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20100073695METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR INCREASING PERFORMANCE OF SERVER-BASED RENDERING - Methods, devices, and systems for printing include a raster image processor that has a central processing unit (CPU) to decode graphical elements from a page description language (PDL); and a graphic processing unit (GPU) that is separate from, and coupled to, the CPU and renders the decoded graphical elements from the CPU into a raster.03-25-2010
20100103436IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS AND METHOD - An image forming apparatus includes a communication interface unit to receives an XML paper specification (XPS) file, an XPS file processing unit which converts the XPS file into an output data corresponding to printing paper to print the XPS file using information regarding the height and width of a FixedPage in the XPS file, and a control unit which controls the image forming apparatus to print the output data. Accordingly, even when an XPS file does not include information regarding printing paper, a user can select and print printing paper suitable for the user's demand.04-29-2010
20130135630PRINTING APPARATUS, CONTROL METHOD THEREOF, AND STORAGE MEDIUM - A printing apparatus according to one aspect of this invention includes an assigning unit configured to assign the original images of a plurality of pages to the obverse surfaces and reverse surfaces of a plurality of sheets in the page order. The printing apparatus further includes a printing control unit configured to, when reverse order output of the original images of the plurality of pages is instructed, control to print the original images of the plurality of pages from a sheet to which the assigning unit assigns the original image of the final page out of the plurality of pages.05-30-2013
20100110453Image Formation Instruction Apparatus, Image Formation Instruction Program, Image Formation Instruction Method, Image Formation Server, Image Formation Server Program, Processing Method for Image Formation Server, Image Formation Control Apparatus, Program for Image Formation Control Apparatus, and Image-Forming Method - User identification information which is acquired from an originating portable terminal and identifies the originating portable terminal and a destination portable terminal after a wireless communication session is carried out between these portable terminals is registered in a print job database in correlation with print image data to be subjected to image formation. Further, print image data correlated to user identification information corresponding to user confirmation information which is acquired from the destination portable terminal and identifies the originating and destination portable terminals of the wireless communication session carried out between these portable terminals is extracted while referring to the print job database.05-06-2010
20100085584IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS AND CONTROL PROGRAM - An image processing apparatus that has an interface section for connecting a measuring instrument and is capable of changing an operating mode to an adjustment mode in which an adjustment is carried out by using the results of measurements by the measuring instrument, the image processing apparatus comprising a control section detecting whether the measuring instrument is connected to the interface section, and when the measuring instrument is detected, changing the operating mode to the adjustment mode.04-08-2010
20130070262PRINTING DEVICE AND METHOD OF CONTROLLING PRINTING DEVICE - A printing device includes a plurality of holding units connected to an upper level device for generating image data, via a plurality of first transfer paths, respectively; a control unit configured to divide the image data into a plurality of blocks and transfer division pieces of image data corresponding respectively to the blocks to the respective holding units via the first transfer paths to cause the holding units to hold the division pieces of image data, the number of blocks being equal to the number of holding units; and a printing unit configured to print the division pieces of image data read out from the holding units on a same page.03-21-2013
20130050719CONTENTS INFORMATION PROCESSING PROGRAM, CONTENTS INFORMATION PROCESSING METHOD, AND CONTENTS INFORMATION PROCESSING SYSTEM - This disclosure discloses a non-transitory recording medium storing a contents information processing program for executing steps on a computing device, the steps comprising: an explanatory text acquisition step for acquiring explanatory text associated in a fixed manner with specific contents selected from a plurality of contents prepared and related to producing the print label, a keyword acquisition step for acquiring at least one keyword associated with each of a plurality of preview images prepared, an image determining step for determining for each preview image a compatibility between corresponding the at least one keyword and details of the explanatory text acquired, and determining an image of the plurality of preview images that has a highest compatibility as a preview image to be associated with the specific contents, and an image output step for outputting the preview image to the operation terminal for display on a display device.02-28-2013
20090303500Printer For Printing Form For Interaction With Sensing Device - A printer is provided having an interface for receiving print data, a printhead for printing a form, using the print data, by printing information related to at least one text field and coded data at least partially indicative of the text field, the coded data being coincident with the information, a transceiver for receiving indicating data from a sensing device, the sensing device, when moved in an operative position relative to the text field, sensing the coded data and generating the indicating data by determining an orientation and position of the sensed coded data within the text field relative to the sensing device, the indicating data being indicative of movement of the sensing device relative to the text field determined using the orientation and position of the sensed coded data, and a processor for transferring the indicating data to a computer system to allow the interaction to be interpreted.12-10-2009
20110058185LABEL PRINTING DEVICE AND LABEL PRINTING METHOD - According to one embodiment, a label printing device includes a reading unit, a communication unit, and a printing unit. The reading unit is configured to read management data. The communication unit is configured to communicate with an external device by Connectionless Communication Protocol communication to acquire from the external device printing data corresponding to the management data. The printing unit is configured to print a label image on a recording medium based on the printing data.03-10-2011
20120224192PRINTING APPARATUS, PRINTING CONTROL METHOD, AND STORAGE MEDIUM - A printing apparatus that is configured to, in order to efficiently execute printing by suitably skipping a page that is not to be printed, receive information about an attribute of paper to be skipped without printing, and based on information about the received attribute, print a page that does not use paper having the attribute and skip printing of a page that uses paper having the attribute.09-06-2012
20130063737INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS, COMPUTER READABLE INFORMATION RECORDING MEDIUM AND METHOD OF CONTROLLING INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS - An information processing apparatus includes a printing setting reception part generating setting information from printing settings when a printing request is given by an application; an image processing part converting document data obtained from the application into printing data for a printer based on the setting information; and a determination part determining whether the application having called the image processing part is a specific application, by determining at least one of whether the setting information includes specific application information described by the application and whether the specific application information is included in an argument of a function for calling the image processing part. When it has been determined that the specific application has called the image processing part, the image processing part generates the printing data by a method different from a method of a case of having been called by an application other than the specific application.03-14-2013
20130063736INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS, METHOD, AND PROGRAM - An information processing apparatus comprises a softmask setting means for setting a softmask every combination of objects of an overlap portion of the objects and a softmask applying means for applying the softmask to the overlap portion of the objects in accordance with the setting performed by the softmask setting means.03-14-2013
20130063735SELECTIVE PRINT - A method and system for printing selective contents of a document is provided. The method includes selecting a plurality of sections in the document based on a plurality of inputs received to select the plurality of sections. The method then arranges the contents associated with the plurality of selected sections in a template. Further the method prints the template including contents associated with the plurality of selected selections of the document in a single printing job in a predefined number of pages. The method also associates the plurality of selected sections with plurality of divisions of a template.03-14-2013
20130063734SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR USER-SELECTABLE FONT SUBSTITUTION TO FACILITATE PRINTING - According to aspects of the embodiments, there is provided systems and methods that involve providing user-selectable fonts to a printing device so that the printing device can facilitate printing of a print task. In this regard, a representative embodiment of a method and system for printing includes enabling a print file corresponding to a print task to be evaluated, and, if it is determined that a printing device to which the print task is directed is unable to process the print task without performing a font substitution, enabling acquiring of the fonts from a specific user. By using the uploaded fonts, the printing device is able to process the print task without performing a font substitution.03-14-2013
20130163009PHOTOBOOK ENGINE POWERED BY BLOG CONTENT - A computer system for creating a design for an image product includes servers that can identify a blog page that includes an image, text, or designs, automatically incorporate at least one of the image, text, or the design object in the blog page into the design of an image product, and allow a user to review the design of the image product. The servers communicate with a printing finishing facility that makes a physical image product according to the design of the image product.06-27-2013
20130163008METHODS FOR PRINT AREA OPTIMIZATION - A method of optimized printing that includes accumulating a plurality of print jobs from at least one application, each of the plurality of print jobs containing print content; converting each of the plurality of print jobs to an image format; automatically arranging the print content of each of the converted print jobs, and printing at least a portion of a first converted print job of the plurality of print jobs and at least a portion of a second converted print job of the plurality of print jobs on a single media sheet.06-27-2013
20120236329IMAGE FORMATION APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR PROCESSING PRINT SETTING INFORMATION - Determination is made as to whether print setting information is designated for received print data, the print setting information being for designating a physical sheet size to be used for printing. When the print setting information is not designated and when specific character string information in the print data is set, a logical sheet size is set as the physical sheet size, and when specific character string information in the print data is not set, a default sheet size is set as the physical sheet size.09-20-2012
20080266583Three Dimensional Promotional Literature - A method, system and product for creating a customized three-dimensional promotional literature component by creating an outer promotional literature component and variable printed surface layouts and variable data elements tracked in a searchable database, creating at least one foldable insert and affixing the customized outer promotional component to the customized foldable insert.10-30-2008
20130016368AUTOMATICALLY ADJUSTING PRINTING PARAMETERS USING MEDIA IDENTIFICATION - A method for automatically adjusting the setting(s) of a printer having a control circuit in communication with a sensory system and a database. The database is located in a storage medium and the data in the database includes one or more defined parameter settings corresponding to one or more media types. The sensory system is used to obtain a media identifier from media loaded into the printer. The control circuit determines the type of media from the media identifier. The media type is then compared to the database entries and used to retrieve any defined parameter setting(s) corresponding to the media type identified by the media identifier. Instructions to adjust the printer setting(s) according to the defined parameter setting(s) are determined at the control circuit. The control circuit then sends the instructions to the appropriate systems of the printer to adjusted the printer setting(s) according to the defined parameter setting(s).01-17-2013
20100007899METHOD TO PRINT A RECORDING MEDIUM WITH COLOR DATA AND MICR DATA - In a method or system for printing a recording medium with color data and MICR data, a color printing device and at least one MICR printing device are arranged independent and separate from one another. The color printing device prints both the color data and the MICR data in encoded form as code data onto the recording medium. The recording medium is supplied to the at least one MICR printing device. The MICR data are decoded from the code data, and the MICR data are subsequently printed on the recording medium via the at least one MICR printing device.01-14-2010
20110286012LABEL PRINTER - A label printer, comprising: input means operable by a user; display means; and control means connected to the input means and the display means. The control means are configured to control the display means to first display a header and a first image representative of a label; and, in response to receiving at the control means a signal indicative of an operation of the input means by a user to select the header, to control the display to then display a second image representative of the label and a graphical control panel associated with said header. The second image representative of the label is of a size smaller than the first image representative of the label. The display means may comprise a touchscreen.11-24-2011
20110141494SYSTEM, APPARATUS, AND METHOD FOR ORIENTED SWITCH OF PROMOTION INFORMATION - The present invention discloses a method of printing promotion information, comprises receiving data to be printed from the POS terminal; in response to the data to be printed, determining promotion information according to policy conditions; and printing the data to be printed from the POS terminal and the promotion information. The present invention constructs a platform for cooperation of different publishers of the promotion information and oriented switch of the promotion information. Moreover, the present invention utilizes the existing POS systems with low cost for configuration and distribution which is further advantageous on implementation.06-16-2011
20110141493SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MANAGING CONTACTS AND CALENDARS WITHIN AN ONLINE CARD SYSTEM - A computer implemented system and method are described in which stationery/card calendar events are automatically generated in a user's calendar database based on the contacts data stored within a contacts database, the stationery/card calendar events including milestones associated with each of the contacts. At least some of the calendar events are generated based on a relationship between the user and each of the contacts. In response to the user selecting one of the calendar events, the end user is provided with a set of selectable stationery templates related to a selected event from the calendar database. In response to user selection, personalized stationery is generated with the selected template, address information is identified from the contacts database for contacts to receive the personalized stationery, and a print job is generated to print the personalized stationery/cards and envelopes containing the address information for the user-selected contacts.06-16-2011
20110216332SYSTEM FOR CREATING GARMENTS USING CAMERA AND ENCODED CARD - A garment creation system includes a card, a camera and a processing system. The has printed thereon a depiction of a garment and encoded information. The encoded information carries instructions for generating garments pieces corresponding to the garment and manipulating an input image so as to be mapped onto the garment pieces. The camera and processing system are configured for: optically reading the encoded information on said card; capturing an image; mapping the captured image onto the garment pieces; generating print data for the garment pieces; and communicating the print data to a garment fabric printer.09-08-2011
20110080598Image reading apparatus and image forming apparatus employing the image reading apparatus - Disclosed are an image reading apparatus including a guiding unit disposed on a platen glass, and guiding a document transferred by a document transfer device to allow an image of a document to be read by an image sensor disposed at a stationary location. The guiding unit includes: a contacting surface that contacts the platen glass; a reading surface spaced apart upward from the contacting surface and having a flat reading portion corresponding to at least a reading reference location of the image sensor; an access guiding surface guiding the document to the reading surface, tilted downward toward the reading surface, and having an access terminal that is stepped with respect to the reading surface; and a discharge guiding surface guiding the document after the document has passed along the reading surface, and tilting upward from the reading surface without a step.04-07-2011
20090316163IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS - An image forming apparatus according to embodiments of the present invention prints an image including a writing region for a user to write on onto a recording sheet, scans the recording sheet whose writing region is written in, combines an image extracted from the scanned image with a background image, and prints it. The apparatus prints a mark indicating the writing region on the recording sheet and cuts out a partial region including the position of the mark after the scanning. The apparatus features extracting an image in a region showing a content written in the writing region from an image that is cut out and rotated in accordance with the orientation of the background image on the basis of the mark image. This allows images to be combined with little misalignment even if the handwriting combining sheet is placed in an inclined state on a document plate.12-24-2009
20100123908SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR VIEWING AND PRINTING DOCUMENTS INCLUDING ANIMATED CONTENT - Most documents that are in use today embed or link to animated content. Presently, a large percentage of online content is hypertext markup language (HTML) and many HTML documents embed animations. The aforesaid online content is amenable to printing. However, embedding animated content in a document will lead to information loss when the document is printed. Users cannot print the animations or the videos embedded in documents. Therefore, there is provided a method and system for automatically finding animated content embedded in documents such as web pages, slide presentations, word processing documents, and PDF documents, that are being displayed to a user, replacing the animated content by a printable version, such as a keyframe, and a unique code, and assigning each animation a URL, to allow the users to retrieve the animations via a website on computer displays or mobile devices as they read the printed document.05-20-2010
20110267628INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCT - An information processing apparatus includes a script file storage unit and a script execution unit. The script file storage unit stores therein a first script to convert the data format of print setting information from a first format to a second format, and a second script for converting the data format of the print setting information from the second format to the first format. At least part of the print setting information in the first format cannot be changed through an application. The print setting information in the second format can be changed through the application. The script execution unit executes at least one of the first script and the second script in accordance with a request from the application.11-03-2011
20100284028IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS, IMAGE FORMING METHOD AND IMAGE FORMING SYSTEM - An image forming apparatus includes a communicating unit (11-11-2010
20090002726RASTER IMAGE PROCESSING OF HOLD JOBS WHEN DIGITAL FRONT END IS IDLE - Digital front end (DFE) raster image processing (RIP) performance is enhanced by automatically releasing and raster image processing held jobs, saving the print ready pages produced for later output. In this way, when an operator moves one of the held jobs to an active state, the job immediately starts printing, as there is no raster image processing required. A method for deciding when to release another held job is based on whether the digital front end or printer are idle or busy and may be suspended when disk space or other resources are unavailable or an interrupt is received. Advantages include improvement in the digital front end raster image processing rate and utilization of idle system resources to build a backlog of jobs or pages for output, without effecting normal digital front end print operations.01-01-2009
20080304087Method of compensating the color tone differences between two images of the same scene - The color tone compensation method provides a simple and efficient method to compensate the color tone differences between two different sources of images. A first image sample, such as a still image, from a first image capturing source and a second image sample, such as a video frame, from a second image capturing source are aligned, and a tone-mapping estimation routine is applied to the two aligned images. The tone-mapping estimation routine uses the pixel intensity value histograms associated with the two aligned images and generates a tone mapping table. The tone mapping table includes a conversion intensity value for each intensity value in the second image. The conversion intensity value is a statistical measure, such as the mean, calculated according to the data in the corresponding pixel intensity value histogram. The tone-mapping table is applied to any image generated by the second image capturing source, thereby generating a new image with similar color tone as the first image generated by the first image capturing source.12-11-2008
20080239334SCANNER METAMERISM CORRECTION - A method for automatically compensating for scanner metamerism errors associated with scanning input images using a digital color image scanner, wherein the input images can be on a variety of different input media having colorants with different spectral characteristics, comprising scanning an input image on a digital color image scanner to produce a scanned image; determining one or more estimated color balance error values in a color balance parameter space by analyzing the scanned image using a color balance analysis algorithm; assigning an input medium from a set of possible input media for the scanned input image in response to the estimated color balance error values; selecting a scanner metamerism correction color transform associated with the assigned input medium; and applying the selected scanner metamerism correction color transform to the scanned image to produce a corrected image compensated for scanner metamerism errors.10-02-2008
20100141968DIGITAL CAMERA AND METHOD OF CONTROLLING THE SAME AND APPARATUS FOR AND METHOD OF OUTPUTTING IMAGE - Even when a part of a subject image is cut down after imaging, an image of good image quality is obtained. When a subject is imaged, divisional photometry (divided brightness measuring) is performed. Image data representing an image of the subject and a divisional photometry values are recorded on a memory card in correspondence with photometry sections obtained by division. At the time of reproduction (playback), image data is read out of the memory card, to display the subject image. A desired part of the displayed subject image is cut out (trimmed). Correction is made such that the brightness of the trimmed image is proper using the divisional photometry values corresponding to the trimmed image.06-10-2010
20130120768PRINTING APPARATUS, METHOD OF CHANGING LAYOUT, AND STORAGE MEDIUM - Logical pages are laid out on a physical page according to setting of a multipage printing condition. When a user drags a logical page, a layout of logical pages is changed based on an area to which the logical page is dragged.05-16-2013
20090141292PREDICTIVE PACKAGER FOR DIGITAL IMAGE PROCESSING - The present invention provides a method for printing digital images wherein concurrent with selection of an image by a user, the image is rendered and placed on a storage location before a print order is completed, and printing the image upon selection of a print command. Multiple images may be rendered and placed on the storage location prior to the completion of the print order and printing of all or some of the images will not begin until the print command is given. In another embodiment of the present invention, the images may be placed in a separate cache memory and transferred to a printer buffer upon selection of the print command. A user may create an edited image after the image has been initially selected, rendered, and placed on the storage location. The edited image may then replace the original image on the storage location until the print command is given.06-04-2009
20090051942Image output apparatus using radio contact element - An image output apparatus includes a receiving unit that receives first information from a first radio contact element that performs a close-range radio contact; an image processing unit that forms image data of an image to be output from the first information; and an image output unit that outputs the image to an output medium from the image data.02-26-2009
20110228288DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPH REPRODUCTION METHOD - A photo reproduction method includes scanning redundantly encoded data from a photograph, the redundantly encoded data being scanned from out of the photographic image; decoding the redundantly encoded data to obtain a digital representation of the photographic image from which the redundantly encoded data was scanned; and printing the digital representation of the photographic image to obtain a copy of the photographic image.09-22-2011
20090244557IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS AND ITS METHOD, AND CONTROL METHOD - An ICC profile includes brief gloss information indicating glossy/matte attribute as attribute information, however, gloss matching cannot be performed with the 2 options. In a case where embedding of glossiness information into the ICC profile is designated, glossiness information is obtained from a color chart placed on an original plate of a color copier, and the obtained glossiness information is described in a private tag of the ICC profile.10-01-2009
20090257071Method Of Authenticating A Print Medium - A method of using a mobile device to authenticate a print medium online before completing printing onto the print medium, the mobile device including processing means, a printhead, a sensor, a transmitter and a receiver, the print medium comprising a laminar substrate, the method comprising the steps of: using the sensor to sense coded data provided on a surface of the substrate; using the processing means to determine, from the sensed coded data: an identity of the print medium; and at least part of a signature, the signature being a digital signature of at least part of the identity; using the transmitter to send first data to a remote computer system, the first data being indicative of the identity and the at least part of the signature; using the receiver to receive second data from the remote computer system in reply to the first data, the second data being indicative of whether the print medium is authentic based on the identity and the at least part of the signature; and in the event the print medium is authentic, using the printhead to print onto the print medium.10-15-2009
20080259360APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR HIGH-THROUGHPUT AND FLEXIBLE DIGITAL PRINTING - A digital printing system for producing prints in response to input digital images includes a digital printer and a plurality of computer processors. The plurality of computer processors includes one or more image-rendering units for rendering the input digital images to generate rendered digital images, wherein the image rendering is independent of specific characteristics of the digital printer. The plurality of computer processors further includes one or more image processors for processing the rendered digital images in accordance with one or more specific characteristics of the digital printer. The processed images are subsequently input to the digital printer to produce the prints. The computer processors can be dynamically assigned to be the image-rendering units or the image processors.10-23-2008
20100149557IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS AND IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD - When combining at least two images, a displacement between the images to be combined is corrected before combining the images. Therefore, the images to be combined are displayed on a display screen to correct the displacement. Further, the images may be enlarged for display so as to correct the displacement with increased precision. However, if an area for enlarging does not include image information, it is difficult for a user to recognize the displacement between images and correct the displacement. Accordingly, image information included in the images is detected and an area including at least the detected image information is displayed.06-17-2010
20100302560INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS, CONTROL METHOD AND STORAGE MEDIUM - There is provided an information processing apparatus wherein if paper used to print a first page of a first print job is not tab paper, the paper of a size equal to the size of the paper used to print the first page is used for a job information sheet and, if the paper used to print the first page of the first print job is tab paper, the paper of a type different from the tab paper of the size determined based on the size of the tab paper used to print the first page is used for the job information sheet.12-02-2010
20080266582Driving Method of Printer, Program of Printer Driver, and Recording Medium With Program of Printer Driver Recorded Therein - The present invention is applied to a medical image output apparatus, for example, an ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus, an endoscopic apparatus, etc., and the printer driver lays out the images related to a plurality of jobs, which are input in sequence, on a piece of paper, and outputs the images to the printer 10-30-2008
20100315660PRINTING OF POSITION-CODED DOCUMENTS - A digital pen and paper system allows for printing of a document page superimposed on a pattern unit which is a unique part of a position-coding pattern. The system allows a user to change the format of the document page at the time of printing. To this end, the position-coding pattern is subdivided into predetermined pattern units, which are associated with a respective predetermined format. Knowledge about the pattern subdivision and its association with different formats is shared between a document generating part and a position processing part of the system. Thus, a method and apparatus in the document generating part enables the document page to be printed together with a pattern unit that is associated with a format selected by the user. Thereby, positions encoded on the printed document page will indicate a format change to a method and apparatus in the position processing part. Thereby, the position processing part may use the indicated format change to retain a correct mapping between positions and document page.12-16-2010
20090066975System For Printing A Coded Interface - A system including a sensing device and a printer is disclosed. The sensing device and the printer are in communication with each other. The sensing device is for sensing first coded data included in a first interface disposed on a first surface. The printer is configured to receive, from the sensing device, data representative of the sensed first coded data, to send data based on the received data to a computer system, to receive response data from the computer system, the response data being derived by the computer system from the data sent to the computer system and identifying a unique identity of a second interface, to generate the second interface based at least partially on the response data, the second interface comprising second coded data encoding the unique identity of the second interface, and to print the second interface onto a second surface.03-12-2009
20110043832PRINTED AUDIO FORMAT AND PHOTOGRAPH WITH ENCODED AUDIO - A printed audio format includes a printed encoding of an audio signal, and a plurality of spaced-apart and parallel rails. The printed encoding of the audio signal is located between the plurality of rails and each rail comprises at least one marker. The printed encoding comprises a first portion and a second portion, each portion comprises a plurality of code frames, and each frame represents a time segment of an audio signal. The first portion encodes a first time period of the audio signal and the second portion encodes a second time period of the audio signal. The second portion is encoded in reverse order with respect to the first portion so that the joining part is on the same end of both portions.02-24-2011
20110116109Restricting Printing - In one embodiment, an option to restrict printing to a first print media source is presented to a user of a printer that is configured to access a plurality of print media sources. An instruction to restrict printing to the first print media source is received from the user. The printer is restricted from printing to the first print media source.05-19-2011
20110242554SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PROVIDING AN EXTENSIBLE MULTINATIONAL POSTAGE SERVICE AND SYSTEM AND METHOD THAT DELIVERS PRINTABLE POSTAGE TO A CLIENT DEVICE - A system and method for providing an extensible multinational postage service is provided. In particular, the extensible multinational postage service may be based upon a scalable technology infrastructure capable of providing postage services for multiple national post offices and further capable of being integrated with various third-party systems. For example, the system may include, among other things, a web server configured to receive at least one postage request from a client device, wherein the postage request may include a country code that identifies a national post office. A label server coupled to the web server may be configured to assemble a printable postage image based on the specified country code and deliver the printable postage image to the client device.10-06-2011
20100067024LABEL PROCESSOR AND METHOD RELATING THERETO - A system and method are provided for providing information on at least one container for storing a biological sample, including: a holder configured to hold at least one biological sample container and a receiver configured to receive information relating to at least one of the container or the biological sample as well as data relating to at least one instruction for printing the information. The system and method further include a printer configured to print the information in accordance with the at least one instruction. In one embodiment, the printer is configured to print the information directly on the container. In another embodiment, the system and method further include an applicator configured to apply a label on the container and the printer is configured to print the information on the label. In another embodiment, the system and method include a detector configured to detect whether the container contains the biological sample and a processor configured to determine the manner for printing the information. In this embodiment, the determination is based, at least in part, on whether container contains the biological sample.03-18-2010
20090027700METHOD AND APPARATUS TO PRINT E-MAIL ACCORDING TO PRINTING ENVIRONMENT SETTINGS CORRESPONDING TO EACH USER - A method and apparatus to print an e-mail according to printing environment settings corresponding to each user includes receiving a user profile stored in the outside, setting an e-mail printing environment by using the received user profile, and printing an e-mail received from an e-mail server according to the set e-mail printing environment. By doing so, users can print an e-mail according to a printing environment desired by a user in an image forming apparatus such as a Multi Function Printer (MFP), a printer, or the like which supports printing of an e-mail.01-29-2009
20110255100LABEL PRINTER - A label printer has a touchscreen for displaying and inputting label data, and comprising at least one input area. The label printer also has a hardware keyboard for inputting label data, and comprising at least one hardware key. The label printer also has control means arranged to control printing means for printing a label in accordance with label information. The label information is derived from a combination of label data input via the at least one hardware key of said hardware keyboard and label data input via the at least one input area of said touchscreen.10-20-2011
20080231872MULTIFUNCTION PRINTER, PRINTING SYSTEM, AND STILL IMAGE PRINTING PROGRAM - A multifunction printer includes a scanner; a still image data-extracting section which extracts a plurality of still image data from inputted movie image data; a memory which stores a correlation between the extracted still image data and time positions thereof in the movie image data; a printing head which prints, on a first printing medium, a plurality of thumbnail images corresponding to the extracted still image data and the time positions; and a selected image-extracting section which specifies the time position in the movie image data corresponding to a selection mark marked by a user when the first printing medium is read by the scanner after the selection mark is marked by the user to the first printing medium and which extracts a still image data corresponding to the identified time position based on the correlation stored in the memory.09-25-2008
20110149306Image scanning apparatus and method - An image scanning apparatus and method. The image scanning apparatus which scans an image of document includes a light source including at least three light emitting elements of red, green, and blue, which are sequentially lit up at intervals of a first time, a light emitting time control unit to control a light emitting time of the at least three light emitting elements such that the first time is shorter than a second time by a predetermined value, a sensor array to transform an image formed by light reflected from the document into an electric signal according to results of the control of the light emitting time and the light intensity, and an output unit to output image data corresponding to the transformed electric signal.06-23-2011
20080291471Dynamic advertisement allocation - Methods, apparatuses and systems for providing one or more advertisements on a printout of a print job are provided. The advertisements are selected based on dynamic selection criteria.11-27-2008
20110134446Image scanning apparatus and method - The image scanning apparatus includes a light source including at least one light emitting diode (LED) to irradiate light to a document which is a scan target, a light source control unit to control a lighting-up point of time of the light source, an image sensor to transform an image formed by light reflected from the document into an electric signal according to a result of controlling the lighting-up point of time, and an output unit to output image data corresponding to the transformed electric signal.06-09-2011
20110096341Automated Layout and Design for Recording Text and Images in Any of Disparate Three-Dimensional Objects - Systems and methods for providing automated layouts and designs for recording text and images on any of a plurality of disparate three-dimensional objects. Server-based processing engine for automatically imposing designs and text onto consumer electronic devices and method for delivering the same to consumers.04-28-2011
20080218776IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS, COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCT, AND PREVIEW IMAGE DISPLAYING METHOD - An image processing apparatus includes a preview creating unit, a storage unit, and a display unit. The storage unit stores therein in advance a sample image. The display unit displays, prior to receipt of image data, an input screen that displays the sample image and independent setting items, among a plurality of setting items available for the image data, independent of contents of the image data. The creating unit creates a preview image based on setting specified with respect to any of the independent setting items for the sample image, and the display unit displays the preview image.09-11-2008
20110304860IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING E-BOOK CONTENTS - An image forming apparatus is provided. The image forming apparatus includes a function unit which performs a function of the image forming apparatus, a user interface which receives a selection of job data processed by the function unit and a selection of a layout for the job data, a contents production unit which produces electronic book (e-book) contents for the selected job data based on the selected layout, and a communication interface which transmits the produced e-book contents to an external device.12-15-2011
20110317178PRINTER AND SCALE WITH INITIALIZATION PROCESS FOR SELECTING RFID FREQUENCY BAND FOR COMMUNICATING WITH RFID LABELS - A control associated with a label printer and RF unit is operable to carry out an RFID frequency selection process in which: (a) a given label is moved into the certain location along the label path; (b) for each of a plurality of frequencies: (i) the RF unit is operated to attempt to read and/or write to the label RFID tag of the given label multiple times; and (ii) the control records success data for attempts made in (b)(i); and (c) the control identifies and selects for subsequent use in operation of the RFID unit a multiplicity of the plurality of frequencies based upon results obtained in steps (b)(i) and (b)(ii).12-29-2011
20110157609Systems and methods for processing online and print material - The present invention relates to systems and methods for compiling communication material across a range of formats. A first aspect of the present invention relates to a method of editing an image for printing. The image data for a high resolution image is stored and the image is displayed at a lower resolution. The user can then edit the displayed image and image modifier data is generated based on the editing performed by the user. The image modifier data is subsequently applied to the stored high resolution image data and a modified version of the image is output based on said modified high resolution image data. The present invention also relates to a system and method for monitoring an electronic file. Furthermore, the present invention relates to a system and method of sharing data across a range of different templates for online and print material. The invention also relates to a system and method of generating online and print material in a common file format.06-30-2011
20120044508E-book device, method and computer-readable medium printing contents thereof - A content printing method in an e-book device includes displaying an e-book, selecting a region on a screen displaying the e-book, storing contents corresponding to the selected region, forming data by combining pre-stored contents, sending the data to a printing device and printing the data when a printing request is input02-23-2012
20120002218BANKNOTE RECOGNITION AND COUNTING MACHINE AND BANKNOTE RECOGNITION AND COUNTING METHOD - Banknotes are taken into a banknote recognition and counting machine (01-05-2012
20120013919Label Printing - Method of label printing, using media comprising a number of labels and a printhead comprising a leading and a trailing slot, comprising starting a movement of the media with respect to the printhead until the media reaches a certain continuous velocity with respect to the printhead, ejecting fluid onto a label near a first edge of a label from the trailing slot and not from the leading slot, and ejecting fluid onto the label near a second edge of the label, opposite said first edge, from the leading slot and not from the trailing slot.01-19-2012
20090135438Printing Device With Image Customization - A standalone printing device includes an image customization engine, an input device coupled to the image customization engine, and a display coupled to the image customization engine, wherein the image customization engine is operable to receive an image, to receive instructions through the input device to customize the image with a plurality of image customization resources, and to display the customized image on the display.05-28-2009
20120162671TAPE PRINTER AND PRINTING CONTROL METHOD OF TAPE PRINTER - A tape printer includes: a printing head which performs a cut mark printing process for printing a cut mark on a tape-shaped medium to indicate a cut position for manual cutting, and a normal printing process for printing a normal printing image on the tape-shaped medium as a printing image other than the cut mark; and a printing process control unit which controls the printing head, wherein the printing process control unit decreases the printing strength of the cut mark during the cut mark printing process to a level lower than the printing strength of the normal printing image such that the adherence strength of the cut mark to the tape-shaped medium becomes smaller than the adherence strength of the normal printing image to the tape-shaped medium.06-28-2012
20120250039SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PRESENTING INFORMATION TO A USER - A system, computer-readable storage medium storing at least one program, and a computer-implemented method for presenting information to a user are presented. Information to be presented to the user is received, where the information has a predetermined format. An identifier for the user is obtained. A visual acuity for the user is obtained using the identifier for the user. The predetermined format is adjusted based on the visual acuity of the user to produce an adjusted format. The information is presented to the user using the adjusted format.10-04-2012
20120229823OUTPUT APPARATUS, SYSTEM, CONTROL METHOD, AND STORAGE MEDIUM STORING A PROGRAM - An output apparatus includes a generation unit configured to generate a two-dimensional code by encoding information indicative of the output apparatus, information indicative of an output time of an image output by the output apparatus, and information indicative of a page number and a print copy number when the image is output, a combining unit configured to combine the generated two-dimensional code with the image, and an output unit configured to output the image including the two-dimensional code.09-13-2012
20090059246IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS HAVING A PLURALITY OF IMAGE FORMING UNITS, INITIAL ADJUSTMENT METHOD FOR THE IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS, AND COMPUTER READABLE MEDIUM RECORDING PROGRAM FOR CAUSING THE IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS TO PERFORM INITIAL ADJUSTMENT - An image forming apparatus includes a main body storage part, a determination part, and an initial adjustment part. The first image forming unit includes a first storage part storing first information indicative of whether or not an initial adjustment of the first image forming unit has been completed. The determination part determines whether or not the first information stored in the first storage part and the second information stored in the main body storage part satisfy respective prescribed conditions. The initial adjustment part causes the first and second image forming units to perform the initial adjustment when the first information indicates that the initial adjustment of the first image forming unit has not been completed and the second information indicates that the second image forming unit corresponds to an unused state.03-05-2009
20120262735METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR GAMING PROMOTIONAL PRINTER - A method and apparatus for a promotional module for use within a cashless enabled gaming machine or vending machine are disclosed. A promotional module includes a coupon database describing a stack of coupons that are specified using a template based couponing printer language. A coupon is selected for creation and issued to a user or player or user based on a matrix of event-based triggers involving factors or parameters known to the promotional module directly or supplied by a master promotional controller. Triggers may include the time of day, the date or amount of a cash out voucher to be issued to the user or player, the duration of play on a gaming machine, a player classification, the amount of money or credits added to a game, or a random frequency of coupon issuance having satisfied any or all of the aforementioned factors.10-18-2012
20120229822IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS - An image forming machine includes an image data memory, an image data mapper, and a printer. For an envelope, the image data memory stores image data to be printed on a back of the body and a face of the flap, as backside image data. Based on this data, the image data mapper generates print data including a first print data to be printed on the body back and a second print data to be printed on the flap face. The printer prints a part of the backside image data on the body back in accordance with the first print data, and a remaining part of the backside image data on the flap face in accordance with the second print data.09-13-2012
20100328687REGISTERING APPARATUS, AUTHENTICATION SYSTEM, REGISTERING PROGRAM STORAGE MEDIUM AND REGISTERING METHOD - A registering apparatus includes: a first image data acquiring unit that acquires first image data from a first region on a recording medium; a second image data acquiring unit that acquires second image data from a second region that includes the first region; a third image data acquiring unit that acquires third image data from a third region that does not include the first region and differs from the second region when a correlation value between the second image data and the first image data is equal to or greater than a predetermined first threshold value; and a registering unit that registers the first image data as registration data that are image data to be used in authentication of the recording medium when a correlation value between the third image data and the first image data is equal to or less than a second threshold value.12-30-2010
20080297811User interface presentation of page layout output mimics for multiple-image up jobs - An image forming device capable of copying and/or scanning a physical original document is provided. The image forming device includes a User Interface providing an accurate output mimic illustrating a representation of the output sheet having a long edge and a short edge with representations of the one or more original documents arranged in rows and columns thereon each including a long edge, a short edge and an image top for indicating the orientation of the output.12-04-2008
20110235067Method and system for generating nametags - A method for generating a nametag is provided. A database having stored therein data associated with a wearer of the nametag and a computer connected to the database is provided. Further, data indicative of a predetermined nametag template are provided. Using a processor of the computer the data indicative of the predetermined nametag template are received. Using the processor of the computer data indicative of the wearer of the nametag are received. The processor of the computer then retrieves the data associated with the wearer of the nametag from the database in dependence upon the data indicative of the wearer of the nametag and inserts the same into the predetermined nametag template. The processor of the computer then generates nametag printing data in dependence upon the predetermined nametag template and the inserted data. Using a printer connected to the computer the nametag printing data are printed.09-29-2011
20110235066APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR GENERATING STEREOSCOPIC VIEWING IMAGE BASED ON THREE-DIMENSIONAL MEDICAL IMAGE, AND A COMPUTER READABLE RECORDING MEDIUM ON WHICH IS RECORDED A PROGRAM FOR THE SAME - A stereoscopic viewing image generation unit generates, using a three-dimensional medical image representing a subject as input, a stereoscopic viewing image for stereoscopic output of the subject based on a given image generation condition, and a non-stereoscopic viewing image generation unit generates a non-stereoscopic viewing image for non-stereoscopic output equivalent to the stereoscopic output based on the three-dimensional medical image and the image generation condition of the stereoscopic viewing image.09-29-2011
20100231931IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS AND IMAGE FORMING METHOD - An image forming apparatus including: a video memory; a load management unit that loads page data on a print image into the video memory page by page; a print engine that performs printing using the page data stored in the video memory; and a main management unit that, when printing of a page is completed as part of an electronic sort process, causes the video memory to retain the page data if there is a subsequent page to be printed using the same page data as that on the page, and deletes the page data from the video memory if there is no subsequent page to be printed using the same page data as that on the page.09-16-2010
20120086958METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PRINTING LABELS FOR MEDICAL APPLICATIONS - Provided is a method and apparatus for generating a label for use in a medical application. Label content specified by a user that is to be applied to a surface of the label is received. The label content, which includes a machine-generated character, is printed on demand onto the surface of the label. The label bearing the label content is dispensed in a condition suitable for use in the sterile environment.04-12-2012
20120092685PRINTED FLIPBOOK SYSTEMS AND METHODS - Systems and methods for creating a printed flipbook including a plurality of bound pages are disclosed. The system can include a camera, a printer configured to sequentially print images on a roll of cardstock, and an electronic media storage device having a control program stored thereon. The electronic media storage device can be configured to obtain a predetermined number of chronologically arranged images from the camera and send the obtained predetermined number of chronologically arranged images to a printer. The printer can be configured to sequentially print the chronologically arranged images on the roll of cardstock in series along a length thereof thereby sequentially creating the plurality of pages of the flipbook.04-19-2012
20120287448PRINTER, PRINTING PROGRAM, AND PRINTING METHOD - A printer includes a print head in which nozzles that form an image by discharging ink are arranged in a plurality of lines. The printer prints out an image on the basis of print form data in which information of layout contents of printing elements that form the content of print is set according to the attribute of each printing element. The printer includes a print form data storage unit, a printing element data storage unit, a print form data selection unit, a printing element data selection unit, and a printing element data insertion unit.11-15-2012
20130021621IMAGE PROCESSING DEVICE, IMAGE FORMING DEVICE AND IMAGE PROCESSING DEVICE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - An image processing device is connected to a management server that analyzes a data file in which information is described in a predetermined format and provides an administrator with the information. The image processing device includes a data file format management table that arranges and stores data, which is information of the image processing device, an input part that accepts from the user an instruction for changing the data in the predetermined format, a data file format management table update part that rearranges the data stored in the data file format management table based on the instruction, a data file generation part that generates a file by describing the data stored in the data file format management table after the rearrangement, and a communication part that transmits the file as the data file to the management server.01-24-2013
20130021622TAPE PRINTING APPARATUS - A tape printing apparatus compares a back-side background region of print data to be previously printed and a front-side background region of print data to be subsequently printed upon receipt of plural print data including background. If they are different, the tape printing apparatus creates a front-side color mixture tolerance region and a back-side color mixture tolerance region based on the front-side background region and the back-side background region, respectively, so that the front-side color mixture tolerance region and the back-side color mixture tolerance region are arranged continuously. The apparatus sets cut positions at a front edge border and a back edge border of each print data and cut the tape off at those portions while carrying out full-color print on the tape based on respective print data.01-24-2013
20080239335ENCODING AND DECODING METHOD FOR ENHANCING DEPTH RESOLUTION OF AN IMAGE, AND PRINT SYSTEM USING THE SAME - A print system having an enhanced depth resolution of an image. The print system includes a host device to divide a gray image into basic block units, to determine whether the basic block units represent an edge area, to convert the gray image into binary data, and to output the converted gray image; and an image forming apparatus to determine whether the binary data received from the host device represents an edge area, to convert the binary data into a gray image according to the result of determination, and to print the gray image. As a result, depth resolution is enhanced, and print data transmission time is shortened.10-02-2008
20130094032APPARATUS, SYSTEM, AND METHOD FOR CALIBRATION OF A MEDIA PROCESSING DEVICE - A method, apparatus, and system for calibration of a media processing device are provided. The method may include providing a calibration sub-routine where the calibration sub-routine includes a plurality of calibration operations to be performed in sequence. The method may further include associating an audible note with each calibration operation and generating the audible note for each calibration operation as each respective calibration operation is performed, where the audible note is generated by a frequency of operation of a motor. The audible note associated with one calibration operation may be different from the audible note associated with another calibration operation.04-18-2013
20130094033METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR AGGREGATING PRINT JOBS - The present disclosure provides methods and systems for aggregating print jobs of different lengths and/or customers to decrease the need for rewinding and splicing operations. An exemplary embodiment provides a method that comprises identifying individual label-printing jobs (1-8) that can be aggregated onto a roll of substrate (04-18-2013
20130120767METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR CREATING STRUCTURAL DOCUMENTS - A method of generating a structural document may include causing, by a cloud system, a graphical representation of a structural document associated with a structural document kit to be displayed on a user computing device. The cloud system may be located remotely from the user computing device. The method may include receiving a selection of a content item, determining a position of the selected content item on a portion of the graphical representation, and transmitting the selected content item to the user computing device. The user computing device may be configured to transmit the selected content item to a print device. The print device may be configured to print the selected content item on a label of the structural document kit. The label may be configured to be affixed to a portion of the structural document that corresponds to the portion of the graphical representation.05-16-2013
20080212110PDF DIRECT PRINTING METHOD UTILIZING PAGE PRINTING ORDER INFORMATION FOR EFFICIENT HANDLING OF DATA - In a PDF direct printing method, a client computer transfers PDF direct print data to a printer controller for direct printing. The client is provided with page printing order information which specifies which pages of the PDF file are to be printed, and preferably also the order in which the pages are to be printed. Based on this information, a PDF parser on the client parsers out the PDF data and transfers to the printer controller only the pages of data as specified by the page printing order. The page printing order information is either transmitted to the client from the printer controller, or supplied by a program on the client that initiated the PDF direct printing process. The printer controller stores the PDF direct print data transferred from the client, and maintains a memory allocation database to record the memory locations where pieces of the PDF data are stored.09-04-2008
20100309491PRINTER AND PRINTING SYSTEM - This disclosure discloses a printer comprising: a host communication device that performs information transmission and reception by wired or wireless communication for the functioning as a host device of a target device; and a target processing portion that performs predetermined processing in accordance with target device information acquired from said target device when said host communication device performs information transmission and reception with said target device.12-09-2010
20120281242Image Forming Apparatus, Image Repeat Method and Layout Method of Image Forming Apparatus, Programs of Image Repeat Method and Layout Method, and Storage Medium Storing Programs - To provide flexible image repeat environments coping with user's needs for using an image repeat function to obtain an image considering a cutout operation and for using this function to obtain background and pattern, an image forming apparatus includes, in the image repeat function, a first layout mode that the adjacent same data on the same face of one paper are arranged with intervals added in the first and second directions, and a second layout mode that the adjacent same data on the same face of the one paper are arranged without intervals in the first and second directions, and comprises a selector for selecting the first or second layout mode in the image repeat function, and a controller for causing to execute the first and second layout modes in the image repeat function respectively when the first and second layout modes are selected.11-08-2012
20110310405PRINTING EMAIL MESSAGES - Systems, methods, and other embodiments associated with printing content are described. One embodiment includes a method that provides an option that prints only the first page of content.12-22-2011
20120287447LENTICULAR IMAGE ARTICLES AND METHOD AND APPARATUS OF REDUCING BANDING ARTIFACTS IN LENTICULAR IMAGE ARTICLES - A method of creating a lenticular imaging article. The method comprises printing an interlaced composite image according to a reference grid of a printer, providing a lenticular lens sheet having a plurality of parallel lenticular lines between a plurality of lenslets, selecting an acute angle for an intersection between the first and second axes according to a function of a resolution of the interlaced composite image and a pitch of the lenticular lens sheet, and positioning the lenticular lens sheet so that the intersection forms the acute angle.11-15-2012
20120287446PRINTING APPARATUS, CONTROL METHOD FOR PRINTING APPARATUS, AND STORAGE MEDIUM - The present invention provides technology according to which, in the case of changing a print setting and performing reprinting, a printing apparatus causes an information processing apparatus to regenerate print data via a network as necessary depending on whether processing in accordance with a changed print setting can be executed by the printing apparatus.11-15-2012
20110317179PRINTER DEVICE AND PRINTER SYSTEM - A printer device for printing character strings of a data item having the same content in a plurality of languages. The character strings are of a data item which is predetermined in each of a plurality of fields (FIELD 12-29-2011
20120019840DEFAULT MEDIA SELECTION METHODS IN A MULTI-MEDIA PRINTER - A multi-media print includes a decoding module, a configuration memory, and a parameter determination module. The decoding module decodes print job parameters and print job data, and outputs decoded print job parameters including decoded print job media selection parameters and the decoded print job data. The configuration memory stores default configuration parameters. The parameter determination module receives the decoded print job parameters including the decoded print job media selection parameters and the decoded print job data and also receives the default configuration parameters including the default media selection parameters from the configuration memory. The parameter determination module determines the final print job media selection parameters for the print job, utilizing the decoded print job media selection parameters and the default media selection parameters. The default media selection parameters are utilized when the print job parameters and print job data are not sufficient to select the media.01-26-2012
20120081717CASINO PRINT SYSTEM AND CORRESPONDING METHODS - Systems and methods for providing customized coupons in a casino gaming environment are provided. A printer resident in a gaming machine is provided and has at least one communication port for communication external to the gaming machine. A coupon layout generator may also be provided for creating customized coupons. A server manager may be provided for distributing the customized coupons to one or more targeted recipients. A server port device may be provided for connecting the server manager to the communication port of the printer and for converting an Ethernet signal from the server manager to a serial signal recognizable by the printer. With such a system, an IP address may be assigned to the server port device. The IP address, together with player identification information, is used by the server manager to determine appropriate coupons for distribution to the gaming machine.04-05-2012

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