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Light wave directional modulation (e.g., deflection or scanning is representative of the modulating signal)

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359 - Optical: systems and elements


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359315000 Electro-optic 74
359305000 Acousto-optic 29
359301000 Acting on polarized light 8
359299000 Opto-optical device 8
20100142031MAGNETIC CONTROL OF SURFACE STATES - A magnetic field may be applied to a plasmon path to affect plasmon propagation.06-10-2010
20090195859METHOD OF SPATIALLY SEPARATING WAVELENGTHS OF MULTI-WAVELENGTH SIGNAL USING ELECTRONICALLY CONTROLLED THERMAL STRUCTURE - A thin-film interference filter structure has a generally wavelength-dependent resonant response to incident optical energy in a predetermined range of wavelengths. The thin-film interference filter structure includes a thermally tunable layer having a thermally tunable optical characteristic such that a range of wavelength-dependent resonant optical responses of the thermally tunable layer are induced by a corresponding range of thermal conditions of the thermally tunable layer. The thin-film interference filter structure is configured to (1) receive a spatially varying pattern of thermal energy at the thermally tunable layer to impart a corresponding spatially varying pattern to the thermally tunable characteristic of the thermally tunable layer, and (2) receive the incident optical energy into the thermally tunable layer and output optical energy having spatial modulation corresponding to the spatially varying pattern of the thermally tunable characteristic.08-06-2009
20100053729System and Method for Despeckling an Image Illuminated by a Coherent Light Source - A method and system for reducing speckle in an image produced from a coherent source of radiation is provided. The method includes coupling a source beam received from a coherent optical source into an optical fiber. A position of at least a portion of the fiber may be modulated using a ditherer. The source beam may be refracted by a lens after it is decoupled from the optical fiber, such that the source beam is aimed at a microlens diffuser. In accordance with a particular embodiment, the source beam may be projected from the microlens diffuser onto a spatial modulator. The spatial modulator may be positioned to project the source beam via an imaging lens, to a target.03-04-2010
20100073759Line-like laser beam flux irradiating apparatus - A line-like laser beam flux irradiating apparatus comprising a laser source which emits a divergent laser beam flux, a conversion lens which converts the divergent laser beam flux to a parallel laser beam flux, a first lens which forms a first line-like laser beam flux, a second lens which forms a second line-like laser beam flux intersecting the first line-like laser beam flux, a reflective optical system comprised of a first reflective surface which reflects the parallel laser beam flux toward the first lens and a second reflective surface which reflects the parallel laser beam flux toward the second lens, wherein the parallel laser beam flux is simultaneously guided to the first and second reflective surfaces so as to form a cross-wise line-like laser beam flux is formed on the same plane by the cooperation of the first line-like laser beam flux and the second line-like laser beam flux.03-25-2010
20100073758OPTICAL GATING SYSTEM USING MOIRE EFFECT - To provide an optical gating system capable of performing single-shot, parallel, and ultrafast gating equal to or less than a subpicosecond, without depending on coherence. The optical gating system converts signal light to spatial characteristic signal light whose intensity distribution has spatial periodicity, and emits the spatial characteristic signal light to a gate region (03-25-2010
20080278798MEMs display apparatus - This invention relates to display apparatuses having an array of light modulators and a plurality of spacers distributed within the interior of the array. The display apparatus may also include a reflective aperture layer disposed on a front facing surface of a substrate included in the display apparatus.11-13-2008
20090303572SPECKLE REDUCTION IN IMAGING APPLICATIONS AND AN OPTICAL SYSTEM THEREOF - Speckle effect in imaging applications is reduced by generating additional speckle patterns on the screen such that the speckle patterns are overlapped and the overlapped speckle patterns average out on the screen to appear as a noise background to the viewers. The speckle patterns are generated by discrete optical signals of a visible frequency comb. A visible frequency comb having discrete optical signals is generated through modulation-instability processes, phase-conjugation processes, and Bragg-scattering processes using a non-linear optical material and a wavelength converter.12-10-2009
20090091817HIGH SPEED PHASE SCRAMBLING OF A COHERENT BEAM USING PLASMA - A laser beam is modulated at a very high frequency to produce uniform radiant flux densities on substrate surface processing regions during thermal processing. Beam modulation is achieved by passing the laser beam through a plasma which causes phase randomization within the laser beam. This method may be used for any application where intense, uniform illumination is desired, such as pulsed laser annealing, ablating, and wafer stepper illuminating.04-09-2009
20130163069MANIPULATING AND ROUTING OPTICAL SIGNAL NARROW PATHS ON GRAPHENE AND GRAPHENE AS A PLATFORM FOR METAMATERIALS - Graphene may support electromagnetic radiation and be able to support a variety of optical devices. In general, graphene may exhibit changeability in properties such as the conductivity and the like of graphene. Graphene may comprise carbon and be of a thickness of a single atomic layer. In another embodiment, Graphene may be thicker than a single atomic layer, but may be able to exhibit changeability in the properties noted above. Disclosed herein is the guiding and manipulating of optical signals on layers of graphene to create waveguides, ribbon waveguides, beamsplitters, lenses, attenuators, mirrors, scatterers, Fourier optics, Luneburg lenses, metamaterials and other optical devices.06-27-2013
20100091354Apparatus and method for 2D and 3D image switchable display - An image display apparatus and method are disclosed. The image display apparatus includes a light source unit to include at least one light source, an optical unit to generate a directional light using a light projected from the light source unit, a variable diffuser unit to control diffusion of the directional light, a pixel unit to selectively generate one of two-dimensional (2D) images and three-dimensional (3D) images to correspond to the control of the variable diffuser unit, and a vertical diffusion unit to diffuse the 3D images in a vertical direction04-15-2010
20100053730HIGH SPEED BEAM STEERING - The use of spatial light modulators to steer light beams is disclosed. A dual frequency liquid crystal spatial light modulator can be controlled so as to form a blazed phase grating thereon that effects desire deflection of incident light.03-04-2010
20080316584Optical device - According to an aspect of the embodiment, an optical device has a first optical element and a second optical element. The first optical element for inputting wavelength multiplexed light, the wavelength multiplexed light including a plurality of light channels which is arranged on predetermined frequency interval, the first optical element outputting an angular dispersion light in parallel, the angular dispersion light being arranged positions of the light channels on different interval spaces, respectively. The second optical element for receiving the angular dispersion light from the first optical element and for changing positions in accordance with the light channels on different interval spaces into on predetermined interval space.12-25-2008
20090103170SOLID TUNABLE MICRO OPTICAL DEVICE AND METHOD - A solid tunable micro optical device for an micro-optical system is provided. The sold tunable micro optical device includes a first annular piece, a micro-lens with a spherical surface configured on the first annular piece, and a deforming device coupled to the first annular piece for deforming the micro-lens.04-23-2009
20090244690Light guiding film having light extraction features - A light-guiding article has a film substrate that has at least one patterned surface having a plurality of discrete surface features and an incident edge that is substantially orthogonal to the at least one patterned surface. Each surface feature in the plurality of discrete surface features extends along a length direction that is substantially parallel to the incident edge. Taken in cross-section along the length direction, each surface feature has a positively sloped portion, a substantially flat portion, and a negatively sloped portion. A first widthwise cross-section taken at a first position through the positively sloped portion has the same shape as a second widthwise cross-section taken at a second position through the negatively sloped portion.10-01-2009
20080231938ENCAPSULATED SPATIAL LIGHT MODULATOR HAVING IMPROVED PERFORMANCE - Devices and methods for forming a spatial light modulator with high contrast are described. Light absorbing materials are used within a chamber that houses a spatial light modulator. The light absorbing materials absorb reflected light that is not intended for forming a part of a display image. The light absorbing material can form an aperture layer, wherein light to form the display image is transmitted through an opening in the aperture layer. An array of spatial light modulators can be within the housing and dummy spatial light modulators may be formed to enable easy alignment of the array with the opening in the aperture layer.09-25-2008
20100220382Magnetic control of surface states - A magnetic field may be applied to a plasmon path to affect plasmon propagation.09-02-2010
20110128609BEAM STEERING USING A THERMALLY ANISOTROPIC MEDIUM - Apparatus for steering a beam of radiation includes a thermally anisotropic element configured such that the shape of the optical element can be varied by varying the temperature of the element. The beam is reflected from or transmitted through the element in a manner such that the direction of the beam on leaving the element can be varied by the change of shape resulting from the temperature variation.06-02-2011
20110075250LASER SCANNING BEAM READER - A laser scanning beam reader is provided. When a round-grating-dot matrix is in a stationary state, the laser beams passing through the round-grating-dot matrix result in line-shaped refraction beams. By the laser scanning beam reader, the motor system conventionally used for rotating the hologram disc to successively generate dot scanning beams as the line-shaped will be omitted. As a consequence, the components and configurations of the laser scanning beam reader are simplified and the cost thereof is reduced.03-31-2011
20110255146MANUFACTURING STRUCTURE AND PROCESS FOR COMPLIANT MECHANISMS - The invention relates, in various aspects, to systems and methods for MEMS actuated displays that can be driven at high speeds and at low voltages for improved image quality and reduced power consumption.10-20-2011
20100079851OPTICAL PARAMETRIC OSCILLATOR - The present invention relates to an optical parametric oscillator. In particular, the present invention relates to a more optimal rotating image optical parametric oscillator. More specifically, there is described an optical parametric oscillator comprising six mirrored surfaces; wherein two of the mirrored surfaces are provided by a penta prism and the sequence of mirrors is operable to provide a predetermined rotation of a beam passing therethrough.04-01-2010
20100195189System and Method for Actuation of Spatial Light Modulators - A system comprises a spatial light modulator comprising a plurality of modulation elements, the spatial light modulator operable to receive an optical signal comprising one or more optical channels, wherein the elements are operable to perform an optical function on at least one of the one or more optical channels. The system further comprises two or more reset groups associated with the spatial light modulator, wherein each reset group comprises one or more elements, and wherein at least one of the one or more optical channels resides on at least two of the two or more reset groups. The system also comprises a controller operable to actuate the elements of at least one of the at least two reset groups associated with the optical channel at a different time than any one or more other reset group of the at least two reset groups.08-05-2010
20090009853Photoconductive Metamaterials with Tunable Index of Refraction and Frequency - Materials and structures whose index of refraction can be tuned over a broad range of negative and positive values by applying above band-gap photons to a structure with a strip line element, a split ring resonator element, and a substrate, at least one of which is a photoconductive semiconductor material. Methods for switching between positive and negative values of n include applying above band-gap photons to different numbers of elements. In another embodiment, a structure includes a photoconductive semiconductor wafer, the wafer operable to receive above band-gap photons at an excitation frequency in an excitation pattern on a surface of the wafer, the excitation patterns generating an effective negative index of refraction. Methods for switching between positive and negative values of n include projecting different numbers of elements on the wafer. The resonant frequency of the structure is tuned by changing the size of the split ring resonator excitation patterns.01-08-2009
20110063717HIGH-EFFICIENCY DEVICE FOR FOCUSING LIGHT TO SUBWAVELENGTH DIMENSIONS - The general field of the invention is that of devices for focusing light to subwavelength dimensions including at least one focusing structure having a metal film provided with a first aperture that penetrates the film, the aperture having dimensions an order of magnitude smaller than the working wavelength of the focusing device. In the devices according to the invention, the focusing structure has at least one optical cavity placed around the aperture so that, when the structure is illuminated with a radiant flux at the working wavelength of the device, a large part of this flux is concentrated on the aperture by said cavity. Several embodiments are described using various cavities that may comprise plasmon reflectors.03-17-2011
20110063716METHOD OF MAKING OPTICAL ELEMENT AND OPTICAL ELEMENT - A method of making an optical element, the optical element including magnetic resonators that are anisotropically shaped and smaller than a wavelength of incident light, includes a first step of dispersing the magnetic resonators in a host medium, a second step of applying an external magnetic field to the host medium after the first step, and a third step of curing the host medium after the second step.03-17-2011
20120127562ACTIVE OPTICAL DEVICE USING PHASE CHANGE MATERIAL - An active optical device is provided. The active optical device includes an optically variable layer having a refractive index which changes according to temperature; and a temperature control unit that controls a temperature of one or more regions of the optically variable layer.05-24-2012
20120212799SPATIAL LIGHT MODULATION UNIT, ILLUMINATION OPTICAL APPARATUS, EXPOSURE APPARATUS, AND DEVICE MANUFACTURING METHOD - An illumination optical apparatus capable of forming a pupil intensity distribution of desired shape and illuminance and, in turn, capable of realizing illumination conditions of great variety. The apparatus has a spatial light modulation unit composed of a first spatial light modulator and a second spatial light modulator arranged in an order of incidence of light, and a distribution forming optical system to form a predetermined light intensity distribution on an illumination pupil, based on a beam having traveled via the first spatial light modulator and the second spatial light modulator. The first spatial light modulator has a plurality of first optical elements which are two-dimensionally arranged and postures of which each are individually controlled. The second spatial light modulator has a plurality of second optical elements which are two-dimensionally arranged in correspondence to the first optical elements and postures of which each are individually controlled.08-23-2012
20120170108DUAL VIEW DISPLAY SYSTEM - A dual view display system that includes a display device and a first louver device. The display device is configured to display a first image at a display location to a first person at a first location and display a second image at the display location to a second person at a second location. The first louver device configured to substantially restrict a first field of view of the first image to the first person. The system may also include a second louver device configured to substantially restrict a second field of view of the second image to the second person. Such an arrangement restricts the fields of view so that, for example, a vehicle driver can not lean over and view something intended only for a vehicle passenger, such as a movie.07-05-2012
201201766653-DIMENSIONAL IMAGE DISPLAY APPARATUS - Provided is a 3-dimensional (3D) display apparatus including a light source, a beam scanner, and a beam deflector array. The beam scanner scans light emitted by the light source, and the beam deflector array includes a plurality of beam deflectors arranged in an array to reproduce a light field by changing a direction of light rays scanned by the beam scanner.07-12-2012
20130016421MAGNETIC CONTROL OF SURFACE STATES - A magnetic field may be applied to a plasmon path to affect plasmon propagation.01-17-2013
20130135708NON-PLANAR RING RESONATOR FOR PREVENTING EXCITATION OF BACKWARD WAVE IN A PASSIVE TRAVELING WAVE OPTICAL RESONATOR - An optical traveling-wave resonator that includes a magneto-optically active member through which an optical beam propagates on a non-planar optical propagation path circuit. The resonator further includes at least one mirror in the optical propagation path circuit and a magnetic field generator for applying a magnetic field to the magneto-optically active member such that resonant optical frequencies of normal modes corresponding to traveling waves in opposite directions are substantially different.05-30-2013
20080231939Optical Manipulation System Using a Plurality of Optical Traps - The present invention relates to an optical manipulation system (09-25-2008

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