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356456000 Imaging 32
356454000 Fabry-Perot type or Etalon Type 23
356453000 Polarization 13
356452000 Having particular linear mirror drive or configuration 11
356455000 Having a rotating, pendulous, or wedge scanning element 6
20080304074OPTICAL CATHETER CONFIGURATIONS COMBINING RAMAN SPECTROSCOPY WITH OPTICAL FIBER-BASED LOW COHERENCE REFLECTOMETRY - The present invention provides apparatuses and methods for sample analysis, such as tissue analysis, that integrate high wavenumber (HW) Raman spectroscopy for chemical composition analysis and optical coherence tomography (OCT) to provide depth and morphological information. The invention also provides side-viewing optical probes that are based on a single double clad optical fiber for performing the combined HW Raman spectroscopy and OCT. Intravascular catheter embodiments and related vascular diagnostic methods are also provided.12-11-2008
20130044327Metrology system and method applied to an interferometer for remotely analysing a gaseous compound - In the field of Fourier transform interferometry and in particular a device and a method for improving the precision of such a device for remotely analysing a gaseous compound, a Fourier transform interferometer includes: at least one movable retroreflector; a metrology subsystem using at least three laser beams; and a metrology unit generating, for each sounding point represented by a pixel on the capture matrix imaging a gaseous compound, a metrology signal incorporating the displacements in space of the movable element(s).02-21-2013
20130038880INTERROGATION OF WAVELENGTH-SPECIFIC DEVICES - An apparatus for interrogating wavelength-specific devices has a broadband optical source to illuminate an interferometer which provides a low coherence temporal interferogram. At least one array of wavelength-specific devices, such as fiber Bragg gratings connected in series with one another, receives the interferogram, so that each device interacts with a limited range of wavelength bandwidth relative to the bandwidth of the broadband optical source. Instead of illuminating an interferometer with the output of an array of devices which have each interacted with a broadband light source at their own characteristic wavelengths, therefore, an interferometer is used to modulate the output from a broadband source to produce a low coherence interferogram. The array of devices then extracts or filters a higher coherence interferogram from this low coherence interferogram.02-14-2013
20130135622QUASI-TRANSLATOR, FOURIER MODULATOR, FOURIER SPECTROMETER, MOTION CONTROL SYSTEM AND METHODS FOR CONTROLLING SAME, AND SIGNAL PROCESSOR CIRCUIT - A quasi-translator for economically producing pure, smooth translational motion with broad arcuate or error-free motion regardless of orientation, which is useful in numerous interferometer applications including spectroscopy, a Fourier modulator and a Fourier spectrometer are provided. The quasi-translator utilizes a support, an arm including a driving magnet on a first end and a driven element on a second end, an axis for rotation of the arm, a bearing system that controls the rotation of the arm about the axis, a drive coil and a drive amplifier to drive the arm in the arcuate motion. The quasi-translator may be employed in a Fourier modulator to change the optical path difference of the interferometer/quasi-translator at a substantially constant rate of change. The quasi-translator and/or Fourier modulator may be used in a Fourier spectrometer to create an optical spectrum from a light beam and/or electrical signal created from the light beam.05-30-2013
20130027711TIME DOMAIN-FREQUENCY DOMAIN OPTICAL COHERENCE TOMOGRAPHY APPARATUS AND METHODS FOR USE - An optical coherence tomography (OCT) system comprising: a splitter configured to receive and split an optical source beam generating a reference beam and a sample beam, the sample beam directed at a sample and interacting with the sample to generate a return beam; a delay module configured to receive and introduce an optical delay in the reference beam, to generate a delayed reflected beam configured to interfere with the return beam to generate an interferogram; a spatial filter system capable of filtering randomly scattered light from at least one of the return beam or the interferogram; and a detector array to receive the interferogram for spatial and spectral analysis.01-31-2013
20120182560SPECTRAL REFLECTOMETRY METHOD AND DEVICE - The invention relates to optical low-coherence reflectometry with spectral reception and may be used for obtaining images without coherent noise caused by self-interference of the radiation scattered from the studied object and by spurious reflections in the optical path of the system. Two or more consecutive measurements of the interference spectrum are made. During at least one measurement of the interference spectrum by means of the interference control unit the phase between the interfering parts of the radiation is modulated by a certain law during exposure, which results in averaging and, hence, zeroing of the cross-correlation (useful) component of the registered spectrum, and during at least one additional measurement of the interference spectrum, the phase between the interfering parts of the radiation is not modulated during exposure. The phase between the interfering parts of the radiation may be set to be different in additional measurements of the interference spectrum. The invention allows coherent noise to be fully eliminated without loss of the radiation power scattered by the object.07-19-2012
20110058177MARKER-FREE CHROMOSOME SCREENING - The present invention relates to a method for analyzing chromosomes by preparing a chromosome preparation, measuring at least one interference property of the chromosome preparation and characterizing at least one chromosome structure by way of the interference property. Also, the invention relates to the use of a near field microscope for analyzing unstained chromosomes.03-10-2011
20110058176SPECTROMETERS UTILIZING MID INFRARED ULTRA BROADBAND HIGH BRIGHTNESS LIGHT SOURCES - A mid infrared spectrometer comprises a high brightness broadband source that generates an output with a broad spectral range in the order of hundreds of wave numbers, a wavelength dispersive element and a detector. In one embodiment, the source comprises an array of semiconductor laser devices operating simultaneously. Each device emits light at wavelength different from the wavelengths emitted by the other devices in the array and the devices are arranged so that the combined output continuously covers the broad spectral range. In another embodiment, each of the lasers in the array is a quantum cascade laser device. In still another embodiment, the quantum cascade laser devices in the array are operated in the regime of Risken-Nummedal-Graham-Haken (RNGH) instabilities. In yet another embodiment, each of the lasers in the array is a mode-locked quantum cascade laser device.03-10-2011
20120188552VARIABLE WAVELENGTH INTERFERENCE FILTER, OPTICAL MODULE, SPECTROSCOPIC ANALYZER, AND ANALYZER - A variable wavelength interference filter includes a fixed substrate having a fixed reflecting film, a movable substrate having a movable reflecting film, and an electrostatic actuator including a fixed electrode and a movable electrode. The fixed electrode includes first and second fixed partial electrodes electrically isolated from each other. First and second extraction electrodes extending from the first and second fixed partial electrodes, respectively, are formed on the fixed substrate. The movable electrode is formed in a ring shape covering first and second facing regions facing the first and second fixed partial electrodes, respectively.07-26-2012
20090290164SPECTROSCOPY MODULE - In a spectroscopy module 11-26-2009
20090046293Optical Communications Using Spectral Interferometry - Optical communications can be performed using spectral interferometry. An incident transmission pulse or beam may be mixed with a locally generated beam or pulse to create an interference pattern that may be analyzed to extract the transmitted data. The incident transmission pulse or beam may also be split and mixed with itself to create an interference pattern.02-19-2009
20120287439Interferometer and Fourier Spectrometer using same - Provided is a small, highly accurate Fourier spectrometer which enables highly accurate detection of an optical path difference in an interferometer. An element for changing to a narrow band is provided to return reflected light to a second light source (11-15-2012
20090207414APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR OPTICAL COHERENCE TOMOGRAPHY - An apparatus is provided for measuring a frequency-domain optical coherence tomography power spectrum from a sample. The apparatus includes a broadband light source, an optical spectrum analyzer, and a partially reflective element optically coupled to the light source, to the optical spectrum analyzer, and to the sample. A first portion of light from the light source is reflected by the partially reflective element and propagates to the optical spectrum analyzer. A second portion of light from the light source propagating through the partially reflective element, impinging the sample, reflecting from the sample, and propagating to the optical spectrum analyzer.08-20-2009
20110299089COMPACT LIQUID CRYSTAL BASED FOURIER TRANSFORM SPECTROMETER SYSTEM - Systems and methods for a compact Fourier transform spectrometer. A cell having two transparent walls and containing a liquid crystal medium is placed in a light beam. Applying a voltage across the cell causes the liquid crystal molecules to orient at a certain angle, wherein the angle is a function of the voltage applied. The refractive index if the cell is dependent upon the orientation of the liquid crystal molecules, and from the refractive index of the cell an optical path difference between ordinary and extraordinary waves can be calculated. Accordingly, any suitable optical path difference can be achieved by varying the voltage across the cell for a Fourier transform analysis.12-08-2011
20110292394OPTICAL SENSING DEVICES AND METHODS FOR DETECTING SAMPLES USING THE SAME - Disclosed are optical sensing devices and methods for detecting samples using the same. The optical sensing device comprises a source unit configured to generate a polychromatic light beam containing p-polarized and s-polarized components; an interferometric unit configured to split the light beam into a probe beam passing a first path and a reference beam passing a second path and to recombine the probe beam output from the first path and the reference beam output from the second path; a sensing unit disposed in the first path to introduce a first SPR effect associated with a target sample to the probe beam; and a detection unit configured to detect target sample characteristics by obtaining an intensity spectrum of the recombined light beam. The introduction of a polychromatic light source in the optical sensing device increases the detection dynamic range and the detection sensitivity.12-01-2011
20110292395INTERFEROMETRIC SAMPLE MEASUREMENT - A device for the interferometric measurement of a sample, in particular the eye, including an interferometer arrangement with a first measurement beam path, through which a measurement beam falls onto the sample, and a first reference beam path, through which a reference beam runs, which is applied to the measuring beam for interference. The interferometer arrangement includes a second measuring beam path and/or second reference beam path. The optical path lengths of the second measuring beam path and/or second reference beam path are different from one of the first beam paths. The wave length difference is selected according to a distance of two measuring areas which are arranged at a distance in the depth direction of the sample.12-01-2011
20100033728MONOLITHIC INTERFEROMETER WITH OPTICS OF DIFFERENT MATERIAL - A monolithic frame for optics used in interferometers where the material of the monolithic frame may have a substantially different coefficient of thermal expansion from the beamsplitter and compensator without warping, bending or distorting the optics. This is accomplished through providing a securing apparatus holding the optics in place while isolating the expansion thereof from the expansion of the frame. Stability in optical alignment is therefore achieved without requiring a single material or materials of essentially identical coefficients of thermal expansion. The present invention provides stability in situations where it is not possible to utilize a single material for every component of the interferometer.02-11-2010
20100033727EXTENDED RANGE IMAGING - An imager that can provide separated images corresponding to differing depths in a sample is presented. In accordance with some embodiments of the invention, an imager can include a light source; a sample arm that receives light from the light source, directs the light to a sample, and captures light returning from the sample; a modulation source that provides different modulations corresponding to differing imaging depths in the sample; a detector system to receive the captured light from the sample with the different modulations; and a processor that receives signals from the detector system and separates a plurality of images corresponding with the differing image depths in the sample.02-11-2010
20090153871Combination lightwave antenna and spectral analyzer and methods - The present invention relates to sensor apparatus and methods, pertinent to electromagnetic energy in visible and other spectra, to capture and reproduce substantially all electromagnetic information within a relevant spectrum.06-18-2009
20100079764Multigas Monitoring and Detection System - A spectroscopic detection system is described for monitoring ambient air for toxic chemical substances. The system can be a compact, portable multiple gas analyzer capable of detecting and discriminating a broad range of chemical constituents including various nerve and blister agents as well as toxic industrial chemicals at low or sub part per billion (ppb) levels. The system minimizes false alarms (e.g., false positives or negatives), features high specificity, and can operate with response times on the order of a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on the application. The system can be an entirely self-contained analyzer, with a Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectrometer, a gas sample cell, a detector, an embedded processor, a display, power supplies, an air pump, heating elements, and other components onboard the unit with an air intake to collect a sample and an electronic communications port to interface with external devices.04-01-2010
20110170106MULTIPLE SUPERIMPOSED INTERFACE PATTERN POROUS MICROSTRUCTURE MULTI LAYER BIOSENSING METHOD - A preferred embodiment biosensor is a multi-layer micro-porous thin film structure. Pores in a top layer of the micro-porous thin film structure are sized to accept a first molecule of interest. Pores in a second layer of the micro-porous thin film structure are smaller than the pores in the top layer and are sized to accept a second molecule of interest that is smaller than the first molecule of interest. The pores in the second layer are too small to accept the first molecule of interest. The pores in the top layer and the pores in the second layer are sized and arranged such that light reflected from the multi-layer micro-porous thin film structure produces multiple superimposed interference patterns that can be resolved. In preferred embodiments, the multi-layer micro-porous thin film structure is a porous silicon thin film multi-layer structure formed on a silicon substrate, such as a silicon wafer. Specific and nonspecific binding can be detected with biosensors of the invention. The position of peaks in the Fourier transform of the reflection spectrum and the shift in peak amplitudes can be used to determine the presence and quantity of targeted biological molecules of interest.07-14-2011
20090147263INTERFERENCE SPECTROSCOPIC ANALYSIS DEVICE - The field of the invention is that of spectroscopic analysis devices allowing the spectral analysis of radiation. The device according to the invention is of the interference type, it comprises at least a first reflecting layer onto which is deposited a multilayer of alternately transparent and photo-absorbing thin films, each photo-absorbing layer being connected to electronic detection means supplying a primary electronic signal and the device also comprising means for analyzing the primary signals and configured in such a manner as to determine the spectral distribution of the original radiation.06-11-2009
20110170107DETECTION CHAMBER WITH VARIABLE VOLUME - The invention proposes a detection chamber (07-14-2011
20090296097Systems and Methods for Comparative Interferogram Spectrometry - A method for determining a background noise level includes receiving interferogram data; determining at least one measure of interferogram quality; accumulating said received interferogram data; and generating a background noise level based on said interferogram data and at least one measure of interferogram quality.12-03-2009
20100284016OPTICAL CYTOMETRY - The present invention provides optical systems and methods for determining a characteristic of a cell, such as cell type, cellular response to a biochemical event, biological state and the like. The methods typically involve using interferometry to observe membrane properties in a cell and then use this information to determine one or more characteristics of a cell. The methods of the invention are useful for applications such as drug screening as well as diagnostic techniques.11-11-2010
20120194821OPTICAL MODULE AND SPECTROSCOPIC ANALYZER - A colorimetric sensor includes an etalon including a first substrate, a second substrate facing the first substrate, a fixed mirror formed on a surface of the first substrate facing the second substrate, and a movable mirror formed on the second substrate so as to face the fixed mirror with a prescribed gap therebetween, a light receiving element that receives a test subject light having passed through the etalon, and a holding member holding the etalon. The etalon includes a light interference area facing the first and second substrates in a plan view as seen in a thickness direction of the substrate, and a protruding area protruding from the light interference area. The holding member holds the etalon at one end side of the protruding area opposite to the light interference area.08-02-2012
20090180122METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR RAPID SCANNING CONTINUOUS WAVE TERAHERTZ SPECTROSCOPY AND IMAGING - Methods and apparatus are provided employing rapid scanning continuous wave terahertz spectroscopy and imaging for the non-destructive evaluation of materials such as animal hides and natural cork, and explosive detection, concealed weapon detection, and drug detection. A system employing an aperiodic detector array and implementing phase modulation at 100 kHz significantly reduces the imaging time and enables interferometric images of a THz point source to be obtained at several frequencies between 0.3 and 0.95 THz.07-16-2009
20100141952MULTI-ANALYTE OPTICAL COMPUTING SYSTEM - The present subject matter relates to methods of high-speed analysis of product samples. Light is directed to a portion of a product under analysis and reflected from or transmitted through the product toward an optical detector. Signals for the detector are compared with reference signals based on a portion of the illuminating light passing through a reference element to determine characteristics of the product under analysis. The products under analysis may be stationary, moved by an inspection point by conveyor or other means, or may be contained within a container, the container including a window portion through which the product illuminating light may pass.06-10-2010
20090174885Sensor And Method Utilizing Multiple Optical Interferometers - Disclosed is a low-cost high-resolution compact accelerometer which utilizes multiple self-mixing optical interferometers. The device is also a micro-opto-electro-mechanical systems (MOEMS) sensor. The interferometers are used to detect acceleration as well as monitor the wavelength, temperature, and refractive index and perform differential measurements. In addition, photodetectors are employed to monitor the input optical power.07-09-2009
20090219542Method for Evaluating A Measured Parameter - For evaluation of a measured parameter with a measuring cell having a cavity which generates for light an optical path length difference changing corresponding to the variation of the measured parameter, the method includes: introducing light from a white light source with the aid of an optical waveguide via a coupler (09-03-2009
20120194822Beamsplitter Configuration For Optical Subtraction of Self Emission with Fourier Transform Spectrometer in Dual Input Port Mode - A four port scanning Michelson interferometer suppresses self-emission by using either a beamsplitter that is uncoated or a beamsplitter that has reflection enhancing dielectric coatings in the splitting and combining areas of the substrate on opposite sides of the substrate. Both beamsplitters are fabricated from infrared optical materials that have a predetermined absorptivity in a predetermined wavelength interval which is from 2 μm (5000 cm08-02-2012
20130215428SPECTROSCOPIC MEASUREMENT DEVICE AND SPECTROSCOPIC MEASUREMENT METHOD - Multiple rays such as scattered lights and fluorescent lights emitted radially in a variety of directions from each bright point in a measurement area enter an objective lens, where the multiple rays are converted into a parallel beam. The parallel beam is reflected by both a reference mirror unit and an oblique mirror unit, and the reflected beams pass through an imaging lens to form an interference image on a light-receiving surface of a detection unit. The detection of the light intensity of the interference image on the light-receiving surface enables an acquisition of the interferogram (the waveform of the change of imaging intensity) in which the light intensity continuously changes. By Fourier-converting the interferogram, spectral characteristics can be obtained which show the relative intensities for each wavelength of the lights emitted from one bright point of an object to be measured.08-22-2013
20100245831PLANAR LIGHTWAVE FOURIER-TRANSFORM SPECTROMETER - A transform spectrometer implemented on a planar waveguide circuit (PLC), having an input optical signal waveguide carrying an input optical signal to be analyzed; a plurality of couplers, each connected to the input optical signal waveguide, and each including a coupler output for carrying a coupled optical signal related to the input optical signal. An array of interleaved, asymmetrical waveguide Mach-Zehnder interferometers (MZI) is formed on the PLC, each having at least one input MZI waveguide, each MZI input waveguide receiving a coupled optical signal from a respective coupler output; wherein at least some of the input MZI waveguides intersect in a common layer of the PLC, at an angle which allows their respective coupled optical signals to transmit without unacceptable attenuation. This arrangement improves spatial efficiency of the PLC, allowing more MZIs to be implemented, resulting in increased spectral resolution.09-30-2010
20100225921Screening system and method for analyzing a plurality of biosensors - A screening device and a method are described herein which can automatically handle and measure (interrogate) a plurality of sensor carriers (i.e., multiwell plates, microplates) with multi-dimensionally arranged, temperature-compensated or temperature-compensatable optical sensors, while maintaining a substantially constant temperature gradient for a relatively long period of time around the optical sensors where temperature compensation has been performed on the sensor carriers.09-09-2010
20090257063ADJUSTABLE TWO DIMENSIONAL LAMELLAR GRATING - An adjustable two-dimensional lamellar grating system including a lamellar grating and a movable mirror disposed substantially parallel to one another, and an interferometer using the adjustable lamellar grating system. In one example, the lamellar grating includes a dielectric wafer having a dielectric wafer having a plurality of periodically spaced recesses formed therein, wherein the dielectric wafer has higher reflectivity at its surface facing the movable mirror than at a second opposing surface. In one example, the system also includes a mechanism for moving the mirror relative to the dielectric wafer.10-15-2009
20090116028Optical System and Method for Optically Analyzing Light From a Sample - An optical system for analyzing light from a plurality of samples is provided. The optical system includes a plurality of holders adapted to have samples located therein, a collection lens, a transmission grating, and a reimaging lens. The collection lens is configured to receive and substantially collimate light from the samples. The transmission grating is configured to spectrally disperse the substantially collimated light from the collection lens. The reimaging lens is configured to receive the light from the light dispersing element and direct the light onto a light detection device. A method of optically analyzing at least one sample is also provided.05-07-2009
20090116027APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR THE DETECTION OF MOLECULES - A THz. spectrometer a includes an adjustable resonator situated between two parabolic mirrors at least one being movable with a stepper motor to create a resonance chamber. A terahertz source irradiated the chamber and a mixer which also receives a signal modulated by the sample in the resonance chamber.05-07-2009
20110032530Field Compensated Static Interferometer for Fourier Transform Spectroscopy - A static interferometer comprises an entrance pupil, a splitter plate, a first mirror and a second mirror which are arranged in such a way that light beams originating from a collimated source are divided on the splitter plate, reflect on each of the mirrors and recombine while interfering at the output of the interferometer. The interferometer comprises a prismatic plate of index n comprising a variable thickness e02-10-2011
20110032529UNIVERSAL WAVELENGTH CALIBRATION SOURCE USING A STABLE MONOLITHIC INTERFEROMETER - Calibration of an arbitrary spectrometer can use a stable monolithic interferometer as a wavelength calibration standard. Light from a polychromatic light source is input to the monolithic interferometer where it undergoes interference based on the optical path difference (OPD) of the interferometer. The resulting wavelength-modulated output beam is analyzed by a reference spectrometer to generate reference data. The output beam from the interferometer can be provided to an arbitrary spectral instrument. Wavelength calibration of the arbitrary spectral instrument may then be performed based on a comparison of the spectral instrument output with the reference data. By appropriate choice of materials for the monolithic interferometer, a highly stable structure can be fabricated that has a wide field and/or is thermally compensated. Because the interferometer is stable, the one-time generated reference data can be used over an extended period of time without re-characterization.02-10-2011
20130141731OPTICAL INTERFERENCE APPARATUS - An optical interference apparatus of detecting an object is provided. The optical interference apparatus includes a light source capable of emitting a light beam, an optical coupler, a reflector, a first lens set and a light sensing unit. The optical coupler is capable of dividing the light beam into a measuring sub-light beam and a reference sub-light beam. The reflector reflects the reference sub-light beam. The first lens set includes a first lens. The measuring sub-light beam is transmitted to the object. The object reflects or scatters a part of the measuring sub-light beam back to the first lens. The first lens is capable of extending a depth of field of the first lens set. The light sensing unit is adapted to detect an interference signal formed by the reference sub-light beam and the measuring sub-light beam.06-06-2013
20100315648NON-PERIODIC WAVEFRONT DIVIDING INTERFEROMETER - A non-periodic reflection beamsplitter or reflector for use in an interferometer. The interferometer employs non-periodic reflectors or a non-periodic beamsplitter in order to produce interference patterns to analyze. The non-periodic reflectors or beamsplitters may be concentrically arranged reflectors having equal area. The beamsplitter consists of two adjacent non-periodic structures having complementary reflection and transmission patterns.12-16-2010
20110109911Multiple Path Interferometer and Method - The invention discloses an optical interferometer which can be used to provide simultaneous measurements over multiple path lengths and methods to employ such an interferometer as to achieve a variety of functions covering simultaneous measurements at different depths separated by an increment of a multiple differential delay matched in the interferometer as well as imaging. Optical sensors, optical coherence tomography (OCT) set-ups, optical sensing methods and OCT methods are disclosed which can provide: (i) multiple en-face images at several depths with dynamic dispersion compensation, (ii) fast acquisition of cross sections, (iii) fast acquisition of 3D volumes of a scattering object while maintaining dynamic focus; (iv) fast acquisition of long axial measurement profiles, non mechanical, with dynamic focus, range scalable, with applications in tracking and OTDR. Methods are disclosed on the combination of scanning regimes and modes of operation to achieve versatile functionality in measurements, in the 3D imaging of moving tissue such as the eye, heart, or moving embryos or functional/low noise imaging by making use of angular compounding or polarisation. A method for elimination of axial movement effects in measuring the flow profile is also disclosed.05-12-2011
20110043815Referencing of the Beating Spectra of Frequency Combs - There is provided a method for referencing and correcting the beating spectrum generated by the interference of the components of a frequency comb source. The proposed method allows monitoring of variations of a mapping between the source and the beating replica. This can then be used to compensate small variations of the source in Fourier transform spectroscopy or in any other interferometry application in order to overcome the accuracy and measurement time limitations of the prior art. Constraints on source stability are consequently reduced.02-24-2011
20110026034ANALYSIS OF MOLECULAR INTERACTIONS ON AND/OR IN THIN LAYERS - The invention relates to a carrier for a thin layer and a method for the analysis of molecular interactions on and/or in such a thin layer. A thin layer disposed on a carrier is illuminated with electromagnetic radiation from at least one radiation source and a reflected radiation part on boundary surfaces of the thin layer is detected by means of an optoelectronic converter that converts the detected radiation into a frequency- and intensity-dependant photocurrent. A reading voltage is applied to the optoelectronic converter. By changing the reading voltage, the spectral sensitivity of the optoelectronic converter is varied such that a substantially constant photocurrent is obtained. Alternatively or in addition to varying the spectral sensitivity by changing the reading voltage, the reflected radiation part is detected with an optoelectronic converter that is designed as a sensor layer in the carrier. The carrier is particularly characterized in that it comprises a substrate on which at least one sensor layer with optoelectronic properties is disposed.02-03-2011
20100265511SYSTEM FOR FOURIER DOMAIN OPTICAL COHERENCE TOMOGRAPHY - Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is an imaging method which can image with micrometer-scale resolution up to a few millimeters deep into, for example, living biological tissues and preserved tissue samples. An improved apparatus and image reconstruction algorithm for parallel Fourier Domain OCT which greatly eases requirements for interferometer stability and also allows for more efficient parallel image acquisition is provided. The apparatuses and algorithms reconstruct images from interfered, low-coherence, multiwave length signals having a .pi. radian phase difference relative to one another. Other numbers of signals and other phase differences may be alternatively used, with some combinations resulting in higher resolution and image stability. The apparatus also eliminates a need for bulk optics to modulate a phase delay in a reference arm of the optical path. Images may be reconstructed using two spectrometers, where each is coupled to a detector array such as a photodiode array.10-21-2010
20110188046Background-Free Absorption Spectroscopy Using Spectral Differentiator - An absorption spectrometer provides improved rejection of background radiation signal by employing a frequency-swept laser signal without frequency dithering and performing an effective differentiation of output light from a test cell to eliminate these constant or slowly varying background radiation levels.08-04-2011
20120242997Cavity ring down spectroscopy using measured backward mode data - In cavity ring-down spectroscopy (CRDS), scattering into the backward mode of a traveling wave ring-down cavity can degrade conventional CRDS performance. We have found that this performance degradation can be alleviated by measuring the backward mode signal emitted from the ring-down cavity, and using this signal to improve the processing for extracting ring-down times from the measured data. For example, fitting an exponential to the sum of the intensities of the forward and backward signals often provides substantially better results for the ring-down time than fitting an exponential to the forward signal alone. Other possibilities include extracting cavity eigenmode signals from the forward and backward signals and performing separate exponential fits to the eigenmode signals.09-27-2012
20080204757Handheld FT-IR spectrometer - Novel spectrometer arrangements are described. They may employ a resin-based preconcentration system to sample chemical vapors. A field-widened interferometer modulates radiant energy. The signal generated by the interaction of the radiant energy with the sample is detected and processed by a computer. A variety of enhancements to the basic design are described, providing a family of related spectrometer designs. These spectrometers have applications in spectrometry, spectral imaging and metrology.08-28-2008
20110051143ASE Swept Source with Self-Tracking Filter for OCT Medical Imaging - An integrated swept wavelength tunable optical source uses a narrowband filtered broadband signal with an optical amplifier and self-tracking filter. This source comprises a micro optical bench, a source for generating broadband light, a tunable Fabry Perot filter, installed on the bench, for spectrally filtering the broadband light from the broadband source to generate a narrowband tunable signal, an amplifier, installed on the bench, for amplifying the tunable signal. The self-tracking arrangement is used where a single tunable filter both generates the narrowband signal and spectrally filters the amplified signal. In some examples, two-stage amplification is provided. The use of a single bench implementation yields a low cost high performance system. For example, polarization control between components is no longer necessary.03-03-2011
20110075150Apparatus and method for sample analysis - Prior art coherent optical wave mixing has permitted two-dimensional maps from which coupled quantum transitions have been identified in molecular samples. However, extended signal accumulation times and computer processing are required for a detailed molecular analysis, which can lead to sample toxicity and difficulties in interpretation. These and other requirements are reduced by an apparatus arranged for the projection of an image that directly encodes quantum couplings from a sample. Such an apparatus includes a source component (03-31-2011
20110261365OPTICAL SPECTROSCOPY DEVICE INCLUDING A PLURALITY OF EMISSION SOURCES - The invention relates to a wavelength spectroscopy device comprising, on a substrate a filter cell CF constituted by two mirrors separated by a spacer membrane, the filter cell being made up of a plurality of interference filters. Furthermore, the device also comprises an emission cell CE comprising a plurality of emission sources, each of said sources being associated with one of said interference filters.10-27-2011
20110261364METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR AN INTERFEROMETRIC LOCALIZED SURFACE PLASMON RESONANCE (ILSPR) SENSOR - The disclosure is directed at an interferometric localized surface plasmon resonance sensor (ILSPR) unit comprising an ILSPR sensor chip, the sensor chip including a localized surface plasmon resonance sensor (LSPR) layer; at least one light source for directing light through the ILSPR sensor chip at the LSPR layer; and a photodetector for sensing a level of light intensity after the light has struck the LSPR layer.10-27-2011
20110261363FOURIER TRANSFORM SPECTROMETER WITH A FREQUENCY COMB LIGHT SOURCE - An embodiment relates to a Fourier transform spectrometer comprising: a coherent light source; an interferometer adapted to separate the coherent light source into two or more parts in order to generate through frequency or phase-induced effects, interferences between the two or more parts; detection means adapted to detect the interferences, wherein the coherent light source comprises a frequency comb generator having a frequency repetition rate, and the detection means are adapted to detect the beating of pairs of frequencies of the frequency comb separated by the frequency repetition rate or a multiple of the frequency repetition rate.10-27-2011
20080285043Interferometric Sample Measurement - A device for the interferometric measurement of a sample, in particular the eye, including an interferometer arrangement with a first measurement beam path, through which a measurement beam falls onto the sample, and a first reference beam path, through which a reference beam runs, which is applied to the measuring beam for interference. The interferometer arrangement includes a second measuring beam path and/or second reference beam path. The optical path lengths of the second measuring beam path and/or second reference beam path are different from one of the first beam paths. The wave length difference is selected according to a distance of two measuring areas which are arranged at a distance in the depth direction of the sample.11-20-2008
20110157594OPTICAL ASSEMBLY, APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR COHERENT TWO-OR-MORE-DIMENSIONAL OPTICAL SPECTROSCOPY - An optical assembly for use in coherent two- or more-dimensional optical spectroscopy includes a beam splitter that splits a base light pulse into first, second, third and fourth light pulse and a delay element that varies the arrival times of the first to fourth light pulses at a sample location with respect to each other. The beam splitter includes a cross-grating a first reflector arranged to receive the first to fourth light pulses emerging from the cross-grating and to reflect the same in parallel to each other, a second reflector arranged to receive the first to fourth light pulses from the delay element and to focus the same at the sample location, wherein the delay element is arranged between first and second reflectors. Also shown is an apparatus including such optical assembly and a method for carrying out two- or more-dimensional optical spectroscopy using the assembly.06-30-2011
20120002211CHEMICAL SENSING WITH COHERENT DETECTION OF OPTICAL SIGNAL - This invention relates generally to the systems and methods for standoff trace chemicals detection such as explosives residue and others, and particularly to optical devices and the methods of their use based on sensing of gases and residue materials. This sensing includes detection and measurement of optical absorption spectra and relative concentration of the chemical followed by the chemical identification based on these spectral data. The sensing is based on photothermal interferometry method improved by implementation of coherent optical detection. The coherent optical detection is performed by an integrated polarization-diversity coherent receiver with an electro-optic phase modulator for a local oscillator optical beam. The implementation of pulsed probe sensing and local oscillator optical beams in the coherent detection improves the device with better eye safety performance. The hybrid calibration via a phase-modulated local oscillator optical beam allows optimizing the signal reception and reduces complexity of the probe subsystem.01-05-2012
20120013911DEVICE AND METHOD FOR OPTICAL SENSING OF SUBSTANCES OR ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS - A device for optical sensing of substances or environmental conditions in a fluid includes a number of non-overlapping adjacent sensing elements, each having a layered optical element for generating a wavelength-specific interference effect and being treated so as to respond to the presence of a predefined substance or a predefined environmental condition to cause an optically detectable change. The sensing elements are distinct from each other both in their wavelength-specific interference effect and in the corresponding optically detectable change. As a result, when the device is illuminated by a common illumination beam of multi-wavelength illumination, spectral analysis performed on the reflected or transmitted illumination enables simultaneous sensing of a plurality of substances or environmental conditions. In certain preferred implementations, the layered optical element includes at least one layer of porous silicon.01-19-2012
20120013909Apparatus and method of monitoring and measurement using spectral low coherence interferometry - A spectral interferometry apparatus and method are disclosed, that can be used to monitor or measure an unknown length by following a characteristic of an indicating signal. The measurement is performed by adjusting an optical path difference (OPD) in an interferometer part of an interferometer configuration until sound or light or both are obtained with the desired strength and pitch. Embodiments are presented where the unknown length is the eye length. Spectral interrogation of the interferometer optical output is achieved by reading the signal of an analogue photodetector array in a spectrometer or by tuning a swept source and processing the signal of a photodetector. Sound of different pitches are produced either directly in this process, or by using a nonlinear amplifier, or a mixer. For enhanced signal, the array may be driven by a nonlinear clock or the swept source may be driven by a distorted driving signal.01-19-2012
20120013910Fourier Transform Spectrometer System - A Fourier transform spectrometer (FTS) data acquisition system includes an FTS spectrometer that receives a spectral signal and a laser signal. The system further includes a wideband detector, which is in communication with the FTS spectrometer and receives the spectral signal and laser signal from the FTS spectrometer. The wideband detector produces a composite signal comprising the laser signal and the spectral signal. The system further comprises a converter in communication with the wideband detector to receive and digitize the composite signal. The system further includes a signal processing unit that receives the composite signal from the converter. The signal processing unit further filters the laser signal and the spectral signal from the composite signal and demodulates the laser signal, to produce velocity corrected spectral data.01-19-2012
20090219543CONTRA-PROPAGATIVE WAVE SPECTOGRAPH - The invention relates to a spectrograph (09-03-2009
20120062898SPECTRAL INTERFEROMETRY METHOD AND APPARATUS - A spectral interferometry apparatus and method is provided to supply unambiguous profiles (A-scans free of mirror terms) of the reflectivity versus optical path difference and make difference between the positive and negative optical path difference or provide output in a selected interval of optical path differences. The apparatus comprises object optics that transfer a beam from an optical source to a target object (03-15-2012
20120120403OPTICAL DEVICE - An optical device includes a telecentric optical system, a variable wavelength interference filter, and a detection section, the variable wavelength interference filter includes a first reflecting film, a second reflecting film provided to a movable section, and an electrostatic actuator adapted to displace the movable section, an effective measurement area capable of transmitting a light with a wavelength, which is within a predetermined allowable range centered on a measurement center wavelength when an amount of the displacement of the movable section takes a maximum displacement value, is set in the first reflecting film and the second reflecting film, and the telecentric optical system guides the incident light to the variable wavelength interference filter so that a principal ray of the incident light is parallel thereto and perpendicular to the first reflecting film, and at the same time, collects the incident light in the effective measurement area.05-17-2012
20100290053KNOWLEDGE BASED SPECTROMETER - A sensor and method for remotely determining a presence of a particular substance based on spectral data of the particular substance is disclosed. The sensor includes a sampling module configured to detect radiation from a particular substance using an interferometer, wherein the sampling module includes a control module that is configured to guide and measure spacing of samples taken by the sampling module; a focal plane module configured to detect and convert an interference pattern produced by the interferometer into a series of digital samples; a reference spectra modification module configured to modify reference spectra by modifying according to the measured spacing of samples and an instrument line shape of the sampling module; an estimation module configured to receive the converted series of digital samples and transform the non-uniformly spaced digital samples into frequency space using band centers determined from reference spectra as modified by the instrument line shape of the sampling module; a comparison module configured to compare the transformed digital samples against a database of known chemical signatures; and a determination module configured to determine the presence of the particular substance based on the results of the comparison.11-18-2010
20100290054CHEMICAL SENSING WITH NOISE PRE-COMPENSATION - This invention relates generally to the systems and methods for chemicals detection such as explosives and others, and more particularly to optical devices and the methods of their use based on sensing of gases and residue materials. This sensing includes detection of optical spectrum and relative concentration of the chemical followed by the chemical identification based on these data. The sensing is based on photothermal interferometry method modified by implementation of coherent optical detection using a balanced receiver, where the incoming optical signal is mixed with a local oscillator beam. An additional phase shift is embedded in the local oscillator beam for adaptively negating the background noise in the incoming optical signal thus improving the system performance.11-18-2010
20120133948SPECTROMETER - A spectrometer includes: a tungsten lamp which emits light with no peak wavelength within a wavelength range of visible light and having a light amount increasing as the wavelength becomes longer; a violet LED which emits light having a peak wavelength within the wavelength range of visible light; a light mixer which mixes light emitted from the tungsten lamp and the violet LED; an etalon which receives light mixed by the light mixer and transmits light contained in the received mixed light and having a particular wavelength; a light receiving unit which receives light transmitted by the etalon; and a measurement control unit which changes the wavelength of light that can pass through the etalon and measures spectral characteristics of the light having passed through the etalon based on the light received by the light receiving unit.05-31-2012
20120162657Coherency Reduction for Bandwidth Measurement - A method includes directing a portion of a laser beam output from a laser along a secondary beam path toward a detector, the secondary beam path being distinct from a main beam path of the laser beam; generating a bandwidth selective interference pattern of the laser beam on the detector; detecting, at the detector, a width of a fringe within the interference pattern to thereby measure measuring a bandwidth of the laser beam; and homogenizing the laser beam traveling along the secondary beam path prior to generation of the bandwidth selective interference pattern. The homogenizing includes diffusing the laser beam; and introducing a time dependent, position dependent, or both time and position dependent random modulation to the wavefront of the laser beam to reduce fluctuations in the detected fringe width and to reduce the influence of spatial coherence of the laser beam on the detected interference pattern.06-28-2012
20110122413SPECTRAL OPTICAL COHERENCE TOMOGRAPHY - The invention relates to an apparatus for generating a scannable optical delay for a beam of light and an apparatus for Fourier domain optical coherence tomography having said apparatus for generating a scannable optical delay in its reference arm (05-26-2011
20110122412DEVICES AND METHODS FOR OPTICAL DETECTION - An optical detection system for sensing one or more samples is provided. The optical detection system comprises a broadband light source that emits a beam comprising a continuous spectrum over a range of wavelengths; a fluidic cell comprising one or more channels that positions the sample so that at least a portion of the beam is directed on the sample to produce a back reflected beam; and a spectrometer that analyzes an interference spectrum of the beam back reflected from the sample.05-26-2011
20110235045METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR INTERFEROMETRY - A method and an arrangement are provided for scalable confocal interferometry for distance measurement, for 3-D detection of an object, for OC tomography with an object imaging interferometer and at least one light source. The interferometer has an optical path difference not equal to zero at each optically detected object element. Thus, the maxima of a sinusoidal frequency wavelet, associated with each detected object element, each have a frequency difference Δf_Objekt. At least one spectrally integrally detecting, rastered detector is arranged to record the object. The light source preferably has a frequency comb, and the frequency comb differences Δf_Quelle are changed in a predefined manner over time in a scan during measuring. In the process, the frequency differences Δf_Quelle are made equal to the frequency difference Δf_Objekt or equal to an integer multiple of the frequency differences Δf_Objekt at least once for each object element.09-29-2011
20120140236Spatial Spectral Photonic Receiver for Direction Finding via Wideband Phase Sensitive Spectral Mapping - An apparatus includes a single or dual output port, dual-drive Mach-Zehnder Interferometer configured to generate a first optical signal in one path, and to generate a second optical signal in a different path. The apparatus also includes an optical spectrum analyzer configured to receive output from at least one port of the dual-drive Mach-Zehnder Interferometer. A method includes causing radio frequency signals from two different antennae to modulate an optical carrier at a corresponding drive of a dual-drive Mach-Zehnder Interferometer, and causing output from at least one port of the Mach-Zehnder Interferometer to be directed to an optical spectrum analyzer. The method further comprises determining arrival angle at each of a plurality of frequencies in the radio frequency signals based on output from the optical spectrum analyzer.06-07-2012
20120092675METHOD AND DEVICE FOR DETECTING MOTION - A method for detecting motion direction of an object (04-19-2012
20080231859PHOTODETECTION DEVICE AND PHOTODETECTION METHOD - A photodetection device, a photodetection method, an image sensor and an image pickup method can increase the number of pixels, while suppressing degradation of the S/N ratio. The photodetection device includes a spectroscopic element formed by means of an optical microresonator having a plurality of resonant wavelength bands differentiated by positions as a function of a geometric structure and a plurality of photoelectric conversion elements arranged at different positions to detect light of the plurality of resonant wavelength bands.09-25-2008
20120250025GRADING OF AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS VIA HYPER SPECTRAL IMAGING AND ANALYSIS - A system for grading an agricultural product employing hyper-spectral imaging and analysis. The system includes at least one light source for providing a beam of light, an interferometer or a prism array for dispersing electromagnetic radiation emitted from said agricultural product into a corresponding spectral image, a light measuring device for detecting component wavelengths within the corresponding spectral image and a processor operable to compare the detected component wavelengths to a database of previously graded agricultural products to identify and select a grade for the agricultural product. A method for grading an agricultural product via hyper-spectral imaging and analysis is also provided.10-04-2012
20120257207Wafer shape thickness and trench measurement10-11-2012
20120274943FIZEAU REFERENCE ARM USING A CHIRPED FIBER BRAGG GRATING - An improved interferometer measurement system is presented. In a preferred embodiment, a chirped fiber Bragg grating is used as a reference surface in a Fizeau interferometer arrangement for optical coherence tomography imaging of the eye. The grating creates a virtual reference surface near the sample and allows for a relatively short reference arm while maintaining close to zero delay interference conditions.11-01-2012
20130128275INTERFERENCE OPTICAL SYSTEM, SUBSTRATE PROCESSING APPARATUS, AND MEASURING METHOD - The interference optical system includes a light source, a collimator, a light-receiving element, a tunable filter, and a calculation apparatus. The collimator emits measuring light from the light source to a first main surface of the object, and receives reflected light from the first main surface and a second main surface. The light-receiving element acquires an intensity of light from the collimator. The tunable filter sweeps a wavelength of the light incident to the light-receiving element. The calculation apparatus measures an interference intensity distribution that has wavelength dependence and is an intensity distribution of the reflected light from the first main surface and the second main surface, and measures the thickness or the temperature of the object based on a waveform obtained by Fourier transforming the interference intensity distribution.05-23-2013
20130188192Spectrometric Instrument - A spectrometric instrument comprising: a scanning interferometer having a beamsplitter for dividing incident optical radiation into a reflected beam, following a reflected beam path and a transmitted beam following a transmitted beam path; a monochromatic optical radiation source for launching a reference beam into the interferometer along a first propagation path to be initially incident on a first face of the beamsplitter; an observation optical radiation source for launching a divergent observation beam into the interferometer along a second propagation path to be initially incident on the first face of beamsplitter and overlap the reference beam at the first face; wherein the radiation sources cooperate to generate a first angle between the directions of propagation of the two beams along respective first and second propagation paths when initially and simultaneously incident at the first face which is larger than a divergence half-angle of the observation beam 07-25-2013
20120086946SAGNAC FOURIER TRANSFORM SPECTROMETER HAVING IMPROVED RESOLUTION - A Sagnac interferometer can include a beamsplitter arranged to receive an input beam of light of a design wavelength, to split the input beam of light into first and second beams that counter propagate around an optical path, and to recombine the first and second beams into an output beam of light. The optical path can include at least one diffraction grating that is arranged to satisfy an effective Littrow geometry.04-12-2012

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