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359385000 Illuminator 277
359391000 Stage or slide carrier 62
359372000 With plural optical axes 57
359379000 Spacing of optical elements axially adjustable 33
359382000 Entire microscope adjustable along optical axis 27
359381000 Imaging elements movable in and out of optical axis 21
359370000 Interference 18
359396000 Transparent slide 16
359384000 With rotatable adjustment 11
359369000 With viewed screen 5
20100118393Electronic device for biological microscopy - An electronic device for biological microscopy includes a display unit and a main body adapted to the display unit, wherein an auto-focus microscope, an inspection area, and a computer are housed within the main body. The inspection area includes a first side and a second side opposite to the first side. The microscope includes an object lens, an eye lens, and an extension lens configured between the object lens and the eye lens. The object lens is configured at the first side of the inspection area, and a lighting component is configured at the second side of the inspection area. A thermostat apparatus is configured on the inspection area. A camera electrically connected to the computer is configured on the eye lens and transmits the captured image to the computer for analysis with a pre-installed software.05-13-2010
20090116101MICROSCOPE ENCLOSURE SYSTEM - A light-tight enclosure system for housing an automated microscope.05-07-2009
20110286090LINKING OF MICROSCOPES FOR ANALYSIS OF OBJECTS COMPRISING TOOL MARKS - There is provided a method for analyzing at least one object under a first microscope and a second microscope concurrently by linking the two microscopes together. Movement of one microscope will result in movement of the other. This is done by computing a transformation to link a first coordinate system and a second coordinate system and generating guidance data when one of the two microscopes is displaced, the guidance data corresponding to a set of operations to be applied to the other microscope to follow movement of the microscope that is displaced.11-24-2011
20100091362Complex type microscopic device - A complex type microscopic device includes a slider unit moving a stage, an optical microscope, a scanning electron microscope with an electron axis intersecting with an optical axis of the optical microscope, an optical measurement/observation unit having a magnification between those of the scanning electron microscope and the optical microscope and co-using an objective lens with the optical microscope, and a control unit controlling the entire device, and a display unit having a display screen. During display of a low-magnification optical microscopic image, the control unit controls the display unit to display, on the image, a representation to designate an area to be observed at a magnification of the optical measurement/observation unit, and to display, on the image, another representation to designate an area to be observed at a magnification of the scanning electron microscope during display of a high-magnification optical microscopic image.04-15-2010
20090015911Motor-operated microscope system and software for controlling motor-operated microscopes - A motor-operated microscope system has a motor-operated microscope section including an illumination optical system, an electric stage, an image forming optical system having an objective lens and an image forming lens, and an image pickup device; a housing; a control device having a screen display and an arithmetic processing section; and software displaying an operating condition setting screen of the motor-operated microscope section on the screen display and controlling an operation of the motor-operated microscope section in accordance with a set condition. The operating condition setting screen has, on one screen, a setting section for an exposure condition with the image pickup means; a setting section for a focusing condition with the objective lenses; an objective interchange setting section; a setting section for wavelength and luminance of illumination light; a setting section for an image pickup range; a display section for a picked-up image; and an operation commanding section for the motor-operated microscope section.01-15-2009
20090201580Methods for implement microscopy and microscopic measurement as well as microscope and apparatus for implementing them - The invention relates to a microscope that enables a phase object or surface pits and projections to be observed at a relatively low image-formation magnification of 08-13-2009
20130027768ATTACHMENT OF OPTICAL MICROSCOPE COMPONENTS - A device for attaching a first optical microscope component part to a second part includes an annular receptacle attached to the second part and an annual insertion part. The annular insertion part includes outside-conical retaining projections. The receptacle includes a base ring having a retaining collar with an inside cone tapering away from the base ring and in which a lateral opening is formed, through which the insertion part can be inserted in the receptacle such that it is located on a pre-locking position in which the annular openings overlap. The insertion part and the receptacle can be moved by reciprocal rotation from the pre-locking position into a locking position in which the outside-conical retaining projections of the insertion part are seated against the inside cone of the retaining collar and press the insertion part on the base ring, whereby the insertion part is locked to the receptacle.01-31-2013
20120182609MEMBRANE-INTEGRATED MICROFLUIDIC DEVICE FOR IMAGING CELLS - The invention provides microfluidic devices, methods for imaging cells, and methods for preparing such microfluidic devices. The microfluidic devices are contemplated to provide advantages for use in imaging of cells and subcellular compartments in an environment that mimics in vivo conditions. The microfluidic devices can used with a microscope equipped with an oil emersion objective lens.07-19-2012
20130088775COMPOUND MICROSCOPE DEVICE - A compound microscope device allowing simultaneous observation of one specimen by a transmission electron microscope and an optical microscope, is provided. A compound microscope device 04-11-2013
20090174935SCANNING MICROSCOPE HAVING COMPLEMENTARY, SERIAL SCANNERS - Described is a scanning microscope that includes at least two scanners disposed in series within an excitation beam, wherein one of the scanners is a two-axis galvanometer-controlled scanner, and the other of the scanners is a single-axis resonant scanner. The device may also include a spatial detection system disposed within the excitation beam at a point downstream of the at least two scanners, wherein the spatial detection system is configured to detect a sum of deflections generated by the at least two scanners, or to detect angular differences in the excitation beam when two or more illumination sources are used.07-09-2009
20120236398Phase Filters for a Scanning Microscope - The aim of the invention is an optical device for a scanning microscope, said device enabling the focusing of a light beam largely independent of wavelengths; and thus high-resolution microscopy, in particular STED microscopy, in a wider wavelength spectrum is facilitated. At least two phase filters lie on a support. Advantageously, the support is a filter wheel or a filter slider which can be introduced into the beam path of the light beam, said beam path preferably being the beam path of the stimulating light beam in an STED microscope. Several phase filters preferablylie on the support in the shape of a matrix. The support is designed as a glass substrate on which each phase filter is applied. To achieve said aim, another position is additionally found on the support for adjustment purposes, wherein the wavefront of the light is not influenced when it passes through said position, that is, the position is an empty position on which no phase filter is found.09-20-2012
20120287500OPTICAL LENS AND OPTICAL MICROSCOPE SYSTEM USING THE SAME - An optical lens is provided in the present invention. The optical lens includes a first curved surface and an annular mask component on and in direct contact with the first curved surface, wherein the annular mask component shields a peripheral annular region of the optical lens from entry of light. The present invention further provides an optical microscope system using the same.11-15-2012
20100202041OBSERVING DEVICE AND METHOD - When a semiconductor device 08-12-2010
20090103173Microscopic-Measurement Apparatus - A microscopic-measurement apparatus capable of conducting measurement successively in several set areas regardless of the type of stage driving system or the precision of the stage driving system. The microscopic-measurement apparatus for acquiring optical information from desired portions of a sample by moving a measuring optical axis on a surface of the sample includes an observation-image display section for displaying a sample surface image as an observation image, in a range of visual field which is observable at a present sample position; an optical-axis display section for displaying areas to be measured and a present position of the measuring optical axis in an overlapped state with the observation image; an area setting section capable of setting measuring areas by expanding, reducing, changing in shape and moving the areas to be measured; and an optical-information acquisition section for measuring one set measuring area or several set measuring areas successively with an instruction of starting measurement.04-23-2009
20100033811AUTOFOCUS DEVICE FOR MICROSCOPY - A microscope including an objective which images a sample along a microscope beam path, and an autofocus device, which is coupled into the microscope beam path via a beam splitter at a location behind the objective direction, a A light modulator for generating a two-dimensional, intensity-modulated modulation object, is located in the autofocus beam path in a plane conjugated to the focal plane of the objective or intersects the latter and is imaged into the focal plane of the objective. A camera records a two-dimensional image onto which the modulation object's image is imaged. The image plane of the camera intersects a plane that is conjugated to the modulation object or is located in the plane and the camera detecting the contrast of the modulation object's image located in the sample.02-11-2010
20090147354PROJECTION DEVICE FOR PATTERNED ILLUMINATION AND MICROSCOPY - A projection and detector device that attaches externally to the photo-port of a conventional widefield microscope. The device includes a light source interface for receiving of illumination from a light source, the illumination defining an illumination path. A pattern mask is located within the illumination path for projecting one or a plurality of objects, structures or patterns onto the object plane of the optical microscope. The pattern mask may be used with structured illumination microscopy (SIM) wherein the device projects a moving striped optical grid pattern or Ronchi Ruling onto the object plane in either fluorescence or reflected brightfield imaging. The pattern mask may also be used with a mechanical or digital diaphragm, or a DLP, in specialized techniques such as Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleaching (FRAP), fluorescence photoactivation and targeted illumination. The device without an inserted pattern mask may also be used in deconvolution microscopy. A computer linked with a charged coupled device (CCD) camera may be used to capture images for storage and further post-processing.06-11-2009
20100123950OBJECTIVE OPTICAL SYSTEM - An objective optical system includes a first group having positive refractive power and a piano-convex lens with the convex surface facing the image side; a second group having positive refractive power and a lens whose extreme-object-side lens surface is a convex surface facing the object side; a third group having negative refractive power and a lens whose extreme-image-side lens surface is a concave surface facing the image side; a fourth group having positive refractive power and a lens disposed on the extreme object side, whose image-side lens surface is a convex surface facing the image side and a lens disposed on the extreme image side, whose object-side lens surface is a convex surface facing the object side; and a fifth group having positive refractive power and a combined lens formed by joining a convex lens and a concave lens, the joined surface having negative refractive power.05-20-2010
20090168155MICROSCOPE APPARATUS - Providing a microscope apparatus capable of observing phase variation of a phase object with sufficient contrast with a white light source having an area such as a halogen lamp and a mercury lamp commonly used in a microscope. A microscope apparatus 07-02-2009
20080239473OPERATION MICROSCOPE - An operation microscope includes a microscope body having an illumination optical system which illuminates a subject, a lens barrel, and a main observation optical system which observes the subject, a microscope unit for an assistant attached to the microscope body, and a guide rail which is disposed in the lens barrel of the microscope body, and extends in a circumferential direction about a center of an optical axis of an objective lens of the microscope body. The microscope unit for an assistant is disposed in the guide rail to be movable between a usage position and a non-usage position in a circumferential direction of the lens barrel.10-02-2008
20090034062CONFOCAL MICROSCOPE - A confocal microscope apparatus is capable of obtaining a high confocal effect while detecting an image of a specimen line by line. The confocal microscope apparatus may include an illuminating optical system which illuminates a line-shaped area on a specimen plane in a specimen by collected light, an image-forming optical system which forms an image of light emitted from the specimen plane, a two-dimensional light detector which is placed at a conjugate plane of the specimen plane, a scanning unit which moves the line-shaped area on the specimen plane, and a correcting unit which corrects a pixel signal of a specific line on the two-dimensional light detector having a confocal relation with the line-shaped area based on a pixel signal of a peripheral line of the specific line.02-05-2009
20080304142Movement Platform for Carrier With 5 Degrees of Freedom - A movement platform provided with a carrier (12-11-2008
20080310015MICROSCOPE AND PINCHING PREVENTION APPARATUS FOR A MICROSCOPE - The present invention relates to a microscope (12-18-2008
20080266653Apparatus for Imaging Cells - An apparatus for imaging cells including a culture chamber, in which a cultivation sub-structure is placed, imaging optics, and actuators for providing the relative movement of the cultivation substructure and the imaging optics in such a way that the imaging optics is used to image different sites in the substructure. The cultivation substructure is isolated as a subchamber of its own that is separate from the culture chamber, and imaging is carried out by moving the imaging optics and the subchamber in relation to each other.10-30-2008
20080204864Microscope Device With Position Sensing - The present invention relates to a microscope device (08-28-2008
20080285122Accessory for Attenuated Total Internal Reflectance (Atr) Spectroscopy - An accessory for use with a microscope arranged to carry out ATR measurements has a support (11-20-2008
20090161203Method and Configuration for the Optical Detection of an Illuminated Specimen - A method and a configuration for the depth-resolved optical detection of a specimen, wherein a specimen or a part of the specimen is scanned by means of preferably linear illumination, the illumination of the specimen is periodically structured in the focus in at least one spatial direction, light coming from the specimen is detected and images of the specimen are generated, and at least one optical sectional image and/or one image with enhanced resolution is calculated through the specimen is calculated [sic], images are repeatedly acquired and sectional images are repeatedly blended while changing the orientation of the linear illumination relative to the specimen and/or spatial intervals between from lines exposed to detection light from the illuminated specimen region are generated for the line-by-line non-descanned detection on an area detector or a camera and/or, during a scan, light is further deflected upstream of the detector through the line in the direction of the scan of the specimen.06-25-2009
20090219611DEVICE AND METHOD - An article includes an optical device. The optical device includes a first lens and a second lens. The first lens includes an optically active material that responds to an external stimulus that affects a refractive index of at least a portion of the first lens. A method for making a method of use of the article is also provided.09-03-2009
20090244698MICROSCOPE COMPRISING AT LEAST TWO COMPONENTS - A microscope comprising at least two components is suggested, wherein each of the at least two components comprises at least one trigger interface, and each of the at least one interfaces is configurable at least as an input and an output. Further, a microscopy method using such a microscope is suggested comprising the appropriate configuring of trigger interfaces of the various components and then continuously moving a microscope stage and continuously moving a focusing drive from a first focus position to a second focus position while simultaneously acquiring images by means of an apparatus for image acquisition.10-01-2009
20100265573Safety System For A Laser Radiation Device - A laser radiation-guiding device including: a laser including a control unit; ports for connection of one module each, it being possible that laser radiation may exit at the ports. The device further can include joining part sensors respectively assigned to a port and whose electrical condition depends on whether a predetermined joining part is spaced apart from the respective port by less than a maximum distance in a predetermined orientation relative to the respective port, and an evaluating unit connected to the joining part sensors via a signal link that detects the electrical conditions of the joining part sensors and, depending on the detected conditions, emits a control signal to the control unit of the laser or to a laser radiation-blocking unit, by which emission of eye-damaging laser radiation to the ports of the device can be prevented inhibited.10-21-2010
20090316257MICROSCOPE SYSTEM AND CONTROL METHOD FOR SAME - The microscope system comprises: an imaging apparatus used for picking up an image of a specimen; an electric unit; a control apparatus for controlling turning On and Off of the power supply to the electric unit; a storage apparatus storing the initialization requirement time of the electric unit; and a drive management arithmetic operation apparatus for calculating, on the basis of an image pickup interval and initialization requirement time, a clock time for controlling turning On/Off of the power supply to the electric unit.12-24-2009
20110058252BOTTOMLESS MICRO-MIRROR WELL FOR 3D IMAGING FOR AN OBJECT OF INTEREST - A bottomless micro-mirror well. In one embodiment, the bottomless micro-mirror well includes a substrate having a first surface and an opposite, second surface defining a body portion between the first surface and the opposite, second surface, where the body portion defines an inverted pyramidal well having at least three side surfaces extending to each other and defining an opening between a first sidewall and a second sidewall of the body portion, and where each of the at least three side surfaces is configured to reflect light emitting from an object of interest.03-10-2011
20090073551ELECTRICALLY-OPERATED MICROSCOPE - The present invention provides an electrically-operated microscope including an arrangement switching unit, a driving unit, an operation inputting unit, and a control unit. The arrangement switching unit holds a plurality of optical elements and switches an arrangement of the plurality of optical elements. The driving unit drives the arrangement switching unit. The operation inputting unit inputs a predetermined single operation. The control unit controls the driving unit to control the arrangement of the plurality of optical elements, and performs a control of stopping a driving of the driving unit and enabling a manual revolution of the arrangement switching unit when the predetermined single operation is input by the operation inputting unit.03-19-2009
20110043903Optical module for increasing magnification of microscope - An optical module for increasing magnification of a microscope includes an objective and an eyepiece between which is an optical path for light to travel. The optical includes light diverging elements for dividing the optical path into two parallel light paths after leaving the objective; and several orthonormally-arranged reflective elements including at least a first and a last reflective element, each reflective element having a reflective surface diagonal relative to the orthonormal arrangement of the elements, and also arranged to successively reflect the parallel light paths, from element to element, from the objective when the module is inserted in the optical microscope, beneath the eyepiece. Also included are light converging elements for converging the parallel paths into a single path before producing an image at the eyepiece.02-24-2011
20100046068AUTOMATED MICROSCOPE SLIDE READ SYSTEM - A method and apparatus for automating microscopic analysis of a plurality of data-encoded microscope slides. In embodiments, the data written to or read from the slides may comprise images, analysis protocols, analytic results and other pertinent data. Embodiments also encompass a magazine that contains a plurality of data encoded slides.02-25-2010
20080266655Microscopy Arrangements and Approaches - Light-field microscopy is facilitated using an approach to image computation. In connection with an example embodiment, a subject (e.g., 10-30-2008
20080266654Extreme ultraviolet microscope - An extreme ultraviolet (EUV) microscope configured to analyze a sample. The microscope includes a source of EUV radiation constructed and arranged to generate the EUV radiation with a wavelength at least in a range of about 2-6 nm, and an optical system constructed and arranged to illuminate the sample with the EUV radiation and to collect a radiation emanating from the sample. The optical system is arranged with at least one mirror that includes a multilayer structure for in-phase reflection of at least a portion of the radiation in the range of about 2-6 nm.10-30-2008
20110069379Microscope Configuration Determination - The invention relates to a lens or lens attachment component, which is designed to be mounted in a microscope and to which an electronic memory module (03-24-2011
20120243078MICROSCOPE OPTICAL SYSTEM - Observation over a superwide field of view is possible with a short, lightweight, and inexpensive eyepiece optical system and a binocular barrel.09-27-2012
20120147459DEVICE AND METHOD FOR THE ADJUSTED MOUNTING OF A MICROSCOPE STAGE TO A MICROSCOPE STAND - A device and method for adjusting mounting of a microscope stage (06-14-2012
20110149387MICROSCOPE CONTROLLER AND MICROSCOPE SYSTEM PROVIDED WITH MICROSCOPE CONTROLLER - A microscope controller includes a touch panel and a CPU having first and second recognition units. The CPU sets a plurality of operation areas including at least first and second operation areas in the display area of the touch panel. The second recognition unit recognizes a difference between the start-of-input position in which input is first detected and the end-of-input position in which the input is last detected only when the first recognition unit recognizes continuous input to the first operation area, and when input is continuously performed to the second operation area. When the difference is recognized, the CPU generates a control directive signal for control of the driving of a corresponding electric drive mechanism based on the difference.06-23-2011
20100027108CONFOCAL LASER MICROSCOPE - A confocal laser microscope has at least one laser whose illumination light is transmitted in direction of the microscope objective by at least one light-conducting fiber. The light-conducting fiber can be plugged in at a housing which preferably comprises the scanning head of the microscope, and a holder is provided which can be plugged into the housing and into which the light-conducting fiber projects and which is provided at its end remote of the fiber with first optics for transmitting the laser light exiting divergently from the fiber in direction of at least partially displaceable collimating optics in the housing. At least second optics are advantageously arranged between the first optics and the collimating optics.02-04-2010
20090059359SECONDARY LIGHT SOURCE - A secondary light source is provided comprising a narrowband light source (03-05-2009
20120075693OPTICAL SYSTEM FOR THERMAL IMAGE MICROSCOPE - Provided is an optical system for a thermal image microscope. The optical system includes an image forming unit and a relay unit. The image forming unit forms a focus. The relay unit elongates an optical path. Here, the image forming unit includes six lenses. The relay unit includes two lenses. Aspherical surfaces of the lenses are all convex surfaces.03-29-2012
20090021826MICROSCOPE WITH AN EXTERNAL POWER SUPPLY UNIT - The invention is directed to a light microscope with an external power supply unit. The microscope according to the invention has a receptacle for the external power supply unit in which it can be fastened in a removable manner. This receptacle is advantageously formed as a cutout in the microscope stand so that the power supply unit adapts to the outer shape of the microscope when seated in the receptacle.01-22-2009
20110235168STERILE CONTROL UNIT WITH A SENSOR SCREEN - The present invention relates to a control unit for an item of medical equipment, particularly a surgical microscope, for controlling equipment functions, comprising a sensor-screen having a sensor-screen surface for displaying image material, the sensor-screen being configured to be operated in contactless manner via a recognition device and to accommodate a sterile transparent control surface in front of the sensor-screen surface.09-29-2011
20120243079DEVICE FOR HOLDING FILTERS FOR MICROSCOPES - A device for holding filters for a microscope includes a filter wheel (09-27-2012
20130170021MICROSCOPE OPTICAL SYSTEM AND MICROSCOPE SYSTEM - Provided is a microscope optical system in which the occurrence of flare due to unnecessary-order diffracted light exited from a diffractive optical element is suppressed. A microscope objective lens MS is configured by including an objective lens OL which has a diffractive optical element GD and converts light from an object into a substantially parallel light flux, and a second objective lens IL which forms an image of the object by focusing the substantially parallel light flux from the objective lens OL, and is configured such that, in case where an m-th order of diffracted light from the diffractive optical element GD is used for the image formation, the following expression is satisfied: |θ|>tan07-04-2013
20080218849DEVICE FOR CONFOCAL ILLUMINATION OF A SPECIMEN - There is provided a device for confocal observation of a specimen, comprising an objective, a mask, which is located in the illumination beam path and the image beam path and which is rotatable around a central axis, the mask being imaged onto the specimen by means of the objective and being provided with openings for generating an illumination pattern moving on the specimen, an arrangement of a plurality of focussing microoptics which is adjusted to the geometric arrangement of the openings of the mask and to the rotation of the mask in order to concentrate the illumination light by each of the microoptics into a respective one of the openings of the mask, and a beam splitter for separating light from the specimen which has been collected by the objective and which has passed through the openings of the mask from illumination light, wherein the beam splitter is arranged in the beam path between the mask and the arrangement of the microoptics, and wherein an optical arrangement is provided in the beam path between the mask and the arrangement of the microoptics for generating an infinity space in which the beam splitter is located.09-11-2008
20130141782TUNABLE ACOUSTIC GRADIENT INDEX OF REFRACTION LENS AND SYSTEM - A microscope, comprising a stage onto which is placed an item, a lens having a tunable acoustic gradient index of refraction (TAG lens) sufficiently proximate to said stage to magnify an image of the item, a viewing point for providing for viewing of the magnified image, and a pulsed illuminator capable of illuminating the stage and synchronously pulsed with an operating frequency of the TAG lens.06-06-2013
20100315706TUBE UNIT FOR MICROSCOPES - A tube unit for microscopes which has a tube lens, including two components with an intermediate, large air separation and an overall positive refractive power. The air separation is at least half the size of the focal length f of the tube lens. A roof edge mirror or another suitable deflection element is arranged between the two components of the tube lens. The roof edge mirror includes two mirrors which can be tilted with respect to one another, and which is able to be tilted around its roof edge. The tilting movement or the tilting angle of the tiltable mirror or deflection element corresponds to half the tilt or half the tilting angle of the tube or eyepiece viewing system.12-16-2010
20100315705IMMERSION OBJECTIVE LENS, RETENTION MECHANISM FOR IMMERSION MEDIUM, AND MANUFACTURING METHOD THEREOF - There is provided a retention mechanism for an immersion medium, for use in a device which observes/measures a sample by use of an immersion objective lens, includes a member which retains the immersion medium near a tip portion of the objective lens, wherein the member is configured to include at least first and second materials.12-16-2010
20130194660Microscope Objective Lens - A microscope objective lens has an aspheric-surface lens, and a first lens nearest to an object side is a negative lens. It is desirable that at least any one surface of the first lens nearest to the object side is an aspheric surface. Moreover, it is desirable that the microscope objective lens satisfies the following conditional expression (1)08-01-2013

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