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359586000 Layers having specified index of refraction 65
359585000 Including metal or conductive layer 35
359584000 Reflector 29
359589000 Selective wavelength transmission or reflection 27
359581000 By transmissive coating on lens 20
359583000 Beam splitter or combiner 5
20090251783LIGHT COMBINER - For combining light from different light sources in a light source, dichroic filters are displaced individually according to the physical arrangement of the light sources such that the reflected light from the dichroic filters is coincident in angle and space.10-08-2009
20100296165MEMS-BASED PELLICLE BEAMSPLITTER - A method of forming a non-polarizing pellicle beamsplitter having a desired power-tap ratio. The method includes the operation of forming a base layer having a base refractive index on a substrate and arranging a plurality of alternating layers having relatively high and low indexes of refraction respectively over the base layer. The thickness of each of the high index and low index layers is selected to substantially eliminate polarization of the optical beam. The method further includes the operation of removing a selected area of the substrate to create an optical pathway comprised of both the base layer and the plurality of alternating layers, and where the optical pathway is configured to transmit and reflect a selected amount of light in the optical beam.11-25-2010
20100277804Spatial-Dispersion-Free Spectral Combining of Pulsed High Peak Power Fiber Laser Beams - A beam combining system suitable of pulsed fiber laser applications is able to produce non-spatial-dispersive beams using an highly efficient filter, such as a multilayer dielectric filter, in transmission and reflection configurations. The techniques therefore can overcome constraints on laser line-width and beam width and allow for more stable systems for high peak power pulsed laser energy, such as may be used in extreme ultraviolet lithography and other applications.11-04-2010
20080297904METHOD FOR COMBINATION OF LIGHT OF DIFFERENT WAVELENGTHS - A method for dividing substantially nonpolarized white light into three substantially nonpolarized fractions includes splitting the substantially nonpolarized white light into a first fraction and a second fraction, the first fraction being substantially nonpolarized light of a first wavelength interval and the second fraction of substantially nonpolarized light of a second and a third wavelength interval, the first wavelength interval being located between the second and the third wavelength interval and splitting the second fraction into a third fraction with substantially nonpolarized light of the second wavelength interval and into a fourth fraction with substantially nonpolarized light of the third wavelength interval.12-04-2008
20130176623PORTABLE DISPLAY - In one embodiment, the modular display includes aggregates of individual panel tiles arranged between two large plastic sheets. The footprint of the large plastic sheet sandwich becomes the dimension of the display screen. The tilettes are phosphor emission panels with a full complement of emittable pixels. By separating the tilettes from the final full dimension sheet, the tilettes can be manufactured in transportable sizes and the outer full dimension sheets can be rolled for easy transport to the final install location.07-11-2013
20090213462OPTICAL FILM, POLARIZATION PLATE AND IMAGE DISPLAY DEVICE - An optical film, includes: a transparent support; and at least one low refractive index layer on or above the transparent support, wherein the low refractive index layer is formed from a low refractive index layer forming composition containing (A) a hydrophobic polyrotaxane compound, (B) a fluorine-containing copolymer and an organic solvent.08-27-2009
20130135741OPTICAL COATING METHOD, APPARATUS AND PRODUCT - This disclosure is directed to an improved process for making glass articles having optical coating and easy-to clean coating thereon, an apparatus for the process and a product made using the process. In particular, the disclosure is directed to a process in which the application of the optical coating and the easy-to-clean coating can be sequentially applied using a single apparatus. Using the combination of the coating apparatus and the substrate carrier described herein results in a glass article having both optical and easy-to-clean coating that have improved scratch resistance durability and optical performance, and in addition the resulting articles are “shadow free.”05-30-2013
20130135743OPTICAL ELEMENT AND OPTICAL APPARATUS - The optical element includes a base member, and a first layer which is formed on the base member and whose refractive index for a central use wavelength λ changes in a thickness direction of the first layer by 0.05 or more. The first layer has an anti-reflection function and satisfies n05-30-2013
20130027778Broadband Absorptive Neutral Density Optical Filter - An absorptive neutral density optical filter comprising one or more graphene layers disposed on an optical substrate. The optical substrate can be a solid material (e.g. glasses or crystals such as silicon carbide, sapphire, germanium, or potassium bromide), or a polymer, or even a wire mesh. The graphene can be grown on the optical substrate or can be growth on a growth substrate and then transferred to the optical substrate.01-31-2013
20130070340ANTIREFLECTIVE COATING AND SUBSTRATES COATED THEREWITH - An antireflective coating includes a first high index of refraction coating layer; a first low index of refraction coating layer over the first high index of refraction coating layer; a second high index of refraction coating layer over the first low index of refraction coating layer; and a second low index of refraction coating layer over the second high index of refraction coating layer.03-21-2013
20130088782DURABLE ANTIREFLECTIVE FILM - Antireflective films are described having a surface layer comprising a the reaction product of a polymerizable low refractive index composition comprising at least one free-radically polymerizable fluoropolymer and surface modified inorganic nanoparticles. A high refractive index layer is coupled to the low refractive index layer. In one embodiment, the high refractive index layer comprises surface modified inorganic nanoparticles dispersed in a crosslinked organic material. The antireflective film is preferably durable, exhibiting a haze of less than 1.0% after 25 wipes with steel wool using a 3.2 cm mandrel and a mass of 1000 grams.04-11-2013
20110019277 ANTI-REFLECTIVE COATING - Methods and devices are provided for improved anti-reflective coatings. Non-vacuum deposition of transparent conductive electrodes in a roll-to-roll manufacturing environment is disclosed. In one embodiment of the present invention, a device is provided comprising a multi-layer anti-reflective coating formed over a substantially transparent substrate; wherein the multi-layer anti-reflective coating comprises of a plurality of nanostructured layers, wherein each of the layers has a tuned porosity and at least some of the nanostructured layers have different porosities to create a different index of refraction for those layers. In some embodiments, the absorber layer for use with this anti-reflective layer is a group IB-IIIA-VIA absorber layer.01-27-2011
20090190225OPTICAL MEMBER AND OPTICAL DEVICE INCLUDING THE OPTICAL MEMBER - The present disclosure relates to an optical member and an optical device including the optical member. More particularly, the present disclosure relates to an optical member whose surface is configured to be an antireflection concave-convex structure for suppressing reflection of incident light, and an optical device including the optical member.07-30-2009
20100118406Antireflection Film - Disclosed is an antireflection film having high antifouling property. Specifically disclosed is an antireflection film comprising a transparent base, a high refractive index layer and a low refractive index layer. The low refractive index layer is made of a cured product of a polymerizable composition which contains hollow fine particles such as hollow silica particles, a modified silicone compound, and a second resin component such as a polyfunctional (meth)acrylate.05-13-2010
20090290218TRANSREFLECTORS, TRANSREFLECTOR SYSTEMS AND DISPLAYS AND METHODS OF MAKING TRANSREFLECTORS - Optical member includes at least two layers of different indices of refraction. At least one of the layers has optical deformities at an interface between at least the two layers.11-26-2009
20090279174PRINTABLE STATIC INTERFEROMETRIC IMAGES - Methods of fabricating a static interferometric image device and static interferometric image device formed by the same are disclosed. In one embodiment, a method includes providing a substrate. A plurality of liquid layers are formed over the substrate by an inkjet process such that the layers are lateral to one another. The liquid layers contain a solidifiable material or particles. Then, the plurality of liquid layers are solidified to form a plurality of solid layers. In some embodiments, the substrate includes pre-defined cavities, and the liquid layers are formed in the cavities. In other embodiments, the substrate includes a substantially planar, stepped, or continuously transitioning surface, and the liquid layers are formed on the surface. The inkjet process provides optical fillers or spacers for defining interferometric gaps between absorbers and reflectors in the display device, based at least partially on an image that the display device is designed to display.11-12-2009
20080239495OPTICAL FILTER - An optical filter including a bump, a first conformal transflective film, a conformal space layer and a second conformal transflective film is provided. The bump has a surface, wherein different areas of the surface have different normal vectors, respectively. Moreover, the first conformal transflective film is disposed on the surface of the bump, while the conformal space layer is disposed on the first conformal transflective film. Besides, the second conformal transflective film is disposed on the conformal space layer. By modulating the thickness of the conformal space layer, different colors is shown after the light is processed by the first conformal transflective film, the conformal space layer and the second conformal transflective film. The optical filter has the advantages of high color saturation and high light transmittance. Furthermore, the optical filter can mitigate color washout phenomenon appeared under large viewing angle.10-02-2008
20100208349FLEXIBLE MATERIALS FOR OPTICAL APPLICATIONS - A flexible material for optical applications in a wavelength range of λ08-19-2010
20100182699 INJECTION MOLDING PLASTIC SHEET WITH 3D TEXTURE AND ITS MANUFACTURING PROCESS - In a manufacturing process for an injection molding plastic sheet with 3D texture, a mold with 3D texture is prepared, and then a plastic layer is formed by injection molding on the surface of the mold 3D texture. After the mold is released, a plastic board with 3D texture is formed. A photo-interfering layer is formed on the 3D texture of the plastic layer by vacuum electroplating or direct spraying. Finally, a protective layer with flat surface is formed on the photo-interfering layer.07-22-2010
20100002304OPTICAL FILTER AND PLASMA DISPLAY DEVICE HAVING THE SAME - An optical filter and a plasma display device including the same are provided. The optical filter includes a support layer, and a plurality of stripe-shaped structures arranged at predetermined intervals on one surface of the support layer and formed using a material having a different refractive index than a refractive index of the support layer. In the optical filter, incident light is reflected at an interface between the support layer and the structure due to a difference of the respective refractive indices. Since the direction of entry of external light is the same as the reflected exit direction of the external light, visibility degradation caused by interference from the external light is minimized or reduced. Since the structure is formed using a material having a high transmittance, luminance loss of light generated by the display is also minimized.01-07-2010
20100177392Anti-Reflective Film and Production Method Thereof, and Stamper for Producing Anti-Reflective Film and Production Method Thereof - In this method for producing an anti-reflective film, pores are formed on a surface of a polymer molding material to continuously change a refractive index and then reduce reflectance, in which anodic oxidized porous alumina, in which pores having a tapered shape and whose pore diameter continuously changes, are formed by repeating anodic oxidation at about the same formation voltage and pore diameter enlargement treatment, is used as a mold, or a stamper, which is produced by using the anodic oxidized porous aluminum as a mold, is used as a mold.07-15-2010
20100254008CEMENTED OPTICAL ELEMENT AND CEMENTING METHOD - A polarizing beam splitter (PBS) 10-07-2010
20090116111PRESSURE-SENSITIVE ADHESIVE OPTICAL FILM, PRODUCTION METHOD THEREOF, AND IMAGE DISPLAY - A pressure-sensitive adhesive optical film of the present invention comprises an optical film; and a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer laminated on at least one side of the optical film, wherein the pressure-sensitive adhesive layer is formed from an acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive comprising a (meth)acrylic polymer comprising 30 to 99.99% by weight of an alkyl (meth)acrylate monomer unit and 0.01 to 15% by weight of a functional group-containing monomer unit, and the (meth)acrylic polymer in the acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive is crosslinked by electron beam irradiation. The pressure-sensitive adhesive optical film has a high level of reworkability, durability and workability.05-07-2009
20080278816Structured surfaces that exhibit color by rotation - An optically variable device is disclosed having a substrate with an array of pyramidal structures formed upon it or within it. The structures are preferably formed by printing pyramids with an optically variable color-shifting ink using an Intaglio-like printing process. Alternatively the structure can be formed by embossing a layer of ink with positive pyramids so as to yield an array of positive embossed pyramids. Each of the structures form a pyramidal-like having at least three slanted faces and wherein one or more than one color is seen when viewing the pyramids vary as substrate is rotated at least 30 degrees about an axis orthogonal to the substrate. In order to see a color shift the device is rotated around the surface normal of the substrate, while keeping the angle of incidence to the light source the same, and keeping the viewing angle the same. Various forms of pyramids may be used, however pyramids with planar faces are most suitable.11-13-2008
20100002303SHEET HAVING A TACTILE EFFECT AND AN INTERFERENTIAL EFFECT AND SECURITY DOCUMENT COMPRISING THE SAME - The invention relates to a sheet comprising a substrate and a securing means including at least one area having an interferential effect, wherein the securing means further includes at least one tactile recognition member provided in the same region as said area having an interferential effect. The invention also relates to a security document and an article to be authenticated comprising said sheet.01-07-2010
20110026120Antireflective film, polarizing plate, and image display device - An antireflective film is provided and includes: a support; and a low refractive index layer formed from a composition for low refractive index layer, the composition including the components (A) and (B): 02-03-2011
20100053756ANTIGLARE FILM, ANTIREFLECTION FILM, POLARIZING PLATE AND IMAGE DISPLAY DEVICE - An antiglare film is provided, the antiglare film including: a transparent support; and an antiglare layer, wherein the antiglare layer contains a light-transmitting resin particle, a light-transmitting resin and a copolymerization product having an amine value of 1 to 30 mgKOH/g, and the average particle diameter of the light-transmitting resin particle is from 6 to 20 μm.03-04-2010
20110075261Hard coating film, manufacturing method thereof, antireflective film, polarizing plate and image display unit - A hard coating film is provided and includes a transparent plastic substrate film, and a hard coating layer. The transparent plastic substrate film has mutually independent microscopic pits in at least one surface thereof, the microscopic pits each independently have a depth of 3 μm or below, the microscopic pits have an average length of major diameters of from 0.5 μm to 20 μm, and the number of the microscopic pits is from 25 to 3,000 per mm03-31-2011
20120268823METHOD FOR THE PRODUCTION OF CONICAL NANOSTRUCTURES ON SUBSTRATE SURFACES - The invention relates to conical structures on substrate surfaces, in particular optical elements, to methods for the production thereof and to the use thereof, in particular in optical devices, solar cells and sensors. The conical nanostructures according to the invention are suitable in particular for providing substrate surfaces having very low light reflection. The method according to the invention for producing conical nanostructures on substrate surfaces comprises at least the steps of: a) providing a substrate surface covered with nanoparticles; b) etching the substrate surface covered with nanoparticles to a depth of at least 100 nm, wherein the nanoparticles act as an etching mask and the etching parameters are set in such a way that hyperboloid structures are produced underneath the nanoparticles; c) breaking the hyperboloid structures in the region of the smallest diameter by exerting mechanical forces, wherein the structures remaining on the substrate surface have a conical shape which corresponds substantially to half a single-shell hyperboloid.10-25-2012
20120200927OPTICAL ELEMENT HAVING ANTI-REFLECTION FILM - An optical element having anti-reflection film includes an anti-reflection film having a reflection characteristic expressed by a function Fm(x), which is on an m08-09-2012
20080247044REFLECTIVE OPTICAL ELEMENT AND EXPOSURE APPARATUS - A reflective optical element for a projection optical system includes a base member and a dielectric multilayer film laminated thereon. The multilayer film includes, in an order from a base member side, a first multilayer group constituted by laminating at least four dielectric material layers including at least two dielectric material layers having different refractive indices from each other and has a first period length equivalent in optical film thickness, and a second multilayer group constituted by laminating at least four dielectric material layers including at least two dielectric material layers having different refractive indices from each other and has a second period length equivalent in optical film thickness longer than the first period length. The element has a superior abrasion resistance, a high reflectivity, and a small fluctuation in characteristic of a phase difference between the reflected S- and P-polarized light components depending on the wavelength.10-09-2008
20090021834Anti-Glare Optical Multilayer Body - An anti-dazzling laminate formed from an optical laminate having a light transparent base material and an anti-dazzling layer provided on the light transparent base material. The optical laminate is produced by providing the light transparent base material and forming the anti-dazzling layer having a concavoconvex shape on the light transparent base material, wherein the concavoconvex shape of the anti-dazzling layer satisfies the following requirements: Sm is not less than 100 μm and not more than 600 μm, θa is not less than 0.1 degree and not more than 1.2 degrees, and Rz is more than 0.2 μm and not more than 1 μm, wherein Sm represents the average spacing of concavoconvexes (or profile irregularities) in the anti-dazzling layer; θa represents the average inclination angle of the concavoconvexes (or profile irregularities); and Rz represents the average roughness of the concavoconvexes (or profile irregularities).01-22-2009
20080204881OPTICAL COUPLING SYSTEM AND AN OPTICAL ELEMENT - An optical coupling system is disclosed. The optical coupling system includes a first optical element, a second optical element and a layer of an optically transmissive elastic material disposed between the first optical element and the second optical element. At least one of the first optical element and the second optical element has a surface facing the elastic layer that is non-planar across the surface. An optical element having the non-planar surface is also disclosed.08-28-2008
20080204882Optical Laminated Body - The present invention discloses an optical laminate which has realized effective prevention of the occurrence of interface reflection and interference infringes by eliminating the interface of a light transparent base material and a hard coat layer. The optical laminate comprises: a light transparent base material; and an optical modulating layer and a hard coat layer provided on the light transparent base material in that order, wherein the optical modulating layer comprises a component constituting the light transparent base material and a component constituting the hard coat layer.08-28-2008
20100284086STRUCTURES, SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR HARVESTING ENERGY FROM ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION - Methods, devices and systems for harvesting energy from electromagnetic radiation are provided including harvesting energy from electromagnetic radiation. In one embodiment, a device includes a substrate and one or more resonance elements disposed in or on the substrate. The resonance elements are configured to have a resonant frequency, for example, in at least one of the infrared, near-infrared and visible light spectra. A layer of conductive material may be disposed over a portion of the substrate to form a ground plane. An optical resonance gap or stand-off layer may be formed between the resonance elements and the ground plane. The optical resonance gap extends a distance between the resonance elements and the layer of conductive material approximately one-quarter wavelength of a wavelength of the at least one resonance element's resonant frequency. At least one energy transfer element may associated with the at least one resonance element.11-11-2010
20110149399ANTI-REFLECTION STRUCTURE AND METHOD FOR FABRICATING THE SAME - The embodiment provides an antireflection structure and a method for fabricating the same. The antireflection structure includes a substrate having a plurality of protruding structures adjacent to one another, thereby allowing light to transmit through. And a dielectric structural layer covers a plurality of the protruding structures.06-23-2011
20120038989ANTIREFLECTION COATINGS INCLUDING SCATTERED OBJECTS HAVING TWO SEPARATE RANGES WITH SEPARATE REFRACTION INDICES - The present invention relates to a surface treatment method with which anti-reflection properties toward electromagnetic radiation may be imparted to the surface of a substrate. A transparent coating toward said electromagnetic radiation is deposited on said surface, which contains in the dispersed state within said layer, objects with dimensions of less than 5 microns comprising: 02-16-2012
20120002286Optical Element and Method of Producing the Same - Provided is an optical element including a substrate; a plurality of pillars arranged on the surface of the substrate at a pitch equal to or less than the wavelength of incident light; a medium filling gaps between the pillars, the medium having a refractive index different from that of the pillars; and a film-like portion disposed at a position where it covers the entirety of a light-incident surface formed of at least one of the surface of the substrate, the tip surfaces of the pillars, and the surface of the medium, the film-like portion having a refractive index different from that of the pillars. The film-like portion has a film thickness such that it exhibits a reflection-preventing function realized by interference, and the volume ratio of the pillars to the medium changes in a direction along the surface of the substrate.01-05-2012
20120002287Optical Device - Provided is an optical device that includes a substrate, a plurality of pillars arrayed on the surface of the substrate at intervals of a pitch that is equal to or less than the wavelength of incident light, and a medium that fills the gaps between the pillars and that has a different refractive index from the pillars. Each of the pillars has one or more steps that discontinuously change the transverse cross-sectional area of the pillar, along the direction perpendicular to the surface of the substrate. The transverse cross-sectional area of at least one of step portions formed by the steps of the pillar differs from the transverse cross-sectional area of an adjacent pillar.01-05-2012
20080285133Antireflection Film, Production Method Thereof, Polarizing Plate Using the Antireflection Film and Image Display Device Using the Antireflection Film or Polarizing Plate - An antireflection film comprises: a support; and at least one low refractive index layer including a first low refractive index layer, the first low refractive index layer being located most distant from the support, wherein the first low refractive index layer comprises: a resin curable upon irradiation with ionizing radiation; and a compound having a polysiloxane partial structure, and wherein the ratio Si11-20-2008
20120154916Optical Article and Method for Producing Optical Article - An optical article includes an antireflection coating that is configured from alternately laminated n+1 low-refractive-index layers and n high-refractive-index layers (where n is an integer of 2 or more) . At least one of the n high-refractive-index layers is a first-type layer formed by vapor deposition using only a first deposition source that includes zirconium oxide as the main component. The remaining layers) in the n high-refractive-index layers is a second-type layer (s) formed by vapor deposition using only a second deposition source that includes titanium oxide as the main component. The n+1 low-refractive-index layers are third-type layers formed by vapor deposition using only a third deposition source that includes silicon oxide as the main component. The proportion of the total thickness of the second-type layer (s) in the total thickness of the n high-refractive-index layers is from 15% to 90%.06-21-2012
20100246011OPTICAL FILM - In a composition layering one layer on a transparent substrate, the present invention provides an optical film which can balance anti-glare function, high contrast, color reproducibility, and anti-glittering enough. The optical film in the present invention comprises a transparent substrate, and a resin layer layered on the transparent substrate, the resin layer including transparent resin fine particles and a radiation-curable resin composition, and having a fine rugged structure of an average inclination angle in a range of 0.8° to 3.0° on the top surface of the resin layer; a haze value which is in a range of 40% to 60%; and a transmitted image clarity which is measured by using an optical comb having width of 0.5 mm and is in a range of 5% to 35%.09-30-2010
20100246012OPITICAL ARTICLE AND PROCESS FOR PRODUCING THE SAME - An optical article includes a plurality of light transmissive members and a plurality of optical functional films, wherein the plurality of light transmissive members are disposed to face one another; the optical functional film is disposed such that the optical functional film is sandwiched between the light transmissive members; a bonding layer that bonds a surface of the optical functional film to a surface of the light transmissive member is provided; the optical functional film is a multilayer film in which a plurality of low refractive index layers and a plurality of high refractive index layers are alternately arranged and a layer in contact with the side of the bonding layer is a high refractive index layer; and the bonding layer is a plasma-polymerized film having the same refractive index as that of the low refractive index layer.09-30-2010
20120314293Article with 3D Lively Figure - An article includes a light-transmittable substrate having opposite first and second surfaces spaced in a height direction. A first pattern is provided on the first surface of the light-transmittable substrate. A plurality of spaced first lines is provided on a face of the first pattern. A second pattern is provided on the second surface of the light-transmittable substrate. A plurality of spaced second lines is provided on a face of the second pattern. The first lines intersect the second lines when viewed from the face of the first pattern, forming a Moire pattern and creating Moire effect. Light beams passing through the light-transmittable substrate via the first pattern or the second pattern according to a viewing angle of a viewer are refracted to represent a 3D lively figure.12-13-2012
20120314294OPTICAL MEMBER, POLYIMIDE, METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING OPTICAL MEMBER, AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING POLYIMIDE - There is provided an optical member that can retain a high antireflection effect on a substrate for a long time.12-13-2012
20120212825OPTICAL ELEMENT AND PRODUCTION METHOD THEREOF, DISPLAY APPARATUS, INFORMATION INPUT APPARATUS, AND PHOTOGRAPH - An optical element includes a base body having a surface; and a plurality of structures arranged with fine pitches equal to or less than a wavelength of visible light on the surface of the base body, wherein an elastic modulus of a material forming the structure is equal to or greater than 1 MPa and equal to or less than 1200 MPa, an aspect ratio of the structure is equal to or greater than 0.6 and equal to or less than 5, and a coefficient of kinetic friction of the surface of the base body on which the plurality of structures are formed is equal to or less than 0.85.08-23-2012
20100007958PROCESS OF FORMING A LIGHT BEAM PATH IN A DIELECTRIC MIRROR - An optical mirror element includes an optically transmissive element having a first surface and a second surface, and a reflective coating layer on the first surface that defines a mirror surface. A first portion of the first surface does not include the reflective coating layer such that the first portion defines an optically transmissive window in the mirror surface. Q method of forming an optical mirror element having a window portion includes providing an optical element, masking a first portion of a first surface of the optical element, and thereafter applying a reflective coating to the first surface so as to define a reflective surface, wherein the masked portion defines a transmissive region in the reflective surface. The exposed portion of the first surface may be coated with an anti-reflective coating, either before or after the reflective coating is applied.01-14-2010
20090015924Building window having a visible-light-reflective optical interference coating thereon - A building structure includes a building transparent window glazing, and an optical interference coating overlying and contacting a first surface of the building transparent window glazing. A spectrally averaged transmission of visible light through the building transparent window glazing with the optical interference coating thereon is smaller at a higher angle of incidence than at a lower angle of incidence.01-15-2009
20120268822ANTIREFLECTIVE HIERARCHICAL STRUCTURES - An antiretlective biomimetic hierarchical structure, a composite antiretlective hierarchical structure, and an antiretlective surface including a pattern of antiretlective biomimetic hierarchical structures are provided. The antiretlective hierarchical structures include one or more clusters of primary structures and a plurality of secondary structures formed on each of the primary structures. The primary structures have dimensions in the micrometer range with a major dimension of approximately two micrometers. Each of the secondary structures has dimensions in the nanometer range wherein the pitch and height are approximately three hundred nanometers.10-25-2012
20130135742OPTICAL PRODUCT AND SPECTACLE PLASTIC LENS - An optical product includes an optical multilayer film on an optical product base. A color of reflected light of the optical multilayer film satisfies both of the following conditions in a chromaticity diagram (x,y,Y) of a CIE color system: [1] 0.27≦x≦0.30 and [2] 0.30≦y≦0.36. The optical product base is a spectacle plastic lens base.05-30-2013
20090109536PLASTIC OPTICAL ELEMENT WITH GAS BARRIER FILM, ITS MANUFACTURING METHOD AND OPTICAL PICKUP DEVICE EMPLOYING THE ELEMENT - The present invention provides a plastic optical element with excellent durability and an optical pickup device with excellent pickup property. The plastic optical element is an plastic optical element with a gas barrier film comprising a resin substrate and provided thereon, at least one ceramic layer, the residual stress of the ceramic layer being from 0.01 to 100 MPa in terms of compression stress, and a density ratio Y (=ρf/ρb) satisfying the following inequality:04-30-2009
20130170044METHOD AND STRUCTURE OF OPTICAL THIN FILM USING CRYSTALLIZED NANO-POROUS MATERIAL - Techniques for an optical filter having robust crystallized nano-porous layers are disclosed herein. According to at least one embodiment, the optical filter includes a light-transmitting substrate and an optical coating. The optical coating is deposited on the light-transmitting substrate. The optical coating includes at least one crystallized nano-feature layer. The at least one crystallized nano-feature layer is deposited using high temperature oblique angle deposition and has a refractive index lower than a refractive index of the light-transmitting substrate.07-04-2013
20130128361OPTICAL FILTER AND IMAGING DEVICE COMPRISING THE SAME - An optical filter comprising a substrate and a dielectric multilayer film formed on at least one surface of the substrate, wherein the substrate comprises an aromatic polyether-based polymer having a glass transition temperature (Tg), measured via differential scanning calorimetry (DSC, heating rate: 20° C./min), of from 230 to 350° C.05-23-2013
20100284087OPTICAL ELEMENT, ROLLER TYPE NANOPRINTING APPARATUS, AND PROCESS FOR PRODUCING DIE ROLL - To provide an optical element having excellent adhesion to a lamination film, a roller nanoimprint apparatus, and a production method of a mold roller are disclosed. In at least one embodiment of the present invention, an optical element includes a nanostructure film including recesses and protrusions in nanometer size formed continuously on a surface of the nanostructure film and a lamination film laminated on the nanostructure film. The nanostructure film includes a nanostructure-free region free from the recesses and protrusions in nanometer size in both ends along a longitudinal direction of the nanostructure film.11-11-2010
20100315715MULTILAYER FILM AND MANUFACTURING METHOD THEREOF - According to a manufacturing method of a multilayer film according to one aspect of the present invention, at the step of applying a coating liquid prepared by dissolving a plurality of monomers or polymers in at least one solvent onto a substrate and subsequently drying the coating liquid, the solvent is allowed to penetrate into the substrate at a specified speed. This causes concentration distribution of the solvent within the coated layer in the thickness direction thereof, and thus a multilayer film separated into an upper layer and a lower layer can be formed by one coating. Accordingly, a multilayer film having a different function in each layer can be formed by one coating.12-16-2010
20130182328Structured Smudge-Resistant Anti-Reflective Coatings and Methods of Making and Using the Same - The present invention is directed to articles comprising smudge-resistant anti-reflective surfaces, and products and devices comprising the articles.07-18-2013
20130182329Plastic Substrate having a Porous Layer and Method for Producing the Porous Layer - A plastic substrate has a porous layer on a surface. The porous layer is formed at least partially from a material of the plastic substrate and has pores. The proportion by volume of pores is greater in a first region of the porous layer than in a second region of the porous layer. The second region follows the first region, as seen proceeding from the plastic substrate. The porous layer can be produced by a plasma process that simultaneously effects structuring of the plastic substrate by ion bombardment and coating of the plastic substrate.07-18-2013
20120062995OPTICAL ELEMENT WITH ANTIREFLECTION FUNCTION AND OPTICAL APPARATUS INCLUDING THE SAME - An optical element having antireflection function includes a substrate including a first relief structure on a surface, the first relief structure including at least a convex shape and a concave shape being arrayed with a pitch of at most a half of a wavelength λ, and a thin film layer including a thin film of at least one layer on the first relief structure, wherein the thin film layer has a refractive index lower than the refractive index of the substrate, and when the thin film layer includes at least two thin films more, the thin film layer are arranged in order of decreasing the refractive index from a side of the substrate toward a side of air, and the following conditional expression is satisfied:03-15-2012

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