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360 - Dynamic magnetic information storage or retrieval

360110000 - HEAD

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360125020 Perpendicular recording head 93
360125330 Thin film longitudinal recording head 5
20100296194TRANSDUCING HEAD DESIGN FOR MICROWAVE ASSISTED MAGNETIC RECORDING - A magnetic writer includes a write element having a write element tip and a conductive structure adjacent the write element. The conductive structure includes two conductive elements positioned substantially parallel to one another and separated by an electrically insulating material. Each of the conductive elements carries a time-varying signal to generate an oscillating magnetic field from a displacement current between the two conductive elements, with the oscillating magnetic field being proximate the write element tip and extending parallel to the air bearing surface. A frequency of the oscillating magnetic field is a function of a frequency of the time-varying signal.11-25-2010
20120147503DOUBLE SHELL WRITERS - An apparatus illustratively includes a return pole (RP) and a shield. The RP has a first RP magnetic layer, a second RP magnetic layer, and a RP non-magnetic layer. The RP non-magnetic layer separates and magnetically decouples the RP first and second magnetic layers. The shield has a first shield magnetic layer, a second shield magnetic layer, and a shield non-magnetic layer. The shield non-magnetic layer separates and magnetically decouples the shield first and second magnetic layers. A method illustratively includes generating magnetic flux and collecting the magnetic flux through an inner magnetic shell.06-14-2012
20100149688PERPENDICULAR-MAGNETIC-RECORDING HEAD WITH LEADING-EDGE TAPER OF A PLANARIZED STEPPED-POLE LAYER HAVING GREATER RECESS DISTANCE THAN A FLARE-POINT OF A MAIN-POLE LAYER - Perpendicular-magnetic-recording head with leading-edge taper of a planarized stepped-pole layer having greater recess distance than a flare point of a main-pole layer. The perpendicular-magnetic-recording head includes a write element including the main-pole layer having the flare point recessed a first distance from a pole tip of the main-pole layer at an air-bearing surface below the air-bearing surface. The write element includes the stepped-pole layer magnetically coupled with the main-pole layer across an interface between the main-pole layer and the stepped-pole layer. The stepped-pole layer has the leading-edge taper recessed a second distance from the pole tip of the main-pole layer at an air-bearing surface below the air-bearing surface. The second distance of the leading-edge taper is greater than the first distance of the flare point. A surface of the stepped-pole layer is planarized with the interface between the main-pole layer and the stepped-pole layer substantially flat over the leading-edge taper.06-17-2010
20090086370Thin film magnetic head structure, method of making same and thin film magnetic head - A thin-film magnetic head structure has a configuration adapted to manufacture a thin-film magnetic head configured such that a main magnetic pole layer including a magnetic pole tip on a side of a medium-opposing surface opposing a recording medium, a write shield layer opposing the magnetic pole tip so as to form a recording gap layer on the medium-opposing surface side, and a thin-film coil wound about the write shield layer or main magnetic pole layer are laminated. The magnetic pole tip of the main magnetic pole layer includes an even width portion having a substantially even width along an extending direction.04-02-2009
20120106002MAGNETIC WRITE HEADS WITH BI-LAYER WRAP AROUND SHIELDS HAVING DISSIMILAR SHIELD LAYER WIDTHS - Magnetic write heads and corresponding fabrication methods for bi-layer wrap around shields resulting in dissimilar shield layer widths are disclosed. A gap structure is formed around a main write pole for a magnetic write head. A wrap around shield for the main write pole is fabricated to include a first magnetic layer proximate to the main write pole and a second magnetic layer on the first magnetic layer. A width of the first magnetic layer is less than the width of the second magnetic layer, and back edges of the first and second magnetic layers are coplanar. Further, a throat height of the wrap around shield is maintained between the first and the second magnetic layers because their back edges are coplanar.05-03-2012
20100118439MAGNETIC HEAD AND INFORMATION STORAGE APPARATUS - According to one embodiment, a magnetic head includes: a coil configured to be supplied with current; a main magnetic pole configured to be disposed along one surface of the coil and extend in a direction orthogonal to a floating surface from the floating surface; at least one auxiliary magnetic pole configured to be disposed along other surface of the coil and parallel to the main magnetic pole; a connecting portion configured to be linked with the coil and connect the main magnetic pole and the auxiliary magnetic pole; and a radiating layer configured to be disposed between the coil and the auxiliary magnetic pole and have larger thermal conductivity than the auxiliary magnetic pole.05-13-2010
20080316647Miniature Magnetic Core, Sensor Comprising Same and Method for Manufacturing Same - A miniature magnetic core includes at least one bar magnet having, in the demagnetized state, a plurality of magnetic domains separated by magnetic walls, the bar magnet having permanent discontinuities placed at least approximately at the probable locations of at least some of these magnetic walls in the absence of these permanent discontinuities. A miniature sensor includes a miniature core that cooperates with at least one excitation coil and at least one detection coil. A method for manufacturing the magnetic core includes identifying the probable location of the magnetic walls, depositing at least a thin film of magnetic material on a support in order to form the core and producing, in said core, discontinuities approximately at the identified locations of the walls.12-25-2008
20090116144PERPENDICULAR MAGNETIC RECORDING HEAD AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME - Provided are a perpendicular magnetic recording head and a method of manufacturing the same. The perpendicular magnetic recording head includes a main pole including a pole tip applying a recording magnetic field to a recording medium, a coil surrounding the main pole in a solenoid shape such that recording magnetic field for recording information to a recording medium is generated at the pole tip, and a return yoke forming a magnetic path for the recording magnetic field together with the main pole and surrounding a portion of the coil passing above the main pole. The number of times that the coil passes above the main pole is smaller than the number of times that the coil passes below the main pole.05-07-2009
20120063032MAGNETIC FLUX BARRIER - Data storage systems having barriers that may reduce erasure flux and increase write-ability are provided. Data storage systems include a writing element. The writing element has a write pole with a flare region. A magnetic flux barrier is located along the write pole flare region. The magnetic flux barrier is illustratively made from an in-plane magnetically anisotropic material that has an easy plane of magnetization. In another embodiment, a data storage system includes a writing element having an air bearing surface and a shield at the air bearing surface. The shield has a magnetic permeability of approximately zero. The shield illustratively includes alternating layers of positive and negative permeabilities. The shield optionally includes a plurality of shields that may include top, bottom, and side shields.03-15-2012
20120314325Selectively Magnetic Write Gap Insert - A selectively magnetic insert that is capable of enhancing magnetic writing, such as in use as a data transducing head. In accordance with various embodiments, a write pole is in contact with a selectively magnetic insert that decouples the write pole from at least one adjacent shield in response a powered operation.12-13-2012

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