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353061000 Particular air ducts or deflector 86
353058000 Plural 39
20090161079OPTICAL PROJECTOR - A projector, comprising a housing, a light source, a reflecting mirror, a supporter, a film, a first lens, a second lens, and a lens carrier. The reflecting mirror and the supporter are disposed at the back of the housing. The first lens is disposed in the front of the housing. The light source and the reflecting mirror are disposed on the supporter. The film is disposed between the light source and the first lens. The lens carrier is fit on the head of the housing. The second lens is disposed on the lens carrier. The projector features clear projected images at large projection distances and can accurately adjust positions of the projected images for merging into one large projected image.06-25-2009
20100060861MAXIMIZING PERFORMANCE OF AN ELECTRONIC DEVICE BY MAINTAINING CONSTANT JUNCTION TEMPERATURE INDEPENDENT OF AMBIENT TEMPERATURE - Methods and apparatus are disclosed for maximizing performance of an electronic device, such as a display device. Aspects of the exemplary embodiments include operating the electronic device by adjusting power to the device to maintain a predetermined junction temperature of the device independent of the ambient temperature at which the device is operating.03-11-2010
20100149494LIGHT-SOURCE LAMP AND PROJECTOR - An object is to provide a light-source lamp capable of reducing consumption power while ensuring a certain luminance level and a projector using the light-source lamp. This light-source lamp 06-17-2010
20110194081PROJECTION DISPLAY DEVICE - A projection display device includes an imager; a cooling portion which supplies an air drawn in from an outside of the projection display device to the imager through an air outlet; an air exhaust portion which discharges an air that has passed the imager to the outside of the projection display device; and a circuit board which is disposed at a position opposite to the air outlet with respect to the imager. In this arrangement, the circuit board is disposed at such a position that the circuit board is not overlapped above the imager, when viewed from an aligning direction of the air outlet and the imager.08-11-2011
20110194080PROJECTION TYPE DISPLAY APPARATUS - A projection type display apparatus including a light source device that includes a light source lamp; an image display element that forms an optical image by performing spatial light modulation on projected light from the light source lamp; and a projection optical system that projects the optical image. The light source device includes a reflector that supports the light source lamp; a cooling fan that generates cooling airflow; an annular duct that is attached to a periphery of the reflector and guides the cooling airflow generated by the cooling fan to the inside of the reflector; a rotating plate that is attached inside the duct so as to be capable of freely rotating about an optical axis and has a discharge opening for discharging the cooling airflow guided by the duct toward the light source lamp inside the reflector; and a posture control unit that controls the posture of the rotating plate such that the cooling airflow discharged from the discharge opening is guided to an upper face side of the light source lamp. If the projection type display apparatus is installed at any arbitrary angle from 0° to 360°, it is possible to cool the light source lamp appropriately, thereby achieving a reliable light source lamp having a long service life.08-11-2011
20130070211CENTRIFUGAL FAN AND PROJECTOR - A centrifugal fan introducing air via an inlet port in a direction of a rotation axis and discharging the air via an outlet port in the a direction of a centrifugal force produced by rotation includes: an impeller having a plurality of vanes around the rotation axis; and a housing including the inlet port and supporting the impeller such that the impeller is allowed to freely rotate in the housing. An inclined portion is formed at least at a part of edge portion of the inlet port, the inclined portion widening to the side that the impeller is disposed.03-21-2013
20130050658ELECTRONIC DEVICE - An electronic device includes a housing; and a vent unit provided to the housing, the vent unit having a two-dimensional lattice unit and a column part, the two-dimensional lattice unit including one-dimensional lattice parts intersecting each other, the column part being provided at an intersection of the one-dimensional lattice parts and protruding to at least one of the inside and the outside of the two-dimensional lattice unit.02-28-2013
20090046255Projector - A projector includes a cooling device for performing cooling of a target object housed inside a housing, a first temperature sensor disposed in an anterior stage of the target object on a cooling path formed by the cooling device inside the housing, and for measuring a first detection temperature in an anterior area of the cooling among peripheral areas of the target object, a second temperature sensor disposed in a posterior stage of the target object on the cooling path, and for measuring a second detection temperature in a posterior area of the cooling among the peripheral areas, and a control device for performing calculation regarding the temperature of the target object from the first detection temperature and the second detection temperature, and controlling the cooling device based on the result of the calculation.02-19-2009
20090009729ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING THE SAME - The disclosure refers to an electronic device and methods for cooling an object within the electronic device. In one example, an electronic device includes a cooling fan for cooling an object. An air-quantity measuring device measures a quantity of cooling air sent by the cooling fan. An ambient-temperature measuring device measures an ambient temperature around the electronic device. A control unit is configured to control the electronic device. The control unit includes an object-temperature calculating section configured to calculate a temperature of the object from the measured air quantity and the measured ambient temperature. An operation control section is configured to control the cooling fan according to the calculated temperature of the object.01-08-2009
20090009728Projector with an external air filtration device - A projector includes a housing, an internal projection mechanism, and an external air filtration device. The housing has a ventilation window portion. The internal projection mechanism is disposed in the housing, and includes an imaging system, a light source system for providing a light beam to the imaging system, and a ventilating fan. The external air filtration device includes a frame, a filter member, and an engaging unit. The engaging unit engages removably the frame to the ventilation window portion of the housing for securing the filter member on the exterior of the housing between the frame and the ventilation window portion.01-08-2009
20110019159PROJECTOR - A projector includes: an optical system includes a light source, a light modulation element for modulating light emitted from the light source to form an optical image, and a projection lens for projecting the optical image, the optical system is structured such that an illumination optical axis of the light source and a projection optical axis of the projection lens cross each other substantially at right angles in the plan view; and a cooling fan configured to the light modulation element, and has a rotation axis crossing each other substantially at right angles with a discharge direction where a cooling air is discharged, the cooling fan is disposed in the vicinity of the projection lens and on the side where the light source is provided such that the rotation axis extends in the thickness direction of the projector.01-27-2011
20130162958Thermal Management of Very Small Form Factor Projectors With Synthetic Jets - A thermal management device (06-27-2013
20110025987PROJECTOR AND PROJECTOR CONTROLLING METHOD - A projector includes: an image projection unit which modulates light emitted from a light source and projects the modulated light; a cooling fan which cools the image projection unit; a light source control unit which controls lighting of the light source; a cooling control unit which controls operation of the cooling fan; an input operation unit which receives input operation; and a control unit which allows the light source control unit to decrease the luminance of the light source or allows the cooling control unit to increase the rotational speed of the cooling fan during the period from the time when the input operation unit receives the first ending operation to the time when the input operation unit receives the second ending operation.02-03-2011
20110279787PROJECTION DISPLAY DEVICE - A projection display device includes an imager portion which is arranged in a position closer to one side surface of a main body cabinet to modulate light and guide the light in a direction away from the side surface, and a projection portion. The projection portion is formed by a projection lens portion and a mirror portion which reflects the light through the projection lens portion toward a projection plane. The mirror portion is disposed so as to be shifted from an optical axis of the projection lens portion in a direction opposite to a direction in which the light from the projection lens portion is turned back. A control circuit portion and a holding member are disposed within a space produced between the projection lens portion and the main body cabinet due to a position gap between the projection lens portion and the mirror portion.11-17-2011
20110299045ELECTRICAL APPARATUS AND PROJECTION DISPLAY DEVICE - An electrical apparatus includes an air intake device which draws air into an apparatus body; a controller which controls the air intake device; a filter which removes unwanted matter from the air drawn into the apparatus body; and a removing device which removes the unwanted matter adhered to the filter. In this arrangement, the controller controls the air intake device to lower an air intake rate of the filter when the removing device is operated.12-08-2011
20110007282PROJECTION APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR ADJUSTING A DRIVING VOLTAGE OF THE PROJECTION APPARATUS - A projection apparatus and a method for adjusting a driving voltage of the projection apparatus are provided. The projection apparatus comprises an illuminant module, an output voltage control module, an illuminant driver module, and an illuminant driver management module. The output voltage control module is configured to output a driving voltage. The illuminant driver module is configured to output an illuminant voltage to the illuminant module after receiving the driving voltage. The illuminant driver management module is configured to receive the illuminant voltage and to detect a variation in the illuminant voltage. Then, the illuminant driver management module outputs a control signal to the output voltage control module according to the variation of the illuminant voltage. Finally, the output voltage control module adjusts the driving voltage according to the control signal.01-13-2011
20100002199PROJECTOR WITH HEAT RADIATING CONSTRUCTION - According to the invention, there is provided a projector having a light source unit 01-07-2010
20100007857Illuminating device and projecting apparatus using the same - An illuminating device adapted to a projecting apparatus including a lamp module, a power module, and a fan is provided. The lamp module is separately disposed in the projecting apparatus. The lamp module has a lamp, an igniting module and a plate. The igniting module is capable of generating a high voltage signal to drive the lamp. The plate is disposed between the lamp and the igniting module for shielding radiating heat generated by the lamp. The power module is capable of generating a low voltage signal transmitted to the igniting module through a low voltage power line. The igniting module transforms the low voltage signal into the high voltage signal to drive the lamp. The fan is disposed at a first side of the lamp for cooling the lamp.01-14-2010
20090153805PORTABLE PROJECTOR WITH A HEAT DISSIPATION SYSTEM - A portable projector includes a housing, a first light source and a second light source located in the housing. A board thermally contacts the first light source for absorbing heat from the first light source. A heat pipe connects the board and a first heat sink for transferring the heat generated by the first light source from the board to the first heat sink. A second heat sink thermally contacts the second light source for dissipating heat from the second light source.06-18-2009
20120140187HEAT DISSIPATION MODULE AND PROJECTION APPARATUS - A heat dissipation module includes a base, a lamp, a fan, an orientation-sensing element and a motor. The lamp is disposed on the base, and the fan is disposed on the base for inducing an air flow and cooling down the lamp. The orientation-sensing element generates an orientation signal, and the motor rotates the base according to the orientation signal to allow the base to be substantially parallel to a horizontal plane. A rotational axis of the motor is substantially aligned with a central axis of the lamp.06-07-2012
20110199583Projector apparatus - A projector apparatus includes: a light-emitting tube emitting illumination light; a reflector covering the periphery of the light-emitting tube and reflecting the illumination light emitted by the light-emitting tube in a forward direction; a cooling fan disposed beside the reflector and blowing cooling air on the light-emitting tube; and an apparatus housing containing the reflector and the cooling fan, wherein the reflector has an intake port facing an air discharging port of the cooling fan and two discharging ports opening in direction perpendicular to or substantially perpendicular to the intake port.08-18-2011
20130215397LIGHTING DEVICE AND PROJECTION-TYPE DISPLAY DEVICE USING THE SAME - A lighting device includes: a phosphor wheel; a color-combining prism including dichroic surfaces, the film surfaces of these dichroic surfaces being disposed to cross a center ray of luminous flux of fluorescence emitted from the phosphor wheel and to be orthogonal to a plane that contains the center ray; a blue laser; a red laser; and excitation light sources. When viewed from the direction perpendicular to the plane, the blue laser, red laser, and excitation light sources are arranged on one side of the center ray of the luminous flux of the fluorescence.08-22-2013
20110141440PROJECTION TYPE DISPLAY DEVICE - A projection type display device includes a lamp, polarization means (06-16-2011
20090161078Projector, and mobile device and computer device having the same - A projector includes a housing, an optical unit, and a heat transfer module. The housing is made of a material with high thermal conductivity having a window. The optical unit is accommodated in the housing and further includes a light source, a panel, and a projection lens. The light source provides a light. The panel modulates the light. The projection lens projects the modulated light to leave the window. The heat transfer module is accommodated in the housing and connected the optical unit and the housing to transfer heat from the optical unit to the housing. Particularly, the projector is a cooling-fan saved projector. In addition, the projector further comprises a computer card adapter and a computer card inserted into the computer card adapter.06-25-2009
20090122270PROJECTOR WITH DUST SUCTION MEMBER - A projector includes a light source, an electro-optical device, a projection lens, an outer casing for housing the above components, and a dust suction member. The electro-optical device is configured for forming an optical image using a light beam emitted from the light source. The projection lens is configured for projecting the optical image formed by the electro-optical device. The outer casing is configured for housing the light source, the electro-optical device and the projection lens therein, the outer casing having an inlet and an outlet and defining an airflow channel in communication with the inlet and the outlet. The dust suction member is arranged in the airflow channel, the dust suction member having an adhesive outer surface.05-14-2009
20090051881IMAGE PROJECTION APPARATUS - The image projection apparatus includes a light source lamp including a discharge light emitting tube and a reflector, the discharge light emitting tube including a light emitting portion disposed inside of the reflector and an electrode portion disposed outside of the reflector, a cooling fan, and a duct configured to guide a cooling air flowed by operation of the cooling fan toward the light source lamp. The duct includes a first air guiding portion and a second air guiding portion that cause parts of the cooling air to respectively proceed toward a first area and a second area opposite to each other on an outer circumferential surface of the light emitting portion, and a third air guiding portion that causes another part of the cooling air to proceed toward the electrode portion.02-26-2009
20100188641PROJECTOR - A projector includes: a lighting device which includes a light source unit for emitting illumination light, and a light control device for controlling the amount of illumination light passing through the light control device by shielding a part of the light from the light source unit; a light modulation unit illuminated by illumination light emitted from the lighting device; and a projection system which projects image light having passed the light modulation unit, the lighting device has an air supply device configured to cool the light control device by cooling air supplied from the air supply device to a cross flow path which crosses an optical path passing the light control device.07-29-2010
20100238415PROJECTION DISPLAY APPARATUS AND LIGHT SOURCE COOLING METHOD - A projection display apparatus includes: a light source; a light source control unit that controls starting and shutting-off of the light source; a cooling air generator that generates cooling air for cooling the light source in a selective manner in accordance with the degree of cooling capability expressed in a plurality of levels; and a cooling control unit that instructs the cooling air generator to generate cooling air having a degree of cooling capability higher than that at a regular level in response to the situation in which the light source control unit fails to start the light source.09-23-2010
20110211171LIGHT SOURCE APPARATUS AND PROJECTION DEVICE - A light source apparatus adapted to a projection device having a casing and an optical engine base is provided. The light source apparatus includes a shell, a positioning element, a frame, and a light source. The shell is adapted to be disposed in the casing and lean against the optical engine base. The positioning element is assembled to the shell and has two positioning holes. The frame is disposed in the shell and has two positioning pins, wherein the two positioning pins are inserted into the two positioning holes respectively for positioning the frame with respect to the shell. The light source is fixed to the frame. A projection device is also provided.09-01-2011
20090040469PROJECTION DISPLAY APPARATUS AND CONTROLLING METHOD FOR PROJECTION DISPLAY APPARATUS - According to one embodiment, a projection display apparatus comprises an optical system configured to modulate light from a light source in accordance with an input image signal and to project modulated light onto a screens a cooling fan configured to cool the optical system, an error detector configured to detect a driving error of the cooling fan, a target rotation speed setting unit configured to set a target rotation speed of the cooling fan, and a target rotation speed controller configured to increase the target rotation speed of the cooling fan when the error detector detects a drive error of the cooling fan.02-12-2009
20110025986PROJECTOR AND LENS THEREOF - A projector includes an optical module, a lens and a heat conducting member. The heat conducting member is disposed between the optical module and the lens. The heat conducting member is used for conducting heat from the lens to the optical module.02-03-2011
20110019160IMAGE DISPLAY APPARATUS - An image display apparatus includes: an image display unit for forming an optical image; and an outer housing for housing the image display unit. The outer housing includes a window for displaying the optical image to the outside. The image display apparatus includes, in the outer housing, a heat insulator placed so as to surround the image display unit and a cooling device for cooling inside the outer housing, and the cooling device has a variable cooling capacity. The image display apparatus is abatable to changes in the ambient temperature and the internal power consumption and the presence or absence of sunlight and can be installed in a variety of outdoor environment, so that a high degree of reliability can be achieved.01-27-2011
20100026964SPATIAL LIGHT MODULATION DEVICE, PROJECTOR, AND COOLING METHOD FOR SPATIAL LIGHT MODULATION DEVICE - A spatial light modulation device includes: a light modulation unit which modulates light according to an image signal; and a first electrode and a second electrode provided on a surface of one of an optical element disposed either on the entrance side of the light modulation unit or the exit side of the light modulation unit and the light modulation unit. Voltage is applied to the first electrodes and the second electrodes.02-04-2010
20120242964ELECTRO-OPTICAL APPARATUS AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE - Flexible substrates are drawn from two terminals provided on a TFT substrate, respectively, and IC chips are mounted on both flexible substrates. Both flexible substrates are placed so that positions of the IC chips provided on both flexible substrates overlap with each other.09-27-2012
20100277701FILTER UNIT AND PROJECTION-TYPE DISPLAY APPARATUS - A filter unit includes: a feeding shaft 11-04-2010
20120033187VIDEO PROJECTOR - A video projector including light source lamps and a cooling fan, which cools the light source lamps. A memory unit stores a reference time set for each of the light source lamps. The reference time indicates the time required for the corresponding light source lamp to be cooled, after being deactivated, to the reference temperature or less. A notification unit generates a notification for each of the light source lamps indicating that the light source lamp is replaceable. An elapsed time from when each of the light source lamps is switched from an activated state to a deactivated state is compared with a corresponding reference time. When the elapsed time exceeds the corresponding reference time, the notification unit generates the notification related to the corresponding light source lamp.02-09-2012
20110211172PROJECTION IMAGE DISPLAY DEVICE - The present invention provides a projection image display device capable of both minimizing a decrease in a cooling ability and simplifying maintenance of a filter. The projection image display device according to the present invention includes a filter material for filtering external air taken into a casing, a loop-shaped filter frame onto which the filter material is mounted, a drive mechanism for rotating the filter frame in a loop direction of the loop shape, and a dust removal brush to be brought into contact with the filter material while spinning at a predetermined position. The filter material is mounted onto a part of a loop-shaped surface of the filter frame. The filter material is not mounted but a ventilation part is provided in the other part of the loop-shaped surface of the filter frame.09-01-2011
20100066981Projector and method of cooling light source of projector - There are provided a projector which is capable of managing the temperature of the light source highly accurately, and a method of cooling the light source of a projector. The projector includes light source means 03-18-2010
20120002177PROJECTION DEVICE AND LIGHT SOURCE TEMPERATURE REGULATING METHOD THEREFOR - A projection device and a light source temperature regulating method thereof are provided. The projection device comprises a light source, a cooling unit and a control unit. The light source is operated at a working temperature. The cooling unit provides a cooling capacity to the light source. The control unit actively adjusts the cooling capacity of the cooling unit, and thus allows the working temperature of the light source to vary within the anticipated range.01-05-2012
20120026470METHOD FOR CONTROLLING COOLING DEVICE, COOLING DEVICE, AND PROJECTION-TYPE DISPLAY DEVICE - Provided is a method for controlling a cooling device that includes pump (02-02-2012
20120154760HUMIDIFYING DEVICE WITH A PROJECTION MECHANISM - A humidifier has a housing that holds humidifying equipment and an image projector. The image projector is set on the top portion of the housing and includes a light source, a removable projector cover and a projector lens. Light from the light source shines through the projector lens and projector cover to project an image onto a surface of the room, such a ceiling. The humidifying equipment may be conventional in nature, including for example a fan, a water tank, a water reservoir, a filter, a filter tray or combinations thereof. The image projector may also include a rotating mechanism that causes the projected image or images to rotate. The light source may also provide different colors of light. One or more optical characteristics of the projected image, such as image size, shape, color and brightness can be changed by changing the projector lens, projector cover or both.06-21-2012
20100208215LIGHT SOURCE DEVICE AND PROJECTOR - A light source device, includes: an arc tube, and a pair of sealing portions; a reflector; and a sub mirror configured to reflect the light emitted from the arc tube toward the arc tube, and disposed of the other side of the sealing portion in such a manner as to cover a part of the outer surface of the tube spherical portion of the side of the illumination area, the sub mirror include a plurality of reflection members provided with reflection surfaces having different shapes, and the distance between the illumination axis and the outer shape of one of the adjoining reflection members is different from the distance between the illumination axis and the other of the adjoining reflection members.08-19-2010
20090051882PROJECTION TYPE VIDEO DISPLAY APPARATUS - A projector comprises: a cooling fan for sucking ambient air through a filter; switching means for switching the operational mode of the cooling fan between a lowland mode and a highland mode; and control means adapted to obtain current fan voltage to determine the normal rpm value for that current fan voltage in reference to a highland voltage-rpm characteristic when the switching means is in the highland mode, obtain current fan rpm, and enables alarming means to issue a filter clogging alarm in the event that the current fan rpm is larger than the normal rpm value plus a predetermined value. Thus, filter clogging can be detected with precision in highlands.02-26-2009
20120081677PROJECTION DISPLAY APPARATUS - A projection display apparatus includes a housing member containing a light source, an imager that modulates light emitted from the light source, and a projection unit that projects the light emitted from the imager on a projection surface. The projection display apparatus includes: a movement mechanism that moves an optical unit configured by the light source, the imager, and the projection unit, in a direction perpendicular to the projection surface while maintaining a positional relationship among the light source, the imager, and the projection unit.04-05-2012
20100328620FILTER DEVICE AND PROJECTION TYPE DISPLAY APPARATUS USING THE SAME - A filter device includes: a filter unit including a housing in which a roll filter stretched between a feeding shaft and a take-up shaft is housed, the housing including, between the two shafts, an opening for exposing a part of the filter; a filter installation detection sensor for detecting installation of the filter unit; a filter winding driving unit for taking up or rewinding the installed filter; and a control unit for controlling operations of the filter winding driving unit based on a detection signal from the filter installation detection sensor. When the control unit determines based on the detection signal from the filter installation detection sensor that the filter is installed, the control unit causes the filter winding driving unit to rewind the filter by a predetermined amount and determines whether the filter is new or not based on the rewinding. By detecting filter replacement, information on the replaced filter can be reset.12-30-2010
20110242499LIQUID CRYSTAL PROJECTOR - A liquid crystal projector includes a light modulating device, a cooling device, a dehumidification device, and a housing. The light modulating device forms an optical image by modulating light flux emitted from a light source based on image information. The cooling device cools air to be supplied to the light modulating device. The dehumidification device dehumidifies and dries air to be supplied to the corresponding cooling device. The housing includes a cooling medium flow path for circulating air among the light modulating device, the cooling device, and the dehumidification device. The cooling device includes a thermoelectric conversion material interposed between a pair of heat transmission plates arranged to face each other.10-06-2011
20080231811PROJECTION-TYPE DISPLAY APPARATUS - Provided is a projection-type display apparatus which can efficiently cool a reflection mirror with a small number of cooling fans. The projection-type display apparatus is a display apparatus for modulating a projection light from a lamp by an optical modulation device and then projecting the light on a screen in a magnified form by a projection optical system, which has a configuration in which the projection optical system includes at least one reflection mirror, and a reflective surface of the reflection mirror is air-cooled by a cooling fan, wherein an air flow rate of the cooling fan is controlled based on a projection image information.09-25-2008
20120013854PROJECTION TYPE DISPLAY DEVICE - It is possible to reliably prevent dust particles from becoming attached to optical components and it is also possible to suppress temperature rises in optical components. A projection type display device according to the present invention includes a plurality of optical components (01-19-2012
20130194553METHOD OF COOLING A LAMP - The invention describes a method of cooling a lamp (08-01-2013

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