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356 - Optics: measuring and testing

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356237200 Surface condition 404
356239100 Transparent or translucent material 49
356241100 Bore inspection (e.g., borescopes, intrascope, etc.) 15
356240100 Containers or enclosures (e.g., packages, cans, etc.) 14
356237600 Having predetermined light transmission regions (e.g., holes, aperture, multiple material articles) 3
20080259328RETICLE DEFECT INSPECTION APPARATUS AND INSPECTION METHOD USING THEREOF - A reticle defect inspection apparatus that suppresses deterioration of optical components resulting from luminescent spots generated by an integrator and can sustain a defect inspection with high precision for a long time is provided. The reticle defect inspection apparatus is a reticle defect inspection apparatus for inspecting for defects on a reticle using a pattern image obtained by irradiating the reticle on which a pattern is formed with light. And the apparatus includes an illuminating optical system for irradiating the reticle with an inspection light and a detecting optical system for detecting a pattern image of the reticle irradiated with the inspection light, wherein the illuminating optical system comprises an integrator for equalizing illumination distribution of the inspection light and a moving mechanism for enabling the integrator to slightly move in a direction perpendicular to an optical axis of the integrator.10-23-2008
20090051909METHOD OF DETECTING POROUS MATERIAL DEFECT - A method of detecting a defect in a porous body (02-26-2009
20130176559LUMINOUS FLUX BRANCHING ELEMENT AND MASK DEFECT INSPECTION APPARATUS - A luminous flux branching element includes a transparent base member arranged diagonally to an optical axis and having an incidence plane and an emission plane parallel to each other. Incident light from the incidence plane is split into a main luminous flux emitted from an emission position on the emission plane and a branched luminous flux emitted from a branch position apart from the emission position and having a smaller light quantity than of the main luminous flux. A reflecting member is arranged on the incidence plane to cause the incidence plane to reflect reflected light from the emission plane. A non-coat region in which antireflection-treatment is not performed is formed in a region of the emission plane where the incident light from the incidence plane is reached, and antireflection-treatment is performed in the emission plane excluding the non-coat region and the incidence plane.07-11-2013
356238100 Textile inspection 1
20130077093APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR INSPECTING CLOTH PIECE - Provided is an apparatus and a method for inspecting a cloth piece, by which dirt and a tear can be reliably distinguished, and which have high accuracy to detect the dirt. The apparatus for inspecting a cloth piece includes: an inspection table 03-28-2013
20080259322Method for Determining Hair Conditions - The invention relates to cosmetology and can be used, in particular, for selecting the most suitable hair care means.10-23-2008
20120182547OPTICAL DEFECT INSPECTION APPARATUS - A laser beam oscillated from a laser source is folded in its path by first and second plane mirrors and enters a beam expander. The surface of each plane mirror is deteriorated with illumination by the laser beam and the reflectance is reduced. To avoid a light quantity of the laser beam entering the beam expander from being reduced below a reference value, when the laser beam is illuminated over a certain time, a position on each of the first and second plane mirrors at which the laser beam is illuminated is changed by a structure for rotating and/or translating a reflecting surface of each plane mirror on a plane, which includes the plane mirror, while an optical axis is kept same. Thus, the useful life of each plane mirror can be prolonged without displacing the optical axis.07-19-2012
20090109429INSPECTION APPARATUS HAVING HEAT SINK ASSEMBLY - An inspection apparatus can include a handset and an elongated inspection tube extending from the handset. For reduction of heat energy radiating from one or more components of the apparatus, the apparatus can include a particularly designed heat sink assembly.04-30-2009
20100091271METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR SUPPORTING A MOVING OPTICAL COMPONENT ON A SLOPED PORTION - A device. and a method for supporting an optical component (04-15-2010
20110058159OPTICAL INSPECTION PROBE - An optical inspection probe for obtaining and providing images of an object to be inspected. The optical inspection probe comprises an imaging assembly for capturing an image of an object and an illumination assembly for producing a light beam directed toward the object. The optical inspection probe is configured such that the light beam converges to a focal point at a first focal plane.03-10-2011
20090237652APPARATUS FOR INSPECTING DEFECTS OF HONEYCOMB STRUCTURE - According to an apparatus for inspecting defects of a honeycomb structure that is provided with a current plate and an air current formation means (air source and a header tube), fine defects or defects taking place in the vicinity of an outer periphery of the honeycomb structure can be detected with high sensitivity.09-24-2009
20120268732AUTOMATED OPTICAL INSPECTION DEVICE AND CALIBRATION METHOD THEREOF - The present invention discloses an automated optical inspection device and a calibration method thereof. The automated optical inspection device has a machine table and a camera. The machine table has a first fixing base for placing a product plate and a second fixing base for placing a standard plate, and the second fixing base is disposed above the first fixing base. The camera is disposed above the machine table and is used to move upward a predetermined distance at a predetermined time and then scan the standard plate on the second fixing base to achieve calibration. The present invention automates the calibration process for the automated optical inspection device, so as to reduce overall work time.10-25-2012
20120262707THROUGH-THE-LENS ILLUMINATOR FOR OPTICAL COMPARATOR - An illumination system shares portions of an objective of an optical inspection system. A plurality of beam-shaping optics collects light from a plurality of effective light sources and directs the light through a portion of the objective for illuminating an object under inspection. The objective includes a front relay lens, a rear relay lens, and an objective stop disposed between the front and rear relay lenses for collecting light scattered from the object and forming an image of the object with the collected light. The beam-shaping optics, which surround the objective stop, are arranged together with the associated effective light sources for non-uniformly distributing light within a range of angles required for illuminating the object.10-18-2012
20090073428Rail measurement system - A system and method of continuously measuring the profile of a rail in real time is disclosed. The rail which the profile is obtained in position on a track bed, The system includes a means for transmitting a beam of light at a selected wavelength onto the rail to illuminate a portion of the rail. The light is preferably a beam of laser light. A digital image of said illuminated portion of said rail is recorded. The digital image is manipulated to filter all light except for the selected wavelength. Rail wear is determined from the digital image created by the selected wavelength of light.03-19-2009
20120013897DISTANCE ADJUSTMENT SYSTEM FOR USE IN SOLAR WAFER INSPECTION MACHINE AND INSPECTION MACHINE PROVIDED WITH SAME - The present invention relates to a distance adjustment system and a solar wafer inspection machine provided with the system. The inspection machine has a conveyer for carrying a solar wafer, an optical inspection system for inspecting the surface and color appearance of the wafer and an illumination inspection system. A holder is provided in the inspection position where the wafer is clamped along its width direction to prevent the wafer from offset. During the opto-electrical inspection, probes are brought into contact with conductive buses of the wafer and light is applied to the wafer to allow the probing of electric energy thus generated. An adjusting device is employed to adjust the clamping gap of the holder and the distance of the probes in accordance with the size of the solar wafer. The data are collected and transmitted to a sorting system for sorting the wafer.01-19-2012
20110141460Silicon Filter for Photoluminescence Metrology - A method and apparatus identifies defects in a sample using photoluminescence with a silicon filter to filter out the primary excitation light from the return light received by the detector. The silicon filter passes the light emitted by the sample in response to the excitation light, while absorbing the lower wavelength excitation light that is reflected by or transmitted through the sample. The silicon filter has introduced impurities that reduce the recombination lifetime which reduces or eliminate photoluminescence in the silicon filter in response to the excitation light, thereby improving the signal to noise ratio of the signal received by the detector.06-16-2011
20110216312SEMICONDUCTOR INSPECTION DEVICE AND INSPECTION METHOD - For a semiconductor device S, an inspection is performed in a zero-bias state by use of electromagnetic waves generated by irradiation of pulsed laser light, and an inspection range is set with reference to layout information of the semiconductor device S to perform two-dimensional scanning by inspection light L09-08-2011
20100110418METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR DEFECT DETECTION USING TRANSMISSIVE BRIGHT FIELD ILLUMINATION AND TRANSMISSIVE DARK FIELD ILLUMINATION - A method for defect detection using transmissive bright field and transmissive dark field illumination, the method includes: determining a relationship between at least one transmissive bright field illuminator (05-06-2010
20090153847VERIFICATION OF TOW CUT FOR AUTOMATIC FIBER PLACEMENT - The operation of tow cutters in an automatic fiber placement machine are monitored to determine if inconsistencies in fiber placement are related to cutter operation. A machine vision system detects inconsistencies in tow placement, and timing signals are generated that represent the actuation of the cutters. The timing signals are correlated with recorded images of the placed tows to determine if the inconsistency in tow placement are related to cutter operation.06-18-2009
20080309927WAFER INSPECTION SYSTEM AND METHOD - A wafer inspection system and method is disclosed. On embodiment includes an edge defect detection unit, an optical inspection unit and a processor unit. The edge defect detection unit is configured to detect defects occurring in an edge area of the wafer and to record edge defect positions. The optical inspection unit is configured to capture images of functional devices in a functional area of the wafer surrounded by the edge area and to record device defect positions related to the functional devices. The processor unit is configured to output a data set relating the edge and device defect positions to the same coordinate system.12-18-2008
20120287424SUBSTRATE INSPECTION APPARATUS AND MASK INSPECTION APPARATUS - Substrate inspection apparatus, in which the acquisition of the inspection data for a defect and the acquisition of the focus data of the objective lens are performed in parallel, includes an autofocus apparatus for controlling position of the objective lens along its optical axis. The autofocus apparatus includes a focus error detection unit and a focus control signal generation unit for generating a focus control signal for controlling the position of the objective lens for each scan line using a focus data signal composed of an objective position signal or the objective position signal to which a focus error signal is added. When “i” is assumed as a positive integer and “m” is as a natural number, the focus data signal which was acquired during the scanning period of i-th scan line is used to produce the focus control signal used to scan the (i+2m)-th scan line.11-15-2012
20120287425INSPECTION APPARATUS AND INSPECTION METHOD - An object mounting mechanism includes: a plate member on which an object is mounted. Bumps are arranged on an upper surface of the plate member which faces a reverse face of the object. In addition, the bumps are arranged sparsely in an area of a surrounding part of the plate member and densely toward an area of a center part of the plate member.11-15-2012
20080204733Sensing in Meat Products and the Like - Methods and devices for sensing foreign bodies and the like in products, such as food products, are described. Said products, which are generally light transmissive, are backlit by a source of light and an image of said object is taken. In one form of the invention, the light is polarized both before an after transmission through the said object. In another form of the invention, the products are conveyed by a holder having gaps therein that allows the light from said light source to pass through said holder. In some forms of the invention, the source of light has a power output dependent on the dimensions of said object.08-28-2008
20090257050ILLUMINATION SYSTEM FOR OPTICAL INSPECTION - Apparatus for optical inspection includes an illumination assembly, including multiple parallel rows of light sources for emitting light and illumination optics associated with each row for directing the light onto an object under inspection. The multiple parallel rows include at least a first row with first illumination optics including a first array of prisms that are configured to reflect the light emitted by the light sources in the first row, and at least a second row with second illumination optics including a second array of prisms that are configured to refract the light emitted by the light sources in the second row. An imaging assembly is configured to capture an image of the object under illumination by the multiple parallel rows of the light sources.10-15-2009
20090002693IN-PROCESS VISION DETECTION OF FLAW AND FOD CHARACTERISTICS - An inspection system (01-01-2009
20120105835ENERGY STORAGE APPARATUS - Techniques associated with energy storage devices are generally described. An example energy storage device includes a battery integrated with a sensor such as an optical waveguide. The sensor can be arranged in contact with an outer wall of the battery and can be configured to detect a safety condition associated with the battery.05-03-2012
20090257051ABNORMALITY-IDENTIFYING METHOD AND ANALYZER - Provided is an abnormality-identifying method for identifying an abnormality in an analyzer which analyzes a specimen based on optical measurement. The method includes firstly acquiring a reference value which is a measurement result obtained by using a low-concentration reagent containing a component in predetermined very low concentrations, secondly acquiring an abnormality-identification measurement value which is a measurement result obtained through an analysis process using a high-concentration reagent containing the component in predetermined high concentrations, and identifying an abnormality in an analysis process concerning removal of the high-concentration reagent based on whether the abnormality-identification measurement value is within an acceptable range set based on the reference value.10-15-2009
20100225902Methods and apparatus for robotically inspecting gas turbine combustion components - A method is provided for in situ inspection of a wear pad gap in a gas turbine engine combustor. The wear pad gap is defined between a wear pad of a transition piece impingement sleeve and a forward ring of a flow duct of the combustor. The method includes coupling a guide to the combustor such that the guide at least partially extends within a space between the impingement sleeve and a body of the transition piece, displacing an inspection head along the guide within the space between the impingement sleeve and the transition piece body such that the inspection head is positioned adjacent a wear pad, and inspecting the wear pad gap.09-09-2010
20090073426Multiple Surface Inspection System and Method - A system for on-the-fly inspection of components is provided. The system includes a prism structure disposed below an inspection item transit path. An image data system is disposed below the prism structure. A lighting assembly provides a first lighting source to illuminate a plurality of sides of an inspection item and a second lighting source to illuminate a bottom of the inspection item.03-19-2009
20090073427PARTS MANIPULATION, INSPECTION, AND REPLACEMENT SYSTEM AND METHOD - Improved method and apparatus for machine vision. One embodiment provides automated imaging and analysis, optionally including Scheimpflug's condition on the pattern projector, telecentric imaging and projecting, an IR filter, a mask to constrain observed illumination, and/or a sine-wave projection pattern for more accurate results. Another embodiment provides circuitry for a machine-vision system. Another embodiment provides a machine-vision system, optionally including accommodation of random orientation of parts in trays, irregular location of features being inspected, crossed pattern projectors and detectors for shadow reduction, detection of substrate warpage as well as ball-top coplanarity, two discrete shutters (or flash brightnesses) interleaved (long shutter for dark features, short shutter for bright features). Another embodiment provides parts inspection, optionally including a tray elevator that lifts trays to an inspection surface, moves trays in short tray dimension, provides first tray inspection at a major surface of the elevator, and/or provides a tray flipper.03-19-2009
20110026016LASER WELDING INSPECTION DEVICE - A first image formation point for a workpiece is provided between a camera and the workpiece. An image of the workpiece is formed at the first image formation point, and picked up by the camera. Meanwhile, an image for a protection glass is not formed at the first image formation point, and is instead diffused and then picked up by the camera. For this reason, an image caused by dirt on the protection glass is diffused. As a result, in the image picked up by the camera, images due to dirt become few and images due to the workpiece become relatively many. Therefore, the accuracy of an evaluation on the quality of the workpiece can be improved.02-03-2011
20090066939METHOD FOR AUTOMATIC IDENTIFICATION OF DEFECTS IN TURBINE ENGINE BLADES - A method for automatically identifying defects in turbine engine blades is provided. The method comprises acquiring one or more radiographic images corresponding to one or more turbine engine blades and identifying one or more regions of interest from the one or more radiographic images. The method then comprises extracting one or more geometric features based on the one or more regions of interest and analyzing the one or more geometric features to identify one or more defects in the turbine engine blades.03-12-2009
20110043794Dark-Field Examination Device - The present invention relates to a dark-field examination device. The dark-field examination device according to the present invention is characterized in that it comprises: an illumination unit for irradiating light towards an examination object on a base; a reflection unit for reflecting, back towards the examination object, incident light which has been reflected by means of the examination object or incident light which has passed through the base; and an imaging unit for imaging the examination object by receiving light which has been scattered by means of the examination object, and in that the illumination unit, the reflection unit and the imaging unit are arranged in such a way that part of the light which has been irradiated from the illumination unit is scattered by means of the examination object and falls incident upon the imaging unit while another part of the light which has been irradiated from the illumination unit falls incident upon the reflection unit, and the light reflected back towards the examination object by means of the reflection unit is scattered by means of the examination object and falls incident upon the imaging unit.02-24-2011
20110116084METHOD OF INSPECTING DEFECTS IN CIRCUIT PATTERN OF SUBSTRATE - Disclosed herein is a method of inspecting defects in a circuit pattern of a substrate. At least one laser beam radiation unit for radiating a laser beam onto an inspection target circuit pattern of a substrate in a non-contact manner is prepared. A probe beam radiation unit for radiating a probe beam onto a connection circuit pattern to be electrically connected to the inspection target circuit pattern in a non-contact manner is prepared. The laser beam is radiated onto the inspection target circuit pattern using the laser beam radiation unit. The probe beam is radiated onto the connection circuit pattern using the probe beam radiation unit, thus measuring information about whether the probe beam is diffracted, and a diffraction angle. Accordingly, the method can solve problems such as erroneous measurements caused by contact pressure and can reduce the time required for measurements.05-19-2011
20110037973ANGULAR SPECTRUM TAILORING IN SOLID IMMERSION MICROSCOPY FOR CIRCUIT ANALYSIS - A structure for locating a fault in a semiconductor chip. The chip includes a substrate on a dielectric interconnect. A first electrical response image of the chip, which includes a spot representing the fault, is overlayed on a first reflection image for monochromatic light in an optical path from an optical microscope through a SIL/NAIL and into the chip. The index of refraction of the substrate exceeds that of the dielectric interconnect and is equal to that of the SIL/NAIL. A second electrical response image of the chip is overlayed on a second reflection image for the monochromatic light in an optical path in which an optical stop prevents all subcritical angular components of the monochromatic light from being incident on the SIL/NAIL. If the second electrical response image includes or does not include the spot, then the fault is in the substrate or the dielectric interconnect, respectively.02-17-2011
20080246958Multiple surface inspection system and method - A system for inspecting components is provided. The system includes a prism having a first end, a second end, a first reflecting surface, and a second reflecting surface. The first end of the prism is located in a plane that is parallel to and axially separated from a plane of one or more of a plurality of inspection pieces. An image data system is disposed beyond the second end of the prism and generates image data of one or more of the inspection piece that includes a top surface of at least one of the inspection pieces and at least one side of at least one of the inspection pieces. An inspection piece transportation system, such as a pick and place tool or conveyor, moves a plurality of inspection pieces past the first end of the prism through an inspection area.10-09-2008
20120033207COMPOSITE FIBER WAVE INSPECTION SYSTEM AND METHOD - A system for inspecting a wind turbine blade having a pair of shells surrounding a shear web. The system includes a scanning machine for taking images of an interior portion of the shells of the wind turbine blade, a measuring apparatus for taking numerous measurements of a defect imaged within the shells of the wind turbine blade, and a look-up table for ascertaining the theoretical strength of the wind turbine blade.02-09-2012
20090079969Method and apparatus for scatterfield microscopical measurement - A method and an apparatus are disclosed for scatterfield microscopical measurement. The method integrates a scatterometer and a bright-field microscope for enabling the measurement precision to be better than the optical diffraction limit. With the aforesaid method and apparatus, a detection beam is generated by performing a process on a uniform light using an LCoS (liquid crystal on silicon) or a DMD (digital micro-mirror device) which is to directed to image on the back focal plane of an object to be measured, and then scattered beams resulting from the detection beam on the object's surface are focused on a plane to form an optical signal which is to be detected by an array-type detection device. The detection beam can be oriented by the modulation device to illuminate on the object at a number of different angles, by which zero order or higher order diffraction intensities at different positions of the plane at different incident angles can be collected.03-26-2009
20090116003APPARATUS FOR DETECTING JOINTS IN RUBBER SHEETS - A method for detecting defects in, and/or geometrical characteristics of, at least one joint or splice of sheet pieces, in a unloaded state, characterised by the following steps: a. subjecting said joint or splice to a non-unidirectional electromagnetic radiation; b. performing a two-dimensional detection of the radiation reflected or refracted by said joint or splice; c. generating output signals corresponding to said two-dimensional detection; d. determining possible defects or the geometrical characteristics of at least part of said joint or splice, by analysing, said output signals.05-07-2009
20110255080INSPECTION METHOD AND INSPECTION APPARATUS - The inspection conditions of a known inspection apparatus necessary for inspection are such that wafers are individually prepared for respective layer types and layer thicknesses, and standard particles having different sizes are applied to all of the wafers. Moreover, the wafers to which standard particles have been applied and which have been prepared for the respective layer types and layer thicknesses are inspected by the inspection apparatus to determine the optimal inspection conditions for the respective layer types and layer thicknesses. Therefore, there are problems that it requires long time and involves high cost to determine the inspection conditions. In the invention, the relation between the layer thickness and the scattering intensity in the inspection apparatus is calculated. The scattering intensity is divided into a plurality of intensity regions, and the inspection conditions optimized for the respective divided regions are determined. The inspection conditions are shared in each divided intensity region, whereby the time and cost necessary to determine the inspection conditions can be dramatically reduced.10-20-2011
20100214560CARRYING DEVICE AND APPEARANCE INSPECTION DEVICE FOR TEST OBJECTS - A test object carrying device for use in an appearance inspection device for checking the appearance of the test objects, which includes a back/front reversal means 08-26-2010
20100195095FOREIGN MATTER INSPECTION METHOD AND FOREIGN MATTER INSPECTION APPARATUS - In a foreign matter inspection apparatus comprising: irradiating unit for irradiating inspection light to an inspection area of an article to be inspected; intensity detecting unit for detecting intensity of either reflected light or scattered light, which is generated from the inspection area by irradiating thereto the inspection light; position detecting unit for detecting a position of either the reflected light or the scattered light within the inspection area; and deciding unit for deciding whether or not a foreign matter is present within the inspection area; the foreign matter inspection apparatus is comprised of: display unit capable of displaying thereon both a threshold image in which the threshold value is indicated over an entire area of the inspection area, and a detection sensitivity image indicated by being converted from the threshold image.08-05-2010
20110063606AUTOMATED FILLET INSPECTION SYSTEM WITH CLOSED LOOP FEEDBACK AND METHODS OF USE - Systems and methods for automated inspection of fillet formation along on or more peripheral edges (03-17-2011
20090079970Illumination device for product examination via pulsed illumination - An illumination device for use with a product inspection machine inspecting products according to at least one characteristic using pulsed illumination for inspection in two wavelengths. The invention includes a plurality of arrays of semiconductor light sources from which a wavelength may be selected, either specifically or by combination of specific semiconductor light sources, for impinging on passing product and at least one array of semiconductor light sources from which the same wavelength may be selected and which provides intensity equal to the plurality of arrays impinging on a background surface for detection and comparison.03-26-2009
20110090489Method and Apparatus for Detecting Small Reflectivity Variations in Electronic Parts at High Speed - A method and apparatus for performing high speed automatic optical inspection of electronic parts such as wafers, flat panel displays, ITO on PET or glass, multi chip modules, and high-density electronic packages. The method and apparatus identify and distinguish different materials on a part by increasing image contrast for each material without increasing electronic noise by processing the image signal with high optical gain and low electrical gain. As a result, the method and apparatus identify different materials, variations in the materials, and defect locations when the materials have similar reflectivities.04-21-2011
20120250010Aerial Inspection System(s) and Method(s) - An aerial inspection system has at least one transmission line, an aerial vehicle, and a detection device coupled to the aerial vehicle. The detection device is configured to detect a condition of the transmission line as the aerial vehicle flies across the transmission line. The aerial vehicle may be in the form of a drone.10-04-2012
20100290039Data Carrier Having Identifiers - The invention relates to a data carrier into which, by means of a laser beam, identifiers are introduced that are visible in the form of irreversible changes, caused by the laser beam, in the optical properties of the data carrier. According to the present invention, the data carrier comprises a laser-sensitive layer (11-18-2010
20100208247Quality assurance testing for rotor blades of a wind energy installation - To check whether the glass fiber or carbon fiber mats in a rotor blade for a wind energy installation have faults, upward bulges or folds after they have been manufactured, a point or line laser is directed at an angle onto the surface of the rotor blade. From the position of the reflected beam, especially a proportion of the beam that is reflected below the surface of the rotor blade at the mat, the location and form of the mat is deduced and it is determined in a non-destructive manner whether faults, upward bulges or folds are present.08-19-2010
20090059214Methods and Systems for Inspection and/or Identification of Pellet-Shaped Articles - A conveyer mechanism may include one or more composition inspection units provided along the intended product transport path. The product's composition, e.g., its ink composition, is compared with a predetermined standard, to determine whether the product is acceptable. A bar code may be provided to an external surface of the article for identification/traceability purposes.03-05-2009
20120257195ARRANGEMENT FOR MEASURING SECTIONS OF TRACK FOR THE PURPOSE OF MAINTAINING RAILROAD TRACKS - An arrangement for marking and measuring sections of railroad track, which allows track sections which are susceptible to wear to be determined reliably and accurately. A sensor unit is provided for detecting measuring points, and has at least two independent detector units measuring in a non-contacting manner, based on a first optical sensor having spectrally selective sensitivity and a second identification detector. The measuring points, as angle elements, are detachably fastened to the rail and are provided at a horizontally oriented leg with a coating emitting in a narrow spectral band and with an identification value carrier for the identification detector. The sensor unit is so arranged at a device which can travel on tracks that the independent detector units are guided parallel to the rail in the same direction over the measuring points with the movement of the device which can travel on tracks.10-11-2012
20110122403INSPECTION METHOD FOR BONDED WAFER USING LASER - Provided is a bonded wafer inspection method using a laser method allowing a simple and reliable test in an examination of a bonded wafer interface using a laser. To do this, a laser used bonded wafer inspection method includes, emitting a laser beam through a laser means, diffusing the emitted laser beam by a laser diffusion means, illuminating the diffused laser beam on a bonded wafer, and detecting a laser beam illuminated and transmitted at the bonded wafer using a detecting means. In a case a bonded wafer inspection method using a laser of the invention is used, defects by a foreign substance occurring at an interface of a bonded wafer is can be examined in a simple way and thus high work performance may be expected.05-26-2011
20100231900OPTICAL DEFECT INSPECTION APPARATUS - A laser beam oscillated from a laser source is folded in its path by first and second plane mirrors and enters a beam expander. The surface of each plane mirror is deteriorated with illumination by the laser beam and the reflectance is reduced. To avoid a light quantity of the laser beam entering the beam expander from being reduced below a reference value, when the laser beam is illuminated over a certain time, a position on each of the first and second plane mirrors at which the laser beam is illuminated is changed by a structure for rotating and/or translating a reflecting surface of each plane mirror on a plane, which includes the plane mirror, while an optical axis is kept same. Thus, the useful life of each plane mirror can be prolonged without displacing the optical axis.09-16-2010
20120268733APPARATUS, SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DETECTING DEFECTS OF METALLIC LIDS - An apparatus for detecting defects of elements to be subjected to examination, particularly metallic lids, with means for lighting an element to be subjected to examination, an image acquisition unit, and a unit for processing images acquired by said image acquisition unit is described.10-25-2012
20080218749METAL COMB STRUCTURES, METHODS FOR THEIR FABRICATION AND FAILURE ANALYSIS - The present disclosure relates to a metal comb structure including a first comb which includes a first set of metal fingers each of the metal fingers being connected at one end thereof by a connecting member from which the metal fingers extend. The metal comb structure also includes a second comb which includes a first set of metal fingers inter-digitated with the metal fingers of the first comb, a first set of vias associated with the metal fingers of the second comb and a connecting member connected to the vias thereby connecting the metal fingers of the second comb. The vias extend from the metal fingers of the second comb such that the connecting member of the second comb is located outside a plane defined by the metal fingers of the first and second combs.09-11-2008
20130016345PHOTOELECTRIC CONVERSION DEVICE AND CHARACTERISTIC INSPECTION METHOD FOR SAMEAANM Yoshikawa; AkihikoAACI Chiba-shiAACO JPAAGP Yoshikawa; Akihiko Chiba-shi JPAANM Ishitani; YoshihiroAACI Chiba-shiAACO JPAAGP Ishitani; Yoshihiro Chiba-shi JPAANM Kusakabe; KazuhideAACI Chiba-shiAACO JPAAGP Kusakabe; Kazuhide Chiba-shi JP - Disclosed is a photoelectric conversion device which inhibits characteristic degradation caused by crystal defects, and an inspection method for crystal defects in photoelectric conversion devices. The photoelectric conversion device is provided with an active layer, and a deactivator contained in the active layer.01-17-2013
20120242983OPTICAL FIBER AMPLIFIER, LIGHT SOURCE DEVICE, EXPOSURE DEVICE, OBJECT INSPECTION DEVICE, AND TREATMENT DEVICE - A polarization state adjusting optical element is formed by a ½ wavelength plate and a ¼ wavelength plate and its polarization direction and elliptic degree are adjusted. By adjusting the polarization state adjusting optical element in advance, even if the output of a pump light source is changed, the polarization characteristic (polarization direction and elliptic degree) of the output light of an FDFA amplifier will not change or the change is sufficiently small. In this state, a polarization state adjusting optical element adjusts the polarization state of the laser beam coming into a wavelength conversion optical system so that the wavelength conversion optical system has the maximum conversion efficiency. Thus, it is possible to provide an FDFA having a small change of the polarization state of the output light even if the pump light intensity is changed.09-27-2012
20130169957ENHANCED HIGH-SPEED LOGARITHMIC PHOTO-DETECTOR FOR SPOT SCANNING SYSTEM - Disclosed are apparatus and methods for inspecting or measuring a specimen. An incident beam is directed across a plurality of consecutive scan portions of a specimen so that an output beam profile from each scan portion is consecutively collected by a photomultiplier tube (PMT), and the scan portions include at least one or more first scan portions and a next scan portion that is scanned after the one or more first scan portions. After or while the incident beam is directed to the one or more first scan portions of the specimen, an output signal for each first scan portion is obtained based on the output beam profile that is collected by the PMT for each first scan portion. An expected output beam profile for the next scan portion is determined based on the output signal that is obtained for each one or more first scan portions. As the incident beam is directed towards the next scan portion, a gain input to the PMT for the next scan portion is set based on the expected output beam profile so that the gain for such next scan portion results in a measured signal at the PMT that is within a predefined specification of the PMT or other hardware components that receive a measured signal from the PMT.07-04-2013
20080218750Device for Analyzing an Integrated Circuit - The invention concerns a device (09-11-2008
20130169956MARKING AND DEFECT RECOGNITION PROCEDURE IN PREPREG MATERIAL - A defect recognition procedure in prepreg materials (07-04-2013
20080204732METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR THE INSPECTION OF INTEGRATED CIRCUIT DEVICES HAVING LEADS - The invention relates to optical inspection of integrated circuit devices, such as QFP and TSOP devices. There are provided methods of inspecting objects, such as integrated circuit devices, using a single laser triangulation system oriented in a fixed direction, where the given inspection system rotates the inspection tray for scanning the objects placed therein in different directions.08-28-2008
20130148112Electron-Bombarded Charge-Coupled Device And Inspection Systems Using EBCCD Detectors - A focusing EBCCD includes a control device positioned between a photocathode and a CCD. The control device has a plurality of holes therein, wherein the plurality of holes are formed perpendicular to a surface of the photocathode, and wherein a pattern of the plurality of holes is aligned with a pattern of pixels in the CCD. Each hole is surrounded by at least one first electrode, which is formed on a surface of the control device facing the photocathode. The control device may include a plurality of ridges between the holes. The control device may be separated from the photocathode by approximately half a shorter dimension of a CCD pixel or less. A plurality of first electrodes may be provided, wherein each first electrode surrounds a given hole and is separated from the given hole by a gap.06-13-2013
20120274930ENCLOSURE FOR AN OPTICAL INSPECTION APPARATUS - An enclosure for an optical inspection apparatus for scanning the profile of at least one surface of an article moving along a travel path axis, which apparatus having a frame for mounting a profile sensor unit using a laser source, includes a peripheral portion connected to the frame and forming spaced apart peripheral edges defining a space in which the frame and the profile sensor unit are contained, and front end and rear end portions each having an opening aligned with the travel path axis to allow the movement of the article through the apparatus. At least one of the front and rear end portions is provided with a pair of access doors having outer closing edges adapted to mate with corresponding portions of the peripheral edges, and inner closing edges adapted to mate one with another at first portions thereof, wherein at least one of the inner closing edges is provided with a clearance at a second portion thereof to define one of the openings whenever the access doors are brought one toward another to a closing position. The second portion is provided with at least one shielding element adjacent to the clearance to confine reflections of the laser beam within the enclosure while allowing the movement of the article.11-01-2012
20130208267PHOTOELECTRIC CONVERSION DEVICE AND CHARACTERISTIC INSPECTION METHOD FOR SAME - Disclosed is a photoelectric conversion device which inhibits characteristic degradation caused by crystal defects, and an inspection method for crystal defects in photoelectric conversion devices. The photoelectric conversion device is provided with an active layer, and a deactivator contained in the active layer.08-15-2013
20130208268DEVICE AND SYSTEM FOR PROCESSING IMAGE DATA REPRESENTING BAR CODES - A device for processing image data relating to bar codes is described. In one embodiment a bar code verification device is provided having an ergonomic form factor characterized by a domed hand held trigger and a viewing window. The verification device may be disposed in a network that includes a host processor system and other bar code reading devices which may include other bar code verification devices. Processing circuitry for processing image signals corresponding to printed bar codes may be partially disposed within the hand held verification device and partially disposed within a host processor system spaced apart from and associated with the hand held verification device. The hand held verification device may be in wireless communication with the host processor system to which it is associated. The bar code verification system may include signal enhancement modules which interpolate constructed pixel values from actual pixel values and which correct for signal degradation resulting from high frequency spatial sampling.08-15-2013

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