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360 - Dynamic magnetic information storage or retrieval

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360244000 Disk record 307
360290000 For adjusting head position 87
360260000 For shifting head between tracks 56
360250000 For moving head into/out of transducing position 55
360270000 For moving head during transducing 8
360241000 Tape record 3
20110255195Transducer head assemblies and modules - In one embodiment a transducer head assembly is disclosed having a head module. The head module comprises at least one media bearer element providing a media bearer surface, and a head element block having an array of head elements. The assembly further comprises a carrier structure to carry the head module, and an actuator to move the head element block relative to the at least one media bearer element. Tape drive apparatus having actuator apparatus to cause relative displacement between head element blocks is also disclosed. A transducer head module and a method of making a transducer head assembly are also disclosed.10-20-2011
20120170153DUAL POLE MAGNET LINEAR ACTUATOR - A dual pole linear actuator includes a dual pole magnet assembly that is moved by providing a bi-directional analog DC control signal to a dual wound coil. The dual pole magnet assembly includes a permanent magnet that is flanked by top and bottom pole pieces. The dual wound coil is assembled to an actuator housing with a top part of the coil being wound in one rotary direction, while the bottom part of the coil is wound in the opposite rotary direction.07-05-2012
20120243124ACTUATOR WITH NON-MOVING MASS - An actuator for a tape drive is disclosed. The actuator has a moving mass and a non-moving mass. The non-moving mass is at least 107 grams.09-27-2012
20090231760HEAD CLIP AND WORKING METHOD USING THE SAME - A head clip used in a task of assembly, inspection, and maintenance such as repair or cleaning of a device having a head attached to an actuator, and to a working method using the head clip. The heads are located at an extreme end of the actuator. The head clip includes first and second support units inserted into the actuator so as to support suspensions to which the heads are disposed. The first support units are in contact with adjacent suspensions and support them at a first position which is located nearer to the pivoting fulcrum than to the heads in the longitudinal direction of the actuator. The second support units regulate the adjacent suspensions at a second position located at the extreme end, and the heads are disposed between the first position and the second position on the longitudinal direction.09-17-2009
20090195933HEAD ASSEMBLY - A head assembly for writing or reading information to or from a recording medium. The head assembly includes a suspension having an electrode pad; a mounting member placed on the suspension; a head mounted on the mounting member and having an electrode, for writing or reading information; and a first bonding member made of a hot-melt adhesive and fixing the electrode to the electrode pad.08-06-2009
20100128396LOCATING FEATURE FOR MOUNTING A COMPONENT TO A BASE - The present disclosure provides an apparatus for mounting an object to a base. In one example, the apparatus includes a base and a protuberant feature extending from the base. The protuberant feature includes a datum surface sized to matingly engage a corresponding surface of an object to precisely position the object with respect to the base.05-27-2010
20090080112HARD DISK DRIVE MOUNTING METHOD, MAGNETIC BLOCK AND CLAMP DEDICATED FOR THE METHOD - The method of the present invention for assembling a hard disk drive includes the following steps: 1) Position a head stack assembly onto a fixture; 2) position a magnetic block assembly onto the fixture; and 3) move the magnetic block assembly horizontally, making an upper and a lower magnetic blocks of the magnetic block assembly moved in place located at the upper and the lower sides of a coil of the head stack assembly, respectively. The magnetic block assembly of the hard disk drive dedicated for this assembling method includes the upper and the lower magnetic blocks, which are fixedly connected to form a whole, and between which there is a gap for accommodating the coil of the head stack assembly. The entire magnetic block assembly is moved to face the coil of the head stack assembly through a horizontal movement, and thus there is no need for a complicated fixture, making the assembling of the hard disk drive simpler and faster without damaging the disc.03-26-2009
20090323221HEAD STACK ASSEMBLY AND DISK DRIVE UNIT PROVIDED WITH THE SAME - According to one embodiment, a head stack assembly includes stack members stacked on a bearing unit, a suspension and a head on one of the stack members, and an elastic member being between the stack members to damp vibration when there is the vibration which is transmitted from the bearing unit to the stack members.12-31-2009
20110255194Elastic member structure of magnetic head - An improved elastic member structure of a magnetic head comprises: a base having a first and a second holder plates, a first through hole being formed on the first holder plate, and a gap being formed between the first and second holder plates; a fixing base plate being fixed onto the first holder plate and having a second through hole formed at the center, and the two sides of the second through hole comprising a third through hole respectively; an engaging elastic member being disposed onto the fixing base plate and having a fourth through hole formed at the center, and both ends of the engaging elastic member are passed through the third through holes respectively for fixing the engaging elastic member onto the fixed base plate; and a magnetic head module being passed into the first, second and fourth through holes for contacting a card and reading data.10-20-2011
20100321832TOLERANCE RING ASSEMBLY - A tolerance ring has a band with outwardly extending corrugated protrusions forming waves that engage an outer surface of a shaft. At one end of the tolerance ring is an inwardly flared guide surface extending axially and radially from the band. The guide surface acts as a tapered entrance to a bore of a housing to assist during assembly.12-23-2010
20090237842LOW TRACK-PER-INCH (TPI) ZONE WITH REDUCED NEED FOR ADJACENT-TRACK-ERASURE (ATE) REFRESH - Methods and systems are shown that specify at least one low track-per-inch (TPI) region and at least one normal TPI region on a disk. The low TPI region may be used to store information that may be rewritten frequently. The normal TPI region may be used to store information that may be rewritten less frequently. The low TPI region may reduce the need for adjacent-track-erasure (ATE) refresh.09-24-2009

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