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By partial reflection at beam splitting or combining surface

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359 - Optical: systems and elements


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359630000 Superimposing visual information on observer`s field of view (e.g., head-up arrangement, etc.) 172
359630000 Superimposing visual information on observers field of view (e.g., head-up arrangement, etc.) 117
359634000 Wavelength selective (e.g., dichroic mirror, etc.) 33
359636000 Including full reflection and transmission of a beam at different portions of a beam divider 6
359637000 With path length or aberration correcting element 6
359638000 With partial reflection at a surface of a prism 2
20110026129PRISM BEAMSPLITTERS - Embodiments of the present invention are directed to single prism beamsplitters and compound beamsplitters formed from combining one or more of the single prism beamsplitters. In one embodiment, the beamsplitters can be configured to produce one or more split beams of light that can emerge at angles other than 90° to one another. The prisms of the beamsplitter embodiments are configured so that light propagating through prisms encounter one or more intermediate planar surfaces at various angles with respect to the path of the light. A certain number of the intermediate planar surfaces can be angled so that the light transmitted along a particular path undergoes total internal reflection within the prism. A number of other intermediate planar surfaces are angled so that the light transmitted along a particular path does not undergo total internal reflection.02-03-2011
20100007964LIGHT INTEGRATING DEVICE FOR AN ILLUMINATION SYSTEM AND ILLUMINATION SYSTEM USING THE SAME - A light integrating device for an illumination system and an illumination system. The illumination system includes a first light source module and a second light source module providing a first light and a second light, respectively. The device includes first and second light collecting elements and a beam splitting element. The first light travels into the first light collecting element and is split into a plurality of light groups by the beam splitting element. At least one light group travels into the second light collecting element from the beam splitting element. The second light travels into the second light collecting element, is reflected by the beam splitting element and emits out from the second light collecting element along the principle axis of the light integrating device together with the at least one light group which is split from the first light and travels into the second light collecting element.01-14-2010
20110170199Optical Arrangement for Tracking Detector - A system and method of reducing turbulence sensitivity in a laser spot detector. Embodiments may include using beam splitters, reflectors, and beam deviators. The reflectors may be trihedral reflectors and the beam deviators may be segmented wedge plates having predetermined physical angles and angle directions in each wedge segment designed to produce opposing blurs for each segment of the aperture. A predetermined blur introduced into each line of sight eliminates the need for de-focus, thereby mitigating effects such as centroid shift caused by turbulence or dirty/damaged sensor apertures.07-14-2011
20130057961DISPLAY, INSTRUMENT PANEL, OPTICAL SYSTEM AND OPTICAL INSTRUMENT - A multiple depth display provided for displaying images at different depths comprises a single display device (03-07-2013
20090190229Spherically shaped optical beamsplitter - A rotatable optical beamsplitter comprises an optically-transparent material and a partially-reflective layer. The optically-transparent material has a unitary spherical exterior surface. The partially-reflective layer is located at least partially within the optically transparent material. The spherically shaped optical beamsplitter demonstrates reduced optical distortion.07-30-2009
20120113522OPTICAL ASSEMBLY, METHOD FOR ASSEMBLING AN OPTICAL ASSEMBLY, SYSTEM FOR SECURING OPTICAL ELEMENTS OF AN OPTICAL ASSEMBLY AND A SPRING FOR SECURING OPTICAL ELEMENTS OF AN OPTICAL ASSEMBLY - A monolithic frame for optics used in interferometers where the material of the monolithic frame may have a substantially different coefficient of thermal expansion from the beamsplitter and compensator without warping, bending or distorting the optics. This is accomplished through providing a securing apparatus holding the optics in place while isolating the expansion thereof from the expansion of the frame. Stability in optical alignment is therefore achieved without requiring a single material or materials of essentially identical coefficients of thermal expansion. The present invention provides stability in situations where it is not possible to utilize a single material for every component of the interferometer.05-10-2012
20100195211WIDE FIELD OF VIEW COLOR IMAGE PROJECTOR - An optical device for an image projector for providing a projected wide field of view image, includes a first dichroic mirror or splitter, arranged in an input path for receiving light of a plurality of wavelength bands, and adapted to output by reflection on a first path respective first portions of selected ones of the wavelength bands and by transmission on a second path respective second portions of the selected ones of the wavelength bands. Light modulating devices, arranged in respective ones of the first and second paths to receive the first and second portions, generate and output on respective first and second intersecting output paths modulated ones of the first and second portions. A second dichroic mirror or combiner, adapted to reflect one and transmit the other of the first and second portions, is arranged in an area of intersection of the first and second intersecting output paths, to output, by reflection and transmission, respectively, the modulated ones of the first and second portions on a common output path.08-05-2010
20090034086PANORAMIC THREE-DIMENSIONAL ADAPTER FOR AN OPTICAL INSTRUMENT AND A COMBINATION OF SUCH AN ADAPTER AND SUCH AN OPTICAL INSTRUMENT - An adapter is provided for adapting an optical instrument, such as a camera (02-05-2009
20110170200Systems and Methods for 3-Dimensional Interferometric Microscopy - In one embodiment, an apparatus comprises an optical system with multiple detectors and a processor. The optical system is configured to produce images of an optical source in a first dimension and a second dimension substantially orthogonal to the first dimension at each detector at a given time. Each image from the images is based on an interference of an emission from the optical source in a first direction and an emission from the optical source in a second direction different from the first direction. The processor is configured to calculate a position in a third dimension based on the images. The third dimension is substantially orthogonal to the first dimension and the second dimension.07-14-2011
20080273245BEAM SPLITTING MODULE AND A LIGHT SOURCE SYSTEM INCORPORATING THE SAME - A beam splitting module is disposed on a base plate of a light source system, and includes a supporting wall, a beam splitting lens, and a biasing member. The supporting wall has a first wall surface, and is disposed on the base plate such that the first wall surface extends perpendicularly from the base plate. The beam splitting lens has a first lens surface disposed adjacent to the first wall surface of the supporting wall, and a second lens surface opposite to the first lens surface. The biasing member is secured to the base plate, and is disposed adjacent to the second lens surface of the beam splitting lens for urging the beam splitting lens toward the supporting wall such that the first lens surface of the beam splitting lens abuts against the first wall surface of the supporting wall.11-06-2008
20090147369BEAM SPLITTER FOR A LASER MARKING DEVICE - A laser marking device (06-11-2009
20090067056Use of Metallized Films to Create Half-Mirrored Parts - The present invention provides half-mirrored parts and methods for creating half-mirrored parts. A half-mirrored part according to one particular embodiment of the present includes: a formable reflective layer and a formable transparent or translucent layer, wherein the formable reflective layer is on one side of the transparent or translucent layer.03-12-2009
20090190230Cylindrically Shaped Optical Beamsplitter - An optical beamsplitter comprises an optically-transparent material and a partially-reflective layer therein. The optically-transparent material has a cylindrically shaped exterior surface which provides advantages.07-30-2009
20100128355FLAT FIELD EYEPIECE - A lens system includes a first lens axially aligned with a second lens, where the first and second lenses are configured to be sequentially positioned from a pupil image of a viewer. The second lens is formed as a triplet having three cemented elements. The second lens includes a convex surface facing the first lens, and a flat surface opposing the convex surface of the second lens. The first lens includes a concave surface opposing a flat surface of the first lens; the second lens includes a concave surface and a convex surface; and the concave surface of the first lens and the concave and convex surfaces of the second lens have equal radii of curvatures.05-27-2010
20080204888Optical system for luminaire - An optical system for mixing and redirecting light generated by a light source is provided. The optical system comprises a first reflector operatively disposed relative to the light source, the first reflector configured to receive first light emitted by the light source which propagates along lines of sight therebetween and configured to reflect the first light as second light; a diffuser for scattering light incident thereon, the diffuser and the first reflector configured so that second light is incident upon the diffuser, wherein the incident light is diffused as third light and wherein the third light is directed towards the target surface; a second reflector operatively disposed and aligned relative to the diffuser and the first reflector is configured to direct light towards the target surface, thereby illuminating the target surface.08-28-2008
20080266668SLM Projection Display with Series DMD Illuminator - The addition of DMD illumination modulator(s) 10-30-2008
20090185279Image Pickup apparatus - An image pickup apparatus that comprises: an optical path splitting element; an optical system including a variable-optical-power element which is substantially immobile in an optical axis direction and a reflective surface; and an image pickup surface, the variable-optical-power element, the optical system, and the image pickup surface being arranged so that a ray from an object side is divided into two rays by the optical path splitting element, at least one of the rays enters the optical system, and is reflected by the reflective surface to return to the optical path splitting element, and the ray strikes on the image pickup surface via the optical path splitting element.07-23-2009
20090080085Electromagnetic Radiation Pulse Duration Control Apparatus and Method - Apparatus and methods are used for controlling electromagnetic radiation pulse duration in a lithographic apparatus. A dividing element is arranged to divide an electromagnetic radiation pulse into a first portion and a second portion. A prism receives, refracts, and subsequently emits the first portion of the electromagnetic radiation pulse. A directing element is arranged to direct the first and second portions of the electromagnetic radiation pulse parallel to a common optical axis. The first portion combines with the second portion to form a combined radiation beam pulse. The combined radiation beam pulse has a longer pulse duration than the divided electromagnetic pulse and experiences no corresponding loss in intensity.03-26-2009
20090213468MICHELSON-INTERFEROMETER-BASED DELAY-LINE INTERFEROMETERS - An interferometer includes a means for splitting, at a splitting location, an input light beam into a first beam and a second beam; and means for recombining, at a recombination location, the first beam and the second beam. The interferometer is designed such that the first beam will travel a first optical path length (OPL) from the splitting location to the recombination location, and the second beam will travel a second OPL from the splitting location to the recombination location and such that when the input light beam has bean modulated at a data rate comprising a time interval, then the difference in optical path lengths between the first OPL and the second OPL is about equal to the time interval multiplied by the speed of light.08-27-2009
20100177403Optical Systems That Display Different 2-D and/or 3-D Images to Different Observers from a Single Display - An image display system provides a viewer with an experience of three-dimensional imagery by presenting a composite image made up of at least two separate images. The system includes at least first and second image sources, a beam combiner, and a “background-image-occluding element” which prevents background imagery from being seen through foreground image elements. The system presents the image from one of the image sources, containing background image information, at a distance from the viewer which is greater than the distance from the viewer to the other image presented from the other image source, which contains foreground image elements. The “background-image-occluding element” is positioned at the same optical distance from the viewer as the image containing foreground image elements, eliminating any parallax error between them, enabling the foreground image elements to always occlude appropriate areas of the background image, regardless of the viewer's position or the background image brightness relative to the brightness of foreground image elements.07-15-2010
20100177402FLOATING IMAGE INTERACTION DEVICE AND ITS PROGRAM - A real mirror image forming optical system is constructed from a half-mirror, and from a retroreflector placed in a position where it recursively reflects either the light passing through or reflected by that half-mirror, so that light emitted from an object to be projected placed behind the half-mirror can pass through either a first light path consisting of passing through the half-mirror, recursive reflection by the retroreflector, and reflection by the half-mirror; or a second light path consisting of reflection by the half-mirror, recursive reflection by the retroreflector, and passing through the half-mirror; thus by one or both of these light paths a real mirror image of the object to be projected is formed at a planar symmetric position with respect to the half-mirror surface.07-15-2010
20090040620DISK STRUCTURE, MANUFACTURING METHOD THEREOF AND OPTICAL TWEEZERS DEVICE USING THE SAME - A disk structure is disposed in an optical tweezers device including a light source for producing incident laser light. The disk structure includes a first substrate, a second substrate and a reflective layer. The second substrate is disposed with respect to the first substrate. One of the first substrate and the second substrate has at least one flow path. The reflective layer, which is adhered to the second substrate, is disposed between the first substrate and the second substrate. After the incident laser light passes through the first substrate and then reaches the reflective layer, the incident laser light is reflected back as reflective laser light by the reflective layer to form reflective laser light. A tweezers light field is formed in the flow path by both the reflective laser light and the incident laser light.02-12-2009
20110109972All optical and hybrid reflection switch at a semiconductor/glass interface due to laser beam intersection - The present invention includes a method of changing intensity of a reflected beam which may be expressed as a method of changing the amount of reflected light from a beam of light, the method comprising: (a) providing a substrate bearing a film of a reflective material; (b) directing a first beam of light at a reflecting point upon the reflective material so as to create a reflecting beam therefrom; (c) directing a second beam of light at the reflecting point upon the reflective material so as to alter the amount of light in the reflecting beam, and (d) detecting the change in the amount of light in the reflecting beam. The invention also includes an apparatus for changing the amount of reflected light from a beam of light and measuring that change, as well as related apparatus for a pulsed optical signal.05-12-2011
20110026127WAVELENGTH MONITORED AND STABILIZED SOURCE - Methods and apparatus for sampling techniques can constantly monitor a spectral output from a broadband source in order to control a central wavelength of interrogation light supplied by the source for input to a sensor. A first portion of light output from the broadband source passes through a controller module for spectral analysis and referencing to provide measurements that can be used as feedback to actively modify a second portion of the light from the source. This modified second portion thereby controls the central wavelength to ensure accurate determination of sensor response signals received at a receiver.02-03-2011
20110038053GUIDED MATTER-WAVE SAGNAC INTERFEROMETER - The present invention provides an interferometer apparatus comprising a matter-wave guide enclosing an area, wherein a flux of particles may be guided in the matter-wave guide in at least two opposite paths, the matter-wave guide is rotatable relative to an inertial frame of reference; a first beam splitter to split the first beam to at least second and third beams, each of the second and third beams is to be guided in another path of the two opposite paths; and a second beam splitter allowing particles of the second and third beams to exit the matter-wave guide in a first probability and to stay in the matter-wave guide in a second probability.02-17-2011
20100053762Intensity-Based One-Way Visible Display System - A one-way display system includes a partially reflective screen with a first image, and a partially absorptive screen with a second image that is an inverse of the first image. The two screens can be stacked on top of each other or separated by a small distance. A portion of ambient light on a first side of the display system passes through the partially reflective screen and exits as intermediate light. A portion of the intermediate light passes through the partially absorptive screen and exits as transmitted light to a second side of the display system. The transmitted light is spatially and chromatically uniform like the ambient light. This allows observers on the second side to see objects on the first side without the first image, and observers on the first side to see the first image.03-04-2010
20110255173Pulse Modifier with Adjustable Etendue - A beam modifying unit increases both temporal pulse length and Etendue of an illumination beam. The pulse modifying unit receives an input pulse of radiation and emits one or more corresponding output pulses of radiation. A beam splitter divides the incoming pulse into a first and a second pulse portion, and directs the first pulse portion along a second optical path and the second portion along a first optical path as a portion of an output beam. The second optical path includes a divergence optical element. A first and a second mirror, each with a radius of curvature, are disposed facing each other with a predetermined separation, and receive the second pulse portion to redirect the second portion, such that the optical path of the second portion through the pulse modifier is longer than that of the first portion, and the separation is less than radius of curvature.10-20-2011
20110216421Optical apparatus for magnifying a view of an object at a distance - Described are new magnifying apparatus based on two dimensional arrays of micro magnifying modules (MMMs) positioned along a plane perpendicular to the axis of the magnifying apparatus. In addition, the structure may include a two dimensional array of micro beam multipliers (MBMs) to improve the quality of the magnified image. The micro beam multipliers are positioned along a plane parallel to the array of micro magnifying modules. The structure also may include a two dimensional array of ray angle adjusters (RAAs) to extend the view angle. The ray angle adjusters are positioned along a plane parallel to the array of micro magnifying modules. The array of micro magnifying modules, with or without the micro beam multipliers and/or ray angle adjusters, may be constructed as a thin plate with a thickness of a few millimeters, through which the object is viewed. An object at a distance appears in the magnifying apparatus as a magnified image and the magnifying apparatus can be used for viewing an object at a distance in a way similar to the use of a conventional magnifier for viewing an object in a short distance.09-08-2011
20110063733FABRICATION OF THIN PELLICLE BEAM SPLITTERS - A method for fabricating a pellicle beam splitter includes etching an aperture in a support substrate; bonding a beam splitter substrate to an upper surface of the support substrate so that the beam splitter substrate covers the aperture; and depositing at least one optical coating on the beam splitter substrate. A pellicle beam splitter includes a support substrate, an aperture created in the support substrate using a semiconductor fabrication processes and a beam-splitting coating covering the aperture.03-17-2011
20100232029Reflective Camouflage and Methods - Methods and system for providing concealing camouflage of a position, hunter or observer using a shield or enclosure with a reflective exterior having exterior sides inclined towards the horizontal and observation portions of two-way mirror material. The shield or enclosures may be of any shape and may be of rigid sides permanently affixed to a frame, or be provided as collapsible or pop-up enclosures using temporary attachments and frames or poles. The enclosures may be entirely of two-way material. The reflective material may be mirror glass, any clear material treated on one surface with mirror coatings, or metalized cloth or film, including metalized polyester. A roof may be provided as non-reflective or reflective and may be flat or dome shaped. Two-way mirrored observation ports that open and close may be provided in any shape or position. The enclosure may conceal a boat, raft, or vehicle.09-16-2010
20120002293BEAM COMBINING LIGHT SOURCE - The invention relates to sources of optical radiation wherein polarized radiation from first and second rows of light emitters is first collimated and combined into two combined beam using first and second rows of collimating and beam re-directing elements, respectively, and then polarization multiplexed to form a polarization-multiplexed output beam. In order to reduce the footprint, emitters of the first and second emitter rows are disposed in an interleaved, staggered arrangement, and the second row of collimating and beam re-directing elements is disposed in a space between the first emitter row and the first row of collimating and beam re-directing elements.01-05-2012
20120057241ANGULAR ADJUSTABLE VARIABLE BEAMSPLITTER - A beamsplitter includes a bifurcated frame, which rotates about a vertical axis, enabling the transmissive properties of an optical element, e.g. etalon, mounted on one arm of the frame, to be tuned as the angle of the optical element is rotated relative to an incoming optical beam. A mirror is mounted on the other arm of the frame intersecting light reflected from the optical element and redirecting the reflected light along a path, which is constant relative to the incoming optical beam.03-08-2012
20090052046Light guide optical device - The invention provides an optical device, including a light-transmitting substrate, optical means for coupling light into the substrate by total internal reflection, and a plurality of partially reflecting surfaces carried by the substrate, characterized in that the partially reflecting surfaces are parallel to each other and are not parallel to any of the edges of the substrate.02-26-2009
20120212830NONPOLARIZING BEAM SPLITTER - Nonpolarizing beam splitter has at least one substrate, to which a partially reflective coating having a plurality of layers is applied. The layer sequence of the coating includes at least one metal layer, at least two first refractive layers made of a high or medium refractive index dielectric material, and at least two second refractive layers made of a low or medium refractive index dielectric material.08-23-2012
20100271707OPTICAL PULSE MULTIPLEX UNIT - A mirror unit consists of a half mirror and a mirror unit. The half mirror generates a transmitted light and a reflected light. A pair of the mirror units is arranged on one side and the other side of the half mirror so that the transmitted light and the reflected light split by the half mirror are deflected and are combined again at a common place on the half mirror.10-28-2010
20130148207LASER PULSE STRETCHING UNIT AND METHOD FOR USING SAME - A laser pulse stretching unit is described herein which has one or more nested optical delay paths. In addition, a method for using the laser pulse stretching unit is also described herein.06-13-2013

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