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356 - Optics: measuring and testing

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356218000 Photoelectric 71
356229000 Comparison 11
356217000 Modulating (e.g., flicker beam) 11
356236000 Integrating spheres 6
356233000 With variable light aperture size 3
20110116083Radiance Measuring Device - A radiance measuring device comprises an imaging device, a light measuring device (05-19-2011
20120013896INSTRUMENT FOR MEASURING BIOGENIC SUBSTANCE, USING CONFOCAL OPTICAL SYSTEM - An instrument for measuring a biogenic substance, using the confocal optical system that is simplified and reducing measurement error caused by the difference in physical condition or temperature due to weather of the season is realized. The instrument for measuring a biogenic substance, using the confocal optical system comprises the confocal optical system comprised of a laser source, a lens system for collimating light from the laser source, a half mirror for causing the light collimated by the lens system to be transmitted therethrough, a lens system for converging the light that is transmitted through the half mirror, a lens system, a pinhole and a photodetector, and a body for housing these elements and provided with a run button and an exit aperture.01-19-2012
20120176610Light Measuring Meter Apparatus - This invention is related to a light measuring apparatus and a method of using the device. It is used to measure various photometric quantities of the light emanating from a distant source of light.07-12-2012
356216000 Heat absorbing (e.g., radiometers) 1
20100238431Compact Multi-Wavelength Optical Reading and Method of Acquiring Optical Data on Clustered Assay Samples Using Differing-Wavelength Light Sources - An optical reader having an array of differing-color light sources and a controller for controlling the light sources and acquisition of optical data. The light sources are arranged, and the controller is configured, to allow rapid acquisition of optical data regarding individual sample wells of a cluster of such wells. In some embodiments, multiple ones of the differing-color light sources are illuminated simultaneously for acquiring optical data on a corresponding number of sample wells. Depending on the configuration of the array and number of differing-color light sources illuminated simultaneously, the optical reader can acquire optical data for several wavelengths in a fraction of the time of conventional optical readers. Other embodiments include one or more non-contact temperature sensors for acquiring temperature data substantially simultaneously with the optical data. The temperature data can be used, for example, to adjust the optical data or warn a user of out-of-specification temperature conditions.09-23-2010
356234000 Light absorbing 1
20130162985REMOTE MONITORING OF TIGHTNESS OF STATOR WINDINGS - A system for monitoring tightness of stator windings in an electric machine is provided. The system includes a light source for providing an optical power. The system also includes an optical separation sensor situated in a stator core and including an optical interface element for absorbing some of the optical power. Further, the system includes a power meter for measuring at least one intensity of the optical power after absorption by the optical interface element and a control subsystem for assessing the tightness of the stator windings.06-27-2013
20080259321System and Method for Rapid Reading of Macro and Micro Matrices - An analyte reading system which includes a reader unit for rapidly detecting and evaluating the outcome of an assay to measure the presence of analytes in a sample. Quantitative and qualitative measurements of analyte concentration in a sample may be rapidly obtained using the reader device with algorithms which ascertain the nature of the assay and perform a comparison against a calibration sample. The reader device scans preset areas of an assay device in order to provide focal points for the reader device and evaluate the volume of the test sample in the assay device. The reading portion of the assay slide has at least one test dot for detecting the presence of the analyte and the signal intensity of the labelled analyte, and processes the detected signal using an algorithm which provides an accurate output measurement indicating the quantity of the analyte in the test sample. The reader device can read the analyte as a random array format, print and read the analyte to be measured in a fixed array format, and print and read the analyte in a hybrid format consisting of both fixed and random arrays.10-23-2008
20130077090IMAGE SENSORS AND IMAGE PROCESSING SYSTEMS INCLUDING THE SAME - An image sensor may include a plurality of filters; and an air gap region positioned between the plurality of filters, an index of refraction of each of the filters is greater than an index of refraction of the air gap region.03-28-2013
20130088712APPARATUS FOR CHECKING THE AUTHENTICITY OF VALUE DOCUMENTS - Testing the authenticity of a valuable document, whereby at least one intensity distribution of electromagnetic radiation passing through the valuable document in the dark field is detected in a spatially resolved manner and a spatially resolved dark field characteristic is determined therefrom. The actual authenticity test is then performed by a procedure in which selected test partial regions of the valuable document are assigned respectively to one of a plurality of suspicion classes, an interconnection region is formed from substantially interconnected test partial regions that were assigned to at least one specific suspicion class, and the valuable document, depending on the form and/or position of the interconnection region, is assigned to one of at least two authenticity categories which is linked to the at least one specific suspicion class.04-11-2013
20120113415METHOD FOR SPATIALLY DETERMINING THE SERIES RESISTANCE OF A SEMICONDUCTOR STRUCTURE - A method for spatially determining the series resistance of a semiconductor structure by generating luminescent radiation in the semiconductor structure under measurement conditions A and B, by determining a local calibration parameter C05-10-2012
20120113414PACKING CONTAINER, METHOD OF PACKING OPTICAL PROBE, LASER SYSTEM, AND CHECKING METHOD - Disclosed herein is a packing container including: a packing container body including a leading-out section which contains an optical probe having a first end section for incoming of a laser beam and a second end section for outgoing of the incoming laser beam, which leads out the first end section of the optical probe thus contained to the exterior and which is sealed, and a window section by which the laser beam going out from the second end section of the contained optical probe is led out to the exterior; and a light-transmitting member which closes the window section and permits the laser beam to pass therethrough.05-10-2012
20110043792ANALYZER - This invention is to make the detection sensitivities as even as possible among a plurality of specimens to be inspected in an analyzer that leads light transmitted from the plurality of specimens to be inspected to a single spectrometer via optical fibers, the analyzer includes first and second light guide members provided for every first and second specimen to be inspected so as to lead the light obtained from each of the specimens to be inspected to a photo-detecting part, and light projection side end portions of a plurality of optical fiber elements composing the first and second light guide members are arranged in mixture.02-24-2011
20110279815MANUFACTURING METHOD AND STRUCTURE FOR WAFER LEVEL IMAGE SENSOR MODULE WITH FIXED FOCAL LENGTH - This present invention discloses a manufacturing method and structure for a wafer level image sensor module with fixed focal length. The method includes the following steps. First, a silicon wafer comprising several image sensor chips having a photosensitive area and a lens module array wafer comprising several wafer level lens modules with fixed focal length are provided. Next, the image sensor chips and the wafer level lens modules are sorted in grades according to the different quality grades. According to the sorting results, each of the wafer level lens modules is assigned to be situated above the image sensor chip that has the same grade. At the same time, each of the wafer level lens modules is directed to face the photosensitive area of each image sensor chip. Finally, in the packaging process, the wafer level lens module is surrounded by an encapsulation material.11-17-2011
20110299067OPTICAL MEASUREMENT CELL - To make it possible to alter a cell length with reduction of a manufacturing cost so that a spacer can be securely positioned at a desired position, a cell includes: a pair of optical windows sandwiching a flow channel; a cell body provided with an accommodating recess and a solution introduction part and a solution deriving part; a pair of light transmitting members in the accommodating recess and forming the pair of optical windows; a spacer defining a distance between the opposing surfaces of the pair of light transmitting members; and a pressing mechanism for pressing the light transmitting members and the spacer toward the bottom surface of the accommodating recess so as to form the flow channel, wherein a positioning recess having a shape corresponding to the spacer is provided on at least one of the opposing surfaces and the spacer is fitted therein.12-08-2011
20090296078LIGHT INTENSITY DETECTING METHODS AND DEVICES, DISPLAY DEVICES AND STORAGE MEDIA - A light intensity detecting device is provided to detect a light intensity according to pulse duration of a pulse signal without being affected by noise, including: a time measuring unit for measuring an elapsed time period of the pulse signal that has been raised; a signal state discriminating unit for obtaining a state of the pulse signal; a sampling unit for directing the signal state discriminating unit to obtain the state at a sampling interval corresponding to the elapsed time period; and a falling detecting unit for detecting the pulse signal that has been fallen when a fallen state of the pulse signal is successively obtained for two times. When the fallen pulse signal is detected, the sampling unit directs the signal state discriminating unit to obtain the state of the pulse signal at a time point, which is output as the pulse duration of the pulse signal.12-03-2009
20110216311METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR LOCKING A LASER WITH A RESONANT CAVITY - A method and apparatus for the photo-acoustic identification and quantification of one or more analyte species present in a gaseous or liquid medium in low concentration utilizing a laser and a resonant optical cavity containing the medium and having within the cavity at least two partially transparent mirrors, one of which is a cavity coupling mirror and one of which is moveably mounted on an assembly responsive to an input signal.09-08-2011
20100128260SEMICONDUCTOR NANOWIRE ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION SENSOR - A semiconductor nanowire is coated with a chemical coating layer that selectively attaches to the semiconductor material and which forms a dye in a chemical reaction. The dye layer comprises a material that absorbs electromagnetic radiation. A portion of the absorbed energy induces electronic excitation in the chemical coating layer from which additional free charge carriers are temporarily donated into the semiconductor nanowire. Thus, the conductivity of the semiconductor nanowire increases upon illumination on the dye layer. The semiconductor nanowire, and the resulting dye layer collective operate as a detector for electromagnetic radiation.05-27-2010
20090279078INSPECTION DEVICE AND METHOD FOR INSPECTING COATED TRANSPARENT COMPONENT - A inspection device for inspecting coated transparent components includes an opaque container, a light source and a light intensity detector. The opaque container has a first end and a second end opposite to the first end. A retaining portion is formed in the opaque container and positioned between the first and second ends and configured to retain the coated transparent components. The light source is positioned on the first end and configured to emit light passing through the coated transparent components. The light intensity detector is positioned on the second end and configured to detect the intensity of light transmitted through the coated transparent components to the light intensity detector, and calculate a light transmission rate.11-12-2009
20100103408In-Situ Contaminant Removal in Optical Packages - A method of controlling an optical package is provided where the average power density of the output beam of the semiconductor laser on the input facet of the wavelength conversion device in a relatively high power wavelength conversion mode exceeds the power density of the output beam of the semiconductor laser on the input facet of the wavelength conversion device in a relatively low power contaminant removal mode. In the relatively high power wavelength conversion mode, the adjustable optical components are utilized to correlate an optimum intensity value of a wavelength-converted output of the wavelength conversion device with optimum coordinates representing the position of the output beam of the semiconductor laser on the waveguide portion of the input facet of the wavelength conversion device. In the relatively low power contaminant removal mode, the adjustable optical components are utilized to scan the output beam of the semiconductor laser across the waveguide portion of the input facet of the wavelength conversion device while maintaining the power density of the output beam on the input facet of the wavelength conversion device below the average power density of the output beam in the relatively high power wavelength conversion mode. Additional embodiments are disclosed and claimed.04-29-2010
20080291435POSITION DETECTOR, POSITION DETECTING METHOD AND ANALYZER - A position detector is for detecting a position of liquid held in a vessel. The position detector includes a sound wave generator disposed in contact with the vessel and having a plurality of sound generating elements for generating a sound wave by electrical energy; and a measuring unit that measures electrical characteristics of each of the sound generating elements based on the electrical energy reflected from each of the sound generating elements. The position detector also includes a determining unit that determines the presence or absence of the liquid at a position of each of the sound generating elements based on difference in the electrical characteristics measured at the measuring unit.11-27-2008
20120170030OPTICAL PROBE SYSTEM WITH INCREASED SCANNING SPEED - An optical probe system having a probe with an optical guide (G) having a distal end. The optical guide (G) is mounted inside a housing (H) so that the distal end is displaceable with respect to the housing (H). A set of actuators (A), e.g. electromagnetic drive coils, can displace the distal end by application of a drive signal (V07-05-2012
20120287422SYSTEM FOR MEASURING PROPERTIES OF TEST SAMPLES IN FLUID - A photometer for measuring photometric magnitudes in a liquid medium includes a housing adapted to be introduced into the medium for on-site measurements; and light-emitting measuring beam transmitter and receiver that are arranged behind opposing measuring windows in a measuring slot in the housing, in which the slot is open to the medium. A measuring beam is generated in a measuring conduit in the measuring slot. A reference conduit is included for a reference measurement which is separate from the measuring conduit. At least one carrier part for the measuring beam transmitter and the measuring beam receiver is provided to move on a given path in the housing. The carrier part is constructed to move on the given path from the measuring conduit to the reference conduit and back, for measuring intensity values of the measuring beam in the measuring conduit and in the reference conduit.11-15-2012
20120044484OPTICAL PROBE FOR MEASURING LIGHT SIGNALS IN VIVO - An optical probe for measuring light signals includes a first optical fiber guiding incoming light, a lens focusing incoming light towards a sample and collecting altered light from the sample, a second optical fiber guiding altered light, a light logging device measuring intensity fluctuations in the incoming light, wherein the light logging device is positioned after the first optical fiber, whereby the light logging device receives a part of the incoming light from the first fiber. The optical probe is normally applied for measuring light signals in vivo, and finds its primary applications within the field of optical spectroscopic measurements, where the light signals measured by said probe are applied in combination with an apparatus wherein light signals are analyzed against its spectral components for instance in Raman, fluorescence, phosphorescence absorption, diffusion and transmission studies. Embodiments of the present invention especially relates to and finds application within the area of Raman Spectroscopy.02-23-2012
20080316472OPTICAL SENSING MODULE AND DISPLAY DEVICE USING THE SAME - An optical sensing module is adapted to be assembled to a frame of a display device. The display device comprises a display module and the frame, and the display module has a display area and the frame surrounds the display area. The optical sensing module comprises a casing and an optical sensor. The casing is pivoted to the frame and the optical sensor is configured in the casing for sensing external light projecting on a side of the casing. The optical sensor is capable of sensing a brightness of the display area when the side of the casing faces the display area and sensing a brightness of an ambient light when the side of the casing doesn't face the display area.12-25-2008
20090185175CAVITY RING DOWN SYSTEM HAVING A COMMON INPUT/OUTPUT PORT - A system having a multiple-mirror ring-down cavity with one mirror where light may be input into the cavity and light from the cavity may be detected. A valve may permit light to enter or not to enter the cavity. An amplifier may be connected to a detector for detecting light from the cavity. The amplifier may be off or set at a low gain when light is entering the cavity and be on at a medium or high gain at a time when light is not entering the cavity.07-23-2009
20090086195Method and Apparatus for Analyzing a Dry-Chemical Test Element - The invention relates to a method and an apparatus for analyzing a dry-chemical test element, in particular an immunological test element, wherein, in the method, a dry-chemical test element is analyzed by optical scanning, whereby measurement light beams leaving assay regions of the test element, which are loaded with one or more immobilized optically active substances, with a respective measurement light intensity are detected by a detector device. The method comprises the following steps: during the optical scanning of a first assay region, from which the measurement light beams leave with a first measurement light intensity, a first quantity of light from measurement light beams which impinges on the detector device and a working range of the detector device are adapted to one another by selecting scanning parameters according to a first set of scanning parameters, and during the optical scanning of a second assay region, from which the measurement light beams leave with a second measurement light intensity which differs from the first measurement light intensity, a second quantity of light from measurement light beams which impinges on the detector device and the working range of the detector device are adapted to one another by selecting scanning parameters according to a second set of scanning parameters which differs from the first set of scanning parameters.04-02-2009
20120194805DETECTION SYSTEM FOR DROPLET-BASED ASSAYS - System, including methods and apparatus, for light detection and signal processing for droplet-based assays.08-02-2012
20120242982OBSERVATION PLUG AND SPARK OBSERVATION SYSTEM - An observation plug 09-27-2012
20100220320NITROGEN ANALYZING APPARATUS - The present invention provides a nitrogen analyzing apparatus comprising:09-02-2010
20100315623METHOD AND DEVICE FOR MEASURING A FLUX OF A SELECTED INDIVIDUAL LIGHT SOURCE AMONG A PLURALITY OF LIGHT SOURCES - The invention provides a method for measuring a flux of a selected individual lightsource among a plurality of lightsources, wherein each lightsource is controlled by an associated pulse width modulated signal, and each pulse width modulated signal has a first logic level interval at a first extremity of a timecycle wherein the associated lightsource is to be lit, and a second level interval during the remainder of said timecycle. The method according to the present invention comprises time inverting the pulse width modulated signal of all lightsources that have a first logic level interval at the same extremity as the first logic level interval as the individual lightsource to be measured (usually this applies for the pulse width modulated signals for all lightsources), by shifting their high level interval to a second extremity of a timecycle and measuring the flux of the selected individual lightsource at the first extremity of the timecycle.12-16-2010
20110249258APPARATUS WITH OPTICAL FUNCTIONALITY AND ASSOCIATED METHODS - In an exemplary embodiment, an apparatus includes a sensor integrated circuit (IC). The at least one integrated photodetector that is adapted to sense light, and an integrated analog-to-digital converter (ADC). The integrated analog-to-digital converter (ADC) is coupled to the at least one integrated photodetector, and is adapted to convert an output signal of one or more of the at least one integrated photodetector to one or more digital signals. The sensor integrated circuit (IC) further includes an integrated controller that is adapted to facilitate operation of the sensor integrated circuit (IC).10-13-2011
20110242527ROOM-TEMPERATURE QUANTUM NOISE LIMITED SPECTROMETRY AND METHODS OF THE SAME - In one embodiment, a heterodyne detection system for detecting light includes a first input aperture adapted for receiving a first light from a scene input, a second input aperture adapted for receiving a second light from a local oscillator input, a broadband local oscillator adapted for providing the second light to the second input aperture, a dispersive element adapted for dispersing the first light and the second light, and a final condensing lens coupled to an infrared detector. The final condensing lens is adapted for concentrating incident light from a primary condensing lens onto the detector, and the detector is a square-law detector capable of sensing the frequency difference between the first light and the second light. More systems and methods for detecting light are disclosed according to more embodiments.10-06-2011
20120200848DEVICE AND METHOD FOR MEASURING VAPORIZATION-MELT RATIO - A detection device for measuring the vaporization-melt ratio, the device including a light source, a first and second optical lens group, a slit, a first and second steering minor, a first and second primary minor, a glass containers, an object, a colored blade, and a high-speed recording analyzer. The first and second primary mirror is symmetrically placed at both ends of the glass container. The first optical lens group is located between the light source and the slit. The second optical lens group is located between the colored blade and the high-speed recording analyzer. The first steering mirror is installed behind the slit, passing the light through the slit to the first primary mirror. The light reflected by the second primary mirror is passed to the colored blade through the second steering minor located between the second primary minor and the colored blade.08-09-2012
20100296081INDOOR LIGHT BALANCING - An illumination system (11-25-2010
20100277721OPTOFLUIDIC DEVICES - An optofluidic device forming a liquid grating, a liquid detector or a liquid emitter and method(s) of operation.11-04-2010
20120062876ULTRAFAST CHIRPED OPTICAL WAVEFORM RECORDER USING A TIME MICROSCOPE - A new technique for capturing both the amplitude and phase of an optical waveform is presented. This technique can capture signals with many THz of bandwidths in a single shot (e.g., temporal resolution of about 44 fs), or be operated repetitively at a high rate. That is, each temporal window (or frame) is captured single shot, in real time, but the process may be run repeatedly or single-shot. By also including a variety of possible demultiplexing techniques, this process is scalable to recoding continuous signals.03-15-2012
20100214559Photoreceptor system for melatonin regulation and phototherapy - The present invention involves a light system for stimulating or regulating neuroendocrine, circadian, and photoneural systems in mammals based upon the discovery of peak sensitivity ranging from 425-505 nm; a light meter system for quantifying light which stimulates or regulates mammalian circadian, photoneural, and neuroendocrine systems. The present invention also relates to translucent and transparent materials, and lamps or other light sources with or without filters capable of stimulating or regulating neuroendocrine, circadian, and photoneural systems in mammals. Additionally, the present invention involves treatment of mammals with a wide variety of disorders or deficits, including light responsive disorders, eating disorders, menstrual cycle disorders, non-specific alerting and performance deficits, hormone-sensitive cancers, and cardiovascular disorders.08-26-2010
20120002195ARC FLASH DETECTION METHOD - An arc flash detection method includes transmitting light via an optical fiber to a sensor and transmitting light from the sensor that includes components representative of acoustic waves and light for filtering and processing to detect an occurrence of an arc flash.01-05-2012
20120002194Apparatus, System, and Method for Increasing Measurement Accuracy in a Particle Imaging Device - An apparatus, system, and method for increasing measurement accuracy in imaging cytometry. The system may include a light detector configured to measure light emitted by a first particle and light emitted by a second particle, where the measured light from the second particle at least partially overlaps the measured light from the first particle in an overlap region. Additionally, the system may include a processor coupled to the light detector, where the processor is configured to determine a contribution of light from the first particle in the overlap region and determine a contribution of light from the second particle in the overlap region. The processor may also be configured to subtract the contribution of light from the second particle from the contribution of light from the first particle and determine the intensity of light emitted by the first particle.01-05-2012
20120019812INTERFERENCE FILTER, OPTICAL MODULE, AND ANALYZING DEVICE - An interference filter has a fixed mirror and a movable mirror that are formed of Ag—Sm—Cu alloy films that contain silver (Ag), samarium (Sm), and copper (Cu), or Ag—Bi—Nd alloy films that contains silver (Ag), bismuth (Bi), and neodymium (Nd).01-26-2012
20120154795BUNDLE-STATE DETECTION APPARATUS AND SEPARATION AND EXTRACTION APPARATUS - According to one embodiment, a separation and extraction apparatus includes an extraction unit, separation unit, air supply mechanism, detector, and controller. The extraction unit extracts and conveys one or more paper sheets from a stack of paper sheets. The separation unit separates one paper sheet from the other paper sheet(s) of the one or more paper sheets. The air supply mechanism supplies air toward a side surface of the stack. The detector detects a bundle state of the stack, which is related to a contact state between the paper sheets. The controller sets an extraction condition depending on the bundle state, which includes drive conditions for the extraction unit, separation unit, and air supply mechanism.06-21-2012
20110090488Sensing And Control Device - An actuator rod position indication device is described, where a unit having a separate enclosing housing on one surface of said housing has mounted a magnetic field sensor, such that a magnet provided on an actuator rod's free end will be moved substantially linearly closer to and further from said sensor during operation of the actuator, where the sensor detects the magnetic field strength between the magnet on the actuator rod and the sensor and uses this information as input in a processor, comprising a storage, in which storage pre-defined activation values are stored, such that when the input corresponds to one of the stored values, an output specific to that value is generated.04-21-2011
20110109899METHOD OF DETERMINING NUMBER OF LIGHT SOURCES - A method of determining the number of light sources is adapted to determine the number of each kind of light sources of an illumination device. The method includes following steps. A photon number of a single light source of each kind of the light sources is calculated. Next, a number ratio of each kind of the light sources is determined according to a power ratio of each kind of the light sources and the photon number of a single light source of each kind of the light sources. Finally, the number of each kind of the light sources is determined according to the number ratio and a total number of the light sources of the illumination device.05-12-2011
20100208246Method and arrangement for measuring a signal power - The invention relates to a method and an arrangement for measuring power for an optical user signal transmitted via an optical fiber by converting the transmitted optical user signal into a pulsed optical measurement signal, the pulse repetition rate of which is dependent on the power of the transmitted optical user signal, and evaluating the pulse repetition rate of the converted optical measurement signal in order to ascertain the power of the optical user signal transmitted via the optical fiber.08-19-2010
20120075623ANALYZING APPARATUS - An analyzing apparatus includes a microchip, a detecting unit and an analyzing-measuring unit. The microchip is formed of a light transmissive material formed with a separation fluid channel that is a light measuring part. The detecting unit includes an emitted-light guiding unit that emits light to the separation fluid channel, and a received-light guiding unit that receives light through the separation fluid channel. The emitted-light guiding unit or the received-light guiding unit placed at a position facing a microchip support table via the microchip abuts the microchip, and pushes the microchip in a direction toward the microchip support table. The analyzing-measuring unit includes the detecting unit, the emitted-light guiding unit and the received-light guiding unit, and detects a constituent of a sample filled in the separation fluid channel.03-29-2012
20110261353OPTICAL PROBE AND OPTICAL OBSERVATION DEVICE - One aspect of this invention provides an optical probe (10-27-2011
20120287423MINIATURE LASER SEEKER ELECTRO-OPTICS - Techniques are disclosed for sensing a location of laser and/or other optical signals. According to certain embodiments of the invention, an electro-optical assembly can include a detector array coupled to one or more lenses for detecting the signals. Outputs of the photo detectors can be processed using peak detection and/or other techniques to conserve power, help ensure detection, and avoid the need for moving parts.11-15-2012
20130010288Filter Systems Including Optical Analyte Sensors and Optical Readers - A filter system includes a housing, a filter medium disposed within the housing and a optical analyte sensor also disposed within the housing in fluid communication with the filter medium. The optical analyte sensor includes a detection medium that changes at least one of its optical characteristics in response to an analyte. The filter system further includes an optical reader having at least one light source and at least one detector. The optical reader is attached to the housing such that at least a portion of light emitted by at least one light source is reflected from the optical analyte sensor and captured by at least one detector.01-10-2013
20130010287ELECTRONIC DEVICE FOR DETECTING AN OBJECT BENEATH A WALL SECTION OF INTEREST HAVING A PERSISTENT IMAGE DISPLAY - An electronic device for detecting an object beneath a wall section of interest has an elongate rectangular base for temporarily mounting to the wall section of interest and for carrying a display panel to display a persistent image of the object. The device can be a two-part device comprising a first part comprising a light projector and a second part comprising a sensor. The device can also be a single part device where the display and the sensor are incorporated into a single body.01-10-2013
20130016343REFERENCED AND STABILIZED OPTICAL MEASUREMENT SYSTEMAANM Corless; John DouglasAACI DallasAAST TXAACO USAAGP Corless; John Douglas Dallas TX USAANM Kueny; Andrew WeeksAACI DallasAAST TXAACO USAAGP Kueny; Andrew Weeks Dallas TX USAANM Meloni; Mark AnthonyAACI The ColonyAAST TXAACO USAAGP Meloni; Mark Anthony The Colony TX US - A referenced and stabilized optical measurement system includes a light source, a plurality of optical elements and optical fiber assemblies and a detector arranged to compensate for the effects of system variation which may affect measurement performance. A non-continuous light source provides a common source light on a common source path. A reference light and a measurement light are derived from the common source light and propagated across separate paths of optically matching optical components in order to produce a common signal variation on both the reference light signal and the measurement light signal. Light paths exposed to air are contained indiscrete volumes for purging gasses from the volumes. Ratios of the reference signal and measurement signal are acquired under various conditions for compensating the measurement signal for system variations.01-17-2013
20080225279LUMINESCENCE MEASURING APPARATUS - To increase the direct light received by the detector and decrease reflections from the detection component support structures, the luminescent substance is placed as close to the detector as possible. More specifically, the apparatus is configured so as to slide out a structure shielding the detector from light and at the same time slide in the vessel containing the luminescent substance therein until the vessel comes right under the detector. The invention can detect trace luminescence from a small-volume sample by maximizing the amount of direct light received from the sample and minimizing the decay of indirect light received from the sample attributable to interactions with the vessel for containing the sample therein, the structure for collecting light, and the structure for supporting other detection components.09-18-2008
20130094017PHASE DETECTOR - This invention provides a phase detector with more than two detector units on a printed circuit layer. A detector set includes a pair of detector units or one detector unit, and a detector row includes a plurality of detector sets in one line. The phase detector includes a plurality of detector rows and each row has a detector set in one period, wherein all detector units are interleaved to have the same interval between any two adjacent detector units, which is defined as a pitch and the pitch is equal to one period dividing the detector pair number, which is the half sum of the number of one detector set for all rows.04-18-2013
20090002691Method and Apparatus for Real-Time Measurement and Calculation of a Fluorescent Lifetime - The invention comprises a real-time stroboscopic acquisition protocol for a measurement of the fluorescence decay and a method and apparatus for real-time calculation of the fluorescence lifetime from that measurement.01-01-2009
20120019813WAVEFRONT ABERRATION MEASURING METHOD AND DEVICE THEREFOR - Measurement cannot be made when trying to measure a wavefront aberration of a wide-angle lens, being wide in a field of view, comparing to a focus distance, by a Shack-Hartmann sensor, since an inclination of the wavefront exceeds an allowable value of inclination of the Shack-Hartmann sensor.01-26-2012

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