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359 - Optical: systems and elements

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359009000 For synthetically generating a hologram 148
359015000 Using a hologram as an optical element 100
359003000 Having particular recording medium 69
359022000 For producing or reconstructing images from multiple holograms (e.g., color, etc.) 67
359002000 Authentication 60
359010000 Using modulated or plural reference beams 54
359032000 For reconstructing image 26
359012000 Copying by holographic means 18
359030000 Having optical element between object and recording medium 15
359021000 Having defined page composer 14
359013000 Head up display 12
359035000 Hardware for producing a hologram 11
359029000 Fourier transform holography 7
359028000 Having multiple object beam or diffuse object illumination 4
20090185247HOLOGRAPHIC DATA STORAGE MEDIUM, AND METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR RECORDING/REPRODUCING HOLOGRAPHIC DATA TO/FROM THE SAME - A holographic data storage medium, and a method and an apparatus for recording/reproducing holographic data by using the medium includes a substrate; manifold reflective layer between which a part of a signal beam is capable of being reflected at least one time and then being emitted from the manifold reflective layer; and a holographic recording layer in which a plurality of information layers are capable of being formed in a depth direction of the holographic recording layer, wherein interference patterns of a rest of the signal beam and a reference beam constitute each of the plurality of information layers.07-23-2009
20130194646OPTICAL CONVEYORS - Optical conveyors providing motive force to objects. The optical conveyors are one-sided and are able to exert forces on illuminated objects that are directed opposite to the direction of the light's propagation.08-01-2013
20090128875Phase retrieval and phase hologram synthesis - A method of retrieving phase information from input intensity information, representative of a target image, in which a Fourier transform is performed on data and the result used in forming a phase estimate, the phase estimate being inverse Fourier transformed, thereby producing magnitude and phase replay, and wherein not only is the phase reply component but also data derived from the magnitude replay component, iteratively fed back.05-21-2009
20110002021TRUE THREE DIMENSIONAL IMAGERY AND USE THEREOF - A method for producing true three dimension imagery includes positioning an object to be imaged and directing imaging laser beams to impinge upon the object. Splitting the imaging laser beams after the imaging laser beams have impinged upon the object is then accomplished, while redirecting the split imaging beams to a recording substrate.01-06-2011
359034000 With optical waveguide 3
20100259804Illumination Unit Comprising an Optical Wave Guide and an Imaging Means - Disclosed is an illumination unit comprising a strip-type optical wave guide and an imaging means, and providing a very high light efficiency with a reduced number of primary light sources. The illumination unit enables the production of a coherent plane wave field having a temporal and spatial coherence required for holographic reconstructions. The strip-type optical wave guide contains extraction elements for extracting injected coherent light guided into an observer plane by imaging elements via a controllable light modulation means. During the injection of light, the extraction elements form a grid of secondary light sources which are arranged in the front focal plane of the imaging elements and carry out the spatial coherence in at least one dimension. A secondary light source and an imaging element are associated with each other in order to guide the extracted light through the controllable light modulation means in a collimated manner.10-14-2010
20090296177METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR USING A HOLOGRAM TO CONTROL THE OPTICAL FIELD DISTRIBUTION OF LIGHT GENERATED BY A LIGHT SOURCE AND LAUNCHED INTO AN END OF AN OPTICAL WAVEGUIDE - A diffractive coupling element based on a computer-generated hologram is used in an optical coupling system of a transmitter to control the launch of laser light from a laser light source onto an end of an optical fiber. The diffractive coupling element controls the launch of the laser light such that a desired optical intensity distribution pattern is provided that substantially avoids the center and edge refractive index defects contained in the optical fiber.12-03-2009
20090122375Holographic information recording and reproducing apparatus for the same - In a holographic information recording and reproducing apparatus, an optical fiber guides a reference beam toward a recording medium for holographic recording, and a precision rotator is turned, so that the reference beam is incident on the recording medium at different angles and interferes with a data-carrying signal beam to complete the recording of holographic information on the recording medium. To reproduce the holographic information, the optical fiber guides a reading beam, and the reading beam is incident on the recording medium at an angle the same as the reference beam for the recording to reproduce the holographic information stored on the recording medium. With the optical fiber and the precision rotator, a simplified light path system and a wide range of incident angles for the reference and reading beams may be achieved, and the transmissive, reflective, and 90-degree holographic storage techniques may be integrated in one single apparatus.05-14-2009
359027000 Having particular laser source 2
20090262407Method for Production of Documents with a Hologram and a Document with a Hologram - In a method for production of documents with a hologram and a document with a hologram, wherein, in a first step, a hologram is exposed in a photographic film and, in a second step, the photographic film is applied to a document support, the individualisation of the holograms first occurs during the gluing or after the gluing to the printed personal document or to the protective film provided for the surface protection of the document. It is thus possible to produce in a secure and economical fashion documents with individual holographic information of greater visibility and with further novel security features.10-22-2009
20120081769Ring Resonator with a Holographic Reflector - A laser device includes a pump source, a ring resonator, a gain medium disposed in the ring resonator, and a holographic output coupler to partially transmit the laser radiation. The gain medium is configured to receive radiation from the pump source and generate laser radiation.04-05-2012
20090122374HOLOGRAM RECORDING DEVICE AND HOLOGRAM RECORDING METHOD - A hologram recorder (A) records a hologram in a hologram recording medium (B) by interference of a recording beam (S) irradiated at a predetermined incident angle to the medium (B) via a spatial light modulator (05-14-2009
20090067018METHOD OF NONLINEAR HARMONIC HOLOGRAPHY - A harmonic holography (H03-12-2009
20100142014SYSTEM, APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR EXTRACTING THREE-DIMENSIONAL INFORMATION OF AN OBJECT FROM RECEIVED ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION - An apparatus and method to produce a hologram of an object includes an electromagnetic radiation assembly configured to receive a received electromagnetic radiation, such as light, from the object. The electromagnetic radiation assembly is further configured to diffract the received electromagnetic radiation and transmit a diffracted electromagnetic radiation. An image capture assembly is configured to capture an image of the diffracted electromagnetic radiation and produce the hologram of the object from the captured image.06-10-2010
20090316237HOLOGRAM RECORDER - A hologram recorder (A) which records holograms by causing a recording beam (P) and a reference beam (S) to interfere with each other in a hologram recording media (B), includes an incident-side and an emitting-side lenses (12-24-2009
20090073520ENCODED MICROPARTICLES AND A METHOD FOR FABRICATING - A method for fabricating microparticles is provided. The method includes providing a removable substrate that has a photosensitive material. The substrate has a plurality of inner regions. Each inner region surrounds a corresponding outer region. The method also includes providing at least one optically detectable code within at least one of the inner regions of the substrate and etching lines into the substrate to create a plurality of microparticles having at least one optically detectable code therein. The microparticles have elongated bodies that extend in an axial direction. The optically detectable codes extend in the axial direction within the microparticles.03-19-2009
20090034035APPARATUS AND METHOD TO OPTIMIZE THE PERFORMANCE OF A HOLOGRAPHIC DATA STORAGE SYSTEM - A method is disclosed to optimize the performance of a holographic data storage system, where that holographic data storage system comprises a plurality of calibratable components, and where each of the plurality of calibratable components comprises one or operational parameters, and where each of those operational parameter is associated with a nominal range. The method seriatim tests each calibratable component and measures the one or more operational parameters for that device. The method determines if the one or more operational parameters associated with each of the calibratable components fall within the associated nominal ranges. If an operational parameter associated with a selected calibratable component fall outside the associated nominal range, then the method recalibrates that selected calibratable component.02-05-2009
20080297864Use of Holographic Sensor to Determine Sterilisation - In a method of determining the effectiveness of a sterilization procedure using a biological indicator, the biological indicator comprises a holographic sensor and spores or an enzyme. The method and the biological indicator rely on the holographic sensor to indicate the effectiveness of me sterilisation procedure and do not require a conventional pH indicator, a fluorophore or chromophore.12-04-2008
20120002255PRINTING - There is provided an apparatus and a method of printing a diffraction grating. In particular, the present invention relates to diffraction gratings applied to a substrate, such as a hologram.01-05-2012
20120127546HOLOGRAM LAMINATE AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING HOLOGRAM LAMINATE - A hologram laminate is provided with a hologram recording layer in which holograms are recorded, a first bonding layer, a pattern layer having a first region and a second region, and a second bonding layer. The hologram recording layer, the first bonding layer, the pattern layer, and the second bonding layer are laminated in this order. Detaching strength of the first bonding layer is larger than detaching strength of the second bonding layer. The detaching strength of the second bonding layer with respect to the first region and the detaching strength of the second bonding layer with respect to the second region are different.05-24-2012
20120075682Spacetime energy resonator: a transistor of complex dirac polarized vacuum topology - Method and apparatus is described for a general purpose transistor of the higher dimensional (HD) spacetime backcloth consistent with symmetry parameters of a new cosmological paradigm with a unique M-Theoretic background making correspondence to a complex scale-invariant covariant Dirac polarized aether where energy pathways follow spacetime geodesics; and switching is achieved by manipulating resonant modes of a Calabi-Yau mirror symmetry hierarchy inherent in continuous-state brane topology of the structural-phenomenology of least cosmological units tiling the raster of spacetime as it emerges from the infinite potential of the unified field.03-29-2012

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