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355067000 Illumination systems or details 974
355030000 With temperature or foreign particle control 644
355053000 Step and repeat 437
355072000 Detailed holder for photosensitive paper 312
355077000 Methods 104
355055000 Focus or magnification control 104
355052000 Distortion introducing or rectifying 66
355027000 With developing 56
355075000 Detailed holder for original 40
355066000 Reflector between original and photo-sensitive paper 36
355044000 With focusing or projection screen 13
355046000 Plural 10
355022000 Stereoscopic 10
355040000 Identifying, composing, or selecting 9
355050000 Original moves continuously 7
355032000 Multicolor picture 5
20100128236IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS AND LIGHT INTENSITY CORRECTION METHOD - Disclosed is an image forming apparatus including an optical writing device including, a light source section composed of a plurality of light emitting elements arranged in a main scanning direction; an optical section including a plurality of coupled lenses to form an image on a light exposure face by gathering light emitted from the light emitting elements; and a storage section to store first correction data for correcting the light intensity of the plurality of light emitting elements and second correction data for correcting an optical characteristic specific to the coupled lens, and a control section to read out the first correction data and the second correction data from the storage section of the optical writing device and to correct the first correction data based on the second correction data.05-27-2010
20130010272DETERMINATION METHOD, STORAGE MEDIUM AND INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS - The present invention provides a determination method of determining exposure conditions of an exposure apparatus including an illumination optical system which illuminates a mask, and a projection optical system which projects a pattern of the mask onto a substrate, the method including a step of setting an illumination parameter for a light intensity distribution formed on a pupil plane of the illumination optical system, and an aberration parameter for an aberration of the projection optical system, and a step of determining a value of the illumination parameter and a value of the aberration parameter so that an image performance of an optical image of the pattern of the mask satisfies an evaluation criterion set for a target pattern to be formed on an image plane of the projection optical system.01-10-2013
20110199595PRINTING LINTICULAR IMAGES AND LENSES ON PRINTERS WITH UV-CURED GEL DEPOSITION CAPABILITY - Systems and methods of lenticular printing are disclosed. The systems and methods include an imaging device to process a lenticular image from two or more original images interlaced together. A printer of the imaging device prints the lenticular image on a substrate. A UV-cured gel deposition system of the imaging device is configured to deposit a UV-cured gel on the printed lenticular image to serve as a lenticular lens. The printing of the lenticular image and the depositing of the lenticular lens occurs concurrently to reduce the amount of manufacturing required to produce the lenticular device.08-18-2011
20110181853IMAGE RECORDNG DEVICE AND IMAGE PROCESSING DEVICE - Present invention provides a three dimensional print with a favorable three-dimensional effect across the whole image surface at a determined view position. A face of a person or the main object within a multi-view image is extracted and the position of the extracted face is made to be the standard position to match the alignment of the lens pitch of the lenticular sheet with the alignment of the print pitch. A print position displacement amount δ is calculated based on the standard position and the print pitch. The lens position at the leftmost side with respect to the print area of the lenticular sheet 07-28-2011
20080198349Film Printing Head Having Hybrid Lenses - There are provided film printing systems and methods for printing images on one of two different width film stocks. A method for printing images on one of two different width film stocks includes the step of combining each of three different color light streams into a combined color stream. The method further includes the step of directing the combined color stream into a hybrid lens that focuses the combined color stream onto one of the two different width film stocks such that a uniformity of the combined color stream remains the same regardless of film width.08-21-2008
355023000 Copying both sides of original 3
20080239255Device and Method for Optically Detecting and Receiving Interconnected Sheets - The invention relates to a device and to a method for optically detecting and receiving, in particular for digitising, interconnected sheets (10-02-2008
20090219495DUPLEX SCANNING APPARATUS - The present invention relates to a duplex scanning apparatus. The duplex scanning apparatus includes a scanning module, a sheet input tray, a sheet ejecting tray, a transfer channel, a sheet pick-up roller, a friction-enhancing stopper, a transfer roller assembly, a sensor, a first inverting region, a second inverting region, an inverting channel, a sheet ejecting roller assembly, a first inverting roller assembly, a second inverting roller assembly, a first switching element and a second switching element. By providing two inverting regions, the scanning time for performing a duplex scanning operation by the duplex scanning apparatus of the present invention is shortened.09-03-2009
20090279057Independent upper side and lower side drive type double-sided simultaneous exposure system - A maskless type exposure system using an exposure engine on which a digital micromirror device (DMD) is mounted includes an independent upper and lower side drive type double-sided simultaneous exposure system, in which a flexible object of exposure, including a flexible board, such as a chip-on-film (COF) or a lead frame, is fed in a rolled state, and is simultaneously exposed throughout an exposure pattern thereof on upper and lower sides thereof by independently driving a plurality of exposure engines in x, y and z axial directions in the case where the flexible exposure object has a large area or a restricted exposure region, thereby reducing costs based on minimized defective proportion and maximized productivity.11-12-2009
355029000 With film severing 2
20100020295METHOD TO FABRICATE PATTERN IN HOUSING - A method to fabricate a pattern on a housing, includes following steps: placing a film having a first lightproof area and a first light-transmissible area on a housing having light-sensitive inks formed in surface; radiating light on the film and light passing through the light-transmissible area and solidifying the light-sensitive inks; removing the film from the housing and cleaning the un-solidified light-sensitive inks; wiredrawing first wires in the housing and forming first wires in exposed area correspondingly; covering part of the first wires and wiredrawing second wires, the second wires crosses with part of the first wires.01-28-2010
20090086174IMAGE RECORDING APPARATUS, IMAGE CORRECTING APPARATUS, AND IMAGE SENSING APPARATUS - An image recording apparatus for acquiring a main image from an image sensing portion and recording the main image on a recording medium has: an image acquirer that acquires, when acquiring the main image from the image sensing portion, also a short-exposure image shot with an exposure time shorter than an exposure time of the main image; a partial image cutter that cuts out a partial image from the short-exposure image; and a recording controller that records, on the recording medium, in association with the main image, a sub image obtained from the partial image, along with the cut-out position of the partial image.04-02-2009
355047000 Image transferred to or from curved surface 2
20080273183Image sensor, lithographic apparatus comprising an image sensor and use of an image sensor in a lithographic apparatus - The invention relates to an image sensor for detection of an aerial image formed by a beam of radiation in a lithographic projection apparatus for exposing a pattern onto a substrate held in a substrate plane by a substrate holder. The image sensor has an image detector and a lens. The lens is arranged to project at least part of the aerial image onto the image detector. The image sensor is positioned such within the substrate holder that the lens is positioned proximate the substrate plane.11-06-2008
20100053577ROLL-TO-ROLL TYPE APPARATUS FOR FORMING THIN FILM PATTERN - An apparatus for forming a thin film pattern according to an aspect of the invention may include: an unwinding roll and a winding roll running a sheet; a rotary drum having an elastic layer provided on a circumferential surface thereof, and disposed between the winding roll and the unwinding roll to run the sheet along the circumferential surface; a source containing unit accommodating a deposition source and mounted such that the deposition source is evaporated and the evaporated deposition source moves toward the sheet located on the rotary drum; a shutter selectively preventing the movement of the deposition source toward the rotary drum from the source containing unit; a mask having a pattern defining a pattern of a thin film to be deposited onto the sheet and making tight contact with the sheet located on the rotary drum during thin-film deposition; and a tensioning unit pressurizing the sheet in a direction of the rotary drum to allow the sheet to run after the thin-film deposition and separating the sheet from the mask by a reduction in thickness.03-04-2010
20130044299PROJECTION-TYPE PHOTOLITHOGRAPHY SYSTEM USING COMPOSITE PHOTON SIEVE - The present disclosure relates to the field of micro-nano fabrication, and provides a projection-type photolithography system using a composite photon sieve. The system comprises: a lighting system, a mask plate, a composite photon sieve and a substrate, which are arranged in order. The lighting system is adapted to generate incident light and irradiate the mask plate with the incident light. The mask plate is adapted to provide an object to be imaged by the composite photon sieve, and the incident light reaches the composite photon sieve after passing through the mask plate. The composite photon sieve is adapted to perform imaging, by which a pattern on the mask plate is imaged on the substrate. The substrate is adapted to receive an image of the pattern on the mask plate imaged by the composite photon sieve. According to the present disclosure, because the composite photon sieve is used instead of a projection objective lens in a conventional projection-type photolithography system, the advantage of high efficiency in the conventional projection-type photolithography system can be reserved, and also photolithography can be performed in batches rapidly, so that photolithography efficiency can be improved. Meanwhile, costs can be effectively cut down and the system can be reduced in size.02-21-2013
20090195760Lithographic Apparatus, Method and Device Manufacturing Method - In an embodiment, a lithographic apparatus includes an illumination system configured to condition a radiation beam; a support constructed to support a patterning device, the patterning device being capable of imparting the radiation beam with a pattern in its cross-section to form a patterned radiation beam; a substrate table constructed to hold a substrate; a projection system configured to project the patterned radiation beam onto a target portion of the substrate, and a passive noise damper configured to dampen gas borne noise caused by movement of a movable part of the lithographic apparatus.08-06-2009
20090122281SILICA GLASS CONTAINING TIO2 AND PROCESS FOR ITS PRODUCTION - A silica glass containing TiO05-14-2009
20110013157LITHOGRAPHIC APPARATUS COMPRISING A MAGNET, METHOD FOR THE PROTECTION OF A MAGNET IN A LITHOGRAPHIC APPARATUS AND DEVICE MANUFACTURING METHOD - A lithographic apparatus includes a magnet being contained in a protective enclosure, the protective enclosure being arranged to protect the magnet from contact with a H01-20-2011
20120236272COMBINATION STOP FOR CATOPTRIC PROJECTION ARRANGEMENT - The disclosure relates to an optical projection arrangement that can be used to image a reticle onto a substrate. The projection arrangement includes reflective elements, by which a ray path is defined. A combination stop is in a pupil of the ray path. The combination stop has a first opening (aperture opening) for use as an aperture stop. The combination stop also has a second opening for allowing passage of a ray bundle of the ray path, such that the combination stop acts as a combined aperture stop and stray light stop. In addition, the disclosure relates to a corresponding combination stop for optical arrangements, as well as related systems, components and methods.09-20-2012
20110279793METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING OPTICAL DISC MASTER AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING OPTICAL DISC - An apparatus for manufacturing an optical disc master, having (a) a turntable upon which is received a disc having a resist layer composed of a resist material, the resist material comprising an incomplete oxide of a transition metal on a substrate, the oxygen content of the incomplete oxide being smaller than the oxygen content of the stoichiometric composition corresponding to a valence of the transition metal, which increases the absorption of ultraviolet rays and visible light rays, the resist material being an amorphous inorganic material containing an oxide; and (b) an exposure system operatively configured to selectively expose the resist layer to ultraviolet rays or visible light.11-17-2011
20110164228Inspection Apparatus for Lithography - The invention relates to detecting targets located within patterns. The invention operates in the pupil plane by filtering the fourier transform from the surrounding pattern. In particular the method includes performing a fourier transform on reflected radiation data to form fourier transform data; removing portions of the fourier transform data which correspond to the target to form reduced fourier transform data; interpolating the portions of the reduced fourier transform data which were removed, to form product fourier transform data; and subtracting the product fourier transform data from the fourier transform data.07-07-2011
20120287410DATA PATH FOR LITHOGRAPHY APPARATUS - The invention relates to a maskless lithography system for patterning a target using a plurality of charged particle beamlets. The system comprises an electron optical column including a blanker array for modulating the beamlets. The blanker array includes receivers for receiving data signals and blanker elements for modulating the beamlets in accordance with the data signals. The system further comprises a data path comprising a preprocessing system for processing pattern data and a plurality of transmission channels for transmitting processed pattern data to the blanker elements. The data path further comprises a pattern streaming system for receiving pattern data and generating data signals. First and second channel selectors connect a subset of selected transmission channels for pattern data transmission. The first channel selector is connected between the preprocessing system and the transmission channels. The second channel selector is connected between the channels and the blanker elements.11-15-2012
20110170075DEVICE FOR CHEMICAL AND BIOCHEMICAL REACTIONS USING PHOTO-GENERATED REAGENTS - This invention provides method and apparatus for performing chemical and biochemical reactions in solution using in situ generated photo-products as reagent or co-reagent. Specifically, the method and apparatus of the present invention have applications in parallel synthesis of molecular sequence arrays on solid surfaces.07-14-2011
20120293779REFLECTIVE OPTICAL ELEMENT AND EUV LITHOGRAPHY APPLIANCE - A reflective optical element and an EUV lithography appliance containing one such element are provided, the appliance displaying a low propensity to contamination. The reflective optical element has a protective layer system includes at least two layers. The optical characteristics of the protective layer system are between those of a spacer and an absorber, or correspond to those of a spacer. The selection of a material with the smallest possible imaginary part and a real part which is as close to 1 as possible in terms of the refractive index leads to a plateau-type reflectivity course according to the thickness of the protective layer system between two thicknesses d11-22-2012
20120287411LITHOGRAPHY SYSTEM FOR PROCESSING AT LEAST A PART OF A TARGET - The invention relates to a lithography system for processing a target, wherein the lithography system comprises a final projection system arranged for projecting a pattern on the target surface. The lithography system comprises a mark position detection system arranged for detecting a position of a position mark on the target surface. The mark position detection system comprises an optical element arranged for projecting a light beam on the target surface and a light detector arranged for detecting a reflected light beam. The optical element may be positioned adjacent to the final projection system and the light detector may be positioned inside a frame.11-15-2012
20090161082Exposure apparatus and exposure method - Disclosed is an exposing apparatus which projects an image of a pattern by a projection optical system, comprising a measuring unit having a sensor which measures a positional relationship between the projection optical system and a member which is positioned in relation to the projection optical system, and a first support device which has a first soft structure and which supports the measuring unit in a hanging manner separately from the projection optical system.06-25-2009
20090185148SUPPORT FOR AN OPTICAL ELEMENT - The disclosure relates to a support structure for an optical element and an optical element module including such a support structure. The disclosure also relates to a method of supporting an optical element. The disclosure may be used in the context of photolithography processes for fabricating microelectronic devices, such as semiconductor devices, or in the context of fabricating devices, such as masks or reticles, used during such photolithography processes.07-23-2009
20110222029LITHOGRAPHIC APPARATUS AND METHOD - A detector to measure a property of radiation is disclosed. The detector comprises first and second luminescent uniaxial crystals each having an optic axis, the optic axis of the first uniaxial crystal being arranged such that it is substantially perpendicular to the optic axis of the second uniaxial crystal.09-15-2011
20090219494EVALUATION METHOD, EVALUATION APPARATUS, AND EXPOSURE APPARATUS - An evaluation method of evaluating an optical characteristic of an optical system to be evaluated using an interferometer, comprises a first acquisition step of acquiring a first interference fringe formed by the interferometer when a location of a movable element of the interferometer in an optical axis direction of the optical system is a first location, a second acquisition step of acquiring a second interference fringe formed by the interferometer when the location of the movable element in the optical axis direction is a second location different from the first location, a determination step of determining a pupil-center coordinate of the optical system based on the acquired first interference fringe and the acquired second interference fringe, and a computation step of computing the optical characteristic of the optical system using the pupil-center coordinate determined in the determination step.09-03-2009
20110249243OPTICAL ELEMENT FOR A LITHOGRAPHIC APPARATUS, LITHOGRAPHIC APPARATUS COMPRISING SUCH OPTICAL ELEMENT AND METHOD FOR MAKING THE OPTICAL ELEMENT - A lithographic apparatus includes an optical element that includes an oriented carbon nanotube sheet. The optical element has an element thickness in the range of about 20-500 nm and has a transmission for EUV radiation having a wavelength in the range of about 1-20 nm of at least about 20% under perpendicular irradiation with the EUV radiation.10-13-2011
20120154769Method and Apparatus of Aligning Alignment Layer, and Method of Manufacturing Liquid Crystal Display Using the Same - A method of aligning an alignment layer of a liquid crystal display (LCD) includes positioning a substrate on a stage; the substrate having the alignment layer provided thereon and the alignment layer including a plurality of alignment regions. Data identifying positions of the alignment regions relative to the alignment layer are loaded. A control signal for controlling a supply of light based on the loaded data identifying the positions of the alignment regions is generated. The light is supplied to the alignment regions according to the control signal and the alignment regions are aligned. The light is supplied from at least two different angles of incidence so that the alignment regions are aligned in at least two different directions.06-21-2012
20120026473HIGHLY REFLECTIVE, HARDENED SILICA TITANIA ARTICLE AND METHOD OF MAKING - The present disclosure is directed to improved silica-titania glass articles intended for use in EUV or other high energy reflective optic systems, and to a process for producing such improved silica-titania articles. The improved silica-titania glass articles provide a more stable surface for the coatings that are used in the making of reflective optical elements for EUV applications. The stable surface is provided by densification of at least one face of the silica-titania article, the densification being accomplished by the use accelerated ions, neutrons, electrons and photons (γ-ray, X-ray or DUV lasers). After densification, the densified face of the silica-titania article can be coated with a multilayer reflective coating. The preferred reflective coating is a multilayer Mo/Si coating02-02-2012
20120320349PHOTOLITHOGRAPHY SYSTEMS AND ASSOCIATED METHODS OF OVERLAY ERROR CORRECTION - Several embodiments of photolithography systems and associated methods of overlay error correction are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, a method for correcting overlay errors in a photolithography system includes measuring a plurality of first overlay errors that individually correspond to a microelectronic substrate in a first batch of microelectronic substrates. The method also includes determining a relationship between the first overlay errors and a first sequence of the microelectronic substrates in the first batch. The method further includes correcting a second overlay error of individual microelectronic substrates in a second batch based on a second sequence of the microelectronic substrates in the second batch and the determined relationship.12-20-2012
20120320348REFLECTIVE MASK FOR EUV LITHOGRAPHY - To improve the mask of an EUV lithography apparatus in view of its high reflectivity, a reflective mask is suggested for EUV lithography having a reflective multilayer system on a substrate configured for a working wavelength in the EUV range and having stacks with layers of at least two materials with different real parts of the refractive index at the working wavelength, wherein the multilayer system (V) is configured such that, as it is irradiated with EUV radiation at a fixed wavelength and an angle interval between the smallest and the largest angle of incidence of up to 21°, the apodization is less than 30%.12-20-2012
20110228236PRINTING APPARATUS - A printing apparatus with low cost which precisely positions a lenticular sheet while not lowering the usage efficiency of the sheet may be provided. When a margin area is not intentionally formed at an edge portion of a lenticular sheet, based on the print data and the lenticular sheet size, an area serving as an image forming area will certainly be set even with the misalignment in print position of an image. When a margin area is intentionally formed at an edge portion of the lenticular sheet, based on the print data i.e. the set value of the margin area and the lenticular sheet size, the area serving as an image forming area will certainly be set even with the misalignment in print position of an image is calculated. An edge portion of the area necessarily serving as an image forming area obtained by steps S09-22-2011
20130016327LITHOGRAPHY SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR STORING POSITIONAL DATA OF A TARGET - The invention relates to a lithography system for patterning a target, said system comprising a feedback control system comprising an actuator for displacing the target, a measurement system for measuring a position of said target, and a control unit adapted for controlling the actuator based on the position measured by the measurement system, said feedback control system having a first latency being a maximum latency between measuring and controlling the actuator based on said measuring, a storage system for storing the measured positions, comprising a receive buffer and a storage unit with a second latency being an average latency between receiving measured positions in the receive buffer and storing said measured positions in the storage unit, wherein the first latency is at least an order of magnitude smaller than the second latency, the feedback control system comprising a unidirectional connection for transmitting said measured positions to the storage system.01-17-2013
20130100424Integrated monolithic optical bench containing 3-D curved optical elements and methods of its fabrication - An optical system, such as an integrated monolithic optical bench, includes a three-dimensional curved optical element etched in a substrate such that the optical axis of the optical system lies within the substrate and is parallel to the plane of the substrate.04-25-2013
20110228237REFLECTIVE OPTICAL ELEMENT AND EUV LITHOGRAPHY APPLIANCE - A reflective optical element and an EUV lithography appliance containing one such element are provided, the appliance displaying a low propensity to contamination. The reflective optical element has a protective layer system includes at least two layers. The optical characteristics of the protective layer system are between those of a spacer and an absorber, or correspond to those of a spacer. The selection of a material with the smallest possible imaginary part and a real part which is as close to 1 as possible in terms of the refractive index leads to a plateau-type reflectivity course according to the thickness of the protective layer system between two thicknesses d09-22-2011
20100283978LED-based UV illuminators and lithography systems using same - An LED-based UV illuminator is disclosed that includes a plurality of LED light sources that emit UV light, and a plurality of dichroic mirrors. The dichroic mirrors are arranged relative to the LED light sources and configured to direct the UV light along a common optical path. A light homogenizer, such as a light pipe, is arranged along the common optical path and acts to homogenize the UV light. The UV illuminator has a collection efficiency of greater than 50% and an illumination output equal to or greater than 850 mW/mm11-11-2010
20130155380PUMP SYSTEM, A CARBON DIOXIDE SUPPLY SYSTEM, AN EXTRACTION SYSTEM, A LITHOGRAPHIC APPARATUS AND A DEVICE MANUFACTURING METHOD - An extraction system, including a pump to pump gas along a conduit to a check valve configured to open at an upstream pressure over a certain magnitude, a pressure sensor to generate a signal indicative of a pressure of gas between the pump and the check valve, and a controller configured to generate a stop signal if a signal from the pressure sensor indicates that the pressure of gas between the pump and the check valve is below a certain magnitude.06-20-2013
20120075600IMAGING APPARATUS, IMAGING SYSTEM, AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING IMAGING APPARATUS - An imaging apparatus includes a detector in which a plurality of pixels are arranged in a matrix; each pixel includes a conversion element that converts radiation or light into an electric charge. The detector performs an exposure imaging operation for outputting exposure image data, a correction imaging operation for outputting correction image data, and a correction imaging preparation operation including an initialization operation for initializing the conversion element between the exposure imaging operation and the correction imaging operation. A correction unit corrects the exposure image data using the correction image data; and a control unit controls the operation of the detector so that the detector performs the initialization operation based on an amount of variation in offset of the conversion element at the time of transitioning from an exposure imaging preparation operation to the exposure imaging operation.03-29-2012


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