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351 - Optics: eye examining, vision testing and correcting


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351116000 Detachable 21
351121000 With connector 18
351114000 Resilient or flexible 14
351113000 Spring biased 11
351123000 With head or ear engaging attachments 8
351118000 Extensible (e.g., with adjustable sleeve member 6
351115000 Reversible or axially rotatable 4
20130155369FOLDABLE GLASSES - Foldable glasses include a body having two lateral sides. A pivotal column is formed on each lateral side and received in an insertion groove of a lining block. The insertion groove of each lining block includes two clamping portions clamping one of the pivotal columns Each lining block is pivotable relative to one of the pivotal columns about the pivotal end. Two elongated temples each include an end having a receiving groove securely receiving one of the lining blocks. Each lining block is covered by the receiving groove of one of the temples when the temple is being pivoted. Each pivotal column abuts a stop portion of the insertion groove of one of the lining blocks when the temples are in the unfolded position. The first recessed portion of the insertion groove of each lining block receives one of the pivotal columns when the temples are in the folded position.06-20-2013
20120169990ELECTRONIC EYEWEAR AND FOOTWEAR - A eyeglasses assembly comprising a frame portion housing a pair of lenses and a pair of temple pieces selectively engaging the frame portion. The temple pieces are configured to allow tool-free connect and disconnect from the frame portion and each comprise a mounting end, an ear engagement end, and a rotating temple body portion positioned between and having a first body side and a second body side which may be alternately orientated outwards by way of rotating the temple body portion. The appearance of the eyeglasses assembly may be altered by way of rotating said rotating temple body portion.07-05-2012
20130010254Rotary Glasses - A pair of rotary glasses comprising a lens, a glasses leg, and a pivot element. The support portion includes a second pivot portion corresponding to the first pivotal transverse through hole. The pivot element is passed through the first pivotal transverse through hole and the second pivot portion to pivotally couple each glasses leg. With this structural design, a user can longitudinally rotate the support portion by using the pivot element as an axis towards or away from the upper edge of the lens or the glasses frame so that the folding portion of the glasses leg and the lens or the glasses frame can support the rotary glasses on a disposing surface securely. Therefore, the rotary glasses will not lose balance or topple over by a slight external force so as to prevent the lens or the glasses frame from damage.01-10-2013
20130188121EYEGLASSES - A pair of eyeglasses includes a lens unit and a pair of temple members. The lens unit includes a pair of endpieces horizontally spaced apart from each other. Each of the temple members includes a temple and a guiding mechanism. The temple includes a pivoting part pivoted to a corresponding one of the endpieces, and is pivotable upward and downward with respect to the corresponding one of the endpieces between an extending position, where the temple extends backwardly away from the lens unit, and a folded position, where the temple is disposed behind and extends proximate to the lens unit. The guiding mechanism is for guiding and limiting the temple to pivot between the extending position and the folded position.07-25-2013
351119000 Two-part type (e.g., jointed) 3
20090153792GLASSES WITH LENGTH-ADJUSTABLE TEMPLES - The present invention provides glasses having temples adjustable in length according to physical conditions of a user. The glasses comprise a main body including lenses, temples formed with ear-holding parts at rear ends curvedly and grooves at front ends, hinge elements foldably connection the temples to the body part, insert elements fitted and fixed into the groves of the temples and formed with screw holes, and control screws axially inserted into the hinge elements to rotate freely and screw-coupled in the screw holes of the insert elements to move the temples to and fro.06-18-2009
20110222018GLASSES STRUCTURE - A glasses structure includes a frame, two temple arms and a bridge. The frame has two end portions arranged at lateral sides thereof and a middle portion connecting the two end portions. Each temple has a elastic engagement member at a front end thereof for clamping the respective end portion of the frame. The bridge has a elastic clip member clamping the middle portion of the frame. Therefore, the temple arms and the bridge could link to the frame without screw members.09-15-2011
20120169991EYEGLASS TEMPLE HAVING AN AUXILIARY CUSHION FRAME - An eyeglass temple includes a main frame adapted for connection with a lens unit, and an auxiliary cushion frame disposed behind the main frame. The auxiliary cushion frame includes an ear engaging portion, a main connecting portion extending forwardly from the ear engaging portion to connect with the main connecting portion, an abutment portion extending forwardly from the ear engaging portion and adapted to be disposed between the main connecting portion and the wearer's head, and at least one resilient connecting portion connected between the main connecting portion and the abutment portion and adapted for biasing the abutment portion away from the main connecting portion toward the wearer's head.07-05-2012
351122000 With skin protecting earpiece covering 3
20100265454SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PROTECTING EYE GLASS ARMS DURING HAIR DYE PROCESS, AND MANUFACTURING APPARATUS AND METHOD - A system for protecting eye glass frames during a hair dye, coloring, or highlighting process is described. The system comprises a support layer, a pair of gloves laminated onto the support layer, and a pair of eyeglass arm protectors laminated onto the support layer. Each eyeglass arm protector is formed as a sleeve having an open end. An apparatus and method are also disclosed for manufacturing sections of a support layer material, each section having a pair of gloves and a pair of eyeglass arm protectors laminated thereto.10-21-2010
20110187988EAR SHADES - The present invention relates to a device used to protect the ears from the sun Exemplary embodiments of the invention include ear shades for use with a pair of glasses The temple arm of the glasses generally compπses an anteπor end, a posteπor end, an ear support portion, and a shading portion The anteπor end of the temple arm may be configured to be operatively connected to a lens holding portion of the glasses and the ear support portion rests on the ear The shading portion may be operatively connected to the ear support portion and cooperates with the ear support portion to create a downward-opening cavity into which the top of the user's ear extends to shade at least the top of the user's ear08-04-2011
20120229753EYEGLASS DEVICE - An eyeglass device includes a lens unit and a pair of temple pieces connected to the lens unit. Each temple piece includes a rigid upper portion and a soft lower portion. The rigid upper portion has a rigid front end connected to the lens unit, and a rigid rear end. The soft lower portion has a front soft section disposed below and connected to the rigid front end, a rear soft section connected to the rigid rear end, and an intermediate soft section disposed between the front and rear soft sections and below the rigid upper portion. The intermediate soft section and the rigid upper portion cooperatively define an elongate gap therebetween. The soft lower portion has a bottom abutment face extending from the front soft section to the rear soft section for contacting a user's ear.09-13-2012
351112000 With pocket clip or clasp 2
20090284709Eyeglass Holder - This disclosure is directed to an eyeglass holder arranged to be worn on ones' clothing and includes a cylindrical or rectangular base containing a semicircular ring fixedly attached, through which a smaller loop is threaded, and, through such smaller loop a larger ring is threaded, said larger ring being able to attach to the temple bar of a pair of eyeglasses. The free rotation of the rings through each other and through the semicircular loop fixed to the base member allow for the eyeglasses to lie flat against a user's garment, employing a buttonhole on said garment, and thus be safely and reversibly attached to said garment.11-19-2009
20100110366Eyeglass frame with at least one carabiner - An eyeglass frame comprises: (a) a main lens frame for holding one or more optical lenses, said lens frame having opposed lateral ends; (b) means for attaching the main lens frame to the wearer's head when in use; and (c) a carabiner clip extending from either: one lateral end of the main lens frame, or from the main lens frame attaching means. The carabiner clip has at least 3 sides, at least one of said sides including a bar connected to an adjacent clip side with spring biasing for defining a securely closed position for said clip. This eyeglass frame is particularly suitable for use as reading or other vision correcting glasses, sunglasses, safety glasses, sportswear, a fashion accessory and combinations thereof.05-06-2010
351117000 With covered core or rod (e.g., reinforced) 2
20100238395SPECTACLE FRAME - A spectacle frame including at least one member, having a metal core part and a moulded part, the metal core part is an interior part of the at least one member and the moulded part is a composite material part comprising a material having a matrix material and reinforcement material embedded in the matrix material, whereby a spectacle frame or a member of a spectacle frame can be manufactured using composite materials while still allowing the frame or the member to be adjusted, and whereby the frame or the member can readily be shaped, adjusted as regards the curvature etc. by forcing the member to take the desired shape, and the metal core part will counteract the composite materials natural tendency to return to the initial shape, whereby the frame or the member will remain in the desired shape.09-23-2010
20080218683EYEGLASSES AND EYEGLASS FRAMES COMPRISING GLYCOL MODIFIED COPOLYESTERS - Disclosed herein are eyeglass frames and eyeglass frame kits made from a polymer composition comprising PCTG, and eyeglasses comprising a pair of lenses mounted on the eyeglass frames or eyeglass frame kits disclosed herein. The polymer composition disclosed herein may optionally comprise one or more additives such as colorants and fillers.09-11-2008
351120000 Inclined to lens plane 1
20090122256EYEGLASSES WITH ADJUSTABLE TEMPLES - Eyeglasses include a lens unit that has opposite end portions, and a pair of temples respectively disposed on the end portions of the lens unit. The lens unit is formed with an aperture and a positioning hole in each of the end portions. The positioning hole is defined by a hole-defining wall. Each temple includes a pivot unit pivotally disposed on the respective one of the end portions. The pivot unit of each of the temples includes a pivot shaft rotatably engaged with the aperture in the respective one of the end portions so as to permit rotation of the pivot unit relative to the lens unit about an axis of the pivot shaft, and a protrusion releasably engaging the hole-defining wall of the positioning hole in the respective one of the end portions.05-14-2009
20100118259TEMPLE FOR EYEGLASS - An eyeglasses provided with an extensible wire that allows to bring glasses hung around the neck, wherein the two temples are welded and have a loop for the for passage of the wire, as well as means for blocking the wire and means for enabling an easy insertion of the same wire (FIG. 05-13-2010
20080304006TAN THRU GLASSES - A pair of glasses includes a first lens and a second lens. A frame section is adapted to secure the first lens and the second lens. A first bow and a second bow are attached to the frame section. At least one of the first bow and the second bow defines at least one critical section and the at least one critical section has a thickness that is different from the remaining thicknesses of the bows. The at least one critical section is at least partially translucent to a spectrum of electromagnetic radiation.12-11-2008
20090310080Eyeglass frames for people with special needs - Eyeglass frames for people with Down syndrome, for others having facial characteristics similar to those with Down syndrome, and those with a depressed nasal bridge or a low nasal bridge, the eyeglass frames having a bridge lower than the normal higher placed bridge and in general alignment with the optical center of lenses mounted in the lens frames, extensions to widen the temple distance to accommodate the broader temples of people having Down syndrome or facial characteristics similar to those with Down syndrome, lower temples to maintain the general alignment of the location of the optical center with the pupils of the person wearing the eyeglass frames; and shorter temples than temples for normal caucasians to accommodate the ears as located on persons with normal facial features.12-17-2009
20110043749MAGNETIZED EYEWEAR AND MATCHING PICTURE FRAME - Magnetized eyewear includes: an article, such eyewear, to be removably worn by the person; and a magnet, fixed to the article, adapted to magnetically store the article. The person wears the article, removes the article, and utilizes the magnet to magnetically store the device. The magnet may be stored in the temple of the eyewear. Also included is a matching picture frame with magnetic material to store the eyewear.02-24-2011
20110063566Temple of Eyeglass Frame - A temple for an eyeglass frame exerts an urging force onto a facial surface, and has a simple structure to make the manufacture and assembly thereof easy. The temple can be provided at an inexpensive cost. The temple comprises four surfaces of an inner surface 03-17-2011
20110234971HEALTH-CARING GLASSES - A pair of health-caring glasses consists of two lenses, a bridge and two temples. The bridge is fixed between the lenses by screws, provided with two nose pads respectively inlaid with a loadstone. The temples are respectively positioned at an outer portion of the lenses, provided with a rubber sleeve made of far infrared material, and a plurality of massage projections closely spread on the rubber sleeve. By means of resonance created by the loadstone, far infrared released by the rubber sleeves and massage projections to massage acupuncture points about head, a user wearing the glasses can ease eyes fatigue, has his or her face beautified and brain stimulated.09-29-2011
20120327358EYEWEAR FRAME WITH DISCRETE SECTIONS OF PARTICULAR CHARACTERISTICS - Among other things, there is disclosed embodiments of eyewear frames having a predetermined sequence of discrete material sections that are differentiable, e.g. visually differentiable. Placement of the discrete material sections may be by molding or casting, or by applying the material onto a substrate of the frame.12-27-2012
20130208230APPARATUS FOR ANCHORING EYEGLASS HOLDER BANDS - A loop anchor for an eyeglasses holder band includes a leading edge of convex shape to facilitate slipping a loop attached to the holder band over both the loop anchor and a section of an eyeglasses temple on which the loop anchor is mounted, and a trailing edge of concave shape to prevent the loop from slipping off of the loop anchor. Alternatively, a loop anchor for an eyeglasses holder band includes a rounded head, where a top portion of said rounded head is rounded and a bottom portion is flattened, and a pin connected to both said rounded head and an eyeglasses temple, where the bottom portion of the rounded head is configured to prevent a loop attached to the eyeglass holder from slipping off the pin, thereby anchoring the eyeglasses band holder to the eyeglasses temple.08-15-2013
20100309424ARM FOR SPECTACLES - A arm for spectacles (12-09-2010

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