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Light wave temporal modulation (e.g., frequency, amplitude, etc.)

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359 - Optical: systems and elements


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359290000 By changing physical characteristics (e.g., shape, size or contours) of an optical element 1006
359240000 Changing bulk optical parameter 781
359239000 Modulator output feedback to modulator 31
20090195852Producing Filters With Combined Transmission and/or Reflection Functions - A transmissive and/or reflective optical filter can receive input light, which can emanate from objects traveling along paths past the filter, e.g. from biological cells, viruses, colored spots or other markings on documents, and so forth. In response, the filter can provide output light in accordance with a combined transmission function that is approximately equal to a superposition or scaled superposition of a set of simpler transmission functions. The set can include two or more non-uniform transmission functions, a subset of which can be different from each other and positioned relative to each other so that the output light has time variation in accordance with each of the functions in the subset. The subset could include, for example, a random function and a periodic function, a chirp function and a periodic function, or any other suitable combination of two or more simpler functions.08-06-2009
20120170097LIGHT MODULATORS AND OPTICAL APPARATUSES INCLUDING THE SAME - Provided are examples of light modulators and optical apparatuses that may include the light modulators. A light modulator may include a plasmonic nano-antenna and an element for changing plasmon resonance characteristics of the plasmonic nano-antenna. The plasmon resonance characteristics of the plasmonic nano-antenna may be changed due to a change in refractive index of the element, and thus light may be modulated.07-05-2012
20100079840SHUTTER-BASED STROBOSCOPE - Traditional stroboscopes use either a perforated rotating disc or intermittent lighting to alternately occlude or highlight a particular scene at periodic intervals. The embodiments of the present invention are directed to a shutter-based approach, where an optic (such as eyeglasses, binoculars, or a magnifying glass) is equipped with a shutter (such as a liquid crystal display) to periodically occlude the vision of a user through use of a handheld controller to regulate the shutter speed.04-01-2010
20100157406SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MATCHING LIGHT SOURCE EMISSION TO DISPLAY ELEMENT REFLECTIVITY - Systems and methods for illuminating interferometric modulator reflective displays are disclosed. One embodiment includes a display including a plurality of interferometric modulators configured to reflect a spectrum of radiation having a reflectance response peak at one or more wavelengths. A plurality of quantum dots are configured to emit radiation having a peak wavelength substantially at said one or more wavelengths, and the display is configured such that light emitted from the quantum dots irradiates the plurality of interferometric modulators.06-24-2010
20120206786LASER LIGHT SHAPING AND WAVEFRONT CONTROLLING OPTICAL SYSTEM - A laser light shaping and wavefront controlling optical system 08-16-2012
20120262772Device and Process for Forming Laser Pulses - The invention relates to a device for forming laser pulses comprising: an input for a pulsed laser beam; a spatial phase modulator (10-18-2012
20120262771DEEP SUBMERSIBLE LIGHT WITH PRESSURE COMPENSATION - A deep submersible light may include a body defining a hollow interior and a solid state light source such as a plurality of high brightness LEDs mounted in the interior of the body. A transparent window may be mounted over the LEDs. The space between the transparent window and the LEDs may be filled with an optically transparent fluid, gel, or grease, which allows light to pass through and ambient water pressure to pass in, thus pressure compensating the LEDs by allowing them to see ambient water pressure. The transparent window may be mounted in the body for reciprocation in both a forward direction and a rearward direction to accommodate volumetric changes in the compensating fluid, gel, or grease caused by changes in temperature and water pressure as the manned or remotely piloted submarine travels from the sea surface to deep ocean depths.10-18-2012
20100328749OPTICAL SYSTEM WITH HIGH CONTRAST - An optical system is disclosed that includes a housing that has an interior, a reflective interior surface, and a first opening. The optical system further includes a spatial light modulator that is disposed proximate the first opening and a light source that is disposed within the interior of the housing. The spatial light modulator modulates the light that is emitted by the light source to form image rays. The optical system further includes a first light redirecting film that is disposed proximate the first opening between the spatial light modulator and the light source. The first light redirecting film recycles at least a portion of the light that is emitted by the light source. The optical system further includes an optically absorptive film that is disposed proximate the first opening between the spatial light modulator and the viewing position. The optically absorptive film receives the image rays from the spatial light modulator and displays the received image rays to the viewing position.12-30-2010
20130050795SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR GENRATING AN OPTICAL COMB - A system and method for generating an optical comb are provided. The system comprises at least one modulator for modulating a continuous wave sequentially by using at least one signal, respectively so as to generate a comb wave having a first plurality of subcarriers; and a nonlinear medium for causing the respective subcarriers of the comb wave to perform four-wave mixing to thereby generate a comb wave having a second plurality of subcarriers as the optical comb. With the present system and method, an ultra-wide spectrum optical comb with stable frequencies may be generated.02-28-2013
20120218617LIGHT POWER CONTROL SYSTEM, LIGHT POWER CONTROL NODE APPARATUS, AND METHOD OF CONTROLLING LIGHT POWER - A light power control system is used in a network in which a control signal is transmitted to instruct setting of a wavelength path. The light power control system is provided with a light amplifier control section configured to carry out a constant output control to a light amplifier which amplifies a light signal transmitted from a node to another node, when said node in said network receives the control signal; and a variable optical attenuator control section configured to adjust an attenuation quantity of a variable optical attenuator to attenuate a light power of the light signal on any of wavelength paths, when said node receives the control signal and moreover the light signal is transmitted on said any of wavelength paths of said node. It becomes possible to receive the data right in a receiving end by a simple unit when there is a change of the number of wavelength paths.08-30-2012
20120224243LASER SYSTEM TO GENERATE A LASER GUIDE STAR - A laser system includes a laser light source which emits electromagnetic radiation, at least one optical amplifier which amplifies the radiation emitted from the laser light source, and a frequency multiplier which converts the amplified radiation by resonant frequency multiplying and/or summation-frequency generating. The laser system has a modulation facility which causes a modulation of the electromagnetic radiation emitted from the laser light source in such a manner that the spectrum encompasses a carrier frequency and at least one sideband, with the frequency multiplier being resonant at the carrier frequency and at the frequency of the at least one sideband.09-06-2012
20090027753BEAM SHAPING PRIOR TO HARMONIC GENERATION FOR INCREASED STABILITY OF LASER BEAM SHAPING POST HARMONIC GENERATION WITH INTEGRATED AUTOMATIC DISPLACEMENT AND THERMAL BEAM DRIFT COMPENSATION - A harmonic generation/beam shaping system to generate a shaped beam having a harmonic relationship with a beam generated by a laser, including a first harmonic generation element and a second harmonic generation element arranged sequentially along an axial beam path extending between an input from the laser and an output of the harmonic generation/beam shaping system and at least two beam shaping elements located along the axial beam path. At least one of the least two beam shaping elements is located between the second harmonic generation element and the laser to transform the beam energy profile into a preferred profile to distribute the beam energy across a larger cross sectional area of at least one harmonic generation element or to reduce peaks in the energy distribution profile of the beam, or both, wherein the preferred profile may be a flat-top profile or a Bessel function profile.01-29-2009
20090009847INTEGRATED IMODS AND SOLAR CELLS ON A SUBSTRATE - Embodiments of the present invention relate to interferometric display devices comprising an interferometric modulator and a solar cell and methods of making thereof. In some embodiments, the solar cell is configured to provide energy to the interferometric modulator. The solar cell and the interferometric modulator may be formed above the same substrate. A layer of the solar cell may be shared with a layer of the interferometric modulator.01-08-2009
20120113494Spectrum Sliced Photonic Signal Processor - A photonic signal processor providing finite impulse response filtering of an external input signal, the processor including: a photonic signal input having a predetermined wavelength range, a Bragg grating structure interconnected to the photonic signal input and having a series of localised modifications to the periodicity of the grating structure so as to provide a predetermined transmission output window within the stopband of the Bragg grating structure and predetermined wavelength range; a modulator interconnected to the grating structure for modulating the output from the grating structure in accordance with the external signal input; a delay structure for providing a wavelength variable delay to the output from the modulator; an intensity detector interconnected to the delay structure for determining and outputting the intensity of the delay structure output.05-10-2012
20090207469Method for reciprocal polarization (Cross-polarization) - During cross-polarization, both sub-beams of a complex polarization undergo both a transmission and a reflection. To achieve this, a first polarizing sub-process is coupled to the complementary polarizing sub-process (transmission coupled to reflection, reflection coupled to transmission). Both sub-beams show the same polarization contrast and the same intensity, and both sub-beams are folded. The sub-beams are coupled by one common (transmission-reflection) process (a simple polarization). Cross-polarization is achieved alone by directing the beams and choosing appropriate polarizing vectors for the polarizers.08-20-2009
20110279882Optical power source modulation system - A system for delivering optical power over an optical conduit includes at least one optical power source delivering multiple optical power forms, at least one of the optical power forms being a modulated optical power form. The system includes an optical power receiving device that is directly driven by the at least one modulated optical power form.11-17-2011
20090027754PHOTONIC CRYSTAL RESONATOR, A COUPLED CAVITY WAVEGUIDE, AND A GYROSCOPE - A rotating optical resonator, a waveguide and a method of use of waveguide are disclosed. The rotating optical resonator may include at least two modes of different resonant frequencies shiftable towards each other by reducing a magnitude of rotation rate, said modes being joinable into a substantially degenerate mode by setting substantially zero rotation rate, said resonator being of an optical size smaller than five wavelengths of the substantially degenerate mode. The waveguide may include a plurality of coupled evenly degenerate split mode resonators, the split of the modes forming a stop band in a resonant band of the waveguide, the stop band of the waveguide thereby being changeable by changing an angular velocity of the waveguide while the vector of the angular velocity is non-parallel with respect to the waveguide.01-29-2009
20090195853HIGH EXTINCTION RATIO AND LOW CROSSTALK COMPACT OPTICAL SWITCHES - An improved optical switch utilizes one polarization modulator, with the beam components traversing it twice. Because of the twice traverse, the extinction ratio of the switch is doubled without the addition of another polarization modulator, thus avoiding the costs of additional optical components. With no additional components, the switch is more compact than conventional switches with the same extinction ratio. Fewer components also result in more thermal and long-term stability and less crosstalk.08-06-2009
20110216387EDGE LIT LOCALLY DIMMED DISPLAY - An edge lit locally dimmed display has a spatial light modulator illuminated by a light source. The light source is positioned at an edge and behind the spatial light modulator. The spatial light modulator is illuminated with a low resolution version of a desired image. The illumination may comprise a series of lighting elements that vary smoothly from one element to another at the spatial light modulator.09-08-2011
20090147341Coherence Length Controller - Techniques for producing higher fidelity interferometer measurements by reducing sensitivity to spurious sources include reducing the coherence length of an electromagnetic beam. In addition, multiple surfaces within an optical system may be measured by electronically tuning the position of a coherence plane along the optical paths of an interferometer. A phase modulator is used in conjunction with a long coherence length electromagnetic source to generate beams for each leg of an interferometer. Providing a controlled broadband RF signal to the phase modulator increases the bandwidth of the beam and thereby reduces the coherence length of the beam. This reduces the spurious contributions to the output interference fringes from undesired surfaces along the beam path.06-11-2009
20100277785ELECTROMAGNETIC BEAM CONVERTER - The present invention relates to an electromagnetic beam converter and a method for conversion of an input beam of electromagnetic radiation having a bell shaped intensity profile a(x,y) into an output beam having a prescribed target intensity profile l(x′,y′) based on a further development of the generalized phase contrast method.11-04-2010
20090310206LIGHT BEAM GENERATION - A method and system for synthesizing controllable light beams includes a spatially modulated light source that generates electromagnetic radiation with a set of replicas of a predetermined symbol, s, positioned at desired positions (x12-17-2009
20110149363Lidar Mean Power Reduction - A laser radar device adapted to ensure that the output from the laser is eye-safe. A means for applying spatial dither to the output of the laser source, such as a moveable optical arrangement. This causes the point of focus of the transmitted beam to traverse a target area by small amounts, reducing the overall radiation exposure at any particular point of focus, but having negligible impact on wind speed measurement for example. Alternative arrangements for ensuring eye-safety include periodically reducing the laser power density, gating the output or altering the focussing of the transmitted beam.06-23-2011
20090244680HUMAN-READABLE, BI-STATE ENVIRONMENTAL SENSORS BASED ON MICRO-MECHANICAL MEMBRANES - An environmental sensing device includes an interferometric modulator which permanently actuates, in a visually-detectable manner, in response to being exposed to a predetermined environmental threshold or condition. The device can include a reactive layer, coating, or proof mass disposed on a movable member of the interferometric modulator. The reactive layer, coating, or proof mass can expand, contract, bend, or otherwise move when exposed to a predefined chemical, level of humidity, temperature threshold, type of radiation, and/or level of mechanical shock, causing the interferometric modulator to collapse and permanently indicate such exposure.10-01-2009
20100060969OPTICAL BEAM GENERATING DEVICE - The light beam generator 03-11-2010
20080231932REAR PROJECTION TYPE DISPLAY APPARATUS - Provided is a rear projection type display apparatus having a structure capable of performing projection magnification correction with a small depth. A projection unit is mounted on a projection magnification correcting member, and the projection magnification correcting member includes a first member and a second member. The first member includes a first correction mechanism for correction in a direction parallel to a central light ray, and is supported by a housing. The second member includes a second correction mechanism for correction in a direction parallel to a normal line to an image plane enlarged and projected from the projection unit without passing through a reflection mirror, and is supported by the first member.09-25-2008
20080304127Non-fourier pulse-shapers including a combined pulse-shaper and pulse-compressor - A pulse-shaper for temporally shaping an optical pulse includes a prism or a grism arranged to disperse the optical pulse into a diverging fan of spectral-component rays. The fan of spectral-component rays is collimated by a lens or another grism. The collimated spectral-component rays are selectively modulated by a spatial-light-modulator (SLM). The modulated rays from the SLM are either recombined to form the temporally shaped pulse by another lens and another prism, another two grisms, or by the same lens and prism or the same two grisms.12-11-2008
20080310003TURNING FILM, DISPLAY APPARATUS, AND PROCESS - A light redirecting article for redirecting light toward comprises: 12-18-2008
20080212159DIRECT OPTICAL IMAGE PROJECTORS - An apparatus includes a reconfigurable spatial light modulator, a light source, and a transmission filter. The reconfigurable spatial light modulator is capable of producing spatially varying amplitude and/or phase modulations of an incident light wavefront. The light source is configured to direct an illumination light beam towards the reconfigurable spatial light modulator such that the modulator produces a modulated outgoing light beam there from. The transmission filter is configured to spatially filter a light pattern formed by the outgoing light beam and to selectively transmit light from substantially only one diffractive order of the light pattern.09-04-2008
20090073534INTERFEROMETRIC MODULATOR DISPLAY DEVICES - An embodiment for a pixel for a display device on a substrate is disclosed. The pixel includes a first interferometric modulator on the substrate. The first interferometric modulator has a first normal direction substantially perpendicular to the first interferometric modulator and a first angularly-dependent reflectivity function comprising a first reflectivity in a first direction and a second reflectivity in a second direction, with the first reflectivity being greater than the second reflectivity. The pixel also includes a second interferometric modulator on the substrate. The second interferometric modulator has a second normal direction substantially perpendicular to the second interferometric modulator and a second angularly-dependent reflectivity function comprising a third reflectivity in the second direction and a fourth reflectivity in the first direction, with the third reflectivity being greater than the fourth reflectivity.03-19-2009
20090080054Speckle removing light source and lighting apparatus - Provided are a speckle removing light source capable of removing speckle by using laser light whose wavelength is temporally changed and a lighting apparatus for producing an image from which the speckle is removed. Provided is a speckle removing light source, including: a light source for outputting laser light; and a light frequency modulator for changing a wavelength of the laser light, in which: the wavelength of the laser light outputted from the light source is temporally changed by the light frequency modulator; and the light frequency modulator has a predetermined period set for changing the wavelength of the laser light. Also, provided is a lighting apparatus, including: a spatial light modulator illuminated with the laser light outputted from the speckle removing light source to produce an image, in which the spatial light modulator has a period set for producing the image, and the period is longer than the period for changing the wavelength of the laser light by the light frequency modulator.03-26-2009
20090080053STEPPING OPTICAL REDUCTION SYSTEM - A device and a method for synthesizing a microarray are provided. The device includes a reduction optics assembly and a target assembly. The reduction optics assembly is configured to receive a light array of selectable regions of light and dark areas, to reduce a size of the light array in two-dimensions, and to project a pattern of the light array on a target surface. The target assembly includes a first stage and a second stage. The first stage is configured to move the target surface in at least two directions in plane with the projected pattern with a first precision. The second stage is mounted to the first stage and is configured to move the target surface in the at least two directions in plane with the projected pattern with a second precision that is smaller than the first precision.03-26-2009
20110228374OPTICAL SIGNAL PROCESSING DEVICE - In a conventional optical signal processing device, a confocal optical system is configured in which a focusing lens is positioned at a substantially-intermediate point of a free space optical path. Thus, the free space optical system had a long length. It has been difficult to reduce the size of the entire device. The optical signal processing device of the present invention uses a lens layout configuration different from the confocal optical system to thereby significantly reduce the length of the system. The optical signal processing device consists of the first focusing lens positioned in the close vicinity of a signal processing device, and the second focusing lens positioned in the vicinity of a dispersing element. A distance between the dispersing element and the signal processing device is approximately a focal length of the first focusing lens. Compared with the conventional technique, the length of the optical path can be halved.09-22-2011
20110141540METHOD FOR GENERATING TWO OPTICAL PULSES WITH A VARIABLE, TIME PULSE INTERVAL - The invention relates to a method for generating two delayed pulses, in particular in terahertz spectroscopy and/or in pump-probe experiments, with the following method steps: 06-16-2011
20090097093DOWNHOLE USES OF PRESSURE-TUNED SEMICONDUCTOR LIGHT SOURCES - An instrument for use in a borehole, the instrument including a pressure tuned light source disposed in a housing adapted for insertion into the borehole.04-16-2009
20090244681HUMAN-READABLE, BI-STATE ENVIRONMENTAL SENSORS BASED ON MICRO-MECHANICAL MEMBRANES - An environmental sensing device includes an interferometric modulator which permanently actuates, in a visually-detectable manner, in response to being exposed to a predetermined environmental threshold or condition. The device can include a reactive layer, coating, or proof mass disposed on a movable member of the interferometric modulator. The reactive layer, coating, or proof mass can expand, contract, bend, or otherwise move when exposed to a predefined chemical, level of humidity, temperature threshold, type of radiation, and/or level of mechanical shock, causing the interferometric modulator to collapse and permanently indicate such exposure.10-01-2009
20090244679DIMMING MIRROR - A dimming mirror comprises an array of interferometric light modulators is disclosed. In one embodiment of the invention, the dimming mirror comprises a plurality of interferometric light modulators and a control circuit adapted to configure the plurality of interferometric light modulators to at least one of a plurality of predefined states, including a first state having a substantially reflective appearance and a second state having a dimmed visual appearance as contrasted with the first state. Additional features may include additional states having an appearance with a dimmed visual appearance as contrasted with the first state and a reflective appearance as contrasted with the second state.10-01-2009
20120194892LIGHT EXTRACTING DEVICE AND LIGHT EXTRACTING METHOD - A light extracting device includes a dual light generating unit and a first order Bragg grating unit. The dual light generating unit is for receiving an input optical signal and a control signal, and for generating from the input optical signal first and second optical signals that have a phase difference there between. The phase difference is associated with the control signal. The first order Bragg grating unit is for receiving the first and second optical signals from the dual light generating unit, and for causing optical interference to occur between the first and second optical signals within a predetermined wavelength range to result in first and second output optical signals.08-02-2012
20090122383MEMS Michelson Interferometer and Method of Fabrication - An interferometer system includes an optical bench and at least two mirror structures, being patterned from one or more layers on the optical bench and erected to extend substantially perpendicularly to the bench to define two interferometer arms to provide a Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) interferometer. The MEMS interferometer is further implemented in a Fourier transform spectrometer, which includes a common housing containing the interferometer and a gas cell, possibly including a preconcentrator.05-14-2009
20100188724WAVELENGTH-SELECTIVE SWITCH - A wavelength-selective switch with a switch unit having a lens array, a first lens and a beam expander, and a branching unit having a second lens, a diffraction grating, a third lens and a mirror, in which the switch unit and the branching unit are accommodated in independent casings, and a confocal point of the light transmitted through the first lens and the light transmitted through the second lens are arranged on a connecting surface of the casing of the switch unit and the casing of the branching unit.07-29-2010
20090323153BACKLIGHT DISPLAYS - A transmissive backlit display is disclosed. In one aspect, the backlit display comprises a backlight and an array of transmissive interferometric modulators. Each interferometric modulator comprises a fixed and moving dielectric mirror stack. The interferometric modulators cause light within the desired wavelength range to be transmitted while reflecting at least a portion of the remaining light.12-31-2009
20100220376OPTICAL MODULATION CIRCUIT AND OPTICAL TRANSMISSION SYSTEM - An optical modulator and an optical transmission system convert continuous light of a multiple wavelength light source, which generates the continuous light with a fixed and complete phase but different frequencies, to a modulator driving signal so as to generate a light subcarrier with each frequency at the center and modulate the continuous light to the light subcarrier by using the modulator driving signal. In the case where an optical modulation is carried out by an optical IQ-modulator, transmitting data, for example, is converted to two parallel data A(t) and B(t), an I phase signal, in which the data A(t)+B(t) are modulated with a clock signal with a frequency ω, and a Q phase signal, in which the data A(t)−B(t) are modulated with a clock signal with a π/2 phase shifted, are generated, and the I phase signal and the Q phase signal are applied to electrodes of the optical IQ-modulator, respectively.09-02-2010
20090067028OPTICAL NEAR-FIELD DISTRIBUTION TRANSFER DEVICE - Long-distance transfer of a super-resolution near field can be performed with a wavelength condition of high degree of freedom. Not only an image in same size can be merely transferred, but also a magnified image can be transferred. Thus the processing technique of a near-field image is improved. Small rods are erected at predetermined spacing with one another on a two-dimensional plane. At least the exterior surface of each small rod is made of a predetermined material having a dielectric constant ∈03-12-2009
20120120472LIGHT MODULATING DEVICE - To include a light modulator having an anode electrode, a matching resistor, a first wire that is connected to the anode electrode and transmits to the anode electrode an input electric signal to the light modulator, a first conductor pad having a capacitor connected to the first wire, a second wire that connects the anode electrode and the matching resistor, and a second conductor pad having a capacitor connected to the second wire.05-17-2012
20120120471DISPLAY MODULE AND RELATED MANUFACTURING METHOD - A display device including a flexible display layer including display material. A flexible backplane layer has an electrode structure for driving the display material. A substantially rigid component having a thickness greater than a thickness of the flexible display layer and/or the thickness of the flexible backplane layer. A resilient layer has a cut-out space for the rigid component. The resilient layer is arranged to provide a substantially even total thickness of the device. The device also includes wireless communication capabilities.05-17-2012
20110051216APPARATUS AND METHODS RELATING TO WAVELENGTH CONDITIONING OF ILLUMINATION - Lighting systems comprising a spectrum former upstream from a reflective pixelated spatial light modulator (reflective SLM), the SLM reflecting substantially all of the light in the spectrum into at least two different light paths, that do not reflect back to the light source or the spectrum former. At least one of the light paths acts as a projection light path and transmits desired light out of the lighting system. The lighting systems provide virtually any desired color(s) and intensity(s) of light, and avoid overheating problems by deflecting unwanted light and other electromagnetic radiation out of the system or to a heat management system. The systems can be part of another system, a luminaire, or any other suitable light source. The systems can provide virtually any desired light, from the light seen at the break of morning to specialized light for treating cancer or psoriasis, and may change color and intensity at speeds that are perceptually instantaneous.03-03-2011
20110051215Methods and Apparatus for Generating 16-QAM-Modulated Optical Signal - A system and method for producing a 16-QAM-modulated signal are disclosed. The methodology, in an exemplary expedient, generally comprises splitting light from a CW laser into two parts; modulating the first part with a first signal and modulating the second part with a second signal; phase shifting the modulated second part by about π/2; combining the modulated first part with the phase shifted and modulated second part to produce a four-level modulated signal; phase modulating the four-level modulated signal with a third signal with a phase modulation of about (0, π/2) to produce an 8-QAM-modulated signal, and thereafter modulating that signal with a fourth signal with a phase-modulation of about (0, π) to produce the 16-QAM-modulated signal.03-03-2011
20110164299SUPER-RING RESONATOR BASED DEVICES - This invention provides an optical device comprising a large group of non-uniform resonators operating cumulatively as a ‘super-ring’ to provide a controllable group delay with large bandwidth. The super-ring tuning is performed by a single control. The device may include two super-rings, each includes a large number of resonators with a resonant frequencies centered around ω07-07-2011
20080204847Image Generation Unit and Method to Use an Image Generation Unit - An image generation unit with an illumination unit for generating a plurality of coherent sub-beams and for illuminating an image modulator, including a light source, and a projection lens for superimposing each of the coherent sub-beams onto a projection screen plane. An optical set-up introduces angles between each two of the sub-beams, which are chosen to produce uncorrelated speckle patterns in the projection screen plane, resulting in an interference speckle pattern. A phase modulator including a liquid crystal cell changes its directory profile in a lateral manner, thereby being able to change the phase of light of each sub-beam individually.08-28-2008
20110164300Method and device for bias control of a laser modulator - The present invention discloses a method and device for the bias control of an MZ modulator. The method comprises: during startup of an MZ modulator, inputting a linearly changing bias control voltage to the bias electrode of the MZ modulator and obtaining the output optical power of the MZ modulator so as to determine a bias control voltage corresponding to a preset operating point; then enabling a communication electrical signal to be input to the radio frequency electrode of the MZ modulator, carrying out an amplitude modulation on the communication electrical signal by a low-frequency sinusoidal pilot signal, and inputting the determined bias control voltage to the bias electrode simultaneously; and sampling the output optical signals of the MZ modulator, comparing the sampled optical signal with the pilot signal, and adjusting the bias control voltage input to the bias electrode according to the result of the comparison.07-07-2011
20100214641CRYSTALLIZATION APPARATUS, CRYSTALLIZATION METHOD, DEVICE AND PHASE MODULATION ELEMENT - The present invention comprises a light modulation optical system having a first element which forms a desired light intensity gradient distribution to an incident light beam and a second element which forms a desired light intensity minimum distribution with an inverse peak shape to the same, and an image formation optical system which is provided between the light modulation optical system and a substrate having a polycrystal semiconductor film or an amorphous semiconductor film, wherein the incident light beam to which the light intensity gradient distribution and the light intensity minimum distribution are formed is applied to the polycrystal semiconductor film or the amorphous semiconductor film through the image formation optical system, thereby crystallizing a non-crystal semiconductor film. The pattern of the first element is opposed to the pattern of the second element.08-26-2010
20100214640OPTICAL MASK, AND LIGHT SOURCE DEVICE - This optical mask is an optical mask which applies spatial intensity modulation to input light in a beam cross-section and outputs a light after being subjected to the modulation, and when regions A08-26-2010
20100165436RF INTERFERENCE REDUCTION FOR FUNCTIONAL GLAZINGS - An automotive vehicle having an aperture in the vehicle body in which a glazing, comprising a switchable film laminated between at least two plies of an interlayer material is fitted is disclosed. The plies of interlayer material are laminated between a first ply of glazing material, preferably glass,facing out of the vehicle and a second ply of glazing material, preferably glass, facing into the vehicle. The switchable film comprises first and second electrodes, both in electrical connection with a power supply. The first electrode is capacitively connected to electrical ground on the vehicle body.07-01-2010
20130010343OPTICAL MODULATION DEVICE - An optical modulation device includes: an optical modulator; an insulating layer; an RC circuit including a resistor and a capacitor connected in series; a bonding wire connected between the optical modulator and the RC circuit; a first metal layer provided on the insulating layer; and a second metal layer that has a width larger than that of the first metal layer and is provided on the insulating layer, the second metal layer being connected with a ground potential and being connected to the RC circuit via the first metal layer.01-10-2013
20110317236Reflective Display Device - A reflective display device including: a substrate; a reflective layer on the substrate and configured to reflect light incident on the reflective layer; a color filter layer on the reflective layer; and an optical shutter layer on the color filter layer. Each pixel of a plurality of pixels of the reflective display device includes a plurality of sub-pixels and each sub-pixel includes the substrate, the reflective layer, the color filter layer, and the optical shutter layer, and for each pixel, the color filter layer includes a plurality of color filter elements corresponding to colors respectively obtained by the plurality of sub-pixels. At least one of the plurality of color filter elements includes a composite color area including a plurality of white areas configured to let white light pass through them such that the white light is directly reflected by the reflective layer and the plurality of white areas are discontinuously distributed in at least a portion of the composite color area through which light of the obtained colors passes.12-29-2011
20110317238METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR OPTICAL PHASE MODULATION - A method of phase modulating optical radiation by the steps of phase modulating the optical radiation by using a modulator having an extinction ratio in order to provide a multilevel phase shift key signal, and applying to each optical pulse a phase-shift having an absolute value depending on the extinction ratio and a sign depending, for each of the optical pulses, on the respective optical phase value. An apparatus implementing the method is also disclosed.12-29-2011
20110317237LIGHT CONTROL DEVICE AND LIGHT CONTROL METHOD - A light control device 12-29-2011
20120002263LASER LIGHT SOURCE, WAVELENGTH CONVERSION LASER LIGHT SOURCE AND IMAGE DISPLAY DEVICE - A laser light source having a semiconductor laser light source which emits a laser beam, a laser medium excited by the semiconductor laser light source to emit light, two reflectors configured to work as a resonator to confine the light emitted by the laser medium, and a holder which holds the laser medium, wherein stress is generated in the laser medium formed of a ceramic material situated in the resonator so as to control a polarization direction of the light emitted by the laser medium.01-05-2012
20080310004Adjustable pulse-shaper - An optical pulse-shaper includes a prism, a delay line having positive optical power and a reflective spatial light modulator. In one arrangement the delay line has a selectively variable optical path length for accommodating pulses of different spectral bandwidth and positive optical power is provided by a concave mirror. In another arrangement, the delay line includes a zoom-mirror arranged to provide selectively variable optical power for accommodating pulses of different spectral bandwidth.12-18-2008
20120062974APPARATUS AND METHODS FOR WIDE TEMPERATURE RANGE OPERATION OF MICROMETER-SCALE SILICON ELECTRO-OPTIC MODULATORS - A thermally stabilized, high speed, micrometer-scale silicon electro-optic modulator is provided. Methods for maintaining desired temperatures in electro-optic modulators are also provided. The methods can be used to maintain high quality modulation in the presence of thermal variations from the surroundings. Direct current injection into the thermally stabilized electro-optic modulator is used to maintain the modulation performance of the modulator. The direct injected current changes the local temperature of the thermally stabilized electro-optic modulator to maintain its operation over a wide temperature range.03-15-2012
20100245967MODULATOR DEVICE FOR GENERATING AN OPTICAL TRANSFER SIGNAL MODULATED BY BINARY SIGNAL - According to the invention, a very narrow-band transfer signal (LS) is generated by serially connecting a frequency modulator (09-30-2010
20120127553Rotary Laser Device and Method for Controlling a Laser Beam - A rotary laser device and method is disclosed. The rotary laser device includes a laser device, which generates a laser beam, a rotating device, which moves the laser device at least partially around an axis of rotation at a rotation speed, and a measuring device, with which an angle of rotation of the laser device around the axis of rotation can be determined. A memory device is provided for saving at least one angular position.05-24-2012
20120162742ELECTRO-OPTICAL DEVICE AND ELECTRONIC APPARATUS - An electro-optical device includes an electro-optical material, a first lens which is arranged at an incident side of the light and is provided so as to correspond to a pixel, and a condenser lens which is arranged at an emitting side of the light and is provided so as to correspond to the pixel. Condensation degrees of the first lens are larger than that of the second lens, and distances between the first lens and the electro-optical material are smaller than distances between the second lens and the electro-optical material.06-28-2012
20100002280MICRO-OPTICAL BEAM-FORMING ARRAY FOR PROJECTING IMAGES OF A DIVERGENT ISOTROPIC CLOUD OF LIGHT POINTS, PRIMARILY FOR THE ENTERTAINMENT SECTOR - The invention relates to a beam-forming array for projecting a divergent isotropic cloud of light points. The array comprises a source (01-07-2010
20120075687ELECTRO-OPTIC DISPLAYS, AND COLOR FILTERS FOR USE THEREIN - An electro-optic display having a color filter array is produced by attaching together a direct thermal imaging layer (03-29-2012
20080297876Projector - The projector has an intensity-modulable light source to emit a light beam onto a projection surface, as well as an optical switch connected after the light source for intensity modulation of the light beam emitted by the light source, and a control unit to control intensity modulation of the light source and the optical switch.12-04-2008
20120320443BUILDING MATERIAL WITH DISPLAY DEVICE, AND DISPLAY DEVICE - A building material in which an image can be displayed on a transparent plate such as a windowpane is realized using a configuration that is simple and low-cost. A window member (12-20-2012
20120320442APPARATUS FOR PSEUDO-RETURN-TO-ZERO MODULATION - A Pseudo-Return-to-Zero modulator is provided with a narrow pulse clock generator, a modulator driver, and an optical modulator. The narrow pulse clock generator generates a narrow pulse clock of order n, where one of levels occupies half a symbol period and the other level occupies (n−1) plus half a symbol period, n being equal to or more than two. The modulator driver generates an electrical signal in response to binary data and the narrow pulse clock. The optical modulator modulates an optical carrier in response to the electrical signal so that the modulated optical carrier is in a PRZ(n) format.12-20-2012
20120140306COVER DEVICE FOR A MICRO-OPTOMECHANICAL COMPONENT, AND MANUFACTURING METHOD FOR SUCH A COVER DEVICE - A cover device is described for a micro-optomechanical component having a substrate which has a maximum surface whose surface area is equal to or greater than a single surface area of any other surface of the substrate, and having at least one window, made of a light-transmitting material, which is inclined with respect to the maximum surface of the substrate, the at least one window being situated within at least one continuous opening provided in the substrate. A manufacturing method for a cover device for a micro-optomechanical component is also described. Furthermore, a micro-optomechanical component and a manufacturing method for a micro-optomechanical component are described.06-07-2012
20130010344CIRCUITS FOR CONTROLLING DISPLAY APPARATUS - The invention relates to methods and apparatus for forming images on a display utilizing a control matrix to control the movement of MEMs-based light modulators.01-10-2013
20110157671Wave-Plate Structures, Power Selective Optical Filter Devices, and Optical Systems Using Same - In an embodiment, an optical filter device includes an input polarizer for selectively transmitting an input signal. The device includes a wave-plate structure positioned to receive the input signal, which includes first and second substantially zero-order, zero-wave plates arranged in series with and oriented at an angle relative to each other. The first and second zero-wave plates are configured to alter a polarization state of the input signal passing in a manner that depends on the power of the input signal. Each zero-wave plate includes an entry and exit wave plate each having a fast axis, with the fast axes oriented substantially perpendicular to each other. Each entry wave plate is oriented relative to a transmission axis of the input polarizer at a respective angle. An output polarizer is positioned to receive a signal output from the wave-plate structure and selectively transmits the signal based on the polarization state.06-30-2011
20110157670OPTICAL MODULATOR USING A DUAL OUTPUT LASER EMBEDDED IN A MACH ZEHNDER INTERFEROMETER - A laser is placed inside the Mach-Zehnder interferometer and the output from opposite ends of the laser are fed directly into the opposite arms of the Mach-Zehnder interferometer. If the output from opposite sides of the laser are equal in amplitude and wavelength, then when the outputs are recombined at the output of the modulator the intensity is dependent on the relative phase of the light in the two arms of the Mach-Zehnder, just as in a normal Mach-Zehnder modulator. Thus by modulating the phase of one or both arms of the modulator, an intensity modulated source is created. This reduces the overall size of the device, and may ensure that all of the output power from the laser is utilized.06-30-2011
20080225371Illuminator - The present invention relates to an illuminator (09-18-2008
20130170010Methods for modeling amplitude modulated light through dispersive optical systems and electronic distance measurement instruments - Methods are disclosed for computer modeling of amplitude modulated light in dispersive optical systems. Ray tracings are extended to include calculations of the modulated phase for the rays. Examples are given for electronic distance measurement instrument applications.07-04-2013
20130176609OPTICAL PHASE MODULATION CIRCUIT AND OPTICAL PHASE MODULATION METHOD - To provide an optical phase modulation circuit and an optical phase modulation method capable of achieving a high-speed operation without increasing the power consumption. An optical phase modulation circuit according to the present invention includes an optical modulation unit 07-11-2013
20080218836INTERFEROMETER AND DEMODULATOR - An interferometer of the present invention includes: a splitting element which splits an incident light beam into a first split beam and a second split beam; and a first phase compensator which is positioned in an optical path of the first split beam, and which compensates a phase difference occurring between the first split beam and the second split beam upon splitting of the incident light beam by said splitting element.09-11-2008
20080218835PROJECTION APPARATUS FOR SCANNINGLY PROJECTION - A projection apparatus for scanningly projecting an image onto an image field by means of a radiation beam includes a modulator for modulating an intensity of the radiation beam such that the intensity of the radiation beam changes in a time interval during which a scan point to which the radiation beam is directed sweeps a pixel of the image field.09-11-2008
20080218834Method and apparatus for providing a light absorbing mask in an interferometric modulator display - A microelectromechanical system (MEMS) is provided. In one embodiment, the MEMS includes a transparent substrate, and a plurality of interferometric modulators. The plurality of interferometric modulators includes an optical stack coupled to the transparent substrate, in which the optical stack includes a first light absorbing area. The plurality of interferometric modulators further includes a reflective layer over the optical stack, and one or more posts to support the reflective layer. Each of the one or more posts includes a second light absorbing area integrated in the post.09-11-2008
20120250133Ultrafast Transient Grating Radiation to Optical Image Converter - A high sensitivity transient grating ultrafast radiation to optical image converter is based on a fixed transmission grating adjacent to a semiconductor substrate. X-rays or optical radiation passing through the fixed transmission grating is thereby modulated and produces a small periodic variation of refractive index or transient grating in the semiconductor through carrier induced refractive index shifts. An optical or infrared probe beam tuned just below the semiconductor band gap is reflected off a high reflectivity mirror on the semiconductor so that it double passes therethrough and interacts with the radiation induced phase grating therein. A small portion of the optical beam is diffracted out of the probe beam by the radiation induced transient grating to become the converted signal that is imaged onto a detector.10-04-2012
20080198437CONVERTING OPTICAL INFORMATION ENCODING - An apparatus that converts information encoding on an electromagnetic wave includes a delay module and a time-dependent module. The delay module is configured to apply a first time delay to a first component of an electromagnetic wave and to apply a second time delay different from the first time delay to a second component of the electromagnetic wave. The time-dependent module is configured to respond to a control signal to apply a first transformation to the first component at a first time and to apply a second transformation to the second component at a second time that is later than the first time by the difference between the first time delay and the second time delay.08-21-2008
20130148185VARIABLE PULSE STRETCHING LENGTH BY VARIABLE BEAMSPLITTER REFLECTIVITY - A laser pulse stretching unit is described herein which is configured to change the reflectivity of one or more beam splitters located therein to change a temporal profile of an output beam without needing to adjust a length of any delay lines. In addition, a method is described herein for using the laser pulse stretching unit to change the reflectivity of one or more beam splitters located therein to change a temporal profile of an output beam without needing to adjust a length of any delay lines.06-13-2013
20090128881Integrated TIR Prism and Lens Element - Disclosed is an optical component, which comprises a prism element adjacent to a lens element, where the two elements are separated by a small air gap. In disclosed embodiments, the elements have adjacent and parallel surfaces which are substantially planar and which, with the small air gap, operate through Total Internal Reflection (“TIR”) to direct light beams that strike the planar surfaces. Light beams that strike at less than the critical angle are internally reflected, while light beams which strike at greater than the critical angle pass through. The TIR surfaces thereby separate the desired optical signals from the spurious ones. The combined TIR prism lens operates as a single and integrated component which directs desired light beams to a reflective optical processing element such as a Spatial Light Modulator and which focuses the processed light beams as they leave the combined TIR prism lens.05-21-2009
20120275005Modular Pattern Illumination and Light Beam Multiplexing for Selective Excitation of Microparticles - A modular approach to a pattern illumination system for selective excitation of microparticles is used. A dual-channel pattern module having two single-channel pattern modules are oriented at a non-zero offset angle to each other. In this arrangement, a galvo-scanner based phase-shifting module is shared between the two channels. A set of tilt mirrors are used to direct the beams from the pattern modules onto the target plane. Additional layers of pattern modules can be added to accommodate any desirable number of additional channels. The additional layer(s) may be rotationally off-set from the other layer(s) by an angular amount to simplify the layout of optical components. A remote light source module may be connected to the pattern modules through optical fiber.11-01-2012
20120019887Optical System for Reducing Stimulated Brillouin Scattering by Controllably Changing Polarization Direction of an Optical Signal - An optical system having an input surface configured to receive an input optical signal having a polarization, and a polarization changer comprising the input surface and configured to generate two orthogonal polarization components from the input optical signal. The polarization changer also changes a direction of the polarization of the input optical signal in a controlled manner as a function of time while maintaining coherence of the two orthogonal polarization components in order to reduce stimulated Brillion scattering.01-26-2012
20130201542Adaptive Optical System Testbed with Karhunen-Loeve Polynomial Based Method for Simulating Atmospheric Turbulence - A system and method for simulating atmospheric turbulence for testing optical components. A time varying phase screen representing atmospheric turbulence is generated using Karhunen-Loeve polynomials and a splining technique for generating temporal functions of the noise factor for each Zernike mode. The phase screen is input to a liquid crystal spatial light modulator. A computer display allows the user to set geometric characteristics, the severity of the turbulence to be simulated, and to select between methods for generating atmospheric turbulence including Karhunen-Loeve polynomials, Zernike polynomials, and Frozen Seeing.08-08-2013

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