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359511000 Cap or cover 34
359513000 Sealing 17
359512000 Humidity or temperature control 16
359508000 Optical element rotates 14
359509000 Fluid directed across optical element 12
359510000 Microscope drape 1
20100238551SURGICAL MICROSCOPE DRAPE LENS FOR REDUCING GLARE - A lens drape for a surgical microscope includes a drape and a lens assembly attached to the drape. The lens assembly includes a drape ring and a lens ring holding a lens. The drape is attached to the drape ring. The lens ring holds the lens at an acute angle. The lens ring is also rotatable on the drape ring. The angle of the lens, and the ability to rotate the lens, allows for reduction of glare during surgery performed using a microscope.09-23-2010
20100033819Optical Element with an Anti-Fog Layer and Method for its Production - An optical element is provided with a fog reducing polymer layer. A reflection reducing nanostructure is formed on the surface of the fog reducing polymer layer.02-11-2010
20090122404Gauge lens with embedded anti-fog film and method of making the same - The gauge lens with anti-fog film includes a substantially planar transparent lens substrate having an outer surface and an inner surface and a thin film possessing anti-fog properties adjacent and substantially covering the inner surface of the lens substrate to provide a low angle of contact for water and moisture. The anti-fog film is bonded to the lens substrate during the molding process that produces the lens substrate shape. The anti-fog film comprises a hydrophilic material or is coated with a hydrophilic coating. In addition to the anti-fog film, in another embodiment, the outer surface of the lens substrate has a hard coat film adjacent and substantially covering the outer surface of said lens. The materials for the lens substrate, anti-fog film, and hard coat film are selected based on the application, performance, and stability of the gauge lens in the environment that it is operated.05-14-2009
20090190219Systems and Methods for Contactless Automatic Dust Removal From a Glass Surface - An imaging device for automatic dust removal is provided. The imaging device may include a glass layer and an electrostatic particle removal system associated with the glass layer. The electrostatic particle removal system may include an induction layer configured to induce a charge to a particle located between the glass layer and the electrostatic particle removal system, a field grid layer configured to provide an electric field for moving the charged particle, and a collector configured to collect the charged particle moved by the electric field.07-30-2009
20130083395Screen Protector - A screen protector includes inner and outer PET films, a printed black-frame film, a PET release film, and a PE protective film. The inner PET film has a printed peripheral area for electrostatic attraction and a transparent central area. The printed black-frame film has a frame-like peripheral area coated in the desired color and shaped as the printed peripheral area of the inner PET film. The inner PET film, the printed black-frame film, and the outer PET film are sequentially bonded, before the PET release film and the PE protective film are bonded to the inner and outer PET films respectively. The screen protector can be cut to size and formed with holes at predetermined positions. To apply the screen protector to a screen, the PET release film is peeled off, allowing the printed peripheral area of the inner PET film to attach compliantly to the screen by electrostatic attraction.04-04-2013
20090303591LENS MODULE - A lens module comprises an optical lens component having an optical axis, an image sensing component located adjacent the optical lens component, and a dust trap located between the optical lens component and the image sensing component. The optical lens component has with a lens mount and a lens barrel mounted in the lens mount by way of a threaded connection. The dust trap comprises body having a groove which locates behind the connection between the lens mount and the lens barrel, for receiving dust dropping from the connection, and an inner extension arm separating the groove from the image sensing component for preventing the dust in the groove from moving onto the image sensing component which could reduce the quality of the image.12-10-2009
20120194910VIBRATION MEMBER DRIVING CIRCUIT - A vibration member driving circuit causes vibrations in a vibration member at least including an electro-mechanical energy conversion element and an elastic body by applying alternating voltage to the electro-mechanical energy conversion element fixed to the elastic body. The vibration member driving circuit includes an inductor and capacitor serially connected to the electro-mechanical energy conversion element. 0.73*fm08-02-2012
20090046364Dust Barrier For DSLR Camera - A polymer dust barrier device for protecting digital single lens reflex (DSLR) camera sensor filters from foreign particulates which includes an optical quality polymer and double sided removable adhesive tape. The user would remove their lens from their DSLR camera and insert a uniquely shaped polymer dust barrier over the camera internal chamber. An island set removable adhesive would hold the dust barrier in place and will protect the camera chamber and sensor filter from external particulates while the user is changing lenses or exposes the internal chamber to the external environment.02-19-2009
20120113512DETACHABLE SCREEN GUARD ASSEMBLY AND METHOD FOR SECURING A SCREEN PROTECTOR - A detachable screen guard assembly mounted on a screen frame of a monitor comprising a screen protector and a fastening apparatus. The screen protector is transparent and made of glass, acrylic, or plastic having excellent transparency.05-10-2012
20120236412FOREIGN SUBSTANCE REMOVAL APPARATUS AND OPTICAL APPARATUS INCLUDING THE SAME - A foreign substance removal apparatus detects how large difference is generated between a time phase of a vibration detected when a bending vibration of an m-order vibration mode is excited at an optical low-pass filter 09-20-2012
20110279896VEHICLE REAR VIEWING DEVICE - A vehicle rear viewing device includes a rear under view mirror provided to face an inner surface of a rear windshield and capable of reflecting an area below and behind a vehicle to an occupant in an interior of the vehicle. A marker indicator is to allow the occupant to view the area below and behind the vehicle through the rear under view mirror to visually recognize a position of a rear end of a vehicle body. A rear wiper is provided on a rear part of the vehicle body so as to face an outer surface of the rear windshield. The marker indicator is provided so as to be covered with at least a part of the rear wiper along a front rear direction of the vehicle in front of the rear wiper when the rear wiper is in an initial position.11-17-2011
20110038047GAUGE LENS WITH EMBEDDED ANTI-FOG FILM AND METHOD OF MAKNG THE SAME - The gauge lens with anti-fog film includes a substantially planar transparent lens substrate having an outer surface and an inner surface and a thin film possessing anti-fog properties adjacent and substantially covering the inner surface of the lens substrate to provide a low angle of contact for water and moisture. The anti-fog film is bonded to the lens substrate during the molding process that produces the lens substrate shape. The anti-fog film comprises a hydrophilic material or is coated with a hydrophilic coating. In addition to the anti-fog film, in another embodiment, the outer surface of the lens substrate has a hard coat film adjacent and substantially covering the outer surface of said lens. The materials for the lens substrate, anti-fog film, and hard coat film are selected based on the application, performance, and stability of the gauge lens in the environment that it is operated.02-17-2011
20090207492OPTICAL LAYERED BODY, POLARIZER, AND IMAGE DISPLAY DEVICE - It is a principal object of the present invention to provide an optical layered body in which an additive amount of an antistatic agent causing high cost can be reduced, and a high antistatic property can be imparted simply and at a low cost.08-20-2009
20100033818MICROSTRUCTURES TO REDUCE THE APPEARANCE OF FINGERPRINTS ON SURFACES - Various shapes of microstructures and patterns of microstructures are provided to reduce the visibility of fingerprints, or other foreign marks, that occur on the surface of substrates due to handling. The microstructures may be formed directly on an exterior surface of a substrate to render the substrate fingerprint resistant, or formed on a surface of a polymeric sheet to provide a fingerprint-resistant protective layer that may be disposed onto a surface of a substrate (e.g., an optical display). The size, shape, orientation, and distribution of the microstructures across the surface of the substrate, or protective layer, may be optimized to enhance the durability of the microstructures and/or to impart a diffusing surface to the substrate for the particular application of the substrate. In some embodiments, the density and distribution of the microstructures on a transparent protective layer are also optimized in order to minimize the appearance of haze and Moiré when the protective layer is disposed on a surface of an optical display or other image producing surface.02-11-2010
20090257122Method for avoidance of an obstacle or an optical phenomenon which distorts quality of image - A method for avoiding an obstacle or an image-quality-degrading optical phenomenon in an image recognition unit is provided. The method includes the steps of providing at least an optical shutter array in the image recognition unit, detecting the obstacle or the optical phenomenon, and closing the optical shutter that corresponds to the portion affected by the obstacle or the optical phenomenon. The method can be readily implemented even when the space for implementing the method is small, for example, in a small space in a camera currently in use, and driving power consumed in the method is small. In an image affected by an obstacle attached to a lens or a protective cover for the lens in an imaging device or an optical phenomenon produced by the lens or the protective cover for the lens in the imaging device, an imaging method and image processing are used to avoid the obstacle or the optical phenomenon produced by the lens or the protective cover for the lens in the imaging device without removing the obstacle or optical phenomenon itself.10-15-2009
20110170190Fog Resistant Mirror - The present development is a fog-resistant mirror. The mirror comprises a glass plate having a reflective surface on one side and an anti-fog coating on the opposing side. In a preferred embodiment, the anti-fog coating comprises two material layers: a primer coat layer applied directly to the glass plate, and a top coat applied to the primer coat layer, wherein the top coat comprises a chemical material known to resist fogging.07-14-2011
20090207493FOREIGN SUBSTANCE REMOVING DEVICE AND FOREIGN SUBSTANCE REMOVING METHOD - There is provided a foreign substance removing device which is capable of moving a foreign substance in a desired direction at a high removing efficiency. The foreign substance removing device removes a foreign substance on an object. A vibrator has first and second piezoelectric elements provided on the object. Power supplies applies alternating voltages to the respective first and second piezoelectric elements. A control circuit controls the alternating voltages applied by the power supplies. The control circuit changes the frequency of the alternating voltage and at the same time makes respective phases of the alternating voltages applied to the first and second piezoelectric elements different from each other, so as to concurrently generate a first standing wave and a second standing wave different in order.08-20-2009
20080310022Imaging apparatus - There is disclosed an imaging apparatus having: (a) a drive mechanism for moving an imaging device subunit having an imaging device in mutually perpendicular first and second directions; (b) a first actuator for moving the imaging device subunit in the first direction; (c) a second actuator for moving the imaging device subunit in the second direction; (d) a sensing device for detecting the direction of gravity; and (e) a dust-removing device for shaking off dust adhering to the imaging device subunit by moving the subunit using at least one of the two actuators. The dust-removing device has: a setting unit for setting a direction of motion in which the imaging device subunit is moved, based on the direction of gravity detected by the sensing device; and a selecting unit for selecting an actuator used to drive the imaging device subunit in the direction of motion set by the setting unit from the first and second actuators.12-18-2008
20110007393Optical Device, Optical Equipment and Method for Manufacturing Optical Device - An optical device comprises a substrate provided with an insulation portion transmitting light, a first electrode and a second electrode transmitting light provided at said substrate sandwiching said insulation portion, and an output circuit to output voltage to said first electrode and second electrode so as to change an electric field of a surface of said substrate, wherein said first and second electrodes comprise main component which is identical with said insulation portion, and an electric resistivity is lower with respect to said insulation portion.01-13-2011
20110205630Optical device and optical apparatus - An optical device includes: an optical device body; a first transparent electrode film deposited on a light incident side; a second transparent electrode film so formed that the first and second transparent electrode films face away from each other; and a first ferroelectric film deposited at least between the first and second transparent electrode films, wherein the first ferroelectric film vibrates in response to a drive voltage applied through the first and second transparent electrode films.08-25-2011
20090141349Apparatus for observing combustion conditions in a gas turbine engine - A fuel injector for a gas turbine combustor is disclosed which includes a feed arm having a flange for mounting the injector within the combustor and a fuel nozzle depending from the feed arm for injecting fuel into the combustor for combustion. An optical sensor array is operatively associated with the fuel nozzle for observing combustor flame characteristics. The optical sensor array includes a plurality of sapphire rods positioned to be close enough to the combustor flame to oxidize soot deposits thereon.06-04-2009
20090009867OPTICAL SCANNING DEVICE AND COVER GLASS CLEANING MECHANISM FOR OPTICAL SCANNING DEVICE - The present invention relates to an optical scanning device in which a light beam is incident twice on a deflective reflecting facet and its object is to reduce curvature in scanning line trail or make the curvature substantially zero, or correct scanning line displacement due to the curvature in scanning line trail. Two stationary plane mirrors (01-08-2009
20110228390OPTICAL COVER PLATE WITH IMPROVED SOLDER MASK DAM ON GALSS FOR IMAGE SENSOR PACKAGE AND FABRICATION METHOD THEREOF - An optical cover plate for image sensor package includes a transparent substrate, at least an annular dam structure, and a barrier layer. The annular dam structure is disposed on the transparent substrate and encompasses a light-receiving area. The barrier layer conformally covers at least a sidewall of the annular dam structure. A method of manufacturing the optical cover plate, an image sensor package and fabrication method thereof are also disclosed.09-22-2011
20090244705PROTECTIVE FILM FOR POLARIZERS - A protective film for polarizers, including a cellulose resin having an acyl substituent with from 2 to 4 carbon atoms and having a degree of acyl substitution of from 2.1 to 2.7, which satisfies 25≦Re≦100 and 50≦Rth≦300 and in which the cellulose resin contributes to expression of at least 40% of the Re in the film.10-01-2009
20120105958LENS MODULE COMPRISING AT LEAST ONE EXCHANGEABLE OPTICAL ELEMENT - Disclosed is a lens module, especially a projection lens for semiconductor lithography, comprising at least one replaceable optical element that is disposed in a lens housing. At least one gas exchange device is positioned in an area of the replaceable optical element in such a way that a receiving zone for the replaceable optical element can be flushed when the optical element is replaced.05-03-2012
20100254004PIEZOELECTRIC ELEMENT DRIVE CIRCUIT AND FOREIGN SUBSTANCE REMOVING APPARATUS - A piezoelectric element drive circuit for outputting a signal that drives a piezoelectric element, the piezoelectric element drive circuit including: a frequency signal generation unit that outputs a frequency signal whose frequency is altered discretely; a voltage-controlled oscillator that alters the frequency of an output signal based on an inputted voltage; a phase comparator that compares the phase of the output signal from the frequency signal generation unit and the phase of the output signal of the voltage-controlled oscillator; and a loop filter that inputs, into the voltage-controlled oscillator, an output voltage that is altered based on alterations in an output signal from the phase comparator. The output signal of the voltage-controlled oscillator is the signal that drives the piezoelectric element.10-07-2010
20120243092BARRIER LAYER AND A METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE BARRIER LAYER - A barrier layer capable of preventing permeability of moisture, oxygen, other gases, solvents and volatile organic compounds is provided. The barrier layer includes a surface profile undulating in all directions. Further, the surface profile is characterized by the absence of non-undulating surface, straight lines and sharp edges. Further, the surface profile bends in reaction to at least one of thermal stress, mechanical stress, and load caused by deformation of an adjoining substrate or layer. This allows the barrier layer to stretch and shrink in all directions in a plane along the surface profile of the barrier layer and prevents cracking of the barrier layer.09-27-2012
20100246001OPTICAL APPARATUS - An optical apparatus includes a vibrated member and a piezoelectric element. The piezoelectric element vibrates the vibrated member at a predetermined vibration mode to remove a foreign substance adhered to a surface of the vibrated member. A drive electrode, a first vibration detection electrode and a second vibration detection electrode are provided on a first face of the piezoelectric element, and a ground electrode is provided on a second face of the piezoelectric element. The first vibration detection electrode and the second vibration detection electrode have an axis-symmetrical shape, and are arranged on the first face of piezoelectric element so as to be symmetrical with respect to an axis along which a predetermined vibration node occurs when the vibrated member vibrates at the predetermined vibration mode.09-30-2010
20110007394ANTI-FOG INSTRUMENT FOR SWIMMING GOGGLES - The present invention provides an anti-fog instrument for swimming goggles including: a main body (01-13-2011
20110096397VIBRATING DEVICE, AND DRIVE DEVICE, DUST REMOVING DEVICE, AND OPTICAL DEVICE WHICH INCLUDE THE VIBRATING DEVICE - Provided is a vibrating device including: a vibrator including multiple electromechanical energy converting elements; a power supply for applying an alternating voltage to the multiple electromechanical energy converting elements; and a control circuit for controlling the alternating voltage to be applied by the power supply, the vibrating device generating, by the control circuit, a first standing wave and a second standing wave in the vibrator with a predetermined time phase difference, the first standing wave and the second standing wave having multiple nodal lines aligned in the same direction and being different in terms of an order, in which the vibrator includes at least one of the multiple electromechanical energy converting elements disposed in the same direction as the multiple nodal lines, and also includes at least another one of the multiple electromechanical energy converting elements disposed in a direction in which the multiple nodal lines are aligned.04-28-2011
20120120490Manually Adjustable Ruggedized Focus Mechanism - The invention provides, in some aspects, devices for image acquisition that use seals between concentrically disposed portions of an enclosure and an optics assembly in order to protect image acquisition components from the surrounding environment while providing adequate friction for both adjusting and locking focus. Such devices can include an image capture medium that is disposed within an enclosure and an optics assembly that is also disposed within that enclosure. The optics assembly, which includes at least a lens, can have a cylindrical outer diameter along at least a portion of its length that is received within the enclosure along a length that has a corresponding cylindrical inner diameter. A first seal is disposed between, and in contact with, the optics assembly and the enclosure. That seal permits rotation of the optics assembly for purposes of focusing the lens, while preventing contamination from the environment from entering into the enclosure.05-17-2012
20100284079PROTECTION FOR SOLAR ENERGY REFLECTORS AND METHOD OF PROTECTION FOR SOLAR ENERGY REFLECTORS - The present invention relates to a protection for reflective mirrors of solar energy concentrators. The protection comprises a peripheral cord which extends along the edge of the reflector covering the peripheral area of the reflective layer on the edge of the reflector. Preferably, the peripheral cord is made substantially of an elastomer (silicone) polymer and adheres to at least the edge of the reflective mirror to protect it from corrosion and blows. It additionally defines a method to protect a reflector against corrosion and blows by means of the extrusion of a peripheral cord on the edge of the reflective mirror.11-11-2010
20100284078Device for Protecting Optical and/or Electronic Apparatuses, Space Telescope Comprising said Device, and Device for Removably Occluding an Aperture - A protective device for optical and/or electronic apparatuses, in particular space telescopes, is described, wherein the device is such as to removably close an aperture, through which apparatuses may be accessed, the device being such as to achieve a first and second operating configuration, respectively, for allowing or inhibiting access to apparatuses through aperture. The device includes a supporting structure having at least one supporting beam, which is transversely positioned with respect to aperture; a plurality of covering elements comprising at least a pair of elements, which are rotatably coupled to the same supporting beam; and actuation means for rotating the covering elements between a first and second angular position, in order for the device to attain the first or second operating configuration, respectively, wherein, in the second operating configuration, the covering elements are such as to define together a screen for aperture.11-11-2010
20100165461ELECTRO-OPTIC DEVICE AND AN ELECTRONIC APPARATUS - An electro-optic device includes an electro-optic element and a dust-proof substrate which is joined to at least one surface of the electro-optic element. The dust-proof substrate has a plurality of protrusions on a surface opposite to the surface of the electro-optic element to which the dust-proof substrate is joined.07-01-2010
20100027119RECEIVER/EMITTER COVER UTILIZING ACTIVE MATERIAL ACTUATION - A system for protecting an emitter/receiver device, including a cover and an active material actuator operable to selectively cause the cover to move between default protective and open positions, wherein the actuator includes at least one active material element, such as an SMA wire configured to cause the retraction of the cover and present a heating net when activated, and an activation signal source, and preferably further including at least one pulley and/or jack mechanism configured to redirect a displacement force vector, synchronization means, an antagonistic element for biasing the cover towards the protective or open position, and a controller presenting overheating protection through control logic.02-04-2010
20120147469EVALUATION METHOD OF FOULING, FOULING EVALUATION APPARATUS, PRODUCTION METHOD OF OPTICAL MEMBER, OPTICAL LAYERED BODY, AND DISPLAY PRODUCT - The present invention provides a quantitative evaluation method of fouling of antifouling properties, a fouling evaluation apparatus, and a production method of optical members, which can be applied to various members, and haves high reproducibility and enable to detect a subtle difference between fouling, and an optical layered body having a property of preventing fingerprints from adhering, an anti-contamination property and a degree of recovery from fouling, and a display product including the optical layered body.06-14-2012
20100027118Method and device for modification of surface properties of materials - A method and device are presented for modifying parameters of a solid material. This is implemented by applying radiation, such as photon flux and/or charged particle beam and/or heat, to at least a region of the material, and controlling at least one parameter of the applied radiation, thereby modifying a wettability property of the material within the irradiated region(s) thereof in a reversible manner.02-04-2010
20120013984JACKET AND HEAD-MOUNTED OPTICAL SYSTEM - A loss of cleanliness of hands is prevented even if a user manipulates optical units by directly grabbing them. Provided is a sterilizable jacket (01-19-2012
20110102895ENCODER HAVING OIL MIST PREVENTION STRUCTURE - An encoder having an oil mist prevention structure includes: an encoding body including a cylindrical base, a light emitter and a secondary encoding piece; an oil-containing bearing received and fixed in the cylindrical base; a shaft penetrating the oil-containing bearing to protrude beyond an end surface of the bearing; a rotary disk fixed onto the shaft to cover one side of the secondary encoding piece; a light acceptor fixed to the cylindrical base to correspond to the light emitter and the secondary encoding piece, thereby receiving the signals emitted by the light emitter; and an oil mist prevention structure including a mask integrally formed with the shaft and exposed beyond an end surface of the bearing and a ring extending from the mask for covering an outer periphery of the bearing.05-05-2011
20100195204OPTICAL FILM - The present invention provides a nanostructure comprising a plurality of nanoridges wherein the height of each nanoridge is modulated whereby to form one or more peaks (e.g. a series of peaks) along the length of each nanoridge.08-05-2010
20110102896FOREIGN SUBSTANCE REMOVING APPARATUS - Provided is a foreign substance removing apparatus including: an optical element disposed on a light incident side of an image pickup element; an electro-mechanical energy converting element disposed on the optical element; and a drive circuit for applying an electric signal to the electro-mechanical energy converting element, the foreign substance removing apparatus generating an elastic vibration in the optical element through application of the electric signal to the electro-mechanical energy converting element by the drive circuit, to thereby remove or move a foreign substance adhering to a surface of the optical element by the elastic vibration, in which the drive circuit applies a voltage corresponding to the electric signal with a period which is a natural nember multiple of a natural period of the elastic vibration, to the electro-mechanical energy converting element.05-05-2011
20080297899CAMERA MODULE - A camera module that can obtain a clear image even in the case where dust is generated inside the camera module due to a shock applied thereto is provided. The camera module includes a base and a cover attached to the base so as to define a space therebetween in which the holder can be displaced. The base has an upper surface which faces the cover, and the upper surface of the base includes a concaved dust collecting portion and a dust falling preventing wall formed on the upper surface so as to surround an entire circumference of an opening of the base, and wherein a surface of the concaved dust collecting portion includes a dust sticking layer to which fallen dust is adapted to stick, whereby when dust is generated in the space between the cover and the base and such dust is fallen onto the upper surface of the base, it is possible to prevent such dust from entering into the opening by the dust falling preventing wall and such dust is stuck to the dust sticking layer of the dust collecting portion provided on the upper surface of the base.12-04-2008
20120092765PREVENTION AND REMEDIATION OF DAMAGE TO OPTICAL SURFACES - A polylaminate film system for protecting optical surfaces, such as a lens, has plural polymer thin films arranged in a polylaminate stack, with each thin film coupled to adjacent films via solvent welding. The film system is adhered to the optical surface to be protected and, as each film in the stack becomes damaged or dirty, it may be sequentially removed to present a clean film surface. The transparent film may be composed of the same material as the optical surface to minimize distortion and loss of optical transmission when radiation passes through the combined film and lens.04-19-2012
20110141562LENS CLEANING MECHANISM, PROJECTION LENS, AND PROJECTION TYPE DISPLAY DEVICE - A lens cleaning mechanism according to the present invention comprises: a cleaning unit (06-16-2011
20120243093LENS CLEANING APPARATUS - A vibratory assembly having a housing. A transducer is operably coupled with the housing and has a substantially cylindrical shape. An isolator is at least partially disposed between the housing and the transducer. A lens cover is operably coupled with the transducer. A power source includes contacts operably coupled with the transducer. The power source supplies power to the transducer at various frequencies swept around a resonance harmonic to account for mass changes resulting from debris accumulation on the lens cover.09-27-2012
20130100531PIEZOELECTRIC DEVICE, DUST REMOVING APPARATUS, AND IMAGING APPARATUS - A piezoelectric device includes an elastic member, an electrical-mechanical energy conversion element fixed to the elastic member, configured to cause the elastic member to generate vibration, and a supporting member that supports the elastic member. The electrical-mechanical energy conversion element is formed of a piezoelectric material in which, in a usage temperature range of the piezoelectric device, a piezoelectric constant decreases along with temperature rise. A supporting member that supports the elastic member is formed of a material in which, in the usage temperature range of the piezoelectric device, Q value increases along with temperature rise.04-25-2013
20110216409OPTICAL BARRIER DEVICE - The present invention relates to a protective barrier device for covering an intraoral camera comprising: a flexible plastic body, said body having an opening for inserting the intraoral camera; and a hard clear plastic window at the distal end of the plastic body. The flexible plastic body is of sufficient length to cover the entire length of an appendage of the intraoral camera. The window aligns with a camera lens of the intraoral camera when the plastic body is placed over the appendage and may be constructed of a fog-resistant plastic.09-08-2011
20110273773Three-dimensional Screen Protector - Screen protectors for electronic devices have been available for some time. Some small touch screen devices have dedicated soft keys on a certain portion of the screen. Soft keys are representations of physical buttons on the screen. Since the devices are generally very small, it is often difficult for the user to avoid accidently hitting one of these soft keys. One application of the invention shows a small ridge that protrudes vertically out of the screen protector, so that the user can feel that under his/her finger/touch, to locate the sections on the screen, e.g. the keyboards or menus and their components. Other variations and examples are also given here.11-10-2011
20080198457DUST-PROOF, REFLECTING MIRROR AND OPTICAL APPARATUS COMPRISING SAME - A dust-proof, reflecting mirror comprising a reflecting mirror substrate, a dust-proof coating having fine surface roughness, which is formed on a reflecting surface of the reflecting mirror substrate, and an outermost water-repellent or water/oil-repellent coating.08-21-2008
20130155508LASER SIGHT CLEANER - A system where a reflector of a laser alignment system is cleaned by a cleaning device that is actuated by an automatic guided vehicle as it passes the reflector. The laser alignment system is used to detect a position of the automatic guided vehicle relative to a location in a manufacturing facility. As the automatic guided vehicle passes the laser alignment system, a projection formed on the automatic guided vehicle will contact an element of a laser cleaning system to actuate the cleaning device over the reflector to clean it.06-20-2013
20110228389VIBRATOR DRIVING METHOD, VIBRATING APPARATUS, DRIVING APPARATUS HAVING VIBRATING APPARATUS, FOREIGN SUBSTANCE REMOVING APPARATUS HAVING VIBRATING APPARATUS, AND OPTICAL APPARATUS HAVING VIBRATING APPARATUS - A driving method causes a vibrator to generate standing waves different in order with a predetermined time phase difference. The vibrator has a first vibration mode that plural nodal lines are arranged in a first direction, a second vibration mode that number of first-direction nodal lines is different from that in the first vibration mode and its natural frequency is higher than that of the first vibration mode, and a third vibration mode that its natural frequency is between those of the first and second vibration modes. The vibrator is driven on condition that excitation force to one of the first and second vibration modes that a difference between its natural frequency and the natural frequency of the third vibration mode is smaller is made larger than that to the other thereof that a difference between its natural frequency and the natural frequency of the third vibration mode is larger.09-22-2011
20110242658FILM STRUCTURE HAVING INORGANIC SURFACE STRUCTURES AND RELATED FABRICATION METHODS - Methods and apparatus are provided for forming a smudge-resistant film structure that comprises a plurality of transparent inorganic surface structures overlying a transparent substrate. A method for forming the film structure comprises providing a transparent substrate and forming a plurality of transparent surface structures overlying the transparent substrate, wherein each of the transparent surface structures comprises an inorganic material.10-06-2011
20110292506EYECUP FOR USE WITH NIGHT VISION GOGGLES AND OTHER OPTICAL DEVICES HAVING AN EYEPIECE - A vapor-permeable, vented eyecup for night vision goggles and other optical devices having an eyepiece. An eyecup is used to create a light tight seal between the eyepiece and the operator's face. In addition to containing the light from the optical device, the eyecup blocks out external light. When viewing through an optical device using a non-vented eyecup, moisture becomes trapped in the eyecup volume bounded by the operator's eye socket, eyecup, and eyepiece. Fog forms on the eyepiece as a result. This invention reduces the occurrence of fogging by allowing moisture to vent out of the volume through a vapor permeable material. This material allows vapor to pass but blocks larger water droplets, dust, dirt, and light.12-01-2011


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