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356 - Optics: measuring and testing

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356602000 Triangulation 62
356612000 By specular reflection 39
356610000 By projection of coded pattern 37
356609000 By focus detection 18
356613000 Silhouette 5
20120236318INSPECTING APPARATUS, THREE-DIMENSIONAL PROFILE MEASURING APPARATUS, AND MANUFACTURING METHOD OF STRUCTURE - An aspect of an inspecting apparatus includes a profile measuring part measuring a profile of an object surface and an image detecting part detecting a light intensity distribution of the object surface by illuminating the object surface from mutually different plurality of directions.09-20-2012
20090190139MULTI-SOURCE SENSOR FOR THREE-DIMENSIONAL IMAGING USING PHASED STRUCTURED LIGHT - A system for sensing a three-dimensional topology of a test surface is provided. A first illumination source generates first patterned illumination from a first point of view. A second illumination source generates second patterned illumination from a second point of view, the second point of view differing from the first point of view. An area array image detector simultaneously acquires at least first and second fringe images relative to the first and second patterned illuminations. A controller is coupled to the first and second sources and to the detector. The controller generates a height topology of the test surface based on images acquired while the first and second patterned illuminators are energized.07-30-2009
20080316503Automated Inspection Comparator/Shadowgraph System - Automated inspection comparator/shadowgraph system to compare and contrast a working operation for a workpiece and a resulting workpiece compared to the operating system. Computer software controls the inspection machine to determine irregularity between a resulting workpiece and originally programmed computer software, such that the irregularities are made known to the operator so that he will know whether or not the resulting workpiece complies with the tolerances set for by the original computer program.12-25-2008
20100245845Product inspection system and a method for implementing same that incorporates a correction factor - A system and method for measuring the physical characteristics of an object is provided, wherein the method includes disposing the object within the sensor optical path of an inspection system, causing a source collimated light beam to propagate along the source optical path to be at least partially incident upon the reflecting device, reflecting the source collimated light beam to create a reflected collimated light beam that propagates along the sensor optical path such that the reflected collimated light beam is at least partially incident upon the object to produce a silhouette, wherein at least a portion of the silhouette is incident upon the sensing device to generate initial image data responsive to the silhouette and processing the initial image data responsive to at least one predetermined algorithm to generate resultant image data responsive to at least one of a plurality of physical characteristics of the object.09-30-2010
20110157602Illumination for projecting an image - The invention is directed to a method for illuminating an object and projecting its image on a ground glass screen. Optical comparators conventionally use incandescent illumination, either mercury arc or halogen. The use of an array of high intensity LED devices, provides many options for packaging the required optical components used in comparators.06-30-2011
356611000 By stereo 5
20090033947Method for repeatable optical determination of object geometry dimensions and deviations - A method for inspecting geometrical shapes of objects to determine selected dimensions thereof based on data characterizing such objects obtained through stereoscopic photographs taken by a pair of cameras with fields of view intersecting to thereby provide a photographic event measurement volume that includes at least a portion of each of such objects being photographed. The method involves using previously specified procedures to check on the cameras performance consistency in photographing from different positions, preparing the object to be inspected including providing reference point targets thereon, scanning that object with the cameras from different camera pair positions, processing the resulting data to represent the scan basis geometrical shape of the object, and orient it to compare with the dimensional specifications therefor.02-05-2009
20090091768Color Filter Inspection Method, Color Filter Manufacturing Method, and Color Filter Inspection Apparatus - Included are an illumination lamp (04-09-2009
20080273211Apparatus and Method for Measuring the Surface of a Body - In a light-slit method, a first and a second measurement light projection on a surface of an object to be measured may be unambiguously identified as a first or a second measurement light projection by a camera when there is a support apparatus operating the camera and/or the measurement light projectors such that, in each light-slit recording of the camera, either the first or the second measurement light projection is visible to the camera. The possibility of unambiguous identification allows evaluating several spatially overlapping and not exactly aligned measurement light projections by means of a camera.11-06-2008
20120206734RELIEF PATTERN DETECTION DEVICE - The present invention aims to provide a highly reliable relief pattern detection device 08-16-2012
20090135434METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DETERMINING THE TOPOGRAPHY AND OPTICAL PROPERTIES OF A MOVING SURFACE - The invention relates to a method and apparatus for determining the topography or optical properties of a moving subject. In the method at least two images (KX05-28-2009
20110176145SPHERE BAR PROBE - Exemplary embodiments include a sphere bar probe apparatus, including a holder, a retroreflector disposed in the holder, a member having a first end and a second end, wherein the first end is attached to the holder and an end plate attached to the second end of the member.07-21-2011
20080259352Apparatus for detecting press-bonded ball at bonding portion in bonding apparatus and method for detecting press-bonded ball at bonding portion - A detecting apparatus used in a bonding apparatus including a capillary and a detection camera disposed with a certain amount of offset from the capillary and capable of detecting a press-bonded ball at a bonding portion after bonding. For a pad in which two edges of a press-bonded ball corresponding to two adjacent sides of the pad are definite, the detecting apparatus detects the respective distances between the two sides of the pad and the corresponding two edges of the press-bonded ball, and compares the detected values to determine if these values fall within previously set allowable ranges; and if the detected values are outside the allowable ranges, the amount of offset is corrected so that the press-bonded ball comes within the allowable ranges.10-23-2008
20100079769METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR PARAMETER EXTRACTION OF A CUTTING TOOL - A method for extracting parameters of a cutting tool is provided. The method comprises positioning the cutting tool on a moveable stage, performing one or more rotary scans of a first section of the cutting tool to generate a scanning point cloud, indexing a plurality of points of the scanning point cloud, detecting one or more feature points based on the indexed scanning point cloud, and extracting one or more parameters based on the detected feature points. A system for extracting the parameters is also presented.04-01-2010
20080273210THREE DIMENSIONAL SHAPE CORRELATOR - A three dimensional shape correlation computer software program which uses laser radar data for target identification. The correlation program obtains a scan of laser radar data of a target from a Ladar sensor. The data includes a plurality of X,Y,Z coordinate detection points for the target. The software simulates the sensor scan using a 3D wire-frame model of the target. An X,Y,Z coordinate location is computed for every point in the computer model of the target. The software compares the X,Y,Z coordinate detection points for the target with the X,Y,Z coordinate points for the computer model to determine if the points match. When there is a match a target identification is declared.11-06-2008
20100110448Internal inspection system and method - A system and method for measuring the threaded surface of an internally threaded component is provided, where the inspection system includes at least one measuring probe, wherein the at least one measuring probe includes an emitter and a receiver and is sized and shaped to be positionable adjacent at least a portion of the threaded surface at an offset distance, wherein the emitter is configured to emit electromagnetic energy that is incident upon the threaded surface to generate reflected electromagnetic energy responsive to the threaded surface and wherein the receiver is configured to receive at least a portion of the reflected electromagnetic energy and generate threaded surface data. A processing device is also provided, wherein the processing device is in signal communication with the measuring probe to receive the threaded surface data and process the threaded surface data to determine physical characteristics of the threaded surface.05-06-2010
20130027715LASER RADAR SYSTEM - A laser radar system includes: a scanner for transmitting a pulse toward a target while two-dimensionally scanning a transmitting beam, and outputting scan angle information; a lens of the receiver for receiving received light; a high aspect photo detector array for converting the received light into a received signal; a transimpedance amplifier array for amplifying the received signal; an adder circuit for adding the received signal from each element of the transimpedance amplifier array; a distance detecting circuit for measuring a light round-trip time to the target of an output signal from the adder circuit; and a signal processing unit for causing the scanner to perform a two-dimensional scanning operation in association with the scan angle information, to determine distances to multiple points on the target based on the light round-trip time and a speed of light and measure a three-dimensional shape of the target.01-31-2013
20090109447Microscope and Microscope Microexamination Procedure Method for the Measurement of the Surface Profile of an Object - The invention provides a microscope for measuring the surface profile of an object, including (1) an illumination module which directs illumination radiation with different wavelengths to different surface portions of the object in such a way that a predetermined object intersection length range is illuminated for every portion, and (2) a detection module which detects sample radiation of every portion successively in time. Wherein the detection module directs the sample radiation into a detection beam path via a scanner and confocally images another wavelength of the sample radiation in a plane for every intersection length to be detected. The detection module also detects the intensity of the confocally imaged sample radiation in a wavelength-dependent manner and derives therefrom the position of the corresponding surface portion of the object. Wherein the detection module has a color module arranged between the scanner and the plane, through which the sample radiation passes.04-30-2009
20120182561APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR IRRADIATING A MEDIUM - A method for irradiating a medium includes irradiating the medium with an electromagnetic wave which is scattered in the medium and modulated in frequency at a position in the medium; obtaining information corresponding to an interference pattern generated by interference between the modulated electromagnetic wave and a reference wave; and generating a phase conjugate wave, based on the obtained information, which irradiates the medium.07-19-2012
20130070257Three-Dimensional Scanning System - The present invention provides a three dimensional scanning system for generating a three dimensional profile of an object being scanned. The scanning system comprises a light source, a beam splitter, a first reflector, a second reflector, a detector, a driving member and a processor, for generating a profile of the object based on the detection signal and the track of movement of the object. The present invention can be used for scanning objects with reflective surface and large size and is able to collect the accurate outlook of an object even though its surface is obscured03-21-2013
201100581813D IMAGE MEASURING APPARATUS AND METHOD THEREOF - A 3D measuring apparatus includes a stage, a projection portion, and an imaging portion. The projection portion includes first and second lights, first and second lattices, and first and second projection lenses. The imaging portion includes an imaging lens and a camera. The projection portion further includes a movement instrument which control the first and the second lattice simultaneously with predetermined n times.03-10-2011
20120188558CALIBRATING JIG, PROFILE MEASURING DEVICE, AND METHOD OF OFFSET CALCULATION - A calibrating jig comprises a reference sphere, and a reflecting plate configured to support the reference sphere from a lower side thereof and mirror-reflect light in a case that the reference sphere is illuminated from an upper side thereof.07-26-2012
20110013197DEVICE FOR THE INVESTIGATION OF TEXTURED SURFACES - A method for the optical investigation of textured surfaces (01-20-2011
20130063731NON-CONTACT SCANNING SYSTEM - A non-contact scanning system for three dimensional non-contact scanning of a work piece is disclosed for use in various applications including reverse engineering, metrology, dimensional verification and inspection The scanning system includes a scanner carried by an arcuately configured gantry assembly and a fixture for carrying a work piece. The gantry assembly includes a fixed arcuately shaped gantry member and a telescopic arm that is movable in an arcuate direction relative to a rotary table that carries the object to be scanned. A scanner is mounted on the end of the telescopic member and is movable in a radial direction. Objects to be scanned are mounted on a rotary table that is also movable in an X-Y direction or alternatively in the X, Y and Z directions under the control of a motion control subsystem, a machine control user interface subsystem and an image capture. The configuration of the scanning system in accordance with the present invention provides a spherically shaped scanning envelope which facilitates three dimensional modeling of the work piece.03-14-2013
20090237676Inspection Method and Apparatus, Lithographic Apparatus, Lithographic Processing Cell and Device Manufacturing Method - A method is provided for determining an actual profile of an object printed on a substrate. The method can include receiving an actual spectrum signal associated with the object, selecting a first model profile, and generating a first model spectrum signal associated with the first model profile. The method can further include comparing the first model spectrum signal with the actual spectrum signal. If the first model spectrum signal and the actual spectrum signal do not match a desired tolerance, the aforementioned selecting, generating, and comparing can be repeated with a second model profile. The second model profile can be selected based on the first model spectrum signal having undergone an optimization process based on a number of variable parameters of the first model profile, where the number of variable parameters is reduced by approximating the first model profile to a single shape with a reduced number of variable parameters.09-24-2009
20100060902AUTOMATED ONLINE MEASUREMENT OF GLASS PART GEOMETRY - An apparatus which measures a size and a shape of a transparent sheet includes a conveyor, a lighting apparatus, an imaging device and a process controller. The conveyor moves the transparent sheet. The lighting apparatus projects light onto the transparent sheet. The imaging device receives reflected light reflected from the transparent sheet. A thickness is input into the process controller. A sheet temperature from a sheet temperature sensor and/or a structure temperature from a structure temperature sensor are output to the process controller. An image is output from the imaging device to the process controller. The process controller outputs the size and the shape of the transparent sheet. The outputs from the process controller are used to adjust machine tools used to fabricate the transparent sheet.03-11-2010
20090153877Optical Measurement of Metallic Surfaces - A method for optically measuring a surface is described, in particular, for a surface having a spherical form and a high reflection of radiation. The surface is illuminated by at least one radiation source, as well as by at least one structured light source, in order to produce an illumination structure on the surface to be measured, and to then record the illumination structure using a camera; prior to measuring the surface, a coating being applied thereto in order to reduce the reflected radiation, the electrostatic coating principle being followed when applying the coating to the spherical surface. Thus, a method for optically measuring a surface is described, which provides for a coating to be uniformly deposited on the entire surface of the test object and to have a thickness of less than 0.01 mm.06-18-2009
20100195115DEFECT DETECTOR FOR CORRUGATED CARDBOARD FLUTES - A defect detector for corrugated cardboard flutes comprises an optical projector for projecting to traveling flutes an inspection light having an effective line of which the length is about one pitch of flutes inclined slightly so that a tip of a normal flute is positioned on or slightly under the posterior end of the effective line and simultaneously a slope of an adjacent normal flute is positioned on the anterior end side of the effective line, an optical receiver equipped with a light-receiving element for receiving the inspection light reflected by a flute to output information according to the light-receiving position, and normal or abnormal determining means which determines that the flute height is normal if the light-receiving position detected is within an allowable range Wp.08-05-2010
20100201993BEAM SCANNER AND SURFACE MEASUREMENT APPARATUS - Disclosed are a beam scanner and a surface measurement apparatus. The beam scanner includes a spinning mirror having top and bottom reflective surfaces and a plurality of side reflective surfaces between the top and bottom reflective surfaces, and rotating about a rotary shaft penetrating the top and bottom reflective surfaces to scan beams, falling onto the side reflective surface, in one direction, a first light source emitting first beams to the side reflective surface, a second light source emitting second beams to at least one of the top and bottom reflective surfaces, and a detector receiving beams reflected by the spinning mirror, among the second beams. The beam scanner and the surface measurement apparatus can achieve high-speed, high resolution surface measurement since errors caused by the movement of the spinning mirror for beam scanning are minimized.08-12-2010
20110032537Stainless steel, titanium, or titanium alloy solid polymer fuel cell separator and its method of production and method of evaluation of warp and twist of separator - The present invention releases a method of producing a metal separator for a solid polymer fuel cell by stainless steel, titanium, or titanium alloy during which securing lower cost and mass producibility by using a material having a high workability to form a complicated shape by a high productivity, then using an inexpensive blast process to drive a conductive substance into the surface of the metal separator member, that is, provides a stainless steel, titanium, or titanium alloy solid polymer fuel cell separator comprised of stainless steel, titanium, or titanium alloy in the surface of which a low ion release conductive substance is buried, having an arithmetic mean roughness (Ra) of the separator surface of 0.5 to 5.0 μm, having a 10-point mean roughness (Rz) of 3 to 20 μm, having an average spacing of surface relief shapes (Sm) of 300 μm or less, having values of a warp rate and twist rate of a separator of 0.1 or less, and having a contact resistance value with respect to carbon paper of 15 mωcm02-10-2011
20120105865MICROLITHOGRAPHIC PROJECTION EXPOSURE APPARATUS AND RELATED METHOD - A microlithographic projection exposure apparatus includes an optical surface and a measurement device which measures a parameter related to the optical surface at a plurality of separated areas on the optical surface. The measurement device includes an illumination unit which directs individual measuring light beams towards the areas on the optical surface. Each measuring light beam illuminates at least a portion of an area, which is associated with the measuring light beam, and at least a portion of an adjacent area which is not associated with the measuring light beam. A detector unit measures a property for each measuring light beam after it has interacted with the optical surface.05-03-2012
20080285054OPTICAL METROLOGY OPTIMIZATION FOR REPETITIVE STRUCTURES - An optical metrology model for a structure to be formed on a wafer is developed by characterizing a top-view profile and a cross-sectional view profile of the structure using profile parameters. The profile parameters of the top-view profile and the cross-sectional view profile are integrated together into the optical metrology model. The profile parameters of the optical metrology model are saved.11-20-2008
20090310144Systems and methods for transmitting information associated with projecting - The present disclosure relates to systems and methods that are related to transmitting and receiving information associated with projection.12-17-2009
20100091301THREE-DIMENSIONAL SHAPE MEASUREMENT PHOTOGRAPHING APPARATUS, METHOD, AND PROGRAM - A three-dimensional shape measurement photographing apparatus, including a plurality of photographing units for obtaining a measurement image group of a plurality of measurement images for measuring a three-dimensional shape of a subject, an emission unit for emitting light, including pattern light, within an angle of view of the photographing units, a photographing control unit for controlling the photographing units to obtain a pre-image of the subject before obtaining the measurement image group and to obtain the measurement images of the subject illuminated by the pattern light, a determination unit for setting a plurality of areas on the pre-image and determining whether to emit the pattern light with respect to each of the areas, and an emission control unit for controlling the emission unit such that the pattern light is emitted only to an area for which a determination has been made to emit the pattern light.04-15-2010
20120033229SHAPE MEASURING APPARATUS - A shape measuring apparatus includes: an optical system configured to guide a light from a light source having a wideband spectrum to an object to be measured and a reference face; an imaging unit configured to image the interfering light intensity distribution image output from the optical system; an optical path length difference changing unit configured to change the optical path length difference; and an arithmetic processing unit configured to obtain the peak value of an interfering light intensity sequence indicating the change in the interfering light intensity due to the change in the optical path length difference at each measurement position of the interfering light intensity distribution images stored in the image storing unit, and configured to obtain the peak value as the position in the direction of the optical axis at each measurement position of the object to be measured.02-09-2012
20100091300Method for measuring the internal space of an aircraft - A method for measuring the internal space of an elongate body. The elongate body has in a global xyz-coordinate system a longitudinal axis x. A laser profile scan is carried out, in which a laser scanner, which carries out scans in a plane, is moved through the internal space of the elongate body. The scan plane is tilted about the y-axis by a tilt angle α or about the z-axis by a tilt angle γ. Preferably, the scan plane is tilted about the y-axis and the z-axis corresponding to the global coordinate system of the internal space. An apparatus for carrying out the method.04-15-2010
20090284755Device for Flexible Detection of the Geometric Shape of Objects by Means of Optical 3D Measuring Technology - The invention relates to a device for detecting the geometrical shape of measurement objects (11-19-2009
20090273792Robust three-dimensional shape acquisition method and system11-05-2009
20090262366Angularly Resolved Scatterometer - An angularly resolved scatterometer uses a broadband radiation source and an acousto-optical tunable filter to select one or more narrowband components from the broadband beam emitted by the source for use in measurements. A feedback loop can be used to control the intensity of the selected narrowband components to reduce noise.10-22-2009
20090262365OPTICAL DEVICE FOR ANALYZING A SCATTERING MEDIUM HELD BY A SUPPORT - An optical device intended for the analysis of a scattering medium, including at least one light source distant from the scattering medium and capable of providing an incident light beam intended to illuminate the scattering medium; at least one sensor capable of detecting a radiation emitted by the scattering medium; a support of the scattering medium at least partially non-absorbing for the incident light beam and the scattered radiation. All or part of the support is formed of a scattering material having a decreased scattering coefficient greater than 0.1 cm10-22-2009
20090284756ACQUISITION OF TOPOGRAPHIES OF OBJECTS HAVING ARBITRARY GEOMETRIES - There is described a method for positioning an object on an optical sensor system for acquiring a surface thereof, the sensor system having a set of motors for rotating the object around a motor axis perpendicular to an optical axis of the sensor system and for translating the object in X, Y and Z directions, the method comprising: (a) acquiring a relief map of an area in a field of view of the sensor system; (b) computing a normal representative of a topography of the relief map of the area; (c) determining an angle difference between the normal and the optical axis of the sensor system; (d) comparing the angle difference to a threshold angle to determine if the surface of the area is perpendicular to the sensor axis; (e) if the angle difference is greater than a threshold angle, rotating the object to obtain a new difference angle less than the threshold angle; and (f) translating the object to reposition the area in the field of view after the rotating has displaced the area.11-19-2009
20100060903Image Measuring Apparatus and Computer Program - A shape of a measurement object is measured based on an image obtained by applying light onto a stage having the measurement object mounted thereon and performing image formation of transmitted light or reflected light of the light on an imaging device. An image of the measurement object that is obtained by image formation on an imaging device is displayed within the range of the field of view, and feature quantity information is extracted based on the image of the measurement object. A determination is made as to whether feature quantity information approximately in agreement with the extracted feature quantity information is stored. If it is determined that the feature quantity information approximately in agreement with the extracted feature quantity information is stored, then the shape of the measurement object is measured based on information on measurement conditions stored in association with the feature quantity information.03-11-2010
20090190138Line Profile Asymmetry Measurement - This disclosure provides methods for measuring asymmetry of features, such as lines of a diffraction grating. On implementation provides a method of measuring asymmetries in microelectronic devices by directing light at an array of microelectronic features of a microelectronic device. The light illuminates a portion of the array that encompasses the entire length and width of a plurality of the microelectronic features. Light scattered back from the array is detected. One or more characteristics of the back-scattered light may be examined by examining data from the complementary angles of reflection. This can be particularly useful for arrays of small periodic structures for which standard modeling techniques would be impractically complex or take inordinate time.07-30-2009
20090161116Laser measurement device and laser measurement method - To provide measurement data on a real time basis from a laser measurement device mounted on an air vehicle to a ground station. The laser measurement unit sequentially outputs laser measurement data during a measurement period in which the air vehicle flies along a straight line flight fairway (06-25-2009
20090161118Dynamic image recording system with imaging sensors and method - In a measuring system comprising an optical image recording system and a relative movement between the measured object and the image recording system, it is provided that the focal point (F) of the image recording system (06-25-2009
20090284754METHOD FOR OPTICALLY COLLECTING NUMISMATIC DATA AND ASSOCIATED ALGORITHMS FOR UNIQUE IDENTIFICATION OF COINS - A method to generate an optical signature of a coin is disclosed. A plurality of parameters are generated and recorded related to rotational positions around the circumference of a coin. The data from these parameters are combined to produce a searchable value.11-19-2009
20110228283MEASUREMENT APPARATUS - A measurement apparatus includes an observation unit, a movable base, a platform, a pair of tracks mounted on two sides of the platform, and a console. The observation unit is slidably mounted on the movable base. The movable base is a bridge structure. Each end of the movable base is slidably mounted on each one of the pair of tracks. The movable base slides on the pair of tracks along an X-axis of the platform. The observation unit slides on the movable base along a Y-axis of the platform. The observation unit includes a camera. The camera is moveable relative to the observation unit along a Z-axis of the platform.09-22-2011
20110228282METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR CALIBRATING A MULTIPLE-BEAM CURVATURE/FLATNESS SENSOR - A method and system for calibrating a multiple-beam curvature/flatness sensor in order to provide an accurate media curvature/flatness measurement. One or more flat media sheets are passed through a multiple-beam media curvature/flatness sensor and the timing data associated with the lead edge/trail edge crossing each beam associated with the multiple beam curvature/flatness sensor is used for the calibration of the curvature/flatness sensor system. The unknown variables in the media curvature/flatness equation which takes into consideration of the manufacture and assembly errors of the sensor as well as the media deflection due to gravity can be determined and eliminated in order to obtain a calibrated media curvature/flatness equation. The calibrated media curvature/flatness equation can further be applied in the curvature/flatness measurement in order to achieve accurate measurement results.09-22-2011
20120105864OPTICAL MEASUREMENT OF LEAD ANGLE OF GROOVE IN MANUFACTURED PART - A portion of the surface of a cylindrical part with a machined groove is mapped with an optical profilometer and the height map is fitted to a virtual cylindrical configuration that best fits the data. Two-dimensional Fourier Transfer analysis of the map data is advantageously used to find the orientation of the groove on the part. The orientation of the groove is then compared to the longitudinal axis of such virtual cylinder to calculate the groove's lead angle.05-03-2012
20120194825ARRANGEMENT AND METHOD FOR MEASURING THE DEFORMATION OF A SHAFT - A method for measuring deformation of a shaft by a device includes illuminating a pattern applied on the shaft before the deformation is applied; and detecting a first reference position by detecting the radiation reflected by the pattern, after the deformation is applied illuminating the pattern and detecting a second reference position by detecting the radiation reflected by the pattern. Based on the distance between the first and the second reference positions, the shaft circumferential deformation and/or torque is determined.08-02-2012
20080259353Measurement method, exposure method and device manufacturing method - An image (a latent image) of an aperture pattern that includes an L/S pattern having a linewidth (a space width A) that exceeds the measurement resolution of a measurement device is generated in each of divided areas on a wafer via an optical system (step 10-23-2008
20090079995TILTING ADJUSTABLE SURFACE PROFILOMETER - The invention relates to a tilting adjustable surface profilometer, comprising an apparatus capable of adjusting an image acquiring angle. The apparatus includes two types of frameworks. One is a translation-stage-type tilting adjustable surface profilometer, which is enabled by the translations of two translation stage with the rotation of a rotary rack, a surface profile with an omni-directional angle of a sample can be obtained. The other framework is a surface profilometer with an arc-trajectory tilting apparatus, which is enabled by guiding the surface profilometer to slide along the arc rails with the rotations of the rotary rack, a surface profile with an omni-directional angle of a sample can be obtained.03-26-2009
20100259764Product inspection system and a method for implementing same - An inspection system and a method for measuring physical characteristics of a component using the inspection system is provided, wherein the inspection system includes a light source, a sensing device and a retention mount, at least one of which is movably associated with the inspection system. The method includes associating a component with the inspection system such that the component is disposed within the retention mount, operating the inspection system to cause the light source to emit a collimated light beam propagating along a source optical path such that the collimated light beam is incident upon the component to produce a component silhouette which is incident upon the sensing device, generating image data responsive to the component silhouette and processing the image data to generate resultant data including at least one of a plurality of physical characteristics of the component.10-14-2010
20130215434LIGHT EMITTING DEVICES AND PACKAGES AND RELATED METHODS WITH ELECTRODE MARKS ON LEADS - Light emitting devices, packages and related methods are disclosed with electrical leads with one or more indicators. A package can include a leadframe that can include at least a first lead and a second lead. The first lead can include a first end for electrical connection to at least one light emitting device and a second end extending toward a first side of the package. The second lead can include a first end for electrical connection to at least one light emitting device and a second end extending toward a second side of the package. One or both of the second end of the first lead or the second end of the second lead can comprise an indicator serving as an identifier.08-22-2013
20100220339Method for Determining Positions of Structures on a Mask - A method for determining the positions of structures (09-02-2010
20100225928DEVICE FOR MEASURING STRUCTURES OF AN OBJECT - A device for measuring structures of an object. The device includes a probe element extending from a probe extension, an optical sensor for capturing an image of the probe element on a sensor field, an evaluation unit configured to compute the structures based on a position of the optical sensor relative to a coordinate system of a coordinate measuring machine and from a position of the probe element measured by the optical sensor. The device also includes a lens disposed on the probe extension between the optical sensor and the probe element.09-09-2010
20090323081Jig for measuring an object shape and method for measuring a three-dimensional shape - A jig for measuring an object shape includes a plate having a first surface and a second surface opposed to the first plate and two reference balls fixed to the plate, each ball surface being exposed on both the first and second surfaces. A reference plane is fixed to the plate, the reference plane having a first plane and a second plane that are parallel to each other, the first and second planes being exposed on the first and second surfaces of the plate, respectively. An object-holding portion is fixed to the plate, the object-holding portion having a hole passing through the plate, the object-holding portion being able to hold an object in the hole with the front and back surfaces of the object being exposed on the first and second surfaces of the plate, respectively.12-31-2009
20090116037METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR A SINGLE POINT SCANNER - The present subject matter include methods and apparatus for creating three dimensional digitized models of at least one ear impression, the apparatus comprising a frame, a linear axis mounted to the frame, the linear axis having an axis of motion, a first spindle axis mounted to the frame, the spindle axis having an axis of rotation, wherein the axis of rotation of the first spindle axis is parallel to the axis of motion of the linear axis, a first scanner mounted to the linear axis, the scanner includes a laser for projecting a narrowly localized spot of laser light at a target mounted on the first spindle axis and a sensor array for receiving at least a portion of the laser light reflected from the target and a controller configured to communicate with the first scanner.05-07-2009
20100220338MEASUREMENT APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR MEASURING SURFACE SHAPE AND ROUGHNESS - A measurement apparatus includes an illumination light setting unit which sets illumination light having an optical characteristic corresponding to a microstructure which is formed on the surface of a measurement target and is to be measured, a measurement unit which measures reflected light when the measurement target is irradiated with the illumination light, and an extraction unit which extracts, from the measured reflected light, information about the surface shape of the measurement target and the microstructure formed on the surface.09-02-2010
20110043824METHOD AND DEVICE FOR READING OUT A TOPOGRAPHIC STRUCTURE APPLIED TO A COMPONENT; AND A COMPONENT - A method for reading a topographic structure applied to a component includes providing the component with the topographic structure, applying an agent configured to enhance a contrast of the structure to at least a region of the component where the structure is located and reading the topographic structure after the applying the agent.02-24-2011
20100149550Method and Scanning Arrangement for the Contactless Scanning of Three-Dimensional Objects and Device for Holding the Objects - The invention concerns a method for the contactless scanning of three-dimensional objects (06-17-2010
20110085176Method, Inspection Apparatus and Substrate for Determining an Approximate Structure of an Object on a Substrate - A system and method determine an approximate structure of an object on a substrate. This may be applied in model based metrology of microscopic structures to assess critical dimension or overlay performance of a lithographic apparatus. A scatterometer is used to determine approximate structure of an object, such as a grating on a stack, on a substrate. The wafer substrate has an upper layer and an underlying layer. The substrate has a first scatterometry target region, including the grating on a stack object. The grating on a stack is made up of the upper and underlying layers. The upper layer is patterned with a periodic grating. The substrate further has a neighboring second scatterometry target region, where the upper layer is absent. The second region has just the unpatterned underlying layers.04-14-2011
20110122419APPARATUS, SYSTEM AND METHODS FOR ANALYZING PRESSURE-SENSITIVE DEVICES - A testing and analysis system for a pressure-sensitive device (05-26-2011
20110075155METHOD FOR DETECTING OBJECTS - The invention relates to a method for detecting objects in which a light pattern is beamed by a plurality of transmitting modules into an observation zone, the transmitting modules being spaced to each other, in which light radiated back from the observation zone is detected by at least one spatially resolving detector unit, in which a surface contour of an object located in the observation zone is determined on the basis of the detected light according to the light section principle, in which a maximum spatial resolution is caused by the intervals at which the transmitting modules are spaced from each other. The method is characterized in that in an overview measurement, a first selection of transmission modules is activated, a first spatial resolution is defined by the first selection of transmission modules, in an object measurement, a second selection of transmission modules is activated, a second spatial resolution is defined by the second selection of transmission modules or by the second selection of transmission modules together with at least a selected number of the transmission modules pertaining to the first selection, which second spatial resolution is greater than the first spatial resolution.03-31-2011
20110085178OFFSET AMOUNT CALIBRATING METHOD AND SURFACE TEXTURE MEASURING MACHINE - An offset amount calibrating method that obtains the offset amount between a contact-type detector and an image probe is provided. The method includes: setting on a stage a calibration chart that includes not less than two non-parallel linewidth patterns being disposed relative to a reference position of the calibration chart and each having a known width and a level difference; capturing an image of the linewidth patterns of the calibration chart by an image probe to obtain the reference position of the calibration chart; measuring at least two of the linewidth patterns of the calibration chart by a contact-type detector to obtain the reference position of the calibration chart; and calculating a difference between the reference position obtained by using the image probe and the reference position obtained by using the contact-type detector to obtain the offset amount.04-14-2011
20110085175SURFACE MEASUREMENT, SELECTION, AND MACHINING - Systems, processes, articles of manufacture, and techniques may be used to measure a surface to be machined. In particular implementations, a representation of a surface to be machined may be determined. Measuring the surface may include measuring a plurality of surface points at each of a plurality of surface measurement locations with a measurement system moving over a surface and measuring the position of the measurement system. Determining a representation of the surface to be machined may include determining an estimated shape for the surface based on the surface measurements at the surface measurement locations. The surface measurements, the surface measurement locations, and the estimated shape may be stored in computer memory for future retrieval and use.04-14-2011
20110085177OFFSET AMOUNT CALIBRATING METHOD AND SURFACE PROFILE MEASURING MACHINE - An offset amount calibrating method that obtains the offset amount between a contact-type detector and an image probe for a surface profile measuring machine is provided. The method includes: setting on a stage a calibration jig that has a surface being provided with a lattice pattern with a level difference; measuring the lattice pattern of the calibration jig by the contact-type detector to obtain a first reference position of the lattice pattern; capturing the image of the lattice pattern of the calibration jig by the image probe to obtain a second reference position of the lattice pattern; and obtaining the offset amount from a difference between the first and second reference positions.04-14-2011
20100002244METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR INSPECTING TIRE SURFACE - Disclosed is a tire surface inspecting technique capable of surely discriminating rubber pieces of a quality different from that of a tire embedded in the surface of the tire by vulcanization from the tire. A first illuminating unit 01-07-2010
20100039655PROFILE INSPECTION SYSTEM FOR THREADED AND AXIAL COMPONENTS - A system and method are disclosed for inspecting a component having a length, a width, and an axis. The system includes a fixture for holding the component, a light source disposed on one side of the component, and an optical detector disposed on the other side of the component. In the preferred embodiment, the detector has a field of view wider than the width of the component, thereby enabling the detector to image a portion of the outer edges of the component. A translation stage is operative to move the light source and detector in unison along the length of the component and a processor, in communication with the detector and the translation stage, is operative to: a) receive electrical signals representative of the outer profile imaged by the detector; b) move the translation stage incrementally along the length of the component; and c) record the outer profile imaged by the detector at each increment and form a composite profile of the component. In the preferred embodiment, the processor is further operative to record the composite profile of the component at one or more angular orientations by rotating the component through a predetermined angle about its axis.02-18-2010
20110176146DEVICE AND METHOD FOR MEASURING A SURFACE - A device for measuring a surface (07-21-2011
20100208273APPARATUS FOR OBSERVING THE SURFACE OF A SAMPLE - An apparatus for observing the appearance of a surface (08-19-2010
20090153878LASER SCANNING MICROSCOPE APPARATUS, AND SURFACE SHAPE MEASURING METHOD THEREOF - A laser scanning microscope apparatus comprising, a controlling unit for obtaining height information at each scanning point of a sample to be examined by obtaining a relative distance that maximizes an intensity output from a photo-detecting unit, which is obtained when the sample to be examined is scanned with a light from a laser light source, when a relative distance is changed by a Z scanning unit, includes an arithmetic processing unit for obtaining a plurality of height profiles of one line acquired by scanning the sample to be examined in a state of light with the light defecting unit while shifting the plurality of height profiles of one line in a scanning direction by a predetermined amount, and for obtaining one profile by linking the plurality of height profiles.06-18-2009
20100123903OPTICAL SCANNING PROBE - An optical scanning probe is provided and includes a housing, a diaphragm disposed in the housing, a rotor, a conduit, an optical fiber module, and a reflector disposed on the rotor, wherein the diaphragm and the housing forms a chamber. The rotor is movably disposed in the chamber and has several fans. The conduit is disposed in the housing to conduct fluid into the chamber, thus impelling the fans and the rotor. The optical fiber module is disposed in the housing and through the diaphragm to transmit a light beam. The reflector rotates with the rotor and reflects the light beam for 360° scanning.05-20-2010
20120200860NON-CONTACT SCANNING SYSTEM - A non-contact scanning system is disclosed for three dimensional non-contact scanning of a work piece for use in various applications including reverse engineering, metrology, dimensional verification and inspection The scanning system includes a scanner assembly, a gantry assembly and a fixture assembly. The gantry assembly and the fixture assembly are carried by a table or base. The scanner assembly is carried by the gantry assembly. The fixture assembly is rotatable about two (2) orthogonal axes axis under the control of a control system. The fixture assembly optionally allows the height of the fixture assembly to be adjusted relative to the plane of the table by way of rectilinear movement. The scanning system provides a spherically shaped scanning envelope which facilitates three dimensional modeling of a work piece.08-09-2012
20110026037APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR RECORDING THE SHAPE OF AN EAR SECTION - An apparatus for recording a shape of a section of the human ear is provided. The apparatus has a recording device for recording a spatial shape of a first and a second subsection of the section and for recording a position or a variable representing the position of the first and the second subsection relative to a predetermined optical feature of the section. The apparatus has an evaluation device for obtaining shape infoimation about the section by combination of the shapes of the subsections based on the recorded positions or the variables representing the respective position. This enables a number of individual images to be joined together into a three-dimensional map based on natural features in the auditory canal, such as skin flecks or veins for example.02-03-2011
20100259765SURFACE SHAPE MEASURING SYSTEM AND SURFACE SHAPE MEASURING METHOD USING THE SAME - The surface shape measuring system includes an illumination unit including a main light source, a focusing lens, and a projection lens; a beam splitter to split illumination light emitted respectively irradiated onto a reference surface and a measurement surface; a light detecting element to capture an interference pattern; and a control computer to obtain surface shape data through white-light interference pattern analysis from an image captured and detect whether or not the measurement surface is defective from the obtained data, wherein a subsidiary light source to provide falling illumination to the target object; and two-dimensional data and three-dimensional data regarding the surface shape of the target object are obtained by selectively intermitting the turning-on of the main light source and the subsidiary light source and the irradiation of the illumination light onto the reference surface.10-14-2010
20100296104INSPECTION SYSTEM AND METHOD WITH MULTI-IMAGE PHASE SHIFT ANALYSIS - An inspection system is provided. The inspection system comprises a light source, a grating, a phase shifting unit, an imager, and a processor. The light source is configured to generate light. The grating is in a path of the generated light and is configured to produce a grating image after the light passes through the grating. The phase shifting unit is configured to form and reflect a plurality of phase shifted patterns of the grating image onto an object surface to form a plurality of projected phase shifting patterns. The imager is configured to obtain image data of the projected phase shifted patterns. The processor is configured to reconstruct the object surface from the image data. An inspection method and a phase shifting projector are also presented.11-25-2010
20100118314DETERMINING TRACK ORIGIN - Apparatus is disclosed for determining the track of origin of a cigarette manufactured in a cigarette making machine having a plurality of tracks. The cigarette making machine (05-13-2010
20080231865 DETERMINATION OF SURFACE PROPERTIES - The invention relates to a method for the quantitative determination of surface properties, wherein a spatially resolved image of a surface to be analysed, which contains a large number of measured values, is recorded. In a first method step, the measured values are analysed in order to determine those surface areas which have a specific physical property. A result value of this physical property is then determined, wherein this result value is characteristic of the values of the physical property of all those surface areas of the image determined by analysing the image. According to the invention, in addition to the result value, a further value (B) characteristic of the surface is determined and this characteristic value is displayed together with the result value (I).09-25-2008
20090135433OPTICAL THREE-DIMENSIONAL MEASUREMENT DEVICE AND FILTER PROCESS METHOD - This is an optical three-dimensional measurement device provided with observation illumination light for illuminating an observation specimen, an object lens for collecting the observation light on the observation specimen and a display unit for displaying an observation image and its measurement result that are obtained via the object lens. The optical three-dimensional measurement device comprises a filter process determination unit for determining a first filter process on the basis of observation conditions used when taking in a three-dimensional image of the observation specimen and a filter process unit for applying the first filter process determined by the filter process determination unit to the measurement image or the measurement result.05-28-2009
20120229815LASER SCANNING MICROSCOPE AND METHOD FOR OPERATION THEREOF - Laser scanning microscope and method for the operation thereof having at least two detection channels which has at least one beamsplitter with a splitting of the sample light deviating from the 50:50 split and/or, with 50:50 split in the detection channels, has detectors with differently adjusted gain, or in at least one detection channel with equal light splitting has an additional light attenuator.09-13-2012
20080204764LEAD TERMINAL INSPECTION METHOD AND LEAD TERMINAL INSPECTION APPARATUS - In one embodiment, the present invention provides a lead terminal inspection method for inspecting the shape condition of lead terminals of an electronic apparatus by irradiating irradiation light from an optical sensor to the lead terminals, and detecting reflected light reflected from the lead terminals with the optical sensor. The optical sensor irradiates irradiation light having a diameter not greater than the width in the irradiation direction of the lead terminals to a detection target tip position of each lead terminal, and detects reflected light reflected from the lead terminals. Furthermore, the irradiation of the irradiation light and the detection of the reflected light are performed successively for the plurality of lead terminals by relatively moving either one of the optical sensor and the lead terminals relative to the other in the arrangement direction of the lead terminals, thereby counting the number of the lead terminals.08-28-2008
20080204763Measuring Apparatus and Method For Range Inspection - The present invention relates to an imaging apparatus and method for measuring the three-dimensional characteristics of an object (08-28-2008
20110080594NON-CONTACT SCANNING SYSTEM - A non-contact scanning system for three dimensional non-contact scanning of a work piece is disclosed for use in various applications including reverse engineering, metrology, dimensional verification and inspection The scanning system includes a scanner carried by an arcuately configured gantry assembly and a fixture for carrying a work piece. The gantry assembly includes a fixed arcuately shaped gantry member and a telescopic arm that is movable in an arcuate direction relative to a rotary table that carries the object to be scanned. A scanner is mounted on the end of the telescopic member and is movable in a radial direction. Objects to be scanned are mounted on a rotary table that is also movable in an X-Y direction or alternatively in the X, Y and Z directions under the control of a motion control subsystem, a machine control user interface subsystem and an image capture. The configuration of the scanning system in accordance with the present invention provides a spherically shaped scanning envelope which facilitates three dimensional modeling of the work piece.04-07-2011
20130010307DEVICE FOR OPTICALLY SCANNING AND MEASURING AN ENVIRONMENT - With a device for optically scanning and measuring an environment, which is designed as a laser scanner, with a light emitter, which emits an emission light beam, with a light receiver which receives a reception light beam which is reflected from an object in the environment of the laser scanner or scattered otherwise, and with a control and evaluation unit which, for a multitude of measuring points, determines at least the distance to the object, the laser scanner has a cooling device with a space between a carrying structure and a shell which serves as a housing, said space opening to the outside by means of an air inlet and otherwise being sealed with respect to the interior of the carrying structure and to the shell.01-10-2013
20100195114THREE-DIMENSIONAL SHAPE MEASURING APPARATUS, THREE-DIMENSIONAL SHAPE MEASURING METHOD, THREE-DIMENSIONAL SHAPE MEASURING PROGRAM, AND RECORDING MEDIUM - An apparatus for measuring a three-dimensional shape of a target object by analyzing an optical pattern projected onto the target object has an optical pattern projecting device that projects the optical pattern onto a portion of a measurement surface on which the target object is placed, the optical pattern having brightness changing periodically according to a position, a first line sensor that images an optical pattern-emitted region onto which the optical pattern is projected, a second line sensor that images an optical pattern-non-emitted region onto which the optical pattern is not projected, and a processing device that calculates a phase of the optical pattern at a pixel included in an image obtained by removing background information from images taken by the first and second line sensors based on a brightness value of the pixel and a neighboring pixel in the image, and calculates height information based on the calculated phase.08-05-2010
20120147383MEASUREMENT SYSTEMS AND METHODS - A measurement system comprising a light source unit, a projection unit and an optics unit is disclosed. The light source unit is configured to generate a plurality of modulated phase shifted light beams. The projection unit is configured to reflect the modulated phase shifted light beams onto an object surface. The optics unit is configured to capture the modulated phase shifted light beams from the object surface. The measurement system further comprises a photodetector and a processor. The photodetector is configured to receive the modulated phase shifted light beams from the optics unit to generate electrical signals. The processor is configured to retrieve position information of the object surface based on the electrical signals from the photodetector. A measurement method is also presented.06-14-2012
20110304857Probing Apparatus with On-Probe Device-Mapping Function - One aspect of the present disclosure provides a probing apparatus with on-probe device-mapping function. A probing apparatus according to this aspect of the present disclosure comprises a housing, at least one probe stage positioned on the housing and configured to retain at least one probe, a device holder positioned in the housing and configured to receive at least one semiconductor device under test, and an inspection module having a predetermined field of view configured to capture an image showing at least the semiconductor device, wherein the probe stage includes a driving unit configured to move the probe out of focus of the inspection module in a mapping phase while keeping the device under test in the field of view of the optical inspection module.12-15-2011
20080316501SHAPE INSPECTION METHOD AND APPARATUS - Shape inspection is carried out without preparing an inspection apparatus for each model of product.12-25-2008
20120038933Method and Apparatus for the Radiometric Measurement of Object Points on Surfaces of Astronomical Bodies - The invention relates to a method and an apparatus for air-borne or space-borne radiometric measurement of object points i02-16-2012
20120038932Mobile Projection System For Scaling And Orientation Of Surfaces Surveyed By An Optical Measuring System - The present invention describes a device for surveying a surface (02-16-2012
20110063624BIOINSTRUMENTATION APPARATUS - A bioinstrumentation apparatus irradiates light onto a measured region of a subject, detects diffused light to acquire internal information on the measured region, and includes: a container holding a light transmitting medium; a light irradiation unit including a plurality of light emitting ends fixed to the container and irradiating a first light and a second light that mutually differ in wavelength onto the measured region that is immersed in the medium; a light detection unit including a plurality of light detecting ends fixed to the container and detecting the diffused light from the measured region; and a computing unit computing the internal information based on an output signal from the light detection unit; the wavelength of the first light being a wavelength at which an absorption coefficient of the measured region and a mean value of absorption coefficient of the medium are substantially equal, the wavelength of the second light being a wavelength at which the absorption coefficient of the measured region is greater than the mean value of the absorption coefficient of the medium, and the computing unit computing the internal information based on an output signal related to diffused light of the first light and computing boundary information between the measured region and the medium based on an output signal related to diffused light of the second light.03-17-2011
20090161117INCLINED EXPOSURE LITHOGRAPHY SYSTEM - A method and an apparatus are disclosed for scatterfield microscopical measurement. The method integrates a scatterometer and a bright-field microscope for enabling the measurement precision to be better than the optical diffraction limit. With the aforesaid method and apparatus, a detection beam is generated by performing a process on a uniform light using an LCoS (liquid crystal on silicon) or a DMD (digital micro-mirror device) which is to directed to image on the back focal plane of an object to be measured, and then scattered beams resulting from the detection beam on the object's surface are focused on a plane to form an optical signal which is to be detected by an array-type detection device. The detection beam can be oriented by the modulation device to illuminate on the object at a number of different angles, by which zero order or higher order diffraction intensities at different positions of the plane at different incident angles can be collected.06-25-2009
20120008148VEHICLE TYRE MEASUREMENT - An apparatus measures the tread of a tyre on a vehicle, in which a laser line generator (01-12-2012
20120008147METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR MEASURING PATTERNED STRUCTURES - A method and system are presented for determining a line profile in a patterned structure, aimed at controlling a process of manufacture of the structure. The patterned structure comprises a plurality of different layers, the pattern in the structure being formed by patterned regions and un-patterned regions. At least first and second measurements are carried out, each utilizing illumination of the structure with a broad wavelengths band of incident light directed on the structure at a certain angle of incidence, detection of spectral characteristics of light returned from the structure, and generation of measured data representative thereof. The measured data obtained with the first measurement is analyzed, and at least one parameter of the structure is thereby determined. Then, this determined parameter is utilized, while analyzing the measured data obtained with the second measurements enabling the determination of the profile of the structure01-12-2012
20100039654Nanoscale Optical Tomography Based on Volume-Scanning Near-Field Microscopy - An apparatus and methods for nanoscale optical tomography based on back-scattering mode near-field scanning optical microscopy with a volumetric scan of the probe. The back-scattered data collected by a volumetric scan of the probe contains three-dimensional structural information of the sample, which enables reconstruction of the dielectric sample without other mechanical movements of the instrument.02-18-2010
20120026510Optical Scanning Probe - The present invention relates to a scanning probe (02-02-2012
20120154820SHAPE MEASURING METHOD - Provided is a shape measuring method in which fitting is performed accurately between measured data of a surface to be measured which is formed based on a design shape having multiple periodical design level differences and a design shape. A level difference region and a level difference height are specified from a measured point sequence of the surface to be measured (S06-21-2012
20120105866COORDINATE MEASURING MACHINE (CMM) AND METHOD OF COMPENSATING ERRORS IN A CMM - A coordinate measuring machine for determination of at least one spatial coordinate of a measurement point on an object to be measured. The coordinate measuring machine comprises a stationary base, a probe head for approaching the measurement point and a frame structure for linking the probe head to the base. A first reference path is provided by an optical reference beam, wherein the reference beam extends along a guide of a linear drive mechanism so that the reference path is parallel to a first direction. Furthermore, at least one displacement sensor is assigned to the reference beam, the reference beam and the displacement sensor being designed and arranged in such a way, that a displacement of the movable member of the linear drive mechanism relative to the first reference path is measurable being indicative of a translational and/or rotational displacement of the movable member from its ordinary bearing position.05-03-2012
20110090514APPARATUS AND A METHOD OF MEASURING EROSION OF AN EDGE OF A TURBOMACHINE AEROFOIL - An apparatus for measuring erosion of an edge of an aerofoil portion of a fan blade includes a laser source to direct light at a position on the edge of the fan blade. A detector detects light reflected from the position on the edge of the fan blade. A computer measures the distance from the laser source to points on the edge of the fan blade to produce a profile of the edge in terms of x and z coordinates. The computer calculates the distances of points on the edge of the fan blade from a centroid of the profile. The computer detects peaks in the distance of points from the centroid of the profile. The computer selects two peaks with the greatest distance therebetween. The computer determines the distance between the two peaks and compares the determined distance and a predetermined distance to determine if there is unacceptable erosion.04-21-2011
20110090513SCANNING DEVICE FOR SCANNING DENTAL OBJECTS AND A METHOD FOR SCANNING DENTAL OBJECTS - Scanning device for scanning dental objects having a base plate to which dental objects can be attached and a mounting structure such as a mounting plate to which an optical scanning system is attached and means for moving the mounting structure. Furthermore, a method for scanning dental objects includes the steps of (a) attaching a dental object to the base plate of the scanning device, wherein a first angle between the surface of the base plate and the surface of the mounting structure is enclosed or the plane defined by the optical axes of the scanning device, (b) scanning the attached dental object to obtain a first data set, (c) using the means for moving the mounting structure to change the first angle to a second angle, and (d) scanning the attached dental object to obtain a second data set.04-21-2011
20120314222Inspection Apparatus, System, and Method - Systems, apparatuses, methods, and computer program products for inspection of objects or items in a conveyance system. Presence (or absence) of an object/item or objects/items is detected sensed and also one or more characteristics of the object/item can be determined based image detection of characteristics of one or more laser lines projected on a conveyance surface of the conveyance system.12-13-2012
20120300222OPTICAL MEASUREMENT SYSTEM - An optical measurement apparatus includes a fixed headstock and an opposed, movable tailstock mounted on a reference support. The movable tailstock is movable along a linear axis to maintain a piece to be measured between the headstock and tailstock. A mobile carriage is movable along the linear axis. The carriage carries a light source directing a beam of collimated light across the linear axis to be interrupted by a piece under measurement. An optical detector aligned with the light source is arranged to receive residual light of the beam that has not been interrupted by the piece under measurement. The measuring apparatus has a rectilinear guide, fastened on the reference support, on which are slideably engaged the optical carriage and the tailstock, whereas the headstock is placed on a headstock carrier that is fastened on the reference support and hangs at least in part over the rectilinear guide.11-29-2012
20120300221PORTABLE GAUGE AND METHOD FOR MEASURING TAPE GAPS - Gaps between strips of composite tape forming a surface are measured by a gauge. The position of the edges of adjacent strips of the tape is sensed as the gauge is moved along the surface, and a gap between the adjacent strips is calculated based on the sensed position of the edges.11-29-2012
20120300220TECHNIQUE FOR VERIFYING THE MICROSTRUCTURE OF LEAD-FREE INTERCONNECTS IN SEMICONDUCTOR ASSEMBLIES - A method for verifying the internal microstructure of interconnects in flip-chip applications includes providing a microelectronic assembly comprising the following: a substrate hosting an array of flip-chip attach pads and one or more process control pads; a flip chip having an array of solder bumps in contact with the array of flip-chip attach pads; and one or more representative solder bumps contacting the one or more process control pads. The representative solder bumps have a substantially similar or identical chemical composition as the array of solder bumps. A reflow cycle is then applied to the microelectronic assembly to melt and solidify the array of solder bumps on the flip-chip attach pads and melt and solidify the representative solder bumps on the process control pads. The surface texture of the representative solder bumps is then optically inspected to determine an internal microstructure of the array of solder bumps.11-29-2012
20100245843METHOD FOR MEASURING THE ROUNDNESS OF ROUND PROFILES - A method for measuring the roundness profiles moved forward in longitudinal direction inside a rolling mill, using two laser scanners, respectively provided with a light-sensitive sensor and a laser. At least three shadow edges that fit against the round profile to be measured and enclose the round profile to form a polygon are generated and measured and the corresponding tangents are computed. The method includes: a) determining a center (Z09-30-2010
201002458443-Dimensional Imaging by Acoustic Warping and Defocusing - The present invention relates to a system for three-dimensional (3-D) acoustic imaging of a scattering structure using information from a two-dimensional (2-D) image. The system uses a characterized sensor array to emit a signal from the sensor array into an object of interest to generate at least one 2-D representation of the object of interest. The 2-D representation comprises a plurality of x and y coordinate pairs and at least one candidate scattering structure. The candidate scattering structure comprises a shape defined by at least one pair of x and y coordinates. The candidate scattering structure shape is restricted to at least one pair of x and y coordinates. The pair of x and y coordinates of the candidate scattering structure shape are then compared with a first coordinate-dependent response function to assign an x, y, and z position of a scattering structure in 3-D space.09-30-2010
20120314221LASER SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM - A laser surveillance system includes a housing positioned generally at or below a water line and a laser and detector mechanism positioned within the housing. The mechanism includes a laser source and a sensor. The laser source is configured to project a laser beam towards a vessel being inspected. The sensor is configured to receive a reflection of the laser beam.12-13-2012
20120127483THREAD FORM MEASUREMENT DEVICE - A thread form measurement device for measuring a threaded object includes two grip arms adjustably spaced apart from each other by a holding gap for holding the threaded object, and a support frame disposed to be movable uprightly relative to the grip arms and carry an illuminating unit and an image capturing unit that are spaced apart from each other such that a light path of a beam emitted from the illuminating unit is in alignment with the holding gap. The contour of an image captured in the image capturing unit is formed by a non-light-exposed area projected by a profile of the threaded object. By processing of a processing unit of a controller, quantitative information of the thread form of the threaded object can be obtained.05-24-2012
20120133953METHOD FOR OPTICALLY SCANNING AND MEASURING AN OBJECT - In a method for optically scanning and measuring an object by a laser scanner by a procedure in which a emission light beam modulated with a target frequency is emitted by means of a light emitter, a reception light beam reflected or otherwise scattered in some way from an object in the surroundings of the laser scanner is received, with a measuring clock, as a multiplicity of samples by means of a light receiver and in each case at least the distance from the object is determined from the phase angles of the multiplicity of samples for a plurality of measuring points by means of a control and evaluation device, for determining the distances, a phase shift caused by a distance difference of temporal adjacent samples is corrected in order to correct the distances.05-31-2012
20090059240INCORPORATING FILM OPTICAL PROPERTY MEASUREMENTS INTO SCATTEROMETRY METROLOGY - A method includes collecting optical data from an unpatterned region including a first process layer. At least one optical parameter of the first process layer is determined based on the optical data associated with the unpatterned region. Optical data is collected from a patterned region including a second process layer. At least one characteristic of the patterned region is determined based on the optical data associated with the patterned region and the at least one optical parameter.03-05-2009
20120314223OPTICAL THREAD PROFILER - An apparatus configured to measure at least one physical characteristic of an threaded surface (e.g., an internally threaded surface) of an object is provided. The apparatus uses optical triangulation to perform non-contact characterization of the threaded surface. The apparatus can be used to characterize various aspects of the threaded surface, including generating the measurements required to produce a longitudinal cross-sectional profile of the threaded surface.12-13-2012
20120314224METHOD AND IRRADIATING DEVICE FOR IRRADIATING CURVED SURFACES WITH NON-IONIZING RADIATION - The invention relates to a method for irradiating a surface of a three-dimensional object, wherein a field of micromirrors in the beam path of a radiation source modulates the radiation. In order to be able to image irregularly shaped fields even on curved surfaces with the highest possible edge sharpness and to be able to exactly radiate the spatial distribution of the radiation power even onto three-dimensional surfaces, the topography (shape of the surface) is detected and a pulse duty factor is calculated and set for each micromirror so that the power density incident on a planar element corresponds approximately to a target power density and the target dimensions of the radiation surface. An irradiating device (12-13-2012
20120176628APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR MEASURING DISPLACEMENT, METHOD OF MAKING DIE FOR MOLDING OPTICAL ELEMENT, AND OPTICAL ELEMENT - A beam splitter splits a laser beam emitted from a laser light source into a first laser beam that travels toward an object and a second laser beam. The second laser beam is received by a second photodetector. The second photodetector is positioned such that the light quantity of the second laser beam incident on the second photodetector is equal to that of the first laser beam incident on a first photodetector. A position calculator calculates displacement of the object relative to the laser light source on the basis of the difference between an output of the first photodetector and an output of the second photodetector.07-12-2012
20120314225BEAD INSPECTION METHOD, AND BEAD INSPECTION APPARATUS - A bead inspection step and a bead inspection apparatus that inspect the quality of a bead are disclosed . . . . The bead inspection apparatus includes a wire-feed-speed measurement device that measures the feed speed of a brazing wire, and an analysis portion that measures and analyzes position coordinate data about surfaces of a first, workpiece, a second workpiece and the bead, and performs a first shape data measurement step of. measuring first shape data before brazing, a second shape data measurement step of measuring second shape data after the brazing, a feature quantity calculation step of calculating predicted values of feature quantities based on the first and second shape data and the brazing wire feed speed, and a throat thickness calculation step of calculating a predicted value of the throat thickness by a regression expression formed based on actual measurements of the feature quantities and of the throat thickness.12-13-2012
20120188557Apparatus, optical assembly, method for inspection or measurement of an object and method for manufacturing a structure - An optical assembly for a system for inspecting or measuring of an object is provided that is configured to move as a unit with a system, as the system is pointed at a target, and eliminates the need for a large scanning (pointing) mirror that is moveable relative to other parts of the system. The optical assembly comprises catadioptric optics configured to fold the optical path of the pointing beam and measurement beam that are being directed through the outlet of the system, to compress the size of the optical assembly.07-26-2012
20090021750Method and Arrangement for a Rapid and Robust Chromatic Confocal 3D Measurement Technique - The invention relates to a chromatic confocal technique method and arrangement for the rapid three-dimensional measurement, in particular, of object shape, more particularly of a tooth in the jaw of a human being with an array of polychromatic point light sources, a planar detector matrix, arranged before means for lateral spectral separation and an objective for object illuminating and recording. According to the invention, spectral defined reference light bundles are generated also using components of the arrays of point light sources for chromatic calibration, wherein said reference light bundles are injected into the detection beam path via a reference bean path for chromatic lateral separation and then focused on the detector matrix as reference image points. Spectral reference points are calculated at the detector matrix positions and sub-matrices for spectral analysis of object light are digitally stored with pixel accuracy by means of the above positions which then serve for obtaining measurement points such that the detector matrix may be completely filled out with oblong sub-matrices, the planar array is arranged on the planar detector matrix rotated about an acute angle to the spectral axis, wherein the rotation is carried out about the optical axis (OA) of the arrangement, such that a connecting line of point light sources on projection thereof in the plane of the detector matrix includes an acute angle there with the spectral axis, the λ-axis.01-22-2009
20090021749HIGH THROUGHPUT ACROSS-WAFER-VARIATION MAPPING - A method for characterizing a surface of a sample object, the method including dividing the surface into pixels which are characterized by a parameter variation, and defining blocks of the surface as respective groups of the pixels. The method further includes irradiating the pixels in multiple scans over the surface with radiation having different, respective types of polarization, and detecting returning radiation from the pixels in response to each of the scans. For each scan, respective block signatures of the blocks are constructed, in response to the returning radiation from the group of pixels in each block. Also for each scan, a block signature variation using the respective block signatures of the blocks is determined. In response to the block signature variation, one or more of the types of polarization for use in subsequent examination of a test object are selected.01-22-2009
20090021751Device and Method for Optical Measurement of Grains From Cereals and Like Crops01-22-2009
20120262725SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR TRACKING LUMBER IN A SAWMILL - At least one geometric characteristic for each of a number of pieces of lumber is determined. Each of the pieces of lumber may then be logically associated with at least one of a log or a cant from which the piece of lumber was sawn.10-18-2012
20120262724SHAPE MEASUREMENT DEVICE - Disclosed is a shape measurement device which scans a surface of a work by a probe in a noncontact manner and measures a surface shape of the work. The probe includes: a light irradiation unit which irradiates linear light onto the work; and an imaging unit which images reflected light of the light irradiated from the light irradiation unit, the reflected light being reflected by the work. The imaging unit includes: an imaging element which images an image of the work; an image-forming lens which forms the image of the reflected light being reflected by the work on an imaging plane of the imaging element; and a lens exchange unit which makes the image-forming lens exchangeable.10-18-2012
20100328678SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR THREE DIMENSIONAL RECONSTRUCTION OF AN ANATOMICAL IMPRESSION - A system and method reconstruct an anatomical impression. The system contains a light signal generating device for generating a light signal directed toward a synthetic test body having the anatomical impression. The light signal is directed toward the synthetic test body such that the light signal is attenuated upon passing through the synthetic test body. A sensor captures the attenuated light signal through the synthetic test body and converts the captured attenuated light signal into digitized image information. The system further includes a digital reconstruction device for reconstructing the digitized image information based on measurement of light attenuation to generate a three-dimensional volume of the anatomical impression.12-30-2010
20080259354Single-lens, single-aperture, single-sensor 3-D imaging device - A device and method for three-dimensional (3-D) imaging using a defocusing technique is disclosed. The device comprises a lens having a substantially oblong aperture, a sensor operable for capturing light transmitted from an object through the lens and the substantially oblong aperture, and a processor communicatively connected with the sensor for processing the sensor information and producing a 3-D image of the object. The aperture may have an asymmetrical shape for distinguishing objects in front of versus in back of the focal plane. The aperture may also be rotatable, where the orientation of the observed pattern relative to the oblong aperture is varied with time thereby removing the ambiguity generated by image overlap. The disclosed device further comprises a light projection system configured to project a predetermined pattern onto a surface of the desired object thereby allowing for mapping of unmarked surfaces in three dimensions.10-23-2008
20110216327LENS SHAPE MEASUREMENT DEVICE - A relationship between a rim shape and a position of a mounting hole is obtained based on a detection signal from the second position detector (09-08-2011
20120086950SHAPE MEASURING APPARATUS AND SHAPE MEASURING METHOD - A shape measuring apparatus that measures a three-dimensional shape of a measuring target has a lighting device that irradiates the measuring target placed on a stage with light, an imaging device that takes an image of the measuring target, a shape calculating device that calculates orientations of normals at a plurality of points on a surface of the measuring target from an image, the image being obtained by performing imaging with the imaging device while the lighting device irradiates the measuring target with the light, the shape calculating device calculating the three-dimensional shape of the surface of the measuring target from the calculation result of the orientations of the normals, a ranging device that measures a distance from a predetermined reference position with respect to at least one point on the surface of the measuring target, and a determination device that determines a spatial position of the three-dimensional shape of the surface of the measuring target, the three-dimensional shape being obtained by the shape calculating device using information on the distance obtained by the ranging device.04-12-2012
20120327426INFLATABLE MEMBRANE HAVING NON-UNIFORM INFLATION CHARACTERISTIC - Various improvements to inflatable membranes are disclosed. These improvements include techniques for advantageously controlling the inflation of a membrane within a cavity, such as a human ear canal.12-27-2012
20120327427INFLATABLE MEMBRANE WITH HAZARD MITIGATION - Various improvements to inflatable membranes are disclosed. These improvements include, among other things, features on the membrane that can mitigate hazards such as bubble formation or frictional damage during inflation of the membrane.12-27-2012
20120092678METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR COLOUR IMAGING A THREE-DIMENSIONAL STRUCTURE - Provided is a device for determining the surface topology and associated color of a structure, such as a teeth segment, including a scanner for providing depth data for points along a two-dimensional array substantially orthogonal to the depth direction, and an image acquisition means for providing color data for each of the points of the array, while the spatial disposition of the device with respect to the structure is maintained substantially unchanged. A processor combines the color data and depth data for each point in the array, thereby providing a three-dimensional color virtual model of the surface of the structure. A corresponding method for determining the surface topology and associated color of a structure is also provided.04-19-2012
20120243004Method and Apparatus for Determining Structure Parameters of Microstructures - A method of determining a structure parameter of a target. Illuminating a first region of the target with a first beam and measuring a diffraction pattern. Shifting the position between the target and the projection system to offset a second region to be illuminated from the first region. Illuminating the second region and measuring a diffraction pattern. Retrieving phase information from the measured first and second diffraction patterns. Modeling the target using an estimated structure parameter to calculate a modeled diffraction pattern and modeled phase information. Determining the structure parameter of the target by comparing the measured diffraction patterns and the retrieved phase to the calculated modeled diffraction intensity pattern and the modeled phase information.09-27-2012
20080231864Method for Measuring Center of Rotation of a Nozzle of a Pick and Place Machine Using a Collimated Laser Beam - A method of measuring and storing a center of rotation of a nozzle in a pick and place machine is provided. The method includes coupling an artifact to the nozzle. A substantially collimated laser beam is directed at the artifact, which is rotated while the collimated laser beam is energized. Edges of a shadow cast by the rotating artifact are detected and used to calculate error of a coordinate of the center of rotation of the nozzle. A coordinate of the center of rotation of the nozzle is calculated based upon a previous coordinate of the center of rotation and the error. The calculated coordinate of the center of rotation is stored for subsequent measurements.09-25-2008
20080231863Automated process control using optical metrology with a photonic nanojet - A fabrication cluster can be controlled using optical metrology. A fabrication process is performed on a wafer using a fabrication cluster. A photonic nanojet, an optical intensity pattern induced at a shadow-side surface of a dielectric microsphere, is generated. An inspection area on the wafer is scanned with the photonic nanojet. A measurement is obtained of the retroreflected light from the dielectric microsphere as the photonic nanojet scans the inspection area. The existence of a structure in the inspection area is determined with the obtained measurement of the retroreflected light. One or more process parameters of the fabrication cluster is adjusted based on the determination of the existence of the structure in the inspection area.09-25-2008
20080225302METHOD OF INSPECTING A BODY HAVING FINE-GAP GROOVES AND METHOD OF REPAIRING THE BODY - A molding die has through holes composed of feed holes and slit grooves for producing honeycomb structure bodies. The slit groove is formed in at least a part of each through hole. In a method of inspecting the molding die, a light is irradiated into the feed holes side to pass through the through holes. A camera is disposed at the slit groove formation side of the molding die to photograph the amount of light output from the slit groove side. A difference in intensity of the amount of light output from the slit grooves is calculated in order to detect at least the presence of a defective slit groove having an abnormal part. In another method of repairing the defective slit groove, a modifier made of abrasive grains and clay mother material is forcedly provided into the defective slit groove in order to repair or remove the abnormal part.09-18-2008
20130141734PROFILE MEASURING APPARATUS, STRUCTURE MANUFACTURING SYSTEM, METHOD FOR MEASURING PROFILE, METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING STRUCTURE, AND NON-TRANSITORY COMPUTER READABLE MEDIUM - There is provided a form measuring apparatus including; an imager configured to take an image of a object, an irradiator configured to irradiate a measurement light from a projection direction different from the direction along which the imager performs imaging to form a predetermined light amount distribution on the object, a reference light generator configured to generate a reference light to irradiate the object, and a detector configured to detect a target area for form measurement of the object based on a pickup image taken by the imager as the reference light is irradiated on the object.06-06-2013
20080218767Inspection method and apparatus, lithographic apparatus, lithographic processing cell and device manufacturing method, substrate for use in the methods - An overlay marker for use with a scatterometer includes two overlying two-dimensional gratings. The two gratings have the same pitch but the upper grating has a lower duty ratio. Cross-talk between X and Y overlay measurements can therefore be avoided. The gratings may be directly overlying or off set so as to be interleaved in one or two directions.09-11-2008
20130169974METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DETECTING SHAPE OF STRIP-SHAPED MEMBER AND TWO-DIMENSIONAL DISPLACEMENT SENSOR - A two-dimensional displacement sensor includes first and second laser units that emit first laser light incident on the surface of the strip-shaped member from a direction intersecting the thickness direction of the strip-shaped member and second laser light incident on the surface of the strip-shaped member from a direction parallel to the thickness direction of the strip-shaped member, a camera that has a light receiving element for receiving light reflected from the surface of the strip-shaped member and measures the amount of displacement of the surface of the strip-shaped member from the reflected light receiving position detected by the light receiving element, an optical element for focusing the reflected light on the light receiving element, and a switching member for switching the laser light to be incident on the surface of the strip-shaped member between the first laser light and the second laser light.07-04-2013
20130128281METHOD FOR DETECTING THE SHAPE AND/OR DIMENSIONS OF A WHEEL ON VEHICLE REPAIR WORKSHOP MACHINES OR THE LIKE - The method (M) for detecting the shape and/or dimensions of a wheel (05-23-2013
20130128280METHOD FOR MEASURING THREE-DIMENSION SHAPE OF TARGET OBJECT - A method of measuring a 3D shape, which can measure a 3D shape of target objects on a board by searching a database for bare board information when a measuring object is not set to a normal inspection mode or by performing bare board teaching when the board is supplied from a supplier having not the bare board information is provided. The method of measuring a 3D shape includes operation S05-23-2013
20130128279MONITORING APPARATUS FOR A GROUND PROCESSING MACHINE - The present invention relates to a monitoring apparatus for a ground processing machine, especially a ground milling machine, with the ground processing machine comprising at least one processing device for mechanically processing a ground surface and/or for applying a ground cover layer, comprising: at least one detection device for contactless detection at least in sections of a condition of the ground surface and/or the ground cover layer as produced by the processing device, and an evaluation device for the automated evaluation of the condition detected by the detection device.05-23-2013
20130201487DEVICE FOR OPTICALLY SCANNING AND MEASURING AN ENVIRONMENT - A device for optically scanning and measuring an environment is designed as a laser scanner having a light emitter that emits an emission light beam and a light receiver that receives a reception light beam which is reflected from an object in the environment of the laser scanner. The laser scanner also includes a control and evaluation unit which, for a multitude of measuring points, determines at least the distance to the object. The spot of the emission light beam temporarily moves along a prism of the laser scanner, the prism having at least two different brightness levels and/or colors.08-08-2013
20130148130PROCESS CONTROL USING RAY TRACING-BASED LIBRARIES AND MACHINE LEARNING SYSTEMS - Provided is a method for controlling a fabrication cluster comprising an optical metrology tool and an optical metrology model including a profile model of a sample structure, the optical metrology tool having an illumination beam, the illumination beam having a range of angles of incidence and azimuth angles. A library comprising Jones and/or Mueller matrices and/or components (JMMOC) and corresponding profile parameters is generated using ray tracing and a selected range of beam propagation parameters and can be used to train a machine learning system (MLS). A regenerated simulated diffraction signal is obtained with a regenerated JMMOC using the library or MLS, integrated for all the rays of the optical metrology model. One or more profile parameters are determined from the best match regenerated simulated diffraction signal. At least one process parameter of the fabrication cluster is adjusted based on the determined one or more profile parameters.06-13-2013
20100309482SURFACE SHAPE MEASUREMENT APPARATUS AND METHOD - The measurement accuracy of an apparatus for measuring the surface shape of an object utilizing a two-wavelength phase-shift interferometry is improved. A low-coherence light source, a plurality of wavelength filters with different transmission wavelengths, an angle control unit and an analysis unit are provided. When performing a two-wavelength phase shift method, the analysis unit detects the wavelength difference between two wavelengths, and corrects a calculated wavelength value and a calculated phase value of one of the wavelengths for preventing a fringe-order calculation error. Next, the angle of the wavelength filters is controlled for making the actual wavelength difference coincident with a designed value. Thus, the wavelength difference between the two wavelengths is continuously controlled to be constant, which enables measurements of surface shapes with high accuracy, even when there are wavelength fluctuations due to the temperature change or the time elapse.12-09-2010
20120281239SIX AXIS MOTION CONTROL APPARATUS - A motion control apparatus for measuring and scanning an object. The motion control apparatus includes a base. The motion control apparatus also includes an object support assembly that is coupled to the base. The object support assembly receives the object to be scanned and measured. The motion control apparatus includes a scanner track that extends above from the base. The scanner and object are moveable about multiple axes to position to the scanner with respect to the object for viewing the object by the scanner for obtaining measurements of the object.11-08-2012
20110279825METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR IMAGING THREE-DIMENSIONAL STRUCTURE - An apparatus for determining surface topology of a portion of a three-dimensional structure is provided, that includes a probing member, an illumination unit, a light focusing optics, a translation mechanism, a detector and a processor.11-17-2011
20130208286METHOD OF MEASUREMENT AND APPARATUS - In the machine tool (08-15-2013

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