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Displacement or distance

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356 - Optics: measuring and testing


356496000 - For dimensional measurement

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356499000 Having wavefront division (e.g., by diffraction) 25
356500000 X-Y and/or Z table 20
356502000 Surface displacement due to acoustic wave propagation) 11
356501000 Of probe head (e.g., atomic force microscope) 3
20100149545Apparatus and Method for Measuring Deformation of a Cantilever Using Interferometry - Apparatus and method for measuring the deformation of a tethered or untethered cantilever by projecting a radiation beam onto the cantilever, detecting an interference pattern reflected from or transmitted through the cantilever, and calculating the deformation of the cantilever by measuring the intensity variation within at least a portion of the interference pattern.06-17-2010
20090168073CANTILEVER SENSOR SYSTEM AND PROFILERS AND BIOSENSORS USING THE SAME - The present invention relates to a cantilever sensor system and profilers as well as biosensors using the same. The cantilever sensor system comprises: an interferometric lens module; a cantilever module; and an imaging device. The interferometric lens module further comprises: a light source; a light splitting unit; and an interferometric lens; wherein a light beam emitted from the light source is projected to the cantilever module through the light splitting unit and the interferometric lens where it is reflected back to the light splitting unit so as to interfere with the reference light beam from the reference mirror. The imaging device is used for capturing interferograms caused by the interference between the light beam of the light source and the reflected beam thereof. The aforesaid system is able to monitor the cantilever module and other objects in the neighborhood of the same simultaneously, and thus detecting the deflection of the cantilever module, which is easy and convenient to be adapted for profilers and biosensors.07-02-2009
20090021747Shape measuring apparatus - A shape measuring apparatus includes a probe for scanning across a surface to be measured, while vibrating up and down; a minute-vibration generation section for vibrating the probe up and down; a vertical movement control section for moving the probe up and down to keep a constant contact force or a constant distance between the surface to be measured and the probe; a scanning section for scanning the surface to be measured with the probe; a displacement sensor for measuring the vertical displacement of the probe and outputting a probe displacement signal; and a signal processing section for obtaining information about the contact force or the distance between the surface to be measured and the probe from a high-frequency component of the probe displacement signal, and for obtaining information about profile of the surface to be measured from a low-frequency component of the signal obtained when the surface to be measured is scanned such that the distance or the contact force is kept constant.01-22-2009
20100073683REFLECTIVE PHOTOELECTRIC SENSOR AND OBJECT DETECTING METHOD - To reduce the probability of incorrect determination to detect an object reliably. A reflective photoelectric sensor is provided with: a light projecting device for emitting light; a light receiving device for receiving the optical feedback of the light that is emitted from the light projecting device; a determining portion for determining whether or not an object exists in the direction in which the light is emitted from the light projecting device, based on the optical feedback; and a reflection preventing plate of a moth-eye structure, disposed at a position that is on the optical path of the light that is emitted from the light projecting device at a position that is more distant than the location wherein the object is anticipated to appear.03-25-2010
20130070256MEASURING APPARATUS - A measuring apparatus includes a light source unit configured to continuously scan wavelengths of a plurality of types of beams at different speeds in a plurality of discrete wavelength scanning ranges, a beam synthesizer, an interferometer unit configured to detect as an interference signal an interference fringe formed by a reference beam reflected on a reference surface and a target beam reflected on a target surface, and a processor configured to determine the absolute distance based upon the interference signal detected by the interferometer unit. The interferometer unit includes a single optical detector. The processor obtains the absolute distance for each of the plurality of types of beams through a frequency analysis of a synthesized interference signal, and outputs one absolute distance by operating a plurality of absolute distances that have been obtained.03-21-2013
20130088723SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR SUPPRESSING COHERENT STRUCTURED ILLUMINATION ARTIFACTS - Methods and systems are provided for suppressing speckle and/or diffraction artifacts in coherent structured illumination sensing systems. A coherent radiation pattern forms an interference pattern at an illumination image plane and illuminates an object. Radiation scattered or otherwise emitted by the object is detected to produce a signal, which is integrated in time. Coherent artifact suppression is attained by using a spatial modulator, such as an acousto-optic device, to vary a phase gradient at the illumination image plane during the signal integration time. Various embodiments are provided for purposes including without limitation: preserving the depth of field of the coherent illumination; using the same acousto-optic device for pattern generation and coherent artifact suppression; electronically controlling the effective spatial coherence of the illumination system; and reducing errors due to coherent artifacts in a laser-based three dimensional imaging system.04-11-2013
20130057872Device for Determining Distance Interferometrically - A device for interferometrically determining the distance between two plates disposed substantially in parallel, includes a light source, beam-splitter element(s), reflector element(s), deflection elements, retroreflectors, and a detection unit. A beam of rays emitted by the light source falls on the first plate and splits into a reflected reference beam of rays and a transmitted measuring beam of rays. The measuring beam strikes a reflector on the second plate and undergoes a first reflection back toward the first plate. The reference beam traverses a first deflection element, and the measuring beam traverses a second deflection element. Both beams pass through a retroreflector. The reference beam is reflected at the first plate, and the measuring beam undergoes a second reflection at a reflector of the second plate, so that both beams propagate collinearly interferingly toward the detection unit, where a plurality of phase-shifted distance signals are generated.03-07-2013
20090257067Dynamic Air Turbulence Compensation for Laser Measurement Apparatus - Measurement apparatus comprising a laser measuring system an acoustic system is described. The apparatus provides a feedback control signal that can be used in the feedback control system of an associated machine. To allow real time, dynamic, operation the laser measurements are compensated using a compensation value derived from a plurality of laser measurements and at least one acoustic time of flight value.10-15-2009
20110013196MEASUREMENT APPARATUS AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING OPTICAL SYSTEM - The present invention provides a measurement apparatus which measures a wavefront of light traveling from a member to be measured, the apparatus including a first reference surface, a second reference surface configured to function as a reference surface for the first reference surface, an optical system configured to form a first interference pattern of light traveling from the member to be measured and light traveling from the first reference surface, and a second interference pattern of light traveling from the first reference surface and light traveling from the second reference surface, a detection unit configured to detect the first interference pattern and the second interference pattern, respectively, and a calculation unit configured to calculate a wavefront of light traveling from the member to be measured based on the first interference pattern and the second interference pattern detected by the detection unit.01-20-2011
20090268211Optical Interferometric Sensor - Embodiments of environmental stimulus sensors comprising multiple sources and detectors for interrogating one or more optically resonant cavities that are responsive to one or more environmental stimuli are disclosed. Such sensors have, among other advantages, improved immunity to source and/or detector noise.10-29-2009
20090046297Atmosphere-density-fluctuation monitors for interferometer beams, and atmosphere-supplying systems comprising same - Systems are disclosed for providing a controlled atmosphere. In an exemplary system an atmosphere-release device delivers a flow of the atmosphere to a propagation pathway. A density-fluctuation monitor includes multiple interferometer beams propagating in a direction in the pathway. The number of beams is sufficient for determining position of a member along the direction and for producing a mutual signal fluctuation that is a function of atmosphere-density fluctuations in the beams in the pathway. A controller coupled to the density-fluctuation monitor receives respective signals from the interferometers, determines the mutual signal fluctuation from the interferometer signals, and produces respective control commands from the mutual signal fluctuation. A treatment device coupled to the atmosphere-release device receives the control commands from the controller and changes, based on the control commands, at least one parameter of the atmosphere being delivered by the treatment device to the atmosphere-release device.02-19-2009
20120113434MEASUREMENT APPARATUS - A measurement apparatus which measures a distance between a reference surface and a test surface, comprises a light source unit including a plurality of light sources each corresponding to one of a plurality of wavelength scanning ranges and each continuously scans a wavelength of generated light in the corresponding wavelength scanning range, an interferometer unit which splits light emitted by each of the plurality of light sources into reference light and test light, and detects, as an interference signal, an interference fringe formed by the reference light and the test light, and a processor which determines a slope of a phase of the interference signal with respect to wave number of the light based on the interference signal detected by the interferometer unit for each of the plurality of wavelength scanning ranges, and determines the distance from the slope of the phase.05-10-2012
20120099114Optical Interferometric Sensor - Embodiments of environmental stimulus sensors comprising multiple sources and detectors for interrogating one or more optically resonant cavities that are responsive to one or more environmental stimuli are disclosed. Such sensors have, among other advantages, improved immunity to source and/or detector noise.04-26-2012
20110299093INTERFEROMETER - An interferometer measures a displacement of an object to be measured by observing a fluctuation in intensity of interfering light generated by dividing light emitted from a light source into two light beams and overlaying the two light beams. The interferometer includes: a light-receiving unit including a light-receiving area including a plurality of partial areas and configured to detect the interfering light in each of the plurality of partial areas; and a processing unit configured to calculate a value of an index indicating uniformity of a phase distribution of the interfering light in the light-receiving area by using a detection result in each of the partial areas.12-08-2011
20110299092Imaging Optical System for Producing Control Information Regarding Lateral Movement of An Image Plane or An Object Plane - A new and useful concept is provided by which control information for an imaging optical system such as a lithographic imaging optical system can be generated. A system and method are disclosed that are designed to detect changes in the lateral position of an image plane or object plane in an imaging optical system, particularly a lithographic imaging optical system.12-08-2011
20110292404METHOD FOR MACHINE MEASUREMENT - A method for machine measurement for an NC processing machine is provided. The processing machine has a machine head, for example, a fork head and an associated mechanical and electrical spindle changing interface for holding a motor spindle. A laser interferometer with a beam generator and a beam detector is also provided and at least one measurement optic which interacts with the laser interferometer, for example, in the form of a reflector, and laser interference measurements, which are directed at a measurement optic, in particular distance measurements, carried out for machine measurement. The laser interferometer has an interface which corresponds to the spindle changing interface, and the laser interferometer is substituted for the motor spindle via the spindle changing interface for machine measurement, and is aligned by means of the machine axes for the laser interference measurements.12-01-2011
20110141480POSITION-MEASURING DEVICE - A position-measuring device, for ascertaining the position of two objects which are disposed in a manner allowing movement relative to each other in at least one measuring direction, includes a light source, as well as a splitting device by which a light beam, provided by the light source, is split into two or more partial beams of rays. The partial beams of rays traverse at least two partial-beam paths. Interfering partial beams of rays from the partial-beam paths strike a plurality of opto-electronic detector elements, so that displacement-dependent position signals are ascertainable via the detector elements. The light source takes the form of a semiconductor laser having a fiber-grating feedback device.06-16-2011
20110292403INTERFEROMETRIC DISTANCE MEASURING METHOD WITH SPECTRALLY SEPARABLE DOUBLE CHIRP AND DEVICE - In a distance-measuring method, chirped laser radiation with two separable radiation components is emitted to at least one target to be surveyed and via a local oscillator path, the radiation components having an opposite chirp as a time dependency of the modulated wavelengths (λ12-01-2011
20110007322METHOD AND ARRANGEMENT FOR DISPLACEMENT - A method and apparatus operable for displacing an image, which is transmitted by electromagnetic radiation, perpendicular to the direction of radiation by use of a rotatably disposed radiation-refracting body, located in the path of an imaging beam, having a refractive index that differs from the surrounding medium with regard to the radiation used. The method allows for precise image displacement. The rotation of the radiation-refracting body causing the displacement is measured, and the change of the optical path length caused by the angular change in a further electromagnetic beam utilized for the measurement is determined by evaluating the superimposition of the radiation reflected by a planar reflecting surface with the incident electromagnetic radiation. Part of the electromagnetic measurement beam, which is reflected on the surface of the radiation-refracting body, strikes a measurement unit, which supplies an electrical signal as a function of the incident position of the electromagnetic radiation.01-13-2011
20110216326LIGHTWAVE INTERFERENCE MEASUREMENT APPARATUS USED TO MEASURE OPTICAL PATH LENGTH OR DISTANCE - A lightwave interference measurement apparatus includes a phase detector configured to detect a phase of a signal of an interference between light from a distance-measurement light source and reflected on a reference surface and light from the distance-measurement light source and reflected on a target surface, an intensity detector configured to detect an intensity of light from a non-distance-measurement light source having a wavelength different from that of the distance-measurement light source and reflected on the reference surface and an intensity of light from the non-distance-measurement light source and reflected on the target surface, and an analyzer configured to calculate a geometric distance based on an optical path length calculated from the phase and a wavelength of the distance-measurement light source, and an average value of a vapor pressure distribution between the target surface and the reference surface calculated from intensity information of the light from the non-distance-measurement light source.09-08-2011
20090310142Position measurement system - A position measurement system for measuring positional coordinates of a point under measurement includes a first noise removal unit, a parameter determination unit and a second noise removal unit. The first noise removal unit removes noise from the measured positional coordinates to acquire first positional coordinate values. The parameter determination unit determines a noise removal parameter on a basis of the first positional coordinate values. The second noise removal unit again removes noise from the first positional coordinate values with using the noise removal parameter, to acquire second positional coordinate values.12-17-2009
20080273209SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR HIGH-PRECISION LENGTH MEASUREMENT - Provided are systems and methods for performing high-precision length measurement. One such system includes: an optical receiver, configure to receive a reflected optical pulse from a target; an optical combiner, configured to generate a combined optical pulse using the reflected optical pulse and a reference optical pulse; and a signal analyzer configured to determine a distance to the target using a depth of modulation value of the combined signal. A method as disclosed herein includes the steps of determining a first length component of a combined optical signal using a depth of modulation value and determining a second length component of the combined optical signal using a modulation period value.11-06-2008
20090284750INTERFEROMETER - An interferometer of the present invention includes a PBS11-19-2009
20110170116EFPI SENSOR - An apparatus for estimating a property, the apparatus includes: a hollow core tube having a first opening and a second opening; a first optical waveguide disposed within the first opening; and a second optical waveguide disposed within the second opening and spaced a distance from the first optical waveguide, the distance being related to the property; wherein a portion of at least one of the optical waveguides within the tube is perimetrically isolated from the tube.07-14-2011
20090103104OPTICAL LENS SYSTEM AND POSTION MEASUREMENT SYSTEM USING THE SAME - An optical lens system includes a lens surface capable of forming concentric interference patterns on an object as if light emitted from a single light source were virtually emitted from two or more light sources within a plane containing an optical axis of the single light source.04-23-2009
20080278731COMPOSITE SENSOR MEMBRANE - A sensor may include a membrane to deflect in response to a change in surface stress, where a layer on the membrane is to couple one or more probe molecules with the membrane. The membrane may deflect when a target molecule reacts with one or more probe molecules.11-13-2008
20080316496Method and Apparatus For Studying Surface Vibrations by Moving Speckle Interferometer - A method of studying a surface using an interferometer, in which there is relative motion between the surface and the interferometer, the motion having a total velocity V12-25-2008
20090128828Device for measuring the position of at least one structure on a substrate - A device for measuring the position of at least one structure on a substrate is disclosed. The substrate to be measured is positioned in a mirror body. A flat insert is provided in the mirror body and is formed such that the substrate and the insert together always have the same optical thickness, irrespective of the mechanical thickness of the substrate.05-21-2009
20130120759APPARATUS FOR MEASURING A DISTANCE - The invention relates to an apparatus for measuring a distance. A self-mixing interference (SMI) unit (05-16-2013
20080316497TRACKING TYPE LASER INTERFEROMETER AND METHOD FOR RESETTING THE SAME - A tracking type laser interferometer that detects displacement of a retroreflector 12-25-2008
20090116034INTERFEROMETER - An interferometer includes a laser beam source, a light wave dividing and synthesizing portion for 2-demultiplexing and irradiating a laser beam irradiated from the laser beam source on a measuring target and synthesizing a light having each displacement information, a multiphase interference light generating portion for generating, from a synthesized laser beam, a first interference light having a first phase, a second interference light having a second phase which is different from the first phase by 180 degrees, a third interference light having a third phase which is different from the first phase by 90 degrees, and a fourth interference light having a fourth phase which is different from the first phase by 270 degrees, a 3-phase signal generating portion for generating a 3-phase signal having a phase difference of 90 degrees on the basis of first to fourth interference signals based on the first to fourth interference lights, and a 2-phase signal generating portion for carrying out a vector synthesis over the 3-phase signal having a phase difference of 90 degrees, thereby generating a 2-phase signal having a phase difference of 90 degrees.05-07-2009
20100014097ALGORITHM CORRECTING FOR CORRECTION OF INTERFEROMETER FLUCTUATION - An exemplary interferometer system includes an interferometer producing data from at least one interferometer beam. A source of gently flowing gas or gas mixture (atmosphere) produces a gas flow substantially normal to the beam pathway. A perturbation source (e.g., resistance heater) upstream of the beam pathway produces, in a repetitively pulsed manner, perturbed loci in the flowing atmosphere in selected locations upstream of the beam pathway. The perturbed loci flow to the interferometer beam(s). Data from the interferometer are received by a processor programmed with an algorithm that calculates, based on the data obtained during a perturbation pulse, the effect of the perturbed loci on the at least one interferometer beam as the loci pass through the interferometer beam. The processor also updates the algorithm based on data obtained from the interferometer during a subsequent perturbation pulse, compared to a previous perturbation pulse.01-21-2010
20100182611DISPLACEMENT MEASURING APPARATUS AND DISPLACEMENT MEASURING METHOD - A displacement measuring apparatus 07-22-2010
20100182610OPTICAL TOMOGRAPHIC IMAGING APPARATUS - In an optical tomographic imaging apparatus in which a tomographic image is acquired using an interference light between a return beam of a first measuring beam and a first reference beam traveling on a beam path having first beam path length changing unit thereon, an optical interferometer detects movement of the inspection object by using an interference light between a return beam of a second measuring beam from a movement detection position and a second reference beam traveling on a beam path having second beam path length changing unit thereon; and positional misplacement correcting unit changes the beam path length of the first reference beam based on the moving amount detected by the optical interferometer, wherein the beam path lengths of the two reference beams can be changed by a mechanism, thus further reducing deformation of an acquired image in an eye ball depth direction caused by a back and forth motion.07-22-2010
20100195112INTERFEROMETER WITH SCAN MOTION DETECTION - An apparatus includes an interferometer configured to generate an interference pattern by combining test light from a test object with reference light reflected from a reference object, the interferometer being further configured to direct at least a first part of a monitor test beam to the test object at a first incident angle and at least a second part of a monitor reference beam to the reference object at a second incident angle, and recombine the first part and the second part of the monitor beams after they reflect from the test and reference surfaces to interfere with one another and form a monitor pattern, where the first and second angles cause the monitor pattern to have spatial interference fringes, and wherein a change in the position of the interference fringes is indicative of a change in a relative position between the test and reference objects.08-05-2010
20090040528POSITIONING APPARATUS, EXPOSURE APPARATUS, AND DEVICE MANUFACTURING METHOD - A positioning apparatus comprises a first measuring device measuring a position of the stage in a first measuring range, a second measuring device measuring a position of the stage in a second measuring range having an overlapping range overlapping the first measuring range, a third measuring device measuring a position of the stage in the overlapping range, and a controller controlling the first measuring device to take over the measurement value obtained by the second measuring device in the overlapping range in moving the stage from the second measuring range to the first measuring range, thereby switching from measurement by the second measuring device to measurement by the first measuring device. The controller performs correction processing based on the measurement by the third measuring device so as to reduce an error of the measurement value obtained by the first measuring device after the switching.02-12-2009
20090073457Method and its apparatus for measuring displacement of a specimen - In measuring the displacement of an object using the phase-shifting light interference, since three beam splitters were used for generating the four phase-shifting optical paths, an interferometer was increased in size, whereby the application objects were limited. Also, to solve an essential problem that if there is a disturbance such as a temperature distribution, a humidity distribution, an air pressure distribution, a density distribution or an air flow change on the phase-shifting optical paths, a measurement error occurs, the four phase-shifting optical paths are produced spatially in parallel by combining a four division prism with a photonic crystal λ/4 element and a photonic crystal polarizing element arranged like an array, constructing a small light interference displacement sensor in the invention, whereby the application objects are expanded, and the microscopic displacement or surface roughness of the object can be measured at a resolution of sub nanometer or less and with high reproducibility without influence of the disturbance.03-19-2009
20110032534SYSTEM AND A METHOD FOR BROADBAND INTERFEROMETRY - A method and a system for determining a depth of a space, the system includes: a scanner for scanning, by a single broadband light beam, the structural element and the area of the surface of the object, wherein the area at least partially surrounds the structural element; a sensor for detecting interference patterns generated when the single broadband light beam concurrently illuminates a portion of the area and at least a portion of the structural element; and an analyzer for analyzing the interference patterns to determine the height difference between the area and the structural element.02-10-2011
20100277744METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR RESONANT FREQUENCY IDENTIFICATION THROUGH OUT-OF-PLANE DISPLACEMENT DETECTION - A method for out-of-plane displacement detection is disclosed. The out-of-plane displacement is detected by analyzing all the fringe density indexes calculated using the frequency-domain information extracted from a series of interference images of the sample vibrating at different frequencies. The present invention further discloses a method and an apparatus for resonant frequency identification by detecting the peak value of all the fringe indexes calculated at different scanning frequencies. With the identified resonant frequency, the full-field vibratory surface profile of the sample in various resonance modes can be reconstructed.11-04-2010
20100315650SPECTRALLY CONTROLLABLE LIGHT SOURCES IN INTERFEROMETRY - The time delay (and therefore the OPD) between object and reference beams in an interferometer is manipulated by changing the spectral properties of the source. The spectral distribution is tuned to produce a modulation peak at a value of OPD equal to the optical distance between the object and reference arms of a Fizeau interferometer, thereby enabling the use of its common-axis configuration to carry out white-light measurements free of coherence noise. Unwanted interferences from other reflections in the optical path are also removed by illuminating the object with appropriate spectral characteristics. OPD scanning is implemented without mechanical means by altering the source spectrum over time so as to shift the peak location by a predetermined scanning step between acquisition frames. Finally, the spectrum is controlled on a pixel-by-pixel basis to create a virtual surface that matches the profile of a particular sample surface.12-16-2010
20100328675OPTICAL MEASURING ELEMENT HAVING A SINGLE-PIECE STRUCTURE - An optical measuring element measures forces in at least one direction. The measuring element has a single-piece structure. There is an outside wall with notches introduced therein. Each notch defines parallel edges, and the notches define more or less elastically flexible zones in the structure and constitute the only connection between a first region and a second region of the structure. For optical distance measurements between the two regions of the structure, one or more optical fibers are each attached with one end thereof to a region of the structure such that reflective surfaces are located close to the ends. The reflective surfaces are firmly connected to another region. The optical fibers are disposed on the outside wall.12-30-2010
20090033945METHOD AND MEASURING DEVICE FOR MEASURING AN ABSOLUTE DISTANCE - In a method and a measuring device (02-05-2009
20100134803LASER SENSOR FOR SELF-MIXING INTERFEROMETRY WITH INCREASED DETECTION RANGE - The present invention relates to a laser sensor for self-mixing interferometry. The laser sensor comprises at least one semiconductor laser light source emitting laser radiation and at least one photodetector (06-03-2010
20100110444MEASUREMENT APPARATUS - The present invention provides a measurement apparatus which measures a distance between a reference surface fixed on a fiducial surface and a test surface located on a test object, the apparatus including an optical frequency comb generation unit configured to generate a light beam with a plurality of optical frequency components, which have equal optical frequency separations therebetween, a detection unit configured to, for at least two of the plurality of optical frequency components, detect an interference signal between a light beam reflected by the reference surface and a light beam reflected by the test surface to detect a phase corresponding to an optical path length between the reference surface and the test surface, and a calculation unit configured to calculate a geometric distance between the reference surface and the test surface based on the phases detected by the detection unit.05-06-2010
20110063622OPTICAL ENCODER FOR OBTAINING DISPLACEMENT INFORMATION OF OBJECT - An optical encoder includes a light source 03-17-2011
20120044500OPTICAL INTERFEROMETER - An optical interferometer including, an analyzer configured to calculate an air dispersion ratio of air in the dispersion measurement interferometer excluding the component gas on the basis of a detection result of a first partial pressure detector, to calculate dispersion of air in a distance measurement interferometer from the calculated air dispersion ratio and a detection result of a second partial pressure detector, and to calculate a geometrical distance of the optical path length difference between a reference surface and a target surface.02-23-2012
20120002214OPTICAL TOMOGRAPHIC IMAGING APPARATUS AND CONTROL METHOD THEREFOR - There are provided an optical tomographic imaging apparatus which detects an amount of movement of an object during imaging to reduce a deformation or a displacement in a depth direction in an acquired image. The apparatus using interference beams obtained by combining each return beam with each reference beam, the return beams being obtained by scanning the object with measuring beams, including: a unit adapted to scan the object with the measuring beams; a unit adapted to irradiate the object with the measuring beams such that regions of the object irradiated with each measuring beams are partially overlapped; a unit adapted to calculate a positional difference in a depth direction between obtained tomographic images of the overlapped parts of the regions; and a unit adapted to compute an amount of movement of the object based on the calculated positional difference in the depth direction.01-05-2012
20120250030ALIGNMENT OF AN INTERFEROMETER MODULE FOR USE IN AN EXPOSURE TOOL - The invention relates to alignment of an interferometer module for use in an exposure tool. An alignment method is provided for aligning an interferometer to the tool while outside of the too. Furthermore, the invention provides a dual interferometer module, an alignment frame use in the alignment method, and an exposure tool provided with first mounting surfaces for cooperative engagement with second mounting surfaces of an interferometer module.10-04-2012
20100245839DETECTOR ELEMENT MATRIX FOR AN OPTICAL POSITION MEASURING INSTRUMENT - A detector element array for an optical position measuring instrument, by way of such array a fringe pattern resulting in a detector plane can be converted into electrical scanning signals. The detector element array includes a plurality of light-sensitive detector elements disposed in matrix-like fashion in rows and columns. The plurality of light-sensitive detector elements include a first detector element in a first column of the columns, a second detector element in the first column that is adjacent to the first detector element and a third detector element in a second column of the columns that is adjacent to the first column, wherein the third detector element is diagonally adjacent to the first detector element. The detector element array includes a first switch that selectively directly connects the first detector element with the second detector element and a second switch that selectively directly connects the first detector element with the third detector element. The detector element array includes a memory element associated with the first detector element, wherein memory element information is stored in the memory element that indicates which of the second and third detector elements is connected to the first detector element in an established scanning configuration, wherein no more than the first and second switches are associated with the memory element.09-30-2010
20120127477INTERFEROMETER AND DISTANCE CALCULATION METHOD THEREFOR - A method of calculating a geometrical distance of a test optical path on the basis of interfering a test beam and a reference beam includes an optical-path-length calculating step of calculating an optical path length of the test optical paths having different wavelengths by using the interfering beam having mutually different wavelengths, a refractive-index calculating step of calculating the refractive index of the test optical path on the basis of the optical path length of the test optical path calculated by the optical-path-length calculating step, a smoothing step of smoothing a plurality of refractive indices acquired by repeating the optical-path-length calculating step and the refractive-index calculating step to calculate a smoothed refractive index, and a geometrical distance calculating step of calculating the geometrical distance of the test optical path on the basis of the smoothed refractive index calculated by the smoothing step.05-24-2012
20120127478REFLECTOR, OPTICAL ELEMENT, INTERFEROMETER SYSTEM, STAGE DEVICE, EXPOSURE APPARATUS, AND DEVICE FABRICATING METHOD - A reflecting member has: a first reflecting surface, which extends in a second direction that includes a first direction component; a second reflecting surface, which extends in a third direction that includes the first direction component, that is substantially symmetric to the first reflecting surface; and a third reflecting surface, which extends in a fourth direction, that is substantially orthogonal to the first direction.05-24-2012
20120212746INTERFEROMETER AND MEASUREMENT METHOD - The present invention provides an interferometer that measures a distance between a reference object and a measurement object, the interferometer including a light splitting element configured to split light from a light source into two light beams and cause one of the light beams to enter the reference object and the other light beam to enter the measurement object, a detection unit configured to detect interference light between light reflected by the reference object and light reflected by the measurement object and output a signal of the interference light, and a processing unit configured to perform processing for obtaining the distance.08-23-2012
20120212745WIDE DYNAMIC RANGE INTERFEROMETRIC TRANSDUCER WITH DIVERGENT BEAM - An apparatus and method for estimating a parameter of interest using values of a beam property from two or more electromagnetic beams that both pass through at least part of an optical displacement device. The apparatus may include a Fabry-Perot interferometer, a collimated light source, and a detection array. At least one mirror of the interferometer may be operably coupled to an element receiving an external stimulus, such as pressure, force, and/or acceleration. The method includes using the apparatus.08-23-2012
20120133951Method and Apparatus for Measuring Spacings Between Optical Surfaces of an Optical System - A method for measuring spacings between optical surfaces of a multi-lens optical system includes detecting the centring state of the optical system by taking into consideration all optical surfaces of the optical system. Then the optical system is adjusted in such a way, taking the centring state into consideration, that the optical axis of the optical system is aligned as far as possible with a reference axis. In a next step the spacings between the optical surfaces are determined with the aid of a short-coherence interferometer. The measuring-light ray directed onto the optical system for this purpose runs likewise along the reference axis.05-31-2012
20090059239Method of Determining the Depth Profile of a Surface Structure and System for Determining the Depth Profile of a Surface Structure - According to one embodiment of the present invention, a method of determining the depth profile of a surface structure includes: irradiating the surface structure with irradiation light including light components of different wavelengths; and determining the depth profile of the surface structure in dependence on interferometric effects caused by the reflection of the irradiation light at the surface structure.03-05-2009
20120170050Reflective Diffractometric Hydrogel Sensor for Biological and Chemical Detection - A reflective diffractometric hydrogel sensor includes an upper layer, including a microfluidic chamber formed from a substantially transparent material and configured to contain a solution, a reflective diffraction grating positioned within the microfluidic chamber, the diffraction grating including a plurality of hydrogel strips configured to change in dimension in response to a stimulus, each hydrogel strip having a top surface coated with a reflective material and a bottom surface in contact with the upper layer substrate, and a reflective surface below the reflective diffraction grating wherein when a coherent light is incident upon and reflected from the upper layer at an angle substantially normal to the upper layer an interference diffraction pattern results, including a first diffraction mode, a light intensity of which indicates the relative distance between the top surfaces of the plurality of hydrogel strips and the reflective surface.07-05-2012
20090207418Absolute distance measurement method and system using optical frequency generator - The present invention relates to absolute distance measurement method and system using an optical frequency generator. The absolute distance measurement method using the optical frequency generator includes (a) generating a plurality of different stabilized wavelengths by using the optical frequency generator; (b) obtaining an initial estimation value of a distance to be measured by using a frequency sweeping interferometer; (c) analyzing an uncertainty range of the obtained initial estimation value; (d) measuring excess fraction parts of the different wavelengths by analyzing interference signals for each of the wavelengths; (e) determining integer parts for each of the different wavelengths within the uncertainty range of the initial estimation value; and (f) measuring an absolute distance to be measured by using the excess fraction part and the integer parts for each of the different wavelengths.08-20-2009
20120327424DOUBLE PASS INTERFEROMETER WITH TILTED MIRRORS - An interferometer of the present invention includes a PBS12-27-2012
20100085575METHOD FOR DETERMINING VIBRATION DISPLACEMENT AND VIBRATING FREQUENCY AND APPARATUS USING THE SAME - A exemplary method for determining vibration displacement in interferometric scanning, in which two optical signals having a phase difference with each other of a high-coherence interferogram corresponding to a tested surface is detected for determining a shifting displacement between the reference plane of interferometric apparatus and the tested surface. In one embodiment, a series of the shifting displacements with respect to a time interval are measured for determining the vibrating frequency of the tested surface by spectrum analysis. Meanwhile, an exemplary interferometric apparatus is also disclosed for calculating the relative position between the tested surface and the reference plane of interferometric apparatus whereby the interferometric apparatus is capable of compensating influences of vibration caused by the environment or the tested surface itself so as to obtain the surface profile and vibration frequency of the tested surface.04-08-2010
20130148129APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR MEASURING DISTANCE - A method of tracking the position of an object, comprising using reference interference data from first output beam, reference interference data from a second output beam, measurement interference data from the first output beam, measurement interference data from the second output beam, and knowledge of the difference between the absolute phase offset of the first output beam and the absolute phase offset of the second output beam for both a reference interferometer (06-13-2013
20100309479INTERFERENCE MEASURING DEVICE - An interference measuring device 12-09-2010
20120281238Optical Position-Measuring Device - An optical position-measuring device for detecting the relative position of two objects includes a measuring standard connected to one object, and a scanning unit connected to the other object and including a light source, one or more grating(s), and a detector system. The detector system includes a plurality of detector element groups arranged in a detection plane, via which a plurality of position-dependent, phase-shifted scanning signals is able to be generated by scanning a periodic fringe pattern that results in the detection plane, the detector elements that have in-phase scanning signals forming a group in each case. The sum of the areas and the centroid of the detector elements of a group is identical to the sum of the areas and the centroid, respectively, of the detector elements of each other group. Periodic diaphragm structures are arranged in front of the light-sensitive areas of the detector elements.11-08-2012
20110310396DISPLACEMENT DETECTING DEVICE - A displacement detecting device has a diffraction grating, grating interferometers, and relative position information output sections. The grating interferometers have a light source, reflectors, a beam splitter, and light receiving sections. The reflectors reflect 1st-order diffracted lights diffracted by the diffraction grating, and cause the reflected 1st-order diffracted lights to be incident at a position substantially identical to the position at which the light from the light source is irradiated. Furthermore, the reflectors cause the 1st-order diffracted lights to be incident on the diffraction grating at an angle different to either the incidence angle of the light from the light source incident on the diffraction grating or the angle at which the 1st-order diffracted lights are transmitted through or reflected by the diffraction grating.12-22-2011
20130194582MULTIWAVELENGTH INTERFEROMETER - A multiwavelength interferometer (08-01-2013
20130194583INTERFEROMETER DEVICES FOR DETERMINING INITIAL POSITION OF A STAGE OR THE LIKE - An exemplary device has a stationary portion and a movable portion. The stationary portion has a first corner-cube, an optical system including a beamsplitter, and a light detector. The movable portion comprises a second corner-cube mountable on an object that is displaceable in a principal direction relative to the stationary portion. The beamsplitter splits a beam of collimated broadband light into a reference beam and a measurement beam that are directed by the optical system to make multiple roundtrip passes from the optical system to the respective corner cubes and back. The reference beam and measurement beam interfere with each other to produce a coherence envelope sensed by the detector, wherein a detected displacement of the coherence envelope corresponds to a respective position of the object in the principal direction.08-01-2013
20130194584Position-Measuring Device and System Having a Plurality of Position-Measuring Devices - In position-measuring devices and a systems having a plurality of position-measuring devices for determining the position of an object in several spatial degrees of freedom, the plurality of optical position-measuring devices scan the object from a single probing direction, and the probing direction coincides with one of the two main axes of motion.08-01-2013

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