, according to at least one embodiment of the invention the upstream circuit breaker, so as to detect a switch arc on the output side, checks whether the ohmic resistance of the short circuit loop produced by a short circuit has an exponential curve over time in that an exponent is continually computed and based on the computer exponent the switch arc is determined if the computed exponent exceeds a threshold.05-12-2011
361022000 Compressor protective circuits 3
20120236441COMPRESSOR FOR AN AIR-CONDITIONER WITH A MOTOR PROTECTOR AND AN AIR-CONDITIONER - The present disclosure includes a compressor for use with an air-conditioner. The compressor includes a motor having a stator and a rotor. A compressing portion intakes gas, compresses gas and discharges gas. The compressor includes a protector located near the motor. The protector is connected in series to the circuit of the motor stator coil. The protector has a temperature sensitive element that trips the protector in response to the temperature sensitive element being heated to a predetermined drive temperature. A thermal resistance heater connects in parallel to the temperature sensitive element. The compressor can be includes with an air-conditioner, having an evaporator, a condenser, a throttling member and the compressor.09-20-2012
20120033334POWER CIRCUIT, AND COMPUTER-READABLE RECORDING MEDIUM STORING A CONTROL PROGRAM FOR POWER CIRCUITS - When an abnormality occurs in a refrigeration cycle, the inverter motor provided in the air conditioner is stopped reliably and contacts of the main relay are prevented from degradation and fusion. A power circuit 02-09-2012
20120327539ASSEMBLY OF ELECTRIC MOTOR STARTER COMPONENTS - Techniques disclosed herein include systems and methods for assembly of electric motor starter connecting packages that enable increased automation and reduced assembly via top-down assembly of circuit components, thereby allowing robotic placement, connection, and securing of circuit components. The connecting package can include an electric motor starter, with optional overload protector, packaged as one unit. The motor starter can include an electrical circuit containing a triac, current transformer, Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) element, resistor, and a capacitor. A cover and base of the connecting package enclose and firmly secure connected circuit elements without needing a circuit board or filler material. The device design enables quick testing of the motor starter circuit and circuit elements after being enclosed by the housing.12-27-2012
361113000 With tuned circuit 2
20100134943METHOD FOR DISTURBANCE CURRENT COMPENSATION FOR AN ELECTRICAL SYSTEM, AND DISTURBANCE CURRENT COMPENSATION DEVICE - An exemplary method is disclosed for disturbance current compensation for an electrical system by a disturbance current compensation device, which electrical system has a voltage source and a series circuit which is connected via a conductor in parallel with the voltage source. The series circuit has an inductance and a capacitance, with the inductance being connected in series with the capacitance via a conductor. To compensate for disturbance currents, the conductor for the connection of the voltage source to the series circuit of the inductance with the capacitance, and/or the conductor of the series circuit between the inductance and the capacitance, can be surrounded by a ring (e.g., a portion of the conductor can be substantially surrounded by the ring) which can be magnetized. The ring includes an air gap of the disturbance current compensation device. A compensation voltage can be applied by magnetization of the ring. The ring can be magnetized by a magnetization coil of the disturbance current compensation device.06-03-2010
20110080683RF COAXIAL SURGE PROTECTORS WITH NON-LINEAR PROTECTION DEVICES - An apparatus for protecting hardware devices is disclosed. A DC pass RF surge suppressor includes a housing defining a chamber having a central axis, the housing having an opening to the chamber, an input conductor disposed in the chamber of the housing and extending substantially along the central axis of the chamber, an output conductor disposed in the chamber of the housing and extending substantially along the central axis of the chamber, a non-linear protection device positioned in the opening of the housing for diverting surge energy to a ground, a capacitor connected in series with the input conductor and the output conductor, a first spiral inductor having an inner edge connected to the input conductor and an outer edge coupled to the non-linear protection device, and a second spiral inductor having an inner edge connected to the output conductor and an outer edge coupled to the non-linear protection device.04-07-2011
361076000 With phase sequence network analyzer 2
20120224287FUZZY INTERFERENCE RELAY AND METHOD FOR CURRENT DIFFERENTIAL PROTECTION OF A TRANSMISSION LINE - A relay for current differential protection of a transmission line, comprising: a first calculator of symmetrical sequence components of currents of each phase of the transmission line at local and remote ends of the transmission line; a second calculator of phase differences φ09-06-2012
20100053828DEVICE AND METHOD FOR DETECTING FAULTED PHASES IN A MULTI-PHASE ELECTRICAL NETWORK - The present invention is directed to a protective relay for providing protective control to a power system carrying three-phase power. The protective relay performs a faulted phase detection method wherein signal values representative of electrical properties of the power carried by the power system are received and are processed to produce processed signals, respectively. The processed signals have components of the signal values removed that are the same frequency as the nominal operating frequency of the power system. The process signal values are added to produce a sum, which is then divided by a predetermined number to yield a quotient. A determination is made whether the quotient falls within one of a plurality of predetermined ranges. This determination is used to determine whether the power system has a single-phase fault, a two-phase fault, or a three-phase fault.03-04-2010
361109000 Too large fault makes breaker inoperative 1
20100302700ELECTRICAL SWITCHING APPARATUS PROVIDING COORDINATED OPENING WITH A CIRCUIT INTERRUPTER AND METHOD OF OPERATING THE SAME - An electrical switching apparatus includes a number of separable contacts, an operating mechanism structured to open and close the separable contacts, a number of sensors structured to sense at least current flowing through the separable contacts, and a processor structured to cooperate with the operating mechanism to open and close the separable contacts. The processor determines a fault from the sensed current flowing through the separable contacts. The processor further responsively opens the separable contacts if the sensed current associated with the fault is less than the interrupting rating of the electrical switching apparatus. The processor keeps the separable contacts closed and waits for another circuit interrupter to interrupt the fault if the sensed current associated with the fault is greater than the interrupting rating.12-02-2010
20120162828BATTERY MANAGEMENT AND PROTECTION - A battery management and protection system can include various features to improve safety-critical and other functions. Among the features that can be included in some implementations are automatic loading of safety or other parameters during start-up of the system; a centralized timekeeper and an event system that can trigger actions in the system independently of a central processing unit; use of the same modules for both automatically-controlled safety-related measurements and firmware-controlled measurements; enhanced diagnostic features, and a sleepwalking feature that allows certain modules in the system to continue to perform various functions even when the module or the system is in a low-power sleep mode.06-28-2012
20080218916SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR COMPONENT FAILURE PROTECTION - A system and method is presented for component failure protection. In one embodiment, the system includes an operational circuit configured to operate in a first operational state, wherein the first operational state is in proximity of a circuit failure threshold. Additionally, the system may include a canary circuit configured to mimic the operational characteristics of the operational circuit, wherein the canary circuit is configured to operate in a second operational state, and wherein the second operational state is in closer proximity of a circuit failure threshold than the proximity of the of the first operational state. The system may also include a variable input control coupled to the operational circuit and the canary circuit, wherein the variable input control is configured to monitor the second operational state and adjust an input to the operational circuit based on the proximity of the second operational state to the circuit failure threshold.09-11-2008
20130088798SAFETY DEVICE FOR HIGH VOLTAGE COMPONENTS - A safety device for a high-voltage component including a cover that covers at least a part of the high-voltage component, a low-voltage circuit that controls a conduction/shut-off state of an electric circuit for supplying power to the high-voltage component, and a selecting unit that selects the conduction/shut-off state of the low-voltage circuit by an operation accompanying an attachment/removal work of the cover.04-11-2013
20090231763OVER-VOLTAGE PROTECTION DEVICE - An over-voltage protection device comprises a substrate having a first surface and a second surface, a first nonrectangular conductor having a first protrusion positioned on the first surface of the substrate, a second nonrectangular conductor having a second protrusion positioned on the first surface of substrate, at least one alignment block positioned on the second surface, and a variable impedance material positioned between the first protrusion and the second protrusion. Preferably, the second protrusion faces the first protrusion to form an arcing path from the first protrusion to the second protrusion.09-17-2009
20080291587ELECTRONIC APPLIANCE - An electronic appliance having a plurality of components is equipped with: a first component whose failure is directly coupled to a risk with respect to a safe aspect of the electronic appliance; a second component by which even when the second component fails, although the failure of the second component does not give an adverse influence to safety of the electronic appliance, the failure of the second component causes the electronic appliance to lose a major function thereof; and a fail-safe circuit for stopping operation of the second component.11-27-2008
20100103566PROTECTION CIRCUIT AND PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE EMPLOYING THE SAME - An exemplary protection circuit includes a protecting unit for protecting the protection circuit, a detecting unit electrically connected to the protecting unit, and a processor. The detecting unit is configured for detecting whether water enters into the detecting unit or not, and outputting a detecting result. The processor is electrically connected to the protecting unit and the detecting unit, and controls the protecting unit to turn on or cut off in response to the detecting result.04-29-2010
20090002900SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PROTECTING ELECTRONIC DEVICES - A system for protecting an electronic devices includes a memory unit, a reading unit, a judging unit, an extra action unit, and a writing unit. The memory unit is configured for storing a variable, the variable having a first value representing the last power off of the electronic device being abnormal and a second value representing the last power off of the electronic device being normal. The reading unit is configured for reading the variable stored in the memory unit in the power-on process of the electronic device. The judging unit is configured for judging whether the last power off of the electronic device is abnormal according to the value of the variable. The extra action unit is configured for protecting the electronic device by executing an extra action, if the last power off of the electronic device was abnormal. The writing unit is used for changing the variable.01-01-2009
20120170157BATTERY MANAGEMENT AND PROTECTION - A battery management and protection system can include various features to improve safety-critical and other functions. Among the features that can be included in some implementations are automatic loading of safety or other parameters during start-up of the system; a centralized timekeeper and an event system that can trigger actions in the system independently of a central processing unit; use of the same modules for both automatically-controlled safety-related measurements and firmware-controlled measurements; enhanced diagnostic features, and a sleepwalking feature that allows certain modules in the system to continue to perform various functions even when the module or the system is in a low-power sleep mode.07-05-2012
20090168272PROTECTIVE CIRCUITRY FOR ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A protective circuitry (07-02-2009
20080266726Cooling system for electrical devices - Embodiments include a server and a sensor that detects when a first fluid line to the server fails so a second fluid line to the server is activated.10-30-2008
20080285184Power converters with operating efficiency monitoring for fault detection - A power converter includes a controller and at least one output terminal for providing an output voltage and an output current to a load. The controller is configured for monitoring the output voltage and the output current and calculating an efficiency of the power converter based on the monitored output voltage and output current. The controller is also configured to generate a fault signal after detecting a degradation in the power converter efficiency.11-20-2008
20090097171Apparatus and method for operation of an electrical machine - In an apparatus and method for operation of an electrical machine, the electrical machine is connected to an external controller via a switch-off line and is switched off when the external controller identifies a fault in order to prevent an electrical machine from being operated incorrectly.04-16-2009
20130128392System and Method for Securely Connecting Energy Devices to a Power Bus - The invention converts the electrical circuitry in a premises for use as a power generation bus to which one or more power generating devices may be connected using a standard electrical outlet, without the need for a separate dedicated circuit or any additional electrical wiring and continuing to operate as a traditional power bus, while preventing electrical circuitry from being overloaded.05-23-2013
20100134930PROTECTIVE CIRCUIT ARRANGEMENT - A protective circuit arrangement is disclosed for electrical equipment supplied, for example, from a conductor loop in surroundings subject to explosion hazards in process engineering installations. To suppress current flow from an energy store of the electrical equipment into the conductor loop, an exemplary cascadeable switchgear cell is disclosed, having a first transistor, which allows the loop current to pass, and a second transistor, which short-circuits a parasitic base-emitter diode of the first transistor.06-03-2010
20100020448GALVANIC ISOLATOR - Galvanic isolators are disclosed herein. An embodiment of a galvanic isolator comprises a generally planar electrically insulating substrate comprising opposing first and second surfaces, the substrate comprising an electrically insulating, low dielectric loss material and having a transmitter coil disposed on the first surface and a receiving coil disposed on the second surface. A transmitter circuit is operably connected to the transmitter coil. The transmitter circuit comprises a first detector that detects a rising edge of an input signal; a first pulse generator that generates a plurality of first pulses upon detection of the rising edge; a second detector that detects a falling edge of the input signal; and a second pulse generator that generates a plurality of second pulses upon detection of the falling edge. A receiver circuit is operably connected to the second receiving coil. The receiver circuit generates a signal that is substantially similar to the input signal based on the first pulses and the second pulses.01-28-2010
20110063759Hybrid Switch Circuit - A hybrid switch circuit includes a hybrid switch that couples an input conductor connected to an AC power supply to an output conductor connected to a load. The hybrid switch includes a power semiconductor in parallel with an electromagnetic relay. A control circuit turns on the hybrid switch by turning on the power semiconductor at a zero-voltage crossing of the AC voltage to provide a conductive path and then closing the relay to provide a conductive bypass path that bypasses the power semiconductor. The control circuit turns off the hybrid switch by opening the relay and subsequently turning off the power semiconductor at a zero crossing of the load current. The control circuit operates in response to a hybrid switch control signal that indicates whether an operating fault condition exists.03-17-2011
20120206840THERMAL PROTECTION SYSTEM FOR ELECTRICAL DEVICE - A thermal protection system for an electrical system having a control system and an electrical outlet connected to an electrical power source includes an electrical cord having a plug attached thereto that is configured to electrically connect with the outlet. A non-contact temperature sensor is disposed within the plug and configured to measure a temperature of the outlet. The temperature sensor is in communication with the control system and configured to send a signal to the control system to effect a reduced flow of current through the outlet and plug when the temperature sensor indicates that a predetermined condition is met.08-16-2012
20120014018POWER AND CONTROL UNIT FOR A LOW OR MEDIUM VOLTAGE APPARATUS - A power and control unit for low and medium voltage applications, operatively couplable to one or more functions of a low or medium voltage apparatus, comprising: 01-19-2012
20120300347Photo-Voltaic Safety De-Energizing Device - A safety mechanism for a solar cell group, the safety mechanism constituted of: a signal receiver arranged to assert a permissive signal indicative of reception by the signal receiver of a predetermined signal; an electronically controlled switch arranged to provide in a closed state an effective short circuit across the output of the solar cell group responsive to the absence of the asserted permissive signal of the signal receiver; and a power harvester in communication with the solar cell group and arranged to provide electric power to the signal receiver when the electronically controlled switch is the closed state.11-29-2012
20120154956Self protected snapback device driven by driver circuitry using high side pull-up avalanche diode - In a power device such as an NLDMOS power array comprising multiple NLDMOS devices, the gates of which are driven by a driver, self protection against overvoltage events is implemented by providing a high side pull-up avalanche diode connected to at least some of the gates of the NLDMOS devices.06-21-2012
20120154957CAPACITANCE CHECK AND CURRENT MONITORING CIRCUIT FOR USE WITH A CIRCUIT PROTECTION DEVICE - A circuit protection device includes a trip mechanism and at least one capacitor configured to store electrical energy and to provide the electrical energy to the trip mechanism. The circuit protection device also includes a controller communicatively coupled to the at least one capacitor and configured to measure a charge property of the at least one capacitor, compare the measured charge property to a threshold, and output a signal indicative of the comparison.06-21-2012
20080297956Electronic Ballast Protection - A method of electronic ballast protection including providing an electronic ballast having an AC/DC converter 12-04-2008
20120275066GROUNDING SYSTEM FOR PHOTOVOLTAIC ARRAYS - A grounding system for a photovoltaic or solar cell array includes a strap positioned over adjacent solar module frames and a grounding clip positioned between the adjacent solar module frames and a docking support surface. The grounding clip has two regions of upwardly and downwardly extending protrusions and a through-hole disposed between the two regions. Each protrusion has a serrate portion adapted to penetrate through anodized layers of the solar module frames and the docking support surface for the solar module frames.11-01-2012
20110299199DEVICE AND A METHOD FOR PROTECTING A LINK IN A MEDIUM, HIGH, OR VERY HIGH VOLTAGE ELECTRICAL NETWORK - A device and method of protecting a link in a medium, high, or very high voltage power network, with current and voltage transformers and trip circuits being disposed on the link. The protection device includes a mechanism to directly connect to a power supply, to the current and voltage transformers, and to the trip circuits, via analog links, and a mechanism to convert from analog to digital that is connected to a central processor unit via a digital link, the analog-digital conversion mechanism including an integrated test plug socket function.12-08-2011
20130100557PROTECTING CIRCUIT AND CONTROL CIRCUIT FOR REDUCING LEAKAGE CURRENT - A protecting circuit for reducing leakage currents comprises a first PMOS transistor (P-channel Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor), a second PMOS transistor, a first NMOS transistor (N-channel Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor), and a second NMOS transistor. The first PMOS transistor is coupled between a first voltage node and a node, and comprises a first gate coupled an input node. The second PMOS transistor is coupled between the node and an output node. The first NMOS transistor is coupled between the output node and a ground node, and comprises a third gate coupled to the input node. The second NMOS transistor is coupled between the input node and a second gate of the second PMOS transistor, and comprises a fourth gate coupled to a second voltage node.04-25-2013
20120019962Sensing and Control Electronics for a Power Grid Protection System - Systems and method for detecting potentially harmful harmonic and direct current signals at a transformer are disclosed. One such system includes a plurality of detection components electrically connected to electrical signal lines leading from one or more connection points on a power grid, and a plurality of threshold detectors, each threshold detector configured to compare an incoming signal from a detection component to a predetermined signal having a threshold. The system also includes a controller receiving an output from each of the plurality of threshold detectors and configured to drive at least one external component in response to receiving an indication from at least one of the plurality of threshold detectors of a detected signal above a threshold.01-26-2012


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