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360 - Dynamic magnetic information storage or retrieval

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360075000 Controlling the head 813
360071000 Controlling the record 135
360070000 Synchronizing moving-head moving-record recorders 5
20120236431MAGNETIC RECORDING DEVICE AND MAGNETIC RECORDING METHOD - A magnetic disk device includes: a recording medium provided with a plurality of write tracks; a magnetic write head including a magnetic pole, side shields, and a leading shield, a distance from the magnetic pole to each of the side shields being maintained to be uniform with a gap layer therebetween, and a distance from the magnetic pole to the leading shield being maintained to be uniform with a gap layer therebetween; and a control section rotating the recording medium, and allowing magnetic information to be recorded on the recording medium while allowing the magnetic write head to travel in a direction from an inner write track toward an outer write track or in a direction from the outer write track toward the inner write track, across write tracks in the recording medium. With such a configuration, format efficiency may be improved, and a width of an erase band on a magnetic disk may be minimized. Therefore, surface recording density of a recording medium may be improved without reducing an effective write track width.09-20-2012
20120300336MAGNETIC DISK DRIVE USING A NON-VOLATILE STORAGE DEVICE AS CACHE FOR MODIFIED TRACKS - Provided are a computer program product, system, and method for a magnetic disk drive. The disk drive has at least one disk platter having at least one recordable disk surface having an areal density of at least 200 gigabits per square inch. Either a diameter of the at least one disk platter is greater than 3.5 inches or the at least one disk platter rotates at less than 5400 RPMs. A read/write head reads and writes tracks of data with respect to the at least one disk surface. Modified tracks from write requests to write to the at least one disk surface on the at least one disk platter are cached in a non-volatile storage device for caching modified tracks. Modified tracks are cached in the non-volatile storage device to later destage to the at least one disk surface.11-29-2012
20120127599MAGNETIC DISK AND MANUFACTURING METHOD THEREOF - A magnetic disk is provided which is excellent in durability of the magnetic disk or particularly in LUL durability and CFT characteristics and has high reliability under a decreased floating amount of the magnetic head accompanying the recent rapid increase in a recording density and extremely severe environmental resistance accompanying diversification of the applications.05-24-2012
20120229930SELF-SERVO WRITER WITH ITERATIVE LEARNING CONTROL MECHANISM AND METHOD OF OPERATION THEREOF - A method of operation of a servo writing system includes: initializing a disk and a head positioned over the disk for writing a servo pattern on the disk; calculating a target velocity profile for writing the servo pattern on the disk; setting a movement profile for operating the disk, the head, or a combination thereof to the target velocity profile; determining a back electromotive force from operating the disk, the head, or a combination thereof according to the movement profile; calculating an actual profile of the movement of the disk, the head, or a combination thereof from the back electromotive force; and adjusting the movement profile by the actual profile to match the actual profile to the target velocity profile for writing the servo pattern on the disk.09-13-2012
20120281307FRICTION ENGAGED TILTING ROLLER BEARING TAPE GUIDANCE - In one embodiment, a tape movement constraint comprises a tiltable tape roller bearing having a grooved surface adapted to contact and engage a surface of the tape as the roller barrel rotates. An actuator adapted to pivot the roller bearing surface controls the lateral position of a tape. In operation, in one embodiment, the roller barrel of the roller bearing is rotated by engaging a surface of the tape roller barrel with a longitudinally moving magnetic tape. At least a portion of any air bearing between the moving tape and the barrel surface is quenched using grooves formed in the barrel surface. The lateral position of the moving tape is sensed and the rotating roller barrel is tilted in response to the sensed lateral position of the moving tape to control the lateral position of the moving tape. Other embodiments are described and claimed.11-08-2012
20080259485System and Method for Cleaning a Tape Drive - A system, a method, and article of manufacture are employed to clean the input/output transducers on tape drives, verified by the tape drives reading alphanumeric information from data tracks and servo tracks of a cleaner tape. An aggressive cleaning frontcoat section of the cleaner tape can be used to provide additional cleaning action, and the cleanliness of the data read elements, data write elements, and the servo heads. A less-abrasive cleaning section may be used to clean less difficult types of contaminants. In this manner, the cleanliness of the data read elements, the data write elements, and the servo heads can be verified. A cleaning section may also be used as a leader section of a self-characterization section. Alternatively, a magnetic data tape section may be included for self-characterization.10-23-2008
20090303631MAGNETIC RACETRACK MEMORY DEVICE INCLUDING WRITE-BACK LOOP - A magnetic racetrack memory device includes; a magnetic track having a plurality of magnetic domains partitioned by at least one magnetic domain wall, a current source applying current to the magnetic track sufficient to move the at least one magnetic domain wall and the plurality of magnetic domains along the magnetic track, a writing device disposed at a first location along the magnetic track and storing write data to the magnetic domains, a reading device disposed at a second location along the magnetic track and retrieving read data from the magnetic domains, and a write-back loop connecting the reading device and the writing device and communicating read data obtained by the reading device to the writing device.12-10-2009
20100046110INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS AND CONTROL METHOD THEREOF - Disclosed is an information processing apparatus. The information processing apparatus includes a first hard disk drive, a conversion circuit and a signal control circuit. The conversion circuit is connected with the first hard disk drive to determine whether a second hard disk drive corresponding to a slave exists when the first hard disk drive serves as a master, and the determine whether a first control signal has a first logic level in a first predetermined time.02-25-2010
20090268333IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS, IMAGE PROCESSING SYSTEM AND IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD - A self-diagnosis function is used to acquire information showing the state of deterioration of a hard disk device, and when the hard disk device is deteriorated, a job is executed under the control which is different from that in the case where the hard disk device is not deteriorated. For example, copying job is executed in the HDD use mode in the case of non-deterioration, and copying job is executed in the HDD non-use mode (an image memory is used) in the case of deterioration. Further, the number of retrials by an alternative sector in the case of occurrence of errors of writing in a hard disk device in the course of job execution is changed according to the state of the deterioration.10-29-2009
20120224278Onboard Data Recorder for a Nondestructive Test Wire Rope Sensor Head - A wire rope tester including a magnetic testing device; the wire rope tester includes a Remote Data Recorder mounted on a sensor head of the magnetic testing device.09-06-2012
20090009902Method for Con-trolling a Data Storage System - A system comprises a data management system, a media transport unit with a plurality of bins, each bin having a bin specific capacity for storing storage media units, at least one data processing unit and at least one loader mechanism for selectively moving a media unit from its actual location to another location within the media transport unit, a number of storage media units loaded in particular ones of the bins, and a control unit functionally interconnecting as programming interface said data management system and said media transport unit. The control unit is configured to emulate functionalities of a media changer with elective media access by generating, updating and managing a table, the table having a number of rows, wherein each storage media unit is assigned to exactly one of those rows which are identified as unique virtual slots. Each row of said table comprises fields that are continuously updated to provide actual position information about the assigned storage media unit, so that in case of a requested access to a specific one of the number of storage media units the control unit can unambiguously determine the actual position of the specific storage media unit for that access can be achieved, if required, by an appropriate stock transfer of the storage media units amongst the bins.01-08-2009
20080266698STORAGE APPARATUS AND POWER-SAVING CONTROL METHOD OF STORAGE APPARATUS - Access to the physical disks is differentiated as access from a host computer, and access based on processing (data migration processing, copy processing) for storage management. Whether to switch the state of the physical disks from a normal power consumption mode to a power saving mode is determined according to the access from the host computer after the access based on processing for storage management is complete, and the state of the physical disks are switched from the normal power consumption mode to the power saving mode based on the determination result.10-30-2008
20080266699WRITE RETRY METHOD AND MAGNETIC TAPE APPARATUS - The present invention provides: a write retry method which reduces the number of permanent errors; and a magnetic tape apparatus in which the method is implemented. In a write control method of the present invention, at least one dataset is written into a space of a predetermined distance in a lengthwise direction of a tape medium. A write ERP of the present invention can reduce occurrence of permanent errors before time-out, thereby having an advantageous effect of reducing the number of unnecessary requests for exchange of tape cartridges.10-30-2008
20090207520Systems and Methods for Managing Power for Data Storage Devices - An information handling system may include a processor, a tape drive coupled to the processor, and a cache control module. The cache control module may be configured to receive a request from the processor for the tape drive; determine whether the tape drive is powered off; determine whether the tape drive needs to be powered on to process the request; and respond to the request on behalf of the tape drive if it is determined that (a) the tape drive is powered off and (b) the tape drive does not need to be powered on to process the request.08-20-2009
20090147393STORAGE APPARATUS WITH POWER USAGE CONTROL FUNCTION AND POWER USAGE CONTROL METHOD IN STORAGE APPARATUS - A storage apparatus includes plural trays each incorporating plural HDDs and a controller that controls access to the HDDs in response to an access request from a host apparatus. The controller also includes a table, in which standard power and a start-up power supply status are associated with each other for each of the trays, a table that manages total power required by the trays and present power consumed by the trays, and a table that defines maximum available power relative to the total power. The controller, when receiving a power-on setting request for a certain tray, judges whether or not the tray can be turned on based on the standard power for the tray and the present power, and the controller, upon determining that the tray can be turned on, turns on the tray.06-11-2009
20090284860DEGAUSS CONTROL FOR MAGNETIC DISK-DRIVE PREAMPLIFIER - One embodiment of the invention includes a preamplifier system for a magnetic disk-drive. The system includes a current distributor configured to generate a reference current and to decay the reference current from a first magnitude to a second magnitude during a degauss period to degauss a magnetic disk write head. The degauss period defines a transition from a write cycle to a read cycle of the magnetic disk-drive and has a predetermined time duration that is independent of the first magnitude of the reference current during the write cycle. An output driver is configured to provide a write current to the magnetic disk write head having a magnitude with an absolute value that is based on the reference current.11-19-2009
20080212223Information Processing Device, Information Processing Method, and Computer Program - A data recording structure supporting an AVCHD format is provided. The data recording structure allows a playing process, an editing process and a write-once recording process to be quickly performed. When data recording is performed in a data recording format having a layered management structure such as an AVCHD format, identification information is stored in an index file containing index information for record data. The identification information is needed to perform one of the playing process on the record data, the editing process on the record data and the write-once recording process on data. This arrangement eliminates the need for reading a variety of files and retrieving information when one of the record data playing process, the record data editing process and the write-once recording process is performed. Each process is thus quickly performed.09-04-2008
20080266700Disc Apparatus - A disc apparatus which can judge accurately whether or not a spindle motor is at fault due to a short circuit is provided.10-30-2008
20080212222Access control management - In one embodiment, a cartridge library, comprises a management component comprising a first processor module and a memory medium communicatively connected to the first processor module, an interface controller comprising a second processor module and a memory medium communicatively connected to the second processor module, wherein the interface controller comprises logic instructions stored on a computer readable medium which, when executed, cause the second processor module to, record, in a memory medium coupled to the cartridge library, at least one access control parameter, wherein the access control parameter identifies at least one of a user, a server, a command, or a time, receive, in an interface controller coupled to the cartridge library, a request for at least one resource of the cartridge library, and implement an access control routine in the interface controller to use the access control parameter to determine whether to limit a user's ability to perform at least one command on at least one resource of the cartridge library during at least one time period.09-04-2008
20100208381Magnetic packet memory storage devices, memory systems including such devices, and methods of controlling such devices - A memory device is comprised of a magnetic structure that stores information in a plurality of domains of the magnetic structure. A write unit writes information to at least one of the plurality of domains of the magnetic structure by applying a write current to the magnetic structure in response to a control signal. A read unit reads information from at least one of the plurality of domains of the magnetic structure by applying a read current to the magnetic structure in response to the control signal. A domain wall movement control unit is coupled to a portion of the magnetic structure and moves information stored in the plurality of domains in the magnetic structure to other domains in the magnetic structure in response to the control signal. The write unit, the read unit and the domain wall movement control unit are all coupled to the same control signal line that provides the control signal.08-19-2010
20110228421Detecting LTO Servo Patterns on Perpendicular Recorded Media - In one embodiment, a servo processing circuit comprises a correlation filter and a Lagrange interpolator peak detector coupled to the correlation filter. The correlation filter is operable to receive a first signal as input; correlate the first signal with a reference signal; and produce a second signal as output, wherein the second signal indicates a correlation between the first signal and the reference signal. The Lagrange interpolator peak detector is operable to receive the second signal as input; detect one or more peaks in the second signal; and produce a third signal as output, wherein the third signal indicates one or more peak locations of the peaks in the second signal.09-22-2011
20090213485REPRODUCING APPARATUS AND RECORDING APPARATUS - A reproducing apparatus includes a recording medium mounting detection unit configured to detect that a detachable recording medium is mounted, and a file analysis unit configured to analyze a file recorded in the recording medium. When the recording medium mounting detection unit detects that the recording medium is mounted, representative information that represents recorded content on the recording medium (a representative image and/or a representative title) is acquired from the recording medium and displayed on a display unit prior to file analysis by the file analysis unit.08-27-2009
20090219640RECORDING APPARATUS AND BROADCAST RECEIVING APPARATUS - According to one aspect of the embodiment, a recording apparatus includes: a recording medium unit having a metal face; a control circuit configured to operate the recording medium unit; a connector electrically connected to the control circuit and configured to transfer data between an external apparatus and the recording medium unit; and a metal portion disposed in a vicinity of the connector and electrically connected to the metal face.09-03-2009
20090219639EXTENDING THE OPERATIONAL LIFETIME OF A HARD-DISK DRIVE USED IN VIDEO DATA STORAGE APPLICATIONS - A storage buffer and a hard-disk drive are provided in a video data storage application. The hard-disk drive operates normally in a powered-down state, and video data are stored in the storage buffer during a first time interval. The hard-disk drive is operated in a powered-up state. A portion of the video data stored in the storage buffer is transferred to and stored in the hard-disk drive in the powered-up state during a second time interval that is substantially shorter than the first time interval. The hard-disk drive is returned to the powered-down state. A total hard-disk drive storage time, representing a sum of the second time intervals, spent transferring to and storing a portion of the video data in the hard-disk drive is substantially less than a total buffer storage time, representing a sum of the first time intervals, spent storing the video data in the storage buffer.09-03-2009
20100177428Method and Apparatus for Determining a Location of a Defect on a Storage Medium - A defect is detected on a storage medium of a disk drive. A location of the defect is determined, within a smallest addressable unit of data stored on the storage medium. An indication of the location is stored in a memory. A location of a sensor of the disk drive relative to the data stored on the storage medium is monitored. A response of at least one of a defect detector of the disk drive, a read channel controller of the disk drive, and a servo controller of the disk drive is changed based on the location of the sensor relative to the data stored on the storage medium and the stored indication of the location of the defect.07-15-2010
20100014180MAGNETIC DISK APPARATUS AND RECORDING METHOD - A magnetic disk apparatus includes a computing unit that obtains data to be recorded on a magnetic disk and computes an intermediate bit length based on a longest bit length and a shortest bit length of bit lengths of the obtained data; an adjusting unit that adjusts a strength of a recording current for recording the obtained data based on a difference between the intermediate bit length and a bit length of the obtained data; and a recording unit that repeatedly detects an error rate for recording data by using the adjusted recording current while narrowing down a track width on the magnetic disk and records the obtained data with a track width corresponding to an error rate detected immediately before an error rate that is detected to be equal to or greater than a predetermined value.01-21-2010
20100208382RECORDING MEDIUM DRIVE AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING TEMPERATURE OF RAMP MEMBER FOR RECORDING MEDIUM DRIVE - According to one embodiment, a recording medium drive includes a housing, a recording medium, a head actuator member stored in the housing reciprocatably about a shaft, and facing the recording medium at one end, a load tab on the end of the head actuator member, a ramp member fixed in the housing at an outer side of the recording medium, and defining a sliding surface that receives sliding of the load tab, a heater increasing a temperature of the ramp member based on a supplied driving current, a temperature sensor detecting a temperature inside the housing and outputting temperature information, a memory storing profiles of the driving current each set for a predetermined temperature range, and a control circuit supplying a predetermined value of driving current to the heater based on one of the profiles corresponding to the temperature information.08-19-2010
20090040647MAGNETIC DISK APPARATUS AND MAGNETIC HEAD CONTROL METHOD - A magnetic disk apparatus includes: a driving unit; and control part configured to control the driving unit. The control part includes: a position error feedback control system and a two-degree-of-freedom control system. The position error feedback control system has an integrator and a phase-lead compensator and is operative to determine a position command based on a target position and a sensed position of the magnetic head, thereby performs feedback control on the driving unit. The two-degree-of-freedom control system receives as input a target moving distance of the magnetic head and outputs a current command to the driving unit by using a mathematical model of the driving unit. The control part updates the mathematical model, and has a first update mode in which the mathematical model is updated using the output of the phase-lead compensator while the output of the integrator is provided to the driving unit.02-12-2009
20090109565TAPE LIBRARY WITH LOAD COUNT CONFIRMATION - A data storage library is described including a tape cartridge possessing an auxiliary memory device adapted to maintain a load count that is incremented whenever the tape cartridge is loaded in a tape drive. The library also includes, a library tape drive adapted to increment the load count every time the tape cartridge is loaded in the library tape drive, an auxiliary storage device capable of maintaining knowledge of the incremented load count only from when the tape cartridge is loaded with the library tape drive, and an auxiliary memory device reader capable of reading the load count from the auxiliary memory device. The library further includes a processing device adapted to receive and compare the knowledge maintained in the auxiliary storage device with the load count from the auxiliary memory device that is read via the auxiliary memory device reader that if different, the processing device is capable of transmitting a notification to an end user.04-30-2009
20110109985RECORDING APPARATUS, SERVER APPARATUS, RECORDING METHOD, PROGRAM, AND STORAGE MEDIUM - A data recording apparatus recording data of a CD on an HDD in a manner such that the content of record in the CD is faithfully accounted for and shortening an operation time for a synchronized ripping operation. When the data recording apparatus reads, from the CD, track data managed by track, according to TOC, and records the track data onto the HDD, the data recording apparatus recognizes data unrecorded on the HDD, from among the track data recorded on the CD. This recognition process is automatically performed based on the TOC read from the CD, and album information replayed using the TOC and held by the HDD. The recording apparatus reproduces and outputs only the unrecorded data from the CD based on the recognition result concerning the unrecorded data. In this way, the data already recorded on the HDD is not transferred from the CD to the HDD. The operation time for the synchronized ripping operation is reduced accordingly.05-12-2011
20110141605RATE VERIFICATION OF AN INCOMING SERIAL ALIGNMENT SEQUENCE - A technique for rate verification of an incoming serial alignment sequence includes receiving an incoming serial stream. A determination is then made as to whether an align sequence is recognized in the incoming serial stream. When an align sequence is recognized, a check is made to determine if an appropriate number of align primitives are received during a predetermined number of clock periods. If the number of received align primitives matches the predetermined number, then a rate-verified align detect signal is asserted.06-16-2011
20120120520CPP-TMR SENSOR WITH NON-ORTHOGONAL FREE AND REFERENCE LAYER MAGNETIZATION ORIENTATION - A CPP spin-valve magnetic head, according to one embodiment includes a ferromagnetic free layer having a bias-point magnetization nominally oriented in a first direction; a ferromagnetic reference layer film having a bias-point magnetization nominally oriented in a second direction that is not orthogonal to the said first direction; and a tunnel barrier layer between the free and reference layers.05-17-2012
20110149427SUPPRESSING ADJACENT TRACK INTERFERENCE/FAR TRACK INTERFERENCE (ATI/FTI) IN A HARD DISK DRIVE (HDD) BY AN EXTERNAL MAGNETIC FIELD - A hard disk drive (HDD) comprising a magnetic disk that includes a data storage surface and an external magnetic field parallel to the data storage surface for suppressing track interference.06-23-2011
20100321818METHOD AND APPARATUS UTILIZING SHOCK SENSORS ON STORAGE DEVICES - A data storage system with a controller that receives shock data from a shock detection sensor and methods utilizing such a controller are provided. The data storage system controller receives information or signals regarding shock events from a shock sensor, enabling the data storage system controller to take remedial action. The particular remedial action taken may be dependent on the severity of the detected shock event. The data storage system controller may receive information regarding shock events from shock sensors provided separately from the data storage system controller, allowing the data storage system controller to take remedial action that is tailored to the locale of a shock event.12-23-2010
20080204919Control device, storage device, and control method for storage device - A storing unit stores initial parameters indicating initial values of control parameters in a first storage medium in association with first update parameters obtained by modifying the initial parameters. A difference detecting unit compares, when second update parameters are stored in a second storage medium, the initial parameters with the second update parameters, and detects a parameter that is different between the initial parameters and the second update parameters. An initialization unit initializes the first update parameters based on a result of detection by the difference detecting unit.08-28-2008
20100284106NAVIGATION APPARATUS, OPERATION CONTROL APPARATUS, OPERATION CONTROL METHOD, OPERATION CONTROL PROGRAM - For an apparatus determining whether or not an HDD is started by barometric pressure information or the like, there are provided a navigation apparatus, an operation control device, an operation control method, and an operation control program, that enable shortening of a time from a power-on to starting-up of the HDD.11-11-2010
20080218892System and method to display information on a hard disk drive assembly - A method and a system are provided for displaying information on a hard disk drive assembly. The hard disk drive assembly includes a hard disk drive which further comprises a driver circuit coupled to a display and a display memory. The driver circuit activates the display mounted on the hard disk drive assembly. In response to the activation of the display the driver circuit obtains information from the display memory of the hard disk drive. The driver circuit displays at least a portion of the information obtained from the display memory on the display mounted on the hard disk drive assembly.09-11-2008
20110188148TAPE LIBRARY CONTROL APPARATUS AND TAPE LIBRARY CONTROL METHOD - A tape library control apparatus includes a storage for storing configuration information, a diagnostic evaluator, and a command controller. A tape library apparatus includes may include a plurality of tape drives and a plurality of magnetic tapes which includes specific magnetic tapes assigned for respective pieces of data specified by each data request issued by a host computer and a common magnetic tape provided for writing the respective pieces of the data. The diagnostic evaluator determines a use mode of the tape library apparatus on the basis of the configuration information. When the total number of the specific magnetic tapes is higher than the number of available tape drives, the use mode is determined and a command is issued to the tape library apparatus from the command controller to write data to the specific magnetic tape and to write to the common magnetic tape the respective pieces of the data.08-04-2011
20110216437REAL-TIME GAIN IDENTIFICATION - A real-time gain identification system for a mechatronic system, such as a servo system, including at least two actuators is provided. In an example implementation, a servo system comprises a primary actuator and a piezoelectric secondary actuator. A controller generates a disturbance for one of the actuators that is compensated for (e.g., canceled) using another actuator. In one implementation, a gain of the actuator at an arbitrary time is calculated based upon a comparison of a signal used to compensate for the disturbance (e.g., cancel the disturbance) at that arbitrary time to a signal known to compensate for a disturbance (e.g., cancel the disturbance) under known conditions. For example, a gain may be determined based on a ratio of a signal used to cancel a disturbance at an arbitrary point to a signal known to cancel the disturbance under known conditions. Similar methodologies can be applied in other mechatronic systems with multiple actuators.09-08-2011
20100061008MAGNETIC DISK DRIVE - A magnetic disk drive includes a switching regulator configured to generate an output voltage, and a magnetic disk control unit that receives the output voltage as a power supply and performs data write and read operations on a magnetic recording medium. The switching regulator includes a voltage conversion part configured to generate a second voltage by switching a first voltage, a smoothing part configured to smooth the second voltage to thus produce an output voltage, a control part configured to control the switching on the basis of a difference between the output voltage and a reference voltage to thus stabilize the output voltage, and a reference voltage changing part configured to change the reference voltage in accordance with an operation mode of the magnetic disk control unit.03-11-2010
20090147394MANAGEMENT OF DATA CARTRIDGES IN MULTIPLE-CARTRIDGE CELLS IN AN AUTOMATED DATA STORAGE LIBRARY - In an automated library, data cartridges, such as magnetic tape cartridges, are stored in storage cells and accessed by data storage drives. An accessor with a gripper transports cartridges between storage cells and storage drives. Cartridges are prioritized according to their relative importance. A processor manages the placement of the cartridges in cells by having higher priority cartridges stored closer to the front of multi-cartridge cells than cartridges with a lower priority. Cartridges with a higher priority may also be stored closer to a storage drive than cartridges with a lower priority. A pusher may be used to push cartridges towards the front of multi-cartridge cells with an empty position to enable the gripper to reach the front cartridge.06-11-2009
20100007981LIBRARY SYSTEM FOR REMOVABLE DISK CARTRIDGES - Embodiments presented herein provide a removable disk library system. The removable disk library system, in embodiments, comprises an array of removable disk drive bays and a movable connector system. Each removable disk drive bay can hold a removable disk drive cartridge. The movable connector system can be positioned behind the array of removable disk drive bays where the movable connector system can access the connector of the removable disk drive cartridges. In embodiments, the movable connector system includes a movable connector assembly that can automatically connect to the connector at the rear of the removable disk drive.01-14-2010
20120081811DISK DRIVE AND METHOD OF WRITING TO DISK USING DISK DRIVE - A method of writing to a disk using a disk drive includes determining a first sensing value using a first output value output from a disturbance sensor during a writing operation for multiple servo sectors on the disk, and determining a second sensing value using a second output value output from the disturbance sensor during the writing operation for the multiple servo sectors. Discontinuance of the writing operation is determined based on the difference between the first sensing value and the second sensing value.04-05-2012
20080247074Fiber Brush for Cable-Less Accessors in a Tape Library - A tape library system includes a plurality of conductive track assemblies including at least one linear conductive strip, and at least one guide track. The system further includes a first fiber brush assembly and a second fiber brush assembly separated from each other by a predetermined separation distance, each of the first and second fiber brush assemblies comprising a spring biasing a track wheel, and a fiber brush attached to the fiber brush assembly and in electrical contact with the conductive strip. The fiber brush assembly linearly translates along the conductive track assembly on an axis parallel to the conductive strip.10-09-2008
20130170065SUBSTRATE PATTERNING IN PERPENDICULAR STORAGE MEDIA - According to one embodiment, a patterned magnetic storage medium is disclosed herein. The magnetic storage medium includes a pattern formed on a substrate. The pattern includes at least a first and second feature and an edge defined between the first and second features. Additionally, the magnetic storage medium includes a magnetic layer formed on the pattern. The magnetic layer includes grains separated by a non-magnetic segregant boundary. The segregant boundary is positioned above the edge of the pattern.07-04-2013
20130120868SPINDLE MOTOR AND STORAGE DISK DRIVE - A motor includes a seal cap and a tubular portion. The seal cap includes a first seal cap lower surface which is an annular surface facing axially downward, and a second seal cap lower surface which is an annular surface facing axially downward and arranged radially outward of the first seal cap lower surface. The tubular portion includes a first tubular portion upper surface which is an annular surface arranged axially opposite to the first seal cap lower surface, and a second tubular portion upper surface which is an annular surface arranged radially outward of the first tubular portion upper surface and in contact with the second seal cap lower surface. The first tubular portion upper surface includes an oil-repellent film region covered with an oil-repellent film. A substantially annular radially extending gap is defined between the first tubular portion upper surface and the first seal cap lower surface.05-16-2013
20130128379SPINDLE MOTOR AND STORAGE DISK DRIVE - A motor includes a stationary portion and a rotating portion. The stationary portion includes a shaft portion and an upper thrust portion. The upper thrust portion includes a tubular first outer circumferential surface arranged radially outside the upper thrust portion, and a tubular second outer circumferential surface arranged above the first outer circumferential surface. The rotating portion includes a sleeve portion, a tubular portion, and an annular cover portion. The annular cover portion includes a plate portion and an inner annular projecting portion arranged to project upward or downward. An inner circumferential surface of the inner annular projecting portion is arranged above an inner circumferential surface of the tubular portion. An upper seal portion includes a surface of a lubricating oil located therein. The inner circumferential surface of the inner annular projecting portion and the second outer circumferential surface are arranged opposite to each other with an axially extending gap therebetween.05-23-2013


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