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356328000 Having diffraction grating means 94
356327000 Having light polarizing means 16
356330000 Having optical gating means 2
20110149281ROTARYFROG SYSTEMS AND METHODS - Systems and methods determining amplitude and phase versus frequency of an incoming beam of pulsed laser light. An apparatus is set to an initial configuration to split the incoming beam into two beams of substantially equal intensity, delay one of the two split beams for a delay period t and recombine the two split beams to form a recombined beam. The recombined beam shines onto a thick SHG crystal at rotation angle θ and light emitted from the thick SHG crystal is detected as data and stored with reference to the delay period t and the angle θ. The thick SHG crystal is rotated by an angle δθ and the steps of splitting, delaying, recombining, shining, detecting, storing, and rotating are repeated until the thick SHG crystal has completed 360° of rotation. The delay period is increased by δt and the steps of splitting, delaying, recombining, shining, detecting, storing, rotating, repeating and increasing are repeated until a selected beam delay period range has been completed. The stored data is processed to determine amplitude and phase versus frequency of the incoming beam of pulsed laser light.06-23-2011
20120212739VARIABLE PATH LENGTH PHOTON TRAPPING SPECTROMETER - A system and method of photon trapping spectroscopy to vary the path length of light for use in spectroscopy. The systems and method include a rotating reflector with slits for selectively permitting light to enter and exit into a reflection cavity containing a sample to be analyzed. After entering the cavity, but before exiting, the light is trapped and repeatedly reflects back and forth through a sample, effectively increasing the path length of light through a sample. The effective path length is quickly adjustable by altering the rotation speed of the rotating reflector to alter the time in which the light is trapped within the cavity. The systems and methods provide a spectroscope with a wide dynamic range, low detection limits, and usable with broadband and monochromatic light sources throughout the optical region (ultraviolet to infrared).08-23-2012
20080259331Photodetector and Spectrometer Using the Same - A photodiode array, having a plurality of photodiodes 10-23-2008
20090153856Close Proximity Scanning Surface Contamination Analyzer - Reducing chemical contaminants is increasingly important for maintaining competitive production costs during fabrication of electronic devices. There is currently no production floor capability for mapping chemical contaminants across an electronic device substrate on a routine basis. A scanning surface chemical analyzer for mapping the distributions of a variety of chemicals on substrates is disclosed. The analyzer includes an array of sensors, each of which detects a single chemical or narrow range of chemicals, a scanning mechanism to provide a mapping capability, an electrical signal analyzer to collect and analyze signals from the array of sensors and generate reports of chemical distributions, and an optical desorption mechanism to amplify detection. A preferred embodiment includes an array of miniature quadrupole mass spectrometers in the sensor array. Scanning modes include whole substrate mapping, region sampling, and spot sampling of known defect sites.06-18-2009
20110194109Optical System - An optical instrument includes a controller and a field head arranged for measuring the refractive index of a medium, or a derivable quantity therefrom. The field head includes a measurement prism having a medium-boundary surface, a first wave guide for providing broad-band light from a broad band light source, a dispersive element for dispersing the broad-band light into at least one component light beam of plural component light beams, so that each incident component light beam has a differently directed propagation path and at least one different wave length, and a condenser for collecting at least one component light beam reflected at the medium-boundary surface into a second wave guide. The dispersive element is arranged to direct at least one component light beam into a critical angle of total reflection from the boundary surface, and at least other light beam component into an angle leading into the condenser arranged to collect at least one other component light beam to be passed to a spectrometer. The controller of a field head includes a light source for providing poly-chromatic light into a first wave guide for forming a plurality of component light beams to propagate in the field head and a spectrometer for spectrum analysis of light inputted via at least one input wave guide from the field head.08-11-2011
20110194108Long Optical Path Gas Monitor - A long optical path gas monitor is open-typed or close-typed. The monitor includes an optical generation part and a signal processing part. Said optical generation part comprises an emitter, a receiver and multi-group concave mirrors or prisms used to form enough optical path between the emitter and the receiver. Said signal processing part includes an optical fiber (08-11-2011
20090122313Broad-range spectrometer - In one general aspect, a particle characterization instrument is disclosed that includes a first spatially coherent light source with a beam output aligned with an optical axis. A focusing optic is positioned along the optical axis after the coherent light source, and a sample cell is positioned along the optical axis after the focusing optic. The instrument also includes a diverging optic positioned along the optical axis after the sample cell, and a detector positioned outside of the optical axis to receive scattered light within a first range of scattering angles from the diverging optic. In another general aspect, an instrument can direct at least a portion of a first beam and at least a portion of a second beam along a same optical axis and a can receive scattered light from the sample cell resulting from interaction between the sample and either the first beam or the second beam.05-14-2009
20130038874SPECTROMETER MODULE - A spectroscopic module 02-14-2013
20100045981SUBSTRATE PROCESSING APPARATUS, OPTICAL CONSTANT OBTAINING METHOD, AND STORAGE MEDIUM STORING PROGRAM EXECUTING SAME - In a method of obtaining an optical constant of each the films of a film-stacked structure formed on a substrate, a basic process obtains an optical constant of each of the films by successively providing the films one by one as a target film from bottom to top and obtaining an optical constant of the target film by using a previously obtained optical constant of a below-located film that is located below the target film and a re-obtaining process re-obtains the optical constant of each of the films by correcting the previously obtained optical constant of the below-located film and the optical constant of the target film obtained in the basic process.02-25-2010
20100027004METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR CHEMICAL COMPOSITION MEASUREMENT AND MONITORING USING A ROTATING FILTER SPECTROMETER - The invention relates to methods and systems for measuring and/or monitoring the chemical composition of a sample (e.g., a process stream), and/or detecting specific substances or compounds in a sample, using light spectroscopy such as absorption, emission and fluorescence spectroscopy. In certain embodiments, the invention relates to spectrometers with rotating narrow-band interference optical filter(s) to measure light intensity as a function of wavelength. More specifically, in certain embodiments, the invention relates to a spectrometer system with a rotatable filter assembly with a position detector rigidly attached thereto, and, in certain embodiments, the further use of various oversampling methods and techniques described herein, made particularly useful in conjunction with the rotatable filter assembly. In preferred embodiments, the rotatable filter is tilted with respect to the rotation axis, thereby providing surprisingly improved measurement stability and significantly improved control of the wavelength coverage of the filter spectrometer.02-04-2010
20130027701System and Method for Correcting Spectral Response Using a Radiometric Correction Filter - The present disclosure provides for a correction filter that may be configured to comprise a predetermined arrangement of thin film layers. This arrangement of thin film layers may be such that it effectively enables a correction filter to generate a predetermined spectral response, wherein said predetermined spectral response is substantially the same as a determined instrument response correction associated with an instrument. The invention of the present disclosure therefore provides for effectively compensating for transmission inefficiencies associated with an instrument without the need for separate reference measurements to determine and correct for instrument response.01-31-2013
20130027702SPECTROMETER - A spectrometer recognizes a measurement target on the basis of the spectral data set of observed light detected by a spectral sensor capable of measuring wavelength information and light intensity information. The spectrometer is provided with a spectral data processor. Spectral data sets are detected at two different positions by the spectral sensor, and the processor subtracts a first spectral data set from a second spectral data set, or divides the first spectral data set by the second spectral data set to calculate one phase correlation spectral data set, which is correlated to the spectral data sets at the two different positions. The processor simultaneously identifies the measurement target corresponding to the two different positions on the basis of the correlation spectral data set.01-31-2013
20090066948Compact Terahertz Spectrometer Using Optical Beam Recycling and Heterodyne Detection - Compact terahertz spectrometer. The spectrometer includes an optical beam both for generating terahertz radiation for interaction with the sample and for use in a detector. A DC heterodyne detector uses a DC field-induced second harmonic wave at a sensor plasma to serve as a local oscillator. The spectrometer has a bandwidth orders of magnitude larger than conventional THz spectrometers.03-12-2009
20100067004Spectral characteristic measuring apparatus, method for calibrating spectral characteristic measuring apparatus, and spectral characteristic measuring system - A spectral characteristic measuring apparatus includes: an illuminating section for irradiating illumination light onto a sample; a spectral section for separating light from the sample irradiated with the illumination light into light rays in accordance with wavelengths; a light receiving section including a plurality of light receiving elements for receiving the light rays separated by the spectral section in accordance with wavelengths, and converting the received light rays into electrical output signals; and a storing section for storing a combined central wavelength of each of the light receiving elements calculated in advance based a spectral intensity distribution of the illumination light.03-18-2010
20100328659Hyperspectral Imaging Systems - Hyperspectral imaging system and methods that may be used for imaging objects in three-dimensions are disclosed. A cylindrical lens array and/or a slit array may be used to re-image and divide a field of view into multiple channels. The multiple channels are dispersed into multiple spectral signatures and observed on a two-dimensional focal plane array in real time. The entire hyperspectral data cube is collected simultaneously.12-30-2010
20090303477Reagent-Less Test Strip System for Analyte Measurement and Method of Use - A reagent-less test strip system including a spectrometer; a test strip with a membrane for receiving a test sample, the membrane configured to separate the test sample into at least the following: one or more components that would interfere with measurement by the spectrometer and one or more components including one or more analytes that are to be measured by the spectrometer. The spectrometer measures from the test strip the separated one or more components including one or more analytes that are to be measured by the spectrometer without measuring the separated one or more components that would interfere with measurement by the spectrometer.12-10-2009
20120218547SPECTRAL DETECTOR OR LASER SCANNING MICROSCOPE HAVING VARIABLE FILTRATION USING SPATIAL COLOR SEPARATION - Laser scanning microscope or spectral detector having a detection beam path and first imaging optics which image spectrally dispersed sample light in a Fourier plane such that the individual spectral components of the sample light are spatially separated from one another therein. A micromirror arrangement is provided in this plane, and a spectrally selective change in direction of the detection beam is carried out by controlling the micromirrors, where a useful light component of the detection beam arrives on a detector. At least one second micromirror arrangement and a 1:1 imaging of the first micromirror arrangement in the second micromirror arrangement is provided. Alternatively, the same micromirror arrangement is passed at least twice, where, in the light path between the first pass and second pass, a spatial offset of the light beam of at least the first pass and second pass is generated on the micromirror arrangement by optical means.08-30-2012
20090091754Compact Spectrometer - Spectrometers, particularly compact spectrometers, are constructed without sacrificing performance characteristics, but with their instrument/device volume being reduced significantly. The light propagation path, either in transparent media or in free space, of the optical beams emitting from a small input aperture/slit of a spectrometer, is caused to be two-dimensional or unilateralized (propagating within a thin layer of air or media), enabling physical sizes of any optical elements needed thereafter to construct a spectrometer to be reduced significantly in one dimension. As a result, a significant reduction of instrument/device volume is achieved, which is applicable to and beneficial to either a classical dispersion spectrometer or a compact dispersion spectrometer.04-09-2009
20130135617PLASMONIC OPTICAL TRANSDUCER - A transducer includes a source of electromagnetic radiation, a substrate having a plurality of flow through passages and a receiver. The plurality of nanoparticles is disposed on the substrate and includes a material having a dielectric constant being arranged to support a photonically excited Plasmon in response to electromagnetic radiation from the source. The receiver measures the electromagnetic radiation and is disposed in optical communication with the substrate.05-30-2013
20110058165SAMPLE CELL FOR SPECTROMETRIC ANALYSIS AND METHOD OF USE - The present invention relates to a sample cell for spectrometric analysis of light transmitted or reflected after contacting a fluid sample; the sample cell being of a cylindrical shape and having at least one windows and at least one feed conduits at each end; wherein the cylindrical shape is conducive to the propagation of light in a light path along an axial direction through at least one end window; the cylindrical shape having an axial length sufficient to allow analysis of a sample through said end window; the sample cell capable of holding a volume of fluid sample in a bubble free manner. The present invention also relates to a sample cell for spectrometric analysis of light transmitted or reflected after contacting a fluid sample; the sample cell having reflective side walls and a light scattering material within the light path03-10-2011
20110037978Miniaturized Confocal Spectrometer - For investigating the spectrum of emission radiation excited in an object by incident radiation, miniaturised spectrometers are known for mobile use. These devices comprise a light source with perforated shutter, an illuminating beam path, a detecting beam path and a spectrometer.02-17-2011
20120236305Multidimensional Spectrometer - A multidimensional spectrometer encodes frequency information into laser pulses so that a frequency insensitive detector may be used to collect data for a multi-dimensional spectrograph only from intensity information and knowledge of a modulation providing the encoding. In one embodiment the frequency encoding may be done by a conventional interferometer greatly simplifying construction of the spectrometer.09-20-2012
20120268739APPARATUS FOR MEASURING POLLUTANTS AND METHOD OF OPERATING THE SAME - A system for the detection of components in a region of the atmosphere is disclosed, the system comprising a spectrometer assembly having a detector optically coupled to a optical assembly, the optical assembly receiving incident sunlight from the region of the atmosphere, the optical assembly having a field of view extending from the zenith to below the horizon; means for rotating the spectrometer assembly about a vertical axis; and a processor for receiving data from the spectrometer assembly and compiling data relating to the identity and concentration of components in the region of the atmosphere. A method of monitoring pollutants in a region of the atmosphere comprises providing a spectrometer assembly having a detector optically coupled to an optical assembly having a field of view extending from the zenith to below the horizon; exposing the spectrometer assembly to incident sunlight while rotating the spectrometer assembly about a substantially vertical axis; and processing signals received from the spectrometer assembly to analyse components in the atmosphere. The system and method are particularly useful in monitoring atmospheric pollutants arising from the combustion of hydrocarbon fuels, in particular oxides of nitrogen and/or sulphur. A preferred arrangement comprises a plurality of systems disposed at spaced apart locations and having their scanned regions overlapping.10-25-2012
20080316483Mixture indentification system - A mixture identification system for detecting foreign matter admixed in a tobacco material (T) includes a conveyor (12-25-2008
20090040520SPECTROSCOPY DEVICE, SPECTROSCOPY APPARATUS AND SPECTROSCOPY METHOD - A spectroscopy device that separates input light into a plurality of wavelength ranges. A metal body has a hole or aperture which is open on the upper side. The hole or aperture is formed in a polygonal shape having at least a pair of opposite faces not parallel to each other in horizontal cross-section. Inner side faces of the hole or aperture are finished as mirror like reflection surfaces. Polarized input light inputted from the opening to the hole or aperture is reflected by the reflection surfaces and a standing wave is generated inside of the hole or aperture by self interference, whereby the input light is separated into a plurality of wavelength ranges.02-12-2009
20080309935Method for Methane Spectral Absorbance Calculation Using Sunlight - A method and a system are provided for calculating the spectral absorbance using sunlight. With this method, methane (CH12-18-2008
20090284741SPECTROSCOPY MODULE - In a spectroscopy module 11-19-2009
20110299076SPECTROMETER WITH VALIDATION CELL - A valid state of an analytical system that includes a light source and a detector can be verified by determining that deviation of first light intensity data quantifying a first intensity of light received at the detector from the light source after the light has passed at least once through each of a reference gas in a validation cell and a zero gas from a stored data set does not exceed a pre-defined threshold deviation. The stored data set can represent at least one previous measurement collected during a previous instrument validation process performed on the analytical system. The reference gas can include a known amount of an analyte. A concentration of the analyte in a sample gas can be determined by correcting second light intensity data quantifying a second intensity of the light received at the detector after the light passes at least once through each of the reference gas in the validation cell and a sample gas containing an unknown concentration of the analyte compound. Related systems, methods, and articles of manufacture are also described.12-08-2011
20100201980SPECTROSCOPIC MODULE - In the spectroscopy module 08-12-2010
20110285995IMAGE MAPPING SPECTROMETERS - Devices and methods for hyperspectral and multispectral imaging are discussed. In particular, Image Mapping Spectrometer systems, methods of use, and methods of manufacture are presented. Generally, an image mapping spectrometer comprises an image mapping field unit, a spectral separation unit, and a selective imager. Image mapping spectrometers may be used in spectral imaging of optical samples. In some embodiments, the image mapping field unit of an image mapping spectrometer may be manufactured with surface shaped diamond tools.11-24-2011
20110299077SPECTROSCOPY MODULE - In a spectroscopy module 12-08-2011
20110299075OPTICAL SLICER FOR IMPROVING THE SPECTRAL RESOLUTION OF A DISPERSIVE SPECTROGRAPH - An optical slicer for generating an output spot comprising an image compressor which receives a substantially collimated input beam and compresses the beam, wherein the input beam, if passed through a focusing lens, produces an input spot; an image reformatter which receives the compressed beam to reformat the beam into a plurality of sliced portions of the compressed beam and vertically stacks the portions substantially parallel to each other; and an image expander which expands the reformatted beam to produce a collimated output beam which, if passed through the focusing lens, produces the output spot that is expanded in a first dimension and compressed in a second dimension relative to the input spot.12-08-2011
20110299074NANOSTRUCTURE OPTOELECTRONIC DEVICE WITH INDEPENDENTLY CONTROLLABLE JUNCTIONS - Nanostructure array optoelectronic devices are disclosed. The optoelectronic device may have one or more intermediate electrical contacts that are physically and electrically connected to sidewalls of the array of nanostructures. The contacts may allow different photo-active regions of the optoelectronic device to be independently controlled. For example, one color light may be emitted or detected independently of another using the same group of one or more nanostructures. The optoelectronic device may be a pixilated device that may serve as an LED display or imaging sensor. The pixilated device may have an array of nanostructures with alternating rows and columns of sidewall electrical contacts at different layers. A pixel may be formed at the intersection of a row contact and a column contact. As one example, a single group of one or more nanostructures has a blue sub-pixel, a green sub-pixel, and a red sub-pixel.12-08-2011
20110001968Spectrometer Measuring Head For Analyzing Characteristic Variables of Liquid, Pasty Or Solid Substances - The invention relates to spectrometer measuring heads (01-06-2011
20090073436ATTENUATED TOTAL REFLECTION OPTICAL PROBE AND APPARATUS THEREWITH FOR SPECTROSCOPIC MEASUREMENT OF AQUEOUS SOLUTION - An optical probe consists of a first component made of a first optical material having a light transmission property in the far ultraviolet region, and a second component made of a second optical material arranged in contact with the surface of the first component. For example, the second optical material has a higher refractive index in the far ultraviolet region than the first optical material. The second component is provided, on a side in contact with a sample, with a surface totally reflecting light having incident angle equal to or larger than the critical angle. Alternatively, an optical probe has an optical material having a light transmission property in the far ultraviolet region, having a surface totally reflecting a ray of light of incident angle equal to or larger than the critical angle, at a side in contact with a sample, and the refractive index is higher near the surface than at the other parts in the far ultraviolet region. Consequently, a spectroscopic measurement becomes possible on very small solute components dissolved into water or the like in the far ultraviolet region.03-19-2009
20090002703METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR QUANTIFYING ISOBARIC LABELS AND PEPTIDES - Methods and systems for quantifying at least two isobaric labels and/or peptides labeled with different isobaric labels are disclosed. In certain examples, the method comprises fitting a mathematical function to at least two isobaric label fragment peaks in a mass spectrum to quantify simultaneously an amount of at least one peptide present in two different samples.01-01-2009
20100091279DEVICE AND METHOD FOR ASSAYING A VINEFICATION LIQUID - The invention concerns a device for the spectrometric assay of a liquid vinefication product (04-15-2010
20100091280OPTICAL CHARACTERISTIC MEASUREMENT DEVICE AND OPTICAL CHARACTERISTIC MEASUREMENT METHOD SUITABLE FOR SPECTRUM MEASUREMENT - A processing unit obtains a first spectrum detected in a first detection area and a first signal intensity detected in a second detection area after the light entering the housing is cut off, and then calculates a first correction spectrum by subtracting a first correction value calculated based on the first signal intensity from each component value of the first spectrum. The processing unit obtains a second spectrum detected in the first detection area and a second signal intensity detected in the second detection area while a cut-off portion is opened, and then calculates a second correction spectrum by subtracting a second correction value calculated based on the second signal intensity from each component value of the second spectrum. The processing unit calculates an output spectrum representing a measurement result by subtracting a corresponding component value of the first correction spectrum from each component value of the second correction spectrum.04-15-2010
20110216315SPECTROSCOPIC SENSOR DEVICE AND ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT - A spectroscopic sensor that applies lights in a wavelength band containing plural wavelengths to an object and spectroscopically separates reflected lights or transmitted lights from the object using plural light band-pass filters that transmit the respective specific wavelengths and plural photosensor parts to which corresponding transmitted lights are input based on output results of independent photosensors. The spectroscopic sensor may be integrated in a semiconductor device or module by integration using a semiconductor process and downsizing may be realized.09-08-2011
20100007877Narrow-band spectrometric Measurements - Spectrometers and spectrometric measurement methods are disclosed. These employ narrow-band sources positioned in a circular array to perform spectrometric measurements that can employ Hadamard sequences.01-14-2010
20100014080METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR A SOLAR SIMULATOR - System and method for testing solar cells is provided. The system includes a first light source configured to generate a first optical beam; a second light source configured to generate a second optical beam; a reflector for each light source, configured to collimate and direct each of the first optical beam and the second optical beam; a spectral filter assembly associated with each of the first light source and the second light source, the spectral filter assembly configured to (a) receive the first optical beam and the second optical beam (b) split each of the first optical beam and the second optical beam into “N” smaller optical beams, and (c) filter the “N” smaller optical beams; a re-imaging assembly for each spectral filter assembly configured to re-image the smaller “N” optical beam at a dichroic mirror that receives one or more N beams.01-21-2010
20120033213SPECTROGRAPH HAVING MULTIPLE WAVELENGTH RANGES FOR HIGH RESOLUTION RAMAN SPECTROSCOPY - A spectrograph having multiple excitation wavelength ranges is disclosed. The spectrograph can include a wavelength switching mechanism to switch between different wavelength ranges in accordance with the wavelength of an incoming light signal. The wavelength switching mechanism can include multiple optical assemblies (or elements) corresponding to the different wavelength ranges for processing the incoming light signal. The mechanism can also include a switching component for switching the optical assemblies to align the appropriate assembly with the incoming light signal. Each optical assembly can include one or more transmission gratings to disperse the incoming light signal into multiple wavelengths within a particular wavelength range and a reflecting mirror proximate to the grating(s) to reflect the wavelengths of light back through the grating(s) to photodetectors for measuring to wavelengths to generate a light spectrum. The spectrograph can be used in Raman spectroscopy.02-09-2012
20090290155SPECTROSCOPY MODULE - In a spectroscopy module 11-26-2009
20110170097Fiber-Based Optical Probe With Decreased Sample-Positioning Sensitivity - Reflectance systems and methods are described that under-fill the collection fiber of a host spectrometer both spatially and angularly. The under-filled collection fiber produces a response of fiber-based spectrometers that is relatively insensitive to sample shape and position.07-14-2011
20090273783Angularly Resolved Scatterometer and Inspection Method - An inspection method is provided to determine a value related to a parameter of a target pattern printed on a substrate by a lithographic process used to manufacture a device layer on a substrate. The inspection method can include using an optical system with a high-NA objective lens, where the high-NA objective lens includes an object plane and a pupil plane. The inspection method can also include providing an aperture member to define at least one obscuration, determining a radial distance between a radially innermost point of each dark area and a nominal center of an image in a pupil plane, and determining an axial distance between the target and an object plane from the determined radial distance.11-05-2009
20090296086TERAHERTZ ANALYSIS OF A FLUID FROM AN EARTH FORMATION USING A DOWNHOLE TOOL - Method and apparatus of analyzing a fluid from an earth formation using a downhole tool. In the method, the downhole tool is conveyed down a borehole in the earth formation, and a fluid drawn into a measurement portion of the downhole tool, where a spectroscopic measurement of the fluid is made in a terahertz radiation domain. The method may be part of a method of producing a mineral hydrocarbon material from an earth formation.12-03-2009
20090262346OPTICAL APPARATUS OF A STACKED DESIGN, AND METHOD OF PRODUCING SAME - An optical apparatus includes a first substrate including an optical functional element, and a second substrate including a movable micromechanical functional element, the first substrate and the second substrate being connected in a stacked manner, so that a light path exists which is convoluted between the first substrate and the second substrate, the movable micromechanical functional element and the optical functional element being arranged in the light path. In addition, a method of producing an optical apparatus includes producing a first substrate including an optical functional element, and producing a second substrate including a movable micromechanical functional element, as well as connecting the first and second substrates, so that a light path exists which is convoluted between the first and second substrates, the movable micromechanical functional element and the optical functional element being arranged in the light path.10-22-2009
20100290044ELECTRODE WITH ORGANIC/INORGANIC COMPOSITE AND ELECTROCHEMICAL DEVICE COMPRISING THE SAME - Disclosed is an electrode comprising an organic/inorganic composite introduced onto either surface or both surfaces thereof, the organic/inorganic composite comprising inorganic particle or aggregates thereof having a unique spectrum or color pattern according to a predetermined rule, and a polymer capable of interconnecting and fixing the inorganic particles. Also, disclosed are an electrochemical device comprising the above electrode, and a method for identifying the origin or kind of an electrode itself or an electrochemical device comprising the same by using the above electrode.11-18-2010
20110205537SPECTROMETER - A spectrometer 08-25-2011
20110199610THIN-LAYER POROUS OPTICAL SENSORS FOR GASES AND OTHER FLUIDS - A gas sensor uses optical interferents in a porous thin film cell to measure the refractive index of the pore medium. As the medium within the pores changes, spectral variations can be detected. For example, as the pores are filled with a solution, the characteristic peaks exhibit a spectral shift in one direction. Conversely, when tiny amounts of gas are produced, the peaks shift in the opposite direction. This can be used to measure gas evolution, humidity and for applications for other interferometric-based sensing devices.08-18-2011
20120293798Sampler for Taking Samples from Melts Having a Melting Point Higher Than and Method for Taking Samples - A sampler is provided for taking samples from melts having a melting point higher than 600° C., in particular for metal or cryolite melts. The sampler includes a carrier tube having an immersion end and having a sample chamber assembly arranged on the immersion end of the carrier tube. The assembly has an inlet opening and a sample cavity for the melt and is arranged at least partly inside the carrier tube. The sample chamber assembly has on a part of its outer surface a coupling device, arranged inside the carrier tube, for coupling a carrier lance. A method is also provided for taking samples using such a sampler.11-22-2012
20100103414MICROPHASE-SEPARATED STRUCTURE, IMMOBILIZED MICROPHASE-SEPARATED STRUCTURE AND WAVELENGTH-VARIABLE LASER OSCILLATOR, TEMPERATURE SENSOR AND LIGHT FILTER USING THE STRUCTURE - [Project] To provide a microphase-separated structure which comprises a vast and visible structure showing a structural color with the use of the phase separation due to the self-assembly of a block copolymer, enables the design of a definite structural color by a convenient method and shows temperature response.04-29-2010
20110267615OPTICAL SPECTROMETER WITH WIDE FIELD OF VIEW FORE-OPTICS - Various embodiments provide an optical system including an optical spectrometer, a first negative power mirror configured and arranged to receive radiation from a far-field object, a second positive power mirror configured and arranged to receive radiation reflected by the first negative power mirror, and a third positive power mirror configured and arranged to receive radiation reflected by the second positive mirror and to direct the radiation towards an entrance slit of the optical spectrometer.11-03-2011
20110141468Tera- And Gigahertz Solid State Miniature Spectrometer - A high speed miniature tera- and gigahertz electromagnetic radiation on-chip spectrometer that comprises a tunable solid state 2D charge carrier layer or a quasi 2D charge carrier layer with incorporated single or multiple defects, at least first and second contacts to the charge carrier layer. Also the device includes an apparatus for measuring the device response between the first and second contacts, and an apparatus for a controllable tuning of at least one of the charge carrier layer parameters. The operation principle is based on the fact that radiation of different wavelengths excites distinct sets of plasma modes in the charge carrier layer.06-16-2011
20120194816Quality Assurance of a Solid-State Illumination Source - System(s), apparatus(es), and method(s) are provided for control of quality of light emitted from a group of solid-state light (SSL) sources that are part of an illumination fixture. The control is based at least in part on regulation of the spectral power distribution (SPD) of the light to match a SPD of a reference light source. A spectroscopic analyzer collects electromagnetic (EM) radiation emitted from the group of SSL sources and EM radiation substantially emitted from the reference light source. A first controller analyzes spectroscopic data related to SPDs of the group of SSL sources and the reference light source and, based on the analysis issues a configuration of the group of SSL sources. Implementation of the configuration causes the group of SSL sources to emit EM radiation with a SPD that nearly matches the SPD of the EM radiation substantially emitted from the reference light source.08-02-2012
20080285030Device for Inspecting Vegetable Products by Spectroscopic Analysis of Refracted Light - Device for inspecting vegetable products in general, and fruit in particular, by spectroscopic analysis of refracted light, comprising a conveyor (11-20-2008
20120287432APPARATUS FOR MEASURING THE RETROREFLECTANCE OF MATERIALS - The present invention comprises various embodiments of a retroreflectometer capable of measuring the retroreflectance of a material. The retroreflectometer comprises an illumination path and a retroreflection path. The illumination path comprises focusing optics, a source aperture, a beamsplitter and a collimating lens. The retroreflection path comprises a focusing lens, a beamsplitter, a receiver aperture and a receiver. The source aperture shapes the transverse profile of the light to make it appropriate to the measurement. Focusing optics, such as a biconvex lens, may be placed between the light source and the source aperture. After the beam is reflected by the object under test, it enters the retroreflection path of the instrument. The focusing lens focuses the light through the beamsplitter and onto the receiver aperture. The receiver aperture may be the input slit for a spectrometer, or there may be optics, such as a lens or an optical fiber, that transfer the light from the aperture to the receiver. A photopically corrected detector, multiple detectors with filters or a spectrometer may be used in various embodiments of the present invention as the receiver.11-15-2012
20080285031Use of Crossed-Beam Spectral Interferometry to Characterize Optical Pulses - Disclosed are an apparatus and methods for determining electric field characteristics of pulses. In one example, a method is provided in which an unknown pulse is propagated through a first optical fiber. A reference pulse is propagated through a second optical fiber. The unknown pulse and the reference pulse are directed out of the first and second optical fibers into a spectrometer. The unknown pulse and the reference pulse propagated along a pair of crossing trajectories through the spectrometer to form an interferogram. The electric field of the unknown pulse is determined by processing this interferogram.11-20-2008
20110267616MICROSCOPIC SPECTRUM APPARATUS - A microscopic spectrum apparatus for connecting to an image capturing module which is used for converting external image light into electrical signal is disclosed. The microscopic spectrum apparatus includes a microscopic lens module, a spectrum analyzing module and a light beam splitter. The microscopic lens module is used for collecting the external image light to the image capturing module and magnifying the external image. The spectrum analyzing module is arranged at a side of the microscopic lens module. The light beam splitter is arranged between the microscopic lens module and the image capturing module, and is used for directing part of the external image light from the microscopic lens module to the spectrum analyzing module. In addition, a microscopic spectrum apparatus with image capturing capability is also disclosed.11-03-2011
20090195777DOSIMETRY USING OPTICAL EMISSION SPECTROSCOPY/RESIDUAL GAS ANALYZER IN CONJUNCTION WITH ION CURRENT - The present invention generally provides methods and apparatus for controlling ion dosage in real time during plasma processes. In one embodiment, ion dosages may be controlled using in-situ measurement of the plasma from a mass distribution sensor combined with in-situ measurement from an RF probe.08-06-2009
20100141942APPARATUS FOR DETECTING BIOMATERIALS AND METHOD FOR DETECTING BIOMATERIALS BY USING THE APPARATUS - Provided are an apparatus and method for detecting biomaterials. The apparatus for detecting the biomaterials includes a light source unit, a biomaterial reacting unit, and a detection unit detecting. The light source unit provides incident light. The biomaterial reacting unit includes a substrate and metal nanoparticles spaced from the substrate. The surface plasmon resonance phenomenon is induced on surfaces of the metal nanoparticles by the incident light. First detecting molecules specifically binding to target molecules are immobilized to the surfaces of the metal nanoparticles. The detection unit detects a resonance wavelength of emission light emitted from the metal nanoparticles by the surface plasmon resonance phenomenon.06-10-2010
20110205536UNDERWATER HYPERSPECTRAL IMAGING - An apparatus for placement on or in a body of water for hyperspectral imaging of material in the water comprises an artificial light source and a hyperspectral imager. These are arranged so that in use light exits the apparatus beneath the surface of the water and is reflected by said material before re-entering the apparatus beneath the surface of the water and entering the hyperspectral imager. The hyperspectral imager is adapted to produce hyperspectral image data having at least two spatial dimensions.08-25-2011
20090066950SAMPLE TABLE FOR A FOOD ANALYZING DEVICE - Disclosed is a sample table for a food analyzing device used for analyzing a food sample. Said sample table includes a sample holder (03-12-2009
20120069334Efficient Optical Arrangement for Illumination and Dectection of Label-Free Biosensors and Method to Reduce Interference Fringes in Label-Free Imaging - An optical arrangement for illuminating a surface of a biosensor having a periodic surface grating structure. The arrangement includes a light source generating light, collimating optics for collimating the light from the light source, and a first reflecting surface (e.g., prism surface) receiving light from the collimating optics and directing incident light onto a surface of the biosensor and a second spatially separated reflecting surface receiving light reflected from the surface of the biosensor. The arrangement further includes telecentric optics (e.g., telecentric lens) receiving light from the second surface of the prism. The telecentric lens directs light onto an entrance slit of a spectrometer. The arrangement increases the light collection efficiency at the spectrometer as compared to prior art arrangements.03-22-2012
20120069333Cells for Biochemical Analysis, Kit for Biochemical Analysis, and Biochemical Analyzer - The invention makes it possible to measure binding of a biochemical substance with a high throughput and with high sensitivity using a small cell capable of being filled with a small amount of chemical solution. A space between a first substrate and a second substrate such that probes are immobilized on their mutually facing planes is used as a cell that houses a specimen solution. Light is irradiated from a first substrate side, and reflected light is subjected to spectroscopy. Binding of the target with the probe is detected by a wavelength shift in the refection spectrum.03-22-2012
20090040519Method and apparatus for reconfigurable field of view in a fast-based imaging system - A system and method to obtain a variable field of view (FOV) of a sample without requiring an increase in an imaging CCD array size. In a fiber array spectral translator (FAST) based chemical imaging system, the fibers in the fiber bundle may be organized in different 2D “zones”. Each zone may include a predetermined number of fibers. Each 2D zone of fibers at the signal input end is organized as a separate linear array (1D) at the spectrometer slit input end. Depending on the user-selected FOV, one or more zones of fibers may be selected for signal input (into the spectrometer) by a motorized mobile slit port or linear translating stage, which will sequentially scan output from each selected linear fiber array into the spectrometer slit. The user can switch from one FOV size to another, thereby activating the linear translating stage to gather signals from appropriate linear fiber arrays corresponding to fiber zones associated with the selected FOV. A CCD imager may be used to collect optical data and generate 2D spatially accurate wavelength resolved images of the user-selected FOV.02-12-2009
20080316484Spectroscope and Method Performing Spectroscopy Utilizing an Adaptive Optical Element - A spectroscope designed to utilize an adaptive optical element such as a micro mirror array (MMA) and two distinct light channels and detectors. The devices can provide for real-time and near real-time scaling and normalization of signals.12-25-2008
20090086206Tunable semiconductor laser device, manufacturing method therefor, and gas detector using therewith - A tunable semiconductor laser device includes a wavelength control region that is formed to include an active layer formed above a semiconductor substrate in an optical waveguide which guides the light generated by the active layer and that includes in at least one portion a diffraction grating which selects light having a predetermined wavelength from the light generated by the active layer, a cladding layer, an insulation film formed above the cladding layer, a first driving electrode formed below the semiconductor substrate, a second driving electrode formed above the cladding layer, a heating portion that is formed above the insulation film and that is used to heat at least one portion of the wavelength control region, first and second heating terminals provided in the heating portion, and first and second connection lines that connect in series between the first and second driving electrodes through a power source. By tuning the current supplied from the power source to the first and second connection lines substantially connected in series through the heating portion, the tunable semiconductor laser device can be controlling the wavelength of the light derived to an outside from the optical waveguide.04-02-2009
20090021732LIGHT DISTRIBUTION MEASUREMENT SYSTEM - Optical test apparatuses and methods, and related subject matter, are disclosed herein.01-22-2009
20090231580BEAM STEERING ELEMENT AND ASSOCIATED METHODS FOR MANIFOLD FIBEROPTIC SWITCHES AND MONITORING - An optical system comprising a combination optical switch and monitoring system based on an array of mirrors, and a moveable reflective element co-packaged together, including discrete sets of fiber ports wherein λn from input fiber ports is focused on λn mirror via the use of shared free space optics; such as shared beam steering elements, dispersive elements, and optical elements, and discrete arrays of MEMS mirrors utilized to select and switch selected wavelengths from the input fiber port(s) to an output fiber port(s) of the optical switch, and wherein a moveable reflective element sharing the same free space optics is utilized to sweep across and reflect selected portions of the optical spectrum back to a photodetector. By correlating reflective element position with power measured, a processor can obtain a spectral plot of the wavelength band of interest, as well as calculate parameters such as center wavelength, passband shape, and OSNR.09-17-2009
20110228270Open-Path Near Real-Time Full Wall Emissions Monitoring Method - The invention is a combination of two prior arts (one being a tower elevator system and the other an open-path monitoring system) in order to perform automated “full wall” monitoring of an emission source. The system will allow an open-path detection system to take near real-time readings of the compounds present in the full area between the towers (both rectangular and triangular areas as shown in FIG. 09-22-2011
20090103087Method and Apparatus for Performing Spectroscopy Downhole within a Wellbore - An analysis system, tool, and method for performing downhole fluid analysis, such as within a wellbore. The analysis system, tool, and method provide for a tool including a spectroscope for use in downhole fluid analysis which utilizes an adaptive optical element such as a Micro Mirror Array (MMA) and two distinct light channels and detectors to provide real-time scaling or normalization.04-23-2009
20110222060MONOCHROMATOR COMPRISING VARIABLE WAVELENGTH SELECTOR IN COMBINATION WITH TUNABLE INTERFERENCE FILTER - A system for spectrally filtering light is provided. The system includes a variable wavelength selector for selecting a wavelength from a light source and a tunable interference filter for filtering light from the variable wavelength selector. The interference filter may be synchronously tunable to the output of the variable wavelength selector.09-15-2011
20120105847SPECTROMETRIC MEASUREMENT SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR COMPENSATING FOR VEILING GLARE - The present solution is directed to a measuring system and a method for determining spectrometric measurement results with high accuracy. The spectrometric measuring system, comprises a radiation source, an entrance slit, a dispersion element, and a detector with detector elements arranged in a linear or matrix-shaped manner in one or more planes. The detector has an even distribution of at least two different wavelength-selective filters on its detector elements. While detectors from photography and video applications are used for this purpose, use of the invention is not limited to the visible spectral region. Further, color filters on the pixels may be omitted or modified in the manufacturing process. It is also possible to use other types of detectors in which the wavelength-selective filters and associated detectors are arranged one behind each other in a plurality of planes in which complete color information is available to each individual picture point.05-03-2012
20100157296APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR DETERMINING THE TRANSPORT BEHAVIOUR IN THE PNEUMATIC TRANSPORT OF GRANULAR MATERIALS - The invention relates to a method of determining the transport behaviour in the pneumatic transport of granular materials, in which 06-24-2010
20100157295MEASUREMENT DEVICE EQUIPPED WITH DEVICE FOR DECIDING MEASUREMENT START POINT - Provided is a measurement device. The measurement device includes a sensor, a wavelength-tunable light source, an additional light source, a coupler, and an optical power measurer. The sensor accepts a sample. The wavelength-tunable light source irradiates wavelength-tunable light to detect a reaction of the sensor. The additional light source irradiates wavelength-fixed light to detect an initial time of the reaction. The coupler combines the wavelength-tunable light source and the additional light source and irradiates the combined input light on the sensor. The optical power measurer detects the reaction of the sensor from an output light transmitted through or reflected by the sensor.06-24-2010
20090316150SELF CALIBRATION METHODS FOR OPTICAL ANALYSIS SYSTEM - Disclosed is a system and methodologies for providing self-calibration in an optical analysis system. Illumination light is directed toward a material to be sampled while provisions are made to modify the characteristics of at least a portion of the illumination light falling on a reference detector. The modified characteristics may include light presence and/or spectral characteristics. Light presence may be modified by rotating or moving mirror assemblies to cause light to fall on either a sample detector or a reference detector while spectral characteristics may be modified by placing materials having known spectral characteristics in the path of the illumination light.12-24-2009
20100182600SELF-CONTAINED MULTIVARIATE OPTICAL COMPUTING AND ANALYSIS SYSTEMS - An optical analysis system includes a light source configured to radiate a first light along a first ray path; a modulator disposed in the first ray path, the modulator configured to modulate the first light to a desired frequency; a spectral element disposed proximate the modulator, the spectral element configured to filter the first light for a spectral range of interest of a sample; a cavity in communication with the spectral element, the cavity configured to direct the first light in a direction of the sample; a conical mirror configured to convert the first light reflecting from the sample into a second light, the cavity being further configured to direct the second light; a beamsplitter configured to split the second light into a first beam and a second beam; an optical filter mechanism disposed to receive the first beam, the optical filter mechanism configured to optically filter data carried by the first beam into at least one orthogonal component of the first beam; a first detector mechanism in communication with the optical filter mechanism to measure a property of the orthogonal component to measure the data; a second detector mechanism configured to receive the second beam for comparison of the property of the orthogonal component to the second beam; an accelerometer configured to control the data acquisition such that only detector signals during the period of time when the system is in the proper orientation such that the material sample (e.g., aspirin) is in proximity to the interrogation window are used for calculation; a computer having a data acquisition and conversion card, the computer disposed in the system in communication with the first and second detector mechanisms for signal processing; and a battery and charging system disposed in the system in electrical communication with the system to provide stand-alone operation capability.07-22-2010
20100177310EVANESCENT WAVE DOWNHOLE FIBER OPTIC SPECTROMETER - An apparatus for estimating a property of a fluid downhole, is provided an includes: an optical fiber that receives light emitted from a light source and including an unclad portion adapted for contacting the fluid; a photodetector for receiving optical signals from the portion; and a spectrometer for obtaining an evanescent spectrum of the fluid from the portion. A method and a system are included.07-15-2010
20100225911System and Method for Classifying a Disease State Using Representative Data Sets - System and method for determining a disease state of a sample. A sample is positioned in a field of view and a first spectroscopic data set is obtained. The positional information is stored and the sample is treated with a contrast enhancing agent. The sample is repositioned in the field of view and a digital image is obtained. The spectroscopic data is linked with the digital image and a database comprising representative spectroscopic data sets is searched to classify the disease state of the sample. The disclosure also provides for the step of obtaining a processed derivative image and searching a database comprising representative processed derivative images to classify a disease state of the sample.09-09-2010
20100238439SPECTROSCOPIC MODULE - The spectroscopy module 09-23-2010
20090284740Spectrometer Optics Comprising Positionable Slots and Method for the Fully Automatic Transmission of Calibrating Adjustments between Spectrometers Equipped with Optics of this Type - The invention relates to spectrometer optics with a beam path from a beam source to a number of electro-optical sensors without spatial resolution, the beam path comprising an entry slot, a dispersive element, and a number of exit slots arranged on a focal curve, wherein furthermore: 11-19-2009
20090116009MULTIDIMENSIONAL PULSE SHAPER AND SPECTROMETER - Methods and apparatusare disclosed, and include: (a) separating an input electromagnetic waveform into a plurality of intermediate waveforms, each of the intermediate waveforms being spatially separated from one another; (b) dispersing frequency components of each intermediate waveform onto different regions of a spatial light modulator and modulating at least some of the dispersed frequency components with the spatial light modulator; and (c) recombining the dispersed frequency components for each of the intermediate waveforms to produce a plurality of temporally shaped output waveforms.05-07-2009
20090059225INSTRUMENT FOR MAKING OPTICAL MEASUREMENTS ON MULTIPLE SAMPLES RETAINED BY SURFACE TENSION - The invention is an installment for making multi-channel spectroscopic measurements on a plurality of nanodrop samples held by surface tension between opposing optical fibers wherein a single fiber is scanned across a linear spaced array of receiving, detecting fibers.03-05-2009
20100315633SPECTROSCOPY MODULE - Alignment marks 12-16-2010
20100302539NOVEL MULTI-ANALYTE OPTICAL COMPUTING SYSTEM - The present subject matter relates to methods of high-speed analysis of product samples. Light is directed to a portion of a product under analysis and reflected from or transmitted through the product toward a plurality of optical detectors. Signals from the detectors are compared with a reference signal based on a portion of the illuminating light passing through a reference element to determine characteristics of the product under analysis. The products under analysis may be stationary, moved by an inspection point by conveyor or other means, or may be contained within a container, the container including a window portion through which the product illuminating light may pass.12-02-2010
20090066949MEASUREMENT METHOD AND MEASUREMENT APPARATUS - A measurement method of measuring a spectroscopic characteristic inside of a scattering medium includes03-12-2009
20110128541Radiation Generation Device for Generating Electromagnetic Radiation Having an Adjustable Spectral Composition, and Method of Producing Same - A radiation generation device for generating resulting electromagnetic radiation having an adjustable spectral composition includes: a multitude of radiation elements (configured to generate a radiation element specific electromagnetic radiation, respectively, upon being activated, a first radiation element of the multitude of radiation elements being activatable independently of a second radiation element of the multitude of radiation elements; a dispersive optical element; and an optical opening; the dispersive optical element being configured to deflect the radiation element specific electromagnetic radiations, in dependence on their wavelength and on a position of the radiation element generating the respective radiation element specific electromagnetic radiation, such that a particular spectral range of each of the radiation element specific electromagnetic radiations may exit through the optical opening, so that the spectral composition of the resulting electromagnetic radiation exiting through the optical opening is adjustable by selectively activating the multitude of radiation elements.06-02-2011
20090033933NOVEL MULTIVARIATE OPTICAL ELEMENTS FOR OPTICAL ANALYSIS SYSTEM - A method of developing a multivariate optical element for an optical analysis system includes forming an optically absorptive spectral element having an optically absorptive material, the optically absorptive material being absorbing in a predetermined spectral region; and utilizing the optically absorptive spectral element in the optical analysis system.02-05-2009
20090033932Tagging systems using energy exchange - A tagging system contains first taggants and second taggants. The taggants differ from each other so that the first taggants have a first emission spectrum and a first absorption edge and the second taggants have a second emission spectrum and a second absorption edge. In the tagging system, the first taggants are arranged to be within an interaction distance of the second taggants so that energy transfer between the first taggants and the second taggants causes an emission spectrum of the tagging system to differ from a sum of the first emission spectrum and the second emission spectrum.02-05-2009
20100321690PRESSURE-PROOF PROBE - A probe for monitoring a pressurised process space includes a casing enclosing a cavity and having a first window configured to be brought into contact with the process space, and a second window. A sealing means is configured to seal the first window to the casing. At least once coupling line is disposed within the cavity between the first and second windows and is configured to guide electromagnetic radiation entering through one of the two windows to the other of the two windows. A method for monitoring a pressurised process space, in which one or more hazardous substances occur, is also disclosed.12-23-2010
20100321689SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR CORRELATING PHOTORECEPTOR PIGMENTED FILM LAYER TO ELECTRICAL PERFORMANCE - The presently disclosed embodiments are directed to a system and method for obtaining spectra of highly scattering pigmented layers and providing a spectral reflection ratio, which can be correlated to photoreceptor electrical performance. The present embodiments employ the use of dark field microscopy in combination with a noise reducing normalization technique to provide real-time production adjustments to optimize photoreceptor characteristics and/or performance.12-23-2010
20100321688MULTIBAND SPATIAL HETERODYNE SPECTROMETER AND ASSOCIATED METHODS - A multiband spatial heterodyne spectrometer for determining spectra in first and second wavelength bands has a beam splitter configured to split incident light and to direct the incident light upon a first and a second diffraction grating. The gratings are configured for Littrow reflection of incident light of the first wavelength band at a first order and Littrow reflection of incident light of the second wavelength band at a second order. Light reflected by the first and the second diffraction grating forms diffraction patterns that are imaged by an electronic camera. A dispersive device such as a prism or diffraction grating separates the imaged interference patterns onto separate rows of pixel sensors corresponding to the wavelength bands. A processing device receives information from the detector and computes spectra therefrom. In embodiments, the spectrometer is configured to compute hyperspectral images of a target.12-23-2010
20110128542CALIBRATION APPARATUS AND CALIBRATION METHOD - A calibration apparatus associates a pixel position and a wavelength of a spectrometer sensor. In calibrating the sensor, the calibration apparatus searches for a first pixel value corresponding to a bright line spectrum of incident light by a first search method based on the pixel value corresponding to the incident light acquired by the sensor and searches for a second pixel value corresponding to the bright line spectrum of the incident light by a second search method based on the pixel value corresponding to the incident light acquired by the sensor. The calibration apparatus associates either one of a first pixel position and a second pixel position with the wavelength of the bright line spectrum of the incident light. The calibration apparatus can appropriately acquire a correspondence relation between a detection position and a wavelength even if the correspondence relation has varied due to aging or changes in the temperature.06-02-2011
20110242533System and Method for Detecting Hazardous Agents Including Explosives - A system and method for MWIR hyperspectral imaging to detect hazardous agents including explosive agents. A system comprising an illumination source, a tunable filter, and an imaging detector configured for MWIR hyperspectral imaging of a target comprising an unknown material. A method comprising illuminating a target comprising an unknown material, passing interacted photons through a tunable filter, and generating a MWIR hyperspectral image of the target. Algorithms and chemometric techniques may be applied to assess the MWIR hyperspectral image to identify the unknown material as comprising an explosive agent or a non-explosive agent. A video imaging device may also be configured to provide a video image of an area of interest, which may be assessed to identify a target for interrogation using MWIR hyperspectral imaging.10-06-2011
20100182599Spectrometer flip top sample head - A spectrometer sample head including a housing, at least one source of radiation in the housing, and a flip top sample cell. First and second hinged plates each include a window aligned with each other when the plate are coupled together. The housing includes a channel for receiving the plates when coupled together for placing the sample in the optical path of the radiation.07-22-2010
20100053608TACTILE SENSOR BASED ON COUPLED SURFACE PLASMON RESONANCE - Systems and methods for sensing an applied local tactile pressure are disclosed. The methods can include directing light onto a tactile sensing element that includes a metal nanoparticle layer. The methods can further include receiving at least a portion of the light scattered from the metal nanoparticle layer. The methods can further include determining a local pressure exerted on the tactile sensing element based at least in part on a change in a surface plasmon resonance (SPR) spectrum of the received portion of the scattered light.03-04-2010
20080231853Qualitative Analysis System and Method for Agricultural Products in Harvesting Equipment - A system for the qualitative analysis of an agricultural product comprises a scanning cell (09-25-2008
20090027669PORTABLE DEVICE FOR THE QUALITY CONTROL OF PRODUCTS - A portable device for the quality control of vegetal products comprising a power supply (01-29-2009
20120200852SPECTROSCOPY AND SPECTRAL IMAGING METHODS AND APPARATUS - The invention pertains to a new type of spectroscope comprising an array of Fabry-Perot cells having no moving parts and that can be fabricated inexpensively using semiconductor fabrication techniques.08-09-2012
20110069309COMB-BASED SPECTROSCOPY WITH SYNCHRONOUS SAMPLING FOR REAL-TIME AVERAGING - A method of comb-based spectroscopy with synchronous sampling for real-time averaging includes measuring the full complex response of a sample in a configuration analogous to a dispersive Fourier transform spectrometer, infrared time domain spectrometer, or a multiheterodyne laser spectrometer. An alternate configuration of a comb-based spectrometer for rapid, high resolution, high accuracy measurements of an arbitrary cw waveform.03-24-2011
20110249261Direct Match Spectrographic Determination of Fuel Properties - A method and apparatus for deriving refinery product property value based on data produced from a globally-calibrated spectrographic analyzer and data from a non-spectrographic analyzer.10-13-2011
20110037979IMAGING SPECTROGRAPH - The imaging spectrograph comprises of the first optical system (02-17-2011
20100315634SPECTROMETER - In a state that the body portion 12-16-2010
20100296089WAVELENGTH TRACKER FOR SWEPT WAVELENGTH SENSOR INTERROGATION SYSTEM - A swept wavelength interrogation system includes a tunable light source for outputting a light beam that is tunable over a range of wavelengths and an optical reader head for distributing the light beam among a plurality of sensors and for measuring response spectra from the sensors. A wavelength-tracking device measures centroid wavelengths of the light beam. A processor calculates a centroid wavelength of the response spectra from the sensors based on the measured centroid wavelengths of the light beam.11-25-2010
20100277727Method for Detecting Contaminants - A method for the detection of contaminants in an optical measuring cuvette of a spectrophotometer, typically an oximeter for determining hemoglobin derivatives, is provided, in which measuring cuvette, in addition to at least one sample measurement to obtain a sample spectrum I(λ), at least one reference measurement is performed using a reference liquid to obtain a reference spectrum I11-04-2010
20100097604Encoding Optical Spectra Using A DMD Array - According to one embodiment of the present invention, a system for encoding an optical spectrum includes a dispersive element, a digital micromirror device (DMD) array, a detector, and a controller. The dispersive element receives light from a source and disperses the light to yield light components of different wavelengths. The digital micromirror device (DMD) array has micromirrors that modulate the light to encode an optical spectrum of the light. The detector detects the light that has been modulated. The controller generates an intensity versus time waveform representing the optical spectrum of the detected light.04-22-2010
20080246962Linear Fiber Array Mount To a Spectrometer - A coupler for coupling a linear fiber array to a spectrometer is provided, the coupler having a tube, a linear fiber bundle array inserted through the tube, an alignment mechanism for aligning the linear fiber bundle array with a slit on the spectrometer, and a locking mechanism for locking the linear fiber bundle array to the tube. Further, a method for coupling a linear fiber array to a spectrometer is provided, the method having the steps of inserting a linear fiber bundle array through a tube, aligning the linear fiber bundle array with a slit on the spectrometer, and locking the linear fiber bundle array to the tube once it is aligned with the slit on the spectrometer.10-09-2008
20090141273OPTICAL APPARATUS - An optical apparatus includes an optical fibre having a radiation inlet, a radiation outlet and a termination by which optical radiation is transmitted from the fibre, a retroreflector spaced from the termination and aligned with the path of radiation from the termination such that the radiation is reflected back along the same path onto the termination and the reflected radiation passes back along the same fibre to the radiation inlet.06-04-2009
20100315635DEVICE AND METHOD FOR MEASURING STATIC AND DYNAMIC SCATTERED LIGHT IN SMALL VOLUMES - The invention relates to a device for measuring scattered light, comprising at least one focusing element provided with electromagnetic radiation that can be focused on a sample, a detector and a detector optical system with which electromagnetic radiation scattered by the sample can be conducted to the detector. The device is characterized in that it comprises means for forming an annular beam such that said annular beam can be focused on a focus point inside the sample by the at least one focusing element and that electromagnetic radiation scattered by the sample can be detected by the detection optical system, said electromagnetic radiation dispersing inside the area surrounded by the annular beam.12-16-2010
20110255086OPTICAL SAMPLE DETECTION SYSTEM AND SAMPLE ANALYSIS DEVICE - An optical sample detection system is provided, including a light source; a convergence projection component for converging light rays emitted by the light source; a sample accommodation component for accommodating a detected sample; a light beam collection component for receiving light rays carrying sample characteristic information and transmitted from the sample accommodation component; a light splitting component for splitting polychromatic lights collected by the light beam collection component into independent spectrums or spectral bands; and a photoelectric detection component for receiving optical signals of different wavelengths separated through the light splitting component.10-20-2011
20100277726Terahertz Frequency Domain Spectrometer with Integrated Dual Laser Module - An apparatus for analyzing, identifying or imaging an target including an integrated dual laser module coupled to a pair of photoconductive switches to produce cw signals in the range of frequencies from 100 GHz to over 2 THz focused on and transmitted through or reflected from the target; and a detector for acquiring spectral information from signals received from the target and using a multi-spectral homodyne process to generate an electrical signal representative of some characteristics of the target with resolution less than 250 MHz. The photoconductive switches are activated by laser beams from the dual laser module. The lasers in the module are tuned to different frequencies and have two distinct low frequency identification tones respectively that are used in conjunction with a stable optical filter element to permit precise determination of the offset frequency of the lasers.11-04-2010
20110164249LIGHT SPECTRUM DETECTION METHOD - Optical spectrum of a light irradiated on the object, a spontaneous light emitted from within the object or a surface thereof, a scattered light, a transmitted light, a reflected light or a refracted light from within the object or a surface thereof generated by irradiating light on the object is resolved by amplifying said lights in a bandwidth narrower than the bandwidth of the optical spectrum of said lights. Thus, a method for detecting optical spectrum is provided in which signal intensity is amplified while deterioration of spectral data is suppressed.07-07-2011
20120229805DEFECT EVALUATION METHOD FOR SEMICONDUCTOR - Even in the case of a sample exhibiting low photoresponse, such as a wide bandgap semiconductor, a measurement method which enables highly accurate CPM measurement is provided. When CPM measurement is performed, photoexcited carriers which are generated by light irradiation of a sample exhibiting low photoresponse such as a wide bandgap semiconductor are instantly removed by application of positive bias voltage to a third electrode which is provided in the sample in addition to two electrodes used for measurement. When the photoexcited carriers are removed, even in the case of the sample exhibiting low photoresponse, the controllability of a photocurrent value is improved and CPM measurement can be performed accurately.09-13-2012
20120062888Method for operating an optical filter in multiple modes - A method for operating an optical filter in multiple modes. In one embodiment, an optical filter may be operated in a sensitivity mode to thereby generate a white light image representative of a region of interest. The optical filter may then be operated in a specificity mode to thereby generate a hyperspectral image representative of said region of interest. The white light image and the hyperspectral image may be fused to generate a hybrid image that provides morphological and hyperspectral data. The white light image and the hyperspectral image may be generated using a single detector, eliminating the need for image realignment.03-15-2012
20110051135Multiple-Light-Path Front End for OES Instrument - An optical emission spectroscopic system contains multiple distinct light paths that provide increased light to a spectrometer, thereby increasing sensitivity and signal-to-noise of the system.03-03-2011
20100253942METHOD AND DEVICE FOR CHARACTERIZING SILICON LAYER ON TRANSLUCENT SUBSTRATE - A method for the characterization of a silicon layer on a translucent substrate, in particular, for the characterization of a solar cell blank, includes detecting by at least one optical detector, the light transmitted through the silicon layer and/or reflected on the silicon layer. The method also includes determining a degree of absorption of the silicon layer for at least one wavelength by means of the detected light. The method further includes determining a quantity ratio between an amorphous fraction and a crystalline fraction of the silicon layer or between one of these fractions and the total of these fractions by means of the degree of absorption.10-07-2010
20110096326SCANNING SPECTROMETER WITH MULTIPLE PHOTODETECTORS - A scanning optical spectrometer with a detector array is disclosed, in which position of focused spot of light at the input of a dispersive element such as arrayed waveguide grating (AWG) with a slab input, is scanned using a micro-electro-mechanical (MEMS) tiltable micromirror so as to make the dispersed spectrum of light scan over the detector array coupled to the AWG. Sub-spectra recorded using individual detectors are concatenated by a processor unit to obtain the spectrum of input light.04-28-2011
20110096325METHOD AND DEVICE FOR THE SPECTROMETRIC MEASUREMENT OF A MATERIAL FLOW MOVING IN THE LONGITUDINAL DIRECTION - A method for the spectrometric measurement of a material flow moving in the longitudinal direction, that includes illumination of an illumination area (04-28-2011
20110080582VARIABLE SPECTROSCOPY DEVICE, SPECTROSCOPY APPARATUS, AND ENDOSCOPE SYSTEM - It is possible to a variable spectroscopy device that has a plurality of coating layers facing each other at an interval and changes a transmission band of light passing through the coating layers by adjusting an optical path length between the coating layers, in which the coating layer is structured so that a change rate of a transmission bandwidth between two arbitrary transmission bands is smaller than a change rate of a central wavelength between the two transmission bands within a spectroscopy wavelength band for changing a transmission band.04-07-2011
20100284005SPECTROMETER FOR MEASURING MOVING SAMPLE MATERIAL AND THE METHOD - An optical or infrared spectrometer is suitable for on-line measurements for industrial, agricultural, field, commercial and other applications. Optical spectrometers are very useful for various analytical measurements. On-line operation is needed for obtaining real-time information, which is useful e.g. for process automation and quality control needs. The invention is based on optical design optimized for measuring moving samples at a distance and includes a light guide for signal homogenization, a linear variable filter for defining multiple measurement wavelengths as well as a linear detector array for detecting optical signals relating to the different wavelengths. There is an element for cooling and stabilizing the operating temperature of both the linear detector array and the linear variable filter, while the spectrometer is operating in variable environmental conditions. Thanks to the optical signal chain designed to maximize the radiance at the detector, the proposed spectrometer can provide high signal-to-noise ratio and high speed.11-11-2010
20110261356SPECTROSCOPE - The spectrometer 10-27-2011
20090195776HANDHELD SPECTROMETER INCLUDING WIRELESS CAPABILITIES - A method for collecting and analyzing spectrum data to identify a composition of a sample material is described. The method includes obtaining a sample material, receiving a geographical location of the sample material at a handheld instrument, and analyzing the sample material to obtain sample spectrum data using the handheld instrument. The method also includes determining whether to perform an analysis of the sample spectrum data using the handheld instrument, or to perform the analysis of the sample spectrum data using a remote computer. The method also includes determining a composition of the sample material based on an analysis of the sample spectrum data and recording in a memory area at least one of the composition and the geographical location of the sample material.08-06-2009
20120038917Sensor for liquid and/or gas analysis - A sensor of the type for liquid and/or gas analysis, which is connected to a measuring and/or evaluating system or, respectively, to a higher-ranking control system and has a sensor housing. The circuit for the collecting, processing and transmitting measured values to the measuring and/or evaluating system or to the control system (02-16-2012
20120307241AUTO-ALIGNING SPECTROSCOPY SYSTEM - An auto-aligning system is presented. One embodiment of the auto-aligning system includes a launcher unit configured to direct a first laser beam and a second laser beam through a chamber, wherein the first laser beam is co-linear with the second laser beam. The auto-aligning spectroscopy system further includes a receiver unit configured to receive the first laser beam and the second laser beam passing through the chamber. The receiver unit includes a first detector configured to determine an intensity of the first laser beam. The receiver unit also includes a second detector configured to determine a deviation of the second laser beam from a determined position. Further, the auto-aligning spectroscopy system includes a motorized stage configured to align the launcher unit to a base-line position based on the determined deviation of the second laser beam.12-06-2012
20120307242WAVELENGTH REFERENCING BY MONITORING A VOLTAGE ACROSS A LASER DIODE - A lasing wavelength of a laser diode is determined by applying a forward current to the p-n junction of the laser diode and measuring a voltage across the p-n junction. The lasing wavelength can be determined by performing a simple wavelength calibration of the laser diode. This allows one to stabilize the lasing wavelength, and also to use the laser diode as a reference wavelength source.12-06-2012
20110109905ARRANGEMENT ADAPTED FOR SPECTRAL ANALYSIS - An arrangement adapted for a spectral analysis, having a light transmitting means, a delimited space in the form of a cavity serving as a measuring cell and defining an optical measuring distance, a light sensing means for detecting radiation passing said optical measuring distance from said light transmitting means, and a unit, connected at least to said light sensing means and performing the spectral analysis. Beams of radiation from the light transmitting means are made to pass through an optical band-pass filter at different angles of incidence. The filter is structured so as to pass a wavelength in dependence of the angle of incidence. A first chosen wavelength component is separated from a second wavelength component, each being received in its opto-electric means. Said unit is adapted for detecting and calculating an occurring radiation intensity for each such wavelength component.05-12-2011
20130010294OPTICAL MEASUREMENT ANALYSIS DEVICE, STORAGE ROOM, ELECTROMAGNETIC-WAVE GENERATING DEVICE, AND OPTICAL MEASUREMENT ANALYSIS METHOD - There is provided an optical measurement analysis device capable of applying light to substantially the entire surface of a to-be-analyzed object for improving the analysis accuracy. The optical measurement analysis device according to the present embodiment includes a container, a light source, a light irradiation unit, a light reception unit, a spectroscope unit, and an analyzing unit for analyzing an optical spectrum obtained by the spectroscope unit. The container has an inner wall adapted to reflect light reflected by the to-be-analyzed object and light transmitted therethrough.01-10-2013
20110075142OPTICAL DETECTION SYSTEM - Optical detection systems and optical spectrometric systems are presented. One embodiment is a parallelized optical detection system. The detection system includes collector optics configured to receive an input optical signal, a plurality of optical filters and a plurality of tunable cavities. The collector optics includes at least one collector lens and at least one fiber multiplexer. The plurality of optical filters are configured to receive the input optical signal from the fiber multiplexer, and have serially varying pass band configured to filter the input optical signal at respective bandwidths. Each of the plurality of tunable cavities is optically coupled to each filter of the respective plurality of optical filters to receive a respective filtered output signal. The plurality of tunable cavities have band-pass frequencies with center frequencies staggered. At least one fiber demultiplexer is configured to receive respective filtered signals from the plurality of tunable cavities, and at least one detector is configured to receive and detect an output optical signal from the demultiplexer.03-31-2011
20110063615SPECTRAL DISTRIBUTION MEASURING DEVICE - A spectral distribution measuring device includes an illumination unit configured to illuminate white light to a surface of an object being measured; a slit array having a plurality of slits formed in alignment at equal intervals; a linear image sensor including a light receiving face having a plurality of rectangular pixels adjacently arranged in alignment and a plurality of spectral light-irradiated areas divided in each predetermined number of neighboring pixels; a plurality of areas being measured which is set on the surface of the object being measured, and reflects the light irradiated by the illumination unit to the plurality of slits; and a diffraction unit configured to diffract and disperse reflection light which is reflected from the areas being measured and has passed through each slit, the diffraction unit being disposed such that a direction where a diffraction image expands is inclined at an angle to a direction where the light receiving face expands.03-17-2011
20110063614PHOTOSPECTROMETER - Impinging electromagnetic radiation generates pairs of majority and minority carriers in a substrate. A spectrometer device for detection of electromagnetic radiation impinging on a substrate comprises means for generating, in the substrate, a majority carrier current; at least one detection region for collecting generated minority carriers, the minority carriers being directed under influence of the majority carrier current; and means for determining spectral information based on minority carriers collected at the at least one detection region.03-17-2011
20120044489Photonic crystal slot waveguide miniature on-chip absorption spectrometer - Methods and systems for label-free on-chip optical absorption spectrometer consisting of a photonic crystal slot waveguide are disclosed. The invention comprises an on-chip integrated optical absorption spectroscopy device that combines the slow light effect in photonic crystal waveguide and optical field enhancement in a slot waveguide and enables detection and identification of multiple analytes to be performed simultaneously using optical absorption techniques leading to a device for chemical and biological sensing, trace detection, and identification via unique analyte absorption spectral signatures. Other embodiments are described and claimed.02-23-2012
20120044492OPTICAL FILTER, OPTICAL FILTER MODULE, SPECTROMETRIC INSTRUMENT, AND OPTICAL INSTRUMENT - An Etalon filter includes a first substrate, a second substrate which faces the first substrate, a first optical film which is provided on the first substrate, and a second optical film which is provided on the second substrate to face the first optical film. The reflective characteristic of the first optical film determined by the reflectance of light of each wavelength in a reflective band is different from the reflective characteristic of the second optical film determined by the reflectance of light of each wavelength in the reflective band. The first optical film can have a reflective characteristic with a first wavelength λ02-23-2012
20120044490Extreme Light Pulse-Front Tilt and Its Application to Single Shot Measurement of Picosecond to Nanosecond Laser Pulses - Various methods and systems are provided for generation of a laser pulse with massive pulse-front tilt (PFT) and its use for measurement of laser pulses. In one embodiment, a method includes directing a laser pulse into an etalon and propagating the laser pulse through the etalon to form a tilted pulse. Another embodiment involves directing pulses into an etalon and propagating the pulses through the etalon in opposite directions to form a pair of massively tilted pulses that are tilted in opposite directions. In another embodiment, a system includes a Fresnel biprism configured to produce a pair of pulses from an input pulse and a lens configured to direct each pulse through an opening (or openings) in an input surface of an etalon, where the etalon is configured yield a pair of pulses tilted in opposite directions, each pulse having a massive PFT.02-23-2012
20120002199Means and Methods for Rapid Droplet, Aerosols and Swab Infection Analysis - The present invention provides an optical unit (01-05-2012
20120002201Spectral Device and Method for Controlling Same - A spectroscopic device with high sensitivity is provided.01-05-2012
20120002200Spectrometer - A spectrometer has a motor, a reduction means for employing a wave gear device to reduce the rotation of the motor, a wavelength dispersion device for being driven by rotation that was reduced by the reduction means, and a control means for controlling the operation of the motor. When changing the wavelength of light that is extracted from the spectrometer, the control means controls the motor so that an input shaft of the wave gear device is rotated by 180° or more before the input shaft is positioned at an angular position that corresponds to the target wavelength.01-05-2012
20100195099Efficient optical arrangement for illumination and detection of Label-Free biosensors and method to reduce interference fringes in label-free imaging - An optical arrangement for illuminating a surface of a biosensor is described. The biosensor is preferably a sensor having periodic surface grating structure. The arrangement includes a light source generating light, collimating optics for collimating the light from the light source, and first reflecting surface receiving light from the collimating optics and directing incident light onto a surface of the biosensor and a second spatially separated reflecting surface receiving light reflected from the surface of the biosensor. The arrangement further includes telecentric optics (e.g., telecentric lens) receiving light from the second surface of the prism. The telecentric lens directs light onto an entrance slit of a spectrometer. The arrangement increases the light collection efficiency at the spectrometer as compared to prior art to prior art arrangements. The use of an incoherent light source and an arrangement in which incident light impinges upon the biosensor surface at a non-normal angle of incidence parallel to the direction of the grating lines on the sensor eliminates undesirable interference fringes in peak wavelength value measurements of the sensor.08-05-2010
20120008141OPTICAL FILTER, OPTICAL FILTER MODULE, SPECTROMETRIC MEASUREMENT APPARATUS, AND OPTICAL APPARATUS - An optical filter includes: a first variable wavelength bandpass filter that can extract light of a first wavelength band (400 to 460 nm), the first wavelength band having a first spectral band having a central wavelength equal to a first wavelength in the first wavelength band and a second spectral band having a central wavelength equal to a second wavelength in the first wavelength band; and a second variable wavelength bandpass filter that can extract light of a second wavelength band (480 to 540 nm) adjacent to the first wavelength band, the second wavelength band having a third spectral band having a central wavelength equal to a third wavelength in the second wavelength band and a fourth spectral band having a central wavelength equal to a fourth wavelength in the second wavelength band.01-12-2012
20120013904 METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DETECTING CADMIUM WITH OPTICAL EMISSION SPECTROSCOPY - An apparatus and method for detecting cadmium using optical emission spectroscopy is provided. The apparatus contains a system which uses optical emission spectroscopy which is programmed and calibrated to detect the presence of cadmium in PPM. The system is calibrated using test samples which have been prepared with a lead/cadmium matrix material having at least one iron based electrode integrated therein.01-19-2012
20120013905OPTICAL FILTER, OPTICAL FILTER MODULE, SPECTROMETRIC MEASUREMENT APPARATUS, AND OPTICAL APPARATUS - An optical filter includes a first variable wavelength bandpass filter that extracts light of a first wavelength band and has first and second spectral bands and a second variable wavelength bandpass filter that extracts light of a second wavelength band adjacent to the first wavelength band and has third and fourth spectral bands. Part of the period during which the light of the first spectral band is extracted overlaps with the period during which the light of the third spectral band is extracted, and part of the period during which the light of the second spectral band is extracted overlaps with the period during which the light of the fourth spectral band is extracted.01-19-2012
20120026495Device for On-Site Measurement of Concentration of Uranium in High Temperature Molten Salts - A device for on-site measurement of concentration of uranium in high temperature molten salts is provided. More particularly, to a device for on-site measurement of concentration of uranium in high temperature molten salts that can be directly applied to a pyroprocess for reusing spent nuclear fuel and determine concentration of uranium 3+ and 4+ chemical species using ultraviolet-visible light absorption spectrometry. The device includes first and second optical waveguides submerged in molten salts including uranium through a port formed at an upper side of a pyrochemical process apparatus; a lengthwise driver installed at the port to be operated to adjust a distance between the optical waveguides; a light source for supplying light to the second optical waveguide as any one of the optical waveguides; and a spectrometer connected to the first optical waveguide as the other one of the optical waveguides to analyze the light emitted from the second optical waveguide and introduced through the first optical waveguide via the molten salts.02-02-2012
20120105845Imaging Spectrometer - Optical radiation from a sample is received by the slit and it is passed through an aperture in a reflective plane of a folding mirror towards a curved reflective surface of a collimating mirror. The slit and the curved reflective surface have a common optical axis. The reflective plane and the curved reflective surface face each other. The optical radiation passed through the folding mirror is collimated by the curved reflective surface. The collimated optical radiation is directed to the reflective plane of the folding mirror by the curved reflective surface. The collimated optical radiation is reflected in a direction other than the common optical axis of the slit and the curved reflective surface by the reflective plane.05-03-2012
20120105846SPECTRUM MEASURING APPARATUS - Disclosed is a spectrum measuring apparatus for shortening such a measurement time period for an object being measured including two or more mutually different measurement portions as is required for the spectrum measurements of the lights from individual measurement portions. The spectrum measuring apparatus comprises a slit group having two or more slits, a spectroscope for separating the lights extracted by the slit group, for the individual slits, and a measuring unit for measuring the intensities of the individual components, which are separated by the spectroscope, for the slits. The individual slits extract such ones of the lights coming from an object being measured including two or more mutually different measurement portions, as come from the individual measurement portions.05-03-2012
20110102791RADIATION RESISTANT SPECTROMETER INTERFACE - Devices, systems, and methods for measuring tissue oxygen saturation are disclosed. An illustrative spectrometer for interfacing an optical sensor with a display unit includes a number of measurement radiation sources, a number of radiation source fibers each optically coupled to one of the measurement radiation sources, a reflected radiation fiber optically coupled to the optical sensor, a measurement radiation output fiber including an image fiber, and a radiation mixing bar intermediate the radiation source fibers and the measurement radiation output fiber.05-05-2011
20120300206ERROR COMPENSATION IN A SPECTROMETER - A method for compensating for errors in a spectrometer is provided that includes measuring at least a portion of a path length for a signal traveling through the spectrometer during a measurement scan of a material. A detector signal corresponding to the measurement scan is generated. Compensation for errors in the detector signal is provided based on the measurement of the path length.11-29-2012
20120120395DEVICE FOR PREVENTING INTENSITY REDUCTION OF OPTICAL SIGNAL, OPTICAL EMISSION SPECTROMETER, OPTICAL INSTRUMENT, AND MASS SPECTROMETER INCLUDING THE SAME - A device for a device for preventing the intensity reduction of an optical signal, an optical emission spectrometer, an optical instrument, and a mass spectrometer including the same are provided. The device for preventing the intensity reduction includes a shielding filter which has a mesh structure capable of blocking RF electromagnetic waves radiated from a plasma field for a wafer processing, is installed in the front of an optical window of an optical emission spectrometer for measuring the plasma field from an emission spectrum image of the plasma field, and collects charging particles passing through the mesh.05-17-2012
20100290045MULTIPLEX TUNABLE FILTER SPECTROMETER - The invention provides spectroscopic systems and spectrometers employing an optical interference filter module having a plurality of bandpass regions. In certain embodiments, the systems include a mechanism for wavelength tuning/scanning and wavelength band decoding based on an angular motion of one or more filters. A spectral processing algorithm separates the multiplexed wavelength-scanned bandpass regions and quantifies the concentrations of the analyzed chemical and/or biological species. The spectroscopic system allows for compact, multi-compound analysis, employing a single-element detector for maximum performance-to-cost ratio. The spectroscopic system also allows for high-sensitivity measurement and robust interference compensation.11-18-2010
20100245818Multispectral Imaging Device with MOEMS Type Filter for Satellite Observation - The invention relates to a multispectral imaging device for satellite observation by “push-broom” scanning over an observed area, operating in N wavelength bands, respectively centered on a first wavelength (λ09-30-2010
20120127467Object Inspection Systems and Methods - Methods and systems for inspection of an object include the use of spectroscopic techniques for the detection of unwanted particles on an object's surface, based on the different responses of the unwanted particles as compared with the object to be inspected due to their different materials. Time resolved spectroscopy and/or energy resolved spectroscopy of secondary photon emission from the surface of the object can be used to obtain Raman and photoluminescence spectra. The objects to be inspected can for example be a patterning device as used in a lithographic process, for example a reticle, in which case the presence of metal, metal oxide or organic particles can be detected, for example. The methods and apparatus are highly sensitive, for example, being able to detect small particles (sub 100 nm, particularly sub 50 nm) on the patterned side of an EUV reticle.05-24-2012
20120162643METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR MEASURING SIZE OF MICROPARTICLES - A method for measuring the size of microparticles includes: measuring an extinction spectrum of a medium having microparticles dispersed therein; and calculating average size of the microparticles based on the measured extinction spectrum and the Mie scattering theory.06-28-2012
20100225910CONFIGURATION OF A LASER SCANNING MICROSCOPE FOR RASTER IMAGE CORRELATION SPECTROSCOPY MEASUREMENT AND METHOD FOR CONDUCTING AND EVALUATING SUCH A MEASUREMENT - 1.1. Method for the configuration a laser scanning microscope for a raster image correlation spectroscopy measurement and method for carrying out and evaluating a measurement of this kind. 2.1. Manual setting of the scan parameters for a raster image correlation spectroscopy measurement (RICS) is complicated because the effects of setting a certain parameter are not apparent due to the complex interaction between the various parameters and also depend on the physical-technical properties of the microscope. By means of an improved configuration method, mathematical transport models can be fitted to correlations determined by means of scanning fluorescence spectroscopy with few errors. With improved methods for carrying out or evaluating a RICS measurement, the amount of data to be stored can be reduced and RICS correlations of high statistical quality can be determined within a short period of time. 2.2. According to the invention, for a raster image correlation spectroscopy measurement, a best value for a sampling value is determined and is specified for a subsequent scanning process on a sample. In order to carry out or evaluate a RICS measurement, sampling values are acquired or a correlation is determined exclusively in a sample region within which a pixel time (ΔP) changes along a harmonically controlled scan axis (X) by less than, or at most by, a predetermined or predeterminable value. 2.3. The invention is preferably used in laser scanning microscopes.09-09-2010
20100208260DIRECT DETECTION OF MARKERS IN PRESSURIZED HYDROCARBON FLUIDS - This invention generally relates to a method and apparatus for direct detection of one or more markers in pressurized hydrocarbon fluids. The apparatus includes a vessel (08-19-2010
20100208259SPECTROSCOPIC MODULE - The spectroscopy module 08-19-2010
20100208257SPECTROSCOPIC MODULE - In the spectroscopy module 08-19-2010
20100208256SENSITIVE EMISSION LIGHT GATHERING AND DETECTION SYSTEM - A luminometer is provided comprising a waveguide sample holder and one or more detectors. The waveguide sample holder may include a hollow region to hold the sample. The waveguide sample holder can be made of material that guides emission light to a bottom end of the waveguide sample holder. One or more detectors may be provided which detect the emission light coming out of the bottom of the waveguide sample holder. A fluorometer/photometer is also provided that comprises a waveguide sample holder, one or more excitation light sources, and one or more optical detectors. The waveguide sample holder has a hollow region to hold the sample. The excitation light is introduced at an angle or perpendicular to one surface of the waveguide sample holder. The waveguide sample holder is made of material that can guide emission light to the bottom end of the waveguide sample holder. There are one or more detectors that detect the emission light coming out of the bottom of the waveguide sample holder.08-19-2010
20120133934THIN FILM TEMPERATURE MEASUREMENT USING OPTICAL ABSORPTION EDGE WAVELENGTH - A technique for determining the temperature of a sample including a semiconductor film 05-31-2012
20120212737OPTICAL HOMOGENIZING ELEMENTS TO REDUCE SPECTRAL NOISE IN HYPERSPECTRAL IMAGING SYSTEM - A hyperspectral imaging system and a method are described herein for using an array of optical homogenizing elements to reduce spectral noise in an image of a real-world scene. In one embodiment, the hyperspectral imaging system and method use the array of optical homogenizing elements for homogenizing a spatial, an angular, and a polarization distribution of light from different elements within the real-world scene before it is measured by a spectrometer.08-23-2012
20090059224Polychrometer and method for correcting stray lights of the same - In a polychrometer and a method for correcting stray light of the polychrometer, relative spectral (inter-pixel) distribution of stray light independent of a spectral distribution of an incident light is obtained, intensity coefficient of the stray light is calculated according to spectral (inter-pixel) distribution of the incident light, spectral (inter-pixel) distribution of the stray light included in a spectral (inter-pixel) distribution of an incident light is estimated and corrected. Thus, the stray light can be more accurately corrected as compared with a conventional case where stray light distribution is directly estimated from an incident light.03-05-2009
20090059223LIGHT IRRADIATION METHOD, LIGHT IRRADIATION DEVICE, AND FINE PARTICLE ANALYZING APPARATUS - A light irradiation method of irradiating a specimen in a flow channel with directional light includes the step of irradiating the specimen with the directional light while performing scanning using the directional light in a widthwise direction of the flow channel. The directional light has an irradiation spot that is smaller than a width of the flow channel. Accordingly, energy density of the irradiation spot can be increased without increasing output power of a light source.03-05-2009
20090103086PORTABLE SAMPLE PREPARATION AND ANALYSIS SYSTEM FOR MICRON AND SUB-MICRON PARTICLE CHARACTERIZATION USING LIGHT SCATTERING AND ABSORPTION SPECTROSCOPY - There is provided a method and device for remote sampling, preparation and optical interrogation of a sample using light scattering and light absorption methods. The portable device is a filtration-based device that removes interfering background particle material from the sample matrix by segregating or filtering the chosen analyte from the sample solution or matrix while allowing the interfering background particles to be pumped out of the device. The segregated analyte is then suspended in a diluent for analysis. The device is capable of calculating an initial concentration of the analyte, as well as diluting the analyte such that reliable optical measurements can be made. Suitable analytes include cells, microorganisms, bioparticles, pathogens and diseases. Sample matrixes include biological fluids such as blood and urine, as well as environmental samples including waste water.04-23-2009
20120075628OPTICAL CHARACTERISTIC MEASUREMENT DEVICE AND OPTICAL CHARACTERISTIC MEASUREMENT METHOD SUITABLE FOR SPECTRUM MEASUREMENT - An optical characteristic measurement device includes a photodetector and a processor. The photodetector has a detection surface greater than a light incident surface receiving light from a spectrometer. The processor is configured to obtain a measurement spectrum detected in a first detection area corresponding to the light incident surface and a signal intensity detected in a second detection area different from the light incident surface, correct a pattern prepared in advance and exhibiting a noise characteristic of the photodetector based on the signal intensity to calculate a first correction spectrum, subtract a correction value calculated based on the signal intensity from each component value of the measurement spectrum to calculate a second correction spectrum, and subtract each component value of the first correction spectrum from a corresponding component value of the second correction spectrum to calculate an output spectrum.03-29-2012
20120188541NOVEL SPECTROMETER DESIGN FOR ABERRATION CORRECTION, SIMPLIFIED MANUFACTURE, AND COMPACT FOOTPRINT - This disclosure describes a spectrometer design that corrects aberration by using crossed optical paths, simplifies manufacture by applying the light entrance slit and aperture on opposite sides of a transparent input block, and creates a more compact footprint by placing a 45 degree mirror or right angle prism directly in front of the detector.07-26-2012
20100328660DEVICE FOR REMOTE SENSING OF VEHICLE EMISSION - In one aspect, the present invention relates to a device for remote sensing of emissions of a vehicle driven on a road. In one embodiment, the device includes a source for emitting a beam of light and transmitting the emitted light through an exhaust plume emitted from the vehicle to the surface of a lane of the road on which the vehicle is driven, wherein the transmitted light is scattered at the surface of the lane; a detector for receiving at least one portion of the scattered light scattered from the surface of the lane; and a processor for processing the received light therein to provide one or more spectra of the received light so as to determine components and concentrations of the exhaust plume. The source and the detector are located in the same side of the road.12-30-2010
20080297796Method for the wavelength calibration of a spectrometer - The invention concerns methods for the wavelength calibration of spectrometers and in particular secondary spectrometers which achieve considerably better calibration accuracies than the conventional peak search methods especially for spectrometers with a relatively large bandwidth. The methods according to the invention are based on the principle of a stepwise relative shift of corresponding measured-value blocks of a model and calibration spectrum where a correlation value is calculated for each shift step. A shift value is determined for each measured-value block at which the correlation value reaches an optimum. A value pair consisting of a position marker of the measured-value block and the associated shift value is determined for each measured-value block. These value pairs represent the design points for fitting to a suitable assignment function. The coefficients obtained in this manner can be used directly as coefficients of a wavelength assignment or be combined with the coefficients of an existing first wavelength assignment in that they for example replace these coefficients or are offset against the coefficients of an existing first wavelength assignment.12-04-2008
20080297795Methods and apparatus for optical analysis of samples in biological sample containers - An apparatus and method for optically analyzing samples in a biological sample container containing samples arranged at different locations on the base of the container. An optical acquisition device is provided comprising a detector and an objective. The position of the upper and lower surfaces of the base at each of the sample locations is determined by a confocal polychromatic displacement sensor. Light is collected from each of the sample locations by adjusting the focal plane to be coincident with, or vertically offset from, the upper surface of the base, as determined from the displacement sensor. This allows for rapid scanning of large numbers of samples in a multi-well plate or other biological sample containers.12-04-2008
20120268738Construction of Reference Spectra with Variations in Environmental Effects - A method of generating a library of reference spectra includes storing at least one reference spectrum, storing a plurality of different transmission curves, and for at least two transmission curves from the plurality of different transmission curves, calculating a modified reference spectrum from the reference spectrum and the transmission curve to generate a plurality of modified reference spectra. The transmission curves represent distortion to a spectrum introduced by variations in components in an optical path before a substrate surface.10-25-2012
20110235035SPECTROMETER - A spectrometer is provided with an integrating sphere 09-29-2011
20100231907Method and Apparatus for Biosensor Spectral Shift Detection - Performing high-resolution determination of the relative shift of the spectral properties of a biosensor. The shift in the resonance peak of the biosensor is indicative of the amount of material bound to the surface of the biosensor. A preferred biosensor is a Guided Mode Resonant Filter Biosensor (GMRFB). In one aspect of the invention, curve fitting is used to determine the relative location of the spectrum of the unexposed biosensor with respect to those spectra that are altered (e.g., shifted) by the presence of materials bound to the surface of the biosensor. In an alternative embodiment, the cross correlation function is used to detect spectral peak offsets between a reference spectrum and a spectrum measured from an exposed biosensor. In yet another alternative, maximal likelihood estimation techniques are used to determine the spectral shift or offs.09-16-2010
20100231906Method and device for measuring emissions of gaseous substances to the atmosphere using scattered sunligt spectroscopy - Methods for measuring emissions of gaseous substances to the atmosphere using scattered sunlight spectroscopy and an optical measuring device are disclosed in which the device includes a telescopic member defining a field-of-view of the optical measuring device and a scanner for controlling variation of the direction of the field of view to scan a predetermined layer of the atmosphere, the method comprising scanning the field-of-view to scan the predetermined layer of the atmosphere in the form of at least a part of a cone having its apex positioned at the optical measuring device and having a cone angle β. Optical measuring devices themselves are disclosed.09-16-2010
20110249262FILTER WHEEL SPECTROMETER - A filter wheel and a spectrometer including the filter wheel are disclosed. The filter wheel has a first support structure on which a first plurality of filters are mounted and a second support structure on which at least one filter is provided. A radiation source generates a radiation beam, and a beam splitter splits the radiation beam into a first detection path and a second detection path. The first plurality of filters are selectively movable into the first detection path. The at least one filter on the second support structure is arranged to be disposed in the second detection path. The spectrometer includes a first radiation detector that detects radiation that passes through the selected filter in the first detection path, and a second radiation detector that detects radiation passing through the filter in the second detection path.10-13-2011
20120140220CAVITY RING-DOWN SPECTROMETER SYSTEMS - Cavity ring-down spectrometer systems are described herein. One or more embodiments include a cavity having at least two mirrors, wherein a first mirror of the at least two mirrors is configured to permit light to enter and exit the cavity, a first detector configured to detect light exiting the cavity through the first mirror, and a second detector configured to detect light from the first mirror, wherein the first detector is separate from the second detector.06-07-2012
20120092666INTERFERENCE FILTERS WITH HIGH TRANSMISSION AND LARGE REJECTION RANGE FOR MINI-SPECTROMETER - The invention relates to an interference filter (04-19-2012
20120092665NON-CONTACT SURFACE CHEMISTRY MEASUREMENT APPARATUS AND METHOD - A surface chemistry measuring apparatus includes a processor, an array of tunable infrared laser spectrometers interfacing with the processor and configured for simultaneous measurement of surface chemistry across a surface to be measured using a range of infrared wavelengths and a display interfacing with the processor and adapted to display IR spectra of infrared wavelengths reflected from the surface to be measured.04-19-2012
20100214563SPECTROSCOPIC MODULE - The spectroscopy module 08-26-2010
20100208261SPECTROMETER WITH LED ARRAY08-19-2010
20100208258SPECTROSCOPE - The spectrometer 08-19-2010
20080239312Atomic analyzer - [Object] To identify and quantitate an atom of a solid element contained in sludge, waste fluid, or soil.10-02-2008
20080231852BROADBAND CAVITY SPECTROMETER APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR DETERMINING THE PATH LENGTH OF AN OPTICAL STRUCTURE - A broadband light source with a sufficiently long coherence length is impinged on the optical cavity. The broadband laser light reflects from the first and second surfaces of the cavity. The two light beams, either reflected or transmitted, are phase shifted from one another by an amount proportional to the optical path length of the cavity and inversely proportional to the wavelength of the light (4πnd/λ) The two light beams interfere with each other and form a modulated light beam that has a spectrum approximately like the laser's broadband spectrum multiplied by a cosine with a frequency 4πnd/λ. The modulated light beam is coupled to a spectrometer that measures the intensity of the light as a function of wavelength over a range of wavelengths. The Fourier transform of the spectrum contains a peak that is related to the OPL and is located at 2*n*d where n*d is the OPL.09-25-2008
20130176564DISPERSIVE ELEMENT, SPECTROMETER AND METHOD TO SPECTRALLY SEPARATE WAVELENGTHS OF LIGHT INCIDENT ON A DISPERSIVE ELEMENT - A dispersive element is disclosed which is designed to receive incident light (07-11-2013
20090310134Multi Micro-Hollow Cathode Light Source and Multi-Atomic Simulataneous Absorption Spectrum Analyzer - [Object] To achieve a compact point light source exhibiting multielement emission spectra with which multi elements can be simultaneously analyzed.12-17-2009
20130176565OPTICAL SLICER FOR IMPROVING THE SPECTRAL RESOLUTION OF A DISPERSIVE SPECTROGRAPH - A beam reformatter to receive and split a beam into a plurality of beam portions, and further distribute and propagate two or more of the plurality of beam portions in substantially the same direction to create a reformatted composite beam, wherein the plurality of beam portions each contain the same spatial and spectral information as the received beam. An optical slicer to receive and configure a beam for generating an output spot from the configured beam, comprising: a beam reformatter to receive and split a beam into a plurality of beam portions, and further distribute and propagate two or more of the plurality of beam portions in substantially the same direction to create a reformatted composite beam; and at least one of a beam compressor and a beam expander wherein the plurality of beam portions each contain the same spatial and spectral information as the received beam; and the output spot has different dimensions relative to a spot produced in the same manner from the beam received by the optical slicer.07-11-2013
20130128267AUTOMATIC CALIBRATION OF FOURIER-DOMAIN OPTICAL COHERENCE TOMOGRAPHY SYSTEMS - A method for calibrating a Fourier domain optical coherence tomography system includes receiving spectral data from an optical detector comprising a linear array of detector elements, each detector element having a position labeled n, wherein detected light was wavelength-dispersed across the linear array of detector elements; determining parameters of a preselected functional relationship between wave number, kn, corresponding to detector element n as a function of optical detector element n based on the spectral data; further receiving subsequent spectral data subsequent to the first-mentioned receiving, wherein detected light was wavelength-dispersed across the linear array of detector elements; converting the subsequent spectral data using the preselected functional relationship between wave number kn and optical detector element n to obtain converted spectral data; and performing an inverse Fourier transform of the converted spectral data to obtain a depth profile.05-23-2013
20130128266Spectrometer Flip Top Sample Head - A spectrometer sample head including a housing, at least one source of radiation in the housing, and a flip top sample cell including first and second hinged plates and a window through the first plate with a pane in the window, the pane for receiving a sample thereon. The housing includes a channel for receiving the plates when coupled together for placing the sample in the optical path of the radiation.05-23-2013
20100277728ILLUMINATION APPARATUS AND REFLECTIVE CHARACTERISTICS MEASURING APPARATUS EMPLOYING THE SAME - An illumination apparatus to illuminate a sample surface with excellent illumination efficiency and a reflective characteristics measuring apparatus using the illumination apparatus. The illumination apparatus includes a plane light source positioned on a normal at a center of the sample surface and a mirror having an internal reflective surface positioned between the plane light source and the sample surface. The internal reflective surface has a circular or polygonal shape in a section perpendicular to the normal and the circular or polygonal shape substantially corresponds to an imaginary circle centered on the normal and having a radius equal to half a distance between the plane light source and the sample surface. In place of the mirror, a plurality of reflective faces may be positioned.11-04-2010
20100309467Single-Shot Spectral Imager - A single-shot spectral imager or imaging system which acquires multiplexed spatial and spectral data in a single snapshot with high optical collection efficiency and with the speed limited only by the readout time of the detector circuitry. The imager uses dispersive optics together with spatial light modulators to encode a mathematical transform onto the acquired spatial-spectral data. A multitude of encoded images is recorded simultaneously on a focal plane array and subsequently decoded to produce a spectral/spatial hypercube.12-09-2010
20110310384METHODS AND SYSTEM FOR CONFOCAL LIGHT SCATTERING SPECTROSCOPIC IMAGING - The present invention is generally directed to imaging methods and apparatus that employ angular and/or wavelength distribution of light backscattered from multiple portions of a sample in response to illumination by electromagnetic radiation to generate one, two or three dimensional images of the sample. In many embodiments, confocal imaging can be employed to detect the backscattered radiation, e.g., to measure spectral signals of layered samples (such as biological samples) through optical sectioning. The methods of the invention can be applied to a variety of samples including, without limitation, biological and non-biological samples, organic and inorganic samples, to obtain information, e.g., regarding morphological, compositional, and/or structural variations among different portions of the sample. By way of example, in some applications the methods of invention can be employed to obtain light scattering signals from cells or tissues buried under the skin.12-22-2011
20120008140Terahertz Sensing System and Method - Disclosed herein are a system and corresponding method for sensing terahertz radiation. The system collects terahertz radiation scattered from a target and upconverts the collected radiation to optical frequencies. A frequency-domain spectrometer senses spectral components of the upconverted signal in parallel to produce a spectroscopic measurement of the entire band of interest in a single shot. Because the sensing system can do single-shot measurements, it can sense moving targets, unlike sensing systems that use serial detection, which can only be used to sense stationary objects. As a result, the sensing systems and methods disclosed herein may be used for real-time imaging, including detection of concealed weapons, medical imaging, and hyperspectral imaging.01-12-2012
20120019823Spectrometric analysis of fluids in-situ01-26-2012
20130194571Monolithic Fiber Optic Sensor Assembly - A remote sensor element for spectrographic measurements employs a monolithic assembly of one or two fiber optics to two optical elements separated by a supporting structure to allow the flow of gases or particulates therebetween. In a preferred embodiment, the sensor element components are fused ceramic to resist high temperatures and failure from large temperature changes.08-01-2013
20090079980Compact Cross-Dispersed Spectrometer for Extended Spectral Range - A spectrometer includes a structural member made of a light-weight material having a small coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE). The spectrometer is dimensionally stable over a range of expected ambient temperatures, without controlling the temperature of the spectrometer.03-26-2009
20120044491OPTICAL FILTER, OPTICAL FILTER MODULE, SPECTROMETRIC INSTRUMENT, AND OPTICAL APPARATUS - An optical filter includes a first substrate, a second substrate facing the first substrate, a first optical film provided to the first substrate, and a second optical film provided to the second substrate and facing the first optical film, and at least one of the first optical film and the second optical film has a metal film having a reflecting property and transmissibility of a light in a desired wavelength band, and a surface and an edge portion of the metal film is covered by a dielectric film. It is also possible to provide a tilted surface to an edge portion of the metal film. Further, it is also possible to form a step-like bump between the metal film and a dielectric film as another optical film formed under the metal film.02-23-2012

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