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360 - Dynamic magnetic information storage or retrieval


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360730010 Speed 38
360720100 Locating specific areas 8
360740100 Stopping or reversing 6
20090161246Random Number Generation Using Hard Disk Drive Information - A hard disk drive enhances random number generation. In particular embodiments, the hard disk drive includes a controller, a hard disk, and a head. The head includes a read sensor for reading patterns on the hard disk. The controller generates a random number based on information associated with the position of the head relative to at least one track of the hard disk.06-25-2009
20090195907METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR FORMATTING MEMORY MEDIA - At least one rotating memory medium such as a hard disk is installed in a hard disk drive or the like. The disk drive has a controller, controller memory and one or more heads for writing and reading to and from one or both sides of the disk. The disk is scanned for defects as sector locations, servo wedges and other information are recorded on tracks on the disk. Some unused space is reserved around the track to compensate for the area lost to defects. If a defect is detected in a sector, the sector is split into first and second parts on either side of the defective space. The location of the defective space is recorded in the controller memory and is processed like a servo wedge. In this manner, only part of the sector is lost due to the defect.08-06-2009
20090153999HARD DISK, CONTROL UNIT FOR A DISK DEVICE, AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING A DISK DEVICE - A hard disk includes: a plurality of servo areas which are elongated radially from a center of the hard disk to an outward thereof over tracks thereof; and a plurality of data areas which are respectively provided between the plurality of servo areas; wherein alternative operation is conducted per servo sector containing one of the plurality of servo areas and a data area provided subsequent to the one of the plurality of servo areas and having a defect created therein when a user sector containing at least a portion of the data area and functioning as an access unit has the defect therein.06-18-2009
20090154000METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR WRITING DATA WITH SEQUENTIAL ACCESS IN A DISK DRIVE - According to one embodiment, a disk drive has a disk, a controller, and a flash memory, the request data to be recorded in the disk may be continuous data. In this case, the first one-track data item including the head address of the requested data is stored in the flash memory, and the second to last one-track data items are sequentially written in the disk.06-18-2009
20090268334Disk drive device and control method of unloading corresponding to fall detection in disk drive device - Embodiments of the present invention improve the safety against a fall of a disk drive device. In one embodiment, when an HDD has recognized detection result data of a fall sensor to indicate a fall, the HDD unloads a head slider from above a disk to a stand-by position. The HDD checks whether or not the detection result data of the fall sensor indicates a fall on the occasion of a seek start. If the data indicates a fall, the controller unloads an actuator. The HDD issues a seek fake error on the occasion of a seek completion. On the occasion of a re-seek start in the error recovery process, the HDD conducts a fall check referring to the detection result data.10-29-2009
20090237828TAPE DEVICE DATA TRANSFERRING METHOD AND TAPE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - A data transferring method is provided which can perform a data transfer without stopping transactions, without introducing a new device or without halting an access to a tape device by a higher-level device as would otherwise be required by a data transfer procedure. A technology is provided whereby a host computer controls an access request to a tape volume by managing and using information about source/destination tape devices (e.g., magnetic tape library management table and virtual tape management table) or data transfer state in a journal. As a result, even if an access request is issued from other device to a tape volume currently being data-transferred, the access can be made to the tape volume of interest without stopping transactions, i.e., a data transfer can be realized without an interruption of service.09-24-2009
20090231750DISK ARRAY UNIT - A disk array unit connected to a host unit to give information thereto and receive information therefrom. The disk unit includes a plurality of disk units for storing information transmitted from the host unit and a management information recording device, formed by utilizing information storage areas in the disk units, for causing information relating to a logical unit for storing information from the host unit to correspond to information relating to the units. The invention further includes a control unit, when there is no access from the host unit to the logical unit for a predetermined time, for determining the disk units corresponding to the logical unit based on information recorded in the management information recording device and performing power saving of power supply for the disk units.09-17-2009
20090231749INFORMATION STORAGE DEVICE - A drive section which moves a head above an information storage medium and a control section are provided, and each track on the information storage medium is made up of alternating first regions for writing in and reading out user information and second regions that store information for the positioning of the head. The control section is provided with a feedback control value determining section for eliminating the difference between the head position and the representative position of the first region, which is an access object, a performing control value determining section for determining the performing control value for the performing control by finding the logical control value associated with the first region where the feedback control value is determined and adding the feedback control value to this logical control value and a performing control section for actually controlling the drive section.09-17-2009
20100172050SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DYNAMIC ENABLEMENT OF STORAGE MEDIA ASSOCIATED WITH AN ACCESS CONTROLLER - Systems and methods for reducing problems and disadvantages associated traditional approaches to provisioning using access controllers are disclosed. A method may include storing a definition data structure in storage media associated with an access controller in an information handling system, the definition data structure including one or more parameters. The access controller may create a storage partition on the storage media based at least on the one or more parameters.07-08-2010
20090296257Heat Generation Amount Control Device, Program and Recording Medium Therefor, Magnetic Disk Device, and Heat Generation Amount Control Method - According to the present invention, heat generation amount control information for controlling a heat generation amount of a heat generating section (12-03-2009
20100085656Apparatus, System, and Method for Automatic Unthread and Store of Data Storage Device Medium - An apparatus, system, and method for automatic unthreading and storage of storage media helps prevent damage to the media, which can otherwise occur when the storage media is left threaded in a storage media drive over an extended period or under adverse conditions. A sensing device may generate a signal or a detector may receive a signal indicating that a predetermined period of time has lapsed or that some other criteria has been met indicating that the storage media should be removed from the storage media drive. An unthread module in the storage media drive receives the signal and automatically unthreads and stores the storage media. A location on the storage media can be marked by the unthread module prior to unthreading such that the media may be returned to the location upon rethreading.04-08-2010
20090279198Method and apparatus for adaptive control and/or use of a vibration sensor in a hard disk drive - Apparatus and methods are disclosed for adaptive control and/or use of a vibration sensor in a hard disk drive (HDD). The HDD, an assembled circuit board and a control circuit are disclosed. The control circuit is configured to electrically couple to piezoelectric devices and includes a sensor interface and a processor. The processor may be configured to receive a sensor reading from the sensor interface and may further be configured to send a gain control signal and/or an input selection signal to the sensor interface. The sensor interface includes pads for electrically coupling to the piezoelectric devices. The sensor interface may respond to the gain control signal by altering a gain of a signal from one pad used and/or may respond to the input selection signal in certain states by disabling one of these signals from affecting the sensor reading. Manufacturing by calibration of the gain control is disclosed.11-12-2009
20110170214SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR CORRECTING MAGNETIC TAPE DIMENSIONAL INSTABILITY - Magnetic tape devices encounter read and/or write errors when the tape is not being passed across the head with the proper tension and/or skew angle. According to one embodiment, a system which corrects for these problems comprises a head having an array of at least one of readers and writers, a drive mechanism for passing a magnetic recording tape over the head, a skew-inducing mechanism coupled to the head for adjusting a skew angle of a longitudinal axis of the array relative to a direction normal to a direction of tape travel over the head, and a controller in communication with the head. The system also determines a tape dimensional stability state of the tape and adjust the skew angle away from normal to the direction of tape travel and lowers a tension of the tape across the head if the tape dimensional stability state is in a contracted state.07-14-2011
20090262449Disk drive - A disk drive for driving a disk is disclosed, which includes: a driving unit configured to provide a driving force onto the disk, a main circuit pattern electrically connected with the driving unit, a sensor unit configured to sense a rotation speed of the disk, a first board supporting the sensor unit, a second board supporting the first board, and a base plate supporting the second board and the driving unit. One of the first board and the second board can be a flexible board electrically connecting the sensor unit with the main circuit pattern, and the other of the first board and the second board can be a rigid board. This disk drive can be utilized to ensure the distance between the sensor unit and the disk required for a rotation sensor to measure the rotation speed of the disk.10-22-2009
20080212224METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR CONTROLLING MOTION OF STORAGE MEDIA - A method of controlling relative motion of a data storage medium on which data is stored in data groups comprising tracks extending across the storage medium and a rotatable transducer for reading data from the storage medium includes determining from the data groups a start reread data group at which a data reread process is to start following detection of a read error condition in a preceding data read process. The method also includes obtaining a reread track reference value for use in controlling that relative motion during the data reread process using a track reference value difference stored in at least one track of at least one data group that is to be reread during the data reread process and a track reference value that was used in controlling that relative rotation during the preceding data read process.09-04-2008
20100277825HARD DISK ACCESS METHOD - A hard disk access method is disclosed. The hard disk access method includes the following steps. A port mapping table is established in the execution of a startup process. An access instruction for accessing a target hard disk is received. A target slot of a target back plate, which the target hard disk is plugged in, is obtained according to a target-hard-disk-identification number of the target hard disk. According to the target-hard-disk-identification number of the target hard disk, the port mapping table is inquired to obtain a target port, which the target back plate is connected with. The target hard disk plugged in the target slot of the target back plate is accessed through the target port.11-04-2010
20080278840POSITION CONTROL METHOD OF INERTIAL DRIVE ACTUATOR AND INERTIAL DRIVE ACTUATOR - A position control method of inertial drive actuator includes a movement-amount setting step of setting an amount of movement, a target-position setting step of setting a target position of a moving body, a position detection step of detecting a relative position of the moving body, a comparison step of comparing the target position and the relative position, a drive-voltage pattern setting step of setting a drive voltage pattern which is to be applied to the moving means, a first electrode, and a second electrode, based on the amount of movement which is set, and a comparison result, and a driving step of driving the moving body by controlling a frictional force between the vibration substrate and the moving body, by making an electrostatic force act on both, while synchronizing with a movement of the vibration substrate, by applying a drive voltage pattern which is set at the drive-voltage pattern setting step, between the first electrode and the second electrode, and the moving body is moved to the target position by repeating steps from the comparison step to the driving step.11-13-2008
20090141389ULTRA HIGH TRACK DENSITY ADAPTIVE HEAD CORE TRACK PITCH CONTROL - Apparatuses and methods for adjusting the track pitches of the tracks on a data storage tape. In one variation, the method comprises adjusting the observed pitch between the tracks by applying variable amounts of pressure on the surface of the tape. In another variation, the pressure is applied to a localized region on the tape. The pressure can be modulated to induces a change in the physical characteristic of the tape in and around the area where pressure is applied. In another aspect, an apparatus is configured with a magnetic read-head for detecting written tracks on a magnetic tape, and an actuator is provided to apply pressure on the tape to control the track pitch of the written tracks.06-04-2009
20090002869POSITIONING OF PLANTS IN SERVO SYSTEMS - Apparatus is provided for fast-adjustment of the position of a plant in a servo system in which a servo output indicative of the plant position is provided to a positioning system for positioning the plant in dependence on the servo output. The apparatus includes an adjustment signal generator, operable in a fast-correction mode and a shock-compensation mode, for generating an adjustment signal for supply to the positioning system to effect fast positional adjustment of the plant. The apparatus also has an adjustment controller for receiving the servo output. The adjustment controller is adapted to detect from the servo output occurrence of a disturbance affecting positioning of the plant and, in response, to initiate the shock-compensation mode of the adjustment signal generator. The adjustment controller is further adapted to initiate the fast-correction mode of the adjustment signal generator in response to indication of an error in positioning of the plant. On initiation of each mode, the adjustment controller supplies an input signal dependent on the servo output to the adjustment signal generator. The adjustment signal generator processes the input signal to generate the adjustment signal such that, in the fast-correction mode the adjustment signal effects adjustment of the plant position to correct the positioning error, and in the shock-compensation mode the adjustment signal effects adjustment of the plant position to counter the effect of the disturbance.01-01-2009
20110141606TUNNELING JUNCTION MAGNETORESISTIVE EFFECT ELEMENT AND MANUFACTURING METHOD THEREOF - According to one embodiment, a TMR effect element includes a ground layer, an antiferromagnetic layer above the ground layer, a first ferromagnetic layer above the antiferromagnetic layer and exchange-coupled to the antiferromagnetic layer, an anti-parallel coupling layer above the first ferromagnetic layer, a second ferromagnetic layer having a magnetic moment coupled anti-parallel to the magnetic moment of the first ferromagnetic layer via the anti-parallel coupling layer, an insulation barrier layer above the second ferromagnetic layer, and a third ferromagnetic layer above the insulation barrier layer. At least a portion of the second ferromagnetic layer and at least a portion of the third ferromagnetic layer on an insulation barrier layer side are comprised of a crystal, and the insulation barrier layer comprises MgO and an oxide material having an independent cubic crystal structure and complete solid solubility with MgO. Other elements, heads, and formation methods are described according to various embodiments.06-16-2011
20090086359FORMATTING DISK DRIVE DATA USING FORMAT FIELD ELEMENTS - Formatting disk drive data using format field elements (FFEs). A processing module (which can be a general purpose processor or a RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computer) processor) is employed to generate FFEs that are employed to govern operation of the various data formatting modules within a formatting system within a HDD. The determination of when a data formatting module stops operating in accordance with a first FFE and begins operating in accordance with a second FFE can be a predetermined period of time, a number of operations being performed, the meeting of some condition, or some other means. Each FFE can be viewed as being a multi-dimensional instruction that not only includes a configuration for a data formatting module, but also includes the conditions by which the configuration is to be governed by a subsequent FFE, among other things.04-02-2009
20090219642MAGNETIC DISK APPARATUS AND DATA STORAGE METHOD - A magnetic disk apparatus 09-03-2009
20090219641PHASE LOCKED NOTCH FILTER IN A SERVO CONTROL LOOP - A notch filter in a servo control loop is phase locked to a nonrepeatable runout component of a servo control loop signal. The phase locked notch filter may thereby more effectively track time varying characteristics of the nonrepeatable runout component so that they can be at least partially reduced in the servo control loop signal.09-03-2009
20090244763ELECTRONIC INFORMATION STORAGE APPARATUS, INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS, IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS, AND COMPUTER READABLE MEDIUM - An electronic information storage apparatus includes: a storage that stores electronic information; a check unit that reads out the electronic information stored in the storage to check whether the electronic information is written normally or not; and a controller that, in a case where the electronic information is stored in the storage under a predetermined condition, controls the check unit to carry out an operation to check a state of writing of the electronic information.10-01-2009
20090244764BALANCE CORRECTION APPARATUS AND BALANCE CORRECTION METHOD - A balance correction apparatus is configured to correct weight imbalance around an axis of a spindle motor, and includes a piezoelectric actuator configured to apply an impact to a housing, a controller configured to generate as a rectangular wave a force profile that represents an acceleration applied to the housing by the piezoelectric actuator, and a waveform generator configured to generate a voltage waveform configured to drive the piezoelectric actuator, by integrating the force profile twice. The rectangular wave has a first acceleration after a leading edge and a second acceleration after a trailing edge. The first acceleration enables the disc to move relative to the spindle motor and the housing. The second acceleration enables the disc to move together with the spindle motor and the housing.10-01-2009
20100157462MAGNETIC DISK DRIVE - According to one embodiment, a magnetic disk drive includes a magnetic disk to be subjected to perpendicular recording, a first pole core including a main pole configured to record signals on the magnetic disk, a first coil wound around the first pole core, a second pole core magnetically independent of the first pole core, tip ends of which are arranged on both sides of the main pole, a second coil wound around the second pole core, a read unit including an element configured to read data recorded on the magnetic disk, and a correction unit configured to correct a current phase difference between the first and second coils.06-24-2010
20100014183MAGNETIC DISK DRIVE REFRESHING DATA WRITTEN TO DISK AND DATA REFRESHMENT METHOD APPLIED TO MAGNETIC DISK DRIVE - According to one embodiment, a disk has a set of tracks thereon. A controller performs refresh control for reading data by a head from a track on the disk to be refreshed and for writing the read data by the head to a spare track adjacent to the track from which the data has been read. The controller switches the track from which the data has been read to a new spare track after the writing.01-21-2010
20100014181METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR A DISK STORAGE DEVICE INCLUDING FILE SYSTEM AND AT LEAST ONE NETWORK INTERFACE - A disk storage device is disclosed including at least one disk unit, a first processor to control the disk unit making possible access of its data and a second processor communicating with the first while operating a file system for disk access and at least one network interface. The network interface is operated to receive an access request. The file system is operated based upon the access request to organize access of the data to create an access response. The disk units are disclosed as a hard disk unit and/or a solid state data unit. The disk storage unit may further include at least one multi-media interface and/or at least one serial interface and/or a Bluetooth interface. An integrated circuit and an assembled circuit board are disclosed including both processors.01-21-2010
20100188770DATA TRANSFER APPARATUS - A data transfer apparatus comprises drive apparatus to move a received tape along a path in a longitudinal direction of the tape, a transducer head to transfer data to and/or from the tape, a tape lifter to contact the tape; and control apparatus operable, in response to a tape speed related condition or event, to cause relative movement between the tape lifter and the tape into mutual contact, thereby biasing the tape away from surface to surface contact with the transducer head.07-29-2010
20100014182Controlling Motion of Storage Media - An apparatus for writing data to a data storage medium on which data is stored in data groups (N−3 to N+1) comprising tracks extending across and spaced from a reference edge of the storage medium includes a control system operable to cause i) a track reference difference value representative of a difference in a distance between the tracks of an existing data group (N−1) on the storage medium and the reference edge and a distance between the reference edge and the tracks of a data group (N) to be written to the storage medium such that it is the next data group following the existing data group (N−1) or ii) data from which such a difference value can be derived to be included in at least one of frame (A01-21-2010
20100079896ERROR CORRECTION MAPPING - A method according to one embodiment includes receiving signals from multiple readers; and performing more error control processing on a signal from an outer reader than on a signal from an inner reader. A method according to one embodiment includes receiving signals from multiple readers; and performing different amounts of error control processing on signals from at least two of the readers. A tape drive system according to one embodiment includes a tape head having an array of readers; and a processor coupled to the head for performing error control processing, wherein the processor performs more error control processing on a signal from the outer reader than on a signal from the inner reader.04-01-2010
20090116134Methods and Apparatus for Controlling Write Driver Current - A hard disk drive write driver circuit is described that can change the output impedance of the write driver by use of a lookup table of control values. A control value is selected from the lookup table by using an address based on a dynamic system variable and a program controlled value. The dynamic system variable is converted to a digital representation. The digital representation and a portion of the program controlled value are used as an address to the lookup table to select a control value. The write driver is responsive to the selected control value to control overshoot current. A method to digitally program the output impedance of a preamp write driver based on realistic operating data is also discussed. An additional approach to controlling overshoot current in a write driver through digital control of overshoot duration is also described.05-07-2009
20100195242IMPLEMENTING POWER SAVINGS IN AN AUTOMATED STORAGE SYSTEM - In a method of implementing power savings in an automated storage system, a power savings mode authorization is sent from a library controller to a tape drive, such that the tape drive is authorized to enter an extended power savings mode that maintains an operational host interface in the tape drive for communicating with a host system. A media move command is received at a tape library of the automated storage system. The media move command comprises a command from the host system for the tape library to move a tape cartridge to the tape drive. In response to receiving the media move command, an instruction is issued to the tape drive to transition from the extended power savings mode to an active power mode. The instruction is issued prior to notifying the host system of completion of the media move command.08-05-2010
20090040648Selecting a Destination Tape Recording Device for Saving Data - Selecting a destination tape recording device, out of a plurality of tape recording devices, for saving data. Particularly a technique for selecting a tape recording apparatus whose performance is optimal for data to be saved, thereby improving data backup performance in a plurality of tape recording apparatuses.02-12-2009
20090073598DISC DRIVE - A storage medium with electronic paper is provided with a disk drive that can refresh the display on the electronic paper using a simple arrangement.03-19-2009
20090067080SELECTIVELY MITIGATING MULTIPLE VIBRATION SOURCES IN A COMPUTER SYSTEM - One embodiment of the present invention provides a system that mitigates the effects of multiple vibration sources on a set of hard disk drives (HDDs) within a computer system. During operation, the system identifies a target HDD in the set of HDDs, wherein the performance of the target HDD is affected by mechanical vibrations. The system also identifies one or more primary vibration sources from the multiple vibration sources that affect the performance of the target HDD. Next, for each of the primary vibration sources, the system measures a first time-domain signal associated with the operation of the primary vibration source using a first vibration transducer associated with the primary vibration source. The system also measures a second time-domain signal associated with the target HDD using a second vibration transducer associated with the target HDD. Next, for each of the primary vibration sources, the system then computes a cross-power-spectral-density (CPSD) between the first and the second time-domain signals. The system then selectively mitigates the primary vibration sources based on the CPSDs between the primary vibration sources and the target HDD.03-12-2009
20100246049COMPUTER HAVING FUNCTION FOR DISPLAYING STATUS OF OPERATION AND FLOPPY MODULE - A floppy module includes a floppy disk controller (FDC), a control circuit, and a display. The FDC has a first control terminal, a second control terminal, and a plurality of third control terminals. Wherein, the first control terminal and the second control terminal may respectively output a first control signal and a second control signal, and the first and second control signals having the same statuses are used for controlling a floppy disk. The display has a fourth control terminal and a plurality of data terminals respectively coupled to a portion of the third control terminals. Additionally, the control circuit may use the first control signal to replace the second control signal for controlling the floppy disk, and transmit the second control signal to the fourth control terminal such that a status information is shown on the display as the floppy disk being idle.09-30-2010
20100302673DISK DRIVE DEVICE IMPROVED IN STIFFNESS OF FLUID DYNAMIC BEARING - A disk drive device includes a bearing unit and a drive unit. The bearing unit includes: a shaft; a sleeve configured to allow relative rotation, with the shaft as the axis; a flange projected in the radial direction of the shaft and configured to rotate integrally with the shaft; a flange housing space portion provided continuously from the sleeve and configured to rotatably house the flange; a counter plate structured with both a first surface, which faces the end surface in the axial direction of the flange and seals the flange housing space portion, and a second surface that is opposite to the first surface. The projected dimension of the flange is designed to be larger than the wall thickness of the flange surrounding wall portion in the radial direction of the flange, the flange surrounding wall portion defining the flange housing space portion.12-02-2010
20080247076Tape tension sensor - A tension sensor within a tape drive for measuring tension of a magnetic tape medium is provided. The tension sensor comprises a guide pin connected to a top plate for guiding the magnetic tape medium; at least two flexure structures connected to the top plate and a base such that the at least two flexure structures are in a parallel configuration; and at least one magnetic field density sensor associated with the guide pin for detecting lateral motion of the guide pin. In some embodiments, the guide pin is a tape guiding roller.10-09-2008
20080247075Device and Method for Recording Information - A device for recording information records a real-time data stream (10-09-2008
20090021855Tape drive position control - In one embodiment a tape drive system comprises a reel adapted to engage a tape cartridge, the tape cartridge comprising a tape media having a servo code written along a length of the tape media, a tape head comprising at least one servo element to detect the servo code, a drive assembly to induce relative motion between the tape and the tape drive, a servo system to control a rate of relative motion between the tape and the tape drive, wherein the servo system comprises a sampling module to sample servo code from the tape media and the sampling module implements a dithered sampling routine centered around a design sampling frequency.01-22-2009
20080253013Method of Reading From and Writing to a Storage Disk, and Storage Disk Control Unit - A storage disk control unit is provided with a buffer management table that defines correspondence between the sectors of a storage disk and the buffer spaces of the storage disk control unit. Based on the buffer management table, common buffer spaces to be shared by a multiplicity of sectors and individual buffer spaces allocated for other individual sectors are reserved in the buffer means (RAM) of the storage disk control unit. Accordingly, an USB-FDD can perform high-speed read/write operations while minimizing the buffer capacity of the RAM. Further, the buffer spaces reserved for read/write operations can be accommodated in accordance with the use condition of storage disk and the need of the RAM for other purposes.10-16-2008
20080204920STORAGE DEVICE - The present invention makes is possible to appropriately set the power saving control of the storage device from the management device of the storage device. In addition, the storage device executes control of the power saving for the magnetic disk device after ensuring consistency between an instruction from the administrator and the operating state of the magnetic disk device in the storage device.08-28-2008
20080204921RECORD MEDIUM BEARING COMMUNICATION APPARATUS CONTROL PROGRAM, AND COMMUNICATION APPARATUS - A computer performs a control including (1) receiving a request for monitoring a station to-be-handled which is a communication apparatus different from a pertinent station including the computer, (2) transmitting a request for a response based on the station to-be-handled, to the station to-be-handled at a predetermined time interval, on the basis of the monitoring request, and (3) transmitting a message expressing that the station to-be-handled will be detached from a network, to the network if the response to the response request was not received within a predetermined wait time.08-28-2008
20110134562OPERATING A REEL-TO-REEL SYSTEM - A method for operating a reel-to-reel system of a storage device with a first reel, a second reel, a first motor and a second motor, the first motor drives the first reel and the second motor drives the second reel. The system transports a tape supplied by one of the two reels and taken up by the other reel. A tape velocity and tape tension between the first and reels, and a longitudinal displacement are determined. An estimated state vector depends on the tape velocity, tape tension and longitudinal displacement. A reference state vector depends on a predetermined reference tape velocity and a predetermined reference tape tension. A first control signal and a second control signal are generated dependent on the estimated state vector and the reference state vector. The first motor is controlled by the first control signal and the second motor is controlled by the second control signal.06-09-2011
20080218893MAGNETIC TAPE DEVICE AND DATA RECORDING METHOD - A magnetic tape device comprises a plurality of magnetic heads for recording or reproducing data to a magnetic tape including a data recording area, a tape running mechanism for making the magnetic tape run on the magnetic heads, and a controller for controlling a recording and reproducing operation of the magnetic heads for the magnetic tape while running. The controller includes a recording controller to control the recording and reproducing operation of the magnetic heads so as to record recording target data including a redundancy without recording the recording data and data which is the same as at least a part of the recording target data as redundant data, these data not being recorded in data recording areas adjacent with each other.09-11-2008
20100165501Transferring Disk Drives Within Disk Drive Testing Systems - A method of transferring disk drives within a disk drive testing system includes actuating an automated transporter to retrieve multiple disk drives presented for testing, and actuating the automated transporter to deliver each retrieved disk drive to a respective test slot of the disk drive testing system and insert each disk drive in the respective test slot.07-01-2010
20100067139ADJUSTING READ HEADS BASED ON MISREGISTRATION CALCULATED FROM SERVO PATTERNS - Provided are a method, storage controller, and tape drive for adjusting read heads based on misregistration calculated from servo patterns. A plurality of first read heads read a plurality of servo patterns on a storage medium. A determination is made from the read servo patterns a skew at which the first read heads are positioned with respect to the servo patterns written to the storage medium. A determination is made of an adjustment factor to eliminate the determined skew. A plurality of second read heads that read the storage medium are adjusted by the adjustment factor.03-18-2010
20110188150DISK DRIVE WITH STATE-INFORMATION DATA BUFFER - A hard-disk drive (HDD) is described. During operation of the HDD, measured internal temperatures in the HDD may be stored in a first table, and state information specifying operational states of the HDD associated with ranges of internal temperatures may be stored in a second table. Note that a given operational state in the second table may be associated with a corresponding internal temperature in the first table. Furthermore, during operation of the HDD, the first table and/or the second table may be stored on: a rotatable medium in the HDD, a semiconductor memory in the HDD, or both. This stored table information may facilitate error detection and diagnosis.08-04-2011
20110188149SERVO PATTERNING COMPATIBLE WITH PLANARIZATION OF PATTERNED MAGNETIC DISKS - Embodiments herein illustrate patterned servo data that allows the patterned disk to be planarized with a relatively simple planarization process. A magnetic disk, in this regard, includes a data region having a plurality of tracks. The magnetic disk also includes a plurality of servo bursts patterned in the magnetic disk at a plurality of locations in each track. The servo bursts are operable to direct a controller to center a write head over a track in the data region and write a track identification. The servo bursts include magnetic lands and nonmagnetic grooves. The magnetic lands of the servo burst are generally configured with a uniform polarity of magnetization and a first uniform width. The nonmagnetic grooves are configured with a second uniform width.08-04-2011
20090174961Target Of Opportunity In An Automated Data Storage Library - A method is provided for utilizing target of opportunity to perform at least one special operation while a removable storage medium is mounted within a data storage drive for another purpose. A target of opportunity is recognized by determining if at least one special operation may be performed by the data storage drive. If it is determined that at least one special operation may be performed then a first notification that the data storage drive is to remain in a not ready state is sent in response. At least one special operation is performed, and in response to the at least one special operation being performed, a second notification is sent that the removable storage medium is in a ready state or an error state.07-09-2009
20090174962Apparatus and method for slider-disk contact indication by monitoring the spindle control signal in a hard disk drive - A hard disk drive including an electrical property meter sensing a spindle control signal to create an electrical property reading. Spindle control signal stimulates spindle motor to rotate at least one disk, creating rotating disk surface accessed by slider. Control circuit receives electrical property reading to create contact indication of slider contacting rotating disk surface, which may further include determining contact indication as spike in electrical property history of the readings. The electrical property meter may include ammeter and/or voltmeter. The control circuit, printed circuit board assembly, and/or motor control interface may include the electrical property meter. The control circuit may also include processor receiving electrical property reading to create contact indication. The hard disk drive may update contact log when contact indicated and may further update access parameter list for the slider accessing the rotating disk surface based upon the contact log.07-09-2009
20100020432MAGNETIC DISK APPARATUS AND MAGNETIC DISK ACCESS CONTROL METHOD - A magnetic disk apparatus includes a magnetic disk provided with a data recording area and a servo-pattern area. The data recording area includes a non-magnetic area scattered with magnetic regions, and the servo-pattern area includes a plurality of magnetic regions each having a larger area than the magnetic regions in the data recording area. The magnetic disk apparatus also includes a reader for reading magnetization in the data recording area and the servo-pattern area, and a magnetizer for application of a magnetic field to the magnetic regions in the servo-pattern area for equalizing magnetization directions of the magnetic regions in the servo-pattern area before the reader starts to read the servo-pattern area.01-28-2010
20110063750SYSTEM AND METHOD TO CONTROL SPIN-UP OF STORAGE DEVICE - A storage device spin-up control system includes a storage device to store data, a host to selectively control a spin-up mode of the storage device, and an interface to link the storage device and the host. The host controls the spin-up mode of the storage device based on a level of a signal output from a power connector of the interface. Thus, spin-up failure of the storage device due to insufficient power supply from the host may be prevented.03-17-2011
20110051279EFFICIENT MOVES THROUGH DRIVE REMAPPING - A storage library is described including a first tape drive that is identified as a target tape drive to a host via a first address and a second tape drive that is masked from being identified by the host. The storage library further includes a controller that is linked with a switch system that shifts the first address to the second tape drive, from the first tape drive, such that after the shift, the second drive is identified as the target drive to the host and the first tape drive is masked from being identified by the host.03-03-2011
20110063749DUAL-PORT HARD-DISK STORAGE DEVICE - The hard-disk storage device contains a USB jack, an internal SATA jack, a signal processor, an electronic controller, and a 2.5″ SATA HDD. The USB jack is connected to a corresponding USB jack on a personal computer so as to be used as an external removable storage device. The internal SATA jack is connected to a corresponding SATA jack inside the personal computer so as to be used as a fixed internal storage device. The signal processor is to convert USB signals to and from the personal computer into corresponding SATA signals. The SATA signals are then delivered from and to the 2.5″ SATA HDD through the electronic controller. The electronic controller is to convey SATA signals between the personal computer and the 2.5″ SATA HDD and to obstruct signals from the USB jack to the 2.5″ SATA HDD so as to prevent their interference.03-17-2011
20100290151DISK CONTROLLER, DISK DRIVE DEVICE, AND DISK CONTROL METHOD - According to one embodiment, a disk controller includes a reader, a selector, and a combining module. The reader performs, when retrying reading data from a magnetic disk, a plurality of read operations with respect to the same area on the magnetic disk while offsetting a head that reads data from the magnetic disk. The selector selects likely read data from a plurality of pieces of read data obtained as results of the read operations performed by the reader based on a predetermined index with respect to each of data lengths shorter than the data length of the area. The combining module combines pieces of read data selected for the data lengths, respectively.11-18-2010
20100290150DISK CONTROLLER, DISK DRIVE DEVICE, AND DISK CONTROL METHOD - According to one embodiment, a disk controller includes a receiver, a read-modify-write controller, and a wait controller. The receiver receives data in units of predetermined data length. The read-modify-write controller performs a read-modify-write operation when the receiver receives the data to write the data to a sector on a disk medium the rotation of which is controlled. The sector is longer than the predetermined data length. The wait controller delays the start of the read-modify-write operation by the read-modify-write controller for within the time which the disk medium takes to rotate once and which is substantially the same as the time required to control the read-modify-write operation.11-18-2010
20100290149DATA LOSS PREVENTION DURING A FALL OF A STORAGE DEVICE - A data storage device having fall protection includes a rotatable media platter operable to receive and store data, a read/write head operable to communicate with the media platter by writing the data to the media platter and by reading the data from the media platter, an arm supporting the read/write head, a servo motor coupled the arm and operable to move the arm to and from the media platter, a drive controller operable to control the media platter, the read/write head and the servo motor, and a general purpose input/output (GPIO). In an embodiment, the GPIO is coupled with a fall sensor that is external to the data storage device so that when the fall sensor sends a floating interrupt trigger, signaling that the fall sensor is falling, the GPIO receives the interrupt trigger and the drive controller performs an emergency routine to cache data in flight to or from the data storage device and park the read/write head away from the media platter.11-18-2010
20100246050STORAGE DEVICE - According to one embodiment, a storage device includes a base, a drive section on the base, configured to rotate a disk storage medium, an actuator mounted with a head for processing data in the storage medium and configured to move the head along a surface of the storage medium, a cover laid over the base, and a plate opposed to the surface of the storage medium in a position outside a range of movement of the actuator. The plate includes a distal end portion located adjacent to the actuator and downstream with respect to a direction of rotation of the storage medium, a block extending from the distal end portion, located outside the outer periphery of the storage medium, and supported on the base side, and an elastically deformable plate arm extending from the block toward the cover and configured to abut an inner surface of the cover.09-30-2010
20120162809MAGNETIC DISK DRIVE AND METHOD OF ACCESSING A DISK IN THE DRIVE - According to one embodiment, a magnetic disk drive includes a disk, a determination module, and a controller. The determination module is configured to determine whether access to the disk requires data transfer between a host and the magnetic disk drive in accessing the disk. The controller is configured to control disk access according to a predetermined allocation of consecutive second logical addresses corresponding to physical addresses indicative of consecutive physical locations on the disk if the data transfer is not required. The second logical addresses are addresses different from first logical addresses recognized by the host.06-28-2012
20110181980LIBRARY APPARATUS - A library apparatus includes a drive unit for writing data into or reading data from a cartridge, a cell unit having a plurality of cells to store the cartridges and a bottom plate in which a guide groove is formed, a movement unit for moving the cartridge along the guide groove between the cell and the drive unit, the movement unit being arranged under the cell unit, and a control unit for controlling the movement unit to move up through the guide groove, to engage the cartridge, and to move the engaged cartridge.07-28-2011
20100067138VARIABLE SPINDLE SPEED FOR RAMP UNLOAD - In a particular embodiment, a controller is adapted to control a spindle motor that controls rotation of at least one rotatable disc of a storage device. The controller is adapted to increase a spindle speed associated with the spindle motor to an unload spindle speed that is greater than an operating spindle speed during a ramp unload operation.03-18-2010
20120314318Continuous Biasing and Servowriting of Magnetic Storage Media having Perpendicular Anisotrophy - Magnetic storage tape and techniques for erasing and writing to magnetic storage tape having a perpendicular squareness greater than 50 percent and a longitudinal squareness less than 50 percent are described. In general, the magnetic tape may be biased with a remanence magnetization, or magnetic orientation, in any direction. One or two head systems may use various magnetic field patterns to create the desired remanence magnetization. Servo marks may have a remanence magnetization in an opposite magnetic orientation than that of the remaining bias on the servo track, e.g., substantially perpendicular to the magnetic tape. In some examples, a write head may alternate the direction of the magnetic field to continuously bias and write servo patterns to the magnetic tape. In addition, a symmetrical servo mark may be created in the magnetic tape with a write head having a gap width approximately equal to the length of the servo mark.12-13-2012
20120314319Servo Mark Length Matched to Write Head Gap for Magnetic Storage Media - Magnetic storage tape and techniques for erasing and writing to magnetic storage tape having a perpendicular squareness greater than 50 percent and a longitudinal squareness less than 50 percent are described. In general, the magnetic tape may be biased with a remanence magnetization, or magnetic orientation, in any direction. One or two head systems may use various magnetic field patterns to create the desired remanence magnetization. Servo marks may have a remanence magnetization in an opposite magnetic orientation than that of the remaining bias on the servo track, e.g., substantially perpendicular to the magnetic tape. In some examples, a write head may alternate the direction of the magnetic field to continuously bias and write servo patterns to the magnetic tape. In addition, a symmetrical servo mark may be created in the magnetic tape with a write head having a gap width approximately equal to the length of the servo mark.12-13-2012
20090067081STORAGE APPARATUS AND DATA VERIFICATION METHOD FOR THE SAME - A controller unit for the storage apparatus executes the following: giving each data block, which is a data constituent unit, an identification number indicating that the relevant data has been sent from a host computer in response to an arbitrary write request from the host computer; storing, in a memory unit, a storage location in a hard disk drive unit to store the data, as well as the identification number, as an expected value, for the data to be stored in the hard disk drive unit; and in response to a read request from the host computer, comparing the identification number given to each data block, the constituent unit of the data read from the hard disk drive unit, with the expected value of the read data, thereby verifying that the read data is the data written to the hard disk drive in response to the arbitrary write request.03-12-2009
20130021692MAGNETICALLY BIASED TILTING ROLLER BEARING TAPE GUIDANCE - A tape movement constraint for a tape drive system, comprises a tiltable tape roller bearing having a grooved surface adapted to contact and engage a surface of the tape as the roller barrel rotates, and an actuator adapted to pivot the roller bearing surface when the actuator is actuated, to control the lateral position of a tape. In operation, in one embodiment, a roller barrel of the tiltable roller bearing is biased in a first position on a pivot axis, using magnetic attraction between a movable magnet and a return path structure of magnetically permeable material. The roller barrel is pivoted on the pivot axis by conducting current through a fixed coil to generate a magnetic field which is conducted by the return path structure to interact with the magnetic field of the magnet. Other embodiments are described and claimed.01-24-2013
20110235206METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR CONTROLLING A MOTOR IN A DISK DRIVE - A method and apparatus for adaptively controlling a motor considering a state of disturbance applied to a system. The method includes changing a frequency bandwidth of a frequency response characteristic in a motor control system according to a state of disturbance applied to the motor control system, and controlling a speed of the motor by applying the changed frequency bandwidth to the motor control system.09-29-2011
20080239544Intelligent tape drive assembly that diagnoses and repairs its own tape drives - A tape drive assembly (10-02-2008
20130170066HARD DISK DRIVE - A hard disk drive includes a control unit, a cache unit, a head unit, a platter unit, a spindle motor unit, a power supply unit, a switch unit, and an interface. When the switch unit is turned on, the power supply unit converts voltages of external power supplies received from the interface through the switch unit into operation voltages of the control unit, the cache unit, the head unit, the platter unit, and the spindle motor unit, and supplies the operation voltages to the control unit, the cache unit, the head unit, the platter unit, and the spindle motor unit. When the switch unit is turned off by the control unit, the voltages of the external power supplies cannot be transmitted to the power supply unit through the switch unit.07-04-2013
20130170067Reliability-Aware Disk Power Management - A token value is maintained based on an allowable number of low power transitions of a hard disk drive without adversely affecting reliability, compared to an actual number of low power transitions of said hard disk drive. The allowable number of low power transitions increases over the hard disk drive's lifetime. Before the hard disk drive performs a low power transition, the token is evaluated to determine if the hard disk drive is allowed to perform a low power transition. Low power transitions discussed include parking the head and spinning-down the hard disk drive.07-04-2013
20080212225INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS, INFORMATION RECORDING MEDIUM, AND INFORMATION PROCESSING METHOD, AND COMPUTER PROGRAM - An information processing apparatus which executes formatting of an information recording medium includes a data processing section that executes formatting in which a plurality of partitions serving as a plurality of segmented data recording areas are set, and a partition-specific master boot record (MBR) dedicated to each of the partitions is recorded in each of the partitions.09-04-2008
20110211274HEAD ASSEMBLY, MAGNETIC DISK DRIVE APPARATUS AND ROTATION MECHANISM - A head assembly includes a slider having a head element, a load beam, a fulcrum formed at a top end section of the load beam, a slider support plate for supporting the slider to freely turn around the fulcrum, at least one drive element for applying a turning force to the slider support plate in a plane thereof, a first linear link part having at both ends a first top end joint part mechanically connected to the slider support plate, and a first base end joint part mechanically connected to the load beam, and a second linear link part having at both ends a second top end joint part mechanically connected to the slider support plate, and a second base end joint part mechanically connected to the load beam. Both of an extended line of the first linear link part and an extended line of the second linear link part travel toward a position of the fulcrum and intersect with each other.09-01-2011
20080198498Apparatus and Method for Controlling the Rotation Velocity of an Optical Disc - Method and apparatus for controlling the rotation velocity of an optical disc in a wide range of velocities, including low velocities. In a first range of velocities, a first sensor, for example an EMF sensor, is used to control the commutation moments of a turntable motor. For velocities outside the first range, a periodic control signal based on a periodic second signal generated by a second sensor and a mapping between the first and second periodic signal are used. The method and the apparatus are suitable for LightScribe™ applications.08-21-2008
20100309575HARD DISK DRIVING CIRCUIT AND METHOD OF DRIVING SPINDLE MOTOR - A hard disk driving circuit for reducing a maximum amount of current for driving a spindle motor, and a method of driving the spindle motor. The hard disk driving circuit include spindle motor, a spindle motor driving circuit driving the spindle motor, a control circuit controlling the spindle motor driving circuit, and a plurality of functional blocks related to driving a hard disk, and further includes a mask clock signal generator generating a mask clock signal that is inactivated for a period of time when the spindle motor is driven, by using the clock signal. At least one selected from the group consisting of the control circuit, the spindle motor driving circuit, and the plurality of functional blocks operates according to the mask clock signal.12-09-2010
20100309574DETECTING RAMP LOAD/UNLOAD OPERATIONS - A method for detecting ramp load/unload operations is disclosed. The method includes measuring a signal value generated by a transducer element during either a ramp unload operation or a ramp load operation in a data storage device. The method further includes analyzing the signal value to determine whether the ramp load operation or the ramp unload operation in the data storage device has occurred.12-09-2010
20100315738MOTOR CONTROL DEVICE AND DISK DRIVE DEVICE - The objective of this invention is to provide a motor control device, and a disk drive device using the same, in which during emergency operation it is possible to supply necessary power to the motor while limiting enlargement of the circuit area. During the retraction operation, control is performed to alternate between a short-circuit mode in which each terminal U, V, W of the spindle motor Ml is short-circuited to the terminal ICOM, and a rectifying mode in which the back electromotive force of the spindle motor M12-16-2010
20120281308FRICTION ENGAGED TILTING ROLLER BEARING TAPE GUIDANCE - In one embodiment, a tape movement constraint comprises a tiltable tape roller bearing having a grooved surface adapted to contact and engage a surface of the tape as the roller barrel rotates. An actuator adapted to pivot the roller bearing surface controls the lateral position of a tape. In operation, in one embodiment, the roller barrel of the roller bearing is rotated by engaging a surface of the tape roller barrel with a longitudinally moving magnetic tape. At least a portion of any air bearing between the moving tape and the barrel surface is quenched using grooves formed in the barrel surface. The lateral position of the moving tape is sensed and the rotating roller barrel is tilted in response to the sensed lateral position of the moving tape to control the lateral position of the moving tape. Other embodiments are described and claimed.11-08-2012
20120019953'Tape Drive Velocity Control' - In accordance with the present invention, a method of operating a magnetic tape drive, a magnetic tape drive and a servo control system are provided for obtaining and maintaining velocity control in a magnetic tape drive. In one embodiment, a method is provided for operating a magnetic tape drive. The tape drive includes a plurality of DC motors, and each DC motor has a plurality of Hall sensors. The DC motors are under the control of a servo system which is configured to read location information from the magnetic tape, and compute a primary tape velocity from the location information, and sense a secondary and tertiary velocity signal and compute a tape velocity based on one of the sensed secondary velocity signal and tertiary velocity. The method includes detecting if the primary velocity location information is available. In response to detecting that the primary velocity location information is available the primary velocity is employed to control the servo system. In response to detecting the primary velocity location information is unavailable then one of a secondary or a tertiary velocity signal is employed. The secondary velocity signal is employed when an absolute value of a term related to tape velocity is less than a predetermined value. The tertiary velocity signal is employed when the absolute value of the term related to tape velocity is greater than the predetermined value.01-26-2012
20090154001DYNAMIC SYSTEM CONTROL METHOD - Techniques are provided herein for reducing vibrations in various modes of a dynamic system. One such technique comprises incorporating vibration limiting and sensitivity constraints into a partial fraction expansion equation model of the system so as to reduce vibrations to specific levels. Another technique comprises shaping a command determined using the partial fraction expansion equation model to produce a desired output. The entire command may be shaped or only selected portions thereof which produce vibrations. Another technique involves commanding in current to produce saturation in voltage. By doing this, it is possible to command voltage switches. The times at which the switches occur can be set to reduce system vibrations. Other techniques are also provided. These include varying transient portions at the beginning, middle and/or end of a move and using Posicast inputs, among others.06-18-2009
20120300337HEAD WRAP PROCEDURE - According to one embodiment, a method includes tracking a magnetic tape moving in a first direction using at least one reader of an inner module of a head having at least the inner module and first and second outer modules positioned on opposite sides of the inner module and aligned with the inner module in a tape travel direction, detecting a signal using at least one reader of the first outer module as the tape passes thereacross, moving a guide positioned in front of the first outer module in a direction towards the tape until the signal detected by the first outer module decreases by a predetermined amount, and moving the guide directionally away from the tape to a position to set about a predetermined wrap angle of the tape relative to the first outer module after the signal detected by the first outer module decreases by the predetermined amount.11-29-2012

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