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356246000 Fluid containers (e.g., cells or cuvettes) 69
20090161100Fiber Optic Interrogated Microslide, Microslide Kits and Uses Thereof - The present invention provides a substrate that overcomes the performance limitations of conventional microscope slides, microarrays, or microtiter plates when optically interrogated through the thickness of the substrate. With conventional microscope slides, image quality and resolution are degraded as a result of distortions introduced by imaging through the thickness of the glass. Fiber Optic Interrogated Microslides (FOI) consist of many fiber optics that have been fused together. When sliced and polished to form microscope slides, the fibers effectively transfer optical images from one surface of the microslide to the other. The finished microslide is the optical equivalent of a zero thickness window. The image of an object on the top surface is transferred to the bottom surface allowing it to be viewed without focusing through the thickness of the slide. In addition to providing improved image quality, FOI microslides allow objects to be directly imaged without complex and expensive focusing optics.06-25-2009
20100073672SAMPLE POSITIONING STAGE AND METHOD OF OPERATION - A sample positioning stage for positioning a sample to be inspected relative to an optical inspection device. The stage includes a first generally planar body on which a sample to be inspected can be carried and a second body directly coupled to the first body via bearings extending between them which constrain movement of the first body relative to the second body to a first plane that is substantially parallel to the plane of the first body. There is also provided a drive system being selectively operable in a first mode and a second mode.03-25-2010
20080285024Highly efficient surface enhanced Raman and fluorescence nanostructure substrates - An apparatus comprising a mechanically stable substrate selected from the group consisting of a semiconductor, metal, and dielectric and at least two nanowires on the substrate, the nanowires comprising a core and a metal shell, wherein the core is selected from the group consisting of a semiconductor and a dielectric, thereby forming a nanowire-composite to allow plasmon coupling for enhancements of the electric fields and enhancements of the surface enhanced Raman signal (SERS) and enhancements of the chemical or biological specificity and sensitivity. A method of making a SERS-active substrate comprising providing a mechanically substrate selected from the group consisting of a semiconductor, metal, and dielectric and affixing a plurality of nanowires on the substrate wherein the nanowires are comprised of one selected from the group consisting of Ga11-20-2008
20090051911SAMPLE TRAVELING STAGE WITH FLEXURE MECHANISM MODULE TO ABSORB THE DEFORMATION OF THE SLIDE - A sample traveling stage is used for inspection equipment or precision processing equipment for semiconductors or FPDs, (Flat Panel Displays). The sample traveling stage includes a moving part in which a first slide, which is mounted on a base frame and moves along a first guide block, and a second slide, which is mounted on the first slide and moves along a second guide block, is installed in a mutually crossing direction. A traveling part that travels sample through the sample table is installed by a flexure mechanism module formed on the second slide and measures displacement through the X, Y bar mirror installed at the above sample table in a mutually vertical direction. A measuring part includes a laser head, a beam divider, and an interferometer installed at the operating path of the moving part forms the output into a displacement signal by receiving the input beam interference signal reflected by the X, Y bar mirror from receiver. The deformation error of the mirror and sample, including the sample table, decreases because deformation by the slide is not delivered to the sample table, and measuring accuracy improves because the relative distance of the mirror and the sample is set. Productivity improves due to the minimization of defective proportions because the accuracy is improved.02-26-2009
20130050691INSPECTION APPARATUS AND INSPECTION METHOD FOR LIGHT EMITTING DEVICE - An inspection apparatus and an inspection method is provided having a wafer chuck stage equipped with one or more wafer chucks; a position measurement unit for measuring the positions of the light emitting devices on each of the expanded wafers loaded respectively on the wafer chucks; a photodetector and at least one probe provided corresponding to each of the expanded wafers; and a control unit provided with means for moving the wafer chuck stage in the X axis and/or Y-axis directions such that the light emitting devices on each of the expanded wafers are sequentially brought under the corresponding probes, means for moving each of the probes to a place corresponding to the electrodes in the light emitting devices, and means for bringing the probes into contact with the corresponding electrodes.02-28-2013
20110013182REFERENCE CELL - Reference cell (01-20-2011
20130063720INTERFEROMETER ADAPTER CAP FOR AN OPTICAL FIBER INSPECTION MICROSCOPE - An adapter cap including a cap body, a slot in the cap body, wherein the slot is configured to hold an optical flat, an attachment mechanism configured to attach the cap to an inspection device, and an alignment hole in the cap body, wherein the alignment hole is configured to hold an optical connector ferrule.03-14-2013
20120092658PREPARING SAMPLES FOR OPTICAL MEASUREMENT - We disclose an apparatus comprising: a hand-portable optical analysis unit including an optical interface; and a device configured to receive and releasably engage the hand-portable optical analysis unit. The device comprises: a housing; a sample unit in the housing; and a resilient member configured to bias the sample unit and the hand-portable analysis unit towards each other when the hand-portable optical analysis unit is received in the device to compress a sample disposed between the sample unit and the optical interface of the optical analysis unit. Methods of analyzing samples are also disclosed.04-19-2012
20090147252FLUORESCENCE OBSERVATION OR FLUORESCENCE METERING-SYSTEM AND FLUORESCENCE OBSERVATION OR FLUORESCENCE METERING-METHOD - A fluorescence observation or fluorescence metering-system includes a low-fluorescence specimen holding member used therein. The low-fluorescence specimen holding member satisfies a condition, BSG′/BSG≦0.6, where BSG′ is an average intensity value of auto-fluorescence from the low-fluorescence specimen holding member and BSG is an average intensity value of auto-fluorescence from a conventional specimen holding member generally used.06-11-2009
20090262342PROBE HOLDER MOUNTING DEVICE FOR BIOLOGICAL PHOTOMETRIC DEVICE - A probe holder mounting device for a biological photometric device includes: a probe holder having a plurality of probe mounting parts to which optical fiber probes are mounted; a band-like mounting device body having a plurality of insertion holes into which the probe mounting parts are to be inserted to fix the probe holder in position by means of the insertion holes; belts whose one ends are respectively connected to both longitudinal ends of the mounting device body and whose other ends are engaged with each other; and an adjusting belt connected to the mounting device body at a position where the probe holder is fixed in position in a lateral direction of the mounting device body.10-22-2009
20080212087Apparatus for the Electromagnetic Spectrum or Optical Analysis, in Particular Photometric, Spectrophotometric or Image Analysis - An apparatus for the electromagnetic spectrum or optical analysis of a material. The apparatus comprising a measuring probe having a housing with at least one radiation or light measuring element, a measuring window and with at least one detection element for the analysis. The measuring probe is formed and guided displaceably in the axial direction in such a way that at least part of the housing in which the measuring window is located enters through an opening in which the material to be analyzed is located for the analysis. The at least one measuring window is arranged in at least one subregion of the circumferential wall of the housing. A sealing cap is located between a front end face of the housing and the measuring window arranged in the circumferential wall and consequently covers the opening in a retracted position of the measuring probe.09-04-2008
20120293796SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR DETECTING THE PRESENCE OF A SELECTED VOLUME OF MATERIAL IN A SAMPLE PROCESSING DEVICE - Systems and methods for processing sample processing devices. The system can include a sample processing device comprising a detection chamber, a motor configured to rotate the sample processing device about an axis of rotation, and an optical module operatively positioned relative to the sample processing device and configured to determine whether a selected volume of material is present in the detection chamber of the sample processing device. The method can include rotating the sample processing device about an axis of rotation, and determining whether a selected volume of material is present in the detection chamber, while rotating the sample processing device. In some embodiments, determining whether a selected volume of material is present can be performed by optically interrogating the detection chamber for an optical property of the material.11-22-2012
20100128262Analyzer Having Light Shield - The invention relates to an analyzing apparatus including an installation portion having an insertion port 05-27-2010
20080291441Spectroscopic Support - A porous sample support provides a matrix into the pores or interstitial spaces of which a sample to be subjected to a spectroscopic analysis can be introduced. 2 D infrared spectroscopy can then be carried out on the sample at higher concentrations with minimized background.11-27-2008
20090284738Tray-shaped container for test objects to be optically analyzed and product device therefore - A tray-shaped container comprising at least one cavity or recess for receiving the particular test objects, wherein these at least one recess comprises structured inner surfaces. Through this, a considerable reduction or even full reduction of interfering reflections and other optical irritations is achieved. In particular, the container constitutes an incubation tray for test stripes, having several longitude extending recesses. The inner surfaces of the recesses preferably comprise a grove-shaped and/or stair-shaped structure. The tray-shaped container may constitute an incubation tray for test stripes which are used in medical diagnostics.11-19-2009
20090251692SYNCHRONOUS APPARATUS - A vision measuring machine includes a workbench, a support mounted to the workbench, a moving member movably mounted to the support, two fixing portions and a lens respectively fixed to the moving member, a group of pulleys fixed to the support, two mounting members each including at least one pulley fixed to the workbench, a rail fixed between the fixing members, a sliding member for fixing a backlight module, and a cord for driving the sliding member. One end of the cord is fixed to one of the fixing portions. The opposite end of the cord rounds all of the corresponding pulleys, the rail, and the sliding member, and last is fixed to the other fixing portion. When the moving member with the lens is driven, the backlight module is driven together with the lens by the cord.10-08-2009
20090015826Optical assay system for intraoperative assessment of tumor margins - The subject matter described herein includes an optical assay system for intraoperative assessment of tumor margins. According to one aspect, the subject matter described herein includes a biological sample containment and illumination apparatus for holding a biological sample for illumination by a plurality of electromagnetic radiation probes. The biological sample containment and illumination apparatus includes a plurality of frame members positioned with respect to each other to form an interior space for receiving a biological sample. At least one of the plurality of frame members includes a plurality of probe receiving locations for receiving a plurality of electromagnetic radiation probes. The probe receiving locations position the probes with respect to the biological sample to allow illumination of plural locations of the biological sample by the probes.01-15-2009
20090015827Support unit utilized in visual inspection of display substrate - Disclosed is a support unit for visually inspecting a display substrate, such as an LCD device, that enhances accuracy of the inspection by supporting the display substrate at dummy regions between cell areas. The support unit includes fixed bars disposed apart from each other and along a first direction; a plurality of support bars connected to the fixed bars, the support bars oriented along a second direction crossing the first direction and movable along the first direction; a guide bar mounted on at least one of the support bars, the guide bar oriented along the first direction and movable along the second direction; first and second auxiliary support bars connected to the guide bar, the auxiliary support bars oriented along the second direction and movable along the first direction; and a plurality of supporting means disposed on the support bars and the auxiliary support bars.01-15-2009
20090079975FIBER OPTIC DETECTION SYSTEM - A sealed and decontaminated fiber optic detection apparatus includes an optics portion with individual chambers. Each chamber housing optical and electro-optical components. A manifold accommodates fibers, with each of the fibers being in optical communication with the optical and electro-optical components of a corresponding chamber. The apparatus also includes a sample holder that holds a sample to be tested and a mounting device provided between the sample holder and the manifold. The mounting device and the manifold form a sealed fiber optic interface between the sample holder and the optics portion.03-26-2009
20090021728Multi-Channel Optical Measurement Instrument - A receptacle having a plurality of interconnected chambers arranged to permit multiple process steps or processes to be performed independently or simultaneously. The receptacles are manufactured to separate liquid from dried reagents and to maintain the stability of the dried reagents. An immiscible liquid, such as an oil, is included to control loading of process materials, facilitate mixing and reconstitution of dried reagents, limit evaporation, control heating of reaction materials, concentrate solid support materials to prevent clogging of fluid connections, provide minimum volumes for fluid transfers, and to prevent process materials from sticking to chamber surfaces. The receptacles can be adapted for use in systems having a processing instrument that includes an actuator system for selectively moving fluid substances between chambers and a detector. The actuator system can be arranged to concentrate an analyte present in a sample. The detector can be used to detect an optical signal emitted by the contents of the receptacle.01-22-2009
20080316477STIRRER AND ANALYZER - A stirrer includes a vessel for holding a liquid to be stirred; and a sound wave generator that irradiates the liquid with a sound wave to stir the liquid by the sound wave. The sound wave generator includes a piezoelectric substrate, and a sound generating element provided on the piezoelectric substrate and arranged outside the vessel so as to be adjacent to the liquid across the vessel and the piezoelectric substrate to generate a sound wave for stirring the liquid.12-25-2008
20120105836APPARATUS FOR MEASURING OPTICAL PROPERTIES OF LED PACKAGE - An apparatus for measuring the optical properties of an LED package includes: a light detection unit detecting light output from a plurality of LED packages of an LED package array in order to measure the optical properties of each of the LED packages; a mounting unit fixing the LED package array thereon when the optical properties thereof are measured; and a voltage application unit applying a driving voltage to the individual LED packages in the LED package array when the optical properties of the LED packages are measured.05-03-2012
20120194811NANO PARTICLE TRACKING DEVICE, CHANNEL STRUCTURE OF THE NANO PARTICLE TRACKING DEVICE, AND METHOD OF FABRICATING THE CHANNEL STRUCTURE OF THE NANO PARTICLE TRACKING DEVICE - A nano particle tracking device includes a channel structure. The channel structure of the nano particle tracking device includes a pair of microchannels in which a specimen including nano particles is accommodated and which face each other, at least one nano channel which is between the pair of microchannels, which connects the pair of microchannels to each other and through which the nano particles in the specimen are moved, and a nano grating below the nano channel and crossing the nano channel perpendicularly.08-02-2012
20100157291Causing Relative Motion - Sensors can be used to obtain encoded sensing results from objects that have nonuniform relative motion. A photosensor or impedance-based sensor, for example, can obtain sensing results from objects that have relative motion within a sensing region relative to the sensor, with the relative motion being, for example, periodically varying, randomly varying, chirp-varying, or modulated relative motion that completes at least one modulation cycle within the sensing region. Relative motion can be caused by varying objects' speed and/or direction or by controlling flow of fluid carrying objects, movement of a channel, movement of a support structure, movement of a sensor, and/or pattern movement. A fluidic implementation can include shaped channel wall parts and/or a displacement component causing time-varying lateral displacement. A support structure implementation can include a scanner device and a rotary device that respectively control scanning and rotating movement of a movable support structure or of a sensor.06-24-2010
20080273198ENCLOSURE FOR A LINEAR INSPECTION SYSTEM - An apparatus for an enclosure of a linear inspection system for the inspection of products that uses at least one camera and at least one laser. The enclosure is placed in a production line environment as to allow the passage of the products to pass through an aperture of the enclosure. More specifically, the enclosure allows to shelter cameras and lasers that are oriented towards an inspection zone through a translucent surface of the enclosure. Furthermore, in another aspect of the invention, the cameras and lasers are fixed to mounting stations in the enclosure. The mounting stations are positioned as to orient the cameras and lasers towards an inspection zone through the translucent surface of the enclosure.11-06-2008
20110058162Cells for biochemical analysis, kit for biochemical analysis, and biochemical analyzer - The invention makes it possible to measure binding of a biochemical substance with a high throughput and with high sensitivity using a small cell capable of being filled with a small amount of chemical solution. A space between a first substrate and a second substrate such that probes are immobilized on their mutually facing planes is used as a cell that houses a specimen solution. Light is irradiated from a first substrate side, and reflected light is subjected to spectroscopy. Binding of the target with the probe is detected by a wavelength shift in the refection spectrum.03-10-2011
20090109432Systems and methods for submersible imaging flow apparatus - The systems, methods, and apparatus described herein use a combination of video and flow cytometric technology to both capture images of organisms for identification and measure chlorophyll fluorescence associated with each image. Images can be automatically classified with software based on a support vector machine, while the measurements of chlorophyll fluorescence allow us to more efficiently analyze phytoplankton cells by triggering on chlorophyll-containing particles. Quantitation of chlorophyll fluorescence in large phytoplankton cells enables the interpretation of patterns in bulk chlorophyll data, and the discrimination of heterotrophic and phototrophic cells.04-30-2009
20090109433ANALYZER - An analyzer in which optical measurement is performed with respect to a sample placed in optically transparent cells of an analysis tool includes a light source unit, a light-receiving unit, a tray on which the tool is placed, and a drive mechanism for driving the tray. The tray includes a holding section that holds the tool in a predetermined position. The drive mechanism reciprocates the tray between a first position where the tool placed on the tray is exposed to the outside of the analyzer and a second position where the tool is accommodated inside the analyzer. The light source unit is disposed so that emitted light is incident on a cell of the tool when the tray is located in the second position. The light-receiving unit is disposed so as to receive light transmitted through the cell when the tray is located in the second position.04-30-2009
20130135613ANNULAR OPTICAL DEVICE - An annular optical device (05-30-2013
20100315627Apparatus and Method for Enhancing the Electromagnetic Signal of a Sample - The present invention is an apparatus and method for enhancing the electromagnetic signal of a sample for ellipsometry which uses at least one auxiliary layer and at least one substrate layer.12-16-2010
20090244532MULTIPLEXED PHOTONIC MEMBRANES AND RELATED DETECTION METHODS FOR CHEMICAL AND/OR BIOLOGICAL SENSING APPLICATIONS - Photonic detection systems and methods are shown. A flow through photonic membrane is provided with pores which are distributed along multiple regions. The pores of one region have walls to which a first type of target specific anchor can be attached, while pores of another region have walls to which a second type of target specific anchor can be attached. An additional region of pores without anchors can be provided, so that optical detection occurs differentially. A stack of photonic membranes is also provided. The diameter of the pores of one photonic membrane is larger than the diameter of the pores of another photonic membrane, thus allowing also determination of the size of a target organism flown through the stack of membranes.10-01-2009
20090066945HOLDING APPARATUS FOR SPECTRUM MEASUREMENT - A holding apparatus (03-12-2009
20110255083FIBER OPTIC DETECTION SYSTEM - A sealed and decontaminated fiber optic detection apparatus includes an optics portion with individual chambers. Each chamber housing optical and electro-optical components. A manifold accommodates fibers, with each of the fibers being in optical communication with the optical and electro-optical components of a corresponding chamber. The apparatus also includes a sample holder that holds a sample to be tested and a mounting device provided between the sample holder and the manifold. The mounting device and the manifold form a sealed fiber optic interface between the sample holder and the optics portion.10-20-2011
20120033209CONTAINERIZED SYSTEMS - Containerized systems are provided. In one embodiment, a containerized system includes a moveable three-dimensional container, a first generator, a second generator, and a scanner. The first generator is located within the container, and the second generator is located outside of the container. The scanner is mechanically supported by the container and transmits waves received from the first and the second generators. The containerized system optionally includes one or more rails connected to the outside of the container, and the scanner moves along the one or more rails. The containerized system may also include a multi-axes arm that positions the scanner and that is mechanically supported by the container. Furthermore, the containerized system may include an interferometer, an electronics rack, and/or an air conditioning unit.02-09-2012
20100321682HOLDING FIXTURE, PLACEMENT METHOD OF HOLDING FIXTURE, AND MEASUREMENT METHOD - A container according to the present invention contains at least a part of a device under test to be measured by a terahertz wave measurement device. The container includes a gap portion that internally disposes at least a part of the device under test, and an enclosure portion that includes a first flat surface portion and a second flat surface portion, and disposes the gap portion between the first flat surface portion and the second flat surface portion, thereby enclosing the gap portion. Moreover, a relationship n12-23-2010
20100277722INTEGRATED FLOW CELL WITH SEMICONDUCTOR OXIDE TUBING - An integrated flow cell, the flow cell comprising a semiconductor substrate, and a fluidic conduit having an at least partially transparent semiconductor oxide tubing, wherein the semiconductor oxide tubing is formed with the semiconductor substrate.11-04-2010
20110170093CRYOSTAT - Provided is a cryostat that can effectively prevent water condensation on the surface of a cell.07-14-2011
20110075141STRUCTURE OF MEASUREMENT WINDOW - A measurement window structure is disclosed for an optical process measurement device. The measurement window structure can include a measurement window made of an optical material and having a measurement surface that is arranged to be placed into a process solution, a sealing surface formed to a frame structure of the optical process measurement device and facing the process solution, the measurement window made of an optical material being arranged to press against the sealing surface, and an attaching device or mechanism for pressing the measurement window made of an optical material against the sealing surface and for attaching it to the frame structure. The sealing surface formed to the frame structure can be a rotationally symmetrical surface and the surface pressing against the sealing surface formed to the frame structure of the measurement window made of an optical material can be a rotationally symmetrical surface.03-31-2011
20110273706MICROPLATE MOUNT SYSTEM AND SENSING METHODS - The invention is a microplate mounting system for mounting a microplate relative to an optical reader to control an angle of incidence of an interrogation beam at the microplate and includes a reference plane with at least one set of mount features that engage one or both of the bottom of the microplate and the skirt of the and a first positioning mechanism that provides a reversible and predetermined separation in the z direction between a plane formed by the bottom of the microplate and the reader, to control the angle of incidence of the interrogation beam at the microplate by reversibly controlling the relative positioning of the microplate in the z direction through the engagement between the bottom and/or skirt of the microplate and the at least one set of mount features.11-10-2011
20110149277Multi-Layer Slides for Analysis of Urine Sediments - Visual analysis of urine samples is carried out with the use of a slide consisting of three layers containing an enclosed viewing chamber which receives a urine sample deposited by pipette into an opening on the outer layer of the slide. From the inlet opening the sample enters an inlet chamber in the middle layer and passes through a capillary passageway into the viewing chamber where it is inspected for particles and sediments.06-23-2011
20100245814METHODS FOR FABRICATING ANALYTICAL SUBSTRATES USING METALLIC NANOPARTICLES - An analytical substrate for amplifying Raman signals by a factor greater than 10,000, or by a factor less than 1,000,000. The analytical substrate is fabricated by depositing a film on the substrate and heating the substrate to a temperature less than 100 degrees Celsius for a period of time less than 30 seconds. The film can comprise a metallic nanoparticle dispersion that can further comprise a population of metallic nanoparticles. In some instances, the metallic nanoparticles have an average cross-sectional dimension in a range of about 1 nm to about 100 nm. In other instances each nanoparticle comprises at least one ligand bound to a surface of the nanoparticle, where the ligand comprises a heteroatom head group bound to the nanoparticle surface and a tail bound to the heteroatom head group.09-30-2010
20120147368Automated Soil Measurement Device - A system and a method are disclosed for combining a soil sample and extractant in a mixing chamber to produce a liquid extractant-soil mixture. A portion of the liquid extractant-soil mixture is directed from the mixing chamber through a sample measurement chamber coupled to the mixing chamber. The sample measurement chamber is coupled to a light source so that light propagates from the light source through the portion of the liquid extractant-soil mixture to an optical detector which generates an attenuation spectrum indicating light received by the detector at different wavelengths. The sample measurement chamber may include an attenuation cell having a specified optical path between a first measurement window and a second measurement window and angular surface directing particulates in the liquid extractant-soil mixture away from the attenuation cell.06-14-2012
20120038913OPTICAL MEASUREMENT INSTRUMENT EQUIPPED WITH TRANSPORTATION PROTECTION - An optical measurement instrument, which is equipped with transportation protection, includes a body structure (02-16-2012
20110063608Sensing Module for Light-Emitting Devices and Testing Apparatus Using the Same - A sensing module for light-emitting devices includes a substrate having at least one first hole and at least one second hole connected to the first hole, an optical device positioned in the first hole and configured to collect emitting lights from the light-emitting device to the first hole, a light-guiding device positioned in the second hole, a reflector positioned in the first hole and configured to reflect the emitting lights from the light-emitting device to the light-guiding device, and an optical coupler positioned at a front end of the substrate and coupled with the light-guiding device.03-17-2011
20110063607Sample holder for dynamic light scattering - There is described a sample holder and associated fluid container assembly for optical analysis of a fluid sample within a translucent container of the fluid container assembly. The sample holder includes clamping members rotatably mounted to a frame for rotation, about parallel axes spaced apart from each other, between a container accepting position in which the clamping members are spaced apart from the translucent container, and an analysis position in the clamping members abut the translucent container. The clamping members each define an optical waveguide slot extending therethrough that is substantially aligned with the translucent container when the clamping members are disposed in the analysis position, to thereby provide optical access to the translucent container for optical analysis of the fluid sample therein.03-17-2011
20110317157APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR IN SITU TESTING OF MICROSCALE AND NANOSCALE SAMPLES - According to example embodiments of the invention, a microscale testing stage comprises a frame having first and second opposing ends and first and second side beams, at least one deformable force sensor beam, a first longitudinal beam having a free end, a second longitudinal beam having a facing free end, a support structure, and a pair of slots disposed at each of the free ends. In certain embodiments, a separately fabricated microscale or nanoscale specimen comprises a central gauge length portion of a material to be tested, and first and second hinges providing a self-aligning mechanism for uniaxial loading. In other embodiments, a layer of a conductive material defines first and second conductive paths and an open circuit that can be closed by the specimen across the gap. In other embodiments, the stage is formed of a high melting temperature material.12-29-2011
20120062878LIGHT IRRADIATION APPARATUS, COMPONENT IMAGE PICKUP APPARATUS, AND COMPONENT MOUNTING APPARATUS - A light irradiation apparatus capable of irradiating, while a component having a first side is held on the first side by a holding body of a component mounting apparatus, light onto a reflective plate to irradiate reflected light from the reflective plate from the first side of the component, the light irradiation apparatus including: a plurality of first light-emitting devices; a supporting body configured to support the plurality of first light-emitting devices such that optical-axis directions of the plurality of first light-emitting devices match; and a light guide body configured to guide light emitted from the plurality of first light-emitting devices to the reflective plate so that the reflected light is detected by a detector from a second side of the component on the other side of the first side.03-15-2012
20090213367Transmissive element - A transmissive element and a method for production thereof is provided, the element comprising a perforated layer (08-27-2009
20120075626UNIVERSAL TESTING PLATFORM FOR MEDICAL DIAGNOSTICS AND AN APPARATUS FOR READING TESTING PLATFORMS - A method and an apparatus for optically reading test devices having an identification data zone associated with the test device and test zone arranged to receive a sample. The apparatus comprises an optical sensing module, an image processing module coupled to the optical sensing module, a control module coupled to the optical sensing module and to the image-processing module. The optical sensing module is arranged to sense both the test zone and the identification data zone and deliver the sensed data to the image processing module responsive to the control module. Further, the image-processing unit is arranged to perform image processing on the sensed data from the test zone and from the identification data zone and further determine the sample according to the sensed data from the test zone in view of the sensed data from the identification data zone responsive to the control unit.03-29-2012
20120188537TEST APPARATUS FOR LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY - A test apparatus is configured for testing a notebook including a liquid crystal display section and a body section. The positioning structure includes an optical testing module, an adjustable OTM mount, a fine-tuning module, a clamping module and a adjustable LCD mount. The optical testing module tests the liquid crystal display section, and is mounted to the adjustable OTM mount for moving the optical testing module. The optical testing module is attached to the fine-tuning module. The clamping module is for clamping the notebook. The adjustable LCD mount is mounted to the clamping module, and rotates the notebook relative to the optical testing module.07-26-2012
20080297786INSPECTING DEVICE AND INSPECTING METHOD - An object of the invention is to provide an inspecting method and an inspecting device which can detect a foreign material and a pattern defect at a high speed and a high precision, and can suppress a cost increase, by correcting a photographed image of an inspected subject and regulating a direction of an image sensor photographing the inspected subject without depending only upon a positional displacement correcting control of a stage. In an inspecting method of inspecting an inspected subject mounted on a moving stage by photographing by an image sensor, the method determines a positional displacement amount between a target position and an actual position of the stage which moves for photographing, and carries out a sampling position correction in correspondence to the positional displacement amount, on the basis of a photographed image sampling from a photographed range of the target position which is photographed.12-04-2008
20120262710Bellows Actuated Infrared (IR) Stage - The embodiments of the present invention are directed to addressing the complexity, sample geometry, and even pressure feedback issues associated with mechanical-only mechanisms. In particular, by utilizing one or more bellows capsules in an attenuated total internal reflection (ATR) instrument as a pressure vessel that can expand, contract, and tilt in all directions, the mechanisms disclosed herein can substantially apply uniform pressure to an interposed sample surface to include non-orthogonal sample surfaces, and thus conform to any sample geometry within such instruments. The result of the novel arrangements described herein is to provide a user with a convenient and simple interface for operating the interrogating ATR optical instrument.10-18-2012
20130016348Optical Spectrometer with Underfilled Fiber Optic Sample InterfaceAANM ASHMEAD; Damian W.AACI BellevilleAAST WIAACO USAAGP ASHMEAD; Damian W. Belleville WI USAANM DECK; Francis J.AACI MadisonAAST WIAACO USAAGP DECK; Francis J. Madison WI US - An optical device is provided that includes a converging lens device, a transmitting optical fiber, a sample holder, and a receiving optical fiber. The converging lens device focuses light onto the transmitting optical fiber, which receives the focused light through an entrance face and transmits the light from an exit face, through a sample, and onto the receiving optical fiber. The sample holder holds the sample for analysis. The receiving optical fiber receives the light through an entrance face of the receiving optical fiber after transmission through the sample. The converging lens device is positioned to focus the light onto the entrance face of the transmitting optical fiber such that a half-angle of the angular distribution of the focused light that reaches the entrance face of the transmitting optical fiber is selected to underfill an entrance aperture of the entrance face of the receiving optical fiber in both a spatial dimension and an angular dimension.01-17-2013
20130021603OPTICAL SIGNAL INSPECTION DEVICE - An optical signal inspection device includes a housing, a diagnostic unit, an optical specimen holder, a light-shielding module, and a guiding unit. A receiving space is defined internally of the housing. The housing has an optical fiber holding area formed thereon. The optical specimen holder has an upper jaw member and a lower jaw member. The light shielding module has a main body and two lateral shielding members disposed thereon. Two side portions of the lower jaw member are formed matchingly to the lateral shielding members. The guiding unit is secured to the upper or lower jaw member. When the upper and lower jaw members are used to clamp the optical fiber for inspection, interference due to ambient lighting can be prevented by the light shielding module. Thus, quick and accurate inspection results can be obtained by the user.01-24-2013
20130021604Automated Sample Positioning System For Ellipsometers - An automated 450 mm wafer sample stage for ellipsometers. The sample stage includes a plurality of sample support pins and sample guides for precision positioning. The sample support pins and sample guides may be mounted on the same holding arm which is electronically controlled by a computer user interface. The sample support pins and sample guides are raised to a predefined height to allow sufficient space for a 450 mm be transferred with a vacuum wand onto the support pins and position guides. By electronically lowering the support pins below the surface of the sample stage plate, the 450 mm wafer is placed on the ellipsometer's sample stage without any stress to the wafer surface.01-24-2013
20130141716PIEZOELECTRIC MOTOR, DRIVING DEVICE, ELECTRONIC COMPONENT CONVEYING DEVICE, ELECTRONIC COMPONENT INSPECTION DEVICE, PRINTING DEVICE, ROBOT HAND, AND ROBOT - A piezoelectric motor includes a piezoelectric element, electrodes provided in the piezoelectric element, electric wires connected to the electrodes, bond portions which bond the electrodes and the electrical wires, a storage case which stores the piezoelectric element, and support portions which are provided between the piezoelectric element and the storage case, wherein the bond portion and the electric wires are provided in the gap between the electrodes and the storage case.06-06-2013
20130141717PIEZOELECTRIC MOTOR, DRIVING DEVICE, ELECTRONIC COMPONENT CONVEYING DEVICE, ELECTRONIC COMPONENT INSPECTION DEVICE, PRINTING DEVICE, ROBOT HAND, AND ROBOT - A vibrating body is accommodated in a vibrating body case in a state where both sides of the vibrating body containing a piezoelectric material are sandwiched between buffer portions from a direction intersecting a bending direction of the vibrating body, and the buffer portions are pressed against the vibrating body using a pressing lid through elastic portions. Pressing plates are provided between the buffer portions and the elastic portions to restrict the movement of the pressing plates in a vibration direction of the vibrating body.06-06-2013
20080198373SPECIMEN INSPECTION STAGE IMPLEMENTED WITH PROCESSING STAGE COUPLING MECHANISM - A specimen inspection stage implemented with a processing stage coupling mechanism provides a capability to conduct with maximum efficiency post-processing specimen inspections on-board a processing platform. Heavy inspection equipment is mounted on a specimen inspection stage that is separate from a processing stage. In a preferred embodiment, the processing stage moves in response to an applied motive force and performs laser-based processing operations on a specimen. While laser processing is ongoing, the specimen inspection stage remains parked in its home position. When it is time for post-processing inspection, a stage coupling and decoupling mechanism couples together the specimen inspection stage and the processing stage, which transports the specimen inspection stage to and from the specimen position.08-21-2008
20120281208CHAMBER FOR OPTICAL OBSERVATION, METHOD FOR OPTICALLY OBSERVING SAMPLE, AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING LOWER TRANSPARENT PLATE - A chamber for optical observation is provided which not only reduces evaporation of a sample put therein but also hardly adsorbs the sample, and allows more accurate evaluation of motility of the sample, and so on. The chamber for optical observation includes a lower transparent plate on which a sample is placed and an upper transparent plate which covers an upper side of the sample. The lower transparent plate is formed of a flexible material. When the sample is placed on a central portion of the lower transparent plate and covered with the upper transparent plate, the central portion of the lower transparent plate is depressed due to its own weight and the weight of the sample. In this state, a peripheral portion of the lower transparent plate comes into contact with the upper transparent plate, whereby the sample can be sealed with the upper transparent plate and the lower transparent plate.11-08-2012
20120033208DEVICE INTERFACE APPARATUS AND TEST APPARATUS - It is an object of the present invention to test a device under test including an optical interface. Provided is a device interface apparatus on which is loaded a device under test including an optical interface. The device interface apparatus comprises a device loading section on which the device under test is loaded; an optical connector that is to be connected to the optical interface of the device under test; and an optical connector moving section that moves the optical connector toward the optical interface of the device under test loaded on the device loading section, to optically connect the optical connector and the optical interface.02-09-2012