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360 - Dynamic magnetic information storage or retrieval

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360059000 Thermomagnetic recording or transducers 165
360066000 Specifics of biasing or erasing 20
360065000 Specifics of equalizing 17
360060000 Recording-or erasing-prevention 12
360067000 Specifics of the amplifier 11
360057000 Selective erase recording 10
360061000 Signal switching 9
20130044388VOLTAGE ADJUSTMENT CIRCUIT FOR STORAGE MEDIA - A voltage adjustment circuit for a storage medium includes a storage medium interface, a storage medium control chip, and a switch module. When the storage medium is read or written to by the storage medium control chip, the storage medium control chip transmits a pair of differential signals to the storage medium interface so that the switch module can control a power supply to power the storage medium. And the switch module will control the power supply not to power the storage medium when the storage medium control chip does not operate to read or write the storage medium.02-21-2013
20080259482Fabrication of discrete track media for narrow groove and improved reliability - A magnetic media that has at least one groove. The groove is created by a process that includes initially forming a temporary layer over a magnetic layer of the disk. One or more grooves are formed in the temporary and magnetic layers. The temporary layer is removed and a protective layer is formed over the magnetic layer and within the groove.10-23-2008
20090195904MAGNETIC ROM INFORMATION CARRIER - The invention relates to a method of manufacturing a device (08-06-2009
20100046109INFORMATION STORAGE APPARATUS AND REPRODUCTION METHOD - An information storage apparatus includes: a recording medium on which first information is recorded by a physical arrangement of magnetic bits and second information is recorded by magnetizing the magnetic bits; a first reproduction part that reads third information including the first information and the second information; an erasing part that erases the second information that is recorded on the information recording medium and is related to the third information read by the first reproduction part; a second reproduction part that reads the first information from the magnetic bits from which the second information is erased by the erasing part; and an information obtaining part that obtains the second information from the first information and the third information respectively read by the first and second reproduction parts.02-25-2010
20130027803DUAL REVERSE MICROWAVE ASSISTED MAGNETIC RECORDING (MAMR) AND SYSTEMS THEREOF - In one embodiment, a magnetic head includes a main magnetic pole, a first MAMR element positioned above and wider than the main magnetic pole that is positioned to extend beyond sides of the main magnetic pole in a track width direction, a spin-rectifying-current-pinned-magnetic layer, a magnetic interlayer, a FGL, a magnetic-zone-control layer, and a second MAMR element that is wider than the main magnetic pole and is positioned to extend beyond sides of the main magnetic pole in the track width direction positioned above the first MAMR element, and a trailing shield positioned above the second MAMR element, wherein the main magnetic pole is adapted for producing a high-frequency magnetic field comprising oscillating microwaves, wherein during a writing operation, current is applied to the first and second MAMR elements to produce magnetic fields which oppose bit-switching in the magnetic medium to avoid adjacent track bit reversal.01-31-2013
20100091399ARCHITECTURE FOR DATA STORAGE SYSTEMS - A system includes N first-in first-out (FIFO) modules, a buffer manager module, and N input/output (I/O) modules, where N is an integer greater than 1. The buffer manager module retrieves a set of N data units from a buffer and outputs the set of N data units to the N FIFO modules in parallel at a time, respectively. The N I/O modules receive the set of N data units from the N FIFOs in parallel, respectively, and output the N data units to a medium.04-15-2010
20130070360PORTABLE MEDIA PLAYER DEVICE - A portable media player device includes a built-in mobile virtual private network and housing. A touch screen is mounted on the housing. A memory unit within the housing stores local and remote movie, video, photo, music and game files. A processing unit within the housing is adapted to execute media file stored in the memory unit and stored in the remote home computer and display the files on the touch screen. A user using the portable media player device can utilize the local and remote files by touching specific keys on the touch screen.03-21-2013
20130070361MAGNETIC MEDIUM AND WRITING AND READING METHOD - According to one embodiment, a magnetic medium includes at least one recording layer including a first magnetic layer, a second magnetic layer and a non-magnetic layer. The first magnetic layer is form of a first magnetic material having a first magnetic anisotropy. The second magnetic layer is made of a second magnetic material having a second magnetic anisotropy different from the first magnetic anisotropy. The non-magnetic layer is made of a non-magnetic material and between the first and second magnetic layers, the first magnetic layer and the second magnetic layer being coupled such that directions of magnetization of the first and second magnetic layers are opposed to each other.03-21-2013
20090303630METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR HARD DISK POWER FAILURE PROTECTION - The present invention relates to a method and an apparatus for hard disk power failure protection. The method includes receiving power from a battery through a battery power input wire when the hard disk drive is out of power, supplying battery power to the cache of the hard disk drive, and performing data protection for the cache. A wire of the hard disk interface (HDI) may be set as the battery power input wire, and the battery power voltage is less than or equal to the standard voltage of the wire used as the battery power input wire. The method can ensure cache data security and integrity with low cost and maintain compatibility with existing interface configurations.12-10-2009
20100271729HEAD STACK ASSEMBLY, HARD DISK DRIVE COMPRISING THE HEAD STACK ASSEMBLY, AND METHOD TO REDUCE OFF-TRACK IN THE HARD DISK DRIVE - Provided are a head stack assembly (HSA) with reduced off-track, a hard disk drive including the HSA, and a method of reducing the off-track of the hard disk drive. The HSA includes a swing arm rotatably mounted on a base member of a hard disk drive (HDD); a connecting plate coupled to a front edge of the swing arm; a suspension coupled to the connecting plate to vibrate finely; a pair of hinges disposed on both sides of a center line of the suspension to connect the connecting plate to the suspension; a piezoelectric material layer including a piezoelectric material which is disposed on only one hinge of the pair of hinges, wherein the hinge is closer to a center of a disk in the HDD than the other is; and a head slider that is a recording or reproducing medium of data mounted on the front edge of the suspension.10-28-2010
20100085655RECORDING/REPRODUCING SYSTEM, RECORDING/REPRODUCTION METHOD, PROGRAM, AND RECORDING MEDIUM - It has been difficult to replay data in a manner which better suits a user's intention.04-08-2010
20100284104MAGNETIC RECORDING MEDIUM - The present invention relates to a magnetic recording medium (11-11-2010
20100172049HYBRID STORAGE APPARATUS AND METHOD OF SHARING RESOURCES THEREIN - A hybrid storage apparatus having a plurality of storage devices and a method of sharing resources therein. The hybrid storage apparatus can include a plurality of storage device controllers to respectively control a plurality of storage devices that employ different writing methods, a system controller to exchange information with the storage device controllers such that the plurality of storage devices are controlled in one system and in an integrated manner, a reset signal generation unit to output a reset signal that is in a first logic state via an output terminal when a power supply voltage used in the system is equal to or greater than a reference voltage, and a connection unit to electrically connect the output terminal of the reset signal generation unit to a reset signal input terminal of the system controller and to reset signal input terminals of the storage device controllers.07-08-2010
20100202080MOTOR AND RECORDING DISK DRIVE APPARATUS - A rotor unit includes a substantially circular plate shaped cover portion, a rotor hub including a lower cylinder portion, and a magnetic field generating member attached on the lower cylinder portion. An annular salient portion is provided on the lower surface of the cover portion 08-12-2010
20090310241Method of operating information storage device using magnetic domain wall movement - A method of operating an information storage device using a magnetic domain wall movement in a magnetic nanowire is provided. The magnetic nanowire includes a plurality of magnetic domains and pinning sites formed in regions between the magnetic domains. The method includes depinning the magnetic domain wall from a first pinning site by applying a first pulse current having a first pulse current density to the magnetic nanowire and moving the magnetic domain wall to a second pinning site by applying a second pulse current having a second pulse current density to the magnetic nanowire. The first pulse current density is greater than the second pulse current density.12-17-2009
20090207518Microdisk array apparatus using semiconductor automated equipment - The present invention discloses a microdisk array apparatus using semiconductor automated equipment, and the apparatus is installed into a space of a 3.5-inch IDE hard disk of the semiconductor equipment to substitute the hard disk directly. The apparatus includes a frame, and the frame has a connecting interface, a disk array controller and storage devices. During use, the semiconductor equipment stores, reads, updates and copies data with the storage devices through the connecting interface and the disk array controller. The storage device can be a 2.5-inch IDE hard disk or solid state disk. Since the IDE hard disk becomes a mainstream storage device of the semiconductor equipment, and the solid state disk has the quiet, fast, compact and long-life features, the apparatus is compatible to the storage devices of these two specifications, so as to provide better data storage and backup.08-20-2009
20120105995Writing Data to a Tape - A method and apparatus for writing data to a tape is disclosed. A plurality of data tracks are written onto a tape simultaneously. Any data tracks written to the tape that needs to be rewritten are identified. Each re-write unit that contains a data track that needs to be re-written is accumulated. The accumulated rewrite units are written to tape when a full set of rewrite units have been accumulated.05-03-2012
20110292536DATA WRITE CONTROL APPARATUS AND DATA WRITE CONTROL METHOD - According to one embodiment, a data write control apparatus includes a magnetic disk, a write controller, and a retry controller. The magnetic disk includes a track in which data is recorded in sector unit. The write controller is configured to execute control to write a sector data block to a predetermined sector in the track. The retry controller is configured to execute control to retry a write process to a predetermined number of sectors to which data has been written and which include a first sector, and to manage the number of retries performed on each sector.12-01-2011
20100033864METHODS OF FORMING AND READING SERVO TRACK AND DATA STORAGE APPARATUS - A method of forming a servo track on a recording medium includes; forming a magnetic layer, defining a first servo track region having a plurality of first magnetic segments and a second servo track region having a second plurality of magnetic segments in the magnetic layer, applying a first magnetic field to induce a first magnetization direction in the first and second pluralities of magnetic segments, forming first magnetic patterns, each having a first width, and second magnetic patterns, each having a second width different from the first width, on a first side of a substrate, disposing the substrate on the recording medium, such that the first magnetic patterns are aligned in correspondence with the plurality of first magnetic segments and the second magnetic patterns are aligned in correspondence with the plurality of second magnetic segments, and applying a second magnetic field to the recording medium to selectively induce a second magnetization direction into first selected ones of the first plurality of magnetic segments and second selected ones of the second plurality of magnetic segments.02-11-2010
20090086357IN DRIVE WRITTEN SPIRALS FOR SELF SERVO WRITING - A method of self servo writing is shown. In example embodiments, spirals or other indexing patterns can be written entirely within a hard disk drive, thus enabling self servo writing of the entire disk surface. Increased accuracy in spiral writing in turn increases the track density achievable using self servo writing techniques. One example method includes writing a first indexing pattern, then using the first indexing pattern to servo and write an adjacent second indexing pattern. Other example methods further include the use of back electromotive force (EMF) to increase accuracy in writing patterns such as spirals.04-02-2009
20110261480Reading Data Stored In Recording Medium - A device for reading data recorded on a recording medium having multiple tracks, the device including: a receiver that receives designations of a number of data elements to be read; and a determination unit that determines an order of reading the data elements so that, no matter on which track of the tracks each of the data elements is recorded, the data elements are read in an order of recorded locations of the data elements in a direction along the tracks on which the data elements are recorded.10-27-2011
20080266696WRITE DATA SWITCHING FOR MAGNETIC DISK DRIVES - One embodiment of the invention includes a system for writing data onto a magnetic disk. An output driver provides a first write current through a first output transistor in a first state and provides a second write current through a second output transistor in a second state. The first and second write currents can be provided to a disk write head to store opposing binary values, respectively. A bias current generator switches a first bias current between an intermediate voltage node in the second state and the first control node in the first state, and switches a second bias current between the intermediate voltage node in the first state and the second control node in the second state. The first and second bias currents can be provided to set a bias voltage at the first and second control nodes to bias the first and second output transistors, respectively.10-30-2008
20090310242HARD DISK STORAGE SYSTEM - An improved method and apparatus for data storage on hard disk drives (HDD) is described. The method and apparatus employ sequential data recording techniques ideal for sequential recording applications thus enabling the production of cheaper, more reliable and conveniently accessible systems. The sequential recording method may be employed with arrays of low-cost HDD and/or with the sequential employment of sectors, or groups of sectors, located within the individual HDDs themselves. An important feature of the system is that data are never deleted and so is only ever lost when overwritten with new data. Particular embodiments of the invention describe mirrored data storage systems which also provide for protection against data loss should one or more data storage elements fail.12-17-2009
20100118430METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR IMPROVING DATA ACCESS TIME - A computer implemented method of writing data to a linear tape is provided and includes, of the data to be written to the linear tape, distinguishing between data and meta-information, writing both the distinguished meta-information and undistinguished meta-information to a data area of the linear tape and the distinguished meta-information to a reserved area at a leading end of the linear tape, and retaining information reflective of the meta-information and a location thereof in a specified position of the reserved area.05-13-2010
20100079893METHOD FOR PRODUCING CONCAVO-CONVEX MEMBER, CONCAVO-CONVEX MEMBER, MAGNETIC TRANSFER METHOD, AND PERPENDICULAR MAGNETIC RECORDING MEDIUM - A method for producing a concaves-convex member having a concavo-convex pattern on a surface of a base material, including: forming a covering layer on surfaces of at least concave portions of an original master for producing a concavo-convex member, with a concavo-convex pattern provided on its surface; forming a barrier layer on a surface of the covering layer positioned at the at least concave portions of the original master; forming a base material by electrodepositing metal on a surface of the original master which is provided with the covering layer and the barrier layer on the at least concave portions; and separating, from the original master, the base material provided with the barrier layer and the covering layer over surfaces of at least convex portions, wherein a metal element contained in the barrier layer has an ionization tendency smaller than that of a metal element contained in the covering layer.04-01-2010
20100079894MAGNETIC TRANSFER MASTER CARRIER AND MAGNETIC TRANSFER METHOD USING THE SAME - To provide a magnetic transfer master carrier to be placed on a perpendicular magnetic recording medium so as to transfer magnetic information to the medium by application of a magnetic field, the magnetic transfer master carrier including: transfer portions that include a magnetic layer and correspond to the magnetic information; and non-transfer portions which are lower in height than the transfer portions that include the magnetic layer, and each of which has a concave shape, wherein the magnetic layer has perpendicular magnetic anisotropy, and the magnetic anisotropy energy of the magnetic layer is less than 4×1004-01-2010
20110199700PROCESS FOR PRODUCING MAGNETIC RECORDING MEDIUM AND MAGNETIC RECORDING AND REPRODUCING DEVICE - A process for producing a magnetic recording medium which can increase significantly yield and productivity is provided. Such a process for producing a magnetic recording medium includes a resist layer forming step which includes an immersing step of immersing a part of a non-magnetic substrate 08-18-2011
20090201599RECORDER AND RECORDING METHOD - A recorder of the present invention includes an optical disk drive section recording data on an optical disk, and a host section transferring data recorded on an arbitrary recording medium to the optical disk drive section to record the data on the optical disk, wherein the optical disk drive section intermittently records the data transferred from the host section on the optical disk.08-13-2009
20090147391INFORMATION STORAGE APPARATUS, INFORMATION STORAGE ARRANGEMENT AND INFORMATION STORAGE ARRANGEMENT KIT - An arrangement of an information storage apparatus is provided. The arrangement includes a first circuit board, a base, a control circuit board, and first and second connectors. The first circuit board includes circuitry for storing information written to or read from an information storage apparatus. The base has a first major surface and a second major surface and is configured with an opening extending from the first major surface to the second major surface. The first major surface is relatively closer to the first circuit board, and the second major surface is relatively distant from the first circuit board. The control circuit board includes control circuitry to control components of the information storage involved in accessing the information storage apparatus. At least one of the first connector and second connector is configured to extend within the opening.06-11-2009
20120293887APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING DATA WRITING TO A TAPE MEDIUM - Data of a target capacity calculated by a nominal capacity of a tape medium minus a data capacity lost due to execution of backhitchless writing is written to the tape medium. In a tape drive, a command processing unit 11-22-2012
20110205659SERVO WRITER AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING MAGNETIC TAPE WITH SERVO SIGNAL WRITTEN THEREON - In a servo writer, a write signal generator circuit is configured to output a signal for writing a servo signal to a servo write head disposed to allow a magnetic tape to slidably contact therewith and configured to write the servo signal thereon, and a plurality of tape guides are configured to guide the magnetic tape supplied from a supply reel to the servo write head and to a take-up reel. The plurality of tape guides include a first tape guide disposed to contact with the magnetic tape at a position directly upstream of the servo write head and a second tape guide disposed to contact with the magnetic tape at a position directly downstream of the servo write head. Each of the first and second tape guides includes a guide roller rotatably supported by an air bearing and having a diameter of 19 mm or greater.08-25-2011
20100061006MANAGING DATA STORAGE MEDIA AND MULTIPLE CARTRIDGE MEMORIES OF A DATA STORAGE CARTRIDGE - A data storage cartridge comprises data storage media configured to store data for read and/or write access, wherein the data may be arranged in a plurality of partitions; and a plurality of cartridge memories. A control system, for example of a data storage drive, is configured to allocate at least portions of capacity of the data storage media to cartridge memories of the data storage cartridge; and to provide information defining the allocated portions of capacity to the cartridge memories. Each of the cartridge memories may have a separate user and thus provide access for that user to separate partitions.03-11-2010
20080316631Wire-assisted magnetic write device with low power consumption - A magnetic device includes a write element having a write element tip and a conductive coil that carries current to induce a first field in the write element. A first conductor is proximate a leading edge of the write pole tip for carrying current to generate a second field that augments the first field.12-25-2008
20080310044Data recording apparatus and data recording system - A data recording apparatus and a data recording system of the present invention includes buffer memories 12-18-2008
20100128377Electric field assisted magnetic recording - We describe a system for electric field assisted magnetic recording where a recordable magnetic medium includes a magnetic recording layer of high coercivity and vertical magnetic anisotropy that is adjacent to an electrostrictive layer which can be placed in a state of stress by a electric field or which is already pre-stressed and which pre-stress can be turned into strain by an electric field. When the magnetic medium is acted on simultaneously by a magnetic writing field and an electric field, the stress in the elctrostrictive layer is transferred to a magnetostrictive layer which is the magnetic recording layer by itself or is coupled to the magnetic recording layer, whereupon the magnetic recording layer is made more isotropic and more easily written upon. Residual stresses in the electrostrictive layer can then be removed by an additional electric field of opposite sign to the stress-producing field.05-27-2010
20100290147APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR PROCESSING MAGNETIC TAPE MEDIA - An apparatus including a read head and at least two tape guides. The read head detects a magnetic field representative of information recorded on magnetic tape media, and the at least two tape guides guide the magnetic tape media on a path adjacent a read surface of the read head. The at least two tape guides are positioned to contact a substrate of the magnetic tape media and to maintain a non-zero distance between the path and the read surface.11-18-2010
20110205658Automatically Detecting Discrepancies Between Storage subsystem Alignments - A computer-implemented method and apparatus for detecting misalignment in a data storage stack by opening a first storage layer in the data storage stack, performing a plurality of accesses of the first storage layer, each of the plurality of accesses starting at a different offset, and determining an optimal offset based on a performance benchmark of each of the plurality of accesses.08-25-2011
20080316632METHOD FOR READING DATA FROM A MAGNETIC RECORDING TAPE - A method for reading data from a magnetic recording tape having multiple adjacent data tracks according to one embodiment includes simultaneously detecting signals from a plurality of read devices, at least some of the read devices being positioned over multiple data tracks while other of the adjacent read devices are positioned over single data tracks; determining which of the read devices is positioned over a single data track; and simultaneously reading data from the data tracks using only those read devices over the single data tracks. A method for reading and writing data to a magnetic recording tape according to another embodiment includes simultaneously writing data tracks to a magnetic medium; and simultaneously reading the data tracks on the magnetic medium using a plurality of adjacent read devices; wherein the number of the adjacent read devices is at least twice the number of the adjacent write devices.12-25-2008
20090002868Read after write enhancement for bit patterned media - A read/write head for use with bit-patterned media detects write synchronization errors between a write clock and the bit-patterned media. In particular, the read/write head writes data to the bit-patterned media using a write clock. The data is then read from the bit-patterned media and used to detect write synchronization errors between the write clock and the location of bit-islands on the bit-patterned media. Based on detected write synchronization errors, the phase associated with the write clock is modified to align the write clock with the location of bit-islands on the bit-patterned media.01-01-2009
20130215529DRIVE CONTROL APPARATUS, DRIVE CONTROL METHOD, AND STORAGE APPARATUS - A drive control apparatus includes a management unit, a detection unit, and an information unit. The management unit identifies a data write position on a tape onto which data is written sequentially, and manages correspondences between first addresses including an address larger than an address which is managed by an upper apparatus connected to the drive control apparatus and second addresses for making the upper apparatus identify the data write position on the tape. The detection unit detects that a drive which writes the data onto the tape fails in writing the data. The information unit informs the upper apparatus of a second address of a position on the tape at which write fails on the basis of detection by the detection unit.08-22-2013
20090244762RESIST PATTERN FORMING METHOD, MOLD STRUCTURE PRODUCING METHOD, MAGNETIC RECORDING MEDIUM PRODUCING METHOD, MAGNETIC TRANSFER METHOD AND MAGNETIC RECORDING MEDIUM - To provide a resist pattern forming method including: cleaning off fine powder at least on an edge of a base material to be processed; forming an imprint resist layer on a surface of the base material whose edge has been cleared of the fine powder; and forming a resist pattern on the surface of the base material by pressing, against the imprint resist layer, a concavo-convex pattern which is provided in a surface of a concavo-convex mold and which is composed of a plurality of convex portions and concave portions formed between the convex portions, so that the resist pattern is an inversion of the concavo-convex pattern.10-01-2009
20090213482APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR WRITING DATA ONTO A TAPE - An apparatus and method for writing data to be played back onto a tape is provided. Included is an acquisition unit for acquiring data to be written onto the tape, a writing unit for writing the data to the tape, and a determination unit for determining a data amount of a leading part of the data to be stored in a place separate from a place where the data is stored so that a part following the leading part is made ready to be played back before playback of the leading part ends, to reduce the time taken to read the data from the tape. Also included is an extraction unit for extracting the data and a storage unit for storing the leading part of the data.08-27-2009
20090244761MEMORY DEVICE - A method of controlling a memory device connectable to an information apparatus for sending out a command to the memory device, the memory device having a medium for storing data and a head for writing data into and reading data from the medium, the method includes storing parameter information for writing data into and reading out the data from the medium into the medium when formatting the medium, writing into the medium history information indicating user data has been written into the medium in accordance with the parameter information, and determining whether to allow the parameter information to be changed when a command for writing new parameter information is received from the information apparatus in accordance with the history information.10-01-2009
20100149676THREE-DIMENSIONAL MAGNETIC RECORDING - A multilayered three-dimensional media having a plurality of magnetic sublayers, each of the magnetic sublayers being separated from one another by a non-magnetic layer. The plurality of magnetic sublayers can be a stack of one or more coupled Co/Pd or Co/Pt layers; a layer of Co—Cr alloys optionally containing TiO06-17-2010
20090086358METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR MAGNETIC RECORDING USING SELF-ORGANIZED MAGNETIC NANOPARTICLES - A method and system for magnetic recording using self-organized magnetic nanoparticles is disclosed. The method may include depositing surfactant coated nanoparticles on a substrate, wherein the surfactant coated nanoparticles represent first bits of recorded information. The surfactant coating is then removed from selected of the surfactant coated nanoparticles. The selected nanoparticles with their surfactant coating removed may then be designated to represent second bits of recorded information. The surfactant coated nanoparticles have a first saturation magnetic moment and the selected nanoparticles with the surfactant coating removed have a second saturation magnetic moment. Therefore, by selectively removing the surfactant coating from certain nanoparticles, a write operation for recording the first and second bits of information may be performed. A read operation may be carried out by detecting the different magnetic moments of the surfactant coated nanoparticles and the non-surfactant coated nanoparticles.04-02-2009
20100002329PLANARIZATION METHODOLOGY FOR TOPOGRAPHICALLY CHALLENGED MEDIA SURFACE - The present invention relates to a device for magnetic recording that includes a storage medium having a media surface. The media surface has a plurality of lands and recesses between the lands. A polymer layer fills the recesses so that the media surface is substantially planar.01-07-2010
20120033322DISK DRIVE TRACK ADDRESS ENCODED WITH A SERVO SECTOR ADDRESS - A servo sector address and a track address of a recording medium of a disk drive are encoded into a combined address value. The combined address value is stored in a combined address field that has fewer bits than the total bits required to uniquely encode the servo sector address and the track address. The position of a transducer head, indicated by the servo sector address and the track address, is determined by reading encoded values from two consecutive servo sectors on the recording medium and then decoding the encoded values.02-09-2012
20100182713DATA STORAGE DEVICE WITH BOTH BIT PATTERNED AND CONTINUOUS MEDIA - Embodiments of a single data storage device with multiple different data recording media surfaces are disclosed. In one embodiment, at least one of the data recording media surfaces is conventional, such as a continuous or discrete track recording media. Another of the data recording media surfaces is a relatively high areal density, high data rate recording media, such as a bit patterned media (BPM) recording media.07-22-2010
20090040642RECORDING DATA SIMULTANEOUSLY AT TWO DEPTHS OF A TILTED MAGNETIC MEDIUM - Methods and recording systems are configured for recording different data simultaneously at two different depths of a tilted magnetic medium, the tilted magnetic medium having a hard axis of magnetization, the axis being out of a plane of the medium and at an angle of −10 to −80 degrees with respect to a direction along which data are recorded, the medium being capable of having two depths of recording. A method embodies writing with selected magnetic fields whose amplitudes and whose angles with respect to the medium hard axis direction differ at the two depths of the medium such that the recorded direction of magnetization at the respective two depths can be set independently.02-12-2009
20090073596HYDRODYNAMIC BEARING DEVICE, AND SPINDLE MOTOR AND INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS EQUIPPED WITH THE SAME - A hydrodynamic bearing device comprises a sleeve composed of a sintered member, a shaft that is inserted in a state of being capable of relative rotation into a bearing hole provided to the sleeve, and a hydrodynamic groove formed in the outer peripheral surface of the shaft and/or the inner peripheral surface of the sleeve. The sleeve has a surface porosity of 1.5% or less, and the ridge width is at least 0.10 mm.03-19-2009
20110032633Deflection Reference Adjustment for Variable Track Pitch Media - Apparatus and method for generating an analog waveform, such as a deflection signal used to deflect a write beam during the writing of data to a rotatable medium having a variable track pitch (TP). In accordance with various embodiments, a first digital to analog converter (DAC) is configured to output a deflection signal having an analog voltage level corresponding to a magnitude of a first multi-bit digital input value applied to the first DAC. A second DAC is configured to supply a rail voltage to the first DAC having an analog voltage level corresponding to a magnitude of a second multi-bit digital input value applied to the second DAC. The deflection signal is used to deflect a write beam supplied by a write beam generator.02-10-2011
20090015958Magnetic recording device and magnetic recording apparatus - A magnetic recording device includes: a laminated body including: a first ferromagnetic layer with a magnetization substantially fixed in a first direction; a second ferromagnetic layer with a variable magnetization direction; a first nonmagnetic layer disposed between the first ferromagnetic layer and the second ferromagnetic layer; and a third ferromagnetic layer with a variable magnetization direction. The magnetization direction of the second ferromagnetic layer is determinable in response to the orientation of a current, by allowing electrons spin-polarized by passing a current in a direction generally perpendicular to the film plane of the layers of the laminated body to act on the second ferromagnetic layer, and by allowing a magnetic field generated by precession of the magnetization of the third ferromagnetic layer to act on the second ferromagnetic layer.01-15-2009
20080259483ASPERITY DATA STORAGE SYSTEM, METHOD AND MEDIUM - An asperity data storage system wherein asperities are used to represent stored data. The asperity data storage system includes an asperity transducer that thermally interacts with a data storage medium adapted to store an information-encoded pattern of asperities thereon, such as a rotatable disk, a streamable tape, or a fixed medium. A drive system produces relative motion between the data storage medium and the asperity transducer, while electrical signals corresponding to the asperities are processed as stored information. A positional relationship can be maintained between the asperity transducer and the data storage medium using the asperities on the data storage medium for reference. A related asperity data storage method and the asperity data storage medium itself are further disclosed.10-23-2008
20110032634CONTROL METHOD AND STORAGE APPARATUS - A control method for information processing apparatus includes is provided. The control method includes receiving a lock instruction, locking a library device into a locked state at which insertion, removal and replacement of a medium in the library device is inhibited and/or prevented in response to the lock instruction, generating a map that indicates one or more media in the library device and a position of each of the media, receiving a power-off instruction, and powering off the library device while maintaining the library device in the locked state in response to the power-off instruction.02-10-2011
20110019303FLUID DYNAMIC BEARING APPARATUS, SPINDLE MOTOR, AND DISK DRIVE APPARATUS - In a spindle motor, a capillary seal portion having a radial dimension that decreases in an axially downward direction, and a labyrinth seal portion arranged above the capillary seal portion are defined between an outer circumferential surface of a rotating member and an inner circumferential surface of a tubular portion. The capillary seal portion includes a liquid surface of a lubricating oil positioned therewithin. The radial dimension of the labyrinth seal portion is smaller than the radial dimension of an upper end portion of the capillary seal portion, so that the labyrinth seal portion contributes to reducing evaporation of the lubricating oil.01-27-2011
20090034110DISK DRIVE APPARATUS AND MULTI-TASKING METHOD - A disk drive apparatus is shown that provides multi-tasking of firmware and hardware separately. A shared data structure is shown that permits queuing of multiple task requests and storing of multiple task results for later use, decreasing a need for wait time between components such as disk drive firmware and hardware. Further efficiencies are provided, including power saving modes when higher power disk drive components are not in use.02-05-2009
20110211272MAGNETIC FIELD DETECTING DEVICE AND METHODS OF USING THE SAME - A disclosed device having a principle axis and including a magnetoresistive stack, the magnetoresistive stack having first and second opposing surfaces, the magnetoresistive stack including a free layer, a spacer layer, and a reference layer, wherein the spacer layer is positioned between the first and reference layer, the free layer includes magnetic material having a free magnetic orientation in a first plane; the spacer layer includes a nonmagnetic material; and the reference layer includes a magnetic material having a pinned magnetic orientation in a second plane, wherein the second plane is perpendicular to the first plane and parallel to the principle axis of the device; an insulating layer at least a portion of the outer surface of the magnetoresistive stack; a shielding layer surrounding at least a portion of the insulating layer; and a conducting layer, wherein the conducting layer provides electrical connection between the magnetoresistive stack and the shielding layer.09-01-2011
20100039726MANAGING DATA STORAGE MEDIA AND MULTIPLE CARTRIDGE MEMORIES OF A DATA STORAGE CARTRIDGE - A data storage cartridge comprises data storage media configured to store data for read and/or write access, wherein the data may be arranged in a plurality of partitions; and a plurality of cartridge memories. A control system, for example of a data storage drive, is configured to allocate at least portions of capacity of the data storage media to cartridge memories of the data storage cartridge; and to provide information defining the allocated portions of capacity to the cartridge memories. Each of the cartridge memories may have a separate user and thus provide access for that user to separate partitions.02-18-2010
20100134914HARD DISK SECTOR/TRACK REMAPPING FOR TRANSPARENT WEAR LEVELING - The present principles provide methods for storing the write counts for each track on the track or alternatively in NVRAM in the hard disk. Most hard disks already have a mechanism to remap a sector that becomes un-writable. This mechanism is used to remap entire tracks when a track write count becomes too high. A track with an excessively high write count can be mapped by the hard disk firmware to a track with a very low write count. By automatically remapping these tracks based on the number of write the wear can be more evenly distributed across the platter thus increasing the service life of the hard disk without modification to the application software.06-03-2010
20100128378METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING MAGNETIC RECORDING MEDIUM, MAGNETIC RECORDING MEDIUM, AND MAGNETIC RECORDING-REPRODUCING APPARATUS - A magnetic recording medium which does not easily cause a material containing Fe or Co to corrode is disclosed. The method for manufacturing a magnetic recording medium 05-27-2010
20090027797Data Storage And Manipulation - A data storage device comprises: a data member comprising means for storing data on a surface thereof; and a data retrieval member. The data retrieval member comprises: a plurality of heads for reading data from the data member; and a plurality of storage buffers each arranged to store data read from one of more of said heads. The retrieval member is arranged so as to output the contents of a plurality of said storage buffers sequentially. This allows fast and efficient reading of the data stored.01-29-2009
20120120518SPIN-TORQUE OSCILLATOR FOR MICROWAVE ASSISTED MAGNETIC RECORDING - In a conventional type magnetic head that performs microwave assisted recording, since a difference in a demagnetizing field between an end and the center of a field generation layer (FGL) grows larger when saturation magnetization of the FGL grows larger, the FGL that generates a microwave is not oscillated in a state of a single domain. Then, a spin-torque oscillator according to the present invention used for a magnetic head for microwave assisted recording is provided with at least one fixed layer, one non-magnetic intermediate layer and one alternating-current magnetic field generation layer respectively and is provided with a structure where saturation magnetization at ends of a film except an end in a direction from an air bearing surface to a surface opposite to it is made smaller than saturation magnetization in the center of the film of the alternating-current magnetic field generation layer.05-17-2012
20110075290SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR ADJACENT TRACK INTERFERENCE (ATI) RISK MANAGEMENT - Embodiments of the invention broadly contemplate systems, methods and arrangements for managing Adjacent Track Interference (ATI) risk through intelligent management of a table that logs individual tracks creating a risk of ATI in tracks adjacent thereto. Embodiments of the invention provide that tracks considered being at low risk for creating ATI be ejected from the table in order to maintain a track-level log of manageable size.03-31-2011
20100302670DISK DRIVE - To provide a disk drive capable of inhibiting the occurrence of acoustic noise caused by a voltage pulse when the head is retracted using a speed control method using voltage obtained by rectifying a back electromotive force after the power source has been cut off from the rotation of a spindle motor. Retraction control circuit is used to control the on and off modes of transistors in accordance with the speed of VCM. The voltage across VCM becomes a voltage that can be regulated with VCM voltage control circuit. At this time, voltage is supplied to the terminals based on the voltage of ISO5V that is the rectified voltage of the back electromotive force of the spindle motor and the pulsating voltage is synchronized and produced at both terminals. As a result, the potential difference across VCM is such that the pulsating voltage is negated and acoustic noise is inhibited.12-02-2010
20100259846SYSTEM, METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR STRAIN-ASSISTED MAGNETIC RECORDING FOR CONTROLLING SWITCHING FIELD AND TIGHTENING SWITCHING FIELD DISTRIBUTION IN BIT PATTERNED MEDIA - Multilayer magnetic structures control the switching field and tighten the switching field distribution in bit patterned media. A strain-inducing layer is excited, e.g., by a localized magnetic field or a localized thermal heating or a voltage, and induces a strain on the magnetic layer(s) of the patterned bit to initiate switching of the bit magnetization. The strain induced on the magnetic layer forces a rotation or an amplitude variation of the magnetic layer anisotropy. A localized magnetic field is simultaneously or subsequently applied to complete the switching of the bit magnetization. The invention provides control of switching field and switching field distribution for bit-patterned media devices.10-14-2010
20100097715NANOIMPRINTING RESIN COMPOSITION - Nanoimprinting resin compositions are cured quickly and uniformly, are patterned by transferring evenly without transfer failure, and are suited for UV nanoimprinting methods and thermal nanoimprinting methods. The invention also provides micropatterned films of the compositions and processes for producing such films, magnetic disk media obtained with the films and production processes therefor, and recording/reproducing apparatuses for recording information in the magnetic disk media or for reproducing information from the magnetic disk media.04-22-2010
20110211273TAPE DATA ASSESSMENT THROUGH MEDIUM AXUILIARY MEMORY DATA COMPARISON - Methods for certifying data retained by a tape cartridge in a tape library are shown. Error rates that are encountered when the tape cartridge is being read by a tape drive can be accounted for without actually reading data for data content retrieval. A record of the error rate can be stored in a medium auxiliary memory device associated with the tape cartridge. An older record containing a formerly accounted for error rate of read errors when the tape cartridge was formerly read can be accessed and compared with the record presently assessed. If there is a difference between the presently found error rate and the formerly found error rate an action can be executed if the difference exceeds a predetermined threshold.09-01-2011
20120243116STORAGE DEVICE AND STORAGE SYSTEM - A storage device includes a processor, a vibration detecting sensor that detects a vibration, a plurality of disk drives, and a disk control device that causes the processor to perform an operation of generating a vibration for a disk drive selected from among the plurality of disk drives so that the generated vibration vibrates in a cycle that is shorter than a cycle of the vibration detected by the vibration detecting sensor.09-27-2012
20110261478MAGNETORESISTIVE ELEMENT AND MAGNETIC RECORDING APPARATUS - According to one embodiment, a magnetoresistive element includes a stack and a pair of electrodes that allows electric current to flow through the stack in a direction perpendicular to a surface of the stack. The stack includes a cap layer, a magnetization pinned layer, a magnetization free layer provided between the cap layer and the magnetization pinned layer, a tunneling insulator provided between the magnetization pinned layer and the magnetization free layer, and a functional layer provided within the magnetization pinned layer, between the magnetization pinned layer and the tunneling insulator, between the tunneling insulator and the magnetization free layer, within the magnetization free layer, or between the magnetization free layer and the cap layer. The functional layer includes an oxide including at least one element selected from Zn, In, Sn and Cd and at least one element selected from Fe, Co and Ni.10-27-2011
20110261479METHOD OF MANUFACTURING MAGNETIC RECORDING MEDIUM, AND MAGNETIC RECORDING/REPRODUCING DEVICE - A method of manufacturing a magnetic recording medium is provided, which include: forming a magnetic layer on the surface of a nonmagnetic substrate; forming a groove in which a nonmagnetic section is formed by etching a portion corresponding to a formation region of the nonmagnetic section in the magnetic layer and a magnetic recording section formed of the magnetic layer; applying a resin having an active energy ray curable functional group to the surface of the magnetic recording section so as to fill the groove; pressing a plate material against the resin so that the smooth surface of the plate material is in contact with the surface of the resin to make the surface of the resin smooth; removing the plate material from the resin; and forming the nonmagnetic section in the groove by etching and removing a portion located above the surface of the magnetic recording section in the resin having a smooth surface.10-27-2011
20120063024Systems and Methods for Handling Sector Gaps in Inter-track Interference Compensation - Various embodiments of the present invention provide systems and methods for data processing. As an example, a data processing circuit is discussed that includes an inter-track interference determination circuit operable to calculate an inter-track interference from a previous track data set based at least in part on the previous track data set and a current track data set. The previous track data set includes a gap. A portion of the data in the previous track data set corresponds to a previous track on a storage medium, and the data in the previous track data set corresponding to the gap corresponds to a track preceding a previous track.03-15-2012
20110043939Magnetic Recording Media with Reliable Writability and Erasure - Methods and media structures are provided for increasing writability and reducing unintentional erasure of perpendicular magnetic recording media. Variable permeability is controlled within a thin soft underlayer (SUL) structure, independent of bulk SUL material properties such as magnetic moment (B02-24-2011
20100067137MANAGING DATA STORAGE MEDIA AND MULTIPLE CARTRIDGE MEMORIES OF A DATA STORAGE CARTRIDGE - A data storage cartridge comprises data storage media configured to store data for read and/or write access, wherein the data may be arranged in a plurality of partitions; and a plurality of cartridge memories. A control system, for example of a data storage drive, is configured to allocate at least portions of capacity of the data storage media to cartridge memories of the data storage cartridge; and to provide information defining the allocated portions of capacity to the cartridge memories. Each of the cartridge memories may have a separate user and thus provide access for that user to separate partitions.03-18-2010
20110051276DISK ARRAY APPARATUS - An object of the present invention is to improve safety. A disk array apparatus of the present invention includes: CHE and MEM for temporarily storing data which is transmitted/received between a host device and a disk enclosure; CPU, RAIDC, and NVMC for controlling transmission/reception of data; power supply units for supplying power, which is supplied from an external power supply, to disk array control units; batteries for supplying power to the disk array control unit when the power being supplied from the external power supply is shut OFF without executing power supply shut down processing; an insertion/extraction detection unit for detecting insertion/extraction of a connector used for connecting the disk array control unit with the power supply unit; and battery monitors for stopping power supply by the battery when extraction of the connector is detected while the battery is supplying power to each device of the disk array control unit.03-03-2011
20110141604MAGNETIC MEDIA FORMATTED WITH AN INTERGRATED THIN FILM SUBGAP SUBPOLE STRUCTURE FOR ARBITRARY GAP PATTERN MAGNETIC RECORDING HEAD - An arbitrary gap thin film magnetic recording head is fabricated by forming a substrate based on traditional vertical planar thin film head wafer technology which is designed to produce an integrated subgap and subpole substrate structure. The wafer is then processed into row bars to reveal, in a plane parallel to the transducing direction of the medium, the subgap and subpoles at the surface of the row bar and to bring the structure to a certain coil depth or gap depth. A flat or cylindrical contour may be utilized.06-16-2011
20110317306MAGNETIC RECORDING APPARATUS, MAGNETIC RECORDING METHOD, AND MAGNETIC RECORDING MEDIUM - According to one embodiment, there is provided a magnetic recording medium which includes a plurality of magnetic dot rows in which there is a phase shift between adjacent dot rows, and dots are arranged in a zigzag manner in a predetermined number of dot rows which are simultaneously read.12-29-2011
20120008228MAGNETIC RECORDING MEDIA AND MAGNETIC RECORDING SYSTEM - This invention provides a magnetic recording medium excellent in terms of corrosion resistance. The magnetic recording medium comprises a magnetic recording layer, a protective layer and a lubricant layer provided on a nonmagnetic substrate, and the lubricant layer comprises a compound having a heterocyclic ring.01-12-2012
20120014012Varying data reader response - A reader apparatus is disclosed to read data magnetically stored on a storage medium. The apparatus has a sense structure to change resistance in response to a proximity of a stored magnetic field, and a variable magnetic field biasing arrangement to vary an active response length of the sense structure.01-19-2012
20120026624MAXIMIZING PERFORMANCE UNDER A POWER ENVELOPE CONSTRAINT - The present invention is a method of maximizing drive performance under any power constraint. In one embodiment, the method includes actively adjusting a seek power draw based on a comparison of real-time calculations of average seek power to a target power threshold.02-02-2012
20120300333Presentation of Shingled Magnetic Recording Device to a Host Device Resource Manager - A shingled magnetic recording hard drive is presented to a resource manager of a host device as an emulated device such as one or more optical media, an array of sequential access media, and/or write-once, read-many device. Data targeted for the emulated device is written to the shingled magnetic recording hard drive.11-29-2012
20110090584Signaling method and apparatus for write assist of high coercivity media using integrated half coil - A signaling method and apparatus for providing two write assist components for perpendicular thin film heads writing to high coercivity media is disclosed. The two components provided by the present invention include a media writing assist component and a head switching assist component. Circuit wiring configurations and waveforms for driving an auxiliary half coil are disclosed. These include configurations for connecting the auxiliary half coil in parallel with the main data coil, or connecting the auxiliary half coil to the thermal flight control system. Provision for both common mode signals as well as differential mode signals are disclosed. RF sinusoidal waveforms between 1 and 5 GHz have been found suitable for head switching assist functions for either symmetric current feed and common mode current configuration, or asymmetric current feed and differential mode current configuration. RF sinusoidal waveforms between 10 and 50 GHz have been found suitable for media writing assist functions for either asymmetric or symmetric current feed and differential mode configuration. Data derived signals obtained by passing the data pulse train though high pass filtration has been found to provide both head switching assist and media writing assist functionality. Data derived signals can be used with or without the RF signals.04-21-2011
20110102930WAVEFORM BASED BIT DETECTION FOR BIT PATTERNED MEDIA - The presently disclosed technology teaches a transducer head with a read sensor, a write pole, and one or more waveform sensors attached to the transducer head. Further, a waveform propagates in the direction of a BPM and the waveform sensor is configured to detect the waveform after it is reflected from the BPM. Additionally, a spin-polarized current is influenced by the BPM and a spin angular momentum sensor detects changes in spin angular momentum of the current. Further, a processor relates at least one property of the reflected waveform and/or current with positions of patterned bits on the BPM. The processor may then modify a timing signal and/or transducer head position to ensure that data bits are accurately written to the BPM. The end result is the ability to more quickly and accurately detect the patterned bits and synchronize a position of the transducer head with the patterned bits.05-05-2011
20120250177INCREASED DATA ACCESS RATES FOR MAGNETIC HARD DISK MEDIA - A method and apparatus for transferring data. First data is transferred in a first direction on a surface of a selected magnetic disk in a plurality of magnetic disks using a first actuator assembly. Second data is transferred in a second direction on the surface of the selected magnetic disk in the plurality of magnetic disks using a second actuator assembly, while the first data is being transferred in the first direction by the first actuator assembly.10-04-2012
20100246045MAGNETIC RECORDING MEDIUM, MAGNETIC RECORDING METHOD, AND MAGNETIC RECORDING APPARATUS - Disclosed is a magnetic recording medium comprising a substrate, a magnetic recording layer formed on the substrate to record magnetic information, and a piezoelectric material disposed adjacent to the magnetic recording layer and capable of contracting and expanding. Preferably, piezoelectric members made of the piezoelectric material are formed in such a manner as to be spaced a predetermined distance apart from each other on the substrate in a direction crossing a track on the magnetic recording layer, and the magnetic recording layer is formed between the piezoelectric members. When subjected to laser light or ultraviolet radiation, the piezoelectric material contracts or expands at least in the direction crossing the track. The piezoelectric material is selected from the group consisting of lead lanthanum zirconate titanate, barium titanate, and potassium niobate.09-30-2010
20100246046MAGNETIC TRANSFER METHOD AND MAGNETIC TRANSFER MASTER CARRIER - Applying a magnetic field that varies like a single pulse from a start magnetic field to a maximum transfer magnetic field and then to an end magnetic field to a stacked body of a magnetic transfer master carrier and a perpendicular magnetic recording medium such that the time from the start magnetic field to the end magnetic field does not exceed 100 ms. The master carrier has a transfer pattern of multiple fine elements. Each element has a planar shape formed of a plurality of rectangles, each having two sides parallel to a circumferential tangent line and two sides forming an angle of 90±5° with the circumferential tangent line, arranged continuously in a track width direction. A side of the planar shape of each element intersecting the circumferential tangent line has an effective inclination corresponding to a skew angle of the read/write head.09-30-2010
20120162807METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR OPERATING A TAPE DRIVE - Methods, computer systems, and computer program products are provided for operating a tape drive comprising a tape medium with a plurality of record groups stored thereon. Access sequence for the plurality of record groups is provided. The tape medium is positioned for reading a record group in the access sequence before a seek command for the record group in the access sequence is received.06-28-2012
20100079892METHOD FOR PRODUCING MAGNETIC TRANSFER MASTER CARRIER, MAGNETIC TRANSFER MASTER CARRIER AND MAGNETIC TRANSFER METHOD - To provide a method for producing a magnetic transfer master carrier, including: plating a patterned silicon substrate with nickel so as to form a base material on the silicon substrate; separating the base material from the silicon substrate; and etching a surface of the base material so as to obtain an oriented base material, wherein the magnetic transfer master carrier includes the oriented base material, a thin underlying layer formed on the oriented base material, and a magnetic layer formed on the thin underlying layer.04-01-2010
20110181978DISC DRIVE DATA RECOVERY UTILIZING OFF CENTER TRACK INFORMATION - Disc drive data recovery methods and systems that utilize off center track information are provided. A disc drive data track is illustratively read at a first position along a width of the data track and at a second position along the width of the data track. The data read from the track is stored and tagged with indications of the first and the second positions. The tagged data is optionally used to calculate average waveforms for each of the first and the second positions and to identify the average waveform having the highest signal-to-noise ratio.07-28-2011
20100271728METHOD FOR READ-OUT OF INFORMATION IN MAGNETIC RECORDING ELEMENT AND METHOD FOR READ-OUT OF INFORMATION IN MAGNETIC RANDOM ACCESS MEMORY - Provided are a method for read-out of information in a magnetic recording element and a method for read-out of information in a magnetic random access memory. In the method, a magnetic recording element including a magnetic free layer where a magnetic vortex is formed is prepared, and “0” or “1” is assigned according to a core orientation of a magnetic vortex formed in the magnetic free layer. The magnetic vortex core formed in the magnetic free layer rotates on the magnetic free layer by applying a current or magnetic field, of which a direction varies with time, to the magnetic free layer with the magnetic vortex formed. “0” or “1” assigned according to the core orientation of the magnetic vortex formed in the magnetic free layer is read out by measuring a characteristic caused by a difference in a rotation radius of the magnetic vortex core. Herein, the rotation radius of the magnetic vortex core, which is formed in the magnetic free layer and rotates by the applied current or magnetic field, varies with the core orientation of the magnetic vortex formed in the magnetic free layer.10-28-2010
20100328805ERROR TOLERANT OR STREAMING STORAGE DEVICE - A method of storing data includes receiving general purpose (GP) data and special Error Tolerant or Streaming (ETS) data, storing the GP data using a data storage method, and storing the ETS data using a different data storage method which affects the access rate, resilience to errors, data integrity, storage density, or storage capacity. The storage medium, which can include a disk drive, flash memory, or holographic memory, is utilized differently depending on the required Quality of Service in aspects including block size, storage of error correction codes, utilization of error correction codes, storage area density, physical format pattern, storage verification, or reaction to failed storage verification. For disk drives these differences include spacing between tracks; overlap between tracks; spiral track formatting; concentric track formatting, and size of blocks, and for flash memories these differences include levels per cell and number of cells.12-30-2010
20090040643METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR WRITING TIMING BASED SERVO TRACKS ON MAGNETIC TAPE USING COMPLEMENTARY SERVO WRITER PAIRS - Method and apparatus for writing timing based (servo) tracks on magnetic recording tape using complementary servo writer pairs. A magnetic tape intended to store, for instance, computer data conventionally contains servo tracks in addition to the data tracks. Typically many servo tracks and data tracks are arranged laterally across the width of the tape. The adjacent servo tracks (bands) here are complementary in terms of the orientation of their stripes and are written (recorded) by a complementary arranged servo writer pair. This advantageously reduces the position error signal by a substantial amount, even to nearly zero. In one version the servo writers are straight in configuration and in another version they are curved or chevron shape. These complementary servo writer pairs write adjacent servo bands. This takes advantage of the fact that typical servo technology, for instance in the LTO tape format, uses two servo heads, a top and bottom servo head, and averages the position error signal of the top and bottom servo read heads in the tape drive to determine the position error. By writing the servo tracks as described here, this error as written-in is substantially reduced. This is because the top and bottom servo sensors interpret the complementary aspect as being position error signal error in opposite directions, which thereby cancels out.02-12-2009
20100232049System and Method for Sector Remapping - Disclosed herein is an improved sector remapping method that maps logical sectors into physical sectors in storage disks such as SATA (Serial ATA) drives without reducing either storage capacity or I/O performance efficiency. Under this sector remapping method, logical sectors of data can be written into the physical sectors of a storage device through control frames having padded data or information associated with the padded data, as well as data frames having real data to be stored. With the padded data to be added to the real data, the frames provide multiple physical sectors to be transmitted into the storage device in a single write operation. The sector remapping method can be implemented in a storage bridge coupled to a storage device such as SATA drives.09-16-2010
20120140354SPIN TORQUE OSCILLATOR, METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME, MAGNETIC RECORDING HEAD, MAGNETIC HEAD ASSEMBLY, AND MAGNETIC RECORDING APPARATUS - According to one embodiment, there is provided a spin torque oscillator including an oscillation layer formed of a magnetic material, a spin injection layer formed of a magnetic material and configured to inject a spin into the oscillation layer, and a current confinement layer including an insulating portion formed of an oxide or a nitride and a conductive portion formed of a nonmagnetic metal and penetrating the insulating portion in a direction of stacking. The conductive portion of the current confinement layer is positioned near a central portion of a plane of a device region including the oscillation layer and the spin injection layer.06-07-2012
20130170064VARIABLE DATA DENSITY FOR DATA STORAGE - Disclosed herein are methods and apparatuses that provide for variable data density on a disc data storage medium, where the variable data density may have a circumferential definition and a radial definition. In some examples, devices and methods may include measuring a read or write performance attribute on a disc data storage medium and selectively setting a data density rate that may vary in a circumferential direction for the disc data storage medium based on the read or write performance attribute. In other examples, apparatuses can include a data storage device having a disc data storage medium and a controller configured to measure a performance attribute of the disc data storage medium and to selectively set different Bits Per Inch (BPI) for data storage within different areas of the disc.07-04-2013
20130128377DEVICE, METHOD OF FABRICATING A MEDIA AND METHOD OF SERVO WRITING - A device may be provided. The device includes a media including a servo layer and a data recording layer, and a recording head including a dimension sized to produce a magnetic writing field to write servo information on the servo layer.05-23-2013
20080198495Head Actuator Design for a Low Profile Tape Drive - A head actuator design for a low profile tape drive is configured with a damping system for a head suspension system having flexure springs to accommodate a half-high form factor. The damping system employs hall sensors, for example, mounted on the head carriage that moves with the head carriage to provide position signals that are differentiated to form velocity signals used by a servo loop control system to dampen suspension system resonance. A flexible circuit routing is provided that is manageable for half-high form factors by combining the fine positioner loop and course positioner loop into a single loop, and preventing the head flexible printed circuit from contacting a top cover in the routing to a printed circuit board near the top cover.08-21-2008
20110242695DISK DEVICE AND RELATED WRITE METHOD - A method of performing a write operation in a disk device comprises storing multiple units of data in a first area of a buffer, wherein each of the units of data has a size that is different from a size of a corresponding target sector of a disk. The method further comprises transferring data from a first target sector to second and third areas of the buffer, and writing the data stored in the first area of the buffer and the data stored in the third area of the buffer to the first target sector.10-06-2011
20130148228WRITE HEAD DESIGNED FOR ADJUSTING RELATIVE WRITE PHASE BETWEEN SUBTRACKS OF A PATTERNED MEDIA HYPERTRACK - A magnetic recording system configured for recording to a bit patterned media using both hypertrack recording and shingled recording. The magnetic recording system includes a write pole with a notched trailing edge that results in a write bubble with a trailing edge that has two outer convex lobes separated by a centrally disposed concave region. By locating one of the lobes over first and second data tracks of a hypertrack, a proper alignment of the relative phase of the two tracks can be maintained. Further adjustment to the alignment can be achieved by adjusting the radial location of the write head.06-13-2013
20130148229IMPLEMENTING SPIN-TORQUE OSCILLATOR SENSING WITH ENHANCED DELAY CONTROL FEEDBACK CIRCUIT FOR HARD DISK DRIVES - A method, apparatus, and system for implementing spin-torque oscillator (STO) sensing with an enhanced delay control feedback circuit for hard disk drives. A detector receives an input signal from a STO read sensor having an oscillation frequency related to the strength of the detected magnetic signal field. The received input signal is mixed with a time delayed input signal for providing a detector output signal. A low frequency component signal of the detector output signal is monitored and a delay control feedback is applied to an adjustable time delay to bias the DC signal of the detector output signal.06-13-2013
20130148230Systems and Methods for Medium Proximity Detection in a Read Channel - A contact event between a sensing device and a storage medium is detected by receiving a signal indicating a physical proximity between the sensing device and the storage medium; generating a plurality of frequency bin outputs; comparing one or more frequency bin outputs to a corresponding first level threshold to yield a corresponding comparator output; summing the comparator output with at least one prior instance of the comparator output to yield an aggregated value; comparing the aggregated value to an aggregate threshold to yield an aggregate output; and generating a contact event output if one or more of a first group of the plurality of frequency bin outputs has an associated aggregate output set to a predefined binary value and a predefined minimum number of a second group of the plurality of frequency bin outputs has an associated aggregate output set to a predefined binary value.06-13-2013
20110249358APPARATUS AND METHOD OF DETECTING A DEFECTIVE SECTOR IN A DISK DRIVE - A method and apparatus to detect a defective sector include features of determining a first error value by counting the number of error symbols in first data read from a sector by using a head in an on-track state, and reading second data from the sector by off-tracking the head in a positive direction and third data from the sector by off-tracking the head in a negative direction in response to the first error value being equal to or greater than a first threshold value. Additionally, a second error value is determined based on the number of error symbols in the read second data and a third error value is determined based on the number of error symbols in the read third data. Accordingly, the sector is determined to have a defect by comparing an average of the second and third error values to a second threshold value.10-13-2011
20100302671MAGNETIC RECORDING DEVICE, HEAD EVALUATION DEVICE, AND WRITE-POLE-ERASING EVALUATION METHOD - According to one embodiment, a magnetic recording device includes a write controller to control such that writing first information having a same polarity throughout the first information in a predetermined region including a plurality of tracks in a recording medium, writing second information in a target track located within or close to the predetermined region, and writing third information having, at an end of the writing, a polarity opposite to the polarity of the first information in a region of the target track in which the second information is not written, are performed; a read controller to control such that the second information is read after each of writing of the second information and writing of the third information; and a determiner to determine occurrence of pole erasing based on each second information read under the control by the read controller.12-02-2010
20120092788FLUID DYNAMIC BEARING MECHANISM INCLUDING COMMUNICATING CHANNEL, SPINDLE MOTOR, AND DISK DRIVE APPARATUS - A fluid dynamic bearing mechanism includes a stationary bearing portion including a sleeve portion, and a rotating bearing portion including an outer rotating portion. A lubricating oil is arranged between the stationary and rotating bearing portions. A first dynamic pressure groove array is arranged in an upper surface of the sleeve portion or a lower surface of the outer rotating portion. A second dynamic pressure groove array is arranged in a surface of the outer rotating portion or a surface of the stationary bearing portion in a region between the first array and a liquid surface. An end of the second array closer to the liquid surface is arranged radially inward of an opposite end of the second array. An upper end opening of a communicating channel defined in the sleeve portion is arranged radially outward of a radially inner end of the first array.04-19-2012

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