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356 - Optics: measuring and testing

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356496000 For dimensional measurement 401
356477000 Using fiber or waveguide interferometer 320
356451000 Spectroscopy 163
356459000 Rotation rate (e.g., ring laser gyros) 122
356491000 Having polarization 74
356521000 Having wavefront division (by diffraction) 58
356484000 Having light beams of different frequencies (e.g., heterodyning) 52
356457000 Holography 28
356519000 Having partially reflecting plates in series (e.g., Fabry-Perot type) 23
356517000 For refractive indexing 17
356520000 Having shearing 6
20110205544FAST SAR ASSESSMENT AND CERTIFICATION SYSTEM FOR WIRELESS DEVICE CERTIFICATION - A new rapid optical specific absorption rate (SAR) system is disclosed. The rapid optical SAR system has ability to measure and map the power deposited in a flat phantom or other phantom filled with a transparent simulant fluid. Absolute rates of temperature increase in the phantom by photo thermal techniques are measured. For example, the temperature increase and gradients in the phantom bend the path of a laser beam, which may be aimed at a position sensitive detector. The spatial SAR may be mapped and SAR differences between different telephones and telephone orientations, for example, can be distinguished. The system is non-invasive and non-perturbing of the SAR distribution in the phantom, can measure at locations up to the interior surface of the phantom, and provides thermally-based SAR measurements that do not necessarily require constant calibration.08-25-2011
20080291457Optical Displacement Sensor - An optical displacement sensor for sensing an environmental stimulus is disclosed. The optical displacement sensor exhibits an optical design that has suppressed back reflection and improved alignment tolerance between its optical components. The sensor is based on an optically resonant cavity whose cavity length is affected by the environmental stimulus. An embodiment of the present invention utilizes a lens to redirect a first light signal toward an optically resonant cavity such that the light is incident on the cavity at a non-normal angle of incidence.11-27-2008
20080259345THREE-DIMENSIONAL MICROSCOPE AND METHOD FOR OBTAINING THREE-DIMENSIONAL IMAGE - A microscope which has a high three-dimensional resolution, does not require specimens to be stained and is easy to operate, is presented. The three-dimensional microscope includes a first optical system for illuminating an object with lights in a plurality of illuminating directions, one direction after another; an imaging section; a second optical system for guiding diffracted lights generated by the object and reference lights to the imaging section that obtains interference images of the diffracted lights and the reference lights; and a processor for generating a three-dimensional image using the interference images for respective illuminating directions, obtained by the imaging section. The processor obtains complex amplitudes of the diffracted lights from the interference images for respective illuminating directions and generates the three-dimensional image of the object from the complex amplitudes.10-23-2008
20080259344Interferometry system chamber viewing window - A stroboscopic imaging interferometer system includes an environmental chamber having a novel viewing window equipped with a rigidly integrated beam splitter and piezo actuated reference mirror for illuminating a device providing an object beam and reference mirror for providing a reference beam, upon the reflection of both beams, produces interference of the object beam by the reference beam for providing absolute phase observations of the device, that may be a MEMS device under test.10-23-2008
20100073680Method and System for Device Identification - Disclosed are a method and system for performing device identification and a medical device susceptible to identification using interference patterns for performing device identification. A source signal may be directed from an energy source towards the surface of a device for reflection therefrom. An interference pattern may be detected from the surface of the device, such as by a sensor. A determination as to whether a match exists between the representation of the interference pattern and a stored representation of an interference pattern may be performed. If a match exists, the device may be identified based on the stored representation of the interference pattern. Otherwise, a representation of the interference pattern may be stored and a unique identifier may be assigned to the stored representation of the interference pattern.03-25-2010
20100045999OPTICAL PHASE-MODULATION EVALUATING DEVICE - It is an object of the present invention to provide an optical phase modulation evaluating device that can measure and evaluate the precise degree of modulation in phase of an optical phase modulation signal in comparison with the conventionally-known optical phase modulation evaluating device. The optical phase modulation evaluating module includes: a bit delay device located on optical paths of the third and fifth light beams, and adapted to change the length of the optical paths to delay the third and fifth light beams by one bit per second; and an optical phase difference setting means for delaying either or both the ninth and tenth light beams by a designated phase angle which is not equal to zero, the optical phase difference setting means having a light transmissive plate located on an optical path for the ninth light beam, and a light transmissive plate located on an optical path for the tenth light beam.02-25-2010
20100321702Compensating for time varying phase changes in interferometric measurements - An optical device under test (DUT) is interferometrically measured. The DUT can include one or more of an optical fiber, an optical component, or an optical system. First interference pattern data for the DUT is obtained for a first path to the DUT, and second interference pattern data for the DUT is obtained for a second somewhat longer path to the DUT. Because of that longer length, the second interference pattern data is delayed in time from the first interference pattern data. A time varying component of the DUT interference pattern data is then identified from the first and second interference pattern data. The identified time varying component is used to modify the first or the second interference pattern data to compensate for the time-varying phase caused by vibrations, etc. One or more optical characteristics of the DUT may then be determined based on the modified interference pattern data.12-23-2010
20100321701Two optical media two sectional L-shaped double parallel beams interferometer - One embodiment of two optical media two sectional L-shaped double parallel beams interferometer, providing means and methods for neutralizing the negative impacts of Fitzgerald-Lorentz contractions, and Sagnac effect on experimental results, especially in the applications of experimental detection and confirmation of existence of ether. Experiments are based on observing and registering the shifts of interference fringes provoked by differences in influence of ether's wind on two parallel unidirectional crossed laser beams traveling through two L-shaped optical paths combined of two different optical media. Related to azimuthal orientations and geo-positions of experimental equipment, experimental outcomes are highly predictable from non-relativistic position, whereas they are not explicable from the relativistic position. Other embodiments are described and shown.12-23-2010
20100321700OPTICAL COHERENCE TOMOGRAPHIC IMAGING APPARATUS AND OPTICAL COHERENCE TOMOGRAPHIC IMAGING METHOD - A beam diameter varying portion varies a first beam diameter of a measuring beam incident on an optical portion to a second beam diameter larger than the first beam diameter. An adjustment portion adjusts a condensing position of the measuring beam on the optical portion based on intensity information of a return beam from a position of an inspection object with the first beam diameter. The beam diameter is varied from the first to the second beam diameter by the beam diameter varying portion at the position adjusted by the adjustment portion to cause the measuring beam having the second beam diameter to be incident. A condensing position can be adjusted in a relatively short time because the measuring beam small in beam diameter is used, and a combined beam can be acquired with high transverse resolution because the measuring beam large in beam diameter is used.12-23-2010
20130027710Measurement of small accelerations by optical weak value amplifcation - An accelerometer instrument is provided for measuring acceleration. The instrument includes a laser, a Mach-Zender interferometer (MZI), a mechanical spring, a detector, a camera, and an analyzer. The laser emits a coherent light beam of photons. The MZI includes first and second beam-splitters along with first and second mirrors. The first mirror has an established mass m and connects to the spring for vibrating substantially perpendicular to its reflection plane. The mechanical spring has an established spring constant k. The MZI has an established weak measurement N01-31-2013
20120182559INTERFEROMETER, DEMODULATOR AND RECEIVER-TRANSMITTER - A delay interferometer includes a half beam splitter and two pentagonal prisms disposed on a substrate. The half beam splitter branches light to be measured which travels substantially in parallel with the substrate into two branched light beams. The pentagonal prisms respectively reflect the respective branched light beams such that the optical axes of the branched light beams are moved in parallel in a direction substantially perpendicular to the substrate by reflection. The half beam splitter combines the branched light beams reflected by the pentagonal prisms to generate interference light beams.07-19-2012
20120182558APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR IRRADIATING A SCATTERING MEDIUM - An apparatus includes a light source configured to emit an electromagnetic wave; a spatial light modulator configured to modulate a wavefront of the electromagnetic wave to irradiate a sample; a plate with an aperture; a lens unit configured to set a focal point in the sample; a detector configured to detect light coming from the focal point of the sample through the aperture; and a controller configured to control the spatial light modulator based on the detected light by the detector.07-19-2012
20130050707Optical dynamic non-locality induction bit - A quantum dynamical non-locality device is provided for establishing a photon traveling along a path in a binary state. The device includes twin Mach-Zehnder interferometer (MZI), a shutter and a detector. The twin MZI includes first and second right-isosceles triangle prisms, corresponding first and second trombone mirrors, and corresponding first and second spacers. The prisms join at a beam-splitter interface. The mirrors reflect the photon by an offset substantially perpendicular to photon's travel direction. The spacers are respectively disposed between their respective prisms and mirrors to produce corresponding spatial gaps. The path through the prisms includes traversing spacers and gaps. The detector detects a quantum state of the photon after passing the prisms and the mirrors. The shutter switches to one of disposed within and removed therefrom the first gap. The shutter shifts said quantum state of the photon.02-28-2013
20090303490DELAY INTERFEROMETER - In a delay interferometer, a Michelson delay interferometer unit is mounted on a package made of a Kovar material. The Michelson delay interferometer unit has optical components including a beam splitter which splits an optical signal, reflectors which reflect the split optical signals, and an optical phase adjusting plate which is inserted into an optical path of the optical signal, and which is used for temperature compensation. The delay interferometer includes a glass substrate on which the optical components are bonded and mounted, and an elastic member which is interposed between the delay interferometer unit configured by the optical components mounted on the glass substrate, and a bottom portion of the package.12-10-2009
20110058175IMAGING APPARATUS AND IMAGING METHOD USING OPTICAL COHERENCE TOMOGRAPHY - Provided is an imaging apparatus using Fourier-domain optical coherence tomography, the imaging apparatus removing noises caused by the autocorrelation component of returning light to obtain a high-resolution tomographic image. A first switching unit 03-10-2011
20130163002Quantitative Phase Microscopy For Label-Free High-Contrast Cell Imaging - Systems and methods described herein employ multiple phase-contrast images with various relative phase shifts between light diffracted by a sample and light not diffracted by the sample to produce a quantitative phase image. The produced quantitative phase image may have sufficient contrast for label-free auto-segmentation of cell bodies and nuclei.06-27-2013
20090231591Method, Apparatus, and Program for Measuring Wavelength Dispersion of Optical Waveguide - The invention is to provide a wavelength dispersion measuring method for an optical fiber capable of measuring a wavelength dispersion in a section extending from an incident end of the optical fiber to an arbitrary point along the way by using a scattering phenomenon in which a scattering coefficient at a local point on the optical fiber is independent of time. Incident light having a known spectral density function S(ω) is caused to be incident on the optical waveguide, and a wavelength dispersion of the section extending from the incident end of the optical waveguide to the arbitrary point along the way by a correlational function between a signal being proportional to a scattered light amplitude generated at a first halfway point and a signal being proportional to a scattered light amplitude generated at a second halfway point.09-17-2009
20120113429DEVICE AND METHOD FOR THE OPTICAL MEASUREMENT OF AN OPTICAL SYSTEM BY USING AN IMMERSION FLUID - A device for the optical measurement of an optical system, in particular an optical imaging system, is provided. The device includes at least one test optics component arranged on an object side or an image side of the optical system. An immersion fluid is adjacent to at least one of the test optics components. A container for use in this device, a microlithography projection exposure machine equipped with this device, and a method which can be carried out with the aid of this device are also provided. The device and method provide for optical measurement of microlithography projection objectives with high numerical apertures by using wavefront detection with shearing or point diffraction interferometry, or a Moiré measuring technique.05-10-2012
20100002238LASER INTERFERENCE DEVICE FOR TOUCH SCREENS - A system and method for location determination by laser interference detection uses a wide beamwidth laser projection (01-07-2010
20120293804System and Method for Measuring Optical Signal-to-Noise Ratio - The invention provides a system and method for measuring optical signal-to-noise-ratio (OSNR) in an optical communication system. A channel filter is adapted to select one specific optical communication channel from a wavelength-division-multiplexing (WDM) optical communication system, wherein the channel comprises an optical signal carrying digital bit information and noise from associated optical power amplifiers in the system. At least one optical delay interferometer is adapted to measure at least two interferograms of the noisy signal. The invention provides a mechanism for calculating the in-band OSNR from extinctions of the interferograms measured at different optical delays by referring to each other, wherein said optical delays are selected to be substantially less than a bit period of the optical channel. Because of the selection of the optical delays and/or the self-reference between the two measurements, the system can follow any changes happening to the signal such as additional filtering, self (cross)-phase modulation, the bias and drive signal change of the modulator used to generate the optical signal.11-22-2012
20100284015Scanning EUV Interference Imaging for Extremely High Resolution Patterning - A system and method are provided for writing patterns onto substrates. First and second beams of extreme ultraviolet (EUV) radiation are produced. An exposure unit is used to project the first and second beams of EUV radiation onto a substrate. The first and second beams of radiation interfere with each other to expose a first set of parallel lines at an exposure field of the substrate.11-11-2010
20080304072OPTICAL SENSING DEVICES WITH SPR SENSORS BASED ON DIFFERENTIAL PHASE INTERROGATION AND MEASURING METHOD USING THE SAME - Disclosed is an optical sensing device, which comprises a light source emitting a light; a beam splitter; an SPR sensor unit comprising a sensing surface; and a detecting mechanism; and a converting unit converting the first beam and the second beam from the optical device into a two-dimensional interference fringe pattern. From the above-mentioned configuration, an extra phase shift of a detection beam in SPR phase measurement is obtained. The differential measurement approach has shown to achieve a sensitivity figure significantly better than the best result that can be obtained from the prior art in the field of the measurement based on an SPR sensor.12-11-2008
20100033726System and Method for Optical Coherence Tomography - The invention relates to a system and to a corresponding method for optical coherence tomography having an interferometer (02-11-2010
20090153870Optimized transmissive reference level generation - A method, apparatus and system for optimizing the magnitude of reference levels in non-invasive imaging and analysis is disclosed. Optimizing the magnitude of reference levels enables improving signal to noise ratios and thereby improving the sensitivity and performance of the imaging and analysis system. The invention includes dynamically modifying the magnitude of one or more reference beams and significantly reducing the magnitude of undesirable reference radiation components. It may further include one or more stabilizing feedback systems.06-18-2009
20080266571Vibration Resistant Interferometry - In general, in one aspect, the invention features a method including providing scanning interferometry data for a test object using phase shifting interferometry, the data including intensity values for each of multiple scan positions for different spatial locations of the test object, the intensity values for each spatial location defining an interference signal for the spatial location, the intensity values for a common scan position defining a data set for that scan position. The method also includes temporally transforming at least some of the interference signals into a first frequency domain signal, determining an estimated phase profile of the test object based on the first frequency domain signal, determining phase shifts at multiple scan positions based on the estimated phase profile, and determining a more accurate phase profile of the test object based on the estimated phase profile and the phase shifts.10-30-2008
20100079763System and Method of Fluid Exposure and Data Acquisition - An apparatus has a data acquisition device, an environmental cell in a spatial registration relative to the data acquisition device, the environmental cell being configured to support a sample, and a fluid management system configured to initiate and discontinue exposure of the sample to a reaction fluid while the spatial registration is maintained. A method of performing data acquisition for a sample includes spatially registering the sample relative to a data acquisition device, at least partially exposing the sample to a reaction fluid while substantially maintaining the spatial registration of the sample relative to the data acquisition device, at least partially discontinuing exposing the sample to the reaction fluid while substantially maintaining the spatial registration of the sample relative to the data acquisition device, and acquiring data about the sample while substantially maintaining the spatial registration of the sample relative to the data acquisition device.04-01-2010
20090185190TEMPERATURE-STABLE INTERFEROMETER - This invention provides an interferometer for detecting analyte in a microfluidic chip. The device maintains a stable temperature at the chip with variation of no more than 5 microdegrees C. and/or no more than 20 microdegrees C. in the medium through which the optical train travels from a source of coherent light to the chip when ambient temperature changes up to 5 degrees centigrade over five minutes. The device comprises thermally isolated compartments that hinder heat transfer from one part of the instrument to another and temperature regulators that regulate temperature of the chip and the optical train compartment as a function of temperatures at the chip, in the compartment, and ambient. The invention also provides a microfluidic system that can deliver 1 microliter of sample to a sensing area with loss in analyte concentration of less than 5%. The device has an adaptor that mates with a micropipette tip and short channel length and small volume to the sensing area.07-23-2009
20110170104METHOD FOR MEASURING THE SPECTRAL PHASE OF A PERIODIC SIGNAL - The invention relates to a self-referenced device (07-14-2011
20090201509Interferometer using vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers - An interferometer which incorporates a single mode VCSEL to facilitate miniaturization through integration of parts. The interferometer includes a beam splitter for partially reflecting and transmitting light; a single mode vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser for generating a beam of light perpendicular to a wafer; a first mirror fixedly perpendicular to the first path to reflect the portion of light reflected from the beam splitter; a second mirror movably arranged along the second path to reflect the beam portion transmitted through the beam splitter. A photodetector arranged along the second path detects the beam portion reflected from the first mirror and transmitted again through the beam splitter and the beam portion reflected from the second mirror and reflected again from the beam splitter to locate the second mirror based on an interference fringe created by a difference in the paths between the two beam portions.08-13-2009
20090273789Interferometer - A double-biprism electron interferometer is an optical system which dramatically increases the degree of freedom of a conventional one-stage electron interferometer. The double biprism interferometer, however, is the same as the optical system of the single electron biprism in terms of the one-dimensional shape of an electron hologram formed by filament electrodes, the direction of an interference area, and the azimuth of the interference fringes. In other words, the longitudinal direction of the interference area is determined corresponding to the direction of the filament electrodes, and the azimuth of the interference fringes only coincides with and is in parallel with the longitudinal direction of the interference area. An interferometer according to the present invention has upper-stage and lower-stage electron biprisms, and operates with an azimuth angle Φ between filament electrodes of the upper-stage and lower-stage electron biprisms to arbitrarily control an interference area and an azimuth θ of the interference fringes formed therein.11-05-2009
20090262358AIRWAY ADAPTOR WITH OPTICAL PRESSURE TRANSDUCER AND METHOD OF MAUFACTURING A SENSOR COMPONENT - An airway adapter that comprises a housing and a pressure transducer. The housing comprises a flow path having a first end and a second end, a first pressure port that communicates with the flow path, and a second pressure port that communicates with the flow path. The first pressure port is spaced apart from the second pressure port. The flow restriction is disposed in the flow path between the first and second pressure ports that creates a pressure differential therebetween. The pressure transducer generates a signal that reflects the differential pressure created by the flow restriction between the first and second pressure ports, wherein the pressure transducer comprises an optical interferometer.10-22-2009
20090290163Laser Ultrasonic Measurement System With Movable Beam Delivery - A laser ultrasonic measurement system includes a first and a second laser source configured to generate a first and a second laser beam, respectively. A movable mechanical link is arranged to transmit the first laser beam. The movable mechanical link is formed by a plurality of rigid sections interconnected by rotating joints. A robot is configured to support and control the movement of at least a section of the mechanical link to transmit the first laser beam to an object. An optical scanner is positioned proximate to the mechanical link. The optical scanner is configured to direct the first and second laser beams onto the object. An interferometer is optically coupled to the optical scanner. The interferometer is configured to receive reflected light from the object and in response generate an electrical signal. The first laser source is kinematically mounted in a housing assembly.11-26-2009
20110170105Techniques for Improving Optofluidic Microscope Devices - Embodiments of the present invention relate to techniques for improving optofluidic microscope (OFM) devices. One technique that may be used employs surface tension at a hydrophobic surface to passively pump the fluid sample through the fluid channel. Another technique uses electrodes to adjust the position of objects in the fluid channel. Another technique computationally adjusts the focal plane of an image wavefront measured using differential interference contrast (DIC) based on Young's interference by back propagating the image wavefront from the detection focal plane to a different focal plane. These techniques can be employed separately or in combination to improve the capabilities of OFM devices.07-14-2011
20090296096Interferometric Defect Detection - Methods and systems for using common-path interferometry are described. In some embodiments, a common-path interferometry system for the detection of defects in a sample is described. An illumination source generates and directs coherent light toward the sample. An optical imaging system collects light reflected from the sample including a scattered component of that is predominantly scattered by the sample, and a specular component that is predominantly undiffracted by the sample. A variable phase controlling system is used to adjust the relative phase of the scattered component and the specular component so as to improve the ability to detect defects in the sample.12-03-2009
20100118312PHASE-SHIFTING INTERFEROMETRY IN THE PRESENCE OF VIBRATION USING PHASE BIAS - A phase-shifting interferometry (PSI) method and corresponding system including: (i) recording an interferogram for each phase in a sequence of phases between test light reflected from a test surface and reference light reflected from a reference surface, the test and reference light being derived from a common source, each interferogram corresponding to an intensity pattern produced by interfering the reflected test light with the reflected reference light, the interferograms defining an interferometry signal for each of different transverse locations of a cavity defined by the test and reference surfaces, each interferometry signal including a series of intensity values corresponding to the sequence of phases, with the difference between each pair of phases in the sequence defining a corresponding phase shift increment; (ii) calculating an initial phase map for the cavity based on at least some of the recorded interferograms; (iii) calculating an estimate for each of at least some of the phase shift increments based on the initial phase map and at least some of the recorded interferograms; and (iv) calculating an improved phase map based on the calculated estimates for the phase shift increments and at least some of the recorded interferograms.05-13-2010
20080212103Ultra-Short Optical Pulse Measurement Using a Thick Nonlinear Crystal - The invention provides a pulse measurement apparatus and corresponding method. The apparatus comprises: a splitter for splitting a pulse to be measured into two sub-pulses propagating along different beam paths; a non-linear medium, capable of up-conversion of radiation propagating therethrough, arranged in said beam paths; at least one element for interfering the up-converted pulses resulting from propagation of the two sub-pulses in the non-linear medium; and detection apparatus for detecting the result of the interference to obtain at least one of spectral and temporal characteristics of the pulse to be measured. In the non-linear medium, each sub-pulse can be resolved into an o-wave component and an e-wave component propagating through the medium at a predetermined angle, and the phase-matching function for up-conversion by interaction of the o-wave component with the e-wave component in the non-linear medium is selected such that up-conversion is substantially independent of frequency for one of the o-wave or e-wave over a predetermined frequency range, and is frequency selective for the other of the o-wave and e-wave. This phase-matching function produces spectrally-sheared up-converted replicas of the pulse to be measured.09-04-2008
20110205545SUPPORTING STRUCTURE FOR A MOVABLE MIRROR, METHOD FOR REDUCING THE TILTING OF A MOVABLE MIRROR, AND INTERFEROMETER - The present invention relates to a supporting structure for a movable mirror of an interferometer, the supporting structure comprising a fixed frame (08-25-2011
20100128276COMPOUND REFERENCE INTERFEROMETER - Interferometry system are disclosed that include a detector sub-system including a monitor detector, interferometer optics for combining test light from a test object with primary reference light from a first reference interface and secondary reference light from a second reference interface to form a monitor interference pattern on a monitor detector, wherein the first and second reference interfaces are mechanically fixed with respect to each other and the test light, a scanning stage configured to scan an optical path difference (OPD) between the test light and the primary and secondary reference light to the monitor detector while the detector sub-system records the monitor interference pattern for each of a series of OPD increments, and an electronic processor electronically coupled to the detector sub-system and the scanning stage, the electronic processor being configured to determine information about the OPD increments based on the detected monitor interference pattern.05-27-2010
20080278729MULTI-DIRECTIONAL PROJECTION TYPE MOIRE INTERFEROMETER AND INSPECTION METHOD OF USING THE SAME - A multi-directional projection type moire interferometer capable of multi-directionally emitting the pattern illumination toward a target object and an inspection method of using the same are provided. The multi-directional projection type moire interferometer includes: an XY stage 11-13-2008
20080291456Sensor apparatus and method using optical interferometry - A sensor apparatus and method includes a sensor head with at least two surfaces separated by a gap. One surface is mechanically fixed, a second surface is free to move and deflections of the second surface relative to the first surface are monitored by optical interferometry. In one embodiment, an optical fiber is used to direct light from a light source to the sensor and collect light reflected by the sensor. In alternate embodiments the sensor apparatus includes integrated optical elements, free-space optics, and direct laser-diode sensing. In operation, interaction of molecules or other objects in the sample with the second surface is detected as a change in amplitude and/or phase of deflection the second surface in response to an applied driving signal. A layer of binding molecules may be immobilized on the second surface and this surface exposed to a sample. The invention includes a method for detecting an analyte in a sample, including detecting the presence of analyte, the amount of analyte or the rate of association and/or dissociation of the analyte with a binding partner.11-27-2008
20080304073Method and apparatus for conjugate quadrature interferometric detection of an immunoassay - A detection system for detecting target material is provided. The system comprises a photonic structure having a reflectance-band and associated side bands; an illumination source for illuminating at a wavelength in at least one of an edge of the reflectance-band and the side bands of the photonic structure and for generating a return beam; a detector system having an intensity-sensitive channel configured to detect an in-line signal from the return beam and a phase-sensitive channel configured to detect a differential phase contrast signal from the return beam; and a processing system for receiving and adding in quadrature the in-line signal and the differential phase contrast signal to generate a joint signal, and for determining one of the presence or the absence of the target material on the photonic structure using the joint signal.12-11-2008
20080304071Interferometric System for the Use of Special-Purpose Optical Systems - An interferometric system which includes an illumination arm having a light source and an illumination optical system for forming an illumination beam path; an object arm having a special-purpose optical system for measuring an object for the purpose of forming an imaging beam path; a reference arm having an adjusting element and a reference element coupled thereto; a detector arm having a detector; and a beam splitter, an at least partially transparent dispersion-compensating medium being provided in the reference arm for compensating the dispersion of the optical components of the object arm, the dispersion-compensating medium being exchangeable and also being adjusted to the special-purpose optical system. This enables a universal white light interferometer platform to be provided for enabling different measuring tasks to be carried out simply by exchanging the special-purpose optical systems.12-11-2008
20080285041Optical Device for Measuring Modulated Signal Light - An optical device for determining at least one signal light component being characteristic for an optical near-field interaction of a probe with an object to be investigated, wherein the near-field interaction is subjected to a fundamental modulation at a fundamental frequency Ω, comprises an interferometer device with an illumination light path (I) being directed to the probe, a reference light path (II) being directed to a detector device for obtaining detector output signals including signal light components, and a signal light path (III) being directed from the probe to the detector device, wherein the reference and signal light paths (II, III) are superimposed at the detector device, and a demodulation device for determining the signal light components by demodulating the detector output signals, wherein the reference light path (II) does not contain the probe, an interferometer phase modulator is arranged in the reference light path (II) or signal light path (III) for changing an interferometer phase comprising the optical phase difference between the reference light and the signal light, and the demodulation device is adapted for determining the signal light components from the detector output signals obtained at three or more different interferometer states, which represent three or more different interferometer phases or at least two different interferometer phases with at least one state wherein the reference light path (II) is blocked.11-20-2008
20120140235METHOD FOR MEASURING THE FILM ELEMENT USING OPTICAL MULTI-WAVELENGTH INTERFEROMETRY - A method for measuring the film element using optical multi-wavelength interferometry is revealed. The invention uses reflection coefficients of thin films at different wavelengths to measure the thickness and optical constants of thin films. The phase difference coming from the phase difference between test and reference surfaces is distinguished from the phase difference from the spatial path difference between reference and test beams by doing measurements on different wavelengths, because they change in different ways as the measuring wavelength changes. The phase is then acquired. Combining with the measured reflectance of thin film, the reflection coefficient of thin film is obtained. Collecting the reflection coefficients of each point, the thin film thickness and optical constants distribution in 2 dimensions are calculated. The surface profile is known through the spatial path differences between reference and test beams. These can be measured in a interferometer to avoid the vibration influence.06-07-2012
20120069344HIGH RESOLUTION STRUCTURED ILLUMINATION MICROSCOPY - Disclosed are systems, apparatus, methods and devices, including a method that includes generating two or more sequential surface plasmon interference patterns, at least one of the two or more sequential surface plasmon interference patterns being different from another of the two or more sequential surface plasmon interference patterns, and capturing respective images of a specimen resulting from the interference patterns. Also disclosed is a method that includes generating two or more sequential optical interference patterns, at least one of the two or more sequential optical interference patterns being different from another of the interference patterns, and removing from each of the generated interference patterns, using a beam stopper, a corresponding zero-order diffraction light component included in the respective generated patterns to obtain resultant corresponding two or more sequential optical interference patterns, directed at a specimen, with missing respective zero-order light components.03-22-2012
20090251702Stitching of near-nulled subaperture measurements - A metrology system for measuring aspheric test objects by subaperture stitching. A wavefront-measuring gauge having a limited capture range of wavefront shapes collects partially overlapping subaperture measurements over the test object. A variable optical aberrator reshapes the measurement wavefront with between a limited number of the measurements to maintain the measurement wavefront within the capture range of the wavefront-measuring gauge. Various error compensators are incorporated into a stitching operation to manage residual errors associated with the use of the variable optical aberrator.10-08-2009
20090244543HUMAN-READABLE, BI-STATE ENVIRONMENTAL SENSORS BASED ON MICRO-MECHANICAL MEMBRANES - An environmental sensing device includes an interferometric modulator which permanently actuates, in a visually-detectable manner, in response to being exposed to a predetermined environmental threshold or condition. The device can include a reactive layer, coating, or proof mass disposed on a movable member of the interferometric modulator. The reactive layer, coating, or proof mass can expand, contract, bend, or otherwise move when exposed to a predefined chemical, level of humidity, temperature threshold, type of radiation, and/or level of mechanical shock, causing the interferometric modulator to collapse and permanently indicate such exposure.10-01-2009
20090213384SENSOR, MULTICHANNEL SENSOR, SENSING APPARATUS, AND SENSING METHOD - A new and novel sensor having a simple structure with high detection sensitivity. The sensor (S08-27-2009
20120105858Spatial Light Interference Microscopy and Fourier Transform Light Scattering for Cell and Tissue Characterization - Methods and apparatus for rendering quantitative phase maps across and through transparent samples. A broadband source is employed in conjunction with an objective, Fourier optics, and a programmable two-dimensional phase modulator to obtain amplitude and phase information in an image plane. Methods, referred to as Fourier transform light scattering (FTLS), measure the angular scattering spectrum of the sample. FTLS combines optical microscopy and light scattering for studying inhomogeneous and dynamic media. FTLS relies on quantifying the optical phase and amplitude associated with a coherent image field and propagating it numerically to the scattering plane. Full angular information, limited only by the microscope objective, is obtained from extremely weak scatterers, such as a single micron-sized particle. A flow cytometer may employ FTLS sorting.05-03-2012
20090316157DIRECT DETECTION OF LOCALIZED MODULATION OF ION CONCENTRATION ON AN ELECTRODE-ELECTROLYTE INTERFACE - The present invention directly measures localized electrochemical processes on a planar electrode using differential interferometry. The ionic charge accumulation at the electrode-electrolyte interface may be directly measured by using differential interferometry as a function of magnitude and frequency (for example, 2-50 kHz) of an external potential applied on an electrode. Methods in accordance with the present invention probe the ion dynamics confined to the electrical double layer. An electric field is applied using a pure AC potential and a superposition of AC and DC-ramp potential to measure ion concentration and detect redox processes.12-24-2009
20100149541Performance of an Atom Interferometric Device through Complementary Filtering - A technique is disclosed which offers an improvement in the performance of an atom interferometric (AI) sensor, such as one that is used in an accelerometer or a gyroscope. The improvement is based on the recognition that the AI-based device, which is associated with superior low-frequency performance, can be augmented with a conventional device having a superior high-frequency performance, as well as a wider frequency response, compared with that of the AI-based device. The disclosed technique combines acceleration measurements from the AI-based device, which is characterized by transfer function G(s), with acceleration measurements from the conventional device that have been adjusted by a complementary function, 1−Ĝ(s), where Ĝ(s) is an approximation of G(s). The conventional device has a considerably wider bandwidth than that of the AI-based device, and the quasi-unity transfer function of the conventional device makes possible the 1−Ĝ(s) adjustment of the measurements provided by the conventional device.06-17-2010
20090316158Interferometric Chemical Sensor Array - The device is a gas/vapor/aerosol/particulate sensor with a receiver/transmitter option. This optical MEMS device is designed to be a self-contained optical bench, integrating of an entire interferometer into a MOEMS ‘optical bench’ system-on-a-chip, and includes multiplexed optical path sensors. The sensing structures consist of laser sources, semiconductor photo detectors, refractive/reflective optical elements, and specialized optical transmission paths. Each individual laser source and photodiode is an optical path sensor with a particular ‘functionalization.’ These sensing arm functionalizations are sensitive to unique chemical signatures and as a result can recognize and report various chemical agents present in the ambient environment.12-24-2009
20100149542INTERFEROMETER ACTUATOR - The invention relates the movement of at least one movable means of an interferometer relative to the body of the interferometer. The system according to the invention, comprises at least two interferometer actuators, that can be operated individually, so that the at least two actuators are capable of moving the at least one movable means of the interferometer. When activating at least one of the at least two interferometer actuators the at least one movable means of the interferometer is moved with a minimum need for correcting for e.g. tilt. In a preferred configuration the system and the method according to the invention comprises three interferometer actuators that can be operated individually.06-17-2010
20090290162PHASE-CONJUGATE OPTICAL COHERENCE TOMOGRAPHY METHODS AND APPARATUS - Phase-conjugate optical coherence tomography (PC-OCT) methods and apparatus. PC-OCT may be employed as a three-dimensional imaging technique of interest for biomedical and other imaging applications. It shares much of the source and detection convenience of conventional OCT employing classical light sources, which is in clinical use in ophthalmology and is being developed for a variety of endoscopic optical biopsy instruments. PC-OCT offers a two-fold improvement in axial resolution and immunity to group velocity dispersion, when compared with conventional OCT, that is available from quantum optical coherence tomography (Q-OCT). PC-OCT does this without Q-OCT's need for a non-classical light source and the attendant requirement of photon-coincidence counting detection. Thus, in comparison with Q-OCT, PC-OCT is capable of producing images in measurement times similar to those of conventional OCT.11-26-2009
20100195110MEASUREMENT INSTRUMENT OF OPTICAL CHARACTERISTICS FOR SAMPLE FLOWING IN PASSAGE - An optical property measurement apparatus 08-05-2010
20100296098Swept source optical coherence tomography (OCT) method and system - A method and apparatus are provided for a swept source optical coherence tomography (OCT) system utilizing a fast scanning mechanism in the sample arm and a slowly swept light source. The position data is collected rapidly while the wavelength of the source is swept slowly. The system reduces the sweep speed requirements of the light source enabling higher power, greater imaging range, and linear sweeps of the source frequency. The OCT components (or most of them) may be implemented within a hand held imaging probe. In operation, a triangulation scan may be used to orient the imaging probe with respect to a fixed coordinate system; preferably, OCT data captured by the device is then transformed to that same orientation with respect to the fixed coordinate system to improve the scanning results.11-25-2010
20090051921OPTICAL SENSOR - An optical sensor includes an optical detector for detecting light reflected from an object to be sensed, an optical source for producing light for illuminating the object to be sensed, and a reflection unit for reflecting the light reflected from the object to be sensed toward the optical detector, the reflection unit being positioned on the path of the light reflected from the object to be sensed, such that the interference of light between the light source and the optical detector is minimized.02-26-2009
20100315647System, Method and Apparatus for a Micromachined Interferometer Using Optical Splitting - A Mach-Zehnder MEMS interferometer is achieved using two half plane beam splitters formed at respective edges of a first medium. The first beam splitter is optically coupled to receive an incident beam and operates to split the incident beam into two beams, a first one propagating in the first medium towards the second beam splitter and a second one propagating in a second medium. A moveable mirror in the second medium reflects the second beam back towards the second beam splitter to cause interference of the two beams.12-16-2010
20090066963ULTRAFAST MICROSCOPY OF SURFACE ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELDS - System(s) and method(s) to probe electromagnetic fields at the surface of a solid-state material are provided. The technique combines ultrafast (e.g., less than 10 fs) optical excitation and electron microscopy to generate electronic excitations and image the ensuing electromagnetic fields with nanometer-scale spatial resolution and femtosecond time-scale resolution. In addition, time-of-flight energy analysis facilitates imaging of relaxation a generated electronic excitation. The dynamics of the electromagnetic fields can be probed interferometrically through generation of multi-frame imaging, with inter-frame frequency of the order of a few hundreds of attoseconds, of interference patterns among an electric field associated with an excitation in a sample or device and the electromagnetic field of a probe pulse coherent with an excitation pulse. Quality assurance of nanoscopic devices based on plasmonic, photonic, electronic, spintronic operation can be analyzed with spectroscopy provided in the subject innovation.03-12-2009
20100321699SYSTEMS, COMPUTER-IMPLEMENTED METHODS, AND TANGIBLE COMPUTER-READABLE STORAGE MEDIA FOR WIDE-FIELD INTERFEROMETRY - Disclosed herein are systems, computer-implemented methods, and tangible computer-readable storage media for wide field imaging interferometry. The method includes for each point in a two dimensional detector array over a field of view of an image: gathering a first interferogram from a first detector and a second interferogram from a second detector, modulating a path-length for a signal from an image associated with the first interferogram in the first detector, overlaying first data from the modulated first detector and second data from the second detector, and tracking the modulating at every point in a two dimensional detector array comprising the first detector and the second detector over a field of view for the image. The method then generates a widefield data cube based on the overlaid first data and second data for each point. The method can generate an image from the widefield data cube.12-23-2010
20120242995PATTERN INSPECTION APPARATUS AND PATTERN INSPECTION METHOD - In accordance with an embodiment, a pattern inspection apparatus includes a beam splitter, a polarization controller, a phase controller, a wave front distribution controller, and a detector. The beam splitter generates signal light and reference light from light emitted from a light source. The signal light is reflected light from a pattern on a subject to be inspected. The polarization controller is configured to control the polarization angle and polarization phase of the reference light. The phase controller is configured to control the phase of the reference light. The wave front distribution controller is configured to control a wave front distribution of the reference light. The detector is configured to detect light resulting from interference caused by superposing the signal light and the reference light on each other.09-27-2012
20110242542FRINGE LOCKING SUBSYSTEM AND METHODS OF MAKING AND USING THE SAME - A fringe locking subsystem for an optical sensing cavity is provided. The subsystem comprises one or more photo detectors that detect a reference signal and a cavity signal; a first amplifier that generates a calculated differential between the reference signal and the cavity signal; a lock-in amplifier that generates a modulation signal based on the calculated differential; and a controller that adjusts a distance within the cavity based on the modulation signal.10-06-2011
20110128550Surface inspection apparatus and method, and slit coater using the same - Provided are a surface inspection apparatus and method capable of detecting foreign materials on the surface of a substrate, and a slit coater having the surface inspection apparatus. In the surface inspection apparatus, a slit lighting unit irradiates slit-shaped light. An optical system splits the slit-shaped light into two beams traveling along two different paths, is incident upon a subject, and extracts an interference image caused by combination of the two beams reflected from the subject. An imaging device captures the interference image to output an image signal. An analysis unit acquires a luminance value of the image signal, analyzes the luminance value in real time, and determines whether or not foreign materials are present.06-02-2011
20110128549INTERFERENCE FILTER, OPTICAL SENSOR, AND OPTICAL MODULE - An interference filter includes: a first substrate; a second substrate that faces one side of the first substrate and is bonded to the first substrate; a first reflection film formed on the side of the first substrate that faces the second substrate; and a second reflection film provided on the second substrate and faces the first reflection film, the first substrate including a first gap formation region in which the first reflection film is disposed and which is not contact with the second substrate, and wherein the first substrate and the second substrate are adhesively bonded to each other with the adhesive applied into the adhesive grooves with the first bonding region and the second bonding region bonded to each other.06-02-2011
20100027020System and Method for Optical Coherence Tomography - The invention relates to a system and to a corresponding method for optical coherence tomography having an interferometer (02-04-2010
20100053629Real-time measurement of ultrashort laser pulses - A real-time FROG system provides ultra fast pulse measurement and characterization. The system includes direct, integrated feedback that measures how well the system is retrieving pulses and tracking changes in the pulse train. This feedback is provided in real time and may be in the form of the FROG trace error, the display of the measured and retrieved FROG trace, accuracy of background subtraction or other quality measurement. The system includes preprocessing options that can be used to adjust the dynamic range of the measured signal or to perform different types of filtering. The preprocessing of the FROG trace precedes phase retrieval processing and improves the quality of pulse retrieval.03-04-2010
20100014089Optical tomographic image photographing apparatus - An apparatus has an optical system detecting spectral information and having an optical scanner and a driving unit changing the optical path length by moving an optical member, a monitor, a control unit obtaining a tomographic image by performing Fourier analysis on the information and displaying the obtained image, and a unit previously setting an image on the monitor, in which the member is moved from an initial position and presence or absence of the tomographic image is determined, when the presence is detected, whether the tomographic image is normal or inverted is determined, and when the tomographic image is not the set image, the member is moved to obtain the set image, and when the tomographic image is the set image, the member is moved so that a position of the tomographic image in the depth direction coincides with a predetermined adjustment position and the driving unit is stopped.01-21-2010
20100053630MEASURING METHOD, METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING OPTICAL ELEMENT, REFERENCE STANDARD, AND MEASURING DEVICE - The present invention provides a reference standard used to calibrate measurement data of a measuring device for measuring the shape of a measurement surface utilizing interference between light from the measurement surface and light from the reference surface. A measurement surface of the reference standard has at least one protruding mark and one recessed mark, and an integrated value of the dimension of the protruding mark in the direction normal to the measurement surface of the reference standard, on the circumference of an assumed circle on the measurement surface centered at a point on an optical axis of the reference standard, is equal to an integrated value of the dimension of the recessed mark in the direction normal to the measurement surface of the reference standard on the circumference of the assumed circle.03-04-2010
20100045998PHOTOACOUSTIC SENSOR - Embodiments of the apparatus, systems, and methods relate to a photoacoustic sensor includes an excitation source, a modulator, a quantum dot filter, an interferometer, a gas chamber, and a microphone. The excitation source generates a monochromatic light. The modulator intensity modulates the monochromatic light at a first modulation frequency. The quantum dot filter down converts the modulated monochromatic light into a broadband spectrum of infrared light. The interferometer further intensity modulates the broadband spectrum such that the at least one wavelength component of the broadband spectrum is further intensity modulated at a second modulation frequency. The gas chamber stores a sample gas and receives the plurality of modulated wavelength components. The microphone detects pressure changes within the gas chamber to produce an acoustic signal, which can be used to analyze properties of the sample gas.02-25-2010
20090027683INTERFEROMETER, DEMODULATOR, AND SPLITTING ELEMENT - An interferometer of the invention includes: a first splitting element which includes a first transparent medium and a first splitting film formed on the first transparent medium, and which splits incident light into a first split beam and a second split beam, the first split beam being the incident light reflected by the first splitting element and the second split beam being the incident light transmitted through the first splitting element; and a second splitting element which includes a second transparent medium and a second splitting film formed on the second transparent medium, and which causes interference between the first split beam and the second split beam passed through different optical paths, the second splitting element being positioned such that a positional relationship between the second transparent medium and the second splitting film with respect to a direction of incidence on the second splitting element of the first split beam is opposite to a positional relationship between the first transparent medium and the first splitting film with respect to a direction of incidence of the incident light on the first splitting element.01-29-2009
20120120402WAVELENGTH VARIABLE INTERFERENCE FILTER, OPTICAL MODULE, AND LIGHT ANALYZER - A wavelength variable interference filter includes: a first movable mirror disposed on a first substrate; a second movable mirror disposed so as to be opposed to the first movable mirror with a predetermined gap interposed therebetween; and an electrostatic actuator which varies the length of the gap between the mirrors. The first substrate has a first movable portion on which the first movable mirror is disposed, and a first linkage portion which holds the first movable portion in such a manner that the first movable portion can shift in the thickness direction of the substrate. The second substrate has a second movable portion on which the second movable mirror is disposed, and a second linkage portion which holds the second movable portion in such a manner that the second movable portion can shift in the thickness direction of the substrate.05-17-2012
20110043814ULTRA STABLE SHORT PULSE REMOTE SENSOR - An ultra-stable short pulse remote sensor having extended temporal coherence for long range sensing. The sensor provides unique target signatures from an ultrashort pulse after it has interacted with a target at range by measuring the spectral amplitude and phase of the pulse. Accordingly, coherent detection of targets at long ranges can be performed with reduced power.02-24-2011
20110026033Optical Inspection Using Spatial Light Modulation - A Hartmann inspection system is provided that includes, comprising: a laser source; and a spatial light modulator (SLM) configured to form at least one aperture to form an object beam for inspecting an object, wherein the SLM is further configured to modulate the aperture with a diffraction grating.02-03-2011
20110188045RANGE ADJUSTABLE REAL-TIME AUTOCORRELATOR - In this invention, two rotating parallel mirrors are used as an optical delay component. The rotating axis and the incident beam are on the same horizontal plane. There is a small angle δ between them. The scan range can be easily adjustable by changing this angle. Using the newly invented method, real-time and range adjustable autocorrelator is realized.08-04-2011
20110188044REAL-TIME WIDE-RANGE REFLECTIVE AUTOCORRELATOR - In this invention, multiple pairs of reflective mirror on a high-precision stable rotation stage generate a repetitive wide range delay in a noncolinear intensity autocorrelator. Such autocorrelator is real-time, background-free, dispersion free. It has a continuous long scanning range, from a few femtoseconds to hundreds of picoseconds.08-04-2011
20080252896IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS FOR FORMING IMAGE ON RECORD MEDIUM - A laser beam is irradiated on a record medium, a speckle generated by surface scattering is measured by an image sensor, speckle information obtained is subjected to FFT transform, and a paper quality of the record medium is discriminated from a peculiar pattern due to roughness of the surface of the record medium.10-16-2008
20100110440Optical Pulse Duration Measurement - An apparatus includes a delay producing system that receives a parent electromagnetic pulse and outputs two spatially-overlapped children electromagnetic pulses having a relative and adjustable time delay between each other; a fluorescence producing device placed in a path of the children electromagnetic pulses; a guidance system that is in the path of the children pulses and is positioned between the delay producing system and the fluorescence producing device to guide the children pulses to the fluorescence producing device; a detector that receives fluorescence produced at the fluorescence producing device, where the fluorescence travels at least partly through the guidance system before reaching the detector; and a data system that receives the value of the time delay and the output of the detector and determines the electromagnetic pulse duration based on the value of the time delay and the output of the detector.05-06-2010
20130010301Microwave Photonic True-Time-Delay - A true time delay system and method for an optical carrier signal modulated with a microwave signal. The system includes a beam deflector, with the optical signal being imaged onto the beam deflector, a stationary reflective diffractive grating arranged in a Littrow configuration, a focusing element arranged between the beam deflector and the stationary reflective diffractive grating. In operation, the beam deflector steers the optical beam across the clear aperture of the focusing element and the focusing element transmits the steered beam to the reflective diffractive grating. A change in optical path length experienced by the optical beam as the beam is scanned across the grating surface results in a relative phase delay in the optical beam. The beam deflector can be a rotating mirror, an acousto-optic beam deflector, or an electro-optic beam deflector. The focusing element can be a lens or a curved mirror.01-10-2013
20110261361System and Method for Effective Isolation of an Interferometer - An interferometer has its performance enhanced by being suspended in a housing that is optionally evacuated. The frame that supports the interferometer is secured to a cover for the housing with a plurality of studs having mechanical vibration isolators. The frame comprises a support flange with a foam layer beneath the interferometer. An optics tray is disposed above the interferometer and holds the assembly to the support flange. The fibers that are connected to the interferometer enter the side of the housing and the entry is sealed off to allow the interior of the housing to be evacuated.10-27-2011
20110261362METHOD FOR IMAGE CALIBRATION AND APPARATUS FOR IMAGE ACQUIRING - The present invention relates to a method for image calibration and an apparatus for image acquiring. In the method for image calibration, the image formation position for an image acquiring unit of the apparatus is calibrated according to the relative location of the image acquiring unit to a objective lens of the apparatus, wherein the relative location is determined by calculating the focus index of the image acquired by the image acquiring unit so that a clear and sharp interferogram can be obtained for three dimensional surface profile measuring. In addition, it is possible to obtain a clear and sharp image without any interference fringe outside the coherent range by adjusting the image formation position, which is capable of being utilized for two dimensional defect detection and dimension measurement.10-27-2011
20100027019Optical Coherence Tomographic Imaging Method and Optical Coherence Tomographic Imaging Apparatus - An optical tomographic diagnostic apparatus is characterized by executing a first step (S02-04-2010
20100020328Method for Scanning Optical Interference Patterns with Line Sensors - A method is provided for the electronic scanning of the intensity distribution of an optical interference pattern by means of a linear image sensor, wherein the interference pattern is produced by overlapping two temporally partly coherent beams striking at an arbitrarily predefined angle α in relation to one another and is provided with an interference strip having a carrier frequency greater than the scanning frequency, and amplitude modulation that can be varied slowly in relation to the pixel width, wherein at least one optical grating is disposed in the beam path of at least one of two incident beams and the image sensor is disposed in the diffraction image of the grating(s) such that, at the site of the image sensor, the beams interfere, and the beams enclose an angle β at the site of the image sensor, the angle being smaller than α.01-28-2010
20110116096Welch certainty principle - It is proposed that a particle or photon which contributes to a positive slope region in an interference pattern formed by a double slit system is, with certainty, more likely to have passed through the left slit of the double slit system, (as viewed from the photon or particle source), and a particle or photon which contributes to a negative slope region of the interference pattern is, with certainty, more likely to have passed through the right slit of the double slit system, (again, as viewed from the source of the photon or particle).05-19-2011
20100149543Method and System for Optical Coherence Tomography - A method and to a corresponding system for optical coherence tomography, light, with which a specimen (06-17-2010
20120307250OPTICAL TIME REVERSAL BY ULTRASONIC ENCODING IN BIOLOGICAL TISSUE - Generating an optical-phase conjugation of ultrasonically-modulated diffuse light emitted by a scattering medium includes illuminating the medium with a light beam from a coherent light source, modulating the diffuse light transmitted through the medium with an ultrasonic wave focused on a region of interest within the medium, and retro-reflectively illuminating the medium using a phase-conjugated copy of the diffuse light that was ultrasonically modulated.12-06-2012
20120307249APPARATUS FOR INSPECTING INTEGRATED CIRCUIT - An apparatus for inspecting an integrated circuit is an apparatus for inspecting an integrated circuit having a semiconductor substrate and a circuit portion formed on a front face a side of the semiconductor substrate. The apparatus comprises a light generation unit for generating light L for irradiating the integrated circuit, a wavelength width adjustment unit, for adjusting the wavelength width of the light irradiating the integrated circuit, an irradiation position adjustment unit for adjusting the irradiation position of the light irradiating the integrated circuit, and a light detection unit for detecting the light from the integrated circuit when the light from the light generation unit irradiates the circuit portion through a rear face of the semiconductor substrate.12-06-2012
20110075149OPTICAL RECEIVER - Provided is an optical receiver which accurately demodulates an optical signal obtained by the differential phase shift modulation method. The optical receiver includes: an interferometer which branches the inputted optical signal into two parts and gives a one-bit phase difference to the resultant two optical signals so that the two optical signals after addition of the phase difference are made to interfere each other to output two output lights; reflection means which reflects one of the output lights from the interferometer so as to return to the interferometer; detection means which detects the return light which has been reflected by the reflection means and propagates through the interferometer in the different direction from the inputted optical signal, for output; and phase difference control means which adjusts the phase difference given by the interferometer according to the intensity of the return light detected by the detection means.03-31-2011
20120002210OPTICAL INTERFEROMETER - A scanning optical interferometer (01-05-2012
20120013908SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR A VIRTUAL REFERENCE INTERFEROMETER - An interferometer generates interference between two (or more) waves that have traveled separate paths so as to measure a quantity of difference between these paths. One of these paths, the reference path, is usually one with well known spatial and material properties (such as free 5 space). The other path(s) is(are) the test path(s). The main difficulties in interferometry stem from the production and operation of this physical reference path. The present invention solves this problem by replacing the physical reference path with a virtual one. This is done by suitable operation on the physically generated interference pattern of an unreferenced interferometer with a virtually generated sinusoid of frequency corresponding to the desired reference path length. The result is a new form of interferometer called a Virtual Reference Interferometer.01-19-2012
20080285042System for Finding Integer Solutions - A system and a method for finding integer solutions of equations whose graphs are conic sections. The system provides a physical implementation of a geometric formulation of integer solutions of conic sections. The system includes a first source of waves and an arrangement of a plurality of reflectors to provide a lattice of interference patterns of standing waves in a plane, the lattice representing intersections at integer values. The system also includes a second source of waves and a detector provided along a curve that, with the second source, defines a cone of waves, which intersects with the plane of the lattice to provide a conic section. The detector finds points of intersection of the lattice and the conic section to determine integer solutions of the conic section. The conic section may be y=N/x, in which case the integer solutions provide a factorization into integers of N.11-20-2008
20120206731VARIABLE WAVELENGTH INTERFERENCE FILTER, OPTICAL MODULE, AND OPTICAL ANALYSIS DEVICE - An etalon is provided with a fixed substrate and a movable substrate opposed to the fixed substrate. The fixed substrate is provided with a first bonding surface to be bonded to the movable substrate via a bonding film and a first electrode surface on which a part of the first electrode is formed. The movable substrate is provided with a second bonding surface to be bonded to the first bonding surface via the bonding film and a second electrode surface on which a part of the second electrode is formed. In the state in which the fixed substrate and the movable substrate are bonded to each other with the bonding film, the first electrode formed on the first electrode surface and the second electrode formed on the second electrode surface have contact with each other.08-16-2012
20120206730INTERFEROMETER - The light from the light source of the wideband light is reflected by VIPA so that reflection distance varies step by step. In VIPA, the light that phase changed is generated depending on the depth of the step. A interference profile is measured by this reflected light and optical path length modulator by synthetic light with the generated optical frequency comb. The interferometer does not have a movable scanning mechanism, and the operation of the Fourier transform is unnecessary. Thus, it has the measurement of the short time. The measurement of the coaxial tomography and the one-dimensional coaxial tomography of the depth direction is possible. The measurement of the two-dimensional coaxial tomography of the depth direction is possible.08-16-2012
20110090508DEVICE AND METHOD FOR INTERFEROMETRIC VIBRATION MEASUREMENT OF AN OBJECT - A device for interferometric vibration measurement on an object (04-21-2011
20110102800METHODS AND DEVICES FOR DETECTING AND MEASURING ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS IN HIGH PERFORMANCE DEVICE PACKAGES - An environmental condition sensing device includes an interferometric modulator with optical properties, which change in response to being exposed to a predetermined environmental threshold or condition. The device includes an environmental reactive layer, which alters composition, in an optically-detectable manner, in response to being exposed to a predetermined environmental threshold or condition.05-05-2011
20120300213COMPOUND INTERFEROMETER WITH MONOLITHIC MEASUREMENT CAVITY - A compound common-path interferometer including first and second measurement arms for measuring a test object is arranged so that a reference optic of the first measurement arm is disconnected from a remainder of the first measurement arm and a coupling between the reference optics of the first and second measurement arms forms a monolithic measurement cavity for maintaining reference surfaces of the reference optics at a fixed spacing and orientation. Separate supports are provided for the monolithic measurement cavity and the remainder of the first measurement arm.11-29-2012
20120250024LUMINESCENCE MEASURING APPARATUS AND MICROBE COUNTING APPARATUS - The present invention relates to a luminescence measuring apparatus for detecting, at high sensitivity and high accuracy, chemoluminescence and bioluminescence of a substance contained in a sample. Specifically, the present invention provides an apparatus for measuring an amount of luminescence in a sample, comprising: a container for the sample; a photodetector for detecting luminescence from the container; and at least one optical filter inserted between the photodetector and the container, and/or a pH modifier added to the container, wherein the photodetector performs measurement of light emitted from the container at all wavelength regions and spectrometry at a specific wavelength range, and/or measurement of light, the intensity of which is changed by the pH modifier. The present invention also relates to a microbe counting apparatus based on luminescence detection of ATP in a viable microbial cell.10-04-2012
20120127471INTERFERENCE FILTER, OPTICAL MODULE, AND OPTICAL ANALYZER - An interference filter includes a fixed mirror and a movable mirror which are disposed so as to face each other with a gap therebetween. The fixed mirror is formed by laminating a one-layer TiO05-24-2012
20120162656METHOD FOR EVALUATING CHARACTERISTIC OF OPTICAL MODULATOR HAVING MACH-ZEHNDER INTERFEROMETER - A method for evaluating a characteristic of, especially, each of Mach-Zehnder interferometers (MZIs) of an optical modulator. The method includes a step of measuring the intensity of the output of the optical modulator containing MZIs and a step of evaluating a characteristic of each MZI by using the sideband. The output intensity measuring step is the one of measuring the intensity S06-28-2012
20120133947OPTICAL MODULE AND OPTICAL MEASUREMENT DEVICE - An optical module comprising a tunable interference filter including a first substrate, a second substrate facing the first substrate, a first reflective film formed on the first substrate, a second reflective film formed on the second substrate and facing the first reflective film, a gap changing unit changing a gap between the first reflective film and the second reflective film, and a driving electrode line electrically connected to the gap changing unit, a temperature sensor detecting temperature of the tunable interference filter and including a first sensor wiring and a second sensor wiring, the first sensor wiring being electrically connected to the driving electrode line, a switch electrically connected to the second sensor wiring, and a temperature detecting circuit electrically connected to the switch.05-31-2012
20120133946COAXIAL INTERFEROMETER AND INSPECTION PROBE - An optical probe has optical components of an interferometer and includes an optical axis, at least one optical source for emitting light along an illumination path that is at least partially coaxial with the optical axis, a first beam splitter and a first lens. The first beam splitter intersects the optical axis and splits the light from the at least one optical source into a first beam for traveling along a reference path that is coaxial with the optical axis to a reference surface and a second beam for traveling along a test path that is coaxial with the optical axis to a specimen. The first lens is interposed along the reference path.05-31-2012
20120257205TUNABLE INTERFERENCE FILTER, OPTICAL MODULE, AND PHOTOMETRIC ANALYZER - A tunable interference filter includes: a first substrate; a second substrate; a first drive electrode provided on the first substrate ; a second drive electrode provided on the second substrate; a first detection electrode provided on the first substrate; a second detection electrode provided on the second substrate, wherein the first drive electrode includes a first partial drive electrode and a second partial drive electrode, a first lead drive electrode extending from the first partial drive electrode and a second lead drive electrode extending from the second partial drive electrode are provided on the first substrate, the first detection electrode includes a first partial detection electrode and a second partial detection electrode provided along a virtual circle, a first lead detection electrode extending from the first partial detection electrode and a second lead detection electrode extending from the second partial detection electrode are provided on the first substrate.10-11-2012
20120257206OPTICAL DELAY-LINE INTERFEROMETER FOR DPSK AND DQPSK RECEIVERS FOR FIBER-OPTIC COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS - Some example embodiments of an interferometer for fiber optic communication systems include a pair of identical beam splitting prisms. Each of the beam splitting prisms includes a first total-internal-reflection surface, a second total-internal-reflection surface parallel to the first total-internal-reflection surface, and a beam splitting interface parallel to the first total-internal-reflection surface. An interferometer embodiment may optionally include a thermo-optic compensator disposed between the two beam splitting prisms. A beam splitting plate may optionally be included in some example embodiments to provide four spatially-separated output ports, two from each of two delay line interferometers sharing the two beam-splitting prisms. An alternative embodiment of an interferometer includes a beam splitting prism, a retro-reflective prism, and a beam splitting plate arranged to have four output ports spatially separated from one another, two of each port associated with a different one of two delay line interferometers sharing the beam splitting and retro-reflective prisms.10-11-2012
20080297804IMAGING SYSTEM WITH LOW COHERENCE LIGHT SOURCE - An imaging system uses a low coherence light source to image objects at a relatively far distance (at least 10 cm) and/or of a relatively large size (having a dimension of at least 10 cm). An imaging plane is located such that its image path is substantially equal to a reference path that the light follows within the imaging device. The imaging plane has a thickness of about the coherence length of the light. Only light returning from the imaging plane forms part of the image. Light returning on other paths is effectively negated due to a lack of coherence. The imaging plane may be a fixed distance from the imaging system. Alternatively, the imaging plane may be at a variable distance from the imaging system, with the reference path having a changeable length.12-04-2008
20090219541Lensless imaging with reduced aperture - An image of an object can be synthesized either from the Fourier components of the electric field or from the Fourier components of the intensity distribution. Imaging with a lens is equivalent to assembling the Fourier components of the electric field in the image plane. This invention provides a method and a means for lensless imaging by assembling the Fourier components of the intensity distribution and combining them to form the image with the use of amplitude splitting interferometer. The angular spectrum of the electromagnetic radiation consists of wavefronts propagating at different angles. The amplitude of each wavefront is split and interfered with itself to create sinusoidal fringe patterns having different spatial frequencies. The sinusoidal fringe patterns are combined to form an image of the object. This method applies to. coherent and incoherent light.09-03-2009
20110235044Welch certainty principle continued - It is proposed that the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle is a system-specific concept, and that using a reference Interference Pattern, or applying chaos concepts to the situation at the slits of a double slit system leads to the proposal that a photon or particle that contributes to a positive slope region in an interference pattern formed by a double slit system is more likely to have passed through the left slit of the double slit system, (as viewed from the source), and a particle or photon which contributes to a negative slope region of the interference pattern is more likely to have passed through the right slit thereof (again as viewed from the source). Further, an experiment comprising use of a laterally, (and/or perpendicular thereto), movable screen upon which particles impinge is proposed that, in the context of a double slit system, would allow verification of the proposal, and which would also, allow near-simultaneous measurement of particle position and momentum.09-29-2011
20120086944SPECKLE JITTER SENSOR - A jitter sensor including a light source and a light sensor utilizes speckle pattern analysis to detect motion.04-12-2012
20120287438OPTICAL FILTER, OPTICAL FILTER MODULE, AND PHOTOMETRIC ANALYZER - An optical filter includes a first substrate, a second substrate opposed to the first substrate, a first optical film provided on a surface of the first substrate facing the second substrate, a second optical film provided on the second substrate and opposed to the first optical film via a gap, a first electrode provided on the surface of the first substrate facing the second substrate, and a second electrode provided on the second substrate and opposed to the first electrode, wherein a first charged body film with charge is formed on top of the first optical film, a second charged body film with charge is formed on top of the second optical film, and the first charged body film and the second charged body film are charged with the same polarity and opposed.11-15-2012
20110149291OPTICAL TOMOGRAPHIC IMAGING APPARATUS, INTERFERENCE SIGNAL PROCESSING METHOD, AND ENDOSCOPE APPARATUS - An interference signal processing method includes: dividing, into a measuring light beam and a reference light beam, each of a plurality of luminous fluxes which respectively have predetermined wavelength bands different from each other and which are emitted by sweeping the wavelength in the respective predetermined wavelength bands; detecting, for each of the luminous fluxes, an interference light signal between the reference light beam and a reflected light beam which is reflected from a measuring object at the time when the plurality of measuring light beams are irradiated onto the measuring object; calculating at least phase information of a plurality of detected interference light signals; and using, as a reference, the phase of the interference light signal obtained from the luminous flux of a first wavelength band, and of generating a corrected interference light signal by correcting, based on the phase information, the phase of the interference light signals obtained from the luminous fluxes of the plurality of wavelength bands different from the first wavelength band.06-23-2011
20130021614ABSCISSA CALIBRATION JIG AND ABSCISSA CALIBRATION METHOD OF LASER INTERFERENCE MEASURING APPARATUS - An abscissa calibration jig of a laser interference measuring apparatus, includes: an image projection unit configured to project an image with a marker; a first support mechanism configured to rotatably support the image projection unit around a first rotation axis passing a predetermined rotation center; and a second support mechanism configured to rotatably support the first support mechanism around a second rotation axis crossing the first rotation axis at the rotation center.01-24-2013
20120242996OPTICAL SCATTERING DISK, USE THEREOF, AND WAVEFRONT MEASURING APPARATUS - Immersion objective arrangement including an objective, an immersion medium and an optical scattering disk, and associated method. The optical scattering disk includes a transparent substrate (09-27-2012
20120242994INTERFEROMETRIC DISTANCE MEASUREMENT DEVICE - An interferometric distance measurement device that includes a light source that emits a beam of light and a scanning unit. The scanning unit includes a scanning plate having-a splitter that splits the beam of light into a measurement beam and a reference beam, wherein the reference beam is propagated solely within the scanning plate before reaching interferential superposition with the measurement beam at a unification site. A reflector is provided, wherein the reflector is embodied such that the measurement beam striking the reflector undergoes retroreflection in a direction regardless of any possible relative tilting of the scanning unit and of the reflector downstream of the unification site. A detector arrangement is provided in which a distance signal relating to a distance between the scanning plate and the reflector is detectable from interference between the measurement beam and the reference beam.09-27-2012
20080225300Method of Measuring Relative Movement of an Object and an Optical Input Device Over a Range of Speeds - A method and optical module for measuring relative movement of an input device and object (09-18-2008
20130169969Spatial Light Interference Tomography - Methods and a computer readable medium for deriving a quantitative phase contrast tomographic image of a specimen. The specimen is illuminated and a focus of the illuminating light is scanned to a plurality of depths within the specimen. Light transmitted through the specimen is spatially Fourier transformed at each of the plurality of depths to form a spatially transformed image, and at least one of the phase and amplitude of a plurality of spatial frequency components of the spatially transformed image is spatially modulated. An intensity image of the specimen plane as modulated with respect to spatial frequency components is detected and deconvolved at a plurality of spatially modulated instances to obtain a three-dimensional phase representation of the specimen at each of the plurality of distances relative to a fiducial plane.07-04-2013
20130094027OBSERVATION DEVICE - Provided is an observation device which can obtain a phase image of a moving object rapidly with high sensitivity even when using a photodetector having a slow read-out speed per pixel. The observation device 04-18-2013
20130128274METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PERFORMING OPTICAL IMAGING USING FREQUENCY-DOMAIN INTERFEROMETRY - An apparatus and method are provided. In particular, at least one first electro-magnetic radiation may be provided to a sample and at least one second electro-magnetic radiation can be provided to a non-reflective reference. A frequency of the first and/or second radiations varies over time. An interference is detected between at least one third radiation associated with the first radiation and at least one fourth radiation associated with the second radiation. Alternatively, the first electro-magnetic radiation and/or second electro-magnetic radiation have a spectrum which changes over time. The spectrum may contain multiple frequencies at a particular time. In addition, it is possible to detect the interference signal between the third radiation and the fourth radiation in a first polarization state. Further, it may be preferable to detect a further interference signal between the third and fourth radiations in a second polarization state which is different from the first polarization state. The first and/or second electro-magnetic radiations may have a spectrum whose mean frequency changes substantially continuously over time at a tuning speed that is greater than 100 Tera Hertz per millisecond.05-23-2013
20130128273OPTICAL ELEMENT AND INTERFEROMETER - An optical element (05-23-2013
20100277742Microvolume Analysis System - An analyser comprising a source of electromagnetic radiation, a detector for said radiation and a drophead comprising a surface which is adapted to receive a drop of liquid to be tested, the drophead being positioned in use relative to the source and detector to illuminate a drop received thereon and to cause an interaction in the path of the electromagnetic radiation between the source and detector, characterised in that said surface of said drophead is dimensioned to constrain the drop to adopt a shape which is dominated more by surface tension forces than by gravitational forces.11-04-2010
20080198385Integrated Visible Pilot Beam for Non-Visible Optical Waveguide Devices - In one embodiment, a radiation based analysis system comprises a first radiation source to generate first radiation having a wavelength outside the visible spectrum, a second radiation source to generate second radiation having a wavelength within the visible spectrum, and a waveguide coupler to couple a portion of the first radiation and a portion of the second radiation into a combined radiation beam such that the first radiation and the second radiation follow a path that is substantially coaxial.08-21-2008
20110222067TECHNIQUE TO DETERMINE MIRROR POSITION IN OPTICAL INTERFEROMETERS - A Micro Electro-Mechanical System (MEMS) interferometer system utilizes a capacitive sensing circuit to determine the position of a moveable minor. An electrostatic MEMS actuator is coupled to the moveable minor to cause a displacement thereof. The capacitive sensing circuit senses the current capacitance of the MEMS actuator and determines the position of the moveable minor based on the current capacitance of the MEMS actuator.09-15-2011
20130148128OPTICAL SCANNING AND IMAGING SYSTEMS BASED ON DUAL PULSED LASER SYSTEMS - The invention relates to scanning pulsed laser systems for optical imaging. Coherent dual scanning laser systems (CDSL) are disclosed and some applications thereof. Various alternatives for implementation are illustrated, including highly integrated configurations. In at least one embodiment a coherent dual scanning laser system (CDSL) includes two passively modelocked fiber oscillators. The oscillators are configured to operate at slightly different repetition rates, such that a difference δf06-13-2013
20120274942SIGNAL PROCESSING - There is described a method and apparatus for processing light pulses returned from an optical sensor, wherein the light pulses are applied to two interferometer arrangements, a first interferometer arranged simply to superimpose two pulses and detect a first resulting value, and the other interferometer being arranged to apply a relative phase shift of about π/2 before super-imposing the two pulses to detect a second resulting value. The relative phase shift is applied by shifting the phase of one or both of the pulses. The first and second resulting values are divided to give a third value, representative of the sensor state. A seismic sensor array using such an apparatus to process returning pulses is also described.11-01-2012
20130155411Signal Amplifier by Triple Mach-Zehnder Interferometers - A signal amplifier is provided via a triple Mach-Zehnder interferometer (MZI) apparatus for determining intensity distribution at either a first port or a second port by a photon from a source. The first and second ports correspond to respective first and second directions. The MZI apparatus includes four beam-splitters disposed co-linearly in parallel between the source and the ports, six parallel mirrors, and first and second path projectors. Three of these mirrors are displaced along the first direction from the beam-splitters, while the remaining mirrors are displaced along the second direction. The path projectors conduct weak measurement of a photon occupation number and are disposed between the second beam-splitter and an adjacent downstream mirror. The output port is disposed beyond the fourth beam-splitter in the first direction. The intensity distribution at the output port is positive in response to one of the first measurement being positive and the second measurement being negative.06-20-2013
20110310394Compact Surface Plasmon Resonance Apparatus And Method - A miniaturized surface plasmon resonance (SPR) sensor is introduced for on-chip applications. The sensor's sensing surface is arranged in between a light source and detector. The structure facilitates building a SPR device on a chip. In one embodiment, a prism and light source are placed on top of a detector chip. In another embodiment, a self-mixing interferometer is incorporated to enable highly sensitive phase measurement. Other embodiments include SPR systems with integrated optical power monitors or on-chip microfluidic SPR systems.12-22-2011
20130194579INSPECTION APPARATUS - In a conventional art, vibrations of compositions (for example, a Z-stage, a θ-stage, a wafer chuck, and a detection optical system mounted above a stage linear scale) within a device are not precisely fed back to a coordinate value.08-01-2013
20130194578Apparatus and Method for Receiving Sensor Input Signals - An apparatus, method and computer program wherein the apparatus includes at least one interferometer where the at least one interferometer is configured to cause interference of an electromagnetic input signal; wherein the at least one interferometer is configured to receive at least one sensor input signal from at least one sensor such that the sensor input signal controls the interference of the electromagnetic input signal by the at least one interferometer; wherein the at least one interferometer is configured to provide a plurality of outputs where each of the plurality of outputs is provided by the at least one interferometer responding to the at least one sensor input signal with a different sensitivity; and at least one detector configured to detect the plurality of outputs of the at least one interferometer and provide a digital output signal indicative of the at least one sensor input signal.08-01-2013
20120086945TUNABLE INTERFERENCE FILTER, OPTICAL MODULE, PHOTOMETRIC ANALYZER, AND MANUFACTURING METHOD OF TUNABLE INTERFERENCE FILTER - A tunable interference filter comprising a first substrate, a second substrate facing the first substrate, a first reflection film formed on the first substrate, a second reflection film formed on the second substrate, the second reflection film facing the first reflection film by interposing a gap, and a gap adjustable-part that adjusts the gap, wherein the second substrate has a first surface and a second surface opposed to the first surface, wherein the second substrate includes a first groove on the first surface, and wherein the second substrate includes a second groove on the second surface, the second groove facing the first groove.04-12-2012

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