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Having diffraction grating means

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356 - Optics: measuring and testing


356326000 - Utilizing a spectrometer

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356329000 Including servo slit adjustment means 1
20100053612METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR SCANNING HYPER-SPECTRAL IMAGE - The apparatus for scanning at least one hyper-spectral image comprises an optical system, the hyper-spectrometer and the relay module. The hyper-spectrometer is disposed apart from the optical system. The optical system can focus an optical image of a target in a focal plane thereof, where the focal plane contains a plurality of row portions of the optical image. The relay module can selectively relay one of the row portions of the optical image to the hyper-spectrometer. Moreover, a method for scanning at least one hyper-spectral image is disclosed in specification.03-04-2010
20100110429METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR MEASURING THE REFRACTIVE INDEX OF A MATERIAL WITH BRAGG GRATINGS - A method for measuring the refractive index of a material with Bragg gratings includes the emission of a collimated radiation beam (05-06-2010
20090180115SINGLE-LENS COMPUTED TOMOGRAPHY IMAGING SPECTROMETER AND METHOD OF CAPTURING SPATIAL AND SPECTRAL INFORMATION - Computed tomography imaging spectrometers (“CTISs”) employing a single lens are provided. The CTISs may be either transmissive or reflective, and the single lens is either configured to transmit and receive uncollimated light (in transmissive systems), or is configured to reflect and receive uncollimated light (in reflective systems). An exemplary transmissive CTIS includes a focal plane array detector, a single lens configured to transmit and receive uncollimated light, a two-dimensional grating, and a field stop aperture. An exemplary reflective CTIS includes a focal plane array detector, a single mirror configured to reflect and receive uncollimated light, a two-dimensional grating, and a field stop aperture.07-16-2009
20130050697TUNABLE OPTICAL FILTER AND SPECTROMETER - A tunable optical filter is disclosed having an input port, a beam translator for translating input and output optical beams, an element having optical power for collimating the translated beam, a reflective wavelength dispersive element, and an output port. The beam translator can include a tiltable MEMS mirror coupled to an angle-to-offset optical element. An output port can be extended into a plurality of egress ports, each receiving a fraction of the scanned optical spectrum. A multi-path scanning optical spectrometer can be used as an optical channel monitor for monitoring performance of a wavelength selective switch, or for other tasks.02-28-2013
20120218548HYPERSPECTRAL IMAGING SYSTEMS - Hyperspectral imaging system and methods that may be used for imaging objects in three-dimensions are disclosed. A cylindrical lens array and/or a slit array may be used to re-image and divide a field of view into multiple channels. The multiple channels are dispersed into multiple spectral signatures and observed on a two-dimensional focal plane array in real time. The entire hyperspectral data cube is collected simultaneously.08-30-2012
20090284743SPECTROSCOPY MODULE, AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THE SAME - To provide a highly-reliable spectroscopy module. In a spectroscopy module 11-19-2009
20130063723SPECTRAL CHARACTERISTIC ACQUIRING APPARATUS, SPECTRAL CHARACTERISTIC ACQUIRING METHOD AND IMAGE EVALUATING APPARATUS - A spectral characteristic acquiring apparatus is provided which includes: an area dividing part; a spectrum separating part; a light receiving part; and a calculating part, wherein the calculating part includes a transformation matrix storing part that stores a transformation matrix used for calculating the spectral characteristic corresponding to electrical signals of a first diffraction pattern group including two or more adjacent diffraction patterns, and a spectral characteristic calculating part that calculates, based on the electrical signals of the first diffraction pattern group and the corresponding transformation matrix, the spectral characteristic at the locations of the image carrying medium corresponding to the apertures of the first diffraction pattern group.03-14-2013
20090237657COMPACT, HIGH-THROUGHPUT SPECTROMETER APPARATUS FOR HYPERSPECTRAL REMOTE SENSING - A spectrometer apparatus includes a refractor element, a slit, a detector, a diffraction grating, and a corrector lens. The refractor element includes a rear surface and a front surface. The slit provides an optical path to the rear surface of the refractor element, and is configured to transmit an image incident thereupon along the optical path. The detector is positioned facing the rear surface of the refractor element. The diffraction grating faces the front surface of the refractor element, and is configured to spectrally disperse and reimage the image of the slit toward the front surface of the refractor element. The corrector lens is positioned between the refractor element and the diffraction grating such that the image is provided to the detector corrected for a spherical aberration caused by a separation distance between the detector and the rear surface of the refractor element.09-24-2009
20090046288Scanning Spectrometer With Multiple Photodetectors - A scanning optical spectrometer with a detector array is disclosed, in which position of focused spot of light at the input of a dispersive element such as arrayed waveguide grating (AWG) with a slab input, is scanned using a micro-electro-mechanical (MEMS) tiltable micromirror so as to make the dispersed spectrum of light scan over the detector array coupled to the AWG. Sub-spectra recorded using individual detectors are concatenated by a processor unit to obtain the spectrum of input light.02-19-2009
20090009762Method and Apparatus for Detecting Optical Spectra - In a method and apparatus for detecting optical spectra, two or more partial beams are generated from an incident beam, each of said partial beams being assigned to a different spectral region. The partial beams travel through a spectrometer lens system and are detected in a spatially separated manner. For this purposes, the partial beams generated from the incident beam are directed to respective spatially separated diffraction gratings that are virtually superimposed in the beam path, and are assigned to different spectral regions. After passing through the diffraction gratings, the spectrally separated partial beams are combined to a joint beam path traveling through the spectrometer lens system. Preferably, the partial beams comprising the different spectral regions can be spectrally separated after passing through the spectrometer lens system and can be detected in spatially separated detectors assigned to the different spectral regions.01-08-2009
20120113422Method and Apparatus for Spectrometry - In accordance with an example embodiment of the present invention, apparatus comprising a waveguide and a spectral dispersion element, the apparatus being configured to be moveably attachable to a portable device, the portable device comprising a radiation sensing element and a radiation source, the apparatus being configured to be moveably attachable to the portable device to provide a first configuration in which the waveguide is positioned to transmit radiation from the radiation source towards an analyte region and/or from the analyte region towards the dispersion element; and such that the dispersion element is positioned to disperse radiation from the analyte region to form a spectrum which is provided towards the radiation sensing element for spectral analysis, and a second configuration in which the radiation sensing element and radiation source are able to capture and illuminate a scene for image capture.05-10-2012
20100110428Measuring Arrangement For Spectroscopic Examination And Throughput Acquisition Of A Crop Flow - A measuring arrangement for spectroscopic examination and throughput acquisition of a crop flow is provided, the arrangement having a spectrometer which comprises a light source, a window, a dispersive element and a detector, the light source is positioned to illuminate the crop flow during operation through the window, and positioned such that light reflected by the crop flow passes through the window and onto the dispersive element, which is positioned to deflect the reflected light onto the detector in different directions as a function of wavelength, a throughput-determining device cooperating with the crop flow, and a recording device for recording the measured values of the spectrometer and of the throughput determining device.05-06-2010
20100208262Temperature compensated spectroscope and optical apparatus - A spectroscope includes an emitting portion from where light is output, a dispersive element which is disposed on a side of the light emitting portion, to which the light is output, an incidence portion on which, light dispersed by the dispersive element is incident, and a temperature-compensating element which is disposed between the emitting portion and the incidence portion, and which is such that, an angle of incidence of the light dispersed on the incidence portion becomes almost constant with respect to a change in temperature in an operating temperature range. Moreover, the optical apparatus has such spectroscope in which temperature is compensated.08-19-2010
20110279818SPECTROMETRY APPARATUS, DETECTION APPARATUS, AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING SPECTROMETRY APPARATUS - A spectrometry apparatus includes a transmissive diffraction grating that transmits incident light. The transmissive diffraction grating has inclined surfaces made of a first dielectric material. The inclined surfaces are arranged so that they are inclined relative to a reference line. When the angle of incidence of light incident on the transmissive diffraction grating is measured with respect to the reference line and defined as an angle α, and the angle of diffraction of diffracted light is measured with respect to the reference line and defined as an angle β, the angle of incidence α is smaller than a Bragg angle θ defined with respect to the inclined surfaces, and the angle of diffraction β is greater than the Bragg angle θ.11-17-2011
20090310135COMPACT CATADIOPTRIC SPECTROMETER - An optical characterisation system is described for characterising optical material. The system typically comprises a diffractive element (12-17-2009
20110299078SPECTROMETER - A spectrometer includes: 12-08-2011
20100201981CALIBRATION METHOD FOR OPTICAL METROLOGY - A zoned order sorting filter for a spectrometer in a semiconductor metrology system is disclosed with reduced light dispersion at the zone joints. The order sorting filter comprises optically-transparent layers deposited underneath, or on top of thin-film filter stacks of the order sorting filter zones, wherein the thicknesses of the optically-transparent layers are adjusted such that the total optical lengths traversed by light at a zone joint are substantially equal in zones adjacent the zone joint. A method for wavelength to detector array pixel location calibration of spectrometers is also disclosed, capable of accurately representing the highly localized nonlinearities of the calibration curve in the vicinity of zone joints of an order sorting filter.08-12-2010
20120099104SPECTROSCOPE - The spectrometer 04-26-2012
20080212092WAVELENGTH DISPLACEMENT CORRECTING SYSTEM - In a wavelength displacement correcting system and method of the invention, a monochromatic beam from a light emitting diode driven by a constant current is incident through an incident slit of a spectral device. The incident beam is diffracted on a diffraction grating to form a dispersed light image, and information relating to the dispersed light image of the incident slit is outputted from the spectral device. A wavelength displacement amount of the monochromatic beam is calculated, using a forward voltage value corresponding to the constant current, and a forward voltage initial value. Wavelength displacement amounts of at least two diffracted beams are calculated, using output values of the at least two diffracted beams, and diffracted beam output initial values with respect to the dispersed light image. A dispersion width displacement amount of the spectral device is calculated, using the calculated wavelength displacement amount of the monochromatic beam, and the calculated wavelength displacement amounts of at least two diffracted beams, whereby a wavelength displacement of the spectral device is corrected.09-04-2008
20110007313Fiber Optic Sensor Utilizing Broadband Sources - Fiber optic sensors employ a high brightness light source such as a fiber optic supercontinuum source, multiplexed superluminescent light emitting diodes, or a broadband tunable laser diode. Light is delivered to the measurement location via fiber optics and sensor optics directs infrared radiation onto material the being monitored that is located in a hostile environment. A disperse element is positioned in the detection beam path in order to separate the wavelengths and to perform spectral analysis. A spectral analysis of the radiation that emerges from the sheet yields information on a plurality of parameters for the material. For papermaking applications, the moisture level, temperature and cellulose content in the paper can be obtained.01-13-2011
20100079755OPTICALLY CONTROLLED DETECTION DEVICE - A diffractive optical element device for use in spectroscopy, where broadband light is emitted from a light source towards the optical element and from there is transmitted to at least one detector. The optical element has a plurality of diffractive dispersively focusing patterns, preferably partly integrated into each other, whose respective centers are two-dimensionally offset relative to each other in order to produce a plurality of spectra, where at least two are separate, but offset relative to each other and/or partly overlapping. In an alternative embodiment, the optical element consists of either one diffractive optical element that is related to a wavelength and produces a spectrum, or at least two diffractive optical elements which are related to respective wavelengths and which produce at least two mutually partly overlapping spectra to give a composite spectrum. The optical element is capable of producing at least one indication of upper and/or lower wavelength value in the spectrum. 04-01-2010
20090195778Optical integrated nanospectrometer and method of manufacturing thereof - A planar nanospectrometer formed as a single chip that uses diffraction structures, which are combinations of numerous nano-features placed in a predetermined configuration and providing multiple functionalities such as guiding light, resonantly reflecting light at multiple wavelengths, directing light to detectors, and focusing light on the detectors. The diffraction structure can be described as a digital planar hologram that comprises an optimized combination of overlaid virtual sub-gratings, each of which is resonant to a single wavelength of light. Each device includes at least one sensor, at least one light source, and at least one digital planar hologram in an optical waveguide. The device of the present invention allows detection of small amounts of analytes in gases and liquids or on solid surfaces and can be particularly advantageous for field analysis of environmental safety in multiple locations because of its miniature size and low cost.08-06-2009
20110216316MEASUREMENT OF VOLUME HOLOGRAPHIC GRATINGS - The present invention relates to methods of measuring the optical characteristics of volume holographic gratings with high resolution and with a large spectral coverage using a spectrally broad band source in conjunction with instruments that measure the spectrum such as spectrometers, imaging spectrometers, and spectrum analyzers.09-08-2011
20100007878HIGHLY SENSITIVE SPECTROSCOPIC UNIT - The invention is directed to a highly sensitive spectrum analysis unit with a diffraction grating, wherein a parallel light bundle having a wavelength range impinges on a diffraction grating which splits the different wavelengths into spectra by diffraction in first directions, and wavelength partial ranges of the spectrally split light bundle can be focused on a detector row by means of camera optics, and evaluation electronics are connected to the detector row and acquire the generated spectrum as information and display it. The invention is characterized in that the light bundle passes a first optical element, and then wavelength partial ranges of a spectrally split light bundle impinge on respective partial regions of a diffraction grating, the diffraction grating having the same grating constant across all partial regions and a changing profile shape, the profile shapes generating different blaze wavelengths that lie in the respective wavelength partial ranges.01-14-2010
20110261357OPTICAL SPECTRUM ANALYZER - An optical spectrum analyzer includes a diffraction-grating control unit configured to change an angle of a diffraction grating to change a wavelength of a dispersed light beam extracted from incident light, a calculator unit configured to calculate an angle of the diffraction grating such that the wavelength of the dispersed light beam has a sampling wavelength, and to store the data indicating the angle, a FIFO memory configured such that part of the data is inputted to it, for outputting the data at each reception of a trigger signal indicating timing of sampling, and an FIFO memory control unit configured to output the subsequent data to the FIFO memory, when a remaining data amount of the FIFO memory reaches a predetermined value or lower.10-27-2011
20110261358APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR OPERATING A SPECTROMETER - A method of operating a spectrometer to determine the wavelength of an optical signal, in particular for determining the resonant wavelength of an optical fibre Bragg grating. The spectrometer comprises an array of photosensitive pixels each of which generates an output signal in response to the intensity of light incident on the pixel, and a refractive element arranged to direct light to a particular position in the array depending on the wavelength of the light. The method involves selecting a first group of pixels in the array by reference to an expected wavelength distribution of the optical signal and monitoring the output signals from the first group of pixels. On the basis of the output signals from the first group of pixels a second group of pixels is selected and the wavelength of the optical signal is determined from the output signals of the second group of pixels. The method has the advantage that the wavelength of the optical signal can be determined without scanning every pixel in the array individually.10-27-2011
20110170099SPECTROMETER CAPABLE OF ELIMINATING SIDE-TAIL EFFECTS - A spectrometer capable of eliminating side-tail effects includes a body and an input section, a diffraction grating, an image sensor unit and a wave-guiding device, which are mounted in the body. The input section receives a first optical signal and outputs a second optical signal travelling along a first light path. The diffraction grating receives the second optical signal and separates the second optical signal into a plurality of spectrum components, including a specific spectrum component travelling along a second light path. The image sensor unit receives the specific spectrum component. The wave-guiding device includes first and second reflective surfaces opposite to each other and limits the first light path and the second light path between them to guide the second optical signal and the specific spectrum component. The first and second reflective surfaces are separated from a light receiving surface of the image sensor unit by a predetermined gap.07-14-2011
20090262347SPECTROSCOPE - An improvement is added to a spectroscope for performing wavelength dispersion of measured light with a wavelength dispersion element and receiving the light at a light reception element. The spectroscope has a first compound lens made up of a plurality of lenses for converting measured light into parallel light and emitting the parallel light to the wavelength dispersion element; a second compound lens made up of a plurality of lenses for gathering the measured light subjected to the wavelength dispersion in the wavelength dispersion element and causing the light reception element to receive the light; and a base for fixing the wavelength dispersion element, the first compound lens, and the second compound lens. The linear expansion coefficient of the compound focal length of the first compound lens, the linear expansion coefficient of the compound focal length of the second compound lens, and the linear expansion coefficient of a material forming the base are substantially equal.10-22-2009
20090284742SPECTROMETER - In the spectrometer 11-19-2009
20090040521Even frequency spacing spectrometer and optical coherence tomography device - This application describes a spectrometer that includes a set of collimating optics to collimate received EMR to produce a collimated EMR. The spectrometer also includes a first dispersive optical element for dispersing the collimated EMR and a second dispersive optical element spaced apart from the first dispersive optical element to produce further dispersed EMR. The first dispersive optical element and the second dispersive optical element cooperate to disperse received EMR into a plurality of even frequency spaced EMR spectra. The spectrometer also includes a detector positioned to receive the EMR after passing though an optical path that includes the set of collimating optics, the first dispersive optical element, the second dispersive optical element, and a set of focusing optics.02-12-2009
20080291445Spectroscopic instrument, image producing device, spectroscopic method, and image producing method - The spectroscopic instrument includes a plurality of first lenses arranged one-dimensionally or two-dimensionally; an aperture opening provided near a focal plane of each of the plurality of first lenses; a spectroscopic unit that spectrally distribute the light that has passed through the aperture opening; and a light receiving unit that receives the light spectrally distributed by the spectroscopic unit. The image producing device includes: the spectroscopic instrument; an imaging unit that captures an image formed by an imaging optical system; and an image processing unit that acquires a lighting condition from a result of spectroscopy by the spectroscopic instrument and performs color conversion processing depending on the lighting condition on an image captured by the imaging unit.11-27-2008
20100277731SPECTROMETER AND IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS HAVING THE SAME - There is provided is a spectrometer having a concave reflection type diffraction element, wherein, among surfaces other than a diffraction surface of the diffraction element, non-diffraction surfaces which are located outside the diffraction surface at the same side as the diffraction surface are a glossy surface, the spectrometer includes a light detection unit which is located at an imaging position of a first-order diffracted light diffracted by the diffraction element to receive the first-order diffracted light, and the light detection unit is disposed inside optical paths of light beams regularly reflected on the non-diffraction surfaces outside the diffraction surface. Accordingly, it is possible to effectively suppress a stray light reflected on the surfaces other the diffraction surface from being incident into the light detection unit and to detect the light spectrally diffracted by the diffraction surface at high accuracy.11-04-2010
20080259332OPTICAL SPECTRUM ANALYZER - An optical spectrum analyzer detects a light output that is dependent on the frequency of light in a wavelength range of light to be measured. The optical spectrum analyzer includes a waveguide acousto-optic tunable filter including a piezoelectric substrate, optical waveguides, and an IDT, a light source for providing, to the waveguide acousto-optic tunable filter, reference light having a particular wavelength outside the wavelength range, a driving circuit for providing, to the waveguide acousto-optic tunable filter, a high frequency signal for exciting an IDT, and an arithmetic device that, on the basis of the wavelength of selected light when reference light is incident, and an exciting frequency, corrects the wavelength of the selected light, which is obtained from the light to be measured.10-23-2008
20100328661APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR LASER INDUCED BREAKDOWN SPECTROSCOPY USING A MULTIBAND SENSOR - A laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) system uses discrete optical filters for isolated predetermined spectral components from plasma light created by ablation of a sample. Independent detection elements may be used for detecting the magnitude for each spectral component. A first spectral component may include a characteristic wavelength of the sample, while a second spectral component may be a portion of a background continuum. The filters may include volume Bragg gratings and the detectors may be photodiodes. A detector that detects plasma light remaining after the isolation of the predetermined spectral components may be used together with a signal acquisition controller to precisely control the initiation and termination of signal acquisition from each of the detection elements. The system may also have optics including a collimating lens through which passes both the initial plasma light and the isolated spectral components.12-30-2010
20110007314Method and apparatus for angular-resolved spectroscopic lithography characterization - An apparatus and method to determine a property of a substrate by measuring, in the pupil plane of a high numerical aperture lens, an angle-resolved spectrum as a result of radiation being reflected off the substrate. The property may be angle and wavelength dependent and may include the intensity of TM- and TE-polarized radiation and their relative phase difference.01-13-2011
20100141944APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR THE SPECTRAL DIAGNOSIS OF SUBSTANCES AND/OR SURFACES - An apparatus for the spectral diagnosis of substances and/or surfaces includes a radiation source which can be variably adjusted over a predetermined spectral range and whose emitted radiation is focused onto a sample to be examined, wherein a first optical sensor unit detects a radiation component, which is influenced by the sample to be examined, as a useful signal and forwards it to an evaluation and control unit, and to an associated method. The radiation source comprises a light-emitting diode with a predetermined emission wavelength which can be varied between a first emission wavelength and a second emission wavelength by a dynamic change in temperature of the light-emitting diode within the predetermined spectral range, wherein a second optical sensor unit detects a component of the emitted radiation as a reference signal and forwards it to the evaluation and control unit for error compensation purposes.06-10-2010
20090190127SPECTROSCOPE HAVING SPECTROSCOPIC PATHS WITH INDIVIDUAL COLLIMATORS - A spectroscope includes a diffraction grating having a plurality of ruled parallel lines; and a plurality of spectroscopic paths, each of which has a collimator for collimating incident light, emits the collimated light to the diffraction grating, and emits return light, which returns from the diffraction grating, through a slit provided on the path. In the spectroscope, measured light is emitted through the plurality of spectroscopic paths so as to extract light which is included in the measured light and has a predetermined wavelength; and the collimators of the spectroscopic paths are arranged so that irradiation areas of light emitted from the collimators are offset from each other at least in a direction along the ruled parallel lines. The collimators of the spectroscopic paths may be arranged so that incident angles of light emitted from the collimators coincide with each other.07-30-2009
20100141943METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR OPTICAL SPECTRUM ANALYSIS - The present invention relates to an apparatus and to a method of optical spectrum analysis of an optical spectrum of a light beam (06-10-2010
20110205538SPECTROSCOPY MODULE - Alignment marks 08-25-2011
20080316485Resonant Waveguide-Grating Devices and Methods for Using Same - Waveguide gratings, biosensors, and methods of using a waveguide grating, including as a biosensor.12-25-2008
20090021733Position sensitive detectors in wavelength monitoring - Particular embodiments of the present invention relate generally to wavelength monitoring in frequency doubling and other optical applications. According to one embodiment of the present invention, a system for monitoring the wavelength of a light source is provided. The system comprises a light directing section, an optical vector generator, and one or more position sensitive detectors. The optical vector generator comprises a grating coupled waveguide configured to exhibit a reflective or transmissive optical resonance effect in response to variable wavelength input light. The optical resonance effect comprises a wavelength-dependent output vector that is generated from a localized output vector area of the grating coupled waveguide in response to variable wavelength input light. The position of the localized output vector area along a dimension of the grating coupled waveguide varies with the wavelength of the variable wavelength input light. The position sensitive detector is positioned in the optical path of the wavelength-dependent output vector and is configured to facilitate generation of a signal indicative of the position of the localized output vector area along the dimension of the grating coupled waveguide. Additional embodiments are disclosed and claimed.01-22-2009
20090103089SPECTROMETER WITH A SLIT FOR INCIDENT LIGHT AND FABRICATION OF THE SLIT - A spectrometer including an entrance slit and the production of the entrance slit. The spectrometer includes a housing, an entrance slit, and an imaging diffraction grating inside the housing for splitting and imaging the light onto an optoelectric detector. The detector is arranged inside the housing. The housing and the base plate are connected to each other by mutually cooperating positioning members. The entrance slit, the positioning members of the base plate and the holding members for receiving and mounting the detecting device are integral parts of the base plate and are produced from the base plate in a precise manner, in a suitable form and in defined mutual positions by, for example, laser cutting or liquid jet cutting. The positioning members of the base plate and/or the holding members for the detecting device can be provided as resilient elements.04-23-2009
20110222061DYSON-TYPE IMAGING SPECTROMETER HAVING IMPROVED IMAGE QUALITY AND LOW DISTORTION - A Dyson imaging spectrometer includes an entry port extending in a direction X, an exit port, a diffraction grating including a set of lines on a concave support, an optical system including a lens, the lens including a plane first face and a convex second face, the convex face of the lens and the concave face of the diffraction grating being concentric, the optical system being adapted to receive an incident light beam coming from the entry port and to direct it toward the diffraction grating, to receive a beam diffracted by the diffraction grating, and to form a spectral image of the diffracted beam in a plane of the exit port, the spectral image being adapted to be spatially resolved in an extension direction X′ of the image of the entry port. The diffraction grating includes a set of non-parallel and non-equidistant lines and/or the support of diffraction grating is aspherical in order to form an image of the entry port in the exit plane of improved image quality and of very low distortion.09-15-2011
20090103088Spectrometer with cylindrical lens for astigmatism correction and demagnification - A spectrometer which in one embodiment including a dispersive element and a concave element. The dispersive element may be a flat or concave grating which receives light and reflects the light in different collimated wavelengths. The concave element being located downstream from the dispersive element and arranged to reflect and focus the light toward a detector. The reflected light from the concave element including astigmatism. A cylindrical lens positioned between the concave element and the detector and configured to simultaneously correct the astigmatism and demagnify the light across the detector. In one embodiment the cylindrical lens varies in thickness progressively along its length.04-23-2009
20100014082ANGLE LIMITING REFLECTOR AND OPTICAL DISPERSIVE DEVICE INCLUDING THE SAME - The invention relates to angle-limiting optical reflectors and optical dispersive devices such as optical spectrum analyzers using the same. The reflector has two reflective surfaces arranged in a two-dimensional corner reflector configuration for reflecting incident light back with a shift, and includes two prisms having a gap therebetween that is tilted to reflect unwanted light and transmit wanted light. A two-pass optical spectrum analyzer utilizes the reflector to block unwanted multi-pass modes that may otherwise exist and degrade the wavelength selectivity of the device.01-21-2010
20100014081Volume Phase Grating Spectrometers and Related Methods and Systems - A Spectrometer is provided including a camera and an axial symmetric camera mount configured to receive the camera and to rotate. The spectrometer furthers include an input for providing optical radiation to a spectrometer system; a diffraction grating for dispersing the optical radiation along a prescribed plane; at least one lens for focusing wavelength-dispersed light onto at least one array of a detector of optical radiation, wherein the camera has at least one linear array of elements for detecting optical radiation; a mechanical housing, wherein the axial symmetric camera mount is configured to couple the camera to the mechanical housing; and a means for rotating the camera coupled to the mechanical housing about an axis. Related systems and methods are also provided.01-21-2010
20110211194OPTICAL SPECTRUM ANALYZER WITH CONTINUOUSLY ROTATING TUYNABLE FILTER - An optical spectrum analyzer is implemented with a detector combined with a tunable filter mounted on a stage capable of 360-degree rotation at a constant velocity. Because of the constant rate of angular change, different portions of the input spectrum are detected at each increment of time as a function of filter position, which can be easily measured with an encoder for synchronization purposes. The unidirectional motion of the mirror permits operation at very high speeds with great mechanical reliability. The same improvements may be obtained using a diffraction grating or a prism, in which case the detector or an intervening mirror may be rotated instead of the grating or prism.09-01-2011
20090116010Apparatus for Deriving an Iso-Dense Bias - Embodiments of an apparatus for deriving an iso-dense bias are generally described herein. Other embodiments may be described and claimed.05-07-2009
20080309936Spectrometer with multiple gratings - A spectrometric measurement apparatus comprises a collimator (12-18-2008
20100296090Large Field of View, High Numerical Aperture Compound Objective Lens With Two Pairs of Identical Elements and Near IR Spectrometer Containing Two Such Compound Lenses - An apparatus consisting of two pairs of identical lenses which is suitable as a compound objective lens for high numerical aperture imaging is disclosed. The compound lens also has a wide field of view as a fraction of the compound lens focal length. By suitable choice of lens materials, well corrected near infrared imaging can be achieved. When two such compound lenses together with a diffraction grating are assembled into a spectrometer, excellent wavelength resolution in the near infrared can also be obtained.11-25-2010
20110026022SPECTRAL OPTICAL ELEMENT, SPECTRAL COLORIMETRIC APPARATUS, AND IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS USING THE SAME - A concave reflection type diffraction optical element used for a Rowland type spectrometer, in which: the Rowland type spectrometer detects wavelengths in a range including a wavelength λ02-03-2011
20100053610SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DETECTING MOLECULES - Apparatus and methods for detecting molecules are disclosed. One such embodiment is an apparatus for detecting molecules. The apparatus includes a substrate having a surface; and an array of features formed over the surface in a grating pattern. Each of the features includes a top surface. The apparatus also includes a plurality of receptors coupled to the top surfaces of the features. Each of the receptors is configured to bind to a target molecule. A sample is provided over the substrate while a light is illuminated onto the apparatus. A light scattered by the apparatus is detected by a spectrometer. The presence and/or concentration of target molecules can be determined, based at least partly on a shift in the spectral peak of the light.03-04-2010
20100039643Micro Spectrometer for Parallel Light and Method of Use - A spectrometer system includes an optical assembly for collimating light, a micro-ring grating assembly having a plurality of coaxially-aligned ring gratings, an aperture device defining an aperture circumscribing a target focal point, and a photon detector. An electro-optical layer of the grating assembly may be electrically connected to an energy supply to change the refractive index of the electro-optical layer. Alternately, the gratings may be electrically connected to the energy supply and energized, e.g., with alternating voltages, to change the refractive index. A data recorder may record the predetermined spectral characteristic. A method of detecting a spectral characteristic of a predetermined wavelength of source light includes generating collimated light using an optical assembly, directing the collimated light onto the micro-ring grating assembly, and selectively energizing the micro-ring grating assembly to diffract the predetermined wavelength onto the target focal point, and detecting the spectral characteristic using a photon detector.02-18-2010
20100039644Arrayed Micro-Ring Spectrometer System and Method of Use - A spectrometer system includes an array of micro-zone plates (MZP) each having coaxially-aligned ring gratings, a sample plate for supporting and illuminating a sample, and an array of photon detectors for measuring a spectral characteristic of the predetermined wavelength. The sample plate emits an evanescent wave in response to incident light, which excites molecules of the sample to thereby cause an emission of secondary photons. A method of detecting the intensity of a selected wavelength of incident light includes directing the incident light onto an array of MZP, diffracting a selected wavelength of the incident light onto a target focal point using the array of MZP, and detecting the intensity of the selected portion using an array of photon detectors. An electro-optic layer positioned adjacent to the array of MZP may be excited via an applied voltage to select the wavelength of the incident light.02-18-2010
20120242988Linearized Variable-Dispersion Spectrometers and Related Assemblies - Wavenumber linear spectrometers are provided including an input configured to receive electromagnetic radiation from an external source; collimating optics configured to collimate the received electromagnetic radiation; a dispersive assembly including first and second diffractive gratings, wherein the first diffraction grating is configured in a first dispersive stage to receive the collimated electromagnetic radiation and wherein the dispersive assembly includes at least two dispersive stages configured to disperse the collimated input; and an imaging lens assembly configured to image the electromagnetic radiation dispersed by the at least two dispersive stages onto a linear detection array such that the variation in frequency spacing along the linear detection array is no greater than about 10%.09-27-2012
20120200854Integrated Photonic Spectrograph - Described herein is a photonic spectrograph for accurately measuring and displaying spectra from radiation signals received from a telescope. One embodiment provides a photonic imaging device, in the form of a spectrograph, including a plurality of input ports for receiving an arbitrary incident electromagnetic radiation field containing one or more spatial propagation modes; a coupling device attached to the multi-mode optical fibre for efficiently coupling the incident electromagnetic radiation field into an arbitrary plurality (N) of single-mode optical fibres; an optical manipulation device which selectively combines the single-mode signals into a continuous optical spectrum; and an optical detector for detecting the continuous optical spectrum.08-09-2012
20080252885Multiplexing spectrometer - A multiplexing spectrometer measures at least one parameter, such as temperature, pressure or stress. The system multiplexes the outputs of Bragg stack sensors deposited at the distant ends of optical fibers brought in contact or in close proximity to objects. The spectrometer detects the peaks of the optical signals returned from the Bragg stacks and converts them into corresponding values of the parameters of interest. The spectrometer includes an optical system that comprises an entrance slit, a diffraction grating as a light dispersing means. Multiplexing occurs on a two-dimensional solid state matrix photo detector detects and converts the light signals returned from the Bragg stack sensing elements into corresponding electrical signals, and a built-in look-up table to provides the values of the parameters of interest that correspond the spectral characteristics of the returned light signals.10-16-2008
20100171953Spectrometer Assembly - The invention relates to a spectrometer arrangement (07-08-2010
20110080584Optical System - The invention concerns an optical system. The optical system comprises an input for receiving an optical signal, a predetermined output plane, and a diffraction grating for separating the optical signal received at the input into spectral elements thereof. The grating has a diffraction surface, which is formed by a photolithography process. The diffraction surface has a first predetermined profile. The first profile is formed by a plurality of points each conducted by different equations. Consequently, each spectral component is focused on the predetermined output plane.04-07-2011
20110080583MICROSPECTROMETER - The compact microspectrometer for fluid media has, in a fixed spatial coordination in a housing, a light source, a fluid channel, a reflective diffraction grating, and a detector. The optical measuring path starting from the light source passes through the fluid channel and impinges on the diffraction grating. The spectral light components reflected by the diffraction grating impinge on the detector.04-07-2011
20110188038Label-Independent Optical Reader System And Methods With Optical Scanning - Optical reader systems and methods for label-independent reading of resonant waveguide (RWG) biosensors operably supported by a microplate as defined herein. The system includes a light source, a spectrometer unit, a beam-forming optical system and a scanning optical system that includes a scanning mirror device, a mirror device driver operably coupled to the scanning mirror device, and an F-theta lens arranged between the microplate and the beam-forming optical system. Some systems use multiple optical beams to scan multiple biosensors at once without having to move the microplate. Asynchronous scanning of multiple beams allows for reducing the number of spectrometer units needed.08-04-2011
20100027005BIOSENSOR DETECTION APPARATUS - A biosensor detection apparatus having increased processing power for measurement without complicated structure and increased size. The apparatus includes one or more spectrometers configured to spectrally separate each light beam reflected from each of a plurality of measurement regions defined on a biosensor simultaneously, and one or more optical receivers configured to receive each light beam spectrally separated by the one or more spectrometers simultaneously and to obtain a spectral intensity distribution of each light beam separately.02-04-2010
20100053609Wide Swath Imaging Spectrometer Utilizing A Multi-Modular Design - A wide swath imaging spectrometer utilizing an array of individual spectrometer modules in the telescope focal plane to provide an extended field of view. The spectrometer modules with their individual detectors are arranged so that their slits overlap with motion on the scene providing contiguous spatial coverage. The number of modules can be varied to take full advantage of the field of view available from the telescope.03-04-2010
20120307243Color Calibration System for a Video Display - Large digital displays for entertainment, architectural and advertising displays have interconnected display panels with pluralities of light emitting elements. To solve calibration problems, each of the display panels stores measured luminance and chromaticity data for each of the light emitting elements of the panel. The luminance data is independent of the chromaticity data. A central controller can then perform calibration procedures so that the light emitting elements are matched across the entire display.12-06-2012
20110141469SPECTROMETER - A spectrometer 06-16-2011
20100039642Two-Dimensional Spectral Imaging System - Systems, including methods, apparatus, and algorithms, for spectrally imaging a two-dimensional array of samples.02-18-2010
20120038918Compact Spectrometer Including a Diffractive Optical Element with Dual Dispersion and Focusing Functionality - Embodiments of the invention provide a device called a “G-Fresnel” device that performs the functions of both a linear grating and a Fresnel lens. We have fabricated the G-Fresnel device by using PDMS based soft lithography. Three-dimensional surface profilometry has been performed to examine the device quality. We have also conducted optical characterizations to confirm its dual focusing and dispersing properties. The G-Fresnel device can be useful for the development of miniature optical spectrometers as well as emerging optofluidic applications. Embodiments of compact spectrometers using diffractive optical elements are also provided. Theoretical simulation shows that a spectral resolution of approximately 1 nm can be potentially achieved with a millimeter-sized G-Fresnel. A proof-of-concept G-Fresnel-based spectrometer with subnanometer spectral resolution is experimentally demonstrated.02-16-2012
20120002202DUAL WAVEBAND COMPACT CATADIOPTRIC IMAGING SPECTROMETER - A catadioptric dual waveband imaging spectrometer that covers the visible through short-wave infrared, and the midwave infrared spectral regions, dispersing the visible through shortwave infrared with a zinc selenide grating and midwave infrared with a sapphire prism. The grating and prism are at the cold stop position, enabling the pupil to be split between them. The spectra for both wavebands are focused onto the relevant sections of a single dual waveband detector. Spatial keystone distortion is controlled to less than one tenth of a pixel over the full wavelength range, facilitating the matching of the spectra in the midwave infrared with the shorter wavelength region.01-05-2012
20120008142METHOD FOR MEASURING CHARACTERISTIC OF OBJECT TO BE MEASURED, STRUCTURE CAUSING DIFFRACTION PHENOMENON, AND MEASURING DEVICE - A method of attaching an object to be measured to a structure causing a diffraction phenomenon; irradiating the structure to which the object to be measured is attached and which causes the diffraction phenomenon with an electromagnetic wave; detecting the electromagnetic wave scattered by the structure causing the diffraction phenomenon; and measuring a characteristic of the object to be measured from the frequency characteristic of the detected electromagnetic wave. The object to be measured is attached directly to the surface of the structure causing the diffraction phenomenon. Thus, the method for measuring the characteristic of an object to be measured exhibits an improved measurement sensitivity and high reproducibility. A structure causing a diffraction phenomenon and used for the method, and a measuring device are provided.01-12-2012
20120026496BANDWIDTH TUNABLE SPECTROSCOPIC DEVICE - An electromagnetic radiation detection device is described which includes a tunable dispersive optical element configured to receive electromagnetic radiation and to change the dispersion of the received electromagnetic radiation; a sensor configured to detect the dispersed electromagnetic radiation changed by the dispersive optical element; and a controller configured to: (i) selectively tune the dispersive optical element so as to adjust the dispersion of the received electromagnetic radiation; and (ii) change one or more of operating parameters of the sensor in accordance with the adjusted dispersion. In some implementations, the radiation detection device may be configured as a spectrometer to measure one or more properties of electromagnetic radiation. A method for detecting electromagnetic radiation is also disclosed.02-02-2012
20120062889Echelle Grating Multi-Order Imaging Spectrometer Utilizing A Catadioptric Lens - A cryogenically cooled imaging spectrometer that includes a spectrometer housing having a first side and a second side opposite the first side. An entrance slit is on the first side of the spectrometer housing and directs light to a cross-disperser grating. An echelle immersions grating and a catadioptric lens are positioned in the housing to receive the light. A cryogenically cooled detector is located in the housing on the second side of the spectrometer housing. Light from the entrance slit is directed to the cross-disperser grating. The light is directed from the cross-disperser grating to the echelle immersions grating. The light is directed from the echelle immersions grating to the cryogenically cooled detector on the second side of the spectrometer housing.03-15-2012
20120154803SPECTROSCOPIC DETECTOR - A spectroscopic detector includes a spectroscopic element for dispersing light, a photodetector for detecting the light dispersed by the spectroscopic element and a condensing optical system for condensing the dispersed light to the photodetector and compensating for a deviation in a detected wavelength deriving from nonlinearity of the angle of emergence generated in the spectroscopic element through chromatic aberration of magnification.06-21-2012
20100238440Airborne hyperspectral imaging system - A hyperspectral imaging system has fore-optics including primary, secondary and tertiary fore-optics mirrors, and an imaging spectrometer including primary, secondary and tertiary spectrometer mirrors. Light from a distant object is collected by the primary fore-optics mirror, and the tertiary fore-optics mirror forms an intermediate object image at an entrance side of a spectrometer slit. The spectrometer mirrors are configured so that light from an exit side of the slit is diffracted by a grating on the secondary mirror, and an image representing spectral and spatial components of the object is formed by the tertiary spectrometer mirror on a focal plane array. The surface of each mirror of the fore-optics and the spectrometer has an associated axis of symmetry. The mirrors are aligned so that their associated axes coincide to define a common system axis, thus making the imaging system easier to assemble and align in relation to prior systems.09-23-2010
20120212738Two-Dimensional Spectral Imaging System - Systems, including methods, apparatus, and algorithms, for spectrally imaging a two-dimensional array of samples.08-23-2012
20090059226ELECTROMAGNETIC ANALYSIS APPARATUS - An analysis apparatus for analyzing a specimen comprises a spectral separator for dispersing spatially an electromagnetic wave introduced from the specimen into spectral components, a sensing element array containing plural sensing elements for sensing the spectral components of the electromagnetic wave dispersed spatially by the spectral separator, and a spectrum calculator for calculating the spectrum from the signal sensed by the sensing elements; the sensing element array having sensitivities different to each of the spectral components of the electromagnetic wave dispersed spatially by the spectral separator, and the spectral separator and the sensing element array being placed so as to receive the spectral components by each of the sensing elements at different incident angles.03-05-2009
20100053611Ultra-high Density Diffraction Grating - A diffraction grating structure having ultra-high density of grooves comprises an echellette substrate having periodically repeating recessed features, and a multi-layer stack of materials disposed on the echellette substrate. The surface of the diffraction grating is planarized, such that layers of the multi-layer stack form a plurality of lines disposed on the planarized surface of the structure in a periodical fashion, wherein lines having a first property alternate with lines having a dissimilar property on the surface of the substrate. For example, in one embodiment, lines comprising high-Z and low-Z materials alternate on the planarized surface providing a structure that is suitable as a diffraction grating for EUV and soft X-rays. In some embodiments, line density of between about 10,000 lines/mm to about 100,000 lines/mm is provided.03-04-2010
20100277732SPECTROMETERS WITH ABERRATION-CORRECTED CONCAVE DIFFRACTION GRATINGS AND TRANSMISSIVE ABERRATION CORRECTORS - The invention generally relates to spectrometers and optical systems useful therein. More particularly, the invention generally relates to optical systems and systems having improved functionalities, flexibilities, and design options. For example, optical systems of the invention employ an aberration-corrected concave grating along with one or more transmissive aberration correctors.11-04-2010
20120176615MULTI-PATH SPECTROMETER - A spectrometer in accordance with the present disclosure may provide multiple optical paths from the inputs to the camera, where the paths are as nearly identical as possible. For example, a spectrometer in accordance with the present disclosure may include multiple inputs, input optics, a diffraction grating, output optics, and a camera. The multiple inputs may be imaged onto different sections of the camera using the same input optics, the same diffraction grating, and the same output optics.07-12-2012
20120188542SHAPED INPUT APERTURES TO IMPROVE RESOLUTION IN GRATING SPECTROMETERS - This disclosure describes an aperture shaped to provide a narrow beam in the horizontal plane but a wider beam in the vertical plane that will provide improved image quality in spectrometers.07-26-2012
20120081706TWO MATERIAL ACHROMATIC PRISM - A spectrometer comprises a detector array and a prism. The prism comprises a first prism element comprising a substantially crystalline crown material, and a second prism element contacting the first prism element, the second prism element comprising a substantially crystalline flint material. The spectrometer further includes optics configured to direct light at least twice through the prism. The prism is configured to disperse light received from the optics at an incident angle therethrough into constituent spectra in visible and infrared wavelength bands that are dispersed from the prism at angles offset from the incident angle. The constituent spectra are directed onto the detector array with approximately equal dispersion across the visible and infrared wavelength bands. Among other things, desirable material selections for the first and second prism elements are also disclosed.04-05-2012
20120081705TWO MATERIAL ACHROMATIC PRISM - A spectrometer comprises a detector array and a prism. The prism comprises a first prism element comprising a substantially crystalline crown material, and a second prism element contacting the first prism element, the second prism element comprising a substantially crystalline flint material. The spectrometer further includes optics configured to direct light at least twice through the prism. The prism is configured to disperse light received from the optics at an incident angle therethrough into constituent spectra in visible and infrared wavelength bands that are dispersed from the prism at angles offset from the incident angle. The constituent spectra are directed onto the detector array with approximately equal dispersion across the visible and infrared wavelength bands. Among other things, desirable material selections for the first and second prism elements are also disclosed.04-05-2012
20110235036OPTICAL MEASUREMENT APPARATUS, OPTICAL MEASUREMENT SYSTEM, AND FIBER COUPLER - An optical measurement apparatus includes a spectroscopic measurement device, a first optical fiber for propagating light to be measured, a hemispherical portion having a light diffuse reflection layer on an inner wall of the hemispherical portion, and a plane portion disposed to close an opening of the hemispherical portion and having a mirror reflection layer located to face the inner wall of the hemispherical portion. The plane portion includes a first window for directing the light emitted thorough the first optical fiber into an integrating space. The integrating space is formed by the hemispherical portion and the plane portion. The optical measurement apparatus further includes a second optical fiber for propagating the light in the integrating space to the spectroscopic measurement device through a second window of the plane portion.09-29-2011
20120327412TRANSMISSIVE DIFFRACTION GRATING AND DETECTION APPARATUS - A transmissive diffraction grating includes a polarization conversion layer, a first diffractive layer disposed on one surface side of the polarization conversion layer, and a second diffractive layer disposed on the other surface side of the polarization conversion layer. Both the first diffractive layer and the second diffractive layer include refractive index modulation structures arranged with a period P in a first direction, and diffraction efficiency for a TE polarized light component is higher than a diffraction efficiency for a TM polarized light component.12-27-2012
20080225291CONCAVE DIFFRACTION GRATING DEVICE, REFLECTIVE DISPERSION DEVICE, AND SPECTRAL DEVICE - A concave diffraction grating device, a reflective dispersion device, and a spectral device of the invention include a diffraction grating plane having an aspherical configuration, wherein the diffraction grating plane is symmetrical in a predetermined direction, and asymmetrical in a direction orthogonal to the predetermined direction in such a manner that the curvature of one end portion of the diffraction grating plane in the direction orthogonal to the predetermined direction is gradually decreased, and the curvature of the other end portion thereof is gradually increased. The concave diffraction grating device, the reflective dispersion device, and the spectral device with the above arrangement have desirable slit image forming performance with respect to all the wavelengths in a visible region, and are suitable for mass-production.09-18-2008
20120250016MULTI FIELD OF VIEW HYPERSPECTRAL IMAGING DEVICE AND METHOD FOR USING SAME - A multi field of view hyperspectral imaging device and method for using the same are described herein. In one embodiment, the multi field of view hyperspectral imaging device comprises multiple fore optics, multiple fold mirrors, a slit including a multiple openings, a spectrometer, and a 2-dimensional detector.10-04-2012
20130114077SPECTROMETER MINIATURIZED FOR WORKING WITH CELLULAR PHONES AND OTHER PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICES - Based on the present invention, superior compact spectrometers may be constructed and integrated into a cellular phone, or attached to a cellular phone. Such a cellular phone may be a PDA phone, which supplies electrical power to the said spectrometer, provided with data storage, signal processing capability, and real-time display. As a combined standalone system, it allows spectroscopic measurements to be fulfilled in real-time applications in field, and results can be sent out in wireless communication to a remote station or to another cellular phone user in order to share the measurement results right away. When the system is used with a laser to function as a Raman spectrometer system, it can fulfill many daily routine tasks encountered by ordinary civilians, for example, the blood glucose monitoring for diabetes patients at home in a non-invasive manner.05-09-2013
20130128268DETECTION OPTICAL SYSTEM AND SCANNING MICROSCOPE - Provided is a detection optical system that is provided with a dispersed-light detection function and that can increase the amount of detected light by enhancing the diffraction efficiency. A detection optical system is employed which includes a transmissive VPH diffraction grating that disperses fluorescence from a specimen into a plurality of wavelength bands; a rotating mechanism that rotates the VPH diffraction grating about an axial line that is perpendicular to an incident optical axis of the fluorescence from the specimen and an emission optical axis from the VPH diffraction grating; a light detection portion that detects the fluorescence from the specimen that has been dispersed by the VPH diffraction grating; and a correcting portion that corrects an incident position on the light detection portion in accordance with a displacement of the optical axis caused by the rotation of the VPH diffraction grating in synchronization with the rotating mechanism.05-23-2013
20100277730SPECTRAL COLORIMETRIC APPARATUS AND COLOR IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS USING THE SAME - A spectral colorimetric apparatus for detecting a color of an image of a test subject illuminated includes a stop; a spectral detection optical system for spectrally detecting a beam diffused in the test subject and passing through the stop; and a guiding optical system for guiding, toward the stop, the beam diffused in the test subject, wherein in a first section which is a section including an optical axis of the guiding optical system, condensing positions of the light beam condensed by the guiding optical system change depending on a position in a direction orthogonal to the first section, and the stop is disposed between condensing positions closest to and farthest from the guiding optical system, of condensing positions, in the first section, of the beam condensed by the guiding optical system, in a direction of the optical axis of the guiding optical system.11-04-2010
20080204747Multiwavelength Optical Sensors - An optical sensor comprises at least two planar Bragg gratings defined on a single substrate and arranged to receive light from a light source, each grating having a wavelength filtering response that varies with an effective modal index experienced by light propagating in the Bragg grating and a Bragg wavelength different to those of the other gratings, and at least one sample window overlying one or more of the gratings that can receive a sample of fluid that affects the effective modal index and response of the grating, the gratings filtering the light and outputting the filtered light for spectral analysis, from which the refractive index and related properties of the fluid can be determined. One or more of the gratings can be a reference grating used to compensate for temperature and other disturbances to the sensors. Gratings may have individual sample windows for testing separate fluid samples, or may share a common window so that a single fluid can be tested using several gratings.08-28-2008
20120281214Method and Device for the Validation of Contamination and Cleaning in a System - A method for the determination of the degree of contamination of an examination object, such as a system for filling liquid foodstuffs, or a component or subsection of a system, in particular a pipe, including measuring a property distribution of a first examination medium before and after passage through the examination object.11-08-2012
20130188183Optical Multiplexer/Demultiplexer - An apparatus for optical spectrometry utilizes a simplified construction, reducing the number of independent optical elements needed while providing a sizeable dispersed spectrum. The apparatus provides a spectral intensity distribution of an input source wherein individual spectral components in the source can be measured and, in some embodiments, can be manipulated or filtered.07-25-2013
20120033214Micro-optical Electromagnetic Radiation Diffraction Grating and Method for Manufacture - The invention relates to electromagnetic radiation microoptical diffraction gratings and to a method suitable for the manufacture thereof. The diffraction gratings in accordance with the invention can be used as microspectrometers in the form of scanning microgratings. The microgratings are provided with a surface structure and are able to be manufactured cost effectively and in high volumes. The surface structure is formed at a surface of a substrate and is formed from linear structural elements arranged substantially equidistantly and aligned substantially parallel to one another. At least part of the surface of the substrate and of the structural elements is coated with at least one further layer which forms a uniform sinusoidal surface contoured in a wave-shape (sinusoidal) manner and having alternating arranged wave peaks and wave troughs. A reflective layer can additionally be applied to increase the intensity of reflected radiation.02-09-2012
20120038919SPECTROSCOPE - Provided is a spectroscope that can be manufactured easily, can be reduced in size, and can provide high wavelength resolution of a specific spectral band. Specifically, provided is a spectroscope with a diffraction grating 02-16-2012
20130201478SPECTROMETER AND IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS HAVING THE SAME - There is provided is a spectrometer having a concave reflection type diffraction element, wherein, among surfaces other than a diffraction surface of the diffraction element, non-diffraction surfaces which are located outside the diffraction surface at the same side as the diffraction surface are a glossy surface, the spectrometer includes a light detection unit which is located at an imaging position of a first-order diffracted light diffracted by the diffraction element to receive the first-order diffracted light, and the light detection unit is disposed inside optical paths of light beams regularly reflected on the non-diffraction surfaces outside the diffraction surface. Accordingly, it is possible to effectively suppress a stray light reflected on the surfaces other the diffraction surface from being incident into the light detection unit and to detect the light spectrally diffracted by the diffraction surface at high accuracy.08-08-2013

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