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349 - Liquid crystal cells, elements and systems

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349084000 Having significant detail of cell structure only 3939
349061000 Particular illumination 1723
349058000 Holder, support, frame, or housing 811
349074000 Interconnection of plural cells in series 103
349073000 Interconnection of plural cells in parallel (e.g., edge to edge) 16
349072000 Detector of liquid crystal temperature 14
349057000 Lens or prism separate from projection system (i.e., it is not integral part of illumination system) 13
20110013108SPUTTERING APPARATUS AND METHOD OF PREVENTING DAMAGE THEREOF - A sputtering apparatus includes a container; a plate for supporting the container; a first attachment for attaching the container to the plate; and a second attachment for less tightly attaching the container to the plate than through the first attachment.01-20-2011
20110285932LCD SCREEN PROTECTOR FOR LCD DEVICES - An LCD screen protector for LCD devices, which is made of thin, tempered glass or reinforced plastics with great strength, strongly adhered on the surface of an LCD device to protect the LCD device from external shocks. The LCD screen protector includes a protective plate made of tempered glass or reinforced plastics with good anti-bendability and a ring-shaped band with elasticity protrudingly formed on an outer circumference of the protective plate.11-24-2011
20100214504VACUUM ADSORPTION CONTROL MECHANISM DEVICE, FILM APPLYING DEVICE, AND DISPLAY DEVICE - An object of the present invention is to provide a vacuum suction control mechanism apparatus capable of accurately bonding a film to a bonding object with a simple structure. A vacuum suction control mechanism apparatus according to the present invention includes a bonding head including a space defined therein, a plurality of suction holes attracting a film, the plurality of suction holes extending from a surface of the bonding head to the space defined in the bonding head, a movable piece partitioning the space into two regions, the movable piece being movable relative to the bonding head within the space in contact with the suction holes, and a connection portion connectable to a decompression source, the connection portion being provided in a first region of the two regions.08-26-2010
20110194045ELECTRO-OPTIC DISPLAYS, AND COMPONENTS FOR USE THEREIN - An electro-optic display comprises a substrate (08-11-2011
20090002592BACKLIGHT MODULE AND OPTICAL DISPLAY DEVICE HAVING THE SAME - A backlight module including a light source, a light guide plate and a prism sheet is provided. The light source is arranged along a first direction. The light guide plate having a light incident surface, a light refraction surface and a light emission surface is disposed on one side of the light source. The light refraction surface has a plurality of grooves parallel to one another in a second direction. The prism sheet is disposed on the light emission surface of the light guide plate, and has a plurality of prism portions parallel to one another in a third direction and on a surface of the prism sheet facing the light emission surface. The second direction is substantially perpendicular to the third direction, and an acute angle formed between the first direction and the third direction is less than or equal to 7 degrees.01-01-2009
20080291353Transformer for Inverter - A transformer for an inverter includes: a bobbin including at least one barrier rib between a pair of opposing side-walls, and a coil winding part divided into a low voltage side and a high voltage side by the barrier ribs, two or more strands of a coil being wound around the coil winding part of the low voltage side; and a ferrite core inserted into the bobbin, the ferrite core surrounding the bobbin and guiding a magnetic flux.11-27-2008
20090185096PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD, METHOD OF MOUNTING SURFACE MOUNTED DEVICES ON THE PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD AND LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY INCLUDING THE PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD - A printed circuit board includes; first and second pads spaced apart from each other; and a dielectric region which surrounds the first and second pads, wherein each of the first and second pads includes a main region and an expansion region which extends from the main region, and wherein the main regions of the first and second pads are configured to have a first surface mount device mounted thereon, wherein the expansion regions and portions of the main regions which directly adjoin the expansion regions of the first and second pads are configured to have a second surface mount device mounted thereon, and wherein the first and second surface mount devices have different sizes.07-23-2009
20110228190CURVED DISPLAY PANEL - A curved display panel includes a first substrate, a second substrate, a display medium, spacers, and padding-islands. The second substrate has a first surface and a second surface opposite to the first surface. The first surface faces toward the first substrate, and the second surface faces against the first substrate. The display medium and the spacers are disposed between the first and the second substrates. The padding-islands are disposed on a plurality of regions of the first surface of the second substrate. The padding-islands on the different regions have different thicknesses. Another curved display panel includes two substrates, a display medium, and spacing pillars. The display medium and the spacing pillars are disposed between the substrates. Bottom areas of the spacing pillars decrease from the center to the outside of the substrates along at least one first direction. Cross-sections of the substrates along the first direction are curved.09-22-2011
20090244429THIN FILM TRANSISTOR SUBSTRATE AND LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY DEVICE USING THE SAME - The invention provides a thin film transistor (TFT) substrate comprises a plurality of gate lines, a plurality of data lines, gate terminals, data terminals and thin film transistors as well as a liquid crystal display (LCD) device having the TFT substrate. The gate terminal and/or data terminal contain a first portion and a second portion, and the first potion and the second portion are connected electrically with an end electrode made of a material which is anticorrosive in the air. The thin film transistor substrate of the invention prevents the spreading of the metal corrosion occurred at the gate leads to the display region of the LCD, and therefore the quality of the LCD device can be ensured.10-01-2009
20090040415Flexible Printed Circuit Board and Liquid Crystal Display Device Using the Same - A flexible printed circuit board for use in a liquid crystal display device includes: a body section having a light source portion embedded therein; a leg section including a solder pad connected to an external printed circuit board, the leg section being extended from the body section and integrally formed with the body section; and a single conductive layer formed across the body section and the leg section for electrically interconnecting the light source portion and the solder pad.02-12-2009
20110019119LIQUID CRYSTALLINE MEDIUM AND LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY - The instant invention relates to dielectrically positive nematic media comprising one, two or more compounds of formula I01-27-2011
20110025940DISPLAY PANEL AND METHOD FOR NARROWING EDGES AND INCREASING EDGE STRENGTH THEREOF - An edge narrowing method for a display panel is disclosed. The display panel includes a first substrate, a second substrate, a sealant and a light-shielding area. The sealant is disposed between the first substrate and the second substrate. The light-shielding area is disposed between the first substrate and the sealant. The method includes the steps of providing the display panel, a grinding apparatus and a polishing apparatus; tilting the display panel so that the first substrate and a grinding member of the grinding apparatus have a first grinding angle therebetween; grinding the first substrate and the light-shielding area with the grinding apparatus while the display panel is tilted at the first grinding angle, thereby forming a first grinding end surface; stopping grinding of the first substrate and the light-shielding area when the width of the light-shielding area is between 0.35 and 1 mm; and polishing the first grinding end surface with the polishing apparatus to form a first end surface.02-03-2011
20110115999LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY DEVICE AND MANUFACTURING METHOD THEREOF - Disclosed is a manufacturing method of a liquid crystal display device which is a manufacturing method of a liquid crystal display device including a liquid crystal alignment film to which an alignment regulating force is imparted by a photo-alignment treatment, including: a film forming step of forming a film containing a polymer whose main chain is cleaved by irradiation with light; a photo-alignment step of imparting an alignment regulating force to the film formed in the film forming step by irradiation of the film with light in an atmosphere of a temperature lower than 100° C.; and a removing step of removing a low-molecular weight component generated by cleaving the main chain of the polymer through the light irradiation after the light irradiation. Also disclosed is a liquid crystal display device manufactured by the manufacturing method.05-19-2011
20110176081LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY DEVICE AND MANUFACTURING METHOD FOR SAME - The present invention provides a liquid crystal display device having gate wires and source/drain wires with a multilayer structure made of the same material which can be manufactured at low cost, as well as a manufacturing method for the same. In accordance with the manufacturing method, a wet etching process is carried out on the gate wires and the source/drain wires using an etchant including hydrofluoric acid and an oxidant, and the concentration of hydrofluoric acid in the etchant is different between the etchant for the gate wires and that for the source/drain wires.07-21-2011
20110102700IMAGE DISPLAY DEVICE AND MANUFACTURING METHOD THEREOF - Provided is an image display device including: a resin member; a TFT circuit layer formed above the resin member; and an inorganic film formed on a surface of the resin member to be formed between the resin member and the TFT circuit layer, in which the inorganic film has a stress acting thereon, the stress being, at a glass transition point (Tg) of the resin member, in the range of equal to or higher than −300 MPa to equal to or lower than 200 MPa, while, at a room temperature, in the range of equal to or higher than −400 MPa to equal to or lower than 50 MPa.05-05-2011
20100321603DISPLAY AND POLARIZER OF PHOTON-ELECTRIC CONVERSION - The present invention relates to a display and polarizer capable of photon-electric conversion, the display capable of photon-electric conversion comprising: a first substrate having a first top surface and a first bottom surface, a second substrate having a second top surface and a second bottom surface, a liquid crystal layer disposed between said first bottom surface of said first substrate and said second top surface of said second substrate, a first polarizer disposed on said first top surface of said first substrate, and a photon-electric conversion element, wherein a light-polarized dye is added into said photon-electric conversion element to form a second polarizer attached to the second bottom surface of the second substrate, and photon energy of an incident light, which has a direction of vibration parallel to absorption axis of said light-polarized dye, is absorbed by said light-polarized dye for photon-electric conversion.12-23-2010
20080218654Substrate having pattern, color filter, liquid crystal display and method of manufacturing color filter - A color filter and a method of manufacturing a color filter is provided, wherein fluctuation of chromaticity of a color pattern for every opening can be controlled and the color filter has little color shading. One embodiment of the present invention is a substrate having a pattern comprising a transparent substrate and a grid partition wall pattern formed on the transparent substrate, wherein there are openings partitioned by the grid partition wall pattern, and wherein there is a pass through the grid partition wall pattern between at least two adjacent openings.09-11-2008
20110261279DROPLET EJECTION APPARATUS, METHOD OF MANUFACTURING PANEL FROM BASE, IMAGE DISPLAY APPARATUS AND ELECTRONIC APPARATUS - A method of manufacturing a panel from a base using a droplet ejection apparatus including two groups of heads with each group including first to fourth heads. In each group, the nozzle arrays of the first and third heads overlap throughout a first sub-area, the nozzle arrays of the first and fourth heads overlap throughout a second sub-area, and the nozzle arrays of the second and fourth heads overlap throughout a third sub-area when viewed from a second direction. The second sub-areas of the two groups partially overlap each other when viewed from the second direction. The method includes preparing the base, and supplying the liquid materials of the predetermined colors onto the base in the form of the droplets by ejecting the droplets by the droplet ejection apparatus while mutually moving the base and the head unit in the second direction.10-27-2011
20110051028OPTICAL FILM AND LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY UTILIZING THE SAME - An optical film includes an outer surface, a plurality of protrusions protruding from the outer surface and extending substantially parallel to a first axis, a plurality of grooves formed at neighboring protrusions; and two barrier members arranged at opposite sides of the optical film substantially parallel to a second axis. The first axis is substantially perpendicular to the second axis. The two barrier members prevent each slot from communicating with the exterior of the optical film continuously.03-03-2011
20100245701MIRROR WITH MONITOR FOR VEHICLE - To provide a mirror with a monitor for a vehicle that allows display light to pass through a region of a mirror surface thereof to be visually recognized by a viewer, in which the viewability of the display is improved while suppressing the cost increase. A region of a mirror element that transmits display light is formed of a wire grid having a polarization direction that agrees with the polarization direction of the display light. A region of the mirror element adjacent to the wire grid is formed of a reflective film formed of a reflective metal film or a dielectric multilayer film. The grid of the wire grid is formed of Al thin lines, for example. The reflective film is formed of a Cr half mirror, for example. A dark color mask is disposed on the back surface of the Cr half mirror.09-30-2010
20110157510PANEL FABRICATING METHOD, PANEL AND DISPLAY PANEL STRUCTURE - A panel fabricating method is provided. A first substrate having at least two first units arranged along a first direction is provided, wherein each first unit has a first display region and a terminal region sequentially arranged along the first direction. A second substrate having at least two second units arranged along the first direction is provided, wherein each second unit has a second display region and a removal region sequentially arranged along the first direction. The first substrate and the second substrate are stacked so that each first display region is opposite to each second display region and each terminal region is opposite to each removal region, so as to form a plurality of panels. The second substrate is cut in a discontinuous manner along the first direction to form at least one first discontinuous cut portion, wherein the first discontinuous cut portion is partially overlapped with the removal region.06-30-2011
20120002128DISPLAY DEVICE, LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY DEVICE, AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING DISPLAY DEVICE - A display device displays images with a plurality of signal lines and includes spare lines, each being arranged to be connectable to the signal lines so as to be used for recovery of the signal lines from disconnection. Each of the spare lines has constricted sections for cutting. With this arrangement, it is possible to easily and properly recover the signal lines from disconnection.01-05-2012
20120075547OPTICAL MEMBER AND LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY DEVICE HAVING THE SAME - An optical member is provided which is fabricated at low cost, which has a flat surface, and which allows a larger viewing angle. An optical member (03-29-2012
20120257135FAN-OUT DESIGN, METHOD OF FORMING FAN-OUT DESIGN, AND LCD ADOPTING THE FAN-OUT DESIGN - The present invention proposes a fan-out design, a method of forming the fan-out design and a liquid crystal display adopting the fan-out design. The fan-out design has at least two metallic layers. The metallic layers, serving as conducting wires, are connected to different chip pins for transmitting signals. The two metallic layers are not overlapped near the chip pins and are overlapped away from the chip pins. The two metallic layers are separated from each other with an insulating layer. The two metallic layers are not overlapped near the chip pins, so the thickness of the chip pins is thinner. This can avoid the thickness of the fan-out design from being too thick. Besides, the two metallic layers are overlapped away from the chip pins, so the gap between every two conducting wires is greater. It makes the design and the manufacturing process easier and improves yield rate as well.10-11-2012
20120140138METHODS FOR CREATING A MINIMALLY VISIBLE SEAL ALONG THE EDGE OF A FLAT PANEL DISPLAY - Methods are provided for sealing edges of resized electronic displays to minimize the size of the seal area as viewed from the front of the display. A target portion of a display is separated from an excess portion, creating an exposing edge. The exposed edge is sealed using a ribbon-like material with adhesive attached across the ends of the plates of the target portion to maintain and seal the gap between the two substrates. It may be desirable to allow two similarly prepared displays to have the resealed edge abutted against each other a minimal mullion between them. The size of the mullion is further minimized by providing pixels to the edge of the substrate being sealed, e.g., such that the active area of the display extends all the way to the edge(s) being abutted together.06-07-2012
20130093975POLYMERIZABLE COMPOUNDS AND USE THEREOF IN LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAYS - The present invention relates to polymerisable compounds, to processes and intermediates for the preparation thereof, and to the use thereof for optical, electro-optical and electronic purposes, in particular in liquid-crystal (LC) media and LC displays, especially in LC displays of the PS (“polymer sustained”) or PSA (“polymer sustained alignment”) type.04-18-2013

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